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Mad times at Hotel Rumour Mill. We are being linked with MANY players and some of those rumours refuse to go away. One thing is clear, we have profiles we’re targetting, with many options that are moving targets. That’s great news, years gone by, there was one target and then we were done.

First big one, Aaron Ramsdale, Arsenal #2 for… £30m.

I can’t really suss it out. That sort of cash seems extremely rich when we have a very, very competent #1 in Bernd Leno. The young keeper clearly has talent, he’s capped for England, but he doesn’t boast any outrageous qualities we couldn’t pick up elsewhere for less outside youth and Englishness. When a player like Onana is moving to Marseille for sub £10m, you really have to wonder what is going on here.

The other side of this is that Bernd Leno hasn’t signed a new deal yet. The keeping coach that hasn’t delivered is still here. What is going on there? Most players we have going into the final two years of their contracts want a new deal, I’m not so sure that’s Bernd Leno who told the club before the end of the season he wanted out.

One thing I will say, you can bemoan Martinez being sold last summer, but you can’t say we sold him only to buy back homegrown. We sold Emi because he asked out of the club. £30m for Ramsdale seems nuts, but we didn’t push the Argentine out, he just didn’t like that he wasn’t being given a guarantee to start last season.

New rumour: I asked Johnny on The Arsenal Opinion podcast where this leadership was coming from that Mikel Arteta has been talking about. None of the players we’ve moved on so far have the experience to really step into that role this season. Then bang, out of nowhere, it became totally obvious… Jordan Henderson. Sky Sports are linking Arsenal with the 31-year-old and you really wouldn’t be shocked. Can he lead? Yes. Does he know how to win things? Yes. Would Liverpool cash in on a 31-year-old? Yes. Henderson has never been a sexy player, nor earned the respect his game probably deserved, but could he add something to our midfield if Xhaka is moved on? Likely.

Next on the Brit list: Tammy Abraham.

Again, another weird signing. The young England striker isn’t exactly in favour over at Chelsea. He’ll be looking for game time this year in the hope of securing a place in the World Cup squad. There are very, very meek ITK suggestions that we’re in pole position to sign him. It just seems an extremely weird signing.

Firstly, I don’t see Auba or Lacazette going anywhere this summer. They are on mega contracts and they can’t even attract smoke this window. Secondly, Folarin Balogun was just given a kick into the first-team squad, he signed a 5-year deal, and he looks the business every time we see him given a sniff in the first team. Abraham blocks his path and clogs up the forward line.

What is there to like about him? Well, he has a physical profile we lack. His height and pace is similar to where Adebayor was at his age (23). He’s also pretty reliable for goals in the now. It wouldn’t be a bad move, but it would be very confusing without a serious shuffle of the pack this summer.

In an interesting twist of fate, fans are now looking at the Ruben Neves signing differently as it would appear that United is in the mixer for his talents.

Another rumour that won’t die is the Locatelli one. There’s two ways this one is going. We’re either being used as a wedge to get Juventus to cough up some actual money for Sassuolo’s prized asset… or we are the only club in that mixer that has the money for the player. To put the tiny Italian club’s numbers in context, over the course of a decade, they made a profit of €1.6m, their record transfer is €2m, the most they’ve ever received for a player is €12m. Arsenal waving £40m in their direction is game-changing, I’m not sure they could really agree to let mega-rich Juve bully them into a 2-year loan in the current climate. I’d also be surprised if the player would waste a year on subpar wages to wait in the hope Juve will be loaded next summer.

So, it would seem that the transfer window is taking us in quite a British direction, which would see a reboot of Project British Youth. Who knows where that’ll end up, but I won’t be complaining about Arsenal signing young hungry players with a point to prove. There’s a tweet doing the round complaining about us signing these players because they don’t have fashionable profiles… let me remind you of some profiles we’ve tried.

‘Swiss captain, best passer in the Bundesliga’

‘World Cup-winning right back’

‘Heavily trophied Brazilian winger that offers control in the final third’

‘Keeper with the most clean-sheets in Premier League history’

‘Greatest Swiss right-back of all time’

Some players with unsexy profiles that have banged.

‘Right wing-back from Juventus’

‘Failed French midfielder from AC Milan’

‘Mohawk kid from Halmsteads’

‘Guy that had a heart attack from Inter reserves’

Sexy comp videos aren’t everything.


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  1. Tom

    I truly hope these transfer rumors are just that, a made up rumors, because if not, then Arteta’s squad building abilities equal those of a spastic monkey’s puzzle assembling skills.

  2. WengerEagle

    Musa Barrow at Bologna is the kind of player we should be targeting.

    All-round package in that he’s an outstanding athlete, he is capable of playing LF or down the middle, technically sound, creates for himself, good passing numbers for a forward, can play with his back to goal.

    Yet to become clinical in front of goal (17 Serie A goals in 1.5 seasons of football) but he is feeding off of scraps at Bologna and imo can explode at a bigger team that creates more chances/affords him more room to operate.

    Still just 22. Gettable for much less than Tammy, that’s for sure.

  3. TR7

    We can sign any two of Neto, Onana and Johnstone to replace Leno without any net investment. Instead we are keen on Ramsdale for 30M.

    We could have signed Maddison for the money spent on White.

    30M on Tammy won’t be judicious use of our funds either.

    Edu and Arteta need to make smart decisions else we are doomed to fail once again.

  4. Champagne Charlie

    We’re overhauling the creative ability of the side with a CM and AM. Get one of them righty and we’re much improved, get both right and it’s night and day. I will always favour a CF like Benzema, but you have to consider where we are and what we have on the books already.

    Because Abraham represents reliability of output now while we have both Balogun and Martinelli developing. He’s also got ample scope to improve and develop himself.

    Abraham is exactly what Giroud was for us, a B-tier striker we can lean on for a certain level of performance. Reliable has its value when you have young players in the mix.

  5. WengerEagle

    Finishes well off of both feet, very good at first time passes/knock-ons to put team mates through, can float left or through the centre which could be great in tandem with Martinelli down the line, beats defenders with ease even if his dribbling isn’t the smoothest and can score from any angle/range.

    Seriously impressed by this chap.

  6. Dissenter

    Crazy, is trying to place Nkettiah and Tammy Abraham on the same level.

    Like Charlie has been repeating over and over again, Tammy has proven himself at EVERY level, that Tuchel doesn’t rate him doesn’t reduce his recording any way.

  7. WengerEagle


    Giroud was putting up Abraham goalscoring numbers along with having a great link up game.

    Tammy’s link up game is non-existent. Not sure you can develop that to any great degree at 24+.

  8. DivineSherlock

    so many bad takes on here its embarrasing. , Tammy Abraham actually outscored Laca the season they were transfer banned . Its like Lukaku all over again for them, in the same vein of young player profiles we should get him. Sell Laca asap. Jordan Henderson is a beast of a player , I dont mind him in our midfield. He is not error prone like Xhaka . Tons of experience as well.

  9. Dissenter

    “We could have signed Maddison for the money spent on White.”

    When that point was made, Pedro said to shut up and sit down because “we have money to spend”
    We were also told that the sequence of the transfers doesn’t matter

    If we go to Leicester and start kicking tires by offering part player swaps, they will shoo us away. The player has 3 years left on his contract so they are not desperate.

  10. TR7


    Tammy is being discussed as a replacement for Laca, not Eddie. Tuchel wouldn’t have won CL and got top 4 had he continued with Tammy. Werner was instrumental to how Chelsea played under him.

  11. Pugmeister

    Kompany on Lokonga to Arsenal🔴⚪
    “So Arsenal fans know what they’re getting, the kid is basically a Vieira, DeBruyne, Kante & Fabregas all rolled into one. He has no weaknesses & I can tell you right now he’s the best CM in the league already”

  12. Pedro

    Diss, it’s honestly such a weird when people on here genuinely believe we signed White without thinking about the squad in its entirety.

  13. Matt

    Starts of with ‘so many bad takes on here’, then finishes by saying Jordan Henderson would be a beast of a player for us.


  14. Pedro

    WE, really weird. There’s a budget, the club knows what they need to do, they will not forget that we needed midfielders come the end of the window.

  15. Up 4 grabs now

    We have 38 league games and if we go far in both domestic cups another
    8-10 games? And that’s a big if.
    Barring injuries, is saka not our first choice left sided attacker, pepe on the right?
    Auba/Laca through the middle?
    That still leaves martinelli and Eddie if Balogan goes out on loan.

    Esr and partey as first choice, that leaves a first choice midfielder required.
    That’s presuming loco isn’t being thrown in at the deep end?

    Need to get midfield right, defence and attack wise we can get by.
    If we’re moving on laca then maybe look at it.

  16. Ernest Reed

    “it’s honestly such a weird when people on here genuinely believe we signed White without thinking about the squad in its entirety.”

    One would like to believe this isn’t Edu and Arteta’s first rodeo (the TW), but at times you have to wonder if the bigger picture is at play.

  17. Pedro

    Ernest, whatever you think about Edu, he’s never inactive. Might do some shit deals, but he tends to find what is needed on paper.

    There will be players there come the end of the window, question is if they are good.

  18. Ernest Reed

    Squad depth is going to matter this season, more than many think. Covid isn’t going anywhere and numbers are growing at a rapid clip. Not unthinkable that more players will see action this season.

  19. WengerEagle


    Unless AMN has a part to play which I doubt, we need x2 more CMs in the window along with a GK, RB and we could really use another goalscoring forward too (if the Abraham rumours are to be believed the club recognise this too).

    That’s a lot to still do after spending 75m without sales as of yet.

    Now I am sure we will be shifting on a few players but how many is the question? Lot to do with the season kicking off in just 4 weeks.

  20. Pedro

    Up 4 grabs now, no, it doesn’t work like that. Edu will have 5 positions to fill, there will be 30 players under consideration, and it’ll be like whack-a-mole. If things had gone our way, Buendia would have been the first signing of the summer, they were scared off it, so a back-up left-back landed first.

  21. Up 4 grabs now

    Also since your here, what do you think is the minimum requirements for the club finish wise with our current squad?

    I know we might add to it and sell a few but where do you think we finish as we are now?

  22. Spanishdave

    It seems clear that Arteta is hanging onto the hope that Odegaard will still come back.
    Deluded or what

  23. Ernest Reed

    On paper is only that, on paper. Time remains in the window – address needs over wants and with adequate talent and you can call that success. Anything less, that can only be described as failure.

    BTW Pedro, your buddy has that “Link” from the Mod Squad hairstyle. Gotta love it!

    Perhaps one day i will understand yours…it just somehow does not suit you.

  24. Rich

    I wouldn’t be against signing Ramsdale, but £20mill should be the maximum we should be willing to pay

    We need direct competition and cover for Leno, last season he went from having Martinez breathing down his neck in training, to having Runarsson, which put him in an unhealthy comfort zone

    Signing Abraham without a few outgoings first seems unlikely

    Aubameyang, Lacazette, Martinelli, Nketiah, Balogun

    5 players for one place is unmanageable with European football

    6 with no European football, seems completely bonkers

    We’ve got far too many players, we need the start exiting players ASAP

  25. Up 4 grabs now

    Fair enough Pedro, but tell me this if we have a massive problem in midfield,
    And we sign a number two goal keeper, a centreback, a back up left back. A right back. And a striker.
    And the deadline passes with no other midfielders coming in or leaving,. Is that poor planning or bad luck that we couldn’t secure our targets because we were to busy getting the irrelevant positions filled.

  26. bacaryisgod

    This recent arrest really is ridiculous. No-one can say the player’s name but everyone knows the club, his age and that he’s a first-team player. The police gave the age and the club confirmed they suspended a first-team player. We’ve even been told that the one other player of the same age at the club, Fabian Delph, is not the player involved.

    I understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty but this sham of narrowing the possible person down to one individual but allegedly protecting his identity is obscene.

  27. WengerEagle


    ‘Barring injuries’ is an odd way of looking at things, you can guarantee that we will have to deal with injuries over the season.

    Tierney, Partey, Chambers and Mari all were out for spells last season.

    We’re extremely short on numbers in CM.

  28. Pedro

    Up 4 grabs now, if we have a broken squad at the start of the season, then yes, that is poor planning.

    But this is like criticizing a new build house for not having a roof 12 weeks out from completion.

  29. Hitman49

    I’m wondering if all these names ,Tammy,Sam the goalie,Jim Henderson, are all Red herrings to make us panic.
    And when they buy a 21 yr old who from some South American team we all breath a sigh of relief ….

    And say great better than what we thought…?

    Or this waste of space of a manager is really that stupid..?

    Time will tell…..

    Whatever happens we are on for a relegation battle as things stand..

  30. Up 4 grabs now

    3 weeks or so till our opening game, 5 weeks till the window closes.
    Our arsenal history tells us we leave it till late , we chase one player and end up with scraps or no one because all the eggs were in one basket.

    I hope your right and I’m wrong but we’ve all been here before unfortunately.

  31. andy1886

    “Ernest, I change my hairstyle every week, so I’ll have a new one for the next stream.”

    Did Stan give you the keys to his syrup factory then Pedro?

  32. Mark

    You say you don’t think we’ll pay £30m for Ramsdale, but we’ve already submitted two bids that have been rejected and (apparently) are about to submit a third.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous that we’re even considering another bid for such an average keeper.

    People expressed concerns about giving Arteta money to spend, with the links to people like Henderson , Ramsdale it seems those concerns were well founded.

    None of these seem like smart buys regardless of whether we have cash or not.

  33. Tom

    “Have some damn pride? Henderson has won the CL, the Prem, won footballer of the year, is one of the best leaders in the league… not sure there’s much pride in pretending he’d not make Arsenal better“

    Pedro, replace some of his accolades with those of Willian’s from a year ago and this was exactly what was said about the latter across all Arsenal forums.
    Even people who hated the move begrudgingly admitted he would make Arsenal better, even if he took minutes away from younger prospects.

    Willian didn’t make Arsenal better, In fact he flopped big time and now we are stuck with him.

    Whatever happened to the “ no more shortcuts “ mantra?
    How is Henderson anything but another shortcut?

    Putting declining Ozil on huge wages was supposed to be the harsh lesson Arsenal needed to learn from, but since then there’s been Auba, and Willian …………and now you think Henderson to Arsenal is ok.
    Mind boggling.

  34. Up 4 grabs now


    I’m right there with you we are short in midfield.

    I’m hoping xhaka goes(slowest transfer in history)
    And would rather not see elneney (his best game last season was when he partnered partey at old Trafford though)

    Just have the feeling that loko will get game time and ESR & partey take two out of three slots most games.
    White could be moved into midfield?
    Maitland Niles?
    All as stop gaps, but think we need a big box to box player still.

  35. WengerEagle

    Henderson would be a depressing move to make.

    Don’t get me wrong, fantastic character and leader along with a very solid player in his day but his legs are close to being knackered and he is only getting older.

    Also not a lick of creativity to his game.

  36. Up 4 grabs now

    Do you remember the old days when your first choice keeper played every game?
    The only time the second choice got a game was if an injury happened.
    No Europe,.fa.cup not till January, third choice keeper would probably play in the league cup.

    Are we really chipping in 25/30 million for a guy to sit on the bench if we aren’t selling Leno?

  37. Champagne Charlie


    Giroud’s best league return was 16, Tammy got 15 aged 21. Do you really think he’s hit his ceiling at 23?

    While Giroud’s ability to link is much better, it’s a bit much to claim Abraham’s non-existent. Giroud needed to have that in his locker because his movement and physical ability was such that he couldn’t stretch teams and create space.

    Giroud had 0.21 assists per game in his PL career (152/32)
    Abraham has 0.15 assists per game in the PL (52/8)

  38. Davi

    I could get behind us signing Abraham – he’s talented, physically imposing and, most importantly, clearly very very hungry. Thought that every time I’ve seen him play.
    This is the type of players we need right now and is the complete opposite of Aubamayeng right now – he needs to be shifted imo (especially considering he’s someone that younger players will look up to). It’s also the reason Laca was better than him last year; he still has a bit of that drive left in him.

  39. Up 4 grabs now

    If the plan is top four in a season or two, and we are rebuilding for a title push in three years then I don’t have a problem with hungry 22-24 year olds who can make a mistake and learn from it and grow as a team.

    If we are going for top four this season we need some experience, stick with auba,.should have sold laca a year ago or renewed.his contract.
    Another one who will leave for no fee!

  40. Tom

    “But this is like criticizing a new build house for not having a roof 12 weeks out from completion.“

    Pedro, a new build house better have a fucking roof 12 weeks out from completion, unless it’s build in China in 12 weeks total, which is probably quite possible.

    Most other places it is usually one of the first things to be completed, even before windows go in, to limit any damages due to elements.

  41. Peckobill

    Up 4 grabs
    It doesn’t work like that , edu isn’t on the phone to one club , player and agent at a time his day is spent contacting multiple targets , agents and clubs . Some progress quicker than others for instance lakonga , tevares and probably white were probably fairly quickly acceptable bids and the players definitely wanted in . Edu will have just as much been in contact with locatelli and his club but that’s just a waiting game to see if juve can up with a offer to match ours ( don’t think they can ) . Maddison if true just as much but Leicester are notoriously difficult to deal with . Also think they playing a waiting game on Ode with potential other targets if it don’t come off .
    I do sometimes criticise them about the going on’s but order of transfers isn’t one of them , you take them when you can .
    Personally I would like them to draw a line pretty soon on ode though if there’s no breakthrough sharpish and move to the next target because if they end up with no AM then the buendia miss won’t be a good look

  42. WengerEagle


    Abraham was 22 in 2019-20, he was actually nearly 23 by the time the season finished in late July.

    Bit different to 21. And re scope for improvement, of course but how much better can he get is the question?

    He cannot create for himself and his all-round game is limited. It’s not like a young Luis Suarez at Liverpool who was doing literally everything but putting the ball in the back of the net at the start before he put the finishing together later on.

    Those numbers are being massaged a bit, come on. Giroud was much more involved in the build up, barring his first season he averaged around 30 passes a game for us compared to Tammy’s way down at 12. He also won more headers despite being slower on the feet which Tammy of course has over him.

    I also can only find 4 Chelsea assists for Tammy, not 8.

  43. Rich

    Numerically we’re not short in central midfield

    Partey, Xhaka, Elneny, Lokonga, Torreira, and Niles can cover there

    We’re certainly short on quality though, hopefully Xhaka, Elneny, Torreira, Niles all sold

    Then we bring in 2 central midfield upgrades

  44. Dissenter

    I would have sold both Auba and Laca
    Our senior forward line is unimposing, unimposing and very restricted in the options the provide for the team.

    How can anyone look at Auba-Laca and be reluctant for change? We have never finished above 5th place with the Auba-Laca combo.

  45. Champagne Charlie


    Footballers aren’t finished at 23 mate, loads of players refine their games before peaking at 27/28.

    I’m not for a second comparing Abraham and Giroud like for like. Giroud linked the play, threatened in the air, and was decent in front of goal. Abraham by contrast has good movement, makes runs in behind, is rapid, and more clinical in front of goal.

    If you have a supporting cast of: ESR-Maddison-Saka

    Who utilises their abilities to create and score more goals up front? For me it’s Abraham without question.

  46. Rich


    Elneny ended up on loan in Turkey before COVID, not sure we’ll have too many knocking down our door in this market

    I expect if anyone makes us an offer, we’ll accept

    He’s out of contract next summer, and apparently talks to extend his deal have shut down

    King-Fut who were the Egyptian journalists who reported Elneny to Arsenal, then Elneny on loan to Turkey, were reporting Besiktas were trying to buy him on a permanent deal last week

    Hopefully there’s some substance to that story

  47. Valentin

    Giroud never took penalties, so his stats have not been padded as some other strikers have been.
    The reasons why Tuchel does not fancy Abraham are simple:
    + Tammy Abraham link-up play is poor
    + his off the ball movements are erratic
    + His qualities (and he has many) do not compensate his flaws (at least in Tuchel’s opinion)

    Arsenal played better when ESR played off Lacazette in off the cuff interchanges. I can’t see Abraham adapting to that style without a lot of coaching. At £40 millions, a club should expect a player who could seamlessly adapt to the team.

    In all likelihood, Abraham would be another Pepe, a project player that the current manager would not benefit.

  48. WengerEagle


    Wasn’t saying he is but there’s a difference between a 21 year old and a 23 year old. And he’ll be 24 six weeks into the season, he didn’t improve his game the past year at Chelsea so it’s not like he’s getting better each year as he gets older.

    Is he much more clinical than Giroud was? Would be interested in seeing a numbers comparison for conversion rate/big chances converted.

  49. Tom

    Charlie, what do you do with all the other Arsenal attacking players , mainly Auba and Laca but not only, if you sign Abraham in a season without Europe?

  50. Champagne Charlie

    He didn’t get better last season so he doesn’t improve every year? He had a paltry 12 league starts. The manager has a significant impact on a player, Tuchel didn’t rate him and that’s that, bit of a reach to close the door on him being better in a different environment. Much to his credit he’s been able to perform at 3/4 different clubs so it’s not like he’s only ever delivered under a specific set of parameters.

    Abraham coming in only makes sense to me if we sell Eddie and Laca. I’d also loan Balogun because he’s fuck all senior appearances to his name and I don’t think this is the season he’s going to get 15 league starts to his name…..shouldn’t be anyway.

  51. Pierre

    “Ernest, I change my hairstyle every week, so I’ll have a new one for the next stream.”

    Can’t wait …I need a good laugh.

  52. sarge

    Hmmm, certainly not too much to get excited about there, Locatelli aside. Henderson the most depressing of those linked….. soooooo unexciting.

  53. Tom

    I thought maybe Pedro was auditioning for the friar Tuck role in the new Netflix Robin Hood miniseries……….which would be a surprise because he’s a good looking lad who should probably be going for the Robin of Locksley part

  54. Rich

    Liverpool are dumping 31yr old Henderson for a reason, and that reason is the exact same reason we shouldn’t even be looking at him, let alone offering him a 2-3yr deal

    We’ve been here before, I’d rather fail with young players who are still progressing, rather than fail with players who are regressing

  55. WengerEagle


    Be that as it may, it doesn’t change the fact that he hasn’t shown linear improvement this season even in the games he has gotten.

    Less goals/mins, less shots on goal, less passes, less dribbles, less aerials won, less assists/mins.

    He made 12 starts so it’s not like it’s a pitiful sample size either.

    What do you see his ceiling as? What elements of his game lead you to believe that he can explode into a top ST? And if not, why should we not look at bringing in one with more scope to become one.

  56. Gentlebris

    I hope we don’t blow this bread on wrong players…imagine this kind of money in Lille’s or Dortmund’s hands…

    They would string together a team that would make Citey blink!

    But here we are splashing £50m on a £25m player, and planning to do another pension signing.


  57. Tee

    “Rather go for Pedri of Barcelona than Madison”

    Mission in futility

    Pedri ain’t going nowhere. No need throwing names all over the blog.

  58. WengerEagle

    Agree Rich, Liverpool wouldn’t be offloading Henderson if they truly believed he had good years in front of him.

    He’s as close to Steven Gerrard as a figure for that side as you’ll get, huge character in the dressing room.

  59. Rich

    There’s no way we should go near Henderson, Coutinho, or any player in the twilight of their career this summer

    1yr extensions only for outfield players over 30 from now on, no more loans, unless it’s an emergency

    We should target players we can use as a foundation to build a competitive team over the medium to longer term

  60. Dave

    So, he‘s got one year left on his contract and Barcelona need to sell- or have I got that wrong? Madison has signed a four year contract and Leicester do not need to sell..

  61. Dave

    So, he‘s got one year left on his contract and Barcelona need to sell- or have I got that wrong? Madison has signed a four year contract and Leicester do not need to sell.Have I got that wrong?

  62. Gentlebris

    Sambi should be the kind of things we continue to do…highly rated by the big boys who should know, inexpensive and with a huge space in age for improvement.

    Look around Europe, South America and even Africa! How did Leicester unearth Kante, Mahrez, Ndidi, and others?

    Plus the money we should get from sales, we are likely to have over £250m to spend this window…we shouldn’t have to be praying for a draw next time we play Citey, Liverpool.

  63. Champagne Charlie


    You’re reading far too much into a season he was benched for Werner and saw half the attacking unit replaced. His last 90 mins in the PL was on Jan 19th.

    I don’t think he’s likely to become top class, I’ve already said that. But I don’t think every player in the squad has that remit, and I wouldn’t look for a player with greater scope because it ignores the realities of how our squad is currently assembled in terms of strikers.

    I consider two of them with 12 months left in the tank, beyond that it’s Balogun and Martinelli who imo aren’t ready to lead a side to top 4 or better. We need a player that can deliver reliably for the next few seasons as any stars properly emerge.

    You’ve been banging the drum for goals, who comes in and guarantees goals in the PL next season and beyond?

    Probably a French side, for pittance given his wages. But if it can happen with Abraham replacing him then I’d do it without hesitation.

  64. WengerEagle


    We have Lacazette for another season and he’s a better player than Abraham is as of now. We also technically have Aubameyang on the books for two more seasons on stupid money so hard to see who takes him off our hands, in two years the ST landscape will be quite different you would imagine between where Martinelli is at and CF prospects on the market.

    I still do advocate for more goals in the forward line but it would come in the form of a wide forward rather than a ST.

  65. Pedro

    WE, I’d love that physicality in the forward line that ours don’t offer at the moment… imagine having an aerial threat and someone that could pressure from the front at speed.

  66. Champagne Charlie


    Lacazette isn’t a better goalscorer, and with the 3 mentioned behind the striker I’d back Abraham to score more goals for us which would be more telling.

    We need a striker in 12 months time, Laca is gone. Expediting a replacement and saving on Laca’s 9.5 mil annual wages to offset a deal would be a sensible financial decision if the opportunity presented itself. Be hard pushed to offer up a player that can deliver PL goals, is the right profile, and has a seller agreeing to an initial loan

  67. Habesha Gooner

    Abraham is a bland signing. So much debate but he isn’t a good passer, isn’t able to hold up the ball consistently and can’t make his own chances. I would rather give Lacazette an extension on a reduced contract than sign Tammy Abraham for 30 mil +. Even in his best season under Lampard, he finished the season being benched by Oliver Giroud because he can’t do anything else but score. We have that kind of player. Auba. He isn’t as physical but he is a scorer. Tammy Abraham is the same. There will be top class CFs in the next few seasons. Or one of Balogun or Martinelli will explode. Getting Abraham is just stupid because he won’t move the needle and he is unneeded. Other team players aren’t always rosy. We need to appreciate our own. If they truly are better then we can recognize that and talk about targeting them. But when they are beneath the players we have then it becomes stupid.

  68. Habesha Gooner

    I am annoyed at signing Ben white because we have a lot of other priorities. And we had young players we could have given chances to. But at least he is an upgrade on what we have. Abraham is not an upgrade, and is not needed as a backup either

    Abraham better than Lacazette?? 🤭🤭🤭
    This is why English players are stupidly overrated even before they have done anything. No team in Europe would take Abraham over Lacazette. The only reason Lacazette isn’t moving this summer is because of the 180k wages. If not we would be declining bids left right and center.

  69. Mr Serge

    PedroJuly 21, 2021 22:47:07
    WE, I’d love that physicality in the forward line that ours don’t offer at the moment… imagine having an aerial threat and someone that could pressure from the front at speed.

    Calvert lewin all day long Pedro

  70. Goobergooner

    Imagine just playing to our players strengths, rather than play slow ponderous crab football, and lugging in cross after cross to the weakest aerial forward line?

    Don’t get me wrong. We 100% need an aerial threat to be able to change things up, but last season showed me that tets can’t work with what he’s got.

    He has no excuses when he gets in the 5 or so players he needs to play his way.

  71. LoveSausage

    Henderson would be so depressing. But not surprising at all. An extremely average player even at his peak but absolute world class when it comes to following tactical directions to the letter. Arteta is probably wetting his pants from excitement.

    Pedro – far be it from me hair shame someone like some of the brutes in this comment section. But Johnny looks damn good. You gotta step up your game or stop with the video.

  72. Elmo

    “1yr extensions only for outfield players over 30 from now on, no more loans, unless it’s an emergency”

    This really should be policy being dictated by the technical director, but you’re never going to be able to run a tight ship when the manager is the dominant personality and he’s into the sweetheart deals for old players.

    As for everyone talking about selling Auba or Laca: to whom? Surely the way this window has panned out, it’s already very clear that all those end-of-season lists of us raising an easy 100m+ for surplus players (Xhaka 30m; AMN 25m; Willock 30m; Nketiah 20m; Bellerin 25m; Laca 20m; Chambers 20m; Elneny 12m etc.) were nothing but dreaming. It’s not going to happen. Almost all of those players are on too much money for their status, and the market is depressed.

    The reality we’re seeing is 12-15m for Xhaka, and I don’t see us bringing in more than 15m for any other single player.

  73. Elmo

    And stop bullying Pedro for his barnet.

    You all have to realise that Madison Avenue is no longer slicked back Don Draper in a sharp suit and fedora; the clients nowadays demand an edgy alternative dude with a tonsure.

  74. Tom

    Yea, I dont get that either.
    If he was just arrested and then released on bail, then no one is claiming he’s guilty of anything but only reporting the arrest.
    I understand the libel laws in England are vastly different than those in the US for example, but this seems as basic a freedom of press issue as they come.
    The presumption of innocence says he’s not gylfi until so proven.

  75. MD-Gunner

    This fuck up with Emi M. is getting worst by the day £30m Ramsdale as a backup GK is ridiculous and hopefully it is just bad rumor. Why did Emi wanted the number 1 job, because he wanted to be Argentina’s number 1 GK and the clowns at Arsenal couldn’t see that and now have to fork over extra cash for a backup to a GK that doesn’t like it at Arsenal what a fuckup, but expected.

    Poor Arsenal… resigned to signing Chelsea flops shall we add Tammy Abraham to it. Again hopefully it is just bad rumors. Thus here we are not any closer to the main job of midfield partner and CAM. Offer Barca money for Sergio Dest they are in a position to examine any offer otherwise they can’t register their players.

    A bigger fuck up then what is happening at AFC.

  76. Elmo

    To the likes of The Stroller and Rich, who are in to the quotas:

    What does our focus on actively prioritising and paying over the odds for homegrown players this summer (allegedly White, Ramsdale / Johnstone, Maddison, Abraham etc.) tell us about what we plan to do with the rest of the squad?

    By my rough calculation, if we’re intentionally switching to homegrown targets, but say, expecting one more non-homegrown (Locatelli / Neves/A.N.Other), then it suggests they expect that the likes of Willian, Elneny, Runarsson, Torreira, Laca etc. will all be in next season’s squad.

  77. China1

    Dissenter I think the only reason el neny is probably staying is because we’re very short on numbers and now also only have him and partey with experience under their belt. It’s a shame he’s not a top quality player because he is a cheap and cheerful squad player who can make up numbers and do a job of sorts

  78. China1

    Elmo I don’t think it suggests that even tho it may be true

    It might just be the opposite that we’re hoping to bring in a chunk of quality foreign imports in the coming 12-18 months so we’re loading up on homegrown now so it isn’t an issue later

    I doubt it, but just saying that could be the thinking

  79. LoveSausage

    I have to admit I haven’t seen Ramsdale play. And as much as I want to be open minded about this, I can’t get over the fact that he’s behind Pickford on the England national team. And I’ve seen plenty of him. The flappiest GK since Almunia with the brains of Xhaka. Which just makes me wonder how bad this Ramsdale guy really is.

  80. Elmo

    Yeah – that’s true. It could mean a big clear-out with a big influx of non-homegrown.

    Would really like to see some evidence that Edu is starting to shift bodies out, not just in.

  81. Moray

    I can definitely see Coutinho joining. Nobody else wants him, barca want to get rid. It would be another favour to Kia. Edu probably signed the contract on a whore’s back while out on the boat.

    Let’s just hope we don’t agree to buy and stick at a loan.

  82. Tony

    I haven’t read this post’s comments and only skimmed through Pedro’s post for the main points.

    Also, haven’t followed Le-Grove anywhere near as much as I do during the season; just popping in to read posters I value highly that generally don’t have agendas.

    Charlie made good arguments for signing Tammy, but Arteta has made this a strange decision. Had Arteta Blooded Bolagun in the final 10 games of last season, we could actually see if he is ready to step up to the starting 11 or come on from the bench.

    If Bolagun wasn’t ready for the bench, then he should have gone out on loan making Arteta wanting Tammy seen to make sense.

    The thing is apart from Le-Grovers with a lot of youth players’ knowledge, such as Sean M we just don’t know what level Bolagun has risen to; it was certainly enough to be offered and sign a 5-year deal.

    My thoughts are why are we signing our wanting to sign – loan or otherwise – a striker than Tuchel is happy to let leave the Chavs? Why does Arteta want to play a 3rd choice Chav’s striker in our starting line up, especially as Tuchel said Tammy didn’t live up to expectations last season particularly when The Chavs were lacking fire power with Werner and others misfiring?

    Once again this is Arteta not putting faith in the kids: Balogun, Eddie, and a couple of others from Hale End or solving the Auba and Laca conundrums with his saucy developmental coaching Pedro drones on about?

    Pierre has brought this up before regarding Bolagun, Azeez, Eddie et al and I firmly agree with him and was advocating their inclusion all through the 2nd half of last season.

    Read today that Maddison signed a 4 year deal last season with LC at a time when clubs were circling to have a punt on the player. It was reported that £70 million was turned down. That certainly doesn’t suggest that Maddison wanted out of LC. So why his sudden reported desire now to join us?

    A much higher salary? Another mercenary in it for the money?

    Don’t get me wrong Maddison ticks a lot of boxes for us when he’s on form, as he was the season before last. He’s PL ready and offers us another set piece, dead ball specialist along with Pepe.

    Leicester isn’t exactly the playground of England for nightlife in the way London is. Maddison likes to party so is bringing Maddison to London could be akin to a recovering alcoholic renting a room in a pub?

    We’ll have to wait and see.

    The press will be watching and any pics of Madders with bevies of girls out late at clubs won’t go down well with Arteta’s non-negotiables, unless perhaps, it was/is in Willian’s restaurant, then no doubt Arteta will give him a pass and a slap on the wrists.

    Another question that raises flags for me is why LC are happy to accept £50+m for Maddison when he has a new 4-year deal, and they turned down the £70m bid last season? It’s not the way LC generally works if you consider Maguire and other past sales for top money.

    The King Power family owners are savvy business people and well respected here in Thailand. It would be extremely unlike them to under sell an asset.

    So, what’s going on under the surface with Maddison and LCFC?

    Is his injury last season one that weakens Madder’s abilities to stay fit and improve his skill sets? Or is it simply Madders has had a change of heart since signing his new long deal? Then again the question arises why the change of heart?

    Another unfathomable is why Arteta keeps the keeper coach that Leno doesn’t like or respect and rumored that he wants to leave because of that coach who brought us Emi’s replacement: Runnerson?

    Why didn’t we buy Onana?

    It can’t be because he’s banned until late this year and then the Africa cup, as we’d still have Leno and our Hale End keepers Okonkwo/Hein/Iliev for emergencies. Surely, Marseilles isn’t a more attractive city than London or Marseilles a match for The Arsenal?

    No to Tammy for me loan or otherwise.

    Arteta needs to work with what he has got and make a blend of Bolagun, Martinelli, Eddie, Auba and Laca, as no one will buy the last 2 because of their extortionate wages. Then we have Moller and John-Jules in the wings – not literally of course.

    There’s enough firepower there for a generational or any decent coach to bring in the goals we need to warrant bringing in a 3rd choice Chav’s striker. Has Arteta learned nothing about buying Chav’s rejects and unwanted?

    Our midfield is screaming out for pace, height and athleticism. Ballers with sound positional sense and ability to see and make passes that split defenses or leaves defenders out of position and struggling to recover.

    Maddison of 2 seasons ago I rate very highly. Last season not so much. If he just had an off season through injury and Covid related, then he’s a good prospect for us physically and skill wise that I’m sure the data will back up, but what about temperament, attitude and being a team player, especially when our backs are against the wall?

    If not Maddison then, why not Houssem Aouar and Yves Bissouma for the departing Xhaka and hopefully journeyman Elneny? Aouar’s price is rock bottom, so worth a punt and we know what Bissouma is currently capable of and where Arteta should able to get much more from with His alleged elite coaching in Arteta’s old playing position.

    Many off us were highly concerned about letting Edu and Arteta have full reign over what’s appearing to be our decent transfer budget. Those concerns for me haven’t gone away simply because the first job for them was to sort out the midfield that almost consigned us to the bottom half of the table last season had ESR not come of age in footballing terms.

    When analysing businesses needs and failures to perform I’d nearly always address the obvious weakness first, but I’d also assess underlying factors to see how they affected the weaker areas of a business. Sometimes, the weaknesses were not from the obvious, but from other areas that prevented higher performances.

    This is also true of pro sports.

    In sum, we have bought White; a kid with a high ceiling we’re told but not from several years of experience offering data of more than one year at Brighton a club always close to relegation.

    I’m not negative on this signing despite his lack of experience, I’m hoping that Arteta and Edu have finally got something right to counter his atrocious (Willian and wanting to give Mustafi a new contract) decisions.

    I’m looking forward to seeing him play.

    Saliba has gone down in my reckoning with him not wanting to play for Newcastle and learn English this season. It smacks of a player not invested in our club. Not all Saliba’s fault but a smarter agent would advise Saliba better. Let’s face it Newcastle was a good move for Willock last season. Bruce was a decent Manure CB, so perfect to produce more from Saliba.

    Sambi as I said looks a prospect as a 6 or potentially from little I’ve seen an 8. Really looking forward to seeing Lokonga play.

    We’ve resigned kids that probably Arteta will never get to play or coach unless he has success this season in attaining CL football for the following season.

    So far I’d say Edu and Arteta are having a 6/10 TW window because we’re signing relative unknowns.

    Hopefully, they will fix the midfield to give us an 8+/10 TW and dispel our TW concerns.

    I’m staunch regarding CL football next season or bust for both Arteta and Edu.

    I’m hoping we are going to go into the season full of excitement and high expectations and that Edu and Arteta don’t let us down like last season.

  83. Tony

    Posted yesterday my thoughts after watching Boogie.

    The gist was that its a good movie with room for an interesting sequel.

  84. China1

    We need a top quality keeper. Is ramsdale that? Does he look like he will be that in the coming 2 years?

    32m is a very large amount of money for a keeper. VERY large. I know there are a couple of crazy outliers like kepa and Alison but there are literally only a few of those.

    If we paid 32m sterling he would I think be the 5th most expensive goalkeeper in history. Let that sink in

    Bear in mind that Leno is already the 10th most expensive.

    Goalkeepers are not expensive. They are probably the cheapest position to fill. Just look at Martinez ffs and Chelsea got a massive upgrade in goal last season for fuck all outlay too. Onana has just gone for pennies

    I’m not judging ramsdale as a player just yet, if he comes I’d give him a fair chance. But the proposed transfer fee is *incredibly* and also unsurprisingly dubious because arsenal do so love to over pay.

  85. China1

    Cool Tony I actually had a check for it on Netflix last night but didn’t see it

    But no doubt a simple search engine check here will return a free stream with Russian subtitles so I can watch it once I have a bit of time 😂😂

  86. China1

    Ramsdale – 5th most expensive keeper
    White – 8th most expensive CB
    Pepe – 5th most expensive PL transfer ever
    Auba – 2nd most expensive PL cf ever

    We could do this all day and it makes for absolutely grim reading

  87. Tony

    China does China block use of torrents? I know from my MC bros in Beijing tele you can’t get You Tube a few years ago.

    The thing that grates me is that we gave Emi away for peanuts and now have to spend almost twice as much for a lesser keeper.

    What Pedro fails to acknowledge is that Emi wanted out because of Arteta not giving him solid guarantees. But then last season Arteta was useless with his ability to spot a player ala Willian, Xhaka et al.

    I would categorically say that if we had retained Emi last season we would be playing in Europe this season and very possibly in the CL.

    Emi would have saved us more than 6 points.

  88. China1

    Tony you’re right on Martinez 100%

    Yeah YouTube and torrents are blocked along with google and western social media but people can access them if they have a VPN

    I wouldn’t bother with torrents here tho because the local equivalent of a good search has a 99% chance of returning some decent quality stream of anything you wanna watch for free if you’re willing to wade through a few pages of Chinese and dodgy adverts

  89. Moray

    “I’m staunch regarding CL football next season or bust for both Arteta and Edu.”

    They also need to be held to account for the future sustainability of the club. It should not be shit or bust,particularly in this pandemic time with so many unknowns.

    Both Tets and Edu should be heavily measured on the development of players under them rather than just buying in sun optimal solutions just because we have some cash available.

  90. China1

    It’s kinda interesting actually that not many elite PL CFs were that expensive

    Most of the really expensive CFs failed or flattered to deceive at least somewhat. Memories of Shevchenko, Torres, morata, lukaku (up for debate), auba, laca, etc etc

    Very expensive CFs who were world class here are pretty few and far between. Rooney was great bang for the buck despite being crazy expensive at the time. Shearer was expensive but obvious elite. Not that many other good examples

    Meanwhile you see the list of world class PL CFs and most of them didn’t cost an arm or a leg

  91. China1

    Yeah moray people keep saying ‘it’s not my money’ and ‘I don’t care what we spend’ – yeah they don’t care now whilst we’re spending. But if we don’t kick on back into the CL and greatly increase revenues sharpish then these guys will start to care when the bailiffs come calling and the club gets gutted due to massive overspending

  92. China1

    Moray it’s a really crap search engine.

    But if you get the Chinese name of whatever you wanna watch and search on baidu you’ll find a stream in minutes!

  93. Tony

    Read your post with interest regarding your son and his homework issues.

    Had similar with my son until about 18 months ago where he would hide homework and we’d find out much later from his teachers.

    A lot of that was down to his ADHD and lack of filters as his Dr told us. He did the hiding without thinking (use of right and wrong filters as it was explained then).

    The change came from 2 areas.

    First his partly under developed brain in parts started reacting well to the daily tablet he was given in a positive way. 2nd, I got him to change his circle of friends to the more gifted kids who were top of his class.

    The change in effect got him to start wanting to challenge the gifted kids in the classroom, where over the 18 months he worked his way up to the class top 10 from 39/50.

    He loved it that the intelligent kids wanted to get to know him far more and are now his close friends in the new private school he’s attending having got in at place 181 from 250 places from 2000+ kids from around the country.

    2 years ago we would have said that wouldn’t happen.

    Had he not got into a top private school I wouldn’t have been worried, as I have several friends who left school at 15 and went on to make millions collectively. One of my closest friends was told by his teachers he’d end up road sweeping as a top job for him.

    Imagine the teachers surprise when he rocked up to the school in a £100+k Porsche wearing a £100k Petek Philipe watch. He was humble about it with the teachers that cast aspersions although that might be hard to believe with his wealthy trappings on show. His net wealth today is around £10 million and he still loves to make money here through property, something not that easy in Thailand.

    Apart from Bangkok and growth areas here, it’s the land that goes up in value not the property on it, so here we buy land if we want to make money on property.

    Anyway, hope your son does well in life, but you’re right to ensure he does as well as he can at school, college and uni if he goes there.

  94. Tony

    ‘They also need to be held to account for the future sustainability of the club. It should not be shit or bust,particularly in this pandemic time with so many unknowns.Both Tets and Edu should be heavily measured on the development of players under them rather than just buying in sun optimal solutions just because we have some cash available.’

    Fully support your thinking there.

  95. MidwestGun

    “But this is like criticizing a new build house for not having a roof 12 weeks out from completion.“
    Hahaha Damn Pedro.. I can tell you have never built a house before.

    I get what you were trying to say … not to panic halfway through the project. But as a former home builder who has built 100’s of houses.. You absolutely have to have the roof on in the first 4 – 6 weeks of a home build.. Order is very important.. Without a roof you can literally do nothing else on the inside. . Because you have to have weather integrity.. Inside building materials’ cant get wet especially sheetrock. and the floors start warping and your walls wont stay straight and would have no structural integrity without a roof.

    So not the best analogy.. might want to rethink that one. All I’m saying…
    . did enjoy the podcast. .. however. You and Johnny seem to have a good chemistry.

  96. MidwestGun

    My rumor mill rundown goes like this.

    Yes to Maddison… No to Ramsdale or Henderson or Abraham .
    No to Locatelli, too.. if he doesn’t want to come to England. .. I don’t want to be Juventus’s bitch either, waiting around for them to leave us hanging with no midfielder last minute.

  97. China1

    Arsenal just need to tell locatelli it’s a yes or no question and you have until the end of the week to make a Definitive decision.

    You like juve, we understand, but we are not juve. If you are excited to join us instead then welcome. If not good luck with juve

  98. China1

    Also Pedro I’d highlight the current arsenal situation seems more like the Chinese apartment decoration process where there is a very strong chemical smell after you finish and you need to leave the place to air out for 2-4 months before it’s good to move in.

    If we are making deadline day deals in key positions, fine, but don’t mind those chronic headaches and lightheadedness you feel for the first 3 months of the season whilst new signings are still bedding in without a preseason

  99. China1

    I’m afraid if we start the season slowly because key positions have new players struggling to bed in, there will be absolutely no sympathy from many of us on here.

    For example we’ve spent all this time on locate Li with no progress when we could probably already have Aouar for half the price. Whose fault is it if we’re still mincing around nearing deadline day?

  100. Tony

    If Locatelli hasn’t jumped at the chance to join us and is having to decide, then we move on to the next target.

    If Locatelli finally decides he wants to join us what was his reason for turning down Juve?

    We need players who are genuinely excited about playing for us. Problem is I’m not sure Arteta creates that excitement after last season.

    Potential signings may well look at how Arteta handled himself and managed his squad. Arteta’s optics were very poor last season with career wasting decisions for some of our youth players, most noticeably Nelson and Martinelli. Both should have been developed more.

    I wasn’t that impressed with Locatelli in the Euro final but I guess one match isn’t enough too judge the guy.

    With you on no to Henderson, Ramsdale and Abraham.

    In my above post I mentioned questions I’d be asking about Maddison. Ability wise he’s the right fit but I’d want to know more about the guy and why last season wasn’t his best other than injury.

  101. Sid

    “””””””TomJuly 21, 2021 22:06:20
    I thought maybe Pedro was auditioning for the friar Tuck role in the new Netflix Robin Hood “”””””””

    Friar Cuck on xHamster

  102. Tony

    Just the way Thailand sections their private schools.

    Gifted student classes

    Normal student classes

    I would disagree all kids are gifted or you wouldn’t have the A,B & C streams in UK schools or however they classify the year classes grading.

    Kids here seem to be happy with the way the classrooms are divided by finals’ exam results and then taking exams for the gifted classes.

    It separates the kids to being similar learning and intelligence levels in classes so the kids all have the chance to learn according to their ability to learn.

    If all kids are simply said to be gifted like you suggest then kids with learning deficiencies would suffer.

    There has to be a structure for kids levels of learning ability as there is in Thailand.

  103. Leedsgunner

    When Martinelli broke into the first team he played in his strongest position as a left sided forward and he scored for fun.

    As I understand, in anticipation of Lacazette’s departure, he began training as a CF.

    Now I hear that Balogun, a natural CF, is being retrained as a left sided forward.

    With both players now in the first team, is this now necessary?

    Let’s play them in their strongest positions and see what they can do!

  104. Sid

    Messi is gifted in football, vanessa mae the violin, other kids in dancing, athletics etc
    In short if you put vanessa mae in a football class she will have ‘learning deficiencies’

    Ps: the less said abot UK schools the better

  105. Sid

    Arsenal need to get atleast 2 between the lines creators to be able to play any of their CFs who have different profiles.

    Trying to fit CFs on the left flank is mediocre

  106. JOEL

    As a lifelong Arsenal fan who lives in Bournemouth Ive seen a fair amount of Ramsdale and I can state that without doubt he simply isn’t good enough.
    If Arsenal decide to invest £30m in him then they need to take a closer look at their scouting reports….He would be another Richard Wright!…His performances during his relegation season at Bournemouth were consistently mediocre.Like Leno he has a tendency to push saves back into the danger area…his kicking is sporadic at best and he certainly doesn’t command his area as far as crosses are concerned.
    He certainly didn’t pull up trees back at Sheffield United last season either and was only picked for the England squad due to injuries.
    I really don’t understand why Arsenal seem so keen to buy him when there seems to be a fair number of better alternatives around….Similarly why on Earth would Arsenal consider buying a CF who struggled to hit the back of the net for a team who went on to win the Champions League and are desperate themselves to find a goal scoring CF.

  107. China1

    Just watched the videos of lokonga’s first training session and once again all the videos of goals scored in a training match pretty much are cut backs from out wide

    No wonder arsenal struggle to create through the middle when training appears to just consist of beating your man down the flank and squaring it to whoever is in the middle to hit

  108. China1

    Seriously check every training video you can find of arsenal and 90% of training match goals are cut backs from out wide

    That’s either some exceptionally bland editing each time or arsenal barely practice central build up play – which would make sense based on what we’ve seen on the pitch…

  109. China1

    If you just wanna do cutbacks from our wife let’s play Kola and be done with it. He’s elite at that even if absolutely nothing else lol

  110. China1

    Sids right that we invest too much credit in academic scores and lack appreciation of other kinds of intelligence when grading intelligence

    I came top of my year at university specifically because I was quality at exams. I knew what the teachers wanted and I gave them that – that was just exam technique and playing the system well. How much did I really know or understand the topics? Reasonably well but absolutely not the one of the best. We had a guy in my year who was demonstrably better than me in *every single aspect* of our course and he used to tank his exams due to struggling under pressure and average exam technique. Put both of us in the same job tho and he’d have shown me up very easily as the superior worker on that topic.

    But employers would see my shiny grades and wrongly assume I was the stronger of the two