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In most big businesses, perception is an absolutely key pillar of operations. In some cases, it’s all that matters. We’re seeing how Facebook is suffering at the moment because they prioritised perception of their business over the actual massive problems they missed in 2016. We’ve seen massive ponzi schemes continue because even though everyone is aware of what is going on, too many big names are involved and the perception of something bad going on would be worse than the financial ruin.

I raise this point because the perception at Arsenal is there’s a real lack of control in the system. Process seems weak, there are few controls on how we move in the market, and there’s a real lack of leadership… which has been a consistent theme.

So, we’re into the most important summer of all time, we’ve signed one player, moved on very few… and where is Edu? On a boat, in Monaco, with our disgraced exFootball Operations guy and his super-agent Kia.

How does that happen? How does someone paid a small fortune to think about how he’s perceived post the evidence to his public Instagram account? Where is the leadership? Who is working for Arsenal saying, ‘Edu, mate, that’s not a good idea.’

It’s the same old same old with Arsenal. Just as you think they are turning a corner, they allow another hugely embarrassing thing to hit the feeds. Edu was caught out on tapes a few months ago in a deeply troubling scandal when he was at Brazil, he’s overseen some rough deals that clearly have ethical questions attached, and now he’s back out on a boat with two of the shadiest characters in football.

Where is Vinai on this? Where is Josh? How does a club as big as Arsenal allow this sort of ‘perception’ issue continue? It’s so infuriating… and to be honest… immature.

How simple is this:

‘If you really have to be on a yacht with someone like Raul, don’t put it on the internet’

The focus of the summer should be about a new Arsenal. It should be about an entire team pushing the club to the next level. Instead, we’re watching Arsenal lose to Hibs and our Technical Director execute more poor judgment and brag about it for likes on the internet.

In other news… it seems the rumour mill is revving up again. Granit Xhaka has apparently attracted a slightly higher bid from Roma. The Italian club has binned about 8 players from their preseason tour. Say what you will about Jose, he doesn’t f*ck around with players he wants out of the club. Doubt he’d have Kola and Willian in his starting 11.

Willian has an image doing the round where he looks like he’s packed on some serious weight. He’s basically showcasing why most 33-year-olds won’t be buying the new away shirt this season. A bit embarrassing that a professional athlete can do that to themselves in such a short space of time… until you remember, Arsenal is his retirement. Guy is so keen to pack things in he sought out a move to Florida. You couldn’t make it up. Fabrizio Romano is digging his heels in on this one, still stating that he’s going to move this summer if the right proposal lands… but like, honestly, who is going to offer the right proposal for him?

The Ben White deal is still rumbling. I honestly think my call the other day was right, we don’t want to deal for a player who is on holiday for 3 more weeks. It’s the reason Roma is slowing proceedings down for Xhaka. Who wants to pay dead wages?

Lokonga paperwork is nearly done, so we’ll at least have upgraded back-up left-back and back-up Ceballos.

There’s some talk about Tammy A being linked with Arsenal. Love the player, but not sure we have room for him with Lacazette and Auba at the club. Not to mention this truth… Balogun didn’t sign to be 4th choice. It’d be super weird for Arsenal to block his path with a young striker. But we’ll see… it was super weird to block Pepe with Willian last season, but that’s what our esteemed boat enthusiast did.

I think that’s all I have time for today? Remember to check out the podcast and the video of the podcast. Also, thanks for saying nice things about my hair, I feel seen.

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  1. Marc

    Not a bad piece Pedro.

    Even outside the perception side of who he’s on a boat with is my question “why the fuck are you on a boat and not getting rid of the tonne of players we need to shift / get off the wage bill?”

    In a strange way this could be good for the club if the Kroenke’s aren’t quite as useless as I’m dreading.

    Edu gets sacked the Kroenke’s suddenly realise that they need to put someone proficient in as DOF. They appoint Super DOF who’s first action is to say the words “Arteta you are a cunt and you’re fired”.

  2. Champagne Charlie

    See Tammy Abraham is the link today. Touted him for some interest months back, and personally I’d be all over that sort of move with the right outgoings.

    Nothing spectacular about him, but he’s brilliant physically, bring attributes nobody else does, he’s young, and he scores all kinds of goals in the PL. For a team that has two strikers at 30 and 33 on massive money, then a drop off to Balogun and Martinelli, Abraham would be a great replacement for either of the elder strikers.

    Important Arsenal avoid making statement moves for the sake of it, and consider additions as part of the collective. If a guy suits both then by all means, but better we build a side capable of playing a modern and flexible game.

    I’d swap Aubameyang for Abraham tomorrow morning, think we’re better for it collectively and in the longer term. More likely he’s being seen as a Laca replacement however.

    Imagine we’re going to lean into Aouar on the basis of value, but would be nice to see a fish like him land soon and give us a bit of good will.

  3. SAGG

    Wiilian is Arteta signing not Edu. Arteta talked and talked and talked how he managed to.convince William to sign for Arsenal, it was his marquee signing last season.

    But well keep praising a manager that only knows 8th place and has the worse record in the last 25 years add to.that the worse offensive since 73 and aston villa, everron, burnley, leicester, wolverhmapton defeats at home. Add to that Hibs loss this preseason.

    You can talk about Edu all day, but Arteta is worse, imagine the levels of being worse than a garbage recruitment guy.

  4. Crabregas

    Tammy Abraham is pony.

    Not only is he not good enough, any team would have to pay both the Chelsea selling tax and the English player tax

  5. WengerEagle

    See that Arjen Robben officially retired today.

    What a superb player he was, a true wing wizard. Technically one of the greatest I have ever seen to go with that electric pace and hammer of a left peg.

    His goal vs Man United in the CL QF to this day is imo toed as the greatest volley I have ever seen along with Van Persie’s Charlton one.

    But to do in at peak Fergie Old Trafford in the CL on such an occasion, the winning goal at that, sublime.

    Where do people rank him all time? For me he was the 3rd best player in the world after Messi and Ronaldo at his peak for a few seasons.

  6. Godfather

    At this time I’d say let Edu get help from wherever.
    This club is in a slow death spiral and needs saving.
    Things look so dire both on and off the field.
    We desperately need a positive jolt be it in the form
    of a major signing or emergence to limelight of some
    of the young guns.

    Believe me in the dark world of agents and transfer deals
    there are no innocent people.

  7. Almuniasaynomore

    How’s it going man? I’ve been busy out the last week or so,the good kind of busy though, I’m not complaining. It’s hard work keeping abreast of the comments I’ve discovered but I’ve been trying even though I haven’t really posted. Had to make an exception yesterday for he who shall not be (re)named. Hope all is good your end. I’m still trying to give Artedu the window but the force is telling me I’m at nothing, or rather they are .

    Like your question but it’s tricky. Is it just the worst 5 players ever signed or do we have to factor in their price and value for money? Anyway I’ll give a kind of hybrid response.
    * Santos, useless fucker who swapped shirts at half time with RVP, definition of not reading the room.
    * Almunia, worst keeper ever( though in fairness Runnarson might have challenged that,though I doubt it)
    * Jeffers, young Everton striker goes to title challengers for big money ( Google that and see if Francis comes up!)
    * Kallstrom, his back was broken for fucks sake.
    * Willian, it’s just taking the piss now the whole saga.

  8. WengerEagle

    Runarsson is undoubtedly the worst GK to have played for us but Almunia was certainly more damaging.

    Runarsson you can chalk off to a 1m banter signing that didn’t pan out, every club has then remember that fella Bebe United signed? Legit looked like a modern day Ali Dia that had two left feet and couldn’t run.

    But Almunia cost us big games and trophies. He was massively at fault in the 2006 CL Final for both goals, especially the 2nd one and he also cost us the 2009 CL SF vs United along with that dunce Gibbs.

    Yes Henry missed big chances in the 2006 CL Final but he had already more than acquired legend status by then and was the main reason we even made it to the Final so he is forgiven.

    Jens also has to take a portion of the blame for getting sent off. Even down 1-0 we would have beaten that Barcelona side with 11 men for the 90 mins imo.

  9. Leedsgunner

    Funny that Pedro now seeks to try to draw a clear dividing line between Edu and Arteta when in reality they are both two cogs on the same dirty greasy wheel.

    Let me explain — do you think for one second Pedro would try to separate the two if we were killing it in the transfer market right now?

    Let’s say we had signed Onana, Camavinga, White Bissouma and Aouar as well as convinced AMN to stay and make the RB position his own…?

    What do you think Pedro would say then?

    I would imagine it would be something like this.

    “What an amazing summer we’re having. It’s clear from the signings that we have made so far that the brightest and the best in world football believe in Arteta’s vision and the project. What did I tell you? I told you that we needed to trust in the project… and that all we needed was a manager with “the sauce”. With the signings we have made it is clear that we are a club on the up. Without European football to worry about, whisper it, but I think we could be fighting for the title…”

    … and wake up.

    What’s the reality?

    We can’t get rid of our deadwood. We have made one signing… a left back cover for Tierney.

    Maybe the truth is this. Arteta doesn’t have the draw that Pedro thinks he does with players. Arteta isn’t has good as he thinks he is.

    You can shout “Trust the process” as loud as you like, but at some point the process has to be backed up by results.

    If Edu fails this transfer window it is because Arteta is a rookie manager that players outside the club, so far, don’t want to play for. It is as much a fault of Arteta as Edu.

    Of course the window isn’t finished yet. If by the end Edu and Arteta manage to sign all the players we need to and address the many glaring holes in our club by signing the likes of Aouar and Bissouma… I’ll happily eat humble pie and say I was wrong.

  10. Almuniasaynomore

    Wenger Eagle
    How are things? Donnarumma’s euro showing seem to have cemented him where we thought, right at the top. I think Navas, despite his age would be a great signing, one position where experience is paramount and being in your 30’s is a positive.
    Anyway your two goals (Robben and RVP) are wonderful choices. This one is a bit before your time but was my 2nd favourite goal for about a decade( nothing beats Maradona v England). Hughes v a Spanish team that had only lost the Euro final the previous year. What a team the Welsh had then, far better than the Bale,Ramsey team.
    Best angle comes at the end.

  11. AFC Forever


    “Jens also has to take a portion of the blame for getting sent off. Even down 1-0 we would have beaten that Barcelona side with 11 men for the 90 mins imo”

    Absolutely mate. We would have won that game comfortably, we took the lead despite being a man light. We broke the record for clean sheets getting to that final, ten in a row, which still stands, so it’s difficult to be too harsh on Lens – but he always had that madness in him. Like the Spuds game, lunatic. Losing Pires for Almunia, Barca must have been laughing; they were certainly getting the breaks back then. The harsh CL defeat was a turning point, I don’t think people realise how much that actually harmed us as a club. Oh well, can’t rewrite history.

  12. CG

    Arsenal should beware of falling into Chelseas trap of buying Abraham , and then the European Champions getting Haaland.

    They love rubbing Arsenals noses in it.
    Been doing it for years.

    On no condition , Arsenal should ever sign anymore Chelsea players.

    ps. Good post.
    Best for 12 months

  13. englandsbest

    Perception is the new reality. Sugar-coated make-believe. An escape route from the grim truth. Supporting a football club fits the pattern in the way watching a Hollywood film does. We, laugh, we cry, we cheer. All to no avail. Edu’s unreal behaviour ought not to surprise us.

  14. AFC Forever

    “No 9. The new Tammy Abraham? How does the press think up this clickbait?”

    Best job in the World. Traveling the world with a laptop making up stories and getting paid handsomely with generous expenses to boot. I mentioned a story in the Metro the other day about a giant, teleporting Tortoise called Titan. Well, that’s how they twisted a story about a tortoise escaping a garden. They couldn’t say he bolted for it, I guess!

  15. DigitalBob

    Yep Mad Jens always had that in him, I was heartbroken after that final.

    To your earlier point WEagle, Robben was superb one of the best wingers to grace the modern era. Not sure where he ranks after the two phenoms but he certainly makes a case for being up there just because of the sheer consistency. Outstanding player.

  16. Champagne Charlie

    “Abraham is pony”

    Over the past two seasons….

    Abraham in the PL:
    37 starts (3255 mins), 21 goals, 6 assists = 155 mins per goal

    Aubameyang in the PL:
    61 starts (5476 mins), 32 goals, 6 assists = 171 mins per goal

    Lacazette in the PL:
    44 starts (3808 mins) 26 goals, 8 assists = 147 mins per goal

    Really hard to argue against Abraham being of value to a side trying to get back into the CL. His output is very similar to Lacazette, a player rightly praised for his contributions last season.

    Elite? no, but a very good player with considerable upside at 23 years old. From what I’ve watched of Abraham he needs to work on his decision making with others, but his ability inside the box is very good, and he has impressive feet for a taller player. Said it before, but he’s like a less impressive (and volatile) Adebayor. Think he’d be an excellent addition for circa 30 mil provided we got rid of one of the big guys.

  17. Positive pete

    Wenger Eagle re “ Coco Almunia”.you nailed it.There were plenty of other matches as well.I never once felt secure when his name was on the team sheet.Not once. Whoever we were playing.& Thats saying something considering some of the stars we had when he was in goal.I dreaded it.Absolutely F*** ng useless mentally weak.Saw him out once mincing about with a couple of poodles all done up in pink.arghhhhhhhhh

  18. Rich

    Agree Edu putting pictures up is really dim

    But who he chooses to see in his private life, has absolutely nothing to do with the club

    Since when does your place of work, dictate who you can and can’t see, or where you can and can’t go, outside of working hours

    Hopefully he’s in the South of France for a really good reason though, rather than just another jolly up

    Monaco, Nice, Marseille, all close by, and Lyon isn’t that far inland either

    Aouar would arrive with a giant red warning triangle, but as a replacement for Xhaka, would certainly point to a different style of play

  19. DigitalBob

    Also that Saka statement – Beautiful, so proud we have this kid at the club and grateful to see him grow here.

  20. WengerEagle


    Good mate, you holding up?

    Yeah the reason that those two are my favourite volleys is the degree of difficulty, especially in RVP’s case along with the iconic moment in Robben’s to go along with the technique/execution in keeping his eye on the ball for 3-4 full seconds before connecting with it which is insanely hard to pull off, most players would have embarrassed themselves in such a situation and either swung for air or stuck it into Row Z.

    Van Persie’s was just absurdly tough to pull off, how he got that high in the air with his leg above the defenders head I’ll never know. Eboue was bantered and rightly so but the man could deliver a brilliant cross.

    Navas would be a pipe dream, could see United being interested in him if he were on the market. They very nearly pulled off a swap deal between him and De Gea a few years ago before their fax machine was given the same treatment that Ms Doyle’s Tea Machine was. Bet they still rue that to this day.

    Donnarumma is a giant of a GK. Italy could barely have asked for a more worthy heir to Gigi Buffon, could they? They’re like the Germans, always seem to churn out great Goalkeepers.

    From Peruzzi to Buffon to Donnarumma just like from Oliver Kahn to Neuer.

    Thanks for the link, what a goal. I’ll always prefer the higher degree of difficulty volley over the longer distance thumper myself.

  21. Leftside

    Edu honestly doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the box to me, but then I don’t think this club cares about fan perception that much.

  22. Kroenkephobe

    Sounds like you’re having a good summer. Ms K and I are back to Girona this weekend for our final appearance in front of la policia. After that we’ll be residents. Now to rid ourselves of the little K’phobes and learn some catalan!

    Good list. I have Ozil in front of my other four like Lewis Hamilton leading four elderly daihatsu drivers at the end of the le man’s 24 hours. Interesting that he didn’t make your list. Santos – I’d almost erased him from my memory. Thanks for the reminder mate, no really. 😁

  23. WengerEagle

    AFC Forever

    Was an incredible ride, my happiest moments as an Arsenal supporter that CL Final run. Was only a young lad but remember every detail.

    Can you believe that we didn’t concede to the Galacticos of Real Madrid or Capello’s Juventus or an outstanding Villarreal side with Riquelme, Marcos Senna, Sorin and Forlan over a combined 540+ minutes with a makeshift defence of Eboue-Toure-Senderos/Campbell-Flamini?

    The Villarreal away leg was terrifying, we got battered over the 90 mins and were very lucky to escape with the result. Jens the obvious hero with the pen save. Funny enough I remember being worried about Forlan in the build up but it was his no-namer CF partner called Franco that gave us all of the trouble, he was a menace and nearly scored 2-3 on the night.

    Just even hearing names and characters like that- Henry, Sol Campbell, Jens Lehmann, Kolo Toure, Ashly Cole, Ljungberg, Pires, Bergkamp, teen Fabregas, etc. Feels like a lifetime ago now.

    Agree that it would have taken the club to another level and will always be the saddest night in our history as imo Wenger at the time deserved it.

  24. Ernest Reed

    “It’s the same old same old with Arsenal. Just as you think they are turning a corner, they allow another hugely embarrassing thing to hit the feeds.”

    Why so surprised Pedro, surely you know with the current cast of characters running the club that this was as guaranteed as a sunrise and sunset.

  25. WengerEagle


    Yeah in his position him and Ribery were as good as it got really. Robben more of a wide striker and Ribery a wide midfielder, have yet to see a better wing tandem.

    Positive pete

    I felt the same way about Clichy although he was nowhere near as bad as Almunia and was good for the most part. Just always felt the same about him re mistakes, he always had a rash/boneheaded fuck-up in him as well as being dire going forward.

    As amazing as we were on the ball, when we were off the ball in that 07/08 side we had to worry about Clichy, Almunia and the Gallas-Toure partnership on set pieces/long balls into the box.

    I never once relaxed whenever we conceded a corner.

  26. Ernest Reed

    Lets face it, what would anyone honestly expect from a novice Manager and novice DOF?

    The Kroenke’s are a cluster fuck of a shitshow in how to run a club. They hire monkeys to run their circus and then wonder why everyone can get so upset with them. Out of touch and out of time is the only way that i look at Arsenal today – aint that a rotten thing to happen to an otherwise historically good club.

  27. Tom

    Ok, so I haven’t bought an Arsenal shirt in a few years mainly because we’ve been shit and the kids I usually buy them for don’t seem to want to wear them, and it feels kinda silly for a grown ass man to wear one unless I’m going to a game which I haven’t done lately, but I’m definitely buying the new home shirt for 2021/22 season.
    The sharpest looking thing I’ve seen in a while.

  28. AFC Forever


    “I’ll always prefer the higher degree of difficulty volley over the longer distance thumper myself”

    Absolutely, every single day of the week. Anyone can smash one and hope one finds the top corner but a volley requires real technique and timing. The one from the Eboue cross was ridiculous, the only way he could execute that was to get his knee above the ball, the timing to do that!!! Truly incredible goal.

    Don’t know if you remember but he also scored a side-foot volley against Liverpool from a lofted pass from Song (I think). I’m not sure that gets the credit it deserves but the timing and awareness to place a volley with the side of his foot into the near post is something. Highly technical player like DB10.

  29. Gooner Grant

    This might sound controversial, but I believe the only way to truly fix our club is relegation! Now as horrible and unlikely as it sounds(even with Arteta still in charge) , it would be the only way to get rid of KSE for good. Our once great club is on the slow boat to nowhere, buckle up Gooners its going to be a horrible ride!

  30. Kroenkephobe

    Can there really be a conversation about greatest volleys without mentioning van Basten against Russia in 88? And that Trevor Sinclair effort for QPR (which had the added glamour of being kicked overhead with his back to goal)?

  31. Kroenkephobe

    Gooner Grant

    I get your drift but that is unthinkable. I reckon a part of me would die if Arsenal got relegated. Whether it’s in December, January, Feb, Mar or even April I always quietly register it in my mind when we hit 40 points and breathe a sigh of relief. Last season took fucking ages in that regard.
    Relegation is/was for other clubs like manure, spuds chelsea and city. We don’t do that.

  32. AFC Forever


    Yes, that Van Basten volley was an incredible goal, very difficult angle. They must spend so much time practising them, the execution is something else. I can remember the Tony Yeboah goal for Leeds and that Di Canio scissor kick for West Ham too.

  33. AFC Forever

    Gooner Grant

    “This might sound controversial, but I believe the only way to truly fix our club is relegation!”

    Fuck me mate, go and give that head of yours a wobble.

  34. Dissenter

    If Arsenal was well run, we wouldn’t be breaking the bank to sign a central defender with one year premier league experience. Not when we have more pressing needs.

  35. Almuniasaynomore

    It’s a little easier to imagine your move to Catalonia as the sun is actually shining here today. And here was me thinking we had our summer last Friday! Still envious though.
    I’d omit Ozil because he was a class player who produced ,at times,in an Arsenal shirt. He didn’t contribute consistently and it all ended terribly but I wouldn’t have him near the guys in that list. In truth I would rate Xhaka as a worse signing because our transition from attractive football to anti football can be linked to his ‘impact’ at the club. That said he wouldn’t be in my worst signings list either, unfortunately there were much worse. Squillaci ring a bell?

  36. Dissenter

    It seems like Pedro is gradually setting up Edu as the fall guy
    However, it’s unlikely that Edu decided that spending 55 million on a central defender is the way to go.

  37. Mark S

    Edu on a boat with Don and Kia is the epitome of “Not reading the room”. The Kroenkes have had numerous occasions to put the right people in charge, however they have missed the mark. (Example-Guardiola wanting to come to Arsenal, however Wenger didn’t want to go…even though the rot had set in.) Didn’t Edu just get praised for keeping some of the Young Guns around on this very site the other day, and now he’s out and about with his cronies trying to figure out what Kia client should come grace The Emirates? The Euros were always going to throw a wrench in our transfer plans, however it isn’t an excuse for us taking our time on shifting players in and out. Heck…Tavares mentioned in his interview with the club that the deal took longer than he thought it would! Why is that? I’d rather be paying 3 weeks of Ben White’s “dead wages” instead of waiting to sign him a week before the season starts. Did he even get a touch of the ball at the Euros? Look at KT for example, he cut his holiday short to return to training. Maybe White would do the same? You don’t know if he will or not if you don’t sign him up.

    Arsenal at the end of May-“We’re going to do our business quick. We’re going to get things sorted out.”

    Arsenal in the middle of July-“Well we don’t want to pay an additional 3 weeks of wages, so we’ll just wait until August to sign the guy.”

    This is the same club that paid Ozil how many millions to sit at home and then go sit in Turkey??? I think we can afford 3 weeks of wages for a player that we actually want!

  38. Almuniasaynomore

    Wenger Eagle,
    You’re reminiscing on the Cl final loss has me thinking of my worst Arsenal moments. There’s a lot so I’m going to go with my gut,literally the ones that made me feel ill. Obviously 06 is there but there’s a few above it. Clichy’s idiocy v Birmingham, I knew immediately the title had been fucked away there and then. Shez and kos ,lge cup final, Birmingham again,stupid stupid stupid. 8-2, I don’t think I ever wanted to grab someone by the throat as much as I did Wenger that day. But the top 2 came in 99. Spuds losing to the scum on the last day, to give them the title ahead of us was one I should have been prepared for but it was a bitter experience nonetheless. And worst of all,DB10, penalty miss, cup semi. Closest I ever came to non food/ drink related vomiting. There’s loads of others but these stung badly for different reasons.

  39. WengerEagle


    Birmingham away may have been the worst PL single day memory between Eduardo’s leg and career [we all knew it even then] being smashed to pieces as well as that dunce Clichy’s brainfart [wasn’t a pen and VAR would have clearer it up but still, no excuses for such a horrendous touch and dozy reaction] costing us all of our PL title momentum. We never mentally recovered and went on to lose the big battles at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford which cost us the title.

    Leeds beating us in 99′ with that Hasselbaink winner was what cost us the title. Always hated Leeds because of them forming an annoying habit of pissing on our title aspirations, the 2002/03 season they ended our hopes too with the 3-2 win over us with Viduka scoring the winner think.

    The 2002/03 bottlejob was actually one of Wenger’s worst as we were coasting and so far ahead/clearly a superior team to Man United at the time. Was our chance to retain the title as well as go on to do a three-peat like United had just accomplished before our double.

    Was the swing title and would have seen Wenger and Fergie tied at 4-4 PL titles a piece before Mourinho and Abramovich were fully unleashed on the league.

    Still annoys me that you can look back at our golden period and say that we were more successful than Man United even then. We should have been. The 2002/03 PL title along with either the 2003/04 CL or the 2005/06 one and we go down as maybe the best ever PL side.

  40. Rich

    Saliba to Marseille confirmed

    Tom will no doubt be ecstatic over the possibility of this debate reopening

  41. Johng

    Almunia. That semi final loss was the biggest season disappointment ever. Manure went on to win the tremble that year I believe, but had the footballing gods been on our side for a change ot could have been us

  42. Elmo

    For technical difficulty the Zidane CL final volley vs Leverkusen in 2002 has to be up there. Absolutely nothing fluke or hit-and-hope about it, and on his ‘weaker’ foot.

  43. Northbanker

    WE – the 2003 team was in my view the best ever Arsenal team. Yet of course statistically hard to argue – we weren’t champions unlike the year before and the year after. However the football we played in the first half of that season was another level – 20 minutes gone and 2-0 up seemed to be a recurring theme. We would slice through teams as if they were not there. We gave the tile away

  44. Chris

    If I recall 02/03 rightly we weren’t that far ahead of Utd at any point, 5 points at the most around March? We had a insipid defeat away to Blackburn I think and drew at Villa thanks to a daft own goal. Those are proper fine margins.

    If only we could have kept our concentration at home to Utd when we went 2-1 up, they went straight up the other end and scored. Wenger rued that in the press himself after. But where we truly lost the title was blowing the 2 goal lead at Bolton, and watching Allardici lord it over us was a bitter pill to swallow, they kicked Freddie off the pitch that day I think.

    The sliding doors moment for this club was the CL final though, no doubt. Going into the Emirates era with the CL tucked under our arm, first London team to do it, a few more experienced signings to compliment the emerging youngsters. It could have been oh so different.

  45. SAGG

    Great transfer window are having at the moment, thats why Legrove community is talking about tjings that happen 15-22 years ago.

    At this rate the only place we will see Arsenal will be the History Channel.

  46. Chris

    Meant to add as well Utd had van Nistelrooy at his peak in 02/03 and he was winning games for them by himself, practically unstoppable.

  47. Chris

    It’s a bit dim for Edu to be posting on his Insta with those two dirty dogs. Not a great perception. He has better be busy tying up signings from the area, Aouar? And definitely not negotiating anything with those two chancers.

    Just reading the nostalgia on here today of the glory years which are becoming further and further away and compare that to how we are now as a club, being run and our public image, it’s like night and day.

  48. Almuniasaynomore

    the technique for Zidane’s goal was impeccable but to be super critical I really think the keeper should save it. Or to put it another way, Schmeichel saves that shot every time for me.
    Yep,for me the worst feeling ever was losing that one. Against 10 men, missing a pen, Giggs goal, utd going on to do the treble. Sickening.

    Wenger Eagle
    And that point you made about not matching utd with our greatest team is why Wenger is so divisive amongst us. He gave but he taketh away!

  49. PhD2020


    Throw Edu to the lions,but preserve Arteta at all costs…

    Wrap Arteta up in cotton wool,draw the line of separation between Arteta and Edu,but its Edu who’s now facing the gallows.A public trial by media,being orchestrated where the conductor is directing the baying crowd(the masses) to the notion that Edu so far is the sacrificial lamb-to be hung, drawn and quartered..

    After the Euro’s has finished, back to reality where normal service has resumed.
    Harking back to the big elephant(s) in the room.


  50. WengerEagle


    We were 7 points clear of United in 2002/03 after 20 PL matches and 2 points clear of them after 31 PL matches played with a much easier run-in vs Sunderland [20th], Bolton [17th], Aston Villa [16th], Leeds [15th], Middlesbrough [11th] and Southampton [8th] along with the Man United game compared to United who had us, Newcastle [3rd], Liverpool [5th], Blackburn [6th], Everton [7th], Tottenham [10th], Charlton [12th], Fulham [14th].

    Wasn’t a massive choke-job but we undoubtedly let the title slip out of our hands.

  51. Chrispy

    Is Rangnick still out of a job?
    Fucking EDU.
    Just for one day, i’d like to get through without shaking my head at the ineptitude of it all.

  52. WengerEagle


    Agreed, definitely a more potent side than even the Invincibles one a season later. We scored 85 goals in the PL alone, 118 in all competitions which must be up there as a seasonal record for us.

    Was a weird CL season for us, those double group stages used to be a nightmare. We actually topped the first group stage but came 3rd in the second one after drawing 4 of our 6 games. Maybe fatigue started to kick in, perplexing how a team so strong can be dumped out so prematurely in Europe.

  53. Almuniasaynomore

    Wenger Eagle
    I meant to get back to you about the Navas thing. Utd are snookered in the keeping dept with Henderson issuing ultimatum for game time and De Gea on Ozil money and years left on his contract. City,pool,chelski all ok for keepers. Bayern,barca,madrid,likewise. He won’t stay at PSG with Donna there on big money too. So where can he go? Milan got our boy from lille ( cant rem his name) and even lyon seem to be getting the Ajax lad. Inter are sorted. Roma getting Patricio. Who else could need/ get him?

  54. Marc


    If Pedro had any sense the last thing he’d do is push for Edu to be sacked. Edu goes and we need a new DOF – anyone suitable for the role’s first condition on joining would be that the manager is under them, they’d then sack Arteta after watching his football for about 15 minutes.

    Edu’s just seems happy not to rock the boat – no pun intended!

  55. WengerEagle

    ‘Great transfer window are having at the moment, thats why Legrove community is talking about tjings that happen 15-22 years ago.’

    Ha look I dont disagree things are truly grim but I can’t do another day of talking about Ben White, Saliba or chopping up Fat Willian at a pre-season at Hibs.

    At least memory lane is a welcome distraction to the static activity going on around the club.

  56. Pierre

    “Over the past two seasons….
    Abraham in the PL:
    37 starts (3255 mins), 21 goals, 6 assists = 155 mins per goal
    Aubameyang in the PL:
    61 starts (5476 mins), 32 goals, 6 assists = 171 mins per goal
    Lacazette in the PL:
    44 starts (3808 mins) 26 goals, 8 assists = 147 mins per goal

    Really hard to argue against Abraham being of value to a side trying to get back into the CL. His output is very similar to Lacazette, a player rightly praised for his contributions last season.”

    As we all know , scoring goals is the hardest job in football, so let’s see which player is “really hard to argue against ”

    Season 20/21 premier league.

    Willock a goal every 122 mins
    Aubamayang a goal every 233 mins
    Lacazette a goal every 148 mins.
    Abraham a goal every 172 mins.

    Taking into account that Willock is a midfield player and was playing for a team fighting relegation , one would think that the inclusion of willock in the Arsenal side is “really hard to argue against”…..don’t you think.

  57. PhD2020

    AlmuniasaynomoreJuly 15, 2021 18:51:37
    the technique for Zidane’s goal was impeccable but to be super critical I really think the keeper should save it. Or to put it another way, Schmeichel saves that shot every time for me.
    You’re joking aren’t you?

    I think you are being super critical of that goal.Thought it was one of the best goals ever seen,more so in any top level competition, talk less of the CL.
    Implying that the goal keeper should have done better,or Schmeichel would have saved that,I somewhat disagree.
    It sort of devalues the goal scored by Zidane to reduce the argument to:’It could have been saved by a goalkeeper of Schmeichel’s standing..’

    When you add in all the ingredients-the technique, timing, the player, the occasion, it’s hard to find fault or be super critical of the goal.

    Anyway,I’m a ZZ fan-one of the best players in the world for me.So,naturally, my opinion might be tinged with a slight bias.. 🙂

    But,I guess it’s all about opinions.

    Would love to see him manage Arsenal in the foreseeable future.I’ve always thought about this idea,before he took the RM gig.

  58. AFC Forever


    “At this rate the only place we will see Arsenal will be the History Channel.”

    You’re trolling is pretty poor. Having your lot given you anything to talk about? The other day you were on here taking the piss out of Arsenal fans, now you’re doing it again. The fact we attract so many trolls proves that you can’t buy class – or history.

  59. DivineSherlock

    Revamp the squad , bring Lokonga and 2 out of Neves/Sabitzer/Locatelli/Aouar . Bin Willian give his place to Willock . Laca out the door and Abraham in . Play 4-4-2 / 4-3-3 . Instantly make Arsenal more exciting to watch.

  60. WengerEagle


    Not sure. Word on the street is that he is still PSG number 1 even with Donnarumma’s arrival [find that hard to believe myself].

    In terms of landing spots- Real Madrid [Courtois], Barcelona [Stegen], Atletico Madrid [Oblak], Bayern [Neuer], Inter Milan [Handanovic], Liverpool [Alisson], City [Ederson], United for the reasons you stated are all out.

    Leaves Juventus or potentially Chelsea even as destinations. I’m not sure how convinced Tuchel is by Mendy who was Lampard’s boy. He has a good relationship with Navas from PSG which could be a factor.

    And Juventus only have Shezzer now with Buffon gone. So could definitely see them being interested.

  61. Chris

    Wenger Eagle

    Ah ok thanks for looking up. I remember us being 5 points ahead for what seemed a while in the autumn, and it was neck and neck going into spring. But yes, it was ours to win, gutted we didn’t.

    Just think Ferguson had the slight mental edge still in the mind games, and as we said, van Nistelrooy was winning games for them by himself.

  62. AFC Forever


    “The sliding doors moment for this club was the CL final though, no doubt. Going into the Emirates era with the CL tucked under our arm, first London team to do it, a few more experienced signings to compliment the emerging youngsters. It could have been oh so different”

    100% agree. As I said earlier that was a defining moment. Well to be more precise, the 18th minute was the dfining moment. Rich was lambasted for his ‘small margins’ but he is right. Take that DB10 penalty miss in the semi-final and what an impact that 20 seconds or so had.

    For me though, I can’t remember ever feeling as sick to my stomach as I did watching bent Mike Riley and that bunch of dirty b*st*ds screwing us over in that 50th game at OT. Everytime I watch it on youtube it looks worse and even more obvious.

  63. PhD2020

    MarcJuly 15, 2021 19:16:16

    I know Marc.

    That said,I think it’s just Comedy Central at Arsenal.Nothing new there to be honest.
    Just funny,how the ducks are being lined up to be shot at..But Arteta,is being hidden away and the keepers of him or ardent supporters of him, are probably under instructions to protect and safeguard him at all costs.

    Failure to follow instructions, implies no free yearly supplies of oat milk for you and bird feed.It’s one of the non-negotiables that was made known to the conductor from the very outset.

    It’s all tongue in cheek of course-or maybe not. 🙂

  64. AFC Forever


    Fergie was managing the biggest club in the World. Before financial doping came into the game, there was Man Utd out there ahead of everyone. There was never any pressure on Fergie to sell players, not just financially but because there was no bigger club to play for. He kept a settled side and could buy whoever he wanted to improve it. Huge advantage. As good as Fergie was there were factors that helped him. That is without going into some of the other things or Graham Polls book. Or what we all witnessed at Old Trafford in that infamous ground. yes he was a great manager but he had a lot on his side.

  65. David.D

    Wasnt the 2003 season the one where we were blowing teams away and if memory serves me correct we played a full foreign team against leeds away and the media made a big deal about it. We were scintillating that day if memory serves me correct.
    The defeat that actually made me cry as a grown man of nearly 34 was that champions league defeat against Chelsea. It was so painful and so frustrating because had we gone through I’m utterly convinced we would have won the champions league that year.
    We would have beaten Mourinho’s Porto team. That year there were not any major teams left in the later stages and it was set up for us.
    Was so gutted that night we got knocked out. Really should have been our year.
    That bloody hurt.

  66. WengerEagle



    We beat United over that time period because we were a better team, of which Wenger deserves credit for assembling together and managing.

    But United despite not being as good still just as often beat us in that time period, Fergie’s influence being enough to pip a few close games in their favour you felt.

    In 2002/03, 03/04 and 2004/05 we failed to beat United in 6 attempts in the league, losing 3 of the 6.

  67. Almuniasaynomore

    No,I’m not joking,I think the Dortmund keeper reacted late because, like the rest of us,when the ball was coming down out of the sky he never thought a volley like that was imminent. I don’t want to diminish ZZ’s goal either and the strike was class but…….Actually it went into a similar part of the goal as the Danish free kick v England and a lot of critics thought Pickford should’ve done better. But like you said it’s about opinions and I have always been harsh on keepers.

    ZZ as a manager would be a dream, unfortunately in both senses I think. I used to argue that Platini was the better player for years( showing my age now) but I had to concede that I was wrong in the end. Technically they weren’t even close really,though I’d still argue that Platini has been hugely underrated by many. Didn’t do himself any favours of course with his relationship with septic bladder.

  68. SAGG

    AFC Forever

    Troll? Reality hits hard. I will always say thta fand are the core.of.the problem at Arsenal, yeha fans thta keep worshiping guys like Arteta to stay at.the club not.matter how bad they perform, a fanbase that is not capable of.make.a roght protest to remove the kroenke.

    And if you are enjoying this shit show of transfer window good for.you, but I dont enjoy the decline of the club sport and.financially.

    So while your lot keep giving leeway to shithousers like Arteta, Vinai and Edu,the club are becoming less attractive to high progile players and fans around the world. Keep dreaming we are part of the elite, because reality is we are second tier at best

  69. WengerEagle

    Yeah the path to the trophy would have been Monaco and Porto. Two teams that we would have been well capable of beating.

    Hurt in a different way to 2006 which we overachieved in really considering the state of our defence with injuries and our league form. That one hurt because we were so close, literally 15 mins away from the trophy.

    2004 was severe underachievement. That Chelsea side had no business dumping us out at Highbury.

  70. CG

    ””””’just for one day, i’d like to get through without shaking my head at the ineptitude of it all””””’

    Impossible not to shake, Chrispy

    Edu didn’t get caught conniving by an alert AFC supporter or hack with the disgraced Fat Spiv (think Vinny in the Manchester night)- he VOLUNTARY posted this foto!!!

    Exactly like he did when he went jet skiing the same time the transfer window opened.

    Can you believe this???

    He thinks he is doing a grand job.
    Having the time of his live.

    We have Fatty Arbuckle’ William representing Arsenal FC on the pitch and now we have this pillock representing Arsenal FC off the pitch.

    Gawd knows what the Amazon prime doc will produce.

    A total and utter disgrace.

  71. Almuniasaynomore

    Wenger Eagle
    There couldn’t be anything less fashionable for an Arsenal fan right now but if Navas went to Chelsea I’d take Mendy in a heartbeat,price being reasonable of course. Forgot about Juve. I would cry if they got Navas and we got Shez back. We need a keeper who can lead in a poor defense, not one who has been sheltered by all time greats to such an extent that people seem to have forgotten how bloody dodgy he is.

  72. CG


    ”””CG What’s going on in South Africa? Is it as bad as the news is making out?””’

    I am in CT.

    Durban and Joburg on fire.

    It will settle, it always settles down.

  73. SAGG


    We lost 99, 03, 08 and 16 league titles add to that 99, 01 and 04 FA Cups, to end with 04 and 06 CL.

    But at least we were.there, figthing but look at us now, I understand how we got attached to Wenger a revolutionary mind that outsmarted the market and brought success, and at some point we crave and got mad at Wenger (right or wrong is debatable, but he was held to.high standards) but look at us now Arteta how the same.worshiping legion after finished 8th twice, destroyed some players value and had some of.the worse records at Arsenal, but he won an FA Cup (thanks to Auba hot streak) and for some fans.it seems enough, .sure this lot will make a parade is.we.avoid.releagation and note it as one of.Arteta achievements

  74. Vintage Gun

    “For technical difficulty the Zidane CL final volley vs Leverkusen in 2002 has to be up there. Absolutely nothing fluke or hit-and-hope about it, and on his ‘weaker’ foot.”

    Good shout. Had me off my feet roaring.

  75. CG


    ”””’and brought success, and at some point we crave and got mad at Wenger (right or wrong is debatable, but he was held to.high standards) ””

    well reminded.

    Like A. Wengers class, and very underrated managerial ability those high standards are just not at the club anymore.

    Wenger would not being doing this tacky doc, that is for sure.

  76. Vintage Gun

    Speaking of stinging defeats…

    Liverpool CL QF second leg. Conceding after Theo scored late.

    Chelsea CL QF second leg. Wayne Bridge . We were the best team in Europe that year

  77. Elmo


    I do think the ZZ volley was unstoppable. Coming down out the lights from that agricultural Garryowen by Roberto Carlos, absolutely no-one would be anticipating an on-the-full weaker foot volley hit with swerve and power towards the top corner. I think the slo-mos make it look saveable.

    The only suggestion that the keeper should be questioned was that his name was Butt.

    We finished 3rd in the 2nd group stage that year behind Leverkusen and Deportivo, with Juve bottom of the group. We did beat Leverkusen at Highbury 4-1, being 4-0 up with goals from Pires, Henry, Vieira, and Bergkamp (what a quartet of scorers). If Ulf Kirsten hadn’t scored a 90th minute equaliser in the game in Leverkusen, we would have qualified from the group instead of them, and would have faced Liverpool, then United in the knock-outs.

    Btw, very much enjoyed your Talksport piece yesterday!

  78. PhD2020

    Mark SJuly 15, 2021 17:59:46

    Arsenal at the end of May-“We’re going to do our business quick. We’re going to get things sorted out.”

    Arsenal in the middle of July-“Well we don’t want to pay an additional 3 weeks of wages, so we’ll just wait until August to sign the guy.”
    Nothing new there..Same ‘ole,same ‘ole.

    I recall back in 2008, almost 13 years ago,during the Euro 2008,where Arsene Wenger was working in his capacity as a ‘Castrol Index Ambassador’,bragged: “He was going to the Euros with his big chequebook.”Implying he was going to spend big.

    What followed:Arsene rocks up with Mikael Silvestre from Manure and Amaury Bischoff from W.Bremen on a free transfer, Ramsey from Cardiff for circa £4.5 million.Granted we eventually got Nasri from Marseille for circa £12 million.

    But the point being,it was hardly the blockbusting,mega summer signing procession that Arsene led us to believe.

    Arshavin-came during the winter transfer window in Jan 2019.

    The CEO-Ivan Gazidis proclaiming in 2013:”That we are ready to compete at the level of Bayern Munich and can compete with any club in the world.Given the escalation in Arsenal’s financial power.”

    Look how that turned out.The calamity show with missing out on Higuain,then the infamous £40+1 million bid for Suarez,which was laughed out of the room by Liverpool.

    Arsene 2015:After the end of the 2014-2015,Arsene intimated that we will busy in the summer transfer window for the 2015/16 season.What ensued?

    We were the only club in the whole of Europe not to sign an outfield player.Our signing was Cech for £10 million.Signing a player that had come to the end of his career.

    That was the season Leicester won the EPL-2015/16.

    Gazidis in the aftermath of Leicester winning the EPL,to paraphrase him:
    “We will try to replicate Leicester’s model,because …. we don’t have the spending power of Man City,Manure or Chelsea!!!”

    See Gazidi’s statement in 2013(we can compete with B.Munich).

    Let’s not forget the supermarket trolley dash on transfer deadline day back in 2012,after we got hammered 8-2 by Manure.

    In short,this season is not an outlier,nor are the shenanigans occurring at AFC.It’s the norm.You can find or cite many more examples.So,I wouldn’t be too hung up by what you are witnessing.

    You have the Olympics coming up,enjoy that.

  79. Rich

    We produced remarkable consistency with twenty consecutive top 4 finishes between 1997-2016

    We’ve only finished outside the top 8 on 3 occasions since 1975, finishing 10th twice, and 12th once

    We were always going to have a little dip again at some point, we’ve just got to make sure it doesn’t become a permanent decline

    Last time Arsenal missed out on Europe, they broke their transfer record to sign Bergkamp from Inter Milan for £7.5 million

    We’re already weaker without Odegaard and adequate competition for Leno, and as we stand, I think we’d struggle to finish 8th again, in a very competitive league

    But providing we can get the players out, and we then get our transfer business and squad planning right, we can put ourselves at the beginning of a new cycle, with a group of young and hungry players who can grow together

    We need stability and continuity on the pitch, a core of players who we still expect to be at the club for at least the next 4-5 years, and where most of our improvement will be internal, rather than external

    So we’re not going into every summer window thinking we need major surgery, and we’re just looking at tweaking an already well oiled machine

    There’s no shortcuts back to the very top, and whether we’re wise to trust Edu + Arteta with this project, is more than a reasonable opinion to hold, particularly considering their inexperience

    Lokonga + Tavares are unlikely to move the needle for us in the immediate, we need 3-4 signings who provide an instant uplift in quality in the 22-25 age range, players who are progressing, rather than regressing

    We need to start getting players out soon, and then pray they don’t screw up our recruitment

  80. Vickingz

    All seems not to be well with arsenal, considering the face that we are now appreciating Arsenal fc of years ago

  81. Marc


    I still can’t get out of you what you think we’ll raise from sales and what you think out net spend will be?

    Come on dive in Roy Keane style.

  82. Almuniasaynomore

    Yes,phd seems in agreement with you also. In my defence I will say that at the time I thought Butt should have saved it also but it’s difficult to know when exactly he first sees it as there is a player between him and the ball. As I said to phd I tend to be over critical of keepers.
    No getting away from ZZ’s class tho, prob a bit unfortunate that Messi and Ronaldo followed so quickly on his heels, he didn’t get to enjoy his undoubted spot at the pinnacle of football for long. ( that and a certain headbutt). I’m still amazed Wenger didn’t ‘almost sign him’!

  83. Champagne Charlie

    “Taking into account that Willock is a midfield player and was playing for a team fighting relegation , one would think that the inclusion of willock in the Arsenal side is “really hard to argue against”…..don’t you think.“

    No, I don’t think using a hyper-successful sample is an accurate or fair representation of a player. Be like looking at Pepe on the strength of his last 13 league starts alone, or final 3 games of the season and claiming that was indicative of his aggregate output.

    In the same two year window as the 3 strikers mentioned Willock has the following returns:

    21 starts (2053 mins), 9 goals, 1 assist = 228 mins per goal

    So unsurprisingly much less effective than Aubameyang, Lacazette, or Tammy Abraham. Not a shock given he’s not a striker, but then when you consider his general play it’s hard to make a case that he’s good enough.

    You will though, still batting for Eddie who’s proved his ceiling already.

  84. Habesha Gooner

    Why is it that everyone thinks Spending is the solution, especially in positions that we are stacked.

    Tammy Abrham is a good player. But no way we should sign him. We have two senior strikers we can use to phase in Balogun and Martinelli. Abrham wouldn’t even be in discussion if Chelsea never gave him a chance. Giving the likes of Balogun as backups and then phasing them in is how we get long term solutions.

    Lewandowski, one of the best CFs right now was a backup to Lucas Barrios. Aubameyang was a winger and a backup to Lewa. Developing young players as backups is what we should do. Tammy Abrham isn’t a massive improvement on our starting 11. If he isn’t then we don’t need him as a backup either.

    I wouldn’t mind giving chances to the likes of willock and Nelson as backups if we had our starting players in those positions sorted. Then see who will break in to the starting line up. After that sell whoever isn’t cutting it. Like AMN.

    On another topic, I loved Saka’s letter. He is a class act on and off the pitch. I really think we have got one of the youngsters that are going to become one of the best players in the world. He is a wonderful talent and he has his head screwed on right.

  85. Emiratesstroller


    I am sorry but I have to disagree with the point you make about the number of first team players who have been moved on.

    The registered players who have left are FOUR.
    RYAN [End of Loan]
    LUIZ [End of Contract]
    CEBALLOS [End of Loan]
    ODEGAARD [End of Loan]

    Also we have offloaded THREE unregistered first team squad players on loan
    MAVROPANOS [obligation to buy]
    GUENDOUZI [obligation to buy]

    We know also that TWO players are definitely leaving once terms are agreed:

    It is almost certain also that Arsenal will offload this Summer another FIVE players:
    RUNARSSON [has been replaced in squad by Okonkwo]
    KOLASINAC [has been replaced in squad by Tavares]
    NKETIAH [has been replaced by Balogun]

    So before we discuss any other departures SEVEN have been offloaded, TWO are on the point
    of departure and another FIVE will leave.

    The only point of discussion is the lack of transfer fees, which we have managed sofar to

  86. Almuniasaynomore

    It’s been a while since fans of the top teams have looked enviously at one of our players (santi maybe?). But in Bukayo we have a real gem that others will admire and desire. It’s great but as others have pointed out it brings pressures also. We must give him the environment here to fulfill his ambitions because no matter how grounded he is, the sharks will circle and the snakes will whisper in his ear. Tierney and ESR in a similar position but to a lesser extent for now. This is Arteta’s greatest challenge giving these players a club/team that matches their talents/ambitions. It’s a worrying situation long term, that’s why this window is so important ,it’s not simply a case of a few bad buys costing us money. They may cost us a lot more than that.

  87. Rich


    It’s a big no for Coutinho from me

    Brilliant player, but missed most of last season through injury

    I’m absolutely done with players on big money in the twilight of their career, and we shouldn’t be looking at loans

    We need a core of players we can build around for the medium to longer term

  88. Mr Serge

    Pedro do you still think we have money to spend ? Edu is a joke he should be swapped for overmars post haste
    I am not so sure we have this massive budget to spend the season is drawing closer rapidly.

  89. PhD2020

    MarcJuly 15, 2021 20:58:12
    I still can’t get out of you what you think we’ll raise from sales and what you think out net spend will be?

    Come on dive in Roy Keane style.
    Haha…. Expect a convoluted answer.Evading the tough questions in the manner of good ‘ole Boris Johnson.

    Diving in Roy Keane style?

    More like doing a Boris Johnson,when faced with the tough questions,such as:”Boris -How many children have you sired and from how many women?” Subsequently going mute and hot-tailing it to hide away in a refrigerated truck,when put on the spot.

  90. Guns of SF

    Also Laca showed up to pre season, in his final year.
    This is groundhod day again.
    I think the club will try and sell him this summer. If so,Tammy A might work for us

  91. Marc


    “Net spend £100-£150 million”

    Mate not sure whether to take the piss out of you “just say no to drugs” or take the piss that you don’t understand the meaning of net.

    Not happening in a million years. And with Arteta at the helm we won’t spend that much net over the next 2 summer windows.

  92. Marc

    “A cheap option would be a loan for Coutinho”

    Er we’d be picking up all of his wages and that’s 470,000 euros per week. So even a year loan would cost us 20 odd million euros.

    Not what I call cheap.

  93. Emiratesstroller

    I will be exceedingly surprised if our TOTAL spend this summer exceeds £150 million, which
    would still be a record for the club.

    The amount of sales is unlikely to exceed £50-60 million on current evidence. I think that we
    will get out of Roma around £17 for Xhaka. Bellerin will be a struggle albeit that Inter will have
    some budget having sold Hakimi for £54 million. Then I would expect Arsenal to generate some funds from Nketiah, AMN and perhaps Nelson.

  94. Johng

    Marc being optimistic, in your opinion how much do you think we will spend. I am of the school of thought that the 250 million that was put out there by the press is nonsense but surely the Kronkes must know that we can’t afford to lose more ground on the clubs above and around us. His investment will surely nosedive

  95. Marc


    So you still think our net spend will be in the region of £100 million? We lost in excess of £150 million last season (could be much much more) , £120 million the 4 previous seasons, are going into the new season with no European football (at least £30 million of lost TV revenue), ST income down by almost 20% and the threat of a 3rd COVID wave limiting crowd numbers (I don’t think that’ll happen).

    We seem to have a massive outbreak of psychosis on here. It’s like listening to the economists prior to the 08 crash telling me 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 237.

  96. Emiratesstroller

    What appears more important to the owners and management at Arsenal is the reduction of
    our current wage bill.

    If we offload Luiz, Bellerin, Xhaka and Kolasinac that will total around £400K a week and the
    departure of the other players such as Odegaard, Ceballos, Guendouzi, Saliba and Torreira will
    also reduce the payroll.

  97. Champagne Charlie

    “Why is it that everyone thinks Spending is the solution, especially in positions that we are stacked.“

    Why do some people think relying on players like Martinelli and Balogun is at all sensible?

    We have two senior strikers, both on massive money, both over 30. Next in line is a teenager. Selling a high earning player and replacing him with a much better profile of player would undoubtedly be of benefit to us both now and later.

    Seems the fashion on here is to sack off any sort of coherent investment and pretend all our answers are floating about the academy. That’s Maddison unnecessary because of ESR, Xhaka replaceable with Azeez, and Tammy Abraham a waste because of Balogun. Pass the pipe.

  98. Useroz

    ” …was super weird to block Pepe with Willian last season, but that’s what our esteemed boat enthusiast did.

    Seriously, most media and interview quotes at the tiime suggest it was Arteta who wanted Willian.

    Sure Edu did the deal I suppose but Arteta cannot be allowed to get away with yet another poor decision, on record.

  99. Rich


    Our ability to bring players in, will be dependent on our ability to move players out

    I think KSE will invest, but first we have to make the space in our squad, and we also have to balance the wage bill

    It’s one thing to make a £200 million investment into the playing staff, but if that investment then gives us a huge surplus of players, and a wage to turnover ratio that’s unsustainable, then bringing in players becomes impossible

    Net spend doesn’t really mean anything anyway

    Ben White 23 £50million, £120k p/w 5yr deal = £81.2million

    Varane 28 £50million £400k p/w 5yr deal = £154million

    You then need to take into account the age profile, United will look to get 5 years of service out of Varane

    Arsenal will look to get 8 maybe 9 seasons of service out of White (I’m not suggesting we buy White for this much money)

    If we get our signings right the first time, and the age profile is correct, then those £40-£50 million investments, can prove good value of the medium to longer term

    KSE could currently cash out with around £800 million, do you really think they’re turning that down, to keep a club that’s haemorrhaging money, to watch us cement our place in mid-table

    I just don’t see that, but I also don’t see them green lighting deals that give us a wage bill that’s unsustainable, operationally outside of that investment, the club needs to be self sustainable

  100. Marc


    I think our net spend will be £20 – £30 million – we might splash and go 10 million higher but I don’t think people appreciate just how much we’ve been losing.

    Right now the straight forward way of righting the clubs finances is slashing the wage bill and settling for 10th – 7th place taking in all that lovey PL TV money and gate receipts (they would reduce but we could half the wage bill or more).

    Does anyone honestly think the Kroenke’s have the football nous to spend us back to competing?

  101. MD-Gunner

    Xhaka going to Roma for £12.8m plus £2.18m in bonuses so max £15m no one has money to spend except a few oil rich clubs.

  102. Emiratesstroller


    Yes I do think that the Kroenkes are under considerable pressure to spend money this summer
    and the funds will be found.

    Arsenal’s losses last season are not £150 million as you suggest. The accounts have not been

  103. SAGG


    That only makes sense if you avoid to bring coutinho. That would be a suicidal signing.

  104. Marc


    What you’re saying has some logic to it but there are holes all over it. As I said above the easiest way to stop the losses is to tighten the belt. No guarantees that spending will do anything? How much have we spent since we dropped out of the CL places? Which is when our losses started – remember Josh saying “we’ve got a CL wage bill on EL income”? Well we don’t even have the EL income anymore.

  105. Marc


    We lost £47 odd million in the previous set of accounts where we’d missed out on the revenue of 4 homes matches (of which many ST holders had already paid for). Last season we’ve lost £90 odd million in match day revenue if you don’t think we’ll show losses of £150 million or more? Really come one.

  106. Emiratesstroller


    I think that the driving force behind recruitment of Willian was Raul and shortly thereafter he
    left the club, which suggests that maybe the Board were concerned about the deal.

    Raul’s departure without any compensation smells of a similar story that occurred when Dein
    left the club in similar circumstances.

  107. Marc


    The £150 million losses might not be a fact but it’s a reasonable assumption that will have a direct bearing on what we spend.

  108. Emiratesstroller


    You attach too much importance to the loss.

    Arsenal is now a private company owned by KSE and the Kroenke family who are multi billionaires.

    No-one likes to lose money. However, I would venture to suggest that Arsenal are far less
    vulnerable in current climate than many other well known clubs.

    The Kroenke family announced today that they are making changes to the way that the
    club are run with a new advisory Board, which will include “Supporters” and that they are
    in for the “long haul”.

    That does not suggest to me a major crisis.

  109. andy1886

    If we weren’t losing so much money what exactly was the £120m government loan for? And why did we have to take out a further loan to repay it?

  110. PhD2020

    MarcJuly 15, 2021 22:31:45

    I think our net spend will be £20 – £30 million – we might splash and go 10 million higher but I don’t think people appreciate just how much we’ve been losing.Right now the straight forward way of righting the clubs finances is slashing the wage bill and settling for 10th – 7th place taking in all that lovey PL TV money and gate receipts (they would reduce but we could half the wage bill or more).

    Does anyone honestly think the Kroenke’s have the football nous to spend us back to competing?


    I agree with you here.The net spend is likely to be maybe circa £20-£50 million(being generous).As you’ve rightly said,we’ve been haemorrhaging money hand over fist for the last few seasons,more so in a distressed covid hit market for two seasons.A third season is likely.
    Losing over and above £150 million last season and a similar amount over the last 4-5 seasons.
    Loss of CL money, attendance gate money and now European money.

    No Europe this season and we will struggle to attract quality players in the top 1-2 tier,to catapult us back into a CL place.

    Allied to the fact that we have players on our roster that we are struggling to shift on,coupled with some of the players in question are on lofty wages and others where we will struggle to command a decent fee for,given the climate.Just some factors to consider amongst many others.

    I’m afraid it’s looking grim,where we will have to cut our cloth according to our size and stem the financial bleeding.

    Does anyone honestly think the Kroenke’s have the football nous to spend us back to competing?

    No,they can’t even get the management team in place right,to make the right footballing decisions.

    So,from my end-it’s looking rather grim.

    But hey,don’t wish to be a Debbie Downer.You know for many-it’s about the suspension of disbelief.Rather than facing the harsh reality.

  111. Emiratesstroller

    I will put money on a wager that Arsenal’s net spend will be significantly higher than £20

    The club will invest properly in the team this summer despite all the negatives posted on here.

    Kroenke has made it clear that he is making a commitment to the club.