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A little less football news to chew through today, but look, I’ll put in a shift regardless because that’s the type of player I am.

Bukayo Saka scored an absolute screamer against Austria to take the game for the mighty England. The 90 was quite uninspired if I’m honest. Gareth Southgate giving minutes to everyone felt a bit weird, no one needed to see Pickford between the sticks. It was fun watching Grealish draw fouls, people just love to kick him, a bit reminiscent of our very own Jack back in the day. He’s an awesome player, it’ll be very sad when he moves to Manchester City this summer… and Arsenal fans, please stop pushing him as an option on the internet, it’s depressing. Not as depressing as reading fans thinking they are too good for Raheem Sterling. What the fuck is wrong with people?

There’s big talk that Spurs are trying to lure Mr Conte out of self-enforced retirement to have a crack at Daniel Levey’s ‘CAN YOU HELP ME WITH A TROPHY’ problem. This move isn’t as banterous as Roberto Martinez. Conte worked wonders at Chelsea in season one, before things went south. He turned Inter Milan around. His pattern tends to be, step into a mess, win something, complain about lack of signings, get fired or retire as a result of petulance.

I honestly don’t know why he’d go to Spurs. Levy isn’t exactly free with the cash and the Spurs rebuild job is a big one. We’ll see though, who thought he’d replace Poch with Mourinho? Maybe Levey will give him control over transfers? Always remember he oversaw Morata, Zappacosta, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, and Ross Barkley.

There is a tantalizing rumour in the French press via Loïc Tanzi that we’ve been talking to Luis Campos about moving to Arsenal. I think we could all agree that a move like that would be immense for the football leadership at Arsenal. No one moves a club quite like him. A hire like that seems almost a little too smart for Arsenal, so I’ll hold judgement on that. He fits the bill though. He knows how to identify value, he’s good at picking coaches, and he’s built transfer eco-systems on small budgets… and won titles.

Arsenal will head to Florida this preseason for a Florida Cup with Inter, Everton, and Millonarios. UK Arsenal fans complaining they can’t go. Can you believe that? THIS IS NOT FOR YOU, NOT EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND YOUR NEEDS. I’ll be jumping in a camper van and heading down. I might even do some LGTV interviews. Should be fun.

Martin Ødegaard does not know what to make of Carlo heading back to Madrid.

‘He is a coach I know and with whom I had a good relationship when he was last there.’

‘In that sense, it is positive. But beyond that, one day has passed, so I do not know too much about what he thinks about things.’

The hiring of Carlo is a control move by Perez, so you’d imagine if the President likes Martin, Martin is what he’ll see in the side next season. There is also talk that he’ll be sent back out on loan again, so we’ll see.

Kola is coming back. Schalke can’t afford. Hopefully we can bin him off like we did Mesut Ozil.

The club announced the players released.

Men’s and women’s first-team squads:
Dani Ceballos
David Luiz
Leonie Maier
Martin Odegaard
Mat Ryan

No shocks there.

Let’s finish out on a FRESH podcast. Get your ears on it. I talk with Johnny about transfers out of the club, Willy Saliba, and the moves we should be making this summer. It’s a good one. No Arteta talk.

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  1. raptora

    It’s gotten to the point where fans would take down the Kroenkes and keep Arteta in his job. Like the Kroenkes, as average of an owners they are, declined the offers for AMN and Xhaka a year ago or decided to drop 300k pw on Willian, or to loan Saliba, Guendouzi, Torreira cause they weren’t needed, or to keep Leno ahead of Martinez, or to play garbage football with a capable of much better squad, or starting with a false 9, Xhaka as LB and Ceballos in their most important games of the season.

    Trust the process.

  2. Gonsterous


    I think they will sell Grealish, unlike arsenal other clubs plan ahead for an important players replacement.

    I was really optimistic about Buendia but I guess we will go for Berge now, which is depressing af.

    Someone was asking above, but no to auour for me please, didn’t want him last season, don’t want him this season. He looks like a bigger Tw@t than Nasri

  3. Tee

    “They say empty vessels make more noise, after studying people like Champagne Chuckles”

    If Champagne is an empty vessels then you are – a genius?

    You are riled up because he trashed your **s not once, not twice because people like you couldn’t last in a discussion before throwing tantrums

  4. Guns of SF

    Spot on…. but I think this might have to do with Arteta… and him not wanting to be part of this shit show. Emi M probably was really honest with him. I dont blame him, to some extent.. Whoever made contact with Emi B did not do a very good job… good negotiators know how to turn heads and also assuage any doubts the player has. I guess it was Edu? Garlick?

    Im telling you, Latin players need to be handled in a better way… there needs to be a sense of belonging and love and respect with them. Its a community for them, not just a vocation in many regards. Loyalty is really important too. Will their families be taken cared of and also happy.. you really need to sell this to them.

    Anyhow, lets see what else happens. I am sure we are going back for Aouar but its a risk at this point.

  5. raptora

    GonsterousJune 6, 2021 05:56:41
    Oh my Lord, some posters were certain that arsenal being located in London would have all the pull over a team from Birmingham, but there you go.

    They were calling posters who were talking about Villa’s interest re Buendia “drama queens”.

  6. MD-Gunner

    The mantra will be Willock is like a new signing we don’t need fucking Buendia because:
    “Goals from midfield is not something Arsenal have found easy to come by — and that’s putting it lightly. In that blistering seven-game hot streak, Willock scored more league goals than the combined efforts of Odegaard, Ceballos, ESR, Partey, Xhaka and Elneny have produced in the past two seasons”.
    Yep Willock is coming back, a new signing. Arsenal don’t need no stinking Buendia, trust the process.

  7. raptora

    Guns: “Im telling you, Latin players need to be handled in a better way… there needs to be a sense of belonging and love and respect with them.”

    Not talking about a Latin player but I assume getting publicly humiliated about being late when you can 100% keep it inside and still have it your way, is not a sign of love and respect. Especially when the said one is the most loved, your best player and your club captain.

  8. Pierre

    I think it’s a fair point to say that Arteta has made a rod for his own back in his treatment and lack of respect given to his own players.

    I would say there is a strong possibility that Arteta’s attitude towards his own players could put off any new potential signings coming to the club..

    Too many players have been frozen out of the team/squad for it to be a coincidence.
    A new player may look at the treatment of Saliba , AMN, kolasinac, sokratis Mustafi, Ozil , Torreira, Guendouzi, Willock , Nelson and Cedric and question Arteta’s motives and managerial skills.

    Let’s not forget that none of the above players were culpable for the club’s abysmal form in the run up to Christmas…

    Let’s hope that the good name of Arsenal football club , which Wenger built up over the years, will be enough to persuade players of a good quality to still want to play for Arsenal football club.

  9. Guns of SF

    Willock returning and Ode on loan..
    I can see that happening.
    Somehow that fixes things.
    Arteta is very rigid so I can see Ode coming back and poor Willock… no more full field runs to score goals… Arteta will put and end to that right away.

    Might be that Buendia did not like what his role would be at the club too? Meaning, he might have felt restricted or not able to play his true game?
    who knows…

  10. Kegunner

    Buendia is gone. No time for tears. Arsenal now have one less sure player to shore up the midfield. One other player that operates from deep and is press resistant and can play well with Partey and Willock is Manuel Locatelli. Plays like Buendia but from deep and can dictate play. Can link play between Partey and Willock.


  11. Gonsterous


    They were calling posters who were talking about Villa’s interest re Buendia “drama queens”.

    The same people still insisting arsenal are a big club? The way we are heading, in 10 years time, we will be fighting relegation on a regular basis. No long term vision at all in the club, it’s just, short fixes that have no real positive effect in the long run.

  12. Guns of SF

    I think this failed Buen thing really has highighted the systemic problems we have at the club. on all levels. Including the Arteta apologists. The entire thing is a mess.

    A strong DOF, and Coach would still be able to get good players if their goals and vision are enticing… and that starts with winning and lots of other factors like , how are players treated? So Pierre hit the nail on the head…

    Every failure just gets my blood boiling again… and its Arteta and Edu out time again.

    Rinse and repeat….

  13. gunnernet

    JokeJoke Joke of a club. And Pedro you are pathetic. And here i quote ‘Chelsea dropped 240 million last summer on a top-4 squad, what did you expect?’

    Us we dont go from 30 to 35 + addons because it is too much and we ve had a pandemic. We lowball Ajax for their GK trying to exploit his drug ban.


    And you have been compromised Pedro. We dont behave like a big club either accept it and fight for 7-10 because this is our current level, or ask for radical changes!!

  14. gunnernet

    You cant say it was not our primary target, it is early in the summer blah blah blah. Honestly if you want to have all this bring Wenger back and fight with this squad for 4-6. At least he is a better coach than Arteta. This is the point we have reached…

  15. gunnernet

    Also if MA is a good coach as you are selling why Odegaard doesnt want to come back? All he keeps saying is that he is Real Madrid’s player. He could push to stay longer otherwise.

  16. Guns of SF

    So much for KSE spending money this summer.
    If it is confirmed we bid 30M, and then fell short its criminal. Some outlets say we went to 35 even… I mean were we short a few mil?

    Anyhow, Im starting to think this had to do with Buen not wanting us actually. The more I think about it.

    The worry is, will other players by pass us for said reasons? How are we going to land top targets? What are we going to sell them on?

    If London is not pulling them in like it used to, then what will motivate them? Money? We cannot over pay like we used to.

    SO I am guessing its gonna be young, European players, who are cheap or loans for vets who are prem tested or just more loans.

    I can see Coutinho being brought in on loan

  17. Chris

    Hearing about the Buendia news (if true) is disappointing, he seemed to me like a hybrid of Santi and Sanchez, superb technique and creative output, but also married with tenacity and determination. Already familiar with the league and likely to get better.

    However, we should refrain from losing o collective shit over one player not coming to us, this has happened many times over the years. It’s early doors in the window and while I can’t say I am overly confident in the clubs ability to do what needs to be done, I’m also not going to reach for the razor blades over losing out on one good player.

    Rich – reading back over the comments, may I add you were not the sole voice wanting to see Willock get a run of games with us, i mentioned this more than once early last season. Totally with you on that one. I still think we should hold on to him now unless an absolutely outrageous offer comes in for him.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    I’d rather a Russian with ambition own The Arsenal than some phantom american. The Club has gone to shit since americans got involved, end officials

  19. Kroenkephobe

    Hiya Tony
    How’s it going in your neck of the woods?

    This post season is all a bit ‘meh’ isn’t it?

    Will we, won’t we get so and so? The team evidently needs new players and, crucially, to reduce the squad. But I concluded that if I don’t trust Arteta to prepare them properly when we are playing, then why would things get any better when he and others are looking to strengthen the team. I don’t trust him and the other bozos to do the right thing. End of.

    So it’s more fun to make up terrible fucking songs instead. Although it’s a tough task keeping up with Almunia. He’s not only prolific but he’s up there with Yeats, Wilde, GBS and Val Doonican (!) to name but a few of Ireland’s brilliant writers.

    How’s the golf going? Do you walk the round with your son or can you at least get in one of those buggies? I used to find it sapping to walk in those tropical high humidity environments, but it really felt good to get under a cool shower afterwards. Life here is prosaic as ever. The place where I live is full of English range rover drivers with turned up collars trying to make people believe they live here by being overly familiar with everyone. I feel a bit like that Patrick McGoohan character in the prisoner.

    Better dash – a huge fucking bubble has appeared at the garden gate!

  20. Mee

    Now we’re gonna do that deadline day thing again where we activate a release clause out of desperation. Hope it’s not gonna be Odergaard or Ceballos. ” In football you lose more than you win,” said Arteta. Guess next season we’re gonna find out all about that. Player’s we have bought recently like Pepe, Gabriel and Partey are not a silver lining. We might as well change our name to “Come and be Shit FC” because players from other teams have started to take notice anyway.

  21. Terraloon

    Breaking news, well thoughts from Mrs Terraloon!

    Arsenal probably did bid but the HP terms of £3-75 up front and the balance of £35 million over 25 years probably wasn’t of interest to Norwich

    She might have a point in that Arsenal may well have made a decent offer but the lack of cash at Arsenal probably meant the terms Arsenal wanted just weren’t close to acceptable

    Cash is King and Arsenal aren’t even close to the line of succession

  22. Emiratesstroller


    I think that you are talking nonsense.

    What is the basis of your opinion that Arsenal were a] outbid and b] the club were not able to
    compete with a payment plan?

    I would remind you that Athletico Madrid fell into the trap of assuming that Arsenal’s finances were so stretched last summer that we would not be able to buy Partey.

    Arsenal came up with a single payment of £45 million. There was no instalment payments.

    I am quite sure that Arsenal are able to fund at least one major signing without resorting to

    The idea that Aston Villa are in better financial shape than Arsenal is utter moonshine.

  23. Habesha Gooner

    Manuel Locatelli won’t be available to us. City, PSG and Juventus are tracking him. He is also a CM. With ESR in the side we have improved. That means we need to move to a 4231 instead of a pure 433. That needs a lot of quality from fullbacks to be creative enough. So we need another N 10. As far as N10s are concerned there isn’t a lot of quality in the market. Buendia and Odegaard were our targets and now both are off the table. Christopher Nkunku and Florian Writz are out of our price range. And Writz is a teenager too. Nabil fekir is gone as a target. Julian Brandt is a fragile player so we need to stay clear. Aouar also has had attitude problems and he is not a N 10. I see a lot of targets nug none that match our price range, age, premier league adaptability and quality. I still feel Buendia was the best we could have done. Then it its Matheus Pereira for me. At most they will ask for 30 mil and we can get him for 25 mil with add ons.

  24. Ishola70

    As others have said if Buendia wanted Arsenal he would sign.

    Norwich receives two offers one higher from Aston Villa.

    If the player really wants a club over another he refuses to sign for that club and it doesn’t matter who makes the highest bid. It’s called player power and we all know it exists.

    As for Grealish going to Man United for 100 million as has been said on here truly doubt it. People can criticise Fernandes and say he is just about penalties and can go missing in bigger matches but overall he has contributed to that Man United side positively. Man United already have their on the ball ACM. They don’t need another in Grealish.

  25. Terraloon


    The Partey transfer came about because of one simple event that was the fact that there was no longer any requirement to have a debt reserve account which immediately released most of the funds needed to finance the deal.

    My thoughts are supported to a degree by the accounts , which yes are over a year old but one things for sure the clubs cash position isn’t stronger than it was as of 31/5/20. Arsenal are strapped for cash . That’s not just my opinion it’s one shared by many including AST who are far more able to analyse matters that dare I say it both you and me.

    Villa aren’t in a better financial position than Arsenal we both can agree about that but in Nassef Sawiris Villa have an owner who has injected vast sums and continues to do so.

    Cast your mind back to the last accounts and look at how much Arsenal still owed in respect of historical transfers . Arsenal tend to buy players on extended terms and yes others do likewise but the real shakers and movers have smaller % of debt in this category whereas Arsenal owed a whopping £100 million +

  26. Northbanker

    Kroenkes now proving the have no interest in Arsenal whatsoever. Letting Buendia go to Villa is a disaster. There will be no rebuild and it won’t matter who the manager is. Kroenke has ruined us

  27. andy1886

    Stroller, the idea that Atleti fell into Arsenal’s trap is nonsense. Not much of a trap when they get the full asking price for the player and then go on to win La Liga without him. Meanwhile we ‘convince’ te player to join the ‘project’ by tripling the guy’s wages. Most cunning indeed.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    Personally I am disappointed that Buendia is not coming to Arsenal, because he is a decent player, but there are too many assumptions being made on here.

    For a start Arteta has made it crystal clear at end of season that he would like to see Odegaard
    return. Odegaard is most certainly a higher level of player.

    Before we criticise the management let’s wait and see how the transfer window pans out.

  29. Ishola70


    Buendia just sits on the Villa bid and refuses to budge.

    Norwich are then put in a corner the longer the transfer window is open and then have to revert to the lower Arsenal offer.

    That’s if Buendia definitely favoured an Arsenal move over Aston Villa.

    Evidently this was not the case. He didn’t favour Arsenal.

  30. Emiratesstroller


    You are wrong.

    The payment was sanctioned and underwritten by Kroenke.

    In the past Kroenke has not been financially proactive in funding Arsenal, but that has not been the case in last 18 months.

  31. andy1886

    United will finally sign Sancho, not Grealish. Pereira looks likely, potentially cheap and has thas that Brazillian connection that Edu will like. Just not Aouar please, a potential disaster.

  32. Pierre

    ” declined the offers for AMN and Xhaka a year ago or decided to drop 300k pw on Willian, or to loan Saliba, Guendouzi, Torreira cause they weren’t needed, or to keep Leno ahead of Martinez”

    You forgot to mention the unmentionable, as that was where/when the poor decision making started , and that is when the hierarchy at Arsenal football club should have had a quiet word with Arteta about showing respect to the players..
    By allowing Arteta to act in this manner it gave Arteta the power to make horrendous decisions that have set the club back at least a year , possibly more.

    Le grove celebrated this behaviour from the manager towards Ozil , so you have no reason to complain as one can’t pick and choose when to applaud a lack of respect and when to approve it.

  33. Ishola70

    This was probably what Arsenal were hoping for.

    That Buendia would refuse the Aston Villa move and then Norwich would ultimately have to accept the lower Arsenal offer.

    But it didn’t happen.

    Buendia was not desperate to join Arsenal over Aston Villa.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    I would remind you that Athletico Madrid and their manager were incandescent when they
    discovered that Arsenal made the payment direct to Spanish League and bypassed having
    to negotiate the contract with them.

    AM did not want ro sell Partey to us whatever you may think.

  35. WengerEagle

    United won’t sign Grealish, they’re on the brink of spunking their load on Jadon Sancho who is a player that they need far more than Jack the lad because as Ishola says of already having Bruno as well as Van De Beek who is barely getting a look in as is.

    Buendia signing doesn’t mean that they are selling Grealish. Aston Villa are serious about building a really good team as per their filthy rich owners.

    Grealish is the captain, a local lad and Villa supporter and still just 25 so he likely will want to hang around for another season to see what they can really do.

    They barely beat the drop last year finishing 17th on just 35 pts and went on to spend 100m the following summer on Martinez, Betrand Traore, Watkins, Matty Cash and Sanson.

    Went from finishing 17th on 35 pts and a -26 GD to finishing in 11th on 55 pts and a +9 GD this season and that was with missing Jack Grealish for the last third of the season which coincided with their form taking a nosedive. Probably would have finished close to the European spots with a healthy Grealish.

    They spent 150m the season before that too. A 285m spend to date since returning to the Premier League, their owners clearly aren’t lacking in ambition.

  36. Terraloon


    All things being equal you would expect if there was a straight choice between Villa and Arsenal Buendia would ship up at Arsenal.

    But these aren’t equal times and despite all the clatter the view of many is that Arsenal as a club ain’t in a great position and potentially on a slippery slope of season on season decline

    So either Arsenal did or didn’t make a bid,

    Norwich did or didn’t accept that offer .

    The player didn’t fancy Arsenal be it because of wages, the manager or maybe something else.

    Let’s face it players like Willian who was sold the Arsenal, no Arteta vision just under a year ago seems to want out and want out quickly and he ain’t the only one

    What does seem to be the case is that Norwich are selling their best player a player that Arsenal supposedly had strong interest in and that player is seemingly going elsewhere

  37. Captain Tierney

    I think we have missed out on Buendia because we were still trying for Odegaard.

    Fabrizio said in the pod, Odegaard is the clear first choice in the AM position. But we did for Buendia and were continuing talks with him to keep our options open.

    This dilly dallying has probably cost us the transfer.
    Villa’s main target is Buendia and they are going after him while we are giving him. mixed signals. Its like saying to someone
    ‘ Yeah I like you but I like someone else better, so please wait a while. If my 1st choice rejects me, I’ll come for you’

  38. Terraloon


    The whole refinancing deal which included the residue stadium debt, the repayment of the loan KSE took out to buy Usmanov released the debt reserve account funds of that ther3 is no dispute

    As for it being underwritten by KSE well yes it would have been but the money for the Partey deal didn’t come from another entity it came from the refinancing package

  39. Ishola70

    It has to be clarified whether Arsenal put in this lower bid for Buendia.

    If they did that is Buendia not fancying Arsenal enough in not sitting it out and refusing to sign for Aston Villa with their higher bid.

  40. andy1886

    If RM rate Odegaard they wouldn’t sell him, why would they? But if the past is any guide they will extract top dollar for the player. Big clubs like RM don’t sell their better players, and clubs who buy their cast-off usually regret it. Last summer there was plenty of support for buying Ceballos on the back of a few good games, for Ceballos now read Odegaard.

  41. Emiratesstroller


    There are far too many assumptions and not enough certainty.

    Arsenal have a lot of baggage to offload this summer and my guess is that will be the priority.

    Buendia is a decent player, but he played in Championship and not a top Division. So spending £30 million + on such a player is frankly an inflated price particularly when you
    see that Roma were reputedly offering just £12 million for a seasoned player like Xhaka.

    If you are going to spend £30 million on any player today it has to be for someone who is an
    upgrade on what you have got.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    Do you consider Ronaldo was a cast-off when sold to Juventus?

    RM are in a rebuilding mode like us. Let’s see the outcome in this summer transfer window
    before we make a judgment on whether we should have bought Buendia.

  43. Ishola70

    Italian press are reporting that Roma are willing to throw in Cengiz Under to Arsenal in the Xhaka supposed deal.

  44. DivineSherlock

    Ohh the meltdown will be real , if Buendia plays a role in Copa America for Argentina . Aston Villa made a really smart move securing him before the tournament starts. Anyways as usual Arsenal will always be reactive.

  45. DivineSherlock


    Buendia is a decent player, but he played in Championship and not a top Division. So spending £30 million + on such a player is frankly an inflated price particularly when you
    see that Roma were reputedly offering just £12 million for a seasoned player like Xhaka.

    What are you really smoking mate ? Seasoned player Xhaka is only seasoned with atrocius error prone decision making. Two Burnley matches if he had kept his head , we would have had 6 pts from those , also since we had him we never made CL so I guess Roma really wanna have a go at Europa League.

  46. Dissenter

    “ Buendia was not desperate to join Arsenal over Aston Villa”

    That’s a good summation
    The clubs put in not too dissimilar offers, Arsenal probably offered a bigger wages, like we ALWAYS do, … and yet he picked them over us.

    Buendia didn’t consider us the bigger club.
    Buendia didn’t see any sauciness in Arteta, Emi would have told him that the manager is a rookie with a massive ego..
    Buendia didn’t buy whatever new promises Arteta was selling, maybe it was champions league in 5 years.
    Buendia wasn’t too eager to be another over-controlled robot in Mikel’s team,

    Why would a player be desperate to sign for a club that’s not desperate to have him.

  47. Dream10

    Duncan Castles reporting that Arsenal have open talks to sign Ruben Nerves from Wolves.

    Pedro did say that he heard noises that the club were looking at Wolves players. So, might have to reluctantly give him credit lol

  48. Useroz

    Wait till Ode or Auoar to score 15 goals and provide 15+ assists before we talk transfer fee.

    Ode had 2 or 3 good games and the rest were fantastic possession games whatever the fuxk that means.

    We need goals from a MF who has a natural incline to progress vertical, to try to be creative …. and Buendia is one of those. He’s likely not the next KdB but we dont have someone remotely close and consistent for even one season!

    Manure spent 70m on a MF and literally changed their fortune, and some consider 35 to 40m expensive for Buendia, if most indicators suggest hed help us?

    If we already signed Buendia, Bissouma, or some alternative, don’t mind signing Ode or Auoar as another luxury player to indulge Arteta and his fan boy…

    Brandt? FFS…

  49. Sid

    My turning point with Diet Pep is when he decided to keep Xhakalson and introduce Charlatan tactics to accomodate him, when there was interest from Hertha.

    Re Buendia: Which style of football would he prefer, Villa or Diet Pep? Would he want to play for a manager that shoves injured players back into the field?

  50. Ishola70

    In Ruben Neves we would have a defensive midfielder that can actually engage the centre of the pitch for required lengthy periods.

    Has to be an improvement straight away.

  51. Thank you and goodnight

    As much as I hate arteta, I think he’s shit sorry, we’ve all got to agree this isn’t on him. He didn’t sign himself at Arsenal it was the kroenkes. The fact that we’ve since become a banter club under their ownership, players choosing other teams over us…….hate Arteta but I do believe we need kroenkes gone before him

  52. andy1886

    Stroller, yes if RM didn’t want Ronaldo any more (which they didn’t) then he is a cast off. Hilarious that you compare serial winner and Ballon D’Or legend Ronaldo with achieved nothing yet in his career Odegaard.

  53. Ishola70

    Bissouma is liked because of what he does on the ball as well as off it but if you are looking for an actual better defensive midfielder with more maturity then Ruben Neves is your man. And he is not too shabby on the ball either.

  54. Sid

    Wolves know they have the upper hand in Neves negotiations, because after the Bwendia debacle Arsenal have to placate fans

    Loool, some things never change!

  55. Ishola70

    “Would rather sign Bissouma for 35m pounds than Neves”

    Shows immaturity at times though doesn’t he.

    Can we afford that in this particular position considering we have younger players in the side as well.

    These Portuguese midfielders of a certain standard have a good strike rate of being able to do the job.

  56. Dissenter

    Good luck getting the billionaire out before the rookie manager
    Hope it works out for you
    From all accounts we didn’t pursue the Buendia deal in a thorough professional manner. We lacked the personal touch, from the details available.
    Villa made him feel like he had a designed role already, Arsenal’s offer was all over the place.
    This wasn’t just about money, we probably offered him a higher wage too.

  57. Chris

    I’d be very happy to sign Ruben Neves, he has more about him than Bissouma in my opinion, not to take away from the latter.

    However he wouldn’t come cheap, but he would be a great fit with Partey and ESR as a midfield three as such.

    If Odegaard does return, I wouldn’t be upset to see that as another years loan and use whatever funds we have to strengthen in other much needed areas. Right back for example. We am attacking outlet of equal quality to Tierney on the right so we can be less predictable going forward.

  58. Rich

    We need to get the ball rolling with outgoings

    In central midfield I see us going for a press resistant technician, rather than a ball winner, someone in the mould of Cazorla, who can do a similar job to what he did in the first half of 2015/16 + 2016/17 seasons, before his injury

    Who can also play as one of two No8s in certain games

    There’s some serious red flags around Aouar, but I think it’s the style of player we’ll target to replace Xhaka if he leaves

    Only completed 90mins 6 times this season, regularly subbed early in the second half, and had his application called into question on a few occasions

    It would be a high risk, high reward gamble, and the type of transfer that a manager puts his job on the line with

    At most clubs heads would roll if it didn’t work out, particularly after Willian, Soares + Runarsson style debacles added into the mix

    At Arsenal mistakes tend to go unpunished, so Arteta will probably feel comfortable taking a punt

    Think we’ll go for two central midfielders, and go for someone like Berge as well, providing we can move on Guendouzi, Torreira + Elneny on permanent deals

    This summer is a good opportunity to redesign our midfield, which has been subpar since Cazorla’s injuries, hopefully we don’t screw it up

  59. Dissenter

    The arseblog piece doesn’t clarify anything, it’s just Andrew Magnan trying to get through a tough moment.
    His podcasts are more enlightening tbh.

  60. Mr Serge

    I can’t read araeblog i find the writing a bit meh
    I am not devastated we lost out on buendia he has done his best work in the championship
    If we lost out at all
    Is till don’t know if we followed up our initial enquiry and we also don’t know who we are getting. It’s s bit early to panic
    Or cry for hours like most on here

  61. Dissenter

    Using your line of thinking we never fully know what’s happening so why write anything at all about any issue

    Are you disputing that we didn’t compete for Buendia’s signature with a smaller club?

    Le6s pretend that nothing happened and just stay ‘positive’.

  62. Ishola70


    You are obviously blinded to Xhaka’s faults that harm this side.

    Xhaka can’t engage the central midfield areas for any lengthy periods. Neves can. Neves also has more mobility.

    This aspect and weakness of Xhaka always seems to go over your head.

    The importance of a midfielder that can actually engage central midfield.

  63. andy1886

    Rich, Aouar to replace Xhaka? As a LB maybe? Seriously, it’s hard to think of two more dissimilar players. Yet again you have to ask what the plan is because it’s not clear at all after 18 months. If it really is City-light that’s just embarassing. We’d get there just as everyone else has moved on to whatever the next fad in football is.

  64. Dissenter

    Neves is just as immobile and leaden footed as Xhaka
    Wonder why he dropped off the performance charts at Wolves recently?

    I’ll stick to Xhaka that go for Neves, not a significant improvement.

  65. Ishola70

    If there is one criticism of Bissouma it is that he can actually overplay in the DM position.

    But this is an aspect of him that probably sees his admirers.

    I like him but also see there is a bit of immaturity in his play at times as well.

  66. Dissenter

    Xhaka’s main problem is the lack of pace, an attribute which Neves shares.

    What happened to him this season at Wolves?

    I’ll rather seek to sign whomsoever Wolves want to sign to replace Neves.
    Lokonga, maybe.

  67. Dream10


    Bissouma is better going forward than Neves and engages higher up. Neves plays exclusively behind the ball. Both he and Partey will stay deep

  68. Useroz

    Bob. Unless you are an insider, I dare say 99.9% of us here on Legrove wouldn’t know exactly what happened and transpired….

    Most of us having read from the media , come here to talk about Arsenal thinga…. some would have done more or less research and analysis but basically next to none here know more than the tea ladies….

  69. Mr Serge

    Lokonga is the smart move if you want to save money and are looking for a high ceiling
    Neves is premier league hardened and is an upgrade to granit

  70. Dissenter

    Neves is the silly consolation price to assuage bruise egos after missing out on Buendia

    He’s not an improvement over Xhaka. I’ll stick to Willock thank you. He’s proven he has the same goal scoring ability and he’s FREE.
    Rather than sign Neves, just get an upcoming player like Lokonga and let that new player and Willock compete.

  71. Ishola70


    Neves can operate high enough for a DM.

    I understand that some love Bissouma’s take ons off the ball and his drives forward but for me actual defensive nous and maturity is more valuable than another attacking outlet in the DM position.

    Atm we have a midfielder in Xhaka that can’t even engage central midfield properly.

  72. TR7

    I guess Buendia wasn’t our first choice. If he were we wouldn’t have lost out to Aston Villa in getting him. Another possibility is Emi Martinez dissuaded him from joining Arsenal and persuaded him to join Villa. All said and done, I like how Buendia plays so slightly dismayed we didn’t get him.

  73. WengerEagle

    Rare enough that me and Dissenter are in agreement on a player.

    Ishola it wasn’t a defence of Xhaka and I very clearly can see the problems that we face when he is in CM, I just think that you’re going to be very disappointed if you’re expecting Neves to come in here and massively elevate our midfield.

    He’s more a sitting type as Dream says, not mobile and not a goal threat unless you count a handful at best of outside the box screamers a season.

    Plodding, conservative, can’t dribble, albeit an outstanding technician that likes a long shot.

  74. Ishola70

    Of course he is a fucking improvement over Xhaka.

    Xhaka has to be wrapped in cotton wool playing deep all the time.

    Dissenter why don’t you just read overall reports about Neves over the last month or so and see if they are implying he is shit like you and Weagle are indicating.

  75. Mr Serge

    Buendia is an attacker neves is not an alternative target to him he is an alternative to xhaka while we wait for who else we get where we would have played Buendia

  76. Ishola70

    I don’t mind a “sitting” DM.

    What I can’t stand is a midfielder that has to play deep all the time.

    Neves “sitting” in central midfield is fine by me.

  77. Trask

    Quite ironic Ishola’s liking for Neves who is just a slightly more mobile player than Xhaka without the same passing ability

    What condition is this?

  78. WengerEagle

    Ishola being a drama queen as usual, lol.

    Nobody is calling Neves shit. We’re just saying that he’s not this massive upgrade that you are pretending he is.

  79. Habesha Gooner

    Wenger eagle
    Neves is a really good player. I don’t know if you have been watching but he is in a poor wolves team paired with a 30 something Moutinho. He has also a lot of offensive potential to his game. He is good at passing and through balls too. Might have dropped off this season but I would be happy with him. Xhaka is different in a sense that he doesn’t even venture forward. I think Neves has another gear to his game.

  80. Ishola70


    Neves is not put in cotton wool and has to play real deep all the time like Xhaka.

    He engages in central midfield unlike Xhaka.

    Fools on here not realising how protected Xhaka is in this Arsenal team.

  81. Bob N16

    Dissenter, at a guess we saw Buendía as a potential incoming at a certain price. For Aston Villa, they valued him at a higher price. To say a smaller club got the better of us is debatable at best.

    Let’s wait and see who we bring in and for what money before deciding it was in judicious to get in an auction with AV.

  82. WengerEagle

    ‘Fools on here not realising how protected Xhaka is in this Arsenal team.’

    Everybody realises what a crock of shit Xhaka is at CM, it’s why everyone on here barring literally one or two want him gone.

    Why is it always about Xhaka to you, this has nothing to do with him. The debate is whether or not Ruben Neves is a massive upgrade on our CM.

  83. Dissenter

    If you love Neves, then surely you must like Willock too because it’s that goal scoring thing that’s getting you all excited.
    Neves is not the starter for anyone, not Wolves or Portugal. He’s a back up to a back-up in most scenarios, now you want him to come and re-invent himself at Arsenal?

    What exactly does he do well besides those free kicks that used to find the back of the net, once upon a time?

    You hate Xhaka so much that you can’t acknowledge that his passing ability is loads better than Neves’s.

  84. Mr Serge

    Diss if passing is backwards and shitty sideways passes the xhaka is your man he is the human crab

  85. Dissenter

    Bob N16
    I’ll take your advice about waiting.
    I really wish we had considered that before we bid for him, tj4 story is being run around the world thatVilla thumped us to get a player we also wanted. That’s not a good thing to wake up to or sleep on.
    It’s all past now. There’s are other targets I’m sure they will consider, just hope they are better or as good as Buendia.

  86. TR7

    Neves is a solid player, will take him over Xhaka all day long. He can shoot from outside and is technically more capable. Won’t cost a fortune and is PL ready.

  87. Emiratesstroller

    Divine Sherlock

    No-one was talking about Buendia when he played for Norwich in EPL. Frankly his performance level at that time was mediocre.

    How many Championship players have cost £30 million in transfer market?

    I know that the pet hate of many who post on Le Grove is Xhaka, but he is still valued by
    transfermarkt at a significantly higher level than Buendia.

    There are far too many people like you who post on here devaluing our players just because
    you don’t like them.

    Aston Villa finished behind us in the League. The idea that they are now considered a better
    option to join is ridiculous.

  88. WengerEagle


    A lot of offensive potential? He can’t dribble or accelerate past a defender and is next to no threat from inside the box, nearly all of his goals are scored from distance of which there aren’t too many. He’s a conservative CM that sits deep and sprays passes.

    He’s no more of a goal threat than Thomas Vermaelen was from CB, he had a lovely long distance shot on him too.

  89. Ishola70


    “You hate Xhaka so much that you can’t acknowledge that his passing ability is loads better than Neves’”

    Who cares about continuity passing of a few yards in deep areas and the odd long ball.

    Neves can engage and compete in central areas and that is more important for this Arsenal midfield.

    Where has Xhaka’s so-called great passing got us to? Nowhere.

  90. Dissenter

    Mr Serge
    I see you’re another card carrying member of the Xhaka-is-shite club.
    How come every manager he’s had has trusted him?
    I mean the guy played temp left back and snuffed out Chukwueze, to the point where the lad was hailing Xhaka as the new Paolo Maldini
    Anyone who can play as left back effectively is not as slow as you want to think.

  91. WengerEagle


    Replacing a bad player with an over-priced and overhyped average one isn’t a smart move to make.

    Neves couldn’t get into the Portugal NT ahead of a geriatric Moutinho. I suppose you know best though, lol.

  92. WengerEagle

    Point being by bringing up Vermaelen is that I would have preferred a better centre half during those years even if he couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

  93. Mr Serge

    Diss i will tell you why every manager has played Xaka as i have this conversation a lot. He is the best of s bad bunch he is better apart from Partey to anyone else at Arsenal
    Does not mean he is not shit he is just better than ceballos and elneny who are also really shit

  94. Ishola70

    Man United have been linked with Neves.

    Their local paper Manchester Evening News which always has their pulse on the club reported it.

    But yeah he’s not good enough for Arsenal.

    Weagle Moutinho is not a DM. Neves is.

    Whoever was keeping Neves out of the national side it wasn’t Moutinho.

  95. WengerEagle

    ‘Won’t cost a fortune and is PL ready.’

    Not quite a ringing endorsement.

    What’s with the obsession with buying only PL players on here of late? Have the terrible transfers overseen by our clueless powers that be traumatised people into being terrified of buying overseas?

    Most of the best players in our history were bought from abroad, god forbid a handful of them from Serie A.

  96. Mr Serge

    Chickweze molested xhaka i can’t wait to see the back of him he is everything that is shit at our club
    Slow disfunctional and an absolute shit head he should never have played for us again after flipping us the bird

  97. Dissenter

    Read TR7’s recommendation of Neves

    ‘ Neves is a solid player, will take him over Xhaka all day long. He can shoot from outside and is technically more capable. Won’t cost a fortune and is PL ready.’

    Imagine if you showed up to a job interview with that reference,
    -He can shoot from outside….that too is a strength of Xhaka- he has s crazy short in his left foot.
    -more technical that the lad who’s played central defense and left back effectively?
    There’s nothing more technical than a player that can adapt effective,y on a whim and not look so bad.

    That reference from TR7 is like the reluctant one you drag out of anyone, the type you never use for a key job. It’s lacking in enthusiasm and condition.

    What else does Neves have besides not been called Xhaka?

  98. Rambo

    Emiratestroller 24 hours ago

    “I see merit in recruiting Onana, Bessemina and Buendia. These three players would cost us
    around £90 million.”

    Emiratestroller Today
    “He’s a Championship player”

    Shameless old twat

  99. Rich


    I’m not saying I want us to sign Aouar, but stylistically I think it’s what we’ll go for, and that what I’d like to see

    Our best performances since the 2010/11 season, all came in the first half of 2015/16 and early in 2016/17, with Cazorla at the base of our midfield

    I think we’d have won the title in 2015/16 had he not got injured

    I’d have serious concerns if we signed Aouar, there’s a few red flags around temperament, application and stamina

    But equally I quite like the idea of a technician who can take the ball in tight areas, and beat the press

    Can offer the passing range of Xhaka, but releases the ball much quicker, and who can dictate the tempo of the game from deep when team cede possession and look to counter, or when we’re chasing a game

  100. TR7

    Neves – younger, slightly more mobile, less error prone and equally good if not a better passer than Xhaka. Not a top top player but definitely an upgrade over Xhaka.

  101. WengerEagle

    ”Weagle Moutinho is not a DM. Neves is.Whoever was keeping Neves out of the national side it wasn’t Moutinho.”

    Lol, if he was good enough he would walk into Portugal’s midfield. Who was keeping him out then, PSG’s benchwarmer Danilo? Porto’s Sergi Oliveira?

    Pretty much the only position in the NT that isn’t stacked with talent and Neves is still nowhere to be seen.

  102. Dissenter

    I used to respect you about t]your Xhaka convictions until I realized that your sense of a complete or total midfield is warped.’Anytim eyehole were asked for a bette midfielder than Xhaka you waffled and then went on to dismiss whoever was offered as an alternative.’

    After all the Xhaka beating you’ve done for 5 years, you now offer a player that at most, is only marginally better

    Why is that Neves managers never consider him as starter for considerable lengths of time?
    He’s not a reliable player, shows glimpses of talent and his old reel of free kicks goals keep making people like you rate him.

  103. Ishola70


    Why have Man United got an interest in signing Neves?

    We all know why you don’t rate him.

    It’s because he isn’t enough of a show player for your tastes.