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William Saliba has broken his silence after about 16 seconds. The French centre back has this to say on his loan move to Marseille.

“I don’t think I left for England too early. I don’t care about all that,”

“I chose OM because it is the right choice. I pushed to come here. We will see what will happen next season”

Remember when I told you players choose their loan deals? There you go. I think it’s like an employment law thing or something. Whatever, William made the decision he’d head back to France for the third time and I have to say, I think the decision is a bit meek.

If he was serious about a career in the Premier League, he’d have taken a move to Southampton or Newcastle, learned the language, acclimated to the cuisine, and developed his game. Instead, he opted to go back to a low-intensity league and deliver more of the same. Very, very odd.

The more worrying thing? Marseille, a club in dire straits financially (unless dealing with Arsenal), have made some centre back signings that might make you sweat if you are William.

  • Luan Peres (26),
  • Leonardo Balerdi (22)
  • Micky van de Van (20) (strongly rumoured)

They already have Duje Caleta-Car and Alvaro Gonzalez on the books, though one might leave. Saliba has jumped out of a club with severe centre back congestion, into one that will have purchased three. There were already rumours that Sampaoli told Saliba he has things to work on and that he was concerned about his experience. I really, really hope he doesn’t end up sitting on the bench for 3 months, because you can be sure he’d have landed more minutes at Newcastle, who seem very happy to play younger players.

In other news, more of a general Arsenal gripe about some of the average opinion that goes around on the internet. Namely, anything Arsenal do is a joke, anything any other club does is a spectacular show of ambition.

We’ve had it with Ben White, who was a rip off because:

  • We had our pants pulled down by Brighton
  • There were bargains to be had in Europe
  • People didn’t know about him

Then Spurs go out and sign Romero for £5m more, a player from a slower league, with a similar rise to prominence… and no one bats and eyelid.

Yesterday, the mask really slipped. People just want to complain for exposure even if there’s no statistical grounding in what they are saying. Aston Villa signed Danny Ings, out of the blue, for £30m.

‘Such ambition’

‘Proper striker’

‘This is how you do a summer’

Errrrr, what?

Let’s look at the ‘THINGS ARSENAL SHOULDN’T DO’ checkbox.

  • 29 years old ✅
  • Dirty injury record ✅
  • Inconsistent performer ✅
  • No better than what we have ✅
  • Massive fee ✅
  • Last year of their deal ✅
  • Retirement vibes ✅

I honestly cannot fathom anyone thinking that this is a good deal, nor those same people saying the same things if Arsenal did that piece of business to replace Saka.

Here’s how he stacks against Lacazette.

Ings goals last 4 seasons:

  • 13
  • 25
  • 8
  • 2

Total: 48

Lacazette goals last 4 seasons:

  • 17
  • 12
  • 19
  • 17

Total: 65

Here’s how the assists work out over the same time period.

  • Ings: 10
  • Laca: 28

There’s a community of people with names like @SalsicciaGustosa14 that drop consistently horrendous football takes, and people lap them up because they are so, so dramatic. If you are reading those accounts and you are sad that we didn’t replace Lacazette with Ings, I need you to hand your digital equipment to a friend and we’ll GoFundYou to a football detox retreat.

‘Hi, my name is @CapelliLisci08, I’m here for my bad football opinions. Last week, I said Ings was… elite.’

As the afternoon wore on, the pivot shifted to… they get their business done early. Excuse me? The football season starts next Friday. Villa spent half the summer convincing their fans they were bringing ESR to their mottled rug to play with Grealish and Buendia. Now they’re having to pivot after selling a player more spectacular than a burger at 4 Charles Prime Rib (if you know you know). They haven’t had a textbook summer of greatness.

Anyway… back to football.

The challenge on Wesley Fofana was an absolute disgrace. I cannot believe some of the things that have gone on during preseason. To break a fellow professionals bone in any scenario is horrendous, to do it in what looked like a petulant retaliation in preseason? It’s unforgivable. Thankfully, it looks like just a break so it should be a clean recovery, regardless, this sort of action needs a punishment to match the crime.

The Arsenal transfer front doesn’t appear to have moved very far. Leicester have said no to the players we have on offer, though one would imagine our collection of centre backs might be more interesting to them now. I really hope there’s genuine intent for them to sell and that we have a deadline on this, because it’ll be messy if we don’t sign anyone.

There are a few ‘voices’ on the internet that no one has ever heard of talking about the Ramsdale deal, indicating the scouting has come from the keeping coach. Please… people have to stop believing every handle with more than 6 followers. If we’re interested in Ramsdale, it’ll be because the scouts have seen something they value for the system. Maybe it’s the passing, maybe it’s something interesting Wilder (who is an innovative coach) was doing… whatever it is, the recco won’t have come from the keeping coach. If you want further confirmation that Arsenal are doing things properly, take a read of what the agent of Ben White said.

‘The way he plays is very conducive with the way that Arsenal like to play, and it was very fascinating the attention to detail that Arsenal put into scouting the players that they are going to sign, whether that would be artificial attention, data analysis or video analysis… it’s all very impressive.’

There’s a vision for how the football should be played, a set profile of talent that makes that system work, and a list of players who fit. We’ve moved beyond ‘the keeping coach knows a guy’… thankfully. Sure, we’ll make mistakes, but at least it won’t be ‘bad advice from <super-agent>’

Right, that’s your lot. Jump into the latest podcast and enjoy it so much, you leave a 5* review and some money.



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  1. JOEL

    We are a week away from the start of the new Season and we still don’t have a decent proper right back in our squad and no back-up goalkeeper to a first choice who doesn’t altogether seem to be committed.
    Bellerin has not been good enough for at least 2 Seasons.His main asset was always his speed and he no longer has this particular ability in his game.Chambers does ok filling in but he’s not good enough to propel Arsenal up to the level that is required.Soares is obviously not trusted by Arteta ( although seems to be tarred by his “left back” outings).So where is the new effective right back that the Club desperately requires?
    What’s worse it seems that the new goalkeeper that we are scouting has leaked 125 goals for his two Clubs over the last two seasons;offers no discerning improvement over Leno;and is massively overpriced.Arsenal should be either looking for a backup who has PL experience ,is steady and won’t let them down.Or someone who in time will be an improvement upon Leno especially as far as distribution is concerned.Ramsdale offers Arsenal neither of these and yet Arsenal are seriously considering a bid.Luckily Sheffield United are greedy enough to believe that in a difficult market they should receive an additional £18m for a player who they paid Bournemouth more than his worth in the first place.
    This whole situation really sums up the inadequacies of Edu and Arteta.Sooner or later we can only hope that Arsenal as a Club are managed properly and are able to put a proper plan for their future development as opposed to this ridiculous “scattergun approach”!

  2. S Asoa

    Guns of SFAugust 6, 2021 02:44:35

    China my theory is solid.
    No one has questioned it.Mike Arteta was humiliated daily in training as a rookie by Ronaldinho. His hate for creative and maverick players was deepened by this cruelty.Can you imagine a young mike crying in his pillow after training ?
    His current Ego, is a response to this deficit he felt as a youth.So its the defensive system he prefers. Seeing Martin or Pepe meg someone probably triggers him LOL “

    Don’t know if above is true or made up by Guns. Meaning the part of being daily humiliated and shown as impotent by Ronaldinho de Bicha.
    Fits with my theory of what makes Mikel act perversely like he does. Said so on a couple of posts earlier..
    It is a fact that Arteta started at La Masia, saw no hope with compatriots like Xavi, Inielsa..
    Went to PSG ( fits the Guns tale),Was found not good enough so transitioned through Rangers ( his level) , before settling in mediocrity at Everton where he had a leisurely pace to spray passes,,finally Arsenal during Wenger decline .His toadie job of gifting a watch to Gazidas out of the fine money instead of sending it to charity , should have rung alarm bells about what sort of person we were in.

  3. Champagne Charlie

    Bernardo Silva wants to leave City according to Pep. He says “two or three” want to leave and will be allowed if they bring a reasonable offer to the club.

    As thought, Grealish and Kane in means casualties.

  4. Mee

    It’s not that hard. If Xhaka, Elneny and Bellerin start the Brentford game, we will struggle. If the trio of doom is selected for the Chelsea game, no need watching unless you’re a sucker for pain. Peak Maldini let alone White cannot mitigate for those three clowns. Just watch Bellerin get penalised for a foul throw like a four year old. I know this will happen and it will cost us points. Arteta does too but does he care?

  5. DivineSherlock

    We have made just one change to our starting lineup from last season , a team that finished 8th and not one permanent sale . We are a week away from starting the season . Nice preparation

  6. bacaryisgod

    The real problem right now seems to be the disparity between England (and a few ‘Super League’ clubs like Barcelona) and most of Europe in how much we’re paying the players. It’s great to be able to outbid European teams for the best talent but if a player becomes unwanted he’s very hard to shift.

    Look at Barcelona. They’ve begged off the Messi contract because they can’t move players out and reduce their payroll. The ones who teams want (Pedri, Fati), Barcelona won’t sell to keep Messi and the others like Dembele and Griezmann are in a no man’s land. Too expensive for most and not great value for the teams that could afford them.

  7. Champagne Charlie


    Maddison for me, 2 years younger and with everything to prove which suggests he’d come with outrageous hunger.

    But I love Bernardo Silva and said a year ago he was a player we should be all over because he wasn’t getting the games he deserved at City.

    Ideally we’d nail both, have Partey as a #6 and Maddison/Bernardo #8’s with ESR/Saka inverted wingers behind a fully firing Auba.

  8. Mee

    Bernado Silva would improve us massively. He rarely ever gets dispossessed and is always looking to attack. Very good dribbler and a good decision maker in the final third. Can play CM, AM or wings. Much better than Maddison

  9. DivineSherlock

    Bernardo Silva in a heartbeat . He can be the closest we can come to replicate Cazorla . Can play as no. 10 if required and would link up well with ESR . Instantly improves our midfield.

  10. TR7


    Bernardo Silva is aesthetically pleasing but Maddison has more output and can have more impact on results. Ideally we offload Pepe and get both of them in but Maddison my first choice.

  11. raptora

    Maddison probably gives you more certain numbers in his game. He probably will give you these numbers regardless of the team around him and without needing too much time to fit in.

    I know I’ve been advocating for Bernardo for months but he could be our new Cazorla or our new Mkhitaryan. In order to unlock his really high potential, he would need more than a couple of things to tick. In addition he looks like a fragile human. Not sure he’ll be the right fit with Arteta in charge. Wenger, yes.

    Thing is, he likes to dictate play, touch the ball a lot, he has a class passing. Do we have a lot of players that he’ll be able to combine and be comfortable to pass to knowing they won’t eff up the attack? Bernardo might not be a sustainable player on his own.

    Get Aoaur and Bernardo to give you control, Pepe and Auba to give you pace and end product (Saka will have that this season) and Saka, ESR and Martinelli for the fight and all round game.

    An offensive unit like that, sounds very fkin good.

  12. TR7

    Saka is a very similar player to Bernardo Silva as far as I am concerned. But we don’t have a Maddison type player who can play both in central midfield and in more advanced areas and also score from open play and dead ball situations.

  13. WengerEagle

    Big Sal Bonpensiero

    Bernardo Silva for me, a level above Maddison as a technician without losing the off the ball pressing or edge that Maddison provides you with. They’re like for like for direct goal actions in G/A with Maddison edging it by just 1 G/A [21 goals, 15 assists vs 15 goals, 20 assists] over their 3 seasons together in the Premier League albeit Maddison has played more minutes but I feel that Bernardo offers you more in the middle third of the pitch than Madders does in terms of build-up and moving through congestion.

    I also think that a lot of people are too radical on the Under’s age bracket recruitment this summer. Citeh just dropped a record one hundred million on a 26 year old, Chelsea are about to break that on a 28 year old Lukaku.

    B Silva is just turning 27, he still has a lot of prime football in front of him. I also feel like he’s never really been allowed to be a central creative force for Citeh with KDB and others afforded more opportunities and time on the ball, he thrived in that creative role for Monaco and imo would for us too.

    Aouar for a cut-price deal would still be my top choice though as it allows us to strengthen elsewhere too without compromising on the ability of a Silva or Maddison in CAM seeing as how the Xhaka business confirms what most of us including Marc most vocally called months ago upon hearing the bollocks being spouted on here about us having a massive KSE gifted warchest to freely spunk this summer along with everyone and their demented Pops supposedly wanting a piece of all of our deadwood for lofty sums which has also turned out to be a load of bollocks.

    Happy Birthday Northbanker, 60s a big one.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    What has Kroenke got to do with the decision not to sell Xhaka to Roma for the money which is on offer?

    Roma failed to meet Arsenal’s valuation and they chose to keep him. End of story.

  15. Valentin

    On twitter, some people are losing their shit, because Messi gave a compliment to Lacazette.
    Let all be realistic, Messi is not joining Arsenal on a free to win the League Cup and play with Lacazette.

  16. WengerEagle


    He’s PL proven unlike Miki who wasn’t.

    Miki clearly still had the tekkers even here he just could barely move which nullified his effectiveness. He looks in much better shape over in Rome, seems he has undergone a Lukaku inspired physical transformation.

  17. WengerEagle

    N5 was a brilliant poster on here, one of the absolute best and probably the nicest guy.

    Which is hilarious that it was him IIRC that ‘offered you out’ to confront him in the pub that time Champagne Charlie, a complete crossing of wires because I know your form and despite being extremely opinionated and cut-throat, you’re for the overwhelmingly most part reasonable and fair in your takes as was N5 and it’s likely that you two would have cracked on well if he had continued posting longer. Was probably just a bad day on his, yours or both parties’ part, don’t even remember the incident.

  18. Emiratesstroller


    I am not going to respond to your stupid comments about me.

    Let’s just say that I don’t need to take lessons from you on how to make money.

    Kroenke for the record made most of his money and wealth out of property and not his sports franchises.

    Most football clubs are loss leaders and ego trips. Do you think that the owners of Man City
    have actually made money out of the club?

  19. TR7


    “Kroenke for the record made most of his money and wealth out of property and not his sports franchises.”

    I did not contest this point. I argued against your point that Kroenke bankrolled Partey transfer which is factually incorrect.

  20. salparadisenyc

    Good feedback LG loving the takes, i’m a bit twisted on that one other than to say we may need something more central and that would be Maddison. But idea of Aouar and Silva as 8s balling it out is pretty savage and could of been doable.

    Club needs a big engine right back to make it all tick though.

  21. Champagne Charlie


    Don’t think Chelsea and City spending massive money on 28 year olds is really the comparison to make when talking Arsenal. There’s no immediacy in what we’re doing at the very top end, and because of that we should be looking more keenly at 23/24 year olds instead of 26/27 year olds.

    Big difference having a nucleus of players turning 26 in two years than 28/29 and entering the sell or stay point in the career as value goes.

  22. raptora

    I’ve been crying out loud for Bernardo.

    I’m just not sure we have what it takes to give Bernardo the platform to succeed like I know he can. He can be that glue in the team, the player that everyone passes to all the time and knows the ball is in safe feet. He can really make a difference in a team that don’t really know what to do with the ball.

    What worries me is Arteta. 20 months in guy still doesn’t know his best CB pairing, his best RB, his best CF, his best left winger and so on. We don’t have a settled starting 11. It’s like starting a new season with zero information. Does Bernardo just join in and fits right in in the mess that Arteta has created/ struggled to fix? My money is that Maddison is the safer choice under Arteta as his low will not be as low as Bernardo’s.

  23. Emiratesstroller


    Leaving aside your rudeness.

    The point is that Arsenal bought Partey by handing over the “full” transfer fee to the Spanish
    Football Federation.

    The money was not as far as I am aware “borrowed” by the club to pay the fee so Kroenke has either financed the deal or released funds within club to pay for the player.

  24. Terraloon


    Kronke is an investor not a benefactor needed most of the American owners of EPL clubs are in it to at one point turn a profit.

    Man City owners like Roman Abromavic don’t lend money to their clubs with any sort of interest attached they either increase equity or inject cash without charging interest.

    Kronke on the other hand took a £3 million sum out of the club and had there not been a major campaign then they almost certainly would be looking to do so again.

    Of course Stan ain’t strapped for cash but he simply isn’t funding the clubs debt it’s being loaded on the company and the debt will be serviced from Arsenals income.


  25. raptora

    Is it all that smart to shell 60m for Bernardo if he’s going to play on the wing and combine with Bellerin and Chambers? I’d rather we have a balanced, complete team, than splash a truck of money for 8 or 9/10 players in some positions, and 5 and 6/10 on other positions.

  26. Zfree

    I’ll start by saying I wouldn’t want Ings at arsenal that would be totally pointless. But the comparison to Laca, to include all the other comps Laca played in those seasons, not to mention one guy plays for Southampton and one plays for Arsenal…

    Premier league goals past two seasons:

    Laca – 23
    Ings – 34

    They each had 3 penalties in those 2 seasons so non penalty goal tallies are 20 and 31.

    Only Salah and Kane had more non-penalty goals than Ings in those 2 seasons, and the man plays for Soton.

  27. TR7

    “The money was not as far as I am aware “borrowed” by the club to pay the fee so Kroenke has either financed the deal or released funds within club to pay for the player”

    First of all, Arsenal PLC and Stan Kroenke are two separate entities. When audited numbers are out whatever money we paid for Partey will reflect in Arsenal P & L, not in Stan’s personal profit and loss account.

    In Arsenal balance sheet will Partey’s value as a player will reflect on the asset side and corresponding opposite entry will be made in cash and cash equivalent line item. In Stan’s balance sheet there will be no entry for Partey’s transfer. Stan is impacted only to the extent that Arsenal net worth has a bearing on his own net worth.

    So, Kroenke did not show any grand gesture by allowing Arsenal to release fund for Partey. Arsenal PLC funded the deal. So please never again say that Kroenke “bankrolled” Partey transfer. It is just that he didn’t veto Partey transfer which he possibly could have.

  28. Valentin


    I don’t know if and when Messi said it.
    Frankly I don’t really care, because I judge a player with my eyes and not by how many people endorsed him. Even Messi.

    Like I wrote, what amazed me is the number of people who got triggered by that tweet.

    I can only imagine if Messi had made an innocent comment about Xhaka.

  29. Emiratesstroller


    I am going to correct some of your theories.

    Kroenke did not personally take out of the club the £3 million. It was a consultancy fee paid to KSE at the time when Usmanov was still a major shareholder in club. If they had paid Kroenke a dividend then they would have had to pay all the shareholders including Usmanov.

    Second point Kroenke has invested a billion pounds in buying shares. So far as I am aware
    Kroenke or his companies have not taken a bean from Arsenal apart from the payment
    referred to above. Both he and Josh Kroenke don’t even draw a salary.

    Man City are currently under investigation because several of the sponsorship deals [revenue streams] are shams and in breach of fair play rules. I was doing business in Abu
    Dhabi in early 2000s and there is not a company in that country which does not have a
    local partner and many are totally dependent on their financial relationship with the Royal

    Chelsea are funded by Abramovich. I don’t want to dwell on how he made his money, but
    the Football Club is not remotely making money for him. Its a hobby.

  30. Valentin


    You are playing with the semantics and technicalities.

    Arsenal had a loan with covenants that imposed a certain level of reserve.
    In order to free the reserve amount, Arsenal had to repay the loan which implied a huge penalty fee making it financially nor commercially viable.
    So KSE borrowed from Kroenke’s wife at a low rate. He then proceeds to lend that money to Arsenal to repay the loan and the fee. The loan is on longer term, so the installment are lower, freeing some treasury funds but increasing the medium term debt.

    Having repaid the loan, Arsenal has now access to reserve funds. Use that reserve funds and other funds to buy Partey release clause in full.

    So yes, Arsenal had to borrow from KSE to finance the purchase of Partey. BTW Kroenke took a hair cut out of the loan. So he is making money on the loan to Arsenal, hardly the big spender you are portraying.

  31. andy1886

    Maddison for me over Bernardo – more end product. You have to allow for the fact that one plays for a club that creates multiple chances and dominates posession and the other plays for a counter-attacking side where chances are at a premium. If Bernardo racked up half his goals/assists numbers at Arsenal I’d be surprised.

  32. andy1886

    Laporta saying that keeping Messi would have put Barca at risk financially for the next 50 years. Hyperbole for sure but anyone thinking that AFC should try and sign him and take a similar risk is off their head.

  33. DigitalBob

    Bernado Silva is superb, if he wants out and is available for a similar amount to Odegaard then I’d prefer his proven talent over Ode’s potential.

    When it comes to Maddison or Bernado Silva, if what Rogers says is true it could be a very long negotiation with Leicester City and that may not even result in the player coming to Arsenal.

    For that reason I’d enquire about Silva.

    Always easier to go for a player that has been vocal in wanting out as opposed to one that remains on the fence.

  34. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal is the subsidiary of KSE and is a privately owned company. The owner of both entities is Kroenke.

    The Final Accounts for Arsenal for year ending June 2021 have not yet been published and
    the Partey transaction was concluded in that period.

    I repeat that there is no evidence that the club have borrowed the money to buy him. It has
    either come from reserves within club or from elsewhere within Kroenke Empire.

    What I have said previously and I have no reason to change my mind is that since Kroenke
    has become the owner of the club he has changed direction. He is prepared to invest in the
    team and is no longer applying a strict self financing regime at the club.

  35. andy1886

    “I repeat that there is no evidence that the club have borrowed the money to buy him. It has
    either come from reserves within club or from elsewhere within Kroenke Empire.”

    We don’t have any reserves! We had to borrow £100m+ from the government and then re-finance that.

    Are you saying it’s a ‘gift’ from Kroenke? It’s against FA and UEFA rules for owners to gift money to clubs.

  36. Emiratesstroller


    “You are playing with semantics.”

    I would suggest that this comment applies to what you have posted.

    I have always maintained that the Kroenke family wealth includes his wife even if she is not
    included in the company records.

    I would be very surprised if she does not have a big say when it comes to decisions about family finances.

  37. TR7


    “What I have said previously and I have no reason to change my mind is that since Kroenke
    has become the owner of the club he has changed direction. He is prepared to invest in the
    team and is no longer applying a strict self financing regime at the club.”

    Valentin and I explained you all the technicalities and yet you come up with meaningless sentences like “he is prepared to invest in the team”. Arsenal didn’t take any loan but did get their earlier loan replaced by another loan with lower repayment. Besides it freed up debt service reserve of 23M. On the dint of free reserve and lower current liability of loan Arsenal could fund the transfer from ITS OWN BALANCE SHEET, NOT FROM KROENKE’S BALANCE SHEET. Instead of trying to understand these technicalities you come up with ‘you guys could never manage a dinner with any billionaire in life so what the fuck do you know” type of stuff and then accuse others of being rude when confronted.

  38. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    The Government Loan is a short term arrangement.Thousands of businesses in UK have taken
    advantage of these arrangements.

    Arsenal like all other Football Clubs have had significant reduction is their revenues during
    2019-20. So why not take advantage of this facility.

    You keep talking like Arsenal and the Kroenke family are going bust.

  39. andy1886

    Not at all ES, I’m simply of the opinion, based on the known facts, that AFC did pay for Partey through funding from a loan or loans and that the purchase was not funded directly from Stan K.

    Just for your information only two PL clubs accessed this givernment loan scheme, Spurs and Arsenal. The loan has already been repaid from the most recent loan taken out earlier this year.

    Regardless of if the funds come from the owner (Ambramovich or Kroenke) they are still debts that the club are legally obliged to service and pay and the club is a seperate legal entity from Stan K and all of his other holdings.

    The only difference if that whereas Ambramovich is in no hurry to get his money back Stan certainly will and will also make a return on that loan.

  40. Zacharse

    Not so sure you get kroenkes motives w arsenal…apart from having the ability to inject money into KSE pretty much at will, he’s also not as interested in the sustainable model as we’re meant to believe. His number 1 goal is to hang on to the emirates and the other properties. Doing that means making sure
    The emirates is at capacity. Doing that means making the team more competitive. Doing that means spending on par w chelsea utd city. Doing that means revising the budget. He can and will happily use debt to accomplish this knowing it means he doesnt have to entertain a sale which is his least favored option.
    Also the fine for the rams is currently at 700m not multiple billions as I believe you may have accidentally written before. Probably will wind up being leas
    Than that tho…

  41. Gentlebris

    I knew all along that we were waiting for something to happen and hence the reason we had not moved for an attacking midfielder which is the team’s most obvious need…and maybe that was the same reason we were casual about Buendia.

    Our guys in charge were waiting for JG to move so we could tap Silva.

    Expect Silva announcement as a gooner imminently.

  42. Gentlebris


    There is a reason Aulas is aching to sell at half the previous price. Not covid, because he insisted on £50m when the covid panic was at it’s peak.

    So no need for a warpath.

  43. Chris

    Bernardo is a player I have long admired. Very classy, technical and creative but also something of a work horse, fantastic engine.

    We have the Arteta connection, he may be open to the move. He would upgrade us instantly. I can already imagine how he would interact with Saka and ESR, he would help to bring more out of those two.

    There is much to be liked about the potential signings of either Bernardo or Maddison, either of them would change the game for us in midfield.

  44. andy1886

    Zach, yup I understand that, my point was that any spending on Partey wasn’t due to a ‘gift’from Kroenke as ES suggested but was paid for by borrowing that the entity Arsenal Holdings is liable for.

    RE The Rams yes if I suggested that the fine was in billions that was an error, I saw figures up to $700m, the billions spent were in buying the franchise and building the stadium.

  45. Emiratesstroller


    I am sorry but I am sure that I understand legal corporate structures as well if not better than

    Arsenal is a “private company”. The holding company is KSE who are owned by the Kroenke
    family. There is no evidence to date that Kroenke has leveraged the club as is the case with
    Manchester United.

    The only loan, which has been taken out by Arsenal is the Government Loan which was
    taken out to cover running costs.

    The previous bank loan taken out by Stan Kroenke was not secured on assets of company
    and was guaranteed by his wife.

    There is no evidence to date that the club has borrowed money to buy Partey.

    Companies as opposed to Partnerships are of course separate entities, but in the 21st Century
    no bank or financial institution is going to lend money which is unsecured. That will apply
    to both a fixed loan and bank overdraft facility.