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Daniel Ek, Spotify mastermind, is back with another bid for Arsenal FC. Is this interesting? Could be. I’m not deeply entrenched in the world of billionaire behaviour, but there are rumblings that KSE might not be as entrenched in the idea of holding onto Arsenal forever as they project.

Understand their vision of sport.

Locked finances. No promotion or relegation. A consistent flow of revenue every year. NO INVESTMENT.

They bought Arsenal, watched it appreciate at breakneck speed, but the vibe in the game at the moment is that maybe the growth years are grinding to a halt. Amazon didn’t want in on the Super League. Clubs are reeling from the pandemic, just look at the whining from the Juve hierachy. The Super League, for the moment, is dead.

To bring Arsenal back to the top is going to take a lot of money. More money than the pittance KSE will put forward for us this summer. That takes deep pockets and deep dedication. I’m not sure the KSE group has either of those when it comes to Arsenal.

So whilst I think £2bn seems low for Arsenal, don’t totally rule it out. Daniel Ek, you would imagine, must have had some sort of encouragement, otherwise, what is the fucking point? It’s not giving him a bump in stock price for Spotify, he doesn’t need a profile massage, and it costs money to put these sorts of deals together.

Remember, Stan Kroenke told St. Louis he’d never move the Rams until he did.

Onto transfer news… there’s not a lot going on. Arsenal seems to be making moves in silence. There aren’t many clues as to who is going and staying.

Granit Xhaka is causing the most panic for some odd reason. Arsenal fans just love to whine. 99% of fans have spent his entire career moaning about how we’ve nosedived to a non-Champions League club since he joined, now they’re panicking because the stats nerds are championing his progressive passing. Stockholm Syndrome well and truly out in force. He’s a solid player, but his limitations have been costly. The errors in his game never went. We can replace him. 25m euros is good money for someone who will be 29 in September.

It’s also interesting watching people cry about the Matteo G fee like it’s Arsenal’s fault. Joe Willock goes out on loan for 6 months and moves from a £10m player to a £25m one. Matteo G, total hot shit for a while, goes out on loan for an entire season, absolutely soils his reputation, and is now worth £8m. No big clubs are eyeing a 22-year-old bargain and none of the elite feeder clubs are willing to take a chance. If this is an Arteta problem, why haven’t any of the major coaches spied an error in the system?

Unai Emery, flush with Champions League cash has ignored him. Sven Mislintat, who certainly has £8m, has also ignored him. Why?

… because talented dickheads are not tolerated in 2021.

The big move, that just dropped, is Arsenal are being linked to Inter Milan’s Nicolo Barella. Mike had him in yesterdays epic scouting report.

‘A tigerish CM who has elbowed his way into a very competitive Italian national team due to his all-round game and reliability. A technically excellent midfielder who will remind you of the much loved Cazorla as he switches the ball from right to left with such natural confidence. At Arsenal he could play as a playmaker or likely in a two but with his elite technical level he could play anywhere. Such fun to watch so take a look…’

It’s hard to judge his pace, because Italy is painfully slow, but my word is the boy talented. He’s aggressive, has an outrageous range of passing and he just won the Serie A title. Absolute class, he’ll drop a big performance this summer, it seems too clever to be a link worth taking seriously, but we’ll see.

Ainsley has been complaining in the press about the lack of contact from Arsenal.

‘I want a decision. I want some clarity. I would like some kind of indication of what is happening. Where they [Arsenal] see me. If it works out it works out, if it doesn’t then kiss Arsenal goodbye.’

Pretty sure Mikel Arteta is on his first family holiday in 2 years, so not really shocked Ainsley hasn’t had a phone call yet. But I suspect we’ll see him exited this summer if he keeps up the pressure on wanting to play as a centre midfielder. Hopefully we can land a good fee if that’s the case, we have to make the most of the homegrown premium this summer.

There’s also a link to Alexander Isak, who scored 17 goals for Sociedad this season. The Swedish striker is having a great year. He’s tall, boasts power, tight control, and excellent technique. Reminds me a bit of Adebayor with the range of goals he’s produced. I can see why he’d be interesting a club that doesn’t really have a powerhouse forward to lead the frontline unless you count Martinelli as a #9. I think a lot of big things would have to happen for us to shell out on a major forward. Flo Balogun didn’t sign a new deal to be Eddie’d this season, he’s expecting minutes and he’ll get them. I’m also not sure we’ll find a buyer for Auba or Lacazette. Those huge deals have minimal chance of being replicated in a bankrupt Europe this summer, so I suspect we’ll keep things the same there.

I think that’s all I have? See you in the comments. Listen to the podcast below.


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  1. Biggles

    I would dearly love to see someone else in control. For too long KSE have just been too passive in accepting mediocrity and failure.

    I’ve tried implementing various management strategies in work before. Tried to introduce new processes to make things happen in a particular way, to reduce points of failure etc. Some of it worked well, some of it worked just ok, some didn’t really work at all. The biggest problem though was when one of my bosses was completely apathetic to doing anything other than getting through a week and had no real desire to make things better. It’s hard to get buy in from the minions if it isn’t really valued further up. I feel like Arsenal are pretty much in that situation.

  2. curse

    Danny ek, it’s hard to see a situation where if he became owner he wouldn’t do what he’s done at spots. At least it’s keeping the pressure on but I wanna see where this process goes first.

    xhaka and gwen are too symbolic of the clown juice that has flooded the Emirates. I can’t wait to see what this midfield will look like come the end of the window.
    so much speculation though I think it will be ruben ruben, sander and martin and I hope Niles is ready to be a rightback finally. Jeez, that dude, the levels of silliness.

  3. Tom

    “Agreed Sal, Eksellent headline“
    Not bad but I would’ve gone with “Ek eked out some extra £ to further annoy Stan”

  4. salparadisenyc

    If were in for Barella why the Ek not go all in and double down with Bronzovic as well.

    Springs to mind the moment we bagged Cazorla, Ahern said on here we should get Isco as well Malaga need the cash. And 95% of Le Grove said whats an Isco?

  5. WengerEagle


    Before he got too fond of the gormet Paella and Churros, Isco Disco was the sauciest footballer since Iniesta in his pomp.

    Peaked around 2017 but what a maestro. 2013-2017 Isco with Santi and Ozil would have been fun to watch.

  6. Dan Ahern

    WE — Few remember now but Isco was a real baller before he took on a Rich Harden style physique. Happened to Hazard too, come to think. Too much good food in Madrid.

  7. salparadisenyc


    Absolutely correct, pure sauce in those days. Dripping, to think we’d just lost Cesc as well.

    For the record I have it on good account that Isco is the culprit who funded the 2x Churros carts adjacent to players entrance at the Bernabau. The rest is history.

  8. WengerEagle


    Was just comical having Jimmy Harden roll up to the start of the season looking like Rick Ross’s ‘Before’ transformation photo and fresh off hitting up every strip club in Portland and still dropping 40+ pts and 15+ assists on the Trail Blazers.

    Dude is a different breed.

  9. WengerEagle


    Marcelo, Isco and Hazard are all silent partners.

    Big Benz allegedly had to be dragged out kicking and screaming by Zizou after getting the waft of freshly fried Churros all the way down from Ciudad Real Madrid and skipping training.

  10. Marko

    Surprised Arne Maier hasn’t gotten a mention with us yet. Linked with him under Sven very highly rated and I saw some of him in the recent euro under 21’s and hes built like an Olympic runner. Fucker ran over 9 miles in the semis

  11. Marc

    Fucking hell I’m back and it’s only been a couple of weeks!

    Pedro – Agree with your take that maybe the Kronke’s aren’t finding running Arsenal quite as simple as they thought it might be I’d only add that they allowed the club to spend big a couple of seasons ago and it didn’t get us back into the CL, they allowed the club to spend money it didn’t have last summer and it didn’t get us back into the CL – if ST renewals aren’t a strong as they expected they might just decide to walk away with a healthy profit.

    As “Big Ek” said when he’s going to sack Arteta should he be successful?

  12. Marko

    because talented dickheads are not tolerated in 2021.

    There’s so many talented twats in football who get tolerated it’s not even funny.

    Not a chance of Barella he’s too good for us and Isak would be an outstanding signing but will cost a fortune

  13. Marko

    Right now Sabitzer makes the most sense but are we even interested? Probably still waiting for him to get hit on that dartboard in Mikel and Edu’s office

  14. WengerEagle

    Lol Sal.

    In all seriousness don’t think that it is any great coincidence that so many of Real’s stars like Bale, Marcelo and Isco fell off so hard.

    Must take a really dedicated pro bordering on obsessional like Ronaldo to still be hungry and treat each season as if it is your first when you are sitting on 4 Champions League titles and multiple leagues.

    Isco and Marcelo strike me as party types as well that at the best of times need arms around the shoulder and extrinsic motivation.

    Think with Bale that it was a combination of that, getting sick of the persistent criticism, underappreciation and being made a scapegoat in spite of all he had done for Real.

    No idea on Hazard though as he has never sniffed a CL title, just a fatboi at heart I guess who’s luck with his health ran out.

  15. Dan Ahern

    I need you all to put some respek on Marcelo’s name though, he was still elite going into his early 30s. Pretty high-calibre compared to the fatties who dropped off in their late 20s.

  16. WengerEagle

    Agreed Dan. Marcelo was elite until he was 30 which for a partyboi Brazilian baller who age in dog years is impressive.


    Zizou’s sauce reserve dried out the moment he lost the last follicle on his noggin’.

    You can’t blame Roberto Martinez for trying to delay the inevitable for as long as he did.

  17. Marc

    “Agreed Dan. Marcelo was elite until he was 30 which for a partyboi Brazilian baller who age in dog years is impressive.”

    Just how fucking old is Willian then?

  18. Marko

    He won’t Danny. Literally a half dozen names on that scouting list yesterday that if they went on the open market bigger and better clubs would snap them up over us Barrella included

  19. salparadisenyc

    Odds on Barella leaving Inter not great, odds on Barella joining Arsenal probably slightly better than miniscule.

    But fuck i’ll take that link all day, exact profile hoping we bring in.

  20. Marc


    Why would a player with a top profile, playing at a club with CL football etc and competing join Arsenal right now?

    I really don’t know why people pushing these links.

  21. alexanderhenry


    Whatever happens , the bid is well timed. It will force the Kroenkes to do something.
    The old silent routine won’t work this time, especially when you’ve got an actual arsenal fan backed by much loved former players putting a realistic bid in.

    Josh has said on several occasions that arsenal should be ‘excited’. I’m assuming he’s not referring to one of his own training ground pep talks, so it’s time to show us exactly what he means.

  22. Marc


    One of the guy’s I go with has not renewed for next season – I haven’t spoke to him so don’t know the exact reasons but I know “extreme apathy” will be a part of it.

    He’s been a ST holder since the early eighties.

  23. Gentlebris

    If we are going to bin Xhaka, the replacement must be a clear upgrade, because what was the point of binnig Le coq when we did.

    Neves is not an OBVIOUS upgrade.

  24. alexanderhenry


    Maybe your friend not renewing is a bit like a litmus test. People like him are the club’s bread and butter.

    I think Kroenke and co. have to react to this bid.

    Either sell up or commit more to arsenal. Fans aren’t just going to shrug their shoulders if KSE do what they usually do- namely, do and say nothing.

    Of course I’d be over the moon if they sell up but I do have mixed feelings about Ek.
    Having said that, right now, the club is in the doldrums,. This is primarily down to years of negligence and poor leadership.

    Let someone else run it.

  25. CG


    “””””Pretty sure Mikel Arteta is on his first family holiday in 2 years, so not really shocked Ainsley hasn’t had a phone”””””

    Well he can’ t be in that much need of a holiday he only manages from Christmas to May.

    Anyway can’ t Edu use the phone to tell AMN whats going on?

    At least these 2 dopes should comminicate with the players (especially the younger ones ) to tell them if they are or aren’t needed and they can look elsewhere etc.

    Professional courtesy and all that.

    10/10 for the headline.

    (Lets hope a deal is possible and The Kronks become a distant memory.)

  26. salparadisenyc


    Clubs are hurting after past year and half, this market has potential of being quite unusual in terms of norms from many accounts. Add in the x factor of the Kroenkes quite possibly feeling need to make statement (hard to take that one serious I know).

    Regarding Barella apparently Inter must sell to overcome financial crisis, not touching on whatever wage he’s on and willingness to upgrade. Won the title and their gift was chairman asking players to forgo 2x months salary with sales imminent. Conte walked, Hakimi and Lautaro look first to exit, hard to say what follows or if those two outs are financially enough. Certainly his agents gears are grinding.

  27. Marc

    “Well he can’ t be in that much need of a holiday he only manages from Christmas to May.”

    CG absolutely fucking nailing it and Pedro to the wall!

  28. Marc


    I’d love to know what the wider uptake of ST’s is – it’s not just apathy there will be those who have taken a financial hit due to COVID and can’t afford to renew although the club have offered the chance to take a “season off” although how they tally that with getting new people to take up a ticket when they could lose it in a year I don’t know.

  29. zimmie2652

    Neves will not get anyone’s panties moist but you cannot say he is not an obvious upgrade to Xhaka.

    When putting things to the eye test and purely looking at stats, Neves stats were just about equal to Xhaka’s in a team who average under 50% possession a game and were primarily a counter attacking team.

    In a team with some pace up front his long balls will be deadly, he rarely makes a mistake and in a team who actually attempts (emphasis on ATTEMPTS) to possess the ball, one would expect Neves numbers to increase and surpass Xhaka’s.

  30. Karsa

    Neves will not get anyone’s panties moist but you cannot say he is not an obvious upgrade to Xhaka.

    This. And he’s only 24. Lots of growing to do yet.

  31. Marc

    ” I will post this here and ignore all other commenters from this point forward until someone calls me a name. ;p”

    You are a wanker!

    Well you did ask?

  32. salparadisenyc

    Oh Marc you’r confused constantly twisting everything into A R T E T A. He’ll live or die by Christmas, supporters in the ground will ultimately see to that.

    The more interesting part is whose on the roster to actually play for whatever follows, if Arteta survives finding his path he’ll be one or two non-negotiables wiser.

  33. zimmie2652

    If we can pull off some decent transfer business or get Kroenke out, I will definitely be doing some wanking, Marc.

    I appreciate you looking out for my sexual health and well being. Cheers mate!

  34. Marc

    “Neves would really be a solid replacement for Xhaka. Both players are fairly similar with respect to their brilliance on the ball, quality in their long shots and ability to control the game from a deeper area.”

    Are the people that write this stuff mentally unbalanced? Xhaka is not brilliant on the ball he can make a decent pass if given a shit load of time but he’s hardly going to get on anyone’s (who’s not a retard anyway) list of top passers, his long shots do me a favour in his 5 seasons he’s scored (reverse order) 1,1,4,1,2 goals a season in the league, as for controlling the game good fucking grief his currant tactic is to fall over and land on the ball upgraded from give a foul away/ get a yellow or red card.

  35. Marc


    I think Arteta will be under serious pressure by late October which will be doubled if we have a new owner.

    The results are shit and so is the football shit. Most fans I know are taking a similar approach to you giving him till Christmas – I say why wait for what we all know is going to happen.

  36. Chris

    Not sure if this was mentioned earlier but all six ‘Super League’ clubs fined 22.5 million between them, any future attempts to join a super league would mean a £30 million fine and points deductions.

    The general disenchantment with the Super League may have lost the club some ST holders also.

  37. The Bard

    The first part of the post is fascinating Pedro. Why would the Kroenkes hold on to a diminishing asset ? The only way to stop the rot is to throw massive amounts of money at it. Thus isn’t their gig. They must realise they are in for serious shite once the stadium opens. If I were them I’d sell.

  38. englandsbest

    Here’s the conundrum: if big-time football has massive finance problems why pay two billion for a club like Arsenal? When it comes to money on the table, is Ek serious?

    I say ‘a club like Arsenal’ because it appears to have massive debts plus the need for major investment.

    Okay, wot-the-Ek says he is a besotted fan, but hey, he’s a business man too. So what’s his angle? Everything he’s said and done so far is like a well-oiled PR exercise. We fans are notable for our naivete. Time to wise-up, gentlemen.

  39. Marc


    “They must realise they are in for serious shite once the stadium opens. ”

    If they’re not there it won’t affect them – having 50,000 calling you a wanker if you can’t hear them doesn’t really do much however if fans don’t renew or don’t turn up it’ll hurt them.

    ST revenue will already be massive down without people binning them off.

  40. Marc


    The argument will be as always “I can do a much better job, turn it around and generate fresh income sources” whether that is true or not is another conversation altogether.

  41. englandsbest

    Right now Uefa are cock-a-hoop. A bit like the EU bureaucrats were pre-Boris. But the threat remains: how will the major leagues survive without the major clubs. And right now the major Clubs (barring those with benevolent owners) are struggling to survive.

    Pan-Europe leagues are a kind of last resort, a golden egg waiting to be opened. Not the botched Americanised ‘owner-first’ version, but ones with a proper competitive agenda.

  42. Marc


    It all depends on the make up of the waiting list. My nephew is on the waiting list but only because I made him a JG when he was 2 days old- he’s 11 now but that doesn’t mean he’ll be taking up a ST any time soon. How many might have joined 5 plus years ago but now find their circumstances different – now married got kids etc?

    Then there’s the other issue – we’re wank right now the idea of forking out £1000 – £3000 might have seemed a great idea a few years ago but now not so much.

    It still doesn’t change the huge reduction is ST revenue for this season.

  43. Mr Serge

    In the middle tier club level there are ST available but they start at £2100 to £3000 once they get all the renewals in there will be availablity
    The waiting lists are usually for the cheaper season tickets you could wait years for them

  44. Peckobill

    “ I think Arteta will be under serious pressure by late October which will be doubled if we have a new owner.”

    If ek takes over I think arteta will be sacked pretty much straight away , Henry , vieira and bergkamp seem to have his ear and I’m not saying any of them should or will get the job but you can tell all of them have voiced disapproval of the way we play and would at least advise to look elsewhere

  45. englandsbest

    Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp are like the beautiful models draped over cars at the Motor Show. Eye-catchers, that’s all.

  46. Marc


    Agree – If he does buy out the club his first action has to be the appointment of a top level DOF and then let him appoint a new coach.

  47. Valentin

    Vieira is pretty much the same than Arteta. The football will be dreadful. Nice before him were famed for exciting football. He joined and straight away non only the performance are not as good, but the football is drab. Since he is gone, his successor made the team watchable football and the results were much better.
    The big caveat is that his successor was able to make big changes in personnel. The catalyst was the arrival of Saliba and Jean-Clair Todibo as CB on Loan from respectively Arsenal and Barcelona.
    It pains me to state that Vieira is unlikely to make a good manager anytime soon.

    On the other hand, I still believe that Henry has what it takes.
    At least Henry improved as a manager in the MLS. His Toronto impact team were playing quite decent football. As he said during his participation to Monday Night Football on SKY he had to change his approach and his way to man manage players after his Monaco experience.

  48. Mr Serge

    Ineoild not want Henry or Vieira anywhere near us as managers we need a winner not another rookie in charge if the caviat for getting Kronkes out is having one of those 2 in charge no thanks

  49. Pierre

    I started to question Arteta’s ability to manage when he repeatedly emphasised that his starting line up will be picked solely on who performs best on the training ground.

    That doesn’t work for me , though of course you don’t want players strolling around with their hands in their pockets taking the piss.

    Personally, I would prefer our most creative players to save their creativity for match days …WHEN IT MATTERS..

    I would prefer players like Tierney , Partey etc to conserve some energy for match days….WHEN IT MATTERS.

    I don’t want to continually read about our players suffering injuries on the training ground in their effort to impress the manager …
    I would prefer that Arteta looks at how players perform on match days WHEN IT MATTERS and picks the team accordingly.

  50. Marc


    As always with Arteta there’s a bit of sense in what he say’s but it’s just put across piss poorly. The idea that the players who are performing well will be rewarded and selections will be made on that not reputations is good.

    Biggest problem with Arteta is not only does he put across his ideas so badly but he doesn’t even follow his own rules.

  51. Foxy

    More Xhaka tripe.from same article from someone who clearly does not watch him play every game.
    His passing, predictably, was his standout trait. Xhaka averaged 70.6 passes per game with a stunning accuracy of 90.2%
    Yes because probably 60 of those 70 passes are sideways or backwards to Partey or Gabriel. Totally nothing player who like many I will be glad to see gone.

  52. Foxy

    Yes to EK but not if a heavily leveraged buyout with bank funding as we will be MU but without the income.

  53. Marc


    Can someone explain to me how Xhaka’s described as having a “good” long shot on him? He averages just over a single league goal a season.

  54. Pedro

    Pierre, I like my creative players to do it on match days as well, so I’m happy we moved on Mesut Ozil who has managed 8 assists in 3 seasons.

  55. Foxy

    Our midfield’s inability to score has been our undoing for the last few seasons to be honest i.e. not just Xhaka.

  56. Pedro

    Marc, weird that none of the players seem confused by his ideas. Ceballos said he was going to be one of the best coaches in the world and even Mustafi called him phenomenal. Not to mention Smith Rowe who raved about him and is about the sign a new deal. Saka who committed to us. Martinelli, who gave us his next 5 years. Flo Balogun who took a chance despite no games.

    The picture you paint doesn’t marry to any of the news that comes out of the club, because the picture you paint is untrue.

  57. Champagne Charlie

    Imagine thinking there’s been a good enough maverick talent at Arsenal to half arse training and dominate matches.

    Weirdly enough Tierney, Saka, ESR, and Partey all deliver in training and in games. Someone should have a word and tell them to mail it in daily so they’re sharp for Saturday kickoff.

  58. Foxy

    I have no doubt that Arteta has the young players entranced by his Pep school of coaching wisdom, but can he manage a team to consistently perform and win games. So far it appears maybe not.

  59. Marc


    Have you ever worked for a great company but under a terrible manager who’s going to be sacked in a few months?

    In those circumstances do you make the right noises or do you come out and call him a cunt?

  60. Andy1886

    To be fair Pedro, no-one goes public to say their boss is a total t0sser do they?

    Again there’s a difference between a good coach and a good manager (Don Howe, Mike Phelan etc.).

  61. Guns of SF

    An alternate reason could be these are players who are on loan, young and wanting a bigger contract, or leaving the club and searching for a new team. IT does not behoove them to talk shit. However, I am sure they might think differently inside. Just another possible reason

  62. Guns of SF

    Ek is great- so far he is just putting pressure on KSE. Sell the club or invest.
    Us minions now have a big fish on our side… and he is doing what he can do make us better.
    Good for Ek!

  63. Marc

    I’m not going to mention that the first two players Pedro mentions as praising Arteta are: A) Mustafi who turned down a new contract offered by Arteta and B) Ceballos who doesn’t want to come back.

  64. Marko

    The picture you paint doesn’t marry to any of the news that comes out of the club, because the picture you paint is untrue.

    You know we finished 8th with no european football for next season. Coming off our worst season in recent memory. You do know that right?

  65. Marko

    Also I think that Mustafi and Ceballos not shit talking a manager is perhaps more about them not being cunts unnecessarily than Arteta being whatever…which is nice to see but it’s fairly common players leave without turning into assholes

  66. Pedro

    Guns, or the young kids could have just done a Jadon Sancho like so many others have.

    Why didn’t they? Because the coaching is top drawer and young players get better at Arsenal.

  67. Marc


    “Why didn’t they? Because the coaching is top drawer and young players get better at Arsenal.”

    Do you just want to bin me now for a couple of days? It’ll be easier all round!

  68. Foxy

    I have no problems with Arteta coaching our youngsters I just wish we had someone who knows what they are doing to manage the team.

  69. Nelson

    Someone keeps saying that this administration is good. All we know for a fact is that the club is out of European football next season. They failed their target badly. The values of a lot of our players are dropping. The club is losing money. I don’t find this administration anything special.

  70. Danny S


    I don’t agree that Ozil deserved anything because he was at the end of the day an absolute cretin. However your point about training is true.

    Ferguson put van Persie on his own special training because he was so fragile. This got him through 48 games in a season.
    He didn’t train with the main team, he was on a very light schedule. Paid dividends in the end.

  71. Tee

    “Spud fans have started a petition calling for Arteta to be given a job for life.”

    This one is on the loose.

    He has won the FA cup as a player and manager for the same club but those miserable lots are still searching for their first trophy after how many years and another more miserable fellow is here posting it to justify what?

  72. Marc


    On a serious not am I the only one who’s hoping Levy goes for Southgate after an over hyped but depressingly usual Euros?

  73. Aussie+Gooner

    “Juventus have reportedly approached Arsenal with an ambitious exchange deal for Hector Bellerin for Aaron Ramsey. ”

    Arsenal’s spending spree is kicking into gear according to the Mirror. Does anyone know anything about this young fella Ramsey we are being offered???????

  74. Marc


    So we turned down between a reported £23 and £27 million for Xhaka 18 months ago – since then he’s suddenly become a great player and we’re selling him for £15 million if we get what we want for him.

    If that ain’t sauce I don’t know what is?

  75. CG

    Breaking news.

    Spurs employing ‘Zorro’ ( Clown )
    Everton employing Benitez( proper manager)

    and the old Crustie (Stan).is still trying to eek out more of Eks money.

    You have enough Stan, you are 73.
    You will be the richest man in the cemetery.

    Go on a cruise or something.

  76. englandsbest

    Man-management is about getting people to believe in you and your methods. With the young and eager players, Arteta does that in spades. It’s the old and past-it players who moaned and groaned. Thankfully, the last of them will be gone come August.

  77. Marc


    If only Arteta could translate that into results? Remember if fans had been in the stadium he’d be lucky to have gotten away with being sacked before Christmas.

  78. Dissenter

    “MarkoSo we turned down between a reported £23 and £27 million for Xhaka 18 months ago – since then he’s suddenly become a great player and we’re selling him for £15 million if we get what we want for him.If that ain’t sauce I don’t know what is?”

    Da sauce has depreciated Xhaka
    Arteta’s sauce is piranha-flavored.

  79. raptora

    Saliba, Guendouzi, Nketiah, Maitland-Niles, Nelson, Willock, Martinelli, Balogun.

    All binned by Arteta. Most regressed. AMN who was doing good, stopped playing after Arteta declined the Wolves bid.

    But spread the false word how good he is with young players.

    Of course I can add as many names from the older players who had problems with Arteta as well.

    As a whole we have a cunt of a manager and some deluded bunch of people are proud of him.

    But yo, Guendouzi is problematic!!!! Not the manager who’s fought with 3/5 of the squad.

  80. Dissenter

    After Emery messed up Xhaka and the fans conspired to drive him out of Arsenal, Xhaka was going for 20-25 million on a fire sale inn Jan 2020
    After being marinated in Arteta-sauce fore 1.5 seasons, he is going for 60% of the Jan 2020 valuation.

    The collective transfer value of the squad has diminished under Arteta with the leaders of the squad seeking quick exits.
    Why would anyone try to leave a manager who’s promised a CL trophy in 3 seasons?

  81. Marc


    Apparently Brazilian players operate in dog years so that “3 years to win the CL” is actually 21 years.

    I still think it’s fucking delusional!

  82. raptora

    Maitland-Niles stops playing when he did so well in that FA Cup run. He doesn’t know why. Nothing was ever explained. He just wasn’t in the manager’s plans anymore. He doesn’t know if Arsenal will sell him or not. No one has talked to him. Le Sauce has perfect man-management alright!

    Saliba and Guendouzi joking about getting out of prison (Arsenal). Great place to be.

  83. Marc


    At what point when you have a manager who keeps having problems with “others because they’re problematic” decide that the problem isn’t with others but the manager?

  84. Marc


    If we sell Saliba it’ll be the biggest mistake Arsenal have made in decades (other than Arteta that won’t be beaten ever) we’ll sit back and watch him pick up a CL trophy whilst we can’t even get in it.

  85. WengerEagle

    It makes a bit more sense now Marc.

    Tets’ project works in reverse dog years so we are really only 6 months into it.

    By 2041 I fully expect us to be hoisting the CL aloft, Tets still with flawless hair.

  86. Words on a blog

    I think that Pedro is The Greatest Arsenal Blogger Who Ever Lived (“TGABWEL”)..

    He is inventive, and is brilliant at creating new narratives. He probably should start his own breakaway European Football Bloggers Super League.

    But hey, I’m just gonna transfer to Arseblog for a few years.

    Cheerio folks. It was real.

  87. Positive pete

    🥱 yawn.See we’re back on the Special sauce out dialogue.Jeeez.It sure does get tiresome. Imean really,really boring.Thought we all agreed.He’s got this window & until Christmas to prove his worth? Seems fair enough.Lets talk about something POSITIVE.Daniel eke & his chances of a buyout.Yes please.😐🤞

  88. WengerEagle

    Is Arseblog based in Dublin?

    Honestly never really checked it out, been coming here for years and don’t go on any other blogs.

    Remember way back when used to go on A Cultured Left Foot and Wrighty7 (?) I think was called. Alright but paled in comparison to here.

  89. Pierre

    Makes you wonder where Arsenal would have finished last season if Smith Rowe hadn’t arrived on the scene….dread to think.

    It’s amazing how the inclusion of a no.10 changed our season, although to the more educated of us it was as clear as day as to why the team were totally devoid of any creativity.

    Anyway, Arteta stumbled on a reasonably successful formula, and then for some unknown reason changed the succesful formula for the semi final v Villarael and of course we were eliminated.

    Of course football management is a learning process and mistakes will be made of which Arteta has made many..

    The question is, will Arteta learn from his many mistakes that have cost the club tens of millions….we shall see.as all is not lost yet

  90. MD-Gunner

    With many clubs looking for new managers, when Arteta gets fired before X-Mas while Arsenal are in the bottom half of the table, there will be no decent managers available. At Arsenal things seem to repeat itself, bad timing and then only what is at the bottom of the barrel is available.This basically looks like the results for the 2021/2022 season will be all on Arteta and Edu and no way to get rid of them until another mid-table season finish.

    Exit stage left.

  91. China1

    My only concern is where does Ek get his money from. He can’t personally afford to buy this club with enormous assistance from a consortium or bank(s).

    So the question is who will be contributing what? What’s in it for them? It won’t be charity.

    Don’t get me wrong I’d be glad to have someone who cares take over. We need that desperately. But I’d really like to know who else we’d be getting into bed with along the way

  92. Guns of SF

    He has the legends with him.. although they dont have that kind of money. Most likey will be some advisors to him or in other ambassador roles perhaps….

    Its going to be a group, and there are reports that he does have the money in hand… so lets see what happens.