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Fans went into meltdown yesterday over a player they thought Arsenal were signing because he went to Aston Villa. The internet exploded. The club is apparently finished. Villa are now a bigger club than us… because fans take rumours as fact.

Quite the spectacle.

Buendia is no doubt a top talent. He’s powerful, mobile, and energetic. He’s also a chance creation machine. But that doesn’t mean we were in for him. If we were, we’d have landed him. No doubt. There is not a world where a player picks Villa over Arsenal unless there’s something wrong with them.

I suspect that the reason we’re not moving on him is Odegaard.

The rumour that really should have us worried is Reuben Neves replacing Granit Xhaka. That feels a lot more Arsenal if I’m honest. He’s with Jorge Mendes, he’s just had a very average season, and his signing probably doesn’t move us forward. He’s not really that mobile, he’s been outclassed this season by our current midfielders, and he’s quite one-paced. He’ll not be cheap.

It’s a peak-Edu move in my opinion. No imagination.

SPURS WERE BINNNED OFF BY CONTE. Amazing stuff. Daniel Levy tried to lure him to convince Harry Kane the project wasn’t dead… then he received the middle finger because Conte doesn’t think winning values align. Magic.

Right, short one today because I’m traveling. See you tomorrow!



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  1. Johnno

    I said everything was shit yesterday sarcastically because the reaction to the Buendia thing is OTT ( as always).

    However – If we replace Xhaka with Neves and spend 20
    Million quid doing so then everything really is shit

  2. Mr Serge

    Neves is an upgrade though he can turn on the ball and attack as well as play deep or more forward
    Xhaka is bang average at everything

  3. Adetunji

    Pedro please be REAL. Arsenal wanted Buendia but couldn’t convince him. We must also accept that Arsenal isn’t as attractive anymore because their entire operations stink of a lack of ambition.
    We will all watch as Buendia turn out a huge success next season while Arsenal will likely flounder with Arteta subjective judgement again. He’s a man who keeps doing the opposite of what will make him successful.
    My fear is that Arsenal will likely lose it’s appeal with another underwhelming season.

  4. MD-Gunner

    “Buendia is no doubt a top talent. He’s powerful, mobile, and energetic. He’s also a chance creation machine. But that doesn’t mean we were in for him. If we were, we’d have landed him. No doubt.”

    You are embarrassing yourself with the two concluding sentences and are loosing credibility. You also will get slaughter on this blog for such baseless assumptions.

    As was already posted in the previous thread, you must be busy composing one of two scenarios 1. Either rubbishing Buendia or 2. We never wanted him. Since it is the later one you came up with consider this:

    Arsenal wanted him before Norwich was relegated, that tried in the last TW and were rebuffed. They have followed him for 18 months and every credible journalist reported Arsenal bid for him. Arsenal was out played by the mighty Villa. On what do you base your argument “we were never in for him”. Stay away from Arteta he could come up with that type of shit and you are copying his arguments that belie the evidence that non delusional Arsenal fans can gather from media sources.

    Arsenal is feeding of the crumbs left by other clubs because the two dummies (Edu & Arteta) and their partner in crime Vinai and the useless ownership have turned Arsenal into a joke club.

  5. Trap

    Ruben Neves is a proper proven Premiership midfielder and portugese international….. He might not be world class but if he joins alongside partey we have a very mobile and Technical midfielder base to build on . I was hoping for someone like Aouar so we could play 2 no 8s ahead of partey but I’ll take this anyday

  6. Markymark

    Tom – bang on . It’s so obvious Martinez who’s been pissed around by Arsenal has had a word. Come to Villa it’s more straightforward and less infighting crap. He’d chose Villa nailed on.

  7. Rich


    I got kicked out of school at 14, not being educated by the system, and not being well read, is one of my best qualities

    I find the better the school or university someone attended, the more stupid they are, unfortunately they can’t teach common sense, and they don’t teach anywhere near enough critical thinking

    Career bureaucrats like yourself really crack me up

    You’ve got an apartment in North London, a house in West Wales

    Yet you hate the capitalist system that gives you your cushy lifestyle

    You’ve never had the pressure of employing people or running a business, yet you still think it’s a great idea to destroy the system that has given you a decent lifestyle, and loath people like me who pay your overinflated wages + pension

    You worked as a diplomat for a country you openly hate, and openly hate the people who pay your wages, then you wonder why people like me, loath useless career bureaucrats like you

    You’re the enemy within, no wonder you love big government and preaching the benefits of it, you’ve made an absolute mint from everyone’s else’s hard work by the sounds of it….

    While you were supposed to be working for this country, you were working against us

    The word traitor springs to mind

    Useless and pointless civil servants like yourself, need to remember who your bosses are, and who you work for

    Without our blood, sweat and tears, your job ceases to exist, so you might want to stop preaching your lefty BS, and show respect to the people who pay your wages

    Just call me Boss from now on…

  8. Adetunji

    Mr Serge

    It’s true that quality players abound in the world. However, what’s most important is buying the players who suit the premiership and who can take the team forward. Players like Buendia are fast, strong and deliver what wins matches.

    These sort of players aided Arsenal during the peak-Wenger years and you can see how Liverpool targets them. If left unchecked, Arsenal will remain a ponderous team that just pasess the ball in circles without end product.

  9. MD-Gunner

    “Who gives a shit about buendia there are others next”

    You conveniently omitted names of the others, and because Arsenal is being perceived now by other clubs to be an easy roll over, just like no one feared playing Arsenal at the Emirates, now no one fears taking Arsenal head on in player signing.

    More to come and expected in the summer TW, according to the Sunday Times, Arsenal have missed out on another target too with Celtic forward Odsonne Edouard ‘understood to prefer a reunion at Leicester City with Brendan Rodgers’.

    You can’t bring in players unless you have commitments to take the Arsenal dross of their hands. With no European football this is a bloated squad with many average players that can be moved on to Championship teams or loaned out. I seriously doubt that this will generate enough cash to start rebuilding the team.

    Please spare the readers here with “Who gives a shit about Edouard” because Arsenal is trying to offload some of their strikers but need replacement.

  10. Mr Serge

    Ade not bothered about buendia for every Madison there is a behrama it’s hit and miss
    If he turns out to be like Bellingham that’s a different story but he is nearly 25 and his only season in the prem was bang average

    I would prefer us to target premier league players like anguisa or bisouma that have done well if we are going that route.
    If we want to save money we have to find them like Leicester and Brighton and Southampton do before they go for big money

  11. Mr Serge


    They are posters not readers
    Who actually gives a shit about Eduard ffs
    How is he going to move us forward ?

  12. Jamie

    “I find the better the school or university someone attended, the more stupid they are”

    This statement only applies to Bamford.

  13. MD-Gunner

    “If we want to save money we have to find them like Leicester and Brighton and Southampton do before they go for big money”
    How are you going to do that with a non existing scouting department?

    “I would prefer us to target premier league players”
    Man you are dense Arsenal did that and they were successful with Willian & Luiz 😆

    The Arsenal squad is valued at £562 mil by football 365 and it is a tell tale when they concluded that Arsenal’s most valuable asset is the 19 year old Saka. Quoting Petit here is appropriate “I don’t recognize this club anymore, This is a turning point for Arsenal, they are at the end of the world. They need to take the right direction or else they’ll drop, drop and drop again and it’ll be more difficult for them to attract players.” These are a legend’s words not disgruntled and disappointed Le Grove posters.

  14. Mr Serge

    MD i am dense ? Wow you keyboard warrior you 😂😂😂
    Your two examples where free players that we should never have bought i am talking about young up and coming players that have done well at the club’s they are at not veterans at the end of their career
    We don’t need any more of those.

    Petit is just saying what a lot of people are saying it’s just common sense i am not going to lie awake at night worrying about what an ex player says

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    A melt down is a slow process, like one step forward & two steps back. Both characterise The Arsenal since Stan Kroenke took over. Another example of a melt down is main stream media, it’s becoming more & more irrelevant, like the Kroenke owned Arsenal, but it still persists in playing one off against the other to create mischief for the purpose of selling copy (or click bait as it is nowadays)

    Anyway, if you refuse to acknowledge that the one common denominator in the gradual melt down of The Arsenal has been the American takeover, then enjoy the slide.

    P.S My other Club is going for 4 in 5 years, after 37 years prior in the footy wilderness. Yeah Baby!!!!

  16. Champagne Charlie


    You are absolutely besotted with paper talk and headlines. Arsenal are linked with dozens of players each season, now we’re ‘missing out’ left, right, and centre because the Daily Mail wrote a headline about a footballer? Jesus Christ.

    What’s Ian Darke had to say about matters? You normally quote him weekly.

  17. Mr Serge

    CC Ian darke is the font of all knowledge lol he is more of a boxing reporter.

    Using luiz and willian as examples of us having tried the premier league route makes me laugh too
    Some fans on here are drama queens of the highest order.
    If we don’t do well in the first ten ganes with fans in the stadium MA will be gone
    Simple as that he is not the major problem though it’s the shit board

  18. MD-Gunner


    The ESPN pundits consider it below their dignity to discuss Arsenal anymore as it became evident with not a single mentioning in the last few shows.

    The on-line sports sites like to mention Arsenal because they know it is an excellent click bait, thuis the frantic posting here over the last week “get Grealish to come to Arsenal” by those that can’t distinguish reality from wishful thinking.

    Many here have commented how Arsenal is being mismanaged by Edu, Arteta & Vinai and allowed to do so by clueless KSE. That fact is bound to have results and the media and Arsenal legends just takes notice of that an d I agree with the mismanagement assessment.

    Here is a prediction, that little fucker Guendouzi is on his way to get the best of Arteta. His contract is ending next summer which means they are loosing their valuation of him, so as to get back to their hopeful 40 mil for him, Arsenal will extend it for another year in which he has no say so. But that means he could be playing at the club with Edu & Arteta gone. Or he could fuck over Arteta & Edu by doing what Ozil did being uncooperative and leave on a free.

    Get the pop corn ready it is about to get comedic at Arsenal.

  19. Champagne Charlie

    Luiz and Willian the ‘tried England’ approach? Jeez, throw in Cedric too. What’s that? Grand total of 8-10 mil between 3 players?

    That’s the same as 18 mil on Sokratis, 25 mil on Torreira, 30 mil on Saliba, 70 mil on Pepe. Some return we’ve got from cornering Europe for the value. At least if we’d have spent that money on these shores we’d have been hard pressed to get a worse return.

  20. MD-Gunner

    @Matt B
    Do I like Arsenal absolutely, like many others here who are longing for an Arsenal that they can recognize. Just don’t like the present make up of Arsenal, owner and management including players that don’t belong to this club.

    Felt Wenger needed not to be given a contract extension by KSE, hoped and trusted that Edu would be successful that was a misplaced trust, ditto for Emry but gave him the benefit of the doubt. However it ended when it became apparent that the selection of Arteta and those running the club dragged Arsenal down and my liking for this Arsenal has ended because I can’t recognize the football they play and find it absolutely stupefying to trust in the process at the club.

    This is not an Arsenal phenomenon it is something that has spread through the PL because people with no interest in football are trying to profit from fan adulation of the club’s supporters. At present I can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel for this Arsenal and feel really sorry for those who have to explain to their kids, “Dad you said Arsenal is a big club, why did they finish 8th in two seasons with no European football?”

  21. Useroz

    Suspect that the reason we’re not moving on him is Odegaard”

    That is a problem caused by sub par decision making many fans worry about,, and worse than just outbid by Vjlla…

    Neves another case in point, as similarly stated above.

  22. Valentin


    If Arteta and Edu genuinely think that exercising the option to extend Guendouzi one extra year to extract more money from Marseilles is going to work, I have a bridge to sell them.

    The more likely scenario is that Marseilles will just walk away and we will have an extremely pissed off player on our hand. I can even see Arsenal settling at the 11th hour on loaning him to Marseilles with an option to buy at a lower fee.

    Arteta does not want in his squad in his squad, so if we don’t sell now, we would end up sending on loan again. Once Arteta is sacked (luckily before Christmas) and replaced by a proper manager, Arsenal may recall his loan and get something out of him. If not that extension would have cost us more money than they were expecting to get from Marseilles.

  23. MD-Gunner

    You might be right here, I was just thinking who made him decide to choose Hertha? It was Ozil’s input and since Ozil got what he wanted by playing it smart not to give Arsenal any reason to get rid of him without paying up he might consult with Ozil. All I am saying is since Guen is young and if he is talented he may take the risk and follow Ozil’s path in leaving Arsenal on a free to get a sign-on bonus at the next club. But you might yet to sell your bridge to Moe, Larry and Curly.

  24. Guns of SF

    “Dad you said Arsenal is a big club, why did they finish 8th in two seasons with no European football?”

    My son knows the story. He says Arteta out! He even said today Wenger could do better- should we get him for a year? LOL

    I dont think he was wrong… Arteta has been terrible this season

  25. Dissenter

    Be careful about using your son to make a point here
    There are a few impulsive idiotsbtghat won’t hesitate to go after your child, better not cast your pearls before swine.

  26. Dissenter

    “If we spend our budget on Neves and not on Bissouma, then Edu should be fired. I find Xhaka even better than Neves.”

    Yea, He’s just as slow as Xhaka, lacks Xhaka’s passing ability and can’t beat a press to save his life.

    Only Arsenal will sell Xhaka for about 17 million and buy a lesser player for double that .

  27. Johnno


    The issue it appears is that you aren’t old enough. This is an Arsenal I can recognize. Useless owner. Lack ambition. A few top players – including some really promising academy graduates – a few splashy over paid names. A manager that is a gamble and the possibility of anywhere from 3rd to 9th depending on how the dice fall.

    That is the arsenal that I’ve supported for 45 years. It is only the brief 5-10 years of early wenger that were the exception. The fact that the club reverted to the mean by indulging wenger due to a lack of depth of knowledge in the executive just proves the norm.

    It’s annoying and frustrating and you feel like pulling your hair out because the club as so much potential but it’s appallingly run by total amateurs and owned by fan – dismissive and unambitious wankers. Kroenke was the most arsenal choice to succeed the Hill Woods.

    It’s who we are. Can’t see it changing. Love and embrace happiness and success. But it won’t last. If that ain’t your cup of tea? Too bad. No amount of barking at the moon by fans has ever changed us. Can’t see it happening now.

  28. Tom

    So apparently Arsenal did match Villas offer for Buendia with their own 33m plus addons bid, as well as his wages which were reported at 80kpw , but he still chose Villa at which point Arsenal quit.

    Not sure how reliable the sources that have reported this are but Pedro better fire up his propaganda machine and do his thing just as soon he’s done traveling.

    We simply can’t have that.

  29. China1


    ‘ China, if you don’t just pile on to Arteta on any given day are you out of step with reason? If Pedro followed this line of thinking wouldn’t he be simply playing into ‘the Arteta is Satan!’ posse?’

    Did we, or did we not just get hustled by the mighty Aston villa?

    Pretty much Every single news source is running with yes apart from Pedro who just so happens to be the arteta fan club grand wizard

    So my questions for you bob are thus

    1) how does it make you feel that we get hustled by the mighty Aston villa? Something unheard of in my life time
    2) more importantly why do you think villa are able to hustle arsenal (again for the first time in my life time)?

    Two very big questions I’d like to hear your answers for

  30. Zimbogunner

    Always clamouring for wrong signing. What have Bunedia won to make noise about?
    He belongs to small clubs so good luck to him at Villa. If all you think we are big we should be seen bidding for players other big clubs are in for.
    Making noise for Bissouma and Anguissa shows we now lack class. How many other clubs are going after them? Mind they’re Africans too you know about the AFCON plus the age cheating shit!
    Same people who were insulting wenger some years back for not signing YangaMbiwa, Bassong, Taraabat and Holtby signings that proved shit

  31. MD-Gunner

    I feel for you and there may be a silver lining here, when you will meet your maker he will look at you and simple say “Johnno, you suffered enough as an Arsenal fan I am going to give you a pass”.

    However, with your opinion of “No amount of barking at the moon by fans has ever changed us. Can’t see it happening now” I might have a different take. The ESL disaster for the first time had such an outraged supporters reaction, that it caused the UK government to make noises on withholding player permits, it doesn’t matter if this would have ever happened or not, but I am sure that it contributed to the quick withdrawal of the English clubs.from the ESL. It gave a glimmer of hope to fans if they are persistent and loud enough in their complaints in the stadiums the bad PR could move ownership to listen more to fans and perhaps even listen to fan representatives in a forum.

    A club without fans is nothing but an empty product and who is going to part with their cash for something that is an unappealing product. It is one of the reasons I stopped watching many of the PL games and watched Southern Hemisphere Rugby matches with thousands of fans in attendance since June 2020.

    All the best in your endeavor to come to terms with the cycle of a dysfunctional Arsenal leadership.

  32. Tom

    If “the Independent” story is on the money then this is actually worse than originally thought.
    Making a 30m bid, if that’s your Buendia valuation, and refusing to get into a bidding war with Villa who offered 33m could be seen as a sign of character rather than weakness.

    Matching Villas numbers on the transfer and wages front and still losing out is just embarrassing.

  33. Guns of SF

    No way is that a show of character. We have been after this player for almost 2 years now. It was for the taking. Fuck it…. 40M, there you go.

    I do think that maybe the execs heard that he wanted Villa, for other reasons and likely pulled out then. However, we could have gone super hard for this player to make it really hard to say no. It seems he said no quite easily.

  34. Mb

    Well, if it was City, Liverpool or Chelsea matching the Villa offer, I don’t see Bunedia rejecting that.

    We are a mid table club, outside of European football and no Wenger pull.

    We have a manager who has brilliant relation with young players e.g. Guendouzi, Saliba, Martinelli; who don’t mind playing bums like Willian, Xhaka and Luiz instead of Martinell, Azeez, Mavro/Saliba.

    Last season was a nice thing to evaluate every player, but we stuck to old, uninterested ones and still can only finish 8th. I’m afraid we will be doing it this season with no big names coming in (not for all the open position we need an upgrade).

  35. Mb

    Frankly I don’t mind if Arteta believes he needs Ode instead. Or if he wants to play Willian. Or ostracize every youngsters.

    But we finished 8th. Fuck the since Christmas table. #ArtetaOut

  36. Moe

    Villa were in the Championship some 2 years ago……..let that sink in for a minute. Arsenal wanted Buendia and it’s pitiful revisionism to suggest otherwise. They’ve been wanting to sign him for sometime now. At the end of this Arteta saga, we’ll be lucky to sign Buendia’s nephew. Odegaard……lol. Oh how the mighty have fallen

  37. LoveSausage

    Seems like we, in fact, we’re after Buendia. But let’s assume we weren’t for a bit. Does that make it better in some way? We’re a team that sorely lacks creativity and chance creation. Buendia is one of the few available players in our price range that’s PL-ready and pretty much guarantees those things. Not being after him would possibly be an even bigger sign of incompetence than losing out to Villa.

  38. Guns of SF


    I think Arteta wants Ode and will focus on getting him.
    I hope not…tho

    Aouar Im willing to take a chance on… similar to Buendia but more a light weight

  39. LoveSausage


    Yeah, it seems like that might be the case. I’ve said it before, I’d take Ode at the right price. But the right price is half of what RM want. He’s a neat player but for 50M you’d expect someone who can carry the team. And he showed no signs of being that player consistently.

    I’ll admit I haven’t seen Aouar play. Looks good on YouTube but so do many others.

  40. Guns of SF

    a loan again for Ode ok.. I can live with that
    A loan for Coutinho ok…
    Buy Aouar

    Those three on the pitch together would be like Wenger days with three creators – making things happen would be interesting!

  41. LoveSausage

    I see your point. But honestly I’m just really tired of all the talk about loans. We’ve been stuck as a club for a long time and we won’t get ourselves unstuck by loaning in players we can’t afford. I’d rather take a few chances on younger players that we can develop and that we know will be here for 4 years. I don’t see us developing an identity any other way.

  42. Tony

    Been keeping abreast of the LG comments and have been enjoying the comedy with your songs/lyrics.

    Thought Almunia was leading the way until the Dido effort yesterday by Kroenkephobe; that will take some topping guys.

    Bird & Fortune were excellent writers as well as more intellectual comedians than those around during their time on Bremner’s TV’s political satire shows.

    KP? Like Almunia I wondered about the bubble you spoke of yesterday and had to chuckle at the wealthy day trippers trying to blend in – probably a sit com in the making there somewhere.Read yesterday about a Welshman being the only guy left in a small town because out-of-town millionaires have bought all the other properties bar his.

    Humour is what is needed with our TW aspirations if that is what we can call them at this time.

    The only thing interesting about the TW silly season is reading about players I haven’t heard of from WEagle, Marko and other posters who watch far more games than I get to see.

    I have no interest in watching England unless they make it to the final.

    EL Tel’s Euro 96 I watched in Benidorm of all places because of some muso friends having properties there where we lost to Germany on penalties. That was the last time I followed our national team. If memory serves me right Venables and Don Howe being the coaching team; ex Spud and Ex Arsenal managers working together – not that it did us any good.

    That was a good era for punditry, as well with Greaves and Ian St John being the pundits I loved to watch most when in the UK.

    Anyway, I digress.

    The daily golfing is going great for my son and I’m beginning to learn a lot more about the sport. It looks like we won’t have vaccines here for another month or 2, so my son has to continue his online studying from his school until it’s safe to go back to school classes after being vaccinated.

    I mix and match electing to walk some holes and use a buggy for others with my son. He has 2 coaches/pros who have chosen to work closely with him, so I’m just a bystander being educated all the time as to what he needs next in his learning development where eventually I’ll take my son to a Trackman center with his pro that was suggested by Luteo here a few days ago.

    6 months into him taking up golf and he still can’t get enough of it. He spends up to 14 hours a day at the course and ranges at weekends and 6+ hours a week day.

    As for our TW?

    I equally adopt your thinking that whoever we buy have to be coached by Arteta, so judging by the regression of our squad, there’s no point getting hopes up for next season unnecessarily.

    The way I see it is for the last 12+ years at least we’ve been run so badly from the owners to the coaches any good fortune to come our way in this TW will be more by luck and good fortune than clever meticulous planning and skillful negotiating: 2 areas we have continually abused and still do.

    Be well and keep the songs coming at least it gives us something to smile about.

    I’ll leave a song from one of my older fav song writers: Alan Parsons.

    Fabulous pedigree of Sgt Pepper’s studio assistant engineer and the Dark Side of the Moon studio engineer +++++

  43. Tony


    I’ve never heard of a village missing its idiot bad enough to send out a search party; they usually change the road signs within a 20 miles radius.

    However, in your case an exception should be made.

    “I got kicked out of school at 14, not being educated by the system, and not being well read, is one of my best qualities.”

    Janet & John books too much for you to take in? In fact what are your best best abilities?

    Would certainly make you boring to talk to as most of your non football posts attest. Did you try to gain entry to Approved schools or did they also turn you down?

    Always vacancies for people of your lack of education that include:.

    Lollypop road crossing person
    Canteen Dinner person
    Toll booth operator
    4th Bridge painter
    Soap box orator in Hyde Park

    “I find the better the school or university someone attended, the more stupid they are, unfortunately they can’t teach common sense, and they don’t teach anywhere near enough critical thinking”

    What a truly dumb statement. You and common sense in the same sentence? Fascinating!

    Everyone has the right to be stupid, but you just plain abuse that right.

    It’s true some graduates find it hard to think outside the box and need to find answers only in books, and therefore, find jobs that have to be done by the book, as it were.

    The vast majority of under grads and graduates have a lot more gumption and ability than you give credit for if you look further than politicians from left and right parties.

    So do you go to witch doctors for medical advice?

    I would imagine the real medical doctors with Master degrees and PhDs don’t have enough critical thinking to stem the loss of your brain cells.

    I suppose you see yourself as a graduate of the word encyclopedia/Internet.

    Rich, you take being anal to a whole new level.

  44. MD-Gunner

    Please stop the village idiot comparison, because I hurt so badly from laughing, Thank you for adding to making this Sunday a joyous one.

    Now back to football and Arsenal. Because Arsenal after 18 months interest in Buendia lose out to a team not yet fully reestablished back into the Premier League presents a serious problem. Any other CAM Arsenal is planning to buy is going to be overpriced because selling clubs know Arsenal’s top target is a CAM and they lost out on Buendia. Arsenal is between a rock and a hard place just wait until RM holds out for Odegaard’s £50 mil valuation.

    It is a plain con job that we heard from Arteta that a lot of things were going to change and the owners were going to back him. In either case if they didn’t match or exceed Villa’s bid, then KSE are skimping as usual. If they matched or exceeded Villa’s bid then that is so embarrassing and puts the label on the present Arsenal as now being a has been club.

    Compare that to Abramowich and the owners of Villa who spent upwards of £120 mil a season since they arrived.

  45. China1

    Brownie well we all know Arteta will find any excuse to throw even more money at CBs (kinda amusing since artetas supporters also trumpet how good our defense has been under him. Hard to have it both ways? Apparently not in the cult!

    The easiest way for Arteta to get an excuse to cunt off saliba and appease his CB fetish is to loan saliba out, hope he fails so he has an excuse to sell him, meanwhile he wastes money on another CB in the grand hope that he can be just good enough to keep Saliba out the team

    Not sure there’s much more genius to it than that

  46. Guns of SF

    Buendia chose them over us. Plain and simple.
    Not just that, he made up his mind pretty quickly. Interesting knowing that…
    he knew we were chasing him for a while yet turned against signing for us.
    Says it all.

    And indeed Aulas, will be holding Aouar price the same as Buendia. Clearly the entire world knows now, we have the cash.

  47. Guns of SF

    Fuck it, Just but Aouar for the asking price and get on with it. This nickle and diming and tire kicking is so boring and worthless.

    Get in Aouar and Bissouma/Anguissa and most will forget the Buendia fiasco

  48. MD-Gunner

    There are players at Arsenal that are glad that they have their retirement checks coming in and they will not make a noise. But then there are players that are so pissed off at Arteta that if they are young may risk not signing a new contract and then force their way out on a free.

    Players will only move if they agree to the clubs proposals. Ozil did not agree and stayed until Arsenal decided the PR is so bad pay off his contract. If a 32 year old can do this how about someone that is more then 10 years younger. The attitude of those that Arteta pissed off must be like hell and they may be out for revenge. But then Arteta may be out of a job in 6 months and all is well..

  49. China1

    Rich I’m not sure you know what you’re talking about with uni post grads

    ‘ “I find the better the school or university someone attended, the more stupid they are, unfortunately they can’t teach common sense, and they don’t teach anywhere near enough critical thinking”

    So you know loads of Oxbridge guys and most of them are dim, meanwhile most of us who went to less reputable institutions are smarter? Not sure there’s any evidence of truth in that and I say that as someone who

    The only major difference between Oxbridge and lesser university goers is that Oxbridge guys had to be more academic to get in. That doesn’t guarantee them to be more intelligent in the real world but how being more academically successful would make you a less intelligent person makes no sense at all.

    Common sense is not inversely related to academic performance. They’re entirely unrelated. It’s like saying players who are tall tend to have a better first touch. It’s not related.

    As someone who went to a low ranked British university who benefits from your assumption, I can confirm my university had all sorts, the good the bad and the ugly. Oxford and co will have the same, except their good bad and ugly got better academic test scores than our good bad and ugly to qualify to enroll.

    I respect that you have presumably done fine for yourself in spite of dropping out of school early etc. fair play. But by shitting on top end uni graduates like that just shows a lack of genuine confidence in yourself. Many of the most capable and successful people in the world have and will continue to come out of those unis. No need to shit on them to elevate your own standing. You can just be you well and that’s enough

  50. Sid

    The point @Rich is making is that British universities are about brainwashing the commons.(He needs to travel more)
    Their goal is to create a labour surplus and drive wages down

  51. PhD2020

    RichJune 6, 2021 22:23:08
    “I got kicked out of school at 14, not being educated by the system, and not being well read, is one of my best qualities”

    Explains a lot,not really surprised-duh!!
    We implore you to leave the socio/political-economic stuff out of your commentary.It’s painful reading and quite frankly embarrassing.

    RichJune 6, 2021 22:23:08

    I find the better the school or university someone attended, the more stupid they are, unfortunately they can’t teach common sense, and they don’t teach anywhere near enough critical thinking

    Really now?You’ve really gone and dug yourself into a deep hole.
    I guess you’ve never visited a doctor for any ailments or surgery ever in your life then?Since you think doctors who are educated are not critical thinkers?

    What do you do,when an ailment or a disease strikes you or your family,seek self treatment?Break open a medical book and(doubt it) begin to super glue your torn tendons together?

    I guess you’ve had no reason to employ a lawyer or a solicitor albeit for drafting contracts when purchasing or selling a house,when facing disputes,seeking legal advice albeit for civil or criminal matters-since they are not critical thinkers-right?

    Try telling Warren Buffett,Elon Musk,Jeff Bezos etc, all educated,that they are not critical thinkers and see what reaction you’ll get from them.

    The mind truly boggles with you,it truly does.

    Say hi to Keynes,Friedman and Smith for me. 🙂

  52. Captain Tierney

    After digging a little bit into numbers, reading up fan sentiments and watching YT comps, these are some takeaways –

    – Neves has very good tracking, pressures and interception numbers. His pressure and tackling success rate is similar to Kante. In most of these categories Neves is like in top 80 percentile while Xhaka is in like 30-50 percentile. So Neves beats him out quite easily here.

    – In terms of Long passing and switches, Neves is one of the best in the league in this category. Xhaka lacks way behind. But Progressive passes is a whole different story. Xhaka is one of the best hm within this category whereas Neves is around 60-70 percentile. Xhaka also competes more dribbles but both are extremely poor dribblers hovering around 5-10 percentile

    – Neves has more goal contributions than Xhaka, He’s got an exceptional long shot in him.

    – In terms of aerial ability, Xhaka clearly is the better player..

    – Both are regarded as leaders by their teammates.

    – Neves seems to have a good 180 turn in him, even under pressure. Xhaka can only dream here.

    – Most importantly I don’t remember Neves making any silly mistakes whenever I’ve watched him. Xhaka always has a blunder in him.

    – Acc to Wolves fans, Neves was one of their most important players in this difficult season along with Neto.

    In conclusion, Neves may be an upgrade on Xhaka which goes against what I have said before ( I should have done my research ) If Arteta absolutely wants this kind of European midfielder who is PL proven, Neves may be a good option.

    Obviously he is not my first choice. There are many foreign players I would take before Neves.
    Locatelli, Neuhaus are 2 players I’d look at thoroughly.

    And I know people love Bissouma, I do too. But he is extremely similar to TP. We need someone to compliment TP not replicate him

  53. Captain Tierney

    Guys I’d humbly suggest you not to reply to Rich’s political statements. Idk why he tries to embarrass himself again and again

    He’s got good takes when it comes to football, lets just debate on them.

  54. Kroenkephobe

    I pissed myself reading that. The big intellectual heavyweight finally admits he doesn’t read. And only someone as overtly ill educated as you would make so many false assumptions about someone else. Here’s some truth.

    I read avidly as a kid. I liked it and still do. It’s helped equip me for dealing with the kind of arseholes that you meet around every corner (or online in your case). I was brought up on a properly rough housing estate by my mum (no father – you obviously didn’t absorb that from an exchange between Tony and me when we were talking about similarities in our lives). Being aware of living in shit circumstances in a country that devises policies to increase inequality helped form my politics. If you don’t like that, go fuck yourself.

    And I didn’t go to university because I simply didn’t fancy it. Instead I started on the very bottom rung of an organisation packed with properly clever oxbridge graduates from privileged public school backgrounds and learnt quickly because I had to. Its brutal and stressful being around careerist smart arses all day I can assure you. You paid my wages as a civil servant nouveau Rich (thanks matey) but you got value let me assure you. I had some pretty hairy stints in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Colombia. While you were having a pina colada in TGIF (a humorous assumption) I was keeping my head down in Tehran and having a cup of tea to celebrate Thank God its Thursday because their weekend was Friday and Saturday. Oh, and I’ll save hurricane Katrina for another day. So Rich, you massive Tory patriot, what did you do for your country?

    And you can’t have it both ways. I live in a capitalist society. I certainly don’t agree with all of it but why shouldn’t I choose to be good at it? Moreover, why should I jeopardise my kids’ futures and choices in life by living under a rock clutching a little red book? All you really need is access to capital as I’m sure Adam Smith and Friedman would inform you if you read anything. I don’t know your circumstances and don’t care to, but in the words of that nasty tory brummie brother in law in that sketch show, ‘I’m (probably) considerably richer than yow’. That must hurt Rich.

    If you steadfastly refuse to read, why not try penning some stupid alternative words to songs. It keeps Almunia and me amused for hours!

  55. Tee

    “Yea, He’s just as slow as Xhaka, lacks Xhaka’s passing ability and can’t beat a press to save his life.”

    The kinda trash this dissenter guy posts on here is sometimes worth asking if he ever thinks before posting.

    First it was the afcon now it’s neves cannot beat a press. Have you watched him play at all? This guy has xhaka’s long pass and cannot be easily dispossessed like xhaka.

    Fountain of wisdom you are. lol

  56. Kroenkephobe

    Oh and Rich

    You said ‘I got kicked out of school’. You make that sound as if it passively happened to you and you had no part in the decision to kick you out. Those nasty teachers making up charges against innocent kids eh?

    What really happened because as it stands that comment makes you the worst kind of – ooh what’s that word people like you use – yeah got it, a snowflake. Put your big boy trousers on Rich – why were you expelled?

  57. Guns of SF

    Judge for yourself… seems like a little upgrade on Xhaka. Clearly does not dribble much tho and hardly joins the attack… pings those long balls forward ala Xhaka. Seems more mobile and agile.

  58. Sid

    “””””””First it was the afcon now it’s neves cannot beat a press. Have you watched him play at all?”””””””


  59. Sid

    Bissouma is we should have got instead of Partey, Neves is who should replace Xhakalson but with both scenarios,
    we need still need a dynamic CM to control tempo/dictate play, neither Partey, Bissouma, Neves can do this to take us to the next level.
    The less said about Xhakalson the better.

  60. PhD2020

    KroenkephobeJune 7, 2021 07:00:06
    Put your big boy trousers on Rich – why were you expelled?

    Maybe, because some left leaning socialist advocate-an ‘A’ grade type student destined for Oxbridge stole his girlfriend and Rich beat the living daylights out of him.The grudge against such types runs deep.. 🙂

    Would be interesting to hear Rich’s thoughts on the socio-economic system employed by the nordic countries -Sweden as a notable example.
    Then again,I’d rather not.

    Everybody whether educated or not makes a valuable contribution to society through sheer effort and endeavour.Just don’t understand the need to project one’s inferiority complex with regards to a lack of education onto others, who have been able to afford themselves an education through whatever means or resources(or lack of) at their disposal.

    It’s never too late to educate yourself,and besides there is nothing wrong in being ambitious(subjective).You work hard for your living and reap the fruits of your labour or rewards of that.Therefore why begrudge someone who goes to an elite university and makes something of themselves,in turn providing a good quality of life for their family and contributing to society in a meaningful way.

    Would you deny your children the choice of a better education at a good university and a better life,if given a chance-Rich?

    If your answer is no,then you’d be lying to yourself Rich.

  61. Tee

    “Judge for yourself… seems like a little upgrade on Xhaka. Clearly does not dribble much tho and hardly joins the attack… pings those long balls forward ala Xhaka. Seems more mobile and agile.”

    The agility does it for me coupled with the fact he doesn’t make errors leading to goals frequently.

  62. Kaz

    Imagine trying to downplay the signing of a player you personally had been hyping up for months 🤦🏾‍♂️

    We didn’t put in an official bid because we were putting in enquiries and Arsenal don’t do quick transfers. We’d have dragged it on all window trying to get it cheaper. Norwich recognise that because it is fucking predictable so they were happy to offload quick to Villa.

    It absolutely is embarrassing.

    Villa is a lot more of an exciting prospect then Artetaball.

    Has one of the best keepers in the league and one of the best midfielders, if you can’t recognise that, get your eyes checked. They can play some lovely football and are much stronger for the signing.

    We on the otherhand play some slow, ugly ball. Reliant on Saka for everything and have a manager that would rather create a crossing centric gameplan for two of the worst heading strikers in the league, rather then quick tempo counters ✌🏾

  63. Bob N16

    China, you pose questions that have already been answered but one more time, here goes:

    We did not get ‘bested’ by AV. We chose not to offer as much money as they did for a player who they clearly valued more than we did. I know I’m making an assumption here but I believe it is a fairer one than assuming we offered Norwich the same amount as AV, similar terms and Buendía chose them over us.

    Again I would suggest you read Arseblog today who expresses my thoughts better than I can on the subject of ‘missed transfer targets’.

    On a different subject, I don’t understand why Bissouma is negatively considered a ‘Partey Mk 2’. An ability to receive the ball on the turn under pressure, athletic, dynamic, vertical passing etc. Against weaker opposition a more playmaker type would possibly make sense but against strong opposition I would like to see a really solid CM partnership. If we get a RB who mirrors what KT does on the left, I think we’d be a tough side to beat, assuming we can get more creative/clinical up front!

    I’m still hoping (!) Saliba can be integrated as his long passing would negate the argument for a more ‘quarterback’ style deep-lying playmaker.

  64. Gonsterous

    Captain Tierney

    Xhaka also has good long range shots and sometime scores from long range. however he hardly takes them as he is mostly playing in our half but I do remember him hitting a few long shots even if it wasn’t anything special.

    The main question is, swap these players and Is xhaka going to be as effective as neves at wolves? If no, then neves is an upgrade, if yes then xhaka is the better player and if it’s the same why bother going for someone who isn’t going to improve us.

    Whoever we get in, is going to be an upgrade, unless it’s ceballos. Even partey had a crap season, but I’m sure he will be much Vetter with a decent MF partner.

  65. China1

    Bob that doesn’t add up

    Buendia himself had to agree to move to villa. The window is just barely opening, if he knew arsenal had bid and just a few million less, he could have VERY easily delayed making a decision to see if arsenal match/better villa or he could’ve made some noise and tried to get Norwich to accept the few mil less from arsenal. There was no delay, no hesitation, straight to villa. What does that tell you about what the player wanted? There isn’t one narrative on this that adds up favourablg for arsenal. We’ve been linked by villa and Buendia preferred arsenal.

    We can paint this any way we like but that is demonstrably the reality here

  66. Habesha Gooner

    I have been a fan of Neves since his Porto days. And I wouldn’t mind if he came. But that would mean we use partey as the dribbler and progressive player. Neves is good at through balls and passing quickly. He is a bit like Busquets. But he has far better defensive numbers. I was all for signing him. And I would take him over Bissouma because we wouldn’t get much forward play from CM with Bissouma anyway.

    He is not comparable to xhaka at all though. He can beat a press by a body feint or a turn. And his passes are way more dangerous than xhaka. People speak about Xhakas progressive passes but I don’t see many passes that lead to opportunities. Neves though is a quick mover of the ball. And he creates counterattacks and has the ability to create a goalscoring opportunity from deep which xhaka lacks.

    I have changed my mind though about the choice of player. If I was to choose I would take someone like Aouar ( not particularly him) in profile. Partey can add to the pressure from a bit deeper. Neves though isn’t that type of player.

    Anyway between the choices the best balanced player is Anguissa. He has the best balance between attack and defense. He would be the more progressive and adventurous CM if he was to paired with Partey. Bissouma and Neves though are more defensive than offensive. Aouar is more offensive than defensive. And I think we need a player like that. Or at best a balanced player like Anguissa. Relying on Partey to be our offensive weapon wouldn’t be the way to go although he is very much capable of it.

  67. Terraloon

    Arsenal aren’t going into a season albeit a season with a maximum of around 50 games with as a small squad as some are suggesting

    Looking at the past squad numbers around the various clubs I would be staggered if Arsenal don’t have at least 23 over 21 year olds and that will be supplemented by around 4-5 under 21 year olds from the list who are likely to be in or around the senior squad.

    I am still staggered with the suggestion from some as to the value that some of the potential departures firstly because they are considered to be not of the standard of a what is sadly close to a mid table team, secondly because transfer values are massively deflated and finally because other clubs will likewise be looking to offload players many are current full internationals players like Emerson at Chelsea who it seems value has dropped to as little as €10 million

    No competent manager would look toward replacing too many players from a squad irrespective of the temptation at most you would expect maybe two , three or possibly four

    In effect you are looking to replace those that have already left be it like Luiz at the end of their contracts or the three loan players.

    I can see some of the players that were out on loan not returning but likewise I can see both Willock and Guendozi, yep I know that’s a strange one, being re inter granted back into the squad.

    I have no doubt that there will be a couple of sales including the likes of AMN but players like Torreira will cause the bean counters at Arsenal a dilemma in that he is probably just not going to ship up at a club in Europe and there isn’t big money in players transferring to S America.

    I may well be amazed as to just what happens in the window but there again I suspect a lot are going to be disappointed

  68. Bob N16

    China, Buendía may we’ll have felt that AV wanted him more ( offering Norwich a more attractive deal)and accepted that AV was a good move. That doesn’t mean that AV ‘bested’ us, simply that they were keener on him and therefore willing to make a better offer.

    If you can’t see that this is the most likely scenario then your perspective on Arsenal is making you unreasonable.

  69. Bob N16

    Terraloon, I agree that there is likely to be a gap between our hoped for departures and the reality. However even with European football our squad needed thinning so Mr Garlick will be a very busy man!

  70. Champagne Charlie

    In what world was Villa’s deal a matter of a ‘few million’ more than Arsenal’s which would apparently mean Buendia dig his heels in (where he has 0 leverage)?

    If you believe the journos we bid 30 mil, Villa have bid 33 rising to 40, with a 10% sell on. That’s 25% higher plus a sell-on clause down the line, Arsenal flat out refused to go further than 30.

    The point of contention here is that some valued Buendia higher than Arsenal and are out of joint over it, which is fair enough but please spare the stories of the club being gazumped by Villa when we’ve actively refused to go beyond 30 mil.

  71. Valentin


    What is your definition of bested?
    To me it is a club have to offered a better package to the player.
    Players don’t choose their next club only for financial reason. So the best package is not just financial. It is also best career prospect, best off the field relationship.

    IMHO China1 is right in stating that if Buendia had wanted to join us over Aston Villa, he could have forced the move. The fact that he did not, indicates that the proposal that Aston Villa made to him was more enticing than the one Arsenal offered.

    We just don’t know the exact reason. It could higher salary, could be closeness to Emilio Martinez, could be the Villa coach Smith over Arteta.

  72. Champagne Charlie

    How could Buendia have forced a move?

    He’s under contract until 2024, Norwich just got promoted, he just broke into the National side. Literally every incentive to comply with the club and respect their demands.

    Not to mention there was a bidding side who had delivered acceptable terms to Norwich, so it wasn’t like they were prohibiting ANY move. Arsenal didn’t want to go near the agreeable terms, so there’s no choice in the matter. It was Norwich for another year or Villa. The agenda is ridiculous.

  73. Ishola70

    What’s hard to understand here.

    If Buendia wanted Arsenal he simply refuses the Aston Villa offer. It doesn’t matter if Aston Villa offered 3 million more if the players says no to the deal.

    Since when have transfers been just about the selling club and not the player sold.

  74. Captain Tierney


    All of Xhaka’s goals for us have been absolutely worldlies. But he requires a lot of time and space on the ball before he can even unleash one on target Even if one minuscule of the plenty of variables is not right, his shot ends up in the stands.

    Neves on the other hand, has the ability to create 1 yard of space on the edge of the box and his shots have much higher percentage of hitting the target ( this is just my eye test).

    The one reason why the majority of Arsenal fans dont seem to like Xhaka is due to the quantity of silly sometimes fatal mistakes you get with the Xhaka package. If you remove those mistakes there is a good player in there.

    Neves doesn’t make so many mistakes and he is nearly as good or better than Xhaka in most categories except progressive passes ( Also have to remember Wolves are a counter attacking side and don’t have much of the ball) and Ariel duels.

    I think Neves is an upgrade on Xhaka. But for TP and Neves Midfield to succeed TP will have to do much more than what he has this season.

  75. Almuniasaynomore

    Forget about that for a minute though. I think we have to accept that none of us know the truth about Arsenal’s intentions with regard to Buendia or how they handled the potential transfer. Both sides can(and are) using the story to attack/ defend Arteta. You (and I agree) have pointed out the need for an attacking/creative/technician ( or two). Losing Buendia means we’re down to Ode,Auour, Pereira, or Coutinho. RM will screw us for Ode, Auour is a serious risk,Pereira unproven, Coutinho prob expensive loan (which we’re all sick of). I’m sure there are others that can be bought,Atalanta guy for example. But given the importance of both this window and that type of player, did your heart not drop when we lost Buendia? I know mine did.

  76. Emiratesstroller

    There is a lot of negative noise about Arsenal’s finances, although I suspect that they are not
    as bad as some imagine and perhaps more importantly there appears to be a commitment from the Kroenke family that the club will provide the management with a decent transfer
    budget this summer.

    Personally I believe that Arsenal’s priority when the transfer window opens this week was to find a replacement for Xhaka who is leaving the club this summer. Finding the right partner for Partey in central midfield is an absolute must.

    Clearly Arsenal will finalise at the same time the sale of Xhaka who is clearly in demand both in Rome and elsewhere in Europe.

    When it comes to the AMF position Arsenal are not currently offloading a player, because
    Odegaard came to the club on loan.

    This position is probably less of a priority, because I suspect that Arsenal would prefer still
    to recruit Odegaard if he became available.

    Buendia is a very good player but he is more of a RW than a AMF and frankly we are well
    stocked in that position. We can argue ad infinitum why Aston Villa outbid us and the player
    chose them. My guess is that Arsenal did not wish to engage in a bidding war and Buendia
    is more likely to be guaranteed a starting place there than at Arsenal.

    Arsenal need to offload a large number of players this summer and reduce the size of their
    squad and that will be a priority. I am 100% certain that Kolasinac, Torreira, Guendouzi and
    Maitland-Niles are unwanted and will be sold this summer. Collectively they will pay for a
    decent AMF.

    It is still unclear what other players might leave this summer. One suspects that Bellerin is
    likely to go and most probably Nketiah will also leave in view of Balogun signing a new contract and likely to be promoted to first team squad.

    I am less convinced that Leno and Lacazette will be leaving this summer.

    My view is still that Arsenal will focus on recruiting first string players in AMF,CMF and RB
    with second string recruits in GK [most probably Ryan] and LB. That will tie up a tidy chunk
    of our transfer budget.

    The overall priority this summer is to reduce size of squad and make it more fit for purpose.
    Frankly we don’t need a squad larger than 22-23 if we are playing in Europe.

  77. Ishola70

    Where do most of Xhaka’s “progressive” passes take place?

    In his own half.

    The whole point about Neves is that he can get the ball moving quicker from deeper areas.up the pitch.

    He has the same range of passing as Xhaka.

    And he can actually win out in midfield duels in the middle of the pitch which you don’t see too much from Xhaka because he sits deep most of the time away from the traffic.

    He is a clear upgrade on Xhaka

    Ridiculous really hearing he is another Xhaka or even some have said worse than Xhaka.

  78. Ishola70


    “Clearly Arsenal will finalise at the same time the sale of Xhaka who is clearly in demand both in Rome and elsewhere in Europe.”

    lol where else in Europe?

    Have Hertha Berlin put in another bid for him along with Roma?

    That will put a couple more pounds on his transfer fee.

    Two clubs battling it out for Xhaka.

  79. raptora

    This site has got it right more often than not so I’m willing to trust it.

    Did Arsenal really want him?

    Sources involved in the deal have told that Arsenal were ‘seriously’ interested in Buendia and launched a bid for him on Wednesday.

    It’s unclear whether the Gunners launched a second bid, but what is certain is that Aston Villa produced a better offer to the Buendia camp which showed the Argentine a clear pathway on how he will be utilised at Villa Park next season.

    However, Martin Odegaard remains the main target this summer and technical director Edu remains convinced that he can reach a deal with Real Madrid, whether it be a loan extension or a permanent move.

    “We have a very clear and strong opinion on what we would like to do,” said manager Mikel Arteta when asked about keeping Odegaard.

    “He’s not our player. We will have discussions in the next few weeks. And respect first of all because he’s a Real Madrid player, and we will have those communications.

    “We’ve tried to make everything that we could to get Martin performing for the team, which I think he’s done.

    “And he’s adapted really well to our way of playing and to our football club. And hopefully we have given him as well the hope and the feeling that it could be a good place for him.”

    It’s worth noting that Buendia has the same agent as Emi Martinez, and both players are close friends with their families intertwined.

    Former Arsenal goalkeeper Martinez played a huge role in selling the Villa project to Buendia, while director of football Johan Lange also made it clear that Buendia is Villa’s number one target this summer.

    When asked why Buendia accepted Villa’s offer, a source close to the player replied: “we’re working on his best future” and confirmed that the players “wants” to join Dean Smith’s side.

  80. Ishola70

    Neves is not the most stylish player is he.

    That’s why some may be down on him.

    But if he is effective for the side aesthetics should not matter.

    There is only one aspect where Xhaka beats Neves.

    Xhaka has a bit more style on the ball than Neves.

    That is not even noteworthy in regards a player being truly effective for the side.

  81. Champagne Charlie


    No, honestly can’t say it did. Arsenal were sniffing around him last year and did nothing, so a tepid effort this time out tells me we liked him but not nearly enough. I’m not so undone by matters throughout the window, I’ve always shrugged my shoulders until the final days when the context is delivered on matters that preceded.

    If we end the window without a creative talent added it will change my view of our efforts with Buendia, but I’m not going to sit and use it to slander all involved which is so readily the response these days. I found the Arseblog post yesterday a comically sly dig at the entitlement of fans. Outrage if we do, if we don’t etc. I’m not a dramatic person, I prefer a thousand times over to allow a situation enough oxygen to provide a spark before prematurely extinguishing it.

    Microwave society though, short attention spans, on-demand everything. Very boring stuff when it comes to things of genuine quality that have been reared properly and with due time.

  82. Champagne Charlie


    Yea, I’m sure Buendia saying he wanted Arsenal would’ve made Norwich accept 10 million less plus no sell-on clause. That’s how transfers work.

  83. Ishola70

    It’s how they can work out Charlie if a player clearly wants to move to one club over another.

    Are you telling us now you have never heard or come across player power in regards transfers?

  84. raptora

    What this tells us is that Arsenal did make a half-hearted approach but never really made Buendia feel like he’s 100% wanted because indeed Arsenal didn’t want him so badly.

    But Buendia was one of the main targets, not #1 – Odegaard, but a main target as Arsenal did make a bid for Buendia.

    The conclusion is that we’ve missed a main target to chase a player who might not even be available at all. And who in my opinion is not better to begin with. That’s me of course but the idea that you miss on your 2nd choice because the 1st MIGHT be available sucks really bad. Now if Odegaard remains at Madrid or another bidder for him shows up, we will lose our #1 and #2 targets, to chase god knows who.

    I would maybe understand that approach if the difference of quality between the 2 players was striking. If we had the choice between Bernardo Silva and Andros Townsend. But to me the one that we decided to not chase is even better than the one we are going to put all of efforts on. We needed goals badly so a goal scorer + creator compared to a pass merchant to me we needed the end product and not the cutesy stuff.

    If Buendia fails or explodes in the EPL is not certain. But it should be marked that Arteta and Edu decided against getting him. They had a clear path and decided against it.

    Future will show who was right and who was wrong but at the moment it wasn’t even a “who do we wanna go for”. It’s “who do we wanna go for, when one of the players is 100% available and we can have him tomorrow, when we’re not even sure if the other one will be available and for how much”.

    To me it’s a mistake but we’ll see.

  85. Karsa


    The Arseblog article yesterday hit the nail on the head for me. The reactions of some is quite extraordinary.

    It can be difficult, but it’s best to chill as much as possible during the summer and reserve judgement when the work has been completed.

  86. Useroz

    Spent time watching severka YT clips of Neves to be sure. Well, he looks a younger, fancier version of Xhaka.

    What’s missing in our MF that we need to return to top 4 ? Players who could score goals, create chances, provide assists, carry the ball forward in the final third and, importantly, win some headers middle of the park

    If people thought (now that we lost the bid) Buendia is priced OTT at £33m , why the heck would we appear to want Neves at 35m+, as reported??

    Which of our dire MF needs is Neves supposed to address?

    More possession in Arteta style? Conpensate for Luiz’s Hollywood long passes? Help Partey win more headers? Neves is tagged a 1.75m DM…

    Stats may not be end all but which other players being linked with have even close to the goals + assists from Buendia? Let’s be open minded and positive… stats can come from any leagues. So who?

    Ode? Don’t make people laugh… another Arteta style possession player… again, if we have 20.1m spare, sure…

    Back to Buendia…

    If we were serious and outbid by Villa, it reiterates Arteta and Edu have turned the club into mid table laughing stock.

    If we weren’t serious, as some spins now suggest, it just means Arteta and Edu are losing it (eg the process?), as many have foreseen. Who’s going to cover MF goals and assists ? Ode? Brandt? Courtinho? Lampard? Song?

    Can’t have the cake and eat it… well, may be Arteta can.

    Toward end of the TW, do pick Neves up if we still have a spare 25m lying around after the priorities are appropriately covered, including the sales of players. His contract is down to last 2 years and he allegedly wants to join us!

  87. Almuniasaynomore

    I understand. But that’s the world we live in now and I’m as guilty of it as the next man. It’s rare to find patience nowadays but I think that goes for fans of all clubs. I think Arsenal fans have an unfair reputation when in actual fact most clubs are as bad if not worse. Can you imagine utd fans if they finished 8th 2yrs in a row. We’ve just suffered a decline for so long many are reaching breaking point very easily. A bit like a parent with a child, your patience by bedtime is not what it was at breakfast. Anyway I enjoy your reasoning,all the more because I don’t see things like you,fresh perspectives are always welcome. Still can’t shake off the pessimism myself ,so refreshing to see how others do it. Appreciate your thoughts.

  88. Champagne Charlie


    In very exact circumstances the player can influence matters, but not in Buendia’s case at all.

    If player power were so prevalent then Zaha wouldn’t be tied to Palace the past 2 years despite the numerous transfer requests and tantrums he’s pulled. Mahrez would’ve been an Arsenal player some 4 years ago, Suarez would’ve pushed through the deal to us way back too.

  89. Ishola70


    “Which of our dire MF needs is Neves supposed to address?”

    How about being able to compete in the middle of the pitch.

    I don’t know if you have noticed but Arsenal’s midfield has had a player in it that doesn’t like competing in central midfield in traffic among opposing players because it highlights weaknesses in him.

  90. Valentin

    Anybody who think that a player cannot force a move is either naive or agenda driven.

    Arsenal got players who forced a move to join us: Wiltord went on strike and was forced to train with the Bordeaux U21 prior to joining us. Aubameyang behaviour during his final days at Dortmund have been widely reported.

    On the other hand, Arsenal also lost due to players wanting out.
    Nasri forced a move to ManCity.
    Koscielny just flatly refused to stay and Arsenal were forced to accept Bordeaux offer.
    RvP went for ManUtd despite Juventus making a bigger bid.
    The Ox went to Liverpool a few days before the close of the TW.

    Some players won’t go to those extremes, but if Buendia had wanted to, he could have. The fact that he did not even tried to delay the transfer to see if Arsenal changed their stances means that he had no issue on joining Aston Villa over Arsenal.

  91. Marko

    You know there’s a lot of twisting and turning and people trying to tie themselves in knots over the Buendia deal and it’s really this simple both us and Aston Villa wanted the player both us and Aston Villa seemingly bid for the player and Aston Villa beat us to the player. That’s it. The whole we’re dogshit now and being beaten to players by the likes of Villa vs the we’re still a big club and it’s no big deal is pretty irrelevant…cause you’re both right.

    My question on the whole thing is on the strategy of the (good one I know) cause on the one hand we try to sign Buendia and on the other hand we’re apparently still very much interested in Odegaard two completely different kinds of players. It’s that kind of wayward thinking and lack of a legitimate style and purpose at Arsenal that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the window. But Mikel has no real philosophy to speak of so there’s no real surprise there.

  92. Marko

    Koscielny just flatly refused to stay and Arsenal were forced to accept Bordeaux offer.

    What? We got a fee for him while he tried his best to go for nothing. That’s a poor example of player power right there know it all

  93. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    Despite your negativity about Xhaka he is a decent player and there will be more than one
    club wanting his services.


    Buendia is a decent player, but he played for Norwich in Championship and not in EPL. So
    spending £40 million [£33 million + add ons] is a significant price to pay for a player who
    might not be guaranteed a starting place in first team.

    Buendia’s main position is RW. He is not guaranteed a start in that position considering that
    we have Pepe and Saka also on books.

    Buendia may be considered slightly a level above Smith-Rowe if he plays at AMF, but I don’t
    imagine that Arsenal would be able and willing to guarantee him a starting place there as

  94. Ishola70


    “In very exact circumstances the player can influence matters, but not in Buendia’s case at all.”

    Of course not in Buendia’s case.

    Of course.

    Zaha was a lot more money involved. Crystal Palace wanted a whole lot more money for Zaha than Norwich wanted for Buendia.

    Crystal Palace basically made Zaha unsellable.

    Norwich didn’t make Buendia unsellable.

    You see the difference?

  95. Champagne Charlie


    Fully understand the environment surrounding Arsenal, just personally against the daily berating served up as I find it encourages a shift in view altogether. The football is by the wayside and focus shifts onto what can be critiqued and dismissed on the daily, it’s such a dismal what of behaving imo and there’s nothing admiral about finding fault in literally everything.

  96. Ishola70

    “Despite your negativity about Xhaka he is a decent player and there will be more than one club wanting his services.”

    Well name one other club then.

  97. Ishola70

    Buendia had the power because Norwich made him sellable.

    Zaha didn’t have the power because Crystal Palace made him unsellable.

    So player power exists when the club show they are willing to sell in Buendia’s case not a huge money deal.

  98. Champagne Charlie


    Zaha, Mahrez, and Suarez all wanted to join Arsenal and none of them joined. #playerpower

    It’s circumstantial, Buendia just got promoted back to the PL and became a full international for the first time. You think he was about to strike for a move to Arsenal? Norwich had no incentive to accept 10+ million less for a player. Worst case scenario is what? He stays next season and has to perform because his international career dictates it, plus any future move to a big club expects it…oooh poor Norwich.

  99. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    I am not going to guess, but Xhaka would be in demand by many top half table clubs in leading European Leagues. I am sure that he can be sold for around £15-18 million.

  100. Marko

    just personally against the daily berating served up as I find it encourages a shift in view altogether.

    Well you weren’t against it under Emery so best to take what your hypocritical ass says on this particular subject with a pinch of salt.

    I fucking love the people who berated Emery while at Arsenal on the daily from everything down to his teeth, his posture during games and his bad English and now they want nothing but smiles and well wishes under Mikel Arteta. It’s a frankly pathetic u-turn that was so expected honestly

  101. raptora

    Buendia won 6 MotM awards in the 2019/20 Premier League season, playing for a side that recorded 5 wins, 6 draws and 27 defeats.
    He won 14 MotM wards in the Championship last season.

    He is impressive and we all know it. We should try not to be the fox saying how sour the grapes are.

    We’ll see what happens to Buendia and if he becomes a sensation or not. But there is a good chance he was exactly what we needed.

  102. Ishola70


    Crystal Palace put Zaha out of the price market.

    A player can show power in a transfer deal when the club selling are not putting him out of the price market.

    So in Buendia’s case he was very much able to show some preference himself if he so wished if multiple clubs come in for him.

  103. Ishola70

    “I am not going to guess, but Xhaka would be in demand by many top half table clubs in leading European Leagues.”

    No whispers yet ES.

    If there was this high demand for him as you imply wouldn’t we be able to get more than 15-18 m for him?

    Neves is going for 35m apparently and all we keep hearing is that he is another Xhaka.

  104. raptora

    Charlie talking about 10m PLUS now, when the difference was 10m at best.

    Even the 10m is wishful thinking. Only idiots don’t know that the bulk of the clauses never get paid because they are attached to highly improbable things like qualifying for the Champions League, winning the FAC or becoming the top scorer.

  105. Champagne Charlie


    But what about player power? Sounds circumstantial by your description.

    What would’ve changed if Buendia had dug his heels in for Arsenal? Do tell me. Would Norwich have said fuck it to the extra 10+ million?

    Good thing you’re not argumentative or anything like you claim I am. If you were you’d probably cut and paste a comment that doesn’t concern you at all and make a personal attack on that poster. Not you though. Tell me more about hypocrites 🤡

  106. Emiratesstroller


    No-one disputes that Buendia is a good player and clearly Arsenal were interested in buying

    The point is that I doubt that he would be guaranteed a starting place at Arsenal.

    His main position is RW. Do you guarantee him a starting place in that position ahead of
    Pepe and Saka?

    He has not played AMF for Norwich in last two seasons. Would you be able to guarantee him
    a starting place ahead of Smith-Rowe and if so what would the impact on that young player
    particularly when he is in process of negotiating a new contract?

  107. Ishola70

    Oh it’s 10m plus now is it.

    Let’s not forget the + plus

    A 30m bid from Arsenal is reasonable.

    Norwich are not rolling in money.

    If Buendia dug his heels in Norwich ultimately accept the 30m from Arsenal.

  108. Champagne Charlie

    “Charlie talking about 10m PLUS now, when the difference was 10m at best.”

    33 mil + 7 mil in add-ons + 10% sell-on.

    That’s 40 mil plus any extra from a future sale, not hard. You’ve no idea what the add-ons relate to, but now you’re happy to reconcile the idea they wont be met. Hilarious. Norwich believe them to be reasonable, hence the agreement, but let’s ignore that.

  109. Bob N16

    Valentin, you are conflating the argument.

    Yes, Buendía could have dug his heels in but without knowing for certain, he must have felt AV wanted him more as they were willing to make Norwich a more attractive offer. Why would he then fight to go to a club that is clearly less keen to sign him?

    We’ll see eventually if we should have pushed harder by the end of the window. If we had really wanted Buendía, we would have outbid AV but people would be moaning that we’d paid too much if we’d gone North of say £40m which may been the price if AV got into an auction with us.

    Let’s be honest, whatever Edu and Arteta get up to this window certain people will be dumping on them regardless.

  110. Sid

    “”””Zaha, Mahrez, and Suarez all wanted to join Arsenal and none of them joined. #playerpower”””””

    Loooool when Barca came calling on Suarez, when man c came calling on Mahrez, they left. When Villa came calling on Buendia he left.

  111. Champagne Charlie

    “If Buendia dug his heels in Norwich ultimately accept the 30m from Arsenal.“

    That easy. Norwich not in the business of making money or anything.

  112. Marko

    Hey I’m not actually arguing with you Charles I’m merely pointing out the hypocrisy between you on the daily criticizing everything under Emery to your 180 stance on Arsenal under Arteta. There’s not really much to argue there. Again just another topic to gloss over and not take you seriously on. But I do like the people around who try to police others on how to be a fan I really do given this place made it’s name on being contrary and critical… but anyway

  113. China1

    Terra I agree that torreira we may struggle to sell

    His stock has presumably fallen in Europe and South America is poor.

    We will likely either take a financial hit on him or he gets reintegrated as a squad player. But I don’t see us getting a good sum for him this summer

  114. Marko

    If you were you’d probably cut and paste a comment that doesn’t concern you at all and make a personal attack on that poster

    Oh like when I was talking to WE yesterday and in you came out of the blue? The self awareness.

    Like I said hypocrite

  115. Ishola70


    “That easy. Norwich not in the business of making money or anything.”

    Yes 30m is a tidy sum for Norwich.

    They made their extra on it because Buendia didn’t show preference for Arsenal.

  116. Marko

    Anyway the Buendia stuff is tiring he’s not worth nearly 40 million and there’s better out there for that or less. In saying all that Aston Villa did beat us to him and I’m okay with that