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No one does a disaster start to the season quite like Arsenal.

Auba and Lacazette are out ‘ill’… two healthy young men out at the same time in August means one of two things. They got the thing that’s going around or they are being sold. My money is they have the bad thing, which is alarming for a number of reasons… the most notable, they could be out for the Chelsea and City games.

Let’s hope they shared a yellow sticker Tesco Sushi, that’d be a better scenario.

However, out of adversity, springs of hope may spray… that sounded more poetic in my head. I have had about 20 people in my DMs today saying they are more excited about the game now than they were before. I’m in that boat as well, Arteta is going to be forced into playing a young and dynamic line-up.

My money would be on Martinelli filling that role. He’s fit, more experienced, and he’s an absolute beast of a player. They might have Saka and Pepe flanking him. If the manager was bold, he’d drop Balogun into the team and see what he’s all about. The sexy reality is there is no bland choice here… all he has is the kids, who time and time again, show they are hungry and have a better profile for what we need.

My bigger worry is that press conference from yesterday. I watched Thomas Frank do one at Brentford, he was charismatic, evocative, positive, and inspirational. Mikel Arteta looked like a child who’d been told he couldn’t play with his toys.

This is unacceptable behaviour for an Arsenal FC ‘manager.’ When you are a player, you can be that way, when you are a manager… your job is to inspire the fans and the players. I can’t imagine many watching that will have felt that way.

He could have set a bar for the season.

He could have told the miserable fans not to underestimate the Arsenal.

He could have given us a blueprint of what to expect this season.

Instead, he sat on that chair and made sure the whole world knew he was unhappy. That’s selfish behaviour and I’m pissed that he’s behaving that way. If he has the audacity to do that before the season opener, what is going on behind the scenes?

Arteta has a massive job on his hands this season. It’s delivery time. We need to find the next level. The football needs to be better, the energy levels need to be consistent, and there can be no excuses. That press conference felt like he was defeated before we’ve kicked a ball, like he’d been reading Barry from Basildon slagging him off on Twitter. I can’t have it, you have to be bigger than that if you want to be an Arsenal manager, and the show starts tonight… a win and nothing else is acceptable.

What do I want to see on the pitch tonight?

Ben White and Sambi Lokonga. No excuses. Mo Elneny shouldn’t be anywhere near the team.

I want to see a fun and vibrant front three, I do not want to see Willian invited to the party.

I want to see an intense level of football. I want total control. I want a reassuring win.

Nothing less.

If the kids shine against Brentford and beat them, it actually makes the Chelsea and City games easier. Our chances in both games were low, but if he loses them with an inexperienced side that plays hard and fast, there will be more forgiveness from the fans. Hey, we might even surprise a few.

One things is for sure, it seems Willian is getting the cold shoulder from Arteta, he’s on ESPN explaining that he hasn’t hit the right level, and basically saying he’d be open to him exiting. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Nothing shows the lack of leadership at Arsenal quite like Arsenal bombing off Mesut Ozil, only to jump right back into signing another deadweight on mega money. Still, at least we’re not going to spend 6 months watching him fail.

Joe Willock finally exited the club to Newcastle. Good luck to him.

Martin Odegaard will likely move to Arsenal when Madrid accept that we’re not going to pay £50m for him.

I’ve no idea what’s going on with the goalkeeper, Neto is now being linked because Sheffield United don’t want to deal with us on Aaron Ramsdale. I honestly can’t suss this Ramsdale obsession, considering the lack of funds we have for more important roles like the right-back position, this seems like peak opulence. Ramsdale is either the most moneyball move of all time and someone in the data team is landing a promotion out of this for being a genius or it’s going to be Richard Wright MKII. The idea that we’d take any keeper and give him to the same guy that recco’d Runarsson, crashed Leno’s form, and was involved in some sort of weird machiavellian coup against the other keeping coaches is quite the black mark on our ‘ruthless’ summer. But there we go, let’s see if Sheffield United save us from ourselves, or someone shows the scouts Onana for half the price.


This is the start of a new season. I’m excited even if the coach isn’t. Let’s see what the boys have for us this evening.


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  1. Janky

    Brentford beating us 2-0 is not squad poverty. There’s no argument where you can assign blame to anything other than shit management. Behind the scenes, in the market, on the field. Guy’s pony through and through. This unavoidable truth will bring us some form of salvation hopefully sooner than later.

  2. Mr Serge

    Man u team is light years ahead of ours they can spend 74 m on a winger and 41m on a cb in a week
    We bought Pepe. Pepe ffs their midfield is pogba Bruno mctommeney or Fred we have xhaka elneny only Partey gets bear their team

    The have 2 proper full backs and slab head
    They can buy themselves out of trouble or oles deficiency
    We can’t
    Look how long it takes us to do a transfer

    We went from maddison and locatelli chat to keeping that fuck xhaka and putting Nelson on for our only striker who is not fit
    We lost against Brentford ffs
    I have jumped off the fence and landed on gtfo territory

  3. Wengaball


    1) he is an arrogant prick and alienates players
    2) has shown nothing till now in terms of a defined style of play and whatever he has shown is a complete turnoff
    3) tries to play ‘his’ brand of football – whatever it may be – without factoring in the squad’s ability.
    4) corollary of 3 is he does not play to the squad’s strength
    5) is a disaster at in l-game management
    6) has so little faith in what he has taught his players that he has to dance and scream from the sideline tor the whole 97 minutes
    7) buys questionable talent – exhibit Willian, Mari, Soares, Partey, White et al
    8) between him and his buddy the DoF – can’t negotiate, buys high, sells low

    Sauce, sauce, sauce, sauce, sauce, sauce, sauce and more sauce.

  4. HerbsArmy

    What United are demonstrating today is excitement and ambition in spite of their ordinary manager.
    Like Arteta, Solksjaer also lost to Emery, but they have a better starting platform because apart from not buying the number 9 that could make the difference at the top of the table, they behave like a big club who understand the importance of keeping fans onside and happy.
    Football is riddled with dishonesty, and Arsenal are among the biggest culprits.
    This didn’t start with Wenger (although he was complicit), it very much began under the Hill-Woods.
    There have been comedy moments for us Arsenal fans to enjoy from both United and Liverpool, but in spite of new-monied Chelsea and City, United and Liverpool (on a significantly lower budget than the other three), have remained relevant. Yes both have had big dips, but they’re always only one appointment from being back in the mix.
    And why shouldn’t Arsenal be measured against Liverpool?
    How have Arsenal managed to be so ridiculously incompetent and get it so incredibly and painfully wrong compared to the journey Liverpool have been on for the last 60 years?
    I know because I’ve lived through it.

  5. Janky

    Mr. Serge, Tuchel is actually a manager. Like a real bonafide manager who’s managed before. FFS, even Fat Frank had some experience. Arsenal chose a different tactic. Because generational…

  6. TR7

    Do we have a non negotiable 11 yet ?


    Soares —Saliba —–Mavrapanos —-AMN

    Torrera —Guendouzi—- Willock


    Auba ——-Laca

  7. gunnernet

    I have said numerous times, do not make the mistake considering us for competing top4. Even if we get BOTH Lautaro and Maddison we wont reach that stage. We are at least 5 first team players short and we have Arte8a and Edu running the club. It is absolutely pointless and oblivious.

    Emery had his time and everyone was toxic about him, including myself. How much time must Arte8a have then, that he speaks English FLUENTLY then??

    Sauce my arse…

  8. UTarse

    Mr serge, genuine question, how the fuck were you still on the fence up until last nights game ? What did you see in past 18 months that left you on the fence ?

  9. gunnernet

    Xhaka (c) ofc!

    the Arte8a favorites!

    Can someone answer me if they played vs the non negotiables who would win?

    With the exclusion of Saka and maybe Eddie, it looks really shity side.

  10. Muppetman

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I would’ve liked someone like Benitez just to steady the ship. Knew the prem and had success at other big clubs rather than the gamble of a novice.

  11. Pierre

    “I have jumped off the fence and landed on gtfo territory”

    Don’t you mean jumping on the Arteta out bandwagon Mr Serge.
    I’ve no doubt you will be back on the Arteta in bandwagon if we win a couple of games.

    The archetypal flip flopper .

  12. Graham62

    My god, who in their right mind would give Arteta the benefit of the doubt?

    The guy is a charlatan.

    It’s so obvious.


  13. Rambo

    “I have jumped off the fence and landed on gtfo territory”

    MrSerge, you’d do well to remember this next time you’re pontificating about true fans

  14. Peckobill

    “ The non negotiable 11 easily gets us Europa league”
    True , as long as arteta is not in charge though

  15. Temagooner

    Surprised we expect anything better than what Arteta is achieving now. You get what you choose. When you go for a rookie manager, you get this sort of inconsistent performance. I have said it before and will say it again, should have tested Arteta with the B team. That was the route for Pep, Zidane, etc. Having proven themselves they were advanced to the first team. Why did we give the manager position to a rookie coach. You reap what you sow.

  16. Peckobill

    Now your being a rascal , Emery’s non negotiables exiles against arteta’s mind numbing sleep inducing bore fest in the league . Who finishes higher ?

  17. gunnernet

    For all those who love statistics in football and data driven bullshitists, Arte8a finished as one of the worst coaches in the league, geting 0.02% of the votes. How did you miss this data? GENERATIONAL stuff!

  18. Peckobill

    I’m jealous, all the fans of the teams just kicking off at the 3 o’clock kick offs full of excitement at the dawn of a new season and all our hope vanquished after game 1 . God it’s going to be a long season

  19. Peckobill

    I seen that wasn’t it 19th he polled in the premier league . It’s not just us moaners who see it , the rest of the league think it as well . Christ we are a laughing stock with this imbecile in charge

  20. CG

    ””’I have jumped off the fence and landed on gtfo territory””””

    You are like those Afghan soldiers when the Taleban come to town.

    You have nailed your colors to the mask Serge! It took just this result?!

    You thought Arteta was right on Saliba, White , Willock ,Ozil and the wage cuts and so many other of his balmy and arrogant decisions

    Wrong &Wrong on all accounts.

    Tick Tock Time.

  21. UTarse

    Agreed tony, arsenal fans are so beaten down they think we can’t attract a decent big name, go all out for conte for me.

  22. Mr Serge

    UTarseAugust 14, 2021 14:51:43
    Mr serge, genuine question, how the fuck were you still on the fence up until last nights game ? What did you see in past 18 months that left you on the fence

    I was firmly Arteta out but the last 7 games and the after Xmas league gave me a glimmer of hope but the main reason I was on the fence was because I knew we would not sack him so I backed him for this window
    However after seeing the match last night I can’t lie to me eyes any more
    I will be booing from the terraces in a couple of weeks

  23. Tony

    Sorry gunnernet missed the point.🙄

    Chavs look fit and hungry and running Palace around the pitch.

    Paddy’s got Palace well drilled

  24. Mr Serge

    SidAugust 14, 2021 14:58:19
    Serge is a super fan who attends all games while moaners/doom and gloomers have never been to a game

    That’s not true don’t be a weirdo I go to home games I hardly ever go away you are a strange strange man

  25. Elmo

    One thing that looks clear from matchday 1 so far: crowds are back in, and home advantage returns.

    Of 7 games in-play or completed, 5 home teams winning / won, 1 draw, 1 losing.

  26. Mr Serge

    PierreAugust 14, 2021 14:55:56
    “I have jumped off the fence and landed on gtfo territory”Don’t you mean jumping on the Arteta out bandwagon Mr Serge.
    I’ve no doubt you will be back on the Arteta in bandwagon if we win a couple of games.The archetypal flip flopper

    Bit true in the slightest I have never flip flopped I was always against sacking him until he had a few windows to prove himself
    But Pierre congrats man if I am the guy that can stop you from adding ozil into a post more power to me keep up the good work

  27. Mr Serge

    RamboAugust 14, 2021 14:57:18
    “I have jumped off the fence and landed on gtfo territory”MrSerge, you’d do well to remember this next time you’re pontificating about true fans

    Find where I said anything about true fans or not

    Don’t talk crap

  28. UTarse

    I will be at the emirates next Sunday and I am expecting a short tempered crowd. Enough is enough with this pathetic badly planned experiment of hiring a novice who is sinking to a new depth as every week passes by.

    No bounce will change my mind, a draw v Chelsea or otherwise, when world class managers such as zidane and conte are available you do all you can to hire them…we’ve missed out on so many top draw managers in the past as we hung on to wenger, we can’t do it again with his clown who deserves zero loyalty.

  29. UTarse

    Tony… ha ! You got me mixed up with someone else mate… I don’t expect much from Arteta’s Arsenal v Chelsea….and shithousing a result is not a good one in my book.

  30. Mr Serge

    CGAugust 14, 2021 15:14:44
    ””’I have jumped off the fence and landed on gtfo territory””””You are like those Afghan soldiers when the Taleban come to town.You have nailed your colors to the mask Serge! It took just this result?!You thought Arteta was right on Saliba, White , Willock ,Ozil and the wage cuts and so many other of his balmy and arrogant decisionsWrong
    Wrong &Wrong on all accounts.Tick Tock Time.

    He was right on Saliba willock and ozil not ready not good enough and finished those three.
    What’s right also is he can’t inspire a team and his footie is shit
    I can’t forgive that and for that reason I want him out not for every reason all you guys want him out
    Shit footie can’t inspire s team is enough for me as he can’t hide behind the it’s not my team crap

    What o don’t appreciate is 4 or ,5 posters on here all rounding on my go fuck yourselves

  31. Mr Serge

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to changing their minds.

    It does not give the right to weirdos and obsessives to try and hound someone off the blog
    I come in here despite the defeat to discuss the shit that is happening to our club

    Yes I go to games
    Yes I support the club first
    Not the manager not the board

  32. Tony

    No UTarse I remember your little p chats a while back.

    I was exclaiming meaning we are in trouble and I hope the fans let Arteta know how they feel.

    I’d say enjoy the game but that may well be not possible with Arteta’s little understood process.

    Any idea what the Auba and Laca situation is?