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Well, yesterday was quite a spectacular one in terms of mega news.

Lio Messi exits Barca, he’ll end up at Paris, because the Spaniards realised that paying someone £65m a year post-pandy was probably not a good idea if you’re basically bankrupt.

It’s incredible that Barcelona mostly wasted the opportunity that Messi gave them. How can you have the worlds most iconic sporting asset and end the relationship broke? They didn’t think about how they were building the team out, they didn’t control costs, and now they are about to head into a dark period where they try and unfuck everything that has gone wrong for them. The Darkside of fan ownership in full flow over there.

Pochettino has gone from begging Daniel Levy to take him back so he could take care of their broken squad, to rolling into next season with Mbappe, Neymar, and Messi in his attacking starting 11. It’s going to be amazing to see them choke the Champions League final next season.

The news didn’t stop throwing up gifts. Real Madrid, leaders of the super league breakaway rebels, is extremely upset that La Liga sold 10% of their audiovisual rights to an investor group for the next 50 years. They weren’t consulted on the deal, which is amusing because now they know how the rest of Europe felt a few months ago.

One thing is for sure… football really is feeling the full force of the pandemic and it’s been absolutely devastating. La Liga has lost its one megastar. Italy is haemorrhaging talent, losing its best coach and now a collection of its top players. The Premier League seems to be doing the best, but even here, most clubs aren’t spending lavishly.

We’re about to see how broke everyone is because we’re one week out and hardly anyone has done their business. Will that hold or will the purse strings loosen?

One club that isn’t broke… Manchester City. They dropped £100m on Jack Grealish. An outrageous fee. You have to hand it to the player, he gifted them by allowing that release clause in his contract. Again, it amuses me that everyone is clapping the Villa response to the sale. The CEO explained the thinking, which was basically: they gave us £100m. Still, in the cold light of day, they sold their best player and that is a big, big shock regardless of the money they’ve spent. They were basically relegation fodder without him, now they have to see if they can progress in his absence.

Nuts that City, with all the accusations about how they do business, are out here splurging in such a grotesque manner.

It’s painfully quiet on the transfer front for Arsenal. Southampton can shift Danny Ings for £30m, but we can’t find a buyer for Lacazette. Keep an eye on Eddie heading to the Saints as the replacement, let’s hope we don’t get rolled on the transfer fee.

The Willock deal is still at a standstill.

Nothing on Maddison.

Nothing on a new keeper.

Nothing on Hector.

Nothing on a new right back.

Hopefully, things will kick on at some point, but as it stands, the summer has been a bland one… the big reshape has barely moved.

Short post today, I’ll be back tomorrow. Maybe there’s a Friday drop a bit later. Doubtful.


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  1. DivineSherlock


    Its easy they have Guimares and Paqueta , Aouar suddenly isnt the first choice , he has been angling for a move since last season . Why would anyone keep an unhappy player in the squad ?

  2. Gonsterous


    Yah, big difference. Juve started serie B with points deduction of -25
    Arsenal if relegated would start at 0, and still wouldn’t catch up.

    The point isn’t they got promoted, it’s that in a matter of 5 years they went from being demoted to winning the league for the next 9 years, one of it was an unbeaten season. That’s what a club does

  3. China1

    Obviously Lokonga is still early days and we don’t know if he will kick on, but if he does, samba, partey, Aouar would be an absolutely fantastic 3 in midfield. We could control games, beat the press, dribble, create and pass. Aouar can shoot too. There’s enough power and athleticism from Sambi and Partey and a bit of genius from Aouar. That midfield would be fantastic potentially. The fact that Aouar and Sambi combined would’ve cost about 40m is really the icing on the cake

    And like I said if you wanna go 4-2-3-1 you can drop one of them for ESR

    If you play 4-3-3 you can put ESR on the left wing.

    Saka plays regardless

    I suspect those setups would be an enormous upgrade on the shit we’ve seen in recent years

  4. Tony

    It would seem the ‘Sharp” boys in the back room did the following:

    – Promoted Arteta to equal Edu’s position with Josh as oversight?

    – Sanctioned the sale of Emi – Look how that turned out.

    – Sanctioned the purchase Willian – Now a Tele Tubby look alike

    -Overlooked the Saliba debacle that could lose us millions

    -Overpaid at least £20m for White and added a sell on clause for a player we don’t need most and poor aerially.

    – Offering Xhaka a new deal and more income instead of Xhaka running his contract down

    – Appear happy to let Wilcox go after he hit 8 goals in 14 games on loan from midfield an area we have real problems scoring from our midfield

    – Haven’t sold any of our dross yet. Not 1.

    – Overlooked the shoddy way Arteta treats or has faith in our youth in wanting to buy Tammy or another ST when we have Martinelli, Bolagun, Improved Eddie, Laca will be fighting for a new deal, Pepe starting to shine last season and Auba
    – Allowed a rookie to land us twice in 8th position and no Europe for first time in 25 years and not fire him

    – Didn’t fire Arteta when he lost against Emery – twice when apparently we were breaking all records as per the post Xmas stats

    – Sanctioned a new Mustafi new contract now the player is a free agent after his team mates voted him the worst club player.

    – Allowed Arteta to devalue player assets by millions

    That’s just off the top of my head.

    Sharp? That’s not the word I’d use.

  5. raptora

    Worrying that Bellerin was having some camera shots yesterday. Maybe another one expected to leave is about to sign a new deal.

    If so, are we actually improving our squad or are we happy to keep everyone including the players that have underperformed and we know we can upgrade on? We are either broke like shit or Arteta/Edu are giving contracts left and right to players that we should be moving.

  6. Tony

    To be fair I got to wondering what the plus side of have Arteta for 20 months is:

    FA Cup win
    Loaning Ode

    There is the ‘Process’ that none of us can work out, so not yet a plus and buying White, Lokonga and Travares have proved their worth, so unknown value until they’ve played according to Pedro more than 14 games to be able to judge them fairly.

  7. Leedsgunner

    Chelsea looking to buy De Ligt from Juventus… and they are apparently open to a swap deal with Jorginho in the mix.

    Here’s a thought, throw Xhaka in there and ask for Sczcesney in return? In my mind a fair trade…

  8. Tony

    From what I’ve read this week no one wants Bellerin except for a loan. Therefore, unlikely to be sold but no idea if a new contract is being offered.

    Willock is the only player with a bid from Newcastle for £25, which Chine1 rightly questioned after Willock’s successful loan. I’d say Willock with the British premium should be at least £35million for a player who hit 8 goals in 14 games on a loan who can clearly improve being so young.

    Sadly our sharp boys and manager think differently.

    Personally, I hope Willock and Eddie stay and wait it out for Arteta to be gone, which I would imagine other Hale Enders are doing by signing extensions.

  9. Gonsterous


    Willock for 35? That would be the equivalent to dropping Newcastles pants and spanking them.
    8 good games doesn’t make willock a 35m purchase. Yes it’s good to price him as such but taking 25-28m and running with the money will be the better option.

  10. Tony

    I was pricing Willock on what we paid for White and accounted for the 8 games and not a full season and why I said £35m.

    But no matter we will sell at £25m now LCF doesn’t want a player and cash for Madders. Just hope we get a 20%+ sell on clause or buy back.

  11. TallestTiz


    Aston Villa might have the little money they have now, but there are rivers they can’t fish from.
    Hence I found their pursuit of Smith Rowe insulting.
    If I were Edu, I would have unsettled Tyron Ming’s while going really for Ben White. Silly souls.

    Even if Aston Villa meet Lyon’s asking price for Auoar, the player will definitely turn them down and they know that.

  12. Tee

    “Chelsea looking to buy De Ligt from Juventus… and they are apparently open to a swap deal with Jorginho in the mix.Here’s a thought, throw Xhaka in there and ask for Sczcesney in return? In my mind a fair trade…”

    Except juve knows what they want.

  13. Pierre

    Pointless even considering bringing in an offensive player, we have them coming out of the ying yang…

    I said 3 months ago that we should take a hit on a number of players to streamline the squad or we will be in the same position as 12 months ago …..a bloated squad.

    No European football , means less games , means less opportunities , means a number of dissatisfied players in and around the squad .

    So instead of playing hard ball with the likes of Xhaka, Bellerin, Lacazette, kolasinac Willian, even Aubamayang , we should have taken what we could get or paid them off…

    The next few months of the window could be the worst period in history if we trade off our young players to fund another spending spree from A&E..

    It’s odds on that Arteta will sign another couple of players, they struggle to gel due to the supposed intricacies of his tactics, results and performances suffer leading to discord in the stands at the Emirates and the end for Arteta.

    The Brentford opening game is such a big game for Arteta and his supposed process.
    They will be at our back 4 and won’t give us a second to play the ball out .
    They would have seen our cock ups in pre season , they will smell blood and I’m not sure we will be able to break the press.

    I give us more chance of beating Chelsea than Brentford.

  14. Jim

    The best players we have been linked with this summer were Camavigna & BrunoG, shame that nothing materialised as they really would have been elevated the middle of the park for us. Interesting to see reports of BSilva, even at the expense of a couple years (is he 26/27?) he’s quoted at 25m less than Maddison. Think I would pull the trigger if it allows you to get in a RB and CM. Not even a sniff of who will be coming in at RB, I think the club are happy to go with Cal & Cedric.

    We’ve been very concerned with a few specific positions this summer but even if by some miracle we address them this week there are going to be a whole lot more cropping up between now and January or next summer. Our strikers are absolutely DUSTED. Think Auba has had long enough to show it isn’t just a rusty patch and Laca just ain’t the same dawg he was before. No wonder Eddie has looked so good, he can probably smell blood and thinks he might get a nod this year. He would be great at Southampton though, absolutely hand in glove for what he excels at and what they’re looking for.

    I think progress this year is really dependent on getting twice as many people out as we get in over the next two weeks. Come close of business we need a slim group of players who fit the vision of what we’re doing moving forward.

  15. Steveyg87

    Im just hoping Arteta isnt stupid enough to go in to this season without an extra cm. Maddison would have been great but Auoar will do

  16. Pierre

    ” Think Auba has had long enough to show it isn’t just a rusty patch and Laca just ain’t the same dawg he was before. No wonder Eddie has looked so good, he can probably smell blood and thinks he might get a nod this year. He would be great at Southampton though, ”

    Strange that one would say that one of our young strikers “has looked so good”….and he has, and yet you think he should move to southampton to score a bundle of goals .

    How good would it be to see an Arsenal offensive line up made up of 4 from Saka, Smith Rowe, Willock , Eddie , Balogun and Martinelli.

    Of course it will never happen under Arteta as he , like many on Le Grove, are clueless when it comes to recognising young talent..

    The moment is now for Willock and Eddie, with Balogun and Martinelli not too far behind.
    I have said for the last year that this will be a period of regret for Arsenal football club , regret that we have a manager in charge who doesn’t have the balls to put the young players in ahead of the experienced players who so failed him last season.

    The evidence is there for all to see
    Smith Rowe would have been nowhere near the starting line up last christmas but for injuries and our worst start to a season in decades, he would have been loanes out on january guaranteed.

    Willock started 2 league games last season despite scoring 3 goals with 3 assists in Europe .
    He cant repeat those mimbers in Europe was the usual rhetoric from le grove….he smashed it in the league with Newcastle, absolutely smashed it.

    Nketiah started a measly 4 games in the league last season despite our main strikers having a nightmare in front of goal in the first half of the season
    Nketiah scored 2 with one assist in his 4 starts.

    Balogun was afforded a couple of substitute appearances in Europe and surprise surprise scored a couple of goals but in the 2nd half of the season was frozen out of the squad for sone reason .

    Martinelli struggled , which is hardly surprising as Arteta does nothing to boost his confidence, the opposite in fact…

    The thing is, if our strikers , wide players and creative midfielders were bang on form then one could understand the reason for not giving our young players a chance to prove themselves.

    Why Arteta never gave Balogun, Eddie , Azeez and Martinelli starts in the meaningless last 5 games of the season is beyond me.
    what an opportunity he had to assess these players for nexr season , but no , he was in self preservation mode and went with experience..

    Will Arteta come to his senses and recognise the talent he has coming through the ranks, let’s hope so..

  17. Jim

    Pierre, haha very true all case of relativity ! I really like your assessment and agree with you. Think we are not in a position to be so brazen and really double down on operation Hale End. Pressure is way too high to be fielding a side like that unfortunately. The other bonus would be that these players have already been playing together for years – you hear them mention it quite a lot in interviews. I think the reality is that we want players who sit right in between the level of where they are and those we can’t get rid of soon enough. Think if the gap between the two groups wasn’t quite so large and we had more opportunity to play them (ie cups) then we could stick it out. The Auba/Laca/Willian/Xhaka group need to be a year or two younger and the Yowf Bois a couple extra seasons experience.

    Hale Enders … *what we’re looking for* … over the hill ex-superstars.

  18. Leftside

    Not to cover old ground but with us seemingly needing to sell to purchase, maybe we should have gone for a cheaper option than Ben White? Its patently clear that we will wait to the end of the window to conclude business, I just hope we’re not already playing catch up.

    It’s not going to be the same as last season, fans (including myself) are back and if this side doesn’t perform we will clearly voice our dissatisfaction. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

  19. Gonsterous

    Guen was a talent, everyone could agree, except arteta
    Saliba was a talent, everyone could agree, except arteta
    Martinellia was a talent, everyone could agree, except arteta
    And the list goes on…

  20. Pierre

    ” The other bonus would be that these players have already been playing together for years – you hear them mention it quite a lot in interviews”

    This is a very important point , they all know eachothers game and have a great on field relationship and trust each other on the pitch…

    As yet, they have never let the club down over the last few years in europe or domestic cup comps.

    And yes know that its easier in the europa , and the prem is harder blah blah blah but until the likes of willock , Eddie, Balogun and Martinelli are given a proper run of games we will never know if they can replicate the success of Smith rowe and Saka who made the transition to league football with ease….

    Centre mid is the one position i would like to see strengthened though Lakonga has already shown enough for me to put him close to the starting line up., it’s just a pity that we have cocked up the Xhaka situation.

  21. Jim

    Leftside, what irks me most with the sell-to-buy thing is that we were told we wanted to get business done quickly and early on. Yet in true style we’re back sniffing around for bargain deals for essential roles. Should have got ourselves in order and then be here waiting for a ‘luxury bargain’ if you will. People will sight the fact that we need to reduce the size of the squad and that you can’t do that without buyers but we should have had things locked and loaded ready to pull the trigger at the earliest opportunity (which I do not think this is).

    Always believe that we should support the team on the pitch but I sense the Emirates will be baying for blood if things don’t fix up sharpish. We shouldn’t even be considering that a newly promoted side should be doing a number on us come opening day but many are. We are The Arsenal, should be embarrassing them and making them realise this is the big time now, unfortunately I think we’re the ones who are going to need the jolt.

  22. Raulishuss

    unlike the so called fans here. The emirates crowd are more patient and understanding. The only people that will be baying for blood will be CG and the likes like they did to arsene(the greatest manager the pl has ever seen)

  23. Matt B

    Goonsterous: So how come Marseille were the only team in for Guen? How come Martinelli has had limited time at the Olympics? How come no-one other than Marseille and Newcastle were in for Saliba?

  24. Matt B

    Raulishuss: Agreed — looking forward to being in the presence of proper supporters, not perennial moaners

  25. Jim


    Beyond Arteta this is surely what the “process” of the club at large was always meant to be. Strong emphasis on bringing through young players who know the club and play The Arsenal Way. Divine’s point about the youngsters signing up for me is true which really puts us on the cusp of being able to do that in a meaningful way. But that being said I don’t think the Prem affords us the opportunity to do that anymore, gone are the days where we knew we could walk over the smaller teams (both because the level on the whole has raised and because we don’t have that within us anymore)

    For the middle of the park I’m curious who would be your pick to bring in Pierre?

  26. Leftside

    Jim, yes indeed. I think most haven’t been realistic about players that needed to be shipped out. As I said the other day it would be difficult to find buyers for the likes of Elneny, Willian, Laca to an extent etc and so far, it has proved to be true. We then have an indecisive manager that is on record stating we need to be ruthless and will have a big window but then doesn’t want to let any players go!

    I wish the Brentford game was at home, it is a recipe for disaster in my view. Brentford’s first time in the league, in front of the cameras, at home to kick off the season against a big club historically but nothing at all to fear on the pitch. They will be bullish about their prospects in that game especially with their crowd back and backing them. I hope we can silence them, but this season feels somewhat like a slow drawn out continuation of last season. That will be felt more when we roll out with virtually the same side, and try the same things that have got us to 8th place x2.

  27. Raulishuss

    pierre name a coach that will start and make an attacking core of gab,bal,wil and nketiah. Sometimes you baffle me

  28. Jim

    Happy to be corrected but for my money I think the Emirates support is pretty wank. Maybe I just harp for something more than we would ever get but it’s never rocking, boisterous fortress feeling when you pull up in N5… I always felt like it was a place of middle class niceties?? Theres a reason we get bantered about being a library.

    Raulishuss & Matt B am I completely wrong ? If so what do you both make of it?

    Loosely related but what do you all make of ‘singing sections’ and safe standing areas??

  29. DivineSherlock


    It does feel like Edu is really doing his job of Technical Director by snapping up youngsters .A vision of young 20-24yrs old coupled with some experienced heads is what the squad will look like in future I guess

  30. Leftside

    Proper support doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t voice their discontent if there is genuine need to do so. You holier than thou fans that perceive yourself to be superior than others are a bunch of mugs.

    Much of the fanbase at the Emirates mirror the sentiments of those on this site. Do you even attend games to be talking about fans?!

  31. Leftside

    Pierre, its not intelligent for Arteta to field those youngsters in the side, we wouldn’t finish in the top half. They have some promise but they’re not ready to do it over the course of a season.

  32. Tom

    “China1August 7, 2021 00:49:24
    Wow are we really comparing arteta with conte?“

    Can’t wheel out the Arteta is exactly on Klopp’s Liverpool trajectory no more, but that was a fun one while it lasted.

  33. Jim

    Divine, yes that certainly is the positive mark on Edu’s record. We certainly have ourselves a setup for a bright future but it also means that we need to produce in the now so we can make the most of those talents.

    Leftside, no I completely agree with you if it’s warranted then absolutely thats how we as a collective group can let those at the top know. It’s been evident that they have no interest in letting us into the club through any other means. You kinda lost me when you went all Shakespeare. I don’t think I’m superior to anyone else and resent your statement of being a mug but I know what you’re trying to say (I think). I do go to games when I can and as I said in my comment I am more than happy to be corrected… how do you mean about the crowd being a reflection of the site?

  34. Leftside

    Jim, i was referring to Matt and the other fella, they were clearly retorting at my comment about the fanbase showing displeasure if there’s a need to! Not you!

  35. Pierre

    For the last 18 months or so It’s always been Bissouma for me.
    Could have got him for 20 /25 mil.

    He’s comfortable taking the ball under pressure , has quick feet and strong on the ball , defensively and positionally very good and has a bit of nastiness about him..

    With Xhaka staying it will probably mean the midfield avenue is closed .

    Many want another CAM or creative midfielder.
    My argument against this is our play rarely goes through the centre of the pitch and most of our creative play is out wide.
    Even Smith Rowe is encouraged to drift wide as Ozil was under Arteta , and roundly criticised for it, despite following the manager’s instructions.

    Dumfries at right back would be another possibility qs he would give Arteta what he wants from the wide positions what with the inverted wingers and the real width coming from Tierney and the right back..

    Pushing the full backs up can also leave us open to the counter and theis is where Bissouma would help us as he is positionally very good and has good pace to cover the areas vacated by the full backs.

    Hopefully we hit the ground running and our strikers return to form and Arteta finds a good balance in the side.
    It’s the strikers who will save Arteta his job.

  36. Jim

    Also before the Brentford game there’s the matter of the NLD tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about playing such significant matches as preseason, know they want to draw a crowd and give the side a test but doesn’t it just present the opportunity for injuries (Partey) and/or humiliation ??

  37. Jim


    Feel like the Bissouma boat might have sailed which is a real odd one. Agree that he would complement us well. Another case of the glaringly obvious being right there but perhaps back office trying to be too clever about it? Who knows…

    Dumfries is a fair shout, alarmingly that there has been no talk of any right backs.

    What would you do about the goalkeeper situation? Much like Bissouma can’t believe Onana is right in front of us and we can’t see him because we’ve got the binoculars on looking into the distance for something else.

    Theory says that a solid defence, that has been improved through White, leaves us only a bundle of goals away from climbing up the table. That’s what I was saying about the Brentford game earlier – putting a beating on them would certainly set us off right and hopefully get the strikers off the mark. Think Auba (& Laca to a lesser degree) being real confidence strikers sets the tone for the whole side.

  38. Pierre

    “pierre name a coach that will start and make an attacking core of gab,bal,wil and nketiah. Sometimes you baffle me”

    Actually i said 4 from Saka, Smith rowe , Balogun , Nketiah , Martinelli and Willock so taking onto consideration that Saka and Smith Rowe are proven starters, that would leave 2 positions and i would bring Pepe into the equation also.

    Martinelli has been lauded as the ” talent of the century” by none other than klopp and Willock almost single handedly saved Newcastle from relegation do it would be difficult to argue against his ability to make an impact.
    Balogun and Eddie are proven scorers at lower level and only time will if they can do it at a higher level.

    I would put your question a different way ” tell me a manager that would persist with an offensive line up that gave is gave us our worst start to a season in decades “..

    Not so baffling is it

  39. Pierre

    I would have been happy with Ryan as back up , not sure what happened there as i thought he looked more than capable.

  40. Pierre

    Tomorrow’s game should be is a friendly and should be treated as such.

    I touched on the subject before of referees being too lenient in friendlies as this can lead to injuries and the possibility of a kicking match if the referee isn’t at it from the start.

    From an Arsenal point of view, the worst thing that could happen is that we tit about at the back , get caught in possession and concede chances .

    If Ben White is to be our saviour in this area( debatable) then put him in alongside the 3 others who will be playing next week and let them form some sort of relationship in defence and also with Leno ..

    Start with the same team tomorrow that will start v Brentford

  41. Raulishuss

    Pierre. Martin,bal and eddie are vying for a spot with auba and laca plus they re not proven at the top level yet ffs eddie couldn’t displace bamford but you want them all to be regular starters. The fact you eve name dropped azeez shows your bias. P.s i have been a vocal supporter of eddies abilities.

  42. CG

    This Edu.

    ( are these overnight fotos for real?)

    On vacation again, this time Spain.
    Posting without a care in the world.

    He has more holdiays this year than Alan Whicker used to have.

    Crikey, how has this man not been sacked?

    And how does he naviagte where he can go and when you need to quaratine etc so easily?

    A reminder he has not sold 1 player for £1.00 this window.

    Has to Go!

  43. Kegunner

    Arsenal should adopt an underdog mentality. Siege mentality. The club is no longer a guaranteed top four team. Clubs mock our players Willock is worth 60 million quid at the least with Grealish transfer.

    Arsenal should make statement signings. Play should be ferocious and un relenting.

  44. Pierre

    Obviously i see something in Eddie that many dont, the way i saw something in Willock that many didn’t, the way I was not totally convinced on Martinelli as many were..

    Time will tell as to whether the likes of Eddie , Martinelli Willock and Balogun make the grade

    My argument has always been that unless they are given a proper run of games we will never know..

  45. Pierre

    ” The fact you even name dropped azeez shows your bias”

    Shoot me for being biased towards one of our own players.

  46. David.D

    I too am worried about that Brentford game.
    Promoted team back in the big league for the first time in ages.
    Decent playing football team.
    Confident striker in Toney out to make a name for himself.
    Full capacity partisan crowd.
    Promoted team looking for a big scalp.
    Not ideal game to start with with Chelsea and city to follow.
    Dont even want to think about the possibility of having no points after 3 games.. .
    We have to be on it from the first whistle.
    I’d be starting with Lokonga and Xhaka in midfield.
    I know the presence of Tierney makes the right back position look pale in comparison but I dont think it’s that urgent a position.
    Got Cedric and Chambers who are good professionals.
    I really wish Maitland Niles had knuckled down and really tried to make right back his own position. He would have been ideal.
    We cannot afford to lose that Brentford game.
    Whole country will we cheering Brentford on.

    You can nab Onana , Bissouma and Aouor for a combined 60 to 65 million for the price you would spend on Madduson.
    Value for money on those 3 , all quality players and all relatively young.
    It’s a fucking no brainer.!!
    What’s wrong with us!!!

  47. Marko

    Who knew it’d be so hard to get rid of the same players who have been letting us down year after year and have us in our current predicament. It’s truly shocking that inter would prefer to have Dumfries as their first choice target over Bellerin or that Roma would prefer to spend what we’re asking for on Xhaka for some forward from Genoa who could only score 8 goals last season. I’m shocked no one wants our garbage

  48. Northbanker

    “It’s incredible that Barcelona mostly wasted the opportunity that Messi gave them. ” Did they Pedro? They won 10 La Ligas and 4 Champions Leagues as well as a host of other cups – not exactly a waste

  49. Raulishuss

    pierre i love your optimism abt the youth and all. Big fan. But i’m not sure they have proven as of yet to be any more than out prospect imo but i like some of them. If give a choice i think bal and willock will soon explode.

  50. Northbanker

    Pierre / David D – my sentiments too – spend the Maddison money on Onana, Bissouma and Aouar. That fixes most of the problems and makes us less vulnerable to one player getting injured.

  51. Dissenter

    This is one of the craziest transfer windows in recent times.
    It’s one where we have cheerleaders waving pompoms chanting “positivity-positivity” because many know that many things the club are don’t add up.
    It doesn’t feel like the season starts on Friday.

  52. Gonsterous

    Put martinelli at LW, and we have a world class winger, putting in aassists and goals.
    I don’t like him up top, not that he can’t play well there, it’s just LW is his preferred position.

    Guy comes in and puts the ball at aubas feet for a tap in. Also he can run up and down the flank the whole day

    Needs game time. If we were really building youth and using and improving our youth, I could get behind arteta.
    Guy spends 50m on partey, 50m on white and still needs players to get us playing what his style.

    We aren’t city. No buy and sell till we get it right. That’s not a formula that works. We buy low and sell high. Or we buy cheap and discard cheap, or we spend big bucks and they perform ala sanchez

  53. Spanishdave

    Great quote about Alan Whicker what a life he had and he wasn’t woke just reported what was in front of him.
    More or less same squad same dross equals same results.
    Too many free loaders at our club to bring about real improvements .
    Nothing to get excited about now.

  54. Gonsterous

    Need more of the lokonga type signings. Young, reasonable price, with potential to grow. If it fails, it’s not the end of the world.

    Torr, guen, saliba and Martinelli were meant to be in that bracket. All of them heading in the right direction, till arteta happened.

    I’ll say it again, arteta needs to take a year learning man management.
    He is terrible at it. High fiving players after a game isn’t man management btw.

  55. CG

    “”Nothing to get excited about now””

    not quite Spanish

    Elneny won his award for his goal against Dundalk.


    Me and you could score against them.

  56. Leftside

    Gonna feel super weird watching us play one game a week aswell, you’d have thought we would come out swinging in this window but these boot lickers seem content with the status quo. Edu can’t wait to post pictures of him on his 1,000th holiday.

  57. Radio Raheem

    Guy spends 50m on partey, 50m on white and still needs players to get us playing what his style.

    It’s stupid isn’t it? But going by some of the posts on here the fans are even more obtuse.

    Some still still think we need to prioritise more defensive midfielders, that Tammy Abraham is the one to move us forward etc.

    There are a few more symptoms of covid yet.

  58. Habesha Gooner

    What I can’t fathom is the fact that we are going in to a new season with Xhaka as a starter. Not only that we have given him an extension. If you picked a starting line up at the end of last season, the weakest points were CM and RB. We had unspectacular options in few positions too but they were at least solid. 2 CMs+CAM+RB+backup Goalie+ Backup LB was on the agenda this summer.

    I don’t think we will have a new RB and A new Starting CM. That in itself is what makes us a weak team with no chance of a top 4 position.

    I saw Billy gilmour play for Norwich in a preseason game and he delivered so much that Xhaka wouldn’t even have a highlight reel that is even as good in his whole five years. There is the problem. I hope lokonga turns out to be a world class talent. Because if not there is no way we are having a really good season.

  59. Chris

    Just sorting out my PL fantasy team for the coming season, I am surprised to see Ben White is valued at £4.5 million, which is a relative bargain I think! For context, van Dijk is valued at £6.5 million, the top defender is Trent at £7.5 million.

    He is sliding straight into my starting 11, hope for some assists to be picked up!

    How about a Le Grove fantasy league, if that is allowed or appropriate? (Or indeed, if anyone is interested?)

  60. curse

    All that hard work Cedric has been doing throughout pre season to work his way back into the process and nobody cares.

    he’ll be a game changer for us.

  61. Shaun

    I maybe accused of being a xhaka hater but that is not the case , it is blatantly obvious he is not suited to the frenetic pace of the prem and would excell in Italy .like most posters here it’s a common opinion, you can not expect to get top for or compete for that matter with Xhaka as a starting CM . The thing is under Arteta that is exactly what we are going to see..I am just desperate to see anyone but elneny and xhaka in the Cm positions , bang average boring and not anywhere near good enough

  62. Foxy

    Don’t know why Cedric gets such as hard time this forum Middle of last season we were raving about his performances at RB and how he was really adding an extra dimension going forward with his pace and good interlink play. I suppose were comparing him to Bellerin though who was awful last season! Then Tierney was injured and he had to fill in at LB which is not easy for a right footer and did OK well better than Xhaka did at least and then for some reason was dropped altogether?

  63. Kroenkephobe

    For those among us feeling panicky about playing the Bees next week, I think a lot of it is natural pessimism. Brentford ain’t all that – they barely qualified via the play offs. Better to be playing them than Norwich I think. I watch a fair amount of championship football and they were pretty average last yer. . The Brentford of the previous season was a tougher proposition.

    Just screw the nut a bit lads and see what happens when the game kicks off. Just trying to make the coming week a little less stressful. The games immediately afterwards I’m obviously less confident about.

  64. Thorough

    It’s a shame we do not have any of this new generation of Spaniards. Amazing footballers. I’ll gladly drop 50 mil on Olmo.
    Oyazarbal just scored a STUNNER against Brazil. What a goal!

  65. JOEL

    There are rumours flying about today that Bellerin might be about ti sign a new contract.!!
    The Club is a shambles…OK White and Lakonga are both good purchases but so much else is wrong.
    Most of the “Deadwood” still remains..Nearly all overpaid and predominantly unsellable it would seem.This means that the ex Hale-enders need to be sold for as much as possible at this time.Keeping Willock…for example…makes no sense.His value will only diminish and let’s face it…he’s unlikely to get much game time from the Arsenal bench as things stand.
    Our right back options simply aren’t good enough.Bellerin has lost his one main asset..his speed.Arreta clearly doesn’t trust Soares and Chambers might try hard but he really isn’t a top notch rb..nor will he ever be.
    The goalkeeper doesn’t seem to particularly want to remain and looks really “jittery” at the moment..especially his distribution.Yet our only back up remains to be a 19 year old kid and an incompetent bought from the lower reaches of the French League.
    Yet..the proverbial “Emperor Fiddles Whilst Rome Burns” and Gaspar Edu goes off to Majorca for yet another holiday…An effing disgrace!!

  66. Champagne Charlie

    Partey ruled out for 3 weeks
    Eddie ruled out for 4 weeks
    Gabriel expected back in “forthcoming weeks”

    Random one, but….

    Direct free kicks last five seasons in PL

    Coutinho 19 taken 5 scored (26%)
    Ward Prowse 66 taken 9 scored (14%)
    Xhaka 23 taken 3 scored (13%)
    Maddison 42 taken 5 scored (12%)
    Willian 33 taken 3 scored (9%)
    Trent AA 41 taken 3 scored (7%)
    De Bruyne 50 taken 3 scored (6%)

    Coutinho elite.

  67. KAY Boss

    Can Denis Zakaria be signed to boost the midfield since most of our targets are too pricey?
    Let the pl begin in earnest. Weekend is too boring.

    With Messi leaving Barca, between him and Ronaldinho, who public Barcelona FC on the spotlight in modern era?

  68. englandsbest

    The key factor right now is the departure of Auba. His removal will enable Arteta to set up the attacking options he wants, that is the mobility upfront that his system requires. Auba simp;ly lacks the phyicality or the will to get up and down, to leave spaces for such as Saka or ESR or Tierney to slip into.

    Laca fills the role far better.

    But it’s hard (well-nigh impossible) to keep a player like Auba on the bench. (Shades of Ozil!)

    Arteta made a mistake keeping him last summer. I thought so at the time. But Arteta was a tookie,then, overawed, perhaps. But no longer.

    Arteta’s rookie days are over. He knows what he wants (needs) to do, and nothing will stoop him. And he has the full backing of everyone at the Club, including the owners.

    These are exciting times. He will surprise many with his achievements come the end of the season – but not me.

  69. Pierre

    ‘The key factor right now is the departure of Auba. His removal will enable Arteta to set up the attacking options he wants, that is the mobility upfront that his system requires.

    Laca fills the role far better.”

    Lacazette and mobility are not normally 2 words i would put in the same sentence .

  70. Pierre

    “Arteta’s rookie days are over. He knows what he wants (needs) to do, and nothing will stoop him. And he has the full backing of everyone at the Club, including the owners
    These are exciting times.”

    Arteta and exciting are not normally 2 words i would put in the same sentence.

  71. englandsbest


    I respect your opinion – but get over Ozil. Loyalty carried to an extreme is sheer fantasy.

    I repeat Laca fits Arteta’s role model better than Auba.

    And I find the way Arteta has re-shaped the Arsenal squad ultra-exciting. Don’t you?

  72. Rambo

    “And I find the way Arteta has re-shaped the Arsenal squad ultra-exciting.”

    Makes sense for an Ultra to feel this way.

    The rest of us are Normal though.

  73. Thank you and goodnight

    Years ago watching Pires, lunberg notching 12 plus goals a season, Henry with 25 plus a season, Wilford with 10 plus a season and Viera controlling the midfield was ultra exciting. But it’s been a fair few years since we can use that term ultra exciting and Arsenal in the same sentence

  74. Marko

    Arteta has reshaped the squad? It’s the same core of shite that’s been letting us down. People do realize that we finished 8th last season and haven’t got rid of anyone of note right? Some summer

  75. Pierre

    “And I find the way Arteta has re-shaped the Arsenal squad ultra-exciting. Don’t you?”

    Arteta has brought in Willian, Cedric , Mari , Tavares, Lakonga and White….White will probably be the only regular starter..

    As yet I do not see much reshaping of the squad for the better.

  76. Dissenter

    Dani Alves is a phenomenal player
    He just led Brazil to Olympic gold.
    Our boy just win gold but now he has to trade that for the cushy bench of Arteta’s Arsenal.

  77. Jim

    Eddie injured against Chelsea last week, did seem as though they wanted to get a kick in and the referee just let them at it. Presumably more again tomorrow from Spurs.

    Makes any move to Saints less likely you would think. If he is back in four weeks and our current options haven’t hit form (albeit games vs Chelsea/Citeh included in that) you lot think he’ll bag some minutes?

  78. Pierre

    To be honest, I can’t remember feeling so underwhelmed at the start of a new season ….EVER.

    I suppose there is always a glimmer of hope that the manager may get lucky as he did with the introduction of Smith Rowe at Christmas.

    An injury to xhaka which may force Arteta’s hand and start Lakonga.
    An injury or injuries to 2 of Willian , Lacazette or Aubamayang will open up a pathway for Willock, Eddie or Balogun.

    Other than that it will probably be the same old Arsenal under Arteta, although I have a feeling that defensively we may be a shambles as Arteta will try to play to White’s strengths and play higher up ….let’s hope he knows what he’s doing or we may see some of this at the Emirates.

  79. Dissenter

    Someone needs to do an exorcism on Arteta to banish the Odegaard fixation he has.

    Waiting on Ode makes us look like the pathetic small club we have been recently. What’s going to happen if Real have injuries to key midfielders at the 11th hour and decide to keep him till January?

  80. englandsbest


    Arteta has TRANFOMED the squad, not just in personnel, but in motivation

    If you can’t see that you need to consulut and oculist.

  81. andy1886

    BBC reporting that Chelsea are to conclude a £97.5m deal for Lukaku. Not sure I’d pay that at his age, they’ll have to be competing right at the top now.

  82. G

    ESR only got his chance because of injuries.. so what.. a player getting a chance and taking it because of injuries has been happening since football started

  83. Chris

    Looking at that possible PSG starting 11 for next season of:

    Di Maria

    Just wow.

    Anything less than another CL final and the obvious domestic trophy sweep unacceptable for the Poch?