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We’re going to BREEZE through the news today because there’s a real lack of it.

BEN WHITE was spotted sneaking out of Colney yesterday. The English centre back, who wears white suits, and would definitely make a pass at your mum, looks set to join in a deal that is pretty damn mind-blowing for a club that was so skint last year they were growing vegetables on pitch 6 to stock the canteen.

So are we hyped for Ben? Absolutely. I’ve been breathing in some elite propaganda from around the internet and I’m all in on this lad.

Firstly, my uncle is a huge Leeds fan, he said the player had no real weaknesses, bar aerially, but he’s not shocking. ‘He’s a Rolls Royce of a defender, son’ is what he said.

Mr Bielsa won the Championship with the centre back playing nearly every game, conceding 35 goals across 46 games. Pretty decent when you consider how Leeds play.

More propaganda? Foden and Saka were asked who’d impressed them the most at training camp, they both picked Ben White. He wasn’t even in the full squad, so he must have been doing something right. How about Sergio Ramos IDing the player when he was on loan at Newport?

How about some data to inject right into the HYPE part of your brain? Chun Hang penned this piece over at Medium. I’ll steal one of his graphs.

Ben White isn’t just a good passer that can move the ball out the back with precision under pressure. He’s basically a midfielder that prefers defending.

‘Perhaps the real reason White is sought after by many is due to his ability on the ball. The defender exudes a sense of calmness as he strides down the pitch with the ball from box to box. His pace alongside his ball control has makes him untouchable at times, with defenders struggling to put a foot through him as he dribbles with the ball. His ball progression abilities help the Seagulls get the entire team up the pitch, instantly creating overloads which causes teams problems. Last season, White completed 0.69 dribbles per90, which is only second to his team-mate Dan Burn (0.74 per90), who played the majority of the season as a left wingback.’

David Luiz had this skill that was much more effective when he was younger, but imagine Arsenal having a centre back that can has progressive pass numbers up there with Harry McG, combined with the ability to break the lines on his own by moving at speed with tight control? That is a bag of unpredictability we don’t have at the moment. Arteta and Edu appear to be adding players all over the pitch that move the ball faster and give the team more options. Very good stuff.

We still need to move on other positions, the CAM is absolutely key. The ITK that dropped the Madders news is now backtracking that Arsenal might prefer to spend more money elsewhere, so he might not land at Arsenal. Makes sense, it’s what most of us suspected. Martin Odegaard for £35m seems much better value at this point and the stories coming out of Spain suggest the player love Madrid but he feels better at Arsenal.

I also want to clarify the idea that Odegaard can’t pick up positions out wide. He picked up 6 goals and 6 assists there during his spell at Vitesse. I’m pretty sure he’s said that he likes to operate there because he can attack more. Anyway, point being, there’s more flex in his game than people give credit.

No movement on a backup keeper, our right-backs are all still here, Xhaka still hasn’t moved… it’s very, very slow out there. Hard to be too savage on Edu, you can’t complain about the lack of sales if he’s telling clubs to f*ck off with their derisory bids. There’s not a lot of players moving at the moment, we’re either going to have a slow summer in general, or things will heat up as club look to deal with the savage deflationary pressures in the game. I suspect one of the things the club are cognizant of is our bloated squad and what that did to the club at the start of last summer… better to keep Xhaka than sign his replacement and have him benched. We need to have a lean squad come the end of the window so everyone feels they have a chance to play. Bloated positions combined with big names without squad numbers nearly ended Arteta last time around, there will be no such errors in this system this time… which is why I have big doubts on us spending on a right-back as things stand.

Anyway… let’s see if there’s big news coming.

Let’s see if there’s a Friday news drop. Until then, check out the podcast OR the video.



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  1. WengerEagle


    Fuck off with what?

    I have always been consistent with my views on Luiz, I used to bat for him on here on the regular vs Ishola who despised him.

    But he’s being made out to have been far more influtential on the side than he has been this past season.

    Comparing his influence to 2012 Van Persie is one of the most retarded things I have ever seen on here.

  2. TR7


    Throwing buzzwords such as binary in every post doesn’t make you smart. Don’t pretend you are very subtle and nuanced. You should be the last person on this blog to talk about objectivity.

  3. KAY Boss

    Varane, Upa and Konate were never joining us. White is been slandered for no reason other than his huge transfer fee. I don’t get why some get opinionated about a player before he even kicks a ball for the club. Allow the guy to settle first and at least draw your conclusion. Viera, Henry and Bergkamp are club legends when they bare featured for their respective clubs prior to joining Arsenal. It’s no guarantee that players rivals have signed will be hits. Naby Keita cones to mind.
    Oh and regarding Xhaka, let me leave it here

  4. PhD2020

    DissenterJuly 30, 2021 16:44:46
    It’s amazing how people who keenly watched Brighton last season and NEVER noticed Ben White have become the biggest defenders of his signing

    Same as the posters who admit they haven’t seen much of Ramsdale and yet post numbers to defend his pending signing.

    Yeah a bit weird that….

    Magic roundabouts if you ask me.

  5. China1

    I always say that stats must pass the eye test so I don’t think these tell a complete picture but here are some kinda interesting stats last season comparing luiz and balding

    Rob 30 Luiz 20

    Rob 0 luiz 1

    Rob 1 luiz 0

    Total passes
    Rob. 1800 Luiz 998

    % passes forwards
    Rob 34% Luiz 36%

    Pass completion
    Rob. 87% Luiz 83%

    Big chances created
    Rob 0 luiz 1

    Through balls
    Rob 0 luiz 3

    Clean sheets
    Rob 11 luiz 3

    For blocks, interceptions, tackles, aerial duels won, successful tackles, clearances, headed clearances Rob averages give or take double luiz’s numbers in only 50% more games.

    I wouldn’t read a huge amount into any given number because they’re only indicative and all – but it doesn’t surprise me since I think Luiz’s contribution has been enormously overstated. Our best period of the season had a Mari holding combination. I also think holding is only our third best CB. The idea that Luiz needed to be replaced by a 50m player is kinda crazy considering rob holding had a better season than he did and is absolutely not top class.

    Luiz has this ability a bit like a certain someone in midfield to convince them he’s doing more and better than he is. Luiz is still living off the street cred of pinging those awesome long diagonal balls to auba to run in and score from that he was doing in artetas first season even tho that long since ended as a tactic

  6. PhD2020

    WengerEagleJuly 30, 2021 17:00:36
    CharlieFuck off with what?

    I have always been consistent with my views on Luiz, I used to bat for him on here on the regular vs Ishola who despised him.But he’s being made out to have been far more influtential on the side than he has been this past season.

    Comparing his influence to 2012 Van Persie is one of the most retarded things I have ever seen on here.


    “Comparing his influence to 2012 Van Persie is one of the most retarded things I have ever seen on here.”


  7. Emiratesstroller


    I think that you misunderstand Arsenal’s transfer business.

    At the beginning of transfer window the following positions in squad needed to be filled:
    GK [2ND STRING] To replace Ryan.
    CB To replace Luiz. White is the replacement.
    LB [2ND STRING] left vacant following departure on loan of Kolasinac.
    CMF To replace Ceballos. Lokonga is that replacement.
    AMF To replace Odegaard
    CF [3RD STRING] to replace Nketiah who will be sold if he does not sign new contract. Balogun is that replacement.

    So currently there are still two vacancies in squad to replace Ryan and Odegaard.

    There are three other players in last season’s squad who could leave this summer. These are
    Bellerin, Xhaka and Lacazette. Bellerin is unlikely to be replaced if he leaves. Xhaka and
    Lacazette would need to be replaced if they leave.

    This leaves three other players on the books who were out on loan last season. Torreira,
    Willock and AMN. I don’t think that the club will have difficulty in offloading any of these

    What is of course true is that Arsenal are finding it difficult to make sales at their valuation.
    My guess is that may only be relevant if we need to replace Xhaka and possibly Odegaard.