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There are a few ways Arsenal could take their transfer strategy this summer. They could go for a soft landing summer, where they pick-up players from the Premier League, or they could go for a harder landing, where they raid Europe for bargains.

Both of these offerings comes with pro and cons.

Soft Landing

The Premier League approach is basically a twist on what we’ve been doing for the last 5 years. The thinking would be centred on the exciting reality that we’re finally going to bin off some big senior names that don’t cut it over here. However you cut it, those players do an ok job and they’ll be difficult to replace for a number of reasons. The biggest thing they understand is how to operate in the league. They speak English, they have the stomach for the food, and they know how to manage their bodies.

Thomas Partey, one of the best in the business at his role, and one of the fittest came to the Premier League and spent more weeks out than at any time in his career. Why? Likely some bad luck, but also, we have the fastest and busiest elite league in the world. It took time for him to adapt. That cost Arsenal.

The thinking with a soft landing summer will be geared around having a fast start next season. This is a sort of short-termism that makes sense if you look at it from our football leadership’s perspective. Arteta gets pelters whatever he does, if he loses the opening three games because players haven’t adapted, he’s going to have Youtube channels calling for his head. Signing talent like Yves Bissouma or Reuben Neves reduces the chance of a hard landing. They know the league, they’re young, they’ll be additive from day one.

There are negatives with this approach. We’re not going to be picking off the best Premier League players. We’re not in the running for Jack Grealish. The players we’ll fancy will come with a fat price-tag and no guarantee of elite-level success. We’ll also not be top of the queue for talent outside the top 6 clubs.

It’s also clear we’ve been doing this sort of thing but in Europe for the last 4 years. Mustafi, Auba, Xhaka, Kola… it hasn’t worked. If you can’t take the cream from the Premier League, is it worth it?

Hard Landing

This approach is one that is dominating the links in the press at the moment. European football is in deep, deep shit at the minute. The pandemic wrecked the fragile finances of clubs that were badly run. These troubled clubs are successful on the pitch, look at Lille, they won the league and they’ve already lost their manager and they have clubs lining up to pick at the carcass.

This approach to transfers would be more focused on taking the very best young talents from around Europe at cut-prices while we can. If the transfer market was the housing market, this approach is going to distress buyer auctions with a bag of money and seeing if there’s a bargain to be had.

This is kind of what Arsene Wenger built his legacy on. Identifying value in markets that are weak, taking punts on low-risk, high-reward talent, whilst reducing the risk with elite coaching.

Onana, the 25-year-old keeper from Cameroon fits the bill here. He has 1 year left to go on his deal, he’s played in the Champions League, he’s an international, he’s cut-price because of the doping issue. There’s baggage there… a little bit like there was Nwankwo Kanu, but if it pays off, it’s a genius piece of business.

Same with the right-back situation. Do you spend £30m on Max Arons, who is a very good player, or do you take a chance on 24-year-old Zeki Çelik who just won Ligue 1 with Lille? One will likely be a lot cheaper. Both have about the same chance of succeeding.

We all know the objectives this summer.

  • Reduce errors in the system
  • Improve our work in the final third

There’s a financial issue at stake as well.

  • Create a functioning transfer ecosystem

Why are we failing financially when it feels like we don’t spend money? Because we are absolutely terrible at selling players.

If KSE are putting that Barclays loan towards players this summer, it cannot be used simply to ‘get us higher in the table’… that money has to come with strings. My strings I’d be asking Edu for?


If you sign Jack Grealish, you land yourself a player who really does move you up a level, but you don’t solve a business problem. That’s why he’ll end up at a club like City or United who don’t worry about business problems.

Arsenal needs to be sharper than that. If we’re signing creators, we really need to think about the potential value as well as what they can offer the team in the ‘now.’ It’s a fine balance to strike, but where are you getting more value from? Ruben Neves for £35m or Albert Sambi Lokonga for £12m? I can’t answer the scouting question, but the potential of Lokonga is that he could be a £40m player, and that for me is where the smart money is. Arsenal have not operated with much intelligence over the past 10 year, but maybe, just maybe, the clubs sees the way Liverpool operates and takes a touch of inspiration.

Clubs like Arsenal move back to the big time by taking lots of low-risk / high-reward signings. The benefits are obvious. But when you sign sharply like this, at worse, you break even when you come to sell. At best, you create a star that funds the next batch of uncut gems.

So how will the summer shape up? I have no idea. I suspect there might be a blend of both approaches, but the good news is the players we’re being linked with so far seem very, very smart.

Let’s see if Arsenal can finally deliver. It’s about time.


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  1. WengerEagle


    Mazraoui in for 20-25m and Bellerin out for 15m would be great business imo, significant upgrade and Mazraoui has plenty of scope for improvement/resale value being 23.

    RB isn’t a massive priority compared to other positions but it is a position that we need to upgrade too. Chambers, Cedric and Bellerin are all average to poor.

  2. Batistuta


    Yea if we don’t fix that CM position then most likely whatever else we do elsewhere would be in vain. That’s literally our Achilles heel.

  3. Mr Serge

    I think RB is one of the 4 positions we should cover whatever the circumstances including 2 cm and an am as well hell we need a striker as well
    Calvert lewin would be a good shout although not prolific he will Bering our attack mixed players into the game and allow them to score more

  4. Champagne Charlie


    I don’t disagree, I’m just not bothered by Cedric and Chambers being the options at RB for a league season of it means we can nail some genuinely good reinforcements through the middle of the side.

    Ideally we land a CM, AM, and CF/LW (depending on outgoings) this summer before we touch anything else.

    Obviously not blind to the GK situation, CB situation, or indeed RB longer term. Just would personally add the former first, deals like Onana aside of course. Chump change and should be done no questions assuming he’s the right quality.

  5. Ray+in+LA


    I’m with you…fix the mid-field first with two quality buys and the fullback positions can be addressed as a bonus

  6. China1

    If we buy only PL we’re probably only getting 3 quality players but if we balance that with European bargains you can probably stretch that to at least 4

  7. China1

    Just watched the highlights of Saka’s performance last night

    What a fucking player. Every time someone pulls out an opinion based entirely on stats without it also passing the eye test you should remind them of Saka.

    As far as I know his numbers are good but not amazing. But you watch the kid play and he’s just fabulous. No amount of numbers on a table will tell you the full story.

    Great great talent

  8. Guns of SF

    I cannot remember their name or handles but a poster on here summed it up.
    Mike built his team around Xhaka. A slow as molasses player who never ventures too far forward, to avoid getting burned on a counter as he is slow as mud.

    Isnt this the crux of the issues we have as a team? A slow, CM, who does not attack, does very little defending, is a libability on both sides of the coin.

    Getting rid of him should be step 1. If not, Mike will try to square peg it again, to make it work. Its not working never has.

    Getting our midfield right is number 1. I agree with everyone

  9. Guns of SF

    we sign these 2 alone, Buendia and Anguissa and we move the ball much better- and become more offensive… and have more options… these 2 are dibblers!

  10. China1

    Guns ‘ I agree with everyone’

    Wtf this is le grove we’re not all supposed to agree with each other. There’s gotta be a bit of hate and contrarianism or this place will fall apart

    Fuck you!!!

  11. Sid

    NorthbankerJune 2, 2021 20:06:26
    SidFrom Wikipedia ( but you
    Can find numerous other

    Thanks for this bro, i highly appreciate this bro.

  12. China1


    Technically breakfast club is supposed to be us fuckers in similar time zones in Asia like Tony, Moray etc you’re you’re an honourary member!!

  13. China1

    Who was it the other day who was advising me to try Lagavulin whisky?

    I had lagavulin 8 and arran 10 last Saturday and they were both gorgeous for very different reasons

  14. Guns of SF

    haha just chilling with the laptop in bed, nighly routine while the TV is being hogged by others. …
    Cell phone hurts my old eyes.

    For sure, at night there is what I call the “night crew”

  15. Habesha Gooner

    Mazraoui is not moving for 20 to 25 mil. He is being qouted at 15 mil. To be honest I would not mind him at all. All the RBs we are targeting are young and need time. If it was that then spending 30 mil is disarming yourself of funds for other positions. Aaron’s Lamptey and Emerson royal ( who Barca signed) were the realistic targets. We were ever getting Hakimi. All aren’t the finished article. And they would all cost at least 25 mil. So Mazraoui or Celik at 15 mil is a decent shout as any of them. I have watched Mazraoui a couple of times and he is a good fullback. But he isn’t special. At 23 he has also time on his side and a champions league experience.

    Saka is going to the top. Whether it is with us or not time will tell. But I can see him producing the numbers that people criticize him for the next few seasons. He is top quality.

  16. China1

    I find my work gives me a headache from concentrating too much for the whole day, so need to take periodic 15 min breaks to stop myself going crazy and usually hop on here or check the news

  17. Guns of SF

    just read click bait that Norwich want a figure that starts with the number 3 for Aarons and Buendia
    So the speculation is that both can be had for 60M
    I say do it… both are young, tested, and major upside.

    If KSE wants to throw us a bone, get these 2. We can pick up Anguissa with player sales, etc or even Bissouma.

  18. The Bard

    There is an interesting dichotomy between what fans want and what the Kroenke’s want. We all want new players and success on the field but my view is that their priority is how to address the the enviable protests and abuse that will come their way once the stadium reopens. we have previous in this regard. We bought Ozil the week after we were beaten at home by Villa a while back. It was a buy to shut the fans up. This season will be the same. They will not want a toxic stadium with banners wanting the owners out. So I expect a marquee signing and a couple of loans but no substantive overhaul or long term vision.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    Good Morning All

    First I would like to see Arsenal finalise contract negotiations with Smith-Rowe as soon as
    possible. That should be a priority.

    Second the situation with Xhaka needs to be sorted out quickly. If he wants to leave and
    Roma want him that is fine by me so long as they are paying a realistic price. Pedro makes
    the case that Arsenal have become a “soft touch” when selling players and I agree 100%
    with that statement.

    If he leaves then we need to find a replacement, because we don’t have squad players to replace him in the squad. Elneny is not remotely good enough.

    The next phase should be to offload unwanted players. In that category are Guendouzi,Torreira, AMN who are out on loan and I suspect are both unwanted and do not
    wish to return. We should aim to generate at least £30 million in sales. This may not be
    considered by some enough, but I don’t think that we will get more for players of this level.

    The other priority issues which need to be sorted out sooner rather than later are the futures
    of Leno, Bellerin and Lacazette. This is a two way decision between player and club.

    It makes no sense to offload Leno unless we have a ready made replacement. Onana would
    be an upgrade provided that he can play from start of season. If not do the deal, but retain

    Bellerin will I am sure leave so we need to find a replacement and Lacazette is probably a
    50-50 situation. Buying a new Centre Forward will eat up a hefty chunk of our budget.

    The last piece of jigsaw is whether we can buy Odegaard at a realistic price if available or
    would it be better buying someone like Buendia at a lower cost who is both perhaps more
    versatile and cheaper.

    Apart from the goalkeeper position I can see some merit in recruiting players who have EPL
    experience. They are more likely to adapt quickly.

    What is clear is the sooner that we sort out our squad the better. We need to start next season in a “winning mode”.

  20. DivineSherlock


    Why not convince AMN to stay , he can deputise as LB when required . He will be a good squad player , not wanting to start every game and also add to homegrown player quota. Add Willock , Partey and another CM and we have good solid Midfield. with ESR and Ødegaard both expected at CAM . Also frees Saka to play upfront . But we at Arsenal want to sell 4 Midfield players in Torreria , Guendouzi , Xhaka and Elneny without first looking for replacement.

  21. Daniel Altos

    Mazroui is good but african….we cant fill our team with african players and then when they jet off to afcon our season gpes to shite

  22. Captain Tierney

    There’s about zero benefits in keeping AMN. Its lose-lose situation for both, the club and the player.
    He will not start in Midfield, he is stagnating, and he is not a good enough cover at LB.
    The club can buy a backup LB for less than 40% of transfer fees recouped from AMN ( assuming we sell him for 15-20 mil). + They also offload an unhappy player and get in a proper LB cover instead of a makeshift one.

  23. Mr Serge

    Conte is favouring a move to the scum hopefully they get poch instead and then Conte can go psg
    Don’t want Conte as crazy as he is anywhere near the scum

  24. Captain Tierney


    Agreed. I think that is why we are looking st Berge over Bissouma even though Bissouma is clearly the better player rn..

    If we sign Bissouma, we’ll lose TP, Bissouma and Elneny for around 2 months when the Afcon rolls around ( scheduled next Jan) . Thats 3 of 4 Midfield pivot options. Arteta might have to get on the field himself and I’m sure nobody wants that.

  25. Jamie

    I’m not a big fan of international football, but Tierney and Saka both played so well yesterday. KT in particular MOTM at LCB.

    Lagavulin 18 or Laphroaig 18 are without question my two favourite single malts. A dram or two of either every night helps keep things serene. The peat smoke from both is top level, and not for the faint-hearted though.

  26. Emiratesstroller

    Divine Sherlock

    Arsenal have offered AMN every opportunity to play full-back, but the player does not want to play in that position.

    He is not good enough to play for us in midfield where he wants to play. The club needs to
    recruit better quality in that department.

    AMN has made it also clear that he wants to leave.

  27. Dark Hei


    AMN is an excellent cover for both LB and RB.

    His only issue is that he wants to play in the mid. In such a situation, we can only let him go as we are not going to play him in the position that he wants.

  28. China1

    Jamie I like my peaty whiskies to be intense. It’s why I found Lagavulin 8 quite preferable to Talisker 10. Talisker tastes very refined and it’s very nice but for peaty whisky I believe he should carry a punch which Talisker 10 doesn’t for me

  29. DivineSherlock

    Captain Tierney

    So we sell a player who can play at LB and in CM and buy second choice LB and make him stagnate ? AMN has done well when called upon and not every player needs to be a starter . Look at Chambers , Coquelin comes to mind , Even Holding . If he shows willingness to do the job we should keep him .

  30. Jamie


    If you love peaty, smoky whiskies, Skye isn’t the region for you. Islay malts are flavourtown for me. Nothing else comes close.

    Bruichladdich is also good. Bowmore not quite as intense – my wife loves it.

  31. DivineSherlock


    Its only that AMN doesnt figure in Arteta’s plans is why we are selling him . If Arteta shows faith in him , we can get a good squad player out of him .

  32. Captain Tierney

    Amn is a good player at RB and LWB but he is not a good cover.
    And the way Arteta wants our LB to play, he is a very poor option.

    The reason I say player and not cover is because he wants to start every game ( which is great), but when he is utilised as a cover or a backup his concentration and application has been found wanting.
    So he is a good player and could have become our first choice RB, but his attitude to always start means he can’t be a cover.

  33. Emiratesstroller

    Divine Sherlock

    The debate about AMN has been ongoing for too long. Also AMN has had in past “concentration” issues when playing in defence.

    I am all for retention of home grown players. We have three others on books in Saka, Smith-rowe and Willock.

    There are others in pipeline who can join first team squad in next one or two years, but sadly none appear to be defenders. The nearest is Ballard a CB who played well for Blackpool, but
    is not realistically Arsenal First Team level.

  34. DivineSherlock

    CT / Emiratestroller

    I am not saying he should start , I know he has issues but if he is willing to work for his place then why not do that. Man played in a FA Cup final and semis is what I am saying.

  35. Foxy

    LCB is maybe a good potential long term option for Tierney if we follow Chavs and use a back three. We won the FA cup with him there and it may place less strain on his body than LWB or LB.

    AMN is history at Arsenal so lets move on.

  36. Danny S

    Everyone ignoring the fact AMN wants to play CM?

    We won’t keep him as a back up full back because he isn’t a full back.

    Personally I’d love it if he agreed to fulfill a Phil Neville type role at arsenal but he’s not down with that unfortunately.

  37. Rich

    Luis Campos apparently in talks with Arsenal

    An experienced DOF with a proven track record, is the best signing we could make

  38. Mr Serge

    Danny Amn played cm for wba and by the end of the loan fat Sam moved him to RB he is not good enough to play where he wants
    He needs to go

  39. englandsbest

    I hope Arteta tries to most of the younger players – inc AMN, Willock, Nketiah – a huge boost to team spirit. Of course, the decision is theirs as well as his. Most important, they must WANT to stay.

  40. Leftside

    Window opens next Wednesday, the hope is that we get our business done early. We need no excuses next year, just results.

  41. Pierre

    How about first deciding what Arteta’s football philosophy is, and then sell the players who don’t fit that philosophy and bring in players who fit his football philosophy, and then we might see some progression..

    If it’s about high energy , high intensity with a high press then keep the players who have the energy , hunger and desire to play that way.

    Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Balogun , Nketiah, Willock, Guendouzi. AMN.

    If it’s more possession based football , then keep the players who play a low risk game to keep possession .

    Willian, Xhaka, Elneny , Lacazette, Odegaard

    If it’s about counter attacking , then keep the players who can break with speed and take risks.

    Pepe, Aubamayang, Smith Rowe, Saka, Willock , Nketiah, Martinelli, Balogun, AMN.

    At present we have a mishmash of players….

  42. Ishola70

    These European Championships coming up unfortunately don’t really hit the mark.

    And they don’t hit the mark because of the fact that there isn’t one host nation.

    Host nation is a great part of a tournament. It’s what gives a tournement it’s identity.

    And this decision was made years go pre-covid to “celebrate” some anniversary of the competition. Celebrate by taking away a key aspect of it.

    Platini the fool was behind the decision.

    This would have been done even if covid had not shown it’s ugly face in the world.

  43. Foxy

    Raptora – some really lazy speculative Journalism there basically saying we might buy another no 10 so Villa may then bid for ESR. But we sold our best Goalie to Villa so who knows!

  44. Foxy

    Pierre – my worry is that Arteta’s philosophy whatever it is will be flawed as he has no real world management experience outside the last 18 months.

  45. Rich

    Bob N16

    I have no idea, maybe he’d get more freedom to work at Arsenal

    If true?

    At least it shows a desire internally to put in someone with a proven track record of constructing winning structures

    Someone who adds value in the transfer market, rather than subtracting it

  46. Ishola70

    I know in the past we have had more than one nation holding major tournaments but that was more palatable because it was neighbouring countries but even that was veering away.

  47. raptora

    If they cash in on Grealish, which I don’t expect to happen, they’ll need to make a couple of transfers to stay competitive and also to appease their fans.

  48. Ishola70

    So Aston Villa will sell Grealish and parade Smith Rowe as his replacement will they?

    I have a lot of time for Smith Rowe like others but he isn’t in the higher bracket just yet. To do that he would have to consistently perform over a whole season and put up big numbers along with his performances.

  49. Left Testicle

    I know I’m in the minority but I really can’t see what all the fuss is about with Grealish. On top of that he is bloody annoying with looking for fouls all the time. Refs are getting wise to it. He constantly drags a leg hoping to get contact and goes down with minimal, or no contact at all. Then looks up at the ref with that squinny look.

    He is another Jack Wilshere. Spends more time out injured as he holds on to the ball for too long and invites the tackle. Bloody frustrating.

  50. Sid

    AMN going on loan to a fat Sam side is similar to Gnabry on loan to a Tony Pulis side.
    The positive to it is that AMN has desire to prove himself unlike Nelson who decided to stay.

  51. Ishola70

    Left Testicle

    Grealish plays like he is on copacabana beach.

    And yes his style is very much like Wilshere which entails losing the ball as well.

    Fans love him because of the dribbling aspect and he can pick a pass as well.

    But they absolutely love the dribbling aspect.

  52. Mr Serge

    Raporta it’s lazy journalism from the metro ESR has 2 years left on his 20k a week contract they will give him a new one he is on double what Saka is on

  53. Rich

    Grealish is a brilliant player, he’s a joy to watch, but he’s one of the most fouled players in Europe, and his shin injuries are a concern

    Makes more sense to spend a combined £80million and £200k p/w on Buendia + Odegaard

    Than it does to spend £80 million and £200k p/w on 1 player

  54. Nelson

    I like Grealish. He is light footed and runs like a horse. He expects to get tripped and falls. I think he can survive all the fouls like Eden Hazard.

  55. CG


    ””””How about first deciding what Arteta’s football philosophy is,?”””””””

    We do know:

    That William was his marquee signing for 3 years , so he clearly wanted to build a team around him.
    Round is his no 2. who has worked extensively with Moyes.
    And he seems to imitate Pep’s dress sense and demeanour.
    And he likes the plodders Elneny, Cebollas, Holding, Xhaka etc

    (I would love someone to explain it to me- after 18 months, we should have some idea.)

    Maybe the reason he harangues the players for 90 minutes from the touchlines is to give the impression he actually does know what he is doing?

  56. Words on a blog

    This is shaping up to becoming another groundhog transfer window for Arsenal.

    Le Grove posters busy compiling lists for who should come in or go out. Of course the usual disputes about players ensue.

    Journalists and Twitter warriors even busier with even longer and more implausible lists of names.

    Meanwhile, out in the real world, nothing happens. No movement whatsoever.

    Spurs get Conte. We get cunted.

  57. Valentin

    Mr Serge,

    It is lazy journalist from the Metro, but they are just regurgitating what others have reported before.

    Aston Villa needs another CAM as they choose against buying Ross Barkley. ESR is their preferred choice as he is young, good on the ball, accelerates play, is English and has Premiership experience. As ESR has only two years left, the club has to start negotiating now, but Arteta wants Ødegaard, so his sale could partly fund his purchase. Aston Villa just to be able to pounce on the possibility.

    Regarding Buendia, they have seen the impact that Grealish injury caused on their season, so they want to have 2 dribbling, tricky inverted winger as security. Their owners are pushing for progress, so they may be willing to sanction a £30 millions plus add-ons offer for him. I don’t think that Arsenal can afford Buendia+Ødegaard+Xhaka replacement in the same transfer window without seriously culling the squad.

    Again Willock and ESR are the two players most in demand and the most likely to raise north of £20 millions. Due to their replacement cost, sale of the other academy players may not bring much financial benefit.

  58. Ishola70

    “why would you buy 2 AMs when we also already have ESR?”

    Cos it’s all about attackers.

  59. Havyn

    The Board should be looking at getting rid of Arteta and Edu and bringing in Conte

    With the players available this season, placing 8 in the league was bad enough

    Edu and Arteta only recruits retiring players and give them fat wages and are not interested in developing the players we have. MA just kept on playing Auba and rarely considered Martinelli. He also pushed ESR to the left when he brought in Odegaard thus hampering the development of ESR as number 10.

  60. Pierre

    I like Grealish a lot but I have a feeling he won’t make England’s starting line up for the euros …

    You have to remember that Southgate used to play whatsisname in midfield…let me Google it ….got it ….jake Livermore when he first took the job.

    Grealish is a bit of maverick, he does take too many touches at times but he is brave on the ball and commits defenders , a nightmare to play against I would imagine.

    Of course, it is all about balance on the pitch but if you have such talent as Kane, Grealish , Foden, Sancho , saka , sterling and Mount at your disposal , you should find a way of playing on the front foot and dominate games.

    Don’t be surprised to see Southgate start conservatively with 2 holding midfielders v Croatia, and when that doesn’t work he will have to play the players who take risks on the ball and commit defenders…

  61. Rich


    Depends on outgoings, but direct competition for places is healthy

    If we can clear out Lacazette, Nketiah, Willian, Nelson, we could move Aubameyang central

    Odegaard, Smith-Rowe
    Buendia, Pepe
    Saka, Martinelli
    Aubameyang, Balogun

    We could play with 2 x No8s in certain games, particularly at home

    …Odegaard Smith-Rowe

  62. Mr Serge

    Valentin you think we will sell ESR because he is more sellable than other players and he will partly fund the ODE transfer ? Lolooolol ffs

  63. Havyn

    Why is Arteta so much in for Odegaad when in actual fact he slows down our game and don’t score enough

    The only players we should add to our midfield are Buendia and a defensive midfield to partner Partey

    We don’t need Odegaard
    This rookie manager will send us to relegation before he leaves

  64. Mr Serge

    Havyn the point is we do not know who we are in for its all paper talk the window opens on June the 9th
    We are all just speculating
    Like us lol selling ESR to villa

  65. Nelson

    How could all the EPL teams missed Jude Bellingham and let him joined Dortmund. Only 17 years old. On the other hand, Arteta would never trust him.

  66. Mr Serge

    Nelson and Bayern just bought a kid from reading as well
    I don’t get it Bellingham should be at a premier league side

  67. Vickingz

    If we are honestly in for odegard, it clearly shows that Arteta is suffering from player blindness. The havoc he wrecked all through the season, he hasn’t learned from it. Who uses odegard as 10 when you have ESR who by all account operates better in there than Ordegard.

  68. Vickingz

    No young player would favour Arteta over any other coaches, arteta has a thing against young players, especially the very good ones

  69. Vickingz

    Words from Aguero’s father is that we made contact with Aguero before he signed for Barcelona. How old is Aguero again please? 24? 25? 26? 27? 28? 29? Arteta clearly has hot pants for oldies

  70. Gbat

    We aren’t selling ESR.

    I’d definitely take Odegaard if the deal is right. I like ESR a lot but Odegaard is currently a better player. And the data backs that up.

  71. China1

    Ode has the vision and technique to do very well at 10 but he seems to lack the confidence to take regular risks and make things happen

    Is approach is to wait until the opening is there for him to exploit rather than be the catalyst to create the opening in the first place. With his passing ability he should be doing more of the latter and he’d become extremely dangerous

  72. Vickingz


    When we play slowly especially at the midfield, it only gives the opponent to block the holes we should be exploiting. It is why I favour ESR over Ordegard, orfegard just wanna play safe, we don’t need that, we need our front 3 always being supplied, we need to be making split second decision when attacking, ordegard isn’t gonna do these. He’d rather slow the game down, hold unnecessarily and play most of his passes safely when we ain’t dangerously attacking

  73. Habesha Gooner

    Oh fuck off with the ESR to Aston villa rumors. I know we have struggled a lot recently but no player we want is joining Villa from us. I know we made a mistake in selling Martinez but that is just it. We wanted to sell. We are more likely to take grealish from them than them taking ESR from us. Anyway I am worried though they will get buendia. Arteta will wait for Odegaard while a genuine target that improves us moves to villa. That might happen. If we were serious we would press Madrid early and find out if Odegaard is moving for a reasonable price. If not move on to the next target. And it is not like buendia is a downgrade on him either.

    I am really excited by these Luis campos rumors though. He is genuinely a top Sporting director. No one could have made this much from selling assets in Lille. And they didn’t lose either. In fact they won the title while losing their best players. It is ridiculous. He also was responsible for the Monaco side that won the league. He knows how to find gems. It is ridiculous. Give him the reigns and see him succeed.

  74. Habesha Gooner

    Fucking hell Arteta never learns. Why chase an injury prone 30 something Aguero? That to me sounds like a manager who is scared to put in the time and coach yound strikers. Thank God he chose Barcelona. Arteta shouldn’t be allowed to make any signing over 27. Someone needs to manage this cunt.

  75. Ishola70

    All lazy links now to Man City because of Arteta..

    Just like some fans lazily think we play anything like Man City.

    Shame that the club couldn’t find their own direction rather than being some underling Man City satelitte project.

  76. Leftside

    Those quotes from the City owner in general and particularly about refreshing the team and improving even after winning the league and league cup this year is chalk and cheese from what our owners offer up. Our ambition is in the gutter, I don’t expect anything from the club outside of mediocrity.

  77. Leftside

    Makes you wonder, if we were going to model ourselves on City – at least let it be in ambition, improving the team and the will to win.

  78. Marko

    Don’t buy into the Campos rumours poor source in all honesty and I have a feeling he’ll end up at PSG cause they’re not too happy with Leonardo over there. That and at Arsenal we don’t hire really obviously talented people at management level who would move the needle for us for example we stick with bums like Arteta while Marco Rose, Galtier, Allegri and Conte are available/on the move elsewhere. Again very careful not to use the word rivals cause these teams aren’t our rivals anymore we lack ambition

  79. Leftside

    Yep, the honest truth is we are now a top 8 club (if that is a thing) and a good season is to get Europa League Footy, as long as we persist with the likes of Arteta and Edu (two guys on work experience at an alleged big club).

  80. andy1886

    Leftie, modelling yourself on someone else is a recipie for failure, see Barca-lite Wenger. It’s no good following a trend after everyone else, the idea is that if you’re clever you set the trend and counter what others are doing. Always late to the party, arriving as everyone else leaves. I thought Arteta had his own ideas, do you need to pay someone £5m a year to say ‘copy City’? Hardly generational stuff and totally impractical on our budget too.

  81. Captain Tierney


    Amn has made clear he doesn’t want to play full back. He has made it pretty clear he is not happy being a rotational option (And I respect that).

    So there’s no more reason to keep him on anymore. He is not good enough to play CM for Arsenal and he is not happy being a backup FB. Keep in mind Arteta crafted a specialist RB role for AMN when he came and he started quite a few games in a row before getting completely binned for reportedly not wanting to play there. This was also the reason we loaned in Soares as all our RBs were injured.

    When even big Sam is saying in the press AMN needs to shut up and pay wherever he is and to, you know it’s time.

  82. Bertie Mee

    Not all older players are transfer disasters .
    Thiago Silva has done a great job for Chelsea
    But you need to know the player , their attitude and their fitness level
    Agree that Campos would be a massive signing ( bet Pedro does too) but that suggests we would need to cull Edu .

  83. Leftside


    I agree and that’s my point, we need to create our own path to find success. There’s different ethos at different clubs, financial constraints among other things. The only things I would copy from other big clubs is having the ambition to compete at the top of the game. Not just saying it, actually putting it into plan.

    With the managerial merry-go-round occurring in Europe, even if Arteta is well thought of at the club, we really should have been making a push for one of these managers who are far more likely to move the needle here than Arteta will. This season has been a disaster there is no getting around that, and if next season isn’t significantly better then changes should be made.

  84. Marko

    Good thing about Luis Campos is he would not suffer Arteta long and that’s a huge reason for getting him in but unfortunately it won’t happen

  85. Pierre

    “I’d definitely take Odegaard if the deal is right. I like ESR a lot but Odegaard is currently a better player. And the data backs that up.”

    I would suggest that if Odegaard was taken out of his preferred position and put on the wing , the data would be completely different.

    As for who’s the better player, they both give you different things, one’s a risk taker when the opportunity arises and one isn’t.

  86. S Asoa

    Valentin As ESR has only two years left, the club has to start negotiating now, but Arteta wants Ødegaard, so his sale could partly fund his purchase. Aston Villa just to be able to pounce on the possibility “
    Oedegard slows down the game to within comprehension of Arteta, so he can stay abreast to dictate his instructions. ESR movement is too quick for the Slow Stir Sauce, so naturally Arteta would gladly sacrifice ESR for Oedegard.

  87. Nelson

    KSE could gain instant fan approval if they install Luis-campos as DOF, demote Arteta as a coach only and move Edu as a south America scout. The club would gain back the credibility. Now we are competing with Villa to sign players..

  88. Gbat


    Even as a 10, Smith-Rowe spends a lot of his time drifting wide. Yes he’s more of a risk taker, but currently he’s a risk taker without much end product.
    I know data only tells you so much but I was surprised at how poor his numbers were.

  89. Vintage Gun

    Smith Rowe ain’t going nowhere.

    I thought it was bad enough Danny Mills advising Buendia to join Villa over us as Villa are now the bigger club!!!

    Silly season really does get sillier by the summer

  90. Rich

    Smith-Rowe is 20, he hasn’t even completed a full season yet

    He’s not supposed to be the finished article

    Look at what Grealish, Fernandes, Maddison, De Bruyne, Silva, Buendia, Mount, we’re doing at 20, none of them were pulling up any trees

    Saka + Smith-Rowe are brilliant young players, but they need to be surrounded by players with similar characteristics + quality, who have a bit more experience

    Even Foden who’s the best young talent in the country, has been used sparingly in the league this season

    It’s not just physically we need to be careful with our younger players, we don’t want to burn them out mentally either

    Saka should never have played this many minutes, and we should never have been this reliant on a teenager, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrestled his way into the England starting 11

    Next season we should rest him for a few weeks, and give him an opportunity to recharge the batteries, he’s exceptional, but he’s still a teenager, and if we’re not careful, the mental + physical overload is going to hit him like a train

    Both Saka + Smith-Rowe are elite young talents, but they need to be managed, signing a couple of attacking midfielder/forwards with a bit more experience, takes some pressure off their shoulders, which could liberate them

  91. Havyn

    Are you saying ‘the slow merchant’ Odegaard numbers are better than ESR?

    Will take ESR over Odegaard any day except its Arteta who sees Odegaard as superior

  92. Havyn

    Remember a player called Messy?
    He’s been in the Barca 11 since age 18
    They’ve managed him excellently with a combination of food, rest and psychology. He rarely get sick or injured for long periods

    Saka could be a generational kid and will form the future core of Arsenal with ESR, Willock. AZEEZ and the other boy called Kido or Kito

    We need a groomer manager for them not Arteta who only has faith in oldies

  93. Gonsterous


    I agree, looking at the stats, saka played more than 45 games in all comp this season. It would have been more if we had progressed in the FA cup.

    Add to that he played over 30 games the season before and we are in breaking player territory.

    Lad needs a good long rest, hopefully next season with us playing once a week, he is more fresh and sometimes given a break when we play the weaker teams.

  94. Vintage Gun


    I hear your saying but Messi isn’t the best example to use as opposition players can’t go in hard on Messi. The refs would make sure of that. Protected species due to his brilliance.

    Can’t see our players being given the same

  95. Dissenter

    Kolasinac isn’t going to play another competitive game for Arsenal

    He’s an Ozil-lite, any man that uses his fist to defend Ozil from knive totting thugs cannot be trusted.

    I trust Arteta wont repeat the mistakes of the past, tell him to find a club to spend the last year of his contract. Arsenal will pay the balance of his wages.

  96. Rich

    Using the greatest player of a generation as an example, is a poor one

    Messi is the exception, not the general rule, and even Messi was 21 before he exploded with 38 goals in 51 games

    Before that

    8 in 25
    17 in 36
    16 in 40

    Decent numbers, but even Messi needed to play to progress

    Messi was apparently on HGH for his growth hormone deficiency, which explains an awful lot

    When Barca were questioned if he was still on it,, they apparently refused to comment…….

  97. Dissenter

    The ESR to Vila rumors are the most absurd transfer window nonsense I’ve seen around

    Since when did the Arsenal become the production factory for Villa

    That lazy journo probably typed it up as he used the loo.

  98. Bob N16

    The ESR to Villa story is a journo spending the Grealish money in advance on Buendia and ESR. It makes sense if your a Villa fan but Buendia I suspect would be happier coming to Arsenal and ESR’s agent is negotiating an improved contract for his client so this sort of story is par for the course.

  99. Gonsterous


    I would say no to that. In a way, I have a soft spot for the academy and I feel ESR along with Saka are Arsenal boys, something grealish is not.

    Not saying I don’t want Grealish but not for a swap.