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No one does a disaster start to the season quite like Arsenal.

Auba and Lacazette are out ‘ill’… two healthy young men out at the same time in August means one of two things. They got the thing that’s going around or they are being sold. My money is they have the bad thing, which is alarming for a number of reasons… the most notable, they could be out for the Chelsea and City games.

Let’s hope they shared a yellow sticker Tesco Sushi, that’d be a better scenario.

However, out of adversity, springs of hope may spray… that sounded more poetic in my head. I have had about 20 people in my DMs today saying they are more excited about the game now than they were before. I’m in that boat as well, Arteta is going to be forced into playing a young and dynamic line-up.

My money would be on Martinelli filling that role. He’s fit, more experienced, and he’s an absolute beast of a player. They might have Saka and Pepe flanking him. If the manager was bold, he’d drop Balogun into the team and see what he’s all about. The sexy reality is there is no bland choice here… all he has is the kids, who time and time again, show they are hungry and have a better profile for what we need.

My bigger worry is that press conference from yesterday. I watched Thomas Frank do one at Brentford, he was charismatic, evocative, positive, and inspirational. Mikel Arteta looked like a child who’d been told he couldn’t play with his toys.

This is unacceptable behaviour for an Arsenal FC ‘manager.’ When you are a player, you can be that way, when you are a manager… your job is to inspire the fans and the players. I can’t imagine many watching that will have felt that way.

He could have set a bar for the season.

He could have told the miserable fans not to underestimate the Arsenal.

He could have given us a blueprint of what to expect this season.

Instead, he sat on that chair and made sure the whole world knew he was unhappy. That’s selfish behaviour and I’m pissed that he’s behaving that way. If he has the audacity to do that before the season opener, what is going on behind the scenes?

Arteta has a massive job on his hands this season. It’s delivery time. We need to find the next level. The football needs to be better, the energy levels need to be consistent, and there can be no excuses. That press conference felt like he was defeated before we’ve kicked a ball, like he’d been reading Barry from Basildon slagging him off on Twitter. I can’t have it, you have to be bigger than that if you want to be an Arsenal manager, and the show starts tonight… a win and nothing else is acceptable.

What do I want to see on the pitch tonight?

Ben White and Sambi Lokonga. No excuses. Mo Elneny shouldn’t be anywhere near the team.

I want to see a fun and vibrant front three, I do not want to see Willian invited to the party.

I want to see an intense level of football. I want total control. I want a reassuring win.

Nothing less.

If the kids shine against Brentford and beat them, it actually makes the Chelsea and City games easier. Our chances in both games were low, but if he loses them with an inexperienced side that plays hard and fast, there will be more forgiveness from the fans. Hey, we might even surprise a few.

One things is for sure, it seems Willian is getting the cold shoulder from Arteta, he’s on ESPN explaining that he hasn’t hit the right level, and basically saying he’d be open to him exiting. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Nothing shows the lack of leadership at Arsenal quite like Arsenal bombing off Mesut Ozil, only to jump right back into signing another deadweight on mega money. Still, at least we’re not going to spend 6 months watching him fail.

Joe Willock finally exited the club to Newcastle. Good luck to him.

Martin Odegaard will likely move to Arsenal when Madrid accept that we’re not going to pay £50m for him.

I’ve no idea what’s going on with the goalkeeper, Neto is now being linked because Sheffield United don’t want to deal with us on Aaron Ramsdale. I honestly can’t suss this Ramsdale obsession, considering the lack of funds we have for more important roles like the right-back position, this seems like peak opulence. Ramsdale is either the most moneyball move of all time and someone in the data team is landing a promotion out of this for being a genius or it’s going to be Richard Wright MKII. The idea that we’d take any keeper and give him to the same guy that recco’d Runarsson, crashed Leno’s form, and was involved in some sort of weird machiavellian coup against the other keeping coaches is quite the black mark on our ‘ruthless’ summer. But there we go, let’s see if Sheffield United save us from ourselves, or someone shows the scouts Onana for half the price.


This is the start of a new season. I’m excited even if the coach isn’t. Let’s see what the boys have for us this evening.


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  1. Rambo

    You can see why Stanley Kroenke does what he does. His ‘Customers’ are people like Gentleman Troller, the local money-payers.

    So easy.

  2. TR7


    I don’t know what is worse – Emirates’ condescension or his slave mentality or his poor understanding of the game or his daily flip flips.

  3. TheLegendaryDB10

    I am still not over yesterdays’ absolute shitfest. I am absolutely seething.

    But what can you do when you have a clueless owner, a novice meek CEO, a dickless DoF, and an arrogant nobody as manager leading the line?

    There is a clear malaise at the club when your manager appears to have no confidence at all in his first press conference.

    Yesterday is the sum result of a gutless and soulless club in freefall.

    I only want the best for my club and I really think it’s time we say goodbye to that useless owner Kroenke before any more damage is done.

    Of course one can say this is the first game of the first season and that it may get better, I say this is the continuation from last season and it will get worse. To expect any different is absolute madness.

  4. SUGA3

    So, there I was, wondering if I should even bother to renew the sport channels subscription and watch.

    So, in the end, suckered in, I did. Christ on a bike, this was completely unwatchable. The sooner Arteta, Edu and Vinay go, the better.

    Arteta is clueless, Edu nothing but a dumbass playboy and Vinay is just a non-entity. What the fuck doe he even do?

  5. TR7

    There are two ways to get results in football : Either tweak your playing style to suit the players you have at your disposal or bring in players who suit your style.

    Arteta has no idea what kind of football he wants to play and worse he doesn’t know what kind of players suit whatever imaginary style he has in his mind. The guy really needs to learn his trade first in Championship. Arsenal are paying a huge price for hiring him.

  6. bacaryisgod

    So strange how Xhaka seems to be the whipping boy for this defeat when he was one of our better players.

    Just saw this in The Guardian.


    Another one of Kia’s clients. Let’s not forget that as far as volume goes, he’s not one of the biggest agents. As far as Arsenal and Edu goes, he’s an essential partner. I don’t even care if Neto is good or not. The fact we are once more going back to Kia after Luiz, Cedric and WIllian is simply incredible.

  7. TR7

    People love Tierrney for his hard work and passion but I wonder whether his style suits Arsenal. We are not West Ham or Burnley which rely on having big physical strikers feeding off crosses from wide areas. Tierney keeps hitting them long crosses without even realising that they serve no purpose at all.

  8. Guns of SF


    that is on Arteta
    even on the other side, chambers does the same thing
    Who are we crossing too?

    At least KT is hitting them low, for tap ins, or deflections. etc.
    When we put them in the air, its futile.
    We dont have Lord Bendtner or Olly anymore

    KT would be better served cutting in more and shooting himself. Scored some nice ones already

  9. Soham

    If Ben White cannot handle the physical side of the game then he is another Senderos ! Imagine what will happen when White will come up against Lukaku !! Would Ben White be unwell that day ?!

  10. Wengaball

    TR7 – Tierney, bless him, is only doing what the Le Sauce is asking him to.

    If not, he too will soon be ‘sick’ 🙂

  11. Guns of SF

    We need an Aouar, or a real 10 to comliment ESR
    not Ode… no thanks

    Someone who can dribble create and score. Someone who can improvise. Maddison would be great but no dice

    Someone like an Insigne, who can dribble, beat his man and score…
    its so late in the window, that other teams cannot afford to lose players now,….. there is no time to find replacements

    Why i say to do business fast in the summer window… its the only way

  12. Samir

    I would rather not buy anyone else this window with Arteta manager.
    Do we really want him and Edu wasting all our money?

    50M on White is a prime example when Holding is just as good.
    I’m 99% sure Arteta will be sacked within a few months…Especially with fans now in the stadium.

  13. S Asoa

    “What is frustrating is that the car crash was predicted and avoidable, but we had people who drank the KoolAid acting all mighty, insulting and belittling others for stating the obvious. The emperor is naked.
    He may be a good individual player coach, but he is a terrible manager. In all the major aspects: recruitment, man management, tactical decisions, substitutions. The only aspect he excelled is the PR side of thing and nose browning upper management, which unfortunately does not help winning games.”

    Worth reiterating
    Credits >> Valentin

  14. Rambo

    Arteta behaving like a spoilt child is just him setting the tone for when he gets sacked.

    “you see I was not backed properly”

    Got a big ego don’t he, will blame the club & never blame himself

  15. Wengaball

    The desperation for a new keeper means only one thing – Leno wants out.

    From the looks of it, so do Auba and Laca now. And Bellerin. And AMN. Emi bailed out much earlier.

    It is a procession fellas. The players have discovered they have charlatan in charge.

  16. Spanishdave

    Most nights Pedro joins in the discussion. When his God looses he goes absent , strange.
    Arteta deserves to get criticism as he alone is the one who sets up the team and tactics.
    He is out of his depth because at Man City they had a great squad of players so coaching is a lot easier. Arteta has no experience or any idea how to deal with the poor players he has. All he does is to add more dross to, the squad.

  17. TR7

    All our play goes through wide areas. Not even once do we produce any play through the middle between the lines. ESR does sometimes run with the ball through central areas but that’s about it. Defending crosses and cut backs from wide areas is bread and butter for most defenders except those at Arsenal. Doesn’t matter who plays – Auba, Laca, Martinelli or Balogun – all our forwards are totally starved of quality supply. And it’s been the case for 18 months now, the same pattern week in week out.

  18. Bigper

    Gotta feel for Ben white but for the fee we paid he will probably go down as one of the worst signings in premier league history.
    He is a 15 mill player with some potential to be a decent pl cb that is all. Unfrotunetly we have the worst duo in football running the club in arteta and edu and they spunked most our budget on him

  19. Mee

    Says I hate excuses then goes “I don’t think today’s game is one to analyze pretty deeply for the circumstances we had.” When asked about the bluntness in attack. What a shithead. So he thinks its okay the way we played?

    As far as I know, he should tell us where Auba and Lace are what are the odds they are both sick on matchday? We would have lost anyway whether they played or not Sometimes I wonder whether he believes some of the things he says or he is just deflecting pressure. .

  20. Chris

    I get the feeling Tavares was brought on as right back with a view to perhaps giving him a run in the team there.

    Seeing Xhaka with the armband again. Yikes.

    We have so little presence up front, Balogun needs a season long loan somewhere else.

    I would agree that we seem rudderless in terms of our playing style, no discernible style seems to have emerged from a pre season other that what we have already witnessed last season. If anything we looked worse.

    It’s hard to see Arteta turning this around now. Unless we pull a rabbit out of the hat against either Chelsea or City, we will go into September near the bottom of the table, perhaps even footing the table.

    At that point do the Kroenke’s panic and green light another trolley dash a la 2011, or do they see that the writing is on the wall and put Arteta out of his and our misery?

    If we had lost last night but displayed some right, some attacking verve and shown a glimpse of a new style of play, I’d be more reserved and willing to see how it panned out. However it was simply more of the same last night.

    Arteta needs to pull out that huge result against either the European Champions or the PL Champions, or as far as I am concerned, we should be calling time on this experiment before the club wastes any more money and resources on the vision of a rookie who seems more out of his depth each passing day and is starting to shows signs he is becoming overwhelmed by it all.

  21. TR7


    We all know Arteta is clueless but crossing the ball comes naturally to Tierney. Bellerin has gone off the boil but when he was good he used to mix it up well. Sometimes he would come inside and play little one twos and sometimes he would go wide and either cross or slide a horizontal pass in. Tierney has to learn to mix things up a bit.

  22. Useroz

    Woke up and had a vague feeling Arsenal lost… Thought, surely, it was just a bad dream until…… I enter the social media stratosphere. OMG , we did lose… did we not spend 75 big ones ?

  23. Bigper

    Arteta should of been sacked last December, the fact the kroenkes haven’t got rid of him yet basically shows we are fucked. The club is dead unless they go

  24. Leftside

    I’m sure last night was the first time we lost away from home on opening day for years aswell. Sunderland in 2000?

    This clueless, arrogant buffoon is breaking all types of records here. You were half right whoever called Arteta generational, you just missed out that he is generationally inept.

    We have the league’s worst manager managing Arsenal Football Club, who would have thought it?!

    If you put him in charge of Brentford, they would be more or less relegated by Christmas – ironically the time Arteta thinks a season begins.

  25. China1

    TR7 watch all the club official training videos and you’ll see 90% of the goals in training are crosses to an unmarked CF who finishes

    Generational sauce hasn’t noticed there’s a difference between playing a 6 a side game in training and scoring from lots of cut backs and doing the same thing in the premier league

    It’s not even like there’s any thought that’s going in to how to make it more effective. If we really wanted to make the endless crossing work with the players we’ve got you’d at least be telling all our attacking players to be busting a gut to get into the box as soon as a wide player gets anywhere near a position to cross

    But more often than not there’s just one or two players in the box. For a generational manager you’d think he’d notice these absolutely elementary issues right? Even in kids football managers have such basic strategies taught. At arsenal is absolutely bargain basement tactically it really is

  26. Spanishdave

    Auba and Laca have downed tools, Leno seems uninterested thats why he failed to deal with both goals.
    The defense was in panic mode Chambers just booted the ball anywhere, Xhaka , who’s now captain ffs sprayed the ball about as usual mostly to the other side. It was not the Arsenal way last night.
    Arteta knows he won’t get away with it now that crowds are back , last year the five home defeats in a row should have seen him off.
    What a mess

  27. China1

    Honestly I don’t care about the brentford result, I care that it was widely expected by half the fan base. What does that tell you about the state of the club when only 3 people on here are surprised by such results

  28. Muppetman

    Any news on why laca and auba were really out? Don’t believe they were both ill only a few hours before kickoff

  29. Moray

    Bigper, White will have to be really shit to beat Mustafi.

    We should still get a fee for White when we sell, although god knows how much of any future sale we’ve already offered away during negotiations.

  30. Guernsey+gun

    Gonna sit back and watch this train wreck unravel. Easy money last night on brentford to win to nil 13/2 wish I’d lumped more on. Arteta is a dead man walking no goals and no points in first 3 games.

  31. CG

    Brentford 2 Arsenal 0.

    A Friday the 13th Arteta horror show.

    *Willock officially sold for a paltry £20 million.( he scores GOALS and Arsenal cant)

    *Brentford beat Arsenal by 2 goals ( they also won a friendly last season 3-2)

    *Benjamin White defensive abilities exposed. ( lacks strongmen Dunk and Webster types by his side)

    *And the PEA £350k contract folly coming home to roost.

    *Xhaka captain despite supporters irritation with him

    * Torreria ‘doing an Edu’ and posting vacations fotos whilst the game was on.

    European Champions next.

  32. Sid

    If Emery killed our midfield play, Diet Pep cremated it.

    Kept telling y’all Diet Pep played most of his football hours under Moyes, when it gets tough, thats his default style.

  33. Steveyg87

    So, first game of the season and Im already packing it in for the season. Stan, close the cheque book, we cant have this prick and his holidaying Brazilian cronie wasting any more of our resources. We will do well to end 8th this season

  34. Steveyg87

    If Real M ask for 50m for Odegaard, now that Diet Pep is on the ropes……….

    Chances of getting any players that raise us a level has tanked, why would you want anybody to come in anyway? This is not a player problem, we have a manager that doesnt know what hes doing

  35. The Bard

    One plus from last night’s debacle is that there will be a some late transfer activity for sure. There will be panic at the club after last night’s result. A couple more bad results and Artetas job will be under threat

  36. TR7

    Yeah, bring in Odegaard who scored 1 goal in 14 games to fix our goalscoring problems. This guy Arteta will absolutely decimate the club by the time he leaves.

  37. Mee

    Every team we try to buy from will add a premium to their player following the Brentford game. Little Odegaard,s price about 60 million now. Who watched that game yesterday and went. Aha! Wish we had a dose of Ode?

  38. Globalgunner

    Zidane is available. It doesnt come with more pedigree than that. Will our owner care enough to make the call?. We need to sack the twats who thought Arteta was a thing too. Morons of the highest order. Make someone like David O’Leary the new DoF

  39. Mee

    Some of the in game decisions are baffling. For instance,they doubled up on Pepe the entire first half. Why not bring on someone like AMN to overlap and reduce pressure on Pepe? Was it not obvious that Chambers, who was also getting shafted defensively, lacks the pace to push up and reduce the burden on Pepe? Even a 10 yr old who plays FIFA can see that

  40. Globalgunner

    The main problem we have is that no one in power cares about this club. Not even the owner. Maybe we have a relegation clause that will allow us to sell half the team. Stan will be checking on that right now

  41. Mr Serge

    SpanishdaveAugust 14, 2021 06:48:49
    Most nights Pedro joins in the discussion. When his God looses he goes absent , strange.
    Arteta deserves to get criticism as he alone is the one who sets up the team and tactics.
    He is out of his depth because at Man City they had a great squad of players so coaching is a lot easier. Arteta has no experience or any idea how to deal with the poor players he has. All he does is to add more dross to, the squad

    He did a pod cast last night after the .match Johnny was scathing in his attack of Arteta

  42. Guernsey+gun

    This club is in deep shit, any targets before the window closes have just gone up 20%. Shit owners, shit board, shit management and a shit squad. What could possibly go wrong.

  43. Foxy

    Maybe we just need to return to a back 3 with White then tasked with moving up into midfield with the ball allowing say Partey and ESR to then move further up the pitch.
    White in a back 4 is going to get targeted without doubt.. We won our last 2 FA cups with a back 3 it just needs mobility in midfield which we now have in Partey, lokonga and ESR.
    Chelsea show that with a lot of mobility in the team you can win big time with a back 3.

  44. Barney75

    Anyone seriously surprised ?
    Can we not find a manager who can motivate the players…these listless performances have been going on for years. We need someone off the wall or at least someone with some semblance of a character

  45. Foxy

    Tierney plays with heart but we have to remember he was not trained in Wenger ball, but in a league where getting high crosses into big CFs was a key part of the game.

  46. Luteo Guenreira

    Really trying not to overreact to the first game of the season, but it’s hard not to be a little upset when your brand new £50m ball-playing CB just watches a ball bounce over his head that leads to their second goal. Absolutely got skinned in the first half for what should have been another goal also.

    Not to pick on one player but on the back of the last 2-3 years as a club, moments like this matter, the impression you leave with the first match of the season matters. Arsenal do not have the leeway or luxury to have their marquee purchase become the bad highlight after one game. That moment of bad play, it reinforces every doubt the supporters have of the club’s decisions, doubt in the players, in the manager. Ben White needs to be a lot better, literally needs to be a transformative player to ever come close to justifying his purchase at that price, over other areas of need. Fair or not that’s his reality and I hope he can step up to the pressure and scrutiny.

  47. Mr Serge

    We won’t do fuck all from the kronkes down we are rotten
    I have always said this fizsman sold to the wrong man on his death bed he basically fucked Arsenal to screw over David dein
    We are reaping that decision for ,10 years now

  48. Globalgunner

    A few of us did warn the majority here that signing Auba on to a new massive contract was a terrible move. We have another player now on a massive retirement cruise at our expense, but it was all wailing and woe is us if he doesnt sign. Our problems will soon mirror Barcelona in a smaller fashion if we keep this charlatan and allow him relegate us

  49. China1

    Torreira posting vacation shots during the game? If so that’s peak 2021 arsenal. To be fair ozil was doing it during the cup final and edu lives on holiday so in our culture it’s totally fine

  50. Globalgunner

    Dont forget Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith who actually sold the final trance of shares that put Kroenke over the Uzbek guy. They all sold us out. That bint even inherited it from her husband and didnt want to give them to her children and took a cashout instead

  51. China1

    I’m in no way going to assume the worst about white. I’ll give him a fair chance.

    But we paid 50m for him and he’s from the PL, so it’s only fair to assume that within the next few weeks he will be extremely good. If he’s not, what did we rush into paying 50m for?

    All this talk of how important it is to have a CB who can beat the press, carry the ball, play a great pass etc, but after he does that he passes to xhaka who cannot beat the press, take on a man, or do anything with any dynamism. What’s the point?

    It’s more useful to have basic but good quality CBs who just play basic passes to the fullbacks and CMs who then carry the ball and can make things happen, than it is to have elite ball playing CBs but the CM has to be bypassed because it’s shite and all the attack has to come from the wings.

    If you can’t dominate a midfield with good football don’t bother trying to dominate a defense with good football. It’s absolutely, utterly pointless.

    It’s as useful as playing endless crosses into an isolated CF who isn’t great in the air and is surrounded by 3 CBs… oh we do that all the time too

  52. Black Snake

    The whole lot need to go in my opinion, starting at the top, then working down from useless cunts Vinai, Edu to Arteta. They should be made to walk down the street being pelted with shit and bottles of piss just ao we can feel better about the last 18months

  53. Chris

    “ Dont forget Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith who actually sold the final trance of shares that put Kroenke over the Uzbek guy. They all sold us out. That bint even inherited it from her husband and didnt want to give them to her children and took a cashout instead”

    I believe she has said publicly that she regrets her decision.

    One has to wonder, somewhere in a parallel universe, we sold out to Usmanov and we’d be at the top table still in all likelihood.

    The Kroenke’s have never achieved anything significant in their sporting franchises apart from causing an entire city to revolt against them. They are terrible, awful owners, and we are stuck with them. They have thrown money at Arsenal, for them to spend, without keeping close enough tabs on how it is being used. Gross negligence.

  54. Thank you and goodnight

    I just don’t understand how any fan can back Arteta. As for giving him 10 games!!! Bollocks to that. What are people seeing in him, after 18 months in charge , what’s changed? Defensively shite as always, toothless in attack and the only play he has is passing ball out wide to Tierney to cross it in to their keeper or pass it to Pepe and he’ll cut inside for a shot. Is that it? 5m a year to manage our team and this is the only strategy he has, How fucking easy are we to play against ffs. Seriously Arteta supporters, you should be ashamed of yourselves. And I’ll tell you another thing, playing the way we have done under Arteta these last 18 monrhs, I honestly believe we’ll be in a relegation battle this season.

  55. Rich

    Some of the hyperbole and bedwetting over last nights result has been ridiculous, but not surprising

    We’ve got some of the worst fans in football, football fans tend to be an overly emotional lot with a penchant for overdramatising everything, but Arsenal fans take the biscuit

    We lost to 2 illegitimate goals, we were without Partey + Gabriel, Saka was on the bench, back late after the Euro’s, Martinelli was only back with the squad at the start of the week

    2 senior strikers came down with illness on match day

    I was excited/nervous by the fresh young lineup, but when you take a step back and remove the emotion, in the cold light of day, I’m not surprised we struggled last night

    We really needed 3 points, it’s going to be a tough month, and there’s every possibility that we take 0/9 from our first 3 games now, by the time we get the the Norwich game on Sept 11th, the atmosphere around the club is going to be potentially unbearable

    As our squad stands, we’re looking at a 6th-9th place finish and 57-62 points, dependant on how lucky we get with injuries to key players

    If we can clear the deadwood and make a few astute adjustments, in spite of a bad start, we can start aiming for a 5th place finish, where if we gain some momentum we could potentially sneak into third or 4th

    The margins are fine, and they’re not as big as some of the expert analysts on the TV think, or would like you to believe

    Remember last season after United got tanked by Spurs? Neville + Evra having a bedwetting competition after the game? Blaming the United board for the loss because they didn’t spend £110 million on a teenage winger……

    All clubs will have disappointing results over the season, but things are never as good or bad as they seem in the moment, and things usually balance themselves out of 38 games

    Big 17 days ahead for the club, the amount of work that still needs doing, combined with the speed of the market in general, suggests we could be stuck with a lot of our dross, which numerically makes it difficult to move ourselves

    Neville, Carragher and Sky are a disgrace, we’ve gone from a refereeing cartel last season, to the analysts now cover for the ineptitude of the officiating this season

    We deserved to lose over the balance of play last night, but the two goals were 100% illegitimate, and I could prove that with nothing but a pause and rewind button on a sky remote

  56. Leedsgunner

    Our best move left in the window?

    Sack Arteta — time to admit the bleeding obvious — he isn’t up to the job.

  57. Chris


    Some of what you say may be true if this result was a one off or a blip or whatever.

    This isn’t an isolated incident. We have been poor for a long time now, we haven’t strengthened adequately this far in terms of our squad. The result was entirely predictable, even if we had a stronger line up out there.

    Also you are living in a fantasy land if you think football fans aren’t going to be emotional. Especially when the club they love is heading in completely the wrong direction and has been for a long while, and they see no real evidence of change coming.

  58. Guns of Hackney

    Prince Andrew has more chance of a positive outcome. Arteta is finished at Arsenal. We have to be bold now and make a move that shakes the club.

    We were easily beaten by Brentford. Easily.

  59. The Bard

    Option 1 we buy overpriced players in a desperate attempt to bring in quality and plug the gaps.
    Option 2 we do nothing, precipitate a crisis .and the Kroenkes get it in the neck.

  60. CG

    The breathtaking arrogance of the club under KSE.

    A few months ago they wanted the Super League and the Closed Shop.

    Now they are getting whipped by minnows Brentford. by 2 goals to zero.

    All their players weekly wages combined are less than what PEA recieves.

    Worthy winners and they also have a very charismatic and engaging manager.

  61. Thank you and goodnight

    Fuck me Rich. Wskey wakey mate. Jesus Christ. It’s not one fucking result, it’s 18 months of going backwards and getting worse to the extent we could be fighting relegation this season with a team that has been mentally weakened by Arteta and definitely don’t have strength to survive a relegation battle

  62. Terraloon

    After a restless nights sleep I am still trying to get my head around what I witnessed last night..

    Far too many on here have been pleading , begging almost for the Arteta to forget the senior players and go all in with the youngsters.

    Well you got what you wished for last night and in just 90 minutes you witnessed why such an approach is folly.

    Seasoned professionals are just far too strong , far too savvy & above all far too experienced to fall for those sexy stopovers or the futile energy sapping runs that so many believe would give what are kids the edge over players who have seen it all.

    I said a couple of weeks ago if Areteta went with the kids he would be signing his own resignation letter and I still feel that way.

    Brentford didn’t need an extra 10 or so shots or extra possession they had a game plan and clearly their manger and coaches had worked out where the weakness was in players like White, like Chambers, like Mari, like Xhaka,

    White was made to look a clown . I can’t even remember who the player they put up against him but once the ball was in the air their was only going to be one winner. He can’t play in the centre of even a three or as a CD in a four. You nullified one of his two supposed strengths in that you struggle achieve cross field passes
    Mari is too slow to recover and to be honest Brentford should have scored on one occasion where their player went past him as if he were standing still
    Chambers was playing because the other options on the right are too short. He offered nothing.
    Xhaka was well PL Xhaka not Swiss international Xhaka
    Lookonga flatters to deceive. He does glide across the pitch and yes I know he is learning and needs a lot more time to get used to PL but I am not sure how he will be when he comes up against top notch midfielders
    Tierney is having to do too much. He gets forward so well but as someone else has pointed out his ball in has to be along the ground where defenders facing become favourite to reach or block.
    ESR. Was the star but again is having to do too much . He will either suffer burn out or get injured because the weight being placed on his young shoulders will weigh him down
    Pepe was ok ish in flashes but he doesn’t understand the wing back role. He has to help the defence out more but I don’t think he even is aware when danger is building
    Balogun. So many were screaming for him to play. PL is way above his current ability . He needs a season out on loan
    Martinelli. In glimpses seemed ok but I haven’t changed my view that he needs to gain more experience but I wonder if that loan option is not on the table.So a conundrum
    Saka. Like ESR is a shining light but again you can’t keep playing him or expecting so much from him
    Tavares. Please he is a back up squad player who wouldn’t get close to the majority of PL squads.
    Nelson. Nope his place on the bench should have been given to Willian, yes I am saying Willian because even if he hadn’t come on he would have added some experience on the bench.

    As a total aside it’s no being reported that TA looks on balance to be going to Roma.. A further €1 million pa has been offered to the salary package and that and the preferential tax rates in Italy may well have won him over.

    If he plays or is on the Chelsea bench today I think that will be that he’s off to Rome

    The Arsenal squad as we know needs major surgery but don’t worry the money is there!

  63. EdTheREd

    First of all, everyone overreacting because we lost to “little Brentford” should stop watching football altogether. Brentford is a decent football team built over the years on a very solid base and they’ll have no problem staying up and will beat quite few teams of Arsenal rang, or above.

    For Pedro and everyone else ignoring the shambles that was pre-season, and basically brushing aside poor results and depressing performances as irrelevant, well, you were wrong . We are shambles and will be until firstly Arteta, but ultimately American greedy scumbags leave the club.

  64. Foxy

    So much emphasis on ball playing CBs and goalies but in the Premiership a no. 1 requirement has to be dealing with high crosses.

  65. Dennis+the+Menace

    Arteta out. The BBC report summed it up well:
    “Brentford celebrated their return to the top tier after a 74-year absence with a memorable, magnificent victory over woeful Arsenal as they opened their Premier League campaign in style.

    Thomas Frank’s side were vibrant, skilful and energetic on a night of high emotion at the Brentford Community Stadium, making the perfect start to the season, but inflicting serious pain on the Gunners in a sobering 90 minutes for the visitors.

    Brentford took to life in the big time with ease and fully deserved the lead given to them after 22 minutes when Sergi Canos drove low past keeper Bernd Leno at the near post, although Arsenal complained bitterly that the ball had gone out of play in the build-up.

    Only Emile Smith Rowe truly rose above the mediocrity for Arsenal, forcing a save out of Brentford keeper David Raya – who also brilliantly denied Nicolas Pepe late on – before the home fans exploded in noise and elation when they scored a second with 17 minutes left.

    Arsenal, without strike pair Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang through illness, paid the price for a hopeless attempt to defend substitute Mads Bech Sorensen’s routine long throw. New £50m defender Ben White was particularly culpable as Christian Norgaard arrived to head home.

    Brentford’s supporters, understandably, celebrated wildly at the final whistle, but this was a result and performance that instantly turns the spotlight on Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta as he desperately needs an improvement on last season.

    Follow reaction to the game
    Brentford make powerful statement

    Brentford 2-0 Arsenal: Frank praises “great” Brentford after first Premier League win
    Brentford could not have made a better start to life in the Premier League, showing the pedigree that has made them such an entertaining side on their journey to this stage.

    On a thunderous night at the Brentford Community Stadium, the arena was alive with noise and excitement well before kick-off – and what happened when the action started only raised those levels.

    Tough days will inevitably lie ahead for the top-flight newcomers, but this was a night when the Bees showed what they were all about under charismatic manager Frank.

    Once they realised Arsenal had little offer after the early exchanges, Brentford took charge and Bryan Mbeumo had already struck the post before Canos opened the scoring.

    They grew in confidence, winning the physical challenges, attacking swiftly and, on the rare occasions he was called upon, keeper Raya looked a class act.

    Frank and his players rightly savoured the moment at the final whistle – in front of supporters who did themselves huge credit with the standing ovation given to Arsenal substitute Bukayo Saka, who was racially abused after missing a penalty in England’s Euro 2020 final loss to Italy.

    This was quite simply how Brentford would have scripted it. No-one can begrudge them their victory – and the manner in which they revelled in it.

    Abject Arsenal get what they deserved

    Brentford 2-0 Arsenal: Mikel Arteta ‘extremely disappointed’ after Brentford defeat
    Arsenal were handed a difficult opening assignment as there is always an element of jeopardy attached to a visit to a newly-promoted side.

    This, however, was light years from what will be required this season and manager Arteta has work to do to knock the Gunners into shape on this evidence.

    Yes, he was missing strikers Lacazette and Aubameyang, while Saka only started on the bench, but the lack of resolve, the lack of a coherent plan and lack of threat when they needed to fight their way back into contention was alarming.

    Only Smith Rowe looked capable of providing a spark while it was a harrowing start to life at Arsenal for expensive summer acquisition White. He was tormented throughout and part of a desperate attempt to defend the throw-in that led to Brentford’s second goal.

    Arsenal are familiar with the criticisms that will be aimed at them, namely a failure to match the fight and physical assets of opponents, but here they can have no answer to the charges. They were weak in all areas, especially in defence, with Pablo Mari and Calum Chambers also on the rack throughout.

    Keeper Leno was at fault for the first goal, put his defence under pressure playing out from the back and almost gifted Brentford a third, providing evidence why Arteta is in the market for a new number one.

    This was a thoroughly wretched night in every respect for Arteta and his players. They will hope it is a one-off, but the club’s detractors will say they have seen too many nightmares like this.”

    We have seen too many.

    Arteta out!

  66. Pierre

    Last night, VAR was a farce for Brentford’s 2nd goal. TV pictures clearly showed the Brentford player pinning Leno to the line making it impossible for him to move.

    The goal should have been disallowed 100%.

    So why didn’t they come to the correct decision, the only reason I can come up with is fear , fear that they will be accused of ruining the game by changing the referee’s decision.

    For me, VAR should intervene if the ref has missed an important decision that results in a goal, sometimes through no fault of their own as in Brentford’s 2nd goal.

    What would have happened a few years ago before VAR came into operation is that the linesman would have spotted the infringement and brought it to the referee’s attention, but due to VAR the linesman are now told to keep their flag down as VAR will take care of any infringements.

    During the euros, VAR was commended for the way it was used , it was quick and rarely got involved in decisions and this allowed the game to flow …fair enough

    Mike Riley and his cronies have obviously spoken about this and have tried to copy the euro way of implementing VAR.

    I can guarantee you that if it was Mari pinning the Brentford keeper to the line and Arsenal scored, it would have been disallowed.

    The officials didn’t want to ruin Brentford’s big night by disallowing a goal that in real time didn’t look like an infringement, so they ignored it as they know that by giving this type of goal against Arsenal would not lead to criticism of VAR in the media and would not be over analysed as it would if the goal was given up the other end.

    Let’s see what happens during the season now that players are apparently allowed to pin a keeper to the line from corners and long throws .
    Let’s see how many times a goal is given for this infringement.

    My guess is that last night will be the only time this season we will see such a goal not be disallowed by the officials or VAR.

  67. Guns of Hackney

    As good as Brentford were, city will score six past them.

    The gulf between us and the rest is massive now. 30 points massive!

    We are a mid table club.

  68. TR7

    “All clubs will have disappointing results over the season, but things are never as good or bad as they seem in the moment, and things usually balance themselves out of 38 games”

    Two 8th position finishes back to back. Most people predicted we would struggle against Brentford and you are here with cliched “all clubs will have disappointing results over the season” and “let’s not overreact”. That Arsenal are absolutely out of idea on the field is apparent to anyone with an eye. Let’s not sermonize just for the sake of it.

  69. Terraloon


    The VAR issue is a distraction even if that goal had been chalked off would anything else have been different?

    I thought Nevilles comment that any GK worth their salt would have got to that ball but even the Mari should have dealt with the ball and likewise White should have been alert to what was going on.

  70. Thank you and goodnight

    Everyone moaning about our keeper being fouled for their 2nd goal. Fact is ,as many have posted before, you near enough always see a defender put himself between the keeper and opposing player at corners. We only have ourselves to blame for the second goal

  71. Foxy

    So our genius manager took a new to the club 6ft CB used to playing in a back 3 and made him play in a back 4 with Leno behind him. For a match like this we should have played Holding as it least he would have had some understanding of playing with Mari and Chambers.

  72. Terraloon


    A foul is only a foul if it’s given.

    Was their infringement last night probably but player is allowed to take up a position in front of the keeper and looking at the incident both Leno and the Brentford player had hold of each other. So was it a clear and or mistake or a case of six of one ?

  73. Pierre

    VAR is there for a reason , and it failed last night and I will be interested to see how many times that type of infringement will go unpunished this season.

  74. CG


    “”””White was made to look a clown .””””

    Do you think for one moment, The Dopes ( if they scouted the player) took into consideration that Dunk was making White look a better defender than he actually is?

    or were they so consumed with his passing stats and his ability on the ball?

  75. China1

    No one is overreacting to the Brentford game. They’re reacting to 18 months of predictable problems failing to be addressed and results like this being expected amongst the fanbase.

    Brentford is just one in a very long line of turd sandwiches we’ve been served. Let’s stop talking as tho it was a one off or unexpected

  76. Arsnil

    If you can’t read players then you shouldn’t be let next not near any team. The position is terminal from moment one. We had two really good young centre halves who were farmed out on loan again this year after really strong seasons last year with their respective clubs. Then we bought a centre half to replace them who is physically weak and can’t head the ball. And he faces Lukaku soon. Centre midfield needed urgent strengthening as did right back and centre forward. During the window we have done nothing to remediate both. Left with deadwood that no other club wants who should never have been signed in the first place. You could hand Arteta 300 million in the morning and he would waste it all. The sad reality. He has to go and we start literally from the bottom up.

  77. Leftside

    Ben White cost £3million less than the Brentford side who handed us our asses yesterday.

    I feel for him because he was poorly scouted and will be hung out to dry by our amateur football club. He will be the source of ridicule when a manager ought to play to his strengths and try to cover his deficiencies. Our manager only cares about covering up his baby Xhaka’s many faults.

  78. Terraloon


    When White was first mentioned I kept saying that he had three huge defenders playing in a back four with him at Brighton. It was ok to even me that he can’t be relied on in the air and at Brighton he wasn’t.

    I have no idea why he was scouted as a defender but using stats more appropriate to a midfielder and again as Neville pointed out yesterday it’s pointless saying about a defCD being able to bring the ball out of defence or being able to pick a pass because nowadays that’s a given for all top class CD but you really can’t ignore the need to be able to defend what is a basic ball in the air

  79. Thank you and goodnight

    Also last season when I said we’d become a banter club I was told I was being silly and talking rubbish, seems I was right eh. I’m actually looking forward to Amazon’s documentary as I haven’t seen a good comedy for years. Arteta will make David Brent look like Jeff Bezos

  80. Northbanker


    totally agree – the commentators weren’t even discussing it but it was a clear foul on Leno, although has to be said that Leno allowed himself to be bullied

    Among our many problems last night, the biggest issue of all is that our no 1 keeper is nowhere near Premiership ability. We don’t need a backup keeper 0 we need a no 1

  81. Mr Serge

    Rich you can’t say that we lost to Brentford
    We are talking top 4 finishes and we lost to Brentford and on top of that it was the same boring shit as last year
    I was an on the fence guy saying give him time with his buys he may know what he is doing

    He does not gtfo and take edu and vinai with you

  82. CG


    “””CG When White was first mentioned I kept saying that he had three huge defenders playing in a back four with him at Brighton. It was ok to even me that he can’t be relied on in the air and at Brighton he wasn’t”””

    (& Thank You & GN)

    Brighton play defensive every game.
    Dunk and Webster beside and Bisaouma in front.
    They are dogged and dull.

    Pablo Mari would actually look a £30 million player in that set up.

    Also , by my reckoning that was Whites first ever top flight game in front of any crowd.( because of Covid)

    He looked very overawed and timid.

    For £50 000 000- the player has to hit the ground running from matchday 1.

  83. Mr Serge

    Also may I add Brentford whole squad had not one premier league game under their belts last night not one
    Fucking embarrassing

  84. Leftside

    Toney’s tweet after “Nice kick about with the boys”

    This club is not respected, is a laughing stock across the world and every side will fancy their chances against Arsenal.

  85. Mee

    The manager seems to think he is the smartest guy in the room. The “process” is all about protecting the deficiencies of his faves like Xhaka. When opposition fans start singing songs of praise towards him and Arsenal fans boo him ( probably the Chelsea game) the management will take notice.

    How great it’ll be to get rid of his stinking persona and enjoy some fresh air. I have absolutely no pity for him. The players have thrown him under the bus. Emery for all his faults was not an egomaniac and he learned from his mistakes until the likes of Luiz and Xhaka downed tools. At this point, anyone could do a better job even Big Sam is not losing to Brentford on the opening game of the season.

  86. Sid

    Partey had Koke and Saul in midfield,
    Ben White had Bissouma in midfield but the “great team” working behind the scenes do Not realise this.

    Just one look at Rashford mopping the floor twice with Ben White is enough to tell you his anticipation(reading the opponent) is poor.
    The reason he is aerially poor isnt because of lack of height, he is dense mentally.

  87. Arsnil

    As soon as the game started Brentford went after White physically and wiped him
    out aerially. They could see what our manager and scouts couldn’t and who ended up paying fifty big ones for? A banter club.

  88. LithuanianGooner

    Terrible, the youth are not that good, the older guys are not that good, the manager is even worse than not that good.

  89. Arsnil

    And as for the ‘illnesses’ – would nay decent club put up with that nonsense. Paying £350,000 a week to someone who can’t perform because he is ‘ill’ and an unspecified illness at that. Centreforwarditis?

  90. Mee

    Right on the money. Ben White sure can ping a few sweet passes around but it’s like he is not using his head during the game to read situations, like for the 2nd goal. Just ambling about for 90 minutes to pass time between wages while doing barely anything expected of a defender. Now his confidence will be shot and he won’t want the ball near him. Thanks again Clowns.

  91. Leedsgunner

    No doubt Pedro and his cheerleaders will be back on the bandwagon when two or three results go the right way.

    The direction of the trend is downwards and has been so for years, and where is the determination to change the trend?

    Where is the accountability?

  92. Danny

    What about the first goal, where was VAR then? The ball clearly went out of play, Arteta was screaming at Mike Dean about it
    Both goals should’ve been cancelled but it doesn’t change the fact that we were completely useless.

  93. Leedsgunner

    Mikel Arteta, remember Pedro said to me is the next Man City manager. 😂😂😂

    Maybe that’s what the problem. He doesn’t know what to do when you don’t have money on tap!

  94. Pierre

    Our problem offensively is that our players have been programmed to feed the ball out to the wide areas to Tierney on the left or Pepe in the right and last night Brentford were more than happy to let Arsenal have the ball out wide in the final third as they knew that they could deal with almost anything coming from the wide areas.

    For a side like Arsenal who have no real threat in the air, it is important that the ball is fed between the lines within the width of the penalty box so that the wide player gets behind the opposition back 4 allowing him to either cut the ball back or fizz the ball across the goal in the corridor of uncertainty.

    This didn’t happen last night , the crosses were invariably from too wide areas and Brentford had done their homework and snuffed out the danger .

    Last night I can’t remember a ball played into the corridor of uncertainty so I wonder what they do on the training ground to try and get in such positions to deliver the ball that causes havoc for defenders.

    What happened was Brentford’s back 4 remained very narrow throughout the game , this was to stop the ball inside the full back and it worked.

    In these instances a team needs players who are patient and clever who will try and draw the opposition out of their position .

    Last night Arsenal were not patient at all , it was get the ball to Tierney and whip it in ..very predictable .

    In the days of Ozil and Cazorla, they were the masters of drawing the opposition out of their position.
    Many of the ignorant fans thought Ozil was tip tapping the ball around forgo reason , but for the knowledgeable fan they can see that by being patient and composed and retaining possession of the ball , they will gradually draw out a narrow defensive line and start to pick holes down the defensive channels inside the area .

    This is where we miss the experience of players like ozil and cazorla and the shrewd leadership of wenger who understood what these players were trying to do .

    Patience and composure against a tight defence is an important weapon to have in your Arsenal (sorry) , nabbed if Odegaard comes he will bring this to the team , although I thought Smith Rowe was a stand out player for us with his forays through the heart of their midfield.

  95. Mr Serge

    Pierre Ozil again what’s with the fascination?
    The problem is if a bunch of championship Ayers and manager can work out our style of play and stop it we will suffer all season because they are the worst team in this league and they handed us our arse last night

  96. Mr Serge

    Pierre as much sense as there was in your last post as soon as you say ozil I switch off
    He has been dead as a player for half a decade

  97. TR7


    We would be better off having another midfielder like ESR who can run with the ball and pass between the lines. Odegaard is not a solution to our problems. Last season he played so many games but we were ineffective against most good teams. Odegaard doesn’t have that burst of pace/acceleration or magical passes in his repertoire.

  98. Habesha Gooner

    Chelsea, Mancity, Norwich, Burnley.

    Honestly I can only see 4 points at best from these matches. May be 5 if we draw Chelsea. Arteta looks like he is out of his depth. If the next few weeks go horribly wrong for him then we need to get him out while the season is still alive. Him making a lot of decisions doesn’t sit well with me. Especially when he gave xhaka a new contract. If most players that play under him look worse than before then he is the problem. 3 or 4 points out of 15 and he needs to go. No more excuses. There are still decent managers available.

  99. Habesha Gooner

    And it doesn’t have to be Conte or Zidane. We just need someone who can play good football with limited resources. Someone in the mould of Daniel Farke at Norwich. That is better than this crap we are being served.

  100. DivineSherlock

    So where are the people who said no Europe will be benificial to us in the short term ? Call it overreaction but I dont think we will ever get our Arsenal back unless those owners go away.

  101. Pierre

    Mr serge
    “Pierre as much sense as there was in your last post as soon as you say ozil I switch off
    He has been dead as a player for half a decade”

    When I mentioned there are ignorant fans and there are knowledgeable fans , I put you in the first category.

    I wouldn’t even attempt to try to explain the intricacies of Ozil’s game as it would go completely over your head.

  102. DigitalBob

    Well that was depressing. All optimism firmly out the window for me with that result. A result that really showed the lack of tactical awareness within the team (full of youngsters) and that fault is certainly with the coaching. The result would have probably been different if Partey and Gabriel were playing instead of Mari and Xhaka(he wasn’t bad last night but Partey offers more) but if the squad players cannot step up against Brentford then we are in serious trouble.

    The coverage on Sky was disgusting imo, they all wanted this result with Carra and Neville realling revelling in another arsenal loss.

    Flo Balogun needs a loan, I know it was only 65 minutes but he’s not ready yet, give him 30 games in the Championship or even in Germany for a bottom half Bundesliga club.

    Leno was fouled but the guy is shaky, can fully understand now that Arteta was shopping for a new number 1 not a backup, hence the amount he was willing to spend on Ramsdale.

    Odegaard and Tammy need to be brought in not for us to challenge for the top 4, but to maintain a place in the top half.

  103. Kegunner

    Seems to be some sort of revolt with the senior players. They signed up for Champions league they don’t have it and they are not switched on.

    Squad now is in a rebuild phase to get it to past glory. Youth is key but age profile is crucial. Youngest player should be 21 with one or two years league experience. Perfect age is 24 to 26 for young outfield players. Anyone younger needs to be exceptional.

    Arsenal needs to be real with the fans and state their plan. No more day dreaming then head in the sand routines.

    If it is to stick with Youth then the players need to exceptional like Manchester United approach. By exceptional that means rated by the whole world not just Arsenal fans and insiders.

  104. Kroenkephobe

    This endless talk about bedwetters makes me wonder if the writer has fantasies about golden showers. I much prefer the Arteta out brigade (of which I am a proud member) and their preferred metaphor which is to shit the bed. The duvet, sheets and pillowcases are all thick, smelly and brown this morning aren’t they.

    There is a deep and disturbing malaise at the club which has been getting steadily worse for the past 15 years. Tets and Edu are part of the problem, patently not the solution

    Any news on Auba and Laca’s phantom illnesses? No, because they’re not fucking ill. We’re being lied to. And if they refuse to tell the truth, why shouldn’t we criticise them in the strongest possible terms.

    The weakness on here (bedwetters if you must) is coming from the rapidly diminishing number of Artetapologists who seem unable and afraid to grasp the nettle. Artetapologist = New word for an endangered species.

  105. Sid

    Mertesacker will be steadying this ship like it or Not, Zidane and Conte are Not dense to take on a job with players they had zero say in signing.

  106. Cheney10

    Wow… I’ve skipped most of the comments as I/we all know what they are all going to say and rightly so! I thought Arteta could turn things around but with Chelsea and City to come…. The stadium is going ro be a bad place to be!

  107. Kroenkephobe

    Leno was held for the second goal which was ridiculous. But had he been smarter, he’d have gone to ground as the ball was coming over. No ref is going to award a goal if the GK is on the deck. Its the way we allow other teams to get away with cheating that rankles – we used to be much smarter.

  108. Valentin

    Divine Sherlock,

    Look at financial hole Barcelona is in. That hole was digged by years of Raul mismanagement. Had he stay an extra 3 years at Arsenal, we would be in that same situation. Broke, rudderless and with overpaid players. £72 millions for Pepe anyone?

  109. Ernest Reed

    Curious as to what this “illness” is that knocked out two senior players on match day?

    Not that either would have made much of a difference but it certainly is obvious that Brentford came with a plan , stuck to it, and Arsenal yet again had no answer to counter it. And this plan came from a newly promoted team no less. Think about that.

  110. Emiratesstroller

    The most depressing aspect of yesterday’s performance and result is that our defence was
    bullied by the opposition when conceding two goals. It sends a message to every opposition
    manager as to how to beat us.

  111. Kroenkephobe


    Putting your journalist’s hat on (that’s not a snide comment about covering up your new barnet BTW), it would be good if you could use your networking contacts to report on what supporters groups will be doing either to support or criticise the current regime in the run up to and during the Chelsea game. Allows us non going fans to get a feel for what to expect. Black scarf and all that.

    It feels like we’re approaching the Arteta end game and I for one would appreciate some of your ITK knowledge, not least to distract everyone from the mindlessness and frustration of transfer speculation.

  112. Emiratesstroller


    Yes both you and the maligned Pedro are probably right about Raul. The recruitment of Willian
    and Luiz raises some serious questions about his management and close ties to certain agents.

  113. Davi

    I’ve backed Arteta before but just don’t see him turning this around now. Last season you could at least say we were a bit more defensively stable, but quite disjointed in attack.
    Rather than building on that defensive stability by signing midfielders and forwards (clearly the areas that needed most attention), we’ve opted to go (effectively all-in) for a ball-playing CB with the idea being that it will help us build attacks more quickly. That will probably work to some degree, but we still don’t have any potency up front, so what’s the point in transitioning quicker if we just slow down again once we get to the opposition box? Worse still, we will have sacrificed that defensive stability completely as White is clearly going to be bullied by physical strikers, and I’m not convinced he’s as defensively aware as you’d hope. Kos, for example, got bullied a bit early on, but adapted because he had a bit of nouse, defensively, but White has played EPL and championship already, so he should be more capable by now.
    Laca and Gabriel would have made a big difference yesterday imo, but we’ve had this problem for a while, where one or two players missing completely changes our capabilities. If one of our fast CBs is out, can we play the high line game with Mari or Holding? I don’t think so, you need to adapt.
    This now feels like the end of Wenger’s time, except we don’t have an RVP, Alexis or prime Auba (players with real finishing power) to get us undeserved points at times. If things don’t change quickly, I do think we could be in serious trouble now (below mid-table).
    Another issue is people aspiring to the Wenger brand of football – can we just get back to winning games convincingly and worry about the aesthetics later? I’d be happy to play like atletico if it made us competitive. Who cares what neutrals think, fans of the club want to see us winning games, the rest is secondary.

  114. Ernest Reed

    Shit just got very real for Ben White. With £50m comes great expectations. He’s going to have to do a lot better than what he showed yesterday. He played like a lower division defender who was bossed all day by a veteran squad. Wait, that was newly promoted Brentford who did that to him?

  115. Kroenkephobe


    Quite. I gather that injections of Rory Delap’s DNA are being snapped up all PL teams. Even 5ft tall Tariq Lamptey is practising his long throws before Brighton play Arsenal. White will be sidelined soon with a sore neck and headache.

  116. Valentin

    Remember that the players agreed a salary cut on the understanding that when the club is in the Champion’s League, the cut will be reversed. Experienced players don’t believe that Arteta can reach top 4. So the cut is permanent.

    If I were a player and that he had convinced me to the cut and now he is responsible for that shower of shit, I would be pissed off as well. If on top he is not a very well sympathetic people with the players. Remember the Neville alluding to the truth of Arteta’s character with his I don’t think that Arteta like his players.

    The revolution starts now. The he revolution will be televised on Amazon in 4k and it will be glorious.

  117. Samesong

    In our strongest part of the game manager takes if Martinelli. Puts a left back in right back position.

    Brentford showed no respect. And we showed them too much respect.