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So here we are people. Sambi Lokonga lands at Arsenal as our second signing of the summer. The Belgian midfielder has already joined up with training and he looks VERY happy to be here. Just look at that finger point… so assertive.

Obviously, there aren’t many of us who know what he’s all about. This player has come straight from the transfer school of Wenger when he was at his absolute peak. Sambi has the right athletic profile compared to someone like Ceballos, he’s adept at interceptions because of his sharp mind, and he looks to have the full range of passing skills Thomas Partey boasts.

This sort of signing might not bang in year one, but for me, this is exactly where a club like Arsenal should be putting their money. Clearly, he’s been picked up by the analysts for his unique talents. The club has no doubt picked up secondary information from Vincent Kompany and maybe even Thierry, which means his character has been assessed. Then we’ve moved fairly rapidly to pull the deal over the line.

Arsenal has spent the last 5 years trying to shortcut success with older players that might have one last push in them. This summer, it looks like we’re getting back to basics of sorts by signing young players, with high ceilings, that can grow with a young coach famed for his developmental skills.

The idea here, I would imagine, is if this squad of young players gets us into the Champions League at some point, they’ll be ready to compete for the trophy right away… versus the shortcut method of fumbling into the competition, then having to drop a massive reboot to sustain ourselves.

I’m thrilled at the prospect of having athletes back in midfield, I truly am. This is a great signing and it speaks to lessons learned.

That said, I still think there’s going to be a sneak attack from transfer windows of the past at some point. James Maddison might be the dream, but it’ll be very tough to find the funds needed to move on him. It’d be sheer madness… and I think there are rumblings that Coutinho might be on the radar. He’ll be available for a pittance because Barca is broke, he’d solve an experience gap with have with our creative talents, the kids would probably love him there, and he’s Premier League proven.

On the flip-side, his injury record is absolutely woeful, this also makes him a peak-Wenger signing. Remember when he got lucky with Overmars knee, then developed a broken player saviour complex? I do. Edu is probably gambling on last season being the freak and looking to his fairly robust past before then. It’s risky business, but if you can get Coutinho firing, you really do have a player that can do it all creatively. Nooooot quite sure he’s going ramp up the intensity for you though.

Arteta is also seeking out leadership.

‘We need some senior players, players with different types of leadership in the team, with different qualities, people that complement each other.’

I’m not sure if Ben White is a leader or has the level of experience we are looking for, so who knows what we’re looking for here, or in what position. One would expect that it’ll likely come from whoever replaced Granit Xhaka, but I’m not sure that’s Neves?

We’ll see, it’s all rumours at the moment, but I tell you what, we’d be rude not to knock on the door at Barca and see if they have any jewels that we could bring to the carpet. Sergiño Dest anyone? 19 years old, a right-back, played 41 times for them last season? I mean… come on, let’s ask and see what they think.

In absolutely awful news, exArsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Everyone here wishes him the best and prays for a speedy recovery. Judging by his quotes, that got it early, and clearly, he’s going land elite levels of medical support. Cancer, what a fucking awful, awful thing.

Right, I’ll be on the Twitch Stream chatting all things Arsenal at 6pm GMT. Tune in or… don’t, but maybe do?



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  1. Dissenter

    Last summer some of us were vehemently against the Willian signing because he was going to block the path of the likes of Nelson and Martinelli.

    Lo and behold, he did choke up the players that could use those minutes.

  2. Useroz


    Reports appear credible because Arteta was cited verbatim, unless that’s made up which would be horrific.

    It defies logic , to a layman like .me …. but Arteta has sauce and manages to see what most people can’t and don’t!

  3. Useroz

    My gut says no to Tammy A, unless it’s a fire sale which apparently is. Chelsea wants to clear the deck for the BIG arrival.

    £25m fees and 40k per week , why not?

  4. S Asoa

    We need money, and only disposables are
    eddie – we have better younger players in front with Martineli and Balogun who i hope Arteta will not destroy with his Mad Professor experiments in the wings. We alreeady seen how he has noticeably regressed from his USP as No9 in last2 fiendlies


    ANM – forget how he gets on with Arteta , but has attention deficiency no matter which coach

    Dont know what we waiting for

  5. Leedsgunner

    Our recent signings from Chelsea have benefitted them more than us. Whatever happened to learning from our mistakes. No to Abraham.

  6. Ustyno

    Sell a potentially world class GK in Emi Martinez for a paltry 10M to appease Leno

    • Sell Leno 12 months later

    • Buy Ramsdale for 30M to replace Leno

    Absolute madness and utterly appalling mismanagement

    You read the àbove and thinks it’s not possible but anything can happen with Arsenal,this is sackable if it comes to this

  7. Crabregas

    Raptora @15:05 pretty much spot on there mate. I think they will be squad players at best and even then, squad players we cannot really rely on.

  8. Dissenter

    If we end up signing Ramsdale then I agree that Arteta and his team ought to be sacked.
    How many goal keeping errors can anyone make in 1.5 years?

  9. raptora

    From the 7amkickoff page:

    “Shots per90 (with a minimum of 10 matches): Youssoufa Moukoko (BvB), Pellegri (Monaco), Haaland, Greenwood, Fabio Silva, Bialek (Wolfsburg), and Gabriel Martinelli.”

    Gabi Martinelli’s Brazil plays tomorrow vs Germany in their first Olympic game. He is not a starter but there is chance we see him coming off the bench. In his last game he turned around a 1-2 loss in a 5-2 win so he’s done what he had to do. Starts around noon UK time.

  10. Matt

    I defy anyone to defend the signing of Ramsdale for £30m, or anything near that amount.

    Surely that’s one thing even all on Le Grove can agree on?!

  11. shaun

    the keeper situation really is something else a blind man could Martinez was our best keeper by a country mile you can only laugh really and now Ramsdale oh my what a carry on at arsenal it must be a wind up

  12. Moray

    I don’t doubt that we can improve our options upfront, but our issues last year were more than Auba missing the target. our malfunctioning midfield and poor link up from the back was much more critical: hence that should be our urgent focus.

    Plus Abraham is not great value at 40m. Waste of money.

  13. Ray+in+LA

    Abraham is a luxury for us at the moment

    The $50 would be better spent towards a decent creative that will make the rest of our forwards more effective

  14. Leedsgunner

    We sorely lack a creative attacking midfielder to join our midfield and attack and if we buy Abraham for £40m and £50m on White we’re effectively spending £90m on the two areas of the team that doesn’t need attention right now.

    It’s like having a car which needs a new engine because the old one is not fit for purpose and then spending all your money on a new tires and a new chassis… but keeping the same engine.. and the wondering why the car doesn’t start.

    Imagine if we spent £90m on our midfield? Imagine the surprise and excitement it would generate. Auba might me older but with a better midfield supplying him, he’s still a 20 goal scorer IMO…

    I’m pleased with the signings we’ve made but so far Edu has ignored the most important position.

  15. Valentin


    We will concede more goals on set pieces, but be better going forward.
    So it is not even better new tires, just tires of the same overall quality but different characteristics. Like exchanging road tire for winter tire and be surprised during the summer that performance is not as good.

  16. Kanu stepover

    Ramsdale for £30 Million makes no sense at all. I’ve got to say that Leno must have a move lined up to go some where if Arsenal are pressing those numbers on a gk. Most likely a loan out to a hard up German club with a paltry end of season buy cause. You couldn’t make it up.

    How about Dani Olmo?? Dont know if we are at a point where Arsenal can get a player like him. If we are dropping big numbers on the likes of Tammy Abraham and maddison why not pay asking price for Olmo. Could offer a massive improvement on leipzig wages and would bring energy to the final 3rd and he will be world class if he’s not already. 4+1 contract and sell for 30+Mill profit in 3 years thus paying his wages for duration of the time he was here and initial fees. You would have juve barca bayern barca real etc lining up for him in a few years. Would they be for maddison or tammy?? Need to sign players on the up Paul Onuachu would be a good replacement for laca and willian.

    Max Aaron’s at right back would be a great signing. Always thought bellerin wasn’t a top 4 defender and I think he undermines a lot of the good work of the others at the back. Arrons is Norwich best player and rare in rb position he is a top talent.

    I would have trusted the process! if we would have kept martinez but I’ve a weird feeling good times are coming back. Love the lokonga signing.BTW