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Fans went into meltdown yesterday over a player they thought Arsenal were signing because he went to Aston Villa. The internet exploded. The club is apparently finished. Villa are now a bigger club than us… because fans take rumours as fact.

Quite the spectacle.

Buendia is no doubt a top talent. He’s powerful, mobile, and energetic. He’s also a chance creation machine. But that doesn’t mean we were in for him. If we were, we’d have landed him. No doubt. There is not a world where a player picks Villa over Arsenal unless there’s something wrong with them.

I suspect that the reason we’re not moving on him is Odegaard.

The rumour that really should have us worried is Reuben Neves replacing Granit Xhaka. That feels a lot more Arsenal if I’m honest. He’s with Jorge Mendes, he’s just had a very average season, and his signing probably doesn’t move us forward. He’s not really that mobile, he’s been outclassed this season by our current midfielders, and he’s quite one-paced. He’ll not be cheap.

It’s a peak-Edu move in my opinion. No imagination.

SPURS WERE BINNNED OFF BY CONTE. Amazing stuff. Daniel Levy tried to lure him to convince Harry Kane the project wasn’t dead… then he received the middle finger because Conte doesn’t think winning values align. Magic.

Right, short one today because I’m traveling. See you tomorrow!



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  1. Valentin


    Your analogy with traders and boutique start-up as on point.
    It was the same a few years ago between being a prop trader at a big investment bank and joining a small hedge fund. If the hedge fund become successful traders become multi millionnaire, if the hedge fund tank then traders has to go back and hope to get a job as prop trader again.

    Nothing to do with lack of ambition, just different evaluation of how well (or bad) the hedge fund was likely to do.

    Look at the US Sports franchise, star players don’t choose a club on its name and history, but on where they think the club will be with them. The Dallas Cowboys is the biggest NFL franchise in term of revenue, but their last superbowl victory was superbowl XXX more than 25 years ago!
    No big star is fighting to join them over younger more upwardly mobile franchise. The same within the NBA, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were the biggest name in town, but that time has passed.

  2. Habesha Gooner

    Brandt tailed off badly the past two seasons. Before that though he was a creative and productive player. May be he needs a new environment to get back to form. But he has never been a fighter and a strong player. So I have doubts he will do better in the premier league. Just like Havertz he will struggle in the premier league. I would steer clear because he is a risk right now.

  3. PhD2020

    raptoraJune 7, 2021 14:45:59
    German players don’t do too well in England though. I always think about that when I see Arsenal being linked to one.


    I don’t know..I can think of a few who have done ok in the EPL.

    Jurgen Klinsman,Markus Babbel,Dietmar Hamann,Leroy Sane,Michael Ballack,Pers Mertsacker,Jens Lehmann,Karls-Heinz Riedle,Robert Huth..Maybe Rudiger?Maybe Ozil when he first joined?

  4. Dissenter

    “A medical degree is different per the university, don’t kid yourself because of accreditation and standard practices. Same of Law too but the school you attend bears significance when talking of professional gain.”

    Charlie are you sure about this?
    The medical degree is very much regulated…and then there’s an internship that has to be done afterwards and post graduate assessments that level the playing field.
    Had you said that places and personalities involved in ones training reflects on the career, I would say yes.

    In medicine, it’s better to be amongst the star graduate of a smaller medical school than a mid-percentile graduate of an illustrious medical school. That star graduate of the smaller medical school stands a better chance of getting into the elite graduate training programs/residencies. and fellowships.
    It’s the residencies/fellowships that make great doctors, not medical schools. 99% of medical graduates are are par.

  5. AFC Forever

    Red flag to a bull but Arsenal will get top four next season.

    Of course, the usual suspects on here who spray the comment section with AK47 levels of anti-Arsenal negativity will sneer at that but then again they used to ridicule Wenger about his comments about top 4 being like a trophy. They’ve had to eat those words.

    Football is cyclic, it always was. Sure, it is harder for it to be so today due to the financial doping that has reduced competitiveness and fair competition but nonetheless, teams will have periods of differing success.

    Years of underinvestment and poor management may have left us behind but I believe a return to the top table is around the corner. Strengthen the squad in key positions, build on the 25 game momentum and without the disruption caused by midweek European football, we could have a very successful season. Do not underestimate the benefit of no European football for a season. Conte won the league when Chelsea was out of Europe and we all know about Leicester’s flukey season. Teams like West Ham, Everton & Villa benefited by being able to play their best team every week and having a week to prepare for games tactically – without recovery issues and the increased threat of injuries.

    It is important that we improve the squad we have and bring in the players who can help us to develop a higher tempo possession-based game. It was good to see us duck out of a dutch auction for the Championship player, it’s about time we stopped being dicked around only to end up overpaying for players; we need to act like a big club, stick to our guns and bring in those who really want to play for us. It sends out a strong message. No way he was worth upwards of £45 million, which is where Norwich wanted it to end up, as most people are now agreeing. We need to be smart, not reckless or kneejerk – and fans need to be likewise.

    I know a good season will piss off a lot of you on here; it’s harder to get away with daily anti-Arsenal content if the team are doing well, but I’m sure you will find something else to moan about. Perhaps the Groundsman will make pretty shapes in the turf you find objectionable and not as nice as the shapes the Spuds bloke makes; I know you will find something to whine about.

  6. Marko

    Football is cyclic, it always was

    Sure is. 25 years in Europe and now no european football… cyclical… trust the process.

  7. PhD2020

    Champagne CharlieJune 7, 2021 13:38:15
    Bully for Silicon Valley startups, but not everything can be so easily applied to other industries. There’s little crossover between a professional athlete that has a very generous 10 years at the top of the sport, vs a tech nerd that has a 40 year career awaiting him. Deviations and ‘greater good’ personal gains are far more prevalent in the professional world than they are in elite sports. Why? Because elite athletes want the elite opportunities at the elite clubs because they’re hungry for success and the profile that goes with that success.

    I just wanted add to my investment banking analogy I cited earlier.Given that you stated that a tech nerd has a 40 year career waiting for him versus a professional elite athlete that has on average, a 10 year career life span.

    An investment banker(my initial example) on average has a 10-15 year career span,as a trader for example.
    So,choices have to be made that best suits his ambitions and family.

    Choosing to go to an investment boutique(start up),with a definitive blue print in place does not make him weak,but astute and a calculated risk taker given the available options.

    Read Buendia in this case of which you cited as being weak and unambitious for opting to chose Villa over Arsenal.

    Each to their own.

    Just my final take.

  8. AFC Forever


    It’s a strange one with the German players.

    I thought Werner for £50 million was going to be a decent buy, he was scoring for fun at Leipzig. However, 6 goals in 35 Premier League games is a poor return and his ability to run off-side was second to none, shocking really with his pace. Even Havertz return of 4 goals in 27 games is poor.

  9. Champagne Charlie


    Of course it’s regulated, but being the best of the best programmes is always the premier ambition of the most elite in the field – rare exceptions notwithstanding. Arsenal are that ilk in England, and those that come here should have an attitude that befits the clubs own ambitions. Wanting to be a star at Villa because you don’t back yourself to be a star at Arsenal is cause for concern.

    “In medicine, it’s better to be amongst the star graduate of a smaller medical school than a mid-percentile graduate of an illustrious medical school.”

    It’s better to be the star of an illustrious medical school above all else, that’s my point.

  10. raptora

    Look, you even missed couple of names in there like Ziege, Hitzlsperger, Gundogan and Emre Can.

    But there are also others like Holtby, Karius, Mustafi, Schurrle, Schweinsteiger, Marko Marin and lately Havertz and Werner who obviously can turn it around but have not exactly impressed.

    It’s a bit like UK players not going abroad much. Players prefer to stay in their country. Hence why there haven’t been far too many top class players from the two nations playing abroad.

  11. PhD2020

    Champagne CharlieJune 7, 2021 15:14:35

    Arsenal are that ilk in England.

    Arsenal were of that ilk.

  12. Dissenter

    You wrote that “years of underinvestment and poor management may have left us behind but I believe a return to the top table is around the corner.”

    Surely there cannot be anything negative about people bemoaning where that “poor management” has brought us to. Some people also disagree with the notion that a return to the table is around the corner with the Arteta-Vinai-Edu combo.

    Some of us don’t believe in Arteta. A manager who’s had 8th place in two consecutive seasons shouldn’t be allowed top remain at the helm – that in itself is representative of poor management.

  13. raptora

    ÄFC Forever:
    “I know a good season will piss off a lot of you on here; it’s harder to get away with daily anti-Arsenal content if the team are doing well, but I’m sure you will find something else to moan about.”

    You really think that I won’t be happy if Arsenal have a successful season? And you reached that conclusion how? That I’m unhappy after an 8th place finish and you are?! Genius!

    You lot are deluded as it gets. Imagine thinking that I’ll be upset if Arsenal are doing well. It’s why I’m upset to begin with, cause Arsenal have been failing hard. Genius!

  14. PhD2020

    raptoraJune 7, 2021 15:14:44

    Yes,you are right.I missed out Emre Can, Ziege(of M’boro-right?),Hitzlsperger(Villa?)-did he not have a blistering left foot?
    I swear I used to have him in my team when playing Xbox so many moons ago..And Gundogan of course..

    I felt Schweinsteiger was a player,before he left for Manure.They got him,when he was past his peak..He was done by then I think..

    Yeah,but fair shouts from your corner of the world..

    Are you based in Canada?

  15. raptora

    Read that today and now Fabrizio confirms it.

    Fabrizio Romano
    Leicester are in advanced talks to sign Odsonne Édouard from Celtic, now working to complete the deal – many clubs interested so #LCFC keen to secure it quickly.
    Not yet at signings stage but Leicester board now confident. Soumaré deal with Lille, done and confirmed.”

    Solid Summer for Leicester already.

  16. CG

    AFC Forever

    “””””Even Havertz return of 4 goals in 27 games is poor.””””

    Yes but his 4th goal was a good one though.

    I am sure that 1 goal alone has paid his fee off.

    We will get back in the CL , I am sure.
    We have less games. Mikel will work his magic Monday to Friday without interuption.

    ‘Process’ full steam ahead now.
    “”Be excited””

  17. PhD2020

    ValentinJune 7, 2021 14:50:18

    Yes,fair points with the NFL and NBA..

    They were points I thought about putting forward,but opted to keep it simple.

    Golden State Warriors prior to 2014-2015 is another team,that you can cite as an example-maybe?Last championship won by them was circa 1975,then went on to win it in 2015,2017,2018.In between,signed KD(Kevin Durrant) during the 2016 season as maybe he could see what the vision was.

    Point being,regardless of the history,could see a plan, a path in place.

    That is not currently evident at Arsenal,if we look over a ten year period as an example.

  18. Gentlebris

    Not that I’m interested in old odd issues or anything…but why do people here prefer to react?

    It was terribly obvious that Mikel wouldn’t be able to do the job immediately, but almost everybody here was cool with it…then he began to tank it and this place becomes ever flooded with reactions.

    I was here day and night then, stating a million reasons per minute on why Mikel shouldn’t be hired. Had we all ACTED, our collective objection could have spread from here to Twitter and from Twitter into Edu/Vinai/Josh’s heads. Don’t let anyone tell you Twitter doesn’t matter…Twitter so matters it’s currently banned in Nigeria for giving the government too much heat.

    So from here to Twitter and from Twitter into the joint mind of the three musketeers…and Mikel wasn’t hired. That was my initiative, trying to prevent the wrong man getting the job, knowing it takes forever for a manager to be fired at Arsenal.

  19. Positive pete

    So there you have the answer.Provided by Raptora.Thankyou.
    Buendia chose Villa because the wanted him more made it obvious by bidding substantially higher,showing his worth to them.Also crucially. & It’s gone under the radar .He is is Martinez.They have family ties & both have the same agent.Doesn’t take a genius to work out why Villa fancied their chances.Arsenal were up against it from the off.Should have done their homework.

  20. Positive pete

    Think the days of it taking forever to fire a manager are in the past.For those who want Arteta gone.If the signs are mid table by Halloween then he’s gone.Well have adopted the Chelsea format of hire & fire.Works for them.perhaps a little less so for Spurs.😜

  21. AFC Forever


    “Works for them.perhaps a little less so for Spurs.😜

    Ha ha. Hiring and Firing has left Spurs with a sixty-year league title drought and a thirty-year FA Cup one. Chelsea can hire and fire because their squad is loaded with top players.