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Mad times at Hotel Rumour Mill. We are being linked with MANY players and some of those rumours refuse to go away. One thing is clear, we have profiles we’re targetting, with many options that are moving targets. That’s great news, years gone by, there was one target and then we were done.

First big one, Aaron Ramsdale, Arsenal #2 for… £30m.

I can’t really suss it out. That sort of cash seems extremely rich when we have a very, very competent #1 in Bernd Leno. The young keeper clearly has talent, he’s capped for England, but he doesn’t boast any outrageous qualities we couldn’t pick up elsewhere for less outside youth and Englishness. When a player like Onana is moving to Marseille for sub £10m, you really have to wonder what is going on here.

The other side of this is that Bernd Leno hasn’t signed a new deal yet. The keeping coach that hasn’t delivered is still here. What is going on there? Most players we have going into the final two years of their contracts want a new deal, I’m not so sure that’s Bernd Leno who told the club before the end of the season he wanted out.

One thing I will say, you can bemoan Martinez being sold last summer, but you can’t say we sold him only to buy back homegrown. We sold Emi because he asked out of the club. £30m for Ramsdale seems nuts, but we didn’t push the Argentine out, he just didn’t like that he wasn’t being given a guarantee to start last season.

New rumour: I asked Johnny on The Arsenal Opinion podcast where this leadership was coming from that Mikel Arteta has been talking about. None of the players we’ve moved on so far have the experience to really step into that role this season. Then bang, out of nowhere, it became totally obvious… Jordan Henderson. Sky Sports are linking Arsenal with the 31-year-old and you really wouldn’t be shocked. Can he lead? Yes. Does he know how to win things? Yes. Would Liverpool cash in on a 31-year-old? Yes. Henderson has never been a sexy player, nor earned the respect his game probably deserved, but could he add something to our midfield if Xhaka is moved on? Likely.

Next on the Brit list: Tammy Abraham.

Again, another weird signing. The young England striker isn’t exactly in favour over at Chelsea. He’ll be looking for game time this year in the hope of securing a place in the World Cup squad. There are very, very meek ITK suggestions that we’re in pole position to sign him. It just seems an extremely weird signing.

Firstly, I don’t see Auba or Lacazette going anywhere this summer. They are on mega contracts and they can’t even attract smoke this window. Secondly, Folarin Balogun was just given a kick into the first-team squad, he signed a 5-year deal, and he looks the business every time we see him given a sniff in the first team. Abraham blocks his path and clogs up the forward line.

What is there to like about him? Well, he has a physical profile we lack. His height and pace is similar to where Adebayor was at his age (23). He’s also pretty reliable for goals in the now. It wouldn’t be a bad move, but it would be very confusing without a serious shuffle of the pack this summer.

In an interesting twist of fate, fans are now looking at the Ruben Neves signing differently as it would appear that United is in the mixer for his talents.

Another rumour that won’t die is the Locatelli one. There’s two ways this one is going. We’re either being used as a wedge to get Juventus to cough up some actual money for Sassuolo’s prized asset… or we are the only club in that mixer that has the money for the player. To put the tiny Italian club’s numbers in context, over the course of a decade, they made a profit of €1.6m, their record transfer is €2m, the most they’ve ever received for a player is €12m. Arsenal waving £40m in their direction is game-changing, I’m not sure they could really agree to let mega-rich Juve bully them into a 2-year loan in the current climate. I’d also be surprised if the player would waste a year on subpar wages to wait in the hope Juve will be loaded next summer.

So, it would seem that the transfer window is taking us in quite a British direction, which would see a reboot of Project British Youth. Who knows where that’ll end up, but I won’t be complaining about Arsenal signing young hungry players with a point to prove. There’s a tweet doing the round complaining about us signing these players because they don’t have fashionable profiles… let me remind you of some profiles we’ve tried.

‘Swiss captain, best passer in the Bundesliga’

‘World Cup-winning right back’

‘Heavily trophied Brazilian winger that offers control in the final third’

‘Keeper with the most clean-sheets in Premier League history’

‘Greatest Swiss right-back of all time’

Some players with unsexy profiles that have banged.

‘Right wing-back from Juventus’

‘Failed French midfielder from AC Milan’

‘Mohawk kid from Halmsteads’

‘Guy that had a heart attack from Inter reserves’

Sexy comp videos aren’t everything.


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  1. China1

    At schools I’d like to see us have dedicated curriculum for critical thinking, general problem solving etc etc

    Some practical skills to compliment academic learning

  2. Goobergooner


    “Potential signings may well look at how Arteta handled himself and managed his squad. Arteta’s optics were very poor last season with career wasting decisions for some of our youth players,”

    I don’t disagree here, but I’d argue that they could also view Artetas own signings such as Willian and be like sweet, I get in the 11 because of being a favourite and get away with dire performances and taking the piss out of the non negotiables

  3. PhD2020

    China1July 22, 2021 07:38:54
    At schools I’d like to see us have dedicated curriculum for critical thinking

    Funniest thing you’ve wrote to date.

    Is that possible under a communist led regime that is against freedom of speech,freedom of expression, cracks down on critics, controls and dictates what is taught in schools and universities, has teachers monitored and under surveillance in the classroom.

    Should the teachers veer of the state controlled curriculum, suddenly they are disappeared and replaced.Critical thinking taught in the PRC?

    I’m sure the guys in HK would laugh at such a comment.

  4. Sid

    I know you live in Pataya, but you posted this

    “””””””””would disagree all kids are gifted or you wouldn’t have the A,B & C streams in UK schools or however they classify the year classes grading.”””””””””

  5. Useroz

    Spot on. China would like to … doesn’t mean he’s getting it, or was China referring to the UK curriculum after all?

  6. PhD2020

    UserozJuly 22, 2021 08:23:48

    Spot on. China would like to … doesn’t mean he’s getting it, or was China referring to the UK curriculum after all?

    Oh don’t worry about that-China1’s default position would be the UK in this regard.
    Since PRC is off limits by his reckoning.Can be critical of every other country,bar the big elephant in the room.

    That said,you’d much more likely see critical thinking taught in the curriculum in the UK than you would in the PRC under a communist state led apparatus..

    Anyway morning all.

  7. Pierre

    If I was to analyse the possible signing of Abrahams and the positives and negatives , I would look at his goalscoring record and say very decent ,, I would look at his ability to link the play and hold the ball up and would say average or below average.

    Would his inability to link the play ( meaning a poor technique) affect his game at Arsenal , probably not as under Arteta, Arsenal 90% attack down the flanks and the striker is rarely involved in the play , so his prime duty will be to put the ball in the back of the net.

    Abrahams has very good movement in the box and a hunger to get on the end of things , plus of course he is pretty strong in the air .

    Another advantage to having Abrahams is defending set pieces , put him on the near post and that solves that problem as this is an area we could be particularly weak this coming season.

    So yes there are positives for his signing and he is in the right age bracket.

    He doesn’t have the skill set of an adebuyor or even Giroud and his hold up play is about as poor as Aubamayang, Nketiah, Balogun and Lacazette are much more capable in that area, but as I said, we rarely play through the middle so our striker is rarely involved in the build up.
    I suppose a Aubamayang/Abrahams swap would suit both clubs , then if we sell Lacazette it doesn’t block the pathway for Balogun as I would hate to think that we will lose another quality young striker without giving them a realistic chance to succeed.

    My fear is that if we buy players with a low technical level we will not be able to realistically challenge the top clubs.

    For me, a high technical level is a must and Abrahams doesn’t fit the bill .

  8. Tony

    Can’t stand Pattaya.It’s for sleaze balls like you.

    Clearly your brain and education are worlds apart, but prey do continue talking absolute rubbish as is often your mantra here.

    Perhaps you can go on your imaginary roving reporter diatribes for an equally fictional TV show and do a piece on today’s education.

    Seems to be your ilk.

    Who knows you could be the next Walter Mitty.

  9. Valentin


    I think that you underestimate yourself.

    Being able to work well under pressure (expectation time, constraints) is a skill in itself.

    Like you, I used to believe that formal exams were unfair to people who could stress easily but then I saw those same people also struggling in professional environment for that reason.

    Exams are just kids deadlines. It is part of life and trying to brush that aside is a mistake. People needs to be able to handle the stress of exam or work situation.

    If you applies that to football, it is even clearer. No good manager will select a player if he can’t perform in front of an audience even if he is the best player during training. Unless you are Arteta, in which case you stick with Willian despite him stinking the place in every game.

    My main gripe with education is that it does not teach life skills.
    Most schools do not teach people how to deal with stress, how to compartmentalise things to stay effective.
    They don’t teach how to handle bad news and not lashing out.
    They also don’t teach people organisational skill such as how to learn, how to plan, how to delegate, how to be financially savvy. How can people be high functioning workers and not know the difference between simple interest rate and APR.

  10. Leedsgunner

    Here’s a thought why don’t we spend the £30m we’re earmarked for Ramsdale and spend it on Bissouma?

    No wonder other teams don’t take us seriously when we plead poverty when we go off on flights of fancy like this…

  11. Leftside

    ‘Unless you are Arteta, in which case you stick with Willian despite him stinking the place in every game.’

    Also shows a lack of humility on Mikel’s part. To be able to admit that you’ve made an error and ensure the requirements of the team take precedence over his ego.

  12. Batistuta

    The thought of Aaron Ramsdale in goal for us is very very horrible. He’s bad bad bad and those links don’t seem to be going away which is even more scarier.

    The Fulham goalie on loan from PSG last season wouldn’t have been a bad shout too. Id take Sommer feom Gladbach if truly we’re losing Leno at some point but God no Ramsdale. What is this football club turning into

  13. Bob N16

    Agree Leeds, I don’t if the stories are reliable about 32 year old Neto from Barca but I’d be much happier getting an experienced No.2 goalie for little or no fee then sinking £30 m into a less than convincing GK who would be behind Leno in the pecking order.

    It seems to me that our midfield needs are far more important to invest in. Still hope we can get a player + cash deal done for Bissouma. Locatelli seems so unlikely.

  14. Valentin

    If we need a decent goalkeeper to replace Leno, I would take Alphonse Areola from PSG who was on loan at Fulham last season. PSG need to considerably reduce their wage bill and recoup some cash, so he has been made available.

    As he has already spent a full year in London and in the EPL, his adaptation would be minimal. Cheaper and better than Grimsdale. The only issue would his non home grown status, but if we can sell Leno and recoup some cash, we would have a better keeper, some cash and our non home grown number would not have changed.
    We would still need a better No 2 than Runarsson, but I am sure we could get an experienced home grown or not goalkeeper on the cheap.

  15. Tony

    The skills you mentioned should be addressed by parents if schools don’t have the curriculum.

    We tell our son and daughter not to come to us with problems but bring solutions to discuss with us.

    It’s a good system to getting them to think for themselves and, if they have the right solution we reward them with extra TV time or others things they are invested in.

    They generally choose their extra classes to aid their education.

    I also set them a series of thinking out the box problems to find solutions to they love and always asking for more to do.

  16. James wood.

    Abraham is very similar to Calvin L body wise.?
    More Mobil than either of our main two
    strikers and I’m sure with more game time
    he will be a good asset.
    Would like to see Laca moved on sharply
    and Auba put on notice?😳

  17. raptora

    Mexico lead by 2 goals vs France in their Olympic group game. Thoroughly outplaying them.

    Now I know why star talents like Gouiri, Sarr, Camavinga, Caqueret and Saliba decided to be with their clubs instead.

  18. Emiratesstroller


    I think that there are two very good reasons why Arsenal are not moving for Bissouma this

    1. We have bought White from Brighton.
    2. Bissouma will be out of action for over a month when he plays in Africa Cup.

    In any event Arsenal will probably not move into transfer market for a replacement for Xhaka until he has been sold.

  19. Leedsgunner

    Has White been officially confirmed and announced? Why are people acting like he’s our player?

    Reasons why Bissouma is a good idea

    1. We’ve dealt with Brighton
    2. We have players that they were looking at last summer, such as Nketiah and Nelson, I would imagine they might be open to a player versus swap idea.
    3. At the moment, we have ready made alternates that could step into his shoes if he does go off into the African Cup of Nations in Sambi and Ainsley Maitland Niles (if he stays.)
    3. He wants to come to the Arsenal.

  20. Rich


    The quota side of it is more about not entering into having a surplus of players

    The value of a player to a club will always be on the pitch, once we have an oversupply of players, and an undersupply of squad places, we weaken our already very weak negotiating position

    Clubs will just offer loans and lowball us, even worse than they are now, because the calculation they’ll make, is that our surplus players are of no use to us on the pitch, and their wages are still a liability

    Successful teams usually have an energy around them, it’s about creating a team spirit

    Too much competition is unhealthy, because there’s only so many games, only 11 spaces in the team, and it doesn’t matter how hard some try, they’ll never get any games time, this then creates stagnation and malaise, and is detrimental to team moral and internal competitiveness

    Too little competition is also unhealthy, because it doesn’t matter how badly they play or behave, there’s no internal competition to keep players on their toes, and mentally it’s human nature for some to switch off

    This is what I think happened to Leno last season, 1 minute he’s got Martinez on his back, then he’s got Runarsson, and that lack of internal pressure put him to sleep

    What we need is direct competition for places, direct competition is healthy, we need a first team squad of roughly 22 with no European football, backed up by 2-3 very talented youngsters

    A first team squad of 31 last October was unworkable, having 13 players outside the match day squad was bonkers, and was always going to create problems internally

    Having the youth team so far away from the first team is also unhealthy, very few youngsters will actually take the path into the first team, but there has to be a vision of a path into the first team, however narrow that path might be, we have to dangle the carrot to keep levels of motivation very high

    I think we’ll spend this summer, providing we can get players out, some have accused me of being a politician by giving myself an out with this statement

    But it’s basic common sense, if you analyse our squad, then it’s currently impossible for us to sign a right back, central midfielder, striker, or wide forward

    Because those areas are already over-stacked, I think KSE will be willing to invest, but the level of investment will be dependent on our ability to create space for new recruits

    Moving players on is proving difficult, as we stand numerically we could lose Kolasinac, Bellerin, Niles, Torreira, Willian, Nketiah, Lacazette, and have no need to enter the market for replacements

    We’d certainly still need to improve the quality, but we’d then be at a 1 in and 1 out basis

    Leno, Runarsson, Okonkwo
    Chambers, Soares
    Tierney, Tavares
    White?, Holding
    Gabriel, Mari
    Partey, Elneny
    Xhaka, Lokonga,
    Smith-Rowe, Willock
    Saka, Pepe
    Martinelli, Nelson
    Aubameyang, Balogun

    We’d simply have to get a keeper, and ideally dump Runarsson, but the way for us to improve isn’t just by bringing in new signings, but also by creating the right level of internal competitiveness, and a better energy around the training-ground

    For all the noise around Arteta, I’m more concerned with clearing the deck, and with how successful we are with our recruitment and squad planning

    No more short term signings, we need to put some strong foundations in place, that we can build around for the medium to longer term

    We need to create a team and a team spirit, and that isn’t just about the quality of players we bring in, we also need the right characters with the right mentality, and the right working environment

  21. Karsa

    We won’t bring in Ramsdale, Henderson, or Abraham.

    We will bring in two midfielders, a goalkepper, and, depending on departures, a right back.

    Here’s hoping.

  22. China1

    PHD you gotta stop rushing to conclusions

    I was talking about the UK

    But the situation in China is even worse obviously. Goes without saying that the system here is much more rigid than the west. There are many good things about China but I wouldn’t say the education system here is one of them. Far too rigid, far too much memorizing of arbitrary facts, far too much homework. Why do you think I send my kid to an international kindergarten?

    PHD I love some aspects of this country but I ain’t on this blog to spread propaganda, you gotta stop looking for meaning in my messages as if I’m blissfully unaware of how things are here. I’m quite familiar with the good and the bad and As a Brit I still often refer to things about the UK without bothering to specify which country I’m talking about.

    But critical thinking and problem solving skills should be taught in schools world wide including China. It’s a lack of the latter which has created the prevalence of a copycat culture rather than one where originality and innovation is rife (with some exceptions ofc)

  23. Sid

    “”””””””””TonyJuly 22, 2021 09:32:40
    Can’t stand Pattaya.It’s for sleaze balls like you.””””””””

    Im aware of this and wear it like a badge. Now go stand at a mirror and tell us what you see.

  24. China1

    ‘PRC is off limits by his reckoning’

    What part of me not wanting to land myself in legal trouble by proactively posting overtly critical things on issues which are legally taboo in this country is ‘by my reckoning’?

    Would you like to walk around the UK in plain sight with a gun and see how that works out for you?

    The laws are different here and I literally do not have the right to dive into heavily contentious issues online – the internet in China is monitored. How dumb would I have to be to start mouthing off about the country just to satisfy someone on a football blog?

    Considering how critical you are of China and how much you think you know about it, I’d expect you to understand my position on contentious issues is going to be restrained for extremely obvious reasons.

    As for critical thinking it’s not even a contentious issue and I’d like to see it taught world wide including here. Here for than anywhere. I pay 5x the price of a local kindergarten to send my kid to an international one. I put my money where my mouth is. But my comment about critical thinking applies to the west as well just to a lesser degree.

    So you can stop ankle biting with these petty comments, dude.

  25. raptora

    Mate. You are getting baited. I am aware that know it. Just don’t take the bait. Even answering to provocations isn’t worth it. That type of people have already made their mind up and you’re not going to change it.

  26. Rich

    Maddison ticks a lot of boxes, he’s the right age and experience profile, he’s a really talented player, in an area of the pitch we need someone

    I wouldn’t be disappointed if we signed him, but looking at his injuries over the last two seasons, and reading about him enjoying the party lifestyle, it sets off alarm bells

    Would certainly have preferred to take a punt on Buendia at half the price, and less than have the wages outlay, and would also much rather we signed Odegaard

  27. Valentin


    Those skills should be taught by parents, but a lot of them don’t have these skills themselves. They can’t pass on knowledge they don’t have. Some don’t even realise that they are missing those basic skills.

    My parents are retired teachers, they both says that their last 10 years as teacher were the worst in term of basic ability for students.

  28. Valentin


    A friend of mine has retired from trading at the age of 35, got bored doing nothing for 4 years and went back to France to teach finance at a university. He does not need the money, but like the intellectual stimulation.

    He works only 12 hours per week, so he keep contact with other people than his architect girlfriend. He had students in his class, who memorise the content by heart but when he gives them unprepared exam it is clear that they do not understand the subject or that they have already forgotten the previous week subject.

    As part of the cursus, they have to spend some time as trainee in a financial institution. He had to add preparation session for interview (classic), and another for how to behave at work. He had to explain that continually using social media apps at work will be frown upon. Some trading floors do not allow mobile phone, he could not get enough candidates for those companies.

    Those are skills that you and I consider as basic, but clearly not by those highly educated students!

  29. Leedsgunner

    If Edu and Mikel feel money burning a hole in their pockets I would rather we spent £30m towards bringing in someone like Declan Rice over Henderson and as Keylor Navas from PSG who will be now surplus since they brought in Donnarumma on a free.

    Despite Donnarumma’s undoubted pedigree apparently his arrival has apparently annoyed Mbappe who is good friends with both their existing goal keepers… who both now feel snubbed. It’s caused their squad to be unsettled… or says Duncan Castle.

  30. The backpass

    Not Sacking Arteta during that horrendous period would set us back for the next 3 years. Why are we signing Abraham, I don’t need stat to tell me he isn’t good, I watch him a lot and quite frankly he is shit…

    I would never forget against Westham last season, a good cross with Fabianksi already beaten and still managed to miss it.

    Then, there is Ramsdale who by all means is the worst goalkeeper in the league and he is been valued at 32million plus.

    A total sum of 120million on white, Abraham and Ramsdale.

    Jesus wept.

  31. TR7

    Arsenal are interested in signing Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham. He is admired by several influential voices within the club, including Mikel Arteta. The Athletic understands he is a potential target in this summer’s transfer window. [@TheAthleticUK] #afc

    Abraham is understood to be aware of Arsenal’s interest & would be open to a move. To mitigate against the substantial cost, Arsenal’s preference would be to strike a loan deal, although Chelsea are understood to be keen to extract a fee of around £40m. [@TheAthleticUK] #afc

    Guys, Tammy links are not click bait.

  32. TR7

    I think the only major action we need to take is sack Arteta and Edu right now before they waste £120M on Ramsdale, White and Abraham.

  33. PhD2020

    China1July 22, 2021 11:21:39

    Considering how critical you are of China and how much you think you know about it, I’d expect you to understand my position on contentious issues is going to be restrained for extremely obvious reasons.


    Well,I’d say my comments is more about giving a counter view point or looking at the situation from a different perspective, rather than the edited or digestible version you like to project about the PRC

    As for your comment regarding:” How much I think I know?”

    I don’t claim to be the leading authority on the PRC.Not in a million years or claim to know more than you with regards to the PRC.
    But based on experiences, information,data accumulated over time till date, and mainly experiences from those who have lived in the PRC albeit for over ten years who are married to PRC nationals and have kids- all of whom are now living overseas, aligned with nationals from neighbouring or regional A.S.E.A.N. countries,i.e. Singapore, Indonesia, Ph’pines, V’n.a.m., Malaysia, etc alongside the other E.A. countries-Japan, South K’.r.e.a. and Taiwan not forgetting H.K.(part of mainland P.R.C).They all seem to have differing or opposing views about the PRC, CV-19 numbers, etc from the PRC that you portray on here.

    And all this information isn’t even overwhelmingly coming from a western hemisphere narrative,but from expatriates and citizens within the continent(Asia) or region who’ve either lived there or travelled there for business on the regular.

    Do we just dismiss their experiences, knowledge, data-because it does not align with the edited or easily digestible version?

    So,try telling those very people your comment:”They think they know about the PRC?”

    My point being, if you can’t be objective-( being monitored, understandable by the way),then best to avoid the subject altogether, than to offer up an edited version.

    It’s what the PRC do best.

    Either way,to each his own.

    Let’s just avoid this rather sensitive topic.

  34. Sid

    China1 is in a better position to tell us about PRC since he has been raised in a different culture but lives there

  35. andy1886

    Just waiting now for Pedro’s diatribe on why Abraham would be an absolutely terrific buy and why he’ll be perfect for this wonderful ‘project’ of ours.

  36. China1

    Raptora yeah, glad it’s not just me who sees it

    Anyway Tony I really like that you tell your kids to come to you with solutions for advice rather than problems. That’s a really nice approach to build so many important soft skills like independence, problem solving and analysis, planning, etc etc

    Tony have you ever read the 7 habits of highly effective people? I always have a default starting point of extreme skepticism with those kinds of self help books but I’ve read about a third of it and it strongly pushes that approach to parenting

  37. PhD2020

    TR7July 22, 2021 12:48:55
    I think the only major action we need to take is sack Arteta and Edu right now before they waste £120M on Ramsdale, White and Abraham.

    This has been my overriding concern from when the owners decided to back him at the end of last season after our not so flattering or questionable 2020/21 season.

    We’ve implicitly allowed Arteta to be given the “Keys of Rome” to wrought or foster my wreckage on the club come the 2021/22 season.

    It’s equivalent to allowing a rampaging, thirsty, famished Alsatian an open invitation to guide your sheep’s pen or the chicken coop.
    Having caused bloody mayhem the first time around,you put it down to an aberration in behaviour and give him a second bite at the cherry..

  38. Leftside

    £120m for those three and these two clowns should never be allowed near management of a football club again. I don’t think Ramsdale and Abraham will happen though.

  39. Olumide

    I think the only major action we need to take is sack Arteta and Edu right now before they waste £120M on Ramsdale, White and Abraham.

    I can’t agree more. Whoever thought giving guys that wasted £36 million on Willian more money needs their head checked.

    Tammy Abraham is shit.
    Source: My eyes and 90% of the Chelsea fans around me. Put simply, they hate him.

    If you offer them Aubameyang for Abraham, they’ll bite your hand and arm off. With all the chances they create, Aubameyang is not scoring less than 25 goals there.

    Abraham scored 15 goals in Lampard’s first season when they were creating chances for fun. I’d rather put Martinelli at CF than buy Abraham.

    Arteta is buying mid-table talents for world-class money. Chelsea must love us right now. Always selling their trash to us.

  40. Habesha Gooner

    Oh FFS. Why, why can’t we do the simplest things. Abraham is a waste. We have a lot of strikers. Two of them are seniors who are better than him. And two strikers with potential. We have no European football either. Why is he coming in then?
    Why are they wasting their time when have at least 4 positions that need strengthening?

    Even trying to give arteta the benefit of the doubt is becoming extremely hard. I didn’t understand why he didn’t give saliba a chance before signing white. But at least I knew white was a good player, with a lot of potential.

    Now people are trying to convince us that Ramsdale who is a very poor keeper and Abraham a very middling striker are good moves???
    If we go ahead with these moves I am not expecting a league finish better than 7th. And when that happens I want arteta gone.

    On the positive side I like these rumors of using AMN as a make weight for Maddison. 40 mil+ AMN would be an ideal deal. It is a bit steep but a good price. 45 and above is very expensive. But at least it won’t be a player we don’t need.

  41. S Asoa

    Up 4 grabs now, if we have a broken squad at the start of the season, then yes, that is poor planning.But this is like criticizing a new build house for not having a roof 12 weeks out from completion.

    Patrone , he is talking of the midfield which is like foundation of a house.

  42. China1

    Lol phd do spare us the lecture on how much you know because of what you’ve been told or read on some news articles

    I can’t be objective? I’m perfectly capable of being objective, I’m simply not able to say particular things. Everything I do pass comment or judgment on is based on 23 years of life in the UK and 7 years of life in China. Global news sources from all sides of the western political spectrum and first hand experience of foreigners and locals over a 7 year period within the country.

    So forgive me for not being impressed by your constant sniping at me. The silliest part is you keep demonstrating that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about

    You suggested I wouldn’t dream of criticizing anything here as it’s off limits and just a short moment later I openly said the lack of critical thinking and problem solving skills is directly responsible for the lack of innovation and rife copycat issues in the country. That comment aged well by you right?

    You thought I couldn’t possibly recognize that China has issues with critical thinking and it’s school system whilst not knowing that I pay a small fortune to send me kid to an international school. That aged well right?

    It ages Almost as well as the comment you made about China being landlocked despite despite it having a couple of thousand miles of coastline, right?

    And you keep using the fact that I won’t comment on issues which would land me in legal trouble as meaning nothing I say about anything here could possibly be believed.

    Believe what you want dude, I’m beyond caring. The baiting is getting boring and it’s not worth my time. If you ever want to have a balanced conversation with me about the place that’s not on a topic that I shouldn’t be talking about, god forbid I might actually say something critical 😉

  43. Useroz

    Keeping Arteta beyond last Christmas might have literally told untold damage to the club for years to come.

    Decisions upon decisions by Arteta that have been/are baffling that never stooped to amaze, and of course bring excitement, to fans’ life. At least, Le G would sustain its well earned vibrancy…

    Don’t touch Tammy A fgs

  44. PhD2020

    China1July 22, 2021 13:31:14
    It ages Almost as well as the comment you made about China being landlocked despite despite it having a couple of thousand miles of coastline, right?

    A comment of which I quickly corrected myself after.

    China1July 22, 2021 13:31:14
    I can’t be objective? I’m perfectly capable of being objective

    Sure,Almost half the world is going through a third wave of CV-19,but the PRC dealt with the first wave in such a way,that there’s been no second or third wave.

    Mortality rate in the PRC,has been at 4000 for almost a year now-right?But neighbouring or regional countries mortality rates are spiking through the roof -literally going through second and third waves.Japan has had to implement it’s fourth state of emergency,yet it’s an island where it closed it’s borders since last year.And yet it’s mortality rate is at 15,000 and rising.

    Then the economic numbers that the PRC are putting up-manufacturng output,GDP growth and all the other economic data suggesting everything is back to normal,economy is well back on track?But,but.. the PRC in order to contain the spread of CV-19,went into lockdown.

    Which is it?

    Critical thinking at play here-I guess.

    Let’s leave it.I don’t want to continue this dialogue,and I don’t wish to inflame you further on such an emotive topic.

    Have a good day.

    This is my fault,for opening a can of worms with you.

  45. Useroz

    Watched the clip someone posted here on Musa Barrow…

    Yep, if we take a punt on a young (under 25) striker, Musa would be one of such options, rather than yet another Cheksea reject At least Musa looks quite a rarher complete , thou still raw, young striker.

    Anyone knows whether we still have pro scouts employed by the club? So much so Edu needed to spend time with Kai and Raul to getupdate on the global market, and their stock prices! ! Kinda though on Edu…

    Again, no to Tammy A.

    Pls add Hendoesn’t and the Sheffield United goalie to the blacklist. It’s absurd, silly.

    While Edu is at it, check again Coutunhno is still on the list.

  46. Valentin

    People should ask themselves why a club closer to reach top 4 and Champions League football would be ready to sell Maddison to a rival in exchange for AMN.

    For pure cash I could understand if the player had a fallout with Rogers and the amount was too tempting. But surely if they didn’t rate AMN, they would not entertain that proposal!

    So they rate AMN highly enough to decide that he could fit into their squad, meanwhile at Arsenal Arteta could not even find a place for him even when we were tanking in the league.

    I wonder who might make a better judgement on player.

  47. Leedsgunner

    Wasn’t Welbeck the last surplus striker we took on from a domestic rival… remind me, how did that work out?

    Goodness me, if there is a club determined to repeat well worn mistakes over and over again, it’s Arsenal FC.

  48. Tony

    China / Valentin
    Just wrote replies and lost them.

    The abridged version is I hadn’t read the book China but will get it for us all to read.

    Nothing surprises me with the last few generations. Social media and the sheer volume of information available to people tends to create short interest spans. People always flitting from one thing to another.

    Watching tv and using SM at the same time a good example.

  49. S Asoa

    Arsenal played 38 Premier League games in 2020-21 and they featured 37 different starting line ups.

    They only played the same 11 in one pair of games – Man Utd A and Aston Villa H.
    11:29 PM · Jul 21, 2021

    Says a lot ! Man is totally confused. No wonder managed to confuse his players as well

  50. S Asoa

    Think Arteta is doing it for an ultimately patriotic act of getting Arsenal to a stage where Kroenkes will be cut their losses and sell the Slub ?

    My hero Arteta 😷

  51. Sid

    Getting rid of Nketiah, Willock, AMN will be a mistake.

    A player like AMN could save the club spending 40m on
    Neves, money that could go towards getting quality between the lines creators.

  52. Useroz



    Suspect Maddison may be a) struggling to regain prior form to club’s satisfaction so they might as well cash in, or b) Maddison wanting much better wages as rumors say personal terms agreed such as 200k pw….

    Regardless, though, if trade-up fees are reasonable, why not, as long as Maddison would pass thorough medical checkup with flying colors. At least, we get an AM and rid of an unknown in one go.

    I see excess stock of unwanted players a developing issue as the end of the TW edged closer by the day. I’d think shipping out the commonly agreed dross is the fans’ non negotiable for this particular TW?

  53. Valentin


    Critical thinking and problem solving skills should be taught in schools world wide including China. It’s a lack of the latter which has created the prevalence of a copycat culture rather than one where originality and innovation is rife (with some exceptions ofc).

    Worse critical thinking principles have been misinterpreted, and are now used as justification to doubt everything.
    I am fed with those interviews with conspiracy theorists, flat earthers and anti vaxxers who keep telling the world that they have done research on the subject.
    No they have not. Googling something for 5 minutes (or even 1 hour) does not give people the credential to question millennium of scientific research.
    Jessica Biel is regularly invited to discuss about her belief on the danger of vaccine when the so called research that linked autism and vaccine has been fully debunked multiple times. Why media feel the need to give a platform to a nutcase? The fact that she is a celebrity, does not her make more educated or more knowledgeable than somebody who dedicated his/her life to the subject.

  54. Useroz


    That’s a great book to coping with the real (business) world though it’d also benefit students eg time management.

    We used this Stephen Covey book , a hit at the time, to help train junior consultants 20 years ago in Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting, two top firms you may still recall. Unfortunately the Enron case brought the demise of a c.100 year old AA!

    Btw, in recent years , an uodate (upgrade?) called the 9 most effective habits … became available… you may wish to check out the extra two!

  55. DivineSherlock

    Out of White , Ramsdale and Abraham . I am only against Ramsdale , he has a horrible record and cant even play out the back . Someone mentioned Areola , that I can get behind . Or Neto from Barca . Tammy Abraham is a good striker, get rid of Laca . We move from the false 9 shit and get some physicality in.

  56. WengerEagle


    Was me with the Barrow clip.

    Would much rather we took a punt on him than Abraham as you say. He actually looks like he has the potential to explode as opposed to Abraham who’s ceiling is likely a decent 15-20 ish PL goal a season ST at best but with a very limited all-round game, not too disimilar to a Jermaine Defoe or a Yakubu.

  57. Habesha Gooner

    AMN is not a bad player. He is just not a top class one. And his time is up at Arsenal. We will do well to get Maddison in exchange and some cash for AMN. Leicester need a utility man who can play fullback and midfield.

    I like Maddison. He is a very good player. The only sticking point is the price he will go for. Just because he fell out with Brendan doesn’t suddenly make him crap. Just like it doesn’t make Saliba crap because Arteta doesn’t want him.

    It is just some players are better suited to some managers and teams. AMN doesn’t fit in our team because he doesn’t want to play RB. So he needs to go. We need a CAM. And Maddison fits that role. It would be a good transfer for both teams if it happened.

  58. WengerEagle

    Areola is a good GK shout, was impressed by him at Fulham in spite of their shocking backline.

    Not liking any of these links coming out of the club in the past few days, hopefully just paper shite but seems to be more concrete.

  59. Chris

    My sources tell me Ben White wants to stay at Brighton for one more year, and potentially earn a move to Liverpool or Man City next summer.

  60. PhD2020

    WengerEagleJuly 22, 2021 14:34:56

    Would much rather we took a punt on him than Abraham as you say. He actually looks like he has the potential to explode as opposed to Abraham who’s ceiling is likely a decent 15-20 ish PL goal a season ST at best but with a very limited all-round game, not too disimilar to a Jermaine Defoe or a Yakubu.

    Would you include Darren Bent in your list of comparisons?

  61. China1

    Yes PHD

    If you don’t believe the PRC has covid under control then get on a plane and come here and see for yourself how it is rather than making wild guesses based on nothing other than your theory.

    I’ve explained at great length what measures have been and are in place and how it is managed here, it is actually quite consistent and logical that it’s under control considering

    And you once again demonstrate you have *no idea* what you’re talking about because you think the country is in lockdown. The national lockdown ended about 15 months ago for fucks sake. You can’t even string one post together without making patently false statements.

    As for whether the economic numbers and factory output numbers are accurate – probably not. They probably never have been at any point in the last 20 years. But internally there is no national lockdown, factories are operating and have been for well over a year and *in fact* measures which were introduced to curb air pollution (such as banning of certain industry at certain times of the day in winter) have actually been lifted to lessen the burden on factories – something which could boost output compared with a couple of years ago. That’s why the air was worse this winter than the last few years before it. But again – you wouldn’t know a damn thing about that because you know absolutely fuck all about China.

    As for the accuracy of the death toll. I don’t know if the original number of dead from the first wave is accurate, but I do know that there has been no national second wave. And I know that for a fact because every ounce of logic in terms of what measures they have had is consistent with what everyone here sees with their own eyes.

    How about when the covid clinic at the local hospital has some actual patients or when *anyone at all* I know starts suffering with serious symptoms, or perhaps if people are constantly crying about recently deceased love ones or the hospitals are being overwhelmed mysteriously, then maybe we can talk. Until then you know absolutely fuck all and should stop pretending you do

  62. raptora

    Arsenal played 38 Premier League games in 2020-21 and they featured 37 different starting line ups. They only played the same 11 in one pair of games – Man Utd A and Aston Villa H.

    Absolutely shocking stuff.

    All good teams have a settled starting 11. Not us.

    A proof that 18 months in the job, Arteta still has no idea what his strongest team is. #Clueless.

  63. CJ

    “Arsenal need to get atleast 2 between the lines creators to be able to play any of their CFs who have different profiles.
    Trying to fit CFs on the left flank is mediocre”

    This comment from Sid should be beaten into Arteta and Edu’s brains. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Aubameyang. Instead the team has seen a constant regression with creativity.

  64. Rich

    Abraham ticks a lot of boxes, he’s within the age and experience profile I’d hoped we’d target

    Young, hungry, decent amount of experience, nowhere near his peak yet, and everything I’ve read about him, suggests he’s a good lad with his head screwed on

    Gunnerblog saying it would be dependent of outgoing, which makes sense

    At around £35 million, reasonable wages, and with the necessary outgoings, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to it, he’d definitely provide a focal point to our attack

    English strikers who know where the back of the net is, will always hold some value, as long as other clubs can afford to take on their wages

    If the circumstances are right around the transfer, then I’d be more onboard with this, than I would Maddison, even though attacking midfield is the higher priority position

  65. Pedro

    Raptora, it can also be proof of injuries, suspensions, tactical flexibility, having lots of very young players… and having a squad ill-suited to what the manager wants to do.

  66. WengerEagle


    Yeah Bent is another one.

    Bent, Yakubu, Defoe, Robbie Keane.

    Perrenial 12-17 PL goal a season men but none of them could ever hit the next gear and play for a top club.

  67. raptora

    raptora July 22, 2021 13:25:44
    “Brazil’s Olympic football team is so stacked it’d be a miracle if they don’t win the gold.”

    I would like to correct myself. I checked Spain’s team and it’s 70% made of their Euro 2021 lineup. The likes of Oyarzabal, Pedri, Olmo, Pau Torres, Eric Garcia, Unai Simon in addition to Asensio, Merino, Ceballos. It’s scary.

  68. PhD2020

    China1July 22, 2021 14:45:10

    And you once again demonstrate you have *no idea* what you’re talking about because you think the country is in lockdown. The national lockdown ended about 15 months ago for fucks sake.
    PhD2020July 22, 2021 13:47:39

    But,but.. the PRC in order to contain the spread of CV-19,”went” into lockdown.

    I used the past tense ‘went’ into lockdown.

    China1July 22, 2021 14:45:10
    As for whether the economic numbers and factory output numbers are accurate – probably not. They probably never have been at any point in the last 20 years.

    For someone who knows fornicating all-(you telling me this) at least you agree with me on the economic numbers or data emanating out of the PRC over a twenty year period has been somewhat misleading.
    China1July 22, 2021 14:45:10
    As for the accuracy of the death toll. I don’t know if the original number of dead from the first wave is accurate, but I do know that there has been no national second wave.

    So,you’re unsure as to the veracity of the mortality rate during the first wave?

    As I said,I’ll leave it at that.

    I’ll defer to your assessment of the situation.

    But as I said,many expatriates married to PRC nationals who’ve lived there for over a decade and are currently living overseas,along with business travellers from neighbouring countries seem to offer up a different perspective from yours,combined with all the data that’s out there.

    I guess their views should be taking with a pinch of salt?

    Anyway, you have your finger on the pulse and I’ll take your word for it.

    Again,I don’t wish to inflame you further so let’s try to avoid this hot topic.

    And you are right,I know f**k all about the situation,so I’ll leave it there.

  69. Habesha Gooner

    N 10 is a huge amount of faith on ESR. I like it. And even if Arteta tanks, he has at least managed to convince most of our key assets to stay. That I will give him credit for. He now needs to show it in the pitch.

  70. Mb

    To coincide with his new long-term contract, we can also reveal that Emile will wear our No 10 shirt for the 2021/22 season.


  71. WengerEagle

    Shame that Asensio’s injury looks to have ruined him as a potential top player.

    He looked really good early on for Real Madrid. Scored a lot of big goals vs Barcelona x2, Bayern Munich x2, Juventus, Sevilla x2.

    Most of them absolutely spectacular efforts too.

  72. Karsa

    The people who were losing it over Villa’s approach for ESR are the same people losing it over clickbait transfer stories.

    Just chill and see what pans out.

  73. Ray+in+LA

    Abraham’s productivity benefits from the chances Chelsea’s midfield provide

    He will not have the same level of service at Arsenal, unless…

    and on that subject, it is obvious to clear-thinking observers — and even to me — that our midfield needs

    to move the ball quickly and forwards

    to not give up the ball so easily [Partey an exception, he seems to be pleasingly pressure-resistant and rarely loses the ball]

    and not to hide so that the defence, when faced with better possession-footballing sides has an outlet to provide relief from the otherwise relentless pressure

    how a second-rate goalkeeper, a moderately-talented forward and an aerially-suspect, ball-playing CB solves these problems is beyond me

    on-the-other-hand, I am very optimistic about the possible contributions from Tavares and Lokonga

  74. China1

    Why would you keep bringing up the country going into lockdown as a reason for why factory output should be lower if you accept that lockdown ended well over a year ago

    Since the lockdown is gone – and since restrictions on factories are gone, the primary determinant on factory output here will be whether or not the demand for made in China goods is still there inside and outside China. If yes – factory output will match that. If not it will be lower. The lockdown from over a year ago couldn’t be less relevant to figures in July 2021.

    And what people who don’t live in China are personally theorizing about it means absolutely fuck all. So do feel free to leave it at that.

  75. PhD2020

    China1July 22, 2021 15:17:13

    As you’ve said,you are constrained by what you can or can’t say due to the internet being under surveillance by your state controlled government.

    So,again I’ll leave it there.

    Feel free to comment further, but I’ll try not to ‘bite’. 🙂

  76. Ray+in+LA

    Thanks Habesha, nice article

    I think there might be situations, say with Tierney at the left of a back three, where Tavares could also play in the Robertson role

  77. DigitalBob

    Great news that Emile has signed, don’t think there was really any doubt with this one. Villa were just trying it on.

    Giving him the number 10 is also a great show of faith in his ability and in my opinion probably means we’ll be looking for a rotation option at CAM rather than someone to rival our new number 10.

    So forget the Maddison talk, a loan for Coutinho/Pjanic looks more realistic. Aouar is more of an 8 so that could still happen.

  78. raptora

    By Lee Hurley – Jun 8, 2021

    The 20-year-old, who has already been at the club for 10 years, is currently under contract with Arsenal until 2023 and earns £20,000-per-week.

    Last season, Arsenal handed new, improved contracts to both Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka, tripling their wages from £10kpw to £30k and it seems, in addition to judging players on their talent, the club has an age-based hierarchy to some degree, as well.

    Both Martinelli and Saka are 19 and it is expected that the older Smith Rowe will see his wages go up to £40kpw, doubling his £1.04m-a-year salary.

  79. China1

    Well I asked you a question so not sure why my having to be careful of certain topics is relevant…😅

    I would be very surprised if everyone else can be arsed to read through this conversation. I don’t expect you to answer it and if you do I’m not gonna bite this time

  80. Rich

    Habesha Gooner

    Liked that Arseblog link

    It’s what I want to see from our transfer business, and from our squad building

    There’s no shortcuts back to the very top, but providing I see the emergence of an exciting young team, then I’m willing to give it some time

    Hopefully we can clear out the deadwood, then put add some strong foundations to build from this summer

    Delighted Smith Rowe has signed and taken the No10, the Villa links really irked me

  81. David.D


    ESR SIGNS!!!!


    I was worried with those Villa bids and nothing materialising with the new contract so bloody relieved we have finally tied him down.

    Just happened to be checking Newsnow and saw ESR name corner of my one but didnt think anything of it and instead clicked on a story about Maddison.

    Then once finished reading scrolled down to be met with the words Smith Rowe signs new deal


  82. TR7

    ESR wasn’t going anywhere anyway. Hopefully we get Maddison in who can play in central midfield with Partey.

    Partey-Maddison-ESR midfield will be nice.

  83. TR7

    James Maddison is the only player in the Premier League to have created 100+ chances from open-play and 100+ chances from set-play since the start of the 2018/19 season.

  84. China1

    PHD I thought we were gonna stop this conversation and instead you’re posting links that explicitly say things like

    China has ‘First in, first out status of covid’

    ‘ The changing outlook reflects the advanced stage of China’s recovery’

    ‘ Domestically, the big puzzle continues to be why retail sales are still soft given the virus remains under control. It’s likely that sales slowed again in June, according to Bloomberg Economics, as sentiment was weighed by controls to contain sporadic outbreaks of the virus.’

    I was happy to leave it where it was but you come back posting links that back up my point. For the sake of everyone else, leave it before we both get banned by Pedro

  85. China1

    I’m not surprised that ESR has signed but I’m certainly glad

    There was no way he’d actually choose villa but the fact they were willing to even test the waters with multiple bids underscored just how far we’ve fallen as a club. Can you imagine villa making bids for a 22 year old Nasri or whatever? They’d have been an absolute laughing stock for daring to try

    But other teams can smell our weakness these days. I just hope we can get back to a place where the club commands instant respect again and teams like villa can go suck it

  86. Mulerise14

    A Partey, Madison, and Esr midfield would be easily run over…Tets want to play Partey as box to box and maddison is not deligent enough in his defensive duty…so lets find someone who can play 10 and left wing to rotate and compete with our shining new no 10.
    If we can get one of Locatelli/Neves/That Az Alkmaar guy and this competition for Esr nailed, I dare say this would be the strongest team we would roll out in the last decade or so

  87. PhD2020

    China1July 22, 2021 15:17:13
    Why would you keep bringing up the country going into lockdown as a reason for why factory output should be lower if you accept that lockdown ended well over a year ago
    China1July 22, 2021 14:45:10
    As for whether the economic numbers and factory output numbers are accurate – probably not. They probably never have been at any point in the last 20 years.

    Over to you…

    I mentioned factory output(see below for the time line),along with other economic data.I’m not tying your first national lockdown to simply the erroneous factory output data,but to a set of other economic data.
    i.e. Retail Sales,GDP Growth,Unemployment,Business Closures,Fixed Asset Investment.
    all down or rather leaves one to question.

    Consumption which typically accounts for half of the PRC’s economy is well down.
    Just some examples.
    July 22, 2021 13:47:39

    Then the economic numbers that the PRC are putting up-manufacturng output,GDP growth and all the other economic data suggesting everything is back to normal,economy is well back on track?

  88. PhD2020

    ‘as sentiment was weighed by controls to contain sporadic outbreaks of the virus.’

    So,again my doubting the veracity of the data numbers put out by the PRC and whether PRC has CV-19 under control given a mortality rate of 4000,which has hardly shifted in over a year-is questionable from various quarters.

    That is what I am questioning,in a very simplistic way.

    Again,we’ll leave it altogether.

    As I said,I’ll defer to your assessment and we move on-right?

  89. China1

    Mulerise as much as ESR is absolutely better at 10 I wonder if it would be he who is used as the 10/winger rotation option whilst the new signing is first choice 10 as we saw this with Ode and also tbf to ESR he did have a few excellent games wide. I prefer him central as much as the next person but I think it was the spurs game where he absolutely roasted their RB time and again on the wing and he played brilliantly so he’s got it in him to be the flexible option, not just a straight 10.

    Ideally whoever we sign can also have that flexibility (Buendia was the obvious choice) but we’ll see who comes in I guess

  90. G

    Not sure why some are going on about wasting 120 mill
    We haven’t signed Abrahams or Ramsdale.. couldn’t give a shit if we overpaid on Ben White.. will prove to b our best centre back this season..

  91. raptora

    “Emile Smith-Rowe’s introduction to the team on Boxing Day was arguably the biggest catalyst in Arsenal’s upturn in form in the second half of the season.

    Mikel Arteta’s side had a 58% win rate in games he started compared to one of 41% in games he did not.”

  92. Mulerise14

    China1 I kinda agree with that…. but we need to get a prompter(Esr-mode)not extricate passer like ødegaard as our man in the hole as speed is now common good in the new team being assembled