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So it seems that as well as Arteta being on holiday, so is Edu, hanging out in Portugal. I like it, working up that bronze tan so there’s a distinct contrast between his skin and that crisp white shirt. Nothing says Technical Director like a dreamy summer bronze on white combo.

The transfer window is now a day in and we have signed NO ONE.

That doesn’t mean things aren’t happening.

I love the Buendia story and its evolution. Arsenal were beaten by Aston Villa for speed, until they submitted their own bid, then didn’t go back with a second bid. So it would appear there was a price point we didn’t fancy dancing past. Makes total sense for a club with limited funds this summer. I totally forgot that Villa also put the feelers out for Smith Rowe. I suspect they’d not have moved for Emi if they’d landed our guy.

There are fresh links today to Neves, Lokonga, and Onana.

Granit Xhaka is close to making his move to AS Roma according to Chris W over at Football.London, making him one of the first signings for Jose Mourinho. This is fantastic news. He’s a good player, but don’t ever forget that his presence in our side correlated perfectly with the decline of the club. Too many errors in his game and a ceiling that hasn’t moved us up a level. It’s a good thing that he’s out the door. If one of the best leaders at your club tells the fans to fuck off, you have a leadership problem. I wish him all the best.

Reuben Neves is a similar profile player with Premier League experience. If there’s a busy summer of ins and outs, it’s important at least a few of the players know the league so there’s not a painful bedding in period. I’m not excited by Mr Neves, but how many of those sorts of players thrill? Not many. He’s a good player, he’s a better defender than Xhaka, and I think we’re all underestimating him because he’s not the P&P midfielder we were hopeful on / Wolves were shite last season.

Lokonga looks much more like ‘thriller’ talent. He has a similar profile to Thomas Partey, but if we’re building out midfield, we need young players like that. We can’t be losing Partey and hoping Elneny finds a level he doesn’t have.

Onana had his sentence for doping reduced to 9 months, so he can play as of November. He can play football the way Arsenal need a keeper to play. Fast off his line, good with the ball at his feet, very decent shot-stopper, and very young for someone who is capped with 50 games in the Champions League. Would he represent our first black first-team keeper? I can’t think of anyone else?

James M over at The Athletic has Arsenal linked with American right back, Tyler Adams. The Leipzig player can operate both as a right-back and a midfielder. He has a Tierney like athletic profile, and his versatility marks him out as talent because he can play that inverted role. Honestly, how excited would you be if you had a right-back that could offer us effective play like Tierney? It’d give us so much more balance and hopefully open up that right side so we don’t look so lopsided next season.

Sky Sports are saying that Arsenal are interested in Brighton defender Ben White. Again, it’s clear why, Brighton’s style is what Arteta wants. They are excellent in possession and Ben White has the experience we’re looking for in the Premier League, he’s with England, and he’s very young at 23. I honestly think we might see a shock exit this summer from our centre back collection. It’s also notable that Sami Mokbel has us linked to Tosin Adarabioyo, another 23-year-old English centre back of a right-sided nature. Someone has to leave and it’s obvious that there are those in the group that can’t do what Arteta needs. I also think any links to Brighton players should be taken seriously because I think Eddie would be a steal for a team that creates high-quality chances in the box but WILL NOT FINISH.

Finally, great that Daniel Ballard will take a loan in the Championship next season, promoted Blackpool will be interested, but apparently there are other suitors. I wish Saliba had moved to the Championship at the start of last season, he’d have done well and picked up the language in a more complete way. Arsenal are also bringing Patino into the first team, high hopes for him, which is great news for creating the image that Arsenal is a great place to develop.

Right, that’s all I have for you today. See you in the comments.


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  1. Marc

    If Edu is in Portugal doesn’t that mean he’ll have to self isolate on return for 5 days? – I’m assuming he’d pay for the extra test reducing the 10 day requirement.

    We’ve got the manager on holiday and the DOF (whatever title Edu has) dicking about in Portugal – only at Arsenal.

  2. CG


    “”””So it seems that as well as Arteta being on holiday, so is Edu, hanging out in Portugal””””

    Does that mean he has to quarantine for 10 days when he returns?

    I keep seeing pictures of irate Brits at busy Lisbon and Faro airports rushing to beat the deadlines!

    How is that man still at the club?

    Taking a holiday whilst the window opens.

    “”””Ruthless !””” while he is sunning it on the Algarve !

  3. ronny

    The whole Portugal thing is a little silly- business can be conducted from anywhere now.
    He will buy high and sell low from any location on earth.

  4. T

    I have been a bit of a fan of neves and moutinho the past two years. Always thought that moutinho compliments his skills pretty well. It would be interesting to see a pre season game with 4-3-3 with neves, partey and willock/amn in the middle.

  5. Ernest Reed

    “Makes total sense for a club with limited funds this summer.”

    I was under the impression that ownership would be investing big time this window as a form of amends for the Super League debacle? Perhaps I misunderstood this?

    Regarding Xhaka and Neves, only Arsenal could sell for less and spend more for essentially a like-for-like player.

    No wonder Edu and Arteta are on vacation, its takes zero effort to clown yourselves into transfer business like this one.

    I can only hope that the numbers being bandied about are false…otherwise

  6. Sid

    So dog-gone willin’, so kiss him
    (I wanna see you kiss him, wanna see you kiss him)
    Go on and kiss him goodbye, now
    Na na na na, hey hey, goodbye
    Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye

  7. Dissenter

    I have to just write that all the best to Xhaka
    May he have the post-Arsenal career that Giroud has had.

    I remember being cussed out when I wished Giroud well on the way out, see how that’s gone for the dude.

  8. Ishola70

    Jose Noguera Xhaka’s agent has been instrumental it has been reported in the clubs reaching a deal by persuading Arsenal to lower their demands for Xhaka.

    Xhaka’s instruction to his agent = get me fucking out of here by all means necessary.

    We bow to Mr Noguera on this occasion.

  9. raptora

    Same Noguera who said: “”We’ve reached an agreement with Hertha BSC and would like to go to Berlin.” Hertha Berlin have submitted a €25m for the Arsenal midfielder, who would like to return to Germany.”

    The nightmare could have been over a year and a half ago.

  10. Dissenter

    Xhaka showed some integrity compared with players like Ozil and Mustafi.

    One of the by products of the low fee Arsenal accepted is that Xhaka left money on the table.

    You mean Xhaka agreed to leave money on t eh table and walk away
    That a classy move, don’t you think
    Instead if thanking the agent, Thank the player that issued those instructions.

  11. Guns of SF

    To his credit, Xhaka buckled down after flipping the fans off. He could have done off the deep end but continued to play to his best abilities which we all know are not enough for us.
    Good luck in Roma with Jose.

    If Edueteta is on holidays, then fuck them. Clearly not what we need.
    Targets are being snapped up, and we need someone getting on this every day. Is it Garlick who is making contacts?

  12. Eduardo

    More to the point, will Onana be the first Arsenal GK to have been banned for using performance enhancing drugs?

    Of course, it seems laughably old fashioned to care about such things. But it may raise questions about mentality or character.

  13. Goonertone

    Not sure why them being on holiday is a problem and everyone is so annoyed by it.
    Firstly in today’s world being on holiday doesn’t mean you can’t take calls or do deals, Zoom is easy to use for face to face calls. Secondly does anyone think there will be too many deals happening before the Euro’s with the best players away on international duty? Finally would you all rather they took holidays after the euro’s?

    I for one expect Arteta to be fully switched onto pre-season straight after the euro’s and probably watching potential talent during the tournament so now seems like the logical time to holiday.

  14. TR7

    I don’t know why is Dissenter on a mission to glorify Xhaka ever since he’s been linked to a move away. Xhaka absolutely needed to go, should have gone probably 3 years ago.

  15. Ishola70


    Enough with your sympahy votes for Xhaka.

    As Raptora has already pointed out Xhaka wanted to piss off from Arsenal when Hertha Berlin went in for him.

    The only thing stopping that move was Arteta.

  16. CG


    “””More to the point, will Onana be the first Arsenal GK to have been banned for using performance enhancing drugs?

    Of course, it seems laughably old fashioned to care about such things. But it may raise questions about mentality or character””””

    Well said. Don’ t need drug cheats.
    We maybe desperate, but not that desperate.
    (Hopefully just nonsense talk.)

    Only Arsenal could go in the space of 12 months to:

    Martinez, to Leno to Runarsson to a banned keeper and the current Goalkeeping Coach still KEEPS HIS JOB!

  17. Marko

    Yeah Kola Bellerin still have to get out probably a couple English deadwood knocking around too but nearly all of bad bunch from the last few years gone now

  18. TheBayingMob

    “How is that man still at the club?

    Taking a holiday whilst the window opens

    .“”””Ruthless !””” while he is sunning it on the Algarve !’

    I must agree, I don’t get this fucking holiday talk. Surely he does next to fuck all most of the season bar some phone calls? Then when we need to get business done early he is ‘on holiday’. Fuck off cunt. He hasn’t been working an 8-6 factory job for a pittance and his 10 days in Shaggaloof is all he gets as R&R to forget his life; pitiful, I am coming to deeply disrespect this wanker. Arteta too. There’s a month of European international football coming up now, the excuses will flow then as to why the market isn’t moving; let’s get it done then you can take some time off you workshy piece of wank

    Ohh that turned into a rant …

  19. Guns of SF

    If we need to watch the Euros to spot talent, that is part of the problem. We should have plan abcd already in place… Euros usually get players valuations higher if they play well. Doubt we go for a player who was shit at Euros.

    Ex. Bissouma, and others spouted here and in the media… do deals now, or we actually risk losing our targets if they have a GOOD Euro campaign. ( of course if we are targeting national players)

  20. Duzie

    Get in dribblers who can control the tempo. That’s what we need to be less dominated in games.

    I don’t know much about Anguissa.

  21. Dissenter

    Xkake needed to go, and that’s what happened,…Xhaka left
    He left because he instructed his agent to do everything to facilitate his exit, including leaving money on the table, that’s why Arsenal accepted a lower bid.

    He could have stayed around, milking everyday of his contract like Ozil and Mustafi.

    I just wonder why the main Xhaka detractors are all lining up behind us signing another immobile midfielder who’s passing s worse than Xhaka’s.

  22. Ishola70

    So Dissenter turns a pathetic transfer fee for Xhaka into leaving money on the table.

    If this guy was worth any real salt he would be leaving a lot more money on the table for Arsenal including transfer fee.

  23. Valentin

    It is becoming embarrassing for Barcelona.

    Wijnaldum was supposed to sign for Barcelona, but PSG offered a few millions more and he decided to join them instead.

    Now Depay. Depay was announced to sign this Thursday for Barcelona, but Juventus has offered 3 millions more per year, and suddenly the Juventus project interests him more than Barcelona.

    How the mighty have called, Barcelona cannot even compete for Bosman players who were ready to join them.

  24. raptora

    Xhaka is of the same quality as Lovren and Smalling both of whom were transferred in 2020/21 for similar to Xhaka fees – Lovren moved to Zenit for 10.8m and Smalling to Roma for £13.6m up to £18.1 + bonuses. Both of them 3 years older than him.

    Both Manure and Liverpool couldn’t wait to see the back of them. Not good enough. Just like Granit.

  25. Ishola70

    Roma are also closing in on 33yo Wolves goalkeeper Rui Patricio.

    They are still squabbling with Wolves though over the 12m valuation Wolves have for Patricio and are looking for a deal for a few million less.

    This is Roma’s transfer dealings this summer including the Xhaka one.

    Top quality.

  26. Dissenter

    You just wrote ‘Jose Noguera Xhaka’s agent has been instrumental it has been reported in the clubs reaching a deal by persuading Arsenal to lower their demands for Xhaka.Xhaka’s instruction to his agent = get me fucking out of here by all means necessary.”

    All means necessary means, even if the terms don’t favor him
    What do you think Arsenal will ask for when Xhaka comes pushing for an expeditious agreement? Arsenal will ask him to waive lots of money due to him on the way out to =mitigate Arsenal’s losses on him.

    Surely, you understand the meaning of what you’ve posted?

    The fee is not dismal, it’s what a 29 year old midfielder, who’s despised by his fanbase and is desperate to leave will fetch in a covid market.
    It’s what a midfielder who shouldn’t have ben signed in the first place, had we done out homework 5 years ago. He’s not built for the English game.

  27. Radio Raheem


    Very apt that bumper sticker hahaha.

    For me Xhaka was the least of our problems but understand many feel different. There isn’t an in-between for Xhaka it’s either love or loathe.

    I agree with the others on the malign impact Arteta is having on Arsenal on and off the pitch. Hopefully, he’s gone by Christmas.

  28. Eduardo

    The idea of scouting Euros for players reminds me of Liam Brady before he left the club.

    First time he saw Rakitic play was in the Euros, looked him up and saw he’d just signed for Barcelona. Top scouting!

  29. Eduardo

    All this talk about Neves, everyone knew who Neves was years ago before he signed for Wolves. Could have had him for a few million then, now he’ll cost ten times what he would have then. Pathetic

  30. Marko

    I just wonder why the main Xhaka detractors are all lining up behind us signing another immobile midfielder who’s passing s worse than Xhaka’s.

    You wanna know why? Errors leading to goals for Xhaka 9…for Neves a big fat zero. That’s a direct stat for the premier league it doesn’t factor in cup games or indirect errors like him being braindead and vacated areas and what not. Basically say what you like about Ruben Neves but he’s not a braindead fuck like Xhaka

  31. Gentlebris

    I’m reading on Sky that Xhaka is going for around €25m. Not bad one inch if true.

    Then if Ajax is giving out Onana for £5m, we should run as fast away from the deal as possible. It would mean there’s something they are not telling us…something sinister.

    Onana, if straight, should easily be £20m.

  32. Ishola70

    Dissenter you are showing yet again schizo signs regarding Xhaka.

    On the one hand still wanting to praise him for supposedly doing Arsenal a great favour in leaving money on the table despite his pittance trasfer fee but at the same time saying he shouldn’t even have been an Arsenal player and basically we have been wasting our time with him for the last five years.

    I am not interested in your sympathy votes for Granit Xhaka and your perceived notion of him being persecuted while at the club.

    My only concern is that Arsenal do the right thing by the club and move players on that are not going to contribute to any great extent to get the team to improve.

  33. Ishola70


    Dissenter is yet again out with his sympahy votes for Xhaka in implying that Neves is actually worse than Xhaka.

    Hardly anyone is buying it on here.

  34. Dissenter

    “Dissenter is yet again out with his sympahy votes for Xhaka in implying that Neves is actually worse than Xhaka.”

    At best, If if extended generosity towards Neves, I would say he’s only MARGINALLY better than Xhaka

    Why endure trauma for 5 years only to, rewind and start again with another lead-footed unathletic plodder
    Neves started 31 games for this poor Wolves team this season
    Where was the quality? Maybe it’s the free-kicks that’s enticed Ishola.

  35. Marko

    Gentle are you okay? He’s on a 9 month ban in the final year of his contract and refusing to sign a new one this has been publicized that’s why he’s going for peanuts

  36. Ishola70


    That is not what you have been saying.

    You have stated numerous times now that Neves is just as immobile as Xhaka and is a worse passer of the ball.

    You are wrong on both accounts and I can only assume that you do this out of your sympathy for Xhaka due to how horribly he was treated by the Arsenal fanbase.

    The only aspects where Xhaka beats out Neves is more style when on the ball which is an irrelevance and heading off the ball which again is not that important playing midfield. I hardly saw Xhaka winning out with headers in midfield as he was always too deep anyway.

  37. Marc

    Can anyone remember what happened with the Chelsea player who got a drugs ban and then after he signed for another club Chelsea sued the player for loss of revenue?

  38. Spanishdave

    Good thanks the consultant doesn’t want to see me until late October.
    Your not in Pedros good books! Well done.
    As usual we will flap around with transfers and somehow get more dross.

  39. Marc


    That’s the guy – couldn’t remember his name but I thought he went somewhere like Fiorentina?

    Did the court case restrict his availability for them at all?

  40. Marc


    The latest ban was only for a week or so! I’m getting the feeling that Pedro actually enjoys the abuse – makes me feel a little sordid truth be told.

  41. Dissenter

    I want a better mobile midfielder who can progress the ball and dribble past players

    Marcel Sabitzer from Leipzig is available for about 15 million

    There are better and more affordable options than Neves.

  42. salparadisenyc


    Agree Xhaka did the job, my biggest problem with him was more base level. Wrong profile for what want or expect from that area of the mid for us.

    With all the links to Neves looks like that will not be remedied.

  43. Ishola70


    Dissenter wants a midfielder that can dribble past players.

    All you are doing is focusing exclusively about on the ball in midfield and not giving a shit about off the ball.

    Arsenal have suffered badly in central midfield for being poor off the ball with Xhaka being a massive culprit to the extent that he was played away from central midfield areas.

    If you want this dribbling performing seal midfielder let’s hope he is also good off the ball.

  44. Terraloon

    I certainly don’t rate Xhaka that highly but Neves really doesn’t excite me at all and if the price of £35 million is correct well Arsenal should steer well clear of shelling out more than they would get for what seems to me to be players of similar ability simply folly

  45. Ishola70

    “Agree Xhaka did the job”

    He didn’t do the job that should be required of a midfielder in 2021 or any other years prior to that at Arsenal.

    He did the job Arsenal asked of him after realising his limitations after signing him.

  46. Marko

    Are people actually dense around here? He did the job? What fucking job he was an error prone DM who literally cost us more goals than any other midfielder in the premier league during his time here. And the whole Neves is barely better he doesn’t remedy that well he literally does cause he has zero errors leading to goals in 3 seasons in the premier league. Look I’d prefer others but don’t get it twisted he’s easily better than Xhaka

  47. Marc


    It’s not a win, we’re getting less than we were offered 18 months ago during which time he’s cost us £7.8 million in salary as well, lowered the ability of the team so we missed out on CL football for 5 years and eventually saw us drop out of Europe altogether.

    I’m thrilled he’s gone and my comment was banter but to think this is a win is a huge mistake.

  48. WengerEagle

    ‘He played a bit on afterwards but barely played any decent level his career was ruined’

    He went on to be decent for Fiorentina to be fair. Goal every other game CF.

  49. Marc


    I seem to remember Chelsea suing the player – did that restrict his availability? I’m open to the keeper links (I do try and keep an open mind on new signings) but the last thing I want is issues coming up 12 months down the road.

  50. Marko

    I thought Mutu drifted away into obscurity after Chelsea but I guess I remember wrong. Shit heel striker though him and Kezman. At least Crespo had a decent impact

  51. The Bard

    So we’re selling Xhaka to Roma for 17m having bought him for 30m. Just about sums up our transfer dealings. We buy high and have to sell low. Good business model. No wonder we’re broke. It’s also clear that the Kroenkes aren’t paying attention

  52. The Bard

    So we’re selling Xhaka to Roma for 17m having bought him for 30m. Just about sums up our transfer dealings..
    Good business model. No wonder we’re broke. It’s also clear that the Kroenkes aren’t paying attention

  53. Marko

    Marc I wouldn’t be worried about Onana too much while I don’t believe the whole took his wife’s whatever without knowing shit the supplement he took was probably one of many on a banned list and not a case of snorting lines of a hookers butthole. He should be grand

  54. WengerEagle


    They sued him for the full transfer fee of 17m IIRC, which he supposedly had to pay off in installments throughout his career.

    Seems far-fetched to think he could actually pay that back though given he played for a middling team in Serie A in the mid 2000s, guy must have been on no more than 50k a week max.

  55. Pedro

    Marc, selling Xhaka, a player that will be 29 in September, for that fee post-pandemic is a huge win. Also gives the middle finger to all those that said he’d not get a move to a better club than Berlin. Xhaka was very good this season, a leader behind the scenes, and the absolute least of our worries. Time was right to go, his fee is a very good one, we move on.

    … but this does once again highlight that you can’t even stop trolling when the player you hate the most goes. Your default, on everything Arsenal, is to complain. You are becoming a more verbose Red.

  56. Ishola70


    Why did we keep on with Xhaka for another season and are now selling him for less?

    He wanted to leave when Hertha Berlin came in for him.

    It was only Arteta that scuppered that.

    How is that a win?

    And in Xhaka’s last season as the lynchpin midfielder we failed to qualify for any european competition for eons.

    What was the point of keeping him when Hertha Berlin came calling?

  57. Marc


    It’s not trolling it’s taking a realistic look at how we’ve been run for the last god know how long – getting a fee for him it better than a kick in the bollocks, selling him for more and reinvesting in a better player 18 months ago is better – scouting the player properly in the first place and never signing him is the best.

    I’ve said for years Italy and a slower league would suit him but we’ve got to stop making these mistakes in the transfer market – you can’t argue with me on that?

    You should also take on board I don’t pre judge new signings unless there’s exceptional circumstances – you need to see how they fit in and get on.

  58. Marko

    If the shoe fits Sal if the shoe fits. That you said he did a job after it was mentioned how many errors to goals he had says more about you than me mate. He’s going now let’s not do that thing that arsenal fans usually do an glorify a former player especially not this former player

  59. Ishola70

    Let’s not pretend that Xhaka was not hurting this side.

    His inability to step up to central midfield in traffic was a big detriment to the side.

    Just because you play deeper in midfield shouldn’t mean that you don’t or can’t step up into the centre in traffic when required.

    Jorginho steps up into the centre when required as does Neves.

  60. DivineSherlock

    Anyone mourning the loss of the great midfield maestro Granit Xhaka should go and rewatch only two Burnley games in the league , and also get their head checked. Massive Dick , glad to see the back of him if only a year late .

  61. Ishola70


    Yes Xhaka was never properly scouted.

    It was embarrassing watching him when he first came to the club when put into central midfield and opposing players going past him like a stationary cone.

    And I never believed like some say that Wenger wasn’t behind the signing.

    Xhaka had all the failings that marked other Wenger midfield signings. Had the technique but shit off the ball. That became a Wenger hallmark regarding midfielders.

  62. Marc


    When Wenger said he was a b2b player it was just embarrassing it’d take him 45 minutes to get from one box to the half way line and then he’d have to turn around and go back again.

  63. MidwestGun

    Xhaka leaving is actually a great start to the window. Follow that up with Bellerin and Willian and it would be like my birthday, Christmas and a date with a stripper all rolled up in one basket.

    For me Xhaka was a defensive midfielder who couldn’t defend.. And he was not Pirlo. The worst part was Arteta trying to mitigate his weaknesses to fit him in.. How about we just get a midifielder who can defend in the middle of the park as well as attack. not much to ask. Xhaka as a false Left back or a false Centerback days are gone. Thank Goodness.

  64. WengerEagle

    Anyone have any Euro tournament predictions?

    Winner, runners up, SF, big team[s] to crash and burn and drop out in the group, top goalscorer, best player, best young player, surprise team of the tournament, players to watch out for.

  65. curse

    that’s more like it, no more xhaka can’t and a bit of cash to put towards a younger better model, early, great business.
    Ruben and Lokonga? to add to Partey, Moe and Joe? yes please. If that goes through I reckon it’ll be no Yves with Berge and Martin coming in.
    I could live with those options for midfield, size, power, speed, goal threat, press resistant, technical, work rate and good ages profiles.
    I thought with Emerson going back to Farca, Dest was an option, I like the cut of his jib, nice level of arrogance and American. Adams ticks similar boxes and it’s Adams ffs! snm.
    looks like Saliba will be going out on loan. hopefully it’ll be in the prem then he can take holdings spot once this new team is settled.

    Always wanted a black keeper so you can imagine how livid I was when the chavs won the cl with one. Better late than never, team shaping up nicely.

  66. raptora

    We bought Xhaka for £40m, with 2 years on his contract is now going for £17m. You’ve got to remember that Roma paid ~£16m for a 31 yo Smalling. It doesn’t get worse than that. Huge win my ass loool

  67. Sotongunner

    No point rehashing what could have been last year in terms of him leaving for 30m. Its not our money its the kroenkes/their banks/whatever, the o ly thing with a lesser fee is that this would/could be reinvested in the team. This decision has been taken 3 to 4 years too late but am glad it looks like it’s being made. We can get better than xhaka, easily. Just like we replaced ozil with a youth player and he scuttled off to football wilderness. If xhaka was the answer to anything at Arsenal I really have no idea what the question was. He’s shown his bad attitude and arrogance in his comments today about only being as good as the team he’s in as if he made no contribution to our failings. Same mentality as Mustafi and not even sure he has the pace, stability or mentality to be a success in Italy. Whatever mourinho sees in him I dont know, let’s hope he performs as well for Roma as he did for arsenal eh. We truly had two of the greatest balls-up, mistake merchants the last few years in Jim and Mustafi. And Arsenal will (hopefully) never see their like again.

  68. salparadisenyc

    Marko you really can’t get out of your own way on here have the need to make the misery universal.

    My stating Xhaka’s profile from the off was wrong is hardly glorifying a former player. Was clear Wenger didn’t know what he bought in Xhaka, fact club rode it this long is a testament to level we’re at. Whats more LG than anything is finally getting rid of a player thats become the ultimate trigger word on here then complaining about how shitty the fee is.

    The more interesting part is what type of profile will we bring in to replace.

  69. Pedro

    Marc, he’s either the worst player you’ve ever seen in an Arsenal shirt and the money is excellent, or you’ve been lying to us all about how shit you think he is and we’ve let a star go for too little. You can’t have it both ways.

    The money we’re getting for him, in this market, is excellent.

  70. Marc


    “. Its not our money its the kroenkes/their banks/whatever”

    Clearly you haven’t just forked out for a season ticket.

  71. raptora

    I mean aside from the huge win talks I take the £17m, or however they are, and run. No problems with me. Any sum paid for Xhaka is a bonus.

    Xhaka was indeed one of our biggest worries since he joined us. We stopped having a functional midfield from that moment on. Imagine the £40m going for someone who actually deserved them. We went from 2nd without Xhaka to 5th, 6th, 5th, 8th, 8th with Xhaka.

    Looking at Ozil, Mustafi, Sokratis, Mkhitaryan and co, at least we are getting something for him, which is a testament to how shit of a job the club’s directors have done in not getting any money for players we didn’t want to keep.

  72. MidwestGun

    Tyler Adams is a good player.. Very good to great passer not as good at dribbling .. very solid defensively.. Would be an upgrade over what we have now.. for sure. But I don’t see Leipzeg letting him go. as the new manager, managed him before in MLS. Also Adams has a history of injuries, which is Tierney like…. so.. kind of tired of going down that road.

  73. CG

    This Xhaka,

    Fact: Two of the greatest managers of all time have bought him.

    A. Wenger
    Jose M

    I have always liked him( granted he has always been a plodder) and actually my estimation of him ,went up even further when he gave the Luvvies the old fashioned 2 finger salute.

    But , its time for him to move on and his distractors.
    (Just no point replacing him with Neves.)

  74. raptora

    Yup, I’ve been saying this for years. The worst Arsenal player in the EPL era to be a permanent starter for the club. That he managed 5 full seasons in our team is beyond farcical. Never good enough to begin with. But also never fit for Arsenal. Ever.

  75. Chris

    Glad Xhaka is gone, I really am. Never took to him, he really should have been gone way before now. He has hampered us pretty much ever since he signed for us, hard to believe how people don’t accept this. Look at his predecessors in midfield, I would have rather kept playing Coquelin.

    Most big clubs would have realised Xhaka was a mistake after one season and binned him off.

    Still, onwards and upwards. Wish him well over there etc. Etc but just such big relief he is finally gone.

  76. Marc


    He is the worst player I’ve seen in CM for Arsenal but once again we’ve been piss poor in the ops side of things. As bad as Arteta is it’s not just since he’s been at the club the list of piss poor buy’s, stupid contracts offered, not selling players when we should etc goes on and on. The amount has got to be approaching half a billion over the last 5 or so seasons. I’ve got no problems with moving on providing we’re all confident that we’re not going to keep repeating the same mistakes.

    Hopefully we can get in a replacement who makes the loss of fee irrelevant and can help us get back to having a midfield that can operate like one.

  77. WengerEagle

    ‘Worst player Xhaka seen in an Arsenal shirt tbf in regards how many appearances he made for the club.’

    He’s up there but has some strong competition in Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner and Senderos.

  78. Sotongunner

    Nope Marc I haven’t and it’ll be a long time before the trust comes back to buy anything arsenal related with that mob in charge, for me or my kids. To think Kroenke gives any thought at all to season ticket holder whims would be naive in the extreme given basically all experiences of them as owners. Yes pedro re the money take it and run frankly, will take joy in mourinho realising the error in judgement as this leader amongst men gifts salernitana their winning goal by threading the ball across goal perfectly for the own-assist.

  79. Ishola70


    “He’s up there but has some strong competition in Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner and Senderos.”

    He must have made quite a few more first team appearances than any of them no?

    The clincher for Xhaka is that he was seen as a lyncpin in the side. You couldn’t say that for the others you mention.

    To have such a player as a lynchin in your side has been very poor from Arsenal.

  80. WengerEagle


    Maybe rules Senderos out but Denilson, Bendtner and Almunia were all in the XI for at least 2-3 full seasons.

    Almunia literally cost us a CL Final and a CL SF vs United, doozies that Xhaka would have been proud to call his own.

    And 2009-10 with Bendtner up top was physically painful to watch. Scored a few because how could you not with Cesc Fabregas and Nasri fizzing you through balls but he was fucking dreadful.

  81. CG


    “”””CG No surprise your views on Xhaka considering the great Wenger signed him”””‘


    I understand why fans dislike him.They are entiltled to like or dislike who they please.

    Just pointing out Wenger and Mourinho have signed him for millions ( so he must be doing something right)

    And that goal he scored for Switzeland in the world cup shows he can play.( spinning ball).

    Time to move on though.

  82. Pedro

    Marc, if you think Xhaka is the worst player Arsenal have ever have, you have no right to slag the fee.

    Chris, most clubs wouldn’t have played Xhaka as a box to box midfielder or thought he was one.

  83. Sotongunner

    Oh and I should be trademarking “own- assist” but mainly for xhaka describing purposes, as I’ve never seen a player do this so much. It’s a bit like an own-goal except when the shitness and concentration levels of player are so bad that they regularly set up the opposition team for goals. They then claim “not me gov” at the end of the failed season as if all they have contributed is classic viera. Off you scuttle you shite bastard xhaka.

  84. Chris

    Bendtner on the wing (13-14 was it?) was particularly a hard watch.

    It’s funny was talking about him at work today, didn’t he rub his private’s on a taxi after a night out? Something like that!

  85. Ishola70

    If it’s true that Xhaka is implying the team he played for Arsenal was not good enough and he was what does he think he is walking into at Roma.

    They are not in a good state.

  86. AlteredReality

    At first, when Bissouma came up, I was of the opinion we could do better, someone of the class of Camavinga or Caqueret, with Bissouma the bench option. Thought it was better off aiming for the costly but higher quality targets instead of lower quality but high cost target.

    Now it’s turned out Neves is a supposed target, and for a price of 40m. Selling Xhaka for 15m and buying a younger Xhaka for 25m more is what I expect AFC to do, so I’m incredibly outraged. Bissouma is a miles better fit for us.

    If it’s a choice btw Neves/Bissouma, it should be a no brainer.

    But it’s criminal how our supposed targets are all lateral options. Neves ain’t ever taking us to top 4, Bissouma could help, but he is not actually what we need to be a starting option. He and Partey all stay behind the ball, so there would be a massive creativity issue still. That’s why I feel at the least, we should target Camavinga/De Paul/Aouar in that order of preference. That Lokonga kid could be a back up option.

  87. Chris

    Very true Pedro, wasn’t he a recommendation of Stat DNA or was that Mustafi?

    The summer of 16/17 was a very bad transfer window indeed.

  88. raptora

    Honestly I wouldn’t like to have Xhaka put next to Ozil as Ozil knew the club wanted to move him on but still decided to sit on his obscene salary and fuck the club in every way possible including with the Gunnesaurus bs and everything else.

    If I’m not wrong Xhaka signed a new contract 6 months after he wanted to leave for Hertha. And this contract is the reason we are getting some money for him now. He didn’t sit on his salary and wait for his contract to be over like some other cunts. Average player though.

  89. Marc


    I’ve never seen a player who’s contract was that high, get that many appearances and end up with the captains armband be so consistently bad.

    No point in going round and round on this – you are covering for Arteta (who’d have thought) when the Xhaka of two weeks ago was exactly the same player of 18 months, 3 years or 5 years ago.

    We should have binned him off way before but at least he’s gone now. What’s really depressing is we’re going to see an exact repeat with AMN.

  90. Ishola70


    “Bendtner and Almunia were all in the XI for at least 2-3 full seasons.”

    So Xhaka beats them out then for first team appearances and for being seen as a key member of the side in a key position. The lynchpin. The player that saw the play go through him most times.

    This title is Granit’s.

  91. Pedro

    Chris, not sure. STATDna can give you data, but you use it with scouting as well… so can’t blame the tool.

    Think the tool called out that Michu was gonna bang, remember him?

    Anyway, not my fave player by a margin, glad he’s gone, but far from the worst player we’ve had.

  92. raptora

    Xhaka was a starter for 5 full seasons. No one else as bad as him has fixtured for such an extended period of time. He should have been gone 3 years ago.

  93. Tee

    “Worst player Xhaka seen in an Arsenal shirt tbf in regards how many appearances he made for the club.”

    Ishola’s obsession with Xhaka is second to maybe Pierre’s with Ozil.

    While he was here you lots were like you wouldn’t live to see another day with him in the squad and now that he is out the door, you still can’t say your goodbye but hell-bent on throwing tantrums for a player that doesn’t know if you exist.

    So hilarious what the middle finger can do.

  94. Mr Serge

    I can’t believe some of you are moaning about Xhaka transfer fee the guy is shit good riddance people on her about the fee must have some sort of agenda just rejoice that the slow fucktard is being replaced

  95. Pedro

    Marc, covering for the discourse on here, which you seem adamant about bringing down every single day. The negativity is painful reading, you really need to pick it up. People can’t even enjoy Xhaka going because you’re finding holes in it that don’t exist.

  96. Chris

    I do remember Michu, one season wonder (12/13?) as I think he dipped badly the following year but he scored a decent goal against us at the Emirates I think. Pretty sure we were linked with him a few times as well.

    I personally didn’t like Xhaka at all, even more so after fangate although I respect he got his head done afterwards, but the main relief now is moving on and seeing who we get in his place that is hopefully far more dynamic, also possesses the qualities Xhaka did have and see our midfield hopefully blossom, to see something offered up much different than the last few years.

  97. Thank you and goodnight

    I have to blame Wenger 1 million percent for him even buying Xhaka. Just shows you how his eye for talent had long ago disappeared. He was simply way to slow for the premier league and Wenger should of seen that. One of the reasons Ramsey never became WC was because he was to slow as well. Speed or speed of thought is paramount in the premier league and neither Ramsey or Xhaka had any of those qualities.

  98. Mr Serge

    When Wenger bought him he actually thought he was a different type of player than he was what a joke the end of the Wenger era was

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