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David Ornstein showered FIRE on the internet when he announced that we’d be targeting Ben White this summer in a £40-50m move.

Let’s start with the player. My uncle is a huge Leeds fan and said the guy is absolute class and he was gutted they couldn’t nab him to stay in the league. That’s all that is needed here, my uncle has the last say.

Outside that, what do we have? A capped England player. Not only a ballplayer, but someone that can dribble like a midfielder. He is fast. He’s 6ft 1, which isn’t the tallest, but next to Gabriel or Mari, you’re in good shape. The most important thing he has? He’s Premier League proven and he’s had a league winning run in the Championship. He’s physical enough to land in a Bielsa team, he’s solid enough to have landed promotion in team that leaves centre backs wide open on the counter. He’s been coached in a positional play system under Potter.

You simply cannot knock the profile of the player and to be honest, I am absolutely shocked the comp merchants propping lesser players are complaining about this sort of move. 23 years old, keeping Brighton in the league, landing England call-ups over other players in the Brighton backline that are English.

Part of the anger is people think this means the end of Saliba. I’m not sure why, because Saliba does the same things as White, except he hasn’t played a single minute in any English competition. If you think Mikel Arteta is going to roll career dice on a player that’s had half a season at Nice, you are totally nuts. That would be a move crazier than dropping ESR as a false 9 in an away leg of the Europa League. You don’t make the 3rd best defence in the league better with Saliba. You can’t complain that Arteta makes too many rookie mistakes, then encourage him to put a 20-year-old centre-back in the starting 11 from the start of the season, despite ZERO top clubs doing that. Also, don’t give me Fofana, Leicester finished 5 points ahead of us and conceded 50 goals last season. Saliba deserves to fight for his place, but he doesn’t deserve to start because Don Raul massively overpaid for him like he did with Pepe.

What you have is someone more proven in White as a tried and true starter, then you have someone coming up behind him with a massively high ceiling. That’s an exciting grouping of centre-backs.

People are also spitting feathers about priorities like transfers are only viable if they are done in order of importance.

Don’t be so fucking ridiculous.

If Arsenal have the funds for a £40m center-back, that gives credence to the story I had about KSE putting up funds this summer. This ‘might’ be the big one we’ve been begging for.

I also wouldn’t write off player exchanges being part of that deal. Brighton might have an interest in a few of our players, I’m thinking about Reiss Nelson, Eddie, and AMN. We could lower the fee by sending young English players who might fancy the top class coaching of Graham Potter.

The story, even if it’s untrue, also gives us power in the market, because it shows we’re not desperate for cash to move on our own ambitions forward. Part of Liverpool and Chelsea’s strength when selling is that they don’t need to sell. Last summer, we needed cash, so clubs lowballed us.

I also think people are extremely scarred by transfer windows of yesteryear. Signing a center-back doesn’t mean we won’t sell any. Arteta has said about 50 times we had too many players in that role. If anything, Ben White is a ruthless indictment on the players we currently have at the club. 3rd best defence in the league but no standout centre-backs? Someone is going to pay the price for that and I wouldn’t really be fussed who it was.

Also note this… signing a new deal isn’t always a celebration of faith. It can be about protecting an asset so we can sell it at some point. A lot of the players, since Huss Fahmy, have optional years Arsenal can add so we can land fees. If Arteta managed anything last season, it was making a lot of our players more appealing than they were before. The fact Xhaka is moving at basically 29 to a fairly big Italian club shows that there’s a market for our talent this summer.

If Arsenal can raise £100m, which we’re almost 30% of the way there now, then there’s a chance our summer could be a £200m one. Arsenal paid back the Government loan and took out another £120m via Barclays. In a world of cheap capital, why not invest in the dip?

Joe Willock – £20m

Hector – £30m

Reiss – £10m

Leno – £25m

Xhaka – £18m

Matteo – £8m

AMN – £20m

Mavropanos – £15m

Cal Chambers – £20m

There are deals to be made this summer and clubs are going to deal with us.

So in short, don’t shit your pants that we’re adding quality to our defence that we need. Our system doesn’t work without a ballplayer center-back and Saliba would be a huge risk to start there. What happened to Liverpool when they lost quality in defence? They dropped 30 points. What happened to City when they added Reuben Dias? He was one of their best players and they smashed the league. Uncomfortable defenders blow our system. A centre-back and right back that can invert move our attack forward.

There will be new midfielders, no doubt. Xhaka needs replacing. Ceballos needs replacing.

Don’t fret about the summer because the order makes no sense. Don’t fret about fees because there’s a complete plan about all the positions. Just worry about quality.

Right, on that note, I’ll see you in the comments. x



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  1. Mr Serge

    40m is fuck all for a top young premier league CB that can play out of the back what did stones cost 7 years ago
    White is better than he was at that time

    Liverpool just paid 37m for s player that’s started 12 games for Leipzig

  2. Champagne Charlie


    Sounds like an indirect replacement with that. Biggest issue at CF is we have two players that need to feature because they offer us a threat lacking elsewhere.

    Ideally we lose Laca for someone that can bring a lot to the table with Auba in the side at CF. Always been keen on a better collective. Get Auba central and build a trio that can operate in support of him.

    Correa, Saka, ESR, Odegaard, Pepe, Martinelli would be more like it.

    And Ben White obviously.

  3. AFC Forever


    “AFC, you pathetic waste of space cvnt.”

    You prove my point mate. If you can’t respect yourself then you have nothing.

  4. WengerEagle

    Mr Serge

    Konate played a full season for Leipzig where they only conceded 28 league goals.

    And Liverpool’s CM and frontline isn’t a mess like ours.

    We need x2 CM, a forward and a RB before we need another CB.

  5. WengerEagle


    Yep and you have to remember that we still have Martinelli, Nketiah and Balogun as CF options even if we sell Eddie that is 2 understudy’s to Auba and Martinelli needs games.

    We are a Pepe or Saka injury away from being in a position where we have to start Willian or Nelson.

  6. Northbanker

    Rich – how long is a piece of string? Its a word called discretion – and Tom sadly lacks it. That said, i wasn’t calling for him to be banned. However his comments were tasteless and insensitive at the moment we all thought we had witnessed a death on the pitch

  7. WengerEagle

    Mr Serge

    That wasn’t the argument, he has already proven himself to be worth that kind of fee throughout his time at Leipzig.

    You made out as if he is some newb who has only played 12 games to date.

  8. Radio Raheem

    Luis Alberto is Lazio’s attacking mid why sign Correa to frustrate Arsenal fans. I’m hoping this link to Correa is just that. He’s not moving us forward anytime soon.

  9. Mr Serge

    We he has played 66 in 5 years white played that in the last 2 in a tougher league I would take white all day long

  10. Ishola70

    Correa can make things happen in and around the penalty area rather than being seen as a centre forward like Lacazette as Weagle has said.

    So it is likely to be wing or CAM for Correa and as we have the options of Saka and Pepe at wing position then CAM seems a fit for him in this Arsenal side and of course he go to wings if needed.

  11. Mr Serge

    I don’t know what we will spend if the krankees are finally backing us
    So,I don’t mind keeping my powder dry seeing if they do

  12. Ernest Reed

    “What’s the rules regarding posting after a tragedy? What’s the timeframe?”

    How’s about just having common decency and respect for the situation, Rich? Too much to ask for?

    Have a seat already and have a word with yourself. Perspective.

  13. MidwestGun

    Lukaku in an offside position before he scored but because the defender tried to play the ball he was onside or something. Weird.. Anyhow I really don’t like Belgium.. too many Hazards on one team for my taste. Or ex-chelski players for that matter.

  14. Dissenter

    Crappy premier league referees are always going to be crappy English referees

    Maybe the color of the Danish referee brought back memories of United for the ref

  15. CG


    “””City paid £40m for Ake who played 10 games in the EPL. We can’t afford that luxury.””””

    I stated that yesterday.

    Arteta’s brain polluted by Man Citys unlimited budget and Peps bullshite and arrogance.

    Sitting in 8th as Arsenal manager under KSE and firing £40 000 000 bids for a player most have never even.heard.of until yesterday.

    Benjamin White? Who??

  16. AFC Forever


    I mentioned it a couple of days ago that we may move to two no. 8’s, Odegaard hopefully one of them. In the modern game we do see fluidity in formation, with a reliance on attacking midfielder types, as City display with their goals shared around midfield; Gundoghan, Foden, Mahrez, Sterling, KDB etc. It reduces the burden of the main striker and pulls the CB”s out of position.

    In the fluid set-up, a 4-3-3 becomes a 4-3-2-1 or a 3-2-3-2 with the ball, allowing you to have addition Attacking mids. I watched Italy the other day and they pinned Turkey by switching to a 3 man defence when they had the ball, pushing the full backs high & allowing more attacking intent. When out of possession, they aggressively hunted the ball in groups. Long ball against that is the only option because it’s hard to play through that compact formation. To play that way or the way City play, you really need to have more technical players, attacking midfielders and as you say no.8’s , if you like. That means sorting out the ‘right back’ and having two ball playing CB which can play as a 3 which might be where the Ben White rumours come from. Possibly.

  17. CG


    “”””Crappy premier league referees are always going to be crappy English referees””””

    He maybe crap, but Eriksen will be pleased he was the ref this evening.

    Ref Taylor done his job.

  18. CG


    “””CG, I am shocked that you are not champing a 23 year old English centre back.””””

    See my 1939 post .

  19. Rich

    Ernest Reed

    I didn’t see it, at the desk working, reading the comments on here, with one eye on the score

    Maybe Tom wasn’t watching either?

    But instead of considering that, you decided to attack him like a pack of hungry lions….

    You want to virtue signal about how compassionate you are, while attacking someone else for having a reaction that wasn’t up to your standards

    On something you didn’t even know he’d seen…..

  20. Radio Raheem


    Crazy he’s still around. The guys he broke through with Arshavin, Pavlychenko etc. in 2008 are all retired.

    Weird how little world class talent we see from Russia when all is considered.

  21. Dissenter

    You know that the players were all alarmed and Kjaer had already started CPR at the time the ref called for help.
    Commending the ref for that is like commending the breeze for helping paint dry.

    That was not a penalty, wonder what the referee was doing

  22. Lacaqualidie

    Arsenal transfer windows for me have become something I don’t pay much attention to now. Gone are the days when I would hope we sign this player or that. Perhaps I’m just an old fart now. I’m certainly out of touch with the wider game because I find a lot of football to be boring.

    Having said that, Arsenal have a golden opportunity (paradoxically) to slim the squad down to a core of players which can then be built upon for the future.

    For me the priority is replacing Xhaka and getting a technically good, two footed, quick witted CM with good vision who can speed up our play.

  23. CG


    “””CG don’t sleep on Ben White the guy is bloody good””””

    He probably is better than what most of us think

    But we have a budget.
    And the budget should be spent on offensive players.

    Center Forwards pay the bills.
    Benjamin White will not move that static needle.

  24. Radio Raheem

    I see Roberto Martinez and see the future of Mikel Arteta: both easy on the eyes and ears without the nous to back the chat. Both with an FA Cup win on their CV.

  25. Dissenter

    Stop the ridiculous virtue signaling.

    Tom crossed the line and was rightly called out…and no one wanted him banned by the way. You made that up.

    Thank goodness you are here to hold back the pack of hungry leftist lions who are trying to destroy free speech.

  26. Mr Serge

    CG what’s the budget no one knows if we can buy 3 to ,4 players that are athletic and dynamic maybe it will wake up auba
    Lacs needs to go as does nketiah we must get 40m for them two that has to get you a good forward in this market

  27. Rich

    AFC Forever

    If we want to switch to 2 No8s, then move our defenders 10-15 yards up the pitch, and smoother teams in their own half

    Then we need centre half’s, and a No6 who can progress the ball from back to front, and the centre half’s need to have athleticism

    Then a sweeper keeper who can cover the space in behind

    Trying to play that system without the players with the characteristics to do that, would leave us vulnerable

    I don’t think our pragmatism has been through choice, our central midfielder + defenders just haven’t been good enough

  28. Ernest Reed

    I called for him to be banned, Diss. He’s a jerk and that has no political affiliation attached to it.

    He’s a jerk who acted the role of a jerk as only a jerk could do.

  29. Ernest Reed

    I must admit that up until White’s call up to the England squad, i had honestly not been aware of him. Maybe thats why the discussion surrounding him is the way it is? He’s basically anonymous and 40 million for anonymous is quite a sum.

  30. MidwestGun

    I see Roberto Martinez and see the future of Mikel Arteta:
    Dont say that Radio.. Roberto will probably be our next manager. Hiring Henry as an assistant coach he has practically one foot in the door.

    Martinez is an encyclopedia of football knowledge and tactics but not sure how good of man manager/ squad builder he is.. international football suits him… can tactics his way through a short tournament.

  31. AFC Forever

    Rich, yep I don’t disagree. I have said all along our problem is the playing personnel. We have had to compromise & experiment because of simply not having the right players to implement the balance required to play the way discussed. That is why this window is so important.

  32. Radio Raheem


    His achievement with Wigan winning the FA Cup his most impressive for me. International football might suit him like you say but still think Belgium have underachieved with the generational talent they’ve had the last 6 years. They had a side to win an international trophy.

  33. Gentlebris

    Like I said yesterday, it’s either we are not buying an expensive defender or Kroenke has put big money on the table for the summer.

    A defender is glaringly not as important for us as a 10 and a good partner for Partey. Then the fact that we went for Aguero shows we are looking for a striker as well.

    I think we are in for a big summer courtesy Mr Ek’s pressure.

  34. Rich


    Maybe Tom didn’t see it?

    You’re innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent

    People can try to hide the fact they went after him straight away, but the comments are conclusive, that nobody asked him, they just assumed

    If you’re happy to condemn someone for something you think the did, without any proof, then that doesn’t surprise me

    It’s the way mob rule and cancel culture works, you don’t want an apology, you want submission and conformity, while highlighting your own virtues, in order to feed your own vanity

    Talking about football on a football forum, is nothing out of the ordinary

    And there’s no official time limit for how long the dust should settle, before normal posting resumes, or if there is? I’m not aware of it…

    This isn’t virtue signalling on my part, It’s called giving someone the benefit of the doubt

  35. Gentlebris

    ‘Bris, there’s money to spend this summer and it’ll be a busy one.’

    Honestly any other approach from Kroenke would show him as either dumb or cynical, considering the situation with the fans and the legends and Ek.

  36. Pedro

    Lacaqualidie, think we’re going to have a good summer, honestly, I have high hopes. Loads going, some good stuff coming in.

  37. Gentlebris

    ‘Pedro – Lets hope it’s spent on quality and not Chelsea cast-offs.’

    I believe we will be more prudent this time.

  38. andy1886

    Only Rich could turn a near tragic incident into a diatribe on political correctness.

    Stick to football and climb down off your hobby horse.

  39. Danny S


    Firstly if Emery was buying a 50m CB in this climate, you’d be spitting feathers.

    Secondly. Liverpool didn’t just lose VVD. They had massive injuries to a few of their defenders.

    Thirdly. City added Dias, they also had Rodrigo and Fernandinho, KDB, sitting in front of him.

    A 50m CB is way way down our list of priorities this season.

  40. Rich


    I’m standing up for Tom, and giving him the benefit of the doubt

    Hardly unreasonable

    I posted something about Pedro’s ridiculous £30 million valuation for Bellerin, without knowing what had happened

    Only you could turn me making the point that people may have jumped the gun, into portraying me as making a political point that wasn’t political,…..

    Maybe it’s you who’s obsessed?…..

  41. Pedro

    WE, I think 5 minimum at RCB, RB, midfield, and maybe attack.

    Think they’ll clear as much of the squad as possible.

    My hope is the replacements are in the age profile we seemed to be getting linked to. 24 or younger, high ceiling, the exact technical profiled that’ll move us forward.

    Think it’ll be a blend of Prem ready and bargains in Europe.

  42. Pedro

    Danny, I can’t be having you taking a fee of £50m at face value and excusing a Premier League winning squad finishing with 30 points less than the season before.

    Assume the worst with Arsenal, excuse other clubs for things you wouldn’t accept me saying about Arsenal.

  43. Up 4 grabs now


    Glad to see it looks like errikson is ok.

    Pedro, I hope your right about there being money to spend, although I’m not holding my breath.
    We’ve been here too many times before, watching arsenal balls up the transfer window, with a last minute trolley dash.

    How many times have we desperately needed a position fixing to go and watch us buy in another area.

    Need a goalkeeper, let’s get an attacking midfield instead.
    Striker required, nothing beats signing a full back.

    We all know what we need, I’m just hoping we dont put all our eggs in the oddegard basket and Madrid decide to keep him. Especially as we missed the Buendia boat already.

    I don’t have problem with players coming in, it just depends on Arteta not hoarding what he already has.
    The squad is way to bloated, and probably needs ten moved on with four coming in.
    I’m just not sure we will see that amount of traffic.

  44. AFC Forever


    I agree. Just because the journalists or other fake ITK aren’t talking about players doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. The window has only just opened and there are other distractions like the Euros. Our squad has severe weaknesses and everyone knows that so, of course, there will he considerable movement. The reactionary stuff is pointless until contracts have been agreed because speculation is usually just a guess.

  45. Marc

    “If Arsenal can raise £100m, which we’re almost 30% of the way there now,”

    Have we shifted anyone else for a fee? Xhaka’s on his way but I can’t think of any other moves yet.

  46. AFC Forever

    Danny S

    “Firstly if Emery was buying a 50m CB in this climate, you’d be spitting feathers.”

    So would I. He proved unable to set us up without the ball, it wasn’t a centre back issue it was tactical.

  47. Pedro

    Midwest, suspect that Willian might move to protect Edu, and Hector is certainly off this summer. PSG bid £35m last year apparently, should get a nice fee for him.

  48. Up 4 grabs now

    What makes this summer any different from previous summer’s?
    We needed to move dead wood for the last five years under three managers and it hasn’t happened.

    Ridiculous contracts that were given out meant nobody could afford fees.and we end up giving players away for pittance.
    Why is this the summer it changes?

  49. Champagne Charlie

    “WE, also think the Buendia move means Odegaard is now unlikely, know that’s a win in your mind.“

    What do you mean Pedro?

  50. Marc


    Cheers – been at a family thing all day – niece’s 4th Birthday and I’m bloody knackered! My brothers kids don’t stop someone should plug them into the national grid for 10 minutes they’d power the entire country for the rest of the year.

  51. Pedro

    Marc, feeling your pain… they never stop!

    CC, that the Buendia move was related to the likelihood that Odegaard isn’t coming back… not 100 on that, but I think that was why we went there.

  52. Lacaqualidie

    June 12, 2021 20:54:11

    Lacaqualidie, think we’re going to have a good summer, honestly, I have high hopes. Loads going, some good stuff coming in.
    The last 10 years of transfer windows has turned me into a right old cynic! I wish it weren’t so. A top qualidie signing was always one to get the fans going. I remember when Bergkamp was presented in an Arsenal shirt and it was like a dream come true. A seminal moment.

    We’ve had so many mixed bags over the last few years so I hope they are going to really get to grips with it this time.

  53. Danny S


    excusing a Premier League winning squad finishing with 30 points less than the season before.

    Oh dear Pedro.

    Liverpool had 3 main first team CB.

    VVD 5 apps
    Gomez 7 apps
    Matip 10 apps

    That’s a fucking crisis! Imagine the arsenal invincible team without Campbell and Toure.

    But yeah you push that agenda.

  54. AFC Forever

    Pedro, yep actions speak louder than words.

    For me it isn’t an option. The squad the manager inherited was over bloated, poorly balanced and not suitable for a more possession based game which has meant too much compromise imo. This could get exciting, I’m looking forward to the summer!

  55. Rich

    We’ve been linked with almost every player in world football

    The ITK’s are really covering their bases this transfer window

  56. Champagne Charlie


    I’d hope not, didn’t make much of an effort for Buendia at all. Saw it in addition to Odegaard personally, provided the price was 30 mil.

    Would explain interest in the Correa guy for around 20-25 mil, he’s no Odegaard replacement.

  57. Pedro

    Danny, so you’re saying that, yes, centre backs are worth 30 points… which is my point.

    So buying a good RCB is probably a good idea which is why Edu has it as a priority.

  58. Marc


    Been that way since at least 1995 or so – that’s as far back as I can remember.

    If I had a pound for every bullshit rumour / transfer link in that time we could have an almighty Le Grove piss up.

  59. Up 4 grabs now


    Didn’t we fire all the scouts.
    Then a week or so ago try and bring a load of new ones in?
    Summer targets should have been identified in January to negotiate with now.
    If he’s getting a team together let’s hope the plan isn’t he’s Brazilian sign him.

  60. AFC Forever


    “We’ve been linked with almost every player in world football”

    With the outrage to match!!! The moon is made of cheese.

  61. Ken

    I would love to know what Geoff from Le Grove of yesteryear thinks of Arteta and the whole current Arsenal situation. I’m 99.9% sure it would not be on par with Pedro’s thinking.

  62. Danny S


    I have a 6 month, 2yo, 7yo, 9yo, 11yo and 13yo.

    Once you accept that your life is not going to be peaceful or relaxing for at least 15 years, it gets easier.

  63. Danny S


    I’m saying that we had the 2nd best defence fir 23 games last season that was your own much highlighted stat.

    So to me, CB position is quite far down the list. Especially 40-50m on one.

    Liverpool lost 3 first team CB. That’s an exceptional situation that can cost you deerly.

    That’s not the difference between adding a slightly better CB to your team.

  64. AFC Forever

    Danny S

    I have a 32 year old, a 29 year old and a 27 year old – all threatening to have kids any time soon!!! I’m enjoying my current peaceful years and the alcohol I choose to consume – as opposed to the alcohol I would be compelled to take!

  65. Marc


    Fuck me I’ve only an afternoon of it and I’m thinking about going to bed at half nine on a Saturday – what the fuck happened to me?

  66. Up 4 grabs now


    When it comes to arsenal and transfers it always the same.
    It’s like building a house, we’re worrying about slates for the roof when the foundation hasn’t been layed.

    But we’ve bought a nice mail box and a door mat when we have a hole in the ground.

  67. Danny S


    It’s exhausting but rewarding. As I say, you just accept that there will be no rest. Makes it easier!

    Up4 grabs

    Missus keeps on about that. I don’t think I have the balls though. 😬


    No slacking! Just a change in parter. Transferred the old one out and brought in a younger more exciting prospect.

  68. MidwestGun

    No slacking! Just a change in partner. Transferred the old one out and brought in a younger more exciting prospect.
    Oh ok… say no more.. Good squad management .. got you. 😀

  69. Pedro

    Danny, we had the 3rd best defence for the whole season this time around, doesn’t mean we should pretend that our CBs don’t need upgrading.

    Ben White can move the ball between the lines with his passing, he can break them with dribbling, and he’s pretty fast. That’s the upgrade we need because the current options on offer are not at the level needed for the system we have.

    If we sign him, he’ll not be the only player. But I would not turn down a player like Ben White if we can afford him.

  70. Gentlebris

    ‘Once you accept that your life is not going to be peaceful or relaxing for at least 15 years, it gets easier.’

    You may not relax much at home but those creatures are agents of peace…or so I find.

  71. Mr Serge

    Cg have I heard of Ben white ? of course I have heard of Ben white, where do you think most good players come from ? They don’t all come from top top teams, where was van dyk before pool ? Where was Gigi wijnaldum ? Dias, Mahrez Kante etc they all come from crappy little clubs

    Pires Freddie Dixon bould winterburn back in the day, Wright ? Most players come from small provincial clubs so forgive me for not thinking we are Arsenal is the way to go

    We are screwing the transfers up because we are not picking up gems from lower clubs let’s start doing that

  72. Marc


    That’s why I always liked being uncle – I was their sugar dealer get them hopped up and hand them back. Problem now is with 3 of them it’s too much.

  73. Rich


    We’re a massive club, playing in the most competitive league in the world

    Some of the very elite players are out of our reach

    But we can pay amongst the highest wages, and this is the first time we’ve been outside European competition in 26 years

    There’s currently one more attractive destinations, but we’re still a massive draw

  74. AFC Forever

    Danny S

    About the CB subject I feel you may be missing the point. It’s not about him being a centre back, per say, it’s about how he affects the team tactically. If you refer to the previous discussions about possession based football and the fluidity of a system that progresses from 4 to 3 it makes sense. It is actually a real problem we have playing out. If you look at what Man City did adding Ruben Dias it makes sense. It’s the sum of all parts.

  75. Mr Serge

    Danny 6 kids wow I have 3 that’s good enough for me you must drive a seven seater and have 3 kids per bedroom lol
    I stopped at 3 because I could not deal with giving up a nice car for a van with windows lol
    Plus I want to go to the Arsenal and don’t want my wife saying we have 6 kids you ain’t going nowhere

  76. Up 4 grabs now


    We don’t even have a settled back four,
    A non existent midfield and we’re not even sure if auba will be our main striker.

    Oh and apparently our goal keeper wants out.

    Not my idea of a good foundation.

  77. Danny S


    It’s the same effect Xhaka used to have on the talent of his teammates!

    😂 that’s how he plays 48 games a season. He feeds off them.

  78. AFC Forever


    “There’s currently one more attractive destinations, but we’re still a massive draw”

    We are the Arsenal. Heritage is so important. It’s like buying a car, people want to he seen in a Porsche, Merc, BMW etc. Just because the style of their cars decline doesn’t necessarily reflect their appeal. Despite what people try to paint, Arsenal is a monster of a brand and playing for us is a privilege. Class is permanent, form is temporary.

  79. Danny S


    If you have a better CM pairing then you immediately take pressure off the defence.

    Same as if we had a better RB than Bellerin.

    I really don’t believe our CB situation needs 40-50m worth of rectification.

  80. MidwestGun

    Lukaku again.. He is on fire, lately. Anyhow, didn’t learn much in that game other then Russia aren’t very good.

    On to England v Croatia tomorrow. big match.

  81. AFC Forever

    Danny S

    “Grandkids have to be easier. You can give the fuckers back at least!”

    I’m still playing football so the idea of my kids having kids makes me feel sick. I’m only late fifties, I’m not ready for annoying pests shattering my peace & enjoyment. while making me feel life has passed me by! Fair play, 6 kids so you’ve probably got 12 plus grandkids to look forward to. I’d emigrate.

  82. Marc


    There are very few players in our squad that can’t be upgraded. The argument is with limited resources what are the priorities – if Pedro is right and the Kroenke’s are going to green light a good chunk of change then there’s no problem. What many are wary of is not having money to fix all of the problem areas and spending where we have a good number of options.

  83. Marc


    Be first, be smart or cheat.

    When it comes to buying talent be first and get them before everyone else is after them – being smart doesn’t hurt either though!

  84. Up 4 grabs now

    If we fix the other problems in the team then get a centreback I’m all for it.
    But other areas need sorting first.

    If we played with wingers we don’t need the full backs to bomb in which protects the back four.
    If we do that the midfield doesn’t have to sit so deep and there isn’t a huge gap between midfield and attackers.

  85. Danny S


    Emigrate? No chance.

    My missus has a 6 month old baby and she’s already looking forward to grandkids! I’m never going to escape it.

  86. Pedro

    Up 4 Grabs, I am totally sure you don’t stack your shopping basket for the weekly shop based on the foods you will eat first. Same thing. This is real life, there’s no defined order in which we fix the collective.