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We’re at that stage of the summer where once again, the most exciting thing to happen is an awesome kit launch video.

The new away 3rd shirt is awesome. It seems to borrow from the lightning bolt kit we dropped in 95 with Bergkamp and Wrighty. It looks purpose built for the athleisure scene but I can’t wait to see it on the pitch too. Adidas are bringing the hits this year, let’s hope we have a team ready to bring trophies to make them worth keeping around.

The transfer market is painfully slow. I don’t think we can really blame at Edu’s sunkissed feet, because outside the tone-deafness of his serial vacationing, the market is dead. Even Michael Zorc, the notoriously elite seller of talent at Dortmund, is saying he has no offers on his desk.

“You have to be realistic about the fact that clubs have no money and have to be very careful about their budgets.”

Unless you are operating in a world where you are flogging super club talent, it’s going to be a struggle. If you can accept that the players we’re trying to sell are average, you have to also be able to accept the idea that skint clubs might not want to take a chance on them… especially as a lot of the flaws are character-driven. The luxury market and the distressed one is all that exists. Clubs don’t want to sell cheap, nor do they want to buy high… or even at a normal level.

How this ends is anyone’s guess.

Roma moving on Tammy Abraham for 40m euros seems wild. The Italian club posted a 200m euro loss last year, they’ve hired Jose Mourinho on 5m a year, spent 54m euros this summer, now they are going to blow more money on a Premier League player? Seems like a risky strategy in a league that is absolutely bleeding out at the minute.

If Arsenal wants the player, I suspect we’ll have him in a red and white shirt by the end of the week. Losing out to Roma because we have a 29 year old that’s fat off mega wages on the last year of his deal really will be depressing. Our forward line is the most dangerous issue we have this season. We have two broken pieces we can’t shift. I am very, very worried about how we move forward this year if we’re immobile and broken upfront.

Another area that is looking a little desperate is our defence. We have 4 right-backs at Arsenal and none of them are right for the system. We have far too many centre backs as well. If Arsenal were going to be cute, they’d move Rob Holding out, slip Cal Chambers in, sell Hector Bellerin, loan Soares, and have Ainsley + <insert new name>.

The top Gooner journos are saying it’s an impossible thought that Rob Holding is sold, but we were also told it was a sell to buy summer. Look at the Bob Holding reality. This is a guy that has been replaced. Ben White is not here to ‘compete’, he’s here to start. Holding doesn’t have the raw elements to his game that White does, namely, speed, dribbling, and passing range. How is he going to land minutes in a season without Europe against a RCB that is very, very robust?

Holding also had his eye on a Euros call-up. Next year, we have a World Cup. He’s a long shot, but it’s a dead idea if he’s sitting on the bench this season. He was close to Newcastle last year, we know he wants to play, I don’t think it’s beyond the pale to think he might jump if given the chance.

Also worth remembering that Cal Chambers was landing big minutes before his injury against Chelsea. He’s very good on the ball and has more of the attributes you might want to slip in for Ben White if there’s an injury. Seems very odd to me that we’d have 4 extremely different centre backs at the club. If there’s an injury, we go from squeezing up the pitch, to that stale, slow ball progression.

Rumours are ramping up in Madrid that Odegaard is going to leave… and Ceballos is going to stay. I have no idea where this #10 move is going to go, but I think it’s clear, the Norwegian is still a priority and Edu is playing chicken with the window. I really, really, hope we’re not stuffed on this move. It is just wildly unacceptable that we’d go into the new season without all the right players in place. Hopefully, Odegaard would mean we could move on other targets, versus potentially blowing all our cash on one signing.

We’ll see though, plenty of work still to be done, painfully close to the opening game of the season.

Before I go, check out the latest pod with accompanying video. It was a spicy show today.

See you in the comments. x



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  1. Marko

    Turning out to be a really shocking summer in all honesty. In terms of improvement to the squad after finishing 8th + how much money we’re spending this summer it’s really been abysmal. Only upside to it all will it’ll lead to the likely downfall of you know who and yet another hard reset at the club.

  2. Elmo

    The only good feeling I get from the Rumsdale deal is that surely a club spending £24m + £6m add-ons for a back-up keeper must be intending to spend huge amounts before the window is out on a CAM.

    If they were just doing £74m + £11m add-ons on a CB and GK2, and totally ignoring the most pressing weaknesses we entered the summer with, it would be pure trolling.

    EdGAr want to hang onto their jobs, so with all existing goodwill with the fans long spent, I can’t imagine they’d go all-in on a troll window, so I hope to see a lot more business.

  3. KAY Boss

    £24m for a relegated goalkeeper when our midfield is dire? I smell someone in the backroom staff is benefiting from this deal. Absolutely being robbed pants down!.
    Nick Pope is far better at that price.

  4. KAY Boss

    £24m for a relegated goalkeeper when our midfield is dire? I smell someone in the backroom staff is benefiting from this deal. Absolutely being robbed pants down!.
    Nick Pope is far better at that price. We could have even gone for Yann Sommer of Monchegladbach. I’m boiling with rage!!!

  5. Crabregas

    It’s only FootballLondon and there aren’t any quotes so hopefully it won’t go ahead but I know I’m clutching at straws.

    Was hoping he played last night to be cup-tied in the league cup, but no suck luck

  6. Batistuta

    Lol 24 million on Ramsdale potentially rising to 30 million. Let’s forget every other thing but focus on the fact that he’s an absolutely bad bad goalkeeper. How does anyone do any sort of scouting and then decide Aaron Ramsdale is what we need at the moment.

    Jeez man, this club keeps sinking to even new lows

  7. Chris

    It wouldn’t surprise me if we sign Ramsdale and bring in Odegaard on another loan, and that’s all our remaining business this window.

  8. Dissenter

    This is probably one of the lowest points since I’ve supported Arsenal, 3 decades now.

    I miss Wenger and right now, I’m filled with nothing for Arteta
    He really is reducing this club to mid table mediocrity.

    Can anyone defend this Grimsdale signing?

  9. Dissenter

    We went back again and again… to get mugged
    How stupid of the morons running this club and the pathetic laid back owner who doesn’t give a fu*k.

    Can you imagine if Spuds had signed a keeper like this, how loud would be laughing?

  10. Dissenter

    Fraudetta and his goal keep coach buddy

    Remember when Pedro was throwing bottles at the wall because Emery dared use a power point at his Arsenal job interview?

  11. Vintage Gun

    Ramsdale aye? The same guy that me and ALL my football mates have been laughing at last season? The same guy that got beaten an incredible FIFTEEN TIMES from outside the box last season alone?

    For up to £30m? I’m disgusted and deeply embarrassed by this deal. There is NOTHING to suggest he’s even worth half of that fee. No metric whatsoever. And for the record, he is not Englands NO 3, as it was injuries to others that placed him 3rd choice.

    Love to see how some will try and spin this as a good deal.

  12. Dissenter

    This back up goalie thing is so stupid
    Look for a highly ranked and rated y9onsgeterrt around Europe and sign him up under a good goal keepoing coach
    It shouldn’t cost 5-10 million

    -Problems is we sacked our best coaches and are using a “head hunting” agency to hire new scouts
    -Our goal keeping coach is Arteta’s shopping buddy, can’t be fired even after the Runnarsson debacle. he same dude is sill central o signing Grimsdale.

  13. Elmo

    “It wouldn’t surprise me if we sign Ramsdale and bring in Odegaard on another loan, and that’s all our remaining business this window.”

    That sounds super realistic. Sell-to-buy. Sold Willock and that money off-sets Ramsdale. Wait until late on deadline day to pick up Odegaard on a loan.

  14. Dissenter

    “Love to see how some will try and spin this as a good deal”

    You had people here who admit they haven’t seen much of him defending him with “stats”

    Pedro will soon drop the metadata that proves Arteta is right.

  15. Anonymous Commentator

    Sold the Argentine #1 to keep the German 3rd choice keeper and are now looking to sign the England 5th choice keeper.
    Not even the most creative horror writers on the scp wiki could come up with this.

  16. WengerEagle

    You must have missed it the other week Vintage Gun, it was already being argued that he fit the ‘profile’ of player that Tets is looking to bring aboard the ‘project’.


  17. CG

    No Ramsdale , and a very rare clean sheet for Sheffield last night

    Have no doubts, Ramsdale is a devastatingly inept goalkeeper.

    Before the Willock money has even hit the AFC bank account- its being wasted on this muppet.

    12 months from Martinez and the paltry £20 000 000 fee , A & E now want to sign this one for £25 000 000


  18. Rambo

    “Love to see how some will try and spin this as a good deal”

    Too easy.

    Arsenal are spending money. Can’t fault the ambition. We have spent more money than Top Club X, Y, Z.

  19. Dissenter

    At the rate it’s going, Arteta would have made more personnel mistakes in 20 months than Wenger made in say 10 years.
    We still mock Wenger for Kallstrom even though it was a 6 month loan deal that we didn’t pay wages for until the player was fit to play but Wenger wasn’t daft enough to sign a 32 year old to a 4 year deal at 200k/yearly.

  20. Batistuta


    Yea there were those arguing and some even admitting they hadn’t seen a lot of him but because he fit the right profile of whatever scatter gun approach Arteta and Edu arw working on they could support it as long as we bla bla bla bla.

    You’ve got those who’ve watched a lot of this guy tell you he’s pants but because you must support whatever Arteta wants, you have to find a way to support it, it’s crazy really

  21. Dissenter

    Someone on twitter

    Kepa £72m
    Alisson £56m
    Buffon £47m
    Ederson £36m
    Cillessen £31.5m
    Courtois £31.5m
    𝗥𝗮𝗺𝘀𝗱𝗮𝗹𝗲 £30m
    Neuer £27m
    Pickford £25m
    Toldo £23m”

  22. David.D

    its actually happening….
    I truly despair… 24 rising to 30 on a substandard keeper.
    what a joke of a club we are

  23. WengerEagle

    One of those is not like the others haha.

    And Cillessen doesn’t even really count as that was Barcelona cooking the books with the Neto deal in return, just like Athur for Pjanic.

  24. Vintage Gun

    The mad part of it all is just like the Ben White deal (Good player btw) we spend all summer haggling the fee only to pay over the odds in the end on both deals.

    And speaking of process, what the fuck is this process that Arteta keeps yabbing on about? I mean 18 months in and successive 8th placed finishes surely we should have at least an idea of what it is but no…all we get told is to “trust the process” and when asked what is the process we get told “It’s something to trust”

    I listened to the podcast and even the all seeing, all mighty Pedro is starting to look above for reassurance. The guy with the Afro hair is a straight shooter. Says it as it is.

  25. DigitalBob

    “Before the Willock money has even hit the AFC bank account- its being wasted on this muppet.” – CG

    And this was my worry with Joe Willock being sold, he was rushed out the door to bring in Ramsdale. Seems we don’t have the upfront amount needed for Ramsdale without this sale.

    £30 million………staggering stuff really.

    I think that’s it for this window. Maddison and Bernardo Silva is all too fanciful for us, the usual summer propaganda.

    I expect Odegaard back, on loan with a mandatory £40+ million fee next summer.

  26. Dissenter

    It just goers to show that Vinai is a nonentity and Arteta is the one that has the respect of the Kroenke

    Any CEO worth is salt would have said…’stop, why is the goal keeping coach who shit the bed with the Runnarson deal still allowed to be central to any goal keeping signing?”
    Inaki should have been quietly fired for the mess he made with Runnarsson but no, they empower him more.

  27. Champagne Charlie

    Hard to fathom how 24 mil on a backup GK is sensible with CM, CAM, RB, CF untouched.

    Don’t mind the player profile at all, think there’s a lot of shite talked about him in reality. But that’s a ridiculous premium for a player that’s not coming into the first XI. White was understandable even if I’d prefer other signings first, he’s a starting CB. But this one is baffling.

    We’re uncertain of Maddison because of price, not improving on current CM options because of price, not sniffing a RB upgrade because of price, and yet we can spend a very good amount of money on a #2 GK.

    Have to ask if this summer was really the time to concern ourselves with Leno’s successor, seems more improvement could’ve been made worrying about Bellerin or Lacazette’s successors.

    Willock out, Ramsdale in. Squad is better balanced, but better? No.

  28. WengerEagle


    Think it is crystal clear by now how this summer is shaping up especially with the nouse coming out of the club via Ornstein about being priced out of a Maddison move.

    Just as we all called it early in the summer basically. Ramsdale and Odegaard on another loan the sum of it.

    That is why we took issue with shelling out 50m for White.

  29. Words on a blog


    “A&E” – that made me burst out laughing.

    A much more on the money (or should I say out of the money?) moniker for Arteta and Edu than the weak “Eduteta”.

    Keep ‘em coming!

  30. CG


    If Ramsdale does become the 6th Expensive goalkeeper off all time

    A & E need carting off to Broadmoor A & E!

  31. Vintage Gun

    “Don’t mind the player profile at all, think there’s a lot of shite talked about him in reality”

    You know why Charlie? Because his shite.

    True story

  32. DivineSherlock

    Unforgivable whats happenning here at Arsenal . Cant even defend this shit . By what metric is Ramsdale worth that much ? Who spends this much on 2nd choice keeper , unless he is actually the 1st choice and Leno is being sold !

  33. Habesha Gooner

    Jesus Ramsdale for 30 mil is being reported by Chris Wheatley.

    I hope he has many more gears to his game than what I have seen so far. Because he doesn’t scream top quality so far. And once again Arteta is choosing to do the most expensive player on the cards when we have terrible options in midfield and RB positions.

  34. Dissenter

    I’ve never seen a goalie be between the sticks for two related clubs, back to back
    How often does that happen?
    The statistical probability has to be less than the chances of being struck by a lightening on new year’s day

  35. Habesha Gooner

    And this is made to look even worse because he sold Emi, One of the best Goalkeepers in the league now for 17 mil. It just completely shows Arteta’s lack of eyes for talent. Horrible deal.

  36. DivineSherlock

    So its the same set of people who decided to bring Ceballos and others , there is a trail of bad mistakes that makes me sceptical they would do the right thing .

    This is what I actually posted on here this morning re: Willock being sold and that money being reinvested . Cant even fathom what the thinking is going on in the boardroom, are they even discussing or what.

  37. Marko

    So Ramsdale is currently going for the price of both Aouar and Guimaraes. He’s going for more or less the same as Rodrigo DePaul and more than Daka and Malen and significantly more than Andre Silva, Soumare, Musa Barrow and Boadu. Let that sink in

  38. Habesha Gooner

    There is no more justifiable reason to keep Arteta when he eventually fails. There won’t be any excuses. Not even a whisper. No fan wants to hear it after turning down a bid for Xhaka, sell willock and then spend the proceeds on Ramsdale. This 30 mil + xhaka fee would have gotten us a top quality CM with his wages covered for a while. And it would have impacted our starting line up. As soon as Arteta will go on a run of bad results that point us finishing midtable again, the Emirates crowd will get rid of him.

  39. Ashwin Gunner

    Why do we need a goalkeeper. We have a World Class, absolutely Brilliant, backed up by data, found by Arteta’s buddy, Approved by the greatest Manager in the history of humanity,


    **** Drums Beating ***********************
    ……………………………Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson……….

  40. Batistuta


    Some of the stuff being said about Ramsdale isn’t shite or people not getting it, the lad genuinely isn’t good enough for Arsenal football club. Some of us have actually watched quite a lot of him including just last week against Birmingham where he’s so poorly positioned for their goal you’d think it’s a one off if you didn’t regularly watch lot’s of games where he’s pants.

    He also not that great with the ball on his feet which is vital for Artetaball so again, what is this “profile” we’re looking at by spending all summer chasing a player that isn’t good on his feet or even that good a goalkeeper to begin with

  41. bacaryisgod

    On WIllock:

    The reason some fans like Pierre are upset with the Willock sale is because in a well-run club we would be keeping our young, club-developed talent, particularly someone who looks like he has started to mature into a productive Premier League player.

    Part of the reason for his sale is that we have so many unwanted assets that we need to generate income to fund further purchases. In that context the sale is justifiable, but only in that context.

  42. Batistuta


    We bitched about it didn’t we that it was senseless spending and prioritizing a Defender when there were other pressing needs but it was shot down with “we have money to spend” and “the order of transfers doesn’t matter”

  43. bacaryisgod

    On Ramsdale:

    The best comments on Ramsdale were from a rival podcast where they interviewed the main Sheffield United blogger. In summary:

    1. Ramsdale got off to a bad start, possibly affected by an awful defence.
    2. By the end of the season he was one of the better keepers in the league and was largely responsible for the improved results even if it was all too late.
    3. He’s decent enough playing with his feet but definitely nowhere near Ederson.level (he mentioned a couple of other keepers too)

    Even if he’s a better keep than many posters are making out, it’s such a bizarre move.

  44. Rambo

    I for one am looking forward to this train-wreck of a season coming up. Who says a fan only has seek enjoyment from good things happening with the Club.

    A ‘True’ Fan enjoys the Good and the Bad and the Ugly.

    Gonna order me some Popcorn, lot of it

  45. SAGG

    Im very sad to inform you all that Ramsdale.IS NOT A BACKUP KEEPER.

    Leno will be out of the team before the transfer window ends.

    So yeah we will habe Ramsdale and Runnarson. That is how you destroy your most well covered position in 2 transfer windows.

  46. Marko

    Listen lads it could be worse we could have signed up Atalanta’s number one last season on an initial loan with an obligation to buy at around 15 million…we could have done that

  47. Champagne Charlie


    The profile is quite obvious, under 24 with good experience now, and significant room to develop further.

    As far as Ramsdale is concerned I take what I read here with a hefty dose of salt, we’re a month into seeing Ben White called all sorts before he was recipient of handjobs galore by the very same people in a friendly against Spurs mere days ago.

    You don’t think he’s any good, fine. But not like that’s been the case for dozens of names that have gone on to do great, there’s always dismissive noises of prospective transfers here. I’m not that concerned about his ability because I’ve seen little of him and he’s a backup GK – I’ll judge what he does in an Arsenal shirt.

    My issue is putting that amount of money into a player that isn’t in the first XI when we’re chasing guys that will imo have a much great impact on our season.

  48. Majesticgooner

    Not a defender of the owners but seeing us plonk 24 mill on a twice relegated goalkeeper is surely not their fault, when people say the club does not spend money, that is not entirely true. This decision must have been made by edu arteta, garlick and the goal keeping coach. It makes you wonder what the rationale behind it is, if I was the owner seeing this would not give me any confidence in giving these guys any of my money.

  49. TR7

    Ramsdale could be the second coming of Van Der Saar for all I care but why the fuck should Arsenal spend 30M on a back up keeper ? I mean even PSG, City, Real don’t spend that much for a back up GK. And all this when we have at least 4 other positions which need to be upgraded before we even start looking at our GK position. Absolute madness. Arteta is incredibly daft, almost feels like he is on a mission to destroy Arsenal. If Ramsdale is bought for 20M plus I really hope and pray Arteta is sacked 5-6 games in to the season. Absolutely out of his depth.

  50. Rambo

    “So yeah we will habe Ramsdale and Runnarson. That is how you destroy your most well covered position in 2 transfer windows.”

    Can’t wait for next windows where we sell Auba and Laca and bring in more Centrebacks.
    Edging ever closer to a 8-1-0 formation

  51. Majesticgooner

    Ramsdale’s career at 23
    – 17/18, Chesterfield, finished bottom of League 2, relegated
    – 18/19, Wimbledon, finished 20th in League 1, survived relegation by 1 place
    – 19/20, Bournemouth, finished 18th in the Prem, relegated
    – 20/21, Sheff Utd, finished 20th in the Prem, relegated

  52. Dissenter

    “The profile is quite obvious, under 24 with good experience now, and significant room to develop further.”

    That’s the description of a player you take a punt on, not one to sign as goal keeper
    That’s very tepid. What about a comment on his talent?
    I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be this restrained if this were not Arteta

  53. TR7

    Joe Hart and Aamir Begovic were available on a free transfer. Ryan wanted to stay at Arsenal. Absolutely bizzare what’s happening at Arsenal.

  54. Leftside

    Blame can be attributed to the Kroenkes for hiring Arteta and Edu, and keeping them this long. They’re too inexperienced and very stubborn and set in their ways for such inexperienced men and they’re just not very bright. That much is clear.

  55. Marko

    Even if you take what is said here with a grain of salt 25-30 million for a back up goalkeeper while outfield players who can improve our starting 11 are going for similar or less is mind boggling. Also I’ve mostly seen how he’s been mentioned in reference to being the number one for successive relegated teams that’s fact not up for conjecture

  56. Samir

    I would rather keep Willock than waste 30M on Ramsdale! This club is a joke. in 3 seasons we will be selling him for 12M to West Brom.

  57. DivineSherlock


    The owners have loosened the purse strings, I agree that it can’t be kroenke’s fault if the money that’s spent is spent poorly.

    It is Kroenke’s fault 100% because the people he hired to spend that money are fucking incompetent bufoons.

  58. Foxy

    At £30m is he really going to be a back up keeper especially when we have no Europe, something is going on with Leno maybe we promised him a move in January.

  59. Champagne Charlie


    You’ve been nibbling at my ankles because I’ve already stated I’ve not watched nearly enough of him to make a firm judgement, so what exactly am I supposed to offer you?

    I’ve said I’d prefer Onana at 6 mil, that it makes more sense to me. I’ve said twice in the last 40 mins that I don’t see the sense in paying 24 mil for a backup when other pressing matters of the XI are there.

    Maybe just read what’s written for a change.

  60. salparadisenyc

    Yes taking Emi M into account really struggling with this potential Ramsdale signage.
    Spending more and downgrading both homegrown, metaphor’s a plenty there.

  61. Habesha Gooner

    I was leaning towards giving arteta a bit more time considering he has been getting rid of our dross but now he is completely gone insane. I don’t want him to fail for the sake of Arsenal but man do I think he is a cunt.

  62. Words on a blog

    Is this an inside job on the part of A&E to bring down the value of the club to match what Ek can afford to pay for?

  63. Anonymous Commentator


    A lot of people who would fashion themselves as being informed football fans were all in on this A&E thing when they were announced… Some are probably still all in really.
    If all those people who fashion themselves as football savants to such a degree to cape for a rookie manager and the Brazilian national teams travel agent were so adamant about this managerial arrangement, why wouldn’t the kroenke’s, who don’t know much of anything about football, be the same?

    Can’t blame the kroenke’s for the appointment, they take their cues from the fans if the way Emery was handled is anything to go by.
    People wanted more money to be spent, it’s being spent as we speak. The manager is being backed like they wanted. It’s only the managers fault now if he has no eye for talent.
    We had key assets, sold them, recruited loosely and held onto deadwood. That can’t be kroenke’s fault when he’s permitting the rookie to spend 100mil right now.

  64. Useroz

    Obviously media fluff but the latest talks are v worrying and highlight how stupid and incompetent the once fantastic club is being run….

    * another bid for a relegated goalie … presumably means paying more £m? Which clubs are in for Ramsdale really??

    * expect to pay £40/45m for Odegaarde …ffs how many goals & assists can we realistically expect from him this season??

    * Arsenal will reject any bids for the almighty Holding…. because allegedly he’s in Arteta’s pLan… what plan? Which one? We have been waiting patiently for 18mo…

  65. Vintage Gun

    “The profile is quite obvious, under 24 with good experience now, and significant room to develop further”.

    Like Runnerson??? 24/5 years old when we signed him. How’s his development going?
    Just because they are young enough for further development doesn’t mean they will.

    Sometimes you’ve just gotta call it for what it is. If Ramsdale turns into a world beater then great. But at the time of signing honest people would be very hard pressed to call him good.

    And for the 7th highest fee for a Keeper in history?

  66. azed

    “The profile is quite obvious, under 24 with good experience now, and significant room to develop further”.

    Didn’t we just sell someone that fits this profile?

  67. WengerEagle

    Gentle reminder that we will have spent circa £600m since 2016 if this Ramsdale transfer goes through.

    So yeah, the whole Stan won’t give us money to spend bollocks is wearing a bit thin at this stage.

  68. KAY Boss

    It doesn’t matter if he’s from a relegated team or not. He could turn out good.
    My worry is why spend £30m on a keeper that is likely to be back up when pressing needs in the team are left vacant.

    Pedro, thou cometh out and defendeth thy ARTERTA!!!