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Fans went into meltdown yesterday over a player they thought Arsenal were signing because he went to Aston Villa. The internet exploded. The club is apparently finished. Villa are now a bigger club than us… because fans take rumours as fact.

Quite the spectacle.

Buendia is no doubt a top talent. He’s powerful, mobile, and energetic. He’s also a chance creation machine. But that doesn’t mean we were in for him. If we were, we’d have landed him. No doubt. There is not a world where a player picks Villa over Arsenal unless there’s something wrong with them.

I suspect that the reason we’re not moving on him is Odegaard.

The rumour that really should have us worried is Reuben Neves replacing Granit Xhaka. That feels a lot more Arsenal if I’m honest. He’s with Jorge Mendes, he’s just had a very average season, and his signing probably doesn’t move us forward. He’s not really that mobile, he’s been outclassed this season by our current midfielders, and he’s quite one-paced. He’ll not be cheap.

It’s a peak-Edu move in my opinion. No imagination.

SPURS WERE BINNNED OFF BY CONTE. Amazing stuff. Daniel Levy tried to lure him to convince Harry Kane the project wasn’t dead… then he received the middle finger because Conte doesn’t think winning values align. Magic.

Right, short one today because I’m traveling. See you tomorrow!



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  1. Eduardo

    Arsenal were clearly interested in Buendia but Villa wanted him more. Not something to get overly animated about, but the overall lack of movement on incoming or outgoing players is disconcerting, if predictable.

  2. Mr Serge

    I dont think ode is average he is a good player with a high ceiling that’s still 22 we would do well to get him

  3. Demetrios

    We officially bid for Buendia, and Villa outbid us…..that is what is embarrassing about all this.
    Neves isn’t as bad as you say, not too far behind bissouma this season for tackles and interceptions (check the stats).
    Neves and Bissouma would upgrade our midfield for next season if they happen, along with Odegaard and a couple of full backs.
    All is not lost yet, just feels a bit shambolic at the mo

  4. Ishola70

    What’s worrying about getting in a midfielder that can actually engage and compete in the middle of the pitch against one who can’t and has to play deep all the time thus making us a man short in the centre of the pitch.

    The back handed compliments to Xhaka are lovely.

    I wouldn’t be worried about Neves himself.

    I’d be more worried about Arteta just placing Neves in the same exact position deep that Xhaka plays. Literally taking like for like to the exact letter.

    Don’t like dem agents. Especially Mendes and the whole Wolves set-up eh.

  5. Tom

    “ There is not a world where a player picks Villa over Arsenal unless there’s something wrong with them.”

    Unless there is a world in which Buendia and Emi Martinez are both from the same country, close friends, their families hang together, are represented by the same agent, and Villas brass put on a major charm offensive spearheaded by Emi Martinez himself.

    And what if in this imaginary world the Arsenal were coached by a rookie manager who chopped and changed his squad the entire season without a clear direction or vision, and a 24 year old player looking for his next move picked an option that seemed to guarantee further development under a more open minded coach who guaranteed him more freedom on the pitch.

    Naaaaah, you are probably right, this world couldn’t possibly exist.

  6. AlteredReality

    Sincerely hope we are not in it for Odegaard. Just read some articles and he’s got a chronic knee problem, which they say will get worse with time. Already injury prone

    He’s not dynamic at all, he doesn’t dribble or burst forward, slow and use only his left foot.. Other than the occasional and very few nice passes forward, he’s not shown anything.

  7. Marko

    Ask a wolves fan if they dislike the influence of Jorge Mendes at the club and they’ll probably tell you he made them a premier league football club. Ask Valencia if they’d have his influence back and they’d probably say yes in a heartbeat. Ask Pedro and he’ll make him out to be the devil incarnate

  8. Ishola70

    There have been many reports that Arsenal made a bid for Buendia.

    If so that means that Buendia was not interested to sit and force the Norwich hand in ultimately accepting the Arsenal offer.

    This was in his power to do this.

  9. Peckobill

    It’s not hard to admit buendia turned us down in favour of villa , it’s not our club per se it’s the inept clown arteta is the reason . He’ll soon be gone end of this year . Fan of arteta or not who can honestly say in their right minds would expect the player to choose to play under him . Everyone seen what kind of football we served up last year . Everyone hears the stories how arteta has piss poor management . Just half a season left of him

  10. Guns of SF

    Emi M likely had some sway in this entire thing.
    The keeper we should have kept. Perhaps if we did , Buen would be with us?
    Who knows…

    Anyhow, if ODe is who we want, then fuck Edu. This player is not worth the money nor is what the team needs. FFS, his time with us was not anything to write home about at all. Less than a handful of good games.

    I think we need to get Bissouma or Anguissa if we are going for Aouar.. those 2 can be good cover around him on the defensive end.

  11. Bob N16

    Aston Villa offered Norwich an acceptable offer, Arsenal weren’t willing to match or better this offer.

    If you want to draw any more conclusions from his transfer, fair enough, but it would be guess work and possibly narrative driven.

  12. Graham

    I know pretty well every respectable football journalist says we bid for Buendia but the same journalists mistakenly claimed that there was a backlash which would stop the ESL. I trusted Pedro and his sources when they told us the ESL was unstoppable and I trust them now.

  13. Peckobill

    Oh and let’s not go down the road with it’s just edu who’s involved with the attempt to get the xhaka clone neves . Arteta is above edu , he’d have final say on any transfer , that’s well established now . Bland buying bland , shouldn’t shock really

  14. Northbanker

    Pedro – don’t t know where you get your facts from but we bid for Buendia but wanted it all on tick

    Agree though that Neves would be a depressing signing as would Ode

    If this is the best we can come up with then next season will be as underwhelming as this one

    Buendia was the perfect target , exactly what we needed and it is incredible we have allowed him to go to Villa

  15. Obum

    Peckobill… the report didn’t say Arsenal offer was accepted and Buendia turned it down. We are not even sure if Arsenal really made a bid for him

  16. Sid

    “”” There is not a world where a player picks Villa over Arsenal unless there’s something wrong with them.””””

    Is it joke friday already? Keep em coming!
    3 words Mar ti nez

  17. Marko

    If you want to draw any more conclusions from his transfer, fair enough, but it would be guess work and possibly narrative driven

    Isn’t that what you’re doing

  18. Mr Serge

    My mate is a wolves season ticket holder this is his take on neves

    Neves is a decent player, loves a Hollywood ball. 2nd most interceptions in league last season. Loves a shot from outside of the box but rarely scores…that’s his downfall!

  19. Champagne Charlie


    Neves getting slandered because he’s Mendes-linked? Think that’s a low blow, would it apply if we were in for Pedro Neto too who’s far sexier?

    Neves is the most Xhaka-like replacement there is in the league (PL-proven), meaning he’s the same profile of player like Rodri who sets the play from deep. Bissouma and co. don’t do this and it’s widely reported we want a ‘different profile’.

    Read a summation which puts it into perspective for me, said Wolves fans were reeling at the prospect of losing a guy they love, who is a leader for them, and Arsenal fans were turning their noses up at him. Buendia was the tip of the iceberg, what a summer we have ahead for melodramatic fans to air their grievances.

  20. Bob N16

    Pecko – ‘Arteta is above Edu’ not sure how you know this. ‘Buendía turned us down’ sources?

    Northbanker ‘we bid for Buendía but wanted it all on tick’ – don’t know where you get your facts.

  21. Avi

    Honestly cannot comment on Neves, I’ve spent the last couple of years actively avoiding watching Wolves, considering how incredibly boring they are, so I’ve no idea how Neves has actually been playing.

  22. Claver

    Just watched a YouTube video named “most unforgettable mistakes of the Season.”

    Dear Lord.

    Aside a few classics from Allison Becker, it is mostly arsenal. Leno is a walking, talking gaffe. Xaka and Luiz deserve their own reel. Dani cabellos, you greasy haired bastard,a Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  23. Peckobill

    We bid confirmed by credible sources .
    When a player is for sale and the two bids is just a small difference between them the player has the power to pick which club he wants not the club selling .
    Buendia says I’m not going to villa I want the arsenal move then the arsenal move he gets . How every transfer works . We gained off it with Sanchez when he picked us when the Liverpool bid was bigger and we lost with it with rvp made it clear he’d only go to Man U when juve put in the bigger bid .
    He choose villa over us or rather smith over arteta ( who can blame him )

  24. Sid

    If we do Not qualify for CL this season, and Saka has a great season, we will lose him next season.

    You heard it here 1st & you can take it to the bank!

  25. Ishola70

    The difference being that Neves can step up into centre midfield when required.

    As has been noted by seeing that he is more mobile and nimbler than Xhaka.

    Jorginho the same.

    The requirement for that is important.

    Shouldn’t be in a position where we can’t push up a midfielder when required and the player operates almost exclusively deep.

  26. Avi

    From the eye, it just seems as if he’s is an ever so slightly more mobile version than Xhaka, although still not the most dynamic so the question remains is he really a good enough upgrade, if any at all?

  27. Peckobill

    Neves much like your description of wolves , boring that’s neves and I’ve seen lots . He’s xhaka with a cigarette paper thick better . Xhaka or neves , we finish in the league the same place swap same for same and be about 15 mill down for the hell of it . Sounds just about up arteta street

  28. Champagne Charlie


    No I get that, dodgy patella injury for the lad sadly. What I’m saying is, if we were in for Neto (a player that excites) then there would be no talk of Jorge Mendes and ‘laziness’ in the transfer.

    Just poor to label Neves as such because he’s not sexy. He’s the most sensible replacement there is for Xhaka on these shores. Argue against there being better abroad etc etc, but if we already know there’s a view to bring in more PL-proven players this summer then tell me who replaces what we lose with Xhaka better than Neves?

  29. Vickingz

    A quick glance at the players we are being linked with and you will in no time realize that we are in deep mess. Neves? What does he do better than zhaka, really? Ordegard?? Was he not mostly eaten up in games he played in the just concluded season? Arteta out yet?

  30. Sid

    Bissouma will not take us to the next level, we need a dynamic CM to dictate play.
    Neves alone will Not move us to the next level, but is a better fit alongside Partey or rotating with Partey who will continue with fitness problems.

  31. China1

    Pedro going on full PR spin mode to turn the Buendia embarrassment into something positive

    You are allowed to criticize the club when arteta is in charge dude. Mikel doesn’t read this blog, he won’t know or be offended!

  32. Bob N16

    Pecko, you have no insider knowledge about the comparative bids for Buendía, the amount and the timing of the payments. AV’s offer was acceptable to Norwich, Arsenal’s was clearly not.

    You appear to hate Arteta with a passion so you choose to make assumptions that put Arteta’s managed Arsenal in a worse possible light. Fair enough but a passionate opinion doesn’t make it any more factual than a reasoned one.

  33. Avi

    Neves much like your description of wolves , boring that’s neves and I’ve seen lots . He’s xhaka with a cigarette paper thick better . Xhaka or neves , we finish in the league the same place ”

    Lol, someone mentioned him as just a right footed Xhaka

    But honestly signing Bissouma would be pointless too because you got Partey who is better we need different profiles

  34. Bob N16

    China, if you don’t just pile on to Arteta on any given day are you out of step with reason?

    If Pedro followed this line of thinking wouldn’t he be simply playing into ‘the Arteta is Satan!’ posse?

  35. Pierre

    very impessive, I thought he was right footed but not so sure now.

    It does beg the question, why wasn’t he given game time in the 2nd half of last season..

    Explosive .

  36. Habesha Gooner

    Oh FFS pedro. Every credible journalist has said we bid for buendia. We just didn’t match villa’s offer. And we didn’t push hard for him.

    Either way Now Arteta and Edu need to pull out an Odegaard or a Pereira out of their ass.

    I wouldn’t mind neves at all. I think he has another gear to his game and he might pull it out out at a higher level. I like him. Anguissa, Bissouma or Neves and I wouldn’t mind any of them. We just have to adjust the tactics. I would mind Aouar either if he is being signed as an 8. But not as a 10.

  37. Left Testicle

    It does beg the question, why wasn’t he given game time in the 2nd half of last season.
    Two words…
    Mikel. Arteta.

    Game time? Arteta didn’t even put him on the bench. 😒

  38. Matt

    Seems pretty obvious that Buendia absolutely chose villa over arsenal. Trying to say otherwise is what’s embarrassing.

  39. Peckobill

    I don’t hate arteta , I just think he’s the most inept manager we’ve had in my forty odd years of supporting the club . I truly believe we’ll never progress until he’s gone .

    We’ve all seen the crab dull as shit football he produces with all our own eyes which under his methods takes the team about 3 weeks to get from end of the pitch to the other .
    I haven’t got the patience to write his litany of bad records he set last season ( we all know them )

    Losing to the bum and being out coached by him in that semi final is a stain arteta will never wash off his cv even with some ariel or daz best washing powder .
    He hasn’t got a clue who he want to buy , who he wants to sell , turning down bids for players to never playing them .
    His devaluation of players and on and on and on .
    We are the arsenal not some fucking government scheme giving arteta his YTS training on the job for gods sakes . Since when is eighth acceptable when we were grumbling about top four trophy and elite purgatory.

    Well now its mid table mediocrity

  40. Tee

    “Bertrand, Odegaard, Neves. This is going to be a completely underwhelming transfer window.”

    Hope you know Bertrand favours Leicester

    Just saying to reduce your tears.

  41. Bob N16

    Again Matt, Norwich accepted a Villa bid over ours(assuming we made one.) – that’s all we know!

    What’s embarrassing are all the posters who state categorically that Buendía chose Villa over Arsenal without having any insider knowledge.

  42. Rich


    That video is really good, some brilliant finishes with both feet

    We can sell both Lacazette + Nketiah this summer, and go with internal replacements of Martinelli + Balogun

    If we make room for Willock for next season, we’d have Saka, Smith-Rowe, Willock, all into our first team from the academy within 3 seasons

    If we could get a truly world class striker as well, would save us a fortune

    Always preferred Wenger’s mantra

    “We don’t buy superstars, we make them”

  43. Tee

    I don’t hate arteta , I just think he’s the most inept manager we’ve had in my forty odd years of supporting the club . I truly believe we’ll never progress until he’s gone”

    Like seriously? You really don’t hate him. Lol

  44. Tom

    I actually like Neves. I think he would definitely improve us.
    His heat map is way more impressive than Xhaka’s , he’s not a defensive liability in the open field, and he scored more goals for Wolves in their awful season than Partey and Xhaka for Arsenal combined in almost twice the minutes played.

  45. Frost

    “It does beg the question, why wasn’t he given game time in the 2nd half of last season”

    Mind boggling really. I’m really hoping we don’t regret entrusting rookie with the keys to this golden generation…

    He’s already made lots of mistakes with them

  46. Bob N16

    Pecko, I feel your pain! We all want a better future, I have no real confidence in the Arteta/ Edu partnership but I haven’t given up all hope!

    Let’s see how the TW works out, I guess you’re not holding your breath! Take care with your blood pressure.

  47. Gentlebris

    ‘Welcome back GentleBris,

    I am back for a while , on thin ice though methinks.

    Hows that little one, must be bigger than Torriera by now?’

    CG, my dear fella!

    I just hope I can hang on here till summer chit chats are done. I suspect I walk on worse than thin ice here now and through the summer I may have to address the host here as Mr Pedro, Sir, yes Sir!

    And about the little one…

    My son is a huge footballer and this is not just my word. You have to see him control the ball. And when he shoots with the left you know you have a pro on your hand. Goes to bed every night with his two footballs. Will be 2 in August.

  48. Jim Lahey

    “tell me who replaces what we lose with Xhaka better than Neves?”

    Why the fuck would we want to do that? The whole point of finally getting rid of Xhaka is to get a ponderous side-ways passing merchant out of the midfield, why would we go out and buy another one? Christ…

  49. Peckobill

    Nope don’t hate that’s a strong word , a useless manager yes .
    Scenario for you , Liverpool , city or Man U puts the same bid as us for Buendia , less than villas but the same as ours . I bet you my bottom dollar he ends up at Liverpool , city or Man U . Why ? Because buendia would force the move .
    He wouldn’t for us he was happier to go to villa

  50. Frost

    “We can sell both Lacazette + Nketiah this summer, and go with internal replacements of Martinelli + Balogun”

    That’s what dortmund would do. Our coach does like his 30yr olds.

    Fingers crossed those two get lots of chances next season. I’d personally send Balogun on loan next season to accelerate his development if he’s going to have 3 people ahead of him here

  51. Peckobill

    I’m sure arteta is thinking of luring John terry out of retirement for that right sided CB he wants so he can bin off saliba

  52. Champagne Charlie


    Xhaka is very much in the same ‘type’ as Rodri, Jorginho, Neves etc. It’s not a matter of you liking or disliking it I’m afraid, that’s the facts.

    If we’re selling Xhaka, and want to replace that type of player (suggested in the media), then Neves is an obvious consideration. Again, your feelings aren’t anyone’s concern.

  53. Foxy

    Just watched a few compilations on Neves and noticed two immediate things he can do that Xhaka cannot. One turn with the ball when under pressure and two actually run with the ball. That’s enough to get my vote!

  54. Guns of SF

    Neves would be decent, but Anguissa or Bissouma is probably more what we need. That size and power in our midfield is critical to allow us to protect the back and not get run over like we usually do.

    Xhaka due to his lack of pace sits back to not get burned with fast counters. Its hampered our attack a lot.

    Who we pick will give us an idea of what Mike has in store… if he is really going for a 433 or sticking to his 4231

  55. Jim Lahey

    “Xhaka is very much in the same ‘type’ as Rodri, Jorginho, Neves etc. It’s not a matter of you liking or disliking it I’m afraid, that’s the facts.”

    If they are all slow moving, 5 yard pass stat padders then you are correct. And why would we want another one of those players Charles? It hasn’t exactly worked for us over the past 4/5 seasons now has it?

  56. Bob N16

    Pecko – you may have a point but the teams you listed are all in the CL ( CL club coming in clause/agreement)I have no idea how much power a player has when one club offers more than another. Maybe the agent negotiates a slightly different salary package to get the deal his player wants. The relationship between the selling club and the outgoing player may also come into the equation.

  57. Peckobill

    That’s my point we no longer compete with the manc clubs and Liverpool for players no more , we compete with villa , Everton and Southampton. Some we’ll win some we’ll lose but that’s our level now with arteta

  58. Rich


    I want a Cazorla type

    Someone who can take the ball in tight areas, beat the press, and create overloads in the final third

    Someone with Xhaka’s passing range, but who can get the ball out of his feet much quicker

    Someone who can dictate the whole pace of the game from deep when teams cede possession, or we’re chasing a game

    I really hope we can pull a world class technician from somewhere

  59. Champagne Charlie


    Maybe because a player of that ilk is fundamental to balancing CM, and allowing a base from which we build a coherent philosophy? Ozil was a flawed #10 but because he was flawed didn’t render the position or inclusion of a more appropriate player necessary. Same with Xhaka.

    Rodri and Jorginho are big parts of the PL champions and CL winners first XI’s, so the fact you consider them stat padders speaks more to your ignorance than anything else. Was Busquets also a stat padder? Probably by your reckoning, but he was crucial to arguably the best CM ever.

    The press is full of talk about us preferring an alternative profile to players like Bissouma. Well he is a tackle merchant in a similar manner to Ndidi of Leicester, is it really such a jump to assume we probably want a more ball-playing CM to mirror the likes of Rodri at City? No. So maybe that’s why we’d want someone similar in profile to Xhaka, but more suitable to the role.

  60. Pierre

    It’s clear to see why Southgate wants to start Henderson in the middle , crisp passer and a good understanding of the role.

    I also like Trippier, a proper full/wing back who is lethal from dead ball situations.

  61. Bob N16


    Our squad management has been shocking for five years +, our leadership over those years both on and off the pitch has been inadequate. The good news is we have some great young players in our squad and we still have money to compete with all but the top four. They can’t hoover all the good players, we just need a coherent transfer policy, good negotiating( take a bow Dick Garlick) and a cohesive way of playing..

    Whether your glass is half full or half empty, our glass need some serious topping up. A great TW will be a start, we’ll never know if Buendía was a missed opportunity, that ship has seemingly sailed. Bissouma and the young Anderlect captain, the Ajax goalie and whoever we can manage at RB, Saliba integrated and we’ll be rocking!

  62. The Bard

    I dont understand your take Pedro. If he is all the things you say he is why arent/ weren’t we in for him. I well remember the Suarez debacle. Imagine what we might have achieved of we had made a proper bid rather than taking the piss.

  63. azed


    “It’s a peak-Edu move in my opinion. No imagination.”

    Do you think Edu has power over Arteta?

    You’ve already laid the ground work for your Arteta excuse.

    If it’s looks like a poor signing, it’s Edu, if it’s good, then it’s Arteta.

  64. Rich


    It’s who I think we’ll go for

    There’s red flags, only completed 90 minutes 6 times this season, regularly subbed early in the second half, had his application called into question on a few occasions

    The last thing we need is another stroppy mercenary with an over inflated ego, and there’s a danger that if he can’t last 60 minute in Ligue 1, what chance does he have in the PL…

    On the flip side, he’s got a lot of the qualities I like in a midfielder, he’s someone who can really turn up the tempo, offers a few goals, can take the ball in tight areas, beat the press

    It’d be a massive risk

    But stylistically it’s certainly the profile of player I’d like us to target

    Carlos Soler + Marc Roca are the other names I’ve seen mentioned

  65. Kroenkephobe

    Group of debt. Nice one. I remember some economist wag branding Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain as the ‘PIGS’ group of countries following the 2008 crash. Charming.

    The big white bubble was a reference to the 60s programme the Prisoner. Actually shot in North Wales in a quirky little village /holiday camp in Portmeirion, it involves all these people who are brainwashed in a future dystopian society except Patrick McgGoohan (everyone had a number instead of a name – I think he was number 6, the Tony Adams of political prisoners! ). Anyway his constant attempts to escape the community are always thwarted by the big white bubbles that fuck him up. Loses an awful lot in translation but 70 year old nerds absolutely love it. Echoes of Orwell and more recently Margaret Astwood. I bet there’s stacks of it on youtube. Get a sweepstake going Almunia – you can’t do worse than me.

  66. Peckobill

    We got some great youngsters but careers are short and unless we start progressing those youngsters in a few years will want out . Stick with arteta and we’ll be waving goodbye to these players when the top clubs come calling . We need a decent manager and soon

  67. Bob N16

    Pierre, I think I would give minutes to Bellingham over an unfit Henderson. Depending on opposition I’d go:

    Grealish- Kane- Sancho/Rashford/Saka
    Foden- Mount- Rice
    Shaw -Maguire(if fit)- Stones- Walker

    Unfortunately that midfield and attack have never played together. England well set for quite a few tournaments. Hoping for a more inspiring manager than Southgate.

  68. Sid

    The heatmap of Xhakalson only confirms Diet Pep is a charlatan tactically.
    Is Xhakalson a midfielder or LB? We are basically playing with one midefielder and the opposition dont have to worry about covering the middle.

  69. Guns of SF

    Noussair Mazraoui / Max Aarons

    Maybe we should go back to Norwich with a similar offer for Aarons?
    RB is a critical position to fill….
    Before we know it, some other team will snap him up

  70. Rich


    I’d love Aarons

    Hard to move for a right back until we get some out though

    Bellerin, Soares, Chambers, Niles

    We need to purge the squad of Bellerin, Soares + Niles, before we bring in another right back, and if we can’t move them on, we’ll have to go with what we’ve got

    Soares was such a weird and pointless signing

  71. Bob N16

    Don’t disagree Pecko, we need to show real progress to keep our best players. We’re ‘lucky’ that most of our best players are really young but no doubt they’ll seek a move eventually if we can’t get back to the CL.

    My main concern is not whether Arteta gets the sack or not but the fact that Edu will probably still be there if say we need a new manager come December. If we get the right incomings(and outgoings) the manager’s role is arguably less important. Dare I say, look at the Chelsea model, get your squad management right and it’s a much easier accession for the next manager to hit the ground running. Massive rebuilds shouldn’t be needed.

  72. Guns of SF

    Rich this summer is different. Unlike others.
    We need to snap up players sharpish…. sell our dross later on.
    Look at Buendia…

    We need to get on it.
    As we speak, I hope that we have made contacts with other players.. with a deadline to obtain or move on. Quickly

  73. Rich


    We’ve got a first team squad of 29

    Every time we buy a player without selling one, we further decrease our selling position

    We’ll be left with an oversupply of players, and an undersupply of squad places, why would clubs give us money for a player we can’t register, don’t want, and have no need for?

    They can just wait and get loans, and we either accept that, or have an unmanageable squad of surplus players, it’s what happened with Guendouzi + Torreira in October

    This is the result of years of poor decision making, and non existent squad planning

    We could lose 7 players, and numerically we’d have no need for any replacements, and when you consider this summer/January we lost Ozil, Sokratis, Mustafi, Luiz for free, turning down €10 million for Mlhitaryan, then paying him to leave 6 months later

    It just further highlights the ridiculous mismanagement that’s plagued Arsenal for the last decade, and we need a ruthless purge to sort this out

  74. Guns of SF

    Purge we shall, but not at the expense of waiting for that to happen and missing good targets. We need to sell, trade these dross players. I think it can be done. Guen to Marseille, send Torr to Italy, Kola to any team willing to buy ( he was a free).

    Offer Nelson, Nketiah to prem teams in a player swap or deal… ex. Aarons.
    Bissouma, Anguissa etc.

    Trade bait to speak.

    This is where Edu earns his keep… if he fucks this up, he needs to be fired.

  75. Peckobill

    But again exactly the same players but look at the difference Tuchel made to Chelsea compared to their inept rookie Lampard. Better squad than ours yes but Tuchel had exactly the same players as lamps , not one single signing of his own .
    We need a better manager ASAP to progress which would then get the better players . Would buendia have forced that move to us if we at least looked like competing for top four and played attractive football .
    Would a better manager be looking at a better midfield instead of trying to replace xhaka with another xhaka and have one with more dynamism .
    The manager sets the tone for the team ,replacing edu isn’t going to change arteta’s tactics and game style .
    It’s not changing arteta’s poor man management, team selections , use of subs and idiotic decisions like playing a false 9 for the first time in your biggest game of the season and disgustingly getting a 20 year old to play that role who’s never done it and only been in the 1st team side for half a season

  76. Guns of SF

    Good points Pecko,
    Arteta has lost a lot of good grace this season with the fans and players.
    Now we are seeing what finishing so poorly has done to our transfer window.
    Again, it might be the same thing- offering players massive wages to join us, as they might now initially overlook us to join other teams.

    So we get young and cheap upside risks or massively overpaid players who might also not work out.

    Loans seem like the least risky option for us given the mess we are in. If it does not work, send them back.

    I can see Couintho being offered to us at some point on a loan… ex agent and Edu connections

  77. Ishola70

    If Arteta wants a pondering midfield that he thinks gives essential control and has a deep lying midfielder to give that sense of defensive security he loves then that is what he will give us.

  78. Peckobill

    I’m all on board with just loans and getting rid of players until arteta is gone . Otherwise we back to square one of trying to get rid of one paced players stuck on contracts .
    A vicious circle we stuck in

  79. Rich


    I’m with you

    We need a fire sale, shame we can’t hold an auction, start the bidding low, and try and create some demand

    Start the bidding off

    Kolasinac – Free to anyone who wants him
    Bellerin £12mill
    Niles £12mill
    Nketiah £12mill
    Runarsson – Loan
    Soares – Free to anyone who’s willing to take him
    Willian – Free to anyone willing to take him
    Mavropanos £8mill
    Nelson – Loan
    Torreira – £12mill
    Guendouzi £10mill
    Xhaka £15mill
    Elneny £6mill
    Lacazette £15mill

    14 out, 7 in, first team squad of 22

    Genuine competition for Leno
    First choice right back
    Genuine competition for Tierney
    3 central midfielders
    Attacking midfielder

  80. Ishola70

    Neves is not another Xhaka though.

    He can step up into the centre and compete in traffic among opposing players.

    Xhaka in contrast disappears deep in such a scenario.

    I don’t have faith anyway with any midfielder we buy to replace Xhaka with Arteta running the show. He will just probably place him in deep areas to give that sense of security he likes. So we will have the same problem. A man short in centre midfield.

  81. Guns of SF

    Rich that is about 100M in sales
    Not bad.

    Genuine competition for Leno- Onana
    First choice right back- Noussair Mazraoui /Aarons
    Genuine competition for Tierney- i dont know we have Soares/Chambers
    3 central midfielders- Aouar, Neves/Bissouma/Lokonga, Willock
    Attacking midfielder- Coutinho loan

  82. Guns of SF

    Genuine competition for Leno- Onana– 7M
    First choice right back- Noussair Mazraoui-13M /Aarons-30M
    Genuine competition for Tierney- i dont know we have Soares/Chambers
    3 central midfielders- Aouar-30M, Neves/Bissouma-30M /Lokonga-12M, Willock-0M
    Attacking midfielder- Coutinho loan-say 7M

    Of course I am guessing on all these fees.

  83. Dennis+the+Menace

    The fire at this club continues to rage out of control. So much for the hope of settling our transfer business before the Euros inflates prices.

  84. Tee

    I’m all on board with just loans and getting rid of players until arteta is gone . Otherwise we back to square one of trying to get rid of one paced players stuck on contracts .
    A vicious circle we stuck in”

    What kind of reasoning is this?

    We should wait till arteta is gone before improving the team? We should just go for loans?

    Arteta hatred has blurred some posters’ vision.

    Maybe Chelsea shouldn’t have purchased any player other than loan when lampard was there. They should have waited till tuchel comes in.

  85. Rich


    Providing we can clear the deck, I think we’ll spend £200+ million this summer

    Arsenal can’t afford to invest, KSE can’t afford not to invest

    Not convinced it’s wise to trust Edu + Arteta with the chequebook though, but I can see us going big….

  86. Dream10

    Mavropanos looked very good in a 2-1 Greece victory over Norway. Both Haaland and Ødegaard started. His distribution has Improved.

    Both he and Saliba should be at the club next season. Tall CBs who are mobile

  87. CG


    (Your auction)

    What s the bidding for the Imbeciles?


    Why aint they being headhunted by savvy rivals?
    Dont other clubs want ‘a process’ too or its just Arsenal?

  88. Rich


    We could do a raffle

    1 prize, 2 booby prizes

    Arteta, Edu + £1million cash

    £2 a line, 1 million tickets

    I’ll pocket the £1,000:000 that’s left over for organising it, and conveniently I’ll have the £1,000,000 winning ticket as well

    Let’s make this happen……

  89. Elmo

    “So we get young and cheap upside risks or massively overpaid players who might also not work out.Loans seem like the least risky option for us given the mess we are in. If it does not work, send them back.”

    I think that’s about right, Guns.

    Probably best to blend the young, cheap, upside players with good value loans.

    If we were really confident that we had a DoF who had it all planned out, and had earned the security of tenure to outlast the comings and goings of managers, then there’d be no problem with how we built. But with the sense that both Edu and Arteta could be out the door within months if the season doesn’t start well, then you don’t want either of them committing the club to huge contracts or a very particular style of play.

    It’s a reflection of the failure to set direction by the ownership. The whole point of getting rid of Big Weng, and establishing a ‘modern structure’, was that the club set a clear house style of play, managers became expendable within that system, and there were competent people behind the scenes ensuring continuity. What we have right now is an inability to be confident in even medium-term investment because no-one has earned any sense of security of tenure.

    To me the big failure in hindsight was appointing Raul. He was supposed to be that big picture and continuity guy, but Gazidis and chums didn’t grasp that culturally he was completely wrong for Arsenal, unless they were consciously choosing to inject a Barca super-agents / ‘by any means necessary’ executive into Arsenal’s culture to try and shake it up (evidently a mistake).

  90. Matt


    You’re living in complete dreamland if you think we are going to get rid of 14 players in one transfer window.

    Im not sure that’s ever happened with any premier league club, ever. Arsenal sure as hell won’t be the first ones to do it.

  91. Dissenter

    We have too many players that are not particularly good and we are hell bent on adding to that number

    How in the world are we buying a substitute from Wolves to be a starter at Arsenal.?

  92. Rich


    I don’t think we’ll get rid of 14 players

    I think we should try and get rid of as many as 14 players

  93. Dissenter

    For example we are struggling to move on Pierre’s favorite player, Eddie

    Tabloid talk is we are offering him to Leeds for 20 million, the deal will probably be structured as £1 milion to be paid in 2024 with £19 million add-ons.

    Even then, Leeds will still balk because they had him on loan and didn’t play him much. They know there re better deals on the continent.

  94. CG

    Thanks Rich

    at your best, when you aint sitting on that fence.

    Arsenal FC is a good as it gets for these 2.

    Only down from here when the inevitable happens.

  95. Dissenter

    when you say ‘get rid off’. , Are you talking about giving them away for free?

    You know someone has to be willing to part with a fee, right?

    For example, who’s going to pay a fee for Runnarson and then be saddled with the luxuriant wages Arsenal has blessed him with?

  96. Dissenter

    It’s always good to buy good young players, even when they don’t do well, you won’t have a problem selling them in.
    We won’t lose money in Guendouzi, may not make a profit but we’ll selll him for more than 8 million we paid for him.

  97. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    He is deffo a strong lad..
    But don’t he play on the right like saliba… And holding and chambers

  98. Kroenkephobe

    Nouveau Rich
    There are some very expensive 18th and 19th century editions on ebay of ‘The Wealth of Nations’ by Adam Smith if you want to put your notional winnings to use. I won’t say ‘good use’ because you’d be better off reading something by Keynes of course.

  99. Rich


    We have to do whatever’s necessary

    If that means driving them out to the middle of nowhere and leaving them there, then so be it…

    My concern is we’ll pay Kolasinsc to leave, and then replace him with another subpar left back on a 5yr deal

    Who’ll we’ll then have to pay to leave in 12 months time