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We’ll start with the positives. English teams are without doubt the most exciting to watch in the world at the moment. That was a final brimming with beautiful technical football, put on by two managers that believe in football artistry. Chelsea were exceptional, they showed how to control a game against a better team. They were the more dangerous side over the 90 minutes and deserved to take home the trophy.

Some of the football though… just exceptional at times. Olivier Giroud, what a career…

There was a lot of handwringing after the game from Arsenal fans that think there are lessons to be learned from two clubs dripping in oil money. I’m not sure I can have that.

High standards with no constraints isn’t an admirable trait or one that’s replicable for Arsenal. Chelsea spent £250m in a pandemic summer on a top 4 squad. They sacked their manager in December and brought in a rockstar coach they’ve been in talks with for a few years.

People keep pointing out Thomas Tuchel to me like I wasn’t pointing him out on this website when he was at Mainz.

Thomas Tuchel: Now, I only know about this guy because Rapha Honigstein has high praise for his work on the BT European show. However, now I’ve made myself and expert on his life and journey and I love this guy. He took over Mainz back in 2009. He doesn’t have an incredible playing career, but he fundamentally understands people and what drives them. Go beyond that and he’s a master of the game as well. A real trailblazer. Apparently, the first thing he did when he tookover was take his players to a retreat to get to know them better. He noticed that at meal times, everyone ate at different times. There was no respect, no camaraderie. So he set about improving the manners of the squad to build unity. Then when you dig into his training methodology, it’s really interesting. His sides train on rhombus shaped pitches to cut out long ball passing. He has a great record against Bayern as well (as well as being tipped to manage them one day). He’s a clever guy who put strategy at core. I love this style of manager. Deep thinkers. Football is changing and the clever guy is winning. An amazing transformation over the course of the last 5 years.

Same people calling me a hipster for like Arteta were doing the exact same thing when I was talking about Tuchel. In fact, when he was sacked by Dortmund, people were in my mentions raising his failure as the death of hipster football managers. He’s an exceptional thinker, he’s improved/softened some of his more erratic behaviour, and now he’s winning the biggest trophies. But he wasn’t available to us in December, even if he was, he’d have all the same problems to deal with because he would want the players to do the same things Arteta struggles to get them to do. Bigger point, we’re not a rockstar destination at the moment.

Same for City. They spent £1.2b to get to their first Champions League final. The response to the poor tactics will be… spend £200m this summer. Hard to extract lessons from clubs that can do that. Obviously, they do a lot of good things, but fishing them out is hard because they always have the best players.

The lessons Arsenal need to take come from clubs like Liverpool, Leicester, and maybe Atleti. Those clubs do it the hard way. They put the best people in positions to make good decisions. They have a clear mission and vision for the football. They build a plan and they ruthlessly stick to it. They do things the hard way because they live in a world with financial constraints.

Arsenal hasn’t really behaved like we have financial constraints over the past 4 years. There have been 4 different plans, no consistency, and lessons that should have been learned haven’t been. The wastage in the system has been eye-watering.

This summer, that needs to change. There are reasons to be hopeful and look, I’m going out on a positive limb here because I have to have a fun summer this year after the misery of pandemic land.


The last 18 months have been garbled from an identity perspective. We had half a squad dedicated to Wengerball, half to Emeryball, 8 center-backs, the most expensive bum of all time causing issues behind the scene. Arteta started with a shithouse approach, then tried to maintain a fine margins game as his strikers lost their shooting boots, then we tried to play a more creative brand of football post-Christmas to mixed reviews.

What I think we saw develop is an idea of how we want to play. It’s Manchester City lite. A brand of positional football underpinned by a solid defence. Clearly, we don’t have the players needed yet, but when we added more creators post-Dec 25th, the football moved forward.

Edu knows what he’s scouting for now. So do the analysts that sit in the backroom. We haven’t had that sort of clarity before. That should make the filter for great easier to judge.


Again, this is a major stretch for me here because I don’t know. But Richard Garlick is trained in law, he’s worked on all aspects on a club level and he’s also an operator at the league level. He’ll need to bring process to Arsenal and maybe we’re starting to see some of that with basics like moving on the physio and using headhunters to find the new generation of scouts. No more contacts scouting, no more sweetheart deals for people Edu like, some rigour in the recruitment process. If he’s not here to bring that to the club, I have no idea why we hired him.


Last season was a mess for most clubs and nearly all managers. This season will be different. Clubs will get a full preseason, players will get a proper break from each other, coaching will make a difference. A rookie coach with no time to work with his players wasn’t ideal. Next season, there’s no Europe to worry about, so there are no excuses for not extracting the most out of the squad.


Don’t even tell me you’ve not considered quitting your job to do something MAD like setting up craft beans on toast restaurant that sells one dish for £27. We’ve all been there and football players will be no different. Granit Xhaka probably wants out, why not? Willian might have had a realization that playing and being loved is more valuable than an extra £50k a week. We’re going to see exits this summer that move us on from comfort blanket players.

That’ll give us more cash to reshape the squad and go from incremental improvements to something more dramatic. Arsene Wenger did this at the start of his Arsenal career and again in 2001 I believe. The risks of shocking the system are that it takes time to settle the squad, but look, the risks of keeping players that aren’t right is you firmly entrench yourself in 8th position.


As I mentioned the other day, there’s cash being injected into the system this summer. We don’t have to sell to buy, and hopefully we can sell and top up the pot. We could have a very big summer this year. The easiest way to jump a level is to invest in better players. We have the chance to do that this summer (did you read Pep confirm Arsenal is investing?).

Hopefully we’re not spending money on Mahrez like figures. With big money comes great responsibility. We should be using the cash to sign players that will have a residual value. Don’t just blow it on old players like we have done in the past.


The above points are spinning plates. They all have to be spinning by the end of the summer or we’ll fail next season. But there’s a path here. It’s a tight one, it’s fraught, but if we make smart decisions we can go into next season and surprise people.

Let’s see what the clubs has in store.

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  1. China1

    If I was south gate I’d probably be looking to get Kane sancho grealish and sterling all in the starting 11. Is also take great pleasure in bringing on a fresh Saka to terrorize teams in the second half when they’re tiring

  2. China1

    People keep wondering what our excuse will be when we fail next season

    It’s blatantly going to be the lack of preseason due to the euros

    I’ll eat my own face if we don’t have people on here moaning about the shorter preseason because of the euros when our form takes a dive at whichever point in the season.

  3. Danny S

    This football purgatory can’t go on for much longer surely.

    How long now have we been stuck in this horrible loop of disappointment? 13 years?

    Of course we had the 2nd place finish in 2016 but that just made it worse really that we lost out on a title to Leicester in a year we could have won. Just showed how toothless we had become when it really mattered.

  4. Danny S

    The only difference now from wengers reign and emery’s early reign really is the disappointment comes earlier in the season instead of at the end.

  5. Danny S

    I gave up on England a long time ago.

    Who’d have Gareth southgate as a manager? Seriously.

    I’m not sure id even swap him for Arteta.

  6. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    Arteta will have a finite period next season to prove his worth.

    However, it is not necessary to keep on posting that he is not fit to be our manager/head coach.

  7. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Four that look gone .

    Maybe add

    Then we will be taking a massive steps forward.

  8. raptora

    You realize that Arteta finished behind West Ham right?

    West fkin Ham who’s manager was heading the odds to be the first manager to get sacked in the season.

    Arteta’s finishes are 8th and 8th. Yes, he has the excuse of taking Arsenal in the middle of the season in his 1st season. What about the 2nd season?
    8th place behind West Ham, Leicester, Spuds and everyone else? Breaking 3 decades long negative records? Losing to Olympiacos and Villarreal in the Europa? Guiding us to our first Europeless season in 25 years? All of the players we want to sell’s price has decimated since he took over.

    Arteta is not fit to be our manager.

    Why should we not keep posting it if it’s clear and obvious?!

  9. Graham62

    Danny S

    He’s done more for the English team and structure of our set up, than anyone’s done since I was born in 1962.


  10. Spanishdave

    Right Raptora
    Seven defeats in a row as well.
    One shot on goal at home v Villarreal.
    He’s way out of his depth and seeing Man City doing endless passing getting nowhere again with one shot on goal in the second half . Quick counter attacking is back and we just stroll around the pitch passing backwards

  11. andy1886

    The England team on paper looks good, but if you dig a little deeper there are plenty of issues. Defence, including the ‘keeper isn’t that great. Full back options are okay but slab head plus one at CB is dodgy as is Pickford at ‘keeper.

    Lots of midfield options if Southgate can make something gel but in attack I’m not convinced either. Old ‘Arry Kane hasn’t scored against the top sides in any meaningful game (just two against France and one versus Germany in friendlies). All his goals are against second or third rate sides. Golden boot at the last WC while scoring just once from open play. Sterling always looks garbage for England, couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

    So yeah, looks good on paper but reality is something different.

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    “The wastage in the system has been eye-watering”

    And where does the buck stop? With the owner. The same owner who has various franchises in his portfolio, whereas the owner of Chelsea has one, the European Champions.

    Everything you mentioned in this post should have been rectified by The Arsenal owner over the period, but he has done nothing, that’s sod all. And then when the fans rise up, he & his son are jolted into reaction. Why wouldn’t Stan want success on the pitch? because the value of his investment has doubled since he took over.

    Pedro, it ain’t going to happen while Stan Kroenke is the owner.

    All the points you have made Pedro are because Stan Kroenke doesn’t care about winning trophies,

  13. G

    ‘’ How long now have we been stuck in this horrible loop of disappointment? 13 years?‘’

    Blimey have you seriously not enjoyed an Arsenal season for 13 years

  14. Emiratesstroller


    Do you have anything positive to say about Arsenal?

    Do you think that Liverpool’s supporters devote hours criticising their club and manager because they have had by their standards a comparatively disappointing season?

  15. Marko

    However, it is not necessary to keep on posting that he is not fit to be our manager/head coach.

    Ah the whole we can’t do anything about it so why keep talking about it stance could literally be directed towards any unpopular player or any negative really so. Got this tumour in my foot why bother talking about it I can’t do anything about it… only I can and we could do something about the manager but you know why keep harping on about says some guy on the internet who incessantly harps on about needing signings and changing the owner etc etc

  16. Marko

    comparatively disappointing season

    He says. Like 8th and no european football is the same as 4th and champions league football

  17. CG


    ””””’All the points you have made Pedro are because Stan Kroenke doesn’t care about winning trophies,””””””

    Correct. That is it in a nutshell. And has said that on the record too.

    But Roman A loves them. Absolutely loves winning trophies.Like a drug.

    Loved it when Chelsea won the Europa in Baku walloping Arsenal 4-1.( Stan don’t do Azerbaijan on a Thursday night)

    Loved it when Di Matteo won ‘The Big Ears’ years ago,
    Loved it even more when Tuchel lifted it again- despite Manchester City outspending them,

    He is just getting the taste for it.
    He will be gunning for Liverpools 6.

    And don’t be surprised if Mpbabbe turns up at the Bridge before too long too.

    Stan like Fagan in Oliver Twist just wants to hoard and hoard and hoard some more until he has it all.

    Only the AFC fans can get him and his ilk out!

  18. Positive pete

    That’s why I’m here.For some positivity’.As I mentioned yesterday & the day before & the day before that ad infinitum.It really is just a hardcore squad of negative posters,say around 16 who day after monotonous day can only focus on Arteta.Their lives must be miserable 😩.It’s not healthy guys.Give it a knock on the head & change the mood music…..

  19. Karsa

    Arteta is shit.

    Edu is shit.

    Stan is shit.

    Xhaka is shit.

    Maybe they are all shit, but to say the same thing day after day after day after day is incredibly boring.

  20. CG

    ”””””’Maybe they are all shit, but to say the same thing day after day after day after day is incredibly boring.””””’

    The Truth is boring and unpalatable for those who can’t face it and who do not want to hear it.

  21. Dissenter

    Talking about positivity, didn’t you hail the European super league

    What you call ‘negativity’ is just another poster’s valid opinion.

    I mean you’re constantly negative about Guendouzi, I guess that ought to bring shame on you too.. Don tying have anything positive so say about the young man given that you’re not privy to whatever happened behind the scene?

  22. Gunnershabz

    Guys I think we be lucky to get £80m on sales this summer

    Most of our players are not great and we have players a year left on contract

    Reiss £10m maybe
    Nketiah £10m
    Lacazette £20m
    Xhaka £20m
    Guendouzi £10m
    Torriera £15m

    Now those valuations if we lucky, it could be less as Roma bid £10m for xhaka

    If we want to get bissouma £35m min
    Sander berge £30m
    Buendia £40m
    Odegaard £50m
    Hakimi £45m

    If we want these players we ain’t getting them unless Kroenke pulls in £100m

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Arteta can only be judged once he has his squad.

    Saying that if he is looking at marhez or sterling then a lot of compassion will be lost for him.

    He needs youth to leap forward

  24. Marko

    You know there’s a blog out there for idiots who want to pretend all is well and who really don’t like anything negative said about Arsenal and who still reminisce about a certain french manager to this day…that might be a good place for some

  25. Karsa

    How many signings will Stan consider enough to buy fan acceptance ( even though we know that it won’t).

    4-5 new first team options?

  26. Gunnershabz

    How much you think willian will go for

    With those wages we have to give him a free transfer to inter miami

    Kolasanic should go for £10m

    Am sure leverkusen was looking at him before

    Not sure what’s happening with bellerin am sure he can fetch £25m

  27. Gunnershabz

    I do think we should go for players like max aarons and if we can get odegaard on loan to buy if possible both are young

    If we can get players from 20 to 25 years old

  28. Positive pete

    It’s not that we don’t like anything negative said.In fact in amongst it all is a whole lot of truth & many smart ideas as to how the club should manage its affairs.Fair due.What we’re tired 😴 with or bored to death with is the constant, moaning repetitive nonsense being sprouted.A lot of it simply for the sake of it.We get it.Arteta out,he’s rubbish.How many times can the negative squad say the same thing.Yawn……….The reason we don’t all head off to untold is because they are at the other end of the spectrum.Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  29. DivineSherlock


    Do you remember how the fans hounded out previous Liverpool’s owners? Dont even compare it to our situation . Liverpool’s fans are enjoying their best period under Klopp. Even during the bad spell they managed to win a CL with Benitez . Then we have Arsenal fans like you

  30. Dissenter

    If it’s not positive enough for you, then don’t read it or respond to it. It may very well be coded language that only free minded people can understand; the ones that aren’t sheep.

    For example, never respond to a certain poster who can’t stick to one moniker.

  31. Karsa

    I like to see a variety of opinions on any board. That keeps things healthy and stimulating.

    When one opinion dominates you get stagnancy and boredom.

  32. Kroenkephobe


    Nice try and I appreciate the good intentions. About as likely to happen as Margaret Thatcher pissing up a rope.

    My recent attempt to calm the waters was deleted. This forum thrives on conflict and this dysfunctional club that we all love and the wankers who run it produce masses of it.

  33. raptora

    All the “positive” people in here don’t understand that they are deluded.

    If Arsenal give Arteta another summer where he rules over transfers, we will sink even more down the shitter.

    He refused 20m for AMN, he made Willian his cornerstone attacking transfer on extreme wages, he sold Martinez and kept Leno, he decimated the value of Guendouzi (from £45m to £18m), Torreira (from £50m to £20m) and Saliba to pay money and play arguably worse players in Mari, Ceballos and Elneny, he gifted away Mkhitaryan, Mustafi, Ozil, Sokratis for a total of 0 pounds, the people he signed – Partey had a bad season when his first several games for us he was shining bright, Gabriel started like a soon-to-be VvD until he somehow found himself behind every single CB we had, Soares became 3rd or 4th choice RB and LB, Mari couldn’t move a 34 yo Luiz or a laughable first choice like Holding, Ceballos turned from a very viable CM option to the top 3 worst performer of the season and the less we speak about Runarsson the better.

    Just face it. Last Summer was shocking. Complete failure in transfers in and complete failure in transfers out. From the 14 players that left the club either on loan or permanently, we landed £15m from the GK that should have stayed and a grand total of £1.79m for the other 13 players.

    From the players he brought in, ALL of them declined. Every single one.

    So we have positive people in here, while Edu and Arteta are digging us a deeper grave.

    And we should keep quiet and trust the process when we are witnessing their complete and utter incompetency and cluelessness. The positive people think that 2 complete newbies are going to go from complete failure – no Europe for the first time in 25 years – to challenging for the EPL and UCL in couple of years. Cause this should be the benchmark.

    If you positive people, are content with being average and mediocre, feeling completely normal about being overtaken by clubs like Spuds, Leicester, West Ham this season, Wolves previous season, then you are the problem.

    We need ambition. We need higher goals. We need to make people feel responsible when they fail. This season was an utter failure. No questions asked.

    How can we be “Positive” after our worst season in 25 years when the same people that lead us in this season are going to lead us in our next one?

    It’s like you guys are the enemies like all of us want Manure to keep OGS, like all of us wanted Fat Frank to be kept in Chelsea – cause we knew that they will not achieve top trophies.

    Manure with a proper manager will be the next City. I’m really scared at the thought. Chelsea we saw what they did. 2 times UCL winners.

    While our fans are vouching to keep a manager that finished 8th and 8th and his Artetaball has looked the worst football Arsenal has played in decades.

    Somehow it’s all on the players or lack of. When the same players that Arteta kicked out of the door, finished 1 pt behind top 4 in 2018/19, all being a massive part of our EPL campaign – Guendouzi 33 games played,
    Torreira 34 games played,
    Ozil 24 games played,
    Sokratis 25 games played,
    Kolasinac 22 games played,
    Mkhitaryan 25 games played.

    We even had Lichtsteiner play 14 games and Iwobi play 35 games (Yes Emery made us that £30m, our 3rd highest sale in the last 9 years, by making Iwobi look better than he is). All in the EPL. Fkin Jenkinson started games that year. Mavropanos started 3 EPL games.

    But somehow that bad group of players, that Arteta and Edu gave away for the total sum of 0 pounds, was able to compete very well and got to the Europa final and finished 1 pt away from securing us UCL football. Emery was not the right manager to move us forward so he got chopped and rightly so.

    But now, with this group of players, the best we could do is 8th? and be out of UCL places by what? October?

    It’s a big joke it’s what it is.

    People who support the current management cannot be thinking for the best of this club. Arsenal lacks ambition from top to bottom. Now our fans are part of the problem as is our owners and directors, cause our fans decided to worship a complete newbie, joke of a manager. You reap what you sow.

  34. Champagne Charlie

    “Better outspoken than a kissass”

    Pretty much exemplifies the total lack of nuance or understanding given to discussion on here.

    ‘If you’re not like me you’re a kissass’…. Great

  35. raptora

    P.S. I completely missed the part where Emery, the humiliated one, swept aside the generational one with an inferior team in 2 games. Oh, to be an AKB.

  36. Emiratesstroller


    No I did not hail the Super League.

    What I did say is that I would not criticise Arsenal for joining such a project. No genuine
    supporter would like to see Spurs or Chelsea invited and Arsenal excluded.

    What I posted is that this project was already discussed with me in the 1980s. It is not a new idea.

    Frankly it will happen sooner or later most probably under the auspices of UEFA.

  37. andy1886

    If all the in-fighting stopped the traffic on LG would drop by more than 50%. Not that I’d suggest that Pedro deliberately stirs the pot too sometimes you understand…

  38. englandsbest


    What other horrors do you see in your crystal ball? The Ten Plagues? The Great Flood? Another Ice Age? A Nuclear War? A Giant Asteroid Strike? All of them, I guess.

  39. Dissenter

    Very well, I respect your right to say whatever you wish. It does make interesting reading.
    Most people will say that view of not criticizing your club from joining a poorly thought out, uncompetitive and corrupt concept to be very negative, maybe shameful. The club had to apologize as you know….that’s how bad your non-criticism was.

    That was not a positive viewpoint of Arsenal, don’t you think. Just saying fir the next time you decide start categorizing the opinions of others as negative.

    Some people just want the club to do better. I for one think we can do better than a manager learning his job while managing Arsenal like it’s an internship gig. Diversity of opinions is what makes this place interesting.

  40. Emiratesstroller

    Dissenter and Raptora

    Can you please explain to me why you support Arsenal?

    You have absolutely nothing positive to say about the club, its owner, the manager or for that
    matter the players who are in the team.

    A genuine supporter particularly one who lives in the district and goes to matches like me may be critical, but continues to support the team through thick and thin.

  41. LoveSausage


    Yeah, it’s by design. I don’t mind the debating and disagreements. There are a lot of knowledgable and passionate people here that I’ve learned from. More than on any other blog I read. But the name calling is getting toxic.

  42. DivineSherlock

    Champagne Charlie

    Ofcourse only you have the right to be a smart ass , everyone has to believe what you believe. That retort was for Cazorla who thinks fans that dont go to stadium has no opinion that should be considered valid .

  43. Dissenter

    Why I support Arsenal?
    Why do you want to know that?
    Why don’t you tell me you national ID number and bank accounts] number, then I’ll let your pompous ass know why I’ve been a fan of Arsenal for ages.

    Your come across as some country club snob trying to gauge whether the new guy is qualified to be there.

  44. Gonsterous

    The excuses for arteta is non stop. It’s not 8th place we finished, it’s 6 points off 4th. It’s not bad man management from arteta, its the players not being professionals. It’s not poor tactics, it’s the players who can’t implement them. The lack of system is due to no pre season and so on.

    Also, edu is to blame for all The poor transfers, but no one talks about how Edu overruling Arteta against paying 55m for Auor was the best business last summer.

    Jesus, even Luiz, willian and Leno know when to exit a sinking ship.

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Quite frankly I’ve coated es before
    However I enjoy his reads …
    Don’t Ness agree with them but he speaks from an age I resonate with.

    We as a club have really let go of the handle.

  46. raptora

    The owners are not bad in the regard that they give the manager and directors enough power and freedom to do as they want. Our budget is enough to compete like Spuds, like Pool, like Chelsea in the last years.

    Where the owners are failing is picking the right people to oversee the club for them, they are not getting the right people to lead our club forward. The current regime of Vinny, Edu and Arteta are a prime example, Don Sanllehi and Gazidis before him another. The go they had with Emery I don’t count as a failure in a way that, that’s what you are supposed to do, you sack, you sign until you get the right person. The Arteta experiment is a failure because it has not worked well at all, but he’s still given another Summer. This is on the owners and on the fans for not pushing for a change in either ownership or director/manager.

    Our players are good. Far better than the 8th place and being thrown out by Villarreal show for. With 3-4 decent transfers this Summer we should be right there 3-6th place fighting for UCL till the last rounds. I don’t think we should be behind Leicester or West Ham if you ask me and we should have been ahead of a Mourinho managed spuds and Fat Frank managed Chavs.

    I have a lot of joy watching Arsenal succeed and it pains me to watch them crumble more and more each year. Complacency and being content with averageness is a horrible trait setting into our fans. Arsenal will hardly climb the ladder if the fans don’t make their discontent be known. If we are happy with 8th and 8th and we support the management, what do you think will happen?

    It’s because I want the best for my club is why I don’t agree with keeping average managers and directors in their jobs. Do you understand that historically and economically we should not be a mid table club. We just shouldn’t. Everything points to people being underpar from top to bottom. And here we are fans supporting the whole charade. Is this what you do when you see how your kids are declining? Is it what you do when you’re making less and less money? No, you do something. And you and a bunch of fans want to do nothing. Nothing.

  47. CG


    ”””””’A genuine supporter particularly one who lives in the district and goes to matches like me may be critical, but continues to support the team through thick and thin.””””””’

    It can be thin and. thin for all I care: as long as we are trying to win, trying to compete , trying to play the beautiful game , and trying to to the right thing.

    You aint supporting anyone but KSE’s pockets by still attending matches ES.
    And by the way Stan loves ‘supporters’ like you.

    So the joke is on you.

  48. raptora

    Imagine thinking that you are a bigger supporter just because you happen to be born there and 99.9% of the other fans are born elsewhere. Elitist bullshit.

  49. Dissenter

    I’m not going to asked to prove my bonafides every time I criticize the club for keeping an inexperienced manager who’s cutting his teeth at the club, even when that failing.

    It’s like some stupid poll tax; prove to me you support the club. No answer is going to be enough because the intent of the person asking the question is biased to begin with.

    What next,?

  50. englandsbest

    Arsenal is no longer a ‘sinking ship’. What we have witnessed (and are witnessing) is a change of crew and destination.With luck it will be ‘all hands on deck, fully on course’ come August.

  51. S Asoa

    Cogent arguments Raptora. Am sure ES will be convinced and we shall see long scholarly posts about why Arteta should go since Club rightly should be a priority.
    If not….guess will have another headache trying to figure out wtf

    Just banter

  52. Champagne Charlie


    Literally nowhere have I written that what I believe has to be believed by all. Raptora has his Pom Poms out for that particular online award judging what is or isn’t a fan, or someone with the interests of the club etc.

    I find the incessant need to disparage alternative opinion pretty pathetic, and have said as much for time.

    I responded to your comment purely because it illustrated perfectly this ridiculous idea it’s a ‘one or other’ position that’s taken toward the club. It’s far more nuanced than that, but the simplistic argument means you get dickheads that feel empowered to dismiss another persons view because it’s not from their side of the fence.

    Fuck right off with that juvenile bollocks.

  53. Dissenter

    That “where are you from” question is so typical of the demented individual behind the ever changing monikers; Aubergine, Uruguayan bull dog and all the other shit names he comes up with.

    After the casual enquiry about nationality/location of a poster, a bigoted tirade will follow shortly.

  54. raptora

    You are the one who’s repeating to shut up and support the team,
    I’m the one repeating that we need a change.

    I am not guilty of something you haven’t done. We just have polar opinions. No need to drop my name and feel above me. You might as well keep your personal opinion regarding me for yourself.

    Stroller is here saying how real fans support the team through thick and thin, apparently including when the whole bunch are failing from top to bottom. He somehow thinks that me voicing my discontent with what is happening at the club is me not supporting it. I don’t agree with that and I responded to it. The end.

  55. Gonsterous


    Blessing in disguise, we found ESR who wouldn’t have never gotten the opportunity and Auor just had a very average season with a terrible attitude and we know Lord Arteta is great at handling attitudes. Lyon want to offload him for 25m. Half of his asking price from last season. So you do the math and tell me which was the better choice?

  56. Kroenkephobe


    It’s a ship of fools, stuck on the rocks, run by an overpaid cabal of (w)anchors. Seriously mate, are you Mark Gonnella?

    Your apologist stance for the worst run major club in the world is risible.You have to be earning some kind of living writing stuff like this.

    Do what ES did though and call me a plastic, part-time fan because I vehemently disagree with you.

  57. Champagne Charlie

    “You are the one who’s repeating to shut up and support the team, I’m the one repeating that we need a change.”

    Repeated it so often I’ve never said it.

    What I have repeated is that I understand the discontent, but feel differently because of ‘X’.

    That’s been enough for you to claim the above, and continue your frequent tirades against “AKB’s” and those ‘without the clubs best interests in mind’.

    You’re the super fan here, not me. Don’t act like we’re simply at opposite ends of the discussion, you’re the most dismissive person going within the discussion. There’s absolutely zero attempt to understand another view, we aren’t the same at all.

  58. Kroenkephobe


    Have you ever read ‘Viz’ in the past? Your oeuvre reminds me of the one-frame feature called rude kid.

    It tended to go along the following lines. His mum would ask him a typically neutral, harmless, mum-like question such as ‘have you done your homework?’ or ‘would you like some gravy on your crispy pancakes?’

    To which rude kid would have a v-sign ready and be saying something back like, fanny batter! big dog’s cock! or soapy tit wank!

    Still makes me laugh to think about them. Keep em coming R. K. Cazorla. I love it.

  59. raptora

    Stroller literally asked for people to stop repeating that Arteta is not fit to be our manager.

    Then he questioned if I’m a fan or not, and gave his meaning of “genuine supporter”. I don’t fit the criteria of living in London so I shouldn’t critize.

    Then Charlie comes and says how pathetic is that I’m disparaging alternative opinion.

    A bit of a biased opinion because he and Stroller think the same about most things and I don’t. But it’s okay.

  60. Gonsterous


    Yah like Auor would come and boss the PL, please. He would have been further proof of the gross negligence and mis management of transfers at the club, another luxury player we could do without.

    I think he would have gotten us less points than ESR helped contribute, not to mention you arteta worshippers would be out in force telling us it’s his first season in the PL and he needs time to adjust.

    Aruor was not the answer last season and he isn’t the answer this season. You are as clueless as your Lord and saviour.

    What’s your prediction for next season? Top 6? With no European football, that should be the bare minimum, don’t you think? Will arteta get that though, is the question.

  61. TheBayingMob

    I can’t imagine for a moment that Willian is going to leave. He may want to but as we’ve found countless times when giving these wankers incredible retirement deals no one is going to come close to matching it so I’m sure we will have him seeing out his last two years to maximize earnings before fucking off to the MLS or back to Brazil to see his remaining fit years out. Would love to have that wrong but history tells us otherwise at this point.

    “Sterling always looks garbage for England, couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo”

    I once called Sterling a rich mans Walcott on here and got a bit of aggro from Gambon. I don’t really see I had it that wrong. He’s a decent player but equally infuriating as he tends to over complicate it with not enough end product and A LOT of whining to boot. And that M16 tattoo down his dominant leg is the permanent stamp of an utter, utter cunt

  62. Dissenter

    Stroller also asked that we stop saying bad things about Kroenke;
    ‘ You have absolutely nothing positive to say about the club, its owner, the manager or for that
    matter the players who are in the team.’

    Yet he has no problems spewing innuendoes about Guendouzi even though he wasn’t privy to whatever happened behind the curtains.

  63. Moray

    England are similar to Arsenal. They aren’t winning fuxk all. You could put peak Messi, Zidane, Ronaldo and Romario in the team and they would still fall short..

  64. Kegunner

    Read somewhere that Ordegard is rated at 60 million euros. Best price for the player is 20 million as is. Buy Sancho at 70 million for a proven performer.

  65. Useroz

    ““The wastage in the system has been eye-watering”

    Well, on the other hand, the wastage in the system has been mouth-watering for the counterparties of Arsenal, such as clubs, agents, players and parents, siblings and long lost cousins of the players…..

  66. DivineSherlock

    Cazorla is the type of fan who thinks his opinion matters because he visits the stadium regularly . Guess what even the owner of Arsenal doesnt do that , lol. Easy money making scheme he has duping you lot.

  67. Marko

    You know you can support the club and still think Arteta’s a fucking atrocious manager. It doesn’t mean blindly following. Sure half you fuckers were on the daily about how Emery was a bum with shit English and even worse teeth but now all of a sudden it’s shut up complaining and support the regime? What if the regime is plainly not good enough and going to end in failure?

  68. Champagne Charlie

    “Then Charlie comes and says how pathetic is that I’m disparaging alternative opinion.A bit of a biased opinion because he and Stroller think the same about most things and I don’t. But it’s okay.“

    Actually I commented on the reductive nature of arguments here following Divines remark about being ‘outspoken vs a kissass’, aka presenting two camps and ignoring any nuance.

    I referenced you because you’re the primary cheerleader when it comes to disparaging other people for not singing from your hymn sheet. Nothing to do with today in isolation, just happened that immediately after posting my comment you had written chapter and verse doing exactly what I was criticising.

    Fact you’re now trying to make it out like I’m cherry picking what’s said because I ‘share the same views as Emirates’ is as ironic as it is stupid. You really don’t get it, nor do you care to. That’s the issue.

  69. Gonsterous

    Apparently Marseille wants saliba too, another loan for him and I think it’s clear, he’ll never play for arsenal under arteta.

    I don’t understand the structure of things at arsenal. So the plan is to sell up the dead wood and youngsters and fill it with better players. What about next sEason? We aren’t city who can keep pumping 100m every window to stay relevant at the top.

    We used to have one of the best scouting department and youth set up, all gone to shit. We can’t recruit good young players any more and we don’t find bargains. We are down to spending less money for average players or high fees for top players. Is that sustainable for a club like arsenal? I don’t think so.

  70. LoveSausage


    Is foreigners, Indians and gypsies seem to have a better grasp on club values than you do. You really sound like a Chelsea or Millwall fan.

  71. raptora

    “EmiratesstrollerMay 7, 2019 08:50:33
    I have been a supporter for over 60 years, but to be honest I have not seen the club in such a mess as now of its own making.

    Let’s be quite brutal Arsenal have produced some pretty awful teams in the past, but not when they are earning annually in excess of £400 million. It beggars belief that we are in such a mess when a club like Ajax can build a successful team with revenues of just £100 million.”

    ^ Under Emery.

    “EmiratesstrollerMay 21, 2021 10:45:51
    I have experienced highs and lows during the time that I have supported club. The highs included three league and cup doubles and seven league titles.

    All the other so-called big clubs have been relegated in the last 50 years and in many cases been on the verge of bankruptcy. So the idea that Arsenal are in crisis is ridiculous.”

    ^ Under Arteta

    Spot the difference.

  72. Gonsterous


    Not every one from India is a hindu
    I’m not from India but I know that much.

    The way you go on about Arteta makes me think you do worship him.
    Are you the same pleb who keeps going on about how arsenal are bigger than city and chelsea? Citing history and trophies and when these clubs have long over taken us in the trophy haul

    You hate the foreign fans yet brag to your mate how arsenal have fans all over the world.

  73. TheBayingMob

    “ We used to have one of the best scouting department and youth set up, all gone to shit”

    When was this?

    Quick recap … Late 80s saw the crop of younger players (Adam’s and Co) who were the back bone of our success through GGs time and AWs early careers. Under AW we bought through who? Ashley Cole, awesome player who would have been sold to Palace if it wasn’t for extenuating circumstances (in the sold a world class left back to Chelsea for peanuts and took a string of rancid pensioners from them in return) and Jack Wikshere who looked a phenomenal prospect but whom, sadly, Wenger broke by over playing (his style didn’t help him there tbh).

    For scouring if you’re talking about Vieira and co then I can’t have that either. That was Wenger drawing down on an untapped French market. Once everyone else caught on the whole scouting department was, imho, exposed as a mediocre at best (ego the 2006 – present debacle of a squad).

  74. Marko

    Mmmmm I said Arteta was atrocious and pointed out a hypocrisy between him and Emery around here so depends on which side of the fence you sit on whether it was shite or not

  75. Avi

    6 points off 4th Europa semi finalists, losing just narrowly to eventual winners, top big Carlo and Legroves beloved Bielsa..I mean all things considered its hasn’t been the mighty disaster this place we have you believe.

    Give and take a couple of quality signings this summer with a settled preseason drilling and the club could bang.

  76. Guns of Hackney

    Can we now say that Pep only won the CL because of ‘that’ Barca team? Yes, thought so.

    Anyway, chelsea once again rubbing salt covered shut in the wounds. 13 or 23 managers after Roman took over and at least that many trophies. Brutal. Unforgiving and brilliant.

  77. Avi

    Chambers – Tapsoba – Gabriel – Tierney
    Partey – New CM
    Pepe – Ødegaard/Buendia – Saka

    Is what I believe we will start the season with and contrary to reports I think our most expensive signing will be that new CM. I have Camavinga in my sights.

    Don’t care what the negative folks on here say about the shortcomings of the club but that’s a top 4 team right there

  78. Pedro

    CG, if you are just here to celebrate other clubs and troll, you will be put back in the bin. This is an Arsenal blog.

  79. Guns of Hackney

    Jesus. CG still here.

    Roman is showing how business is done in the real world. Real have been doing forever, Italian teams in peak Italian football years…everyone. Sack, win, lose sacks again win again. Whatever it takes.

    History will not show how long a team kept a manager. It will only show how many trophies.

  80. Avi

    Honestly can’t take anyone serious who claims Man City and Chavs are a bigger club to the Arsenal…. I mean What the actual fck?..Lmao

  81. Guns of Hackney

    Avi appears to be the new Le Grove silly boy. Congrats. You’ve beat some real cunts to get to the top.

  82. CG

    “”””CG, if you are just here to celebrate other clubs and troll, you will be put back in the bin. This is an Arsenal blog.””””

    I am highlighting the difference between the x 2 owners.

    Stan v Roman.

    its very pertinent.

    You think Roman A and Chelsea have people like Arteta, Edu and Vinny in charge of their multi million pound org?

    And if you do, you are completely deluded.

  83. Pedro

    Divine, I know this is hard to imagine… but when a player does well on loan in a lesser league, it means the loan was a good decision. Not that the player was ready to roll hard in a Premier League defence ahead of better players. If you’re going to snark, at least make good points.

  84. Pedro

    CG, you are trolling. If you continue to behave like this, you’ll have to go somewhere else. This is an Arsenal blog.

  85. Guns of Hackney


    I think the last time I was on here you were trying to grow plants. I said you should pick them from Central Park so they were already acclimatised.

    I’ve been away for a long time. .

  86. Avi

    Chavs of Hackney

    Spoken like a true rent boy, winning a couple title with oil money doesn’t make you a big club, theres also couple of metrics to tick. Go figure and then come back to swing your dick

  87. CG

    “””CG, you are trolling. If you continue to behave like this, you’ll have to go somewhere else.”””

    i think you do a good enough job at that sunshine.

  88. Pedro

    Guns, got some good plants… but I’m in the tricky second year. Having problems with leaf loss on a tree and some of my plants aren’t looking peak.

    … but I love them, so can’t RPL. Like Mikel and David Luiz

  89. Guns of Hackney


    Is Arsenal winning the FA cup with Walmart money be okay though?

    Just checking. As for rent boy. I should be so lucky.

  90. Guns of Hackney


    Ride it out son. Don’t change the routine. Plants are like women, fist they love you for who you are, then they hate you that you shit the bed after a big night.

    Fickle. Stick with it.

  91. raptora

    Avi: “top big Carlo and Legroves beloved Bielsa”

    You do realize that we finished 2 pts ahead of Leeds’ first season in the EPL since 2003/04? They scored more goals and registered more points than any newly promoted team in 20 years while we had our worst season in 25.

    Bielsa took this team when their finishes in the years before him were: 13th, 7th, 13th, 15th, 15th, 13th, 14th. and in his first two seasons placed them 3rd and 1st. Now 9th in the EPL breaking records and playing great football with nobodies. He won Championship by spending £10m and £0m in his 2 years. NET spend from transfers in and out was -£30m on the negative meaning he made money for his club and finished 1st.

    You won’t find many Leeds supporters who are unhappy with Bielsa I reckon.

  92. CG

    G of H

    “”””Jesus. CG still here.”””””

    (Not for long, by the sounds of it.)

    Anyway , keep blogging. Keep telling it as.
    G of H style.

    Huge Fan.

  93. Avi


    Nice background history on the Leeds but I’m afraid the point intended on the post referencing the club has comically flown above your head

    Some posters here(might include you?) Have been touting for Bielsa as the coach to take the club forward when the reality is Arteta in absolutely his lowest ebb and club absolutely on its knees with their worst season in living memory still peeped him in league places

    Look im not going to bat for Arteta but I’ve seen enough to give him the first quater of next season before proper revaluation on his capabilities.

  94. raptora

    I’m not sure how Bielsa will do in Arsenal or in a big club in general.
    I would absolutely love Conte to be our manager, and my 2nd pick would be ten Hag. But Bielsa has earned himself the right to be in the conversation surely.

  95. LoveSausage


    As much as I love watching Bielsa’s teams as a neutral, I’m not sure I’d enjoy him managing Arsenal. The football romantic in me loves the whole gung-ho-throw-the-kitchen-sink approach. But I’ve had enough glorious failures in the last 10 years of Wenger.

  96. Gonsterous


    Lmao bringing up the trophy count from the past. In 10 years time, is arsenal going to be relevant or win the PL? Not unless we do something now.
    We’ll be like pool fans bitching about the time we won the league 25 years ago trying to stay relevant.

    City, and chelsea will have more titles than us by then because they do what’s needed to win. We on the other hand are grateful to finish 6 points off 4th and are eager to finish in the top 6 next season, yet even that is not a guarantee.

    Twice we had the chance to get in a top manager, yet we screwed it up with the unai signing and then the arteta signing. Yes we have some bad eggs in the team but we should be doing Vetter than we have been.

    All the best to arteta for next season.

  97. Gonsterous

    After arteta the only managers we will be able to pull will be the likes of eddie howe and graham potter.

  98. La croqueta

    GonsterousMay 31, 2021 16:59:54
    After arteta the only managers we will be able to pull will be the likes of eddie howe and graham potter.
    To be honest We can’t actually say we’ve ever pulled an elite manager in our recent history. Wenger done good things in france but he was hardly ‘ELITE’ at the time. Is emery elite? He’s the most successful manager we’ve hired. Meaning he had trophies stacked BEFORE he came to Arsenal. Ljungberg. N/A. Then Arteta.

    So you’re right. I’d say eddie howe and potter is our level. To be honest. We’d do well to draw Brendan at this point. Turn your noses inward dear gooners. We are no longer who we ‘think’ we are.

  99. Sleepinggiant

    Somebody here just said Eddie howe and Potter is our level…4th bottom and not good enough for Bournemouth. When Spuds just sacked Jose Mourinho for not being good enough.

    I give up…I simply give up.

  100. La croqueta

    SleepinggiantJune 1, 2021 00:03:54
    Somebody here just said Eddie howe and Potter is our level…4th bottom and not good enough for Bournemouth. When Spuds just sacked Jose Mourinho for not being good enough.I give up…I simply give up.
    Could’ve been me. Look at it this way. Does Graham potter have more experience than Arteta? Does he have a CV which can prove he is more qualified? See the problem with the Arteta hire is that it now opens the door for any and every manager with more experience than him to be viable. So because Arteta had ZERO experience and ZERO qualifications that can actually be scrutinized. A manager as low as potter can still be considered as he has more than ZERO qualifications and more than ZERO experience. Even if it’s just 5% more.

    “Potter started his managerial career in December 2010 with Swedish club Östersund. He won three promotions and the Svenska Cupen with Östersund, leading them to the 2017–18 UEFA Europa League knockout stage. He was appointed manager of Championship club Swansea City in June 2018, and moved on to Brighton & Hove Albion of the Premier League a year later.”

    The club and Artetas fanboys have really opened a can of worms here. Ridiculous appointment.

  101. Sleepinggiant

    Cool Croqueta, I get you. But I don’t see Potter..or our level. We can do better than either. We just need to remember who we are.

    Like Pep & Klopp, Conte is one of the truly special ones but is out of work ….If Real pass, we need to can Arteta and make Conte an offer he cant refuse immediately. None of this completely degrading embarrassing ‘Interview process ‘ horseshit. Shortlist of 1….there you go…I’ve just out the unnecessary wastage that Pedro was complaining about. Short listing complete!

    Interview process…its not the Civil Service!! Pretending that football management is a job like others is how you get David Brent in charge…are we goingto interview ‘candidates’ for the attacking midfielder shirt or the no.9 next? . Back to the real world please next time.