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David Ornstein showered FIRE on the internet when he announced that we’d be targeting Ben White this summer in a £40-50m move.

Let’s start with the player. My uncle is a huge Leeds fan and said the guy is absolute class and he was gutted they couldn’t nab him to stay in the league. That’s all that is needed here, my uncle has the last say.

Outside that, what do we have? A capped England player. Not only a ballplayer, but someone that can dribble like a midfielder. He is fast. He’s 6ft 1, which isn’t the tallest, but next to Gabriel or Mari, you’re in good shape. The most important thing he has? He’s Premier League proven and he’s had a league winning run in the Championship. He’s physical enough to land in a Bielsa team, he’s solid enough to have landed promotion in team that leaves centre backs wide open on the counter. He’s been coached in a positional play system under Potter.

You simply cannot knock the profile of the player and to be honest, I am absolutely shocked the comp merchants propping lesser players are complaining about this sort of move. 23 years old, keeping Brighton in the league, landing England call-ups over other players in the Brighton backline that are English.

Part of the anger is people think this means the end of Saliba. I’m not sure why, because Saliba does the same things as White, except he hasn’t played a single minute in any English competition. If you think Mikel Arteta is going to roll career dice on a player that’s had half a season at Nice, you are totally nuts. That would be a move crazier than dropping ESR as a false 9 in an away leg of the Europa League. You don’t make the 3rd best defence in the league better with Saliba. You can’t complain that Arteta makes too many rookie mistakes, then encourage him to put a 20-year-old centre-back in the starting 11 from the start of the season, despite ZERO top clubs doing that. Also, don’t give me Fofana, Leicester finished 5 points ahead of us and conceded 50 goals last season. Saliba deserves to fight for his place, but he doesn’t deserve to start because Don Raul massively overpaid for him like he did with Pepe.

What you have is someone more proven in White as a tried and true starter, then you have someone coming up behind him with a massively high ceiling. That’s an exciting grouping of centre-backs.

People are also spitting feathers about priorities like transfers are only viable if they are done in order of importance.

Don’t be so fucking ridiculous.

If Arsenal have the funds for a £40m center-back, that gives credence to the story I had about KSE putting up funds this summer. This ‘might’ be the big one we’ve been begging for.

I also wouldn’t write off player exchanges being part of that deal. Brighton might have an interest in a few of our players, I’m thinking about Reiss Nelson, Eddie, and AMN. We could lower the fee by sending young English players who might fancy the top class coaching of Graham Potter.

The story, even if it’s untrue, also gives us power in the market, because it shows we’re not desperate for cash to move on our own ambitions forward. Part of Liverpool and Chelsea’s strength when selling is that they don’t need to sell. Last summer, we needed cash, so clubs lowballed us.

I also think people are extremely scarred by transfer windows of yesteryear. Signing a center-back doesn’t mean we won’t sell any. Arteta has said about 50 times we had too many players in that role. If anything, Ben White is a ruthless indictment on the players we currently have at the club. 3rd best defence in the league but no standout centre-backs? Someone is going to pay the price for that and I wouldn’t really be fussed who it was.

Also note this… signing a new deal isn’t always a celebration of faith. It can be about protecting an asset so we can sell it at some point. A lot of the players, since Huss Fahmy, have optional years Arsenal can add so we can land fees. If Arteta managed anything last season, it was making a lot of our players more appealing than they were before. The fact Xhaka is moving at basically 29 to a fairly big Italian club shows that there’s a market for our talent this summer.

If Arsenal can raise £100m, which we’re almost 30% of the way there now, then there’s a chance our summer could be a £200m one. Arsenal paid back the Government loan and took out another £120m via Barclays. In a world of cheap capital, why not invest in the dip?

Joe Willock – £20m

Hector – £30m

Reiss – £10m

Leno – £25m

Xhaka – £18m

Matteo – £8m

AMN – £20m

Mavropanos – £15m

Cal Chambers – £20m

There are deals to be made this summer and clubs are going to deal with us.

So in short, don’t shit your pants that we’re adding quality to our defence that we need. Our system doesn’t work without a ballplayer center-back and Saliba would be a huge risk to start there. What happened to Liverpool when they lost quality in defence? They dropped 30 points. What happened to City when they added Reuben Dias? He was one of their best players and they smashed the league. Uncomfortable defenders blow our system. A centre-back and right back that can invert move our attack forward.

There will be new midfielders, no doubt. Xhaka needs replacing. Ceballos needs replacing.

Don’t fret about the summer because the order makes no sense. Don’t fret about fees because there’s a complete plan about all the positions. Just worry about quality.

Right, on that note, I’ll see you in the comments. x



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  1. gunnernet

    15 million for Mauropanos and 20 for chambers.. Also stating that KSE will dig deep into his pocket this summer yet we lost Buendia to Villa. Carry the hell on with illusiobs. Utter oblivion once again!

  2. Luteo Guenreira

    I prefer to reserve judgment on a transfer window until the end so I can see the entire picture. I mean who can forget the drama of 2011 when we landed the big fish Mikel Arteta from Everton literally in the last minute of the last day of the window. So hold out your hopes, we might land another Arteta before it’s all said and done.

    I also understand the narrative of needing a CB replacement for Luiz and all that. But after the year we had Arsenal should really have leaked some rumours about a couple attacking players prior to the news that we’d be spelunking £50m for a defender, the optics are bad and the reaction from most of the fan base has been predictable.

  3. NJ Gooner

    Some of those figures seem a bit off to me. Willock blew up the league at the end of the season but is only worth 5m more than Mavro and the same as AMN and Chambers? Either those two are too high or Willock is too low given that all three are English premium.

    I agree that White would be great. But the question then becomes which CB would you jettison? It would have to be one of Mari or Holdhino? Hard choice.

  4. WengerEagle

    ‘Part of the anger is people think this means the end of Saliba. I’m not sure why, because Saliba does the same things as White, except he hasn’t played a single minute in any English competition.’

    Lol, Pedro the frustration comes from exactly that. Saliba arguably has more potential than White and is literally somebody that we have already invested 30m into and we haven’t given him a single crack of the whip.

    Only to unceremoniously hoosh him out the back door and spunk 50m on another defender when we are literally crying out for a CM, CAM and a proper RB.

  5. Tom

    “ If Arteta managed anything last season, it was making a lot of our players more appealing than they were before.”

    That’s your impression of squad development under Arteta , Pedro, really?

    Xhaka going to a bigger club for less money than a smaller club had offered for him a year or so ago isn’t the greatest example for making our player more appealing either.

  6. WengerEagle

    ‘despite ZERO top clubs doing that. Also, don’t give me Fofana, Leicester finished 5 points ahead of us and conceded 50 goals last season.’

    RB Leipzig certainly have had success doing exactly this with Konate and Upamecano. Earned them both moves to Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

    Have conceded the least goals in the Bundesliga out of any team including Bayern with these two a key part the past 3 seasons.

    That Fofana stat is a false one too. He played 28 games and they conceded 33 with him in the side, they were 1-0 up when he went off injured vs Spurs on the final day.

  7. Tom

    It’s probably a typo though. Pedro meant to write “ appalling “ but the autocorrect picked “appealing “ instead.

  8. Pedro

    Tom, you simply cannot compare pre-pandy to post-pandy prices… it’s disingenuous in the extreme.

    Who is the better Xhaka. Mistake terrorist telling the fans to fuck off? The guy that fans are crying about leaving now after a really solid season?

    You know the answer.

  9. Havyn

    Nobody is talking about selling Cedric who shouldn’t have been bought in the first place.

    Edu is the first person to be sold. He specializes only in recruiting Brazilian and Portuguese players. That’s why he’s chasing Xhaka like Neves

  10. Vintage Gun

    The Ben White move makes clear sense to me if he is a direct replacement for Rob Holding.
    Have Gabriel. Mari, Saliba and White as our CB options, with Chambers also RB/CB cover.
    Good going if that’s the case.

    In terms of his fee £40 sounds steep. But if we can part ex a Ainsley “clarity” Niles or a Eddie for £10-15m on top of offloading Holding £15m then that should cover around 80% of the Ben White cost and leave us with stronger options at CB moving forwards.

  11. azed


    What makes Ben White better than Saliba apart from your Arteta bias?

    If your problem is English football experience then I seen to remember you bringing up a midfielder from Monaco (French league) and Anderlecht (Belgium)

    Has it occurred to you that Ben White is good because Graham Potter played him?

    May be if Arteta had played Saliba in the early stages of Europa and the Beer cup, he would have been ready.

  12. Northbanker

    Feel quite sick watching that – devastating. How long did it take for that medical team to get on the pitch esp as the ref was so quick to stop the game

  13. Batistuta

    Also those figures in this post are quite funny, i mean yea anything to defend what will be a stupid stupid decision because the manager is your favorite but jeez be realistic for once man. Who in football is paying 30 million for Hector Bellerin in 2021

  14. Lacaqualidie

    Just got in from a bike ride and turned on the telly to see no match and just found out. Read some of the last few comments and saw they were giving CPR. God that’s not good.

    Having said that medics can work miracles these days so I hope he recovers and gets back to playing again.

  15. Rambo

    Exercise and keep your heart healthy they say. Yet we see so many athletes who do nothing but exercise get heart attacks in their 20s and 30s.


  16. Tom

    “What makes Ben White better than Saliba apart from your Arteta bias?

    No question Ben White is the better player at this moment, and Arteta isn’t least bit interested in making Saliba a 60m defender he could possibly become 3years from now.
    Everything Arteta does is about his job preservation/advancement and if it means spending 40m on another CB who might or might not work out in his system then so be it.

  17. WengerEagle

    Shocking to watch, happens so rarely and never in my memory on a grand stage like that.

    Foe and Muamba immediately come to mind, that guy at Benfica too and Christian Benitez who played at Birmingham although I think his was after the game.

  18. Rich

    £30 million for Bellerin is absolutely outrageous, looks finished in his mid twenties, not sure what happened to him? Was one of the most dynamic and exciting right backs around

    He was regressing before his injury, but was easily a £50 million player a few years back

    Shame how it’s worked out, hopefully we can get somebody to give us some money

    £15 -£20 million seems optimistic having watched his level seriously decline

  19. Leftside

    Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen was conscious and raised his hand when he was carried from the field

  20. Bertie Mee

    I think consideration of how good a buy Ben White is ought to take a back seat in those circumstances . Your comment was very sick Tom

  21. Ernest Reed

    A persons life was in immediate peril on a world stage and fuckheads like Tom are more interested in debating valuations and cracked cruel jokes.

    If ever a ban was warranted Pedro, its for this insensitive jackarse.

  22. Lacaqualidie

    June 12, 2021 18:24:25

    Rambo – in reality we see very little of that – hospitals mostly see guys in their 40s – 60s with huge beer guts keeling over
    That’s why I’m putting the miles in on the mountain bike and reducing the amount of booze, bread, pasta, cake, processed food etc I scoff. Lockdown has been a real sod for putting on the pounds.

    I used to play quite a bit of sport when younger and saw all sorts, from broken legs and dislocated knees in football to people knocked out in rugby and even cricket, but never saw someone in that kind of distress.

    I’ve been at mountain bike races when people have died including a young lad of about 13 which was awful, but thankfully never saw it.

    Having said that the benefits of exercise well outweigh the negative. What’s more, these athletes are monitored almost every day so it’s a real shock when something like this happens.

  23. Tom

    “I think consideration of how good a buy Ben White is ought to take a back seat in those circumstances . Your comment was very sick Tom“

    In the time it took for you to type your comment some 20 kids have died of hunger worldwide.
    Should we stop talking Arsenal transfers unless networks show them dying on tv?

    From the crowd and players reactions seemed the doctors have revived his heart ( hopefully)

  24. Northbanker

    Laca – nearly in to my 60s now but exerciser hs been a mainstay of my life from running marathons to long distance cycling (Paris-London) . Can’t say I’m a supreme athlete but i intend to hang on to this mortal life as long as possible.

    Agree exercise can also cause problems but as you say the pluses outweigh the minuses.

    In case of Eriksen we’re talking about an otherwise fit guy at peak fitness age – its very early days but I wouldn’t; be surprised to hear that his heart has a defect. I can’t see how he will be allowed to continue playing. Sad day.

  25. CG

    Now , fellow Le Grove patients.

    A reminder, time to upgrade those 1st aid courses.
    You never know when you might need them.

    And a reminder too the real heroes aint over paid soccer players but the doctors and nurses etc.

    Now ,thats said and Lets hope the lad makes a full recovery we can go back tearing lumps out of Arteta, Edu, KSE and each other.

  26. Rambo

    With news surfacing that latest strain of Covid may leave lasting inflammation and arterial damage of heart in some cases, don’t know all the horrible things we’ll be seeing.

    Fvcking Chinese cvnts

  27. Tom

    “Shut up already Tom, you dimwitted moron. Show some class already.“

    Good thing we didn’t buy him from Inter when he was available. Dodged a bullet there.

  28. raptora

    After seeing the tragedy with his boss, Kasper deserves a happy ending. He’s been through too much already. So sad for Eriksen, I hope he recovers well.

  29. GoonGoonerGone

    With respect, the more I read Pedro’s views, the more he reminds me of Xhaka.
    Nowadays, Pedro is definitely passing sideways and mostly backwards.
    In cricketing terms Pedro would be making ‘airy-fairy’ shots.

  30. Ishola70

    Better news now regarding Eriksen.

    Best of luck to him.

    I took a quick peep at that Spurs fly on the wall documentary that was out (know your enemy) and Eriksen came across as a very chilled bloke on it.

  31. The Bard

    Pedro I applaud your request for positivity but that doesn’t mean we enter the realms of delusional. You know as well as I do that until someone signs on the dotted line everything speculation. Ben White is an excellent player but these rumours are just the opening salvos in an auction. We won’t be the only ones in for him. His agent will create a bidding war if he is doing his job. I would suggest our odds of landing him are less than 50/50. If anyone matches the fee and offers CL then we’re dead in the water.

  32. Northbanker

    Sid – I was a regular for about 3 years. Now have a garage converted into a gym where i still use many of the exercises although have eased off the intensity somewhat now.

  33. TheLegendaryDB10

    From previous post


    What was amazing about Kasper is how he also walked up to Eriksen’s wife to reassure her. And he hugged her and stayed with her for 4-5 minutes.

    A true leader with a caring heart.

    A trait that is seriously lacking these days in politics unfortunately.

  34. Ishola70

    Also noticeable was the Danish players screening Eriksen getting the medical attention.

    Delaney was the player that ushered his team mates to screen Eriksen.

    A bit of dignity for the individual in peril is always important.

  35. Rambo

    One minute’s silence to all those who have their hopes on Arteta pulling a master class window.

    Forget the shenanigans with the Martinez, Willian and Xhaka decisions last summer. This clown could not make up his mind and stick with a starting 11 through the season, not was he ever capable of making a decisive substitution.

    But sure, he’s gonna reveal his hidden skills now and ace the transfer window


  36. TheLegendaryDB10

    I like your positivity Pedro.

    Let’s find out comes the end of the transfer window if you are right.

    And I really hope that you are. There is major surgery required in midfield to help out Partey (and keep Elneny as back up for now).

    And I can only approve about strengthening our defence. Having a strong back line is a major requirement for any team with ambition.

  37. Radio Raheem

    Following the request made by players of both teams, UEFA has agreed to restart the match between Denmark and Finland tonight at 20:30 CET (TBC).

    The last four minutes of the first half will be played, there will then be a 5-minute half-time break followed by the second half.

  38. raptora

    Ye, just heard it’s the players who requested the game to finish. It’s fine then. Still weird but w/e. Maybe Eriksen is completely fine which would be great news.

  39. Lacaqualidie

    NB – Impressive, good to hear it, keep going. My mum is 75 and she’ll happily do 20 miles off-road and 25 miles on the road on one of her many bikes. Years ago someone remarked she had legs like a rickshaw coolie!

    She started cycling aged 43 having done no sport since leaving school although she was always fit. She was pissed off carrying water bottles and food from one side of a mountain bike course to the other when my brother and I were racing so she got a bike! My dad got one too so as not to be left out.

    My old man had to give up football aged 28 due to arthritis in his knees (doctor told him he’d end up in a wheelchair if he continued) although he did get to play in a midfield with my brother and I for a local team in his early 40s, which he always said was a big highlight of his football career.

    He’s 72 and a cycling loads. Cycling has saved his knees, but he’s had some big crashes in his time. Broke tibia, fibula, knee and wrist all on the same side in one accident in his mid 60s. When they x-rayed him he found out he’d broken his back in a previous accident! He had a 6 hour operation to insert as big titanium brace on the leg. 6 months later he was back on the bike.

    Muamba had a cardiac arrest and his heart didn’t beat for 78 minutes! Can’t find anything about an underlying cause, it looks like he was just terribly unlucky. Must be horrible to have a career just cut short like that. I guess Eriksen will be fearing the same.

  40. Northbanker

    You can see the sense if everyone is in agreement – the fans are in the stadium (presumably) and it is a logistical nightmare to arrange a new game on another day at this notice.

  41. Champagne Charlie

    “People are also spitting feathers about priorities like transfers are only viable if they are done in order of importance.
    Don’t be so fucking ridiculous. If Arsenal have the funds for a £40m center-back, that gives credence to the story I had about KSE putting up funds this summer.”

    No, people are spitting feathers about priorities because this is an Arsenal blog and the club has been a fucking shambles organising a transfer window for ages, and the same guys running this one started last season without an attacking midfielder which proved costly af.

    They’re spitting feather because we just dropped our two worst goal returns (56 and 55) since the mid-80’s, and we’re interested in a 45 mil CB to replace the qualities of David Luiz who dropped 17 PL starts last season on our way to the 3rd best defence.

    I’m sorry, but having concerns that we put slim resources into a CB given the state of the squad is very valid.

    Luiz has gone, but there’s Saliba, Mavropanos, and Chambers who can play CB. Xhaka is about to go and there’s only Partey and Elneny, Odegaard has gone and we have ESR alone again as the creative source.

    Pretty clear where the priorities lie.

  42. DivineSherlock

    Thanks Northbanker , that was really eye opening . Gotta hand it to Simon Kjaer who made sure Eriksen didnt swallow his tongue . Stuff like this can save lives . Even Anthony Taylor who didnt even hesitate and called medics straight away.

  43. MidwestGun

    I’m very glad Eriksen is stabilized.. I really thought I had just seen a footballer die…. live on tv. Pretty horrific. Not what anyone tunes in for. Hoping for a little bit of escapism from real life not that..

    I guess the players must have requested it.. maybe Eriksen was conscious enough to tell his teammates he wanted them to.. I don’t know.

    Think the decision to suspend it until tomorrow was a better decision given the emotions and shock of it.

  44. TheLegendaryDB10


    I was dumb struck. It was kind of brutal. One moment you are enjoying the football and the sun and the next you see Eriksen on the ground flat on his face and unconscious. And just by the look on everyone’s face you just knew that somerhing terrible had happened.

    Life can have it’s horrible twists that just jump out of nowhere.

    At least this looks to have a happy ending to it. Phew.

  45. Jamie

    I get it now – the plan is to buy up all the CBs in Europe.

    Think about it. All the CBs play for Arsenal, no CBs left to play for other clubs, our xG instantly improves next season.

    Edu you sly dog.

  46. TheLegendaryDB10


    Very well said. +1

    The unease is due to the never ending incompetence at the club.

    The most obvious example of this is Willian. We were already talking about a rebuild at the start of last season yet there they go and buy a has been who has already won it all in the hope that this quick fix would help out and work, instead of investing in the future.

    We seem to never learn from our mistakes. And that is rule number 1 if you want to move forward.

  47. Captain Tierney

    I don’t think anybody has complaints with White as a player.
    Its the amount that I can’t get my head around 40 mil + for White when we cant even create 1 big chance every game? When we have 7 CBs our book? If you have so much extra cash why not go for a world class attacking midfielder for the now.

    White looks class on the ball but is he a good enough defender; to play in a back 4 as a CB?
    For Brighton he has played RB in s back 4 and RCB in a back 3. He has played very games as a CB in the Prem. Amd he doesn’t look particularly strong
    Lets not forget with Xhaka leaving, we only have our CBs to rely on for attacking and defending set-pieces. If White is one of them, then I have to say we’ll probably get bullied in the air week in week out.

  48. raptora

    It makes more sense that Arteta is the one pushing for a new CB, as he is the one who never gave Saliba a chance, not even versus Dundalk.

    Don’t think we should put Edu’s name in there. At least in this case I think it’s Arteta all over.

  49. Champagne Charlie

    For the record I’d absolutely love a transfer window that sees us land Ben White, Neves, Lokonga, Odegaard, a backup LB, Onana, and a class RB.

    But that’s 6/7 players that require twice that in sales

    Serious amount of faith required to believe that’s about to land, and literally no precedent to suggest as much.

  50. raptora

    Edu doesn’t pick the team is what I’m saying and if Arteta had any intentions of playing Saliba ever, he would have given him the games vs Dundalk, Molde and Rapid Wien. He didn’t and the interest towards Ben White is a proof of what I said back then. Pedro was of course apologetic of Arteta.

  51. raptora

    Excuse me but White, Neves and Odegaard would be a total of ~£140m. I’d be a decent core but no one of these players is top class at the moment. That’s a gigantic amount of money thrown for pure potential that might or might not realize.

  52. AFC Forever

    Well said Sal,

    Tom is typical of the type of people that abuse the freedom social media provides. It is why so many players have been forced to temporarily close their SM accounts. Xhaka was receiving death threats against his family by some so called fans & black players have been racially abused after matches. Absolutely disgusting. .

    I have said recently that the content of this blog has become nastier, there are a number of regular posters on here who spend every day insulting and abusing our players, manager & anyone else they choose. These unsavoury characters probably contribute at least 70% of the content on here. We need a reset and hopefully they will reign in the ‘he ate’ & return the blog to the more pleasant place it was a couple of months ago.. Events like this should act as a reminder that football is just a sport we all love & enjoy but that other things are far more important than football.

    I’m sure all decent Grovers wish Christian Eriksen a full recovery, so he can return safely to his family. UEFA have confirmed he is stable, which is great news. Well done to Anthony Taylor, the Danish players & the fans who showed real class today.

  53. Ishola70

    This Joaquin Correa looks an interesting link.

    He is very versatile across the front line and can play ACM.

    But when you hear Lazio value him at 30m and apparently Arsenal are talking about 17m then the hopes become a bit dashed.

    Mind you 17m seems very close to the Xhaka fee so it may be journos just making up a number and why not the Xhaka fee.

  54. Lacaqualidie

    If the players are OK with continuing then I think that’s not only a very brave decision after such a shock, but also a professional and practical one. The fact Eriksen is stable in hospital will have been a major factor.

    Horrible for his family to witness. I can’t imagine.

    I remember when Eduardo broke his leg which was sickening and his foot, let alone his career, was saved by the medical team at the time. The medics nowadays really are tip-top. Hats off to them and the players who shielded Eriksen from the cameras.

  55. Champagne Charlie

    Shout out to Simon Kjaer for his part in the events today btw.

    Initiated CPR before any medics arrived, organised his teammates to provide a human shield around Eriksen as he was treated, then consoled a horribly distraught wife of Eriksen.

    That, is truly admirable in such a situation. Unbelievable captain.

  56. NWM

    “If anything, Ben White is a ruthless indictment on the players we currently have at the club. 3rd best defence in the league but no standout centre-backs? “

    Two questions:

    So how is having the 3rd best defense in the league but no standout center backs a bad thing?

    Do you really believe the marginal upgrade White represents vs Rob Holding is worth £50m?

    Stats aren’t everything, but Holdings stats are better in almost every category, including passing percentage and long passing percentage. Holding may not have Luiz’ long diagonal switch of play in his locker, but his long passing has been good, (BTW Saliba does have that pass in his locker and his long passing percentage has been Xhakaesque)..

    Re the experience factor of starting a 20 year old vs a 23 year old. White has only had two years of first team football, Saliba has had three and while White has played more games, that’s largely down to Arteta and Edu screwing up a loan for Saliba last summer and then on Arteta for not registering Saliba on the EUFA Cup roster, while registering Mustafi, Chambers, and Mari, with Chambers and Mari still injured at the beginning of the group stage. How many more errors is a 20 year old with three years of first team football going to make than a 23 year old with two years of first team football?

    Someone above linked a tweet critical of Saliba’s defensive stats. I assume that this primarily refers to tackles, because Saliba wins more and a higher percentage of his aerial duels than White and their interception and blocked shot numbers are about the same, Saliba won 0.8 tackles per 90 last season while White won 1.4 , but Saliba won 91% of his attempted tackles vs 75% for White. Saliba doesn’t dive in to tackles. Arsenal got rid of a mistake prone center half in January who loved diving into tackles and as a result was occasionally left in the dust or gave away penalties. It should also be noted that tackles are not the best criteria for judging center halves. In the 2019-20 season VVD averaged 0.7 tackles per 90.

    Finally, I suspect Saliba has a higher ceiling than White, maybe much higher. If he is sold this window or forces his way out in subsequent windows because Arsenal have signed White, we may be talking about him in the future with the same regret we talk about Gnabry.

  57. Northbanker

    Charlie – agreed. White would improve us, no doubt for me. But if that means we have to cheap skate to fill the needed CMs and another CAM plus RB and maybe GK then would be absolutely bonkers. Unless the Krankies really are putting £200m into the kitty.

  58. CG


    “”””I don’t think anybody has complaints with White as a player.
    Its the amount that I can’t get my head around 40 mil + “””:

    I agree 100% Captain.

    Arsenal should be snapping up.these White types but not at £40 million. ( Arteta still thinks he is at Man City.)

    Released by Saints at 14, thats when we getting him.



  59. Terraloon


    There is no doubt that Barclays have advanced money indeed they now have a charge over just about every asset that Holdings owns including yet to be paid TV money but I haven’t been able to establish how much the loan is for in total but it does seem extreme that the bank has gone for such massive security of £120 million.

  60. WengerEagle

    Second that on Joaquin Correa.

    Very good and versatile player. Capable of beating defenders 1 vs 1 and scores around 10 a season which is decent given he is more involved in the build up than a Pepe is.

    I wouldn’t break the bank for him but would be a smart signing for 20-25m.

  61. AFC Forever


    Yes, Bein showed a picture of Eriksen conscious and receiving oxygen as he left the pitch. Watching him receiving CPR as his wife was comforted by some Swiss players was heart wrenching. Sadly, I watched my Mum pass away last year at her home so it really upset me. Anyway, he seems to be okay.which is great.

  62. WengerEagle


    Kjaer has always come across as a great leader, very good defender too.

    Has been exceptional for Milan and before that was brilliant for Lille, Sevilla and Wolfsburg.

    Kind of player I would have loved us to sign over the years.

  63. MidwestGun

    Yep… Hit me close to home as well. My Step Dad in hospital with a blood clot in his heart. I was actually just off the phone with him.. so the whole thing was surreal, really. Watched a lot of football over my lifetime and played a bit, too and seen some stuff, but never anyone receive the shock paddles right on the pitch to restart his heart.

  64. Rich

    Tom talking about football on a football blog, is hardly crime of the century

    Calling for his ban is taking cancel culture to a whole new level

    What’s the rules regarding posting after a tragedy? What’s the timeframe?

    Wanting to talk or think about something else when you see something bad happen, is a normal reaction

    We all deal with grief or distress differently

  65. AFC Forever

    Champagne Charlie

    “Shout out to Simon Kjaer for his part in the events today btw.btw.Initiated CPR before any medics arrived, organised his teammates to provide a human shield around Eriksen as he was treated, then consoled a horribly distraught wife of Eriksen”

    Lovely comment Charlie..!! Kjaer showed incredible humility & control in what must have been really difficult circumstances.. So much respect for those Danish players – pure class.

  66. WengerEagle


    He wouldn’t replace Laca’s goals or ability to lead the line but he would give us other qualities out wide and on the ball that Laca doesn’t.

    Correa and Auba is a much better fit that Auba-Laca.

    Correa LF with Auba up top and Saka RF has a nice balance to it. Ideally get in De Paul at CAM and you have players that can create, dribble past defenders, score and sync up with the midfield and full backs pushing on.

    Would hopefully reawaken Auba too, jury is out right now on whether he is in terminal decline or not yet.

  67. Ishola70

    Correa would come in at CAM I would think.

    Very capable to play there.

    He’s been playing seconday striker more recently but before that was playing left wing just as much as well as appearannces at CAM and right wing.

    Very versatile.

  68. Mr Serge

    Ben White would be a great signing he is a baller and can play out of the back get him in and loan Saliba to a prem team for a season
    It’s like saying you don’t want sterling because he will slow martinelli progress
    No he won’t martinelli will progress and be an animal in time bring in the better player now to get us where we need to be

    Makes perfect sense
    Chelsea havertz when they had mount did that Hurt them ?
    Can’t believe the amount of people that piss and moan all the time let’s see what happens before you wet the bed

  69. Champagne Charlie


    Agree. I’ve always rated Kjaer tbh, strikes me as one of these Monreal type guys that churn out a good level whatever the weather. Takes no prisoners either which is a rare thing these days.

  70. AFC Forever


    I hope your step Dad recovers mate and your family too. I’ve witnessed a few broken legs and ankles on a pitch and it’s awful. I can’t imagine what watching someone receive CPR on a pitch must be like, very difficult for those players.. As for his wife and kids, doesn’t bear thinking about

  71. Rich


    Providing we can clear the decks, I’m positive we’ll invest big this summer

    I agree an attacking midfielder should be our priority, hopefully Odegaard

    But we can also improve our attack, by improving the goalkeeper, defence, and midfield

    Xhaka + Guendouzi both have one foot out the door, numerically we’ll have to sign at least 1 midfielder providing they leave

    Torreira + Elneny both have uncertain futures, numerically we’d need replacements for either of those, unless we move to playing with 2 No8s, and give Willock some opportunities

  72. WengerEagle


    Think he is better wide than at CAM. Luis Alberto is their CAM most of the time.

    Correa’s surprisingly tall (6’2) but he is fast and has great command of the ball when dribbling.

  73. Radio Raheem

    If we must sign a player from Lazio it should be Luis Alberto.

    Not sold on Correa he’s one that’ll frustrate and certainly not a viable alternative to Laca.

  74. Ishola70


    Yes his appearances at CAM are less than wing or secondary striker but he has the versatilty and scope to play CAM.

    When he’s on the left wing he drifts into the centre a lot.

    He likes drifting central from wide so think he could do a job at CAM.