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So here we are people. Sambi Lokonga lands at Arsenal as our second signing of the summer. The Belgian midfielder has already joined up with training and he looks VERY happy to be here. Just look at that finger point… so assertive.

Obviously, there aren’t many of us who know what he’s all about. This player has come straight from the transfer school of Wenger when he was at his absolute peak. Sambi has the right athletic profile compared to someone like Ceballos, he’s adept at interceptions because of his sharp mind, and he looks to have the full range of passing skills Thomas Partey boasts.

This sort of signing might not bang in year one, but for me, this is exactly where a club like Arsenal should be putting their money. Clearly, he’s been picked up by the analysts for his unique talents. The club has no doubt picked up secondary information from Vincent Kompany and maybe even Thierry, which means his character has been assessed. Then we’ve moved fairly rapidly to pull the deal over the line.

Arsenal has spent the last 5 years trying to shortcut success with older players that might have one last push in them. This summer, it looks like we’re getting back to basics of sorts by signing young players, with high ceilings, that can grow with a young coach famed for his developmental skills.

The idea here, I would imagine, is if this squad of young players gets us into the Champions League at some point, they’ll be ready to compete for the trophy right away… versus the shortcut method of fumbling into the competition, then having to drop a massive reboot to sustain ourselves.

I’m thrilled at the prospect of having athletes back in midfield, I truly am. This is a great signing and it speaks to lessons learned.

That said, I still think there’s going to be a sneak attack from transfer windows of the past at some point. James Maddison might be the dream, but it’ll be very tough to find the funds needed to move on him. It’d be sheer madness… and I think there are rumblings that Coutinho might be on the radar. He’ll be available for a pittance because Barca is broke, he’d solve an experience gap with have with our creative talents, the kids would probably love him there, and he’s Premier League proven.

On the flip-side, his injury record is absolutely woeful, this also makes him a peak-Wenger signing. Remember when he got lucky with Overmars knee, then developed a broken player saviour complex? I do. Edu is probably gambling on last season being the freak and looking to his fairly robust past before then. It’s risky business, but if you can get Coutinho firing, you really do have a player that can do it all creatively. Nooooot quite sure he’s going ramp up the intensity for you though.

Arteta is also seeking out leadership.

‘We need some senior players, players with different types of leadership in the team, with different qualities, people that complement each other.’

I’m not sure if Ben White is a leader or has the level of experience we are looking for, so who knows what we’re looking for here, or in what position. One would expect that it’ll likely come from whoever replaced Granit Xhaka, but I’m not sure that’s Neves?

We’ll see, it’s all rumours at the moment, but I tell you what, we’d be rude not to knock on the door at Barca and see if they have any jewels that we could bring to the carpet. Sergiño Dest anyone? 19 years old, a right-back, played 41 times for them last season? I mean… come on, let’s ask and see what they think.

In absolutely awful news, exArsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Everyone here wishes him the best and prays for a speedy recovery. Judging by his quotes, that got it early, and clearly, he’s going land elite levels of medical support. Cancer, what a fucking awful, awful thing.

Right, I’ll be on the Twitch Stream chatting all things Arsenal at 6pm GMT. Tune in or… don’t, but maybe do?



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  1. WengerEagle

    A lot of smoke behind Cristian Romero going to the Spuds.

    Hope not, was seriously impressed with him in the Copa America and he had a very good season for Atalanta too.

  2. raptora

    Atalanta CEO: “Romero? Tottenham interest is normal… but he’ll stay if we don’t receive the right bid, as he’s one of the best centre backs”

    I read they want €60m (~£52m). Manure and Pool asked about him too. Would be interesting if he comes to one of the big teams to reflect in couple of years, who was the better bang for buck – Romero or White at an identical transfer fee.

  3. Tom

    “Does anyone actually care if we sell Xhaka for £15m or £17m? “

    But did anyone actually believe Arsenal wouldn’t sell him over a couple million difference?

  4. curse

    if getting Sambi means we might have a chance of getting Goku too, that might be the best transfer we do this window.

    Goku > Nelson


  5. Leedsgunner

    I would love us to go for Ajax’s Ryan Gravenbach, I think he would be fantastic partner for Partey…

  6. Mr Serge

    Leeds yeah he is a great player to get for sure I don’t think lokonga is xhakas replacement I think he is ceballos replacement

  7. WengerEagle

    We could still go for Gravenberch.

    Like Mr Serge rightly says, Lokonga is a replacement for Ceballos if anything. We’re incredibly short on CM bodies once Xhaka is sold.

    Just Partey, Lokonga and Elneny as of right now. Willock is more of an attacking midfielder and AMN is up in the air, not CM quality for a club like Arsenal, a utility player at best.

    So we need at least one more CM, if not two considering Toreirra will be gone by the start of the season.

  8. raptora

    Yeah, Xhaka is all but confirmed a goner and no longer a gooner. That leaves us 1 starting CM away from being comfortable number wise.

    There has been noise mostly around 2 names – Neves and Locatelli. It is a certain profile of a player we are after and not many of these around.

    My guess that last Summer, the two players we were after the whole time in Partey and Aouar, it was always the case of buying only 1 of them for the reason they were competing for the same place in central midfield in Arteta/Edu’s eyes and Partey was the 2nd choice in that CM position behind Aouar, might be correct.

    It would explain the last second bid for Partey as Arteta wanted Aouar the whole time and was hoping we’ll get him.

    It would explain why we aren’t after Aouar now that his price more than halved.

    It would explain why we are targeting deep-lying midfielders with the idea that Partey will be a CM and not a DM.

    Still Partey and Aouar are vastly different players. I would argue that Partey can easily play as the deepest of the midfielders with Aoaur operating ahead of him. Partey, Aouar, ESR could be a thing with Aouar playing in a similar role to Tielemans/Kovacic/Cazorla/Pogba etc.

  9. Sly

    I think they’ll be going for Neves for CM
    He does have deep lying play maker capabilities probably superior to xhaka with his passing
    Overall neves will be an upgrade as he brings better defensive attributes, ball progression, good dribbler, good with free kicks and long range goal attempts
    I think partey will stay as DM but they’ll cover for each other if one advances

    I heard something came up on Aouar’s background and Arsenal backed out
    They haven’t put a bid in for him
    We still need a CAM though as back up for ESR

  10. SAGG

    Arsenal will offer 50 million + Nelson or AMN for Maddison.
    -Daily Mail

    Well not the best source but rumours about Maddison are intensifying again, so who knows, seems a pretty solid offer, hopefully this pave the way for his signing

  11. Tony

    “Explained: How data and analytics are changing how clubs approach transfers – and why Man United should sign Camavinga next”

    Interesting article in The Athletic.although not about Arsenal still gives some background insight.into data driven football.

    I can see how data is useful, but I would hope we use data as an indicator along with many other metrics when analysing players, such as temperament, leadership, mental attitude et al.

    Reading some movie reviews I read that to enjoy ‘Boogie’ you have to have an understanding of China’s culture and thought of you. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but will get round to it soon.


  12. raptora

    Leicester will not want either imo.

    Nelson – no way. Last year they didn’t offer a contract to Demarai Gray who is not a worse player than Nelson.

    AMN – only if he accepts to play as a full/wing back. As a CM – no way.

  13. China1

    Hey Tony

    Haven’t seen or heard of that one but the trailer looked fun

    If you see it before me, let me know if it’s good!

  14. China1

    I’d much rather see us offer 40-50m + a couple of fringe players to Leicester than pay 70m. I know the price is the same in the end but we suck at sales so it’s probably a better arrangement for us

  15. China1

    Let’s face it arsenal have a LOT of fringe players

    Surely there’s a club out there that has a player we want and would like one or two of them?

    Or maybe not lol

  16. China1

    Mavraponos, AMN, Nelson, Willian (lol), willock (for the right price), kola, laca, bellerin, soares or chambers (if we buy a RB), Eddie, xhaka

    The list is long. Don’t tell me we can only shift a couple of these guys. If this were Chelsea they’d be shipping these guys out for 10-25 million left right and center

  17. Emiratesstroller

    The transfer window may have opened at beginning of June, but realistically there has been
    very little serious movement with only two major buys costing £30 Million + to Liverpool
    [Konate] and Aston Villa [Buendia]

    Most of the other players transferred are low budget or freebies. Norwich for example have
    spent the entire fee received for Buendia on 5 players costing less than £10 million per player.

    It would seem that the two clubs who are willing to blow a large budget on players this
    summer are Arsenal and Manchester United.

    Manchester City and Chelsea are willing to spend serious money as usual but only selectively. Both need a top class goal scoring striker.

    My view is that Arsenal will end up with eight or nine new first team squad players including two promoted from U23s [Okonkwo and Balogun]

    The Centre Back White will join us once he finishes his holiday and that will be followed
    by DMF to replace Xhaka. An experienced second string goalkeeper will need to be signed.

    This leaves the recruitment of an attacking midfielder open and possibly a right back.

    My sixth sense is that Arsenal will leave the recruitment of AMF until near end of transfer
    window. They will want to shift out players like AMN, Nketiah, Willock and Nelson to cover
    most of cost. Also I think that they will wait and see whether Real Madrid might change
    their mind and sell Odegaard. I find it difficult to see why Leicester want to sell Maddison.

  18. Moray

    Stroller, I think Maddison is available for the right offer, but the closer we get to the start of the season, the less likely that transfer will be to happen. Waiting sometimes pays off but often clubs won’t sell late on as they don’t have time to find a replacement.

  19. Pierre

    The easy solution is to offer Willian a severance payment that is acceptable to the club and Willian

    Possibly do similar to Lacazette as i doubt any club will want to take on his wages..

    Thus will open a pathway to the first team for our talented youngsters like Martinelli and Balogun.

  20. Pierre

    If both Lacazette and Aubameyang stay I doubt if Balogun will get much of a look in unless injuries occur, though i did read somewhere that Arteta believes Balogun could play out wide..

  21. TR7

    Laca perfomed better than Auba last season especially against strong teams. I don’t get the clamor to sell him without buying a replacement. Are we really sure Balogun is going to hit the ground running ? Let Balogun show his mettle in FA Cup and Carabao Cup games first.

  22. Goobergooner


    I feel you. Would have been great to have Europa group games though.

    I’ve got a feeling we will extend laca, just not on an excessive contract like auba or Willian

  23. Trask

    Weagle +any other bball fan

    What’s ur take on the bucks winning the Championship
    Didnt seem at all likely with the three headed dragon in Brooklyn + Coach bud

    I guess both Phx and mwk getting to d finals puts a lot of small markets on their toes. No more easy excuses of we just cant compete against big markets. Put ur self in a position and u might just get handed a brk with injuries to opposing teams

  24. kjelli

    We’re going to need a few more windows to release some of our surplus players . Until then it
    makes sense to retain AMN and Joe Willock as useful members of the squad . Also Chambers
    and Holding.

  25. shaun

    Both Auba and Laca will stay .the question is Arteta ready to move Enketiah on which he should .Arteta can then manage Balagon with time at the end of games and cup games so that he is eased in. The real worry I have is that Arteta will still be giving valuable game time to Willian and for me that’s a real no no it’s like depending on Xhaka it is not going to work. I think Laca will be firing and something is telling me AUBA will be firing as well and if that happens it makes the attacking midfield player very important .Get the right player and with no Europe and plenty of time to get generational There should be no excuse

  26. Emiratesstroller

    I think that the recruitment of Lokano, Tavares, White and the GK are not dependent on sales.
    The recruitment of DMF and RB will depend on departure of Xhaka and Bellerin.

    However, I think that spending serious money on Odegaard or Maddison will depend on some sales of the unwanted players such as AMN, Willock, Nelson and Nketiah..

    What is likely is that offloading players like Kolasinac, Torreira and even Willian might actually cost us money.

  27. Habesha Gooner

    Arsenal are currently not in advanced talks for Tammy Abraham. They are informed on his situation as they like him – but it’s not an ‘advanced deal’ with Chelsea yet. 🏴#AFC

    Chelsea are aware of Arsenal interest but have not received any official bid from #AFC as of today. #CFC

    This might be the stupidest summer if we target abraham and Ben white. We don’t need a C.F. may be next summer but if Balogun and Martinelli bang, not even next summer.

    I like Abraham. He is a good striker. If a swap with aubameyang going the other way was available then I might take it. But certainly not at an English premium. We have holes in CM, CAM, RB, GK. Even after that with all the C.Fs we have there is more of a need for a LW than an about and out striker. The only way we should sign a striker if we get offers for Laca or Auba. We can’t be wasting resources in positions we don’t need.

  28. Spanishdave

    Looks like the USA trip is off due to Black Death Covid.
    May not be too bad as they can concentrate on transferring out the dross.

  29. Tony

    Boogie is a good movie leans towards a realistic fly-on-the-wall story telling rather than a glossy Hollywood treatment yet solid filming mechanics in the lighting and cinematography. By that I mean no intentional shaky camera work often used to mask a low budget.

    Some good basketball action and Chinese family cultural life in America mixing with Bronx hood black American girlfriend and school that adds to the cultural mix.

    Director Eddie Huang keeps the cultural diversity honest probably because he was also the writer.

    My wife is 50% Chinese and 50% Thai where her family is highly respected in our city. So I get a lot of the culture though you’ll probably say it’s watered down compared to life in China vs the life portrayed in NYC.

    I enjoyed it but I enjoy most sports themed movies.

    Give it a go I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

    Certainly room for a sequel.

  30. Leftside

    I don’t get the desire to sell Laca or/and Auba. Balogun and Martinelli are unproven for a whole season and that would just be foolish. We have much more pressing areas to fill such a CAM, CM, RB and a second string goalkeeper.

  31. Terraloon


    May not be in advanced talks but talks do seem to have been happening

    It is reported that he will be taken on loan with an obligation to buy. The loan deal it is said to include a fee and Arsenal will pay the bulk of his wages.

    Abraham flatters to deceive he really isn’t worth the money and if he bombs then love him or hate him you have to buy

    There is no way if he does arrive that there won’t be outgoings.


    The two signings already completed are really chunk change whereby I doubt anywhere near £10 million in total will have left Arsenals coffers. The dilemma comes with the White deal where it seems that Brighton want the bulk of the £50 million up front and whilst I suspect that funds are already budgeted for ( borrowings) sales will be needed or other signings will have to be heavy loaded to buy now pay the bulk later

  32. Northbanker

    We currently have 5 central strikers – Auba Laca Gab Eddie Flo so what on Earth are we doing talking to a sixth? No wonder we struggle to complete the needed transfers

  33. Leedsgunner

    No, we do not need a striker, especially at inflated prices.

    This is the thing, why is Nketiah, England’s U21 top goal scorer, worth less than Abraham? Yes, Nketiah has less league experience but he has more international pedigree. So in my mind they should be comparable.

    The truth is Arteta should have sent Nketiah on loan last January when West Ham and Brighton were sniffing. That would have given Nketiah a chance to play regularly and demonstrate what he can do. There was no reason to keep Eddie back, and it just impacted his transfer value and confidence. Arteta has gone on record saying it’s his fault that Eddie hasn’t played more.

    I sincerely hope Arteta doesn’t make the same mistakes with Martinelli and Balogun.

  34. Mr Serge

    We do not need a striker I concur we need a Rb
    Aaron’s or dest
    A cam maddison or aour
    A cm bisouma over neves

  35. Pierre

    Today’s new toys are tomorrow’s dross.

    Today’s “dross”( Nketiah, Willock,AMN, Nelson) are maybe the Gnabry and Malen of tomorrow.

    The question is , is Lakonga better than Willock, I’m not so sure.
    Willock has done it in the Premier league, he almost single handedly saved Newcastle from relegation.

    Lakonga, who has a similar game to willock ( minus the goals) has played in the Belgium league.

    Willock had 14 goal contributions (goals/assists) in 15 starts last season from midfield on the league and Europe….a phenomenal rate for any midfielder.

    Lakonga had 5 goal contributions in 33 starts last season inthe league and Europe…

    Where Lakonga has the upper hand is that he in involved more in the overall play.
    This is a particularly weak area of Willock who is rarely involved in the build up play …this weakness has to be addressed if he wants to command a place in a top side.

    However, despite this weakness , Willock still managed more key contributions , more dribbles , more tackles in a game and it is noticeable how Willock’s…overall performance level was much higher playing for Newcastle than Arsenal in the league.

    The more I look at it I question the signing of Lakonga as we have a player in Willock , who is the same age , same physique who beats lakonga in nearly every area of the game but just needs to have the confidence to demand the ball more.

  36. Valentin


    Lacazette is our best striker for one touch quick interchanges football. This is the type of football that will push us up the table not the slow ponderous football.

    If we get rid of him without a proper replacement (no Balogun is not a ready made replacement), why should Arsenal pay to get rid of him.

    The only time a club pay a player to leave is when

    A) the player is a disruptive influence within the club. Or at least is perceived as such by the headcoach/manager.

    B) is football contribution is worth less than no replacement or the cost of an amortised replacement. If he stays, I expect Lacazette to still be involved in at least 25 games this season, so not applicable to him.

    C) external factors such as reputation or legal risk enter play. No club wants their reputation sullied because they just kicked a player whose wife/child/parent had cancer/died/seriously injured. No clubs wants to run the risk of being sued by a player with a valid claim for constructive dismissal or unfair treatment.

    None of those applies to Lacazette, so we should either sell him and buy/loan a ready made replacement or keep for an extra year with the idea of bedding his understudy for next season.

  37. Habesha Gooner

    It is just mind boggling. And the annoying thing is Chelsea are going to demand 40 mil for Abraham. That is stupid money. Unless we are selling both Auba and Laca then this is not a good way to spend. Chelsea are good at selling and they won’t let us have him for less. We have too many holes to fix to entertain that.

    Our negotiating team needs to be sacked. We are getting 10 mil for players who are widely known when Chelsea are selling Marc Guehi for 20 mil. Nketiah, AMN, Willock and Nelson all could have gone for that much if we had a proper management. Willock at least 25 too.

  38. Habesha Gooner

    Abraham also needs a lot of work in holding the ball up and bringing others in to play. He is just good at finishing his chances. He is a good player but a 25 mil striker. He should be the Marquee signing of a midtable club. He is not better than Lacazette or Auba. He just has time on his side and we are paying these two way too much. He also has future sale potential. Other than a financial motive there is no reason to do even a swap for him.

  39. Valentin

    Left side,

    Willock offer dribbles and defensive actions. What he is lacking is good passing when on the ball.

    In a 4-3-3 he will thrive. If we were to send him on loan to the right place he will improve his on the ball and passings. Right under Arteta he is afraid of making a mistake so his play is a little I inhibited. If he feels that he has the trust of his manager, his confidence will rise and he will be willing to attempt more risky passes.

    With that in mind, I would not be surprised if in a few years he were part of the England setup while playing for a Champion’s League club.

  40. shaun

    Abraham makes no sense at all, another player deemed not good enough for Chelsea but good enough for Arsenal , hopefully tabloid nonsense .Just when you think the management might be thinking sensibly and there is a chance these stupid decisions were a one off from a novice who is learning his trade .Just get the midfield sorted already. I would much rather keep Laca and Auba then give Chelsea another 40 mil for a player they don’t want …..crazy

  41. DigitalBob

    I don’t think we’ll be buying another striker this summer. It seems there is absolutely no market for Laca so we will go into the season with Auba, Laca and Balogun as our striking options, Martinelli will also play up front from time to time.

    I expect Eddie to leave permanently or on loan before the end of the window, the same goes for Nelson who has so far declined to enter contract negotiations. AMN will also leave but unfortunately for less than we would have probably got last summer.

    Willian will have to be bought out if he’s to leave as I don’t see any clubs willing to pay a fee.

    With Partey, Lokonga, Elneney and Willock(I think he’ll stay), we need one more quality addition here. We also need competition for Emile and a replacement for Bellerin as in my opinion Chambers/Cedric next season is a little short in quality at RB/RWB.

  42. curse

    Aarons White Gabriel Tierney
    Ruben Partey
    Saka Auba Pepe

    Chambers Holding Mari Tavares
    Sambi Elneny*
    Martinelli Abraham Goku

  43. Pierre

    “Willock doesn’t offer much more outside of goals, and that was in the Newcastle setup.”

    Not quite true….he had 6 goal contributions for arsenal in 6 starts in the league and Europe.

    Unfortunately he only started in 2 league games last season so it was difficult to assess his capabilities but his performances with Newcastle proved many wrong who were convinced that he couldn’t produce good numbers in the Premier league

    He is actually pretty good on the ball, his problem is that he doesn’t get on the ball nearly enough and that is the area he needs to work on..

  44. Leedsgunner

    Out of Reiss Nelson, Willock, Nketiah, and AMN skills and innate ability wise, there’s no contest… Nelson is head and shoulders above them all… but Reiss doesn’t seem hungry enough.

    Work ethic wise, Willock is the strongest… and against the odds he’s made a strong claim for a place in the squad with a fantastic loan to Newcastle.

    In terms of a ready made position, if AMN wanted he could make the RB his own but either he’s being advised badly or he’s stubborn. Such a shame really because he could have a good career here but it sounds like he’s digging his heels in. He needs to go.

    Nketiah, really hasn’t been given a fair run in the team but with Auba and Lacazette ahead of you it was always going to be a tall order. I think though with Balogun and Martinelli in the line up he’s being squeezed out. If we could get £20m for him or use him in a makeweight for someone like Bissouma or Max Aarons, that would be a good

    So sadly, I think we’re going to have to sell everyone except Willock. I hope we do better than the £10m for Guendouzi (?!?!) and £5m for Mavropanos!

    Get on with it Edu.

    A successful transfer window isn’t only about who you bring in but it’s also about who you bring in!

  45. shaun

    really I think most would settle for two more midfield additions for me it would be bissouma/locatelli
    and in normal circutances it would be bissouma all day long as he prem proven and would provide an iorn clad shield in front of our defence something we have been missing and something that has also made are defenders look bad when really it has always been the dm who is shite and not doing the proper job , Bissouma must have a great understanding with white which also makes me think yes the only downside and it is not really a down side but for Arsenal with Partey being your other dominant cm the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations could cause an issue and so might the price of the player as Brighton will feel like another 50 coming there way , so locatelli for me in that position I would like madison as well but hey I actually take all three and be very happy with the balance the differnt configurations would provide.So for me if they are thinking Maddison and Locatelli already forget Abraham and use that forty to get Bissouma and provide a much better balanced squad , just think Bissouma and Partey together would put up a wall trump would be proud of

  46. Double Double

    When I first saw Willock I thought he had the potential to go on to be a 50mill player, he has goals power and pace, (thinking about it he may actually be worth a shot up front) but they all want 1st team action when they are not quite the finished article, somehow we need to find a better way to bed them in or stop them being unsettled and leaving, because unless they are exceptional, it’s the next couple of years 21-23 that they really start to make a name for themselves and normally we’ve given them away by then. Nketiah ( has goals, but not quite found his mojo) Willock, AMN ( like the kid at school who wouldn’t play in their best position) ESR, Nelson, not so much Saka because he’s a fixture already, but they were all excellent at the lower age levels and definitely one or more will go on to replicate those levels at senior in the next couple of seasons. Really don’t want another Gnabry Malen etc. It’s all very well buying new players or youngsters like Sambi, but sometimes I don’t think we appreciate what we have already. I’d rather we go with what we have than waste money on Maddison or Aouar, I don’t see anything special about those players for the money, it’s not like we are buying a Bergkamp or a Vierra, Maddison vs Fernandes for the same money only one winner there.

  47. Champagne Charlie

    “why is Nketiah, England’s U21 top goal scorer, worth less than Abraham? Yes, Nketiah has less league experience but he has more international pedigree. So in my mind they should be comparable.“

    But he doesn’t though..

    Abraham was 2nd highest goalscorer in the Championship in 2018 with 25 goals as Villa got promoted, his next season he scored 15 PL goals and was Chelsea’s top goalscorer as they finished 4th. He has over 90 senior career goals and is a full England international. He’s 23.

    Eddie wasn’t good enough to lead the line at Leeds in the Championship scoring 5 goals predominantly as sub. He has the England u-21 goal record and does a phone celebration. He’s 22.

    There isn’t a comparison.

  48. Terraloon

    What the potential Abraham deal shows up in one just how efficient Chelsea are in transfer dealings.

    Abraham it seems has refused to sign a new contract .Chelsea don’t wait till ne enters the last year of his deal so the offer him out to cash strapped clubs but and here’s the but, they know the market and know that clubs cant stump up stupid money so they hook suitors in with a buy now pay in 12 months offer and for the privilege they add another x£ to the price so they get value for money.
    Alas as we know an offer that sounds too good to be true is just that.
    Chelsea have an owner that will fund matters out of his own pocket whereas we are yet to see the evidence that KSE are funding anything.
    Abraham is more advanced in development than several of the youngsters and he will do a job but at £40 million you’d expect more than that and from what I have seen of him he needs 3 chances to even make the goalie work.

  49. Samesong


    Abraham a confidence player. Will miss three chances. But if he’s scoring regularly can see him doing well.

  50. Leedsgunner

    Chelsea, Liverpool, Leicester, Southampton they are all EPL clubs with an excellent selling record.

    What are they doing that we continue to fail to do.

  51. SAGG

    Nketiah is just a poacher merchant, he CANT lead the front line of any team, his only quality is his instinct to get easy goals, a very useful skill 30 or 40 years ago, but right now he in the starting 11 represents tonolay with 10 men for most part of.the game.

    Doesnt make runs to the space
    Doesnt hold the ball
    Bad making passes
    Doesnt fight o recover the ball
    Not good with headers
    Not good at set.pieces
    Dont take free kicks

    Yep, just a poacher merchant.

  52. Leedsgunner

    Champagne Charlie

    All fair enough points, very well made. Thanks.

    Perhaps it’s down to work ethic for Eddie. I know the Bielsa pushes his players very hard, and maybe he didn’t step up.

    If we are dealing with Brighton for White, I would also be working hard to push Nketiah the other way. If I remember Brighton was the finalist that was pushing for a Nketiah loan when Leeds won out.

  53. Pierre

    Yes Abrahams is 23 and Eddie is 22

    Abrahams is 24 in Oct
    Eddie was 22 in may
    Meaning Abrahams has had nigh on 2 full seasons of football more than Eddie.

    Sometimes it’s a about being in the right place at the right time and Abrahams has the benefit of playing premier league football because chelsea had a transfer ban and lampard put his faith in youth.

    Sadly for Abrahams it looks like he is now in the wrong place at the wrong time as Tuchel doesn’t fancy him even though he has a very good goalscoring record.

    Willock was in the right place at the right time at Newcastle , as yet Eddie hasn’t had the fortune to show what he can do, maybe that is because he is not good enough…who knows, time will tell..

    At present we have a wealth of talented youth who have proved at a lower level that they can create and score goals

    Talking about Saka, smith rowe , Willock, Nketiah, Balogun and Martinelli .

    Only 2 of those(ESR and Saka) have been given real game time at Arsenal and have made the transition seamlessly..
    Also Willock at Newcastle.

    The 3 who haven’t made the transition are still waiting to be given a fair run in the side and maybe they never will be given the chance.

    The end of last season was the time to assess Martinelli, Eddie and Balogun when we had a number of meaningless league games….an opportunity missed i believe.

  54. curse

    “and does a phone celebration” 😂

    well said, I think they’re crazy letting him go. but they’ve been hoovering up talent for some time now and let salah, Kevin slip through.
    watched his YouTube’s when we first were linked starting with his first loan at Bristol. Villa then his chav season. Amazing progression and looks refined at 23, reckon he can and will take it up a notch if he comes here. so many aspects in his favor, young but experienced, played at a high level and did well, won trophies, gets to chase Auba, has the chance to put his name up there alongside his plus Henry etc and an arsenal fan.

    who wants laca though?

  55. Terraloon


    He did well when on loan at Bristol City and yes Villa when in the Championship he failed miserably at Swansea and yes he was young.The first season under Lampard he scored 15PL goals and that’s what has hooked people in but that season, according to my brother who is a Chelsea ST holder he should have been at least double that number.
    He isn’t clinical by any stroke of the imagination nor is his positioning up there. Tuchal doesn’t rate him enough the fact that he wasn’t on occasions making their match day squad surely should set alarm bells
    With Giroud now gone if they rated Abraham in terms of his level they wouldn’t be selling him. They have a youngster called Borja who is likely to be introduced to the first team squad but even then that’s not enough particularly if they get shot of Abraham . They will be looking to add two more forwards one at huge cost and one at medium cost but taking Abraham off their hands will for me mean Arsenal will be helping Chelsea improve.

  56. Valentin

    What Leicester, Chelsea, Southampton do much better than Arsenal is squad planning.
    Not just buying and selling players, but buy players, give him time to bed in and prove himself, sell at inflated price with the replacement already at the club with one year as understudy.

    Also put in the shop window players who won’t make it there either by playing them or by loaning them to the right club (level, manager, style of football).

    Give reasonable salary with high incentive. Incentives that are teams result driven instead of only individuals driven. Chelsea gave bonus to the team if they qualify for ECL, or won the FA Cup. Arsenal gives bonus to PEA and Lacazette per appearance and goal scored! That makes the player easier to sell if his wage is in line with his market value. PEA, Willian are Özil MkII and MkIII. There is no way we can get rid of them without having to pay for them to leave.

    Follows the rules toward contract:
    + No player allowed to run his contract unless done deliberately to get rid of an overpaid player
    + No 3 years extension for over 30 years old player
    + No U21 fringe players on higher salary than the average salary for his most likely division level (League 2, League 1, Championship). We had U23 players with no realistic chance of ever playing higher than League 1 football on salary higher than the average Championship player of the same position.
    + Accept lower upfront fee for a higher percentage of the resale price. Wenger used to be a specialist at that. We even got millions from the sale of David Bentley to Spurs! Spurs paid Arsenal to buy a player not deemed good enough!
    + Demand high but realistic price for players.
    + Do not be afraid to walk away from a bad deal even if we really wanted the play. Fans are always happy to get a star player, but they will complain more loudly if the money is spend not effectively.

  57. Gbat

    If the Abraham rumours are true, I understand the thinking. If Lacazette and Nketiah are sold there’s a big age gap between Aubameyang and Martinelli and Balogun. I guess it depends if they’re willing to take a chance on two players who’ve started only 13 League games between them with 5 goals

    Abraham is still young but experienced, homegrown and offers something different.

  58. Champagne Charlie

    Eddie hasn’t delivered on loan, or at Arsenal by the age of 22. To me that undermines any talent or potential from the player and he should be sold. 18-22 is a massive period for progression in players, Tammy showed exactly what path to take navigating that portion of his career. We could learn from the insistence of academy players getting blooded in the Championship. ESR currently an example of a good loan there, mad we don’t source more of it.

    Tammy had two full seasons in the Championship scoring 20+ goals before starting for Chelsea under Lampard. It wasn’t right time, it was him proving himself ready and deserving of an opportunity which was further aided by a transfer ban.

    Eddie did himself no favours on loan at Leeds, and he continues that at Arsenal where he’s an energetic substitute. Players who care about their development seek games and opportunity, then there’s delivering when faced with one.

  59. Dissenter

    I was going to post about Tammy Abraham, then I saw Charlie’s post at 10.35

    He’s a very good signing who will get more from Saka and Pepe than Auba or Laca will ever do
    He can also hold up the ball better and is just as fast as Aubameyang.

    That’ said, I doubt that the deal will happen. How are we going to move out the 185k weekly Lacazette?

  60. Terraloon


    + No player allowed to run his contract unless done deliberately to get rid of an overpaid player

    All well and good but just as a club can run down a contract so can a player. Not as easy to get shot of as many on here seem to think

    + No 3 years extension for over 30 years old player

    Yep agree on that one madness but see answer above. The money men at Arsenal just don’t seem to know when to call see a players time is up.

    + No U21 fringe players on higher salary than the average salary for his most likely division level (League 2, League 1, Championship). We had U23 players with no realistic chance of ever playing higher than League 1 football on salary higher than the average Championship player of the same position.

    Seems attractive but all clubs gamble heavily on potential and fear a player will refuse to sign a contract. In truth though no fringe player should be close to the squad if their level isn’t PL standard but as we know thousands of players have potential to play top level football but very very few progress from PL academies to top 6 level. The skill is when you let players go

    + Accept lower upfront fee for a higher percentage of the resale price. Wenger used to be a specialist at that. We even got millions from the sale of David Bentley to Spurs! Spurs paid Arsenal to buy a player not deemed good enough!

    Has to be on a case by case basis .

    + Demand high but realistic price for players.

    Clubs will only pay what they consider fair and because their are so so many players available for a fee buyers will just move on to another target. Can demand all you want but a player is only worth what another club will pay

    + Do not be afraid to walk away from a bad deal even if we really wanted the play. Fans are always happy to get a star player, but they will complain more loudly if the money is spend not effectively.

    See previous answer.

  61. Dissenter

    Do people realize that Eddie didn’t do well on loan at Leeds and had ample opportunities under Arteta. There was a period where Arteta dropped Laca and game Eddie a good run in the team.

    Eddie is unproven at the senior level while Tammy’s effectiveness is not in doubt. He’s a young player who will get you 20+ goals with good service as second striker.

  62. Pierre

    “Do people realize that Eddie didn’t do well on loan at Leeds and had ample opportunities under Arteta. There was a period where Arteta dropped Laca and gave Eddie a good run in the team.”

    He didn’t do well because to the leeds fans disappointment, the manager preferred Bamford, which is fair enough, so Eddie returned to Arsenal .

    As you pointed out, Arteta dropped Lacazette to give Eddie arun of games.

    Will just point out that this was the only decent run of games Eddie had under Arteta, it was the period just before the first lockdown in 2019/20 when he had a run of 4 consecutivegames, scoring a couple of goals…….here are the results

    Arsenal 4-0 Newcastle
    Arsenal 3-2 Everton
    Portsmouth 0-2 Arsenal
    Arsenal 1-0 West ham

    Unfortunately the run was interrupted by covid lockdown , ir could be another case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time as he may have continued in the side , the team may have continued their winning run and Eddie may have continued to score at a good rate..

    He was never afforded a run of consecutive games after that ….I’m not sure why ….non negotiables?

  63. Steveyg87

    Seems as if all the powers that be are in office this week as things are cranking up a bit. Maddison? Fuck yes please. DM also running a headline with us leading the race to sign Abraham
    on loan with an option to buy, Lord please let this be true

  64. shaun

    Abraham plays in a team with 10 number 10’s all better than what we have , a midfield that is several notches above ours and you guys think we should invest 40 million on a player who has that kind of creativity around him , Here is an idea why don’t we invest that money in our midfield and try and get our 30 goal a season striker back firing . I don’t get why arsenal fans think going to Chelsea and taking there rejects is going to make arsenal better really really having difficulty with that concept

  65. Gonsterous

    We have to give our young guns a place in the team and see if they swim or drown
    If they are good enough, they will prosper like saka, if they blow cold like denilson or adelaide, we can sell them on

    Imagine if ESR, Saka, Martinelli, Balogun, willock, nelson goes on to be a core part of the team? It would encourage youngsters to join the academy, it would make the fans happy and proud to have Arsenal DNA finally in the field and we would save a buttload on future signings.

    Martinelli as back up LW, sell willian or play him in the cup. Balogun behind laca for CF and first on the team sheet for cup games, pepe or Saka at RW n LW (interchangeable)
    Willock and nelson as back up (is lokonga a first teamer or a back up?)

    I can get behind that, what I can’t get behind is putting the same old faith in the older generation and see them perform worse than a championship team. And then get picked again the following week

  66. Leedsgunner


    “Do people realize that Eddie didn’t do well on loan at Leeds and had ample opportunities under Arteta. There was a period where Arteta dropped Laca and game Eddie a good run in the team.”

    Wasn’t Laca recovering from injury? However, your point is very valid. Eddie really needed to step up and he hasn’t. If anything, he needed to push hard for a loan to get game time last January… and he chose the comfortable life.

  67. Valentin


    When a player has only two years left to his contract, a new contract should already been offered ready to be signed or close to be in place. If that contract is refused, then the player is sold. If the player refuse to leave, then it should be made clear that he will be hold onto his contract for the remaining two years.

    I don’t have a problem with players leaving on a Bosman. But it should be clear to both parties. Liverpool have lost both Emre Can and Georgino Wyjnaldum on free, but both worked very professionally until the end. No more Players having the club over a barrel.

    Regarding the U21 players on high salary. Again on the obvious talented prospects, I don’t have a problem. My issues is with 23 years old still at the club because the salary on offer for their level is lower than what they earn at Arsenal as U21 players.
    Why do you think Matt Macey stay so long?
    Gavin Hoyte was at best a League 1 player, yet earning more than experienced Championship players.
    I know Huss Fahmy was harsh in his negotiation with the academy players, but I also think that he was trying to introduce more realism with his highly incentivised deals.

    Being realistic with price means that you sell quicker and can concentrate on incoming players. The deal with Ospina was delayed because the Italian team wanted an extra discount. We steadfastly refused before settling in a smaller discount. However the extra £200k we extracted from them was less than Ospina wage during that delay. So in effect we would have been better off accepting the initial offer. Know when to fold, know when to hold.

  68. Dissenter

    Tammy;s wage demands may be too much fir us so that deal probably won’t happen
    He wanted the same wages that Chelsea stupidly gave Callum Hudson -Odoi, that’s why he didn’t sign an extension then Tuchel came in and just didn’t want him around.

  69. Dissenter

    ‘ Tammy will have a huge point to prove also, I’m super gassed tbh.’

    …and that too
    The anger of a spurned player is a powerful motivator for success
    Tuchel treated him very badly, He wouldn’t even play him when Timo Werner couldn’t bury a sitter to save his life.

  70. Champagne Charlie


    There’s many examples for the Academy players to look to, but Saka is far more the exception than the rule. You rarely see teenagers go from academy level up to senior level and start regularly.

    ESR has walked the more admiral path to me. Went abroad to Leipzig and got a taste for senior football, back to the fringes at Arsenal the following season, decides he wants games and goes to Huddersfield the season after that. Then finally made his mark Boxing Day last season, say no more.

    Or you could look at what not to do in the case of Nelson, Eddie, AMN and even Willock despite his flurry at Newcastle. Barely stepping foot outside Arsenal until they’ve reached a point where they’re viewed more favourably as players to generate money. These guys aren’t hungry, they’re safe and comfortable being associated with a big club. They’ve made it in their mind.

  71. Dissenter

    These Jordan Henderson rumors have to be April fools stuff though.
    The man is chronically and irredeemably crocked, he has a foot injury that cannot be definitely treated and limits his playing time.

  72. Moray

    So we started the windows linked with Sterling. Now we’re apparently sniffing at Tammy Abraham’s backside.

    And for 40m?! A fool and their money are soon parted.

    All this in the last position we really need to strengthen.

  73. Dissenter

    Liverpool won’t balk when it comes to moving out midfielders who are on the decline yet some here will still keep arguing that we keep someone like Elneny on our books

    A clear out ought to be a clear-out. We seem to trying to use a pastel brush to sweep a single family house.

  74. Dissenter

    ‘ All this in the last position we really need to strengthen’

    You really think the striking role is the “last position we really need to strengthen”?
    You think Auba’s fall from the sign is a blip or Lacazette will suddenly start to win headers now?

  75. curse

    if your main strikers are 30+, one already proving that he’s not good enough and the other coming off a bad season with question marks. With the back up being a 19 and 20 year old without a season of top flight between them. To let a 6ft 3, fast, homegrown, top flight proven, shunned, 23year old arsenal fan wonder off to West ham or totts. Our real rivals, would be strike number two for me. one, being Martinez.

  76. curse

    Diss, Henderson would be strike number 3, can’t even begin to take that seriously, agent games I reckon.

  77. englandsbest

    My belief is that it would be a big mistake to sell Eddie, that he will prove the Club wrong the way Andy Cole did. He is a natural goal-scorer, the most valued talent in pro football.

    People say he has been given a chance, and failed to perform. You have to ask why. After all, the talent hasn’t altered, it’s still there. It may require a focus shift from Auba to Laca. Withat his kind of support, Eddie will blossom.

  78. Dissenter

    You do know that Eddie has only one year left in his contract and has refused to sign an extension?
    We have too many young not-ready strikers at the moment, something’s got to give.

    Eddie has to be sold, so long as there’s a sell on clause . Arsenal will profit from his £50 million transfer in 4 years if he’s as good as you;re suggesting.

  79. Leedsgunner

    Renato Sanches apparently being looked at as a James Maddison alternative. He’s had a great season at Lille, and he was one of the young outstanding players of the Euros. Plus a previous winner of a Golden Boy trophy winner…

    If we could acquire him on a decent deal, this would be a great piece of business.

    Plus Lille owe us a favour after they robbed us blind with Pepe! 😂😂😂😂

  80. Pierre

    “Eddie had ample opportunities under Arteta. There was a period where Arteta dropped Laca and gave Eddie a good run in the team.”

    Obviously you have forgotten what happened otherwise you wouldn’t have brought it up .

    Eddie started 4 consecutive games , scoring 2 goals.

    Arsenal 4-0 Newcastle
    Arsenal 3-2 liverpool blues
    Portsmouth 0-2 Arsenal
    Arsenal 1-0

    Lockdown arrived and that was that , Eddie never started more than the odd game..

    So yes dissenter, 4 consecutive games was the “ampke opportunities ” you are talking about and we won them all with the team scoring over 2 goals a game.

    I would hazard a guess that we never returned to scoring at a rate of over 2 a game for the rest of the 9 months in 2020.

  81. andy1886

    Sorry Curse, it was £28m plus add ons. Still a good price though.

    Eddie for £20m with one year on his contract and refusing to extend? We’ll be lucky to get that in those circumstances.

  82. raptora

    Do we not learn fail after fail making business with them Chavskies?

    Gallas, Lassana Diarra, Cech, Luiz, Willain.

    The only one with a positive stay, for the money we’ve paid, has been Benayoun and he was used as a squad player.

    I know another striker who couldn’t make it in another big club – Manure. We got him and after years on the periphery he’s been kicking the ball for Brighton in his supposedly prime years.

    I don’t think I’d touch Tammy.

  83. David.D

    Tammy Abrahams
    What on earth are Arteta and Edu playing at???
    FFS they have just given Balogun a new contract and convinced him to stay.
    Even if Laca and Eddie are sold why oh why would you not put your faith in the youngsters that we have in Martinelli and Balogun supplemented with Auba , especially in a season with no European football.
    Why would you bring in a 23 year old Abrahams to block their pathway?
    Its fucking stupid thinking.
    Along with repeated rumours of fucking Ramsdale as well just makes you wonder what fucking drugs Edu and Arteta are on. Just pure imbeciles if they go through with signing Abrahams and Ramsdale.
    Apologise for the swearing.
    Just cannot believe the ineptitude of those two running us.
    Lokanga and Tavares look good signings but brain farts if they go ahead with signing a striker we dont need and a hapless keeper.

  84. WengerEagle

    Interesting news surrounding a possible Abraham move. Pretty clear that Tuchel doesn’t fancy him.

    I have a sneaking feeling that Abramovich will day fuck it and shell out for Haaland. If not, do they take Aubameyang in a swap I suppose with the Tuchel connection?

    Not sold on Abraham myself even if he has shown himself to be a good ST. Can he make that step up to be a top class one at age 24?

    He reminds me of Adebayor in a lot of ways although Ade put up a 30 goal season at Tammy’s age.

  85. raptora

    Leeds: “He’s had a great season at Lille”

    I’m also banging Renato’s drum but that ain’t it. 1280 mins in the League is the equivalent of 14 full games. He registered 5 injuries in 1 season. The moment he was to play 3-4 games in a row – boom, injured. Sad cause he’s got mad potential.

  86. Pierre

    For anyone to believe that our young players are not hungry to succeed, they must be clueless .

    To think that players such as Willock, Nketiah, balogun and Nelson would spend the majority of their life trying to make it at Arsenal and then to lose their hunger is such a dumb thing to say.

    When a player’s manager throws compliments at you before the season starts it gives that player hope that he is in the manager’s thoughts and he will ignore any thoughts of going on loan to another club .

    When it all turns out to be Arteta bullshit and the player is not given a chance it must hurt that player even more if they read bollocks like “These guys aren’t hungry, they’re safe and comfortable being associated with a big club. They’ve made it in their mind.” .

    I can assure you the willock, eddie , nelson and Balogun are not happy sitting on their backside doing next to nothing.

    Eddie and Nelson fell for the Arteta bullshit at the beginning of last season , they won’t fall for it again.

    Balogun has succumbed to the Arteta bullshit and signed a new contract and is now having compliments thrown at him.
    Let’s hope Balogun doesn’t suffer the same fate as Nelson/Nketiah/Martinelli and Willock or we will have the same fans saying that he lacks the hunger to succeed.

  87. curse

    cheers Andy, couldn’t be arsed to Google, could of swore that was the number being banded about. I agree still a good price.

    think we’ll get just over 10 for Eddie.

  88. WengerEagle


    Was happy for Giannis and Middleton bringing home the chip last night, they have gotten so much ridiculous flak over the past couple of years because of the media’s contempt for small market teams unlike other guys yet to win like Harden and Embiid who have gotten a much easier time of it.

    Scrappy game as close-out games often are. Giannis the obvious difference putting up 50 points but the Suns missed a lot of open looks and turned the ball over in the critical moments, Booker in particular.

    Was a massive win for small market teams in general and a lovely middle finger to ESPN in particular who cannot stand them and obsess over the LA/NY teams.

    As you say though, it also raised the expectations and has put it to the owners of smaller franchises which is a good thing as we may hopefully see a more competitive league now as there is a healthy distribution of the top talent rather than a Warriors+KD monopoly situation.

  89. Champagne Charlie

    “Not sold on Abraham myself even if he has shown himself to be a good ST. Can he make that step up to be a top class one at age 24?“

    Personally don’t view him as a potential top class CF, think his value is more the fact he’s a very good player and reliably good goalscorer, he has great physical attributes, is at a perfect age, and he’s HG.

    Bit of Giroud about him in terms of level, a good alternative at a big club, and the star CF at a mid-table one.

  90. WengerEagle


    Does that move the needle for us though?

    Why pay through the nose for a ST with a good but not great ceiling? We already have multiple good but not great strikers.

  91. China1

    Charlie you’re wrong to mention Nelson in that way as he had a very good season long loan at Hoffenheim a couple of years back. and he was according to my friend who for some reason supports hoffenheim one of their best players that year and badly missed when he came back to arsenal

  92. englandsbest


    No, I didn’t know Eddie is refusing to sign a contract. Again, you have to ask why. Reading Pierre’s account of him above, it seems that he must feel neglected, unappreciated. Akin to Andy Cole, one could say.

    I imagine Arteta is trying hard to keep him and, bearing in mind the Emi affair, the odds are Eddie will stay. He is Arsenal, through and through.

    But it all may be smoke and mirrors. By now Arteta must judge Auba a busted flush. How to get rid of him? Make out that he is still number one choice. Later in the window, some club desperate for a goal-scorer will take him.

  93. andy1886

    Curse, yeah, £10m-£15m is probably the realistic figure for Eddie. Interesting though that we keep hearing about other positions all over the park but the midfield problem seems no clearer to being fixed given that both our main targets (Odegaard and Locatelli) are very unlikely.

  94. Crabregas

    I think in January Nelson and Willock both knew they wouldn’t get games, one made the decision to go on loan and one stayed. I think that is the only real true evidence we can see.

    I think Eddie in particular is missing something from his game at the top level. Or at least the level arsenal are at and want to get too. Nelson has all the talent but again, something is missing. From someone who was meant to be better than Sancho when they were younger to now, it reflects more on the individual in my opinion.

    Also I wouldn’t add balogun to this list as he is from a different intake and is a couple of years behind Eddie.

  95. David.D

    What on earth do they see in Ramsdale.
    He has been relegated with 2 clubs.
    I have never seen or heard of him having a great game.
    If they are signing him for that sort of money he is clearly coming in as no 1.
    It is just total bonkers/foolishness.
    Sam Johnstone for 10 million i could accept but Ramsdale!!!
    What is it Arteta/Edu see in this guy.
    Can anyone enlighten me????
    Am i missing something??

  96. raptora

    talkSPORT’s transfer correspondent Alex Crook said:
    “Aaron Ramsdale, of course a late call-up to England’s European Championship squad, he had a great time being the backup goalkeeper in that competition.

    “It is my understanding that Arsenal have made the Sheffield United ‘keeper their no.1 target. They’ve been linked with Sam Johnstone as well, but it’s all in now for Aaron Ramsdale.

    “The fee could be as much as £30million. That would be music to the ears of Bournemouth as they have a sell-on clause.”

    Jeez… What is Areta seeing that nobody else does? This guy is 4th choice in the NT of England behind the likes of Pickford, Johnstone and Henderson. How is he anywhere near top class? He’s worse than Leno. And this is after Martinez’ debacle. Aren’t we supposed to improve?

  97. Champagne Charlie


    Not every signing does to that end, though I’d argue he’s more likely to flourish in a lineup this season than Laca given the intended increase in creative support. Tammy scored 15 PL goals two years ago at 21 and Laca has never hit that for us in 4 seasons. For a team shy on goals…

    In his case I think he’s an excellent option to turn to if we recoup money for Laca and Eddie. Replaces their goals, lowers the wages, and massively increases the balance of talent at CF by altering the profile of player there.

    With Laca gone next year and Auba 32 we’ll be a ball hair from Balogun/Martinelli being our starting CF.

    Is Tammy a Haaland or Maddison? No. But neither was Giroud an RVP yet he was unquestionably a very good player for us. Abraham epitomises good squad planning to me, depending on the fee.

    No I’m not wrong on Nelson, he tasted football abroad and his response to that was two years in the shadows at Arsenal. That’s stupidity on the part of all involved, but mainly him given it’s noted he refused a loan.

  98. Mb

    I would take Tammy if Laca is moved on. Auba is declining and we are probably stuck with him, but Tammy can be a starter and Balogun can replace Auba in next couple of years.

    Out of Tammy / Balogun, the best player stays on pitch.

  99. Dissenter

    It’s likely that Aubmeyang’s dip is near permanent
    He has that look about him now, like he’s just showing up to earn a pay check
    Either way he’s not intensive to lead the line for us. Any defender that John Stones bullies so easily has an asterisk

  100. DigitalBob

    I refuse to believe the Ramsdale transfer rumor, the very epitome of an underwhelming signing. Why spend £30 million or thereabouts on a backup goalie? No logic to it at all.

    If Leno is out this summer, then its more plausible( Leno is way better than the twice relegated Ramsdale) but I don’t see a market for Leno in the same way I don’t see a market for Laca this summer.

  101. raptora

    For that money just get Matheus Cunha from Hertha. Can play CF and AM. Fantastic talent with better chances to reach that top class compared to Tammy. Rumoured to be available for £30m. I’d scout the player inside out but for that price it’s a gamble I’d be willing to take.

  102. Useroz

    David D

    Media citing Arteta intensively re-training Balogun to become a left side forward… my initial reaction was WTF?

    Hasn’t Arteta not done with his obsession to experiment playing striker on the left? Did it quite work out for Auba? Now , the sauce moves onto mucking around with Balogun who is. natural no. 9……

    And go onto indulging in his Chelsea obsession and buying Tammy A.?? Loan deal at 4m pet year with obligation to buy at 40m? Jeez… sell Eddie for 30m before you come back …

  103. curse

    Andy, fingers crossed, wouldn’t mind seeing him at palace. Hopefully, Laca ends his career at Lyon or something.
    I think we’re pushing for James with half an eye on Martin, with Ruben being a shoe in. Not enough RB rumours for me, I wanna see ruthless.

  104. David.D


    I did read that about Balogun at left wing.
    Totally at odds with the praise he showered on him as a centre forward. recently.
    If true then i am totally lost for words mate.

  105. TR7

    • Sell a potentially world class GK in Emi Martinez for a paltry 10M to appease Leno

    • Sell Leno 12 months later

    • Buy Ramsdale for 30M to replace Leno

    Absolute madness and utterly appalling mismanagement

  106. Useroz

    D Zsoa

    Read that earlier… makes a lot of sense but more like falling on deaf ears of the trio, sadly

  107. Leedsgunner

    I think we because we were burnt badly on Serge Gnabry, many of us are swinging to the other extreme and saying we have keep this player and that player and give them time to develop.

    That’s why I think strategic loans are important… and this is one area of the club that has massively improved.

    Our loans manager and his team have been very good in getting our academy products out so that they can show us what they can do on loan in other clubs… and whereas Wenger often sent players out to forget about players, in the post Wenger era, loans have been used to test players and to bring them along.

    Having said all that, we have to admit not all our youngsters will make it. For those that don’t, we need to let them go for a decent fee. We can’t let the fear of “doing a Serge” cause us to commit a “Diaby”.

    When we hold on to a player too long, we are holding the club back too. Sell Eddie, Reiss and AMN for a good fee but make sure we include add on and or buy back clauses so that if they do go supernova in terms of talent at a another club, we benefit from it if they get sold on.

  108. Leedsgunner

    Won’t Wolves be looking for a starting GK after selling Patricio? Why not see if they will do a Leno for Neves swap?

  109. Sid

    “”””””””””Maybe Arteta can turn out to be a great attacking coach but given the results of the last 18 months he’s got a lot of work to do.””””””””””

  110. raptora

    None of Eddie, Reiss and AMN are making it big, just sell them to the highest bidder. If they can raise 40-50m just reinvest it in the squad.

    We just bought a backup LB and we have 3 RBs. We also bought Lokonga.
    I don’t see where AMN fits in especially after the obvious fallout that he and Arteta are going through.

    Nelson is not going to get any minutes in vs the likes of Saka, Pepe, Martinelli, Willian and possibly ESR if we get an AM.

    Eddie was getting chances until Arteta stopped giving and in this case the manager was right. Nketiah is not needed when we have Auba, Laca, Martinelli, Balogun in the team.