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I don’t want to say it but I will. Kids, I think we’re rocking and rolling.

Joe Willock looks set to leave the club for £22m.

This is good business. I mean, finally, Edu, on holiday 9 of the summer, has managed to slip in a sale between kayaking and ziplining. What a baller.

I’m going to have to take some time away from the internet this week, because I could swear I’ve been reading about our inability to sell players all summer… now we’ve sold a player who has had a total of 14 solid games on loan, and people are whining.

Joe Willock has made 78 appearances for Arsenal, he scored 11 goals and made 4 assists. Most don’t realise this, because he was mostly incredibly anonymous. He moved to Newcastle, dropped 14 appearances and scored 8 goals. That’s outrageous output, it added £15m to his pricetag and now makes him one of the most successful exits from the Hale End Academy. But always remember… Reiss Nelson scored 7 goals from 12 shots, we thought we had the next Jadon, we didn’t sell… and we are where we are with him.

I think Tim Stillman made an excellent point, sometimes you have to take a chance on a sale. Deep down, we all know he’s likely not at the level, but if we wait a season to qualify those thoughts, guess what, everyone else will know and there won’t be a premium. It’s really hard to sell players everyone knows are rubbish (look at the dross we can’t move). Also, massive shout to all the fans that were calling Joe a bum when he was in our first team under Emery, now pivoting their narrative.

The good news? If we’re letting Willock go, that means we’re feeling frisky about the chances of bringing in someone to replace him as a #10 or a dynamic #8. 100%, bet your bottom dollar, there will be incomings and outgoings by the end of the window. Will you like them? Who cares, just give me bodies, that’s where I’m at.

There’s an ITK thread doing the rounds at the moment that states Arsenal are £10m short of what Leicester want for James Maddison. The price is £60m, we have £50m, negotiations are positive and ongoing. Who knows what’s going on here, but if this were a smokey fire, you’d see the yellow flames licking the Twitter feed.

The biggest move for me this summer, beyond a CAM, is a striker. We’re woefully short in that department and it’d verge on gross negligence for us to head into this season with a broken Auba, a teenager, and a striker that is painfully short of what we need physically (and in the last year of his deal). People keep reeling off that our chance creation is shocking, and whilst it’s not 2015 Ozil levels of ‘on a plate’, it’s not that bad.

  • Hibs 19 chances
  • Rangers 19 chances
  • Watford (don’t have the number, but we scored 14 and ripped them apart)
  • Millwall (don’t have the number but we cored 4 and ripped them apart)
  • Chelsea 14 chances
  • Spurs 11 chances

Look at the spaces we move the ball into, the system produces good crosses, great opportunities. Imagine replacing Pepe’s STOP/THINK FOR 5 SECOND/MOVE approach to wide play for Saka or Smith Rowe’s direct running. But more than that, think about how much better everything would be with a striker. Imagine Tierney crossing to someone that didn’t sit at the back post and hide? Imagine Lokonga or Xhaka knocking balls over the top to someone that could control high balls and bully centre backs? Imagine having someone truly aggressive in the box?

Maddison makes a big difference, no doubt, but I think we’re kidding ourselves if we think Auba and Lacazette are suddenly going to turn the taps on the way we’re playing.

Part of me is desperately hoping Gabriel can be a difference-maker, but again, our eyes are bigger than our bellies when we talk about young players. Martinelli didn’t start a single game in an Olympic team. This is a tournament Serge G, off no Arsenal games, dominated 4 years ago. Are we really going to expect him to come in and be our saviour as a #9?

As for the backup keeper. I still cannot fathom the flapping around we’re doing on Ramsdale at the prices being spoken about. Here’s what I would do, as a total amateur: I would get a list of keepers with a St Georges flag next to their name with one year left to go on their deal and I would go to the poorest of the clubs and wave a fee at them. Just get me someone that can catch a ball and kick.

Fraser Forster would be an excellent back-up keeper and I’m sure he’d jump at the move. Then you can keep your pennies dry and move for Onana on a free transfer in January, not fearful you are one slip away from a 19-year-old keeper taking over as your keeper.

With the monstrous savings I’ve just found you, I’d hire a branding agency, then go to work on a really nice deck that showcased all the things you’re getting with Hector Bellerin as your brand new right back. It is devastating that we have 4 players that can drop in as right-backs and none of them hit the level we need. The Spaniard doesn’t want to be here, I’d be shocked if he signed a new deal even if offered, we need to ship him out, we need to find a loan for Soares, and we need to get someone that can do a Tierney on that side.

My word, we have a lot to do by the end of the month, but that’s the job of Edu and we can’t be hearing excuses like, ‘oh, I was on the slip ‘n slide in a Mallorca waterpark and missed all the calls this summer.’

Ok, that’s your lot. Podcast tomorrow combined with a Twitch Stream. We’ll be going LIVE at a slightly later time because I am moving house this week.

See you in the comments. x


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  1. Radio Raheem

    To be fair Zlatan also made a journalists in England ‘eat their balls’ with his season in the premier League.

  2. Champagne Charlie


    Your entire existence is condescending insults, so spare me the lecture you melon.

    You’ve pulled a nonsense take out your walnut and now you’re doubling down with senseless supporting arguments. France is producing good players so it’s suddenly a stern test in Europe defensively and Messi will be caught out by it?

    Take that to the pub and see how you get on. He’s going to the worlds most ridiculously stacked football team and you think Lionel Messi is about to find it tough because he’s yet to face the Montpellier’s of the world. Oh aye, can see it now…

  3. WengerEagle

    R9 was by far the most fabled footballer when I was a kid (early to mid 2000s).

    Evem when Henry surpassed him as the best ST on the planet, Ronaldo was always the most popular name on jerseys and who every kid at school tried to copy.

    Can only imagine how great the hype must have been in the late 90s before he did his knees in.

  4. Valentin


    Every is cyclical. Right now because of the way academies have been setup and the style of play, France is producing a lot of very good CBs. That’s why big clubs buy them.
    Saliba, Fofana, Boubacar, Todibo, etc. They hone their skills in Ligue 1.
    In France, CBs and defensive midfielders are easy to find. On the other hand, Spain is producing a lot more of good attacking midfielders. If you look past MBappe, there is not a lot of young potentially great strikers coming up in France.

    20 years ago, Italian defenders were among the best. Right now, past the golden oldies there are very few young Italian defenders who look like future great.

    20 years ago Germany used to produced a lot of great strikers. Right now all their young strikers look decent but nothing extraordinary. Timo Werner is hardly setting the world alight.

  5. WengerEagle


    I still don’t really understand your argument.

    Messi has torn shreds out of world class defenders in the Champions League for the longest time and now he is going to struggle against teen/early 20s raw CB French talents in Ligue 1?

    Kounde hasn’t stopped him tearing strips out of Sevilla, neither has Varane for Real Madrid or Lucas Hernandez for Atletico.

  6. Bob N16

    Difficult to compare players from different eras obviously. Due to circumstances have been able to watch Messi play many times on TV and a few times live. The amount of times I was able to watch Maradona could be counted on two hands, Channel 4 did show highlights of course!

    As a 56 year old I can just remember some highlights of Pele – a player who never played in Europe.

    Brazilian Ronaldo was ridiculously good for a few years, Van Basten too. Zidane, Cruyff and Platini were amazing also.

    CR7 if you get passed his preening has, for many years, been an outrageously good footballer too.

    Overall I think Messi is the greatest footballer I’ve ever seen.

  7. Valentin


    As usual when you can’t win an argument, you resort to insults and twisting what was said.

    I said that Messi was in for a cultural shock, because Ligue 1 is more physical and referees may not protect him as much as they do in Spain.

    Neymar has been complaining of his treatment by opponents since he joined PSG. See how he was roughened up by Strasbourg.

    I am sorry if my opinions offend you, but as you have been proven wrong on most of your players opinion maybe you should be more circonspect.

    Remember a few months ago when you were arguing that Barcelona could afford Messi and I was arguing that he had been bleeding the club dry and that soon the gravy train would stop. Who was right?

  8. Champagne Charlie


    There isn’t an argument to win, you don’t have an argument. You have a statement that Messi is going to struggle against French minnows because France is producing good defenders.

    It’s absolute bollocks under any sort of scrutiny. Messi has destroyed every calibre of player he’s ever faced, some spotty Frenchman playing at Troyes isn’t going to leave him contemplating his career.

    “Remember a few months ago when you were arguing that Barcelona could afford Messi and I was arguing that he had been bleeding the club dry and that soon the gravy train would stop. Who was right?”

    No, I don’t. Care to quote it?

    Also, Barca affording Messi seems contentious given they agreed a contract of employment that was rejected by a third party. So are you saying you predicted that in an apparent convo from months ago? Or is is you spinning a web of shite?

  9. Mr Serge

    DissenterAugust 10, 2021 18:57:04
    Messi is the GOAT for club football – that’s incontrovertibleThe issue of GOAT for al football is open to contentionI think Maradona is the GOAT.
    He played in an era where a defender that break your legs in two gets a statue. The demise of Marco Van Basten due to bad fouls changed the rules and Messi is the beneficiary of those rule changes

    I also think marradonna was the goat that era of hatchet men was terrifying and it was van basten that got his career ruined that changed how the tackle was made

    I loved that era the 70s and ,80 s were crazy

  10. Tom

    I realize this is a debate no one ever wins but some of the arguments put forth make little sense.

    —Maradona didn’t have to face fit and athletic defenders like Messi has………how athletic and fit do you have to be when you can just kick someone with impunity.
    The Chiellini shirt pull on Saka the Brits were so upset about was a mother’s kiss when compared to some of the Maradona challenges.

    —Maradona didn’t t have to face the pressure Messi has faced due to …………..this one is a complete joke and a five minute look at the Maradona Netflix documentary can set you straight on this.
    Maradona did coke in Napoli in season three?
    I was shocked he didn’t start in season one to deal with the pressure the whole city put on his shoulders.
    —Napoli couldn’t have been that bad before Maradona signing………….12th in the league and 1point from relegation says they were.
    —SAF , Wenger, and all these other coaches naming Messi the best ever…………sure, hardly a stretch, but it also helps to explain why your entire side was completely outplayed by , again, the entire Barca side and why you were chasing shadows for 90 minutes , like United did vs Barca in the CL final.
    Unless of course Messi passed the ball to himself 15 -25 times while the rest of Barca and United players watched on.

  11. WengerEagle


    You’re looking at it way too black and white. I didn’t mean that Maradona never faced pressure, obviously he did.

    I just meant that it paled in comparison to what Messi faced as he was constantly being measured against Maradona who didn’t have his own Maradona predecessor that he was constantly compared to. It is why I used the LeBron-MJ comparison.

    Have a stop and at least contemplate that idea before rubbishing it.

  12. Positive pete

    Really depends on who you speaks to with regards the GOAT.Depends what country their from,how old they are & who they support.For ex a Manure fan will always tell you George Best was the GOAT & particularly if their Irish.Personally it’s an almost impossible choice.Bit Will agree with old Red Nose that the greatest players could & would have performed on any era.We make the mistake of look8ng at old news clips,particularly if there in black & white & assume players of old moved at the pace of our hacker.Wrong.

  13. Mr Serge

    I was brought up in the 70s and 80s so I never saw Pele in his prime but everyone older than me would say he was the goat
    My era as a team was Diego and and older teen original Ronaldo so like some of you guys I see them and I was in awe.
    I was in awe of Liam Brady and Laurie Cunningham as well.

    When I was an adult you could not fail and see how great zidane Henry Bergkamp van basten, gullit Baggio etc were

    I do believe messi and Ronaldo could play in any era but they would not get the protection they do now.
    Some fuck would have snapped them in half

  14. Mr Serge

    GentlebrisAugust 10, 2021 21:30:22
    It’s three days before our season begins, WHAT are we doing should be the discussion, not who is the GOAT.I’m out!

    Wow chill out

  15. Tom

    WE so you didn’t watch him play, and you have no knowledge of his years at Napoli first hand or from documentaries but you can say unequivocally the pressures put on Maradona paled in comparison to what Messi had to face for being constantly compared to him.

    Sorry pal, but that’s complete nonsense.
    Messi’s pick for a GOAT is based on his football career at Barca and no one at Barca made him even remotely uncomfortable by bringing up the subject, why would they?

    It would only come up or be the issue when he’s on international duty or in talks between fans, like this one. Do yourself a favor and either watch the Maradona Netflix documentary, if at all interested, or stop talking about things you are ignorant about.

    I wouldn’t talk about Pele and his situation, whatever it might’ve been, because I’m totally ignorant of that.
    It’s ok to admit you just don’t t know, even on legrove.
    Peace, I’m out.

  16. Valentin


    The agreement was not rejected by a third party, it was rejected by Barcelona.

    Laporta just made a statement that clearly stated that despite the latest effort he could not sign the deal that Messi had agreed because that would have required Barcelona to collaterise its TV revenue for the next 50 years.

    No matter how you want to spin it. BARCELONA COULD NOT AFFORD HIM ANY MORE.

  17. WengerEagle

    I’m not saying it unequivocally Tom and it’s not complete ignorance if I have some knowledge of Maradona which I do as I am a lover of the game so have watched footage and read testimonies and player accounts, etc.

    In your opinion was Maradona under more pressure than Messi? And if so, enlighten us as to how? Worse teams and no predecessor that he is constantly put up against = less pressure where I come from.

    Anyway probably pointless continuing this because you’re not likely to entertain the thought due to your love amd adulation for Diego which is understandable given your age.

  18. Valentin


    Nobody compare Messi to Maradona when he plays for Barcelona. Messi so called Maradona pressure only come up when he plays for Argentina. At Barcelona he was treated like a royalty.
    Does not like a player, the player is kicked out of the club.
    Had a fight with the new DoF Abidal, Abidal get sacked.

    Maradona on the other hand never had a cushy life surrounded with great teammates at club level. He was expected to deliver without being given the tools to do so.

  19. SAGG


    Maradona was compared to Pele every single day of his football career and beyond.

    He won WC 86 and made an statement that he was there to achieve big things as Pele did, but sadly he lost 90 WC because an inexistent penalty and drugs killed his last chance at WC 94.

    He was in the pitch what messi and ronaldo never will be. He is a step above both of them.

    We need to be clear tha Europe football wasnt important at the time, I mean CL menat nothing, leagues were more respected at the time. It was UEFA and gis extremely big marketing scheme who made CL what it is today.

    So it is pointless to talk about European Cups trophies

  20. salparadisenyc

    Very tricky debating different era’s of the game and how players would stack up now or then, more interesting is each has it’s GOAT and Messi is this one’s. Besides no chance Leo keeps up with Diego into the evening and afters. No milk, cookies and bed for that man.

  21. WengerEagle


    You went radio silent on that Ligue 1 argument by the way. 😉

    Messi has always been compared to Maradona, it’s the only real reason that a lot of people don’t have him as their GOAT player because he lost the World Cup Final and Maradona won it in 86′.

    Again, yeah Messi has always played with great players but let’s not pretend that he hasn’t carried Barcelona for long spells, especially since Neymar was sold in 2017.

    He has also won 15 major trophies between Barcelona and Argentina (x10 La Ligas, x4 CLs, x1 Copa America) to Maradona’s 3 which is why the whole ‘he had better team mates wears a bit thin when you scratch beneath the surface.

  22. WengerEagle


    I’ll take your word for it but Pele won 3 World Cups to Maradona’s 1 and it was never held against him in a GOAT debate that I have heard of. I know that he was crocked in the groups for the 62′ win but still he has won an extra World Cup as a central figure.

  23. Champagne Charlie

    “No matter how you want to spin it. BARCELONA COULD NOT AFFORD HIM ANY MORE.“

    Except they could, they just couldn’t commit to his contract because of La Liga stipulations, rules they’d fallen victim to by laughably bad economic practices with their entire squad. They could perfectly well afford Messi, they just utterly fucked up…..or as you put it ‘were victims of Messi’s financial blackmail’.

    Where’s the quotes from past discussions you were waving a pom pom over earlier? Gone quiet on that, and the French league being #1 defensive test in world football.

  24. Youdaman

    You just can’t maradonna’s and messi’s
    Achievements. Both absolutely out of
    This world.
    But what maradonna achieved with average
    Club and national sides was absolutely
    incredible. He was very close to being a one
    Man team. Total warrior

  25. Youdaman

    You just can’t maradonna’s and messi’s
    Achievements. Both absolutely out of
    This world.
    But what maradonna achieved with average
    Club and national sides was absolutely
    incredible. He was very close to being a one
    Man team. Total warrior on the pitch

  26. Valentin


    Did you even read the link I posted?
    As usual, you talk without knowing the reality.

    “In order to meet FFP, Barca had to agree to an operation, essentially re-mortgaging the club, which would affect us for the next 50 years in terms of TV rights, and I had to make the decision,” he said.

  27. Tom

    “Again I have to go by second hand accounts as I wasn’t even born yet when Diego was winning titles at Napoli but I find it hard to believe that they were as bang average as Maradona fans would lead you to believe“

    WE , whats the point of debating intangibles like pressure when you can’t even admit that placing 12th out of 16 and one point off relegation is complete dumps, let along bang average.

  28. Champagne Charlie


    I know the situation quite well thanks, I just don’t have your embarrassing bias coursing through my rhetoric – or your illustrious list of football sources.

    You consider Messi as someone that ‘financially blackmailed’ Barca to the brink, whereas I see the reality of the matter which is their total disregard for financial sense across ALL deals which inevitably lead to losing their star player.

    Still waiting for your recital of some past convo you were “right” in. When’s that due? Or is it yet another example of you lying through your teeth?

    Also funny to see you’ve gotten really quiet on the fun story about Ligue Un being the European hotbed for elite defenders. That Val-ism didn’t last long.

  29. Valentin


    I don’t see the point in writing more about Ligue 1.
    My opinion is that Messi is in for a cultural shock.
    The same way the premiership was a cultural shock for Robert Pires the first time he attended a game in England.

    People who never watch Ligue 1 can have an opinion on it. Even that person who kept telling that Pepe was the next star and getting angry when I commented that Pepe was a limited player whose exploits were due to penalties duties and a coach who setup the team to play to his strength. It does not make it a valid opinion.

    My opinion is that Ligue 1 has its share of crappy teams, but that overall defenders are better, but Spain has better ball players. It is more akin to a combo of premiership lite in term of physicality and referees leniency and an Serie A lite in term of tactics and defensive discipline.

    That does not mean that Messi won’t adapt, just that he will not find it as accomodating than in La Liga. Comparing Messi record in the Champion’s League against premiership clubs is irrelevant because bar the clubs managed by Mourinho none of them tried to kick the shit out of him. In Ligue 1, half the team will be setup to just do that.

    Also in Spain the quality of the playing surfaces is much better than it is in France. Some clubs still use the Wimbledon tactics of not cutting the grass to stop the opposition playing their passing games. I think that the league has introduced a new rule to eradicate those underhand tactics.

  30. Mark

    Hahaha , Val,

    He’s never ever been wrong. Don’t waste your breath.

    “Except they could, they just couldn’t commit to his contract because of La Liga stipulations, rules they’d fallen victim to by laughably bad economic practices with their entire squad. They could perfectly well afford Messi, they just utterly fucked up…..”

    All that waffle and he still says but it doesn’t mean they couldn’t afford him.

  31. KAY Boss

    Interesting debate. LG never seize to amaze me. Different topics for discussion almost everyday. GOAT?
    Maradona faced “criminally” minded defenders. Defenders who believed missing the ball is not failure than missing the man.
    Anyone who watched Maradona’s Napoli was virtually on a man’s shoulder. That team was average at best. Maradona carried the team single handedly.
    The early years of Messi was shielded with quality players except Valdes.
    Inexcusably, they are both GOAT butbif push comes to shove, I’ll allure it Maradona.

  32. Mark

    There’s no point arguing with CC , cos he’s never ever been wrong, and will talk in circles till you’re dizzy to prove his point.

    A true waffle-meister.

  33. Valentin


    Sorry Mark, I thought you were agreeing with CC.

    It is not even debatable, Laporta says so himself.

    Barcelona could have made the deal but that would have meant put the club in financial peril and Laporta did not want to do it. Anything else is as you said waffle with insults and innuendos thrown in to avoid having to admit that as usual he does not know what he is talking about.

  34. KAY Boss

    Messi and CR7 are considered GOAT because in their era, there ain’t many consistent players in the world. Most flatter to deceive. Neymar comes to mind.

  35. Champagne Charlie

    Mark you only ever appear on here to offer the same boring opinion about me, maybe branch out a touch and offer some of your own scintillating material to educate the masses.

    I’ve been wrong plenty of times, but my opinion isn’t invalidated because Val likes to pretend he’s the fucking oracle.

  36. WengerEagle


    You’re getting hung up on one small aspect that I said Maradona had in his favour imo over Messi.

    It isn’t even close as to why Messi is considered the greatest by many. That would be because his individual achievements and team honours dwarf those of Maradona no matter how much you big up his Napoli stint.

    In an 11 vs 11 team sport it just isn’t the case that 1 player is the difference between an 11th placed finish and a title win that took years to materialise after Maradona joined anyway, it wasn’t as if he won the league immediately as you insinuate.

    Just because I wasn’t there first hand to experience it doesn’t mean I can’t pick the bones. How many Napoli games did you watch then? Maradona led a bunch of bums to a title by himself with all 10 of his goals out of their 41, it’s quite far from reality I suspect.

  37. WengerEagle


    Players have adapted just fine to Ligue 1 for the most part from abroad, why would the world’s best player struggle to make the transition?

    It is a ridiculous notion in all honesty. Almost as contrived as he would struggle in the PL, a league where an inferior team mate of his Sergio Aguero has absolutely dominated in for close to a decade.

    Memphis Depay can go from a United flop to a wirld beater in France, Ekambi was at best an average player in Spain with Villarreal and now he is one of the stars of the league for Lyon.

    Burak Yilmaz at the ripe old age of 36 can saunter over there from fucking Turkey and wreck defences.

    Renato Sanches barely resembles a footballer at Bayern and Swansea and took to the league with ease.

    I could list countless others like Zlatan, Cavani, Thauvin, etc that all slapped around teams in France to levels that they never managed anywhere else.

    And yet you think Messi of all them will be the one to struggle to adapt. It’s laughable mate come off it.

  38. Tee

    Can’t believe val has striked the false chord again.

    Can you just post without trying to be what you aren’t – itk?

    Messi is in for a culture shock in Ligue UN where oldies like ibra tore their defence to pieces?

    Epic goof

  39. WengerEagle

    Mr Serge

    Maradona stans like Tom would have you believe that he played with 9 Elneny’s and Almunia at Napoli and for the NT.

    I get that he was easily the best player and leader of the team but I get the feeling that people are re-writing history to prop up the pro-Diego agenda.

    I know that you are of the age to have seen them at the time so it is good to hear an unbiased take on it.

  40. Mr Serge

    Weagle Napoli had a . Solid team Ciro ferera won 8 scudettos he was the lynch pin at the back only baresi and maldini at the time was his equal his partner at the back renica was a sweeper and just sat in front of the keeper they had a spectacular psrtnership.

    Alemao and di Napoli could do it all as holding midfielders the latter was also box to box.

    Careaca guuardino were marradonnas partners in crime they were a terrifying trio. I am sure they had a nickname just can’t remember it.
    Napoli were far from a one man team but Diego’s stardust spurned them all on.

    No trust me Napoli were far from a one man team but he was the catalyst that brought them their first title

  41. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    It’s generational thing.
    You can’t judge Maradona if you didn’t watch him contemporaneously – in real time.
    Messi is beloved by most people while Maradona was a bad boy- he was hated by too many, especially the English who drive a lot of football commentary.

    IU used to wince when Messi got tackle but I smiled when Maradona was fouled. He was the genius you only grudgingly accepted- NO ONE IS BURNISHING MARADONA. There is a tendency to diminish him because he was not the clean cut-good role model that Messi is.

    For me, Messi benefitted from the push to protect the best players from being kicked out the game and he started out his career surrounded by the greatest Barcelona team of al time- he had giants all around him when he emerged- at least 7 of the top 100 footballers of all time were around him when he emerged at Barca.

    He is the GOAT but he will have to share it with Pele and Maradona.
    *Hope this doesn’t come across as an attempt to take anything away from him because he deserves all his accolades.

  42. Dissenter

    Mr Serge
    Then why don’t he Napoli faithful hold Alemao in the same reverence as Maradona

    Maradona was a cu*t genius. He was alone, he never got the type of help that Messi or even Pele had in their national teams. Pele has some gods to rely on in the 1970 WC squad, players that walked on water all over the field.
    Maradona had good players too in 1986 and 1990 but now where near that heavenly talent

  43. Mr Serge

    Diss napoil had a very good team maradonna elevated it to greatness he was amazing I have seen Messi play live I only saw maradonna on TV but I saw a lot of him
    He was a genius as was Messi
    Bit Messi plays the game where you can’t touch him Diego was never aforded that luxury

  44. Tom

    Classic Legrove take: disagree with someone’s opinion re a player and label them biased based on their love and adulation for said player.
    Never mind there’s not a single shred of evidence of said love and adulation.

  45. WengerEagle

    You haven’t actually given any real evidence yourself other than pretending that Maradona won Serie A on his own which wasn’t the case.

    He scored 10 of their 41 goals, explain to us simpletons how that is doing it on your own?