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We’ll start with the positives. English teams are without doubt the most exciting to watch in the world at the moment. That was a final brimming with beautiful technical football, put on by two managers that believe in football artistry. Chelsea were exceptional, they showed how to control a game against a better team. They were the more dangerous side over the 90 minutes and deserved to take home the trophy.

Some of the football though… just exceptional at times. Olivier Giroud, what a career…

There was a lot of handwringing after the game from Arsenal fans that think there are lessons to be learned from two clubs dripping in oil money. I’m not sure I can have that.

High standards with no constraints isn’t an admirable trait or one that’s replicable for Arsenal. Chelsea spent £250m in a pandemic summer on a top 4 squad. They sacked their manager in December and brought in a rockstar coach they’ve been in talks with for a few years.

People keep pointing out Thomas Tuchel to me like I wasn’t pointing him out on this website when he was at Mainz.

Thomas Tuchel: Now, I only know about this guy because Rapha Honigstein has high praise for his work on the BT European show. However, now I’ve made myself and expert on his life and journey and I love this guy. He took over Mainz back in 2009. He doesn’t have an incredible playing career, but he fundamentally understands people and what drives them. Go beyond that and he’s a master of the game as well. A real trailblazer. Apparently, the first thing he did when he tookover was take his players to a retreat to get to know them better. He noticed that at meal times, everyone ate at different times. There was no respect, no camaraderie. So he set about improving the manners of the squad to build unity. Then when you dig into his training methodology, it’s really interesting. His sides train on rhombus shaped pitches to cut out long ball passing. He has a great record against Bayern as well (as well as being tipped to manage them one day). He’s a clever guy who put strategy at core. I love this style of manager. Deep thinkers. Football is changing and the clever guy is winning. An amazing transformation over the course of the last 5 years.

Same people calling me a hipster for like Arteta were doing the exact same thing when I was talking about Tuchel. In fact, when he was sacked by Dortmund, people were in my mentions raising his failure as the death of hipster football managers. He’s an exceptional thinker, he’s improved/softened some of his more erratic behaviour, and now he’s winning the biggest trophies. But he wasn’t available to us in December, even if he was, he’d have all the same problems to deal with because he would want the players to do the same things Arteta struggles to get them to do. Bigger point, we’re not a rockstar destination at the moment.

Same for City. They spent £1.2b to get to their first Champions League final. The response to the poor tactics will be… spend £200m this summer. Hard to extract lessons from clubs that can do that. Obviously, they do a lot of good things, but fishing them out is hard because they always have the best players.

The lessons Arsenal need to take come from clubs like Liverpool, Leicester, and maybe Atleti. Those clubs do it the hard way. They put the best people in positions to make good decisions. They have a clear mission and vision for the football. They build a plan and they ruthlessly stick to it. They do things the hard way because they live in a world with financial constraints.

Arsenal hasn’t really behaved like we have financial constraints over the past 4 years. There have been 4 different plans, no consistency, and lessons that should have been learned haven’t been. The wastage in the system has been eye-watering.

This summer, that needs to change. There are reasons to be hopeful and look, I’m going out on a positive limb here because I have to have a fun summer this year after the misery of pandemic land.


The last 18 months have been garbled from an identity perspective. We had half a squad dedicated to Wengerball, half to Emeryball, 8 center-backs, the most expensive bum of all time causing issues behind the scene. Arteta started with a shithouse approach, then tried to maintain a fine margins game as his strikers lost their shooting boots, then we tried to play a more creative brand of football post-Christmas to mixed reviews.

What I think we saw develop is an idea of how we want to play. It’s Manchester City lite. A brand of positional football underpinned by a solid defence. Clearly, we don’t have the players needed yet, but when we added more creators post-Dec 25th, the football moved forward.

Edu knows what he’s scouting for now. So do the analysts that sit in the backroom. We haven’t had that sort of clarity before. That should make the filter for great easier to judge.


Again, this is a major stretch for me here because I don’t know. But Richard Garlick is trained in law, he’s worked on all aspects on a club level and he’s also an operator at the league level. He’ll need to bring process to Arsenal and maybe we’re starting to see some of that with basics like moving on the physio and using headhunters to find the new generation of scouts. No more contacts scouting, no more sweetheart deals for people Edu like, some rigour in the recruitment process. If he’s not here to bring that to the club, I have no idea why we hired him.


Last season was a mess for most clubs and nearly all managers. This season will be different. Clubs will get a full preseason, players will get a proper break from each other, coaching will make a difference. A rookie coach with no time to work with his players wasn’t ideal. Next season, there’s no Europe to worry about, so there are no excuses for not extracting the most out of the squad.


Don’t even tell me you’ve not considered quitting your job to do something MAD like setting up craft beans on toast restaurant that sells one dish for £27. We’ve all been there and football players will be no different. Granit Xhaka probably wants out, why not? Willian might have had a realization that playing and being loved is more valuable than an extra £50k a week. We’re going to see exits this summer that move us on from comfort blanket players.

That’ll give us more cash to reshape the squad and go from incremental improvements to something more dramatic. Arsene Wenger did this at the start of his Arsenal career and again in 2001 I believe. The risks of shocking the system are that it takes time to settle the squad, but look, the risks of keeping players that aren’t right is you firmly entrench yourself in 8th position.


As I mentioned the other day, there’s cash being injected into the system this summer. We don’t have to sell to buy, and hopefully we can sell and top up the pot. We could have a very big summer this year. The easiest way to jump a level is to invest in better players. We have the chance to do that this summer (did you read Pep confirm Arsenal is investing?).

Hopefully we’re not spending money on Mahrez like figures. With big money comes great responsibility. We should be using the cash to sign players that will have a residual value. Don’t just blow it on old players like we have done in the past.


The above points are spinning plates. They all have to be spinning by the end of the summer or we’ll fail next season. But there’s a path here. It’s a tight one, it’s fraught, but if we make smart decisions we can go into next season and surprise people.

Let’s see what the clubs has in store.

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  1. Colney+Gooner

    I’m just back home from sitting by the River Colne, in Colney of course, after a couple of pints at the Green Dragon. Sorry not much else to say but shit game and congrats Chelsea. Ooh that hurt.

  2. Mark S

    Legit question….is that Chelsea side the “worst team” to win a Champions League?

    Also, Arteta definitely learned to “overthink” from the great Pep himself. Tuchel is in his head.

  3. Ishola70

    Fair post but again citing Man City and saying we are a lite version of them is just a little lazy just because Arteta came from that club.

    We are no more like Man City football wise than many other EPL clubs.

  4. Pedro

    Mark, no way are they the worst team to win the CL final. That was one of the best football showcases I’ve seen in a final for a while.

  5. Ishola70

    I think this Chelsea team under the early Tuchel management and style were suited to european football.

    They ca show weakness against more robust direct teams in the EPL.

  6. peanuts&monkeys

    Ppl here who are not explicitly demanding a change of manager and coaching staff at Arsenal now, have no idea what it will take Arsenal to improve. Or, they are simple panderers of this regime like. …… you know who!

  7. Ernest Reed

    “They sacked their manager in December and brought in a rockstar coach”

    Gives pause for reflective thought?

    Fine margins for success and Abramovich is what you have been wanting at Arsenal Pedro, ruthless.

    He may have money to spend, but equally it comes with serious expectations.

    Arsenal, if only…

  8. peanuts&monkeys

    So, KSE…. pl get an experienced manager. Pl don’t experiment more at the cost of us fans. Sack Arteta. Get a real manager. There are no shortage of out-of-work managers in Europe.

  9. azed


    Tuchel took over a 250M squad at 9th , finished 4th and won the CL with no preseason and no time to access the squad.

    Arteta took a squad that had just spent a 100M( the money you claimed Emery spent), then added Partey, Gabriel, Odegaard, Mari, Cedric et al basically a 200M squad , had a preseason and still finished 8th.

  10. Mark S

    Pedro-I’m not talking about the match. I’m talking about a team that got hammered 5-2 by West Brom…at home! “The worst Arsenal team in years”…did the double over them. They fluffed their lines in the FA Cup Final…legit would’ve been 5th in the league had Leicester not blown it on the last day against Spuds. They played well yesterday…and fair play to them, however how many of the previous winners would have rolled them? Had it been anybody other than Pep’s City yesterday, I feel they would have lost. Tuchel has Pep’s number. For as amazing as Pep is…and he is pretty amazing…Tuchel’s Chelsea is his bogey team.

    A crap team can have a great run/play great in a final….I give you last year’s Arsenal FA Cup run as a perfect example. Fair play to Chelsea for winning it, I just feel like they’re an underwhelming side.

  11. Pedro

    Mark, true… they fell up the stairs to 4th. If Tuchel had lost that game yesterday, he’d have had people calling for him to get the sack and those points would have been used against him.

  12. Ishola70

    I would hope Arteta doesn’t have any more victories like the one against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge next season.

    It’s only short term gain and no good for the long term. It won’t win the war.

    By being ultra cautious in these big matches all we are doing is signalling our inferiority to a high degree to these teams.

    No more parking the bus from Arteta next season. It will be his second full season and playing like a non-league club in a FA Cup tie against superior opposition is not on.

    No more embarrassing stats in regards being murdered by attacks or possession in the big matches.

  13. CG


    It sure is . as Leicester City have found out in the last 2 seasons and they are the best run club around .

    Anyone who thinks KSE who have seen Arsenal plummet from 2nd to midtable since they stuck their miserable claws on the club are actually capable of bridging this narrow path to the top are deluded.

    Nowt wrong with being upbeat and positive.But if the best they can come up with is Garlick from West Bromwich to halt the slide – we will remain in mediocrity.

    As someone posted earlier what Chelsea have won since Arsenal last won the league title is shameful.

    Truly Shameful.

  14. Mark S

    Pedro-I’m a big fan of Tuchel as well, and fair play to him winning yesterday. It will definitely gloss over the other things that I mentioned. At the end of the day they might be “the worst team to have won it”….however they did WIN IT. Tip of the cap to Chelsea for doing it.

    One other thing I’d like for you to consider Pedro…I think the main reason KSE are going to pump funds into us this summer is because they realize that if they don’t “improve” things soon, their prize “investment property” is going to tank in value. What’s £100 million in the grand scheme of things if it means your “investment property” doesn’t decrease by £500 million in resale value. I’m not saying that they’re going to sell Arsenal, however they’re realizing that if they don’t do something to improve things their most prized asset doesn’t look as attractive as it once did. It reminds me of the old adage of spending money to make money…and really it’s a “cheap” investment. Ownership is mainly an ego thing, and KSE’s ego has been bruised this year…probably more than ever. Stan probably would never have to sell, however the bad press he has been getting because of us doesn’t look good.

  15. Mark S

    Yeah…yeah…London is attractive…and so is the Prem…and he’ll probably have plenty of buyers…but KSE can ask for more if the team is in the Top 4 than they can if it is mid-table.

  16. Pedro

    Ish, it’s a really weird thing to make such a militant statement about how you don’t like the way we beat top sides. It’s exactly the reason Wenger struggled for 10 years, no pragmatism about the things his sides lacked. Shit-housing big teams is the least of our worries next season.

  17. Pedro

    Mark, think you might be right there… every year KSE ignore the reality, the more expensive it becomes to get back to the top.

    Also, a big investment now in players that have resale value will pay dividends in 3 seasons time if those players make it.

  18. Ishola70


    If you keep parking the bus against the better teams it means that there is no real belief in the football you are supposedly on the road to which apparently is the opposite to parking the bus.

    Arteta has to take the stabilisers off the bike and show us he is building towards something that will eventually see us beat a big side without resorting to massive underdog type play.

  19. azed

    It’s easy to say Tuchel inherited in a squad that had spent x amount of money but anyone who paid attention during the season would have seen Chelsea fans thinking Rudiger and Kanye were past it but they’ve been two of the best players under Tuchel. Even Kai was considered a bust under Lampard.

    This brings us to Arsenal and Arteta. Does anyone here apart from Pedro think Aubameyang is past it?

    What do you think will happen if we sell Aubameyang to Chelsea this summer?

    PS: Remember Tuchel didn’t have a preseason with this team.

  20. Pedro

    Ish, no, he doesn’t. He has to do what he needs to do to win games because there is zero forgiveness in the system. The idea that you’ll be sitting here next season praising a 5-0 defeat against City because the football is fun is a nonsense.

  21. Marc


    Will you please stop this “Chelsea spent £250 million” last summer line. Whilst they did spend the had a transfer ban the season before therefore were spending 2 summers money in one hit – spending £125 million in one summer is not a ludicrous amount for a club in the CL.

  22. Mark S

    One other random thought I’ve had is that KSE is going to pay attention to Arsenal this summer, because the rest of their teams are in good shape. Arsenal could be called the “KSE Crown Jewel”, but it is doing the worst from a performance perspective. The Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets are both in their respective playoffs, and are built to have continued success. The LA Rams have their shiny stadium, and a roster built to win now. Arsenal is the one that seemingly needs the most attention/investment. As much as I dislike Stan, you have to give him credit for having pretty well run/successful teams in the US. (That pained me to type that…)

  23. Ishola70

    No Pedro

    Arteta will not ultimately succeeed by shithousing football matches.

    He needs to find the identity for the team have belief in it and stick with it.

    None of the top teams shithouse now.

    That is old Mourinho play.

  24. Ishola70

    It seems Pedro thinks Arteta is going to continue to be ultra cautious next season in some matches.

    It’s not clever.

    He is signalling to the opposition straight away that we are not good enough.

  25. AlteredReality

    Yes, I do agree we sometimes play a football that can only be described as Man City lite, but not the good Man City lite. The City at their worst lite actually, like yesterday. No creativity, muddled selection, U shape passing.

    If the best Arteta can come up is a City lite football, he ain’t the one for sure. We need more direct football, the German way, balls down the channel, relentless pressing.

    Arteta also mostly have us 10 men behind the ball near our box against any decent side. Sincerely Pete, I just don’t think the football Arteta knows is what will take us forward. His is a reactive brand, like Emery’s, based around what opponents does solely and not what we are capable of with the players available.

    I dunno why you still think Arteta can have us playing dominant football. After 18 months, he hasn’t shown anything of that other than maybe against bottom 5 sides. We couldn’t even dominate possession against Southampton.

  26. Ishola70

    Well we will never be a top side by shithousing games.

    This is where bravery comes in. We will have to go toe to toe with these teams at some stage if we are going to get back to the top so may as well start on this “process”

  27. Pedro

    Ish, it’s clever if you win. Not sure how someone as critical as you is battling the idea that we should expose ourselves against better teams because the time has come.

  28. Pele

    England teams may be the best currently due to money, but England as a country is a shit hole. Litter on the floor, horrendous fat women with eighteen baby fathers and not one person in the ENTIRE country speaks a second language. You see English women in short skirts with their big fat belly hanging out as they drop kebab grease down their dress. Yuk

  29. Ishola70

    What is clever about beating Chelsea if we ultimately finish 8th. We all know on another night the best we get from that game is a draw.

    What is clever in backs to the wall football that was a fundamental part of the FA Cup win if that wasn’t built on and we flounder the following season.

  30. Pedro

    AR, not sure you understand how management works… but you don’t just decide you’re going to play a style of football that doesn’t match your philosophy or skillset. He’s runs a positional based system like Tuchel and Guardiola. League winners / Champions League winners.

    The two biggest trophies in football won using this style, but you think we’re making the wrong move by trying to have our own version?

  31. azed


    I would not be surprised if Chelsea take him. They took Giroud from us remember.

    Tuchel knows Aubameyang is a goal scorer, something the Chelsea team lacked this year.

  32. Ishola70


    You see fat mamas in the favelas with yesterdays food still down their t-shirt.

    I think this is just a class of people that can be found around most of the world.

  33. Ishola70

    We only play Chelsea a few times a season Pedro.

    No need to shit your pants against them is there and signify to them that they are so much better by defending on our own goal line for the majority of the match.

  34. Sid

    Losing top 4 sides is Not as painful as losing to the Villareal of this world and struggling against midtable EPL teams.
    The above are the reasons we are out of European competions.

  35. Tom

    “De Bryune acute nose fracture and broken cheek bone.
    And just a yellow .?
    Probably game changing injury.”

    Zero sympathy for City players who are top of the tree with little dirty fouls like that.
    Pep is a proponent of this as well.

    Something to be said however for a player wearing a face mask allowed to body check opponents.
    Too rare an occasions to perhaps warrant a deeper scrutiny but still.

  36. China1

    I don’t mind us shithousing wins. I mind us flopping to crap draws and defeats on the regular

    Ofc if we can win and win pretty that’s best, but the pretty part is secondary

  37. Vintage Gun

    Leno making noises about leaving a month or so back has be the biggest kicker”“

    The fact that Xhaka and Bellerin (shortcomings aside), key pieces to the Arteta project, players he convinced to keep, wanting to leave does not reflect well on him”

    Both good points. Why are we ‘plastic fans’ for struggling to believe in a project that Arteta’s key players don’t even buy into?

    I hope Arteta turns it Around next season for all our sakes, i really do but the criticism this season if more than justified and would have been worse if we were in the ground

    .Lets call a spade a spade and stop shovelling shit.

  38. TR7

    I think the Chelsea team under Di Matteo was the worst team to have ever won the CL. They were rank average, incredibly lucky to lift the trophy.

  39. Ishola70

    “I don’t mind us shithousing wins. I mind us flopping to crap draws and defeats on the regular”

    Shithousing wins can lead to crap draws and defeats.

    Arteta has a little bit of success with shithousing in solitary games that don’t mean much on the overall big scale so gets tempted to be negative again in matches that shouldn’t even contemplate caution.

    Best to keep away from shithousing really.

  40. TR7

    Tuchel doesn’t need Lukaku. Werner is a good footballer and helps them immensely despite his poor goal scoring form.

  41. CG

    I always say it, the worst mistake Arteta made in his career being no.2 to Pep for 2 years.

    Better off learning from Wenger or Poch- supreme man managers and the real issues facing an Arsenal manager under KSE.

    He believed all that Pep bullshit, believes you can treat players like robots, believes all that false no.9 cobblers , believes you can spend your way out of trouble and believes its acceptable to be the Arsenal manager and not wear a blazer.

    Well if Pep and his billions cant cut it and win the CL- Arteta never will.

  42. salparadisenyc

    Previous thread, Tom read in prematch team that scores first has won 72% of European cup finals, not a tricky one to figure out wanting to put it into net first. Literally everything went right for Chelsea, right down to Rudiger fracturing KDB’s nose and eye socket escaping with a yellow with their Talisman out.

    Chelsea’s day for certain but i’m not going to slag Pep’s legacy for not tactically getting this one right, skewing it more attacking. I live for that shit. Attempting total football in clubs biggest match signals to me they will be back and all things will not go against them next time.

  43. TR7


    Pep’s City play attacking football anyway even with Rodri or Fernandinho as DM and a proper striker (Aguero/Jesus). Really there was no need for a radical change in CL final. You don’t fix something which ain’t broken.

  44. Tom

    I’m a big Guardiola fan for that exact reason too? But you can’t ignore the fact that he’s failed to win it since his Barca days , where he had at least four best players in the world in their respective positions including arguably the GOAT.

    And all his subsequent failures have been easily traced to one familiar factor; experimenting with line ups that hade people scratching their heads before kickoffs.

    Once , twice unlucky, maybe.
    Yesterday just added to the list.

  45. Tom

    Pedro , you didn’t get pushback for bigging up Tuchel from his Bundesliga days ( credit for that btw), you got it for praising him for his PSG results.

  46. Ray+in+LA

    As Guardiola “over-thought” his Final strategy to an even more tragic level than Arteta, does that make Pep Mikel-Lite 🙂

  47. jwl

    I hate Giroud with passion of a thousand suns. L’oreal and that face he would make when he once again misses another easy goal will always represent the late Wenger years for me.

  48. Marc

    “Marc, coming to the defence of Chelsea today? Do you do this when you go to pubs with your Arsenal mates?”

    Don’t need to point out the truth or reality with my “Arsenal mates” they don’t try to spin the facts.

  49. jwl

    I think it was in The Athletic but supposedly Josh Kroenke and top execs had two day meeting a few months ago to plan out the summer.

    Our transfer business been haphazard for years and it made me happy to read that actual planning is happening now.

    Wenger and his panic buying of random players on last few days of transfer window made me crazy.

  50. James wood.

    Martinez slating Rudiger for that attack on De BRUYNE.
    HE said that should of been a straight red and the ref got it so wrong
    with the yellow.
    Play the game hard but not endanger a fellow professional.

  51. Dream10


    They continue to roll that line out of Josh coming to London for the last two and half years. Transfer approach has not been stellar

  52. Ray+in+LA

    I have thought for a while now that if you foul a player and they go off injured then the offender should also be substituted — if there are no more sub options then the offending team play a man down — and if the injured player misses subsequent games then the offending player also is ineligible to play during this period

    This is not PoWs facing the Nazis, it is the beautiful game after all and Chelsea and Rudiger were unpunished for causing the loss of de Bruyne — of yes, Rudiger got a ‘yellow’ card and de Bruyne missed a third of the Final and probably misses the Euros

  53. Ray+in+LA

    I have felt this way since Ramsey and Edouardo — Sol Campbell’s response still seems genuine and appropriate

  54. Tom

    James wood
    Look at Pepe’s reaction to the foul on KDB if you want to get a proper perspective on it.
    Nothing at all and he’s standing ten meters away from it, while the ref is much further away.

    This the type of foul City’s holding midfielders dish out on the regular.

  55. Marc


    We’re looking at a hit in the region of £25 – £30 million on Guendozi and with Arteta in charge it wouldn’t surprise me to see us sell Saliba way below the £25 million we paid for him without him ever kicking a ball for us.

    Xhaka for less than 18 months ago.
    AMN for less than 12 months ago.

    But it’s not Arteta it’s COVID.

  56. Pedro

    Bit weird to say we’re taking a hit on Matteo.

    Kid fell out with Arteta.

    Moved to Hertha, was totally average, combined with the usual flair of unprofessionalism.

    What part of this mess were we supposed to control?

    Saliba not getting sold either and if he was, his performances on loan, where he’s been total pro, certainly wouldn’t have devalued his worth.

  57. Marc


    Guendozi was been talked about as the most valuable teenager in Europe 2 summers ago. To sell him for what we paid for him is taking a hit.

    There are ways of dealing with things and the simple fact is if there are 99 good options and 1 bad one Arteta will pick the bad one.

  58. Pedro

    Marc, if a player can’t behave wherever he goes, or reach high levels of performance, the hit is on the player.

  59. Northbanker

    Albert – not caring about residual value is very naive

    There will always be signings who will be sold for a variety of reasons- ans as you step up the ante so your lol for even better players than you have already

    That requires selling along the way and that means high residual values will find new acquisitions

    Occasionally there will be one big sale that will fund 2 or 3 signings (Spurs might find this selling Kane and did so before with Bale)

    Everything in transfer strategy should be about achieving residual value or else we won’t compete long term

  60. Tom

    James wood
    Have you seen Pep on sidelines when he thinks his players are being targeted?

    I suggest rewatching Pep’s reactions to Porto players challenges and his exchanges with the Porto manager Conceicao a few months back.

  61. Chris

    Despite the incredible fight back that will live forever, just take a look at some of those names in the starting 11 for Liverpool in Istanbul.

    Finnan,,-Djimi Traore, Milan Baros, a washed up Harry Kewell. That had to be one of the worst tree and to have won the CL, as I say despite the sensational recovery to win.

    Last nights Chelsea team executed a great game plan to near perfection. If anything, with some smart additions, they are in a position to get better and better. Perhaps this summer is their best shot at landing Haaland, for example.

  62. Vintage Gun

    As mad as it seems i do believe we will invest this summer. As Pedro alluded to i also think that KSE have told Edu and Arteta clear out the deadwood and misfits, create extra space and resources then attack the market for our targets.

    The hard part will be getting players out for good prices to create extra spaces for a major rebuild as our squad is super bloated. So it will almost be a 2 out one in for the most part.

    I’m encouraged by the recent speculation around players such as Xhaka, Willian .etc as i believe they have legs and fits into my idea of ‘ruthless’. Also the links to players such as Bissouma and Buendia is also a positive imo.

    BIG BIG couple months ahead.

  63. Tom

    James woods
    I would have no problem what with a Rudiger red card.
    He makes a beeline for KDB and body checks him the ice hockey style from the blind side.
    Him wearing a face mask only aggravates the seriousness of the challenge.

    My only point being Pep sends his goons out to do the same.
    Just because they are also highly technical doesn’t make it less egregious.
    His teal time reaction proves the point.

  64. Pedro

    Marc, the people that put him in at £70m have about as much credibility as Deloitte saying AFC is worth $1.7b a week after Daniel Ek bid $2.5b.

  65. The backpass

    At a time, guendouzi was the 2nd most valueably teenager, Havertz 10th or 11th, one went for £75 million the other is going for 8 million. Cheers Arteta.

  66. Nelson

    I read that Arsenal suffered another lost over £300 m last year. Sooner or later KSE won’t allow that to continue. I wouldn’t be feeling so secure with my job if my company’s balance sheet is like that.

  67. James wood.

    Tom we are talking about THE RUDIGER ATTACK ON A FELLOW PRO.

  68. Marc


    Oh dear – I never said Guendozi was worth £70 million but when you have idiots quoting that thinking you can get £30 million for him is not bonkers.

    When did Deloitte say that? Forbes had us at $2.8 billion on a month or two ago although they were factoring in Arteta getting sacked very soon.

  69. Marc


    Where did you read that? I’ve been in the “we’re fucked financially camp” for a while now but even I don’t think we’ve lost that much during last season.

  70. Marko

    Bit weird to say we’re taking a hit on Matteo.

    It’s not hard to grasp we’re about to sell him for 10-15 million euros we waited until his contract was running down before selling him hence taking a hit. He was poorly managed by Arteta simple as and then old clown shoes didn’t know how to use Saliba so you know as long as the bum is still in charge we stand to fuck up a young prospect or two

  71. andy1886

    Not sure why any Arsenal fan would be upset that KDB picked up an injury. It’s happened to us often enough in the past. If he isn’t fit to face us next time around I’ll be quite happy which isn’t the same thing as wishing harm on the player.

  72. Tom

    James, ha ha, no mate, that’s not what I’m saying at all.
    What I am saying is you can’t legislate fouls based on level of injuries for one, and two, Pep has no problem with these types of fouls from his players like Rodri, Cancelo or Fernandinho.

    Look I wanted City to win , and it’s a shame when a hack like Rudiger is allowed to take out the skill player like KDB for only a yellow.
    Yes give him a red . I’m all for it.

  73. prvhc

    Hilarious to see Pedro try and defend Areta’s crab football, when it was all about the ‘sexy’ Pep football he was going to bring to Arsenal before he was appointed.

    Apparently we never had the players for playing expansive football anyway. Reminds me of the time when Wenger was the one holding back Gazidis from displaying his footballing ‘genius’.

    You never stop, do you Pedro ? You keep spinning until you can’t tell left from right

  74. Pedro

    Marc, wouldn’t the more telling truth here be:

    If he’s so great, why are so few clubs of prestige in for him?

    If Arteta managed him so, so badly… why hasn’t a scouting department at a major club recognised this opp?

    I suspect, and call me crazy, is maybe those valuations you were hearing were not from serious people.

  75. Moe

    Quickest way for the Kroenkes to safeguard their investment in Arsenal is to be ruthless like Abramovic or any other owner who cares about winning. Sacking Arteta will be a good, long overdue start.

  76. Pedro

    prvhc, Ivan Gazidis just took Milan back the Champions League.

    Bit of a self-own there my friend.

    You were probably one of the people calling me hipster for Klopp and Tuchel love back in the day.

    Tell me what you do for a living so I can use that to wrap a insult about your character into my next comment to you.

  77. Pedro

    prvhc, Ivan Gazidis just took Milan back the Champions League.

    Bit of a self-own there my friend.

    You were probably one of the people calling me hipster for Klopp and Tuchel love back in the day.

    Tell me what you do for a living so I can use that to wrap an insult about your character into my next comment to you.

  78. Marc


    Or maybe it was that his talent shone under a better (better than fucking awful isn’t necessarily good) coach?

    Outside of Saka who’s still on the rise, ESR who Arteta has had time to fuck up and Xhaka who couldn’t get any worse name me a player who’s improved at Arsenal this season?

  79. Marc

    ” Ivan Gazidis just took Milan back the Champions League.Bit of a self-own there my friend.”

    Gazidis also refused the chance to hire Arteta – bit of an own goal there mate!

  80. Marko

    If Arteta managed him so, so badly… why hasn’t a scouting department at a major club recognised this opp?

    I mean both is possible. It’s not like we’ll ever know how good he’ll end up because Arteta chose to keep Elneny over him. Its a bigger shame that he’s likely to end up fucking up on Saliba cause he’s actually clearly doing well but Arteta just too damn stupid to see it. Ah well trust the process and all that

  81. Pedro

    Marc, the best scouting networks in the world watch Matteo G for a season under Emery, I can assure you, if the view was bad coaching stunting a 22 yr olds growth, he’d have a queue of clubs there for him.

    There’s no queue. Which would indicate big clubs know the deal.

  82. prvhc

    Pedro, so we’re back on the Ivan Gazidis train again ?

    Arteta’s case is nothing like Klopp or Tuchel. They were recognised AFTER their teams started playing exciting football, not because they were assistants to some big names or some ‘insiders’ had good things to say about them.

    I wasn’t taking a dig at your character, merely pointing out the inconsistencies in your arguments. Exciting football WAS, without a doubt, no small part of the Arteta’s allure after the dull football under the ‘bum’ Emery. Yet you’ve strangely refused to own up to that since.

  83. China1

    Arteta made a pigs ear of managing most of our young players

    Guen, saliba, Martinelli, amn, balogun etc

    Which players did he handle ok?
    Saka <- mainly because he put the whole team on his back and there’s be riots in the streets if he didn’t play often

    Esr <- still gets shunted out of position regularly for shits n giggles

    Willock? <- I guess

    Looking at the above there’s a very real and concerning pattern of failure surrounding management of the kids

  84. Marc


    Take off the blinkers – every club in the world knows Arteta will destroy the value of any player he touches. You don’t go aggressive you just wait for Arsenal to pay the player to leave.

    The new reality of Arsenal under Arteta.

    Do you genuinely think Arteta’s going to have a long successful career in football management?

  85. Tom

    Guys give it up , you can’t corner Pedro on anything today.
    He must’ve switched his propaganda machine from coal to solar and he’s no longer fumbling around in a dark room filled with smog, ash and slag.

  86. Frost

    “There was a lot of handwringing after the game from Arsenal fans that think there are lessons to be learned from two clubs dripping in oil money. I’m not sure I can have that.”

    Pretty sure we’ve spent as much as Chelsea in recent years. Difference is, they don’t accept, explain, defend or stick with mediocrity, we do. We literally doing this right now as we speak.

    Also the 17 trophies they’ve won since we last won the league says it would probably be a good idea to learn from them.

  87. Sean M

    8 MILLION GBP FOR MATTEO GUENDOUZI???????????? if he played for Liverpool he would be a 40 Million player.

    Arteta killing value again. No wonder we are in this mess, how many players have left for less than their market value?

  88. Frost

    “Looking at the above there’s a very real and concerning pattern of failure surrounding management of the kids”

    You’re meant to disregard all his failures & back the manager ffs. It’s the Arsenal way.

  89. Pedro

    Marc, really not sure you’re a authority on the subject of value.

    Arteta tanked Matteo G.
    Matteo G spends a year rehabbing at a German side where he’s called an animal and ‘difficult’
    Player can only manage a move to Marseille

    … and this is on Arteta, even though no other club recognizes this blistering talent you speak of.

    What is Saka worth?
    What is ESR worth?
    What is Tierney worth?
    What is Martinelli worth?

    I’m not sure they declined in value. Even Pepe worth more now than under Emery.

  90. Frost

    “8 MILLION GBP FOR MATTEO GUENDOUZI???????????? if he played for Liverpool he would be a 40 Million player”

    You didn’t hear? Guen was a prick behind the scenes & the ONLY way to deal with him was to bring down his value. Class management.

  91. Ishola70


    “Arteta’s case is nothing like Klopp or Tuchel. They were recognised AFTER their teams started playing exciting football, not because they were assistants to some big names or some ‘insiders’ had good things to say about them.”

    Yes the comparisons are a bit off when it is put like that.

    At this moment the footballing world is not awash with folks talking about how exciting Arteta and his team he manages have been.

    Maybe some journos with a bias or just plain daft ones or ones looking for hits.

  92. Pedro

    Marc, if digging is showing you up for your baseless comments, then I will keep digging.

    Matteo G cratered his own value.

    You have no evidence that anyone else has lost value because of the coaching.

  93. Ishola70

    It’s so sad watching someone completely write off a young player who looked to have potential albeit with accompanying baggage but in the same breathe champion a europa league level player like Xhaka.

    All for the love of Arteta I suppose.

  94. Frost

    “What is Saka worth?
    What is ESR worth?
    What is Tierney worth?
    What is Martinelli worth”

    Arsenal Football club would not sell ANY of those players for more than £40M.

    The one & only sale we’ve gotten right in recent memory is IWOBI, and I’m honestly still surprised we did.

  95. Marc


    Arteta is not the coach he’s the manager. So let’s see if Xhaka sells for more than what was bid for him 18 months ago? Let’s see if AMN goes for more than what was bid for him 12 months ago?

    Look at the other comments on here – everyone else can see it and the Spud’s fans have started a petition for Arteta to be given a job for life.

    He’s a bad guy, a terrible manager and will end up kicking about in the lower Spanish leagues.

  96. Positive pete

    F** k me.We’re back on the Arteta bandwagon again! Guys,please . Give it a knock on the head ffs! It gets monotonous & downright boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Lets talk transfers in or out .Anything better than this endless negativity.Lets be positive.Look on the bright side of life.It’s good for the soul.😎

  97. Pedro

    Ish, save your tears.

    I don’t determine player value, the market does. If he was as talented as you make out, he’d be moving to a bigger club or one known for serious developmental prowess like Dortmund or Leipzig.

    He’s landed at Marseille. What does that tell you? That maybe the criticism being leveled by you is what’s agendarised. Quite amazing that you are all more expert at scouting than the whole of European football.

  98. Marc


    yeah talking about the Arsenal manager on an Arsenal blog is stupid. You do realise that Pedro ran the blog on replacing Wenger for years?