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There are a few ways Arsenal could take their transfer strategy this summer. They could go for a soft landing summer, where they pick-up players from the Premier League, or they could go for a harder landing, where they raid Europe for bargains.

Both of these offerings comes with pro and cons.

Soft Landing

The Premier League approach is basically a twist on what we’ve been doing for the last 5 years. The thinking would be centred on the exciting reality that we’re finally going to bin off some big senior names that don’t cut it over here. However you cut it, those players do an ok job and they’ll be difficult to replace for a number of reasons. The biggest thing they understand is how to operate in the league. They speak English, they have the stomach for the food, and they know how to manage their bodies.

Thomas Partey, one of the best in the business at his role, and one of the fittest came to the Premier League and spent more weeks out than at any time in his career. Why? Likely some bad luck, but also, we have the fastest and busiest elite league in the world. It took time for him to adapt. That cost Arsenal.

The thinking with a soft landing summer will be geared around having a fast start next season. This is a sort of short-termism that makes sense if you look at it from our football leadership’s perspective. Arteta gets pelters whatever he does, if he loses the opening three games because players haven’t adapted, he’s going to have Youtube channels calling for his head. Signing talent like Yves Bissouma or Reuben Neves reduces the chance of a hard landing. They know the league, they’re young, they’ll be additive from day one.

There are negatives with this approach. We’re not going to be picking off the best Premier League players. We’re not in the running for Jack Grealish. The players we’ll fancy will come with a fat price-tag and no guarantee of elite-level success. We’ll also not be top of the queue for talent outside the top 6 clubs.

It’s also clear we’ve been doing this sort of thing but in Europe for the last 4 years. Mustafi, Auba, Xhaka, Kola… it hasn’t worked. If you can’t take the cream from the Premier League, is it worth it?

Hard Landing

This approach is one that is dominating the links in the press at the moment. European football is in deep, deep shit at the minute. The pandemic wrecked the fragile finances of clubs that were badly run. These troubled clubs are successful on the pitch, look at Lille, they won the league and they’ve already lost their manager and they have clubs lining up to pick at the carcass.

This approach to transfers would be more focused on taking the very best young talents from around Europe at cut-prices while we can. If the transfer market was the housing market, this approach is going to distress buyer auctions with a bag of money and seeing if there’s a bargain to be had.

This is kind of what Arsene Wenger built his legacy on. Identifying value in markets that are weak, taking punts on low-risk, high-reward talent, whilst reducing the risk with elite coaching.

Onana, the 25-year-old keeper from Cameroon fits the bill here. He has 1 year left to go on his deal, he’s played in the Champions League, he’s an international, he’s cut-price because of the doping issue. There’s baggage there… a little bit like there was Nwankwo Kanu, but if it pays off, it’s a genius piece of business.

Same with the right-back situation. Do you spend £30m on Max Arons, who is a very good player, or do you take a chance on 24-year-old Zeki Çelik who just won Ligue 1 with Lille? One will likely be a lot cheaper. Both have about the same chance of succeeding.

We all know the objectives this summer.

  • Reduce errors in the system
  • Improve our work in the final third

There’s a financial issue at stake as well.

  • Create a functioning transfer ecosystem

Why are we failing financially when it feels like we don’t spend money? Because we are absolutely terrible at selling players.

If KSE are putting that Barclays loan towards players this summer, it cannot be used simply to ‘get us higher in the table’… that money has to come with strings. My strings I’d be asking Edu for?


If you sign Jack Grealish, you land yourself a player who really does move you up a level, but you don’t solve a business problem. That’s why he’ll end up at a club like City or United who don’t worry about business problems.

Arsenal needs to be sharper than that. If we’re signing creators, we really need to think about the potential value as well as what they can offer the team in the ‘now.’ It’s a fine balance to strike, but where are you getting more value from? Ruben Neves for £35m or Albert Sambi Lokonga for £12m? I can’t answer the scouting question, but the potential of Lokonga is that he could be a £40m player, and that for me is where the smart money is. Arsenal have not operated with much intelligence over the past 10 year, but maybe, just maybe, the clubs sees the way Liverpool operates and takes a touch of inspiration.

Clubs like Arsenal move back to the big time by taking lots of low-risk / high-reward signings. The benefits are obvious. But when you sign sharply like this, at worse, you break even when you come to sell. At best, you create a star that funds the next batch of uncut gems.

So how will the summer shape up? I have no idea. I suspect there might be a blend of both approaches, but the good news is the players we’re being linked with so far seem very, very smart.

Let’s see if Arsenal can finally deliver. It’s about time.


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  1. SAGG

    We can talk all day about transfers but reality is Arsenal havent done anything yet and the Euro starts in 9 days.

    Then we will have the excuse of “This summer was difficult because international football, it was hard to.make things happen, but we are looking to have all our signings before the end of the transfer window”

    So again, no good preseason terrible planning, horrible last minute deals and unbalanced squad. Same mistakes over and over again.

    Wont be surprised if they sack Edu in the middle.of the window just to makes things harder.

  2. Champagne Charlie

    “Cc is it really that offensive to point out that those final 3 games carry 9 points which form part of the after christmas table that you take so much pride in?“

    No, because the progress was demonstrated in the previous 21 games too.

    But prior to the final 3 games of the season Pepe had 5 league goals which kind of goes hand in hand with the assessment that he was bang average and part of the problem in attack vs the solution.

    Not hard to grasp.

  3. TR7

    Conte a truly great manager but not sure whether he will get along with Levy who is as obstinate and hotheaded as him.

  4. raptora

    Meant to LOL zimmie’s post.

    Arteta out yet??? x2

    Especially hearing Spuds are trying to land Conte who is a proven winner and everywhere he’s been at he’s impoved the teams he’s managed.

    I don’t believe Conte would want to manage a perennial loser club like spuds, but if it really happens and Conte is actually that attainable, it will be another landmark as missing out on Suarez and Klopp.

  5. Vickingz

    @raptora, what’s our chances next season? Conte in spurs, klopp, pep, tuchel, ole. We can’t even dream of top 4 in peace again.

  6. TR7

    Honestly we should have been in for Conte. If he can join Spuds he surely would not have said no to Arsenal. Great opportunity missed. Even those who back Arteta should realise that when someone like Conte is available you take the decision to get him in.

  7. Radio Raheem

    Just like Jose can’t see Conte to Spuds working out. He just left Inter because they’re not willing to splash the cash only to end up at the Spuds? Head scratcher

  8. Dissenter


    Like Gundouzi being signed by Sven

    You still have to manage them smartly to get a good outcome
    Just buying them is not enough, you need a good manager that can work with young players, an attribute that Arteta may be lacking.

  9. Rich


    Sometimes players have moments where things just start to click

    I think we can get more out of Pepe next season, and should be challenging him for a 100% increase in his PL goals tally, and for double figures assists as well

    He’s got real ability, the question is can we iron out the rough edges, and then turbo charge the good parts

    Aubameyang wasn’t a consistent scorer until he was 24/25, he’s never that involved in games, he averages 15-20 passes, and games often just pass him by, but that’s only an issue when he’s not scoring and not producing match winning moments

    We can only really get away with 1 or 2 impact players in the starting 11, providing they’re surrounded with technicians

    Like Aubameyang, Pepe isn’t really my style of player, but since we’re likely stuck with him, we have to try and extract value from him

    Forwards are all about confidence, hopefully Pepe carries his end of season form into next season, and uses that as a platform to become a consistent match winner for us

    Fans will put up with his flaws, providing he’s giving us 30+ goal contributions

  10. Vickingz

    If a problem remains unsolved after a considerable period of time, it’s either you ain’t ready to solve the problem or you have misdiagnosed the problem. Why does every little thing at arsenal takes time to be accomplished? To sell players is like waiting for the second coming, to buy players is another time consuming venture. Wretched arsenal

  11. Tom

    Zimmie 2652, a complete rookie, coming in and winning the all prestigious Legrove trophy at first time of trying against the perennial top four financial ( time is money) doper DM.
    He must be a generational talent.

  12. Radio Raheem

    Don’t think he’d have come our way but Wijnaldum is the midfielder we should have gone for to improve on Xhaka and Partey.

    For those celebrating Xhaka potentially leaving you’d regret it soon enough.

    As for Raheem Sterling, he has poor the times I’ve watched him this season. Nevertheless, he’d be a better signing than yet another holding midfielder. I don’t get the obsession with holding midfielders. Our problems have been going forward. Arteta hasn’t a clue to construct or facilitate good attacking play so best to get the players to take the planning out of his hands.

  13. Globalgunner

    No, to Raheem Sterling. We have enough flaky demure, non productive players on high wages. He will not improve us one bit. Let the Spuds take him in part exchange for Kane. However with the dumkopf Aryeta in charge. I know he will have the hots for him. Ignoring completely our unfit for purpose midfield.

  14. Champagne Charlie


    Agree and disagree.

    I’d keep Pepe as high as possible to play into his end product and not his build up ability, we’ve talked why there. But Auba was prolific for St.Etienne in 2011 and 2012 before he got his move to Dortmund (16 and 19 league goals), he was 21 then.

    I think you’re romanticising Pepe a great deal, he’s 26 years old and getting a lot of plaudits for dropping incredibly average performances when considering the season as a whole. I don’t want to hear about EL exploits, I dont rate the competition and the league is a far more accurate test of a player imo. Pepe is very similar to Emery in that regard, lauded for his EL returns (and with good reason obviously) when in reality the league performance is tepid.

  15. raptora

    Conte is probably a very emotional person. They told him they are going to sell his team away so he packed his things up and left. Leaving them with players that have just won Inter their first Serie A in 12 years.

    Maybe he just wants to be left alone and have power over the team’s transfers in the financial reality the certain club is. It’s what the problem was at Chelsea as well. Something that Arteta has at Arsenal so it would be a no-brainer to give the same freedom to a far more accoladed manager.

    Conte to Arsenal ain’t happening ofc. We are stuck with Saucy one.

  16. Radio Raheem

    Except of course Spuds have promised Conte all the proceeds from Kane’s and other players’ sales this summer. He’ll be there for two years and leave with a fat payout.

  17. raptora

    “I think you’re romanticising Pepe a great deal””

    And you aren’t antagonizing him at all putting him in the same sentence with Willian.

  18. Nelson

    Looks like Spuds will get Antonio Conte and Fabio Paratici and we got stuck with Edu and Arteta. That’s what we got with KSE as owner. Their priority is keeping the club running with minimum expenditure.

  19. Kroenkephobe

    Comparing Onana and Kano is a little crass.

    One had serious heart problems which were no fault of his own and who nevertheless made the absolute most of his brilliant technique. The other had his head in his wife’s medicine cabinet and got found out.

    A much closer Arsenal comparitor, we’re one needed, is Kolo Toure surely?

  20. Rich


    Pepe at Lille
    13 goals + 4 assists at 22
    22 goals + 11 assists at 23

    Pepe Arsenal
    7 goals + 8 assists at 24
    16 goals + 5 assists at 25

    Pepe had a better season in Ligue 1 at 23 than Aubameyang, who also took some time to settle at Dortmund before finding his stride

    This isn’t me romanticising Pepe, who was a poor signing who we massively overpaid for, I’m just making the point that sometimes players mature a bit later

    Pepe does have ability, does bring goals, and since we’re likely stuck with him, we have to try and extract the maximum out of him

    I’m not saying we’ll get get 30 + goal contributions out of him next season, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we signed another wide player in his place with different skill sets

    But the coaches at Arsenal should absolutely be challenging him for a 100% + increase in final product numbers in the league, and that isn’t as far fetched as some might make out

    I think he’s the best finisher at the club, one of our quickest players over short + long distances, he’s decent in the air, and there’s certainly something to work with

    Not all improvement has to be external improvement, we should be demanding more from Partey + Gabriel + Mari + Saliba next season

    Saka, Smith-Rowe + Martinelli should be aiming to punch higher numbers

    We’ve apparently got good coaches, they need to prove it by improving what we already have, our aim shouldn’t just be to improve from external sources

  21. Guns of SF

    Good post Pedro

    Team Arsenal is a low risk team- which is why we have gone to contacts based and loans from the big teams.

    We have idiot trying to find talent- he is useless.

    It would not surprise me that they constantly are telling KSE that this player came from xyz, or used to play for blah blah… its like we go for the big brands only

    There is merit though with the right EPL players… ex. Anguissa, Buendia, Aarons might come with a higher tag, but you know what you are getting

  22. andy1886

    Too much snobbery when it comes to transfers. Buy a £10m player from Ligue 1 and you’ll have people falling over themselves to declare what a great prospect. Sign a similar player from the Championship you’ll have the same people telling everyone how crap he is because a it’s not as exotic. Plenty of decent players in theh lower leagues (do we have scouts?) and clubs desperate to sell too. In a similar way people were virtually holding celebration parties when we signed Pepe but snarking about a joke league when we signed Tierney (not Championship but a similar level or lower even).

    Bottom line if we can’t even scout players in our own back yard how can we have any faith in signings further afield?

  23. Rich


    I thought we sacked our scouts last summer, and now we’ve decided that wasn’t actually a great idea, so we’re now using recruitment specialists to get some more….

    We haven’t got a clue what we’re doing, if we get it right this summer, it’ll certainly be more through luck, than any type of astute judgment

    Arsenal are basket case

  24. Habesha Gooner

    Fucking hell. Conte is going to spurs and we are stuck with Arteta. I am annoyed. If they sell kane and let conte invest the proceeds then spurs will be a very dangerous team. They have good bones in key positions. That is an ambitious move for spuds right there.

    The 10 mil and 12 mil signings from lower leagues should come as squad players. Then they can show whether they are good enough. I would want our central midfield improved by proven premier league players. Then 10 mil midfielders like lokonga are signed as squad players. That is how a big club would act.

  25. Champagne Charlie

    “And you aren’t antagonizing him at all putting him in the same sentence with Willian.“

    They both fall under the same ‘underwhelming senior player’ category I stated at the time. Neither had a notable impact on matches throughout 90 mins this season, Pepe had 11 league contributions and Willian had 6.

    If you’re going to scrutinise the two then be sure to include that one was a 32 year old free transfer and the other is our record signing in his peak. So as I said, two underwhelming wide attackers that were shown up by our academy kids throughout the season.

    I dont disagree with expecting more internally, it’s always the case each season imo – and exciting when you think of some of the young talent currently at the club. But I think you’re being pretty disingenuous comparing Auba and Pepe at points in their career.

    Auba has literally never looked back since the age of 21 when he scored double-digits in a league season for the first time. This year was his TENTH consecutive double-digit return in a league campaign for 3 different clubs – he even gave us and Dortmund 10+ goals each the year he joined in Jan. Pepe had 2 seasons in France, and has landed here to produce 5 goals last year, and then rally end of this season to make it double-digits once again. The two aren’t the same, their penchant for goals isn’t the same. Wanting Pepe to produce more is far more hopeful than it is expectant based on his career to date.

    Obviously as fans we hope we see the best from the players at the club, but his best ever league season saw 22 goals in France with 9 penalties. He needs a lot going for him to produce elite numbers, and the rest of his game is far below that of a star player. He needs to crack 15 league goals across the season to avoid more disappointment imo, because I just don’t see him doing enough in-game outside of that. Between him and Auba, I know who my money is on for goals next season.

  26. Marko

    This club is an absolute joke. The procrastinating on a dud manager while fucking Spurs the serial losers are in talks with Conte a serial winner. It’s just so frustrating and so expected from Arsenal

  27. CG

    “””The other had his head in his wife’s medicine cabinet and got found out”””

    Well said Kronk.

    I d have much more respect for the player if he held his hands up, stated he took something he shouldnt and his accepted his punishment with good grace.

    Does anyone believe his story????

    (And do we want these types of players mixing with the Hale Enders?)

    Crikey, Lance Armstrong would not have even come out with ‘the wife and medication cabinet one.’

    But then again he was innocent too.

  28. raptora

    I’m fuming. The manager that tops my wishlist could be going to the spuds. They are going for an absolute top class manager when we the training ground for a could-be good manager.

  29. Rich


    In the immortal words of Shaggy “It wasn’t me”

    You’re innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent

    He was bang to rights with the stuff in his system, but there’s no way it can be proven he willingly took it

    If he can create reasonable doubt, he has a decent shot of getting his ban overturned or at least reduced

  30. MD-Gunner

    The Arsenal of present is unrecognizable from the Arsenal of Old.

    Shitty management, no scouting department, signing surplus and over the hill players from other clubs and supporters are excited at the end of a shitty season and dream of 5th or 6th finish because top 4 is locked for the Arsenal at present clown show.oh how the mighty have fallen. GOOD THING the delusion fans have multiplied.

  31. CG

    “”””If he can create reasonable doubt, he has a decent shot of getting his ban overturned or at least reduced””””

    Sport is finished if the drug cheats , just say they accidentally took the wrong medication and get back on the field of play. (Rife over here with The Springboks)

    KSE Arsenal probably do want him.
    Old Arsenal wouldnt touch him with a barge pole.

  32. Marko

    It’s honestly braindead worst season in recent history and we do nothing while actual good managers are on the move. I avoid using the words our competition because we’re not in competition with these clubs anymore haven’t been for a long time

  33. MD-Gunner

    Springboks winger Dyantyi got a 4 year ban for doping. Authorities are determined to rid sports of doping scandals.

    Someone mentioned you should never say something positive about the Sp*ds on this blog, but what if they are doing what every Arsenal fan is dreaming about?

    Conte emerged as a frontrunner to succeed Jose Mourinho as the club’s permanent manager around a week ago but a move was delayed. Levy wanted to see how realistic it was for Pochettino to return.Intriguingly, he is set to bow to Conte’s demands by also hiring former Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici.

  34. MD-Gunner

    Chew on that for awhile you Arteta In fans, Conte to Sp*ds with a sporting director and a wad of cash to spend after selling Kane. AFC get fucked by Levy and there will be a North London crowd gleefully looking down at their rivals who can’t get their shit together, Fans in the stadium can’t come soon enough.

    In three months there will be a large group here uttering the epic phrase “I told you so”.

  35. GS88

    I’ve said on here a number of times over the past few years that Conte would be my number 1 choice to Arsenal forward. Was saying it even before Wenger left.

    Now it looks like he may join those lot down the road, while we still persevere with rookie Arteta. What a massive smack in the face.

    Already we missed out on Pep (twice), Klopp and now Conte!

    We never learn.

  36. MD-Gunner

    If you would be in Conte’s shoes what would your decision be if you had to choose between Arsenal and Sp*ds? With the only thing AFC has to offer is history, no scouts, disinterested owners and no money vs. owner who wants to make history and has money. This is doesn’t even need a second thought. AFC is in so much deep shit that 5 years of no ST. Tottering’s day is nowhere near in sight of ending.

  37. MD-Gunner

    Here is your 1st excuse for AFC’s shitty start of the new season. Saka, the only AFC player in England’s Euro 2020 squad, returns from the tournament exhausted and carries a knock on, or worst is out until Christmas.

    “I am telling you for free” 😆

  38. Fire

    What if Conte fails…
    It’s Spurs and Levy we are talking about. It will be a comedy show down the lane.

  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wherever he goes Conte upsets the owner…
    Levy acting desparate now … He gone through so many stages … All youth all British… Diff types of managers … He really needs to let someone manage for a long length of time.

  40. Mr Serge

    It will cost spurs a lot of money to get Conte and he will loose his shit with levy within a year

  41. Dissenter

    Now Conte off to Spurs, his right hand man is being named as the Spuds DoF

    It will be interesting to see how the fanbase will react when another London club inches past us while we allow a manager to cut his teeth at Arsenal.

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I really think levy is related to gamble high stakes.
    It may well be that they have to wait till later in the year to get porch …

    But if they get Conte… Could be successful could be distarous … I’m hoping the latter..

  43. Northbanker

    Serge – Sid is our resident lunatic – he makes no sense, period. But still he seems happy to come on here with his meandering world of random thoughts

  44. Northbanker

    Post agreed Pedro – but then we appear to be signing Sterling which blows up any hope that we’re going to adopt a structured and sustainable transfer policy.

  45. Mr Serge

    Northbanker i don’t mind the craziness i mind that he calls anyone who does not see his crazy way as a diet pep fanboy

  46. Useroz

    Given our rather known and sustained weakness, go grab buendia and bissouma to kick start the TW and club and fans would get along just fine

    Also, isn’t Donnarumma going to be a free agent?

  47. andy1886

    Mr Serge, people who don’t support Arteta get called all sorts of nasty things (not Arsenal fans for one) so it works both ways. Personally Sid seems quite mild compared to a few others.

  48. Dissenter

    Conte to Arsenal would never have happened

    How do I know?

    Edu would have to fall on his sword, seppukku mode to hire Conte
    Conte insisted on his own man being in charge to go to Spuds.

  49. MD-Gunner

    There are a few clubs hunting for managers and in Serie A there is a round robin for managers, now it is also starting in the EPL. Everton will go for a decent manager and there are a few on the horizon plus if they get Ajax’s Erik ten Hag.then that could mean another drop for AFC and as far as replacing Tets, Arsenal will do what Arsenal does best with players, hire managers who are surplus or under-performed at other clubs or are over the hill.

    The hunt for an excellent manager starts with the footballing hierarchy as pointed out by many others here repeatedly, hire a proper DOF who will get the management team together including a promising manager. MUST requirement interested owners good luck with that AFC.

  50. Mr Serge

    Raporta you think spuds can win the league just because Conte goes there ? No chance lol they can spend ,500m and be nowhere near

  51. Guns of SF

    Emerson Royal signed by Barca.

    We better get our deals done fast. I worry Bissouma, etc will be snapped up before we can figure out how to use the fax machine

  52. Mr Serge

    It takes 15-25 days to conclude a transfer these days Emerson was a buy back clause that was exercised guns

  53. Northbanker


    From Wikipedia ( but you
    Can find numerous other

    A paragraph (from the Ancient Greek παράγραφος, parágraphos, “to write beside”) is a self-contained unit of discourse in writing dealing with a particular point or idea. A paragraph consists of one or more sentences.[1] Though not required by the syntax of any language, paragraphs are usually an expected part of formal writing, used to organize longer prose

  54. Rich

    Hopefully we can get Bellerin, Niles + Soares out the door quickly

    If we can get £30 million for that lot, it’ll get us Max Aarons to come in and compete with Chambers, who can also cover right centre back and central midfield in an emergency

    Then get Kolasinac out, and sign genuine competition for Tierney, there’s no value in getting rid of one subpar left back, and replacing him with another subpar left back

    Direct competition is healthy

    We need to start clearing the decks quickly

  55. Dissenter

    Good luck getting Soares of the door.
    He just signed his contract, I doubt that anyone can match the long term contract we just game him last summer.

  56. Bertie Mee

    Very thoughtful and provocative article Pedro.
    It’s hard to write fir an Arsenal fan site where so many of the people on it don’t actually support Arsenal but exist inntge hope they can moan about the club.
    Last time I looked Conte was holding exploratory talks with Levy. This is a club that has had to extend their huge Covid loan, who has a huge debt hanging over the club because of a new stadium that nobody has visited for a year . They have two excellent players , one of which is certain to leave .
    Arsenal have a much better nucleus of players and they’ve won some trophies in this millennium.Three or four top pieces of scouting would transform the club . But that woukd really upset the brigade who are really looking for the club to fail

  57. Mr Serge

    Bertie mee i agree with you the moaning on here does not by any means transfer to the main fanbase a lot of fans are happy with the direction of the club

  58. MD-Gunner

    No brigade here that want Arsenal to fail, just supporters that have suffered immensely and have an idea of how to solve the problem but only see clueless individuals in the decision making jobs, a novice manager learning on the job that can’t form a team from a decent squad plus on top of it a totally disinterested owner whose heart is with the LA Rams of NFL football.

    The many fans here who have supported the club for decades raised their kids to love Arsenal and are now presented with a shit show of football and decision making that beggars believe. Do you really believe a true supporter would be excited over the future prospects of a dysfunctional leadership of a club that has been destroyed?

  59. Northbanker

    I agree MD – Arsenal have gone from one of the best run clubs to one of the worst

    Yet I don’t see things in the black and white of others on here- thee are still pockets of brilliance and hope

    We actually have half a great first team and despite the pooor performance of the Academy in terms of results still some very promising high quality youngsters emerging

    A focus on nurturing these players together with a proper transfer policy could make a dramatic difference

    It’s such a fine line between building a team for the future and just shovelling more shite in vain

  60. Tee

    Lol @ posters moaning about everything. Now it’s about Conte going to spurs.

    One is even insinuating that Conte would win the league for Spurs.

    Hope your Carlo ancelloti did pretty well before bombing to Madrid? Could still remember a lot of them here moaning about Carlo going to Everton and praising him but to what end?

  61. Bob N16

    Thanks Mr Serge for the Dalek insult, made me laugh out loud which then led to me explaining the stream to my 19 year old son, who also laughed.

  62. Rich

    We need to get Saka on a 5yr deal ASAP, next summer he’ll be down to the last 24 months of his contract, and we’ll all be sweating as the sharks start circling

  63. Mr Serge

    Rich saka and ESR both have 24 months left i am sure they will get new offers soon it would be mad not to

  64. Rich

    Mr Serge

    Players come and go, but I’d be devastated to lose Saka, and then have to watch him lineup for City

    We haven’t just got to tie him down, we’ve got to try and match his ambitions

    He’s so good, for a teenager to carry us like he has at times this season, is exceptional

    He’s in with a good chance of starting and starring for England in the Euro’s

  65. Kroenkephobe

    Southgate has the makings of being as big an idiot as the sad individual that (mis) manages our club. Why play people who haven’t made the squad in a friendly designed to test how squad members will mesh together in a major tournament in a few day’s time. Baffling

    Penalty missing, pizza eating, Palace reject.

  66. MD-Gunner

    “We haven’t just got to tie him down, we’ve got to try and match his ambitions”

    and that of any other fan on this blog, but that would require that the owners have also ambitions, how do you expect that from the Kroenkes?

    Here is a model for owners to show ambition the owner of Villareal!

    Another very simple question to answer and meditate on do the former Arsenal legends support the present set up and are thrilled about the direction the club is going? The answer to that will tell you all you need to know.

  67. raptora

    I said that Conte has won the league in every team he’s coached. 4 different teams at least 1 League title with every team. Is it true or not?

    When did I say that he is going to win the league with them? Copy and paste pls. I’ll wait.

  68. Mr Serge

    raptoraJune 2, 2021 18:40:28
    “Wherever he goes Conte upsets the owner…”… after he wins them the title.*Fixed that for you.

  69. Mr Serge

    You are suggesting he will do so if he goes spurs which i doubt he will
    He may go psg when they get that loser poch back

  70. Tee

    “When did I say that he is going to win the league with them? Copy and paste pls. I’ll wait”

    You insinuated it – which is exactly what i posted

  71. The backpass

    Conte might not win the league, but you know he is going to have them above arteta’s Arsenal and most likely a top 4 spot, regardless of the players at his disposal.

  72. Dissenter

    Conte is a very emotional manager who won’t last long at Spuds, I expect that any prospective employer has to be aware of that.
    Sticking to the same patterns, he did well at Inter and Chelsea before he flamed out.

  73. Kroenkephobe

    Vienna….. Can you hear me…. Wolfgang Mozart, Kurt Waldheim, Franz Klammer, Josef Fritzl, Adolf Hitler your boys took one hell of a beating. Well, not really. International football is pure shite but it was pleasing to see Saka score.

  74. WengerEagle


    Chelsea have won just 2 league titles in the past 10 years, Conte winning one of those in his two attempts.

    They had 10 different managers in that timeframe.

    He is just after delivering Inter Milan their first title in over 10 years on his second time of asking.

    They have had 13 different managers in that timeframe.

    Something tells me that Spurs fans/Levy won’t give a shite if he bails on them after 2 years if he delivers them a major trophy.

  75. WengerEagle

    If Kane is sold for 150m and Conte is given free rein to reinvest the money, don’t be surprised to see them tap up Lukaku as a replacement.

    Word on the street seems to be that Inter are listening to offere for both Hakimi and Lukaku.

    It doesn’t get better for a Kane replacement with Lukaku being the same age/experience, PL tried and tested and having an excellent relationship with Conte.

  76. Batistuta

    Each time a discussion on potential players/managers comes up, out come certain fans to term you as a “moaner” when it’s just basically a discussion on the different scenarios that could happen. Weird really

  77. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    “Something tells me that Spurs fans/Levy won’t give a shite if he bails on them after 2 years if he delivers them a major trophy.”

    That was precisely the point I was making
    I just wanted to beat around the bushes and let the reader draw that conclusion because there are posters around here who get offended when such points are made.
    Mr Levi has made the calculated gamble that the bromance will end in tears but he will deliver something before they fall out

    Conte delivers…it wont change in North London. People can stick their head in the sand and deny that pattern.,

  78. WengerEagle

    Mr Serge

    Yeah could see him just as easily join Chelsea, he did support them as a kid too which is a bonus on top of them being much better than Spurs.

    I wouldn’t rule out Conte convincing him though if he is given money to build around him.

    Chavs may also try to get Haaland instead.

  79. Mr Serge

    Hallaand will go to Madrid they will find the .money for him. Hakimi is also touted to go to the Chavs which i am surprised about with the emergence of James

  80. Dissenter

    You have to respect the big balls it takes to sack a club legend or fire a renown manager to replace with another renown managed
    Whether you hate the clubs in question, the principle of relentlessly pursuing success or striving for excellence shouldn’t be poopooed.

    It may not end well but at least the effort was made.

  81. Mr Serge

    Diss it’s now or never for Kane with both Manchester clubs after him and the length of his contract gives him peak value 3years left

  82. Dissenter

    Mr Serge
    “Hallaand will go to Madrid they will find the .money for him. Hakimi is also touted to go to the Chavs which i am surprised about with the emergence of James”

    I think Hakimi is heading to PSG

  83. Mr Serge

    Diss hope so we don’t need him at the Chavs as well

    We should be concluding our biz early so we can get the guys training together and have a good pre season

  84. WengerEagle


    Well Levy doesn’t exactly have a choice, does he? Spurs have won fuck all in his 20 years as Chairman there. One League Cup win to show for all his efforts. Absolutely pathetic return considering they have invested a lot of money over the years for a tinpot club.

    Big fees for N’Dombele, Sissoko, Reguilon, Lamela, Davinson Sanchez, Lo Celso, Bergwijn, Soldado, Lucas Moura, Sessegnon, Aurier, Janssen which is some accumulation of shite ain’t it? Only Lucas Moura has delivered for them to any great extent out of that bunch.

    Even back in the day before transfer fees blew up they were spending pretty heavily on players like Modric, Bale, David Bentley, Darren Bent, Berbatov, Palacios, Jenas, Corluka, Zokora and it still amounted to fuck all in the way of on pitch success.

  85. Rich


    The future isn’t set, no matter how much you give credence to your own narrative

    The gap between Arsenal + Spurs the last 3 seasons has been 1 point, 3 points, 1 point

    We can’t undo previous mistakes, but we can learn from them, undo them, and then go about improving our squad

    If we make good decision this summer, we’ll decrease the margins in front of us

    If we make bad decisions, we’ll increase the margins in front of us

    I’m not confident….. But let’s see how things play out first before we appoint Spurs as PL champions

  86. Dissenter

    Mr Serge
    I suspect Edu will go for the type of players that Pedro mentioned
    Young up-coming and with high ceilings that can be resold; Noussair Mazraoui and Lokonga
    Bissouma is to expensive at 40 million – he is not established at the level we want to be playing at so why does he cost thrice what the captain of Andelech [Lokonga] will go for?

    Edu has to be assertive and be able to tell Arteta NO because I suspect Arteta will want to tarry and wait for the Madrid process to play out to get Ode when Buendia can be had without drama.

  87. David Smith

    I wouldn’t worry about Conte or anyone else at Spurs, as was once said, there is their history

  88. Mr Serge

    Diss i really hope you are wrong and we do not wait for Ode this season is shit or bust for MA he must know this

  89. Dissenter

    “The future isn’t set, no matter how much you give credence to your own narrative”

    You have to be deluded to think the manager who won loads for Juve, did well in the CL and has the strength of purpose will walk away from his jon will just got to the other north London club…and become a failure.

    If the stories being reported about Conte are true then you need to be rightfully concerned. He is said to be going to XXXX only after the club agreed to appoint a backroom of his choosing, including the DoF , a proper football executive with pedigree.

    I hope we have a good summer but lets not stick our heads in the sand ignoring the commendable work being done elsewhere,
    I admire the principle of try, try and try again until you get it right.

  90. WengerEagle

    For some reason I don’t see Haaland as a superstar for one of the Spanish clubs. Their superstars tend to be mostly from either Latin America or Southern Europe if you look throughout their recent history. Real Madrid in particular don’t forget operate just as much as a global brand as they do a football club.

    Mbappe is much more likely to be Real’s superstar signing imo.

    From Haaland’s infatuation with the PL from his old man and following Leeds as a kid to being a fluent English speaker to his general personality, think that he is much more likely to settle either in the Bundesliga with Bayern as a Lewandowski replacement or in the Premier League.

    I don’t see Dortmund letting him leave this summer unless a crazy offer came in which is unlikely as he apparently has a 75m release clause that is activated next summer. They are already going to be losing Sancho, losing both would bury them for next season.

  91. Dissenter

    Mr Serge
    “Diss i really hope you are wrong and we do not wait for Ode this season is shit or bust for MA he must know this”
    Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior; Arteta waited too long for Auoar last summer until Edu broke the deadlock and got Partey at the 11th hour. I hope they have learned from it but I think the manager truly wants Ode. and may fall into the dame trap.

  92. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    “I don’t see Dortmund letting him leave this summer unless a crazy offer came in which is unlikely as he apparently has a 75m release clause that is activated next summer. They are already going to be losing Sancho, losing both would bury them for next season.”

    That’s precisely why he will go this summer.
    They can easily get over 100 million this summer so why wait till next summer to get 75 million?

  93. WengerEagle


    Because keeping Haaland would be the difference between them falling out of the CL spots or not and that would be worth a hell of a lot more to Dortmund than an extra 25m would.

  94. WengerEagle

    Mazraoui is a top shout for a RB, would be a really smart pick up and alternative to spunking 40m on Aarons.

    Probably could be gotten for half the price and actually has CL experience to boot.

  95. Champagne Charlie


    Not sure CL experience is really the sell for guys elevating us mate lol PL experience far more apt.

  96. WengerEagle


    Aarons has had one mediocre PL season, hardly a wealth of experience is it?

    At least Mazraoui has played at the top level of club football i.e Champions League knockouts.

  97. Champagne Charlie


    Aarons wasn’t the sole target I was referring to. I’m simply saying CL experience is kind of here nor there for any signings this summer.

    If a player has 3 years CL football or 3 years Prem football I know which one I’m leaning towards all being equal.

  98. WengerEagle


    Sure, not disputing that but how many top RB’s are there in the PL not at a top club right now?

    Aarons hasn’t done close to enough to justify a massive outlay on him as of now, he didn’t even have a great Championship season unlike Buendia.

  99. Mr Serge

    We can afford to raid the continent for a RB for sure we got rid of a lot of non HG players in Jan

  100. Champagne Charlie


    I’ve said my bit on RB’s for the club already, think we’d be daft to spend money there this window with the issues in CM and attack.