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A little less football news to chew through today, but look, I’ll put in a shift regardless because that’s the type of player I am.

Bukayo Saka scored an absolute screamer against Austria to take the game for the mighty England. The 90 was quite uninspired if I’m honest. Gareth Southgate giving minutes to everyone felt a bit weird, no one needed to see Pickford between the sticks. It was fun watching Grealish draw fouls, people just love to kick him, a bit reminiscent of our very own Jack back in the day. He’s an awesome player, it’ll be very sad when he moves to Manchester City this summer… and Arsenal fans, please stop pushing him as an option on the internet, it’s depressing. Not as depressing as reading fans thinking they are too good for Raheem Sterling. What the fuck is wrong with people?

There’s big talk that Spurs are trying to lure Mr Conte out of self-enforced retirement to have a crack at Daniel Levey’s ‘CAN YOU HELP ME WITH A TROPHY’ problem. This move isn’t as banterous as Roberto Martinez. Conte worked wonders at Chelsea in season one, before things went south. He turned Inter Milan around. His pattern tends to be, step into a mess, win something, complain about lack of signings, get fired or retire as a result of petulance.

I honestly don’t know why he’d go to Spurs. Levy isn’t exactly free with the cash and the Spurs rebuild job is a big one. We’ll see though, who thought he’d replace Poch with Mourinho? Maybe Levey will give him control over transfers? Always remember he oversaw Morata, Zappacosta, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, and Ross Barkley.

There is a tantalizing rumour in the French press via Loïc Tanzi that we’ve been talking to Luis Campos about moving to Arsenal. I think we could all agree that a move like that would be immense for the football leadership at Arsenal. No one moves a club quite like him. A hire like that seems almost a little too smart for Arsenal, so I’ll hold judgement on that. He fits the bill though. He knows how to identify value, he’s good at picking coaches, and he’s built transfer eco-systems on small budgets… and won titles.

Arsenal will head to Florida this preseason for a Florida Cup with Inter, Everton, and Millonarios. UK Arsenal fans complaining they can’t go. Can you believe that? THIS IS NOT FOR YOU, NOT EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND YOUR NEEDS. I’ll be jumping in a camper van and heading down. I might even do some LGTV interviews. Should be fun.

Martin Ødegaard does not know what to make of Carlo heading back to Madrid.

‘He is a coach I know and with whom I had a good relationship when he was last there.’

‘In that sense, it is positive. But beyond that, one day has passed, so I do not know too much about what he thinks about things.’

The hiring of Carlo is a control move by Perez, so you’d imagine if the President likes Martin, Martin is what he’ll see in the side next season. There is also talk that he’ll be sent back out on loan again, so we’ll see.

Kola is coming back. Schalke can’t afford. Hopefully we can bin him off like we did Mesut Ozil.

The club announced the players released.

Men’s and women’s first-team squads:
Dani Ceballos
David Luiz
Leonie Maier
Martin Odegaard
Mat Ryan

No shocks there.

Let’s finish out on a FRESH podcast. Get your ears on it. I talk with Johnny about transfers out of the club, Willy Saliba, and the moves we should be making this summer. It’s a good one. No Arteta talk.

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  1. Kroenkephobe

    I like the cut of Campos’s jib. He looks single-minded, cerebral, aloof and temperamental. The Professor Pat Pending of world football.Could he become the signing of the summer? Assuming Edu remains in some form, the lusophone links could help us tap more deeply into some of the African, southern European and South American markets for young players.While we’re at it, let’s get diminutive Mexican ex goalkeeper Jorge Campos as GK coach!

  2. DM

    I’d actually be quite happy if Odegaard is wanted in Madrid and it means we can’t get him, IF it means that we can go for Buendia instead. I do like Odegaard but is he special? Is he going to really be that missing link? Not convinced… like, maybe, but he looked good and only good, nothing more. I’d gladly have him in the squad, but not at the expense of a Buendia who in my opinion has a greater potential for us and is more likely to make a real difference in matches.

    Of course we’ll probably sign neither of them and my point will be moot but there ya go.

  3. Champagne Charlie

    Say hi to Banford at the Florida gig, absolutely nailed on he’ll be there purely to harass you if spotted. Probably with a fake tash and glasses to remain on brand.

    Jealous of you. .

    Saw links to James Maddison yesterday, maybe another in the mix depending on what happens with the current faves. Good player, has come on a lot the last couple of seasons. Unsure the money needed for that, Leicester typically sell high.

  4. Left Testicle

    I initially read that as LGBTV interviews … I say young man …
    …or young woman
    …or young they/them

  5. Valentin

    I would love Luis Campos as DoF as replacement or boss of Edu. However what RMC is talking is the possibility of hiring him on an informal/consultant role in the rebuilding of our scout network.

    So basically the highly paid company to recruit Scouts told Arsenal, we have not got a clue on how to do it, but we know somebody who might know. I could have told them, free of charge that Luis Campos is one of the best DoF and he has one of the best network of scouts.

    It will come down to whether he wants a full time job in Madrid under Perez or a part time job under Edu.

  6. Ray+in+LA

    Bendtner on Arteta

    He is a less obvious managerial candidate than his former teammate Mikel Arteta whom he describes as having “an iron will almost unlike anything I’ve ever known.” Bendtner also praises Arteta for “never giving anyone a bad conscience” as a team-mate while “his commitment, determination and leadership was without question. He was the one who was always going down that [managerial] road and he was a guy you could go to for advice.”

  7. Ray+in+LA


    “So basically the highly paid company to recruit Scouts told Arsenal, we have not got a clue on how to do it, but we know somebody who might know.”


  8. Nelson

    I read that “ARSENAL ARE READY TO CONSIDER OFFERS FOR AUBAMEYANG “. If they manage to off load Auba, then I would really believe Arteta can be ruthless.

  9. Bob N16

    I don’t know if Campos is realistic but if he were to come in, it better be right away otherwise he wouldn’t be involved enough in the TW.

  10. Luteo Guenreira

    I mean I love Saka as much as anyone, professed my affection since long ago. But to call his goal yesterday a screamer is a bit akin to calling an Arteta 1-0 shithouse win a “tactical masterpiece.”

  11. Rich

    Direct competition for Leno
    Direct competition for Tierney
    2 Quality central midfielder

    Then clear out 14 players permanently

  12. Guns of SF

    Thank goodness Ode is back in RM. Apparently he and Carlo had good talks. The sooner we rid ourselves of taking on this player the better. There is much better out there….
    We should hire in Campos sharpish… get him on the recruitments for this summer

  13. raptora

    We finally got ourselves rid of Ozil just to go hard in buying his apprentice. From the same club mind you… For top dollar again… Don’t do it!

  14. Elmo

    Looking forward to the LGTV Tailgate Mic interview series hosted by Pedro from the ‘parking lot’ of the Citrus Bowl, Orlando.

    Rent a Ford F-150 Raptor and drive it down from NY.

  15. Globalgunner

    not surprised that Pedro who rates Arteta so highly also rates Raheem Sterling. Did he watch the CL final. In 70 mins he did not get a sniff out of ?Reece James. Not once. the biggest plonker of all was Guardiola who watched his struggles for a whole 70 mins. Sterling is a limp as box of Cornflakes left open for a week. No thanks

  16. Dissenter

    Stop the misinformation man
    No one is suggesting trial we are too good for Raheem Sterling
    P[eoplke ate saying we can’t afford to spend all of our budget on one player at a time when we have gaping holes in the squad..
    We need
    -a central midfielder
    – an attacking midfielder , a starting RB
    – back-up LB
    -goal keeper
    …. before we consider signing another high transfer fee-high wage forward.

  17. Dissenter

    “I would love to have Luis Campos at Arsenal, but French newspaper have him in talk with Real Madrid. Madrid are financially shot, so Perez may give him carte blanche to rebuild the team on the cheap or at least cheaper than the Galactico model that bankrupt them.

    Perez will NEVER relinquish his hold on Madrid. He is the de facto DoF. Campos can’t be daft enough to go there. Good DoFs want control to be able to make any meaningful changes happen.

  18. Dissenter

    I suspect that we are working with Campos in a consultant capacity to hire scouts

    That’s what this is about. We pay him to render opinions about the scouts shortlisted for hire.

  19. Eduardo

    Clearly Sterling’s dismal form this season was because he is pining for the saucy generational coach who ‘improved’ his game at City.

  20. Champagne Charlie


    Absolutely not what was said re: Sterling. There were numerous turning their noses up at him based on his ability.

    “No, no.no to Raheem Sterling. We have enough flaky demure, non productive players on high wages. He will not improve us one bit.“

    “Sterling? An over paid player who misses sitters for fun?“

    “Sorry but Sterling is massively overrated. Even at city he’s only had 1 real mega season, the rest of the time he’s been good but def not world class“

  21. Tom

    Not exactly true, Sterling did get the better of James once but failed to get the shot off from Ederson’s over the top ball.

    That entire game was a case of one coach getting getting everything right and the other getting it mostly wrong.

  22. Marko

    BREAKING: Tottenham are set to appoint Antonio Conte as their new manager.

    Fabio Paratici is also set to move to North London as Sporting Director.

    It’s according to talksport but that would be a huge statement

  23. Dissenter

    Ha, I didn’t see that
    I suspect that some are mistaken his temporary slump at the end of the season and ineffective CL final performance with poor quality.

    He’s co-captain of city and wears the band a lot these days, Pep likes him.

  24. Crimson

    Who gives a shit about those scum marko??

    Arsenal have offered professional contracts to five second-year scholars ahead of the 2021/22 season.

    Kido Taylor-Hart, who shone for the Under-23s during the 2020/21 campaign, is perhaps the most well-known name to be offered a deal.

    As well as Taylor-Hart, Daniel Oyegoke, Nathan Butler-Oyedeji, Ovie Ejeheri, Mazeed Ogungbo have also been given the chance to continue with the Gunners.

  25. Dissenter

    Pep let his team down at the final
    City would have beaten Chelsea easily had he set up with a center forward and defensive midfielder.

    It would have been player vs player with one-on-one battles every where. City have the better players.

    He overthought and overly complicated the game.

  26. MD-Gunner

    Whoever wrote article about Luis Campos coming to Arsenal clearly intended it to be click bait. Who was going to get this over the line, a disinterested owner? Hardly!

    This quotation tells it all “However, Arsenal have now poured cold water on suggestions that he could liaise with the Gunners’ recruitment team alongside current technical director Edu. Arsenal are, however, looking to extend their recruitment team, with Edu recently confirming that he had clear ideas on how he wanted to move forward.”

    There you have the answer to “What is Edu doing?” Edu is formulating clear ideas how to move forward. WTF has he done since his arrival? There was hope that finally someone with footballing knowledge would come to the club only to have those hopes dashed within a few hours.

  27. MD-Gunner


    With no European football and therefore a smaller squad where are you playing these guys that have come up through the ranks? They want game time they want to play 1st team football! If the EL and the European Conference league was good for anything it was good for academy player development, but that is no longer the case. These prospective talents will look at the club and ask themselves when and where will I play? Since those contracts usually are very short, good luck with keeping them on empty promises.

  28. Champagne Charlie


    Sterling has had a poor season relative to the 3 prior, but he’d still comfortably be among our top two players if he moved here. There’s definite reasons why it couldn’t/shouldn’t happen, but his ability ain’t it – he’s wildly under appreciated on here.

    But then again you’re talking about some who turned their noses up at Aguero when the idea of a swap came up with Alexis. We’ve an odd approach to appreciating talent at Arsenal, usually it comes way after the opportunity has passed.

    Quite funny reading Grealish get used as a benchmark now when merely two summers ago he was the butt of the transfer jokes for some flavourful foreign property. We always find ourselves the wrong side of the argument in recent years, it’s self fulfilling at this point almost.

  29. Marko

    For all the shit talk Pepe gets he still contributed to 39 goals in 89 games during two of our worst seasons in recent history.

  30. Ray+in+LA

    June 3, 2021 17:45:32

    GSF A broken clock is right twice a day.

    and a clock going in reverse is right multiple times a day — in fact the faster it is going in the wrong direction the more often it is right 🙂

  31. Ray+in+LA

    I have to confess that I was excited when I heard the news that Willian was joining us…I was, of course, expecting the player that I begrudgingly admired at Chelsea — strange that he so massively disappointed

  32. jwl

    I always thought this story was funny, Bendtner ego was off the charts, he must have been a colossal twat in person.

    Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has scored highly in ‘self-perceived competence’ after the Gunners’ sport psychologist Jacques Crevoisier revealed that the Dane’s mark was off the scale.

    “One of the categories is called ‘self perceived competence,’ i.e. how good the player himself thinks he is,” Crevoisier told Swedish magazine Offside. ”On a scale up to 9, Bendtner got 10! We have never seen that before. Pat Rice [Arsenal’s assistant manager] was sitting next to me and couldn’t stop laughing.


  33. Crimson

    MD-gunner , good question!
    I have no idea. Players mentioned are just kids and will probably be in the under 23s.
    Our 1st team needs to slimmed down cause of no European Thursday night.
    Ben Cotteral was close to the first team and Matt Smith? Azeez obviously needs to sign a new contract

  34. MD-Gunner

    There is an article with the Athletic discussing this difficulty and here is just a short quote:

    “This summer signals the end of Kido Taylor-Hart’s current deal with the club. As things stand, there is an offer on the table from Arsenal, but interest from other English and European clubs complicates matters.

    Arsenal’s failure to qualify for Europe next season, where youngsters before Azeez and Cottrell — such as Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe — were given their first chances, will complicate matters further.”

    So yes they played for the under 18 and under 23 but with nothing to play for besides the League Cup and the FA cup how do they evaluate their prospects? Those here that dissed the Europa Conference League, it was a competition to just send the youngsters in and if they win it then no need to hunt for EL place. But many here just look at it and say since Arsenal didn’t get it, it was rubbish anyhow rather then looking it as a friendly with something to win for and have player development.

  35. Mr Serge

    We don’t want the scum getting Conte he may even do something in season one before cracking up

  36. Champagne Charlie

    AFC Bell just tweeted saying we’ve made our first official bid for Buendia, details to follow.


  37. Captain Tierney


    I believe we’ll get him for around 35 mil.
    I’m happy because Buendia is my preferred choice over Odegaard. This also means we wont be splashing the cash on Odegaard. Buendia would be a great start to this window. Young, proven and elite ceiling. His goal contribution numbers have been very good last 3 seasons which is what we need right now.
    Odegaard himself is a very good player but different type. He tends to be involved a lot in the build up whereas Buendia gives me Hazard vibes

  38. Captain Tierney

    Correction – The translation was apparently wrong. Norwich rejected the bid. Talks ongoing

  39. Alex

    I love Martin Ødegaard but his inclusion means Smith Rowe is shifted out wide relegating either Saka/Pepe to the bench. I’d therefore take Buendia instead, however I’d love both if it’s possible.

  40. Marko

    I dunno not blown away by Buendia he’s good sure but my concern is that he’s only really flourished in the championship. He’s Soler lite for me

  41. CG


    Can this Buendia play?
    He aint just another Torreira but with some skills?

    5ft 7, Latin, sulker?

    1 goal in 36 games last time The Canaries were in the prem.(Joe.W scores 8 in 8 for Newcastle.)

  42. Dissenter

    How low we have fallen
    We seem to be locked in a bidding wat with Villa for Buendia

    I’m sure we’ll offer more wages but if he rejects us to go to Villa then we are in trouble.

  43. Ray+in+LA


    “Can this Buendia play? He aint just another Torreira but with some skills? 5ft 7, Latin, sulker?”

    Buendia is 5ft 8…so very different from Torreira then

  44. Mr Serge

    Martinez is argie and they are at coopa America together imagine if our ex player talks him into joining villa

  45. Vickingz

    Arteta out yet? Why are considering signing onana and not Matt Ryan? He’s as good as leno if not even better than him, an arsenal fan through and through

  46. CG

    Ray In La

    Can Buendia play in the prem on our big pitch or he is one off those who just hapoens to be very good in the championship?

    Big fish in a small pond and all that.

    Having said that , If Villa are seriously in for him, thats a good sign.
    They know what they are doing at least.

  47. MD-Gunner

    It hurts when a club legend has this to say:
    “Thierry Henry has admitted Arsenal are ‘nowhere near’ challenging for the Premier League title and says it is ‘painful’ to see the club’s recent demise.”
    He likewise is admitting reality and he surely is not one that wants to see Arsenal fail!

  48. Pedro

    MD, you’ve got to stop spending your day looking for things to be offended by.

    CG, when he was with Norwich the season they were in the Prem he created the 3rd most chances in the league. Not sure big pitches are a problem.

  49. MD-Gunner

    Pedro, not offended just saddened and we will see how Arteta will deal with this newly presented problem:
    Gabriel Magalhaes has been called up to the squad for the Ol;Olympics, along with Arsenal team-mate Gabriel Martinelli, while the competition starts on July 23 and finishes on August 8 the two are set to miss the majority of Arsenal’s pre-season and early EPL matches. Since this could open the door for Saliba ahead of a potential Arsenal debut next season, lets see how Tets handles this.

  50. Trask

    Targets at AM Odegaard and Buendia

    Two completely different profiles

    That seems off in terms of building the squad with a particular identity on mind

  51. Marko

    That seems off in terms of building the squad with a particular identity on mind

    That’s funny that you think Arteta’s football has a particular identity…he doesn’t

  52. Champagne Charlie


    You really need to cut that shit out.

    I’ve been reading how Villa getting linked to ESR and Buendia was something for us to take note of because they were ‘doing what we should’. Now we have to be concerned Villa are in for Buendia? Why exactly?

    They’re about to sell a world class player, they’re being ambitious about how to replace him. Good for them.

    Arsenal? We’re looking at what we need and have identified the stand out player from the Championship, that’s good business. Simple as that.

  53. Northbanker

    Pedro – sorry but not sure what point youre making re Sterling. Would he be good for us – probably. But we’re overstocked with wide players and we need midfielders and full backs with limited funds. So for me its an absolute no unless we get everybody else that we need

  54. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Gabs plays left centre back
    Mari plays left centre back
    Holding plays right centre back
    Chambers plays right center back.

    I see no problem for the start of month.

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The Norwich dude is worth a punt …
    Good Ew bet .
    If real want to play hard ball of a fella they don’t want fuck em.

  56. Rich


    Last season we had only Smith-Rowe 20 + Willock 21 as our attacking midfield options, Smith-Rowe then got a shoulder injured

    Nobody should be surprised we struggled for creativity, and that we struggled to break teams down when they deliberately ceded possession to us

    Smith-Rowe and then Odegaard changed our season, because they had qualities we lacked, Partey was injured, and Ceballos, Xhaka, Elneny, all want the game played in front of them, and operate in deeper areas

    It’s no surprise that we struggled to create, and we had no goals from midfield

    Hopefully the overall plan is to move to playing with 2 No8s, particularly at home against weaker teams, to do that we need at least one of our wide forwards to be of high technical quality

    Wenger used to cover technical No10 types, it’s no surprise that since we moved away from that profile of player, that the goals + quality of football have regressed

    If we can clear the decks, then we should be targeting Odegaard + Buendia

    I don’t think Arteta’s pragmatism has been through choice, he’s just using the tools at his disposal to the best of his ability, and in certain games we’ll still have to play for fine margins

    But if we can do that, then have the final third technicians to blow away sides below us, we’ll be in a much better place to crack the top4, and from there we can build again

    We need to pull at least an extra 25 league goals from somewhere next season, while keeping the improved defensive discipline

  57. Mr Serge

    Rich 25 extra goals well if auba pulls his finger out he can score 15 of those plus if they play Pepe more there is another 10

  58. Dissenter

    I still consider the lure of Arsenal to be far above anything Villa can offer Buendia
    They cannot match our wages and there’s the London factor
    He’s going to play as many games at Arsenal as he will for Villa, there really shouldn’t be hesitation had we not recently faltered.

  59. Champagne Charlie


    Right, but you’re always on the front line for drama when there’s just no need for it. You were halfway to forecasting the outcry if we don’t land the guy mere minutes after news of us having concrete interest.

    Just chill ffs, if any player is choosing Villa over Arsenal currently then I don’t want them near the club because that mentality is weak as piss.

  60. WengerEagle

    Buendia would be an exciting move were it to materialise.

    Marko has a point re him having his breakout season in the Championship rather than the PL but he played a very good season in the PL the season before, creatively at least.

    The concern is if he fails to transition his goalscoring from the Championship up into the PL which is a fair reservation to have, I would hope he has more of a nose for goal now though.

    He’s not going to score 15 PL goals but if he evens manages 8-10 along with 10+ assists to go with his all-round game we are onto a winner there.

  61. Rich

    Mr Serge

    Aubameyang isn’t a player who makes many chances for himself, we need to surround him with technicians, and if we do that, we should start getting much more out of him

    We invested big money to keep Aubameyang here, and since we’re likely stuck with him, we have to try and put a system in place to extract the maximum value out of that investment

    I agree about Pepe as well, he’s had plenty of time to settle, he’s coming into a good age, and as a senior player, we should be demanding that he significantly increases his overall output

    Pepe is a bit like Aubameyang though, they’re both players who we need to get playing as close to goal as possible, and they need to be surrounded by players who make up for their technical deficit

    I don’t buy the doom, if we clear the decks, and make some astute moves, we can make up some points overall next season

    I’m going to hold off on my mental breakdown, at least until I see how things play out

  62. Champagne Charlie


    Agree with that. Think 8 is the magic number for supporting attackers, you have 4 players that can chip in with those kind of numbers and that’s 30+. Need a strong return from your CF in that case, with the odd goal coming further back.

    75 becomes more realistic in that case.

  63. WengerEagle

    And interesting reading what Aguero’s old lad had to say about Pep, nothing good lol.

    I agree with him, I don’t think that Pep ever really fancied Aguero. Always seemed to prefer Jesus over him in the crunch European ties.

    Aguero is amazing but he is an out and out 9 and Pep has a complicated relationship with those. He’s the poster child of the false 9 after all.

  64. Mr Serge

    I would say two words to anyone who is worried about a player having s breakout season in the championship
    Jude Bellingham

  65. WengerEagle


    Yeah if Buendia can put up 8 goals and 10-15 assists as well as Saka bumping his numbers up to 8-10 goals and 5-10 assists we’re on our way.

    Where would you see Buendia playing? CAM or LW?

  66. Dissenter

    Buendia is the type pf player to force the game, he s going to lose the ball a lot as a result

    It will be important to surround him with 1-2 ball winners like Bissouma -type midfielder and Partey.
    The manager has to trust him to get the best out of him because he will lose the ball a lot.

  67. Champagne Charlie


    Can see him similar to Odegaard, but maybe with more ability to go wide if need be. Played a lot from the right at Norwich, but Saka is developing well there. Maybe he’s just as capable going left and interchanging centrally? Could also be as an 8 with as much defensive work as he gets through.

    Think what kind of CM we go after will tell us more about the options available next season. Lots of links to Bissouma, but that screams double pivot which requires a 10. If noises are to be believed we want a different profile of player, and I’ve hear Ruben Neves mentioned a couple of times.

    If he were to come in for arguments sake, you could have him at the base and let Partey and Buendia play as 8’s. Curious to see who we move for centrally.

  68. Vintage Gun

    I see Buendia playing more as a 10 or 8 in a 4-3-3 for us.
    His versatility is an added bonus as the fact that he can play right or central means he can ease the workload on Smith-Rowe and Saka

  69. Guns of SF

    We are not ready for a 433
    I think Mike opts for 4231

    Buendia in the middle for me
    Saka right
    Martinelli left
    Auba up top

    We really should be asking Norwich city about Max Aarons if we’re doing a deal for Buendia it only makes sense that they will be able to work with us on pricing if we are going after two other players. it would be criminal to not at least inquire

  70. Mr Serge

    The Ajax RB is half the money of Aaron’s not sure what our budget is but we need a striker that will not be cheap

  71. Vintage Gun

    Pepe over Martinelli for me. Love Martinelli and think he’s been massively underused this season but I’d give Pepe the lions share of games on the LW next season

  72. WengerEagle


    Agreed, LW is most likely imo with license to roam in-field and allow Tierney to bomb forward for those overlapping runs/overloads.

    I really hope that we don’t go for Ruben Neves, such an underwhelming player for me. Good footballer technically and intelligent but for me he’s pretty ordinary in every other department, like a watered down and less mobile Emre Can.

    He wouldn’t be much of an upgrade at all on Xhaka.

    Much prefer Bissouma/Anguissa if we’re raiding the league. Both far more dynamic than Neves is.

  73. WengerEagle

    I don’t want to see Martinelli at LW, he’s a number 9 for me.

    Brilliant finisher and has an underrated aerial game, he scored a couple of nice headers in his first season here.

    He’s not ready to take over the mantle at CF yet though, needs another season. Should be used far more than he has been though, I’d like to see him get at least 15 starts in the PL.

  74. Champagne Charlie


    I really like Neves, but he’s been ordinary the last 18 months or so. Hasn’t kicked on like I expected, but that’s not to say he wouldn’t in a better team etc. Always seems to perform well for Portugal.

    I see them both as different types of players, a player like Neves is a Rodri sort of player who sits and controls, whereas Bissouma is a tackle merchant like Ndidi, and Anguissa more between both boxes like Partey.

    Could take numerous directions depending on who we sign, I just think Arteta will gravitate to a player like Neves because he views the game that way. He’s very much like he was honestly, just more potential to him.

  75. WengerEagle


    Agreed, well said on the different types and profiles.

    I could definitely see Arteta being inclined to prefer a Neves type over a Bissouma/Anguissa one especially as we already have Partey who is more in the mould of the latter two.

    I just think that there are better Neves types out there that we could get for even cheaper or similar price, Wolves would make sure to rip us off if we tried to sign him, probably look for 40m+.

    Fabian Ruiz, Brozovic, Joan Jordan, Maxi Arnold would be my preferences if we are looking strictly at Neves types.

    Gravenberch the young fella at Ajax looks outstanding for a 19 year old, going to be a massive star. More potential than even Camavinga for me.

    6 foot 3, mobile, slick footballer, intelligent, powerful and already has a very solid all-round game.

  76. China1

    Doesn’t bentdner hold the record for the fastest ever PL goal after coming on? Against spurs no less. 6 seconds.

    What a hero

    On another note loads of reports saying we’ve bid 30m for buendia. Even tho I doubt it’s enough I’m glad if that means we’re genuinely in for him and testing the waters

  77. Champagne Charlie


    I think PL-ready is king for CM personally mate, I’m already uneasy that only Partey is tried and trusted centrally for us – especially without absolute confidence in his durability in the Prem. Honestly think Xhaka moving on makes the pull for PL-proven that much more important, plus the underrated qualities he takes with him.

    Say what you like about Xhaka, but he’s durable af, has personality, and the play goes through. We’re in for a world of hurt if we recruit a replacement that has a Partey-like first season in and out the side. Could see how someone like Neves becomes more attractive in that sense, he’s a high volume passer, he’s a leader, and he doesn’t miss matches (31, 34, 35 league starts the last 3 seasons).

    There’s alternatives for sure, and I reckon outgoings will decide who is or isn’t top priority. I’ve said already, but I’d rather we go for less risks in the middle of the side, and work the continent for a RB, LB, GK, aux attacker/striker.

    35 mil Neves is touted for, Buendia touted at 40 and looks likely for 35. If we could get Neves for 30 and sell Xhaka 15-20 then I’d be keen on that. Throw AMN their way after last summers bum transfer too.

  78. China1

    I’ve no concerns about buendia not being able to recreate his goal scoring form. He will be fine if he comes.

    He saka, esr and Pepe will all chip in. As will Martinelli Eli if the boy is allowed any meaningful minutes.

    Even partey is bound to have one of those row z rockets smash in off the underside of the bar one of these days 😂😂

  79. Captain Tierney


    I’m telling you how, he’s very good. We should have got him last summer for 25 million. Now he’s gonna cost 35 at least.

    After Grealish he is probably the best we can get if we are only looking in the English leagues. He did score only 1 goal in the Prem last time out but his underlying metrics like key passes, assists p90 and chances created were up there with KDB and Grealish. And he was playing for the poorest team in the league.

    His goalscoring numbers have also improved this season. If you want an eye test I’d say he’s similar to a young Hazard. + The best thing is he is still only 24. I’ll be expecting 15 league G/A from him in his first season granted he stays injury free and his relationship with Arteta doesn’t get toxic ( Supposedly he is a mercenary type like Guendouzi and we know Arteta doesn’t gel with extreme personalty types)

    No brainer deal for me.

  80. LoveSausage

    Good news if this thing about Campos is true. It could mean that Edu is being pushed out. I have hard time seeing you’d take someone with that kind of pedigree and let him report to a complete amateur like Edu. Unless the plan is to replace him.

    As for Sterling, I think it would be a mistake. And not because of some reductive BS like “we’re too good for him”. We’re a team that’s dependent on Granit Xhaka – we’re not too good for anyone from a top PL side. Sterling is a good player but he’s someone who needs the stars to be aligned to perform. We have plenty of those players. We need someone who can transform the mentality of the team and lead. Sterling ain’t it.

  81. Captain Tierney


    I think we are looking at options like Neves and Berge because we don’t want an all African starting eleven when the Afcon rolls around. Especially both of our starting Central midfielders CANNOT be African. That would be disastrous. + our 4th choice is also African. For that reason alone I believe we won’t sign Bissouma.

    Neves for me is a downgrade on Xhaka. Same pace, less power, and not half as good as Xhaka in passing or Ariel defending.

    There are a lot of better options then Neves for 35 million.
    Neuhaus is a baller, Soumare has elite pnp and ceiling, Lorenzo Pellegrini of Roma, Locatelli is another quality player and I’m sure there are many more. Berge is not worth 35 mil but he may be a better option considering all the variables

  82. Captain Tierney

    Buendia is not coming to play an #8 or a CM. His style is far too risky to play in central midfield. He is an attacker and will most exclusively play in the front 4 .
    Just because he is short and skillful doesn’t mean he will/can be our Cazorla replacement.

    He can be developed into an attacking #8 ( like B.Silva at City) in his latter years but he is not ready to play that role now.

  83. Captain Tierney

    An Arsenal fan on Twitter has made a Luis Campos welcome to Arsenal compilation video 😂

  84. peanuts&monkeys

    Does this Arsenal regime know there’s a player by the name Amine Harit? Do they know his team is relegated from B’liga? Do they realize Arsenal and that club have done several businesses in recent past?

    Or, is Harit too attacking for Arteta????

  85. peanuts&monkeys

    Another B’liga club wuth which Arsenal have done business Hertha wants to sell Cunha. And, Arsenal wants to sell Laca. Do they know D’cunha is a skilled baller and a Brazilian and a player capable to substitute even Auba?

  86. Sid

    “””While the top clubs in the world were investing millions of dollars in their youth academies, Brentford decided to eliminate theirs completely. Instead, they relied on a “B team” of 17-to-20-yr-olds that were rendered useless by other clubs

    12) Why? Because Brentford believed you had to give a young player at least 35 games before determining his value. But the richest clubs in the world didn’t have the time, patience, or appropriate infrastructure to do that. As a small club willing to experiment, Brentford did.

    13) This allowed them to find undervalued players, or market inefficiencies, that could come in, help the club win & be sold for record profits. Said Benrahma • Bought: $3.8M • Sold: $40M Ollie Watkins • Bought: $2.3M • Sold: $36M Neal Maupay • Bought: $2.1M • Sold: $26M””””



  87. Guns of SF

    Its too bad we are worried about losing good players to the fucking AFCON. a tournament that doesnt last that long. It is imperative that we get the best talent and not worry about a once a year tournament.. We should have Azeez bled in, to cover, or buy cover but lets not pass on talent please due to this reason.

  88. Captain Tierney

    It is utter incompetence if the leadership is not thinking about AFCON. A tournament that lasts long 4-6 weeks iirc. Thats around 6 league games ( could be more) . In Premier league the margins are so small that you can’t not compete even for 1 game.
    Losing your first choice midfield for 4-6 weeks will completely derail the season.
    Just think back to how far our performance dropped when we lost only Xhaka. Having a stable and strong Midfield is imperative to us having a good season .

    + There’s higher chances of injury because of the cramped schedule. The players also require a small rest period if they do enter the letter stages of the competition.

  89. Guns of SF

    The dates of AFCON are
    9 January – 6 February 2022

    less than a month… and without Europe, that isnt too much if we have good cover. My point is that our league is way longer than AFCON.

    I would sell El Neny too. Never rated him, even as a back up. We need better than that.

    Bleed in Azeez, promote him to first team and get cover that is not African.
    i just hate the thought of passing on Bissouma or Anguissa due to afcon

  90. Captain Tierney

    So what is the midfield you gonna play for those 4-5 weeks?
    Azeez/ Patino ( who have 0 senior football experience)?
    Because Elneny is probably going nowhere. He is a great 4th choice option to have. Never complains, gives 100 percent all the time, always reliable. That leaves us with our 3rd choice CM and the likes of Azeez and Patino.

    As good as they may be in the reserves and the academy they are not ready to be thrown into the deep end.

    + If Onana’s ban gets lifted and we sign him as well ( apparently we are very close) . Then there’s another first team player gone to the AFCON

    CM, GK, CB and ST ( this one doesn’t count for Pep) are extremely key positions. You can experiment a lot in the wide areas but the spine always has to be the strongest. Its the foundation of the team. Just look at the impact of Pool losing Vvd, Allison and Gomez. Wolves losing Jimenez. Brighton not having a good striker even though their overall game is superb. Chelsea playing Kante over Kovacic. etc
    Observe the difference in our game when Partey plays instead of Elneny or Ceballos.

  91. Valentin


    In France most newspapers reports suggest that Arsenal wants to hire him on an consultancy part time basis to help rebuild the scouting network. He would not take over from Edu, but in fact work him and advise him on who to hire as scout.

    Because of the pandemy and because Luis Campos does not necessarily wants a full time job in London that could make sense. But that does not resolve the issue that why did we hire Edu and sack our scouts?

    Did it took 6 months after culling the scouts to realise that Arsenal should not rely exclusively on StatDNA and its statistical analysis of players?
    Why are we paying a company to hire scouts allegedly to not rely on co-optation and relationship but then hire Luis Campos to do exactly that?
    Does it mean that Vinay trust Campos but does not trust Edu’s hiring decision. not to try to give his buddies a job over more competent people?

    Because if that’s the case, then Edu is not the man to lead the squad rebuilding and we should hire a new DoF.

  92. MD-Gunner

    Didn’t StatDNA suggest not to buy Griezman and also suggest to buy Mustafi? You need competent individuals with footballing knowledge to use any generated data correctly which Arsenal doesn’t have!

  93. Valentin

    Zaha put a transfer request. Usually players make a transfer request when they know that at least club is interested in them or has been for them. Everton was the rumoured interested party, but they have distanced themselves plus with Ancelloti leaving, their list may change.

    Maybe Arsenal made a cheeky enquiry. I would love it if he was available at a cheaper price than Buendia and Ødegaard.

  94. WengerEagle

    Yep, solid points Captain Tierney.

    Don’t really disagree with any of that, like those CM options too from abroad especially Locatelli.

    I would be pretty underwhelmed by Berge or Neves. Neither are particularly brilliant technical players and both are pretty sluggish movers albeit Berge is huge.

  95. WengerEagle

    Zaha’s nearly 29 and he’s as good as he will ever be, which is not particularly good for a club the size of Arsenal.

    Would be such a lazy move to make.

  96. Captain Tierney


    I’d advise you to check out Neuhaus. Very underrated. His passing ability and vision is top notch and he is much more agile than Xhaka, Neves and Berge.
    I like Locatelli too.
    Albert Sambi Lokonga for 12-15 mil should be our 3rd choice. Looks like a gem in the making. Only worry with him is that he still hasn’t decided which country to represent, Belgium or his home country which is in Africa. But our first choice in this position should be Soumare, Leicester close to signing him for 15 mil + add ons. Thats a bargain.

    Berge imo has potential. His ability to drive with the ball with his tower like figure is very good.. But he is not ready for a starting berth and not worth 35 mil, imho.

  97. WengerEagle

    Captain Tierney

    Yeah I have seen a little bit of Neuhaus, like him. Nothing about his game is spectacular or immediately grabs you but he is a bit like Goretzka in his sound all-round game and technical ability to go along with a similar physical profile although not quite as imposing.

    Was saying to Charlie earlier that I love that kid for Ajax, Gravenberch. Have you seen much of him? Very impressed by what I saw of him in the CL and in the handful of Ajax games I watched this season, he’s been getting absolute rave reviews off of Ajax and Dutch fans online too who think that he has more potential than Frenkie De Jong even.

    I expect him to go right to the top but one can always hope that we could potentially tempt him here.

  98. Captain Tierney


    The more you watch Neuhaus the better it gets. A little bit like Modric and Kroos. You watch some comps and a game here and there and he may not grab your attention like a Pogba or Bruno. I think he falls in the Fernandinho, Fabinho, Xhaka, Hojberg category where they are not appreciated by fans as much as players playing on the wing or the striker position but are probably more important to the side than those flashier players.

    I have only watched YT comps and read about Gravenberch on some trusted websites. He looks the real deal. Cant go into detail but if we can get him now for anything less than 15 mil, I’d do it. ( Iirc he only has 1 year on his contract)

  99. WengerEagle


    ”I think he falls in the Fernandinho, Fabinho, Xhaka, Hojberg category where they are not appreciated by fans as much as players playing on the wing or the striker position but are probably more important to the side than those flashier players.”

    One/two of those are not like the others!!! Haha. Didn’t have you down as a Hojberg fan, thought that Dissenter was sitting alone on that island.

    Agree, was why I used the Goretzka comparison because on Bayern it is always Lewy, Muller, Gnabry, Kimmich, Davies that get the lions share of the plaudits with Goretzka doing a lot of the underappreciated dirty work.

    I’ll have to watch more of him, that’s some high praise indeed comparing him to Modric and Kroos. Found those more stand out personally, especially Kroos who looked special from the get go almost.

    That legit re Gravenberch’s contract? All the more reason to test the water although he’ll probably re-sign on better money at Ajax and continue to develop his game there before a move to Barca or Real beckons.

  100. Habesha Gooner

    No to Zaha. He has never been a top tier player. And to sign him while neglecting we need a N10 would be typical. People don’t realize this but Zaha is as good as he is because he thrives on the spaces created to counter attack. He would struggle much more against teams who play a low block which most of our opponents do against us. And winger is not in our priorities right now.

  101. Captain Tierney


    I’m not a hojberg fan but some people seem to really hate him and 1 guy massively overrates him. I think he goes about his job well. Good team player to have for a team competing for top 6. For top 4 he’d probably be a first rotation. Just like Xhaka.

    And btw I’m not saying Neuhaus as good as Modric or Kroos. Just that it took more time for them to get fan’s and media appreciation than some other players like Bale, Ramos, Benzema, Ozil, James, etc. In his team’s case all the plaudits go to Thuram and Plea but he is just as important to the team if not more and is hardly appreciated by neutrals.

    + Not sure about the contract thing, just vaguely remember reading it somewhere.

  102. CG


    “””” He is similar to the next Hazard””””

    (Hopefully not the Real Madrid one after he got his fat contract.)??

    The only stats you focus on in modern day soccer – does the player score goals? and how much he costs.? ( thats why the Partey for £50 m was ludicrous- he dont score them either)

    We need goals.Goals get you wins. Goals get you points.Goals get you up higher in the the table.

    If Buendia is worth £35m ( 1 goal in 37 prem games)

    If we were to sell Willock ( hopefully no) he has to be worth at least £50 m ( 8 goals in 8 games)

  103. Captain Tierney


    I said a young Hazard. He still has lots of development to do before he can come close to the Hazard we saw at Chelsea

    You seem smart but sometimes you make questionable statements.

    Ofc goals are the most important but to score them we need a chance creation system which we so lack.

    We have Auba, Pepe, Laca, Saka. These 4 imo should be our primary goalscorers. Buendia, ESR, New CM, Saka, Tierney, RB should be the chance creation department.

    TP is the primary link between defense, Midfield and attack but he should chip in with 5-7 Goal contributions as well

  104. CG

    Seems all very complex what you are describing to me, Captain

    I do feel all supporters get ‘brainwashed’ from the bullshite the likes of Pep and Arteta spout.

    The best and experienced managers do keep the game simple for his players. ( Eg.Bruce / Wilock)

    We never seemed to lack goals when A. Wenger was in charge and yet we spend more money than ever and the goals become less every season.

    I have always believed a well resourced team, should score at least 1 goal in each half.

    Thats what Bayern do. I should know, they have won me fortunes over the years.