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It feels like I’ve been cranking content all week and what do I have to show for it?


No one sold.

No one purchased.

I am starting to lose my patience. Thinking of sending Edu a seriously firm Instagram DM about my feelings.

The Granit Xhaka story is dragging like an N’Zogbia transfer rumour of yester-window. The clubs are in the final stages of negotiations, it looks like it’s going to happen, just get it done. After watching the Italy game, I couldn’t be happier. Xhaka is solid, but you’re simply not going anywhere with a good technician with no pace in midfield. If you are going to have no pace, be Locatelli with the low-punch shots. What a talent.

The story we’re all purring over is Sambi Lokonga. We really have no idea why, other than it feels intelligent and like a Wenger singing of old. New Youtube channel Latte Firm dropped this infographic.

Do I know what it all means? No. Am I going to draw sharp conclusions that this guy is taking Arsenal back to the absolute pinnacle of European football? Absolutely.

There is business to be done this summer and I think there’s a fine balance between making sure we’re ready for next season, whilst raiding European clubs on their knees. Sambi looks like a shadow player for Thomas Partey. Both seem to boast similar features. We need squad players with levels and we need to own them. Our Madrid loan options last season gave us the worst of both worlds. Odegaard did well, we wanted him, but Madrid saw enough promise to keep him. Ceballos had an absolute shocker, stunk out our first team for the most part, so we wasted development minutes on someone else’s player.

I am diving two-footed into the Premier League talent we’re trying to sign. James Maddison, without doubt, would be an excellent signing for Arsenal. Ben White, without doubt, would be an excellent signing for what need from a defender. There’s a lot of scoffing from Arsenal fans that spent 10 years demanding we ‘spend some fucking money’, now we’re doing it on players that will settle into the first team and deliver from day one, people are complaining about fees?

Ben White is a ball-playing centre-back that has made his mistakes at other clubs, he will complement our defence and pick up the good bits of David Luiz, whilst adding what he didn’t have… pace, motivation, and focus. You do not survive a season with Bielsa if you don’t put the work in, boast high levels of fitness, and have finesses on the ball with the ability to move the ball forward. While the internet was purring over Bissouma, their fans were purring over Ben White, who was named their player of the season in the fan vote. That’s the difference between actually watching Brighton and watching comps of Brighton.

James Maddison is an unquestionable talent that we lack. He’s 18 months younger than Grealish, 5 years younger than KDB, and since his Premier League debut he’s one bested by KDB for chance creation. How am I reading Arsenal fans scoff at this name? Someone moaned that he dresses like he’s buying from Hypebeast, what sort of criticism is that? If anything, signing him feels unrealistic because he’s the sort of player that ends up going to Chelsea or United.

Moving on two players of that age and profile moves us up a level instantly. You can’t argue the impact that would have on our season. When you ask Arsenal to spend some money, this is where the pennies should be going. If we’re trying to replicate the City model, this is our attempt at KDB and Dias.

I don’t even want to start on the Calvert Lewin rumors, that’d just be far too sexy for all of us to handle right now.

There’s still smart money to be spent elsewhere. Josh Doig, the Hibernian left-back, is being heavily linked. He’s 19-years-old and 6ft2, but he’s attracting a lot of attention. The worry is if Tierney breaks down, which is likely, you’ve an untested quantity filling in, but also, the benefit is then you are building out someone with a resale value and you also have a succession plan for KT (hopefully we don’t need one). The lesson from last season is young players are hungry and tend to take their chance. I’d be excited to have a promising back-up system being built out.

There’s a good keeper out there, somewhere, that we’ll have to pick up. Aaron Ramsdale for £20m does not feel like smart money when you can pick up someone like Onana for a pittance. Arsenal has been shocking with keeper signings over the years, our best #1 was Emi Martinez and we bombed him off. I know it goes without saying, but if you want an example of why a Ben White type player needs to be signed, just look at how our playing out the back dipped when Martinez left. The best keepers in world football these days can play through the lines better than Mo Elneny, we need to find one if we want to be more effective and unpredictable in this new system.

We also need to build out the right side of our defence. Cal Chambers is a very decent player, his delivery is excellent and he’s tactically astute (everyone at Arsenal loves him as well). The worry is that he very much looks like a centre-back playing right back. I have no idea where we’ll go here, but we need to find a player with the correct athletic profile that can invert. I know, I know… Ainsley could do that role, it’s such a shame he’d rather bum around in center-midfield at Watford than make a career at a club that could take him to the top but there we are. Delusions of grandeur is a bit of a problem with some of the Hale-Enders on the fringes.

We’ve also not spoken much about the #9 position, that might be because our hands are tied. I’m not sure anyone is giving Lacazette £180k a week and Auba on £350k a week is immovable unless he decides like Willian he just doesn’t fancy the slog. To be honest, I don’t think we’ll have a year like the last one from Auba again. The pattern of players we’re bringing in all points towards freeing him up earlier with better chances.

I also think Flo Balogun is going to be a very special player, he’s the closest player we have to Aguerro in style and athletic profile. I’m not sure how Arteta is going to manage his career because there’s a real story to be told with regards to loans. Do Arsenal keep Balogun on the bench like we did Eddie? Or do we send him on a short loan at the start of the season so he can develop in a starting 11? People get absolutely hysterical about loans, but forget that players like Harry Kane went on four of them. Same could be said of William Saliba. There’s no European football next season, what is best for his development? Our bench for 4 months, or Newcastle’s first team for the same time period to adapt to the language and the pace on someone else’s dime? Who knows, but the fact people get so emotional about it is a very, very Arsenal fan thing.

Finally, let’s talk about that time we spent a load of money with Lille that looked VERY odd. Remember I told you to look at the sort of people we were dealing with? Remember the exBarca exec that was at Lille at the time? Remember that outrageous fee we paid Lille who were in deep, deep shit that summer unless they sold at a big price?

If I speak, I am in trouble.

Football is a dirty game. Genaro Gattuso lost his job at Fiorentina after two weeks because he brought his super-agent buddy to the table. It is stunning that now Spurs are negotiating with him, mainly because he’s a bang-average coach, but also because it shows their lack of ideas… if you are outsourcing your Sporting Director role to a super-agent, you are fucked.

Talking of the Spurs manager job, let’s use this moment to highlight what I told you in December… fear what comes next. Spurs, for all the banter, is a London club with an elite stadium and a squad people thought could contend the title last season. They’ve been rejected by Poch and Conte. They had to lower themselves to Fonseca, who is a good coach, but coming out from under a cloud. Now they are bumming around with passion merchants and their unsavory handlers.

I’m telling you this because it feels like there’s a pattern emerging. The Premier League is the most competitive league in the world and rockstar managers will only join if they have to tools to win. The idea that we’ll sack Arteta and get Conte or Nagelsmann is fanciful because our project lacks elite levers. Spurs are struggling because no one wants to come here and fight four Goliaths with David money.

It’s still really funny though… really funny.

On that note, remember to check out the two podcasts we produced this week. They are of fine quality. Johnny is no full-time on the team, he changed his bio to reflect the blood agreement we have. Give him a follow on the internet here.

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  1. The backpass

    They have sanches, Pauliha and nerves and the idiot sticks with Cavalho whose pace is faster than his brain.

  2. Dissenter

    How many Americans are on the ESPN Euro 2020/21 studio cast

    ESPN is wisely using a mostly European cast for a European championship
    Hype is a major big part of broadcasting, how else can you capture attention of viewers.

  3. Tom

    Yes, it’s a style tailored to American audiences who just eat it up.
    Kim Kardashian has 70mil Twitter followers for a reason.

    This is what ESPN’s own Taylor Twellman said during the game after Denmark scored against Belgium: “ Every Dane in the world will remember for the rest of their lives where they were when this goal was scored “
    No doubt the will.

  4. CG

    Germany , throwing the handbrake.

    J. Love in his pomp, would have been a cracking Arsenal manager to replace the peerless Wenger.

  5. Tom

    I’m talking about match commentary by Twellman and Moreno, who’s actually Venezuelan but taken on the self important style of the former.

  6. Globalgunner

    So in the space of 30 mins Ronaldo has gone from the greatest player since men learnt to walk upright to a goal hanger who only scores tap ins.

    The polemics of the commentators is just laughable. Swing from one extreme to the other. Ronaldo scores goals the same way Gerd Muller used to. Does little else.

  7. CG

    J. Louw would nt be buying Benjamin White at £50 million thats for sure.

    All the bloody players and offensive talent to spend that money on – and the best the Dopes can come up with.


  8. Dissenter

    Taylor Twellman comes across as a used car salesman
    Moreno, on the hand is quite good, in= my opinion.

    I have actually like the punditry of Julie Foudy

    She says something and five minutes later, everyone is still saying “as Judy said”

    Chris Coleman has been shockingly bad

  9. CG

    Germany playing the beautiful game.

    Handbrake off, throttle to the floor.
    Atracking from all angles.

    (As it should be)

  10. Marc


    That would make far too much sense. This is the new Arsenal if a player doesn’t cost over £75 million we’re not interested.

  11. CG


    “””Low our next manager.”””

    5 years ago- he would have been perfect.

    Apart from picking his nose and scratching his balls- he was Wenger II

  12. Globalgunner

    Spanish Dave. You cannot be serious.
    You want that nose picking, ass sniffing mop head as our manager?

    What is it with you people easily seduced by a full head of hair. If you are going bald, buy a wig or Toupee

    We need a manager who will really take us to the next level.

  13. Marc

    There are bigger problems for us to worry about than who will replace Arteta.

    Arteta goes and Pedro will have a full on meltdown, we’re all going to be too busy acting as a support group to have the time to watch any football.

  14. Dissenter

    Never take a national team manager,, It hardly ever ends well

    A certain intensity is lost once a manager crosses that line from club to national team, Going back to successful club management , after. national team is very uncommon.

  15. Elmo

    “I hope Southgate is watching this masterclass from Germany in how to play direct attacking football.”

    I would hope so, Foxy. There’s every likelihood that England play Germany at Wembley in the first knock-out round (Group D winner vs Group F 2nd place).

  16. Dissenter

    Actually, Southgate’s lesson from what’s happening to Germany will be to stand his ground and not change a damn thing.

    Low isn’t doing much different from the last game
    The German pundits called for playing four at the back, he ignored it
    Kimich and the Bayern lads also jumped, he’s ignored their criticisms.

  17. Chris

    Southgate probably won’t change much, if anything. Far too cautious given the attacking riches at his disposal. Not sure what Sancho needs to do to feature, even Bellingham also. With qualification for the knock outs likely I hope he gives decent playing time to those who haven’t featured much so far.

  18. Dream10

    Renato Sanches should be in the XI.
    Hummels and Kroos, two automatic starters for Germany, have not had the best of tournaments.

  19. Batistuta


    What Sputhgate is doing is what teams with little to no ambition do. If he’s planning on the winning the damn thing which should be the aim then he has to switch it the fuck up.

    The German coach is an actual world cup winner so he has earned the whole standing his ground thing. South gate lucked out a world cup semi playing the exact same shite scared to attack style

  20. Batistuta

    Goals win you competitions and England don’t look like they can score or even create any chances unless Southgate wants to bore everyone off to a tournament win

  21. Tom

    By the time France play Portugal the results in other groups will have been settled so it’s not beyond realm of possibilities a scoreless draw might suit both.
    That’s the downside of four third places going through to the next round.

    People expecting fireworks there might get mightily disappointed.

  22. Elmo

    For the masochists out there:
    “Daily Express: Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke will provide the club with an eye-watering transfer budget of £250million this summer, with Mikel Arteta looking to build on this season’s eighth-placed finish in the Premier League, according to reports.”

  23. WengerEagle

    Barcelona sign Memphis Depay on a free transfer.

    Interested to see how they shoehorn all of Messi, Griezmann, Aguero and Memphis into the XI.

    Must mean that they will sell Dembele too.

  24. Dissenter

    ““Daily Express: Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke will provide the club with an eye-watering transfer budget of £250million this summer, with Mikel Arteta looking to build on this season’s eighth-placed finish in the Premier League, according to reports.””

    If it’s true then it proves the Kroenkes are stupid in addition to being bad owners
    They will give £250 million to an inexperienced crew to spend

    On the other hand it means Mikel will be fired promptly if we start poorly, should the Kroenkes spend big in the summer.

  25. Tom

    Sid, not really.
    Watching Poland play is even more excruciating than watching Arsenal under Arteta, except at least Poland have the excuse of not having the talent.
    I’m not much for flag waving either.

  26. Tom

    I think I’m beginning to figure out the rhythms why posts might be disappearing into an automatic sin bin.
    Anything religion and nation related and not necessarily in a derogatory form.

    Cocksucker and motherfucking cunt are still ok though
    That’s a relief.

  27. Marc


    I can’t see us spending £250 million this summer – even with sales. It would mean a net spend of £150 – £180 million assuming we do a good on the sales, not something we’ve got a track record in.

    It’s click bait gone silly.

  28. Leftside

    If you surround him with better players then we may do well in spite of Arteta. If you do the bare minimum then its another season of 8th and popping champagne for the post Christmas table.

  29. WengerEagle

    What a header Lewa, that’s what he needs to produce for Poland for a striker of his class.

    Only his 3rd total Euro/World Cup tournament goal would you believe.

  30. MidwestGun

    Spain are toothless
    Yep I think they are incredibly tedious, a million passes with no purpose whatsoever. Without the skill of the past. The announcers said they set a record their first match for passes completed in a half in their first match against Sweden. Something like 420 passes in a half.

    Also Morata needs to man up.. more. grow a pair.

  31. Mr Serge

    Midwest I really want Poland to score I hate Spain’s slow play how can they not have a good striker ??

  32. WengerEagle

    Up for grabs in that group still.

    Funny thing is that even if Spain only drew vs Slovaki that it would probably be enough.

    Downside of having 16 of 24 teams progressing from the groups.

    Not as bad as the Copa America at least, 8 of the 10 group teams qualify for the QF. Lol like wtf is even the point of the groul there?

  33. GoonerDave

    Poland with just 23% of the ball and 58% passing accuracy. But with Lewa up front, they can trouble most teams.
    We should be spending big on a free scoring player. Yes, the fine details need sorting, but we need a prolific goalscorer. Unless Auba improves dramatically next season, we won’t score enough goals.

  34. MidwestGun

    Yeo.. Copa should just be 4 teams from the groups… too many matches .. especially when basically Brazil and Argentina is all anyone wants to see anyhow,

  35. WengerEagle



    I give the Argies a better chance of winning it this year tbh than two years ago. Look a better team for me and the pieces around Messi fit a bit better.

    Was looking through Brazil’s side and it is very underwhelming save for Neymar, Marquinhos, Casemiro and Jesus.

    Richarlison is their undisputed RF and Paqueta and Fred their CM. Danilo and Sandro at full back.

    All pretty ordinary, Dani Alves was huge for them in 2019 too and is a miss as is Coutinho.

  36. WengerEagle

    Uruguay are the only other team capable of upsetting the Brazil/Argentina winner for me.

    Chile without Sanchez don’t have enough about them and Colombia are fairly ordinary creatively without James and Quintero.

    Uruguay are streetwise and strong enough defensively to shithouse results in a one-off knockout with the quality of Suarez and Cavani up top.

  37. MidwestGun

    Eagle _
    Yes.. however form wise.. Brazil is clicking right now, However if Neymar gets injured they are screwed. I think if they were to play tomorrow .. it would just about be a toss up.. But a lot can happen between now and the finals. Messi was on point last night. His form tends to dip, though if he gets tired late in tourny. So… anyhow.. I’m just impatient.. get Brazil and Argentina in the final already.. Hahaha

  38. MidwestGun

    And Agreed haven’t seen any other teams.. that really have much for them.. Chile is a wildcard.. but defensively they can be a mess at times. Still they get up for the Copa like no other team.. Vidal is a wildman.

  39. WengerEagle


    I’d like to see Argentina win it for Messi, would be a shame to see him retire with that asterisk over his international career because he definitely deserves a trophy.

    Beating Neymar and Brazil on their home patch is going to be a massive challenge though, they didn’t even need Neymar last time albeit they had a better team.

  40. MidwestGun

    I’m pretty neutral when it comes to the Copa.. Because the USA has had our azzes kicked by almost all the teams in it at one time or another in various tournaments so hard for me to takes sides.. Messi is definitely motivated for this one though .. you can tell.

  41. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Tom agree with bit coin…
    Also unit trust are rising at good rate do new man will have 400m come December

  42. Rich


    What do you know about Camavinga?

    We could sell 5 of Partey, Xhaka, Elneny, Torreira, Guendouzi + Niles this summer, and numerically we’d need 3 replacements

    I think there’s a good chance we’ll buy 2-3 central midfielders, providing we clear the decks

    But signing a 21yr old from the Belgian league, and an 18yr old from the French league, don’t seem like moves a manager would make, when he’s walking on such thin ice

    Or a club with little room from error would make, when the margins are likely to be so finely balanced

    But this is Arsenal, so I suppose anything is possible

  43. Gonsterous

    Give 50m to a smart person like mislintat and he will get you gems and use every penny wisely.

    Give 250m to dumb and dumber and they will try to purchase ben white for 50m

    It’s not their money, they won’t care.

  44. gnarleygeorge9

    A smart person doesn’t blame every employee from Eboue to Edu for problems since the current owner came into Arsenal lives. A smart person blames the lazy, dormant American owner who is as dug in like a tick or leach to be more specific. I guess it must be frustrating for dumb people coz they can’t blame Trump at all for the state of the Club. 😀

  45. Tom

    Arsenal preparing a second bid for Ben White after the 40mil got rejected by Brighton.
    Anyone else thinking 40mil and one might be worth a shot?

  46. China1

    Rich we’re not selling partey this summer. There’s a higher chance of trump changing his nationality to Namibian than that

  47. MD-Gunner

    I agree that Arsenal’s owners are blemish on the club but who gives a fuck if they stay out of the footballing decisions and just provide the cash. If the club had a top notch manager, a connected knowledgeable DOF plus a scouting department that can spot talent than who cares who owns the club?

    If they fuck up with who to put into the positions that make footballing decisions then yes they have to go. So at present they either fire the lot at the executive part of the club or sell and let the new owners fire the dismal club admins and manager.

  48. S Asoa

    For the sadomasochists out there

    ” Daily Express: Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke will provide the club with an eye-watering transfer budget of £250million this summer, with Mikel Arteta looking to build on this season’s eighth-placed finish in the Premier League, according to reports.”

    Watch our Emperor of Blandings gorge and turn it all to shit

  49. Moray

    To be honest, so long as we buy youngish players, don’t overpay too much on their fees, and avoid our habit of way overpaying on salary, then we should be able to recoup much of our outlay even if they’re shit, when the new manager comes in.

    If we continue to give 28+ years olds 100k + p/w salaries then we will never get out of this cycle where we sell at a loss. It’s amazing that we bring everyone in on Uk salaries. For example, what is Laca doing on 200k?

  50. Tom

    “It’s amazing that we bring everyone in on Uk salaries. For example, what is Laca doing on 200k?”

    It’s actually even worse than that.
    We bring players in and give them better wages than the leagues best players in the respective positions are on.
    Few would argue Fabinho hadn’t been PL’s best holding midfielder before Pool lost their CB’s to injury crisis and moved him to their back line.
    He’s on £100pwk.
    Fernandinho was another top holding midfielder and even after having proved himself the City brass only gave him £180kpw from his original £90kpw when he first signed from Shaktar.

    Why is Partey then on £200kpw?
    How shit are we that we have to quadruple someone’s wages to make them consider playing for Arsenal.

    Pepe was on less per month at Lille than he’s on per week at Arsenal now.

  51. Moray

    Nevertheless we do have a chance to start paying commensurate with the market. If we can get some of our higher earners out (Xhaka, Laca, Willian, Kola) then we can hopefully stop being so fuxking naive with our wages.

    If a player only agrees to join if we add a zero to their salary then they can go fuxk themselves.

  52. Guns of SF

    That is the only way to get players to come to us
    Why else would they come?
    8th place 2x and no euro this season

    Its only the $$$ that gets them coming

  53. Rich


    I never said we’d sell Partey

    I said we could sell 5 central midfielders

    Partey, Xhaka, Elneny, Guendouzi, Torreira, Niles

    That would leave Partey, and space for 3 new central midfielders

    If we signed Camavinga + Lokonga, we’d also have to sign a more experienced option as well

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we revamped our midfield this summer, providing we can clear the decks, but I’d be amazed if we punted on 2 rookies to fight it out to partner Partey, without at least a more experienced option coming in as well

    We’re not in a place where we can take time to develop too many young players at once, particularly ones who aren’t PL ready, we’ve seen with Havertz this season, that sometimes even the most talented young players take a while to adjust

    We also need to watch the African international quota, if Elneny stays, we’d be losing 50% of our central midfielder options, our first choice striker in Aubameyang, and our most productive forward from last season in Pepe

    We can’t afford to write off the first part of the season with huge changes, players settling in from abroad, and a load of inexperienced players, and then write off January to the African cup

  54. China1

    Shouldn’t be that hard for us to convince people to join considering we’re now only 2 years away from lifting the CL

  55. Moray

    “Its only the $$$ that gets them coming”

    That’s the point, Guns, we’ve been offering these salaries from back when we were a top flight club.

    Now we should be targeting young, hungry and ambitious players. And not overpaying them early as it often kills their desire to improve. Or else just permits them to wrap a more expensive car around a lamppost

  56. Moray

    “We’re not in a place where we can take time to develop too many young players at once, particularly ones who aren’t PL ready,“

    I disagree. This should be a three year plan to be competing for top 4 again. Next year is most likely another write-off.

  57. Terraloon


    The current expectation just about at every top club is immediate delivery.

    Players likewise won’t waste time at clubs where their progress isn’t immediate. In other words top players can’t waste their time sitting around waiting for “jam tomorrow “.

    Contracts for players coming with a big fee are 4-5 years others either sign extensions of a couple of years or in the case of youngsters under18 aren’t allowed to sign for over 3 years.

    Arsenal can’t afford to write off another season.

    There has to be improvement next season the major commercial contracts are all approaching the stage where they will need to be renewed and a team that’s not in the mix for qualification for the CL or indeed the competition latter stages itself isn’t a big draw commercially .

    I see all this about KSE putting £250 million on the table but for me that then leads to two questions

    1) Where is that wedge coming from ?
    2) Is that going to include the total contract commitment ( wages)

    Irrespective I can’t see players wanting to ship up from the likes of Leicester who have EL football and have been challenging for top 4 to a club unless you throw massive financial incentives into the mix and even then will really ambitious and top players see the current Arsenal as a great draw?

  58. Rich


    Providing we can clear the decks this summer, then I think we’ll spend

    If we spend only on a bunch of youngsters we need to develop from abroad, then you’re right, it’ll be 2-3 seasons to get back in the CL

    But if we target players 22-25, with a good amount of experience, and crucially some with PL experience, then we can can crack the top 4 next season

    We’ve got no European distraction, and we’ll be able to play a more consistent and settled 11 as a result, we’ll be fresher than those we’ll be competing with, and we’ll potentially have the best bench outside of any team outside of European competition

    We should also see internal improvements from Gabriel, Partey, Saka, Smith-Rowe + Martinelli

    I get the impression Pepe is starting to click, we need to get him playing as close to goal as possible, and midfielders who can get the ball into to him early

    If we can sign a top attacking midfielder like Odegaard, a top experienced midfielder to partner Partey, a top centre back, a right back, and genuine competition/cover for Tierney + Leno

    Then we’re definitely top 4 challengers

    ……..White Gabriel
    ……,Partey ?
    Pepe Odegaard Saka

    If we get our signings right, we can keep key players fit, then we’ll challenge for top 4 over the course of 38 games

    Our main issue last season was playing our first 14 games without an attacking midfielder, the injury to Partey hurt us, because that left Xhaka, Elneny, Ceballos, and the lack of genuine competition for Tierney decimated the threat down our left , when he missed out

    I’m not saying this will happen, because we’re rubbish at transfers and squad building, but if we do get it right, we can put ourselves right into the mix, and that should be our objective

  59. Pierre

    Clubs know that they can bide their time with Arsenal players as we are desperate to sell, so be prepared for our players leaving for next to nothing in August/sept or we will have to pay them to leave in January AGAIN.

    A complete cock up in my book , there is a good chance that we will be left with a number of unsettled players come the start of the season, and we know how that ends up.

  60. Rich


    There’s no value in Arsenal playing hardball

    We have an oversupply of players, and an undersupply of squad places

    Every time we buy a player, without letting at least one go, we further decrease our selling position

    Once we have a surplus of players, clubs can just lowball us, and offer loans

    We either accept, or have a disenfranchised squad, of disengaged players, that’s detrimental to internal competition, and creates stagnation and malaise around the training ground

    It’s a weak market, we’re weak sellers, our hand is rubbish, everyone can see our hand is rubbish

    We just need to start folding, accept whatever’s on offer for the surplus players, and start ruthlessly clearing the decks

    Then we just need to pray that we don’t end up selling our surplus at the bottom of the market, and replacing them with overpaid dross at the top of the market

    Because that would just defeat the point

    Paying Kolasinac to leave, then replacing one subpar left back, with another subpar left back, has Arsenal written all over it

  61. Vickingz

    Shouldn’t be that hard for us to convince people to join considering we’re now only 2 years away from lifting the CL.

    You are a such a trouble maker, 😆

  62. Rich

    Qualifying for the CL, is worth potentially £40-£100 million

    Arguing over a few million here at there for players we have no use for, and everyone knows we don’t want, might get us an extra few million, but it might not

    We might do a Kieran Gibbs, refusing a £10 million offer, only to accept a £7 million offer just a few weeks later

    The bigger the surplus of players, and the later we go in the transfer window, our selling position actually decreases, instead of increases, and we lose the opportunity to give new players a pre-season to settle in, and develop an understanding with their team mates

    At this point, KSE just need to focus on putting it right on the pitch

    David Dein once said:

    “Put it right on the pitch, and the rest will take care of itself”

    “Get a winning team”

  63. CG


    “”””It’s a weak market…..””

    It aint that weak.The Dopes are willing to pay out £50 million and climbing for White.

    Leeds have not missed him after his loan spell.
    Midtable and no White.

    And Brighton since he joined ( 36 games) have actually gone from 15th to 16th.

    So he aint moving no needles.Clear Evidence above.

    The game is about goals- not ‘pretty looking’ right footed passes ‘ through the lines’ from your center defenders.

  64. Useroz

    In footballing terms, Arsenal as a prestige institution has already been ruined as within just a decade and sadly has no end in sight however much positivity being spun around it.

    The recovery could only work if a team of capable people a is put in charge and being made accountable for the execution of a robust strategy and deployment of precious resources that support it. Where are they?

    In a way, it becomes somewhat of a moot point to talk about players to buy, and so on… btw where are the exits? Linked players are all good at something but have you honestly the confidence that the generational one could extract much needed performances outta them and make Arsenal great again?

  65. Danny S

    A team is only as good as the leaders in the dressing room.

    Had say Ozil been around in the days of Vieira, we would have seen a different player. Ozil is a meak minded little sheep. However, what we managed to do was allow the meek minded little sheep to somehow become a leader. Hence to get a weak minded team.

    Then Xhaka as a leader. He will shout and have a go at you in the dressing room when your losing, but he’s just given away a penalty or made 25 back passes in one half. Jokes.

    We now have Auba. Sterling chap and a good laugh, good for the banter and smiles. So once again, we are going to have weak mentality because no one fears backlash from their captain. If he’s unhappy he will just strop and sit outside the ground revving his Veyron.

    We need a new mentality and new leaders and hopefully this is what we are doing with the likes of Tierney, Mari and partey who seem to be much better pros.

  66. Rich


    I’m not suggesting we buy White, and £45 million does seem like a lot of money

    But if we do sign him, let’s give him a chance with an open mind, and see how he does first, before writing him off

    The idea that having defenders and midfielders who can progress the ball from back to front, doesn’t improve a teams attacking output

    Stands up to no real type of scrutiny

    I’d agree that a quality attacking midfielder is a bigger priority than a defender, but it sounds like we’re doing both, and if Xhaka leaves, we’ll have to sign a replacement

    White isn’t the finished article at 23, but he’s not a novice either

    He has to significantly improve us in the immediate for that type of money, and also have the potential to significantly improver further over the next 2 years, then lead our defence during his peak years

    £45 million will be a snip, providing we’re signing a player who can be an important part of our team for the next 8 seasons

    Like you, I have concerns, but that doesn’t mean we’re right, the proof will be on the pitch with results + performances

    I think Arsenal will be one of the few clubs to spend big this summer, but outside of clubs with exceptionally wealthy owners, the market is likely to be very weak, particularly trying to sell surplus players we don’t want, into mainland Europe

  67. Sid

    If we finish below CL and Europa places 21/22 season, chances are we lose Martinelli definately, one or both of Saka, ESR, 22/23 season

  68. Rich


    That’s the concern

    If we don’t renew Saka’s contract again this summer, then he’ll be down to the last 24 on the of his contract next summer

    And the sharks will be circling

    This summer we have to put Saka, Smith-Rowe, Tierney, Saliba

    All on 5yr deals, we have to protect our medium term future

  69. CG


    ””””The idea that having defenders and midfielders who can progress the ball from back to front, doesn’t improve a teams attacking output Stands up to no real type of scrutiny””””””

    Or a savvy and streetwise coach might ask his center defenders ( if they are not that comfortable on the ball) to play the ball down the channels and to his pacy forwards.

    Ranieri won the league by 10 points for Leicester with Wes Morgan and Huth at the back.
    Ben White types was the last thing on his mind.

    Good coaching is playing to your strengths.
    The last thing Arsenal need are more central defenders,

    You are falling for ‘through the lines bullshite’.

    Pep, Potter and Arteta are in fact OBSOLETE coaches.Post Covid fans ain’t going to want to watch their dirge.They want entertainment and goals again.

    Like we had under A.Wenger. And Man City under Pellegrini.And Man Utd under Fergie.

    Get it forward.Attack, Germany style.

  70. Terraloon

    “Every time we buy a player, without letting at least one go, we further decrease our selling position”

    Am not disagreeing with this yet over at SB they keep buying yet that doesn’t seem to impact on their selling position at all. It seems to me it’s all about the people behind the scenes who have responsibility for transfers and the lady at Chelsea seems to be one hellava negotiator

  71. Northbanker

    CG “Leeds have not missed him after his loan spell.
    Midtable and no White.And Brighton since he joined ( 36 games) have actually gone from 15th to 16th.So he aint moving no needles.Clear Evidence above.”

    Dear me – that’s the best you can do for analysis and evidence? That barely says anything and is certainly not “evidence “

  72. Rich


    Arsenal are a giant global brand recognised all over the world, that global brand has been built from Arsene Wenger playing a certain style of football, and having clear and unwavering principles

    Currently our brand is in the gutter, we have no identity, just an unbalanced, incoherent, and bloated squad, that makes no sense

    If we want to start capturing the hearts + minds of kids all over the world, then we need a clear identity in the way we play, and the profile players we target, have to fit into that philosophy

    I agree that beggars can’t be choosers, and you sometimes have to play a bad hand, to the best of your ability, and get the best out of what you have

    But that shouldn’t be our aim, while the likes of City, Chelsea, United and Chelsea vacuum up a whole generation of support across the globe

  73. Rich


    Chelsea have a first team squad of 25, and CL football, they also don’t need mass surgery this summer, 2-3 players max

    We have a first team squad of 29, and no European football

    We have 3 right backs
    5 central midfielders
    4 strikers
    5 wide forwards
    5 centre backs

    Until we deal with the surplus and imbalances, we can’t address the quality, without further weakening our selling position

    For example, if we buy a right back, without letting 2 of Bellerin, Soares, Chambers go first

    We then have 4 right backs, and Niles

    Why would anyone do anything but lowball us, or offer loans?

    When they can count we have a huge surplus of right backs, and no European football

    Having a surplus of something, just creates deflation

    We can bluff as much as we want, but the whole world would be able to see our hand, and that our hand is awful

    We need to get the wheel turning on outgoings, so we can start fixing this mess with external improvements

  74. CG


    ””””Dear me – that’s the best you can do for analysis and evidence? That barely says anything and is certainly not “evidence “”””””

    Yes. thats all you need.

    After his 36 games for Brighton.
    Brighton went down 1 place.
    So he ain’t moved no needles there.

    Clear evidence , he is overpriced at £50 million

    And if Mings gets in front of him in the England team, thats more evidence – he is just above average.

  75. Sid

    For the ball playing center back to be effective the players ahead have to complement that style.

    1. Man c have midfielders that can pass and create triangles so their CBs are a pivot.

    2. Liverpool have the ball played to their FBs and their CF plays almost as a midfielder to bring the WFs into play.

    What Diet Pep has is a mish mash of everything and lack of a coherent purpose.