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Arsenal fans are absolutely raging on a 24/7 cycle at the moment. Matt on the podcast told me he thinks we’re nearing New York Knicks levels of consistent disappointment in the way things go for our club. I could not disagree.

Old Le Grove would double down and join the thomas party. New Le Grove needs some light this summer. So I’m going on the counter here.

First thing we need to remember: Nothing has happened yet.

Emi Buendia rumours are simply rumours. Remember, the world of ‘transfer gossip’ is now big business if you want to be famous for something utterly pointless.

‘Oh, what I’ve heard is Edu wore the wrong shirt on the zoom’

‘Arsenal were interested, but slow’

‘Arsenal offered up a payment structure unbefitting of their prestige’

‘There wasn’t a good plan from Arteta’

Come on people, all of these things can’t be true, so what’s the point in raging?

Here’s what happens with transfer rumour merchants.


Others hopeful ITKs don’t want to miss out so will support the rumour with blend of ‘hearing the same’ and ‘they’ve scouted him’ or the ultimate copout ‘they like the player.’

This is an echo chamber used to protect reps, but it’s not grounded in reality, because most people don’t really have good sources on transfer deals.

When everyone is saying a similar shade of the same thing, fans take it as gospel, not realising there’s a whole world of hedging that goes on in this game. I can’t even feel sorry for people, I get sent tweets from smart people ‘@Joerbill698490000 ‘DEAL IS CLOSE ON X PLAYER’… like, honestly, these are the accounts that are riling you up? Every summer, 10 accounts hoping to get famous show up with fake rumours, every summer, people follow along and get angry when it falls through.

Next up.

Sometimes YOUR taste in players is absolutely terrible. Same here people, I’ve tied my reputation to some absolute shockers over the years. Where I’m going here is this: Last summer, Arsenal fans were tweeting ‘This club is FINISHED’ when Edu tried to move for Jorginho and John Stones. A season on, how are we feeling about those taste levels?

Reuben Neves might be an unsexy signing but that doesn’t mean he can’t fit the club as a whole. Do my loins moisten? No. But look, not many people have purred over Jorginho over the past few years, and it’s clear that every manager that works with him loves him, now he’s a Champions League winner. John Stones was a joke on this forum, I’ve had one guy tweet me every time he makes a mistake for years because I liked him, now he’s a league winner and one of the best defenders in the Premier League.

Pulling players out of underperforming clubs, if done with sharp data analysis, can be a winning move. Can’t imagine too many Arsenal fans were clamouring for Wijnaldum when he was bumming around at Newcastle, now he’s out at Liverpool and he’s joined PSG. Can you imagine if we’d gone for Choupo Moting after Stoke? He just signed a new deal with Bayern. We have to give this new scouting model a crack, if the sharp people on the laptops are recommending these players, then let’s see what’s what before crying that our club is over.

Everyone keen to jump on the Bissouma bandwagon, his agent is pushing his clients’ name towards Arsenal this summer, and it would make a lot of sense. Why are Arsenal fans excited about him? Because we’ve been starved of athletes for years. We’d take power and pace over a technician all day long (not that Bissouma is just P&P), but there has to be a balance. Again, I have no idea if we’re in for him, but he checks a lot of boxes and we have a make-weight with Eddie that would suit Brighton’s need for a proper finisher next season.

There’s also a lot of slander in the system for Martin Odegaard packaged with bad business ideas.

Here are the rules for Odegaard.

  1. He’s either good enough or he’s not. If the analysts at Arsenal have watched him at uncomfortably close quarters for 5 months and there’s still a ‘maybe’ about him, we shouldn’t go back for him. Reality? 5 months of intimate scouting will tell Arteta and Edu exactly what they need to do.
  2. You don’t loan a 22-year-old for a year if you are convinced he’s good enough. Creativity is a massive issue at Arsenal, he’s a big creator, if he’s the one, we need him on a perm deal. Developing other clubs talents is an absolute no-no, because we’re either pumping his price, or we’re bringing in an uncomitted duffer like Dani C and we’ll not move forward. There needs to be an answer.
  3. Football is bankrupt the world over. This summer will mark one of the most distressed markets in history. Odegaard is gettable this season for a good price because Madrid will likely have bigger targets elsewhere. Move on him now.
  4. Concerns about impact should be very much weighed against a few things. Firstly, he had only played 300 minutes prior to joining us in January. Secondly, the Premier League is really hard to adapt to. Thirdly, he came into a very broken squad. I think there is every chance that with a good preseason and a better understanding of the league… he could blow up.

Big club buy, they don’t rent.

The final rumour I want to talk about is the swap deal for Hector Bellerin and Aaron Ramsey.

I really hope we don’t go there. 65 appearances in 2 season, 6 goals, 6 assists. £400k a week deal. 30 years old. Injured all the time. He is not reliable, his numbers have cratered, and he’s been a superstar signing that has contributed to Juve falling off. Let him go to Everton.

The one joy I’ve taken from most of the transfer rumours this summer is the players all seem be sub 25 years old. That’s how it should be. We need a squad of sharp talent that we can develop and grow with. I don’t want to revisit old movies we know the ending of. How often has going back in time worked for Arsenal? Almost never. We are bad at signing older players, really bad.

The big lesson of last season is that the younger players respond better to the way of Mikel Arteta. Older players aren’t interested because they are at the stage of their careers where they don’t need to learn new tricks.


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  1. Marko

    you were against both which surprises nobody.

    I don’t think I was actually against Stones but Jorginho yes. I’m also against the types of signings that get you wet you know the “smart” ones where we target the likes of Stones, Lichtsteiner, Antonio Valencia while we don’t address the RB issue or watch as bigger and better clubs sign up players who we should be looking at signing. It’s very typical of you.

    You were heavily in favour of Pepe and Saliba who have offered the worst return on 100 mil I can think of in recent memory.

    I mean tbf that’s more of a manager issue than so much on the players especially Saliba. But it’s hard for you to objectively talk about how shit the current manager is so we’ll just gloss over that discussion

  2. PhD2020

    PedroJune 7, 2021 17:47:51
    you can put your trust in twitter, but you’ll constantly get burned.
    Aren’t you on twitter,spreading the gospel?
    (slight correction to my earlier post)

  3. andy1886

    CC, agreed that the Saliba deal was dumb but having made it surely it’s on the incoming manager to make the best use of his resources rather than expect to be able to buy a virtually new squad, which given our finances isn’t feasible.

  4. DivineSherlock

    Speaking of transfers , are we good to expect atleast Neves and Ødegaard then ? What is the process here , are we in for a late trolley dash after Euros ? when does the pre season begin ?

  5. raptora

    Saliba has been a shit transfer for the money paid. No question about it.

    How he can perform for other teams and not be fit to play Vs the likes of Dundalk is another thing.

  6. Gentlebris

    ‘I mean he didn’t, he was sacked and went to Italy with his tail between his legs. Sacked a week before a cup final no less because they thought that little of him.’


    The news was Jose(3EPL, 2CL)was not going down the ESL route.

    Levy fired Jose like he did Poch, now he’s begging to have Poch back. So what says he wouldn’t go crying back to Jose in 18 months.

    Then answer this question:

    Do you think Roma would have snapped up Mikel had we fired him?

    Pedro, don’t make stuffs up. People here would tell you my lone candidate was Jose(3EPL, 2CL).

  7. Marko

    I’m not sure the Saliba deal was dumb he’s highly rated and on the up. What is dumb though is giving him zero opportunities for 6 months while we played Mustafi and then got rid of Mustafi loaned Saliba to France where he played regularly and brilliantly by all accounts. Mikel Arteta made/makes the Saliba deal look dumb cause he hasn’t got a clue

  8. CG


    “”””Yes Marko, Unai Emery wasn’t allowed to build a process at Arsenal which tells you what people thought of his ideas and football vision.””””

    Never been a fan of The Clown and neither been particularly bothered How, Why and What a manager does behind the scenes as long as they accomplish their clubs goals and ‘do their job'( ie Get AFC in the CL every year)

    Villarreal under Emery are going ‘banging ‘all the way in the CL next season, with their 1st ever trophy under their belt.

    We still await our time to go ‘bang’ again – I expect we will be waiting a while.

    Although, I note ,the UK bookmakers have us favorites for the Transfer Window Trophy again.

    Arsenal 8/13
    Aston Villa 9/2

    So if we get the next few weeks right, we can plonk this trophy right next to our Christmas Tree one.

  9. raptora

    We are putting all of our eggs in Odegaard’s basket. Someone who we don’t even know if it’s on the market, neither we know for how much money.

    Most probably our 2nd option for the position is gone too in Buendia.

    So if the deal with Real and Odegaard fucks up, we’ll probably go to option 3 and who knows who would that be.

    Odegaard is so slow though and loves the 5 meter passes. Reincarnated Ozil when we finally got rid of the real one. I’m firmly against this which would blow out a significant portion of our budget. We are talking 15-25m more money than what Buendia was available for.

  10. andy1886

    AFC Forever, I have no problem debating players, managers, playing styles and so on but if I say something that’s materially incorrect I’m not going to throw my toys out of the pram if someone points that out.

    If I’m negative it’s because I don’t agree with our ‘process’. Like lumping crosses in to Auba and Laca, I think that it’s dumb so I say so. Like prioritising Odegaard over Buendia, I think that’s a mistake. If we signed Bertrand I’d be dissapointed, if we signed a young hungry LB from the Championship or First Division I’d be happy with that. If we extend Laca I’d wonder if we’ve learnt anything, if we don’t maybe we have.

    You can take all of those and come back and point out I was wrong if it turns out that way, no problem with that at all.

  11. AFC Forever


    You have an over-inflated opinion, like others on here. You think you speak for Arsenal fans but you really don’t. You are a tiny minority of an extreme element. Your Achilles heel is your arrogance.

    There is a line that you and many other cross on here: that is the line between being manager Out and being Anti-Arsenal. If I was to be brutally honest, that is the bit I really don’t understand. I think the Manager issue is a debate but one that you need to move on from because he isn’t going anywhere. Sure, slagging him off 24/7 probably turns some of you on but I have no idea how you can spend every waking moment posting the same boring drivel. I know you want your way but seriously? Have you nothing better going on.

    Sometimes it is hard to believe this is an Arsenal blog. For all Pedros best efforts, some of you just aren’t interested in what he has to say. Usually because he is bang on the money. The Buendia bollocks sums up this blog. People claiming to be fans trying to paint Villa as a bigger club.

    Arsenal is a huge club and those on here who are genuine gooners are lucky to support it. As i said earlier, I am positive for next season and I make no apologies for winding you up by saying that. While I and the majority of Arsenal fans cheer the good results I have no doubt a part of you will be hoping results falter – because ultimately that’s what will get you what you want. That’s a shame mate.

  12. Valentin

    The Arteta Ødegaard obsession has the same vibe than the Arteta Aouar obsession of last summer. Arteta putting all his egg in a single basket and that basket is not going to produce anything. Then at the 11th hour, Edu will have step in and buy a second or 3rd choice at an inflated price because of the delay.

  13. CG


    “”‘””Rich and CG pulled their hair out.”””

    Anyone who thought William was a good signing for Arsenal knows NOWT about.

    a. Arsenal
    b. The game
    c. basic business.

    I stated this signing would go down in folklore – ON HOW NOT TO PLAY THE TRANSFER MARKET.!

    The worst signing in Arsenal’ history, bar none

    reminds me of that song

    ‘ clowns to the left of me’
    stuck in the middle with you’

    that one.

  14. Pedro

    Raptora, Saliba telling his agent to feedback to the club that’s he’s desperate to play for us next year.

    ‘Horrific treatment’ doesn’t seem to have converted to a transfer request or a lack of enthusiasm.

  15. PhD2020

    AFC ForeverJune 7, 2021 18:38:37
    Your Achilles heel is your arrogance.
    I would counter,your achilles heel is your blind spot to reality,call it ignorance if you want or wish.

    AFC ForeverJune 7, 2021 18:38:37
    For all Pedros best efforts, some of you just aren’t interested in what he has to say. Usually because he is bang on the money.
    Could you cite some examples of being ‘bang on the money’ for us no-nothing, ungrateful beings?

    Just asking.

  16. Gentlebris

    Like the Emperor was trying to point out, I don’t think Buendia would ever pass up Arsenal for Villa. For all he knows Villa might land back in the champ by the end of next season.

    And let’s face it guys, Arsenal are in a very bad spot right now, but players still know what it does to their brand to play for Arsenal. Only in comics would any player choose Everton/Leicester over Arsenal, let alone a champ candidate Villa.

    I think some smart Jones is playing the media to force our hands…and I think the three musketeers aren’t blinking.

  17. Rambo

    “You have an over-inflated opinion, like others on here.”

    Says the Self appointed Super fan guy who goes on to write a judgmental essay in the next paragraphs. Including the below.

    “You think you speak for Arsenal fans but you really don’t.”

  18. Champagne Charlie

    You keep waving the Jose flag, I’m sure Spurs will go crawling back to the principled man of the people.

    Not disputing that, but he wasn’t moving the needle this season for us. We had the 3rd best defence in the league, our defensive performance wasn’t our downfall. Saliba has been an irrelevance in a two year period where we’ve finished mid-table – and we paid a premium for him.

    Absolutely nothing smart about that allocation of funds, a spare 30 mil bags us Aouar last summer, or Buendia the summer before that, who does infinitely more for our ambitions than a teen defender.

    30 mil teenagers are commodities for teams like United, Chelsea, City, and arguably Liverpool in their current state (but that’s a stretch), teams than piss money and can park a talent on loan somewhere without detracting from their immediate needs in a transfer window.

  19. Mr Serge

    Saliba needs to be given playing time to see where he is at early if he is deemed not ready we can loan him again
    Loaning Harry Kane did him no harm or Ashley Cole

  20. PhD2020

    Champagne CharlieJune 7, 2021 18:48:18
    Absolutely nothing smart about that allocation of funds, a spare 30 mil bags us Aouar last summer, or Buendia the summer before that, who does infinitely more for our ambitions than a teen defender.
    So,this comes down to planning,preparation,identifying targets early.Operating smartly,with a blueprint and a vision in place.

    It all comes down to the same thing..Who is hiring the competent(incompetent) people to implement such a strategy?Who oversees the strategy and who signs it off?

  21. Mb

    PedroJune 7, 2021 18:44:15
    Raptora, Saliba telling his agent to feedback to the club that’s he’s desperate to play for us next year.

    Sorry Pedro, but this is again from Twitter. Either I believe this & that we were beaten by mighty Villa for Buendia or none.

  22. Champagne Charlie

    Xhaka edging closer to Roma apparently.

    How we replace him will be interesting, and no doubt another bone of contention on here.

  23. Pedro

    Mb, believe nothing is better for you mental health than ‘believe it all’… so you can ignore the Saliba comment by all means.

  24. Gentlebris

    Buendia: £30m

    Grealish: £100m

    A cover goalie: £10m

    Total : #140m

    Leave the rest of the sorting for later.

    Then play Balogun as first choice 9

    Result: Top 4.

    And to think we have £100m worth of dross or more if you throw in Willock.

    In any case, the blantant fact is if we are going to get top 4, the time to get it is now in the TW, not when the season begins.

    The 3 musketeers should be talking to Grealish about how at Arsenal he will be INSTANT king but at City just an eventual prince.

  25. CG


    Stealers Wheel.
    Stuck in the middle with you.

    They should play it at The Emirates every match when the teams come running out.

    Very apt.

  26. Tom

    “30 mil teenagers are commodities for teams like United, Chelsea, City, and arguably Liverpool in their current state (but that’s a stretch), teams than piss money and can park a talent on loan somewhere without detracting from their immediate needs in a transfer window.“

    Leicester didn’t have a problem finding use for their 30mil CB teenager who wasn’t even rated as high as Saliba.

    Saliba wasn’t moving the needle for us but his treatment sure moved the needle on his valuemeter.
    Fofana’s value has gone up while Saliba’s plummeted.
    But suppose that’s not Arteta’s job to worry about someone else’s signings.

  27. G

    Wanted Buendia but I still think we will buy the right players, hopefully adding to last season we will b further in getting rid of the players we’ve not needed. I think with a proper pre season we can properly go for top 4
    I remember people on here saying what’s the point of top 4 we’re not going to win the CL anyway..

  28. Champagne Charlie


    Leicester put him straight into their first XI and dropped the worst defence (50) in the top 8. Really not the boast you think it is.

    Arsenal dropped the 3rd best defence without Saliba getting a kick which speaks to him being superfluous relative to our needs. This, after a mandatory year-long loan back to St.Etienne the day of his signature.

    Spending 30 mil on teenage defenders is never about the now, including Leicester as you’ve highlighted.

  29. Kroenkephobe

    Steeler’s wheel. The late great Jerry Rafferty is involved in that tune I recall. The inclusion of that song made Reservoir Dogs a great film. Would make a great tune about the second leg against Villareal.

    Well I don’t know what I’m watching tonight
    Arteta’s 4-1-4-1 system is shite
    Thomas Partey is getting nowhere
    We look scared and fucking lacking in flair.

    Xhaka to the left of me, Bell is to the right
    Here I am stuck in the middle alone…

  30. DivineSherlock

    I dont mind signings as long as they are done with some planning and vision in mind . It should be more in line with Partey and Gabriel type and not the Willian type. With Arsenal is hard to figure out because Arteta doesnt have a vision lined up yet . Still onboard with Ødegaard and Neves. Positive has to be moving Xhaka out . The last of Mustafi Xhaka Ozil axis of evil would be gone.

  31. Almuniasaynomore

    I really enjoyed that tune you left for us this morning, never heard it before. It’s unreal,no matter what age I get to I’ll never hear all the great songs out there.
    I think you’re right to keep your powder dry on this window,there is a real sense of urgency for once. That doesn’t necessarily equate with good deals getting done but they’ll have to be given the chance. Mess it up,nowhere to hide, get it right,I for one will hold my hand up and admit I got it wrong. Still better than all the latter day Wenger windows when he insisted we didn’t need anyone,do you remember the frustration of them? And then the panic buys,Christ it was excruciating. So I can put up with this because at least there’s a chance we’ll do something positive over the summer. Ok, mind yourself, hope there’s a cooler for beers on that golf buggy. I know you don’t drink beer now,but it improves my vision of it nonetheless!

  32. Almuniasaynomore

    Kroenkephobe beat me too it! Great tune though, especially if you were seated between Attwood and Piers Morgan.

    Nice one,you’re too quick off the mark for me. No, I never made it to the pub,the whole country opened up today,pubs,restaurants, cinemas etc and I’m still at home!
    Have a day out lined up at the end of the week. My prediction regards the weather was totally wrong, lovely day for drinking outside,must be waiting for my day out! Loved Reservoir Dogs, classic. Watched The Gentlemen last night,disappointed, had heard it was very good. Whisper it,but I’m a fan of Hugh Grant,he was good in it btw.
    Have decided to try and exercise more patience this transfer window. Am not going to give out again til at least Wednesday! How’s life your end?

  33. Guns of SF

    I like others are disappointed we did not land Buendia
    I am guessing it came down to:

    1. Emi M being his mate
    2. Emi telling him how things are at Arsenal
    3. His role with Arsenal and how he will be used

    So it could be many factors… and money might not the entire story. … or moving to London

    The worry is now, other teams know what we have to spend on a CAM and will raise their valuations to some degree

    How much money KSE will chip in is also a mystery. However, its been noted that they will spend this summer. if so how much?

    Also, Grealish aint coming here… not in a million years. his free role at AV is what he needs to thrive not the rididity of Arteta ball. Could be why Buen also bailed on us

  34. curse

    so Emily Brenda wants to be a villain, I’d be surprised if Jack stays. I’d offer 65 plus add ons dependant on making the top four.

    one of my wolves mates few years ago had the most banter. he genuinely believed Ruben was better than anything we had and that with him they’d be taking our place at the top.

    funny old world, can’t wait to see him again just to see the look on his face after we sign his Portuguese Jesus.

  35. Marko

    Leicester put him straight into their first XI and dropped the worst defence (50) in the top 8.

    If you can’t see the upside long-term to Leicester signing and playing Fofana compared to I dunno sitting him on a bench for 6 months and then loaning him out then I dunno. I do wonder if your opinion on this particular subject would be the same if it was Emery fucking over Saliba… I’m guessing probably not

  36. Pedro

    Marko, I’m sure you’d be celebrating the upside to bottling the Champions League two seasons running if it were because of the longterm value of a CB that contributed to conceding 50 goals.

  37. Guns of SF

    And how the F did AV sign Buendia if the window is not even open? is that because he came from Championship? WIndow open for Championship players early?

  38. Champagne Charlie


    You’ve already demonstrated your inability to grasp “smart” transfers. Spending 30 mil on an 18 year old CB we couldn’t play until 12 months later to help us get back into the top 4 doesn’t rank on the list of “smart”.

    “Long-term” benefits are neither here nor there when your immediate goals are inhibited by purchases strictly for the future.

    Gabriel is also going to be better in the future, but at 22 he had enough top-flight experience to offer in the now as well as later. Saliba didn’t because immediately he was loaned back as terms of the signing.

    Point out where you’re failing to grasp it, it’s only been said 11 times today.

  39. andy1886

    AFC Forever, if you read my post you’ll see that I say ‘I’ think, I don’t make any claim to represent other Arsenal fans at all, just my own opinion.

    On the other hand there you go again defining what are ‘true Arsenal fans’ like you speak on behalf of them while declaring anyone opposed to your view is in a tiny minority of extremists.

    Isn’t it just a bit arrogant to believe that you can determine between those that are true fans and those that are not?

  40. andy1886

    @ Curse – Villa want £120m for Grealish. Of course that’s posturing but I’d be surprised if he went for much less than £100m. I wouldn’t expect us to sign him, it’s not realistic. Whoever we do sign though needs to be aggresive and dynamic, and we certainly need to pick up some goals from somehwere.

  41. Valentin

    Some people cannot understand “smart transfer” like Willian.
    Nor can they appreciate “Long Term” benefits like extending David Luiz a past-It Brazilian restauranteur with some of the worst stats in the league in term of mistakes.
    Nor can they see the logic in convincing a player who is patently unsuited for the league like Xhaka to stay instead of accepting a £20 millions offer for his services. And then trying to flog him for less the following summer.

    On the other hand “smart” people can absolutely see the process working. Despite finishing out of Europe for the first time since eon, the Christmas Tree table is proof that Arsenal is on upward trend.

  42. Tom

    “Leicester put him straight into their first XI and dropped the worst defence (50) in the top 8. Really not the boast you think it is.“

    Charlie, linking Fofana ditectly to Leicester conceding 50 goals this season without going into details of his and the entire teams ’ performance is probably a bit …..to use your favorite phrase….. reductive ?

    I came across some stats a month ago or so that compared his numbers favorably to those of Maguire’s before his United transfer, and VVD’s in his Pool title winning season.( clearances, interceptions, tackles won etc)
    And if remember correctly Leicester conceded a lot of goals from set pieces , so it seems a structure problem more than individual one.

    Anywho, the point wasn’t so much as play Saliba immediately or Arteta out, but rather treat him as a highly valuable commodity and plan carefully to maxima his talent and potential resale value, which no one can say with a straight face is what Arteta has done.

  43. curse


    it would be, say 15m in add ons, not sure any club let alone villa wouldn’t seriously consider 80m for one player. they’re not making top four ever, they know it, we know it and I’m pretty sure Jack knows it.

    just need Mr chilly to do his job.

  44. Dissenter

    “Marko, I’m sure you’d be celebrating the upside to bottling the Champions League two seasons running if it were because of the longterm value of a CB that contributed to conceding 50 goals.”

    Thus sayeth the man who draws up arbitrary league tables to defend a manager that has us in 8th place for the second consecutive seasons.

    Leicester have finished above your man for two seasons now, show some respect please
    Even Emery beat him like a busted drum

  45. Mr Serge

    Tom keown said the same thing at the end of the season playing forfana over soyuncu or evans cost Leicester top 4

  46. PhD2020

    Champagne CharlieJune 7, 2021 19:37:15

    You’ve already demonstrated your inability to grasp “smart” transfers.
    I think Arsenal as a club over the last decade have not really demonstrated smart transfers,if we are being honest.

    Kante-£30 million vs Xhaka £35 million springs to mind..

  47. Kroenkephobe

    Wise advice Almunia. I might give Tony’s Alan Parsons Project clip a go tonight. I was the wrong age for prog rock at the time but like you say it’s all worth a listen. The thing about transfer windows and keeping our powder dry is right. In the past when we were inked in for CL qualification every year, summer was a time to relax but after this season and the general level of distrust in the management, the pressure is really on. No one has any idea of what’s going on behind the scenes (including Edu and Garlick!) so calm is the order of the day.

    Hugh Grant eh? The quintessential English man who turned out to have a conscience after all. From LA blowjobs to speaking up for victims of press hacking. My HG claim to fame is that I once played football against him in a round Robin tournament in some quaint corner of Sussex – we beat his team 2-1 which made our day.

  48. Dissenter

    “Starting forrfana over soyuncu and Evans as a pair ultimately cost Leicester top 4”

    Wasn’t Soynicu injured in the first half of the season
    Fofana had an excellent season, he did as well as any of our “experienced” defenders

    Lets forget that Madison was injured when it mattered, or that Harvey Barnes and Ndidi missed
    big chinks of the season. .

    Apparently, it’s all on Fofana,.

  49. Ishola70

    The only way Jorginho was going to be signed was to sell Xhaka at the time.

    You can’t have two registas in the side. That is extreme.

    The advantage Jorginho has over Xhaka is that he can come up into central areas in midfield and actually stay there for periods. Give “control” further up the pitch.

  50. Mr Serge

    Diss most of those players don’t defend apart from ndidi it is down to the CB s to stop the goals
    No team plays teenage CBS

  51. alexanderhenry


    I’m not expecting a massive clearout this window, as much as I think we need one.

    Post covid, the market will surely be deflated. It’s going to be a very similar squad next season with-hopefully- a couple of exciting, dynamic signings, but even that will be hard to pull off.

    Edu has hardly been an inspiration and even though Josh keeps saying arsenal fans should:
    ‘be excited’, I’m never quite sure what he’s referring to.

    Regarding Ramsay, I agree but right now, peak Aaron would be exactly what the current midfield needs. I think that’s gone though.
    Still, I’m looking forward to seeing him in the euros:


  52. Champagne Charlie

    Nobody has called Willian a smart transfer, or Luiz a long-term transfer. Good that you can show up and immediately parade your ignorance though.

    Reductive, but also true. Leicester’s short term gains for playing Fofana are dubious, and nobody denies he’s a good prospect. Fact of the matter is when Arsenal paid 30 mil for Saliba we were negotiating a transfer window looking to get back into the CL ASAP. That deal never had “next season” in mind at any stage because it came with a mandatory loan.

    Talking about Arteta’s “treatment” of the player is a complete red herring in the debate. Arteta wasn’t here when Saliba was purchased, and it’s the purchase that receives criticism from me.

    You can argue the greater value in playing Saliba this season over some other names, but you’d be getting creative to say his inclusion would’ve done anything to benefit us collectively. Do you think playing Saliba would’ve moved us from 3rd best defence to 1st or 2nd best? Do you think he’d have been the difference in us winning the EL?

    If you think that then say so, but I don’t. Our issues the last two seasons have been in attack (56 and 55 goals scored). We’d have been much better equipped for both had the 30 mil we put into Saliba went into a creative talent like Aouar, Buendia, Brandt, Fekir etc.

  53. andy1886

    Curse, well if we did pull it off I’d be ecstatic. Grealish is one player who really would ‘move the needle’ as people like to say.

  54. curse

    Brendan? no thanks, the foxes get heralded a lot, well run club, great manager, smart signings etc… yet finished 5 points in front of us in our worst year.

    caveat being covid of course but I like where we are as a club.

  55. curse


    hey, you never know, crazy things happen all the time. Emily Brenda was potentially brought in super early cos Jack has already made his mind up? we’ll see.

    Martin seems more realistic though, can’t see how he is good enough to start for real.

  56. Pedro

    Pull of Grealish… my word, that is dreaming big. What a player. Think he’s staying or City-bound.

  57. Thorough

    Rumor has it that the Sauceman is planning to loan Saliba out to an EPl side. I’m sure some nutters will still defend this. Or maybe Saliba is just another dick that nobody knows nothing about his crime except Arteta?

  58. Leftside

    Saliba just needs to nod his head aggressively at Arteta’s mumbo jumbo instuctions in training and run around showing that pass hun the shit managers love then he’ll be right back in the good books

  59. Soham

    Get ready for the usual cycle…euros happen..players have a good tournament and their prices go up…arsenal submit a low bid on transfer deadline day which gets rejected..and the club then say we tried !

  60. Leftside

    And i know people have short memories but Willock will come back here and look exactly how he looked under Arteta before his loan.

  61. Almuniasaynomore

    Any man who took Liz Hurley to bed the night she wore that dress deserves respect, even if he did go on to make an almighty mess of things. If Arteta could understand that, get a couple of big transfers right and a lot of the shite you’ve done gets erased rapidly. Honestly,GG and the bungs are irrelevant as far as I’m concerned, his legacy is what he achieved on the pitch. There’s a theory in golf that on each hole you’ll have a best shot. The closer to the hole you are when you play that shot the better for you. Management is like that I think. Wenger’s best stuff was early,many unfortunately will now mainly remember the last 10 years or so of increasing decline. Martin O’Neill walked away from both Leicester and Celtic as a legend but was vilified by ROI fans by the end. It’s all about timing really. So with a rare note of optimism I’m going to point out that Arteta could yet get his timing right,hard to see it but SAF was hanging on by a thread and we all know that story. Looking for crumbs here my friend,I know,but I think all will be revealed soon enough,for better or worse,so I can wait. It was the sense that Wenger would go on forever that was soul destroying those last few years,I don’t feel like that now.

  62. Dissenter

    “And i know people have short memories but Willock will come back here and look exactly how he looked under Arteta before his loan.”
    …and then they will call the player is shit

  63. Bertie Mee

    Grealish is a wonderful player but he is not going to sign for a team not in the Champions League , not in contention for the title and with a lot of instability like Arsenal . Sorry to piss on some peoples’s chips but if you really think it’s a possibility you don’t understand football .
    Lot of people like that on social media

  64. Matt

    Signing Grealish is absolutely pie in the sky, yet we are apparently still a massive club. So which is it??

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Pass the point of caring wtf happens at the club.
    What will be will be..
    I can see him making a right pugs ear of it tho.

    All I will say is the point of sending youth out on loan is to gain experience to either take them to next level or window display.
    Think Joe deserves a fair crack at the first team.

    But to me it looks like arteta is a dithering dither

  66. Danny S

    If we sign bissouma, we are going to become a one dimensional team. Having 2 CM who offer little going forward will mean Arteta is planning on using the flanks. Good managers will squeeze us in and force the play through the middle and we will see a lot of possession and ‘control’ with very little end product again.

    We need more creativity in our pivot otherwise it’s all plan A again.

  67. Marko

    Arsenal inquired “multiple times” for Brest’s Romain Perraud. Reports,

    Oh shit we’re enquiring about a player who’s also being linked with Southampton and Leeds. Fingers crossed we can convince him

  68. PhD2020

    Bertie MeeJune 7, 2021 20:59:57
    Grealish is a wonderful player but he is not going to sign for a team not in the Champions League , not in contention for the title and with a lot of instability like Arsenal .

    Sorry to piss on some peoples’s chips but if you really think it’s a possibility you don’t understand football .

    “Lot of people like that on social media”
    “Lot of people like that on social media”

    Can you give some examples or elaborate somehow?

    Really curious to hear your take.

  69. The Bard

    Interesting post Pedro but unfortunately not all clubs are facing bankruptcy. Chelsea. Man U, Liverpool, City to name but a few are fine. Arsenal aren’t bankrupt but have owners who don’t want to spend what it takes so the thrust of your argent goes down the pan. Add in Arsenal’s terrible transfer record and it doesn’t look too promising. I’m more than happy to be proved wrong.

  70. Dream10


    Interesting to see how we fare with progressing the ball up the field. Xhaka was the key man in doing that for the last few years. He’s available 95% of the time as well. Partey definitely has a broader skill set, but he needs to be consistent next season. If he misses chunks of time, then we’ll need to replace next summer

  71. Dream10

    Mr Serge

    Don’t how much he is worth. But,. ward Prowse has Everton or West Ham written all over him. Can see them spending 30-40m on on him this or next summer

  72. Emiratesstroller

    Alexander Henry

    I think that there will be a mass clearout this summer whether it is transfers, loans or even
    perhaps swaps.


    Jeorge Bird has published today an analysis of our U23 squad. According to his report there
    are no fewer than 33 players at this level on our books + another 4 players like Okonkwo who are in queue for contracts.

    He highlights that the squad is completely over bloated with far too many older players with
    little prospect of making the grade at Arsenal.

    He makes also observations that Arsenal have far too many goalkeepers on the books.

    His summary is that Arsenal will probably cull several players and focus on building a younger squad at this level. He suggests for example that Okonkwo plus the two U18 academy goalkeepers will be retained on the books and the others will be either released or
    loaned out.


    My view is that there will be a similar position with the first team squad. Frankly we don’t
    need this season more than 24 players on books.

    We have announced already that 4 players are leaving including three who came to us on loan.

    Xhaka and Bellerin are almost certainly leaving. There will be demand for both players. The
    only question is where will they go and how much we will get for them. I don’t see us accepting a swap for the players being suggested.

    Kolasinac will also leave. He is in final year of contract. Arsenal will try and sell him, but if
    that does not happen they will release him from his contract.

    Torreira, Guendouzi and AMN will not come back to Arsenal. They are unwanted and also
    unhappy at the club. Arsenal will attempt to sell them, but in any event I don’t see them playing at Arsenal next season.

    Arsenal has just given Balogun a new contract. So the likelihood of Nketiah who has the same agent staying at the club is remote. We will either sell, swap or loan him out.

    So there are at least 11 players on the books or at end of contracts who are unlikely to be playing for us next season. The worst scenario is that they are loaned out and their wages
    is off the payroll.

  73. Elmo

    Never heard of Perraud, but as he’s a LB, it’s clearly as cover for Tierney.

    £8.5m to Leeds, so not expensive, and clearly will have an engine if Bielsa has chosen him. 23, so right age profile.

    I don’t mind any links like that because they sound like reasonable punts for our situation (think about Kos for £10m and Giroud for £10m, though Giroud clearly higher profile after spear-heading the Montpellier title win).

    You may well have seen him and know better than me, though!

  74. Habesha Gooner

    Dream 10
    I think Arteta wants the same type of player with less limitations than Xhaka. That may be why we are after Ruben Neves. A much better version of the player xhaka thinks he is .

    Anyway ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka and may be Kolasinac all gone in a year? I could cry tears of joy if Arteta wasn’t our manager.

  75. Kaz

    Willock will be as good for us as AMN was in the middle for us.

    A great manager would get AMN to be a defensive midfielder he has the athleticism and ability for it. Arteta doesn’t have that in his locker.

    A great manager see’s that Willock is a great runner for attacking the box but clumsy with the ball to his feet so would encourage him to surge into the box as much as possible. Arteta demands his midfield stay out the box so I don’t see the point in not selling Willock.

  76. Elmo

    Sounds about right, Dream.

    At least we have the memories. Just watched back the Parlour ’02 Cup Final goal and the footage strangely doesn’t even look dated. Nearly 2 decades ago, but watching it back, it feels like yesterday.

  77. CG


    ””””’Willock will be as good for us as AMN was in the middle for us.

    A great manager would get AMN to be a defensive midfielder he has the athleticism and ability for it. Arteta doesn’t have that in his locker.

    A great manager see’s that Willock is a great runner for attacking the box but clumsy with the ball to his feet so would encourage him to surge into the box as much as possible. Arteta demands his midfield stay out the box so I don’t see the point in not selling Willock.””””

    Sensational. And 100% accurate.

    Do that -Midfield then sorted: then spend your resources on a center forward( Calvert Lewis/Toney ) types that makes the difference.
    play a tad more direct and off you go.

    They aint got a clue.

    Its the bloody Muppet Show at The Emirates.

  78. englandsbest


    I am inclined to agree: the Arsenal squad will be a lean machine come summer.

    Several of the departees have not figured at Arsenal, others are loans, others are past their best or simply wretched, so it will be seen as a clean-out more than a clear-out.

    I’d add Willian and maybe Auba and Leno to your list, and subtract maybe Nketiah and AMN, and I’d expect two major signings, a GK and a midfielder.

  79. Bertie Mee

    media”Can you give some examples or elaborate somehow?Really curious to hear your take.

    A large number of the posts on here and most of the Twitterati .

  80. Dream10


    My favourite Arsenal team that one in ’02. And our best one in the PL era. That team played dynamic football, had technique and individual flair. More risky in style, so but so much fun

    Wolves want 40m pounds for Neves

  81. Guns of SF

    Interesting takes on BIssouma. how folks see it 2 ways.
    I see it as him sitting back allowing our CM’s finally room to roam forward and join the attack. WIth him acting as cover. TP is supposedly allowed to play more B2B, hence why he signed with us. However, with Xhaka it was he who had to sit back more.
    With Bissouma, we have TP moving more forward and another CM as well…
    If that is Aouar then great!
    Compliment them with a front line of Auba, Saka and Pepe
    Not too bad.

    Bissouma is the destroyer we all wish we had…. a solid DM allows others to do their creating

  82. MD-Gunner

    The media is having a field day with Arsenal missing out on Buendia and all kind of Articles appear now as click bait like:
    1. 10 players Arsenal missed out on – and who they signed instead
    2. Five players to sign instead of Buendia.

    I can see it already a raging debate here of which player is the better deal, since the prices for Buendia vs Neves are nearly the same

    There is a point to be made for Arsenal being attractive to a player and it is this. When Xhaka joined Arsenal he had a thousands of followers on his Instagram account but after he joined Arsenal that increased exponential to 2 mil.. Every time Ronaldo makes a post on Instagram he earns nearly $1 mil. So if you join a club that has a large global user base your income from social media increases.

  83. Guns of SF

    MD, of course it depends on the player in question. Ronaldo is a once in a lifetime type player.
    Great at branding himself and getting the most out of it.

    Xhaka? not so much… but hey, I respect that Buendia was strong enough to join for his own convictions… last thing we would have needed is an unhappy player on our hands …

    Lets see what he does at Aston Vila.

  84. Guns of SF

    what we need in our 10 or CAM is someone similar to Fernandes.
    what a revelation he has been for Manure…
    A pure number 10- piling on the assists and goals. Highly technical…
    I do hope we have scoured Portugal…. would love a player in the mould

  85. MD-Gunner

    What has happened is the Arsenal faithful have been so disappointed for not getting Buendia that the media decided we are going to have people click on headlines that talk about alternatives because that makes money for us. However that should never be the case.

    If Arsenal had a decent scouting department, if they had a DOF with connections and footballing knowledge.we would have lined up the targets and get things out of the way early. But here we are hoping and a wishing because as earlier posted clowns on the left, jokers on the right and stuck in the middle with mediocre ownership.

  86. Tony

    just waiting for my son’s new driver to arrive my wife bought him as a surprise, so thoughts I’d have a go at silly lyrics – why let Almunia and Kroenke have all the fun?

    My Lady d’banville by Yusuf- Cat Stevens music

    My arsenal my Arsenal, why can’t you score goals?
    If I can find a striker who understands me
    who can find a cross, who can head at the goal

    My Arsenal my Arsenal, you must listen to me
    Dreary football for all to see
    If you can totally obey me, then I will let you be

    My Arsenal my Arsenal, why another give away goal?
    Xhaka and Luiz are leaving to many thanks fucks
    But I will buy new players, if any will play for me, if any will play for me

    My Arsenal my Arsenal, why do the fans hate me so?
    I’ll wake up tomorrow
    To the fans telling me to go, telling me to go

    My Arsenal my Arsenal, this is my last chance
    I’ll salvage something
    and on the touchline I’ll dance, on the touchline I’ll dance

    My Arsenal my Arsenal, I’ve fucked it up again
    I know you’ve seen it all before
    and I will feel your pain as I will feel your pain

    My Arsenal my Arsenal, by Xmas it will be time for me to leave
    I’ll be gone on the morrow
    Because our goal still leaks like a sieve, it leaks like a sieve

    My Arsenal my Arsenal why do you swear at me so?
    My mummy still loves me
    So to her I will go, to her I will go.

    9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

    I fumble at tactics and have no clue with selections
    always shouting at players from the touch line
    But Xhaka plays like he has afflictions

    I scream at the players, but it’s really affection
    where honestly, it’s my poor affectations
    The reality is it’s another poor selection
    Scoring 9 to their 5, I know it was good ebening’s way
    Cause with my defence it’s the only way to go
    From the touchline you’ll hear me say
    Fuck me not again no, no, no, no!

    I put Martinelli on for the last few seconds
    Just to show him my ambition
    Steve Round whispers you fucked up there we all reckon

    I tell Steve it’s all about the process
    that I am filled with burning ambition
    He scoffs and says I’m in the wrong business

    So here I am ramping up my best anal for the pressers
    complete with 9 o’clock shadow
    throwing players under the bus, and saying they’re not tryers

    Scoring 9 to their 5, I know it was good ebening’s way
    Cause with my defence it’s the only way to go
    From the touchline you’ll hear me say
    Fuck me not again no, no, no, no!

    Why does everyone say I’ll be fired by Xmas?
    is it because no one understands me
    So it looks like I’ll be out on my arse

    I’m not worried because I’m a wizard with cones as people have said
    I’ve got football in my bones
    But the football should be in my head and my P45 I have read

    Scoring 9 to their 5, I know it was good ebening’s way
    Cause with my defence it’s the only way to go
    From the touchline you’ll hear me say
    Fuck me not again no, no, no, no!

  87. Gentlebris

    The three.musketeers can get Grealish if they want, if they don’t it’s because they don’t try harder than the competition.

    These players are intelligent pros who can analyze stuffs ahead. Arsenal are a sleeping giant but let’s put a dash on that; for all of City’s money and big players…Arsenal still command more global presence than they do. So while City have the pull of the prospect of winning trophies instantly and playing in the advanced stages of the UCL…Arsenal even up to some extent with global presence and solid history.

    As much as wailers would want you to believe, Arsenal aren’t Everton.

    We can make Grealish choose us if the three musketeers show a real desire.

    Our squad ain’t so bad as well. I don’t think Grealish would pull his nose at the prospect of playing with Auba, Pepe, Saka, Partey, Tierney and Laca(if he stays).

    Then who would have thought Partey would insist on leaving a UCL Spanish giant to come to us last term with our Europa(now extinct)status.

    It is still Arsenal…sleeping, snoring, but still Arsenal.

  88. Guns of SF

    with another coach, maybe…thats my opinion. Arteta ball does not allow freedom or much creativity. Mostly give to the wings, cross, or someone cut in and shoot. basic stuff. Grealish would need to pass more, dribble less, shoot less too. Mike could not handle a player like that anyhow. Besides, seems a little bit of a punk too… you know how that goes.

  89. Tony

    Having read the Buendia saga, my take has always been this:

    Buendia is making a serious career move and in doing so has done his due diligence talking to his agent, Norwich manager, his family, Lucas T and Martinez plus his closest friends in football.

    Buendia is aware of the trauma caused by the caustic Arteta to most of our youth players and knows plenty about Arteta’s inexperience, his constant tinkering and many, many flaws, such as inability to be flexible with his tactics, selections and in-game management.

    Buendia probably took one look at Arteta while being told about the process and thought he would fall out with this managerial despot quicker than a pole dancer’s G-string hitting the dance floor when a $100 is flashed, and warm the bench ala Martinelli, Pepe and many others.

    Buendia has a latin temperament that has seen him collect yellows and reds. He needs a calming and influential manager and coaching staff with successful CVs not Moyes’s cast offs or coaches fans chant “who are ya” to.

    Essentially, Buendia wants a more experienced manager with a club who have ambitious owners and quality players at the club he can be integrated with, such as Grealish instead of Xhaka, Elneny and Partey.

    After witnessing Arteta’s poor antics for the last 18 months in the PL, what player wouldn’t have serious reservations about joining us unless he’s a golden oldie looking for his last retirement cheque?

    I don’t think it had anything to do with bids offered, it was all to do with Buendia not fancying playing for Arteta or trusting our owners and hierarchy.

    Garlick and the club have a very tough job to sell or trying to sell Arteta and his process to experienced clued up players we need – even those aged between 19 and 25.

    Even Mahrez is reported to be saying he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal and by association: Arteta.

    Golf time chaps.

    The rain season is here now so the temps are much lower with 50% chance of rain most days, which generally last for an hour or so whereas 20 years ago it would rain for days non stop.

  90. Guns of SF

    This was the worry this season. missing out on europe and finishing so poorly. Who would want to come to us?
    Money certainly did not talk with Buendia and I respect him for his convictions.
    How are we going to lure top talent in? London ? maybe… money… maybe but again, lots of teams have money.
    A player around 24-25 will want a multi year contract with the ability to win something.We cannot offer that… right now

  91. Kroenkephobe

    Hi Tony
    Not being totally au fait with Cat’s (Yusuf’s) material, I took a listen to Lady of D’Arbanville. Very beautiful simple tune. Would be great to hear him sing your version live to an expectant crowd at the E******s on opening day. Xhaka (who could still be with us by then) comes out and tells him to fuck off! A unsurpassable season highlight on day one.

    I remember when sky TV first started showing live games on Monday night and they had bands performing at half time. Must have been very early 90s. On one of the first ones, we played citeh at home during one of those rare seasons they were in the top flight and were treated to a lip synced performance by the Shamen. I worked out who the fellow clubbers were on the clock end as everyone started doing the big fish, little fish dance.

    he’s no good, he’s no good, Arteta he’s no good

    And drawing a solid song that captures our awfulness out of a Dolly Parton tune takes some doing Tony. I’m in awe mate. Keep em coming.

  92. Tony


    Just before closing my computers down my son came in and asked how Graylick, Edu and Arteta can sell Arsenal to the players we want?

    I told him it’s a very good question i don’t have an answer to.

    However, if Graylick was Compos, Rangnick or Overmars the job would be infinitely easier.

    Graylick’s 8 years at WBA and time served with the FA does not inspire the same confidence feelings as the aforementioned names would.

  93. Kroenkephobe


    Just found a link. Wahey. Reassuring to know it did actually happen and it wasn’t a flashback from the preceding weekend. A really good night that one. I think we won as well which almost always was the case against City who were dire in those days.

  94. Tony


    Tea for the Tillerman was the first LP I bought.

    Still play tracks from it often.

    Dolly is an excellent song writer having penned “I will always love you’ the huge Whitney hit.

    Her old style country doesn’t do much for me as any country tunes from the 70s,80s and 90s, but with Garth Brooks making the connection between country and rock with his music, that’s when I started to really like country music with Blake Shelton et al.





    His live DVD set is worth the money especially live one man show in Vegas.

  95. Gonsterous


    So while City have the pull of the prospect of winning trophies instantly and playing in the advanced stages of the UCL…Arsenal even up to some extent with global presence and solid history.

    Please lets stop with all this global presence b.s. evens up to winning trophies
    How does being popular even up to winning trophies?
    Sanchez and RVP would rather us challenging for the league that they left us than us being popular in Africa or Asia.

    Global presence may compete against the likes of derby and Bournemouth than city, pool or chelsea. It’s not this phenomenon that players instantly feel like they are a class above the other teams. It’s just a brand, which at the moment is not being reflected on the field.

  96. Pierre

    Michelle …..The Beatles

    Mikel you bell(end)
    These are words that go together well.

    Mikel you bell(end)
    Sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble , Tres bien ensemble .

    I want you , I want you , I want you to leave now
    That’s all I want to say.
    Until I find a way
    I will say the only words I know that you’ll understand

    Adios Mikel.

  97. Kroenkephobe

    Formidable mon ami. Notre copain Almunia a deja essaye la meme chanson il y a quelques semaines.

    Hey Almunia – great minds think alike!

  98. gnarleygeorge9

    ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’

    Has been replaced by

    ‘Coulda Shoulda Woulda’

    Since the Kroenke Dynasty began!!!!

  99. Leftside

    Arteta and his controlled, robotic football will be off-putting to any player that wishes to play with any kind of freedom. The headmaster approach also will be off-putting to a lot of players, Arteta hasn’t earned enough credit in the bank to do that, mediocre as a player and poor as a manager. It will be a hard sell for any player to come and play under him unless a player is enticed by money or really wants to join Arsenal in 2021.

    Anyway, the megalomaniac cannot save himself from himself so we will probably be looking for a new manager at some point within the next 12 months. 8th place finishes won’t cut it around here buddy.

  100. Leftside

    It’s also been mentioned on here the likes of Xhaka (Thank God), Guendouzi and Torreira leaving. I don’t see this as being realistic with this football club. For those players to leave, along with Ceballos who has returned to Real Madrid we will be woefully short of bodies in midfield. I can see one of Guendouzi or Torreira remaining for this reason.

    Elneny, AMN and Willock won’t cut it next to Partey and I wouldn’t trust Edu, Arteta and the jokers to run a bath let alone recruit a few quality midfielders for this football club.

  101. The Bard

    Mr Serge my random word was in fact to correct a typo in my post. Just got delayed. If the rest of the fan base are as fed up as those on here the Emitates is going to be an interesting place next season. Talk about pressure. Unless Arteta waves a magic wand over this squad I cant see him surviving for long. We won’t compete while the Kroenke’s own the club

  102. kjelli

    M. Pereira is a better option than Ödegaard, who is a bit too dull for my taste. Get Tapsopa and
    the Russian striker Dzyuba and were set for the Ch.leauge next season..

  103. Captain Tierney

    I did not know Fabrizio Romano and David Ornstein were just 12 year kids hyping up rumours behind their screens

  104. Danny S

    This Emi Beuendia fella actually played 48 of his last 50 games on the right wing for Norwich.

    How the fuck is anyone concluding that he’d have worked as a no.10 for us? And why are we looking at right wingers?

    I thought he was an AMC!

  105. Terraloon

    “These players are intelligent pros who can analyze stuffs ahead. Arsenal are a sleeping giant but let’s put a dash on that; for all of City’s money and big players…Arsenal still command more global presence than they do. So while City have the pull of the prospect of winning trophies instantly and playing in the advanced stages of the UCL…Arsenal even up to some extent with global presence and solid history.

    Dearie Dearie me

    This to me could almost be taken from the minutes of an Arsenal Board of Directors Meeting.

    The old sleeping giant thing. What like Sunderland, like Newcastle, like Forest or even Villa. Cough Cough!

    So on to this global presence claim. Arsenals stock is declining.The vast vast majority of kids around the world don’t choose their club based on history they base it on the here and now. City are a juggernaut. If anyone doesn’t think that they are in denial.

    The very odd player will be drawn by a club’s history or their youthful preferences but in the main players are drawn by money, opportunity to win things, the incumbent manager to a lesser degree but the clubs history really is way over hyped.

    Football is a very small community. Agents shape the careers of their players which should be a good thing but far too often that career path is driven by the lure of the buck and that buck gets bigger with success so be under no illusion those agents don’t dig deep into a clubs history they will be dealing with the here and now.

    Arsenal were a great club they are a big club but without challenging for the real big trophies which aren’t nowadays are the two big UEFA competitions and the PL the clubs stock will continue to fall

  106. Danny S

    Shows again that instead of going fir a player that fits a position Arteta is looking to get another player he can shunt around the pitch as abs when.

    Either that or he’s looking to replace Pepe.

  107. Sid

    “””””This Emi Beuendia fella actually played 48 of his last 50 games on the right wing for Norwich. How the fuck is anyone concluding that he’d have worked as a no.10 for us?”””””””

    Carzola played over 150 games on the wings for both Malaga and Villareal,
    Firminho, Guardiola played on the wings
    Pirlo started as a #10

    Let that sink in