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We’re heading into a weekend game with a team harder than Hibs and still things are dragging like a bag of feathers through tar.

The good news about this transfer window is there isn’t much choice when it comes to signing players. We don’t have enough quality to survive the season. We have one keeper, we don’t have a serviceable right back. We’re back to having one creative midfielder. Our midfield is still painfully limp. If the club wants to move back to the promised land, they’re going to have to start kicking things into gear.

The painful story doing the rounds in the media is it appears our interest in Martin Odegaard has not completely fizzled out. The Norwegian creative was very much the priority at the start of the summer and there is clearly still a feeling the youngster might be booted out on loan again when Carlo realises he’s not going to make the Champions League winners this season. I don’t like this sort of gamble because it shows that we’re not learning from past mistakes. We did this last season, spending all summer chasing Aouar, only to miss out, then have the least creative start to a season since 1887.

When is the cut-off point? Who are the players we’d miss out on if we wait? What are the consequences if it doesn’t happen? Do we have time to enact a back-up plan?

I cannot be hearing Arteta bemoaning the lack of time with new players… because we have known about this summer for a long time.

Waiting is a luxury a broken squad doesn’t have. We should be moving faster than this. Easy for me to say… but come on, hard not to lazily correlate Edu and his yacht parties with minimal action in the transfer window. Hungover, hating life every morning, palming off his duties to the super-agents… we’ve been here before.

Even the positives feel a bit wet. Arsenal is prepared to go all out for Locatelli… but the player wants Juventus. The back-up? Neves apparently. Like heading out to Oxford Street with your mum to buy your new sneakers in Sports Direct.

Again, all rumours, but the heavy rumours have been pretty accurate so far this window

The only thing we can truly temper these problems against is that we finished 8th. The fact we’re trying to spend big on quality players at all is pretty exciting. Romano said that Locatelli appreciates our efforts… a bit of a pat on the head, but there you go.

Finally, the new kit. I like it on people. The red is powerful, the players look good in it, I think it would be gut supportive. Not my fave, but totally acceptable.

BIG QUESTION. Why do the kits get leaked so early? Is there nothing Adidas can do about that? ESPECIALLY THE RENDERS.

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  1. PhD2020

    TR7July 16, 2021 17:01:19
    If you are utterly bored of Arsenal, you can tune in to Perez’s leaked audio. Some real juicy stuff there.

    Listened to it..Wohooo…

    Not really surprised,but a bit surprised…

    Cut throat at the top for sure.

    Even the top legends he wasn’t happy with…

    Just goes to show-there are levels and there are levels of expectations or standards…
    Depends on which club you are plying your trade at.

  2. SAGG

    Do you know what would be Edu+Arteta peak TW?

    Leno abandoning us in the las minute of the Transfer Window because of a fight with the USELESS keeper coach.

    That is a thing that can blow up in any moment after Leno returns.

  3. PhD2020

    MarcJuly 16, 2021 21:18:13

    Just because I said Pedro’s love interest is a shit manager and terrible human being – he really is getting a touchy bastard in his old age!
    Well,if you repeatedly tell your wife,she should do better with the cooking,cleaning and everyday house chores.And make herself more beautiful and lose weight.

    And she tries to improve,and yet you keep hammering at her,that her best is not good enough.

    Don’t be surprised,if one day she walks out of the house,given she’s sacrificed herself for you-for over a decade.

    Every now and again,she’d appreciate a compliment at the very least.

  4. CG

    D D

    “”””To see Arteta with his turgid football, unfair treatment of some players, ridiculous decisions such as playing a false nine in the biggest game of our season and considering signing players not fit to wear our great shirt is just so infuriating and demoralising.”””””

    I agree 100%.

    And if every Arsenal supporter was truly honest with themselves, they feel the same too.

    Chin up , anyway.

  5. MD-Gunner

    BHA have rejected bids of £40m and £47m for Ben White if they sign him for £50m he will be Arsenal’s 3rd most expensive signing what a pressure and we saw what happened to Pepe with that kind of pressure.

  6. Almuniasaynomore

    Sorry lads,that was a bit unfair to drop a question and leave but I got a late offer for a game of golf and like I said the sun was shining.
    Anyway the answer was Toure, Anelka, Cole and Clichy.
    The others are Berg,Tevez, Huth, Mahrez,Kante,Milner. Mark Schwarzer makes it 11 though he never actually played a game for Leicester or Chelsea. Is that rule where you had to play 10 games gone?

    Andy,the pre premiership players are harder to pin down,particularly the earlier ones but you’re right about Lukic and Richardson. Will have to do a bit of research…..

  7. MD-Gunner

    Here we go with today’s depressing news about Arsenal’s TW:
    Arsenal are now out of the race to sign Aouar according to Le10Sport. They report that the Gunners have now “put an end to talks” and they are “stopping there” having offered just less than €20m for the central midfielder. They add that Arsenal “won’t offer more than their first bid” and that Lyon want €20-25m for him. Arsenal pulled out from the race, unless Lyon change their mind down the line should they not receive anything better.

    Lacazette is out of contract at the end of this season after joining the Gunners for £46.5m plus add-ons in 2017. Arsenal have shot themselves in the foot so many times over player contracts.

  8. CG

    So its a Bullseye for Benjamin White of BHA.

    He should be able to read it like Bobby Moore, pass it like Benckenbauer and defend like Tony Adams for this type of outlay.

    Grimsdale next……

  9. Tee

    “BHA have rejected bids of £40m and £47m for Ben White if they sign him for £50m he will be Arsenal’s 3rd most expensive signing what a pressure and we saw what happened to Pepe with that kind of pressure.”

    Most of the online tabloids now saying a £50m bid has been accepted.

    If true, then Bien venue, White

  10. PhD2020

    So,if true-£50 million for a CB in the shape of Ben White..

    I’m speechless.Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


    The club is dead.

  11. SAGG

    Artetaball is all about defense and boring football, Arteta has signed:


  12. PhD2020

    Moving targets indeed.No order of priority and no price list.

    Buendia for £30 million-missed.Hot-tailed it to Villa

    Ben White(CB)-tyre kicking from £40 million -£50 million and loaned out Saliba who cost £30 million,but is not PL ready.

    Why do I feel this is like the 2013/2014 window,where we needed a striker,missed out on Higuain,Suarez and ended up buying Ozil for £42.5 million,for a position that was not of immediate importance.

    Feels like deja vu.

    On a road to nowhere.

    Willian who Arteta actively chased last season,is looking like the Michelin man-preseason.Plays him,but jettisons Saliba who over a two year period is not PL ready. And then is willing to fork out £50 million for a ball carrying CB,who plays for Brighton.

    I despair..I really do.

  13. Dissenter

    “We don’t have enough quality to survive the season. We have one keeper, we don’t have a serviceable right back. We’re back to having one creative midfielder. Our midfield is still painfully limp.

    …and yet we are trying desperately to waste 55 million on a central defender that we can do without.

  14. PhD2020

    I’m calling it now.Arteta has prematurely shot his load.

    There’s nothing to see this season.He’ll be gone by December at the latest.

    You need new players in before preseason to bed in…
    Time to acclimatise, to train,to develop relationships with fellow players both on and off the pitch.Conditioning,tactics,feeling the manager and the club out..Where you fit in the cog.Practising patterns,shapes…The list is endless.

    But the fundamentals should be in place.

    A rank amateur outfit,under a rank amateur manager,who thinks he’s Pep II

  15. PhD2020

    MarcJuly 16, 2021 23:02:30
    You actually think there’s a women out there daft / mad enough to marry me so I can then divorce her?

    Look,don’t care for your marital status….

    Just wondering,why you’re vehemently opposed to Arteta?


  16. PhD2020

    Can’t imagine Willian coming back in that shape under Mourinho..Or even Tuchel.


    Willian coming back in that shape,is showing his contempt towards Arteta,as far as I’m concerned.

    If Willian respected Arteta,no way he comes back in that shape.He’s a professional and an elderly one at that,not a junior or a younger member of the team.

    This is literally a two fingers up to Arteta and the club:”I’m not going anywhere-I’ll see out the remaining terms of my contract on the same set of wages or higher elsewhere.If I don’t get it-I’ll do an Ozil and sit it out.Up yours,” scenario.

  17. Tom

    Looks like I’m in a minority re the new shirt on here…………I absolutely love it.
    Just ordered me a match shirt with Saka’s name and number for a measly cough cough $164 plus tax.
    I hope some of that money goes towards Nutrislim meal plan Willian will go on.

  18. PhD2020

    MarcJuly 16, 2021 23:16:22

    “Just wondering,why you’re vehemently opposed to Arteta?”


    Lighten up..

    I was being sarcastic.

    You’re wound up like a rubber tight spring coil.

  19. MD-Gunner

    The reason is Arteta who doesn’t have a clue what is needed in the squad, stick around here and you will see Le-Grove knows better than Dumb & Dumber.

  20. WengerEagle

    Bonkers paying £50 million for a CB after the season we have just had.

    Wouldn’t expect any less from this regime, let’s hope that he hits the ground running and adds 20+ goals to the team.

  21. PhD2020

    LeftsideJuly 17, 2021 00:08:59
    I wonder if Ben White can add the 25 extra goals we will need in this league

    Yeah,you’d think so…Pfttt..The answer to us not being clinical last season-duh…??!!!

  22. Leftside

    If there were odds for Mikel to get sacked at any point this season I’d be all in. Very dense man, own worst enemy and will be his undoing.

    Like I said, I genuinely think he’s probably the worst manager in the league.

  23. MD-Gunner

    From Ornstein:
    Arsenal have reached an agreement in principle with Brighton for the transfer of defender Ben White. The agreement is subject to a medical, with the fee understood to be in the region of £50 million.

  24. Sly

    Rumors have been pretty accurate
    Means artedu are still running down blind alleys with Maddison, odegard and locatelli and have pulled out of Aouar

  25. Guns of SF

    Look at this one. Juve in for Loca but want more money. Arsenal being so nice and waiting for the player to see what happens…

    Like WTF? Is he the only mid we are after? If he wants Juve over us, then forget his ass. totally.

    This is what gets me…. we have no plan abc

    Perdo might be right. Moving targets means- wait and see if your priority signs with someone else first….


  26. SAGG

    Auoar is rubbish thank god they pulled out of it.. Locatelli is a coin toss Will he adapt to the pace of the league? Plus he wants Juve. Odegaard we saw it last season, ESR is miles better so what is the point with him. That leave us with Maddison, at least is PL proven but he will cost 70 million, will Arsenall pull the trigger and spend that cash on him?

  27. Guns of SF

    i said it last season. Arteta is a defensive coach.
    HE has not ounce of creativity in him, we have seen this over and over.

    HE is a systems man.

    The anti wenger and Emery for the most part

  28. Guns of SF

    I like Aouar more than Maddison… Aouar is an enigma – unplayable on his day and much more dynamic IMO than Maddison

    Maddison is prem tested and worth to me, about 45M to be fair…
    Injury prone too

  29. SAGG


    because we signed Willian who.will win the CL wirh us in 2023, he is our No 10, that was he said when he arrived that he would have a more.central role.

    As we know it didnt work and he was deployed to the bench coming as a sub as LW.

  30. Tom

    Yup, Chicago
    I’m just putting it out there so next time when I’m whining like a little bitch about Arsenal/Arteta, people will know I’m spending money on the club again which gives me this right, apparently.

  31. Guns of SF


    I bought my son the Arsenal shirt yesterday. We went to soccer store to get some futsal shoes for him and picked on up. So yes, me too – we are contributing to Willians weight loss plan…. I can bitch and moan freely

  32. PhD2020

    WengerEagleJuly 17, 2021 00:42:33
    So that is £120 million that we will have spent on CBs in the past 2 years now (White, Gabriel, Mari, Saliba).

    What CB’s are to Arteta is what midfielders were to Arsene.
    An itch that constantly needs to be scratched A fetish of some sort, that is incurable.

  33. SAGG

    Guns of SF

    Aouar is the same as Ozil but with less talent, a lot less, we are looking for trouble signing him. He showed good thikg in a couple of games in 2019 CL but las year he was a massive disaster, he collapses under pressure.

  34. Champagne Charlie

    Maddison isn’t injury prone, no idea why that’s becoming a repetitive statement about him.

    Ben White should be confirmed inside 10 days, once his holidays are over. Next up is a CM, backup GK, then a drawn out saga in CAM as we hope Odegaard becomes available at the 11th hour. Not a fan of that.

    Also can’t say I love this awkward love triangle we seem caught up in with Locatelli. Looks for all the world that he’s not interested in coming to us, and I’m not very keen on having to twist the arm of someone to land here. Certainly isn’t worth that hassle, he’s not Haaland.

  35. Guns of SF


    Indeed, why are we being so nice and literally waiting on this foo

    How many damn CMs are there in the world right now? We only want this one???

    Time to move quickly to another target…

  36. PhD2020

    Anyway,it’s not about needs,it’s about wants it seems under Arteta.

    I want champagne-I need water to survive.

    I need eggs -I want caviar

    I want a croissant-I need a loaf of bread.

    I need a midfielder-I want a CB

    I need a RB-I want another CB

    I need a new experienced manager-You’ve got a rookie-tough sh*te.

  37. MidwestGun

    Shitload of money for a defender. Is all I got to say.. Fix the midfield and I don’t care. (not my money as they say) but if we are rocking up this season.. with the double pivot of doom…. Xhaka and Elneny.. and Joe Willy or Willian as a cam… at any point, because we didn’t address it.

    God help us all.

    At least Pedro will be happy …Apparently the Club read his 30,000 word essay on Ben White. 😀

  38. Champagne Charlie


    That’s 13 games in 3 years mate, and a hip injury accounting for 6 of those.

    He managed 24 league starts last season and was left out of a few because he butted heads with Brenda. Our most prolific player was Saka last year, he made 30 starts in the league – Maddison’s 24 starts would’ve been 6th most in our squad.

    Go back further and he started 29 games the season before last, 35 before that, and 42 in the Championship. He’s not even close to injury prone, what you mean is he had a hip injury this year that cost him 6 games.

  39. China1

    That kit is very pretty, I love it. Awesome design

    Our transfer strategy is Rey ugly. I hate it. A complete lack of coherence, though or design 😎

  40. Sly

    Anyway,it’s not about needs,it’s about wants it seems under Arteta.I want champagne-I need water to survive.I need eggs -I want caviarI want a croissant-I need a loaf of bread.I need a midfielder-I want a CBI need a RB-I want another CBI need a new experienced manager-You’ve got a rookie-tough sh*te.

    😂😂 nice one PHD
    Arteta certainly doesn’t have the makings of an innovator in the ilk of Pep/klopp
    Very fixated on systems that papi pep has moved on from

  41. PhD2020

    Ashburton PatriotJuly 17, 2021 00:14:05
    Can someone please explain why we signed Ben White? For 50m? Surely there’s a good reason for this? Sell on value?
    English premium.

    Sell on value-Arsenal???


  42. Guns of SF

    I think Loca is the one we are waiting on. How dumb is that. Waiting for Juve to sign him or not. Watch Juve take this to the end of the window not allowing us anytime to find a replacement player to get.
    What kind of thinking is this

  43. Aaron

    AFC needs to improve the midfield to increase our chances created, and what does our upper management do, they spend $50 mil + for a right back, and ship out a $29 mil cb who is deemed not ready.

    Wonder if White is going to help contribute to 20+ goals to get us into the top four…

    This team is going to play the most turgid futbol ever, yet have the best defense in the league, and place us at 10th in league at best because we can’t score any goals….


  44. PhD2020

    Should call our manager-Artetabrat

    Can imagine the headline spinning tomorrow by Le-Grove’s finest.

    -Kroenke Is Here To Invest-Backing ArtetaBrat To The Hilt.

    -We’re Back In Europe-ArtetaBrat Threw Edu Overboard.

    -ArtetaBrat Is The Champion of The Waves…

    -Ben White-Is The Last Jigsaw In The Puzzle

    -ArtetaBrat-The Man With The Master Plan.

    -ArtetaBrat-The Delivery Man.

  45. China1

    Well Gabriel started really well last year and got benched by mari after one or two off games so it’s plausible

  46. NWM

    “Artetaball is all about defense and boring football, Arteta has signed:Partey

    So he’s hitting .333.

  47. Dissenter

    Shouldn’t a £55 million transfer get the fan base excited or at least interested?

    Just something is amiss in the operations of the club, it’s obvious what we really lacking but Arteta has to be the brightest guy in the room.
    Spending £55 million on Ben White feels the same as Arteta playing Villarreal with a false nine and then with a central midfield of one.

  48. NWM

    PhD 2020

    “Willian who Arteta actively chased last season,is looking like the Michelin man-preseason.Plays him,but jettisons Saliba who over a two year period is not PL ready. And then is willing to fork out £50 million for a ball carrying CB,who plays for Brighton.I despair..I really do.”

    The fact is, Saliba is a much more progressive ball carrier than White.. Per FBref, Saliba was credited with 298 meters of progressive carries per 90 minutes last season, White was credited with 107 meters of progressive carries per 90,. The progressive passing numbers were just as dramatic, with Saliba credited with 440 meters of progressive passes per 90 to White’s 266 meters. So if Arteta is basing his decision on White’s ball carrying ability he’s made a mistake.

  49. Guns of SF

    Yea just seen a maddison youtube and he is very 2 footed. passing, shooting, moving smoothly with the ball. Not bad I must say.
    We dont need another pepe or ode- one footed ponys

  50. Pedro

    NWM, the decision will have been made on the quality of league Saliba plays in and his passive defensive stats. You simply cannot compare 2 seasons in the Championship and the Premier League… to Ligue 1.

    If Saliba could do what Ben White can, he’d be on loan at Brighton or Everton.

  51. Pedro

    CC… I keep coming back to this fact of business.

    If someone has £40m cash.

    The other has a promise of £40m in two years.

    … and we are in a football recession.

    Why would you indulge the 2 year loan deal?

    … too good to be true, but honestly, Juve would be getting the middle finger from me if they came with that deal.

  52. Goobergooner

    Man ohhhh man.

    White better be the start of a good window, not the epitome of artedu’s summer plans.

    “So that is £120 million that we will have spent on CBs in the past 2 years now (White, Gabriel, Mari, Saliba).And not £1 on a creative player.”

    Weagle, that is quite something isn’t it.

    Considering how our defence improved as a unit Last season compared to previous years, and how our attacking unit floundered it’s beyond bizarre to go all out for white.

    What are we trying to do, concede 0 goals all season for Arteta to be satisfied enough with defence to take a bit of risk in attack???

  53. Goobergooner

    Peds, arsenal (or more so tets non negotiables) is the reason we don’t know what Saliba can do here. What footballing reason have we got for not giving him a chance in preseason even? None. It’s some dimwitted non negotiable that has been breached. It’s pathetic

  54. Pedro

    Goober, it’s only weird if you think that our spending stops at White… or you truly believe that adding a progressive carrier and passer in the backline is unimportant.

  55. Goobergooner

    And don’t say age please. Doesn’t do it for me. He is a serious beast athletically. Yes he is “inexperienced” but so was white 2 seasons ago. He has to start somewhere.

    It’s going to be ridiculous to see tets sacked and Saliba brought into the team. Just another asterisk against the sauce

  56. Goobergooner

    I’ve watched that last time it was posted to make a point.

    I’ve made counter points that the midfield is the absolute biggest reason we play out of the back so poorly.

    When xhaka has to be in a CB position to receive the ball, it takes away from our buildup. When xhaka hides in the middle of the pitch, it takes away from where our cbs can pass to.
    When xhaka does finally receive the ball in a good area, he’s too inclined to pass back, taking away from our forward momentum.

    Ben White is a good player. I do not deny that, but if he is our marquee signing I have no hope at all for improvement in 8th.

    So yes, in this shitty tw period it’s easy to jump the gun too soon. I am still giving them the window to get midfielders in.

    But if we fuck that up because we got white, and then couldn’t release players in the sell to buy scenario then it’s a horrendous decision from the club

  57. Pedro

    Sorry WE, you were clogged in the spam filter. Sorted now.

    Goober, I don’t know how many times I have to repeat it… but the club knows they have to sign more than Ben White and they will.

  58. Goobergooner

    Also, I believe that adding white should have been the cherry on top. I just hope they put the cherry on first for some bizarre reason and still add all the other goodies this window.

    Do I have faith. Not an ounce

  59. Pedro

    Goober, again, it doesn’t matter what order you think our transfers should happen… no one cares. It makes no difference. No Technical Director in the world makes deals based on ‘cherry on top’ principles.

  60. Goobergooner

    Or we can just hope that Kroenke doesn’t care in paying deadwood to leave or having players not in the squad just being devalued in the u21s. Great business that is

  61. Goobergooner

    White is exactly the same as the Ozil signing. A luxury we don’t need considering the maaaaaaasive holes in the squad.
    If we fix those holes, I will be taking a step back and putting my hands up in saying I jumped the gun.

    If we don’t, it just confirms that Arteta and Edu have zero clue. Time will tell

  62. Goobergooner

    Executing that fast paced start to the window amirite??

    Haha nah peds I love ya. I’ve followed you the whole way here over the years, I’ll let this window play out and we can re-address then haha

  63. Pedro

    No Goober, it shows that you don’t have a clue. Zero understanding of how the system works, banging the ignorance drum proudly.

  64. China1

    Pedro the order clearly does matter because we’re being slow

    If we signed most of our key players already or were nearly there the order would be irrelevant

    But if we’re signing Ben white now but don’t get a CM over the line until nearing deadline day our CM because another potential partey scenario with no preseason.

    As well our resources are finite. It’s not like we’re gonna buy white then spend 150m on key positions after. 50m on white is 50m less for CM and AM. So if we buy white first we run the risk of tanking another summer specifically because we chased players in the wrong order based on artetas personal preference rather than based on the priority needs of the squad

  65. China1

    What is the system and how does it work?

    These are the two million dollar questions that most of us are struggling with

    Show me a coherent and clearly well thought out plan and I’ll back it to the hilt

    Instead we’ve got scattergun approach, taking our time to move on targets and offering staggering sums of money in a position that isnt one of our biggest weaknesses

  66. Pedro

    China, under no circumstance, outside a blog, does the order matter.

    Getting great talent matters. That is all.

  67. Pedro

    Watch the video China. This is like a bunch of dads whining about Ikea furniture that is broken as the instruction pack sits plastic wrapped on the side.

  68. Goobergooner

    Hahaha I understand we have a cl wage bill on not even a Europa budget anymore. I understand our squad is over inflated.
    I understand the kroenkes have already “invested” in the club, yet to see it in the squad yet though.

    Wasn’t our remit for the last 2 managers not only top 4 but actually competing.

    Why has this changed so dramatically for Arteta? We have spent an absolute fortune, yet the club has gone down hill.

    It’s not hard to see why people are losing faith in seeing the club do what is needed.

  69. Aaron


    We have a technical director prey tell…

    Our guys are using statsdnA and fifa202* , edu is on some boat somewhere doing god knows what and with whom, we do not even have a scouting department for goodness sakes, we have outsourced it to some f’n consultants.

    What a clown show AFC has become.

    At least we get to watch games on the tele through 15 different overlapping subscriptions, a fat willian with 8 defenders, Saka who has been played into the ground and who is being racially abused and emotionally harassed beyond belief.
    Can’t wait…..

  70. Pedro

    Aaron, some bad moves… but Martinelli, Partey, Tierney, Gabriel M, Lokonga, Ben White… I mean, I’m not hating all of it.

    Also worth noting that STATDna is good, but a tool is only as good as the person running it. No one would say paint brushes are shit because you can’t make a work of art.

  71. China1

    Pedro how does the order not matter if the timeline is slow?

    If we activated parteys release clause and got him signed up at the start of the window last summer he’d have had a preseason with us.

    If we sign all our players early the order doesn’t matter. That window of being early is fast vanishing as we move into the preseason games. If we hurry up over the next couple of weeks, fine. If we’re still haggling for a couple of key players nearing August then said new players lack a preseason to bed in which can absolutely impact our season

  72. Pedro

    China, you are trying to conflate speed and order because you know order is unimportant.

    Order does not matter. Speed is near impossible to control.

    No one ever calls someone useless because they can’t buy a house quickly, same principle in football… unless you have unlimited funds.

  73. China1

    ‘ We’re heading into a weekend game with a team harder than Hibs and still things are dragging like a bag of feathers through tar….Our midfield is still painfully limp. If the club wants to move back to the promised land, they’re going to have to start kicking things into gear.’

    Pedro you’ve just started your blog with the comment above, then when people in the comments echo this and say ‘we are being worryingly slow. Things need to start moving. We need to address our painfully limp midfield as a top priority’ your response is ‘stop complaining, it’s all going flawlessly according to a brilliant laid out plan.

    Make your mind up!

  74. Pedro

    No China, not having it. You tried to argue order, realised it was a stupid argument… now you are course-correcting by talking about speed, which is a different conversation.

  75. Tony

    When you demonize Edu you are doing the same to Arteta, as they are equal partners with all squad matters, especially transfers in and out and types of deals and contracts.


    Tim Lewis is just the Kroenkes lacky, their ‘yes man’ who supported them in their fatal ESL bid to change football as we know it by taking fair competition away with the guaranteed fortunes while having no fear of having to leave the elite ESL league.

    This from a man portrayed as a lifelong fan who betrayed his club to back his bosses to join football’s El Dorado’s gold.

    Then we have the new boy Graylick.

    A man with an esteemed CV outlining decades elite player negotiating from Europe’s elite clubs: Barca, RM, Bayern et al?

    Oh but wait…. no the negotiating superstar was at WBA and then the esteemed FA, so not even close to being elite because we all know the calibre of wankers at the FA and their well used sock drawers the washing lady hates to go near.

    Next up is the BoD.

    One of the funniest things about the BoD is ES’s defense of the salmon and cucumber sandwiches brigade. ES who once had lunch with Ken Friar no less, but strangely not asked back ‘Do lunch again’.

    The BoD’s most well served answer to even the simplest question, at the most important decision making meetings? “er em I don’t know what do you think? Then being lemming like on their voting with no one really understand any implications of their sheep like decisions.

    I first mentioned Marina Granovskaia last year in a post to Dissenter saying we should employ her or Karen Brady or similar, as the men at this club are a 2/10 compared to these two women who are clearly 9.9/10.

    Either women would eat Garlick alive in any such negotiating.

    Paying £50million few White is proof of this with White’s worth being £30 million max, but we have money to burn, right? There’s another £200 million at our disposal, right?


    I’d sum up the above poor excuse for elite leaders as the preverbal fat kids in the playground who always get their cream cakes and sweets taken from him and attract bullies like flies to a honey paper.

    My adopted father could have easily been a Peaky Blinder – very handy with his hands and always angry and feared by those who knew him. However, he did teach me – a Hovis type kid with the pushing his bicycle up a hill – one thing that I set my life to and it was this:

    A fool learns by his mistakes, but the wise man learns from the fool’s mistakes.

    Clearly something never learnt by our privileged suits.

    If a so called leader still has to learn from his mistakes, he/she has no right in senior management of any business other than managing a yard/garage sale and even then they’d lose money on projected revenue.

    Then we have the real joker in the pack: Josh Kroenke; billionaire poster boy extraordinaire. No doubt a real winner in Hooter’s bars across the USA.

    I will never forget the shot of the young wiggy protege standing with Vinai at a recent game sticking his chest out so far for the cameras that he nearly popped his blazer/suit jacket buttons. I mean he looked like he was on a army parade ground and was trying to win the sticking-out-your-chest competition to earn your corporals stripe.

    Even my son asked why he was standing like that? But I was laughing too much to answer because he looked such a prized prat straining like that. If his buttons had popped I would have fallen of the sofa laughing, as I did when I first saw the Porky’s movie scene in the gym when the famed girl started howling like a wolf and everyone pissing themselves falling over laughing in the gym.

    Josh is a comedian if nothing else.

    Well there es something else, Josh is easy to bullshit and fall for lip service Edu and especially Arteta are so expert at dishing out. A Josh nodding statue for in cars would be a winner in our merchandise.

    See how he kept nodding when telling us we have something exciting to look forward to. He learnt from Gazidis the straight face and nodding for sincerity, but where the fcuk Josh got the chest sticking out bit, I have no idea. There should be a meme of it.

    Then we come down to the swanky, holiday, yacht and super agent loving Edu. Would love it to appear on a ‘Below Deck’ series and designer stubble Arteta who won the meticulously spaced cones award at City and with virtually zero input in the City TV video series always standing in the background in Pepe’s shadow.

    Clown to the left of me and joker to the right, we are clearly stuck in there middle of these 2 footballing mistake ridden misfits.

    By getting the vastly experienced White with his incredible empty as the Spud’s trophy cabinet locker being brought in to help go some way to fill the huge loss of mistake ridden and one trick pony long ball over the top Luiz.

    An elite boy king to lead our 3rd best defense last season to even greater defending, so we’re told by the Arteta apologists.

    To be fair to our Cheech and Chong type TD and manager, the TW isn’t closed yet, but the signs of groundhog TW days are once again besetting us where I hope the choice of our trolly dash pusher has elite speed down the low hanging fruit footballers isles no one really wants because they are either over the hill retirement types (Willian) or rough diamonds needing a couple of Saliba like years before they can play for us.

    It would be very remiss of me to call them a right pair of cnuts too early, so I’ll wait before throwing that distinction award they won last from the summer TW – again.

    More pre season games starting for our most under prepared newly revised squad – still newcomers to come and others to leave – a mark of stunningly bad forethought and lack of planning if I’ve ever seen in my 45 years of international business.

    I’m really looking forward to the Amazon filmed season because even if the Garlick/Lewis dream team did manage to get full content control I doubt very much if the optics on what’s left from the cutting room’s floor will be inspiring for new and old talent wanting to join us.

    Maybe if the first scene has Josh and his famous chest pouting front and center, the viewers will know it’s a comedy that follows on how not to run a legacy and historical club, such as The Arsenal.


  76. China1

    Pedro order becomes important relative to speed. There’s a direct relationship.

    The question is this. Can we start the season with holding Gabriel and mari at CB if our shiny new CB signing hasn’t yet been signed or needs more time for bedding in etc? The answer is a definitive yes

    Can we start the season with white at CB but el neny partnering Partey at CM? You tell me.

    If the speed is fast the order is irrelevant. If the speed is slow, priority is critical. Even if white can improve us, we can defend without him. But unless lokonga is a beast (we can only hope) we still don’t have a midfield. That matters.

  77. China1

    Also speed can’t be controlled? That’s not how markets work Pedro.

    If you offer enough money any club in the world will sell any player you want. Buendia was signed at a quite reasonable price sharpish. Villa offered a reasonable sum to the club and wages and vision to the player. Closed out. You’re telling me that couldn’t have been us already and it’s all out of our hands?

    Extremely hard to believe that

  78. Tony

    When we accept that the agenda infused, self preservation suits from Arteta and Edu upwards have no common sense or any form of business acumen let alone the elite version even Villa has, the TW dealings and footballing matters attended to are going to be seriously underwhelming as they were most of the time with Wenger.

    Wenger had some hits, but more misses but our own Cheech and Chong of football management are a laughing stock throughout the footballing world where their antics are going to be immortalized in video.

    We just have to hope sacking these 2 before Xmas and paying any compensation to get Rangnick, Compos or Overmars is going to be the highlight of the video series.

  79. azed

    You simply cannot compare 2 seasons in the Championship and the Premier League… to Ligue 1.

    Mbappe or Tammy Abraham?
    Camvinga or AMN?
    Aouar or Eze?

  80. Emiratesstroller


    I think that the club has completed its spend on defenders with arrival of White and Tavares.
    Personally I doubt that Arsenal will buy a new right back if Bellerin leaves. I think that they
    will rely on Chambers and Soares to play the position.

    So the priority this summer is to replace Xhaka, Odegaard and Ceballos. The first two might
    be considered starting X1 players and the latter a squad player.

    There are a number of questions to be answered. The first is do we need to buy or bring in
    three replacements? Clearly Lokanga is a relatively low budget squad option.

    This brings me to replacing Xhaka. Yesterday I suggested that there appeared to be three
    options in Locatelli, Neves and Bissouma. Locatelli is clearly not coming to Arsenal and
    I doubt that Bissouma will come also.

    So clearly the most likely option is Neves. The question to be asked is whether he will fill
    the position and prove an upgrade on Xhaka. In the long term I think that Arsenal will
    find additional cover with Patino and Azeez, but not this season.

    The Attacking Midfield position is far more problematic. First I think that Arteta wants to
    give Smith-Rowe the chance to prove himself as a first choice number 10. He is clearly a
    gifted player, but the major concerns are his reliability and goalscoring ability.

    We cannot go through an entire season with no options in AMF position. The dilemma is
    do you go out and buy Odegaard or Maddison and then sideline Smith-Rowe as a second
    string? One of the reasons that Smith-Rowe has yet to sign a new contract could well be
    be his concern about that.

  81. azed

    PS: I know the Mbappe comparison was wild but the idea that playing in the championship or EPL somehow makes you better is ridiculous.

    Gnabry failed in the EPL under Pulis.

    Kante and Mahrez came from the lower French league and blossomed immediately.

    You once wrote an article about Arsenal building around Guendozi and he came from the second division in France.

  82. Tony

    Wonder what Pedro would have said if Emery had bought White for £50 million grossly overpriced?

    He probably would have squealed like stuck pig thought the chapter and verse he wrote of how wrong it was.

    But Pedro’s White post will be about the needle moving brilliant young VVD type diamond we’ve signed until White starts delivering much less than Luiz performances.

    Gabriel was notching up MOM award winning performances to begin with and then Arteta started his coaching and Gabriel started regressing like players did under Wenger.

    White will soon become Arteterised if we sign him.

  83. Sid

    It the same tactics,

    balls to the left flank(Tierney/Tavares)
    Long balls by CB(White will play the role of Luiz)

    Unfortunately EPL managers have had practice, the past season on how to counter these tactics.

  84. Emiratesstroller


    The price of White is massive, but lets make a judgment once we see him play.

    We need to move on and solve the problems that exist in midfield, which should be now the priority for the remainder of this transfer window.

    Frankly I am not concerned about the reaction if Emery had been the manager.

  85. Tony

    Son of Pep; Arteta thinks he’s the smartest manager in the business and too smart to be countered such is Arteta’s dogmatic ways.

    However, until Josh can work out he’s being conned by Arteta and Edu, nothing will change.

    Problem is Josh is very slow and spends far too much time preening in front of the cameras to see what’s occurring on the pitch.

    Probably understand very little about football and its history.

  86. Tony

    Happy to give any newly acquired player time to defend the decision of buying him.

    It’s the midfield I’m most unhappy about; therefore, buying White for £50 million when we need that £50 million calibre player in MF is indefensible in my mind.

    Arteta doesn’t seem to understand that with a vastly improved MF, the defense will have less frantic defending to do. Therefore, Saliba and Mavro would be ok fighting for the RCB slot, as Gabs and Mari will be working hard to be the first choice LCB.

    Nothing Arteta and Edu does makes sense when comparing us to the rest of the top 6 clubs.

  87. Sid

    These tactics involve ESR on the flanks since he is runs more with the ball than make safe passes,

    Diet Pep has an obsession with a rigid midfield.( The type of style Moyes Everton, Southgate and average managers play)

  88. China1

    I’ve already accepted white is joining at a comically high price

    As far as I’m concerned the only remaining questions on that front are:

    1) will he be elite now or within 1 year? Being one of the top 8 most expensive defenders in history tells us he has to be in order to represent anything resembling value

    2) if the truck of money we’re throwing at his signing going to mean we can’t sign the top class CM, RB and probably AM we obviously need? How many of the 3 will we still be able to afford after spending 50m on white?

  89. Goobergooner

    Nearly all our forwards like to get in behind, or be on the front foot in a more counter attacking system.

    Pepe is shite deep in his own half. Auba needs to be released early. Martinelli loves to drive with the ball at his feet but is more often than not over crowded as we play soooooo slow.

    People saying we need Tammy Abraham’s.
    His stats are around par to an out of form auba and an average laca over the last 2 seasons as cc pointed out.

    Yes he is more versatile than both, but if we are getting rid of one of those two, we can do better than Abraham’s.

    The fact we will get duped by Chelsea on his fee is enough to not even think about him.

  90. ahk_13

    Varane going for less than what Ben White will cost us.
    Only a moron would believe we are getting a good deal.

    Go on, tell me how we ‘ need a right footed CB to balance things out’ and ‘we shouldn’t sign Real Madrid rejects anymore.’ I hope you’re happy when Tank head Maguire and Varane become the new Ferdinand and Vidic while we pat ourselves on the back thinking we got a good deal, just like when we signed Squillaci or Silvestre

  91. Sid

    Come to think of it, Klopp is a geniuos

    He re invented the tactics played by average EPL managers up the next level.

    2 creative FBs and Firminho who plays as an extra midfielder. Thats the only way playing on the flanks will work.

  92. China1

    Maybe Arteta is going to surprise us all and out white at DM to hit two birds with one stone. Improve the DM position whilst doubling fat wads on CBs. It would be win win for arteta

  93. Goobergooner

    There is waaay less risk in playing a long ball from your own half to a forward running into space when there is still 9 men behind the ball than playing shitty back and side passes avoiding that potential loss of possession from a through ball.

    Would be even better if we could move the ball fast in the centre of the pitch with quality ball playing CM/cams. Then release forwards into space with a bit more of an overload.

  94. Rambo

    Absolutely ecstatic we signed White. He will surely transform our fortunes and we will go on a Clean sheet bonanza next season

    It’ll be like them Italian defensive masterclass over and over Again, what a feast to the eyes. Is anyone else’s eyes watering too?

  95. China1

    Ahk at the end of the day 50m buys you an absolutely top quality CB.

    If we spend this on white he needs to be just that.

  96. China1

    I’m wondering whether Gabriel is now back in arteta’s good books. He started really well last season so I’d like to see him start the season for us.

  97. Sid

    Its clear Diet Peps plans are basically the same as last season, when we should be moving forward.

    Thats the reason we were fixated on Odegaard, it goes with the narrative of 4th since boxing day,
    he wants to set the team exactly the same.

  98. China1

    Ah sky sports reporting the white deal is agreed in principle with all parties. 50m

    Irrespective of any misgivings I have about the price and the need considering other weaknesses we have, he’s normally an arsenal player now

    A massive welcome to him. I hope he has a fantastic career with us and proves all of us who have reservations well and truly wrong. Nothing would make me happier. All the best to him and I look forward to seeing him get some games.

    Since it appears to be just formalities remaining I hope we can get it all done and dusted sharpish so we can have him involved in the upcoming games.