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Well, Arsenal transfer rumours took a rocket ship to the moon with stories emerging about a potential summer blockbuster of JAMES MADDISON TO THE GOONERS.

It’s a weird one, right?

It tells you a few things.

Firstly, there’s clearly a big pot of money on offer if we’re considering an English creator as part of the business this summer.

Secondly, if there’s a pattern emerging, it appears to be that we’re fixing the spine of the squad with Premier League ready players.

I’m at the point with Arsenal that I wonder about the viability of some of this ambition, even if we do have the money on offer. Arsenal is clearly massive, but Maddison just feels a little bit beyond where we are as a club right now?

Would it be a good signing? Clearly. The player scores, creates, and his injuries cost Leicester big time last season (we love signing players with injury records).

It just seems expensive. Like, all the bankruptcy in Europe and the extent of our scouting curiosity is James Maddison and Ben White? I don’t think you can argue the quality, you might argue if you could do more with that money. It feels like Arsenal are attempting the Liverpool Allisson/VVD before we’re in good enough shape to move there.

Again, I sound like a brat. OF COURSE I would take those two players. They instantly move Arsenal up a level. It just feels odd that 18 months ago Arsenal leadership was sending emails to turn off the computers at the mains, now we’re about to spend £100m on two players?

Some apology tour from Josh K.

Whatever we do will be a hybrid model. We’ve bid £15m for Sambi Lokonga. Ornstein confirming it. This is an Arsenal of old move. A transfer that would reflect the moment. A player that Arsene would have signed. He’ll be for the squad-depth like Saliba, but the exact sort of player you want to be able to call on when the inevitable injuries come. A season or twos worth of experience, correct technical and athletic profile, and a look-a-like for a more senior player. He would represent the sort of value we need to be sourcing.

The Arsenal fixture list dropped.

  • Brentford (a)
  • Chelsea (h)
  • Man City (a)
  • Norwich (h)
  • Burnley (a)
  • Spurs (h)

3 tough games and 3 games we should be taking maximum points from. City is the one I worry about most if I’m honest. We caved to them last season and showed too much respect. The others are all winnable.

The bigger point of interest is that most of our big games in the first half of the season are away games. Only Chelsea and Spurs are going to be home games. That works for the pattern our season will likely take > Lots of change = choppy start.

The key to the first three months is to not shit the bed like we did last season. If we can get off to a confident start and stay firmly in the pack, we’ll be better from January onwards, without doubt. If we soil ourselves like last year, it’s Nuno time in January.

The other big watch-out for Edu is those first 10 games need to be good. He can’t be pissing around with deadline day specials like he did last season. We need to have settled squad as close to the start of preseason as possible. We’re at June 16th and there’s next to nothing rock solid brewing in the market that we know of… chop, chop Edu.

Aston Villa, according to The Athletic, have been hounding Arsenal for Emile Smith Rowe. They dropped £25m in the old fax machine and we said no. Great that other clubs covet our young players, a bit of a worry that Villa is bullying us. This is a balls-out move from them, they are trying to tell the world they are on the up and want to be recognized as a top club, they are showing Grealish they want to compete, and they are giving their fans (and some of my pals) banter ammo. Breathtaking cheek, but the audacity has to be saluted.

Right, that’s me done. I recorded a second podcast yesterday with Johnny, we talked about Neves, Saliba, and Lokonga. It was a good listen. If you want a cracking read, check out Adam’s debut piece where he deep dives into some data to uncover some very interesting insights.

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  1. China1

    Anyway it’s fine to regularly play badly as long as you do lots of pointing with a serious face – and oh boy he’s mastered that

  2. MD-Gunner

    Here is something to suck on the Season Ticket policies for 2021-22.

    Poor Arsenal:
    How much do they cost, and how does this compare to last season?
    General admission between £812-£1,610. Two credits will be given for the first two home matches in the FA Cup. Carabao Cup fixtures are not included for general admission but are for Club Level, where prices are between £2,545 and £5,035.

    How do the fans feel about it?
    Overall, they aren’t particularly happy. The lack of any kind of European football next season was always going to be a factor, but they believe a greater price deduction could have been made. This round of renewals hasn’t been met with much enthusiasm.

    Mighty Villa:
    How much do they cost, and how does this compare to last season?
    Prices range from £370-£684 for adults and have been frozen since the summer of 2019, when Villa were promoted back to the Premier League. Supporters can attend the first home cup fixture for free with their ticket. The club has also waived administration and booking fees.

    How do the fans feel about it?
    There’s still a huge clamour for tickets, and still an 8,000-name long waiting list. Villa are entering into what promises to be one of their most exciting seasons for over a decade and supporters are eager to be back inside the stadium.

    Like this quote how Villa fans feel “what promises to be one of their most exciting seasons for over a decade” Could the Arsenal fans perhaps thinking it promises to be one of their most underwhelming seasons for over a decade or is that already past?

  3. gnarleygeorge9

    Switzerland were generally tippy tappy sideways, backwards, etc like The Arsenal & Italy were like Man City when they play The Arsenal.

  4. PhD2020

    Guns of SFJune 17, 2021 01:40:46
    Sergio Ramos is a free
    No way,Arteta signs Ramos on a free.Pure banter.

    Ramos,would kick Arteta out of the club,which would be a good thing,mind you.

    Ramos,would showcase his 4 CL’s,5,La Liga’s, 2 Copa Del Rey’s, 4 Supercopa de Espana Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cup’s, 4 FIFA Club World Club Cups, 1 World Cup, 2 European Championship Cups,etc,etc…The list of trophies is endless.

    Arteta will have a heart attack signing such a player.Ramos will see right through him.

    All Ramos, has to say to Arteta,is :-“What have you won? And let’s put our medals and trophies on the table?”.

    Ramos:Move aside Arteta,the team talk and tactics is to be taken by me.

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    Remember when the deals get done, it’s part of Stan’s hard earned/dowery) not The Arsenal fans readies. If Edu Gaspar pays a little over market value for quality players, there is no need for some anal fans to analyse the transaction to the nearest cent.

  6. Elmo

    Ramos looked the speed of a snail in the CL semi against Chelsea, and was exposed as a total liability. There’s a reason he’s out at Real.

    He could still do well in a slower league, or in a team who sit deep, but bringing him in at Arsenal would reinforce exactly what we’re trying to move away from (trying to get the CBs and MF further up the pitch, rather than having to be too cautious due to Xhaka and Luiz having no pace).

  7. Moray

    PhD, the one glaring omission from Ramos’s career is the North West Footballer of the Year award. Arteta has that, and the Liverpool Echo Sports Personality of the Year (according to Wikipedia anyway).

  8. Guns of SF

    In all honesty
    A nasty fucker like Ramos would be great.
    The dude is a maniac when it comes to training
    Great vet experience. Another Luiz type but better….

    Yes, Arteta would have shit his pants a few times when Edu tells him about it

  9. gnarleygeorge9

    The Arse will not move forward like a Red & White juggernaut until a proper stand alone Captain is in place. A strong Captain who leads by example must be put in place for a football dynasty to evolve.

  10. Guns of SF

    There is no rhyme or reason to our plans this summer, so why not…
    A one year deal…. save the 50M on that Ben kid….
    Plus Mike could get him to be the mole or enforcer in the dressing room. I think Mike is still looking for that person even today.

  11. Guns of SF

    is this maddison shit for real??

    If so, what happens to ESR?

    Also, I dont mind but the price is too high- 45M maybe?

    If we partner TP with JM, and say a Bissouma that would create some balance, or go for it with Aguissa

  12. Dissenter

    Why do you think ESR is yet to sign a contract.
    He’s waiting to see whether Arsenal is serious.

    That’s why the reported Villa bid has more flesh to it than people want to acknowledge

  13. Guns of SF


    You think? I think teams know we are desperate thus the lower bids coming in for our players. 7M Mavro, 15M Xhaka, 25M ESR

    We are a banter club now… mid table and selling players for those prices it seems…

  14. Gonsterous

    We really have dumb and dumber leading the charge on our transfers.

    At least they complement each other, and by that, I mean one of them says the other is great and the other replies likewise.

    Still can’t get my head around 40m for ben white. Jesus. For 40m I want Ben white to do all the things he can, and walk on water.

  15. Guns of SF

    what the heck happened to BIssouma.
    He is also about 40M
    If we get White, then Bissouma is out…

    What about Lamptey?
    Just pay em 100 M for Bissouma, Lamptey and White…
    get a discount for multi purchases.

  16. Gonsterous


    Wasn’t arteta one of Wengers mole? I feel like I’ve read something I like once upon a time.

  17. Gonsterous


    Mikeal seems to be a right cunt. You just know Mikeal is going to be for the full season, as his supporters will keep bringing up the table since (insert convenient time)

    And how mikeal is just 6-8 points off 6th spot come december

  18. Gonsterous


    Very strange indeed. I have a feeling Azeez can become the player lokinga is in a season or two, given mikeal gives him game time. Judging by their youtube clips, Azeez does almost everything that lokonga can do. Both are playing at a shit level at the moment though so jury we can’t be certain that both will have an impact on the PL

    And saliba can be used instead of purchasing Ben White

  19. Leftside

    I get the Lokonga signing if it comes off as we are potentially losing Xhaka, Torreira and Guendouzi. We need bodies as Partey, Elneny and Willock isn’t enough. I would still expect another CM to come in.

    Its the Ben White deal, for £40m that is confusing me. We have enough CBs.

    Theres no space for error from Arteta and Edu, Arteta should be on thin ice as it is after ensuring we have no european football this season and for two consecutive 8 place finishes. Crowds coming back won’t be so accommodating for his big fanciful talk whilst offering up nothing tangible.

  20. Leftside

    There is no chance we can compete with top european clubs for players unless we throw £££ and they want to live in London playing dull football with no pressure to win trophies. We’re declining year after year and we have an arrogant novice in charge who has managed to make every player bar Saka look worse. Saka looks to be progressing in-spite of him too.

    Nobody outside of Arsenal cares that we were last a great team/won a gold PL trophy 17 years ago. What is our vision moving forward? Do we have ambition to become a top team again? Nothing points to us having any.

  21. Sid

    Dear Xhaka, I meant to write you sooner but I just been busy
    You said your girlfriend’s pregnant now, how far along is she?
    Look, I’m really flattered you would call your daughter that
    And here’s an autograph for your brother
    I wrote it on the Starter cap
    I’m sorry I didn’t see you at the show, I must of missed you
    Don’t think I did that shit intentionally just to diss you
    But what’s this shit you said about you like to cut your wrists too?
    I say that shit just clownin’ dog, come on, how fucked up is you?
    You got some issues Xhaka

  22. MD-Gunner

    “why is it that we take so damn long to close deals”

    The answer is very simple, it takes a lengthy dialog with agent and player to convince them that they should come to Arsenal and that the what press says about the club and the shit show that appears on the pitch is just a mirage. Yes it is true no European football but instead of flying to Baku and other out of the way places you can stay in London and admire the club’s history in the Arsenal Hall of fame, visit the historic Highbury grounds and soak in the atmosphere of glory days gone by.

    It takes time to spin this to player agents and players the time it takes to close deals. Never mind the that players outright refuse to come to this “BIG” club.

  23. Goobergoonee


    Hope you’re well, and all you other le Gooners.

    You mentioned on another post about the midfield (xhaka) being replaced by pl quality/experience.

    I agree and disagree.

    Partey if you’re looking from afar would probably assume that what you’re stating is correct. But parteys first season in EPL was unlike his previous career in that he had recurring injuries.

    That can be put down to adapting to the league; or overplayed/played too soon from injury.

    Either way you look at that above sentence shouldn’t dictate the way we purchase an upgrade on xhaka (reaaaaaaaaaaallly not hard at all if we are honest).

    I don’t mind the EPL proven rumours, in all honesty probs the best situation to go, for literally the fact they don’t have to adapt the league. Only the club.
    But I just can’t justify not going into the international market for that position because of the afore-mentioned.

    I think we need to focus our “marquee” money on either a CM that’s actually going to take us a step forward as well as complement partey; or the cam position.
    I feel like esr could play deeper if another am was purchased, not ideal but still better than current.

    I also feel like if we have to have esr in the further roles, then the cam position becomes secondary to cm.

    I pull my hair out every game, literally bewildered how we went from the invincibles aka Vieira as the absolute beast, to Cesc to Cazorla to noone. Partey will be a different beast next season! Unless he is actually 45 then it’s only down hill 😂😂😂.

    I don’t mind upgrading on our backline, it’s just fuckkkkkkkkkkk you Arsenal for not going the absolute most glaring hole in the squad. (CM for the dingleberries who think otherwise 😂(

  24. Goobergooner

    Happy (absolutely bogus time if it wasn’t euros/copa) summer break for you Gooners! Hope this couple of months go quickly.
    This window is the most interesting since Emery’s first. I hope edu doesn’t let me down hahaha. I had a 100th of the faith in him as Pedro did tets, so for me that is massive 😂😂😂

  25. Valentin

    I like the click-bait report that Madrid has offered Ødegaard in exchange for ESR.

    Also it looks like Arsenal is holding for more money for Torreira, Guendouzi and Xhaka, I just hope that we do not shoot ourselves in the foot with crazy valuation that result in having to sell at hefty discount the last day of the transfer window.

  26. The Bard

    My view is that next season could well be a make or break one. If we don’t hit the ground running the atmosphere will be poisonous at the Emirates. The club are clearly in decline and the only way of stopping the rot is to pay over the odds to persuade reluctant players to sign. Sadly it feels like more of the same old Arsenal transfer shite. The Villa bid for ESR is evidence of how far we have fallen under the Kroekne’s.

  27. Valentin

    Italy looked good but also looked vulnerable in defense. I can see speedy attacker having a field day against that aging defense.

    Going forward England is very exciting, but they lack a proper DM and a decent goalkeeper. Despite the hype, I also think that there is a brain fart coming in those CBs.

    Germany which used to produced big tall No9 every other tournament seems pretty toothless upfront. Against France, both Gnabry and Muller hardly spend time in the opposition penalty box.

    Talking about France, as a French expat it pains me to say that this Deschamps team does what Deschamps team do. Play awful football with a very disciplined packed defense (dare I say German approach) and rely on his counter-attacking prowess. With the amount of attacking talent at its disposal, it looks like a waste. I still see them going far for the simple reason that defensively they won’t collapse and can always rely on an individual moment of brilliance (or luck) to score.

  28. Goobergooner

    I rate England this euros the highest I’ve ever done. But I still think France or even a debruyne less Belgium has to at least get to the final. One of those two teams to beat England at sf for me

  29. Goobergooner

    England (ridiculously mirroring Arsenal under tets) is sorely lacking confidence to utilise attacking players properly. Fucking send the top dogs out with just one CB and one keeper and they’d win the comp from goals from every angle 😂😂😂 ( that is an exaggeration of course )😂

  30. Terraloon

    Do clubs really boast that they are going to spend spend spend ?

    I can’t think any remotely well run club would not play their cards very close to their chests for fear that prices would rise in terms of incomings and clubs looking at buying would know that space would have to be made in the squad so would go in so low as to almost be embarrassed but hey desperate to sell and all that.

    So why is it that press reports and bloggers such as Pedro are saying there is going to be a big spend ? Where is that information coming from ?

    The numbers that both Marc and I keep making reference too don’t lie Arsenal don’t have a pot to piss in. We know that as a minimum a £120 million additional loan is now owed, the debt reserve account blown, the bulk of £100+ million owed in respect of historical transfers had to be found from dwindling cash reserves , income was massively down in season 20/21 and even if the 21/22 season is played in front of full stadiums the match day income will be probably less than 66% of the sums achieved when CL football was the norm. Sponsorship deals will be negatively impacted some say by as much as 12.5%

    Time will tell but it’s pretty obvious that the names being banded about were always going to have premium price tags so are we all being played?

    Most footballers will know about a big clubs history but that really isn’t enough to attract the “A – listers” that are being suggested , there isn’t CL or even EL football to attract and it appears that there is a drive / need to reduce the wage bill so if you are going to get players to choose Arsenal is selling them the project enough ?

    The desire of all Arsenal supporters to bring in top quality replacements is a given but I do wonder if the names being banded around are known to be un obtainable but the illusion of trying to bring in these players is all a PR planned exercise

  31. Sid

    The french midfielders are suitable for a counter attacking style, they are athletic and good at running with the ball.

    They would struggle at forming triangles, passing among themselves and probing type of style

  32. Habesha Gooner

    The Maddison rumors are apparently true. He is one of our targets. I like him as a player but 60 mil for him is bad business. Might as well go ahead and bid 80 for Grealish. I don’t think spending that amount of money is what a smart club would do to get to the top. We aren’t Man city. We don’t have endless funds. If we did I would be okay with that but we will be stuck with players on ridiculously high wages who we paid high transfer fees for. And we won’t move forward because we won’t have high profile sales to sustain our spending. We are looking at spending what United spent on Brumo Fernandez on Maddison. I don’t get it but Arteta seems to have learnt to spend till you get it right fro pep. 35 mil for buendia was smarter business than 60 mil for Grealish. And Pereira for 20 to 25 mil is a smarter business than Maddison at 60 mil too.

  33. Danny S

    Arsenal looking to sell Saliba according to some reports.

    Tets really digging his feet in on this one.

    This TW is already looking typical arsenal.

  34. Gonsterous

    We got pep lite, why not be city lite too, only difference we over pay for players with no resale value.

  35. andy1886

    Goober, England have great midfield options but not much else. Defensively we’re fragile (more so with old Slabhead in the team) and offensively we’re not as great as some people seem to think. It was good to see Sterling score as at the last WC he couldn’t a cow’s arse with a banjo. Kane who is prolific at club level is a flat track bully for the national side. Look at his record, his stats are padded with lots of goals against smaller sides but the only two big teams he’s scored against (France and Germany) were in friendlies.

    Throw in that if England win the group as expected they will play the runners up in the ‘group of death’ in the first knockout stage (one of France, Portugal or Germany) I wouldn’t put any money on them to go very far.

  36. Vintage Gun

    “The desire of all Arsenal supporters to bring in top quality replacements is a given but I do wonder if the names being banded around are known to be un obtainable but the illusion of trying to bring in these players is all a PR planned exercise”

    If so then expect fans to raise hell and unleash the Kraken before the dark days of winter.

  37. Goobergooner

    Thanks for the reply. You’re in London aren’t you?
    I think the English fans; despite claiming this is ours every other international tournament, yet coming to this not as vocal is actually funny.

    I disagree with you on the English attack. It’s more potent than it is showing due to team setup.
    The defence isn’t such a problem if a manager can utilise that selection of midfielders and forwards to its potential. Just need to stick to a consistent backline.

    I think England should beat Germany as well as Portugal if up against them next round.

    But they need to up the anti a little compared to their first game. But as it was the first game and against a very solid Croatia we will see how they progress haha.

  38. andy1886

    Goober, just to continue my trashing of Harry Kane here are his goal stats for England:

    29 Competitive goals (plus 5 in friendlies)

    Top teams scored against: 0

    Decent teams scored against: Colombia (1), Czech Rep (2), Croatia (1), Poland (1), Switzerland (1) (stretching the term ‘decent’ in some cases there).

    Top teams played but not scored against: Belgium (3 times), Netherlands (2 times), Spain (3 times), Portugal, Italy, (also Russia, Sweden & Denmark (2 times).

    Most of his goals are against small sides such as Bulgaria (4), Montenegro (4), Panama (3), Lithuania (2), Tunisia (2), Malta (2), and Kosovo (2).

    So I wouldn’t put my house on him troubling the scorers in the Euros.

    By the way: NEW POST.

  39. Globalgunner

    Fk Ramos, that dirty cheat. We dont even need a CB. We need LB, RB and a completely new midfield.

    Benny Hill is not dead and he is in charge of Arsenal transfers

  40. NWM

    Re Locatelli: I doubt Arsenal has any chance of signing him, but I’m not sure Juve will either. They have a lot of money tied up in wages for two free agent center mids, Ramsey and Rabiot. They would like to get rid of one, if not both, but, like Ozil, their wages make them almost untransferable. Locatelli is clearly better than both, but in the age of covid, do they add him if they can’t get Ramsey and/or Rabiot’s salaries off the books.