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England lost on penalties. It was very sad. Bukayo Saka took the 5th, his shot was saved, it was heartbreaking to watch.

… but I’m not angry that he took it.

It takes guts to step up. A true leader takes that sort of responsibility knowing full well how the country behaves when someone misses. That’s brave. Don’t give me ‘that’s not bravery’ shit either, a penalty for England is one of the gutsiest things you can do, full stop. Not many would do it. He did, we have to look after him now.

The disgusting abuse after the game is just a standard thing in sport. It’s not just an English thing, but last night, it felt like it. What more can be said here? Some people do it from the darkness of a burner account, others are stupid enough to do it from their real one. We shouldn’t tolerate it. It’s disgusting and weak.

You can fully witness the levels of pathetic we’ve allowed into our political system when the usual suspects go from badge kissing to dim takes like ‘maybe less time on the politics’ to burn a kid that feeds hungry kids.

We shouldn’t indulge it. We should bottle the togetherness the football brought our way. We should look forward to how this experience will take us up a level for the next World Cup. I don’t need a scapegoat, getting to the final was immense, I’m extremely proud of the team, and my love for Saka just went a little deeper.

The best way to solve for the nonsense? Have fucking great season at Arsenal and show the weapons what you have. Oh, and maybe hope the whizzes at the social media company could block certain types of language aimed at athletes. If you can block a IG post because it has protected music in the background, you can block a monkey emoji on a black athlete’s post. No excuses I’m afraid.

Short one today, back tomorrow.


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  1. Dissenter

    It seems Onana wasn’t too excited at the prospect of joining Arsenal but is talking to Lyon about joining them instead.

    I hope it has nothing to do with the goal keeping coach because the goal keeping world is a small space; people know people that know people

  2. SAGG

    Tomorrow is the start of pre season and Arsenal has signed:

    Tavares (Backup Left back)

    End of the list

    Arsenal in relegation zone after the first 6 games of the season, seems like finish 8th again will be our goal this season.

  3. gnarleygeorge9

    But I will say this to the Indigenous English as an Australian Briton, in 1973 they bailed on my fathers generation, whom they roped in to help fight their battles in WWII, to join up with the very place their battles were fought. Now England says it’s ‘Coming Back’ after 48 years. Well let me tell them, things will be a lot different for them this time round!!

    Now, who the fuck have we signed? Let’s get this Club moving forward. STAN! Get those short arms out of those deep pockets & make the fans believe again 🙂

  4. AFC Forever

    CC Weagle

    It’s impossible to save a ball hit with power into the corners. I preferred to put my foot through the ball that way guess or not, he won’t save it. You can miss or slice it though. ! Once you go for placement over power you have to be so precise but you give the ‘keeperr a guessers chance. Most keepers guess a side because it gives them the extra fraction of time needed to get across. I’m not sure I like the shuffles. Rashford sent him the wrong way he had half the goal to find, that was a bit strange. Nerves I guess. So I’m with Weagle, power.

  5. Pierre

    If money was no object and we were playing in Europe then Maddison would be a good option.

    Maddison is a quality player but he plays in the same position as Smith Rowe, who came into the side when we were rock bottom and turned our season around.

    What was even more remarkable about Smith Rowe’s performances is that he was a player who had no experience of playing in the premier league but took to it like a duck to water..

    I’m not sure some are giving Smith Rowe the credit he deserves , for me he has unbelievable potential and i predict he will be playing alongside Saka in the England side if he is allowed to play and progress in the Arsenal side.
    My fear is that by bringing a player like Maddison in it will hinder Smith Rowe’s progress..

    Arsenal have so many young players with tremendous potential that it would be criminal to waste.

    Willock , smith rowe and Saka have already more than proved that they have the talent and personality to pay and thrive in the premier league..

    There are 4 or 5 others who just need to be given the chance by the manager and they won’t let the club down.

    Now is also the time to give Willock a proper run in the side , he is another with tremendous potential who is another that deserves credit for his fantastic performances last season.
    There is so much more to come from Willock as his belief and confidence grows…

    Lacazette must be sold and replaced by Balogun , who has more pace , is more explosive and has more energy and desire to play with the intensity that we need up top…

    Sadly, I have a feeling that Arteta will stick with the players that failed him last season and he will sign the wrong type of player again ..i hope I’m wrong.

  6. MD-Gunner

    It is official the clowns at Arsenal agreed to a deal to loan Saliba to Marseilles for the season, hopefully when this loan is done he will return under an actual Manager and DOF.

  7. Godfather

    Reading some of the Rubbish here is turning my stomach. It’s no surprise that racism continues to bloody thrive.

    “Kneeling serves no purpose”
    “Leave politics out of sports”
    “It’s just a minority of fans”
    “Focus on the football”
    “Anyone would get abuse if they missed a pk”

    I could go on and on but The rationalization and excuses for some of the vilest and abhorrent human behavior is the reason why this cancer exists and continues to thrive.

    I mean like I said before, Jack Grealish or Harry Kane doesn’t know what it’s like to suffer what Saka or Rashford endures. Yet it’s amazing how so many non ethnic minorities wanna make excuses and tell the victims of this horrible behavior how to think and respond.

    So Pathetic!

  8. Guns of SF

    ok 49 Mill on TM>….
    That is the type of attacker we need…. young and already ready to play
    Great upside!

  9. China1

    For a club with 250m to spend it seems like only a backup LB is not the summer we were expecting…

    Shouldn’t be that hard for us to close some deals if we genuinely have serious money to spend

    I like the look of this LB tho. He and Lokonga look like clever signings and I have high hopes for both to at worst add value to our squad and at best make a notable impact.

    If we are doubling a silly wad on one or two players like white I at least feel better seeing us spending cleverly on some other signings. It’s only YouTube but I like how this LB plays and at 7m he will surely bring a significant amount of bang for the buck at that price.

    Considering how good Tierney is he only needs to be a decent backup so it’s not a huge ask hopefully!

  10. China1

    Guns the problem is how do you fix fear and insecurity?

    1) you can have more exposure to it. Like in London where it’s so diverse that people become very familiar with ethnic and cultural differences – on the other hand when people go from being a majority to a minority, this can make them feel under threat as many working class white people do now

    2) you can educate people more – we are already doing this plenty at school, university and most institutions but apparently it’s not working for everyone

    3) you can focus more resources on helping the working class white people to get on in life so they don’t feel so forgotten – probably effective but it’s also a political minefield to say to the British public we want to spend more money on white people considering the history of discrimination from whites to other races…

    It’s hard to solve.

  11. Godfather

    I’m sorry but why does someone need to be educated about being a bigot? I mean this is like God raining down blessings and someone willingly choosing to wear a raincoat.
    What education does a person need to be informed that racism is wrong? Or using monkey or demeaning slurs is wrong?

    Sorry I’m done with being kind to bigots. The only language these kinda people understand is the stern arm of the law. When they lose employment or face time in jail then guess what, they will conform quickly.

    We are in 2021, there is absolutely no excuse to be engaging in such behavior unless you are a sociopath that has no place in civilized society.

    And I might add it’s not only wrong for the bigots who happen to be white but also the Nigerians who are also mocking Saka for being a sell out and choosing to represent England instead of Nigeria … now while their issue is one of feeling rejected and not necessarily racism, it’s still wrong and ridiculous that this young man who has shown nothing but courage and decency be subjected to such vile hatred.

    Honestly there are way too many fcuked up individuals on the planet … why can’t we just respect each other and our differences smh

  12. China1

    Godfather ofc but what you’re describing are hammers which we can use to smash the symptoms of racism (there’s a perfectly good case for those, law enforcement, social media banning etc etc)

    But we also need to address the root causes. Why do people turn out that way? We can use a hammer to hit this problem hard and put them back in their box but so long as they remain racist they will remain bubbling under the surface until the next chance comes along to let them back out

    But don’t get me wrong, by all means the law and companies need to come down hard on this to make a much bigger difference – but like I said the problem needs to be tackled from both ends otherwise you’re only pushing it back like a spring which is exactly what we’ve seen recently.

    Think of it like when you keep seeing ants walking on your kitchen counter. You can kill them and they won’t bother you anymore. But every 3 mins another appears. Sure you can kill them all but even tho it kinda works it’s inefficient. It’s not until you address the root cause of why there’s an ant appearing every 5 mins (they’ve got a nest under the sink) and deal with that, they will always come back in numbers

    Years back I was a teacher and I recall one kid in particular used to behave like an absolutely little shit every day. I was always telling him off, sending him to detention etc. when I left that school I asked my friend who was his new teacher if he was still a horrible kid and he said no he was really good. After he’d been bad a handful of times he had a 1-1 talk with him and discovered this kids parents had left him to live in another province and he’d been raised only by his old grandparents (very soft, and too old and tired and sweet for teaching discipline when he acted up and they were extra soft as they felt bad for him not having parents around). My mate said after learning this he understood the kid had no one at home teaching him boundaries and he had a void in his life from not having parents which was clearly coming out in shitty behavior. My mate talked to him about it quite a lot and ended up having a very positive connection with the boy and showed that he understood and cared and the boy reciprocated this and was really good in his classes.

    It was an eye opener for me. Sure when he was bad he deserved telling off and detention, but my approach never stopped him coming back for more because I hadn’t addressed the root cause.

  13. TheGodfather

    With all due respect China1, a child acting out and adults in 2021 resorting to racial abuse just don’t jive with me.
    Again there has to be zero tolerance and no excuse for this kinda behavior PERIOD!
    Yes my friend it’s that bloody serious!
    Racism is a cancer and you don’t play around with it, you cut it out!

    The days of tip toeing around the issue have to be over … you cross the line, you get the hammer: End of story!

    Enough is bloody enough!

  14. Guns of SF

    People will think their civil rights and freedom of speech will be stepped on. Sometimes these personal rights need to be kept in check. There are boundaries we need as a healthy society- so freedom of speech is only protected to a certain degree.
    I like the UK in this regard, you can get arrested for making racial comments, fired and hung out to dry for the public. not in america though! GO figure!

    We just show the racists on the FB, insta etc…

    We had a president that was a complete racist FFS

  15. Goobergooner

    It’s a tough gig losing in a final.
    But what happened to sportsmanship? Seeing this happen more and more now with the runners up medal. That Is still something to be proud of, as much as you hate losing.
    I’m not just accusing England here. So don’t shoot me for having an opinion.

  16. Pierre

    Arteta has a job on his hands in trying to keep the team spirit positive..
    One of his strengths over the last couple of years has been his ability to bullshit the fans and media and many have fallen for the bullshit.

    He will need to go heavy on the bullshit to the players in the next few months unless he manages to offload at least 5 players (possibly more) before the window closes..

    Bellerin, Xhaka, Lacazette, Willian , Torreira, nketiah, Nelson, Kolasinac to name but few , will not be going into the new season with an appetite to play for Arteta, so unless things start moving on the outgoings then Arteta will need to bullshit his way through this period to keep them onside …… or do his usual and freeze them out.

    Should be an interesting next few weeks .

  17. Leftside

    I can only see Xhaka and maybe Bellerin leaving and incidentally, those are the players that have requested moves away from the club.

  18. Sid

    We are 8th because mediocre players like Laca and Xhakalson have been tolerated for so long, instead of taking chances with players like Willock and Martinelli

  19. Tee

    “Bellerin, Xhaka, Lacazette, Willian , Torreira, nketiah, Nelson, Kolasinac”

    Except for lacazette, the rest can f**k off. Not like they are needed anyway.

  20. Sid

    “””””””””GodfatherJuly 13, 2021 00:31:31
    Reading some of the Rubbish here is turning my stomach. It’s no surprise that racism continues to bloody thrive.“Kneeling serves no purpose”
    “Leave politics out of sports”
    “It’s just a minority of fans”
    “Focus on the football”
    “Anyone would get abuse if they missed a pk””””””””””””

    The 2 faced, stiff upper lip exposing themselves

  21. Mr Serge

    Left side there will be movement in the market now all the football has finished xhaka will have another week off and will then do one hopefully

  22. Sid

    Economic policies perpetuate racist systems. The market prefers systems that uphold the status quo of wealth i.e Empire.

  23. Chika

    What purpose does taking the knee serve and for how long would the players keep doing it? As long as the relevant authorities continue to treat racism with levity, it would remain a menace. Sadly, the current noise will fade away until the next major incident.

  24. Emiratesstroller

    It is becoming increasingly apparent that Arsenal are considered a “soft touch” in the transfer market whenever a player wishes to leave us or more importantly the club wants to offload a player.

    We are struggling to generate transfer fees from the “departures”. Part of the problem was of
    course down to the grossly inflated wages we paid some of our players most notably Ozil and Mkhitaryan, but the situation was also highlighted by the ease in which Arsenal seemed also to capitulate when “loans” were proposed.

    The situation seems to be happening once again this season. We have loaned out Guendouzi
    to Marseille with an obligation to buy only if he plays a set number of games. We know that
    we will not get the money.

    Similarly AS Roma have offered us peanuts for Xhaka who is worth at least £20 million in today’s market. It is inconceivable that Spurs or Chelsea would consider such an offer for
    a player of this level.

    Bellerin wants also to leave the club and move to Inter. Milan want the player on “loan” despite the fact that they have been paid mega bucks for Hakimi.

    It is high time that Arsenal start getting more professional in their transfer dealings. Spending £50 million + on Maddison or White and sending out on loan or for peanuts Bellerin and Xhaka does not strike me as good business.

    I know that I will be in a minority, but I would rather hold onto Xhaka for the money we are
    being offered for him. We need players in our squad to “rotate” and I would rather sell or loan
    Elneny who is in final year of contract if we are going to take a hit in transfer market.

    If other clubs can play hard ball in transfer market then so should we. The club is not a charity.

  25. englandsbest


    You are right in every way – so why can’t we respect each other, no matter what race, colour or creed? The answer to that is simple: it’s in our DNA. I might add it’s the reason why we go to war, fight for our country, cheer on our national side, etc, etc. It’s a defence mechanism against what we perceive as dangerous. The driving force of evolution that has brought Mankind dominion of this planet.

    So what kind of society would we have to be to respect each other utterly? Not one, I would hazard, that we would care to be members of. Something close to an ant colony, a bee-hive. The closest approximation today, I would say, is China or North Korea.

    There is another way, however, one that emphasises free will. One in which we take control of our future, not trek the evolutionary path. Strangely, calamities like global warming, pandemics, may force what is left of us to take that path.

  26. raptora

    You’ve talked about it before as well, using Xhaka as a squadie like Elneny. I’ve told you before, he will never accept that role imo. He wants to play week in, week out. Keeping him to play second fiddle is just not an option like it wasn’t with Emi Martinez. It just isn’t.

    Roma are offering £13m pounds and we want £20m. I believe the two clubs will meet in the middle and it will be a good deal for both clubs.

  27. Valentin


    I am sure that the Uighurs, the Mongols, the Tibetans and basically any non Han ethnie feel respected by the Chinese authority.

    Even North Korea is not that homogeneous ethnic group you seems to think.

    You seems to confuse respect and social cohesion.

  28. Emiratesstroller


    I have not suggested using Xhaka as a “squad” player. I have suggested “rotating” him.

    It does not matter what Roma or Xhaka may want. The player has two years left on his contract so Arsenal should still be in driving seat.

    Elneny is in his final year of his contract and frankly should not be in our first team squad.

    We need to stop the culture of capitulating every time someone comes calling for a player.

  29. Rich

    We’re in an awful negotiating position

    Very few clubs in mainland Europe have money, we’ve got no European football, our squad is too big, and we need players to leave, before we can bring some in

    I think KSE will invest this summer, providing we can clear players out, but without clearing the decks to make some space in the squad, investment becomes impossible

    Leno, Runarsson, Okonkwo
    Bellerin, Soares, Chambers
    Tierney, Kolasinac, Tavares
    Saliba, Holding
    Gabriel, Mari
    Xhaka, Elneny, Torreira, Niles
    Partey, Lokonga?
    Smith-Rowe, Willock
    Willian, Saka, Nelson, Pepe
    Martinelli, Aubameyang
    Lacazette, Nketiah, Balogun

    30 players is far too many, 12 seniors outside the match day squad with no European football, will create such a negative environment

    We could let go of Nketiah, Willian, Nelson, Torreira, Niles, Kolasinac, Bellerin

    And numerically we’d be in a much better place, and have no need for any replacements

    Then we’d need to clear some more, to upgrade and rebalance the squad

    Everybody knows we have surplus players and are desperate to move players on, so nobody is going to make us good offers

    Loaning out Bellerin with no obligation would be nuts, because next summer he’s be down to his last 12 months, but we’ve done this to ourselves by signing Soares, who numerically we didn’t need, and offered no additional quality

    Ornstein reporting Saliba to Marseille on loan, which suggests we’ll sign a centre half, unless Chambers competes with Holding

    The club are in no position to play hardball on outgoings, the market is weak, and the whole world can see our negotiating position weak, and if we get no cash offers, we could easily get bounced into loan deals later in the window

    Our options will be, keep a surplus of unhappy players, or loan out the surplus players

    Same with Nelson, Nketiah, Lacazette, Elneny

    We either accept whatever’s on the table, or we lose them for free next summer, buying clubs particularly with Nelson + Nketiah, will gamble we’ll take the lowball offers on the table, rather than keep players who are unlikely to get any playing time, and who we’ll lose for in in 12 months

  30. Sid

    Racism is an acquired trait, one that comes not from some tiny bit of our genetic code, but from our upbringing

  31. raptora

    I know what you mean but he’s either seen as first choice or not. It’s clear as day he is one of the players that want to be first choice. Your idea of him playing second fiddle cannot work.

    Even if he says yes, keeping Xhaka would mean our midfield transfers are practically over with Lokonga’s acquisition. We’d be in absolutely the same position as last season. Or you think we bring someone like Ruben Neves to “rotate” with Xhaka?

    It’s bad any way you look at it.

  32. Danny

    July 13, 2021 10:05:56

    The Euros has ended less than 48 h ago, and I’m already football-starved.
    We’re playing Hibernian today.

  33. China1

    Godfather you’re missing the point

    I don’t say be soft. I’m saying you have to play whackamole whilst simultaneously taking action to reduce the number of moles who want to pop up in your garden

    It’s like taking medicine for an illness. Medicine for a serious illness is necessary but not putting yourself into a position to catch said serious illness is equally if not more important

    No one is saying be soft. I’m saying running around with a hammer means you’ll be busy forever wondering why there are so many moles to hit all the time. The number might even increase since the underlying issues are being ignored

  34. Mulerise14

    Pedro, I’ll like to know if Miguel Azeez’s contract situation… who is highly rated by the club, and from the “lil videos I have watched of him, he is quite the midfielder.. I don’t know if a’body remembers his only cameo last season in Europa league match,he looked quite confident kinda.

  35. Emiratesstroller


    Roma have offered £10 million for Patricio a 33 year old goalkeeper in final year of contract.

    Yet they are only willing to offer us £13.5 million for Xhaka who is 28 years old and has still
    2 years to run on contract.

    Inter Milan have just sold Hakimi for mega bucks and yet seem to think that Arsenal should
    offload Bellerin on a loan without obligation to buy.

    Guendouzi has been loaned out to Marseille with an obligation to buy, but only if he plays a
    set number of games. You know how that is going to end.

    Most clubs on the Continent are treating us as imbeciles. As I posted earlier Spurs and Chelsea would not consider the offers made for Xhaka and Bellerin.

    Let Roma and Inter find their bargains elsewhere.

    For the record Arsenal have currently 29 players registered for first team squad and Balogun,
    Saka and Okonkwo don’t need to be registered. I am also pretty sure that Arsenal can and
    will be offloading at least six to eight players before the end of transfer window.

  36. Goobergooner

    Just want to note, I’m at Aus vs france in rugby.

    Not one single person booed an anthem. Everyone stood up and respected France and then cheered.

    Brocco/ Johhny go do one.

  37. Marc

    If we go into the season having spent £50 million on a CB but with either the same or no serious upgrades in midfield any hopes the club has of challenging for top 4 will be over before a ball is kicked. It will lead to the same negative, dull football we had last season – does anyone think with fans back in the stadium they’ll put up with it?

    We have less than 5 weeks till the start of the season when several players will be returning to pre season late because of the Euro’s. We really need to start getting things done.

  38. China1

    The other issue is if you don’t address the causes of racism then all you do is drive it underground and hide it

    For example if I was a racist guy and I know I’ll be in big trouble for saying anything racist, sure maybe I won’t say anything. But when that minority guy applies for a job under me, ‘sorry, sir you seem not to be qualified’

    Racism can remain just as real and damaging even if it’s not openly said.

    Whack the mole and meanwhile work out why it’s there and how to make it go away for real

  39. Mulerise14

    I asked this ‘cos I have not seen him linked up for preseason….and surely, he should be on top of our list of Young guns to look out for this season.

  40. Marc

    “As I posted earlier Spurs and Chelsea would not consider the offers made for Xhaka and Bellerin.”

    Neither of those clubs would have been stupid enough to spend £35 million on Xhaka in the first place and certainly wouldn’t have been stupid enough to turn down a bid of £23 – £27 million 18 months ago.

    We really are our own worst enemy.

  41. Pierre

    Playing hardball is doomed to fail.

    We should take a massive hit on the players to streamline the squad or we will be left in a worse situation than last season…

    Let Lacazette, xhaka, bellerin, Willian, , AMN , Torreira, Kolasinac go for peanuts…if not , we will be stuck with a number of players that Arteta does not want and will freeze out of the team , creating a bad atmosphere around the club..

    What a state to be in ….

  42. Sid

    We are Not in a position to play hardball,
    Arsenal is the high school boy with bad teeth, big eyes and pimples at the prom

  43. Emiratesstroller


    There is plenty of racism in France. Let’s not delude ourselves that it only occurs here.

    What should also be considered is that Football in France is predominately an ethnic minority playing sport whereas rugby is the opposite.

    I have not discussed the issue of racism on Le Grove. It is becoming a serious problem, which
    needs to be resolved. The “knee” was a good starting point , but is having little impact.

    What needs to be done is target those internet providers who allow abuse to be published and if necessary put them out of business.

  44. CG

    “””‘Most clubs on the Continent are treating us as imbeciles. “””

    ES, finally catching up.


    They sign Willian, Runarsson, Cedric, Mari
    They give 3 year deals to PEA.

    They sell Martinez. Now one of the best 5 keepers on the planet and Leno now wants off.

    They want to buy defenders for £55m after 36 games for BHA.
    I am even read somewhere , Ramsdale is back on the agenda.

    Ramsdale +Arsenal ÷Amazon Prime.Doc?

    They will start with the Benny Hill soundtrack every episode.

  45. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry I disagree.

    Arsenal need to change the culture and make it crystal clear that the club is not a soft touch.

    Xhaka and Bellerin are commercial assets with a market value. Similarly so is Smith-Rowe.
    The fact that Aston Villa considered making the offers they did is indicative that our club are
    currently being “disrespected”.

    That needs to change.

  46. Marc


    “It is becoming a serious problem”

    But is it? I’m not talking about racism outside of football but the football world is a very different place to what it was 30 or 40 years ago. How often do you hear racist chants in grounds now? Social media is a problem but are those people what I would describe as real football fans? How many of those sending racist comments over social media regularly attend PL matches.

    The recent abuse Ian Wright received was a kid based in Ireland.

  47. Rich


    We already have a big surplus of players

    If we want to change our squad, then we have to sell

    We can’t buy a Xhaka replacement, while Xhaka and his wages are still at the club

    We’ll have 6 Central midfielders with Lokonga, if we buy another one, without letting one leave, then we’ll have 7

    We only need 4 and a talented youngster from the youth team

    Clubs don’t pay top money for players who they know their parent clubs don’t want, have no use for, and who’s wages they know are still a liability

    When your hand is weak, and e dry one can see it’s weak, it’s best to recognise that and fold

  48. Danny

    I actually enjoy the pre-season matches, a chance to see some players that we rarely see. I’m particularly looking forward to the Rangers game.

  49. Pierre

    How do you think our season will pan out if we play hardball and consequently cannot sell those players.

    You do realise that there is a possibility that we will have between 5 and 10 disenchanted players around the club who know that they do not figure in Arteta’s plans.

    It’s a long list.

  50. Kris

    Racism, vile as it is, is ‘merely’ a symptom of generalization.

    As soon as we generalize that a particular group of people are all alike (including, say, people with different beliefs than our own – religious, political) we’re only a step away from doing it on national/ethnic basis, and that step can be triggered via a variety of ways – social, economic etc

    The other day I saw the most upvoted comment in the Guardian comments section, which said ‘The Dutch are splendid people.’
    What is the implication here – that another ethnic group is less splendid? See, you can be positive about a group, but even that implies that another group is either negative or less positive.

    Anyway, I’m too incoherent to add anything more productive, so I’ll just add a joke from a standup special of Anthony Jeselnik:

    “I don’t get racism.
    Why would you choose to hate a group of people
    just because of how they ALL behave.”

  51. Marc


    Xhaka is in Arteta’s plans – he’d like him to stay it’s Xhaka who wants a move so if he stays he’ll be disenchanted but not because he’s surplus to requirements. He’ll be back to the first name on the team sheet every week.

  52. Emiratesstroller


    The club will reduce the size of its squad this summer. However, Bellerin and Xhaka are still
    commercially valuable assets whatever some who post on here may think. You don’t sell them cheap or loan them out.

    If you analyse our squad there are now very few players on the books who are past their prime. Aubameyang, Willian and Lacazette have reached or about to reach their 30s.

    Most of the other unwanted players apart from Xhaka and Torreira did not cost us mega
    bucks in transfer market and their wages are no longer exorbitant.

    I accept that Arsenal will take a financial hit on these players, but that does not mean that
    we should roll over every time a club comes calling.

    My guess is that Roma will pay £17 million for Xhaka, because they have invested already
    considerable amount of time on this deal. They want the player.

    Bellerin will be sold, but probably for a lot less than we would expect. However, I don’t see
    this player leaving on loan. Someone will buy him.

  53. raptora

    ES: “Arsenal need to change the culture and make it crystal clear that the club is not a soft touch.”

    You mean like a year ago when Lazio wanted Mustafi and Napoli wanted Sokratis but both moves failed for whatever reason after salary agreements were supposedly reached. What else could have stopped the deals from happening?

    Maybe Arsenal played hardball.

    Surely all clubs realized that we’re not a “soft touch” anymore after both players left for free after half a year of paying their salaries and missing on any transfer fee. At least we showed them we are tough cookies.

  54. Marc


    It doesn’t matter how much Arsenal think a player is worth if no one if prepared to meet that valuation. You position them as valuable assets but at the same time they aren’t good enough and we need to upgrade those positions.

  55. Dissenter

    What you’re proposing is just theatrics. It’s cutting off our nose to spite out faces.
    Like Rich stated, we have a dealt ourselves a week hand already. Sell and move on.

  56. Marc


    Let’s refuse to sell Xhaka for under £20 million (for example) so in a years time he’s got a year left on his contract and value has dropped even further whilst we’ve paid him £5.2 million in salary.

    If you sold him for £15 million and saved the salary you’re in a neutral position financially.

  57. Edu me a favour

    “Anyone would get abuse if they missed a pk”

    Did an adult with a brain actually say that and post it on here ?

    There are some dumb cunts on this blog – couldn’t have outed yourself more if you tried

  58. Emiratesstroller


    Despite all the negativity I doubt there will be the problems that you and others suggest.

    1. Bellerin, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles, Nketiah and Nelson will be sold.
    2. Guendouzi and Mavropanos have been loaned out with obligation to buy.
    3. Runarsson and Saliba will be loaned out.
    4. Kolasinac will be released from contract.
    5. Luiz contract has ended
    6. Odegaard, Ceballos and Ryan have left club at end of loan.

    So the only unwanted players that I anticipate will still be at club when transfer window
    closes are Lacazette and Willian.

  59. Goobergooner

    Emirates. I’m not trying to say there isn’t racists here or anywhere. I’m saying it’s not hard to respect another countries anthem if you want the respect back. Don is just a piece of shit

  60. raptora

    ES: “1. Bellerin, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles, Nketiah and Nelson will be sold.”

    Wishful thinking. Hope you are right. Cause you were just advocating playing hardball which means that probably 2 of the 4 don’t move.

  61. Rich


    The value of a player to a club, will always be on the pitch

    If we have a surplus of players, then that surplus is of no value to the club

    Their wages are still a liability, their contracts winding down, they’re stagnating and out of the shop window, which will mean their value just drops even further

    Having a large surplus of disenfranchised players, creates an unhappy dressing room, and is detrimental to internal competition for places

    Nobody pays big money for a player they know their club can’t extract value from, and who’s wages are still costing them money

    Not unless there’s demand to force up the price and create some urgency

    Even if KSE want to invest £200 million into the playing staff, operationally we can’t have a wage bill like Barcelona that’s 110% of their revenue

    That means we have to get players out, not just numerically, but operationally to keep our wage to turnover ratio, in some type of sustainable position

    Every time we buy a player without selling one, we give no incentive for anyone to do anything but lowball us even more, or offer us loans

    We either accept what’s on offer, or we keep a surplus of disenfranchised players and their wages on our books

    Our hand is awful, trying to bluff is pointless, our hand is wide open, and everyone can see it’s weak

  62. raptora

    Fabrizio Romano 6 mins ago

    Paperworks signed for William Saliba to OM from Arsenal on loan until June 2022, done and confirmed. Arsenal priority now will be working to complete Ben White deal with Brighton after personal terms agreed. ⚪️🔴 #OM

    …and Lokonga official announcement, expected soon. ⏳ #AFC

  63. Leedsgunner

    From Jeorge Bird’s excellent blog about Arsenal Youth players we read this…

    “Jack Henry-Francis may not yet have been given a professional contract at Arsenal but the midfielder has already received his first senior callup…”

    I don’t know how old this lad is but I bet he is younger than Saliba… Arteta should just drop the charade and pretense now and sell the player. For reasons only known to him, he doesn’t like the player.

    Plus, he’s going to be spending the whole year with Guendouzi, I can just imagine all the complementary things young Guendouzi will say about Arteta. After a year like that, I can’t imagine Saliba will want to come back even if we wanted him to.

    Shame really, I really rate Saliba… and in Nice he was their best player during his loan.

  64. The Bard

    Rich a great post. I completely agree. We are absolutely stuffed in the negotiation stakes. Talk about playing a bad hand. I do expect there to be a flurry of comings and goings at the last minute. But rest assured we will get well and truly screwed. The other issue is that Arteta must know he only has limited to turn it around. The board may be fully behind him but unless the fans are on board he is toast. There must be a lot of panic behind the scenes. Imagine the mood at the Emirates if we get off to a poor start.

  65. Gonsterous

    I hope saka keeps his chin up.
    It’s so easy, how just one or two negative comments can impact a person even if they are greeted with a million positive words. Just one or two negative comments are enough to demotivate as human nature is mostly trying to please everyone.

    But I hope saka says fk the haters and knows he is loved by the Arsenal faithful. Great talent and will only get better from the experience of a Euro final.

  66. Goobergooner

    Emirates, (and a few others bringing up alcohol).

    I’m definitely drunk at this game. But not enough to want to bash the French for winning on our soil.

    It is an underestimated factor in this “moronic” behaviour.

    Not the best game, a lot of penalties, and the French came out on top. Fair Play I say (quite ironically)

  67. raptora


    3rd year on loan while we gave the likes of Holding and Mari a total of 55 apps last season
    Yes, we have the 3rd best defence but the same people that are bigging that fact, are also pushing for a 55m CB.

    Obviously we need another type of defenders to play Artetaball.

    Does that exclude Saliba? I guess it does if we are starting the season with Holding and/or Mari in the squad but not with him. I guess they are more valuable to Arteta than a young CB who has been a standout for 2 French teams by the age of 20.

    Even with White in the squad and Saliba starting the season behind White and Gabriel, I’d have kept him as 1st bench option and use him in the domestic cups. But then again, Arteta had the option to use Saliba in low pressure matches before (Europa and cups) and didn’t do it. Chances that he’ll trust Saliba ever are very slim considering he’d have paid over 80m pounds on 2 other CBs in addition to starting Mustafi, Holding and Mari instead of Saliba.

  68. Pierre

    “Our hand is awful, trying to bluff is pointless, our hand is wide open, and everyone can see it’s weak”

    You and I have been making this point for months now and the clocks ticking….

    Every hour, day , week , month that goes by without any movement , our hand becomes weaker..

    Mavropanos, Saliba and Guendouzi were easy to loan out , who wouldn’t want quality young players for next to nothing

  69. Gonsterous

    I can’t believe we send saliba on loan again. Arsenal have been incompetent for a long long time

    Wenger had too much to do but his experience and vision kept us competitive on the pitch up to a certain point, ,

    edu and arteta and vinai are not capable of running a club on their own. None of them have any experience and vision. And nobody seems to be answerable to anybody. I have lost faith in any direction this club is pretending to take us.

  70. Tee

    Yeah, it’s Saliba case again.

    To the poster bringing up Mari, my question for you is – is Saliba ambidextrous for you to think he can play as a lcb? I’m asking this because there’s no correlation between the two.

  71. Tee

    “I can’t believe we send saliba on loan again. Arsenal have been incompetent for a long long time”

    Y’all just moan for the sake of it. What’s there not to believe. It’s been clear to all and sundry that he is going out on loan again (just didn’t know the destination club) but here you are sounding like it’s an expected breaking news

  72. Marc

    Just a quick question to the Arteta fan boys (yes I said it!) if Arteta had been sacked in December and Mourinho been appointed as his successor who then looked to send Saliba out on loan this summer – what would you be saying?

  73. Gonsterous


    Would Wenger have sent Cesc out on loan to get a new CM to replace Veira? No, Wenger knew when to trust kids. Yes he made a few denilsons and djourous on the way but it was a small gamble to take.

    We spend 50m on white, do you think he has an instant impact on the team? Is there a guarantee he will become world class? Or is it also a gamble? If it is, why are we not gambling on Saliba who cost us half that?

    We are not moaning for the sake of moaning. We moan because it’s always been 2 steps forward 3 steps back.

  74. raptora

    “To the poster bringing up Mari, my question for you is – is Saliba ambidextrous for you to think he can play as a lcb? I’m asking this because there’s no correlation between the two.”

    Where Does Saliba Play?

    Saliba played in a back three during both of his seasons in Ligue 1, typically playing on the right side of Loïc Perrin and Timothée Kolodziejczak, although he was mainly preferred on the left, with Wesley Fofana mainly playing on the right. Let’s take a look at both of his heat maps from the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons.



    From https://breakingthelines.com/player-analysis/player-analysis-william-saliba/

  75. Rich


    Not sure if you consider me to be apart of the “Arteta Fan Boys”

    I’d be saying exactly the same thing, either play Saliba, or send him to play and develop elsewhere, the worst scenario is he stays, and warms the bench for 80% + of the season

    I’d prefer we loaned him domestically, and we should have renew his deal first to protect his value, but don’t have a problem with using the loan market to develop young assets, even ones that cost €30 million

    This investment is still in play, we’re only 40% through its original lifecycle, there’s still an opportunity to see a very good return on investment, we need him to play consistently for Marseille though

  76. Marc


    No but you at least put up a coherent reason why you’d do what you would (some of the time!). Where it becomes a problem is right now Saliba will not renew he’s looking to get out and the argument that we’re only 40% of the way through his contract not if we send him on loan again we’re not it’s 60%.

    We should be looking to bring him into the squad getting matches in the league cup, FA Cup and also some time in the PL. In a perfect world he could also get time in the group stages of the EL but who’s fault is it we’re not in that?

  77. Marc


    Posters like tee will argue anything against an opinion that calls Arteta out. He’ll come back with his English isn’t good enough next.

  78. Gonsterous

    No idea why we are prioritizing the CB position again when midfield is in shambles.
    Look at UTD, great mid and they finish 2nd with a decent back and frontline.

    Spend our dough on the midfield and may be then we don’t depend on these ball playing defenders who can’t do their job at defending.

  79. Pierre

    Raptora ..the last paragraph in the link you posted.

    “In less than a year, saliba has already made strides in areas such as reading the game and defending transitions, and he’ll only improve playing in a possession-heavy side and working under a progressive manager such as Arteta. For a team that has struggled so much on the defensive side in recent years, it appears those issues may be coming to an end soon.”

    The writer was a little off the mark there …

  80. Rich


    I have no idea what’s happening with him

    I’m surprised they didn’t at least give him an opportunity in pre-season to impress first

    We’ve lost Mustafi, Sokratis, Luiz, we’ve loaned out Mavropanos, so there was certainly an opportunity for him to stake a claim, because we no longer have a huge surplus in the centre half position

    It could be that he’s fallen foul of Arteta, or it might just be that a 20yr old centre half, isn’t the move you make, when your job is dangling by a thread

    I don’t buy the argument that renewing his deal next summer will be impossible, if we double his wages, and offer him first team football, there’s surely a chance he’ll take up that opportunity

  81. S Asoa

    “ In less than a year, saliba has already made strides in areas such as reading the game and defending transitions, and he’ll only improve playing in a possession-heavy side and working under a progressive manager such as Arteta.“
    progressive manager…

  82. Mb


    I had met a british (or was it Swiss) teacher in Dubai in a connecting flight to London 3 years back. Coincidentally he was a teacher at that time ( probably for English subject).

    Was it you? 😅

  83. Gonsterous


    Yah but we don’t have EL, so we need to cut the squad in half. Get rid of all the extra weight because we won’t be back in Europe any time soon.

  84. Marc


    If the paper works under way Saliba won’t be risked in pre season friendlies – if he picked up a knock it could scupper the deal and then Arteta would be stuck with him.

  85. Gonsterous

    Also on what grounds are we doubling salibas salary?
    Is that how we get players to play for arsenal? Double or triple their salary?

    So a manager has no faith in a CB and sends him on loan for 3 seasons, only to double his salary so he stays on at the club? See something wrong there?

  86. Rich


    Saliba hasn’t gone to Scotland, and he’s currently in Marseille

    Looks imminent

    Providing Smith-Rowe commits to the club, I really hope we give him the No10 shirt, would be a fantastic advertisement for Hale End

  87. Rich

    Clubs buying young players, then sending them out to develop elsewhere

    Or putting them in the shop Windows in order to pump their value, really isn’t that uncommon

    We’ll have to make a decision on Saliba next summer, one way or the other, either sell him, or renew his deal, and then play him

    Ideally he progresses well this season,we get him to commit, then he comes into our team

    But at very least, we need to get our money back

  88. Terraloon


    “The fact that Aston Villa considered making the offers they did is indicative that our club are
    currently being “disrespected”.

    What a strange and particularly naive comment .

    Why is ok for Arsenal to keep going back to Brighton and it’s not ok for Villa to do likewise re ESR? Are Arsenal disrespectful toward Brighton? Not for me it’s just business.

    Ben White appears to be available and whilst it’s hard to believe but clearly Villa had picked up messages re ESR.

    Then you say this

    1. Bellerin, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles, Nketiah and Nelson will be sold.
    2. Guendouzi and Mavropanos have been loaned out with obligation to buy.
    3. Runarsson and Saliba will be loaned out.
    4. Kolasinac will be released from contract.
    5. Luiz contract has ended
    6. Odegaard, Ceballos and Ryan have left club at end of loan.

    1) Don’t be so sure about Bellerin .Inter have a series of targets at it appears have set a budget.if the reports are correct and Bellerin has handed in a transfer request that strengthens Inters hand.
    Xhaka is interesting but again Roma are broke. They have 8 players that they need to get off their books before spending anything above the sum they have offered. It’s all well and good Arsenal digging their heels in but the €15 million offer is the only one on the table and if things financially stay as they are it’s highly likely that Xhaka won’t be sold
    AMN, Nelson and Nketiah will probably leave but I very very much doubt they will generate mega money and wouldn’t be at all surprised if they left on loan
    2) Both those loans have the potential to be turned into permanent transfers the MG one seems to be based on a couple of triggers and it’s not just about his performance
    3) Yep on thee two I think you are right
    4) That’s going to cost a pretty sum even if the player agrees to it
    5&6) These are facts.

    You really need to take your red and white tinted glasses off. Bar a few clubs all are plotless or very close to it and searching desperately for bargains. Arsenal playing Billy big ones isn’t going to make clubs pay more for players they can just about afford. Hike up the price and the potential buying clubs will just walk

  89. Chika

    For years, Wenger claimed signing established players would hamper the growth of the youngsters at the club, and fans rightly berated him for it. Ironically, same fans are now opposing the need to a CAM this summer simply because we have ESR.

  90. Dissenter

    “Giorgio Chiellini claims he put a CURSE on Bukayo Saka before he missed the decisive penalty in Euro 2020 final: Video shows Italian mouthing South American ‘Kiricocho’ hex during England star’s run-up”


  91. Leedsgunner

    I wouldn’t take any nonsense from Inter about a loan for Bellerin… they’ve just received a shed load of cash from PSG for Hakimi.