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So, we’re entering the final run of the transfer window. This is where things will likely get a little bit rough for the impatient among us.

There are two positions that are a priority for Arsenal. The absolute guarantee you can make is that Arsenal is going to sign themselves a #10. This is happening, do not fear, we’re going to bring someone into that role. I think the two priorities are likely Martin Odegaard, who comes with complications… and possibly James Maddison, who will also be tough to wrestle from Leicester primarily because there’s a lot of money needed to move on him. It’s not in doubt though, the window will not end without a name there.**

**Worth noting a snippet of news that slinked out a couple of days ago. Maddison apparently has a 15% sell on clause in his contract, inserted by Norwich. Emi Buendia was a target for Arsenal, we shied away, I suspect that sort of sell-on clause was pushed our way and we said no. Rightly so at £40m, if you were lucky enough to resell him at £60m, you’d be handing over £9m, taking your profit to £11m. Anyway, main point here, we’ve already made moves on a #10, it’s part of the budget.

The next position the club will likely work hard to work on is right back. This is where it’ll be tough for fans, because it’ll be a one in one out situation here (maybe even two out). Bellerin is with his agent in London right now, likely trying to loosen the vice we have on his tenure here… Arsenal want a sale, Hector is a known quantity, he’s at his peak, and PSG apparently offered £30m for him last season. Then you have Cedric or Cal Chambers, who’d probably struggle to find a buyer, but one will have to move for on loan for Arsenal to sanction cash for a new right back.

Central midfield is where things might make us a little sad. The Granit Xhaka contract stories yesterday were a bolt from the blue. I have no idea what is going on there or whether it’s true… but here’s what is likely a fact. Arteta likes Xhaka, he doesn’t see him as a major problem, so if he stays, he’ll be fine. Roma is clearly interested, but if they don’t pony up, Arsenal would rather keep him around than sanction a shite deal that stifles their ability to replace him. This position, 100%, is a one in one out as things stand. If you want Bruno to replace Xhaka, there will have to be an actual fee for Granit.

It’s the same story in attack. David Ornstein just shared that Arsenal moved really did move on Lautaro Martínez… BUT… they wanted to see if they were interested in taking Lacazette in return. Which was a big fat no by the sounds of things. We can’t add to our striking unit if there’s no space for talent.

I see a lot of ‘ARTETA SAID HE’D BE RUTHLESS THIS SUMMER’ and I remember the quotes well. But part of being ruthless is telling other clubs to give you actual money for your good players. Granit gave a very good showing last season, he had a top Euros, he’s 28 years old, we cannot be accepting £12m for him (even though many of us would like to)… because we have needs as a club as well. If Roma is not serious, they’ll have to look elsewhere.

I think where you will see movement very shortly is with some of the English players. Ainsley, Reiss, Eddie and Willock are all likely going to have to find themselves new clubs and it does appear there is a bit of interest in all of them.

‘WHAT ABOUT RAMSDALE’ well, this quote from Arteta yesterday gives you a little bit of a view into Arsenal’s approach this summer.

“Ben is an intelligent defender who is very comfortable with the ball at his feet and his style fits perfectly with us. And of course, he is still young, so his age and profile fits with what we are building here. We are all looking forward to Ben being central to our future long-term plans.”

This summer, so far, has not looked like a typical Edu run out in the park. It looks like the analysts are finally having a bigger say on who we sign. Ben White took everyone by surprise because most normal fans weren’t looking at him last season, but he clearly has a set of unique talents we need. Sambi Lokonga, a player who seems to have it all, was on not one soul’s radar this summer. Tavares is raw, but he looks like he has all the qualities to be a top talent. Arsenal is identifying the qualities they need for our system and acting on them. I have no idea what they are looking at in Ramsdale, but they seem to have found something they think is valuable to our system and it’s not a recco from the keeping coach.

Obviously, the big question you have then is… are the analysts any good? We’ll see, but if it’s a choice of Ramsdale because they’ve found something others aren’t looking at, or Neto, because a palm has been greased somewhere, I’ll go with the smarts (as long as it’s a very good price and I don’t for one minute believe we’re offering £36m). White, Lokonga and Tavares look like smart buys, Ramsdale is a confusing one, but let’s see what it’s all about. Main point here… it’s a new day and the ideas will absolutely have been thought through based on a profile not a favour.

So, to conclude, outside a CAM that will definitely arrive, we’re at the phase of the summer where incoming players will only happen if exits accompany them. It’s frustrating, but one of the biggest issues last season was having senior players without squad places, and the toxic waste it causes to the whole club. Edu cannot allow that to happen again this summer, so he’ll have to get his Romford Market selling hat on and start moving some bodies.

Only thing you can take a positive from is that the market really isn’t in free flow at the moment, no club is selling deadwood for millions, and none of the clubs that usually buy it up have been spending. Just be happy that KSE is actually pushing cash around this summer, because if this apology tour wasn’t happening, we’d be bumming around like we did last year moving nowhere fast.

£110m is likely going to be the top out of expenditure (assuming £40m for CAM), we’ll need to raise cash for anything else from there. That’s an educated guess btw, but not bad considering we finished 8th and have no Europe.

Fingers crossed the summer is going to kick up with some sales, we need them.



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  1. Matt

    I don’t feel like there is one competent person at any level within this club.

    I actually feel like giving this season a miss as I don’t think I want to put myself through the inevitable shit that is going to unfold.

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Just got in … How long is party injured for ?

    Still in shock bout xhara staying…season over already .. Wilcox gotta start now … Right?

  3. Thorough

    I’ve said it a thousand and one times, Arteta’s greatest flaw is not seeing what’s right before him.

    How can a good coach watch Xhaka for 2 years and think you can’t get better b2b or CM than him?

    How can a good coach dying for a Cam better than ESR, watch Odegard for 6 months, and think he’s the one to move us forward?

    How can a coach decide after double digit game that Cedric is better than Bellerin then dump the same Cedric immediately a returning CD in the mold of Chambers show up?

    I won’t even start with dumb decisions on Martinez, Guen and Saliba.

    But this guy has made so many stinking decision in such a short time I don’t see how he moves us forward even if they give him the vault.

    Win UCL in 3 years my foot!

  4. Leftside

    I actually feel like giving this season a miss as I don’t think I want to put myself through the inevitable shit that is going to unfold.

    Honestly, that might not be a bad idea. This football club aren’t even trying to give the impression that they want to improve and get Arsenal back into the CL.

  5. James wood.

    SPUTTER SPUTTER Nothing’s changed here.
    Drab performance by most of the player’s.
    With the worry that if we do hit a patch of form
    😏😏😏😏 the likely candidates will get injured.
    PARTEY – Tierney need more cotton wool behind
    their pads -dire state of affairs .

  6. WengerEagle

    I’m going to give it until the end of the window but with just 12 days to go until the Brentford season opener and still no new CAM, CM partner for Partey, RB and 2nd GK signed along with Tets u-turning on the Xhaka sale and Partey potentially out for a spell things are looking pretty bleak.

  7. TR7

    “We shouldn’t play from the back no more, we are shit at it”

    We can’t take the aerial route either. There’s nobody in our midfield and in attack who can win aerial duels.

  8. Pierre

    I get the feeling that Holding was trying to play like Ben White instead of playing his natural game.

    All we have been hearing is how White presses and plays on the front foot and intercepts.

    For me, Holding is a solid performer at the back when he maintains position alongside his fellow centre back.
    he likes to see the play in front of him and the more he wanders out wide or into midfield areas he is like a fish out of water.
    I presume that Holding was playing to Arteta’s orders, if so they were the wrong orders as it left Mari continually exposed , especially as Tierney and Chambers play so high …maybe Arteta expected Elneny to drop back and fill the gap …i don’t know.

    What i do know is that if we continue to use this tactic it will be simple for teams to pick us off….it’s something of a headshaker as Mari and Hilding were our best partnership last season.
    Today it looked like they had never played together before..

    I just hope that today’s defensive perfor doesn’t mean that Arteta reverts back to the 3 at the back .

  9. raptora

    Arteta December 1 2020

    “We want to move to a 4-3-3 but for that, you need a lot of specificity in every position but now in five or six positions, we don’t have it.

    “The aggressiveness, the effectiveness, the amount of steals we make in opposition half I think we have been very steady against some big clubs.

    “I think that what we miss is in the opponent’s area and the last part of the pitch. We have to find the key in the attack, that last decision, that last pass, that last cross to create a goal situation, a goal, a shot, a corner, etc.”

    The 5-6 players he meant was after he had 1 Winter and 1 Summer in charge. Now after another Winter and ongoing Summer that don’t look all that positive, he’s only added White as a starting 11 player. I guess we are 4-5 players away at the moment.

    Maybe after 4-5 Summers in charge, he’ll have his team.

    I assume that selling Maitland Niles to Wolves and Xhaka to Hertha or Roma would have probably raised some money. Not paying millions to chubby Willian also could have helped, as well as giving a chance to one of the most talented CBs around instead of throwing 50m on another.

    Or maybe it’s all a set up that it’s never his fault, but the players’?!

    But that’s just me. The generational one knows best.

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Normally I would get upset bout this ..but I’m of the age now that I couldn’t care less about the club… Still watch but not with the same passion

    Also 10 years since I gave up ST… Gave up not leased out like other unscrupulous MFs…

  11. Leftside

    We are in footballing hell because I would take later Wenger over Arteta in a heartbeat. At least Wenger had it at one stage. Arteta doesn’t and will never have it. When he is sacked here I’d be amazed if he landed a semi decent management job.

  12. Pierre

    “We can’t take the aerial route either. There’s nobody in our midfield and in attack who can win aerial duels.”

    Without wishing to push Willock too much, if anyone in our midfield has the physique to contest the ball and keep it …Willock can..

    It’s either that or use the tried and tested Sam Allardyce method of the keeper kicking it into touch.

    I hated watching Allardyce do it and I would detest watching an Arsenal side do it….sadly it could happen .

  13. TR7

    Even if Roma are offering a couple of millions less than what we want, we should have let go of Xhaka. I mean we have paid 20M more for White but in case of Xhaka we can’t take a hit of 1-2 million, absolutely mind boggling decision making. I am sure the increased wages to Xhaka in the new contract will cost us much more than 1-2 million for which we refused to sell him to Roma.

  14. Sid

    Holding is Not solid in any way, i remember Lampard instructing Pedro to run between him and Bellerin and it exposed him badly

  15. Habesha Gooner

    August 1, 2021 18:22:22
    Wenger would use Sagna to win aerial balls, Chambers could do it but Diet Pep is clueless

    😂😂😂😂 I am dying here.

    At least we should go for Onana if we truly are going for playing out from the back. Also Xhaka needs to be binned to play out from the back because he is not press resistant at all. He folds under average pressure.

    Wenger used Sagna multiple times when we were struggling to play out with average midfielders. Arteta though is very rigid so there is no other way to play.

  16. andy1886

    Thoughts how Pedro’s comments from 12th June 2021 have aged?

    “The fact Xhaka is moving at basically 29 to a fairly big Italian club shows that there’s a market for our talent this summer.

    If Arsenal can raise £100m, which we’re almost 30% of the way there now, then there’s a chance our summer could be a £200m one. Arsenal paid back the Government loan and took out another £120m via Barclays. In a world of cheap capital, why not invest in the dip?

    Joe Willock – £20m

    Hector – £30m

    Reiss – £10m

    Leno – £25m

    Xhaka – £18m

    Matteo – £8m

    AMN – £20m

    Mavropanos – £15m

    Cal Chambers – £20m

    There are deals to be made this summer and clubs are going to deal with us.

    So in short, don’t shit your pants that we’re adding quality to our defence that we need. Our system doesn’t work without a ballplayer center-back and Saliba would be a huge risk to start there. What happened to Liverpool when they lost quality in defence? They dropped 30 points. What happened to City when they added Reuben Dias? He was one of their best players and they smashed the league. Uncomfortable defenders blow our system. A centre-back and right back that can invert move our attack forward.

    There will be new midfielders, no doubt. Xhaka needs replacing. Ceballos needs replacing.

    Don’t fret about the summer because the order makes no sense. Don’t fret about fees because there’s a complete plan about all the positions. Just worry about quality.”

  17. Habesha Gooner

    Is it confirmed? I am really annoyed. He was worth it. And for fairly cheap price. I remember Barcelona signing Suarez to sit out the first six months. But not us. We would rather not upgrade on Leno because of a 3 month ban. FFS.

  18. Davi

    Raptora – on Laca, my argument has always been simply that he’s the best we’ve got. Never said don’t sell, but if we do we need to replace because we have anyone better in the squad right now. Dont understand why he’s the one getting so much stick is all. He’s clearly not been the player we expected when he joined but always put in a shift even after being dropped, no sulking – he has the right attitude and he’s talented, just his finishing isn’t top class. He’s perfectly fine for any squad but agree he *shouldn’t* be Arsenal’s no1 striker because we should have someone better – we just don’t atm.
    Xhaka is a completely different situation – he’s not the sort of guy you keep as backup, he’s too influential (in a bad way), makes too many costly mistakes and doesn’t have the right attitude. We just need to sell.

  19. raptora

    It’s what I said about Dumfries. Mothafaka is 189 cm / over 6’2 tall and is in the 99% of aerial duels won. He’s a man mountain and will score and assist for free. Double pivot of Partey + say Bissouma and rampaging full backs would have been so fkin awesome. We’d be back to being scary again. We were not bad with Vieira and Petit now were we?

  20. Marko

    Andy as of right now we’ve spent 75 million and made zero on transfers out. 33% of the way there apparently.

    Oh Onana is a big miss for me very good keeper who in other circumstances goes for 30-50 million but Arteta has a problem with letting go and he might only try to sell Leno when he’s got a year left on his deal. Mikel is that smart

  21. Dissenter

    The tabloid gist is that we passed on Onana because Ajax wanted a 15% sell on fee

    Same club that reportedly agreed to a £20 milli self on fee atop the £50 million plus 5 performance triggered bonuses for White

  22. MD-Gunner

    WE “we get the bargain Ramsdale for 25m+.”

    Sorry to tell you but Sheffield is determined to hold out for £30mil.

    So how does everyone feel now about the points total from the first 6 games with TP being injured?

    For me max 4 realisticly more like 2.

  23. Rambo

    Pedro is now like one of those “Eternal Spring” characters from Untold.

    I remember the same bunch here as well all through the Window waiting for the Sun to shine on the Arse. Nothing changes with these people, after the Window closes it’ll be ”I’m not gonna judge him 10 games into the season”, then it’ll be “Lets see till November”, then it’ll be “I’m gonna wait and see till Window winter closes before passing judgment”, then it’ll be “Lets wait till season end”.

    Then the Cycle starts all over again

    These guys must be the ones the lottery industry depends on.

  24. raptora

    Yeah, what you say it’s exactly correct.

    I just wished that the people with power were actually passionate about bringing success to our club. Which would have meant selling a 50m striker that hasn’t really proved that he can become top class. Laca should have been moved years ago same as Xhaka and Mustafi – expensive and not good enough.

    Our reserves should be either cheap and reliable like Chelsea did with Giroud, or talented young players that can climb the ranks to starters or we can sell them for good money like Nketiah. Our starters

    Our starters should be better than the likes of £125m Xhaka, Mustafi and Laca, and we should have seen that years ago and get rid on time or never even bring them to begin with. That we handed extensions to Xhaka and Mustafi is beyond farcical. It’s shocking.

  25. Pierre

    Maybe Wenger was a tactical genius that was too clever for the ordinary folk on Le Grove.

    How often did we get caught out passing from the back, from my memory very rarely.

    The transition from defence to midfield to attack was effortless unless the ref let the opposition kick shit out of us.

    For me , it’s all about the pace of the passing, the first touch , good movement, the one and 2 touch passing which involves speed of thought and superior technique.

    Xhaka and Elneny are not bad players but Wenger allowed himself to move away from the highly technical midfielder to the methodical hard working midfielder which in my eyes was a mistake .

    Wengèr was badly hampered by major injuries to Wilshere, Diaby , cazorla, Ramsey and Rosicky , without such a run of injuries i am sure we would have been league champions again , especially with RVP, Adebayor and Eduardo up top and the likes of Nasri , ox, walcott and Hleb out wide ..

    I think fans now understand his qualities and possibly regret giving Wenger such a hard time

  26. Distanced hairline

    Youre right pierre, most times i used to have something to say i enjoyed (the football) when we lost a game under wenger but since then its been gravels in my mouth and sawdust from my nostrils

  27. Bill

    Thankfully, a reality check before the transfer window closes.

    I opulent understand the optimism with the addition of one starting player – as yet another CB, when we desperately need a CM and AM.
    I couldn’t give a toss what the number of the shirt they wear.

    Maddison has said that he sees himself as an 8, not 10.
    Aouar can play in either position.

    Both are ‘big personalities’, but so was Tony Adams, Sol Campbell, Lens Lehmann, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry.
    We NEED big personalities who have a level of self belief and arrogance.

    I think Odegaard is a good player, but as I stated a while ago, he isn’t a game changer. We’ve seen him in his test drive. A nice, neat, tidy and reliable Toyota. We can’t afford a Ferrari 488 or Lamborgini Aventador but I’m sure as Hell think we could get a Tesla Model S, BMW ..well you get the picture.

    And now we’re stuck with a Renault with a turning circle and acceleration of an oil tanker.

  28. Samesong

    Brentford will do us next weekend. If I was their manager I would be looking to press our back line. And also read le grove.