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How are you today? Still sad? Still raging at the dickheads that ruin nice things for England?

Be all of those things, but it’s time to get things back on track. The Arsenal are about the start preseason and there’s simply loads to talk about.

William Saliba did leave to go to Marseille for his third loan back to his home country. Call me mean, but I think this is a weak move from the player. If you think you are ready for a starting spot in our back four, and you’re told you are not ready, go to a Premier League club and make a statement. Maybe the offer wasn’t there… but I suspect it probably was. What tipped it? Comfort? Or a lack of desire? We’ll find out next season. Good luck to that man.

There is VERY interesting news that Joe Willock has seduced MIkel Arteta with his outrageous run of form at the back end of the season. The coach wants to keep him as part of the Arsenal plans next season. I’m not sure about this, we’ve been here before, this is AMN all over again. If there’s £25m swimming around for him this summer, we should probably let him go. I suspect this is negotiation tactics from Edu. We don’t need to sell, but we’ll lose him if the money is right.

The Arsenal Admin is playing games with our heart. Smith Rowe is getting a new number. Will it be #8 or… #10. Really hoping he lands that #10. What a statement that will be from the club. No way he’s not signing a new deal with that sort of prestige on his back.

Question is, what would that mean for a HUGE name like Maddison? Surely that would end that idea? Would Maddison at #8? For double money, I’m sure he’d take #67. I mean, I am still struggling with the idea that Arsenal are going to find £70m for anyone this transfer window… especially with the bargains going on in Europe. But we’ll see, I didn’t expect us to move hard on Ben White this window, but that seems to be happening.

Balogun has been given the #26 this season and promoted to the first team. I’d love to see him land minutes this season, so I hope if he’s the third striker, he’s picking up time in a season slim on games. He has an edge athletically that Auba and Lacazette don’t have.. so it’s a big chance, but he really has to make his moments count next season. Stand up, be counted, make a difference.

Short and punchy one today. I am recording a Twitch Stream Podcast with Johnny a little later. Tune in at 6pm GMT, come with questions, enjoy the live vibe of it all.


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  1. Elmo


    Plenty of time to go, but atm the possibility of a new creative / attacking player seems a long way off, seeing as the Xhaka MF replacement is absolutely critical, as well as plenty of other holes.

    Edu sure has a lot of work to do, otherwise it could be the special weapon of Kola cut-backs for us this season!

  2. Ernest Reed

    “, Pedro’s invested so much time in selling Ben White that if it didn’t happen he’d probably blow a gasket.”

    No he wouldn’t Andy, he’d find some other defender to champion for the next transfer hopeful. White is a fools gamble, you don’t spend that ridiculous sum of money and especially on a relative unknown.

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    So saliba gone again with out signing extension ?
    He’s going to do a wiltord and walk away and we lose more money … Shambolic way to run a club

  4. CG


    ””I will not overreact to a shitty friendly in early July””’

    Do you think an elite manager in charge of these multi million pound Arsenal players today would accept going 2 zero down to Hibernian at any time of the year?

    you think Conte, Mancini, ZZ, Fergie, Klopp or a Wenger would accept it?

    (I’ll accept Wenger got a tad soft in the end- in his pomp he wouldn’t have)

    And if you do – you have got a lot to learn sunshine.

    The ‘pre- season’ always shapes the forthcoming season.

  5. Ashwin Gunner

    Pre Season is important but not without a complete squad. We dont have the players we need, yet… The pre season is going to be a dull affair if we were to take the players we already have, who know the system to play against lower teams. We should have had atleast 3 signings by now. The fact that club are working very hard is a statement to keep fans happy. How come all the hard work isnt paying off?

  6. Marc


    It wasn’t the result that was the issue it was the team selection. Why did we give so many players time who are on the way out time? It’s not as if anyone was going to learn anything new other than negatives about Kola, AMN etc.

    If we’d lost with a team of kids no one would bat an eyelid.

  7. Marc


    “The fact that club are working very hard” is just another excuse in a long line of them. Hopefully they can pull something together but between the players we need in and the players we’ve got to get out there’s a tonne on work to be done.

  8. Leftside

    Marc, I don’t think half of those players will leave before the window is out and if we’re relying on sales before we can buy i ask for the 1000th time why the fuck are this stupid club buying Ben White?

  9. Mr Serge

    CG I have nothing to learn been following this team for 40 plus years I know what’s up
    I will no repeat myself again it’s just a silly early season friendly

  10. Marc


    White might go on to be a great player, the question is where are the most urgent priorities in the current team / squad.

    When you consider all the bullshit and vitriol that was poured out on here when we bought Luiz the idea that we need to spend £50 million to replace him would be funny under other circumstances.

  11. Leftside


    We need urgent work in midfield, I don’t think theres anything Ben White can do that should take precedence over that this year.

    My worry is that by the time we travel to Brentford we still won’t have done the necessary business to bring this team up to scratch.

  12. MidwestGun

    To be honest, there really is no point in trash talking Arteta anymore. .. He does a fine enough job of bantering himself, regularly.

    Willian, Kola and Bellerin? Like why? Was he just checking to make sure they were still not good enough… ok they aren’t .. Next.

  13. CG


    ””’It wasn’t the result that was the issue it was the team selection”””’

    Arteta spent the last 6 games of last season leaking it out there will be ‘ruthless changes,’.etc
    ‘We have learned’ etc.

    He started today with William and Elneny.

    Can you believe that?

    We have 80 professionals on the bloody payroll.

    But he won’t give Saliba a run out, he prefers Mari.

    His brains are clearly scrambled, the Amazon cameras will make him ratty- he won’t be defending his Christmas Tree trophy this year -because he will out the door.

    where he should have been months ago

  14. Marc

    I’d love to see a poll on the regular (no Pedro adding loads of votes himself!) posters views on Arteta – 4 way choice.

    A) Sack him now
    B) Give him another season
    C) He’s doing a wonderful job
    D) I’m thick and can’t make a decision

  15. MD-Gunner

    After today’s game this is what I predict for August
    Brentford A
    Chelsea H
    City A

    0 points would be the norm, 1 point if AFC is lucky and 3 points with divine intervention. The board of donkeys has to bring in a real manager and DOF.

  16. Mr Serge

    Marc there has to be an answer between A and B give him another season is too much if he has a shit start
    I say give him 10 games max sink or swim

  17. Marc


    And? A good manager will get the best results from the players he has and improve them. Arteta has not done that on any level.

    Every time someone makes that type of comment it’s just another excuse as to why Arteta can’t do it without several hundred million to spend. If we wanted Pep we should have gone for the real thing.

  18. Sly

    This team is not going anywhere without investment regardless of the manager
    8th place finish or worse with xhakalson, elneny et al

  19. Dissenter

    We haven’t set ourselves up for success this season
    We have only three players in the summers competition [Euros and COPA America], yet we are starting the season without a senior goalie.

  20. Mr Serge

    Guns to get sacked after 5 games the board would have to have doubts now, if that’s the case why back him.
    The donkeys probably think he is the second coming

  21. Leftside

    Arteta talking about working with the players we have (sounding Wengerish) and improving them is hilarious, bar one or two everyone looks worse

  22. Mb

    If Arteta plays Willian & Kola, I’ll start a ‘Bring Back Emery’ movement. I’m sure most of you will support me :’)

  23. Mb

    Although I had been somewhat a pro-Arteta on my personal blog, this Saliba treatment and seeing Kola and Willian in the line up today was the last straw.

  24. Leftside

    This is the thing though, we all know our manager isn’t fit for purpose and we’ll likely need to replace, so why not do it now? With the lukewarm strengthening we’re doing, coupled with Arteta’s work to date does anyone expect next season to be different?

  25. Bertonian

    When are we going to sell the deadwood as I can’t handle another season of watching these shysters!

    We can actually send out a piss poor 1 to 11 who need to do one!

  26. Rich


    The best transfer triangle this summer, would be Madrid sell us Odegaard, because they need money for Mbappe

    Mbappe goes to Madrid to keep him out of the clutches of other PL teams, Aubameyang goes to PSG for €20million as his replacement

    Edu sits in his office overlooking the training ground, and lights up a big fat one, he’s just completed his first 3D chess transfer move

    This won’t happen though, we’ll instead buy Jesse Lingaard and some Chelsea pensioner, so they can complete the transfers of Mbappe + Haaland

  27. Mr Serge

    Marc he would have to be 3 points off of top 4 and have at least 18 points looking at the games that’s achievable

    We are not beating city or Chelsea and spurs at home will be tough
    Game 12 is pool away

    We need s good start

  28. Marc


    I’m not looking at where we’ll be compared to others that early in the season – too many variables. It’s about how many points from 10 matches – 18 pro rata’s out at 68 points for the season.

    Very unlikely that gets us top 4 and it’s 2 points less than Emery achieved in his first season when he had the complication of EL football as well – is that really good enough?

  29. Mr Serge

    Marc not really but you have spurs city and Chelsea in the first qtr of the season so the next 10 games look easier so points may jump up in the next 10 the donkeys are not sacking him if he has 18 points after 10 games

  30. Ray+in+LA

    If we have to have a veteran CB to replace the departed Luiz…we could do worse than bring Chiellini in for a year

    What a role model for our CB squad and what resource for shit-housery

  31. Marc


    We’ll play City, ManU, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spur’s 10 times over the season playing 3 of them over a quarter is about par the course.

  32. Rich


    I’d be happy for us to sell Lacazette + Aubameyang + Nketiah, then go and invest in a focal point striker

    We’re likely stuck with Laca + Auba though, so loan out Balogun, and try and extract maximum value from those two this season

    Don’t see the point in wasting a season of Balogun’s development, if he’s behind those two, and Martinelli

  33. Cezan

    You realise pre season means sweeeeet f all right….
    We would consistently win every game under wenger and never competed, chelsea lost every pre season game and won the league. Yes i agree it was poor it was a friendly game for fitness, some positives and thats all you look for, but we are in desperate need of midfielders fuckkk me it looked dire out there.

  34. Bertonian

    People think it’s easy to move on the deadwood. These players are on vast amounts at Arsenal way beyond what they are worth. They ain’t moving for pay drops, besides who is going to buy them anyhow as they are bang average at best.

    Like or not we will be stuck with most of the deadwood & this will stop us signing new blood. It’s totally fucked up guys.

  35. Tony

    China 1
    Got a copy of this last night. Not watched it yet and wondered if you’ve seen it?


    Hope you’re safe from the SA violence.

    First pre season with a loss to Hibs.

    Kind of slams the since Xmas table setting us up for a good season.

    Looks more like Arteta finding his last season’s pre Xmas form.

    The excuses will come from the AKBs, but I mean it was Hibs, not Rangers or Celtic.

    Is the writing on the wall for Arteta and the coming season?

    Perhaps the new Amazon docu you should be called: Gone by Xmas with Vin Diesel narrating.

    Chances are Arteta won’t be facing fans because of Covid’s 3rd wave.

    UK Gooners
    Be safe from the next wave of Covid if the govt is quietly setting up heard immunity.

    Looks like Manure is going to get an influx of next gen supporters thanks to Rashford becoming an icon for his helping others and a genuine one at that.

    Always hated the scum, but I commend Rashford’s actions.

  36. SAGG

    Somenone asked me.if I would choose a season in the championship in exchange of new owners.

    I answered “Where do.I sign”

  37. Marc

    “Chances are Arteta won’t be facing fans because of Covid’s 3rd wave.”

    The club will have a major issue if that happens. All of the ST holders I know left the credits they were owed in the club (mine was just shy of £300) for over a year. If we’re looking at another sustained period of no fans then I can see fans demanding their money back. That’d be a massive amount of cash.

  38. China1

    Pedro you keep saying saliba wanting to go to France is weak without explaining how such a move is possible without edu and artetas approval.

    I agree he shouldn’t go to France if he has any intention of playing for arsenal (he likely doesn’t as he’s been stung by crappy management here) but the club had no obligation to let him go to France. The club chose to allow it. Who is accountable for that decision?

  39. China1

    Not seen it Tony. But I saw the shanghai tower is on the cover. My favourite city in the world, going there for a week in early august, can’t wait

  40. China1


    ‘You’ve just sold Auba with no replacement unless you want to see us go with a false 9 all season?’

    What’s wrong with Willian???

  41. Tony

    I’ve always favoured Saliba’s ire of his Arteta and club treatment. I think Saliba has been handled very poorly by Arteta with several other young guns meeting the same poor man management.

    That said, I read this morning that Saliba chose his loan with Marseilles over Newcastle.

    This decision makes me question Saliba’s real desire to play for us. Doesn’t matter how well Saliba does in France next season, if Saliba comes back to lay for us next years, he is still going to have to learn the language and get used to the physicality and speed of the PL.

    This will take at least 3 to 6 months of next year’s season.

    Shows a lack of ambition and proving Arteta wrong for me.

    If nothing else Steve Bruce was a great defender for Manure and got the best from Willock; both facts should have driven Saliba to want to play under Bruce rather than the lesser French league.

    Saliba’s decisions has certainly got me asking important questions about Saliba’s agenda for choosing Marseilles and the people advising Saliba agendas.

  42. China1

    Pedro if we have hundreds of millions to spend can you please clarify why we are struggling like hell to close out desperately needed signings

    So far we’ve signed a backup LB (second priority) and presumably will get Lokonga (backup CM)

    I don’t wanna hear any nonsense about ‘the market is slow’. Hasn’t stopped utd and villa for example from each signing key players for their starting 11.

  43. China1

    Tony 100%, saliba has made the wrong decision. The question I have is why did the club allow him to make that decision? This had to be signed off by arsenal. They didn’t have to let foreign offers be part of the choice for Saliba, so they’ve allowed this to happen.

    It’s clear enough that saliba wants out and arteta wants him gone but didn’t get blessing from edu and co to make the sale.

    So instead we’re doing this pretty pointless merry go round

  44. Tony

    “The question I have is why did the club allow him to make that decision? This had to be signed off by arsenal. They didn’t have to let foreign offers be part of the choice for Saliba, so they’ve allowed this to happen”

    Agreed China certainly looks as if Saliba making the French choice is him making a petulant stance against Arteta and ultimately the club and the club allowing it to happen by giving Saliba the rope to hang himself with.

    Thing we have to remember is Saliba is just 20 and has people with their own agendas for Saliba’s next move.

  45. China1

    If it was me in charge I’d have said to him right now you have a choice between coming back to us and fighting for your place, but be warned we’re doubling a fortune on white so game time is likely limited so we don’t recommend this for your development. OR you can choose loans from these English clubs A, B or C. If you want you can talk to those clubs to help make up your mind please feel free.

    If saliba says he wants France then you only have to say sorry, for your development as an arsenal player it’s incredibly important and valuable for you to adapt to English football so we can only listen to English offers.

    If he cries about it, tell him the only way we can entertain moves which the club believes are not in his interest (abroad) are if a club abroad comes in with a permanent transfer offer of sufficient value for us to consider a sale. Unless that happens you are an arsenal player so our target is to help you prepare for a successful career with us.

    I really don’t think this situation is half as complicated as it’s being made out to be

  46. China1

    At the end of the day arsenal chose to sign off on this loan deal so the club is entirely complicit in it

  47. Tony

    “If it was me in charge I’d have said to him right now you have a choice between coming back to us and fighting for your place, but be warned we’re doubling a fortune on white so game time is likely limited so we don’t recommend this for your development. OR you can choose loans from these English clubs A, B or C. If you want you can talk to those clubs to help make up your mind please feel free.”

    Unfortunately you’re wrongly giving Arteta the credence that he would want what’s best for Saliba.

    In this case Arteta is ruled by his non-negotiable insecurities.

    A sound manager who is strong and without negative agenda towards a player or employee doesn’t need non-negotiables.

    GG and Wenger didn’t but Bruce Rioch did, which ultimately was this downfall with him falling out with players and David Dein.

  48. China1

    Tony we can clearly see the reality is this

    1) saliba doesn’t want to play for arsenal but hasn’t had enough game time to get a permanent move to a really good club this summer

    2) arteta wants him sold (this has always been obvious)

    3) edu wants him to have a future with us this he blocked any chance of a sale and no option to buy in any loans

    4) arteta has circumvented being unable to sell him by letting saliba have a pointless loan to France. After this loan he will still be very young, with no English experience and only 2 years left on his contract. We will have spent a fortune on White in the same position and arteta can raise doubts again about saliba’s readiness for English football. Saliba will have pumped his value a bit with good performances and some clubs will be in for him with permanent offers next summer. Saliba will have only 2 years left on his deal and refuse to sign an extension so the club will be heavily inclined to sell. Saliba gets out as he wants, arteta gets him out as he wants. The only one who didn’t know he was being played is edu.

    Arteta probably thought this was some kind of 3D chess when in reality this is all so transparent it’s more like tic tac toe. Only Edu is too silly to realize what’s happening under his nose

  49. MD-Gunner

    Actually Saliba I believe has made the right move, He gets paid the wages Arsenal has him under, while hanging out in his preferred location with his friends and favored surroundings. He knows that at his age and credentials of being called up by France for duties will put him in the view of other clubs. He also knows that Arsenal has a board of Donkeys and a clown management. When the loan is over all the negotiating power has shifted to him and his agent. He can then decide to stay with Arsenal renegotiating a new contract or run it down and get signed by another club with bonus. It is a win, win situation for him and Arsenal footed the bill for that.

  50. Tony

    You’re right for Saliba wanting out, he’s made the right move albeit a limiting one.

    However, if he’d gone to Newcastle and had a stand out season, he would have far more power than being in France next season.

    He’d probably have the England top 4 clubs after him as well as top tier European clubs, such as Juve, PSG and possibly RM and Barca.

  51. China1

    Tony I think going to France actually gives him a better chance than Newcastle as long as he’s not interested in playing for a major English club

    England is the only league where French players could face any difficulties regarding pace. If he does great at marseille then any continental teams could be interested and he knows France is easy for him so he’s likely to have a good year

    If he went to Newcastle he could struggle with the language, speed, nature of the PL etc and come off looking a worse player.

  52. Guns of SF

    China spot on
    Saliba wants to be in France. Marseille with a move to PSG some time soon. We have shown this kid no love, no respect either. I dont blame him. Good move for him. Screw Arteta

  53. MD-Gunner

    I do have a problem with the idea that unless you get your experience in the EPL you will not play for big clubs. Look at Ruben Dias from Portugal and he was Man City’s outstanding defender. or look at Koulibaly who came from the French league to play for Napoli now. If there is talent in a player, then an excellent manager can shape that talent into a world class player irregardless of the league he plays in. Same with Saliba if he has the talent then he will eventually develop into a player wanted by the big clubs. But it takes a manager who knows what he is doing so Saliba has to develop away from the present leadership at Arsenal.

  54. Tony

    “Tony I think going to France actually gives him a better chance than Newcastle as long as he’s not interested in playing for a major English club”

    Fair comment China I’d agree with that.

  55. Tony

    Also, agree with your thinking providing Saliba has the right temperament, which so far hasn’t been apparent although Arteta hasn’t helped with his non-negotiables and lack of management skills.

    If we lose Saliba, and it looks more likely the we will, the optics will not look good on Edu or Arteta.

    Let’s see how the season progresses and what kind of season Saliba has both playing and temperament wise.

    Thoughts on losing to Hibs China1/MD-Gunner/Guns?

  56. Guns of SF

    Bad result. Not the way you want to start pre season.
    Also Kola is back, Willian too. Too many question marks and creates a sense of ambiguity with the players. Not the best environment or mindset to have. We should have wrapped up most deals by now and shipped 3-5 players. The slowness with which we move is remarkable man….
    Its mind numbing

  57. China1

    If saliba had gone to Newcastle and done great it would’ve backed arteta into a corner of not having any more excuses to bin him off next summer

    By him going to France all the same excuses will be there for why he’s not ready for us next season and that will be that

    But honestly I’m beyond it now because the moves have all been played. He’s going on loan. He’s getting sold next summer and arsenal are remortgaging the house on white instead. It is what it is.

    The only thing of interest from here on is:

    1) if arteta got sacked, this could create a reset on the situation (with only 2 years on his contract next summer tho it’s probably too late for a change of course now)
    2) how good can saliba be this season and this will impact how much we get from his sale next summer
    3) is white the great white hope (sorry had to) and justifies his price enough that we don’t care about saliba?

    Let’s see.

  58. China1

    Tony not bothered by the loss but it is typically dumb that we’re giving games to player who don’t have a future with us

    Very few of our players were at the euros or copa America. Why is our squad so decimated that we have to pick players who we are supposed to be trying to sell? What is the point of it all?

    Standard nonsense! That stuff irks me much more than the actual result. How about you?

  59. MD-Gunner

    This wasn’t Rangers or Celtics this was Hibs!!! Same story as last season missed chances and defensive mistakes plus they couldn’t finish the job in the final third. Of all the needed transfers that Arsenal had to sign was a CAM that could feed the front 3, that hasn’t happened yet while Arteta & Edu are still futzing around with backups for existing positions and defensive cover.
    I really wanted to be excited about success in this most important TW but so far, nada, zilch, niente. With the Euros happening it was vital to get the deals done before, because if Arsenal’s target have a good tournament then they are out of reach, like Locatelli.

    Arsenal are in a mess right now and we all agree that someone like Overmars or Rangnick need to get this shit show cleaned up.

  60. China1

    To whoever earlier said Arteta is not ruthless, I totally disagree

    I think he’s a stone cold killer and ruthless as hell. The problem is his judgment about who and when to be ruthless is only good half the time 😅

    If his judgment was reliable his ruthlessness would be his greatest asset. Instead it’s one of his most troublesome flaws

  61. Guns of SF

    hahaha Im seeing its July 14th on the time stamp
    happy birthday to me happy birthday to me, the old 49 year old fart!!!

    true, im a bastille day baby

  62. Gonsterous

    Don’t know what to make of the loss last night. On the one hand, it’s a friendly but on the other hand, looking at the starting line up, one would be under the impression that the senior players think it’s time for the manager to go

    Looking at the line up, arteta wanted to win this one, and like last season I have a feeling he is going to trust the senior players a lot again. When the likes of willian are unstoppable, it’s only a matter of time till Every one stops performing.

  63. Tony

    Happy Birthday Guns.

    45 to 55 is a good age to enjoy and savor and enjoy as you can choose the fun laden mistakes you want to make from experience. 🙂 🙂

    After 55 depends on people who have looked after themselves as to how enjoyable life can be.

  64. Tony

    For the first timeI decided to detach myself from the TW and not get wound up by exactly what you said.

    I have expended zero emotion to the TW and feel far better for it. I don’t bother reading TW news and only get news from my daily quick pop in to here.

    Super glad I didn’t miss Pedro’s haircut: his hairdresser certainly has a sense of humour.

    As for the shirts, Pedro has always favoured the “Jacob’s coat” colour wise.

    Takes balls to wear shirts like that.

    There’s being creative in fashions and then there’s Pedro.

    Bless him!

  65. peanuts&monkeys

    So, apart from being most unsporting and graceless, English fans showed they do have ambition. They do have pent-up anger in them. I wonder if there were any Arsenal fans among that crowd. If there were, i hope they did not vent the collective anger of last 20!years of arsenal failure around the Wembley loss.

  66. DivineSherlock

    So many bad comments on here on Saliba , I cant understand why Saliba has to play in PL to get into Arsenal’s first team. Goalposts always gets moved like this , first it was he was not ready then it was that no club plays a teenage CB , now its bad that he chose French league over PL club ? If he has a great season there it doesnt count ?

  67. DivineSherlock


    Happy Birthdayy , dont go overboard with the booze , haha.

    Its very strange and I only find it here on Legrove , people chosing to slag Saliba . I hope he has a great season like he had with Nice & St.Etienne.

  68. Leftside

    It’s conceivable that we don’t win a pre-season game looking at the fixture list, but, but, as long as the process is trusted thats all that matters.

  69. Trap

    Thilo kehrer is a poor centre back …. Decent as a full back due to his speed and agility but a poor centre back watched him from his schalke days with draxler.

  70. JOEL

    If nothing else this game illustrated perfectly how much “Deadwood” still remains at Arsenal.There’s no surprise seeing a team containing Kolasinac,Willian,Bellerin,Nketiah,Elneny and Cedric get beaten.Although this result was presumably aided and abetted by a coach who continues to show his tactical shortcomings and a decision to play a kid in goal as Arsenal currently have absolutely no backup first team keepers….and so the shambles continues!!

  71. Leedsgunner

    Arteta has started early with his excuses…🥱🙄

    I’m really not looking forward to the season ahead at all. If he is that quick to excuse this result when it doesn’t matter… what’s he going to say for the games that do?

  72. Up 4 grabs now


    Couldn’t care less that we lost to hibs, don’t care if we lose all our preseason games as long as we win against Brentford when it matters.
    The concern should be the familiar faces getting game time when there supposed to be moving on.

    I’d rather have seen a team of kids than give game tome to the likes of Bellerin etc.

  73. Pierre

    Whatever the result or performance last night, Arteta or Arsenal would receive no credit., that is obvious.

    Win , lose or draw , in the scheme of things this result or performance makes no difference…it’s all about getting match fit.

    Any reports about players leaving is 95% speculation so we don’t know if Bellerin, Xhaka , Lacazette, nketiah, willian etc are on the market so of course Arteta will play them in a pre season friendly to get them match fit.

    The pre season games v chelsea and Tottenham in August will tell is more.
    Probably the only thing i would take from past night’s game is that we need a back up keeper urgently…pity Matt Ryan didn’t stay as he looked ideal ..

  74. Emiratesstroller


    I appreciate that our squad is currently bloated, but I do think that by the close of the transfer window it will be much reduced.

    Last season we reduced the number of registered players to 25 in the second half of season with a ruthless cull and I suspect that will be replicated this season.

    The club has already offloaded the following players in last season’s squad:
    Ryan GK
    Luiz CB
    Ceballos CMF
    Odegaard AMF

    We know already that the club will be also offloading several other players:
    Runarsson GK
    Bellerin RB
    Xhaka DMF
    Lacazette CF [If we can find buyer]
    Nelson RW
    Nketiah CF

    The players who went out on loan last season are all unlikely to return. The one possible
    exception is Willock.

    Some of the unwanted players will be sold and others will be loaned.

    Arsenal have already promoted or recruited 3 players in Okonkwo [3rd string Goalkeeper]
    Tavares [Squad LB] and Balogun [3rd String CB].

    The positions which need to be filled therefore are:
    GK to replace Ryan.
    RB to replace Bellerin unless Chambers or Soares are deemed good enough
    RCB to replace Luiz [most probably White]
    DMF to replace Xhaka [most probably Nunez]
    CMF to replace Ceballos [most probably Lokonga]
    AMF to replace Odegaard [possibly Maddison, Aouar or Odegaard]
    CF to replace Lacazette although in my view unlikely.

    So by my reckoning Arsenal will be recruiting this summer another 5-6 players. However, it
    would not surprise me that one or two of these players will come in on loan as we did last

    Frankly I don’t see Willian leaving this side of Christmas much as I would like to see him depart.