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In most big businesses, perception is an absolutely key pillar of operations. In some cases, it’s all that matters. We’re seeing how Facebook is suffering at the moment because they prioritised perception of their business over the actual massive problems they missed in 2016. We’ve seen massive ponzi schemes continue because even though everyone is aware of what is going on, too many big names are involved and the perception of something bad going on would be worse than the financial ruin.

I raise this point because the perception at Arsenal is there’s a real lack of control in the system. Process seems weak, there are few controls on how we move in the market, and there’s a real lack of leadership… which has been a consistent theme.

So, we’re into the most important summer of all time, we’ve signed one player, moved on very few… and where is Edu? On a boat, in Monaco, with our disgraced exFootball Operations guy and his super-agent Kia.

How does that happen? How does someone paid a small fortune to think about how he’s perceived post the evidence to his public Instagram account? Where is the leadership? Who is working for Arsenal saying, ‘Edu, mate, that’s not a good idea.’

It’s the same old same old with Arsenal. Just as you think they are turning a corner, they allow another hugely embarrassing thing to hit the feeds. Edu was caught out on tapes a few months ago in a deeply troubling scandal when he was at Brazil, he’s overseen some rough deals that clearly have ethical questions attached, and now he’s back out on a boat with two of the shadiest characters in football.

Where is Vinai on this? Where is Josh? How does a club as big as Arsenal allow this sort of ‘perception’ issue continue? It’s so infuriating… and to be honest… immature.

How simple is this:

‘If you really have to be on a yacht with someone like Raul, don’t put it on the internet’

The focus of the summer should be about a new Arsenal. It should be about an entire team pushing the club to the next level. Instead, we’re watching Arsenal lose to Hibs and our Technical Director execute more poor judgment and brag about it for likes on the internet.

In other news… it seems the rumour mill is revving up again. Granit Xhaka has apparently attracted a slightly higher bid from Roma. The Italian club has binned about 8 players from their preseason tour. Say what you will about Jose, he doesn’t f*ck around with players he wants out of the club. Doubt he’d have Kola and Willian in his starting 11.

Willian has an image doing the round where he looks like he’s packed on some serious weight. He’s basically showcasing why most 33-year-olds won’t be buying the new away shirt this season. A bit embarrassing that a professional athlete can do that to themselves in such a short space of time… until you remember, Arsenal is his retirement. Guy is so keen to pack things in he sought out a move to Florida. You couldn’t make it up. Fabrizio Romano is digging his heels in on this one, still stating that he’s going to move this summer if the right proposal lands… but like, honestly, who is going to offer the right proposal for him?

The Ben White deal is still rumbling. I honestly think my call the other day was right, we don’t want to deal for a player who is on holiday for 3 more weeks. It’s the reason Roma is slowing proceedings down for Xhaka. Who wants to pay dead wages?

Lokonga paperwork is nearly done, so we’ll at least have upgraded back-up left-back and back-up Ceballos.

There’s some talk about Tammy A being linked with Arsenal. Love the player, but not sure we have room for him with Lacazette and Auba at the club. Not to mention this truth… Balogun didn’t sign to be 4th choice. It’d be super weird for Arsenal to block his path with a young striker. But we’ll see… it was super weird to block Pepe with Willian last season, but that’s what our esteemed boat enthusiast did.

I think that’s all I have time for today? Remember to check out the podcast and the video of the podcast. Also, thanks for saying nice things about my hair, I feel seen.

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  1. Marc


    I’ve never said we’d go bust that doesn’t mean we’re going to spend big.

    As for having supporters advise the board – Christ Almighty. That 99.9% goes with having people who will tow the line – if it doesn’t who are the “right supporters”?

    Me – Sack Arteta he’s an abomination?
    Pedro – Give Arteta a contract for life he’s dreamy?
    CG – Put Wenger back in charge?
    Rich – Gives such a long convoluted answer that everyone in the room commits Seppuku? (Sorry Rich but I reckon you’ve enough of a sense of humour to go with it)

    Mate you are being naive and drinking the koolaid.

  2. Emiratesstroller


    No you are being naive.

    You keep on talking about Arsenal’s balance sheet.

    Kroenke’s have invested over a Billion Pounds in buying Arsenal and are not going to allow
    the club to go down the tubes.

    So far their investment in the club is “peanuts” so spending money in the summer transfer
    window when the market is depressed makes sense.

    I don’t see you discussing the financial situation of Man Utd who are talking about spending
    considerably more in the transfer window than we are discussing at Arsenal.

  3. Rich


    Even with the COVID losses, KSE have made north of £800million from their 13 year association with Arsenal

    There’s no way they allow Arsenal to drift further, and see that equity stake wiped out, in fact I’d go as far to say, that there’s zero chance of that happening, particularly when they’ve currently got an out, which would see them pocket £800 million

    If they are committed long term investors like they claim, then they’ve got to improve the product on the pitch, it’s really that simple

    But we have to get the players out, because there’s no way they put our wage bill in an unsustainable position

  4. PhD2020

    EmiratesstrollerJuly 15, 2021 23:05:22
    I will put money on a wager that Arsenal’s net spend will be significantly higher than £20

    Between £20-£50 million net spend for this summer possibly.
    I’ll hold my hand up,if it’s more than that.

    EmiratesstrollerJuly 15, 2021 23:05:22
    The club will invest properly in the team this summer despite all the negatives posted on here.

    Kroenke has made it clear that he is making a commitment to the club.

    Time will tell.You’re more optimistic than I am..

    Here’s a link to Stan Kroenke in 2016 and Josh Kroenke in 2019 after our Europa League Final defeat to Chelsea albeit over different time lines.

    Stan Kroenke 2016:

    Speaking at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston he said:
    “For me, being an individual owner, I have to have some sort of reality involved.”

    “If you want to win championships then you would never get involved. I think the best owners in sports are the guys that sort of watch both sides a bit. If you don’t have a good business then you can’t really afford to go out and get the best players unless you just want to rely on other sources of income.”

    Josh Kroenke-2019
    “It’s no secret that we have a Champions League wage bill on a Europa League budget right now. That’s a fact. And one that we’re figuring out how to face internally at the moment. That doesn’t mean that my father or I have ever said anything about any restrictions on spending. We know where we need to be and we know the areas we need to address on the pitch.”


  5. Dissenter

    your math game is on point
    You an accountant?”

    Marc is a bagman for the north London Kroenkezee family. He counts money faster than money counters.

  6. Marc


    1) ManU’s revenue is a lot higher than ours.

    2) I don’t care if ManU goes tets up in fact I’d find it highly amusing.

    3) As I’ve said Arsenal will not go bust but that doesn’t mean they have to spend huge amounts.

    4) Spending makes sense? We spent last summer, the summer before and the summer before that. In fact we’ve spent a fortune and this will be not only our 5th season out of the CL but now we’re out of Europe all together. When is the benefit from all the previous spending going to kick in ?

    5) Our balance sheet? At the current rate we’re going we’ll to get to a point where our accumulated losses exceed our turnover. The only thing that will prevent us being insolvent (it’s illegal to trade when insolvent) will be the land value of the stadium.

    I don’t think you get my position. I don’t want to be right. This isn’t about my ego and being right. I’d love to be wrong. Arsenal are in a bad place and if you can’t see that I don’t know what else I can say to you.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    When a market is depressed as it is now this is precisely the time when Billionaires and successful business start making investments.

    Abramovich is talking about spending over £100 million on Haaland and you can be rest assured that Man City will also be prepared to spend that sort of money on Kane.

    The owner of Aston Villa who is also immensely wealthy is prepared to spend serious money on buying players.

    £150 million spend for the Kroenke family is peanuts and he has absolutely no difficulty in
    securing loans. When he borrowed money on short term loan from Deutsche Bank his wife
    provided the guarantee.

  8. Dissenter

    From the Kroenke’s perspective, Is Arsenal really drifting?

    He spent about 1.1 billion GBP acquiring Arsenal and the club is easily worth 2X that within 12 years

    That’s not a “drifting” investment

  9. SAGG

    Guys just chill out a bit, Arteta said we will wim the CL.in 2023 so we just need to wait, surely all the 250millionshave been spent in bribing refs and VAR officials

  10. Marc


    “Even with the COVID losses, KSE have made north of £800million from their 13 year association with Arsenal”

    No they haven’t. It’s a paper gain it’s only money made if / when they sell the asset.

    That’s like saying I was a millionaire yesterday because the Crypto currency I own 1 of was worth £1.5 million – problem is today it’s worth £0.15 today.

  11. PhD2020

    EmiratesstrollerJuly 15, 2021 23:18:23
    Kroenke’s have invested over a Billion Pounds in buying Arsenal and are not going to allow
    the club to go down the tubes.

    Yeah,to the point,we’ve finished 8th for two consecutive seasons and are out of Europe altogether for the first time in almost 25 years.

    You’d think,with that type of investment over a significant period of time,they’d have course corrected by now and actually hired competent people within their management structure in place to mirror their investment in the club.

    Just look at Leicester or even Liverpool when the Fenway Group took over.
    And look at our downward decline in the EPL & Europe since Kroenke came on board till now.

    Let’s do away with the excuse making,and call it for what it really is at AFC.

  12. Dissenter

    The Kroenkes probably define success as Arsenal remaining in the premier league and winning the odd cup competition every 5 years.
    Those cup competitions and the vibrant online presence of gooners helps to keep the club in the news.

  13. Dissenter

    “No they haven’t. It’s a paper gain it’s only money made if / when they sell the asset.”

    It was paper money until someone offered to pay that much for the club. Not it’s real money that’s added to his financial worth and creates leverage for any financial transaction he engages in.

    I think billionaires think about money differently from the rest of us. They don’t live in the moment, they can afford to live several steps ahead because today is fully taken care of.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    Phd 2020

    No-one disputes that Arsenal have been poorly run and Kroenke has clearly not understood
    that operating a “self financing” model seldom works in football.

    Leicester have done very well under their Thai owners, but they still failed in last two seasons to make top 4 and Champions League. They also lost 3-1 to Arsenal in the second half of season.

    Liverpool are a well run club under Fenway, but they do not have the financial clout of Man
    City, Chelsea AND Arsenal if their owners decide to spend money.

  15. Rich


    We secured the new sponsorship + manufacturing deals around 3 years ago, and entered into them 2 seasons ago

    At the point of securing those deals, we’d been out of the CL for around 2 seasons, after 20 consecutive seasons taking part

    In around 2 years we’ll need to be in a strong position to secure at least the same deals as we have now, in a much more difficult market place post COVID

    Are Emirates who’ve had planes grounded, going to be keen to offer us the same money, with no European football? Let alone increases on what we get now

    With other clubs vacuuming up the share of the global support, will Adidas been keen on getting back into bed with us?

    Why would any young kids around the world currently start supporting Arsenal, with the crap we’re largely dishing out?

    That equity stake can very quickly get wiped out with our revenues decreasing, and the club haemorrhaging money from an operational standpoint

    KSE have to either invest, or sell up, but the reality of our situation is, that until we clear up some wages and space in the squad, bringing in players becomes impossible

    I think they have to invest, but there’s no way they’ll run huge operational losses

  16. SAGG


    Leicester has been overachieving fro 5 years. We cant compare to them, they are a very small club, they represent hot to.be smart in the PL.

    While Kroenke represents “How to decline a big club in 3 steps. For dummies”

  17. Dissenter

    “I think they have to invest, but there’s no way they’ll run huge operational losses”

    ..and what do billionaires [especially American billionaires” do to operational losses from their businesses?

    They write it off using all the numerous tax lop holes that were left in the tax code by their donkey politicians
    I’m a 100% certain that the Kroenkes will have ways of writing off these losses. The system is rigged in their favor.

  18. Guns of SF

    Then take what we can for our players if KSE is ready to throw some cheese our way
    Fuck it sell Xhaka for 15m
    Sell all the rest.
    Get them off the books.

    Then I want to see KSE throw down a 100M bill asap

  19. gnarleygeorge9

    Oh, by the way England lost!! Italy are the European Champions! This fact will haunt you English indefinitely, & no amount of distraction from the fact that England lost will change the fact 🙂

  20. Rich


    Assets minus liabilities, equals owners equity

    Any losses the club currently makes, or any debts secured against the club, wipes out their equity stake

    Unless of course the can increase the value of their asset, at a quicker rate than they can stack up the losses, and that unlikely when we’re currently sitting mid-table, dishing out drab football

  21. Dissenter

    From a business perspective, what returns would accrue from that 100 mill you’re talking about?

    Football is not a profit making business, at best you break even or reduce your losses.

    There are lots of ways a billionaire can make certain profit on that 100 mil you’re referring to, football ain’t one of them.

  22. Marc


    Ek offered substantially less than what the club is reported to be worth – in the region of $800 million less. The Kroenke’s would look at that as a billion made but $800 million lost.

  23. Marc

    “Leicester have done very well under their Thai owners, but they still failed in last two seasons to make top 4 and Champions League.”

    It was only a few years ago that not being relegated was a good season for Leicester. Finishing top 6 is massive for them.

  24. Dissenter

    That’s my point
    Even a midtable placement is a safe investment with no possibility of relegation and the odd FA cup win every 5 years is good enough for the Kroenkes
    His investment in the biggest London club in the richest and most marketable league is safe.

    We need smart management, not just an injection of big money
    We need a proper manager and an experienced DOF
    What’s the point of pouring money into a basket? Out transfer policy resembles a sieve, how can we be spending 55 million on a defender who has ONE year of premier league football.

    Remember when some said 35-40 million was too much for Buendia because of his limited premier league experience? Now we are spending even more on a position where the need is not acutely great?

  25. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t disagree with what you say.

    However Kroenke has a track record of not selling his investments and there is absolutely no evidence that he makes losses with his sports franchises.

    Football clubs may be considered by some who post on here as a normal business, but it is
    not. Most football clubs including heavyweights like Real Madrid and Barcelona are poorly
    run and loss leaders.

    Chelsea under Abramovich is rated a very successful club but it has seldom made a profit and the owner has pumped in well over a billion pounds in buying players. The debt is
    consistently written off.

  26. PhD2020

    EmiratesstrollerJuly 15, 2021 23:44:07

    Come on now Emirates..

    I don’t think I need to qualify your reply with examples of how Leicester -a vastly smaller club relative to ours based in the East Midlands have overachieved under the Thai owners-Winning the EPL in 2015/16,qualifying for CL campaign in 2016-2017 and qualifying for Europa in 2020/21 and 2021/22.Plus winning a FAC in 2020/21.
    All with a model that appears to be far more efficient on a smaller budget.

    And Liverpool’s win of the CL 2018/2019(reaching two consecutive CL2017/2018 and 2018/19 finals) & winning the EPL plus runners up in the Europa League Final -2016 under the Fenway Group who took over in 2010.

  27. Rich


    KSE paid £550 million to buy out the 30% stake of Usmanov in August 2018

    That would have valued the club at just over £1.8 billion, and they paid roughly £1,050,000,000 for the total of their Arsenal shares

    Since August 2018 when they took full control, we’ve dropped out of Europe altogether, and as you point out, run huge losses

    Ekk reportedly offered £2.1 billion

    Something is only worth what someone can afford to pay, and is willing to pay, but I don’t know where you’re getting a £2.9 billion valuation from

  28. Guns of SF


    Investing is how to put a better product on the pitch which makes it easier for any coach to be frank. Unless said coach is an idiot… cough cough…

    We dont have a world class players bar one or 2.

    Imagine a team full of them? Wont come cheap tho

  29. Guns of SF

    WInning on the field earns more money, more fans who spend $, sponsors who want to be part of it, it all adds up man.
    WInning makes money.
    The value of the team goes up…… perhaps that is what billionaire owners like to see. But that all comes with investment
    Also in the right brass…. DOF etc

  30. curse

    Laca sold for 20-25m with Abraham replacing him for 30-35m is a no brainer.
    Not happy doing business with ‘them’ but they have cash anyway and if Flo comes good, we good.

    Edu swinging his balls around huh, the outrage is a lot tbf. I remember “thank you for your interest in our affairs”, boss talk.
    I’m under no illusions about the sea he’s been swimming in for some time, or how things work in that world. Don’t hate the player and all that. I’m sure Raul could pull some strings to make Edu’ life more difficult than it needs to be.
    Not happy we paid 72m for Pepe but I’m happy we got him, he’s a baller, 6ft don with a magical left foot.

  31. Rich


    If you’re right, and KSE’s plan is to position us as a mid table club, and are content with that, then that is absolutely bonkers

    I don’t buy that for one moment, Arsenal are currently a giant global brand, but there’s plenty of sleeping giants who’ve gone by the wayside

    Our status as the third biggest club in England is under threat, the game is now global, and has a potential market audience of over 4.5 billion people

    There’s no way KSE sit back and allow a whole generation of fans to buy City, Chelsea, Liverpool and United shirts

    Surely they’re going to want to take their share of the pie

    We finished 6 points off top 4 last season, not 30, with some smart investment, we can improve the football, and become much more competitive

  32. Emiratesstroller

    Phd 2020

    If you read carefully my posts I have acknowledged that Arsenal have been poorly run for
    a very long time even before Kroenke became the owner.

    However, there are very many clubs which are poorly run and spend money that they don’t have.

    I have highlighted the situation at Chelsea. They are of course very successful in their performance on the pitch, but the club is a loss leader in most seasons since Abramovich
    took over ownership.

    They seldom make a profit and rely on him pumping money to finance their transfer budget.
    In three of the last 4 seasons they have spent over Euros200 million. The one season which
    was an exception was 2 years ago when they were banned from buying players through
    persistent financial irregularity.

  33. SAGG


    Yeah Kroenke never sells his sports franchises and he doesnt make losses (Financially) but all his franchises has Loser Records.

    Colorado Avalanche: 21 years as owner only 1 championship and it was in his first year as owner, that means 20 straigt years without title

    Rams: Owner 30% since 1995, 1 Super Bowl 2000. Full owner 100% since 2010. 21 stroght years without title.

    Colorado Rapids: Owner since 1995, 1 MLS title in 2010.

    Denver Nuggets: owner since 2000, No titles.

    Colorado Mammoth: Owner since 2003. 1 title in 2006

    Arsenal: Became shareholder in 2007, got majority of shares in 2011 and full ownership in 2018. NO LEAGUE TITLES . 4 FA cups

    Too much franchises, too few titles.

    His record is horrendous in every Franchise he owns. HE IS A MASSIVE LOSER and we are STUCK WITH HIM.

  34. SAGG

    Kroenke owns

    1 NFL team
    1 NBA team
    1 NHL team
    1 NLL team
    1 MLS team
    1 PL team

    He doesnt care about winning, not.an inch, he only loves assets value thats all.

  35. Marc

    “Laca sold for 20-25m with Abraham replacing him for 30-35m is a no brainer.”

    For fucks sake – Laca has 1 year left on his contract and is on £180k per week. We’ll be lucky to get £10 million for him.

    Half the people on here live in cloud cuckoo land.

  36. Marc


    Abramovich ownership of Chelsea and the Kroenke’s ownership of Arsenal are 2 completely different things.

    You cannot compare the two. You’re scrambling round for hope and reasons why we’ll spend big and everything will be alright.

    You’re just lining yourself up for massive disappointment.

  37. Rich


    White £50 million
    Lokonga £15mil
    Tavares £7mill
    Xhaka replacement £25mill
    Attacking midfielder £40mill
    Leno competition £10mill

    That £147million, and the minimum I think we’ll do

    The rest will be dependant on outgoings

  38. Emiratesstroller


    You have a fair point, but the debate by some posters is that the club does not have the resources to buy players and because it is assumed that we are making a huge loss last
    season and not playing in Europe.

    The facts are that if Kroenke “choses” to spend money in transfer market then he will do so
    notwithstanding the club’s losses.

    Let’s be clear this is a guy who spent a small fortune buying a yacht, one of the largest ranches in US and a prestige vineyard in Burgundy.

  39. Marc


    I don’t disagree with the requirement I just can’t see it happening unless Edu suddenly manages to sell a tonne of players for good money.

    And I really don’t have any confidence in that happening.

  40. Marc

    “Let’s be clear this is a guy who spent a small fortune buying a yacht, one of the largest ranches in US and a prestige vineyard in Burgundy.”

    Nothing to do with Arsenal what so ever. If that were true hedge funds would never break up companies and rich owners would never pull the plug.

    Emirates – you are letting your heart rule your head and override your better judgement and common sense.

  41. SAGG


    Thats the point he doesnt care about winning or league positions he only cares about hoarding assets. So why should he invest in Arsenal whiel he can buyore assets.

    In his view it doesnt matter if Arsenal lose some value, because Stadium, fatilities, prestige and the core fanbase are enough to keep the value afloat. No matter how bad Arsenal perform (of course not being relegated) value will sustain.

    Thats why they were pro super league it was their easy way to his dream to transform Arsenal in an American franchise.

    Relegation is the only thing that scares Kroenke, outside that everything is ok.

  42. Rich


    You’re reading this completely wrong, I agree that operationally we can’t keep running huge losses, we need to keep our wages in check, and we certainly need to reduce the size of our squad

    This is proving difficult, like we both thought it would be, when people were saying ridiculous things like Lacazette + Bellerin £30million each

    But providing we can clear the deck, and make space to bring in more wages , then I’m positive we’ll bring in players

    There’s every chance we’ll squander the lot, but that’s another thing entirely

  43. Emiratesstroller


    If Stan Kroenke can afford to spend US$750 million on a Texas Ranch I can assure you that
    he can afford to “invest” £150 million in Arsenal to spend on transfers.

    Football as I have posted is not a regular business. Owners have run clubs more often than not as an “ego trip”.

    Kroenke has been heavily criticised by Arsenal Supporters and I am fairly sure that he did
    not appreciate the criticism. My guess is that he will react this summer.

    As far as I am concerned football is seldom run with a business kopf [head] or common sense.

  44. SAGG


    It doesnt matter if Kroenke can afford or.not invest in Arsenal. HE DOESNT WANT TO DO IT.

    Hid game is asset value, Arsenal will drop just a little more.and thats it. Thats why he is not scared at all, and keep saying he is here for the long run, he is a SMART BUSINESS MAN he know he has his money safe.

  45. PhD2020

    EmiratesstrollerJuly 16, 2021 00:03:32
    Chelsea under Abramovich is rated a very successful club but it has seldom made a profit and the owner has pumped in well over a billion pounds in buying players. The debt is
    consistently written off.


    As you rightly mentioned previously,investing in a football club rarely if ever returns a profit.Most owners are aware of this.It’s more a vanity project if anything.

    That said,RA investing over a billion pounds(£1.3 billion) in players,is expecting a ROI in some other measure or metric that can be defined as a success relative to his investment.19 trophies and counting since he took over in 2003.

    i.e.5 EPL’s,5 FAC’s,3 LC’s,2 Community Shield’s,2 CL’s,2 Europa’s

    Over a ten period from 2010-2019 increasing their commercial revenues from £56 million to £180 million.

    -Liverpool have been taking over by the Fenway Group since 2010.They bought the club for £300 million,valued over £2 billion today.Added a new training complex.During the 2010-2020 period-their transfer spend on players has been in the region of £909 million.
    Upped their commercial revenues from £62 million circa 2010 to £188 million circa 2019.

    Reached four finals(LC,Europa & two CL’s),wining the major -CL & the EPL.
    This was their ROI on the pitch.

    -Arsenal by comparison under Kroenke,who became the majority shareholder in 2011 before eventually securing full ownership in 2019, saw their commercial revenues at £44 million circa 2010 rise to £111 million circa 2019.Total transfer spend on players during the 2010-2020 period has been in the region of £789 million and counting.

    What was their ROI on the pitch?
    Four FAC’s and a Europa Cup runners up medal and out of Europe altogether.

    Each club defines their metric by the owner’s ambition,investment spent and the management recruited to implement the blueprint,vision,etc, both on and off the pitch.

    Just does not compute with our history,location,stadium,fan base,total spend on players since 2010,and now out of Europe,along with our slow decline from top 4,to top 6 now to top 8,that suddenly we are going to write off the last decade under Kroenke. And miraculously spend handsomely with the current management team in place and fast track our way to be dining on the round table with the elite in the next year or two.

    The figures,the performance and the management team certainly don’t reflect that over a ten period,not matter how you try to splice and dice it.

  46. Pedro

    Rich and Emirates are bang on. KSE can afford it and more to the point, the investment is needed to protect one of their top 2 assets. Now is not the time to shy away.

    Hopefully they’ll start ramping up the transfers shortly… I mean, Edu has finished his 2nd vacation of the window, so maybe he’ll do some work?

  47. Marc


    If you asked me what the smart move was I’d say invest that doesn’t mean the Kroenke’s think it’s the smart move.

    Too many people letting emotions influence their thinking that’s moving what they want to happen into what they think must or will happen.


    Afford has nothing to do with it.

  48. Pedro

    Marc, you are letting your emotions control your view.

    Arsenal will invest. That is happening. We’ve had this debate about ten times.

    KSE will spend money this summer because they believe in the coach and know they have fucked up.

  49. Marc

    “Kroenke has been heavily criticised by Arsenal Supporters and I am fairly sure that he did
    not appreciate the criticism.”

    I’d be amazed if he could even remember it 30 seconds after it happened.

  50. PhD2020

    Rich and Emirates are bang on. KSE can afford it and more to the point, the investment is needed to protect one of their top 2 assets. Now is not the time to shy away.
    It’s not about affordability.It’s about the haemorrhaging of money over the last few seasons(CL money,Europa money,ST money,Broadcasting revenues,etc,etc) and the need to apply or adhere to financial prudence in a distressed covid hit market.And we are not even talking about recouping a significant amount of money through player sales,let alone whether the three wise monkeys are equipped to steady the ship and steer us through the choppy waters..

    The likelihood of us experiencing a third wave and potential lockdowns being implemented further exacerbates our financial situation(i.e. stadium income).

    It’s the uncertainty the owners are faced with,that they will seek to look at.Forecasting ahead.Stick or twist.I just don’ t think Kroenke will go all out this summer.

    It’s all conjecture as to what they will do this summer,but based on performance(s) and past transfer dealings over a decade and the current climate-I wouldn’t count my chickens before they are hatched.

  51. Pedro

    Marc, you are controlled by negativity and it clouds every single thing you say on here.

    Arsenal will spend. KSE is investing. The squad will be addressed this summer.

  52. PhD2020

    because they believe in the coach and know they have fucked up.
    Yep,by hiring Arteta and Edu.And having Vinai as CEO.

    Anyway,that’s a debate for another time..Time will tell on all three.

  53. Marc


    Firstly “SAGG, WordPress auto-deletes avg banter.” – That’s pretty good for you!

    Secondly – I hate Arteta, I despise his very existence but if we don’t spend you have a ready made excuse why he’s shit next season. If we spend big the expectations for him go through the roof – he’ll get sacked even sooner because they’ll be no excuse for the shit results, shit football and all the bullshit that goes with it.

    With that in mind why would I want us not to spend bigger than ever before?

  54. Pedro

    Marc, exactly my point. You have no rational lense because you hate the coach. So you are willing a lack of spending on the club.

    Investment is happening no matter how many times you tell us it won’t.

  55. Pedro

    Dissenter, the pragmatic view would be to listen to someone that has been told there is money to spend. Versus making something up. Seeking out the truth gets you to pragmatism.

  56. Marc


    I want us to spend. The more Arteta spends the quicker he’ll get the sack.

    The fact that I want us to spend but think we won’t makes me more rational than you are.

    Be honest – no one else is reading it’s just between me and you and I won’t tell a soul. Are you building the spend angle so you have the excuse ready to go when we don’t?

  57. SAGG

    Spending is not happening beyond Ben White signing. Locatelli will not.come, because he isnt interested and Aouar is a one season wonder in a not so good league (last season he was atrocious)

    Maddison??? He has been available all this time, ig we ar ready to.spend that money he would have been here alreadyaking preseason with the time.

    We are ready to spend 150 millions in signings but we want to save 1 or 2 millions in wages risking the a good start in the season??? that doesnt make sense at all

  58. Pedro

    Well Marc, you Spend Angel will make your dreams come true, because Arteta will be getting what he needs this summer.

  59. Dissenter

    You expect us to disregard the past and just embrace your newly found faith that the Kroenke’s are about to throw money at Arsenal?
    Only time will tell, we all have ring side seats.

  60. PhD2020

    MarcJuly 16, 2021 01:26:21
    Too many people letting emotions influence their thinking that’s moving what they want to happen into what they think must or will happen.

    Yep..I agree 100%.

    I often referred to this as:-‘Suspension of Disbelief’

    I guess we’re two miserable bastards who are not part of the hippy-happy smoke galore Arsenal-Arteta kibbutz trail.

  61. PhD2020

    Investment is happening no matter how many times you tell us it won’t.

    Investment is not the issue.It’s the level or the amount of investment that is in question,given the set of circumstances-past,present and future.

  62. Elmo

    Getting £20-25 for Laca seems a very long shot atm. No-one has money, and no clubs are interested in taking on Arsenal style wages.

    “Castles said: “A player who they would like to sell and get their wages away, but they are finding very difficult to sell is Alexandre Lacazette.”

    And McGarry added: “I have been told that Lacazette has been marketed very aggressively around Europe, but there’s not been any particular interest that is strong enough to suggest that Arsenal will be able to offload Lacazette.”

  63. Marc


    We’ll be told in a few weeks that the new ketchup dispenser outside block 124 is a significant investment.

    You see it all comes back to sauce.

  64. SAGG


    You are right.

    And invest in a one season wonder (in a bad team) 50 million CB looks pretty much as the same mistakes in past transfer windows.

    I just see tons of excuses and no solutions

    Pedro changing his tune every week. He started with “We are going to do our business early Arteta has a plan” and now is “We dont want to spend in wasted wages”

    Next week we will have a new excuse.

  65. Rich


    Arsenal are registered to pay tax in the U.K.

    What other business in the UK does KSE have, that are making large enough profits, to write off loses of tens of million p/a?

    Arsenal money is KSE’s money, and Arsenal’s debts are KSE’s debts

    Assets minus liabilities, equal owners equity

    Operational losses are liabilities, and just decrease the equity position

    If a business at an operational level continually spends more than it earns, then that business will eventually go bankrupt, unless the owner of that business is willing to cover those losses

    I don’t for one moment think that outside of COVID, that KSE will stick around and cover huge operational losses every year, but I do think that providing the wages of the players we bring in, can fit into our budget

    That they’ll 100% invest into the playing staff this summer

  66. Pedro

    Sagg, this is why it’s dangerous to write about transfers because people like you can’t handle the idea that things change. You need exacts… failing to realise that football is deeply complex and changes all the time.

  67. Dissenter

    “Diss, you can believe what you like, just don’t peddle it as fact. Arsenal are going to spend”

    I think you’re being cute with your proclamations

    We have bought Tavares and Lokonga already, we have already spent so saying “Arsenal are going to spend”.
    We’ve already bought more outfield players than Wenger bought in the summer of 2015.

    Put a number on your bold proclamations, otherwise it’s just word-smithing

  68. Marc


    “17m Lokonga
    55m Ben White
    Maddison or Aouar, minimum 30m
    Xhaka RPL 35m
    Back up keeper, 10m”

    Well that’s £155 million with the £8 million we spent on the LB so – assuming it happens – the question is how much will we bring in in sales.

  69. Pedro

    Diss, you’re doing what Sagg is doing.

    You want an exact, that can’t be given, so you can claim a victory.

    You want to know how much we are spending before the club knows which players it will buy. Think about how silly that is.

  70. Pedro

    Marc, who knows how much. Could be 10m or it could be 100m. It won’t change that there is money to spend.

  71. Marc


    £1 is money to spend. The point of this is you are putting our gross spend at about £150 – £160 million and your targets are in the areas where I think most would agree we need to strengthen (although £50 million on a CB still seem bonkers to me) so if we bring in £180 million in sales we’ve made a net profit, we bring in £0 in sales and we’ve spent big time.

    All the banter aside you didn’t mention a RB – you think we’ll go with Chambers?

  72. Dissenter

    “Arsenal are registered to pay tax in the U.K.

    You mean you didn’t know that Americans pay taxes on global income? He still has to report his Arsenal losses or income to the IRS, comprehende?
    Kroenke will find creative ways of writing off those losses on his taxes, by that I mean to the IRS.
    Billionaires don’t see debt and losses like you do. You also forget that his £1 billion investment has doubled in 12 years.
    He’s not going to be throwing big money at a long term acquisition so that you can feel better about the “quality of the product”. To him it’s like the stock you buy and you don’t panic because it’s going through the vagaries of the market.

  73. Pedro

    Marc, you are repeating the exact same conversation we had a week ago.

    ‘The summer only counts if we don’t sell anyone’ is not a sharp position.

  74. Marc


    Where have I said that? What I’ve consistently said is I don’t think we’ll have loads to spend over what we bring in in sales.

    That’s more a reflection of COVID on the clubs finances than anything else.

  75. PhD2020

    SAGGJuly 16, 2021 01:59:47

    I don’t know SAGG.

    Time will tell come the end of the transfer window.

    We’ve been down this road so many times over a decade or so.You’d be hard pressed not to be cynical.

    That said,under the current management structure and our last eighth consecutive finishes,out of Europe under the current manager and the other two daffodils, along with the owner-I mean how can you get an early rise in the mornings from this season going forward.

    Better off watching Labour’s deputy leader-Angel Rayner grilling Boorish Johnson during parliamentary question’s time or even the Conservative’s former Prime Minster-Theresa May smirking when BJ is having his feet held to the fire-you’d get more of a rise from that scene alone.

  76. Marc


    Remind me to never let you be in charge of the whip.

    For out American friends that’s not giving out lashes it being in charge of the pot if a group all put into a whip round when on a night out.

  77. Useroz

    Didn’t it occur to you that Edu has been working Kia and Raul extremely hard on the boat to lining up mega deals to move on the dross?

    Hahaha… if pigs can fly

  78. PhD2020

    PedroJuly 16, 2021 02:28:26
    PHD, 3rd highest net spenders over 5 years. We spend a lot.
    But obviously not wisely.

    See 8th place for 2 consecutive seasons and out of Europe for the first time in 25 years…

    Something is obviously up….

  79. Rich

    It’s not just how much we bring in with sales

    Unlikely, but say we could get £20 million combined for Lacazette + Aubameyang this summer

    That would free up around £450,000 p/w in wages

    That £20 million in transfer fees doesn’t seem like much, but in terms of revenue freed up to invest elsewhere, it would be massive

    That’s roughly £137,000,000 over the next 5 years

    In comparison, Selling Willock for £20 million earning say £2.5 million p/a, would create £32.5milion over the next 5 years

    It’s how well we can allocate our overall revenue, net spend doesn’t really mean anything, because it doesn’t factor in the wages, age profile, or our contractual situation

    The price you can re dive for a player, isn’t just linked to the value of the player, it’s linked to the size of the contract

    Getting the bigger earners off our books like Lacazette, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Xhaka, Willian

    Is key to a good summer, that’s likely £600,000 p/w, and numerically only 2 of those players would need replacing

  80. Tony

    I’m not so sure Arteta is going to meet our fans at the Emirates as soon as people think.

    3rd wave seems to be picking up in the UK and other parts of the world including Thailand.

    I’d be surprised if we see a constantly full Emirates until next spring.

    I hope I’m wrong because it’s time Arteta is held to account by our fans at games.

    If Arteta starts to go on a run wining games, then Arteta has nothing to answer for because it’s a clean slate and new season. However, if the results are poor and the stadium is still empty or less than half full, it will be difficult to move Arteta on from our fans’ voices.

    We’ve gone from Arteta getting our business done early and spending up to £250 million to not wanting to pay wages for any new signings at the expense of a pre season they should have.

    Sure, there is click bait at full throttle in the TW silly season, but the aforementioned is some weird extreme to accept.

    Judging from the non paying of wages until August new signings won’t be until just before the league starts or even after it’s started.

    I guess that’s Arteta being ruthless as he promised.

    The next 5 months are going to be very interesting and either pleasurable or extremely painful depending which side of the fence you sit on and some that like to perch themselves on the fence waiting to see.

    I, for one, have had enough pain since 2012 with Wenger, then Emery and now even worse from Arteta and Edu.

    Without a greatly improved midfield I just see more pain on the horizon and the usual suspects’ excuses coming here weekly.

  81. Aaron

    All this ksE spend bS is just that, staN the maN never spends a cent more than he has to operationally, by that I mean whatever revenue streams AFC generates.

    Since coviD, that means a loss for all of staN’s sports enterprises.

    AFC are in a revenue decline, and with the ramS about to lose their a$$es in court, that means player acquisitions will be at a minimum.

    On top of that, AFC is being run by a bunch of rank amateurs and will continue to bleed ca$h with the horrendous contracts they have locked themselves in.

    8th place will become a good year.

  82. MD-Gunner

    “Investment is happening no matter how many times you tell us it won’t.”

    I do believe that because it happens all the time, the question is will is be an investment like the Willian one or Martinelli one? Arsenal have a history of not smart investment just look at the players they are stuck with and can’t off load because squad management was absent..

    “because Arteta will be getting what he needs this summer.”

    Hopefully that will be a pink slip saying you are fired!

    It is painful to be an Arsenal supporter at this time and I can see already the handwriting on the wall:
    ESPN reports: Arsenal bid less than €20m for Aouar, short of the €25m valuation. Enter Tottenham Hotspur, who are said to be willing to trump the figures offered by their North London rivals.

    Arsenal’s management clowns have shown interest in Aoiar last season now they are being challenged by the Sp*ds. Who will win out Nuno or Tets, easy to answer that. So be prepared to be ridiculed by Sp*ds supporters, just what was needed besides a lame, tame TW so far and the laughing stock..

  83. Guns of SF

    Spurs just messing man
    Trying to drive the price up for Aouar to mess with us…
    Aouar would be stupid to go there, and half dumb to come to us,but I do hope he comes here…. we need to make some noise with a big signing, ( not white) so others take notice and join the “project”

  84. SAGG


    One thing is an ever changing environment and other totally different change all your Tranfer Window plans.

    You cant say we are going to do our business early and then make all the important signings after.the start of.the season. Sorry but that is peak Wenger stuff eating time to signing no one.

  85. Dissenter

    “Spurs just messing man
    Trying to drive the price up for Aouar to mess with us…
    Aouar would be stupid to go there, and half dumb to come to us,but I do hope he comes here…. we need to make some noise with a big signing, ( not white) so others take notice and join the “project”

    Do you really believe that they are just trying to jack up the price….or maybe they are cashing in on an opportunistic transfer. This is a player that was quoted at 50 mill last year and was seemingly bound for PSG or Juve.this year.
    Our transfer approach is helter skelter tree-shaking.
    We are set to splurge record fees on a defender that we don’t acutely need who has one year of premier ship experience and zero
    Meanwhile we are acting like penny pinchers to get a midfielder that we desperately need

  86. Guns of SF

    Diss I agree. However, Aouar will not go to spurs. I think he and his camp are smarter than that…
    Arsena have the legacy not spurs.
    We will also likely over pay him, so there you have it.

  87. PhD2020

    RichJuly 16, 2021 02:32:50
    It’s not just how much we bring in with sales

    Unlikely, but say we could get £20 million combined for Lacazette + Aubameyang this summerThat would free up around £450,000 p/w in wagesThat £20 million in transfer fees doesn’t seem like much, but in terms of revenue freed up to invest elsewhere, it would be massiveThat’s roughly £137,000,000 over the next 5 years.

    So,what you are advocating is selling both our strikers in Laca&Auba for £20 million combined this season?And then with the caveat that selling them for that fee would free up £450k per week in wages?

    By your reckoning that’s £43.2 million saved in wages(£450k p/w x2 players) +£20 million combined in transfer fees-equates to £63.2 million recouped-right?

    Bearing in mind-Laca has been at Arsenal since 2017-till now and scored 50 goals in 128 EPL appearances, and 65 goals in 170 appearances in all league and cup competitions.

    Whilst Auba has been at Arsenal since 2017-scoring 64 goals in 114 EPL appearances and 85 goals in 148 appearances in all league and cup competitions.

    Just wondering who you will find to replace both of them, replicating or bettering Auba&Laca’s goal returns for £68 million or less with wages factored in by your current calculations, that will see us break back into Europe in the this current season-Einstein?

    If you’re now trying to conflate the issue over five years,I don’t think you are being realistic in terms of us breaking into Europa in the short term,especially under the current management structure.

    You want to further decimate our forward line even more by getting rid of both forwards,given that’s been our achilles heel this season,due to the way we’ve been set up by our manager,with no ideal replacement(s) brought in or cited by you, that can attain those stat numbers and at a transfer price lower or comparable to the transfer fees and wages you’ve opined?

    I guess,I’ve missed your point.

    If it’s unlikely (as you say) we will sell both Auba &Laca for £20 million,why even state it as an example?

  88. Aaron

    Guns of SF,

    We do not need White or Aouar, they both do not add anything to what we have. White’s passing is not all that and Aouar’s ball progression is not even close to what we need for the money!

    Clowns running our organization with regards to contracts and recruitment.

  89. China1

    ‘Our status as the third biggest club in England’

    I’m sorry but this is only true in the minds of arsenal fans

    Historical success is great but it doesn’t translate into money, new trophies, new fans, new sponsorships etc etc for any great length of time

    We are absolutely not the third biggest team in England right now

  90. Dissenter

    Take off your Arsenal tinted lenses for a second
    Spurs are in some form of European competition and we aren’t
    Spurs reached the final of the CL three summers ago
    Let’s drop the pretense that a neutral footballer can’t pick them ahead of us.

  91. MD-Gunner

    Some really GOOD NEWS Stan the Man is in deep shit. He moved the NFL Rams team from St Louis to Los Angeles which resulted in a 2017 lawsuit that pits St. Louis entities against Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke and the NFL. The lawsuit seeks upward of $1 billion, claiming the Rams’ departure cost the city millions in amusement, ticket and earnings tax revenue.

    Kroenke petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court after the Missouri Supreme Court ruled in September 2019 that the case should be decided in a St. Louis courtroom. However the U.S. Supreme Court in April 2020 denied hearing a petition by the Rams and team owner Stan Kroenke requesting for the case to be settled though arbitration. Trial possibly could start in January 2022 if the pandemic situation allows it because the trial could last a few months.

    Now we know why there is fighting and squabbling over scraps of fees Stan the Man has a billion dollar law suit coming his way and everything points the way of him loosing it because NFL regulations were violated. He already settled two class action suits from this move from St Louis to LA. Made my day Stan is getting fucked where it hurts in the pocketbook.

  92. Guns of SF

    I am assuming you are in Maryland? I think that Stan getting hurt financially hurts us in the long run though… Esp if we need the cash injection. Ideally Stan should sell the team to EK. If this lawsuit has any teeth

  93. Guns of SF

    Come on man… if he goes to spurs, then good for him, glad we did not get him… if he cannot see what we have vs them? really? look at the trophy cabinet. Kane will leave followed by son. Spurs will be shit again more so….
    Aouar will be given a prominent role and a massive pay day as well. He will come here IMO

  94. PhD2020

    TonyJuly 16, 2021 02:44:01
    I’m not so sure Arteta is going to meet our fans at the Emirates as soon as people think.3rd wave seems to be picking up in the UK and other parts of the world including Thailand.
    I’ve noticed a significant correlation between the Asian countries experiencing several waves of Covid and the UK along with the rest of Europe.

    I understand the third wave occurring in countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar,Japan, South Korea, Phillipines and Thailand,Australia is quite severe.To the point that mortality rates and hospitalisations are far worse than ever under the delta strain.Not sure how China somehow is not experiencing such a wave,in fact since day 1-as the narrative being told is that-‘It’s all under control and nothing to worry about’…Ahemm!!!

    Anyway,there seems to be a lag time between the aforementioned countries going through these waves and Europe and the rest of the world being impacted.

    Marc was of the notion,that we’ve overcome the worst part-due to majority of the population being vaccinated based on the press releases by the government.

    I argued,don’t believe the media baloney.The government massages the figures in order to assuage the fears of the populace.

    The initial vaccinations rolled out,did not account for the new variant-delta.
    I’m not going to scaremonger here-but just be prepared for more cocktail jabbing in the foreseeable months and more lockdowns going forward.

    What people fail to realise is, that they were given experimental drugs(under a fast tracked scheme).Not enough longitudinal studies to really understand the virus and it’s various strains and mutations along the way.

    This is all a trial and error case in the short term at the very least.

    I’d just implore people to think more carefully about what they are setting themselves up for in the short term,rather than being heavily influenced by questionable politicians.

    I’m not an anti-vaxxer by the way,before I get jumped on.

  95. Rich


    We shouldn’t renew Lacazette’s contract, and if we can get some money for him this summer, even £10 million, then we should bring that decision forward 12 months

    He’s the oldest 30yr old I’ve ever seen, he’s a decent enough striker, but with less games, I’d be happy for Martinelli + Balogun to fight it out for his minutes

    I wasn’t in favour of renewing Aubameyang’s contract, and if we can sell him even for a marginal fee, then we should bring that decision forward 2 years, and then enter the market for a replacement

    You’re making the flawed assumption that these two will continue with their previous output, whereas I believe they’re both players in decline

    We haven’t qualified for the CL since these two arrived at the club, Lacazette was a downgrade on Giroud, and Aubameyang is an impact player, who contributes nothing outside moments in games

    Unlikely doesn’t mean impossible, thought a doctor like yourself would understand that

    My broader point about the wages, is that net spend is a very misleading metric, that doesn’t paint the whole picture

  96. PhD2020

    You want to know how much we are spending before the club knows which players it will buy. Think about how silly that is.

    I was under the impression,that most clubs or businesses have a budget to work from.Sort of forecast ahead of time and maybe adjust(in some cases)what their expenditure and revenues would be,then act accordingly,allowing for contingencies.

    Maybe,we just wing it.Pick up some horse manure and fling at the wall,only to see what sticks malarkey.

  97. Pedro

    PHD, of course there is a budget, but we aren’t buying from a price list. We also don’t know who we will sign. It is a set of moving targets.

  98. Tony

    Agree with your thoughts and also in the UK other than the absolute anti-vaxxers I believe there were many diverse cultures who also didn’t take up their vaccinations through various reason.

    Whether that has changed now I have no idea.

    I don’t know enough to make any points on the current situation, but 10,267 new cases and 63 deaths yesterday suggests the 3rd wave will have an effect on the new ‘Freedom’ rules.

    I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen but if it does, I can’t see fans getting back in the stadiums any time soon.

  99. PhD2020

    July 16, 2021 04:05:37
    You’re making the flawed assumption that these two will continue with their previous output, whereas I believe they’re both players in decline

    Hey Rich-AKA Boorish Johnson(RBJ for short)
    No,I’m not.I’m saying- to sell both Auba + Laca simultaneously at the prices you stipulated(£20 million combined with combined wages of £43 million=£63 million) in the current market,without at least getting in a proven goal scorer,either equal to both players or better at the same price or lower and hitting the ground running in the same current climate is folly.

    You’ve yet to name an adequate replacement in that regard in this current climate.

    Then you’ve followed up by saying that Martinelli and Balogun are the way forward.
    Quoting you:”I’d be happy for Martinelli + Balogun to fight it out for his minutes”

    I’m assuming as replacements for both Auba&Laca by your reckoning.Maybe long term,but do you realistically think they would have the experience and maturity to lead the charge back into Europa,let alone to the holy grail of the CL,without an experienced leader beside them or in the team,in the short term?

    You’ve gone on to state that you foresee a net spend of £100-£150 million and then somehow surmise, if we get our signings right,we can get back into Europe,possibly CL/EL-right?

    With Laca &Auba both sold and Martinelli &Balogun fighting it out for minutes?

    As for this quote by you:”Unlikely doesn’t mean impossible, thought a doctor like yourself would understand that”

    I understand what unlikely means.But in your case,I’m of the notion that you used it,as an out,an exit strategy to cover your ‘one leg in,one leg out approach’,without actually planting your flag in the middle of the pitch and stating your firm belief(s).
    What’s new??!!!

    I don’t need you to explain what unlikely means and no need to try to be cute.As we can all see through your sitting on the fence stance..

    You must be running out of Preparation H rectal cream at this rate..

  100. PhD2020

    PedroJuly 16, 2021 04:29:09
    PHD, of course there is a budget, but we aren’t buying from a price list. We also don’t know who we will sign. It is a set of moving targets.

    I see..

    So no order of priority(you mentioned this a few weeks ago by the way) in which what positions are of importance that need to be filled and we aren’t buying from a price list?


    So,it’s the monkey dart theory we are implementing?

    If so,kind of figures… 🙂

  101. Dark Hei


    I think that getting your vaccine shots are still crucial despite the doubts.

    I am from the far east and I can assure you that you can get covid-19 after getting the vaccine.

    But, it does help. The faster you vaccinate and slow down the reproduction/spread of the virus; the less chance it gets to mutate into something worse.

  102. Sid

    The spanish lasted slightly more than 2 years, in a period where international and within borders travel was low,

    Expect covid19 to go on for more, till theres some level of herd immunity, and the at risk population reduces through death.

    You are what you eat,
    Populations with healthier diets and housing, cleaner environments will have a bigger impact than vaccines.

  103. Emiratesstroller

    Rather like Pedro I have been careful not to make forecasts about players who will join Arsenal this summer. The only one which I suggested would arrive is White who will replace Luiz.

    However, does anyone believe seriously that Arsenal is going into next season without
    replacing THREE experienced midfielders in Xhaka, Odegaard and Ceballos or a replacement for Ryan in Goal?

    Similarly I doubt that Arsenal will sell or loan out Bellerin without an adequate replacement.

    So before we start discussing the prospect of selling Aubameyang or Lacazette which I doubt
    is likely to happen this summer it is going to cost Arsenal well north of £100 million to replace the players who have left or are likely to go.

    You do not need to be a mathematician or optimist to recognise this UNLESS you believe
    seriously that Kroenke is going to sit on his hands and let the club collapse.

  104. China1

    The vaccines do not guarantee that you will never get covid. But they significantly reduce the probability – and if you do get it, the odds of being asymptomatic or having mild says proms is much higher. The rate of hospitalization is far lower and death is exceptionally low.

    All the evidence is showing that the vaccines make a strategic difference.

    But people will believe whatever they want to believe

  105. China1

    Sure Sid, tho such shitty aspects in our diet don’t lead to health systems getting overwhelmed in a matter of weeks

  106. Tony

    Thanks for the links.

    We’re still waiting to be vaccinated in Thailand.

    October is the first batch that we are included in as a family and my wife’s employees.

    Whether that transpires is anyone’s guess as no doubt many hands are still scrambling to be in the tills.

    My daughter can get her vaccine from the Aussi embassy because she’s waiting to do her Masters at RMIT in Aerospace Engineering.

    Dark Hei
    I read that a person can still get Covid even if fully vaccinated, but the symptoms will be moderate or lower.

    That would still be a big danger to me with my blood type A and underlying conditions – colon, coronary arteries one out of 3 blocked, reduced lung capacities and age nearly 66.

    At least being vaccinated will help lessen the risks of contracting the virus.

  107. China1

    I’m hoping the rumors of neves to replace xhaka are not true

    I think he’d be an upgrade which is nice but

    1) the reported price is way too high for his level
    2) it would be a moderate upgrade rather than a great upgrade. If we want to be competing for league titles in a couple of years it’s important we focus our resources on players who make a serious difference to our starting 11. Marginal gains are not what we’re lacking, it’s wholesale improvements.

    Any first team players we sign should be game changers for us. For squad players marginal gains at low price points is fine, but not in the first team

  108. MD-Gunner

    “Similarly I doubt that Arsenal will sell or loan out Bellerin without an adequate replacement.”

    Tets did it last season KT had no backup once Kola was loaned out and players had to be pressed into the LB position.

  109. China1

    If we only buy two first team players they should be a fantastic CM and a fantastic RB

    A fantastic creative midfielder is also important but at least we have ESR, at CM we have no partner for partey and we have no quality RB (lokonga might be quality but I assume he’s a squad player for now and will give him space to grow into it)

  110. MD-Gunner

    That Xhaka post is old 10/06/2021 the latest is that terms have been agreed and he will move for £12.8m with bonuses worth £2.2m so total max worth is £15m after Roma came back with an offer that Arsenal accepted.

    The replacement is another story all together.

  111. PhD2020

    EmiratesstrollerJuly 16, 2021 05:06:13
    You do not need to be a mathematician or optimist to recognise this UNLESS you believe
    seriously that Kroenke is going to sit on his hands and let the club collapse.

    Doesn’t have to be a do or die scenario,nor a doomsday scenario.

    It’s about the smart money and financial prudence given us haemorrhaging money over the past few seasons .As you said he’s certainly well equipped to implement a major upheaval.

    It’s his longer term thinking and what he believes is right for him to step in,to make the relevant changes-assuming he has the competent people to implement those changes.

    He’s not a knee jerk investor.That said, what is at debate for many bloggers is the level of investment he will spend this summer,not his lack of affordability.

    He sees things differently from you and I.

    But time will tell over this summer,christmas and next summer.Taking into account where we were and currently are as a club,since he became majority shareholder to full custodian of the club.

    You can’t just write off ten years under his control,and think in one season he’ll suddenly rewrite the wrongs of a decade in one foul stroke overnight in one window-resplendent with the three wise monkeys dressed up as generational sauce in charge.

    And even if he does try to course correct this season with the mighty stroke of the Kroenke pen,do you honestly think other clubs above us,around us and slightly below us,will be standing still,not improving and be giving us an open passage to gate crash to top four,even top five or six,with us being out of Europe?

    Let’s temper our high lofty expectations with a sense of realism and pragmatism.

    EmiratesstrollerJuly 16, 2021 05:06:13
    However, does anyone believe seriously that Arsenal is going into next season without
    replacing THREE experienced midfielders in Xhaka, Odegaard and Ceballos or a replacement for Ryan in Goal?

    Did anyone possibly believe that we could go into the 2015/16 season,being the only club in Europe not to sign an outfield player?Our only signing being Cech-GK.

    Anything is possible at Arsenal.

  112. Rich


    In the first metaanalysis of its kind, published on 26 August in Obesity Reviews, an international team of researchers pooled data from scores of peer-reviewed papers capturing 399,000 patients. They found that people with obesity who contracted SARS-CoV-2 were 113% more likely than people of healthy weight to land in the hospital, 74% more likely to be admitted to an ICU, and 48% more likely to die.