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My dad went on a stag-do with his younger cousins about 15 years ago, I wasn’t allowed to go. He had his own style, always, a sharp dresser if ever there was one. His best bit of work advice to me was.

‘If your clients aren’t talking about what you’re wearing, you’re wearing the wrong thing’

That has stood me well, being a bad dresser and all. Back to the point, he went on a Marbella stag do and decided he liked a £1000 cowboy jacket. It was black brushed leather with Eddie the eagle tassels so he looked like a bird when in the Jesus pose. Everyone told him he shouldn’t buy that jacket, but he wouldn’t listen, he knew it would crown his outfit… and that night, he was going to look like a hero.

He bought the jacket, owned the night, and never spoke about that jacket again.

To Arsenal fans, I think Aron Ramsdale is the jacket, we’re the friends wondering what’s going on… and there’s nothing we can do to stop the purchase. Arsenal are ten pints of data deep on this kid and they can already the dopamine hit when everyone is fawning over the tassels on the dance floor.

There is only one thing I can tell you to make you feel better… the same people that have identified Lokonga, White and Tavares are heavily skewing this decision. There’s something in his profile the club think they can work with. It’s not just him, it seems he’s quite popular in football circles, remember Chris Wilder is a proper coach and he made him his star signing (do NOT look at how that turned out). It is also worth noting that despite playing for relegated teams the past two seasons, both sets of fans voted him player of the season.

He’s also very, very young for a Premier League keeper.

So we’ll see. I’m just happy we’re bringing in a backup keeper. Even happier that the money would suggest he’s coming in to replace Leno as #1 as soon as the German drops a major footwork clanger against Brentford.

What I’m not happy about is that we are heading into the first game of the season having not added a single body to our attack. Arsenal had the 3rd best defence in the league last season and an attack that dropped just 55 (9th). Chelsea finished 8th for goals and spent £100m on Lukaku. I appreciate that attack often starts in defence in 2021. Ben White and a keeper that can pass will show us plebs that in due course. However, it is still quite baffling to be at a stalemate with our strikers and to still be fumbling around hoping Leicester or Madrid decide to deal this week.

Brentford will be a tough game, just because they have no history of the Premier League yet. We should beat them, but I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever known an Arsenal start to the season to be so pessimistic. There are a couple of reasons for that.

  1. Arteta burned all his ‘hope’ capital at the start of last season with that dreadful 14 game run. If you were a non-emotional fan, you’d be looking at the 60% of games we played post-Christmas for clues as to how we’re going to play this season. But you’re not, you are a hot mess of emotions and all we’re thinking about is how bad that start was last season.
  2. Preseasons against London rivals was a bad idea. Nice if you win, but back to back derby losses really was a waste of energy.
  3. Our start is hard.

A lot of the fear isn’t grounded in truth. I saw someone write ‘I just wish my team could register 15 shots a game’… our worst showing this summer was Spurs and we had 11 shots, 2 on target just like them. Chelsea 14, Watford 15+, Millwall 15+, Rangers 19, Hibs 19… shots hasn’t been the issue, but our forwards certainly have been.

There are going to be a lot of eyeballs on that teamsheet on Friday.

Is it going to be Hierahy FC this season? Are we going to see the rebirth of Laca/Auba as a mainstay? Will Arteta panic and start Mo Elneny in midfield next to Granit Xhaka? Who will start as right back, because Hector has been atrocious? Will we have to see 4 bad results to see the best starting 11?

Many questions I will look to tackle tomorrow.

Before we get there, I wanted to thank everyone who has been tuning in to the podcast this summer. We had our best week ever last week! We’re going to continue to bring you podcasts with LIVE video as the season goes on. One minor shift I want to make you aware of… we’ll be doing advertising on the podcast and a little bit with a great sponsor on the site. I went back and forth on it… but the reality is, I can’t ask people to do this for free, and this platform is expensive to run… servers, tools, microphones, WILD nights out in Vegas, all these annoying little subscriptions.

Anyway, jump on the latest videos, know that cancel culture exists and YOU made me change my haircut, and leave a nice 5* rating on iTunes.



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  1. Dissenter

    Regarding Aouar
    Is it possible that we aren’t so keen on him because we may have promised high wages last summer when we sought his signing, wages that we no longer want to match?
    I’m pretty sure we would have paid him the same range of wages that Partey earns had we signed him last summer, now not so much.

  2. The BFB

    I can’t understand all the doom and gloom emanating from a large proportion of LeGrovers. As Pedro keeps reminding us, we finished an excellent third in the post-Christmas table and, with the addition of some very astute signings from our management team, top 4 should be a certainty. Back in the real world, however, why do I have an overwhelming feeling that we’ll be lucky to finish in the top 8 ?

  3. Habesha Gooner

    Odegaard still on the cards it seems according to fabrizio. Why haven’t we bid for him yet? Dangle some money in front of them and see how they react. We will get a clear idea of whether they will sell. He will be a great acquisition. Up to 50 mil and we would be getting a real classy talent. 35 to 40 would be a real steal for him.

  4. The Bard

    The BFB the doom and gloom is because we haven’t addressed some key issues in the transfer window to date and yes we are more likely to finish 8th than t4. Don’t know how that translates into joyfulness.

  5. Emiratesstroller


    I suggested after first three inward transfers that I did not think that we would recruit any further outfield players until we have offloaded some of our unwanted players on the books.

    Once Willock is sold and Kolasinac leaves I think there will be some movement.

  6. englandsbest

    China 1

    As per usual, your argument is as full of holes as a sieve.

    Arteta HAS put money on the table – £70+ mill for White, Lokonga, Tavares.

    Also, from what we hear, he has made more than reasonable offers for others, like Ramsdale, Maddison. And commonsense tells us that he has alternatives in view, like Odegaard, Onona

    If you care to believe what we are told, NO CLUB is lining up for ANY of our players apart from Newcastle for Willock. And since the player has a contract, the decision lies with Willock. I hope he stays.

    But the way you see it, Arteta has a magic wand. One wave and he gets all the players he wants, and rids himself of all the players he doesn’t want. That is a childish view of pro football, and of life in general.

  7. KAY Boss

    Should we take a punt on Icardi if one of our CF leaves? Though his time @PSG is underwhelming, I still feel there’s is a player in there. He’s wife has been his nemesis.

  8. NORG


    He had better find that magic wand after all it is he that wanted Willian and now like a spoilt child he has tired of his new toy and wants rid.

  9. Leftside

    Martin Ødegaard is still Arsenal’s top target. Houssem Aouar is now back in the frame as a potential alternative. James Maddison not under serious consideration right now.

    According to the Athletic

  10. Mr Serge

    Leftside makes sense he knows what ode can do
    Maddison is expensive
    Aouar is a risk as he seems moody and our manager is moody so they will fall out

  11. shaun

    If you asked every single person who visits this blog if they would rather keep the Brighton backup keeper we had last season and invest the 25 million it would take to secure Ramsdale this season in a quality CM .The outcome would be 100% in favour of just using Mat Ryan for another season as he was decent not spectacular .The main consensus here seems to be that Ramsdale is not even decent .A more worrying thought is that we could be relying on a Xhaka-Elneny CM partnership and that’s like being force fed white tripe for dinner

  12. raptora

    WEagle and TR7 bringing up the neverending list of Arteta’s failures.

    Now if only we added the actual footballing results including finishing 8th and 8th in the EPL, losing in the EL vs the titans of Olympiacos (who were kicked 2 days ago by the mighty Ludogorets out of the UCL qualifications) and a Villareal managed by none other but our very own Dracula.

    Then go through the 10s of negative records we broke, the impossible to watch “style” of football, low-scoring, boring, ugly, robotic, safety-first approach.

    Here are some of the negative records we broke in 20/21 that I found in 10 mins of time:

    Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat to Burnley at the weekend meant they have managed just four wins and one draw in their opening 12 games. Not since 1974/75 have they endured a worse start to a campaign

    Arsenal break 61-year record. The Gunners have lost four consecutive home league games for the first time since 1959.

    The Gunners suffered first home loss against Leicester in all competitions since 1973, a run of 27 games including 14 in the Premier League.

    Arsenal’s recent attacking woes are summed by by the statistic they have scored as many own goals (3) as regular goals in their past seven league games.

    The goalless game against Burnley means Arsenal have now gone 12 hours and 32 minutes in the Premier League without scoring from open play since Pepe found the net in a 2-1 win over Sheffield United.

    Arsenal’s tally of just 10 goals after 12 Premier League games this season is their lowest at this stage of a top-flight campaign since 1981/82 when they managed eight.

    Arsenal attempted 44 crosses in their loss against Spurs, the most by any team in a single Premier League game so far this season (December 2020). Arsenal also ended the game without a single shot on target, a 2nd away game in a row with that feat after their 0-0 vs Leeds.

    Arsenal break 91-year record in Everton defeat as Mikel Arteta’s side reach new low…. Everton’s 1-0 win at the Emirates means Arsenal have lost 9 times at home this season, the most since 1930!

  13. Leftside

    Serge, I would prefer Aouar to Ode who I find a neat player but powder puff, and won’t come up with enough goals or assists. Aouar and a good backup keeper makes sense.

    My personal pick would be Maddison but that ship has sailed, Leicester don’t have to sell and us doing deals in high time doesn’t leave them enough time to source a replacement.

  14. shaun

    I am in agreement with Leftside except i would Bissouma ,madisson, Aouar and lastly ODE in that order .If I see Elneny and xhaka I am probably going to do a Thiery Henry

  15. Leftside

    TR7, WE & Rap

    You forgot Arteta starting Partey in midfield alone in a European Semi Final and also Mr Arteta starting Smith Rowe as a false 9 when he had Martinelli, Nketiah and Auba sitting on the bench.

    The ruthlessness he spoke about showing this summer was a lie too, unless we’re talking about Arteta’s treatment of Saliba.

  16. DUIFG

    We that list is bang on.

    Too many player without a pathway , muddled thinking and no clarity.

    What have we got now, auba as a wideman?pepe untrusted? Martinelli no clear role? Saliba in France?

    Too many moving parts 2 years into a project.

  17. Leftside

    Shaun, hate to break it to you but that’s probably what you’ll see tomorrow.

    Look out for the endless crosses to Lacazette who isn’t great with his head too. At least the crowds will drown out Arteta’s shouting and trying to control every facet of our play tomorrow.

  18. China1

    England’s best, excellent try but no

    lining up big offers and signing players in lesser priority positions is explicitly what we are saying is a dumb way to do business

    you go hard for the high priority and positions first and can take your time with the icing on the cake signings later

    we have several weaknesses and with 1 day left before the season starts we’ve signed 3 players yet addressed a grand total of 0 of our top priority weaknesses.

    you can spin this any way you like dude but that club koolaid your drinking looks exceptionally like piss and you’re going to have a hard time convincing me it’s 18 year old scotch

  19. DivineSherlock

    The expectations are so low this season that I only hope that we atleast finish 6th. Not getting Europe is hurting us with such a big squad and clubs low balling us for players we need to offload. Just waiting for All Or Nothing to air , so I can see the famous Arteta’s non negotiables .

  20. CG

    Kudos to all the AFC supporters around the globe that played their small part in making sure Ramsdale the Relegator never got the chance to wear the Arsenal no.1 shirt.

    No way did he deserve to wear it and no way did he deserve to follow in the footsteps of Kelsey, Wilson, Jennings , Seaman and Lehmann.

    Have no doubt- The Dopes pulled the plug not over payment- but over the backlash the player and the club would have received.

    They buckled like a pack of cards with the Super League and they buckled over Ramsdale.

    And if the pressure stays high- they will buckle again and again!

  21. DUIFG

    Ofegaard at least feels achievable target, get him in and go from there.

    He isn’t an explosive guy but think he will be good against deep blocks . Can’t let him slow the ice down too much though. Not sure how you solve that problem. He clogs the right. Think you need Pepe other side, pointless having him exchanging passes, get him on the back stick

  22. Elmo

    So if its Ode as the clocks strike 12, where will that leave us in comparison to last year?

    White replaces Luiz (“our best CB”), hopefully with his greater speed allowing us to play higher up the pitch, without getting caught Luiz-style hauling attackers down for red cards. Jury is out, but hopeful.

    Lokonga replaces Ceballos, but with a hint that he could be a break-out player. Tbd, but if we are to succeed this season, him far surpassing short-term expectations will likely be the key factor (which bearing in mind he’s 21 and new, shows where we are as a club atm).

    Ode returns, but with more time in the system might improve.

    Tavarez covering at LB means no more Xhaka there, so a clear improvement, but yet to be determined if he’s actually any better than Kolasinac (attacking FB who is pretty useless defensively).

    Importantly Saka and ESR have another year under their belts and hopefully kick on.

    Only one game per week, which in theory provides more rest and planning time, but the pre-season games have disappointed in showing no greater attacking cutting edge or cohesion, despite the extra training time.

    To me, overall the needle hasn’t moved far enough to get into 4th. If we’re going to be in the 5th, pushing for 4th area, it will be based on pretty soulless but ruthless efficiency, looking to have some control of games, shading it on the numbers, without ever looking like an exciting or dominant team. Under the circumstances, the club can’t turn its nose up at getting back to 5th and the EL, and I expect Tets to be kept on if he achieves this. Par expectation, though, for me will be 6th-7th.

    I think we’ll start well, though, with a 4-1 win tomorrow at Brentford, similar to thrashing Fulham last year on opening day, with Willian looking a world beater.

  23. Rambo


    “He deserved no love from anyone, he was worse than reported, he is where he should be… at a small underdog in Spain.”

    Where he’s polishing the shiny European silverware.

    You ran an agenda and were to made look like a mug. Move on, yeah? Also nobody deserves ‘no love’, you small, petty man.

  24. salparadisenyc

    Take Willock money reinvest it into Aouar, great biz on those numbers. Yet I’m reading we’re trying to loan him in?

  25. DUIFG

    I’m afraid edu has been captured by arteta. Can’t let go. Do this shit but power balance is fucked as edu has basically out his cart behind arteta in promoting him to manager and also saving his job last year.

    He needs to say no don’t send saliba out, you don’t need nketiah etc etc. The inflated ego is now just running around unchecked causing carnage for us down the road. The madness must stop. Arteta out

  26. DUIFG

    When will we learn loans apart from a short term solution don’t work.

    Option 1(most likely)-uninitiated player not trusted as not part of manager long term plan
    Option 2- guy blows up and you are in a bidding war or lose player and start again.

    Enough loans, it’s the sign of no clear plan

  27. Elmo


    If try before you buy (loan with option) is available for Aouar, we should be all over it. Takes away almost all the risk, while pricing in the player before you develop him.

  28. NORG

    AFC have a new secret tactic – Willian has the ball between his legs and the rotund Willian is rolled towards the opposition goal.

    No way we finish in the top 4 and very unlikely 5th. 6th if we are lucky but if others have progressed then it could be a sorry 8th again.

  29. raptora

    Fabrizio Romano
    Jannik Vestergaard is in Leicester to complete his move as new #LCFC centre back. Done deal confirmed – paperworks to be signed today afternoon between the two clubs.

    Leicester are working so fast after Fofana has been ruled out till 2022.

    Southampton without him and Ings are due to have many troubles in the EPL.

  30. salparadisenyc

    Ideally it’s Aouar and Ø, I can get behind that.
    Maddison was never a goer.

    Leaves keeper and trying to sort primary outs then replacing. Have to think Bellerin and Laca top that list now that Xhaka has feathered a new deal.

    As it stands we’re out beyond the wire with Charlie zeroing in on no mans land. Some day this wars gonna end.

  31. Marko

    Chris Godfrey
    With the squad as it is Arsenal won’t finish higher than 6th. Add an attacking midfielder and even then 5th is a stretch. It’s hardly the epic rebuild fans were promised. Faith in KSE, Edu & Arteta was already running on empty, even before this masterclass in incompetence.

    Chris Godfrey from the guardian going in two footed

  32. DUIFG

    ELMO, fine but our last two loans have not had options (ode/caballos).

    Generally in the uk market we don’t see many loans with option to buys.

    On housem if the deal is as you say fine, but Arsenal have gone pure loan route before who is just bad news

  33. DUIFG

    It wouldn’t actually maeke sense for Lyon either, they need money now not in 1 years time and why would you lock in a non cash price in a market that is expected to recover , I’m wary

  34. curse

    would love an Aouar loan, 100% try before buying given the smoke around him.

    now the season is about to start, I would imagine things crank up next week as results become more important.

    We at least have difference makers already in and saleable assets treading water in rumours. They’re still hot on Martin, a keeper and Tammy it seems.

    Get those in along with a RB and that would be a decent window given the circumstances.

    What ever dross remains, we utilise and shift in January.

  35. Elmo

    Agreed, DUIFG. Doubt it will happen, but worth trying. Look at the Italian sides: all kinds of wheeler-dealer stuff with 2 year loans followed by options or obligations (Locatelli etc.). The difficult market this year might allow PL teams to make suggestions like this.

    Also if the possibility on deadline day is Ode straight loan, or nothing, then it’s better than nothing, but hopefully won’t be in that position!

  36. Nelson

    “RM rate Ceballos above Odegaard. And we want Odegaard. Like we are smarter than RM?”

    It defends on the league. La Liga is more technical. There are a lot of good passers there. Ode looks more average in that league. But our front three, Auba, Laca and Pepe are all bad passers. Ode’s skill is what we are missing.

  37. Ozy

    This club is an absolute disgrace. So poorly run. Does anybody know what they’re doing? Why are we still unsure about who to bring in? Aouar, Odegaard, Maddison…. they’ve all been available all summer. We supposedly have the money. What is the hesitation?

    The season starts tomorrow and I would argue that we have a worse squad than last year. Why would Leicester sell Maddison this late into the window? Why would Maddison push to leave at this point?

    Another mediocre midfielder to bring in on loan, no striker, no goalkeeper, Bellerin, Cedric and Chambers at RB again. What a complete joke.

  38. DUIFG

    Elmo, haha ye the Italians kings of the dodgy accounting and shared ownership.

    Ode on a straight loan again o would avoid. Bad for dressing room having mercenaries and blocks pathway to develop talent you own.

    Loan a back up gk fine as a number 2 , not a key cog of the attack

  39. Dissenter

    I’m reading that we are trying to loan Aouar, when we know they are selling cheap because they are broke.
    After spending the entirety of last summer trying to sign him?
    After trying very hard to sign a shambolic goalkeeper for 20 million +?
    WFT is wrong with this club?

  40. Valentin


    Leicester are efficient, because they have a clear plan and they have the right people to execute it.

    Eisenhower decision matrix is exactly what efficient people do. If you replace urgent by expensive. You go first to solve the position that are the most needed and likely to be the most difficult/expensive to solve. Then the most important but less expensive. Followed by the not so important but expensive. Then if you still have cash the position that are less important and not expensive.

    The notion that the order of doing things is unimportanti is only valid if you have the budget to do everything. Otherwise you end up with important position not covered.

    Leicester execution plan really look flawless. CB became their top priority position. They identified their target within their budget limit, they bid for him the right amount (and they properly evaluate players as their bid has been accepted, no lowballing). If they find their target too expensive, they move.on to the next one. They don’t get bog down into incessant negotiations that go nowhere.

    Too many time, Arsenal get dragged into long negotiation which for not have a satisfactory conclusion. Last year Edu had to pull the plug after being led to an embarrassing merry dance by Lyon and Aouar’s entourage.

  41. Ozy

    If we address our BIGGEST squad issue with a mediocre midfielder on loan again that the club have concerns about, we are finishing midtable.

  42. englandsbest

    China 1

    Has it not occurred to you that what is a priority for Arsenal, might not be a priority to other Clubs?

    Imagine yourself as Steve Bruce. Willock is a priority for Newcastle but not for Arsenal. I’ve no doubt that some Newcastle fans are saying the same about Bruce as you are saying about Arteta.

  43. raptora

    Arsenal under Emery and Arteta’s first 51 games and Wenger’s final 51 games:

    Points earned:
    Wenger – 88, Emery – 88, Arteta – 78

    Goals scored:
    Wenger – 97, Emery – 91, Arteta – 75

    Goals conceded:
    Wenger – 67 , Emery – 70, Arteta – 56

    Emery – 58%, Arteta – 52%

    Passing accuracy:
    Emery – 83.4% Arteta – 83.9%

    Touches in the opponent’s box:
    Emery – 1399, Arteta – 1188

    The process is real, folks. We’re moving up in the world.

  44. raptora

    Fabrizio Romano 5m
    EXCL. Manchester City are not giving up on Harry Kane deal. Man City board preparing a new bid for £125m – if Spurs stance will change 🔵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #MCFC

  45. Guns of SF

    Arteta now the PR spokesman for KSE it seems talking about how hard this window is , how the owners are committed blah blah
    heard this a thousand times

    I dont care about talk, just do work, get it done.

    That Russian lady at Chelsea is what we need. Fast, and get the deals done

  46. Mee

    Odegaard might not be a mediocre player but he is not what we need. Our midfielders are slow, risk averse and like to stay behind the ball all the time and so is Odegaard. Wouldn’t be great if we signed a midfielder who can up the tempo of the game from deep by dribbling past a player, accelerating through the middle, receiving the ball on the turn and making it stick or even attempt a penetrating through ball that picks out attackers in the box on the regular? Why would we sign more of what we got especially if its not good enough?

    The fact that Arteta wants him points out that he fits the type of handbrake football that saw us break those negative records and become such a blunt, boring team. The other day that Toney guy said people should captain him against us in FPL. Players like Mari, Runarsson, Xhaka, El neny, Holding, Willian, Cedric etc are just nowhere near Arsenal quality and give inspiration to the opposition. For instance, Xhaka is almost the Swiss version of Jonjo Shelvey who is always in a relegation threatened side, Runarsson is without a doubt the worst goalkeeper in the entire league and championship (including the women’s teams) Why do such mediocre players have to play for Arsenal? It’s so depressing.

  47. Guns of SF

    WE have Gabby Martinelli……

    Odegaard might not be a mediocre player but he is not what we need. Our midfielders are slow, risk averse and like to stay behind the ball all the time and so is Odegaard. Wouldn’t be great if we signed a midfielder who can up the tempo of the game from deep by dribbling past a player, accelerating through the middle, receiving the ball on the turn and making it stick or even attempt a penetrating through ball that picks out attackers in the box on the regular? Why would we sign more of what we got especially if its not good enough?

  48. DigitalBob

    Raptora – I think its gonna happen. Maybe Spurs will ask for that amount and Gabriel Jesus or something but it feels like a transfer that’s inevitable.

    Carts – Sam Johnstone is available as he wont sign a new deal and his contract expires next season. If it were me in charge he’d already have played a couple pre-season games for us!

  49. Carts


    You and I, both.

    Ramsdale isn’t a terrible keeper but it boggles the mind why we’re prepared to pay £25m-£30m for him when there are just as good GKs available for less than half of that.

  50. CG


    “”””””CG Dont count the chickens yet , until we see someone else come in Ramsdale is definitely the one we are after , might even panic buy at the end.””””””

    He aint coming now. No chance.
    He can concentrate in relegating Sheffield into Division 3

    Ramsdale ( for once ) had all the Arsenal supporters in unison.

    No one wanted him.( well only Arteta apparently)

  51. Godfather

    We could’ve just kept Ryan.
    This club is so stupid.
    Hell we should’ve just kept Martinez and let Leno walk.
    Ughhh Arteta you’re so bad for the mental health of Arsenal fans smh

  52. Leftside

    “Our goal is to get the best version consistently that’s going to bring us closer to winning football matches. If we do that consistently in every single match, we’re going to be in a good place.” – this is after being asked of our league aspirations

    Non-committal gobbledygook from this waffler who just lies but speaks well enough to fool a few.

  53. Leftside

    There is a list of creative targets beyond Martin Ødegaard & Houssem Aouar, but Arsenal will be reluctant to turn to them, unless perhaps the season gets off to a particularly bad start.


  54. Dissenter

    Why is everyone so terrified of Runnarsson?
    He’s back now because even the Turkish minnow club can’t afford him.

  55. Kroenkephobe

    I know this is an old canard but your headline for this piece, ‘Aaron Ramsdale drop incoming’ underlines your laughable fascination with trying to redefine the word ‘drop’, not least because it also suits the narrative that he ain’t coming any more and that the proposition has effectively been, err, dropped.

    Maybe the idea of communicating with clarity no longer matters and the sound theory of plain English, which has stood the English speaking world (and all other languages) in good stead for centuries is now uncool. Very confusing. I’m not an old fogey – I just want to understand what people have bothered to take the time to write.

  56. Radio Raheem

    What’s worse than a shit manager? A shit manager with no confidence.

    Arteta is asked what league position we are aiming for this season. The fool, thinking himself clever, replies that the focus is on being more consistent in our performances.

    What a plonker! Answer should have been that we’ll be going for the title and at the very least finishing in a position that’ll take us to Europe. The history and tradition of the club demands such a response. It doesn’t quite matter if it is realistic. That’s besides the point. He needed to show he understood the size of the job, the history and tradition of the club and was prepared to carry it on. To be fair to him denigrating that position of Arsenal manager was started by the Kroenkes by putting him in the job.

    Arteta isn’t just crap but crap without confidence, bereft of even a bluff. He’s clearly worried about sounding too ambitious might it be used against him WHEN he inevitably fails.

    Someone should do him a favour and show him the door for goodness sake.

  57. Marko

    Wait so you’re telling me we have a list of targets but we’re waiting to see if we start the season poorly before making a move? Now that’s a plan right there. I feel like it’s 2011 and we’re waiting for an 8-2 defeat before we move into action

  58. Champagne Charlie


    Maybe think through some of the stuff you post as you’re casually airing your underpants.

    Those numbers show Emery worse in attack and defence than Wenger, and Arteta worse in attack, but better in defence than Wenger and Emery.

    Given 8/9 signings under Arteta have been defensive recruits you might say the process is kind of as expected given we’ve seen an uptick defensively. Emery on the other hand, spent money on both ends of the pitch and delivered worse in both categories. Good ebening indeed.

  59. Leftside

    ‘The contract James Maddison signed last year was worth £110k-p/w & he would most likely expect a significant uplift. While Arsenal’s owners are prepared to support Arteta with substantial transfer fees, there has been a definite attempt to balance the wage bill.‘

    My favourite one, this is all on the dumb and dumber act of Arteta & Edu. We have spent a tonne in years gone, just badly because we’ve been run by different groups of idiots for too long now.

  60. TR7

    Arteta sounds like a bullshitter these days in his press conferences, he used to exude a lot of confidence when he first arrived. May be he has realised the job is too big for him.

  61. Dissenter

    Problems is that Arteta will leave more as many problems for his successor as he met when he came on board
    Willian still has three years left on his contract
    Xhaka still has three years left on his contract
    Holding signed unto a new contract

    At least we have some good youth that a new manager can work with

  62. Mb


    Those things were sufficient to sack any coach. We are stuck, lets hope nothing happens like.it again and we go for top 4.

    If not, we all know how it’s gonna end.

  63. Vintage Gun

    “Arteta sounds like a bullshitter these days in his press conferences, he used to exude a lot of confidence when he first arrived. May be he has realised the job is too big for him.”

    Yup. Yet some on here call it blasphemy to even question him or the summer plan. Well guess what fools? Arteta himself on camera just said that it’s NOT GOING TO PLAN.

    Being a cheerleader gets you fucked

  64. TR7

    Mikel Arteta on his ‘time to deliver’: “The demands of this football club are so high, the expectations are so high. Whether they are to the level & the quality & the capability that we have is a different matter. We have to cope with that.”

    He’s basically saying the squad he has is not good enough and expectations.of the fan not realistic 🙄

  65. Marko

    He’s basically saying the squad he has is not good enough and expectations.of the fan not realistic

    Isn’t it his job to do those things? Fix the squad meet fan expectations? I mean someone should tell him expectations are so low that he doesn’t need to worry too much

  66. Pierre

    “Arteta sounds like a bullshitter these days in his press conferences”

    What do you mean these days…I called bullshit almost 15/16 months ago…

    He was fine up until the first lockdown and then he started to get too involved in the politics of the club and all the mugs that couldn’t see through his bullshit fell for it hook ,line and sinker..

    And I do get that no one wants to admit that it all started with the pathetic Ozil decision by Arteta, but I can guarantee you that if the club had stepped in all those months ago and read Arteta the riot act and backed Ozil we wouldn’t be where we are now.

    The martinez decision wouldn’t have happened
    The Saliba decision wouldn’t have happened
    The Guendouzi decision wouldn’t have happened
    The Runnarson decision wouldn’t have happened
    The willian decision wouldn’t have happened
    There is a long list of calamitous decisions by Arteta that have cost the club millions.

    The club have allowed Arteta to get away with murder but it is too late now ….we have even more calamitous decisions in the past and next few to look forward to, xhaka staying with a new contract , willock and Eddie will be sold and the money will be used to buy Ramsdale, when will it end, and now we are going into the new season tomorrow on a wing and a prayer..

    Arteta needs to hope that the footballing gods are on his side tomorrow night , he is lucky that it is newcomers Brentford that we are playing as they may freeze on the night and we may bungle our way to a victory .it sure as hell won’t be a superb exhibition of football.

    Arteta and bullshit go hand in hand and the problem is the likes if the gullible Pedro and the gullible Charlie have fallen for it…

  67. Mee

    Saw through Arteta’s Bullshit right when he walked in the door with the “I’m Barcelona level, Arsenal is stepping stone attitude.” Dude can’t even be bothered to wear club colors thinking he is Pep. The press conference was tripe, he could have said he is aiming for the top half of the table, what the hell is that consistency thing when all he has been is consistently mediocre. In another press conference at the end of last season, he was asked whether the club had improved since he joined and he went on to get all worked up. Wonder how it will be when the pressure ramps up and rumors about his replacement start.

  68. Gbat


    Ozil stopped being a top level player years ago. More interested in his brand. I was glad he got frozen out.

    Did you complain as much about selling Iwobi as you are with Willock?

  69. DivineSherlock


    Ramsdale ( for once ) had all the Arsenal supporters in unison.

    That makes it twice this year ( after the Super League fiasco ) although Pedro and Emiratesstroller were in favor of it.

  70. Useroz

    In a fan debate, “Overlap”, Neville, Keane and Jamie openly mocked ……

    *not seeing any direction where Arsenal is heading
    *Edu appears on holiday for the last 2 years …. lol
    *the stupid signing of Chelsea rejects like Willian
    *Arsenal paying ordinary players a lot of money and ow we can’t shift them and bring in new players

    …and Arsenal will need something special to jump start our challenge to the league like a manager or buying a star

    While don’t like these ex manure and l’pool folks, they do know our problems