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A little less football news to chew through today, but look, I’ll put in a shift regardless because that’s the type of player I am.

Bukayo Saka scored an absolute screamer against Austria to take the game for the mighty England. The 90 was quite uninspired if I’m honest. Gareth Southgate giving minutes to everyone felt a bit weird, no one needed to see Pickford between the sticks. It was fun watching Grealish draw fouls, people just love to kick him, a bit reminiscent of our very own Jack back in the day. He’s an awesome player, it’ll be very sad when he moves to Manchester City this summer… and Arsenal fans, please stop pushing him as an option on the internet, it’s depressing. Not as depressing as reading fans thinking they are too good for Raheem Sterling. What the fuck is wrong with people?

There’s big talk that Spurs are trying to lure Mr Conte out of self-enforced retirement to have a crack at Daniel Levey’s ‘CAN YOU HELP ME WITH A TROPHY’ problem. This move isn’t as banterous as Roberto Martinez. Conte worked wonders at Chelsea in season one, before things went south. He turned Inter Milan around. His pattern tends to be, step into a mess, win something, complain about lack of signings, get fired or retire as a result of petulance.

I honestly don’t know why he’d go to Spurs. Levy isn’t exactly free with the cash and the Spurs rebuild job is a big one. We’ll see though, who thought he’d replace Poch with Mourinho? Maybe Levey will give him control over transfers? Always remember he oversaw Morata, Zappacosta, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, and Ross Barkley.

There is a tantalizing rumour in the French press via Loïc Tanzi that we’ve been talking to Luis Campos about moving to Arsenal. I think we could all agree that a move like that would be immense for the football leadership at Arsenal. No one moves a club quite like him. A hire like that seems almost a little too smart for Arsenal, so I’ll hold judgement on that. He fits the bill though. He knows how to identify value, he’s good at picking coaches, and he’s built transfer eco-systems on small budgets… and won titles.

Arsenal will head to Florida this preseason for a Florida Cup with Inter, Everton, and Millonarios. UK Arsenal fans complaining they can’t go. Can you believe that? THIS IS NOT FOR YOU, NOT EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND YOUR NEEDS. I’ll be jumping in a camper van and heading down. I might even do some LGTV interviews. Should be fun.

Martin Ødegaard does not know what to make of Carlo heading back to Madrid.

‘He is a coach I know and with whom I had a good relationship when he was last there.’

‘In that sense, it is positive. But beyond that, one day has passed, so I do not know too much about what he thinks about things.’

The hiring of Carlo is a control move by Perez, so you’d imagine if the President likes Martin, Martin is what he’ll see in the side next season. There is also talk that he’ll be sent back out on loan again, so we’ll see.

Kola is coming back. Schalke can’t afford. Hopefully we can bin him off like we did Mesut Ozil.

The club announced the players released.

Men’s and women’s first-team squads:
Dani Ceballos
David Luiz
Leonie Maier
Martin Odegaard
Mat Ryan

No shocks there.

Let’s finish out on a FRESH podcast. Get your ears on it. I talk with Johnny about transfers out of the club, Willy Saliba, and the moves we should be making this summer. It’s a good one. No Arteta talk.

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  1. Gonsterous

    So what’s the latest nickname of the fraudeta?
    We had pep lite, diet pep, rookie, fraudeta.. what’s next?

    Also If you had the choice, would you choose prime cesc or prime ozil?

    Personally I prefer Cesc, the one who played for us before leaving. That player was a beast with hefty ambitions.

    Prime ozil at leverkusen was a joy to watch, but he was basically a stats merchant when he went to madrid.

  2. englandsbest


    ‘word does get around’,.’reportedly’ – a definition of rumour, make believe and lies, wouldn’t you say? All meat and potatoes for the sports press off-season, wouldn’t you think?

  3. Aaron

    We have all seen this movie before!

    There will be NO transfers in, and we will be lucky to offload anyone of our average players.

    So, diet pep will go into next year with same said squad, including kola, xhaka and co. and AFC will herald the return of Willock as a “new signing”.

    Mid table here we stay or further we slide…..

  4. Kroenkephobe

    Can you not see big Dunc illuminating the Madrid dressing room with his footballing philosophy?

    Excuse the oxymoron Almunia but is that a real rumour or one from your own comedy archive?

    Imagine him saying to Modric, get up in the air with the bastard and just elbow him in the face ya cunt!

  5. China1

    Yeah after a while ozil became so preoccupied with his reputation as the assist king he started to play like a parody of himself.

    If you watch his assists video reels you see just how many were in easy shooting positions and him opting to square it to anyone who is willing to score for him so he could pad the numbers. Same at the national level in his last World Cup when some of his layoffs when in good shooting positions were bordering on comical

    What a waste of a supremely talented footballer

  6. Pierre

    “If you watch his assists video reels you see just how many were in easy shooting positions and him opting to square it to anyone who is willing to score for him so he could pad the numbers”

    If only football was that easy ..

    Here’s the evidence , I’m sure you’ll find a few to prove your point…

  7. Captain Tierney

    Really not enthused by Neves. Especially for 35 million.
    I think there’s some truth to this deal with Athletic reporting. Pedro himself stated we are looking at Wolves’s players.

    But the question is, is he really better than Xhaka ? Because we are goingg to pay double of what we get for Xhaka.

    In terms of passing, Xhaka is much better.
    In terms of Pace and Power. Maybe Neves has better pace but Xhaka is much more strong. Aerially it’s not even a competition.
    In terms of dribbling both are very low volume dribblers.
    Neves I think makes less mistakes as compared to Xhaka.

    Cant really see much difference between the 2. Xhaka has the advantage of being left footed and he is also a leader.

    I really liked Neves when he first came to the PL. I haven’t watched Wolves a lot this season but can’t see many differences between the two.

    I hope we don’t downgrade or move sideways after investing so much money.

  8. Mr Serge

    Neves is the superior player i am not that enthused with xhakas passing stats most of his go backwards and to the FB the sooner he is gone the better

  9. Up 4 grabs now


    Right now we’re an above average mid table side.
    Yes Pedro can say we were six points short of top four but we never looked like we would make it all season.

    People saying buendia was only a good championship player makes me laugh.
    So playing in a better side and we are better than Norwich at least
    Wouldn’t have improved him?

    Plenty of good players have come from the championship.
    Is Tierney a bad player because he came from the Scottish premiership?
    A league thats not much better than league one outside of Celtic and rangers.

    Buendia was Better than what we have, that’s what we have to do, better the side gradually,.We.don’t have the money to drop 250 million in one window.

    .villa, Leicester, the spuds, west ham, there our level now.
    Once you get your head round that , we can start the journey to getting back to challenging for top four then titles again.
    The only thing that will do that, is a slow and steady climb over 3-4 transfer Windows and seasons or a huge cash injection.

  10. Champagne Charlie


    If Xhaka leaves then it’s a like for like replacement in that Neves is a high volume passer, leader, durable, plays with the game in front of him, he’s 24 too. Talked it over with Weagle a few days back, can understand the rationale behind him vs more of a tackle merchant.

    Agree about there being alternatives, like there always is (unless the name is Buendia apparently), but hard pushed to find one as ‘easy’ a fit into our midfield imo. For my money Neves is much cuter and lighter footed than Xhaka, can play in tight spaces better, and reliably offer one-touch passages of play to reduce pressure. I think 30 mil is good business for him personally.

  11. Kroenkephobe

    Just drawn our family sweepstake for the Euros. 6 people (well 5 plus joint tickets for dog and cat) and 4 teams each. I reckon my quid stake is as good as gone already.


    Sob… I’m never gonna gamble again.

  12. Almuniasaynomore

    Straight in at no.1,brilliant!! I was only listening to that the other day,would never have dreamed of using it,well done. With every passing year George becomes more untouchable in my mind,gave great success, rebuilt a club on its knees,left behind a defence without equal. Wenger could have overtaken him,perhaps with the invincibles he did,but destroyed both his legacy and the squad in his latter years.
    That Duncan Ferguson story came from the sun according to the gossip column on bbc football webpage. Wouldn’t you love to meet the journo who concocted that,see has he still got a pulse.
    I’m intrigued with the bubble at your gate, is that some code I’m alien to?

  13. Pierre

    I find it’s always better to look at the evidence..

    What i will say is , i didnt realise how wasteful the rest of the players were in front of goal….chance after chançe wasted .

    And some think the chances creates stat proves nothing…fools.

  14. Almuniasaynomore

    You’ll get a run for your money out of Portugal. Must be sickening being Hungarian, imagine being out of the limelight for so long and finally returning to get that group. Reminds me of when we got Spain,Italy and Croatia in the 2012 Euros, wittily nicknamed ‘the group of debt’.

  15. CG


    “”””Pedro himself stated we are looking at Wolves’s players.””””

    He may know nowt about the game and most certainly nowt about managers but no one can say he aint good at getting these exclusives

    1 Lenogate.
    2. Signing Wolves rejects

    Credit due where credit is due.
    We all like an exclusive.

  16. Pierre

    “Ozil is shit, so is anyone defending him.”

    When i run out of tees the next time I’m on the golf course, I’ll give you a shout as the thought of balancing a golf ball on your thick head will give me great pleasure as i shave your head with my driver.

  17. CG

    Welcome back GentleBris,

    I am back for a while , on thin ice though methinks.

    Hows that little one, must be bigger than Torriera by now?

  18. MD-Gunner

    Buendia is gone lets move on and just keep it as a fact of how Arsenal is failing in the transfer business. I do feel that Arsenal’s transfer stooges didn’t up their offer or match Villa’s because they believed Buendia would choose Arsenal over Villa. The OPTICS of this are a rude awakening for all supporters that hope Arsenal will have a successful TW.

    Next point of interest is will they repeat this mistake. Do they actually know who they want as incoming players or do they role the dice for players that their money allows? Don’t site Partey as an example because that was a last minute desperation.

  19. Claver

    Just watched a YouTube video named “most unforgettable mistakes of the Season.”

    Dear Lord.

    Aside a few classics from Allison Becker, it is mostly arsenal. Leno is a walking, talking gaffe. Xaka and Luiz deserve their own reel. Dani cabellos, you greasy haired bastard,a Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  20. MD-Gunner

    From football 365 an interesting article “Every Premier League club’s most valuable asset”

    Besides the most obvious ones Kane, Zaha, Grealish, Sala and De Bruyne it is for NORWICH CITY: Emi Buendia and WOLVES: Ruben Neves. For Arsenal it is Saka.

    “Oh how the mighty Pierre-Emerick Aubamayang has fallen and oh how the mightier Bukayo Saka has risen.” that dome jornos think that a 19 year old is the most valuable asset at a club like Arsenal should tell you a lot.

    Quote for the day:
    These two dummies (Edu & Arteta) and their partner in crime Vinai and the useless ownership have turned Arsenal into a joke club.

  21. TR7

    Neves is clearly better than Xhaka, it should not be up for a debate. We can always argue how much better he is but see some of the other names that are bandied about may or may not be interested in moving to us.