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Soooooo… #ArtetaOut?

Lololololl… it’s preseason people, take a walk outside if you are upset over a run out in the park on July 13th. This season really is going to be a painful one if we’re dropping big tears this early on.

The negatives? No one wants to see Willian and Kola in our starting 11. Kola is gone. Bin him. Give him a free. Willian? Well, we’re stuck with him, let’s be clear, Fabrizio Romano and the ITK crowd have his exit very wrong. No one will pay his monster salary and I doubt he’s taking a pay cut… I just hope Arteta doesn’t spend 4 months realizing he’s probably a dead player.

The positives? We saw a whole bunch of debuts happen and some of the kids look pretty decent. None of them will be with the first team squad come the opening day of the season, but it’s great to see them considered. I felt for Okonkwo, he hashed up a back pass that led to an early goal, but that’s being young in a vital position… mistakes happen.

ESR looked good, Arteta said he’s 100% staying. He’s not often wrong on who is staying.

Pepe missed a penalty, but he was dangerous all game despite not scoring.


Our next game is at the weekend and we’ll have a chance to see what Stevie G is all about. More fitness in the legs, hopefully at least 11 sales, Tavares will join and we’ll get to see him for the first time. Imagine that, a good back-up left-back?!

My bigger worry is the lack of big-name signings. It feels like we might want to see Ben White as soon as possible. I think most England players will get 4 weeks off, so I’m not sure we can speed that reality up. Also, are we moving on a creative player? If it’s Maddison, make it happen. If it’s Aouar, do the damn deal. Messing around trying to save wages won’t be an excuse mid-September if we have 3 points on the board.

Glad to see that Bukayo Saka is still winning fans on the internet. I was sent this quote from Theodore Roosevelt, hated myself because I am a critic, but then thought about Bukayo.

‘It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit deserves to the man who is actually in the arena.’

Amen to that Teddy. A man of great privilege who did some pretty awesome things. When he was the NYC police commissioner, he’d go out at night undercover and bust crooked cops. The legend of this behavior helped correct the department. I love that sort of principled approach to life.

Anyway, Declan, single, working real estate in Manchester can keep his mouth shut about Bukayo. Sorry, ex-estate agent, no one cares or backs your views.

So a pretty short one today… but… Johnny and I did a podcast that ALSO comes in video format so you can see our faces. This week, we talk about Saka (and the climate of racism around our heroes), ESR, and giving chances to kids. Tune in with your eyes or ears and 5* rating as always.

See you BELOW.

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  1. Leftside

    I echo the concerns of others on here, we really need to see some movement in this market. Tavarez, Lokonga and White will not cut it. Where is the CAM and CM, where’s the backup goalkeeper of sufficient quality and where is the RB?

    Arteta gave a quote after the Hibs game and he even sounded like peak dithering Wenger. Makes you think, what on earth was Kroenke referring to when he said for us to be excited??

  2. SAGG


    Was referring to be relegated and fight for the championship title. I thought that was clear with last season actions and this transfer window.

  3. Leftside


    It’s not looking good is it, the names we are being linked with are so underwhelming as well.

    Can’t remember another upcoming season that I’m so indifferent about.

  4. Pierre

    My prediction for next season are that Smith Rowe and Pepe will be a creative force for us next season , proving that we do not need signings inbthat area.

    Balogun will explode onto the scene and Willock will continue to score and affect games with the timing of his runs and his ability to find space in the box and hunger for goals.
    And then of course there is Martinelli who is another year further on in his development.

    These players , along with Saka, are ready to make a difference , but first of course they need the trust of the manager, and that’s where the problem lies.

    Forget signing Maddison or Aouar..
    Sell Lacazette and Willian for peanuts and let’s open the window of opportunity for these very talented group of players ..

    Keep Aubamayang to see if he can rediscover his goalscoring form , I think he can with the right service .
    Balogun can be used as an impact sub and put pressure on the manager to start him.
    I sense a hunger in Balogun to make the breakthrough…

    Let’s not waste the opportunity to see what this group of very good young players can do when they are on the pitch together.

    My biggest regret will be that we will never see the likes of saka, Smith Rowe, willock , Martinelli, Balogun on the same pitch together.

    We are already losing Eddie and Nelson due to lack of game time which for is a criminal waste , at least give then a chance to prove themselves in the league as they never let the club down in the cup competitions .

    We use to constantly hear that Willock can’t do it in the prem even though he had never been given the chance….he has obviously put that argument to bed.

  5. Mr Serge

    29 days to go for the start of the premier league that’s not s lot of time to get players in and then get them ready for the madness that is the premier league

  6. Leftside

    Serge, you wouldn’t be surprised if we get trounced in maybe two of our 1st three games before the dunce double act panic and get in players

  7. China1

    Just saw the photos of willians pot belly Deary fucking me

    Imo when a senior player turns up looking like that it’s disrespectful because it just shows they don’t give a fuck. Willian shouldn’t play anyway but he shouldn’t even be in the squad until he stops eating all the pies and loses weight


  8. Terraloon

    I am in two minds about the lack of incomings.

    On one hand it takes time to get top players over the lines when they will have been away on international duty but but on the other I am far from sure that the majority of targets have been away or more like it Arsenal aren’t prepared to offer close to the clubs valuation

    I am however far more concerned about outgoings because it seems to me that the majority of the supposed deadwood just don’t have suitors or more likely the clubs that are interested just ain’t going to or are able to pay close to the monies that either Arsenal or the player want.

    I would wait another couple of weeks before getting overly concerned but with all the chatter there really should have been at least one top target over the line as opposed to a bargain basement purchase whom his ex clubs supporters were celebrating long and hard that any club, and a supposedly a top one at that were prepared to pay anything for a player who they rated as very very poor

  9. Terraloon


    I know they say the camera never lies but the shirts are too tight and from what I have seen Willian is just about the only player that bothers to tuck these type of shirts in

    Irrespective he is a few days off being 33 and surely he is entitled to be looking forward to retirement

  10. James wood.

    Is it the fact we are not in any European comps.
    “”. “”. “”. Potential signings see us as a backward thinking club
    where players come rob us blind and happily move on with huge
    Even WILLOCK has now said he would prefer to stay at Newcastle.?
    This window has looked like most others one or two players bought in who are really not at the level required.
    Why have players not been moved ????
    Arsenal the easy touch club are top of the league.

  11. WengerEagle

    ‘Irrespective he is a few days off being 33 and surely he is entitled to be looking forward to retirement’

    On our dime, lol.

    Tubby prick is bleeding enough money out of us. Same as the other fatty Kolasinac.

  12. Pierre

    Get a couple of quality midfielders and a back up keeper and we are ready to go .
    Xhaka will be gone, as will Willian and Lacazette.
    If Bellerin leaves then i would rather have trippier than Ben white at half the price..

    It’s time to trust the players who were NOT culpable for our worst start to a season in decades …

  13. kjelli

    We might have a potential in Willock on our hands, but Eddie and Balugun are unknown knowns
    For me I think the clouds are gathering over Emiretes and Arteta.. Maybe we lack cojonas after all..

  14. Pierre

    It’s the outgoings more than the incomings that is the bigger concern..

    Our young players are another year older and are ready to stake a claim .
    Arteta and Edu need to take a hit on the experienced players as there needs to be a window of opportunity for our academy players…

    Signings should be all about the midfield area…

  15. DivineSherlock

    Locatelli is gettable I think because Juve have a lot midfield players they need to bin first. If we wait Juve will do the necessary and nab Locatelli . We should tempt Sassuolo and Locatelli with good offer.

  16. Terraloon

    This snippet in today’s DM sort of reinforced the point about players valuations

    In effect Liverpool may well not be able to buy any players because they cant get rid of deadwood

    This is due to the issues surrounding various fringe players including Marko Grujic and Harry Wilson. Both wingers are two of the most valuable players in Klopp’s squad, with price tags between £12-15m.

    Porto are reportedly interested in Grujic but are reluctant to pay the fee while Wilson is currently on holiday after representing Wales at Euro 2020.

    The Athletic report that Liverpool would be open to selling defender Nat Phillips if they receive a bid of around £15m. However, they are happy to keep the 24-year-old on as a squad player given Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez and Joel Matip are only just returning from long injury lay-offs.

    Neco Williams is another player who could depart, with the Reds said to value the Welshman at £10m. Like Wilson, Williams is also on holiday after taking part in the Euros.

  17. NORG

    Why would you buy a young talent like Wilson (£15K per week) when you can get a pot bellied Brazilian (£200Kper week) whose talent is fast disappearing down the drain, for free.

  18. CG


    ”””””Just saw the photos of willians pot belly Deary fucking me””””’

    Crikey, his restaurant must be good.

    Looks like he has his spent pre- season locked in its bloody larder.

    No fotos encapsulate the demise of Arsenal better than ‘Fatty’ William ambling around in the afternoon Edinburgh sun a few days ago.

    And they said Arteta was going to bring an’ elite culture’ in and around the club?
    (Those fotos remind us , there is no ‘process’ or no, ‘elite culture’ nonsense too)

    ??To think an Arsenal manager can deem William fit to play and an athlete like Saliba can’t ??

    A. Wenger used to win these types of matches with his under 17’s playing one touch and some times scoring in the double digits.

    Now Hibs beat us and we witness William and his belly.

    Where has the discipline and pride gone?

  19. Leftside

    ??To think an Arsenal manager can deem William fit to play and an athlete like Saliba can’t ??

    Not to mention Willian wasn’t scolded anywhere near as close as others for breaking one of those silly non-negotiables that only apply to the young players when he was pictured in Dubai during the international break last season. A lot of us find it hard to take Arteta serious you can imagine how many of these players don’t either, especially that nobody seems to bust a gut for him.

  20. Positive pete

    CG-“ looks like he has spent pre-season locked in its bloody larder” 😂maybe the pies were non negotiable! 😆

  21. CG


    William was omitted from the squad in the last few games last season.

    He was gone. He was to be the first one out the door.

    Why is he now back stinking the place out shaming the clubs rep?

    Those fotos of William should REMIND EVERYONE why Arteta ain’t cut out for the managerial game.

    Fergie, Clough, Wenger, Klopp, Mancini, Conte, Klopp etc or any self respecting top manager would not tolerate this unprofessionalism and blatant piss taking. ( and Dubai -gate)

    They would have fined him for coming back overweight, transfer listed him and made him train with the u 18.s ( WE FINISHED 8th REMEMBER)

    And KSE charged AFC fans £7.99 to watch him amble around?

    Can you believe that?

  22. China1

    Terra willian signed a 3 year contract on enormous wages. He is supposed to be a key contributor even for 2022-2023 based on his wages

    He can look forward to retirement all he likes but he cannot eat all the pies! That’s a non-negotiable surely!!

  23. shaun

    If Arteta had any sense he would forget white and spend that money on Bissouma and Aour or similar type player as that is top four almost guaranteed for any other manger/coach than Arteta . He is not involved in Europe at all so has very little to work on other than improving the players he has at his disposal and I thought that was supposed to be his strength as a coach .Arteta is very lucky to have the improving young talent of ESR, Martinelli, Saka and Balagon they will make a difference even for a man like Arteta . If you add an expected improvement of Pepe which I think we will also see .You then have Laca who has to be playing for something in his final year , be it an extension or the gold pot final free transfer which ever he will be bringing fire this season .Partey has to improve also and if all else fails he could use niles beside Partey as Niles is actually not bad defensively in the middle and I would rather see him than Elneny in there. So what I am trying to say is the squad is there and definitely capable .The problem is the manager and his coaching and especially his incredibly poor decision making and man management . If Arteta cant’ get players ready for the PL who are automatic starters in Ligue 1 and the bundesliga then some thing is wrong with his coaching or it’s personal and I think most supporters are of the opinion it’s personal which is not acceptable .Is lego head going to continue forcing the Enketiah in front of Balagon issue , is he going to continue to give valuable minutes to that waster willian whilst stubonly still trying to prove a point .I really feel like personal issues, poor man management and bad decision making are really costing Arsenal at the moment .All the issue above are easily solved if you have the cash of Man city But Arsenal don’t have that cash so how long are we going to wait for Lego head to learn that he has to change what he has learnt from PEP to be successful 3,4,5 years maybe .If we are ten games in and we see no improvement Arteta should be removed

  24. Positive pete

    It’s getting harder & harder to be positive this window.As Marc pointed out .might require a name change.What about Nervous Nigel,anyone?

  25. China1

    I’m mainly just concerned that when Willian lifts the CL in July 2023 his pot belly will jiggle a bit and make the celebrations look a little unsavory

  26. Sid

    Willian needs more game time to trim his belly thats why we should send Balogun and Eddie to Marseille to get game time.

  27. Leftside

    Everybody back off, Willian is just doing what lots of footballers do when they retire. Nothing to see here with that belly.

  28. CG


    ””””’Everybody back off, Willian is just doing what lots of footballers do when they retire. Nothing to see here with that belly”””””

    William holds Arsenal FC and its supporters all over the world in utter contempt.

    And A & E have allowed this to happen under their watch.

  29. NORG

    Positive Pete

    Nervous Nigel has already been grabbed by Vinai Ventatesham. He instead should have used the last 4 letters of his surname.

  30. Tom

    Willian’s successful dribbles stats fell off a cliff last season so this season he going for a different approach……… instead of running past defenders, he’ll be looking to have them bounce off him.

  31. Terraloon


    “Terra willian signed a 3 year contract on enormous wages. He is supposed to be a key contributor even for 2022-2023 based on his wages”

    But but but David Luiz and Peter Cech told him it was the perfect pre retirement opportunity and when he turned up others including Ozil and PEA pointed out what you have to do to get an even longer contract on improved terms.
    Silly you if you thought playing well was required

  32. CG


    ”””””CG A & E need to visit the A & E department”””

    Guarantee, these 2 would turn up , where there aint one.

    An hour’s therapy with Dr. Sid could be the best thing that ever happened to them ( And Arsenal)

    he might at least explain the bloody basics to them.

  33. shaun

    ha ha just seen the pic of willian’s belly ha ha that is some funny shit . wonder what Arteta thought we he saw willian turn up looking like shrek

  34. NORG

    When criticized about his pot belly Willian replied ‘ do you want to see my six pack?’ – he then opened his bag to show off his six pack of Brahma’s.

  35. Marc

    Would anyone really want to give a £250 million (the amount being banded about a few weeks ago) war chest to A&E – the men who brought you Willian on £200k per week?

    I’d rather not spend a penny and save it for a new management team (coming to a football club near you this Christmas) than these clowns.

  36. DigitalBob

    Wow those Willian images are something else, doesn’t that gut count as gross misconduct?

    I seem to remember Rooney coming back overweight and being made to train with the U18’s during Fergie’s time, where are the standards?

    I’ve seen on social media this summer Reiss Nelson, Willock and Saliba training and training hard, and if you think that’s because they’re young have a look at Benzema, still training like a marathon runner.

    Marc – Agreed, its a worry as to how they’d spend it based on history so far.

  37. Muppetman

    Fabrizio Romano
    Two months later, still same plans for Willian: he’s expected to leave Arsenal this summer once the right proposal will arrive. 🇧🇷 #AFC

    Work in progress with his agent to find the best solution in the next weeks. Arsenal board now waiting too.

  38. englandsbest


    Agree, very little required, a couple of midfielders and a GK. But a quality keeper who suits the style better than Leno. Shame Emi insisted on leaving.

  39. James wood.

    I hear LOCATELLI mentioned the guy got a couple of goals
    in one game and all of a sudden a guy most of us had not heard of
    was the dogs BOLLOCKS..
    Dropped by the manager and played a bit part after that game.?
    We should have gone all out to keep Martin Odegaard – he would
    have been the ideal replacement for XHAKA.
    He is not full of goals but for sure he can play.

  40. Leftside

    They may want to try to get him a new club but who will sign Willian with this professionalism, he showed up looking like he was 7 months pregnant for pre-season.

  41. Kroenkephobe

    I know some people think it’s utter heresy to imagine Arsenal losing, but if you don’t AND you think pre season games are meaningless (I’m not in that camp by the way), would anyone see a potential upside in our short to medium term future if the huns handed Arteta his arsehole at the weekend? That Hibs fiasco, Arteta’s shouting on the touchline and willian’s lack of professionalism all suggest to me that the first team squad need a figurative kick in the nuts. We should have stuck to Borehamwood and Barnet.

  42. Leedsgunner

    With clubs desperate to sell on the continent because they are hard up, why are we paying way over the odds for Ben White? A good player mind you but he is nowhere near the valuation that Brighton want for him.

    Man Utd is apparently lodging a £50m for Varane, a 28 year old international with years and years of first team and international football behind him. He is a £50m player, White isn’t.

    We need to focus on strengthening our DM, RB, CAM and GK positions way before we look for a ball playing defender.

    To me Arteta seems to be fixated on White… £50m on a player that played one full season in the EPL and 1 full season in the Championship seems far too rich.

    Saliba, by the way has years more playing top flight football than White has. Yes, it’s Ligue 1, but he deserved to be given a shot to prove what he could do this year. By shuffling him out again to France, we have basically told him he isn’t wanted.

    What an utter waste of resources.

    With France producing so many of the world top young talents, it could turn out to be a bad move in the medium term. It’s a horrible advertisement of the club too.

    In light of how we have treated Guendouzi and Saliba, a top youngster like Camavinga isn’t going to consider us… even though clubs like Marseille, Rennes, and Lille are ripe for the picking given their perilous financial state.

    For the same money we are prepared to splash on White, we could buy Aouar for £20m and Bissouma for £30m. In my mind that’s a much better use of our so called limited funds.

  43. Rich

    Willian is 33 at the start of next month, getting rid of him seems like a bit of a pipe dream

    Why would he walk out on a lucrative contract, when nobody in their right mind would go anywhere near him based on his performances last season, particularly seeing the state he’s come back to pre-season in

    We’ve done some strange things over the years, but a 3yr mega contract for a 32yr old Willian, has to be right towards the top

    James Wood

    I think we’ll still sign Odegaard, Madrid desperate for cash apparently, need to trim wage bill and the size of their squad

  44. Leedsgunner

    “All that means is that Willian will leave if Arsenal subsidize his salary or give him a huge payoff when he leaves.”

    In short repeating the mistake we did with Özil and Mkhitaryan. Spending millions repeating mistakes… what’s generational about that?

  45. Marc


    It wasn’t the result the other night – it was the “what the fuck” decisions by Arteta on team selection.

    AMN does not need to be in the shop window – he’s had more than enough exposure to have clubs interested.

    Kolas – same thing

    Personally for all Pedro’s talk about players buying into the “project” or “process” I really think they see a dead man walking and are just waiting for him to be given the bullet. They haven’t downed tools but they’re hardly pulling up trees either.

  46. Sid

    I push it in, she pulls it out
    I push it back, she starts to shout:
    “”Dr. Ring Ding, you’re terrible,
    I can’t stand the size of your needle.””

  47. Terraloon


    I too am far from sure about White and as you say there are othe4 options for about the same money.
    Personally I am a fan of Jules Kounde aged 22 already had two full seasons playing top flight in France and another 2 in Spain just breaking into the French National team

  48. Kroenkephobe

    Let’s agree to disagree and say that the entire body is riddled with disease and that it needs a new consultant in charge. I think Arteta and Edu are winging it and Vinai is useless. And what the fuck are Garlick and Lewis contributing? Everyone’s on a piss taking gravy train (excuse the mixed metaphors).

  49. James wood.

    Rich 12.06
    I hope your right stability wise for all his faults
    Xhaka was by far that man.
    Odegaard and a fit PARTEY would with a couple of
    Signings🙏 Give you that.AT LEAST..

  50. Marc


    Er I agree with you – my comment was more about people’s reaction to the other night. It’s not so much the result but the nature of it.

  51. Leedsgunner

    Jules Kounde has his heart set on going to Real Madrid apparently. Given how Saliba and Guendouzi have been treated how don’t hold very much hope that any young French starlet will consider us as a serious destination until Arteta leaves.

    It’s a real shame because Camavinga is exactly the type of player we should be bringing in. Frankly, I would rather we spent £50m on someone like him than White.

  52. Ernest Reed

    Interesting that Brighton H&A have released their kit for the upcoming season and who’s showing it off? Ben White!

    Now why would you do that if you are interested in selling said player? Things that make you go hmmm.

  53. Ernest Reed

    “It wasn’t the result the other night – it was the “what the fuck” decisions by Arteta on team selection.”

    I think it more a case of window shopping from the brass, Marc. The “ hey look we we got to sell” . If you have no plans to move them then the selections are ridiculous because none of them featured at seasons end and its more than well known that they aren’t part of the future. They are being featured like prized cattle at an auction – bidders up!

  54. shaun

    If Arteta had brought back Saliba and Mavropanos to fight it out as the extra CB and bought Bissouma and Aour I doubt many would be complaining as that would have made sense to many of us .As posters above have alluded to White has 1 year top flight experience and just looks like a baffling decision for that money that could be better spent on other areas that urgently require better quality than we already have .Neither Aour or Bissouma are at the Euro’s and could have been bedded in by now and in full pre-season training .That is the type of move most were expecting as it makes sense

  55. Terraloon

    That woman at Chelsea .

    Seems that they , Chelsea, are now getting around £20 million for a player, Marc Gheui ( you ever heard of him ?)who has just had a decent season at Swansea on loan.

    Add to that they have a buy back match and a sell on clause then you really have to admire her negotiating skills.

  56. DivineSherlock

    Not that Lokonga and Tavares is bad , but Sabitzer/Locatelli + Aouar should not be too hard for us . I’d rather get a creative no.8 rather than a no.10 . ESR and Saka both can play there .

  57. Moray

    White was at the Euros but sitting by the pool probably getting another forearm tat. No reason we couldn’t have on boarded him now if he was really worth all this effort.

  58. Karsa

    It takes other teams to tie down replacements before they sign the dotted line on our deals. It’s often not just a case of buying a player from a team in isolation.

  59. englandsbest

    I am gonna sound naive but if Willian knows he won’t be part of the first team pick, I believe he’ll tear up the contract and go, no problem. A shrug of the shoulders, a pat on the back will be enough. If he stays it’s because Arteta wants to keep him.

  60. Positive pete

    Showing up in that nick,on £200,000k a wk ,really shows you what willian thinks of AFC & its fans.After the slating he was getting last season you’d think out of professional pride he’d have a point to prove but No.Turns up looking like he’s auditioning for KFC rather than AFC.Another we won’t be shifting.

  61. Marc


    I don’t believe that AMN needs putting in the shop window, I don’t believe anyone in Germany was watching who suddenly picked up the phone and said “Boss I’ve cracked it – that new LB we need Kolas is the man”. Elneny same. Willian God knows other than trying to get him to run off some of the excess weight.

    Nkeitah and Nelson maybe but almost half of the outfield players that started had no need to be the team.

  62. Marc


    Well that means one of either you or Arteta are incredibly naive.

    The guy’s got a guaranteed £20 million to come to him over the next 2 years – would you walk away?

  63. Goobergooner

    Nelson is a funny one. Last season was just a complete write off for him. He definitely has something about him, but le sauce was just happy for him to sit it out for a season.
    I don’t get anything arsenal at the moment.

  64. Ernest Reed

    You gotta try Marc, otherwise you are stuck with expensive and useless ornaments that continue to depreciate.

    On AMN, whomever is giving him advice, they should stop. He’s going to fade into oblivion on his own self-worth estimation alone. He could be a very decent footballer if not for whats going on between his ears.

  65. Ernest Reed

    As for Willian, the WORST signing in Arsenal history. The fact that he acknowledges he had a poor season and then comes in out of shape to start this season – thats mockery at its finest.

  66. Marc


    AMN has this overinflated opinion of his abilities making him think he’s a CM. He’ll either end up realising he’s not and settle in as a RB / RWB or playing in a lower league.

  67. Karsa

    Nelson is a funny one. Last season was just a complete write off for him. He definitely has something about him, but le sauce was just happy for him to sit it out for a season.

    Didn’t Nelson decline the chance of a loan?

  68. Dissenter

    Arteta looked burned out on the side lines, he’s already doing that face-to-palm thing already.

    He’s going to need a sabbatical in Ulaanbaatar when the sack hits him in November.

  69. Ernest Reed

    “Arteta looked burned out on the side lines, he’s already doing that face-to-palm thing already.”

    That and he’s steadily perfecting his repertoire of excuses, Diss. Have a feeling its going to be a long and dragged out season with Arteta.

  70. Mb

    Only thing you can commend Edu for, is not putting option to buy in Saliba’s contract. He knows Arteta won’t see the end of season and new manager will integrate him.

  71. China1

    The woman negotiating sales for Chelsea is an absolute monster talent and would realistically be worth more to us if we signed her than any actual players

    She picks up quality transfer fees like they’re absolutely nothing. Meanwhile we pay teams to take out our trash.

    I’m not even joking, how much does she earn at Chelsea? Offer her a 30% pay rise to come to us. She doesn’t even need to move house ffs. Until we get in someone like that, transfer windows will likely remain an absolutely baffling combination of frustration and disappointment

  72. Rich

    Newcastle hopeful of reaching a deal with Arsenal for Joe Willock, a loan with an obligation to buy next summer, according to the Athletic

    He’s at a stage where he needs to play consistent football to develop, I’d be disappointed to lose him, and think we’d regret it down the line, particularly with a reported obligation of just £20 million

    We should renew his contract, send him on a regular loan, then reevaluate the situation next summer, if we’re not going to give him minutes ourselves this season

    Joe Willock is a brilliant young player, he’s raw in aspects of his game, but he’s still worth much more than £20 million

  73. Rich

    A picture with Smith-Rowe wearing a training top with No10

    Hopefully he’s committed to the project, Saka 7 + Smith-Rowe 10, is a fantastic advertisement for Hale End

  74. Chris

    If Haaland does move to Chelsea this summer it would be interesting to see the deal Mariana strikes for him. Apparently the first transfer bid to Dortmund has been knocked back?

    Willian not the first Brazilian to party hard in the off season and struggle to keep the weight off in their 30s. Why on Earth did we sign this guy on those wages, honestly.

    Why is Kolasinac even pulling on the fucking shirt anymore? You can’t tell me we don’t have any kind of prospect from any level of the academy who could have been given a run out and opportunity in his place.

  75. Dissenter

    Chelsea signed the class A youth talent and throw them out on loans so it’s no wonder they get top quid for them when they make breakthroughs
    It’s not by accident, it’s the product of long term planning and just dispels that notion that Abrahmovich is just some Russian gangster. One of the first things he did after buying Chelsea was to appoint Peter Kenyon as CEO. This current Chelsea boss was Abrahmovich’s long term personal assistant, there’s a pattern of good management about Abrahmovich. .

  76. Leedsgunner

    I wonder how Reiss Nelson would do as a attacking right back or as a wingback… as a natural winger he might thrive there… and if it worked we could save millions.

    It should be these ideas that Arteta should be trying and experimenting but he’s too busy playing no hopers like Kolasinac and Willian.

  77. NORG


    Wenger used Joel Campbell as a RB in training and apparently he was brilliant. He was never tried in games as it would mean displacing Bellerin.

  78. Marc


    What Aramovich does is very simple – he hires good talent, not easy but not impossible either by any stretch. What he does well is if it isn’t working he corrects it.

  79. andy1886

    Why is it some clubs can sell players for actual money, yet all I hear from Arsenal is ‘loan with an obligation to buy’? What’s wrong with a straight sale?

  80. Leedsgunner


    My point exactly… if we are as cash strapped as we are always told we are, we should be bold and imaginative in trying to come up with internal solutions so that we are at least ready for the season.

  81. Marc


    It’s because what we’re selling is crap. If we were selling a peak Henry things would be different the fact that we can’t shift on Xhaka just demonstrates that he’s at the minimum as bad as some of us have been saying for years.

  82. Sly

    I would beat willian in 100/200/400 m dash and subsequently trash his ass on a 5 miler running backwards
    Arteta standards

  83. Marc

    For all the comments about Willian showing up to pre season being a slap in the face to fans etc the one thing it is is a massive fuck you to Arteta.

  84. Sly

    New reality
    We’re a mid table club trying to get champions league level talent
    We don’t appeal to talent as a club
    Our players don’t appeal to other clubs to buy
    We should be scouring the championship and other leagues for new talent not competing with juve, Chelsea et al
    Grassroots level up is the way to go

  85. Biggles

    I’ve never been a professional athlete, so maybe I’m wrong about this but…

    Surely there’s got to be fitness clauses in Willian’s contract? Not the stuff that you can’t account for like a broken leg, but surely something along the lines of “must not exceed weight of 10.5 stone and body fat of 15%” or whatever. Being out of shape affects his ability to do the job.

  86. Kroenkephobe

    You out there somewhere? Earth calling Almunia.

    Ernest R’s post a few moments ago about our rotund Brazilian former footballer got me thinking of another top 5. Our worst ever signings…

    1. Ozil. He’ll be top of the tree in perpetuity for me – a wenger enabled trailblazer of ennui and waste.

    2. Frannie Jeffers. Fox in the box? More like a cock with the pox.

    3. Lee Chapman. A complete fraud.

    4. Cech/Gallas/Willian. A triumvirate of Chelsea tossers.

    5 John Jensen. Crazy guy, crazy perm who gave it his miniscule all. 1 – yes one – goal at home to QP hahaha on ny eve in a 3-1 defeat. One of GGs father Ted type signings where the bung was only resting in his account. I got man flu walking half a mile back to my flat, but made up for it by getting thoroughly toxic later that night.

    This is a hastily thought out list. You and others are going to have some much better ones I reckon.

  87. andy1886

    Marc, yeah we have some really awful assets to sell but even so you’d think that we could get a few off the books even at minimal fees but clubs don’t even want to pay those. For example Guendouzi, once ‘worth’ tens of millions and now we can’t even get anyone to cough up a straight £8m now – it has to be next year. Willock has to be worth £20m to Newcastle right now – not after a season long loan. Bellerin’s another one, not everyone’s cup of tea but to say we couldn’t get a reasonable fee only a loan is bonkers.

    Also looking back at those fees some people were suggesting we’d sell players for shows just how niave they were. Remember £30m for Bellerin? And people saying that we’d get our money back on Torreira? There were even some who were saying that we could get £10m for Kola when we aren’t likely to get ten pounds let alone ten million.

    If we make enough to even cover the White transfer I’ll be surprised.

  88. Marc


    Well with most of the players you mention all comes down to Arteta being a blight on the club. Bellerin was never a great player but was OK because he had pace to burn the ACL injury cocked that up but everything else is Arteta’s fault.

    Could’ve had £23 – £27 million for Xhaka now will be between £5 and £10 million short.

    Could’ve had £20 million for AMN now will be lucky to get £12 million.

  89. Marc


    Remind me how much were we going to sell Laca for according to some? £30 million plus when the guy’s on £180k per week.

    We really need 2 comment sections – 1 for grown ups and 1 for the kiddies.

  90. CG

    So Arsenal sign a young midfielder , Lokonga, talented, athletic ,UNPROVEN in the prem for £18 million.

    Then they gift a midfielder, Willock, talented, athletic ,PROVEN he can score in the prem to Newcastle Utd for nothing for the season?

    No wonder the wage bill is ballooning like William and out of control.

    AFC have x 80 professionals on the payroll.

    If Marina was in charge- she would demanding there are no more incomings until a minimum of 10 players are sold first.

    Simple business basics just too much for Vinny, Garlick ,Edu and Josh.

  91. GoonGoonerGone

    Arsenal don’t have 250 million pounds for transfers.
    That’s a typo error where a zero was placed at the end of 25.
    That’s s why we can’t compete.
    Nketiah and Nelson won’t make it at Arsenal. Just not good enough, I’m afraid.
    Arsenal lost to the mighty Hibs because we have a useless manager/coach in Arteta but funnily enough he is described by Pedro as one of the brightest managers in the game.
    Im sorry, but ‘brightest’ and ‘Arteta’ are irreconcilable.

  92. China1

    We’ve been hearing for some time that xhaka is a good player but the only teams that will touch him with a barge pole are middling German teams and Roma – the second of which are trying very hard to get him for sub 20m. It’s hardly a ringing endorsement is it

    I think the issue is we had such a godawful midfield a few years back that for xhaka to simply not cost us goals on the regular is now ‘good’. As opposed to at other big clubs where CMs are expected to be so much more than that

  93. China1

    I’m not sure we can really know that Nelson is a failure yet

    I mean he was a big prospect a couple of years ago. Looked raw but showed glimpses when he played for arsenal as well. Then got cunted off into oblivion never to be seen again

    It’s hard to know if he’s just not good enough (maybe) or he’s just another in a long line of players unnecessarily overlooked by arteta

    Even if he’s not actually good enough, if he had played a little more and had more chances to show his worth, his potential and his English premium would’ve made him an easily sellable asset in the PL. the lady at Chelsea sells players like this for 20m. We’ll probably get 6-8m…

  94. China1

    Like seriously would anyone begrudge seeing Nelson coming off the bench instead of Willian these days?

    We have no idea what Nelson can do these days because he’s got no chance. But he’s a speed demon, incredibly direct and likes to play hit and run with fullbacks. As a squaddie I can’t help but wonder if he’s deserved more than he’s got but it’s very possible

  95. Sid

    If Longkonka is 18m,
    we should get nothing less than 25m for Willock(English premium)
    Nothing less than 30m for Xhakalson
    Nothing less than 18m for Guen
    {Diet Pep should be sentenced to a lifetime of peeing while squating}

  96. Bertie Mee

    My hear5 goes out to you. You try to be positive, you understand the club and have ITK contacts and then you are surrounded by a lot of the most negative posters in the Goonerverse who think running a club is just a real life version of Football Manager . We’ve just had a Euros and other than PSG Rey few big signings have occurred .
    You can’t ask negative cynic’s to have faith but please show some positivity. White will be an England CB for the next 7/8 years