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We’re heading into a weekend game with a team harder than Hibs and still things are dragging like a bag of feathers through tar.

The good news about this transfer window is there isn’t much choice when it comes to signing players. We don’t have enough quality to survive the season. We have one keeper, we don’t have a serviceable right back. We’re back to having one creative midfielder. Our midfield is still painfully limp. If the club wants to move back to the promised land, they’re going to have to start kicking things into gear.

The painful story doing the rounds in the media is it appears our interest in Martin Odegaard has not completely fizzled out. The Norwegian creative was very much the priority at the start of the summer and there is clearly still a feeling the youngster might be booted out on loan again when Carlo realises he’s not going to make the Champions League winners this season. I don’t like this sort of gamble because it shows that we’re not learning from past mistakes. We did this last season, spending all summer chasing Aouar, only to miss out, then have the least creative start to a season since 1887.

When is the cut-off point? Who are the players we’d miss out on if we wait? What are the consequences if it doesn’t happen? Do we have time to enact a back-up plan?

I cannot be hearing Arteta bemoaning the lack of time with new players… because we have known about this summer for a long time.

Waiting is a luxury a broken squad doesn’t have. We should be moving faster than this. Easy for me to say… but come on, hard not to lazily correlate Edu and his yacht parties with minimal action in the transfer window. Hungover, hating life every morning, palming off his duties to the super-agents… we’ve been here before.

Even the positives feel a bit wet. Arsenal is prepared to go all out for Locatelli… but the player wants Juventus. The back-up? Neves apparently. Like heading out to Oxford Street with your mum to buy your new sneakers in Sports Direct.

Again, all rumours, but the heavy rumours have been pretty accurate so far this window

The only thing we can truly temper these problems against is that we finished 8th. The fact we’re trying to spend big on quality players at all is pretty exciting. Romano said that Locatelli appreciates our efforts… a bit of a pat on the head, but there you go.

Finally, the new kit. I like it on people. The red is powerful, the players look good in it, I think it would be gut supportive. Not my fave, but totally acceptable.

BIG QUESTION. Why do the kits get leaked so early? Is there nothing Adidas can do about that? ESPECIALLY THE RENDERS.

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  1. China1

    Also it’s good that he didn’t play at the euros. He went but didn’t play! All good for us. Even more so because there was only one game outside England lol

  2. Sid

    Im Not worried about White, he cannot be any worse than Holding on that right side,
    Its Diet Peps tactics that are worrying and how many players will Not fit into his rigid system.

  3. Sid

    Between the lines creators are everything in football, Diet Pep seems to place more emphasis on a rigid system.

  4. TR7

    In case White is played as a defensive midfielder with Partey playing as a central midfielder, nobody will have any qualms about the money spent on him.

    Alternatively if we play back 3 with White as a right sided CB and Saka playing as a wing back which would mean we don’t need a new RB to replace outgoing Bellerin even then signing White would make sense.

    If he is played as a center back in back 4 then in spite of all the progressive passing talks, 50M on White would be money very poorly spent. We could get Maddison for 50M which would improve our midfield straight away.

  5. Goobergooner

    China I have no reservations on him. He is better than what we have, maybe Gabriel aside, but am just waiting for the rest of the window to judge how good of a signing he is.

  6. Guns of SF

    I dont care about order…. although getting White at 50M has really not done anyone any favors, as there has been only Tavares signed aside from him.

    We need a real homerun here. Maddison yes… Aouar… some super CAM or attacking 8… that is what will get the fans excited

  7. ahk_13

    China1July 17, 2021 05:41:32
    Maybe Arteta is going to surprise us all and out white at DM to hit two birds with one stone. Improve the DM position whilst doubling fat wads on CBs. It would be win win for arteta


    If it were up to Arteta, Ben White would be our new False 9.

    I have nothing against the lad, seems to be a nice guy. It’s just so Arsenal to claim poverty and overspend on a mediocre option in a well stocked area of the team, while neglecting or settling for a substandard solution in positions that we are sorely lacking in

  8. ahk_13

    Tavares and Lokonga on the other hand seem smart transfers, though I have a bad feeling Tavares has shades of Andre Santos. Lokonga might just surprise us and turn out to be our best signing of the window

  9. raptora

    “#BHAFC always wanted guaranteed £50m”

    So Brighton declined a £48m + £6m in bonuses to now accept clean 50m?
    I wonder if it’s £50m and there is a bonus number that’s going to be revealed when the deal is closed.

  10. Tony

    When you demonize Edu you are doing the same to Arteta, as they are equal partners with all squad matters, especially transfers in and out and types of deals and contracts.


    Tim Lewis is just the Kroenkes lackey, their ‘yes man’ who supported them in their fatal ESL bid to change football as we know it by taking fair competition away with the guaranteed fortunes while having no fear of having to leave the elite ESL league.

    This from a man portrayed as a lifelong fan who betrayed his club to back his bosses to join football’s El Dorado’s gold.

    Then we have the new boy Graylick.

    A man with an esteemed CV outlining decades elite player negotiating from Europe’s elite clubs: Barca, RM, Bayern et al?

    Oh, but wait…. no the negotiating superstar was at PL bottom dwelling, often relegated WBA and then the esteemed FA, so not even close to being elite because we all know the calibre of wankers at the FA and their well used sock drawers the washing lady hates to go near.

    Next up is the BoD.

    One of the funniest things about the BoD is ES’s defense of the salmon and cucumber sandwiches brigade. ES who once had lunch with Ken Friar no less, but strangely not asked back ‘Do lunch again’.

    The BoD’s most well served answer to even the simplest question, at the most important decision making meetings?

    “Er em I don’t know what do you think?

    Then being lemming like on their voting with no one really understanding any implications of their sheep like decisions.

    I first mentioned Marina Granovskaia last year in a post to Dissenter saying we should employ her or Karen Brady or similar, as the men at this club are a 2/10 compared to these two women who are clearly 9.9/10.

    Either women would eat Garlick/Edu alive in any such negotiating.

    Paying £50million for White is proof of this with White’s worth being £30 million max, but we have money to burn, right?

    There’s another £200 million at our disposal, right?


    I’d sum up the above poor excuse for elite leaders as the preverbal fat kids in the playground who always get their cream cakes and sweets taken from him and attract bullies like flies to a honey paper.

    My adopted father could have easily been a Peaky Blinder – very handy with his hands/belts/sticks and always angry and feared by those who knew him.

    However, he did teach me – a Hovis advert type kid pushing his bicycle up a hill – one thing that I have set my life was this:

    A fool learns by his mistakes, but the wise man learns from the fool’s mistakes.

    Clearly something never learnt by our privileged suits.

    If a so called leader still has to learn from his mistakes, he/she has no right in senior management of any business other than managing a yard/garage sale and even then they’d probably lose money on projected revenue.

    Then we have the real joker in the pack: Josh Kroenke; billionaire poster boy extraordinaire.

    No doubt a real winner in Hooter’s bars across the USA.

    I will never forget the shot of the young wiggy protege standing with Vinai at a recent game sticking his chest out so far for the cameras that he nearly popped his blazer/suit jacket buttons.

    I wondered at the time if he was holding back the mother of all farts.

    I mean he looked like he was on a army parade ground and was trying to win the sticking-out-your-chest competition to earn his corporal’s stripe.

    Even my son asked why he was standing like that? But I was laughing too much to answer because he looked such a prized prat straining like that. If his buttons had popped I would have fallen of the sofa laughing even more, as I did when I first saw the Porky’s movie ‘Lassie’ scene in the gym when the famed girl started howling like a wolf and everyone pissing themselves falling over laughing in the gym.

    Josh is a comedian if nothing else.

    Well there is something else, Josh is easy to bullshit and fall for lip service Edu and especially Arteta are so expert at dishing out.

    A mini Josh nodding statue for cars would be a winner in our merchandise.

    See how he kept nodding when telling us we have something exciting to look forward to. He learnt from Gazidis; the straight face and nodding for sincerity, but where the fcuk Josh got the chest sticking out bit, I have no idea.

    There should be a meme of it.

    Then we come down to the swanky, holiday, yacht and super agent loving Edu.

    Would love it to appear on a ‘Below Deck’ series.

    Designer stubbled Arteta who won the meticulously spaced cones award at City and with virtually zero input in the City TV video series where he was always standing in the background in Pepe’s shadow.

    Makes me fells like the improvised song: Clown to the left of me and joker to the right, we are clearly stuck in there middle of these 2 footballing mistake ridden misfits.

    By getting the vastly experienced White with his incredible zero winner of noted footballs medals and cups similar to the Spud’s trophy cabinet with White being brought in to help go some way to fill the huge loss of mistake ridden and one trick pony, long ball over the top: Luiz.

    An elite boy king to lead our 3rd best defense last season to even greater defending, so we’re told by the Arteta apologists.

    To be fair to our Cheech and Chong type TD and manager, the TW isn’t closed yet, but the signs of groundhog TW days are once again besetting us where I hope the choice of our trolly dash pusher has elite speed down the low hanging fruit footballers isles that no one really wants because they are either over the hill retirement types (Willian) or rough diamonds needing a couple of Saliba like years before they can play for us.

    It would be very remiss of me to call them a right pair of cnuts too early, so I’ll wait before throwing that distinction award they easily won from the last summer TW – again.

    More pre season games starting for our most under prepared newly revised squad – still newcomers to come and others to leave – a mark of stunningly bad forethought and lack of planning if I’ve ever seen in my 45 years of international business.

    I’m really looking forward to the Amazon filmed season because even if the Garlick/Lewis dream team did manage to get full content control, I doubt very much if the optics from what’s left from the cutting room’s floor will be inspiring for new and old talent wanting to join us, especially DoFs and elite managers/coaching staff.

    Maybe if the first scene has Josh and his famous chest pouting front and center, the viewers will know it’s a comedy that follows on how not to run a legacy and historical club, such as The Arsenal.

  11. Useroz

    Odegarde seriously isn’t the CAM that we desperately need….

    Other than boasting about a list of non negotiable, it appears the generational sauce hides .a list of obsessions too.

  12. kjelli

    these ödegaard rumours are totally baffling.. we have ESR ?? ode is a dull and slow player, a bit like
    Elneny, lets go all in for Maddison and White and if we sell Laca and Eddie try to sign Dolberg !!
    Sometimes I get the feeling that the club has no clear idea of where its heading ?

  13. Danny S

    Are there any hard stats to actually say that locatelli is/will be better than neves or is he just hipster signing flavour of the window.
    Looking a bit good in the euros doesn’t mean he’s a worldly.

    Neves is proven talent and fairly solid, I’d take him over locatelli currently.

  14. Tony

    Ode is a bit like Elneny?

    Sounds like you have no clear idea about footballers skill sets.

    RM don’t usually make a habit of buying Elneny type players. Unless, of course, you think differently as is your prerogative.

    I think you couldn’t be further than the truth

  15. Tony

    Lacatelli didn’t impress me in the Euro final , but that was all I’ve seen him play.

    Federico Chiesa although a forward was a stand out player in the final for me.

    Probably make a good AM

  16. Danny S

    Looking at it locatelli does post better stats for progression and ball carrying, but neves is better defensively.

    You have to take into account the fact that every team in England closes you down like rabid terriers in the prem. locatelli won’t get nearly as much time on the ball so you have to take a small gamble on how he will handle that.

  17. raptora

    What I like about Locatelli is that he has actual physical qualities, compared to Xhaka.

    Granit is supposedly tough but in physical challenges he is either reckless when he was receiving reds and early cheap yellows, or he’s meek and isn’t really an obstacle for the attacking players.

    Locatelli can carry the ball far better. Physically he reminds me of Goretzka.

  18. Up 4 grabs now


    Pedro the reason why most of us are on here are so pessimistic, is that we have been here before, so many times,.and so many transfer windows.

    We all have eyes, and witnessed how the last 18 months have gone with Arteta,
    the strange transfer decisions, the one rule for one player while others get away with murder.
    the weird tactics in crucial games.
    players being frozen out while favourites are selected regardless.

    if we have a 200 million transfer war chest (lol yeah right) order of transfers dont mean anything your right. But when have we spent that sort of money before.

    Buying white is a great move if were flush with cash or have just won the league and refreshing the squad.
    Its a terribly bad move to make a minor repair, when the midfield needs a quadruple heart by pass and all we have left is a bag of smarties and a couple of coppers left from down the back of the sofa. to get it done.

    White is the cherry on top, right now we have no cake to put it on except a dodgy packet mix with Arteta as the master baker ( so tempted to call him another type of master!)

    when it comes to transfers, why does it still take so long to sell or bring in players that other clubs do in days but take us 4-5 weeks.
    sorry i dont buy the dead wages story either, if were spending 200 million on players why are we worried about 300,000-400,000 pounds in salary that we might have to pay because someones on holiday?
    we blew almost 1 million a week on dead salaries when ozil was here and that was only 6 months ago.
    And now were doing it with willian,
    whose probably now slower than Xhaka (didnt think that was possible) with his beer belly!

    if we have 200 million, we dont have the excuse of needing to sell before buying so if were looking at 2-3 more players (and that should be a minimum still)
    we should still have 150 million to blow now white is in the bag.

    why are we haggling with inter over bellerin who are flush with cash from there sales by the way!

    And Roma for Mr concrete boots, over 1 or 2 million.
    its taken six weeks for that to go through, thats about 800k in salary we still paid xhaka, and its still not done!

    its great being linked with the likes of locatelli but if he wants juventus how committed is he to us that hes holding out for them?

    History has shown its been done to us before, strung along by the likes of Suarez, Benzema, higuain, aouaar, the list goes on

    if we end up on the 31st of August doing a trolley dash it will be toxic on here.

    People have no faith in Arteta, or Edu or the board, because we’ve all seen how the clubs been run over the last ten years plus.

    fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
    were on about the fool me 11th or 12th time.

    if we’re all wrong, we can all hold our hands up and be man enough to say we were wrong.
    but unfortunately, history has taught us we probably wont need to.

  19. CG

    12 months ago, Arsenal asked the players break contracts and take 12.5% wage cuts.

    Those who did not like Ozil were axed.
    The ones who did, were clearly played for mugs.(like Ozil warned them)

    Arsenal were the only club in the prem to do so.

    Now, 12 ‘ Covid ‘ months later and out of Europe they are spending £50 000 000 on a player , no one had even heard of before, until a month ago. Benjamin White of BHA.

    And Josh ‘ as gormless as they come’ Kronk says they want to return the club to former glories.!!!

    He cant even decide from one day to the next whether.:

    One moment we have no money ,( and wages tighthened up)
    Next we have.,( amd wages can added)

    What will it be next July?

    Never has such an expensive signing (club ‘s 3rd) been so underwheming.

    But after 18 months of the joyless, egostistical and robotic Arteta, its hardly a surprise.

    The next manger will have to be excepitional to clear this mess up.

  20. Pierre

    Said all along that if white comes we could see him at right full/wing back as his physique and game are more suited for a wide position.

    This would suit the defence more as although he isn’t dominant in the air (for a centre back), having White at full back would be a bonus as besides having the energy to support the attack, he should be good at defending the back post.
    His price has no relevance to me , it’s all bout quality and performance on the pitch.

    The Holding /Mari partnership was easily our best centre back pairing in terms of goals conceded and clean sheets , so i would be inclined to start with those 2 for the opening matches, though i doubt that will happen as Arteta has a .mental block when it comes to partnerships on a football pitch.

    Arteta did his best to split the superb Smith rowe/ saka partnership last season by putting them on the opposite sides of the pitch and i fear that he looks at centre backs individually instead of as a pairing.

    The important partnerships in the side are the 2 centre backs , the 2/3 midfielders and the wide players on either side of the pitch..full backs/wingers.

    It is also vital that the no.10 has a somewhat six sense as to where his striker/wingers wants the ball.
    Bergkamp was the master of this as was Ozil
    Bergkamp with wright/Anelka/Henry is evidence of this as was the Ozil/Sanchez partnership.

    i don’t believe Smith Rowe/ Saka/Martinelli/willock have or are unlikely to build that special on field partnership with Aubameyang or Lacazette.

    Balogun excites me and ,if given the chance, could transform our season.
    His movement , pace , hunger , desire , strength an power are exactly what we need up top..

    Personally I would like to see Martinelli, Balogun and Eddie fighting for the striker’s position, supplemented by Willock , but that’s not going to happen as Idoubt we will be able to offload Lacazette and Aubameyang due to their wage packets , plus Arteta gives no inclination that he really trusts any of 9f our youngsters other than Saka..

    Pity we didn t give Balogun, ,Martinelli, Azeez, Nelson Eddie some game time at the end of last season as we had a handful of meaningless games to assess them.

    Problem was, Arteta was in survival mode and was shit scared of losing his job..

  21. James wood.

    I have no memories of Ben White in my head.
    I have lots of memories of Tyrone Mings
    Half the price of White and preferred by Southgate
    until Maguire recovered from his injury..
    Perhaps when AV came calling for ESR we
    Should have shown interest in Mings they then they
    would have gone away quicker.?

  22. Bertie Mee

    Ben White is the best young English defender out there . He won’t play right back and he didn’t play at the Euros because Mings is a left-sided CB , To call him meh is crass.

  23. NWM


    “NWM, the decision will have been made on the quality of league Saliba plays in and his passive defensive stats. You simply cannot compare 2 seasons in the Championship and the Premier League… to Ligue 1.If Saliba could do what Ben White can, he’d be on loan at Brighton or Everton.”

    We should look at stats, especially defensive stats, in the context of not just the league, but also the context of the formation and defensive philosophy of the team. Saliba played as a left center back for a team that plays a low block at Nice, White played as a right sided center back in a back three at Brighton where he was responsible for tracking wingers, which required him to be more aggressive in the tackle, a better comparison of Saliba v White is when Saliba played as a right sided center back in a back three in his break out year at St Etienne. He was not passive in that defense.

    At 17 his percentile rankings compared to center backs in the top 5 leagues that season were 95th percentile for tackles, 97th percentile for tackles won, and 87th percentile for dribblers tackled. For comparison Whites numbers this season were 58th percentile, 55th percentile, and 18th percentile, respectively, so we shouldn’t be making assumptions about a player being passive without considering the system he plays within. White’s numbers were slightly better in the number of pressures and the number of successful pressures with numbers in the 81st and 79th percentile, respectively, compared to Saliba in the 58th and 69th percentile, but Saliba had better numbers in the percent of successful pressures where he was in the 78th percentile compared to the 46th percentile for White. As another cautionary note, I’m not sure how White’s pressure numbers will translate to a RCB in a four man defense, when his most likely partner, Gabriel aggressively pressures players. Someone has to provide cover,

    My comparison of their progressive ball carrying and passing is also subject to the context of the system they were playing in last year. As a left LCB, Saliba had many more touches of the ball than White and progressive carrying and passing were apparently expected of him in Nice’s system of play, but he demonstrated an ability to do what was expected of him and to do it very well.

    White may be very good with the ball at his feet, but so is Saliba, which was the main point I was making in my response to PhD2020, suggesting that the decision to buy White and send Saliba on loan again could not based on ball carrying ability alone, I made no other point than that.

    One last note, VVD has averaged 1.1 tackles per 90 over his entire career, Luiz, reputedly Arsenal’s best defender last season, averaged less than 1 tackle per 90, are they passive defenders?