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Mad times at Hotel Rumour Mill. We are being linked with MANY players and some of those rumours refuse to go away. One thing is clear, we have profiles we’re targetting, with many options that are moving targets. That’s great news, years gone by, there was one target and then we were done.

First big one, Aaron Ramsdale, Arsenal #2 for… £30m.

I can’t really suss it out. That sort of cash seems extremely rich when we have a very, very competent #1 in Bernd Leno. The young keeper clearly has talent, he’s capped for England, but he doesn’t boast any outrageous qualities we couldn’t pick up elsewhere for less outside youth and Englishness. When a player like Onana is moving to Marseille for sub £10m, you really have to wonder what is going on here.

The other side of this is that Bernd Leno hasn’t signed a new deal yet. The keeping coach that hasn’t delivered is still here. What is going on there? Most players we have going into the final two years of their contracts want a new deal, I’m not so sure that’s Bernd Leno who told the club before the end of the season he wanted out.

One thing I will say, you can bemoan Martinez being sold last summer, but you can’t say we sold him only to buy back homegrown. We sold Emi because he asked out of the club. £30m for Ramsdale seems nuts, but we didn’t push the Argentine out, he just didn’t like that he wasn’t being given a guarantee to start last season.

New rumour: I asked Johnny on The Arsenal Opinion podcast where this leadership was coming from that Mikel Arteta has been talking about. None of the players we’ve moved on so far have the experience to really step into that role this season. Then bang, out of nowhere, it became totally obvious… Jordan Henderson. Sky Sports are linking Arsenal with the 31-year-old and you really wouldn’t be shocked. Can he lead? Yes. Does he know how to win things? Yes. Would Liverpool cash in on a 31-year-old? Yes. Henderson has never been a sexy player, nor earned the respect his game probably deserved, but could he add something to our midfield if Xhaka is moved on? Likely.

Next on the Brit list: Tammy Abraham.

Again, another weird signing. The young England striker isn’t exactly in favour over at Chelsea. He’ll be looking for game time this year in the hope of securing a place in the World Cup squad. There are very, very meek ITK suggestions that we’re in pole position to sign him. It just seems an extremely weird signing.

Firstly, I don’t see Auba or Lacazette going anywhere this summer. They are on mega contracts and they can’t even attract smoke this window. Secondly, Folarin Balogun was just given a kick into the first-team squad, he signed a 5-year deal, and he looks the business every time we see him given a sniff in the first team. Abraham blocks his path and clogs up the forward line.

What is there to like about him? Well, he has a physical profile we lack. His height and pace is similar to where Adebayor was at his age (23). He’s also pretty reliable for goals in the now. It wouldn’t be a bad move, but it would be very confusing without a serious shuffle of the pack this summer.

In an interesting twist of fate, fans are now looking at the Ruben Neves signing differently as it would appear that United is in the mixer for his talents.

Another rumour that won’t die is the Locatelli one. There’s two ways this one is going. We’re either being used as a wedge to get Juventus to cough up some actual money for Sassuolo’s prized asset… or we are the only club in that mixer that has the money for the player. To put the tiny Italian club’s numbers in context, over the course of a decade, they made a profit of €1.6m, their record transfer is €2m, the most they’ve ever received for a player is €12m. Arsenal waving £40m in their direction is game-changing, I’m not sure they could really agree to let mega-rich Juve bully them into a 2-year loan in the current climate. I’d also be surprised if the player would waste a year on subpar wages to wait in the hope Juve will be loaded next summer.

So, it would seem that the transfer window is taking us in quite a British direction, which would see a reboot of Project British Youth. Who knows where that’ll end up, but I won’t be complaining about Arsenal signing young hungry players with a point to prove. There’s a tweet doing the round complaining about us signing these players because they don’t have fashionable profiles… let me remind you of some profiles we’ve tried.

‘Swiss captain, best passer in the Bundesliga’

‘World Cup-winning right back’

‘Heavily trophied Brazilian winger that offers control in the final third’

‘Keeper with the most clean-sheets in Premier League history’

‘Greatest Swiss right-back of all time’

Some players with unsexy profiles that have banged.

‘Right wing-back from Juventus’

‘Failed French midfielder from AC Milan’

‘Mohawk kid from Halmsteads’

‘Guy that had a heart attack from Inter reserves’

Sexy comp videos aren’t everything.


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  1. andy1886

    Yup Henderson can add something – another over the hill expensive addition to those we already struggle to get rid of. Don’t even try to justify that Pedro.


    Henderson will degenerate into a Willian mould in no time. His legs are gone and is now injury prone. Tiney can take up the leadership mantle.

  3. Goldkamp

    I could see the value in Henderson if we were knocking on the door to win the league,and just needed a player with that bit of experience to get us over the line.
    Bit like when fergie needed a top class forward to win the league,and wenger gave him van persie .
    But we are so fucking far away from that ,it would be a joke to sign him.

  4. Positive pete

    Henderson.F** k me.That’s got to be a wind up.Scousers trying to get back the dosh they were mugged for oxocubel lol!Looks like for midfield all our eggs are in 5he Maddisson basket,outsider being Aouar & possibly Sanchez.No sign of Bissouma unfortunately.Please,please do not spunk £30 million on Ramsdale when you can get Johnstone for £10.million.

  5. Moray

    Nothing much to excite about any of these potential signings, save for Locatelli, who is never playing outside of Italy.

    I preferred Edu and Arteta with no budget to play with, I think. Buying cast offs and has beens from other premiership clubs trying themselves to raise the bar is just pathetic and terrible value. Where’s the hunting in the European leagues now they’re ripe for plunder? Only Arsenal starts a British first transfer policy the moment all other markets armed crashing.

  6. Champagne Charlie


    I’ll need the Balogun one explained to me, he’s barely kicked a ball at senior level, just how many starts is he likely getting here this season with 38 league games and 2 senior strikers to rotate?

    I say that because we’re 12 months away from no Laca and 33 year old Auba. Balogun will not be primed to lead Arsenal as a starting CF aged 20, that’s going ‘Love Actually’ levels of romance toward the yute.

    The best case scenario for Balogun is a loan where he gets around 2k mins…..and performs. He needs to play to develop, not binge on scrap minutes before getting relied on in the PL to better the wealth of clubs vying for the CL spots in the prem.

  7. Pedro

    CC, if we move on one of the other two, it makes sense, but jamming another striker into the mixer? Feels like a recipe for angst

  8. Aaron

    No more signing from another top 10 club ever!!! Unless Sol of course.

    Our recruitment team fresh out of ideas, so lets purchase expensive, injury ridden and just worn out cast offs.

    If AFC buy Ramsdale then they have lost their collective minds.

    We need midfield help, so what do we do, go look for a #1 keeper, while still employing the dud keeper coach, a striker from chavs, who ain’t going to be cheap, and a worn out Mid from pool.

    It feels like reality from a different universe.

    It really does not matter, as if the scoring does not improve Arteta is good as gone, or maybe not, staN the man is currently being distracted with a little $1 billion dollar problem know as the ramS.

    Can’t believe AFC are owned by this bunch…..

  9. Mr Serge

    Henderson fuck no hell no and no
    RAMSDALE really ? No thanks
    Locatelli get it done

  10. Tom

    I admire Pedro’s fortitude.
    When it comes to Arteta’s transfers Pedro reminds me of this friend of mine who’s single and has never met a girl he didn’t find attractive in some way no matter what she looked like.
    She could be a 200 pound toothless troll but if she had pretty eyes he’d be in.

    Henderson is on £140kpw, on the wrong side of 30, and has had a knee injury, a groin and a hamstring injury………. and that’s just the last two seasons.

    A hard no.

  11. Matt


    Yes Martinez wanted to leave, because he wanted to be given no 1 spot. Had we given him that, he would have stayed. He deserved it and we should have given it to him. Instead, we gave in to Leno and what has he done to repay that – told us he wants to leave. If there was nobody involved in the negotiations that could sense that Leno wasn’t entirely happy with the situation at the club then it once again shows how amateur the club is.

  12. Captain Tierney

    Pedro bigging up Ramsdale 😂😂😂

    This man is mad in love with Arteta.

    I for one cannot believe this rumour to be true. 30 million for a backup. Is this a joke. And in no way is Ramsdale challenging Leno let alone good enough to be Arsenal’s first choice.

    From what I’ve seen he is just a downgraded version of Leno. Average passer with good shot stopping. Nothing special about this player. Max offer should be 15 mil after including English tax. One of the best young goalkeepers in the world is going for sub 10 million and we are looking at Ramsdale who has been relegated twice in a row.

    The matter becomes all the more damning when we remember what we sold for Emi for. Easily top 5 GK in the world rn.

    ‘One thing I will say, you can bemoan Martinez being sold last summer, but you can’t say we sold him only to buy back homegrown. We sold Emi because he asked out of the club. £30m for Ramsdale seems nuts, but we didn’t push the Argentine out, he just didn’t like that he wasn’t being given a guarantee to start last season.’

    You think Ramsdale wants to stay with Sheffield in the championship if Arsenal are interested?

  13. TR7

    Yes get Abraham and clear the decks for Chelsea to bring in Halland or Lewandowski, a real smart decision just like the decision to sell Emi and get Ramsdale 12 months later to replace him. Absolutely ridiculous this policy of buying rejects from our rivals.

  14. Captain Tierney

    Pedro I’m genuinely curious. Why do you keep swinging having capped by England as a very big thing?

    Even AMN had been capped, an average player at best. And he isn’t the only one. Coady, Mings, the list goes on.

    Doesn’t mean the player is suddenly worth 30 million or more

  15. Champagne Charlie


    Think loan with an obligation is perfect opportunity to offer Laca a cheap exit. Agree its a non-starter without any movement, but it would just be nice to see us take control of outcomes a bit more than letting guys run down deals every year.

  16. Moray

    Also, why the fuck were we planning a pre-season in the US in the heart of a pandemic?

    What outcome were the clueless fuxkwits running our club expecting?

  17. Champagne Charlie


    Players move in their final year to secure a long contract, wouldn’t be the first. Arsenal would have to massively reduce the asking price for him to enable it given his wages, and that’s why a loan with an obligation would suit because you’re deferring the financial obligation.

    Laca doesn’t strike me as a player to revolt and stick for 12 months, but I wouldn’t know. If he is then any move for Tammy is an irrelevance.

  18. curse

    nice one Niles, if we get James, Tammy and Max, we’ll be the most British team around.

    I’m aboard 💯

  19. jwl

    If we are buying Ramsdale surely that means we selling Leno or club has a lot more cash to spend than we realize if paying 30 million quid for backup keeper.

  20. gunnernet

    Total nonsense. I dont want to see these reports hold water. Abraham?? wellbeck version 2.0 at best. Henderson?? I almost burst into laughter. I d rather keep Xhaka. YES i have said THAT!

  21. raptora

    How did Pedro came up with the idea that we’re buying Ramsdale to be 2nd choice?

    Leno wants out. We are supposedly about to splash 30m for an average GK.

    2+2 makes Leno out, Ramsdale in.

    Horrendous business if true.

    4th NT keeper behind the likes of Pickford, Henderson and Johnstone.

    It’d be shocked if it happened but then again, after Runarsson can we actually say we shouldn’t expect the worst? I’m speechless as sources are talking about making a THIRD bid with two already declined????

  22. curse

    ramsdale is super weird, Lenore comes across as a bit flaky so I reckon he’ll stay and we’ll get a cheap backup.
    I would have brought Onana and gassed Lenore till Jan.

  23. Habesha Gooner

    Holy shit pedro
    Ramsdale. Fuck no. He is an average Goalkeeper. I would rather have Sam Johnstone over him. And at 10 mil too at that. We need a higher class Goalkeeper than Leno if we are spending 30 mil.

    Tammy Abraham is baffling too. We don’t need him. He is not a better striker than auba or Lacazette. Just because he is 23 doesn’t mean we should sign him. He is going to be priced at 40 mil too. Andrew Silva who was banging them in in the Bundesliga who is 25 years old went for 19 mil ffs.

    Henderson, wow. He is a mistake waiting to happen. We shouldn’t sign any 28+ year olds if they aren’t classy players. Thiago Silva for example turned put to be a good signing for Chelsea.

    We don’t need to buy players that are so called leaders. We need to develop them here. Young players can be leaders if they are given trust. Tierney and Gabriel are leaders. Saka is also a leader.

    “let me remind you of some profiles we’ve tried.”

    You can also add
    Liverpool premier league title and champions league winning captain to that.
    Jordan fucking Henderson.

  24. Matt


    Exactly. Nobody pays £30m for a back up keeper. Imagine in the space of 18 months we go from having Martinez and Leno to Ramsdale and Runnarsson.

    Only at Arsenal could that even be a possibility.

  25. Pedro

    CT, England have made the world cup semi finals and we just made it to penalties in the Euros… we’re a pretty big deal these days, so to land a call-up is pretty decent for a keeper at a relegated club.

  26. Pedro

    Matt, Ramsdale not my cup of tea, I don’t really understand what he brings to the table, but under £20m and I wouldn’t be upset.

  27. redbro14

    Are we about to miss on our two CM targets, Locatelli and Neves who is reportedly being looked at by MU? This would be so Arsenal. Locatelli clearly wants Juve so this is a high risk strategy. Some of the other supposed targets like Henderson and Ramsdale are very underwhelming. Please no.

  28. Matt


    Is he being looked at as a replacement for Leno or a back up? Someone of his age who as you say, has been capped for England is not going anywhere to be no 2 at this stage in his career.

  29. Pedro

    Matt, no idea what is going on with Leno, but I think the club would prefer to keep him and get him on a new deal than sell.

  30. Avi

    If we actually go on and sign the likes of Hernderson, Ramsdale and Abraham then it’ll be our worst ever transfer window.

  31. andy1886

    Pedro, keeping an unhappy player really is a bad idea – see Xhaka, G.

    If we’re going to replace Leno do it now while he still has some value, and FFS don’t let our ‘keeper coach have anything to do with his replacement.

  32. Sly

    It’s either current transfer rumors are all fluff or Artedu will be getting their p45s ready in a couple of weeks
    I’m going with the fluff option and will give beavis and butt head the benefit of doubt 🤞🏼

  33. Elmo


    Carl Jenkinson was capped by England, and at the peak of his career (29) can’t even get a game in the Championship (played 128 mins last season, and 620 mins the year before).

  34. Positive pete

    Looks like “ Ruby Neves” off to Manure.No problem with that.A slight upgrade on Hacker & overpriced.Locatelli wants Juve.Nothing else.Not a dogs chance on hell of getting him.So why they are wasting time & effort there I don’t know.Unless Edu has a cunning plan( 🤨)
    Maddisson it appears is the big target .It will take more than AMN & £40 million.Inless Arsenal are ruthless.This one could drag on.

  35. Avi

    Thankfully the links are largely BS, I mean who takes talkshite and sky sport serious these days? Big orn links us with Ramsdale or Henderson then the shite could get very worrisome quickly

    We would have gone from Locatelli to Henderson and Onana to

  36. Matt

    We are getting absolutely slated by fans of pretty much every other team in the comments of any Arsenal related transfer story on all sites.

    As hard as it is to admit, we have become a joke in the eyes of most other fans.

  37. Dissenter

    It seems to me that you find a comfortable position on Arsenal that makes it difficult to harshly criticize Arteta about
    When you write that “Matt, no idea what is going on with Leno, but I think the club would prefer to keep him and get him on a new deal than sell.”

    You don’t really mean this, do you?
    …because you know exactly why Leno is on the way out. You spent going after Gerry Peyton but it’s baby Gloves for Arteta’s man.

  38. NJ Gooner

    I said the other day that Tammy was classic clickbait.

    Now, I have decided to create my own clickbait: It is a swap deal – Tammy for Auba.

    It has all the classic ingredients. Tammy wants out. AFC will pay him more. Tuchel loves Auba. Chelski have more than enough cash to cover his wages. Balogun is training to play as an inside forward/winger to accommodate Tammy in the centre.

    Tell me this story has no legs???? I should change jobs because I am obviously gifted. LoL

  39. Dissenter

    Ramsdale was only called up for England because there were as many as 3-4 injuries or pull-outs so we need to stop using the Euros call-up to lessen the idiocy of the links to Arsenal.

    These rumors aren’t going away, same as the Lokonga ones that turned out to be true. We will sign Grimsdale and Pedro will release a hidden trove of data to prove he’s the perfect ball playing keeper.

  40. Avi

    We’re going for English sidemen tho.I mean people who can’t even make the bench or get any minutes.
    Ramsdale, White, Abraham.

    Won’t be surprised if we top it off with Lingard although even Maddison is nowhere near the team.

    This obsession with English dregs is just some weird shite only Arteta is capable of

  41. Dissenter

    It just occurred to me that Locatelli is a big fish in a fish bowl. Sassuolo are really pretty small.

    Is he going to travel well or make an adjustment to the big lights of London. Is he going to be like Torriera that will disintegrate the moment the UK rains pour on him non-stop.

    Have to admit there’s some risk in signing Locateli, if he does agree to come to Arsenal.

  42. Habesha Gooner

    I would rather have Johnstone. A far better keeper than Ramsdale. The best option for me would have been signing Onana. Let Okowonko deputize till February. Then sell Leno next summer and bring in a backup. That would have been a long term plan. Although we would sacrifice 3 months if Leno got injured, we would sort our future in that goalkeeping position.

  43. Avi

    Okonkwo has been shocking in the couple of preseason games he started so far tbf..not sure the club rate him that much.

    We could actually sign 2 goalkeepers if Runarsson leaves

  44. Peckobill

    I like the profile in the signings in Lakonga and Tavares . Locatelli, auoar and Maddison I can get on board with ( auoar is a bargain and at that price allows the club to purchase another player ) .

    These rumours today though a big no thanks .

    Ramsdale , Jesus wept an absolute bang average player , don’t tell me he must be good because he got called up for England . We’ll do some research before you fall for that line because have a little gander who else they could have picked for the number 2 and all you’ll find is pretty much utter gash . £30 mill ? I wouldn’t pay 13 .

    Henderson – nope he’s 31 been absolutely beasted by Klopp’s high energy press also seen it, done it been there with willian . The modern PL is high energy and Henderson has spent his so why do you Klopp doesn’t seem bothered to let him go . ( side note a topic on here the other day about players anyone would love to thump , I’ve always thought Henderson got a face you’d love to give a full force elbow to ) .

    Tammy Abraham – just no , always looked like bambi on ice to me and never be amongst the top goalscores of the league and blocks the path of martinelli and Balogan.
    Plusssssss are we that fucking stupid to help fund and create space for haland to Chelsea . Sod that and there’s me thinking we want to replace a team in the top 4 not make one of them better .

  45. Avi

    England international for 30 million and a silver medalist in the Euro. He is also homegrown and by all accounts is fluent in English. Many positives. Only question mark is his ability as a goalkeeper

  46. DigitalBob

    Sam Johnstone at 12.5m is something I can get behind. I actually rate him higher than Ramsdale.

    Hendo is a no for me, despite the leadership it feels like a Willian-type move, we’d regret it 3 months into his 3 year deal.

    Tammy, while I wouldn’t mind as I said in the previous post, I don’t see anyone taking a chance on Laca.

    I mean its possible that if Eddie leaves and Balogun goes out on loan then yes maybe we bring him in but we need an opening upfront before the transfer should even be considered.

    AMN + cash would be a great deal if the numbers make sense. Max £40 million + AMN and that’s a good deal for us.

  47. Champagne Charlie

    People seriously think Arsenal have any influence on whether Chelsea land Haaland or Lewy?

    Abraham gatekeeping Chelsea from a major upgrade suddenly lol what more does Abramovich need to do to shine a spotlight on the massive difference in financial means of the football clubs?

  48. Avi

    Chavs needs to shift Abraham to get in Haaland or any striker for that matter, less about the money IMO, they could also sell to any other number of premier league clubs linked and more of the need to free a squad place for a striker don’t forget they also have Werner and Harverts in their book who Tuchel prefers as strikers.

    We’ll be solving off a problem for them and setting them up to be absolute contenders next season if we sign Abraham

  49. Peckobill

    Spot on , either way you look at if Tammy is worth having and Chelsea don’t need money or the space then they keep him surely yes ?

  50. Foxy

    Tammy A or not what we do need is CF who can get their head onto some of the crosses we keep banging into the box, unless of course we see a big change in tactics.

  51. Champagne Charlie


    Do you really think their ability to sign Haaland relies on a sale of Tammy? Seriously?

    As if there’s an idea that if we don’t buy Abraham Chelsea can’t buy Haaland. They don’t have Stan at the helm

  52. Avi

    As if there’s an idea that if we don’t buy Abraham Chelsea can’t buy Haaland. They don’t have Stan at the helm”

    Obviously won’t affect their ability as they are known to splash the cash on anything they fancy but you’d think they’d rather prefer to sell a player who already down to 2 years on his contract and has absolutely no hope of a place in the manager’s plan.

    They could outrightly buy Haaland but would they prefer a sale of a player they have no plan of using and also having wages cleared? Bet they would and that’s exactly where arsenal becomes very important

  53. TR7

    Chelsea may buy Haaland anyway but why should we make it easier for them by financing 30M odd and freeing up a squad place for them. Tammy is not even anything special. Should we buy just for the sake of it ? Our money should be spent on players like Maddison who is what we need and upgrades our level of play.

  54. James wood.

    Different types of hip injury are notoriously difficult to treat.?
    Maddison looked very poor in a couple of cameo’s at the end of the season.
    Do we really want to go down the route of Diaby again.
    I wish the boy well but not for us.

  55. Avi

    The guy really reminds me of the Wellbeck situation. Lovely homegrown lad that 1/3 of the Chelsea fans dont mind staying as a bench player and 2/3 of em want rid.

    Might work out for us but odds on it will end in a heroic failure.

  56. Dissenter

    I don’t understand this dissing of Tammy Abraham. He would have done better for Chelsea than Werner

  57. Habesha Gooner

    Why do we think Abraham is good enough for us when Chelsea clearly don’t. He is not an upgrade on our strikers. So why should we sign him. He can develop. But handing Chelsea 30 mil+ for a development player when we have plenty of those at our club is baffling. If there is going to be a striker coming in, he should be real quality. We have enough cover and our starters are better than Abraham.

  58. Peckobill

    If Chelsea don’t need any dominoes to fall to buy haland and Roman just dips his hand in his pocket then someone explain to me why haven’t they gone ahead and just done that already ? There’s nothing stopping them , Dortmund have set their price haven’t they ,so go on Chelsea what’s keeping you ?
    I’m sure I’ve read somewhere for a while now RA runs Chelsea self sustaining now . Big window last time but that was two windows worth of funds after their ban .

  59. Peckobill

    No offence but you’ve answered your own question , why can’t he get ahead of a Werner who was absolutely pony last season

  60. Avi

    So if the Locatelli and Neves deals are off, who exactly is the CM the club is looking to bring in?, surely they can’t be that daft to shove Sambi in from the off? Elneny also an option? Jesus No

    I think a deadline day move for Bissouma is on the offing, just how the club rolls, there’s bound to always be a deadline day drama ffs

  61. Avi


    I honestly think they want Abraham out first before going hard for Haaland..arsenal could be the unfortunate facilator of that deal whether you care to admit it or not

  62. Champagne Charlie


    If they can figure a deal for Haaland they will, meanwhile the subsequent sale of Abraham becomes academic.

    The ‘why should we fund them’ angle is a total nonsense, it boils down to whether we rate Abraham for Arsenal plain and simple. Agree or disagree on that matter, but we certainly hold no sway over Chelsea’s pursuit of a player like Haaland.

    I think anyone who analyses is further than crying foul at a “Chelsea reject” will find it far more reasonable a transfer than is being suggested by some.

  63. Zacharse

    Very funny on here today. Arsenal starts doing what every other club on the planet with money do and folks going nuts. I agree if we ended up wramsdale henderson and abraham as our marquee signings our season will probably be shit. But since we are making more signings this summer than youth team players and a goalie- i am happy to see club playing hardball instead of just being used by portuguese youth stars to get pro contracts. Usually we are used by the press. No i dont think we’ll be signing henderson but i’m glad we’re enquiringand not just going for neves or bust. Wouldnt be surprised to see united sign henderson. Weve still got interest in a real betis MF if i remember right, but the one thing i do expect and will be happy to see is a preference towards players who’ve played a season or two in the EPL rather. Locatelli is a special talent seemingly, and we shouldnt be looking for foreign league talents that arent something extra. Plenty of good players at avg clubs like villa, brighton, norwich, brentford

  64. Ernest Reed

    “£30m for Ramsdale seems nuts”

    Interesting comment – £50m for White and thats good business for a relative unknown, but somehow this one, for a future #1 keeper (if that is the plan) is nuts?

    Forgive me if i say i just don’t get any of this, i just don’t. For a club with stated aspirations of Top 4 and CL win in three years – these signings are not what gets you there, they just aren’t

  65. Avi

    I think anyone who analyses is further than crying foul at a “Chelsea reject” will find it far more reasonable a transfer than is being suggested by some.”

    Sounds like you rate the lad? hmmm

  66. Dissenter

    50 million for Ben White = 1 million for Ramsdale

    I consider the Ben White signing to be bonkers, same as spending any money on Ramsdale.

  67. Peckobill

    “ I consider the Ben White signing to be bonkers, same as spending any money on Ramsdale.”
    It’s that idiot goalkeeping coach we got , if it’s tets I really do shake my head

  68. Avi

    White is very good signing he is young and he is proven he have big potintial to be world class CB the fee is high but you can mind that because how young he is and he is key player for Brighton the Ramsdale and Abraham moves are dumb specially Ramsdale as backup i don’t mind him but not for 30M this is as bad when chelsea spent 70M for Kepa.

    Fact Bielsa’s Leeds intended to shatter their transfer record for the lad gives me courage

  69. Rich

    I’m not suggesting we try and sign Camavinga, I know little about him other than a couple of highlights reels

    It would also be a bold move to replace the experience of Xhaka with a teenager

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we went for it though, purely on the basis of the way we set up after Xmas

    Xhaka would drop in to play as a left sided defensive midfielder in possession to cover for Tierney, and Tierney would create the overload in the final third

    We were playing different variations of 2-3-4-1 in possession,, then 4-5-1 out of possession

    Tavares looks like a player designed to offer an attacking threat similar to Tierney, who was our most creative player last season

    If we sell Xhaka, then we’d need a left footed midfielder to tuck in behind to cover our aggressively attacking left backs

    Camavinga looks like he could do the job Xhaka did, but with his recovery pace, we could push him 10-15 yards further up the pitch to squeeze play

  70. Karsa

    We’re not in for Ramsdale or Abraham imo, although we may well need a striker to bridge between Laca/Auba and Balogun/Martinelli at the end of the season.

  71. TR7

    ‘ anyone who analyses is further than crying foul at a “Chelsea reject” will find it far more reasonable a transfer than is being suggested by some.’

    Let us not pretend that you are making a solid case for signing Abraham. Not a dig but you somehow always end up backing the wrong horse.

  72. Leedsgunner

    Why are we so pleased to be the refuse bin for our supposed rivals? We’ve become the footballing equivalent of the bathroom bin. No wonder we’re treated with contempt.

    Henderson? No. No. No.

    More like Hen – doesn’t!

    Have some damn pride!

  73. Dissenter

    The GK coach should have been walked out the door after Runnarsson was signed.
    Then you have egregious mistakes with Freddie Woodman at his insistence and the inability to work with Leno.
    Inaki Cana Pavon is at Arsenal because of Arteta and is apparently untouchable because of Arteta, so any mistakes made are 100% owned by Arteta .

  74. Avi

    Camavinga is Man Utd bound according to numerous reports! If they get that lad along with Sancho and Varane then you’ve got yo admit they’ve had a brilliant window ffs

  75. Leedsgunner

    Plus if we really wanted to spend £30m on a keeper we should have signed Donnarumma on a free and given him the money. At least we would be getting quality!

  76. Avi

    My guess is the club is looking for a deal for Maddison and if they fail there will fallback on Aouar as a last minute back up

    Its the CM position I find intriguing, really wondering who might he be they’re looking to bring in there

  77. Pedro

    Have some damn pride? Henderson has won the CL, the Prem, won footballer of the year, is one of the best leaders in the league… not sure there’s much pride in pretending he’d not make Arsenal better.

  78. TR7


    Henderson always was and still is an average footballer. Klopp system doesn’t require a technical midfielder but players who can run and hustle which Henderson is good at.

  79. Champagne Charlie

    “Let us not pretend that you are making a solid case for signing Abraham. Not a dig but you somehow always end up backing the wrong horse.“

    Who are the apparent wrong horses? Can take that assessment with a heavy dose of salt given some of your views on players.

    You’re dismissive of the facts surrounding Abraham’s career to date, which is about as reasonable as it gets when discussing a players merit. Go figure.

  80. Avi

    Could bet you said similar stuff about Willian last time as well

    Have some pride man, Arsenal has been a retirement club for cloggers and semi retired footballers for too long now.

  81. Champagne Charlie


    I’ve been pretty plain about my thoughts on Abraham. What I do know is that if one of our players had his CV they’d be getting rode bareback on here.

  82. Cheney10

    Unless it is printed and in the Athletic, or broadcast on Skysports news take it with a pinch of salt. Unfortunately, Ramsdale has been mentioned by both, although, admit there is nothing concrete between the clubs… long may that continue IMO. I’d much prefer Johnson or an older keeper as a stop gap to see what Leno does. If Leno wants to go then Johnson and one other keeper all day over Ramsdale.

    The other rumours are exactly that… Rumours.

  83. englandsbest

    Ramsdale, Henderson, Abraham, Locatelli all seem unlikely, whereas Tavares, lokongo and now White, all seemed likely. Ramsdale is a downgrade on GK we’ve got and the one we had, and the price is nutty. Arteta’s fingers must still be too burned by the Willian signing for him to chance another oldie past his best, like Henderson. Locatelli is a home boy who wants to join Juve, and it’s hard to see Arteta signing Abraham with the strikers he has

    I think what Arteta demands above all is commitment. It seems he is not getting that from Auba or Leno, so we can expect their departures before the window closes. Leno will be replaced by probably two GKs, Arteta can manage without a replacement for Auba provided he keeps Laca.

  84. WengerEagle

    I need a fucking drink reading these potential transfers being linked today, lol.

    Abraham I could live with but Ramsdale and an over the hill/dodgy knees Henderson? Christ that would be grim.

  85. Avi

    I’ve been pretty plain about my thoughts on Abraham. What I do know is that if one of our players had his CV they’d be getting rode bareback on here.’

    His CV? He had a blinder of a season for Villa in the Championship and has been just about decent for the Chavs? He’s got reasonable stats but should that br enough for where arsenal want to be though?

    He fails the eye test which is why he’s been shoved to the bench by the likes of Werner who’s a horrible finisher and herverts who’s not really a striker

    He wasn’t even in the squad when Chavs won the CL final, good CV alright

  86. Avi

    If Liverpool sign Bissouma after selling us Henderson and Chelsea sign Haaland after selling us Abraham, it’ll be tough to take!’

    Apparently not for Pedro

  87. Champagne Charlie


    He scored 23 league goals at Bristol City, 26 league goals at Villa, then led Chelsea to 4th with 15 PL goals.

    If Balogun or Eddie had produced that by the age of 21 they’d be lauded. Didn’t make the squad in the CL final though so he’s shite? Makes sense.

  88. WengerEagle

    Are we just incapable of snagging talent around Europe like other clubs? Barring squad players like Tavares and Lokonga.

    What is with this fetish of buying British all of a sudden? Ramsdale being quoted for 30m, lol do me a favour.

  89. Tom

    Ben White for £50m makes about as much sense as Ramsdale for £30m in the context of our immediate needs and their valuation.

  90. Habesha Gooner

    Teun Koopmeiners is a 23 year old Holland international. A very good player at that too. And he is a captain of AZ with a bright future ahead of him. And he is a similar profile as Locatelli. He would make sense at 17 mil.

    Aouar, Anguissa, Bissouma, all good targets. Heck I would even take Neves instead of Henderson. Old leaders are poor unless they are still really top class players. We need a proper fix with the right age profile. Not a 30 something stop gap. This is Henderson FFS. It is not Sergio Ramos. If David Luiz’s pedigree and leadership didn’t result in us getting better, Henderson’s leadership won’t do is any good.

    Anyone can see that unless you think every thing Arteta touches is genius.

    No to Abraham
    No to Henderson
    No to Ramsdale.

  91. Peckobill

    TR7 nails it about Henderson his strength is his high energy press , a good few years of that and at 31 he’s pretty much spent . He’s hitting injury prone level after it , he also has very little skill set for an arteta possession based tactics . We got to stop these big last contracts for fading players . Not the way to go

  92. Avi


    Not comparing him to Balogun or Eddie tbf but rather questioning the idea that he improves us tbf

    don’t really see the point of him tbf. Tall but poor in the air and poor ball to feet. He doesn’t really bring much to the team that Auba doesn’t. I’d rather keep Auba and Laca and see what’s available on the market next season when we’re hopefully in a better position to attract better talent.

    Scoring 15goals for a Chavs side loaded with attacking quality doesn’t make him special tbf.. Some of his misses are actually shocking

  93. TR7


    Abraham is a decent finisher, has a good presence and awareness. He has age on his side too. If you create chances for him he will score a fair few of them. I am not knocking his ability even though my use of the term ‘Chelsea reject’ sounds disparaging. But he is good, nothing special. He needs his team mates to create quality chances for him for him to score goals. He is not a player who will create chances of his own. Now the question is do we have players who can do that at Arsenal ? Auba might be out of form but he is a fox in the box himself. Laca helps a lot in build up play. We don’t know much about Martinelli or Balogun yet but who knows they might have a higher ceiling than Tammy. With our limited funds I don’t think it’s judicious to spend 30M on Tammy. Again a decent striker but this window is not the window to go for him.

  94. Ernest Reed

    Re Henderson – Why are Arsenal even considering such a move? Are there not enough living examples on the club that tell you concretely why this would be an ill advised move?

  95. Tom

    Some Arsenal fans are like frogs in the boiling water experiment, start them off slowly and balmy and they’ll refuse to jump out.

    If someone said at the end of the season Arsenal would be signing a 23 year old CB and a 23 year old keeper for £80m no one would’ve believed it possible, but give it enough time and propaganda and voila, not crazy anymore.

  96. Habesha Gooner

    Abraham has been criticized rightly for his hold up play, Passing and ability to create his own chances. That is not a great striker. And I don’t think he will ever be. But he is a good striker just because he finishes his chances other than that I see no upside at the price Chelsea are going to demand for him.

  97. andy1886

    I’m going to gauge the likelihood of transfers using the Pedro-meter. The more virulently he defends a potential purchase the more likely he believes it will happen. And Pedro is never wrong! 😆

  98. Ernest Reed

    If someone said at the end of the season Arsenal would be signing a 23 year old CB and a 23 year old keeper for £80m no one would’ve believed it possible”

    Those two are not whom would jump out at you for that kind of money, Tom.

    Im thrilled that the club appears to have money to spend, but seriously is this what you do with it? Its tantamount to spending Ferrari money on a Yugo – sorry, but thats what it comes off as.

  99. Avi

    My mate an avid Chelsea fan says of Abraham: ‘He can’t jump, can’t head properly, can’t link play, can only put the ball in the net. Please help fund our bid for Haaland’.😂

  100. Sly

    James mcnicholas with the athletic says we haven’t even bid for aouar
    Something came up in the scouting report and Arsenal backed out
    Not sure who we’re going for
    All the TW links presently suck
    Hell no to Henderson
    Isn’t it about time we stop picking up Chelsea et al rejects?

  101. Champagne Charlie


    He was their top goal scorer with 15, he quite literally led them to 4th aged 21 and there’s questions over his ability to do the same here. Auba and Laca are expiring before your eyes, the latter of which wont be here beyond this season. He doesn’t drastically improve the team over either right now (although he’s a better goalscorer than Laca), but he avoids us feeling the brunt of Laca leaving, and Auba falling off a cliff.

    Not sure why every player needs to be ‘something special’, functional and reliable players are hugely important to achieving goals at the top end of the table. By all accounts the club can hope for something special from Martinelli and Balogun, but in the mean time if you gave me the option of Auba, Laca, or Abraham then I’d favour the latter on less wages and double the hunger.

  102. WengerEagle

    Man City XI: Ederson (overseas), Walker (PL), Stones (PL), Ruben Dias (overseas), Cancelo (overseas), Rodri (overseas), Gundogan (overseas), KDB (overseas), Foden (homegrown), Mahrez (PL), Jesus (overseas).

    x7 overseas, x3 PL, x1 homegrown.

    Chelsea XI: Mendy (overseas), James (homegrown), Thiago Silva (overseas), Rudiger (overseas), Azpilicueta (overseas), Chilwell (PL), Kante (PL), Jorginho (overseas), Mount (homegrown), Havertz (overseas), Werner (overseas).

    x7 overseas, x2 PL, x2 homegrown

    Man United XI:

    De Gea (overseas), Wan Bissaka (PL), Maguire (PL), Lindelof/Varane (overseas), Shaw (PL), Pogba (overseas), Fred (overseas), McTominay (homegrown), Fernandes (overseas), Rashford (homegrown), Cavani (overseas).

    x6 overseas, x3 PL, x2 homegrown.

    Liverpool XI:

    Allison Becker (overseas), TAA (homegrown), Van Dijk (PL), Konate (overseas), Robertson (PL), Fabinho (overseas), Alcantara (overseas), Henderson/Milner (PL), Salah (overseas), Mane (PL), Firmino (overseas).

    x6 overseas, x4 PL, x1 homegrown.

    The majority of all of the top 4 sides XIs are made up of purchases from abroad and people still have this outdated view that PL experience is everything regarding spending money.

    Would seem that the club echo this POV too with 50m spent on White and now potentially Ramsdale, Abraham, Henderson, Maddison coming in for big money.

  103. Ernest Reed

    Who’s going to feed him, Charlie? Arsenal have decent options today but as witnessed last season, they received no service worth mentioning and scoring suffered for it.

    I don’t think it honestly matters who is brought in, if you cant feed him then he cant do much, and the pool of really talented scorers that can create chances on their own is limited to elite and costly talent. Your point is noted, he is young and capable, provided he is being fed – he wont do it on his own.

  104. TR7


    If you replace Laca with Tammy, we will be left with two strikers with little to no ability to help in build up play. I am sure you recall numerous games last season in which Auba barely touched the ball and when Laca came on our play improved a bit. How will you change things when you have Auba and Tammy in your team ? Both have the same weakness.

  105. WengerEagle


    I don’t disagree that Abraham is a good ST but you don’t spend 30m+, more likely 40m on a ‘good’ player if you are Arsenal and you need virtually every purchase to pan out like Liverpool from 2016-2018.

    Why not go the extra 10-15m and bring in a really top shelf one/prospect with a higher ceiling than Tammy? It’s not like Abraham himself is already a brilliant scorer.

    The difference with Adebayor was that he was brought in as an understudy to prime Henry and a young Van Persie and only cost us just 3m IIRC which was fuck all even in 2006.

  106. Avi

    So you’d rather Abraham now than say a chance to go for a proper Elite striker next summer when we have the proper chance to make the move

    Abraham coming in will mean that’s a first team signing for the next few years especially for the 40M touted

  107. WengerEagle

    Abraham averaged just 8 completed passes per game at a 66% completion rate in 2019-20 as Chelsea’s first choice ST.

    That’s an appalling number for a CF in the modern game.

  108. Avi

    Would prefer Calvert Lewin if we’re spending big on an English striker. Tammy done decently until defenders started paying him a lot more attention, he might come through the other side of that but he might not, massive gamble to bring him in.

    DCL is a completely different profile to Auba and has more to his game than Tammy

  109. TR7

    I don’t know whether he is available for transfer but 40M can get us Ferran Torres who is the kind of striker Arsenal need. Technical, can link up play and young. Even Calwert Lewis is a better option than Tammy.