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Well, here we are, the unofficial first game of the season kicks off today. Leicester City take on Manchester City at Wembley in the Community Shield.

City really is the team to beat this season. Things are settled, they’ve added Jack Grealish, they’ll add Harry Kane by the end of the month. They are basically unstoppable

Leicester are recording a tricky third album. Rodgers has bottled top 4 right at the end twice now. He’s either going to take his team to the promised land of Champions League football this season or it’s just going to be his thing that Leicester will be also-rans.

I think most people are excited by Leicester recruitment because they basically buy up all the players fans like on Championship Manager. Patson Daka has been on our radar for a while, can he go some way to replacing Jamie Vardy’s output? What will Soumare do for their central midfield after a decent showing for Lille? WILL THE ARSENAL FANS LIVE TO REGRET BERTRAND?

Worth noting Leicester have sold absolutely no one for cash this window.

Arsenal news was very slow yesterday, our fearless Technical Director was once again posting pictures of himself on vacation, this time, the jetsetter was in Mallorca. I know… we’ve lived in a Covid World for the last 18 months, people can work from their phone… still isn’t a good look. Can someone not tell him to shut off his IG Stories?

The big link today is Bernado Silva. No doubt an excellent player that can do all the things we want because he’s been coached by Arteta. We’d be landing a top talent, someone that is schooled in the system, and Arteta will know his character intimately.

… but I like Maddison.

I know, I know, both would be great… but Maddison is on an upward trajectory. He’s won one FA Cup. He’ll be hungry. He’ll slip into our very English vibe. He’s 3 years younger.

BOTH would be good. I just think the statement move is Maddison

Outside that, it’s mostly quiet. Eddie has an injury that has ruled him out for a month. Partey is back in 3 weeks. Gabriel M is still out. I don’t think an injury stops Eddie moving out of the club though.


Right, not much else to talk about. We’re under a week away from the start of the season, time to kick it up a gear Edu.


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Ernest Reed

The optics with Edu are atrocious, end of.

Ernest Reed


Ernest Reed






Ernest Reed



I missed out lol.


Haha bring home that juicy champys money! Boom!! Lol

Champagne Charlie

Agree re: Maddison/Bernardo

Bernardo more talented, but Maddison is Bernardo at Monaco aka a player hungry to step up and make a real name for himself. Heavily into nursing that kind of environment than a guy who maybe feels coming here is a step off the gas.

Interested to see City vs Leicester later today, first competitive-ish game of the season

Ernest Reed

Posting too quickly? What kind of nonsense is that? At least i took Gold, Silver and Bronze!

Ernest Reed

Stay away from Bernardo, just stay away. Older and oozes Willian-like slowness and desire now.


Love how the club is addressing it’s issues… We’re getting there


Inputs are less important than the outputs this week.


Maddison and another CM/DM would do. We cannot rely on Partey.

I would say: swallow our pride, and sell him next year, if he does not find consistency.


Bernardo or Maddison would be great although unsure if Bernardo would come whereas Maddison is reported to be interested in the move.

Black Snake

If we lose our first three games do you reckon we’ll go panic buy?


And many congrats to Martinelli. Linking up with some of those Brazilian stars like Cunha and Bruno. G won’t be a bad idea. They may have great resale values at some point too.


I’m worried about Partey. Just when we are looking forward to a great second season he gets crocked. Is he money down the drain? I wonder


Maddison over Bernardo for me all day long even though Bernardo is a top player.

Good to see Martinelli pick up the gold without playing too much football so hopefully will be back with the squad very soon. I think he’ll be raring to go


Bernado Silva is superior to Maddison in talent, stay away from Maddison he thinks he has arrived

James wood.

FellaIni bossing the Chinese super league.
Top of the league.
8 goals in 7 games.
Shows you the standard there.?
Bernardo bus pass territory.
Maddison BUPA Healthcare gold package
as a add on.


“Maddison is on an upward trajectory. He’s won one FA Cup. He’ll be hungry.”

He will be if he hangs around Willian

If City sign Grealish and Kane I’m definitely rooting for the rest of the league to kick lumps out of them the whole season.


Parteys posture when he was tackled was similar to a drunk granny pissing at the parking lot. His weak legs made the situation worse


Agree with Charlie regarding hunger and motivation. For Maddison Arsenal will be a step up and he will try to prove a point. For Bernardo Arsenal will be a step down, besides he has already won stuff Citi. Motivation and hunger aside, Maddison anyway more suitable for what we need. Saka pretty much in Bernardo Silva mode, so we don’t need another.


Have a feeling either Chambers or Holding will be part of player plus cash deal for Maddison if the proposed deal goes through.


Surely Mbappe has to reconsider leaving PSG
PSG is the place to be now, he has to sign an extension to his deal.

Champagne Charlie

Lukaku getting “Here we go” treatment on Twitter from Fab Rom. 100 mil all in, no players involved.

Tammy doesn’t fancy Italy, wants to stay in England and we are ‘most concrete’ possibility – loan with obligation would be good. Laca to Inter should be a thing, change the profile and bring Abraham in to prove a point.


Bernardo or Maddison for similar amount – Maddison, easily. Maddison slightly more expensive, still Maddison. Bernardo for 40 – 45 M vs Maddison for 70 M – I’d go with Bernardo. Only 2 years older, but much more talented and also more versatile. The only issue is hunger, but joining Arsenal would give him a chance to be the top dog unlike a bit player at City so maybe less of an issue than we fear. Would be our 6th Portuguese-speaking player so we have some Portuguese vibe, too. BTW, City are desperate to sell Bernardo, but no buyer will… Read more »


“Agree with Charlie regarding hunger and motivation. For Maddison Arsenal will be a step up and he will try to prove a point.“

Bernardo to Arsenal a definitive step down move but what point would Madison try to prove with us?


Fuck Abraham. Too expensive and not good enough.

Better to nurture Martinelli so he doesn’t waste his talent playing on the wing. Mart is basically late-era Cristiano — can play on the wing, but too good at heading and not good enough at defending.


Some Arsenal fans live in the past it seems.
Maddison to Arsenal would for him be a huge financial windfall but aside from that pretty much a lateral move career wise.


Im really not sold on the Maddison deal because of how much Leicester want. We got esr here already and we wanna hand over £60M+ to our top 4 rivals leicester?? Seems mental, we know how well that club reinvests. RB should be invested in substantially to make Ben white more effective for us, there’s also GK , ST, and possibly another CM to get if elneny goes. Why prioritise Maddison who after injury wasn’t even starter for Rodgers. I mean if we’re willing to spend on Maddison and sort all those other positions as mentioned then okay. But If… Read more »


Pedro, why don’t you offer Maddison the same wages he’s on at Leicester and then see how strongly our club’s prestige speaks to him


The Party scene in London is a step up from the Leicester scene


Tom,pleeeeeaasse.We are “The Arsenal”.nuff said.😁

Mr Serge

TomAugust 7, 2021 16:26:52
Some Arsenal fans live in the past it seems.
Maddison to Arsenal would for him be a huge financial windfall but aside from that pretty much a lateral move career wise.

Spoken like a true fake fan we are one of the biggest clubs in the world Leicester is a small provincial club that has won 2 trophies in its history get a grip


TOM trying his best to discredit the club he supports. Even has to lie. What a jerk


James Maddison v Bernardo Silva. Lol!!
Who in their right mind would put Maddison ahead of the Portuguese?
“Coached by Arteta”. Yeah, right!

Absolutely ridiculous!!

Cheers folks.


I sure would prefer a CAM who can spend time on the wings too,this would lock up the wings, making it any two of the new guy,Pepe n Saka-don’t want to see sir Williams loitering around our wings thinking of his delicious Picanha- with ESR in the holemost of the players we are linked with this TW can play in multiple positions…. Bernardo would do just fine


If Maddison is as elite as some Legrove posters seem to think then surely a step up move for him career wise would be a club that can challenge for the PL title, or at the very least offer him the CL play. Pedro, can you put your money where your mouth is that this is what’s coming around the bend with Arteta at the helm……….shall we say, next season CL birth and a strong PL title challenge the season after that? Because so far you’ve been anything but firm in your predictions, or lack there of. Just a reminder,… Read more »


Pedro, comparing Bergkamp to Maddison? But I’m the one who’s desperate, ok then.

Champagne Charlie

Jesus Christ, Arsenal are the 3rd most decorated club in England and were just scolded for being one of the very elites trying to breakaway into a European super league.

Idk why that sort of thing needs saying on an Arsenal blog, but there we go.

Questioning a move from Leicester to Arsenal? You really are a Leicester fan in disguise, went to bat for Brenda and Fofana like you’re one of the lads over there.


Can Inter just take a job lot of all our surplus and send the 100 mil this way? All the crap contracts, all the crap players.

Then we bring in Jim Maddison and Bernardos.


“There is a suspicion among Premier League clubs that Brexit will dictate that stricter homegrown quotas could be imposed on English football in the next year or so, and if that were to be the case then players such as Grealish and Kane would cost even more.”

This insight from an Athletic article on the Grealish transfer.

It would explain why we’ve gone English this year. Also hopefully a boost to our incentive of bringing Maddison on board and of keeping our English youngsters to see what happens with the regulations. Their value could increase hugely.


Tom Jesus man what’s a matter with you , arsenal a massive step up in prestige to Leicester. The past league positions is in the general scheme of things Leicester massively overachieving and us at one of our lowest ebbs . Maddison would know get things right at arsenal with all the right tools in place and we are giant in football . Things are promising this season and I’m optimistic because arteta is entering his do or die season . It’s a win / win season , arteta proves he has got it then bloody fantastic it’s top 4… Read more »


ES The bottom line is that under English Company Law accounts of a private company need to show all loans and benefits accruing from its parent company and shareholders. Nothing was shown in last year’s accounts.Loans which are not secured by way of Charges or debts owed to Inland Revenue do not take priority over other creditors.As I posted earlier I reserve judgment on current position until the latest set of accounts is published, but the charge register is up to date. There is no charge from Barclays listed on the company register. I have only just seen this response… Read more »


There are too many toxic “fans” in this comments section.

Literally don’t know why they come here to read this blog if they are so dead against what Pedro had to say.

I’m worried about this transfer window and whether we’ll get anything else significant over the line, but I will not be toxic about the club I’ve loved and supported since I first stood in the old north bank at Highbury at the age of five!


Any explanation why I’m losing comments?


Will be interesting to see how Arsenal’s Maddison gets on in the community shield. Started brightly so far


Looks like the Everton revival is over, so at least one team we should finish ahead of! Curious as to how West Ham and Leeds will do this year after somewhat over performing last season, though I doubt they will do a Sheffield U

Distanced hairline

TOM trying his best to discredit the club he supports. Even has to lie. What a jerk

Dont be like tom, reminisce on wenger era and keep calm



My guess is that WHU will think they have arrived by getting into the EL.

Their squad is wager thin and I can’t but help feel they will have a real struggle to get even close to top 10 next season


Wafer thin


there’s a reason city don’t mind Silva going. no thanks.


“Marko, I can’t have you trolling here. ‘Chance creation is an overblown stat for a #10’ is not a high standard of comment and I don’t want to read people debating you on that ridiculous statement all day. It’s low grade.”

I guess all the grading applies to the likes of Marko, Marc etc. who are not enamored of Arteta. Can point out at least more than a dozen comments on a daily basis by others which are either plain lies or absolutely foolish.


Agree with Charlie Maddison for me will get the fans excited. Silva a top player but I prefer Madders.


I believe Tom is referencing our malaise over the last 4-5 seasons when he pragmatically places us in the same basket as Leicester. I mean you only have to look at the squads of the two clubs; they are equal if you see it with Rose tinted lenses. Leicester have positioned themselves to compete in that 3rd-8th placement for many years to come. That’s the same space we hope to compete in. It is a lateral move for Madison in that specific way. . Pedro has always argued that the “London factor” was a plus in out favor, why is… Read more »


I would Harvey Barnes over madder and Silva I was going on about him last season. Proper baller. I get the Debruyne about him.




All the comments made by ES on Kroenke’s funding of Partey deal were factually incorrect. All his arguments were debunked factually. Did you bother to delete them Pedro ? I know it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want but Marko, Marc, Cesc Appeal, Valentin and many other long time posters have got such bad treatment from you over the last 12 months. Even WE has decided he would take a break from LG for a while. For a supposed liberal you are very thin skinned towards opinion contrary of yours, may be all you want is an… Read more »


Silva is a good player to provide balance. Ideal for Atleticos 442 on the right hand side. Similar to Willian of three years ago.

We don’t need that type of player. We need two or three chance creators in the same side. Remember we had Cazorla, Ozil and Alexis in the same XI. Before that Fabregas, Nasri and Arshavin.

The likes of Smith Rowe and Saka are supposed to be alternatives to players of higher quality.


Now the Olympic football is over we can announce a Brazillian signing or two.


Stand by what I said the chance created stat is so dumb it was dumb when it was used to prop up Ozil and it’s still dumb when you consider two fullbacks and a DM are in the top 5. Only assists matter when it comes to a AM. I also lost the Bernardo Silva comment too but it’s to be expected these days


TR7 it’s not worth it mate


Can dig out posts of Pedro saying/suggesting Ozil’s chance creation stats were misleading. But now that Marko makes the same point and honestly many people have touched upon it, the point becomes a low grade point not worthy of a debate.


From all I’ve read, Bernado Silva has eyes on only Atletico
He wants to leave city to play at a comparable level, i.e. the CL.


“Bernardo more talented, but Maddison is Bernardo at Monaco aka a player hungry to step up and make a real name for himself. Heavily into nursing that kind of environment than a guy who maybe feels coming here is a step off the gas.”

I know we’ll both be fucking happy if we get either


Arteta sacked would be ULTRA EXCITING!


How’s arsenal a step up from Leicester? To say that a player wants us is nonsense when we pay him more than every other clubs would, ain’t it what was said about willian? Willians wants arsenal, we know how that’s going. If not for.more money, what’s in arsenal that serious players wants to fall in line with? Arteta?

I’m ultra excited. The wife’s off to work for the night, kids at my mums……. Just me and porn tonight. 😜


“I control the flow of the conversation on here”

Fixed that for you, Woodro


Would be Izzo, but would be bizarre. Arteta and the majority of this crop has failed in the Prem so far yet we’re going into a season with the same cast after all the big talk of summer upheaval which was a dishonest load of nonsense. It’s not suddenly going to click and this group of players tear up this league, so I can only think that the club is content with how things are.


.Maddison playing centrally behind Vardy today, anyone watching,,? Clearly not yet on his way or he would be no better than on the bench.


Why do people prop up history?

Yahoo were BIG 25 years ago. Nobody cares now.

Champagne Charlie

Arsenal are a step down from Leicester for Maddison according to Roy Keane.

Worth noting the company you keep with your opinions.

Having to defend the size and scope of Arsenal on an Arsenal blog is such a weird thing to do. Expect that sort of defiance from Leicester and Villa fans puffing their chests online.


Foxy he’s a Leicester player, he should be playing. There have been no bids from Arsenal.

Leicester probably have a deadline for any deal as I’m sure they would like to put it back into the team. They also don’t have a need to sell, so it suits nobody for Arsenal to wait till high time to make a predictable bid.


Bernardo is a different player to Maddison. Silva’s level has dropped quite a bit since his last Monaco season and second at City. Definitely needs a move for fresh input and a different formation. Maddison is a very good player But for me, he is not involved enough in the construction of play. Not sure the amount of his end product justifies this. Arsenal is a step up from Leicester and so is doubling your weekly wage packet


I can see why a neutral observer would think Leicester are better assembled and put together to easily occupy the 3rd-6th league place that Arsenal.

Roy Keane may have been cheeky but his statement is not totally wrong.

For starters, which club is better managed?
Lets stop pretending that our distant history nullifies where we have been for the past 5-10 years.


Obviously Maddison would come primarily for the money.

Winning 1 FA cup in the next few years (hopefully) and finishing in the top 4 once (hopefully) and 5th to 8th the rest of the time, he can already do at Leicester. Arsenal still the bigger club, but with our recent trajectories, that doesn’t mean much to a player wanting to play in the CL every year.

He can just as easily “step up and make a real name for himself” under Rodgers.


This prestige stuff is bollocks, we are nowhere near the top level and won’t be for the next 5 years at least. No top player is coming here other than for money as things stand, it’s just a fact we aren’t winning anything big in the near future If Maddison comes to arsenal If will Be because of money and the London life, plus possibly as a stepping stone. If he has a good few years then he will run down his contract and get a big move in the last year of his deal when he’s in his prime… Read more »


There’s no comparison between Leicester and Arsenal. Arsenal used to be a giant and still a giant albeit a sleeping one.


Absolutely agree Arsenal is a bigger draw than Leicester BUT to compare Maddison to Bergkamp is a tragic take, really tragic. Do a straw poll and see how many fans think that Maddison is within a million miles of DB10, a player regularly voted in the top two greatest Arsenal players.


@pedro, why would I go to a declining arsenal instead of uprising Leicester? What’s the project in Arsenal, really? You have been asked on countless occasions here and even you can’t clearly articulate What’s brewing in arsenal despite being Arteta knows best. So, why should I opt for arsenal? You clearly can see what’s going on in Leicester, still stands a better chance of ending higher up the league table than arsenal. So? What’s captivating about arsenal, a club of retirees with no clear path of progress


Leicester have a better manager that us, and as much chance as us of qualifying for CL every year. They have also finished above us for a couple years but I would never call Leicester a step up from Arsenal.

Roy Keane with his usual contrarian, sensationalist nonsense isn’t worth paying attention to. That’s all he’s “good” for as a pundit.


Agreed, Maddison will come for the money, he’s on about 100k weekly and could easily get double that
Then the London factor has be big; fine dining, casinos and night clubs.

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