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Daniel Ek, Spotify mastermind, is back with another bid for Arsenal FC. Is this interesting? Could be. I’m not deeply entrenched in the world of billionaire behaviour, but there are rumblings that KSE might not be as entrenched in the idea of holding onto Arsenal forever as they project.

Understand their vision of sport.

Locked finances. No promotion or relegation. A consistent flow of revenue every year. NO INVESTMENT.

They bought Arsenal, watched it appreciate at breakneck speed, but the vibe in the game at the moment is that maybe the growth years are grinding to a halt. Amazon didn’t want in on the Super League. Clubs are reeling from the pandemic, just look at the whining from the Juve hierachy. The Super League, for the moment, is dead.

To bring Arsenal back to the top is going to take a lot of money. More money than the pittance KSE will put forward for us this summer. That takes deep pockets and deep dedication. I’m not sure the KSE group has either of those when it comes to Arsenal.

So whilst I think £2bn seems low for Arsenal, don’t totally rule it out. Daniel Ek, you would imagine, must have had some sort of encouragement, otherwise, what is the fucking point? It’s not giving him a bump in stock price for Spotify, he doesn’t need a profile massage, and it costs money to put these sorts of deals together.

Remember, Stan Kroenke told St. Louis he’d never move the Rams until he did.

Onto transfer news… there’s not a lot going on. Arsenal seems to be making moves in silence. There aren’t many clues as to who is going and staying.

Granit Xhaka is causing the most panic for some odd reason. Arsenal fans just love to whine. 99% of fans have spent his entire career moaning about how we’ve nosedived to a non-Champions League club since he joined, now they’re panicking because the stats nerds are championing his progressive passing. Stockholm Syndrome well and truly out in force. He’s a solid player, but his limitations have been costly. The errors in his game never went. We can replace him. 25m euros is good money for someone who will be 29 in September.

It’s also interesting watching people cry about the Matteo G fee like it’s Arsenal’s fault. Joe Willock goes out on loan for 6 months and moves from a £10m player to a £25m one. Matteo G, total hot shit for a while, goes out on loan for an entire season, absolutely soils his reputation, and is now worth £8m. No big clubs are eyeing a 22-year-old bargain and none of the elite feeder clubs are willing to take a chance. If this is an Arteta problem, why haven’t any of the major coaches spied an error in the system?

Unai Emery, flush with Champions League cash has ignored him. Sven Mislintat, who certainly has £8m, has also ignored him. Why?

… because talented dickheads are not tolerated in 2021.

The big move, that just dropped, is Arsenal are being linked to Inter Milan’s Nicolo Barella. Mike had him in yesterdays epic scouting report.

‘A tigerish CM who has elbowed his way into a very competitive Italian national team due to his all-round game and reliability. A technically excellent midfielder who will remind you of the much loved Cazorla as he switches the ball from right to left with such natural confidence. At Arsenal he could play as a playmaker or likely in a two but with his elite technical level he could play anywhere. Such fun to watch so take a look…’

It’s hard to judge his pace, because Italy is painfully slow, but my word is the boy talented. He’s aggressive, has an outrageous range of passing and he just won the Serie A title. Absolute class, he’ll drop a big performance this summer, it seems too clever to be a link worth taking seriously, but we’ll see.

Ainsley has been complaining in the press about the lack of contact from Arsenal.

‘I want a decision. I want some clarity. I would like some kind of indication of what is happening. Where they [Arsenal] see me. If it works out it works out, if it doesn’t then kiss Arsenal goodbye.’

Pretty sure Mikel Arteta is on his first family holiday in 2 years, so not really shocked Ainsley hasn’t had a phone call yet. But I suspect we’ll see him exited this summer if he keeps up the pressure on wanting to play as a centre midfielder. Hopefully we can land a good fee if that’s the case, we have to make the most of the homegrown premium this summer.

There’s also a link to Alexander Isak, who scored 17 goals for Sociedad this season. The Swedish striker is having a great year. He’s tall, boasts power, tight control, and excellent technique. Reminds me a bit of Adebayor with the range of goals he’s produced. I can see why he’d be interesting a club that doesn’t really have a powerhouse forward to lead the frontline unless you count Martinelli as a #9. I think a lot of big things would have to happen for us to shell out on a major forward. Flo Balogun didn’t sign a new deal to be Eddie’d this season, he’s expecting minutes and he’ll get them. I’m also not sure we’ll find a buyer for Auba or Lacazette. Those huge deals have minimal chance of being replicated in a bankrupt Europe this summer, so I suspect we’ll keep things the same there.

I think that’s all I have? See you in the comments. Listen to the podcast below.


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  1. China1


    ‘ “MarkoSo we turned down between a reported £23 and £27 million for Xhaka 18 months ago – since then he’s suddenly become a great player and we’re selling him for £15 million if we get what we want for him.If that ain’t sauce I don’t know what is?”’

    Wenger paid 40m for the pleasure for him and 5 odd years later and now in his absolute prime at the height of his form and powers 15m looks like a good deal for us as we sell


  2. Guns of SF

    we need a proper DOF, its been lunacy with our sales and buying players.
    We need a reality check.
    I do hope EK takes over. Being a fan, and being close to the game, legends, he knows the story… and can do something about it.

  3. Tony

    Topical song for the post

    (OUR) My way by Frank Sinatra

    Kroekes’ please listen here
    and now close the final curtain
    Your no club friend, it’s clear
    You’ll hear our noise of which be certain

    Gooners live in hope, that much is true
    they’ve travelled each and every motoway
    many times up north in the rain and gales that blew
    We’ve done it our way

    Regrets, we’ve had more than a few
    Selling to you was the worst one
    Curse Fisman, Dein, and Bracewell-Smith
    They sold us out without contemplation

    You planned without knowing our club
    cluelessly hiring Arteta and Emery
    Now we want you gone, yes really gone
    So EK can do it our way

    You know these times now
    We want you to sell
    Then go to hell
    And not in a good way
    For sure after you’re gone
    Ek will do it our way

    We’ve laughed, cried and cheered
    A long and illustrious history
    Gooners since 1886, building our famous legacy
    Full of beer, dodgy hot dogs and soggy crisps
    and a few nutters on ecstasy
    But we all and I mean all, we did it our way

    You know Stan, you’re not the man
    a clueless owner, with a dithering retinue
    Just so you know, it’s time for you to go
    And that that failure Arteta with you.

    But before you go, look what you have done
    being the worst owner in our history
    You’ve caused us gooners far too much pain
    and long term misery
    So wiggy let us be clear, be left in no doubt
    whenever you’re near us you’ll hear us shout

    Fcuk off KSE and let Ek do it OUR WAY!!!!!!!

  4. Tony

    rewritten last verse.

    But before you go, look what you have done
    being our worst owner all along with your son
    You’ve caused us gooners far too much pain
    and long term misery

    So wiggy let us be clear, be left in no doubt
    whenever you’re near you’ll hear us say and shout………..

    Fcuk off KSE and let Ek do it OUR WAY!!!!!!!

  5. Gonsterous

    Good morning you lot

    Happy to see EK keep the pressure. Stan must hate him because EK goes around bald showing the world you don’t need a wig to look good.

  6. Gentlebris

    Kroenkes not selling immediately doesn’t really matter. All we need is for Ek to stay on his case from outside and fans to keep the pressure on from inside. Then we will see some accountability on the pitch.

  7. Gentlebris

    Arteta has had his teething problem. The early double glory winning the FA and getting promoted from head coach to manager ruined his head.

    But he’s bold and always looking to create different ways to approach a game, if he had won with ESR as false 9, it would have been proclaimed in the football world as a genius touch. But he lost and what he did came across as madness.

    Plus the guy was always devastated each time he lost. I even felt pity for him after the final whistle second leg vs Emery. Everyone hates to lose, especially in a job where your stock declines fast when you lose. But there are different degrees to that. Passionately hating to lose brings out the best in you next time you try. Arteta lost big in the Europa against an inferior team coached by a guy whose coaching ability was suppose to be inferior to Arteta’s. It was an humiliating loss. So let’s see how our boy react to that next season.

    He knows if we are anywhere outside 6th by December, he will be fired.

    So let’s focus on the summer and see what we do.

  8. Guns of SF


    Interesting take. I see Mike as a rigid and inexperienced coach who could not adjust on the fly and quick enough. He tinkered until the end, ( a sign of a coach not confident in his best side and tactics)
    Playing Xhaka as LB when we had soares, and a false 9, then leaving TP as our only mid in the second leg- all of that was just stupidity.
    He did not take these chances during the season so it was madness to see him getting desperate in the semi final. Makes no sense.

    Then again Pep his master was taught a lesson in humility by Chelsea when he went with out a striker and DM

  9. Gonsterous


    Knowing when to experiment is key to being a good manager.
    Arteta has no clue when to bring in his experienced players, which games to use to bed in youngsters and win over players, and which games to experiment on.

    Will and can he learn fast? That’s to be seen.
    Personally, I was won over when we won the FA cup and community shield but I was soon disabused of that notion when it turned out that in form Auba was actually just playing for a contract.

    Then the whole debacle of the non negotiable and his insistence to play willian in every game has rubbed me the wrong way and my first instinct that he was too inexperienced to handle a club like arsenal was right.

    He has been given time, but that may just be another mistake on the part of arsenal. We are worst club when it comes to being pro active and having a clear vision on what we want to achieve and represent.

    Everyone just looking out for themselves and the next 3 months.

  10. Emiratesstroller

    One has to accept that once a player chooses to leave a club for whatever reason it becomes
    difficult to achieve top dollar in the transfer market.

    From my perspective Xhaka was a decent player and apart from Leno played more minutes than any other player at the club. Since January he was in my view our best midfield player.

    What I do find disturbing is that we struggle to get a fee of £20 million for a player of this level. I am willing to bet that Athletico Madrid will have no difficulty in achieving such a
    figure for Trippier who is a year older than Xhaka and certainly not a more valuable asset.

    I suspect that the impending sale of Bellerin, Guendouzi and possibly Torreira will be equally
    miserable. Arsenal’s track record in the transfer market leaves a lot to be desired.

  11. Tee

    “Obviously, Xhaka doesn’t trust the process”

    Or he is tired of a club with a set of disgusting fans who are poor in debating football tactics but excellent in attacking player’s personalities.

  12. Muppetman

    Our main problem with our transfer targets is if they have a good Euros then the price will go higher or more clubs will be alerted. Surely you would like to think we have a list of players required and can go hard to get them at start based on priority? If we can’t due to waiting on sales for even our top targets then we are in for a shit summer.

  13. raptora

    We are talking about millions and millions of lost money selling/gifting players way, way below their market value. So many directors changed at Arsenal and none of them can do their actual job and sell well? It’s pathetic. We are talking hundreds of millions lost cause people don’t do their job. Massive losses on Ozil (-42m), Mustafi (-37m), Mkhitaryan (-30m), Xhaka(-25m if it happens), Welbeck (-18m), Sokratis (-15m), Lucas Perez (-14m)

    182m losses right there ^

    And now, in addition to useless directors, we have a manager who’s managed to decimate the value of half our squad.

    Torreira is next in line and we paid 26m for him.

  14. Leftside

    That’s why I posed the question the other day, are we dependent on sells for funding, because if so then someone should ask Josh what the fuck is there to be excited about? Will we get all our business in before pre-season? Or will we mess around with silly offers that don’t meet clubs valuations only to then pay the asking price towards the end of the window?

  15. Useroz

    Fortune 500s are indeed fortunate with usually the right people playing in the roles, and systems to appraise , scout talent, recruit, and remove people generally work to deliver results a,cceptabke to the shareholders that keep their market leading positions.

    None of these are in place or work in out beloved club. Football is different, some say. How? Achieving football glory really isn’t very different from pushing the envelipe regarding market shares, profits, share prices etc

    You need an excellent board, strong and inspiring leadership ,creative go to market strategies and tactics (to conpete), experts and right players, people doing the right things, superb decision making, ,astute financial and commercial management (eg procurement) , empathy and people management, innovation, technologies, even alliances (eg feeder clubs)….

    Think about where u work. Would your promotion, or not, depend so highly on how you do in training courses or workshops?? Wouldn’t u be royally pissed if a colleague got promoted because he/she usually do well in raining yet produce hardly anything under business as usual?? Wot a joke manager….

    Any different ? None really. It’s obvious to most such key ingredients and capabilities to sustain Arsenal as a top dog in the PL and Europe gradually eroded and disappear over the last decade or so. Well, happen to coincide with Kroenke ‘s reign over the club as a majority shareholder.

    With a similar debacle, in any F500, Arteta (and Edu and Vinai ) would have been sacked , ousted, or counseled out last year to reposition and savage the unfolding disaster of.a season. That’s positive.. Tackle the problems at least, if ridding got the root cause isn’t immediately feasibly.

    If according to some positive minds, tits only fair the trio be given full responsibility this TW, it’d mean decisions over whatever money is left (+sales proceeds) that Arsenal could use to reinvigorate, rejuvenate itself. God forbids, if we flop by November (or before PL table ends in December) ,and the club sack Arteta , where’s the money coming from to yet again rebuild? Precious little resources would have been squandered next two months judging by their illustrous track record in the short time here..

    Of course, there’s always a chance, however slim, the ext manager is so darn great that he could turn the mediocre (deskilled by Arteta really) squad around and grab CL spot, Tuchel style… one can always dream. Or go the OGS way with just one key addition in January, wot might have been…..

  16. Positive pete

    With regards to our poor transfer dealings,particularly in selling players way below their transfer market value is a result of a bloated squad with inferior players on ridiculous wages.Every club in Europe knows we’re trying to offload deadwood.It’s common knowledge.As a result we’re on the wrong end of any advantage in negotiations from the off.Throw in the fact that most clubs( outside of the doped) don’t have a pot to piss in & its the perfect storm for us to get screwed.We are just going to have to suck it up for the next 2/3 windows to clear it & get back on the straight & narrow.

  17. Mr Serge

    Pete is correct these players are on far more money with us than they would get elsewhere this impacts transfer value

  18. Danny S

    It is shocking how poorly run we have been for the last 14 odd years. Had we put a proper board and DoF in place post Dein, or at the very least when Wenger left this could have been a very different story.

    Allowing wenger total power and following that up with ha ding the reigns to Gazidis who was renowned for being a terrible negotiator who then brought in mr contacts Man Raul was just a snowball of shit.

  19. Mr Serge

    The kronkes reign has coincided with how shit we are run they have no business owning a football club never mind one of the too ones historically
    Look at how villa are run now with proper owners and Leicester it’s ridiculous how far down the kronkes have taken us

  20. Danny S

    Yeah we have lost so much ground on all our rivals. We could be light years ahead of Spurs now and rubbing shoulders with City and Pool had we been properly run. I don’t care what people say about doping, Liverpool/Leicester have proved you can do it properly.

    I also think had Wenger had a Dof sticking his nose in after Dean left, he’d have soon followed out the door. It wasn’t until Gazidis started poking about in Wengers business that he started getting his nose out of joint anyway. Had that not been happening, no matter what the fans were saying Wenger wouldn’t have gone so easily.

  21. The Bard

    Positive Pete you’re spot on. This is why keep changing manager is pointless. Unless we address the structural issues we can have Klopp or Pep as manager and still be a shite club. Imagining that Arteta or anyone else is going to make water into wine is pure fantasy.

  22. Danny S

    The Bard

    I disagree slightly with that. What we are seeing in these 8th place finishes and some of these results is the product of a manager who is learning on the Job.
    Had we had the right manager from the start, regardless of how the ‘process’ may turn out with tets, we’d have been in a better place short term.
    That’s not to say tets isn’t or won’t learn, but an experienced manager would have had us better off I think.

  23. Gentlebris


    We are mostly saying the same thing. What I’m saying different is that I love a guy who could roll the dice on the big stage.

    I love a guy who can dream up an unknown formation and believe in it enough to stake his job and his reputation on it on a big stage.

    I don’t like the ‘let me do it like everyone does it’ kind of coach.

    Pep became what he is today through those crazy dreams…it worked for him early enough to give him a big rep that will last him a life time. It was the same Pep with the same wild dream in the CL final against Chelsea, and he came across as being a joker playing without a proper 4 in a game of such importance, and without his solid rep and achievements, Citey would have fired him the next day.

    But that’s what it is…imagine if Pep and Mikel had pulled off the double dream, ESPN, Sky and others would have dedicated spaces and spaces to write about the genius master and his genius student. And next you would have seen everything Dick and Harry trying to play a false 9 even down to the conference league. The bold guys set the pace…though there have to be a mixture of bold and brilliant, like Pep has proven. Arteta has also proven(at least to me)that he’s bold, and now he has six months to prove he’s brilliant as well. But to be fair to the guy, he needs better players on the pitch to pull off big dreams. So like I said, let’s focus on the summer.

  24. Terraloon


    “What I do find disturbing is that we struggle to get a fee of £20 million for a player of this level. I am willing to bet that Athletico Madrid will have no difficulty in achieving such a
    figure for Trippier who is a year older than Xhaka and certainly not a more valuable asset.”

    The rumour is that Tripper will be going to Man U for a fee closer to £15 million than £20 million

    Being an HG player that adds to the value of the player and as does the fact that he appears to be wanted by a top 4 English. So in my vies he is a more valuable asset

  25. NORG


    Now all we need is a prompt so the fans can sing every verse at the ground. Looking forward to your next song with changed lyrics.

  26. Terraloon


    Chavsea matching PSG’s 55m bid for Hakimi.An odd one on the surface as Reece James has been great for them, maybe Tuchel wants James as a RCB.

    As I have said before my brother is a ST holder at Chelsea

    His opinion on James is that they haven’t yet quite worked out what his best position is.I think in the games against Leicester and the CL final he played in a back three which sort of suggests that if they get Hakimi he will play in front of James and replace Azpilicueta who I think is fast approaching the age of 32. That would be a major upgrade for them but to be fair at £7 million what a great signing Azpilicueta has been

  27. Marko

    What I do find disturbing is that we struggle to get a fee of £20 million for a player of this level

    But you see that’s the thing we as Arsenal fans (or some of us at least) overestimate his level vastly some might say. Look he’s been debated and debated around here for years and the fact is that when it came down to it the only clubs to try and sign him were Hertha Berlin (who decided on Tousart then) and Roma who finished in 7th and like us with no european football next season. Not big ambitious clubs and a big transfer fee rather the opposite. Meanwhile over recent seasons while we hummed and hawed about replacing him we’ve been linked to and decided against the likes of Marcos Llorente, Bruno Guimaraes etc etc. It’s just typical arsenal

  28. englandsbest

    As usual the gripers are chasing their tails. They finally cottoned on that the owner counts most of all and now they go round and round in circles pining for Ek. Bad timing, the damage has been done. Swapping one billionaire for another with far less cash is not the way to go.

    Same with Arteta. Give the man a fair chance. He came along, saw Arsenal was a broken machine, set about repairing it. A process that will take time. Instead of showing patience the gripers
    nitpick, blow minor details into monstrous proportions, wrongly convincing themselves that most fans think the same way.

    Changing horses in midstream is plain daft. Fingers crossed, the Kroenkes have seen the errors of their way. We’ll know more this summer. The good news is that Arteta has served his apprenticeship. Come August, his squad will be a lean machine..

  29. Marko

    Instead of showing patience the gripers
    nitpick, blow minor details into monstrous proportions,

    Hey eh Arteta fanboy it’s not nitpicky or minor it’s a pretty big deal to miss out on European football for the first time in 25 years especially if you’re Arsenal and that was literally the last thing going for you. I wonder where was this call for calm and patience when Emery finished 5th a point off champions league. Oh I know

  30. Chika

    You say a player is shit and on wages above his level. Eventually, when this shit player gets sold for shit money as his wages also affects the fee, you come out to moan. lol miserable lot.

  31. Leftside

    and enough isn’t made on here, Emery was ridiculed to the high heavens, made out to the most inept manager going and he dumped out Arteta with ease and then went on to win the whole tournament and is now in the CL where Arteta wants to be.

    I did say to Ishola it would be more damning if Emery did lose a tie to a novice in Arteta. A guy only championed on here in sections and by some Arsenal fans that are content with mid table mediocrity.

  32. Marko

    Odd how the Arteta fanboy is aligning with a kroenke fanboy. Is it cause with actual presence at ownership level and more football people at Arsenal that Mikel would be found out?

  33. Marko

    Leftside more isn’t made out of that fact because it’s not as topical to some as some made up table post Christmas. It’s objectively biased who wants to talk about the season on the whole and how much of a failure it was let’s instead focus on some made up trajectory post Christmas. It’s funny cause Wenger had the exact same thing about for years there he’d always pick up just enough wins towards the end of the season to save his ass

  34. andy1886


    Don Howe, a man with a far more impressive Arsenal resume got fired after 2 years (with a better record than MA). Bruce Rioch got fired after one season (with a far better record than MA). Unai Emery got fired after less than 18 months (with a better record than MA). Am I mising something?

  35. Ishola70

    “and enough isn’t made on here, Emery was ridiculed to the high heavens”

    He was treated appallingly overall wasn’t he really at Arsenal and this is only more highlighted now by the leeway Arteta gets in comparison.

    Some say this is because Arteta is a rookie and this is why this is the case but it shouldn’t be like that. They were/are doing the same job.

    Also there was always going to be more hostility to the first man that took over from Wenger.

    This hostility to whoever had the audacity to be the first to take over from Wenger subsides somewhat after the next one comes in and thereafter.

  36. Marko

    Some say this is because Arteta is a rookie

    That’s an appalling excuse though. We’ve literally been on the decline for years now and we can’t really afford to experiment with a novice and it’s not even an experiment anymore 18 months in it’s pretty obvious he isn’t up to it but yet we keep hearing all these great things about him. It’s just unfortunate it doesn’t translate to reality

  37. Ishola70

    “That’s an appalling excuse though”

    Well it’s either that or that Wenger once signed him as a player.

    Both poor reasons.

    There are still far too many posters on here that still yearn for Arsenal to be still Arsene FC and that’s very sad considering it was obvious that the club had to cut loose from Wenger for better or worse as it was clear that Wenger was well past his best and the club were not going to return to real glory under him ever again. You have to take your chances in such a scenario.

  38. Emiratesstroller


    A question for you do you think that constant negativity about Arteta and the club’s players
    helps to improve our performance?

    Would it not be better to support the manager and team.

    If there is one lesson to be learned today it is that operating a “stable” system produces better

  39. Karsa

    There’s valid arguments why Arteta shouldn’t still be at the helm.

    Hearing them day after day after day doesn’t make them any more valid.

    We get it, but he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  40. Ishola70

    And I have always said and maintained that Arsenal would never have even considered Arteta if he had not previously had the link to the club as a former player. That he was seen as a promising second to Guardiola would not have mattered. No former link to Arsenal no appointment.

    If people think that is the right way to go about appointments then so be it.

  41. andy1886

    Stroller, fan blogs make precisely zero difference to how the team performs. The manager’s decisions however make a huge difference, which is why they’re paid millions to do the job.

    Fans are also customers, if they don’t thnk the product is up to scratch they have every right to complain. Businesses that value customer feedback rather than ignore it tend to perfom better than those that do not.

  42. Marko

    A question for you do you think that constant negativity about Arteta and the club’s players
    helps to improve our performance?

    Stroller no offense but you’re an idiot. I don’t think what anyone says on this blog negative or otherwise has an effect on Arteta and the teams performance. It’s debate it’s discussion I suppose left to the likes of you there’d never be a bad word spoken about anyone. That’s not how the internet or the world works. Or is it just blind positivity for people you like? What if somebody else doesn’t like that person?

    If there is one lesson to be learned today it is that operating a “stable” system produces better

    What is actually stable about Arsenal right now? You’re actually talking nonsense the only stable thing at Arsenal is the groundsman and that’s it. Again finished 8th with no european football next season and a lot of likely incomings and outgoings needed to the squad and you bring up being stable. Genius that

  43. curse

    Smith Rowe/?

    so much work to do. Jesus.

  44. Gentlebris

    It doesn’t matter how much you go on and on about it, Arteta is here for at least the next half year. What he does with that time is left to see.

    For example, what if his creativity begins to click? What if we stumble on double gold like United stumbled on Bruno and they pronto bring Mikel’s talent to the surface?

    I suspect, now that his rookie status has been removed, the guy has something…and well if he’s all about hair and words, then he’s not here in January. Isn’t that good enough not to moan and moan?

  45. Dissenter

    ‘ If there is one lesson to be learned today it is that operating a “stable” system produces better

    It’s going to take a 25-paragraph essay to clarify whatever this was meant to convey.
    Arsenal is anything but stable and the fans have nothing to do with it.

  46. Champagne Charlie

    “Torreira is next in line and we paid 26m for him.“

    Quite comical this is said as a slight against Arteta for “devaluing” a player. Radical thought, but could it be that our poor transfers of recent seasons might not actually represent the inherent value of each asset? Shocker I know.

    Maybe, just maybe, Torreira was never a 26 mil player and we grossly overpaid to begin with. He was another player on loan, at a good team no less, with ample opportunity to show his true worth. He managed instead to show he should be bought for a roughed up ten pound note, Thomas Partey made the same number of starts this season as he managed in Madrid.

    Arteta the war criminal for devaluing all these players, but nobody out to snag an apparent bargain for such players. Cant work out why myself.

  47. Almuniasaynomore

    “First they came for the socialists and I did not speak out because i was not a socialist
    Then they came for the trade unionists and i did not speak out because i was not a trade unionist
    Then they came for the Jews and i did not speak out because i was not a Jew
    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me”
    Martin Niemoller

    Debate is vital. Discussion,the more public the better, is intrinsic to a healthy society. It matters not which side we are on as long as we are prepared to explain and justify our opinions. Fear only those who would stifle debate.

  48. Ishola70


    Fair enough but posters can of course react if they think they are being sold a dud product.

    You have been guilty of this. You are trying to sell other posters Arteta.

    You have told us he is a “bold” manager. I don’t know where you have got that one from.

    Perhaps both sides should remain quiet about him until we see what goes on next season. Those that don’t have real faith in him and those that do and tbh after the season we have just had those that still do have faith in him could well be seen as those that should remain tight lipped the most.

  49. Sid

    We will keep on beating the Diet Pep is mediocre until the chickens come home,
    Whether you like it or not,
    You can keep on repeating it shouldnt be repeated, how negative posters are, its music to our ears

    Im telling you for free!

  50. Dissenter

    Weren’t you arguing the opposite pre-Arteta; that our players save more value than many here were assuming?
    I remember you making that point vigorously when Mislintat/Raul did the clear out in Jan 2018, selling Giroud, Theo etc to fund the Aubameyang transfer.

    I do agree that Torriera’s devaluing has nothing to do with Arteta. The player seems to be meek minded and unsuitable for big time European football. His father openly wondered if he would make the adjustment to Europe given that he’s a small town kid.

  51. Positive pete

    Patience is a virtue.Accept on Le grove.Though wed all agreed to give “special sauce” this window & maximum up until Xmas.Before you let the dogs loose.18 months is NOT a fair time frame for most managers.particularly when it’s plain as day there is a rebuild job to do with botched finances.oh.in a pandemic to boot.The doped clubs can afford to chop & change every 5 mins.We can’t.

  52. Positive pete

    Positivity is a blessing sid.But if you keep up the negativity.unlike yourself,we’ll have to charge.🤫

  53. Dissenter

    Positive Pete
    18 months is a lot longer than 5 minutes, don’t your think?

    …and it’s a reasonable timeframe to assess any manager before drawing a conclusion
    Arguing otherwise is a bit like using arbitrary post December league table to claim a bronze medal for consolation.

  54. LoveSausage

    I don’t understand the whining about Xhaka. I’m throwing a big celebration when he’s finally gone. As for the price being discussed, he’s not worth even that. So I’d be happy. We’ve been consistently buying subpar players at premium prices for the last 8 years or so. If you add our poor performances to that, it’s easy to see why their values have declined. You can’t just look at what we paid and expect to get the same money. That’s a sunk cost.

  55. Habesha Gooner

    Marcus Thuram isn’t that great. He can go to spurs. His record this past season was 11 in 40. I like his overall game but we have someone exactly like him in Lacazette. Infact Lacazette is a better because he scores at a higher rate than him. We don’t need another forward with questionable scoring record.

  56. raptora

    In 20/21 Everton paid £22.50m for Allan, £20m for Doucoure, Villa paid £15m for Sanson, Spuds paid £30m for Lo Celso and £15m Höjbjerg, West ham paid £15m for Soucek (who had a fantastic season but was a gamble) all in midfield and all in Covid times, and not including garbage transfers (at least for now) like Fábio Silva for £36m and Brewster for £23.5m.

    Yet no one. No Chelseas, no Manures, no Leicesters, no Wolves’, not even the newly promoted teams in the league are willing to spend £15m or £20m for the seasoned pro, EPL tested midfield leader, top class regista,, captain of multiple teams 28 yo Granit Xhaka.

    Fantastic player indeed.

  57. Almuniasaynomore

    I find it deeply ironic that there are posters who would criticise an argument being made ( in this case the argument that Arteta isn’t good enough) yet at the same time denounce the fundamental right to criticise. It is mind boggling. There are some posters out there who are putting forward intelligent defences of Arteta but you guys who focus on silencing the opposition are simply undermining them.

  58. Champagne Charlie

    “I remember you making that point vigorously when Mislintat/Raul did the clear out in Jan 2018, selling Giroud, Theo etc to fund the Aubameyang transfer.“

    Making what point? I wasn’t ever for the Auba move, I always felt we should be buying a direct replacement for Alexis. I’ve not made any comments about literal value of players, except a long time criticism of how we recruit players without a clear idea of what we’re building towards – more evident recently when the big bad Wenger left the room for blaming.

    My issue about “value” was that the squad wasn’t as impoverished in quality as made out when we failed to get CL football in 2018 and the few years prior.


    Fresh of bemoaning the “devaluing” of our players you use the value of Xhaka against the player. You wear your hat well.

    EPL incoming transfers are typically much higher than those outgoing, the money is in the PL, not La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga. The PL overpay for European talent more often than not, and Arsenal seem to be a leader in that department.

  59. andy1886

    Almunia: excellent post @ 12.30.

    PP – See my previous list of managers who were not given time to prove themselves by your logic. Would you have kept Bruce Rioch? Would you have kept Unai Emery? How about Don Howe?

    Better to correct a mistake once you realise that it is one than to persist in the blind hope that it will work out.

  60. Northbanker

    Pete – is 18 m long enough?. Agree it is exceptional times – it was the worst possible time to try to effect a clear out of players as value has been decimated partly by external factors. Normally even shite players can have a market somewhere.

    But look at Chelsea – they give almost zero time to their managers – and it seems to have worked for them.

    Also there are a string of massive misjudgements by Arteta – the sale of Martinez; the purchase of Willian; the bungling of Saliba’s loan; the signing of Soares, the missed opportunity on AMN. Each one makes me feel less confident about his nous to be the rebuilder..

    Personally I’d have sacked him after Villareal, just as i would have sacked Emery after Baku. For both managers, these were the defining points when enough was enough.

  61. Ishola70

    The debate that needs to be had is what constitutes acceptability from an Arsenal manager now.

    Arteta has set the bar so low for what could be termed improvement next season.

    Is finishing back in just Europa League placings next season acceptable?

    Is finishing a distant 5th in the league next season acceptable?

    Is finishing 8th in the league again but winning another FA Cup acceptable next season?

    What we are not really getting from those that have real faith in Arteta is what is acceptable now.

    If acceptance is just improvement from the season just gone well Arteta has plenty of room to work in that demand hasn’t he.

  62. Left Testicle

    With so much to do this transfer window why are we taking so long to do it?

    Didn’t Arteta say we were going to be busy and that he had the full support from the owners of what he wanted to do.

  63. Moe

    Arsenal will be stable if fans can get along on a blog and rally behind the coach…………..almost choked on my coffee. This is England’s best? Got some mighty catching up to do.

  64. Ishola70

    Did the Kroenkes actually state that they were going to change their ways after the European Super League fiasco or was it just fans being hopeful or just some so-called “insiders” giving hope to the fans?

  65. raptora

    CC: “EPL incoming transfers are typically much higher than those outgoing, the money is in the PL, not La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga. The PL overpay for European talent more often than not, and Arsenal seem to be a leader in that department.”

    Yet £45m Chilwell, £40m Jota, £20m Doucoure, £15m Höjbjerg, £23.5m Brewster, £16m Helder Costa, £20m Callum Wilson, £15m Doherty, £18.5 Ramsdale, £15m Emi Martinez, £12m Walker-Peters, £12m Diangana all happened from an EPL team to another EPL team.

    Then we have from a championship team to an EPL team 30m Watkins, 21m Benrahma, 25m Godfrey, 14m Matty Cash, 16m Eze, 15m Jamal Lewis, 11m Rodon, 15m Karlan Grant.

    EPL to EPL transfers happen all the time. Yet no one wants to buy our Xhaka.

    Looking at the transfer fees I noticed:

    30 yo Chris Smalling joined for Roma £13.5m
    31 yo Dejan Lovren joined Zenit for £10.8m

    This is the company Xhaka fits in. He’s one of them.

  66. Ishola70

    If you take Arteta’s words at face value when he stated that the aim was to contest a CL final in three seasons time then surely only a serious challenge for top four is acceptable next season no? And he said that at the start of the season just gone.

  67. Ishola70


    Arteta actually stated that the aim was to win the CL in three seasons time not just contest it and that was said at the start of the season just gone.

    So come on those that have faith in Arteta is a serious challenge for top four next season the only way to acceptability for Arteta and Arsenal?

    Or is our boy full of shit?

  68. Ishola70

    If you back Arteta and have faith in him then only a serious challenge for top four next season is acceptable.

    No half measures or even lower than that.

    Otherwise we are all living a big lie with Arteta aren’t we.

  69. raptora

    What you said is correct.

    But why does no one want him from the EPL is my question. Why no one from the richer clubs in Europe like RB Leipzig etc. Hertha Berlin spent £22.5m on Tousart, £22m on Piatek, £18m on some winger from Watford – Dodi Lukebakio, £16m on Cunha (great player). Napoli paid £63m for Osimhen, Borussia paid for £22.5 for Emre Can, Leipzig bought Sörloth and Szoboszlai for £18m each, Leverkusen paid £22.5 for Patrik Schick. I can go on for a while.

    But no one wants to pay £20m for Xhaka. Not a single club in the whole world.

  70. Champagne Charlie


    You really didn’t grasp the concept of EPL teams paying a premium did you? You just made my point, when a PL team is buying it’s inevitably at a more premium rate because the money is here, how smart that is depends on the club.

    When transfers occur elsewhere in Europe the prices reflect that lack of financial muscle. RB Leipzig (a well funded young team) have broken the 20 mil mark once in the last 5 years, Roma have made 2 signings more than 25 mil in 10 years.

    That’s more aligned with the norm.

  71. Almuniasaynomore

    I’ll bet you agree in principle with my need for open,public discussion and yet have a few memories where a quiet word in the right ear solved more than a public inquiry. The joys and complexities of life eh? During the treaty negotiations when the Irish delegation travelled to London to bring about a peaceful resolution to the Irish war of Independence some of the minds on both sides were incredible. Ironically Ireland’s greatest, Eamonn de Valera didnt travel but ‘the Welsh wizard’,Lloyd George said that talking to Dev was “like trying to pick up mercury with a fork”. Always thought that was a brilliant description. Think I’d describe Pedro and Charlie like that when they’re on form. Gotta love Le Grove.

  72. Marko

    Listen I actually think Arteta will win the champions league you know why cause if Griezmann can take Newcastle to league and champions league winners so can Mikel.

    He was talking about football manager right?

  73. S Asoa

    From what Eks said maybe he is thinking of Borussia Dortman model. He wants fans participation so that kills 2 birds with one stone. Will not say something else good now.

  74. Ishola70

    It’s not even a case about Arteta being held to his aims of winning the CL in three seasons really.

    It’s a case of him being even remotely close to his aims. Even slightly remotely.

    So is this a big game charade with Arteta?

    Is he remotely close to his aims?

    The only way his dispells this feeling of charade is if he makes a serious challenge for top four next season.

    Then he would actually start getting a little closer to his aims in the time period he stated.

  75. Leedsgunner

    £15-£20m for a player that is about turn 29 is a good deal for us. Xhaka is decent but nowhere as good as he thought he was.

    If we end up selling AMN and Nketiah for £15m each, that will more than pay for a top midfield partner for Partey… especially if we want to add Xhaka’s fee on top.

    In fact I read today Nketiah has been offered a new deal… smart on our club’s part to protect the player’s value… again a good move on the clubs part.

  76. WengerEagle

    Agreed Ishola, anything short of top 4 would constitute failure on Arteta’s ‘project’.

    Nowhere to hide for him after 2+ years and 2 summer transfer windows.

    No euro ‘distractions’ either.

  77. Bob N16

    ‘I find it deeply ironic that there are posters who would criticise an argument being made ( in this case the argument that Arteta isn’t good enough) yet at the same time denounce the fundamental right to criticise.’

    As far as I understand the criticism is not that people don’t accept that there is an argument to be made that Arteta isn’t good enough, it’s the number of posts repeating the same message.

    It is nothing about the right to criticise, or is that just my view?

  78. Champagne Charlie


    “But why does no one want him from the EPL is my question“

    Says who? That’s your hot take because he’s got his eyes set on a move to Roma. The player has to have an interest in going to a certain destination for any interest to be reciprocated in the form of bids etc.

    If Xhaka was interested in staying in England he’d push for a contract extension with us. He isn’t, for reasons known to him, so he’s communicated to his agent those desires and landed on Roma as a destination of keen interest (is that hard to believe given what they offer?).

    He’s 29 when the season starts and Roma have put a 5 year deal in front of him, but for some reason you want to drum up a baseless debate about his ability because Bayern Munich haven’t snapped him up. Swear some of you think it’s a one-dimensional argument when a player decides where he wants to play next. His age, location, family needs, game time, style, contract, all get factored into choosing where to go. So odd to think it’s as easy as ‘who is the best team interested’.

    Notice your tune changes rapidly when it comes to Guendouzi, Torreira and co. They’re victims of Arteta I hear? Why aren’t any of the big wigs bursting the door down for these guys who are in the infancy of their respective careers?

  79. Leedsgunner


    If we don’t get Neves… what about Gravenbach for £30m to £35m, considering his ceiling — good deal? He’s had a very good season for one so young!

  80. Ishola70


    “anything short of top 4 would constitute failure on Arteta’s ‘project’.”

    I would forgive a serious challenge for top four but just missing out.

    There I can be generous to Arteta.

    But of course a near miss for top four next season would need to be followed up with a top four placing the season after.

  81. raptora

    For me if we have a 21/22 similar to the one Emery had 2 years ago, it will not be a failed season. Firmly in top 4 until the last rounds it will show some progress. This 20/21 season was over in November.

    The manner of play will be important of course. As well as the team morale. A lot of drama and scandals in the last year. I would like that to be entirely dealt with.

    After 2 Summers and 2 Winters in charge Arteta has zero excuses. He has the whole power and we won’t be playing in Europe so he can overcoach as much as he wants.

  82. Champagne Charlie

    Onana’s ban reduced to 9 months.

    Think that means he’s a green light for a 5 mil transfer to the Arse.

  83. WengerEagle


    Love him. I would make that deal tomorrow.

    So rare for a 19 year old to come in and dominate and show personality at a big club.

    Holland just need to produce a world class 9 and they’ll be back to challenging for tournaments. First time in decades that they haven’t got one, Weghorst is decent but has nothing on Van Persie, Bergkamp, RVN, Kluivert, etc.

  84. Leedsgunner

    £5m for a young goalkeeper of Onana’s quality would be a very very good coup for Arsenal if they could pull it off.

  85. Ishola70


    How many EPL clubs would be interested to buy a midfielder who needs to play continuously deep to hide weaknesses?

    Just as well his wife fancies Rome because it’s very unlikely any EPL club would be interested in him.

    Let’s be polite and say no EPL club would be interested in a niche player at this time.

  86. raptora

    So you are saying that we will sell Xhaka for a lower fee because he decided he wants to go to Roma? Weren’t you the one saying that Norwich accepted Villa’s offer because it was higher and there was nothing Buendia could do about it or force a move to Arsenal? But now a player can indeed force a move to a low ball offer? Make up your mind.

  87. Champagne Charlie

    Onana available to train first week of September with any new club, and able to play early October.

    Meaning Matt Ryan, if signed, could be number 1 for the first month of the season while Onana waits out his ban.

    Pretty acceptable situation if we’re able to sell Leno for circa 20 mil. Tidy profit margin that can go elsewhere in the side. I’d do it, though I’ve little knowledge about Onana. Just principally a smart way to conduct business if the guy is of requisite quality to be number 1.

  88. WengerEagle


    2.5 seasons here and failing to deliver top 4 and you would be ok with giving him another season so long as we’re somewhat close? Very generous that.

    I think the standard that has to be set is top 4. Football can be a harsh business, if Leicester beat Spurs and Chelsea lost the CL Final I would have bet my house that Tuchel would have been sacked.

  89. WengerEagle

    Onana in for 5m and Leno out for 20m would be good business.

    Not a downgrade in my book, Leno probably the better shot stopper but prefer Onana’s presence, he’s superior with his feet and less error-prone.

    4 years younger too.

    Get in Ryan as his no.2 and that is GK sorted.

  90. Ishola70


    “Football can be a harsh business, if Leicester beat Spurs and Chelsea lost the CL Final I would have bet my house that Tuchel would have been sacked.”

    Like chalk and cheese though isn’t it how both clubs are run.

    As Raptora said it depends as well on the actual quality of football played next season and as you are usually rewarded by playing good quality football they should go hand in hand = good league placing and the good quality football.

    I’m sorry I can’t be having ten men behind the ball again next season against the better teams. And if he does that he will ultimately fail anyway.

  91. Dissenter

    Wengher eagle
    Isn’t Onana Cameroonian?

    Now you’re making my point about what you deemed as extreme example case, of not passing on a cheaper talented player despite their potential absence for the AFCON every 2 years.

    Onana at even 10 million is s steal, AFCON or no AFCON

  92. WengerEagle


    Yeah look I don’t disagree, but the point I was making was on Bissouma who would cost north of 40m as opposed to Onana who is a 20+m quality GK available for 5m.

  93. Champagne Charlie


    No I’m saying the fee quoted is aligned normally with transfers occurring outside of England. Its the fact you’re claiming nobody is interested from England that is baseless speculation. If the player wants Rome, then other clubs formalising an interest would be redundant.

    Buendia was open to both, so there was formal interest from both. He had no power to force a move to Arsenal because Norwich still needed their needs met before anything else. They were in a much, much stronger negotiating position than Arsenal are with Xhaka too.

    I’m not saying Xhaka is forcing a move, I’m saying he’s landed on Roma as his preference so why the fuck would numerous other clubs formalise an interest. Same can be said of Buendia, was only Arsenal and Villa the clubs interested in him? Highly unlikely. But we were among the two HE was interested in. I’m sure Arsenal are interested in Neymar, but we won’t formalise anything because I don’t think the feeling is mutual.

    It’s a really basic concept. My mind is made up, you just don’t follow very well.

  94. Leedsgunner

    At Ryan being linked with Celtic today — to link up with his former national team boss… if we miss out on Ryan what about Romero (who is a free agent) as our back up? Then let Runnarsson go too for £2-£3m, then we’re all happy.

    Maybe we can tempt Man United to part £30m for Leno… they’ve been looking for a top keeper for while now… don’t they love throwing money away?

  95. Dissenter

    I think the technical director ought to be tasked with preserving or enhancing the transfer value of the players.
    Managers get sucked into the cycle of getting the next win but the T.D has to be more strategic and long term.
    An example is Guendouzi, whatever happened should have been managed in house with no leak about whatever disciplinary fallout ensued. We leaked details to the media to set a tone about “non-negotiables”, they used Guendouzi to make an example and that definitely depressed his transfer value.

    ..same way we briefed the media that Auba was dropped for reporting late to the away Leeds game this year.

    We need to manage out crap in-house.

  96. WengerEagle


    Yeah that is fair. The problem with Emery wasn’t so much that he finished 5th but more we were a disorganised mess that couldn’t defend and relied on individual moments of quality to win us games that we were outplayed in.

    Not sustainable long-term to be that lucky.

  97. Ishola70


    Are you implying to us that Xhaka is a top quality player?

    It sounds like it.

    His fee is embarrassing for a player of his age and his so-called standing in the game.

    But it is more embarrassing for Arsenal that such a player has been our midfield lynchpin for 5 seasons.

    An embarrassment for Arsenal.

  98. Champagne Charlie


    You really need to stop wrestling with the concept that AFCON is a hinderance mid-season. It’s not comparable to the Euro’s or Copa America.

    As such, filling a side with Africans presents a potential issue every time a tournament turns up. I don’t understand why you find it such a point of contention.

  99. Dissenter

    Really, you are moaning
    You’ve been arguing for 5 years that the player is shit
    Now that he’s leaving on a low transfer fee, you are still moaning

    Why don’t you just be happy that he’s on his way out, now we can go back to winning league titles again.

  100. Champagne Charlie


    I don’t need to imply anything about Xhaka, he’s been here 5 years and he’s a dead topic frankly.

    You certainly don’t need to flap your gums on him anymore, I’m not interested in any other obsessive rant of yours on him. He’s leaving, we’re replacing, tomorrow is Friday, as you were.

  101. andy1886

    So who thinks that we can get £20m for Leno in this market when we sold a better ‘keeper for £15m last summer?

    I’d suggest we’ll get maybe £12m. This is Arsenal after all.

  102. Ishola70


    “The problem with Emery wasn’t so much that he finished 5th but more we were a disorganised mess that couldn’t defend and relied on individual moments of quality to win us games that we were outplayed in”

    You make it sound like that was the case over the whole of his tenure at Arsenal.

    In his bad run at the end you could say that and before that even if people were not entirely happy with overall displays implying we were being clearly outplayed in matches seems a bit strong.

    As for individual quality winning matches rather than overall team displays nothing has changed in this aspect to this day has it really.

  103. WengerEagle

    I didn’t say much had changed Ishola, was just highlighting the problems under Emery.

    We’ve regressed under Arteta unless you subscribe to the January-May table.

  104. raptora

    Leno is still a bigger name than Martinez albeit probably a worse keeper.

    I hope this Onana fella is ready to be submissive as Arteta will not tolerate players with ego.

  105. raptora

    I wouldn’t say Onana is a druggie. Maybe a cheater. But then you look at the specialized in diving EPL divers like Vardy, Kane, Sterling and Rooney, not so late ago, and you realize we are lagging behind the trend.

  106. salparadisenyc


    Agree this club has zero issue investing in players and giving them the keys to the kingdom but really haven’t done the due diligence when it comes to investing in whose running that side of things. Its been quite murky if were honest.

    Hopefully Edu shows something in this window we can all get behind, obvious Arsenal need a clear cut plan with strategic execution to follow. At the moment what we have is a set of unknowns to grasp onto.

  107. Dissenter

    If you were offered a player of Achraf Hakimi’s stature for 20 million or Anguissa for 10 million

    Would you us the principle of “filling a side with Africans presents a potential issue every time a tournament turns up” to pass up on the transfer?

    My point is that if we have a chance to sign a phenomenal player at a good fee, the hindrance of the player potentially missing 4 weeks in Jan/Feb every two years should not stop us from making that transfer.

    How many games has Tierney missed from injuries including the ones that Scotland aggravated?
    How many games did Ode miss from playing for Norway?

    The AFCON thing is a bit of a much ado about nothing.

    You were hailing Onana just now as a good deal, you know that he plays for Cameroon but you didn’t care because …. it was a good deal.

  108. WengerEagle

    The Saliba transfer is the most bizarre one in the history of the club.

    Blows similar odd ones like Park Chu Young (money-laundering/Asian market) out of the water as it was a 30m fee which even now is a big one for a defender.

    And he hasn’t been given a kick even against chumps like Dundalk. While the less fancied Fofana stars for Leicester in a Cup win/top 4 contending season.

  109. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    You’ve just opened the pandora box to start off a good le-grove rumpus

    Pedro will so come and set you right.

    His mama died…new country, bad attitude…he’s not yet ready

    Maybe the manager just misjudged the situation in his first pre-season in charge of any club.

  110. Ishola70


    “now we can go back to winning league titles again.”

    If only that was the case.

    But you have to start removing big obstacles for the end of the rainbow dream of winning the league don’t you.

    Have to start somewhere don’t you.

    Arteta next after Xhaka?

  111. raptora

    I wonder if African players injure as much as the rest? I remember Drogba was never injured the fucker. Eto’o was banging in goals left and right in the Turkish league at 37.