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I’m really struggling to keep my emotions in check with regards to this summer because all the noises are positive. In fact, even the noises that aren’t positive are positive.

There’s a story doing the rounds that Ryan Bertrand is going to take the Leicester offer over Arsenal. I find it odd that a guy who grew up in Gillingham would head to Leicester (I’ve lived there, it’s nice, but it’s no London), but hey, who knows if our offer was real in the first place. He’d have been a very solid back-up left-back, but I don’t think there will be many tears shed on that one.

Granit Xhaka is top of the list for Jose Mourinho’s rebuild. Shows how rated he is. A managers player, one that baffles the fans, but over and over he gets the nod. I’m a bit surprised about this move, I’m not sure he’d have been an expected exit this summer, but fuck it… good for him. He’s 28 years old,  the Italian league will suit him down to the ground, and we have to be honest… Arsenal has to be doing better if we want to go back to the top.

There’s a bit if fear about how we replace him. A lot of detractors don’t understand that Granit Xhaka does a hard job very well. He’s a server, he moves the ball between the lines better than anyone in our side at the moment. Sure, he’s one-paced and slow, but he’s very effective and our midfield without him not as good.

The rumblings that I’ve heard is that this summer will see a focus on Premier League players, so clubs like Wolves and Brighton will be attracting interest. I hope our Premier League hunger is not at the expense of the deals that’ll be available in more financially fucked leagues, but I suspect the logic is pretty simple here: We need a good start next season. If we’re shipping major names in our team, our fans will not tolerate a rough opening.

There’s a bit of fear in the system we’ll be going after Reuben Neves. A player that isn’t exactly a mobile monster in the midfield. I have absolutely no idea who we will go for. I think we’re more likely to move on someone like Bissouma, knowing that Brighton are going to be in the hunt for Eddie Nkeitiah. Remember, we have replace more than one central midfielder. Bissouma is an excellent party crasher that has done really well in Brighton’s midfield, he could do the dirty work next to Partey and give us that athletic bite next season. You still need a midfielder that can be an outlet though, fastballs through the lines with absolute efficiency. We’re looking for a rare breed, but hey, that’s what scouts and analysts are paid to be good at.

Sorry, we have to interrupt this blog to see a SAUCY SHIRT.

Damn. That’s my Klaxons reunion gig outfit set. Neon face paint. Dusted down bright blue skinny jeans. New rave is back baby. Gonna be magic. WHAT A SHIRT THAT IS. Love it. Adidas brings me so much damn joy.

The word on the street is that KSE is absolutely going to try and buy our love this summer. We’re not in a sell before you buy mindset, we’ll be making moves, there is cash to spend and we will spend it. Arsenal lost 22% value according to Deloitte. Honestly, it means fuck all, because no one is bidding for Arsenal based on a pricing, but it’s important because it does show that if KSE don’t get a grip on their prized asset, it’s going to get more and more expensive to fix it longterm. The money injection isn’t just to appease fans, it’s to reduce noise in their lives, and it’s to make sure their star asset is healthy.

That’s not to say we won’t be selling players, we absolutely will. We have plenty of opportunities to make the summer even bigger. Willock, Reiss, Hector, Guendouzi, Cedric, Kola, Torreira, and maybe one of our centre backs will bring in at least £80m. But we’re not in the mess we were last year where we had to run the clock down because everyone was low-balling us.

The market is deflated though. Roma offering £10m for Xhaka is going to be par the course this summer. It’s so amusing to watch fans turn their nose up at getting any fee for an expensive player that will be 29 in September. Move on players that aren’t good enough, find younger models that don’t need galaxy brain systems to protect their weaknesses, do all of the business as fast as you can so we don’t get off to a clunky start next season.

Also, I swear down, if Edu fucks up moving on Willian because he sought out a big fee, I will go to London myself to hand-deliver a stern letter of disapproval. Let him go on a free, don’t top up his salary, move on from this absolute debacle.

There’s a real opportunity to move to the next level this summer, every signing has to be perfect, but if we can manage that, next season could be a major surprise to the league.

I’m excited.

See you in the comments.

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  1. peanuts&monkeys

    Giroud is a donkey. He is as bad a donkey as Arteta and Xhaka. Still, when 85 crosses from the left and right flanks go unattended in the box, one could miss Giroud. Giroud was sorely missed in this shit aterta team this year

  2. Habesha Gooner

    It is a depressing morning today. Chavs winning another CL with their success the past decade jus puts a spotlight on our failures. What was astonishing though is that we have fallen so low that we now fantasize about qualifying for the CL but not winning it. And it is not like we haven’t spent money either. The owners have actually spent since Wenger left. But what they suck at is being ruthless on anyone that doesn’t perform. They have no leadership qualities. I wish they would sell and we see a reboot of the club. One that doesn’t tolerate mediocrity.

    I don’t believe we are a million miles away regarding some of the playing staff. What we lack most is in midfield. Because we have some outstanding youngsters and some good senior players. The recruitment could and should be better. We can’t spend 72 mil on 35 mil wingers. And 30 mil on teenage CBs that we aren’t going to use. Our recruitment needs to find more players like Tierney. Good value and outstanding character.

    And most of all we need to fire managers that under perform over a full season. Unless they have previously shown at arsenal what they could do, one and a half season is the most we should give any incoming manager to perform. That includes Arteta. Pirlo, Lampard, Mourinho were all Sacked at clubs that performed better than our season. Ruthlessness should be ingrained in us if we want to get back to the top. There must be a demand on any manager to get a goal set at the start of the season.

  3. CG

    La Croq

    ”””””What is the overall, overarching bottom line and purpose of football… To win.
    This game exists for its competitors to compete with each other in order to win.
    In football there’s a winner and a loser.”””’


    Managers either do their jobs or they don’t.

    The ones that do their jobs , you keep and the ones that don’t – you discard.

  4. Habesha Gooner

    Abramovich is loved at Chelsea other than the debacle about the super league. That tells all you need to know. Whether he was an oligarch that did bad things is another issue. Chelsea don’t have a problem with their image. It is other clubs fans that bring up how he got his money to make them feel better about their club when the chavs succeed and win titles. There isn’t even a comparision between him and Kroenke.

  5. Samesong

    Peanuts&Monkeys comes onto an Arsenal blog and still not happy with winning the champions league eh? Go celebrate with your chav mates you mug.

  6. Mr Serge

    Cg mrs kronkes is the main heir the the Walton family fortune the richest family in the world and richer than all the other owners of the premier league combined they are worth over 250 billion another reason Stan is a prick, you have more money than the whole of South America make our club great aresholes

  7. englandsbest

    Stan operates the way any big business man with many outlets operates: he hires people who he believes can run them successfully. And he sets the financial parameters., the bottom line, if you like. Roman Abramovitch does pretty much the same: he hires the best people, sets the financial parameters.

    But with one big difference: he did not demand self-sustainability at the start. It so happens CFC reached that level pre-pandemic. But he did not demand it, and for a very good reason – CFC were a million miles from that after Ken. Whereas Arsenal weren’t.

    Self-sustainability was a tradition at AFC. On it was built a glorious record of achievement, unmatched by any other club without outside investment. But what Arsenal had as owners were fans who kept a close eye on things. Until Stan. He allowed Arsenal Football Club to become Arsene’s Football club.

    However I sense a sea-change, I sense that Stan (and more so, his son) are now personally involved in running the Club. It may be wishful thinking (I’m an optimist) but I believe that a successful Arsenal has become a matter of Kroenke family pride.

  8. TR7

    We talk about massive agenda items such as change in ownership, change in our administrative structure and intangibles about ambition/culture. I don’t think our path back to glory is as cumbersome and difficult as it is made out to be. All we need to do is continuously buy good players and not waste our money on average players. Within three seasons we will back among the elites and by that I mean competing for both the league and CL semis etc. The only reason we have regressed in the last few years is our poor recruitment. For the amount we have spent in last 5 summers, the output has been disgraceful. Most of the players that were signed failed to live to their reputation or price tag. Unless we get better at it even a new generous owner can’t bail us out. Look at recruitment at Chelsea and the money that they get from sale of kids, fringe players etc.and compare it to how we have used our money and it will explain the gap between the two teams.

  9. CG


    ””””’Cg mrs kronkes is the main heir the the Walton family fortune the richest family in the world and richer than all the other owners of the premier league combined they are worth”””

    I bet she and The Waltons won’ t let Josh anywhere near that tidy pile.

    I have always gotten the impression Stan , has sent Josh to Arsenal to get him out the way, learn about how big sporting business works and have some fun in London twice a year.

    It just goes to show-you can have all the money in the world and buy the best education- you can still be thick as pig shit.

  10. Marc


    Agree 100% – the mistake the Kroenke’s have repeatedly made is in recruitment and it runs right through the heart of the club. We haven’t recruited the right people to oversee the running of the club, they’ve failed to recruit the right people to run the football side of things and the Manager / First Team Coach and DOF have failed to buy the right players.

  11. Elmo


    Agreed, but getting your recruitment and contract management right is easier said than done. You need an owner who appoints the right senior executives who have the expertise to appoint the right technical director and associated staff.

    Leicester’s owners have done it. They have a high turn-over of first team managers, but what’s going on off-the-field is consistently high quality, so the club can keep driving forward.

    Liverpool exploded from being as hopeless as our current situation to PL and CL winners by, most importantly, having almost a 100% success rate with big money transfers (in/out) for 3 or 4 years straight. They couldn’t have got to the top without also adding Klopp, but what transformed them was a concentrated burst of A+ transfer windows.

    So it’s possible for us to turn it around, but not many people have confidence in Edu because he doesn’t feel like a transformational, visionary thinker regenerating the club behind the scenes: he looks like a slightly timid novice being dominated by the first team manager (who under the ‘new structure’ is supposed to be an expendable figure within a wider, longer-term project), with his best ‘in’ in the football world being his own self-interested super-agent.

    We need Edu to surprise us.

  12. Emiratesstroller

    I hope that Arsenal do not succumb to the proposed swap for Xhaka. The idea that we should
    consider Under who was loaned out to Leicester and has hardly played a game for them is

    Xhaka is a starting lineup player for Arsenal and worth at least £20 million. Under is a reject
    with both Roma and Leicester and barely qualifies for bench.

    Moreover recruitment of a winger is hardly Arsenal’s main priority in this summer’s transfer window.

    Why on earth do we want to sell to Roma? Did we not learn the lesson of our very poor piece
    of business with Mkhitaryan?

    The senior management do need to offload a lot of deadwood which is on our books, but
    Xhaka is not one despite the negative comments on Le Grove.

  13. Habesha Gooner

    Even good players will underperform under the wrong management. Chelsea are the evidence if it this season. I don’t believe we have the worst squad now. We have a lot of deficiencies in midfield but apart from that we aren’t 10 players away from building a good team. But that needs to be complimented with a good manager. And ruthlessness to savk that manager when he fails. Our management from recruitment to the director of football to the manager is rotten. That is what needs to change.

  14. China1

    ES why sell to Roma? Which big teams with money are or would be interested? Answers on a postage stamp please. The only teams that would want him are team playing in the EL or lower who have fuck all money.

    We want him sold but need to understand no one with actual money would want him, so the fee is going to have to be low or he stays.

  15. G

    ‘’ Chelsea won 5 Premier League Trophies
    Chelsea won 5 FA Cups
    Chelsea won 3 League Cups
    Chelsea won 2 Europa Leagues
    Chelsea won 2 Champions League’’

    I wonder why..

  16. Nelson

    Last season, there were two examples where one new player made a lot of difference. With Fernandes Manure became a top4 team. Everton lost James Rodríguez to injury and dropped out of top4 chase.We are supposed to be a top4 team with the addition of Partey. I still think that Arteta pushed him too hard right away. He wasn’t injury prone in Madrid.

  17. Jamie

    It’s amazing how quickly fake news spreads.

    Ann Walton Kroenke is not “the main heir to the Walton fortune.” Alice Walton, her cousin, is probably worth 10 times what Anne WK is.

    Anne WK inherited all the shares she’s ever going to inherit from her late father. Everyone else in the family has their own descendants/next of kin to whom their shares will transferred.

    That’s not to say that Ann WK isn’t fabulously wealthy, but she isn’t even close to being the wealthiest woman in America, let alone the world.

  18. bacaryisgod

    Does anyone know much about the fan survey from The Athletic that had Arteta’s approval among Arsenal fans at 80%?

    I’m still trying to get my head around that stat. Maybe it’s similar to Wenger where he retains a lot of the less avid that don’t spend much time on Arsenal blogs. Either way, don’t be surprised if certain people use this stat to say that those against Arteta must be out of touch with the general fan base.

  19. bacaryisgod

    Arseblog is referencing the talk that Guendouzi is looking likely to go to Marseille for €8m (yes, Euros). with some add-ons.

    I’ve been trying to tell some of you on here to lower your transfer fee expectations. Just wait for the Torreira and Maitland-Niles deals. As for Kolasinac, we’ll probably end up taking on a huge chunk of his wages to play his final season elsewhere.

  20. Almuniasaynomore

    ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ Bob Dylan

    Stan take this manager off of me
    Don’t let him use us anymore
    It’s getting dark, too dark to see,
    You can accompany him out the door

    We’re not not winning anymore
    We’re not not winning anymore
    We’re not not winning anymore
    We’re not not winning anymore

    You put us in a brand new ground
    With no league titles anymore
    The long black cloud is coming down
    Feels like it’s 1984

    We’re not not winning anymore……….

  21. Spanishdave

    Last night aggressive counter attacking won over tedious ball passing and slow build up.
    Unfortunately we have a Pep disciple so we are stuck until he goes.
    It was a good game to watch with the different styles of play , in the end Man City were too predictable.

  22. G

    ‘’ Congrats to Chelsea Willian missing out on the triumph has to hurt. Chelsea respect the game their fans and have been true to both. They deserve the success.‘’

    That comment is enough to make me puke.. honestly the shit people write on here

  23. Ustyno

    Arsenal are a mediocre club,owned by a mediocre and managed by a mediocre too until the day the club is bigger than the manager we will still be run like a mediocre club

    For all the history of 125 years I don’t even know what that means cos I only know of the times I’m alive to see,if we keep going in this direction and Chelsea go exactly in the way they are going,50 years from now they will have all these our 125 years history too

    We should keep talking history while Chelsea keep piling up trophies and see if we won’t become Notthingham Forest in the next 20 to 50 years from now

    When I started supporting Arsenal they were mostly ManUtd supporters and us these days Chelsea is gradually taking over everywhere in my neighborhood and we are busy claiming moral high ground

    I can’t even congratulate them because I’m really hurt where we are in the last 15 years and it’s not even looking like changing anytime soon

  24. Almuniasaynomore

    It’s good to see you writing about the Arsenal, I agree with your sentiments entirely. The mismanagement of the club has been criminal but it’s a reflection of the size and strength of Arsenal that it has not been fatal. Despite it all we are still a decent manager and a few quality players away from being competitive. Obviously to truly challenge we would need that to be sustained for a few years but I think most of us would be happy to simply see the decline arrested and genuine progress made. All with the intent of returning to the top, not merely appearing to,obviously. The trick is to maintain the belief in the club,past,present and future. Acknowledging weaknesses is not devaluing the club, quite the opposite,its recognising the club’s true worth and demanding it be restored. Keep up the good work.
    Btw, the chavs used lola to glorify zola,so it’s a no go for us!

  25. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    Unlike you I am not rushing to sell Xhaka.

    He is a regular starter and has been playing well since Xmas. He is worth in today’s market at least £20 million and there are plenty of clubs who can pay that figure albeit perhaps on an instalment plan.

    Let us offload the unwanted midfield players on our books first before getting rid of Xhaka.

    Our priority should be to offload Torreira, Guendouzi, Maitland-Niles and possibly Elneny.

    You need to consider that we need to replace Ceballos and Odegaard who have completed their loans. So let us replace those players first before we start offloading Xhaka.

    The club needs to start “building” its team and not just give away players, because you and
    others don’t like a particular player.

  26. Marc


    Have you not noticed that since we signed Xhaka we’ve been on a continuous slide down the table?

    To make things even worse we’ve now got the managerial equivalent of Xhaka.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    Please stop talking nonsense.

    We were awful before Xmas but have certainly improved since then and for the record I think that Xhaka has played quite well since Partey has started playing regularly in team.

    If someone is willing to pay £20 million for the player and we can replace him with an upgrade then fine. Sell him.

    Last season Sheffield United bought Brewster for £23.40M and Ramsdale for £18.45M so the
    idea that clubs cannot afford to spend £20 M on Xhaka is plain daft.

    Arsenal need to stop being a charity.

  28. Kroenkephobe

    Beautiful and poetic. And a reference to Orwell caps it off for me. That track’s definitely making the greatest hits. Who we gonna call? Dylan or Axl Rose?

    I sense from your previous stuff that neither Chelsea nor City are major irritants of yours. Me neither really – you can’t hate everyone else not least because it then becomes too painful. Spuds and Manure – in that order. And if you stick to hating Spurs, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Sweet schadenfreude.

    I find it easy to write off these two oil funded representatives of all that is wrong about modern football. Fuck ’em and don’t worry about it. I didn’t watch it and wasn’t bothered tbh. I did enjoy the Bees game yesterday and looking forward to seeing how they cope next season.

  29. Dissenter

    Another thing impressive with Chelsea last night was that they had three players from their academy in that starting 11; Mount, Christiansen and Reece James They had another three on the bench.

    They have also been a well run club, despite all the talk of a Russian billionaire playing the role of sugar daddy.

  30. China1

    Bacary it’s arsenal. Ozil still had a significant number of apologists right up until the death. Same for wenger. Arsenal fans get attached to things and that’s that. Emery wasn’t easy to get attached to because of his Dracula looks, poor English and dubious results. But give them someone can speak English and look vaguely presentable and half the battle is already won with the fans

  31. Habesha Gooner

    Barcelona are signing very good players for free this season. I guess they have learned from their costly mistakes before. Eric Garcia, Wjinaldum, Depay, Aguero and may be Donnarumma. It is amazing what a team can accomplish with no money. Brentford also the lowest net spenders in the championship getting promoted shows what you could do if you plan for your signings properly.

  32. Marc


    Are you actually arguing that the team hasn’t been on a progressive downward spiral since Xhaka was signed? I don’t care about a small sample of matches played since Christmas – I’m looking at a player who’s the fist name on the team sheet under Arteta who’s so unsuited to the PL it’s stunning that you’d argue it.

    Saying we should get more money for him? Well if there’s only one offer on the table that’s the price. Maybe we should have sold him 18 months ago when we had a better offer on the table.

  33. Gonsterous

    Le croquet

    Arsenal is a bigger club than chelsea??

    Really? Next you’ll say we are a bigger club than city. Mate stop living in the 1990s. I love arsenal but I don’t see anyone in Asia wearing an arsenal jersey anymore. The brand stinks and I think in the coming years the fan Dom here and even in Africa is seriously going decline.

    In today’s modern game, we are David and the likes of chelsea, and city are goliaths. Just looking at social media, arsenal have a following of almost 20m, the likes of chelsea and city have almost 30m and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

    Arsenal are not a big club anymore, but we love to pretend to be one. Unless we change significantly in the next few years, we will look like Liverpool fans claiming how we have a mighty history. A history of 0 CL. At least pool had more PL titles and CL trophies to brag about.

  34. China1

    ES most of the teams paying 20+m are either PL teams (those will not touch granit with a barge pole)

    Or they are major continental clubs (Barca and chums would not touch him with a barge pole)

    So again it comes back to the question of who would buy him? In all likelihood Roma is as good as it gets. Aside from them they only serious interest historically has come from middling German teams who aren’t going to throw money at us

    It’s shit but thats how it is

  35. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    I repeat Xhaka is not a priority offload UNLESS he is going to be replaced with an upgrade.

    Stop your blame culture. Arsenal’s decline is not down to Xhaka or Arteta for that matter.
    We were in a downward spiral long before they appeared at Arsenal.

  36. Dissenter

    Xhaka exit is a priority of the highest order
    If you are going to rebuild the midfield properly then he has to go.

    This is from one that has defended Xhaka here more that I’ve slated him.
    He has to go. He’s not suited to the game in England.

  37. CG


    ”””They have also been a well run club, despite all the talk of a Russian billionaire playing the role of sugar daddy.””””’

    Absolutely, especially with their young players.

    (look how Tuchel played Gilmour a few weeks ago – when Arteta didn’t give Azeez or Balogun a game?)

    They must look at Arsenal and its executives with utter contempt- like a lion looks at a baby antelope in the Kruger – when we take the likes of William and Luiz off them.

    Village Idiots v Out and Out winners, I am afraid to say.

  38. Marc

    “(look how Tuchel played Gilmour a few weeks ago – when Arteta didn’t give Azeez or Balogun a game?)”

    Arteta would rather have 2 keepers on the bench than even give Balogun a spot in the match day squad in a EL group stage match.

  39. Emiratesstroller


    As a matter of interest how many central midfielders should Arsenal plan to recruit this

    If Xhaka leaves we are down to Partey and Smith-Rowe plus perhaps Willock and Elneny.

    No-one expects Arsenal to bring back AMN, Guendouzi and Torreira.

    What is being posted is mindless bullshit.

  40. Marc

    “I repeat Xhaka is not a priority offload UNLESS he is going to be replaced with an upgrade.”

    Of course we’d expect a replacement player – Our current CM options are Partey, Xhaka and Elneny.

    As for not being a priority – there’s only one thing that should supercede getting Xhaka out as a priority and that’s getting rid of Arteta.

  41. CG

    ”””””””””’Arteta would rather have 2 keepers on the bench than even give Balogun a spot in the match day squad in a EL group stage match”””””””””’

    Stop making me laugh, please. Not today.

  42. Habesha Gooner

    15 mil for Xhaka is good money in this market. You have the likes of Aouar and Soumare being valued at 20 mil. Just get that and try to move for Anguissa who is also being valued at 20 mil. It is a depressed market. The only players we can get good money for are our English hale end graduates. Premier league teams will pay for them. AMN, Eddie, and may be even willock if the price is right. The rest won’t bring much because there is no money in the other leagues.

  43. CG

    ”””””””’CG I’m not kidding. He actually did it.”””””””””””””’

    No chance.

    What sort of process is this?

    Drive Arsenal fans COMPLETELY bonkers process?

  44. Almuniasaynomore

    Normally I’m a stickler for original versions but when it comes to Bob,everyone can sing better than him! Harsh, I know, but have you ever seen an artist whose songs all seem better when covered? Give Guns n’ Roses credit, they did a great job on that.
    Orwellian reference was a rhyming necessity rather than an ingenious nod to our dystopian club.
    I’ve said it to you before but over here there are only two clubs,utd and pool. They cover 80% of the football loving population. It is their success that causes us most pain over here. But more so I agree with your point,I would give city, chelsea no credit for what they’ve ‘achieved ‘. Brentford, as you’ve pointed out, now that’s an achievement. If you’re going to spend your life complaining that some guy with a wealthy dad has better clothes than you,then you’re going to be very unhappy. But nor should you feel obliged to congratulate him on his appearance and how well he’s done for himself. But if a guy from your estate starts to put you to shame, then you better give yourself a shake! In short,demand the best of yourself but keep things in perspective when setting goals. That’s my tuppence worth!

  45. Mr Serge

    Gonsterous we are still a big club man what are you talking about match day revenue, following on social media and merch sales puts us in the top 5 in the world fan base wise stop talking shit, have You been to the stadium ? We are box office run by monkeys and still up there, you can’t erase history and we are a historic big club.
    Look at the esl debacle we would not be invited into it if we were not
    You don’t see anyone in Asia wearing our shirt lol ok mate.

  46. Daniel Altos

    People bragging about this since christmas table should be ashamed of themselves. Since christmas we were tied on points with chelsea and they fired a real legend and hired a real manager and look at where they are now ffs…I wont even waste my time anymore with the arteta fanboys you know the thing about frauds is they eventually get caught….arteta will be shown up for the fraudster he is next season,just wait and see

  47. S Asoa

    Regarding standing among London Clubs

    1- Chelsea
    2- Spodes
    3- West Ham
    4- Mighty Mouse Arsenal
    5- Fulham

    Let that sink in. Time Arsenal fans aspiring to a false sense of Brahaminism calling other clubs deprecating names in a move to look greater. That is where Kroenkes have taken us. The nadir might be the target for Arteta if he stays on

  48. Daniel Altos

    By the way its funny how when Pepe scores it’s statpadding in dead rubber games but the wins still get added to Arteta’s embarassing “since Christmas” table….so arteta can be forgiven for being shit in one half of the season but pepe cant?

  49. Mr Serge

    S Asoa is that league or trophy positions or fan base positions ? Stop painting a picture that we are a small club ffs

  50. Daniel Altos

    You can say what you want about wenger but I dont buy that our attack is dogshit…..give him pepe,saka,auba,martinelli,esr and laca and there will be plenty of goals…heck even the ‘football terrorist) emery got auba scoring plenty and making assists.He also gave willock,saka,martinelli and guen alot of playing time. Does anyone trust arteta to bring through the likes of balogun next season when his job is on the line?People saying that auba is shit need to get their heads checked,auba has been in the goalscoring business for accomplished managers such as klopp,tuchel,wenger and emery what the fuck do you think arteta can tell him?He even single handedly bought the fa cup credit diet pep enjoys now…Auba goes to chelsea now and give him all those chances that fall to werner they win the epl very easily

  51. Positive pete

    Gonsterous.We ARE a bigger club than Chelsea or citeh.Just currently (13 years or so) not as successful.For all the so called social media followers I can guarantee you if a match between Arsenal & one of the oilers is played anywhere on this planet there will be twice the number of Arsenal fans at it.Historically we are part of what’s known as the Holy Trinity of English clubs in terms of History ,succession & popularity.Namely Manutd,Liverpool & Arsenal always have been.The debate is how much longer will that continue with the success of the financially doped clubs of the last 13 seasons.I prefer to be positive ( as you know) that our turn ,once again,is not far off.Whether it’s under this regime.Time Will tell.

  52. Daniel Altos

    Its been 18months now what is our style of play?I remember after 3 months under emery people here complaining about identity and style.Isnt that a thing now?It took tuchel 1 month to identify a starting 11 and a style of play meanwhile at arsenal…

    Lastly fuck mikel arteta and his sideways passing bollocks…if liverpool won the ucl and epl with effective and mechanical football and chelseas did the same…there is no reason why we cant…this technical midgets passing the ball to death style will not take us anywhere…we already tried tha once and though entertaining to watch,it ha taken us nowhere

  53. Globalgunner

    Arguing about which is the bigger club between Arsenal and Chelsea is pointless. Which is the winning club. Wenger brought us down to a 2nd rate club and Arteta is making us 3rd tier now. Yesterdays CL win will have brought Chelsea I’m guessing another 10m worldwide fans yesterday while we languish with the same number we had from the invincibles.
    What have we won lately. Have we even entertainedour own fans talk less of wooing some young neutrals.
    Why am I a ChicagoBulls fan?. Because of MichaelJordan
    They haven’twon anythingi n 20 years now. All the new NBA fans around the world are LebronJames fans. We are shrinkingour fanbase. Dont have any illusions about it.

  54. DivineSherlock

    Pep Guardiola started Rodri or Fernandinho in 59 out of 60 games . Guess the one game he didnt start either of them . Galaxy brain , monumental fuck up in CL final to say the least . Atleast when we lost we played our best XI . Dont worry lads , we are now in year 2 of Arteta’s brilliant plan of winning CL . Just need to qualify for it first

  55. Rosicky@Arsenal

    So did the idiots here at Legroan finally realized getting rid of Arsene Wenger was a big big mistake.

    Arsene Wenger kept us in CL for 20 consecutive years but the idiots here kept ridiculing him.Now reap what you sow.

    We are 8th in the league playing dire football and have no chance of coming top4 again for several years..

    Just came on this blog after 5 years to remind the idiots here that never ridicule elder experienced people and always remember the old saying A bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush.

    Pedro made a fool of the posters here with his Wenger out agenda and now has no face after the club has lost its identity on and off the pitch.

    Congrats Pedro on destroying the club.

    You have succeeded in your mission.

    Would like to quote a very incisive post from a poster at Positively Arsenal blog run by George.


    Bye and tata.

    RIP Legroan.

  56. Positive pete

    Global gunner.Read the piece again.Whether that will continue or not.?Your assumption is it won’t.Especially under this regime I’m taking it.Don’t confuse your hatred for the board & Arteta to Arsenals global standing.I am more positive that support will grow again when & if success comes again.Whether( as I’ve said already) it’s under this regime or not.

  57. raptora

    Tell me again how Arsenal are not in crisis while Chelsea have won their 2nd UCL trophy.

    Then we have the audacity to talk against our owners when our fans are the ones lacking ambition. We would have had new owners long time ago. Someone who wouldn’t keep a newbie in a job too big for him.

  58. Danny S

    I get tired of explaining the Wenger situation to idiots like this Rosicky guy. They are too thick to understand the situation and why people wanted change at arsenal after 22 years.

  59. Jamie

    “Congrats Pedro on destroying the club.”

    Rosicky@Arsenal waited 5 years to look like an asshole on le-grove again, it seems.

  60. Positive pete

    Hate ,,absolutely hate “ Arsenal fans” running the club down at every opportunity.Comparing us to Mickey Mouse clubs who’ve been financially doped.Next up Newcastle.Try & take some pride in your club EVEN if you hate the regime.It’s hard I know.

  61. Mr Serge

    Anyone that does not think arsenal is a global brand and one of the top ten clubs in the world are deluded

  62. Danny S

    We are a big club, but unfortunately at the moment we don’t feel like one.

    Being laughed at year on year out can get tiresome when we are Big club being run by amateurs. From Gazidis to Raul and now to Vinai. They have made us a bit of a laughing stock.

    Fingers crossed we get new owners one day that give a shit.

  63. Almuniasaynomore

    Rosicky, despite the abuse you are receiving here I would like to thank you for your post. Between this season’s disastrous showing and the lack of reaction to it by the owners I was feeling very down. But you have reminded me that at least I have my sanity. Thank you.

  64. WengerEagle


    Free is never free in the modern game as we know it, can bet your arse that each of those players will be receiving a huge signing on fee along with their agents. Not to mention monster wages which is never a good thing for players over 30.

    Love Aguero and he is a PL and La Liga legend but he’s a desperation addition to appease Messi. Past his best and a terrible fit with Messi and Griezmann in a frontline.

    Wijnadlum is an interesting one, always felt he was overrated even though he is a good player. Not too many Scouser supporters I have spoken to are that bothered about him moving on, was seen as their weak-line in CM.

    Depay is the only one of those additions that I really see panning out well. I think that Donnarumma will go to Juve.

  65. China1

    Yeah he did 2 keepers on the bench several times this season I think. It was quite demonstrably a 2 fingers up at our best youth players in outfield positions

    One can only assume they hadn’t given him enough praise in the media as generational or something. He must have been sending them a message like he owned to up doing with martinelli… testing their attitude or some other such bizarre nonsense

  66. Globalgunner

    Wijnaldum would not even be a consideration if his fellow Dutchman wasnt the Barcelona manager. Barca`s recruitment is even worse than us. Its as if they have 5 different scouts and sign every player each scout scribbles on a piece of paper. If they were a proper business entity, the administrators would have long been called in. They make Arsenals management look like a paragon of efficiency

  67. DivineSherlock

    Wait till the crowds come in stadiums , I really hope we dont forget the ESL fiasco and this rudderless owners who lack a spine . Full on Kroenke out banners please. Shake them out of their stagnant ass

  68. G

    ‘’ Arteta is a symptom, not a cause. So was Wenger. Both shit managers ‘’

    Your spot on Jeff I mean wtf did Wenger do for AFC

  69. bennydevito

    Rosicky@ArsenalMay 30, 2021    13:57:34

    So did the idiots here at Legroan finally realized getting rid of Arsene Wenger was a big big mistake.

    Arsene Wenger kept us in CL for 20 consecutive years but the idiots here kept ridiculing him.Now reap what you sow.

    We are 8th in the league playing dire football and have no chance of coming top4 again for several years..

    Just came on this blog after 5 years to remind the idiots here that never ridicule elder experienced people and always remember the old saying A bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush.

    Pedro made a fool of the posters here with his Wenger out agenda and now has no face after the club has lost its identity on and off the pitch.

    Congrats Pedro on destroying the club.

    You have succeeded in your mission.

    Would like to quote a very incisive post from a poster at Positively Arsenal blog run by George.


    Bye and tata.

    RIP Legroan.


    This isn’t the case and you know it. Wenger saw top 4 as a trophy and claimed it as such. Year on year there was no ambition to win the league or champions league but to scrape top 4 and year on year we knew as fans how the season would pan out before the first ball of the season was even kicked.

    Your comment is nothing but AKB revisionism and you know it.

  70. Nelson

    “We were in a downward spiral long before they appeared at Arsenal.”

    That I agree. As long as KSE is still the owner, we are fucked. This ss model is like a religion to fool the fans so that the KSE doesn’t need to take money out of their own pocket. Now that they own the club 100%, nobody know how they play with the club finance.


  71. DivineSherlock


    I disagree mate . The one thing we saw from the ESL fiasco was that Kroenkes really hate is bad press , if everyone in the stadium were to display those banners , it would send a message . Empty seats is a pipedream , since people are starved of getting into stadiums over a year or so .

  72. China1

    Wenger willfully and gleefully led the first stage of arsenals decline for a competitive European force into passive ambitionless alsorans on a downward trajectory. He (under stans rubbish ownership) oversaw and kicked that into fulls wing talking of top 4 as a trophy, celebrating just taking part in big competitions, rewarding drossy players with huge contracts to buy their loyalty. He blew through half of the vast resources we had saved on several extremely dubious signings, led us out of the CL then handed over the keys to an even less suitable manager in emery. Who in turn has handed them over to an inferior manager in arteta.

    Wenger did better than those who have followed him. That’s because our approach to recruiting managers and players has been pathetic.

    To absolve wenger of blame because he wasn’t as bad as the current guy is shamefully dishonest. It’s like telling someone that the mouldy bread you ate yesterday was a premium snack because the dinner you ate today was even worse and fished out of a bin. No amount of the current trash being worse than wenger absolves wenger. It just means his shit was not as bad and we should’ve.. you know… actually hired a good manager instead…

    Revisionist moron

  73. Almuniasaynomore

    Well said. That’s not to say that Wenger’s early years weren’t remarkable and very much appreciated by the Arsenal fans but once the decline started it was hugely damaging to the club. The inability to separate and recognize Wenger’s peak from his decline is essentially how the ‘cult’ followers can be identified. They are a strange breed who have abandoned logic and in their bitterness are becoming feral. It’s a shame, we’re in desperate need of a united fan base right now.

  74. Zacharse

    Biggest impact wenger had on the club was deffo the transfers dept. instead of formulating a strategy to deal w the fact that clubs and players were going to ask for more money from us after the stadium move, wenger didnt restructure scouting and opted to just handle everything with his personal charm and savy businessman personality (40m + 1).

  75. salparadisenyc

    Can’t fault Pep went for fielding a pure attacking lineup to secure the early goal, have to think if Mahrez commits to the run on Walker cross in first 45 we’re looking at a different result. Certainly backfired in the end, such a harsh gig elite football management. everyone will say Pep fucked the XI by not inserting the holding mid, dude pulls a domestic double and season still looks a failure for many.

    Personally have big respect that kind of balls out decision making on largest stage.

  76. Tom

    “Came across this tweet:Since Arsenal last won the league…Chelsea won 5 Premier League Trophies
    Chelsea won 5 FA Cups
    Chelsea won 3 League Cups
    Chelsea won 2 Europa Leagues
    Chelsea won 2 Champions League“

    Yea, but at Arsenal we have “values “, and last time I checked these are worth at least a couple of CL and PL titles on the values/trophies exchange index.

    Btw, does anyone else feel sorry for Guardiola after his latest line up fiasco?
    I mean, I don’t care that he lost……….just to see him in this sorry state where his scrambled brain is trying to justify the series of line up fuck ups throughout his entire CL career post the Barca era.
    It’s a medical condition for sure, just not sure there’s a treatment for it.

    At least now we know where Arteta is getting all his line up ideas from.

  77. Tom

    “Personally have big respect that kind of balls out decision making on largest stage.“

    You do?
    It makes him look like a fool when people question his lineup before the big game and Bayern lose, then everyone questions his line up and City lose to Lyon, then same against Chelsea.
    At what point do you think City players start looking around before the game thinking to themselves this is fucking nuts?

  78. Elmo

    The Kroenkes’ situation is interesting, though. They NEED the ESL more than just about any other club. We’ve currently fallen into mid-table obscurity and are half a decade out of the CL.

    By all accounts the next TV deals are anticipated to be smaller than the last. Wages have inflated to crazy levels, but there’s a sense we’re at peak monetisation of football (Pedro covered this in a recent pod with the VC guy, and the words from Flo Perez and Agnelli say the same: effectively “we have to stop sharing TV revenue with ‘smaller clubs’ because that’s the only way to maintain the illusion of growth and keep the show on the road”).

    The Kroenkes naturally don’t want to spend big trying to power Arsenal back to the top, because they’re competing with nation states and committed oligarchs. With there no longer being a rising tide to lift all ships (ever-expanding TV deals), and Arsenal haemorrhaging tens of millions in losses per year, it really only leaves the ESL as their sole reason to hold onto the club. If the ESL happens and we’re in it, that’s their home run that guarantees a huge return.

    So it does tell you that they’re biding their time, and however shameless it will seem at the time (c.f. St. Louis Rams), the Kroenkes WILL move heaven and earth to push for an ESL and our place in it. Bearing in mind the financial troubles at Real, Barca and Juve, I expect an even more pronounced attempt at a break-away within 2-3 years, and I could imagine Arsenal (Kroenke / skint), Spurs (skint), and United (Glazers) going, even if the likes of City, Chelsea and even Liverpool refused, ending up with a real fragmentation of European club football that takes years to resolve (similar to Kerry Packer’s break-away World Series Cricket in the late 70s).

  79. Gonsterous

    The post saying we are a bigger club than chelsea and city are pretty deluded. In their definition, arsenal is bigger because we have history. Bro, these clubs have long equalled our trophy haul and are over taking us.
    The only thing we have is the invincible and we are milking that dry by trying to bring it into every argument to try to build some form of relevance.

    I don’t say this because I’m petty or being hurtful. It hurts me to admit this but the first step to progress is always recognising the truth. Arsenal are moving backwards at the speed of light.

    Also I don’t think stepping foot in the stadium is any barometer for a fan. If you have VIP seats, it doesn’t make you a better fan than anyone in front of the TV cheering their team on.

  80. Tom

    Always been Pep’s fan but give any manager the quartet of Busquets, Xabi, Iniesta and Messi in their pomp and I can’t see them fail.

  81. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Shows what can happen when a team has a passionate chairman.

    I fully understand the process BB is doing and support.

    Let’s hope rumours are true with clearout.

  82. Dream10

    The fact that Xhaka and Bellerin (shortcomings aside), key pieces to the Arteta project, players he convinced to keep, wanting to leave does not reflect well on him.

  83. englandsbest

    The worst that could happen right now would be a change of ownership. Bear in mind that I was anti-Kroenke from the moment Hill-Wood recommended him as the ideal owner. I resented the idea of Arsenal as the plaything a of a multi-billionaire.

    He proved to be much more disastrous than even I imagined. He condemned the Club to unnecessary austerity. Thus began Arsenal’s decline. But at all times I hoped for a change of tune. So far we have seen a change of key: he has loosened the purse strings.

    But a huge amount of damage has been done. Wenger kept the boat afloat but lost his judgment at the end. He left a helluva mess. Returning to the elite is a process that is bound to take time. IMO Arteta has taken us a distance along that path. We should stay patient a little longer, not change horses in midstream.

  84. China1

    Leno making noises about leaving a month or so back has be the biggest kicker

    Forget ability and performances, arteta laid down on the tracks and took a hit for Leno so to have him make noises about being unhappy 10 months later is a proper knife thru the back

  85. Dream10


    Yep them two as well. People will point to Saka, Smith Rowe, Martinelli and Tierney being the “core”. But those guys are young and establishing themselves.

  86. Vintage Gun

    “Leno making noises about leaving a month or so back has be the biggest kicker”

    “The fact that Xhaka and Bellerin (shortcomings aside), key pieces to the Arteta project, players he convinced to keep, wanting to leave does not reflect well on him”

    Both good points. Why are we ‘plastic fans’ for struggling to believe in a project that Arteta’s key players don’t even buy into?

    I hope Arteta turns it Around next season for all our sakes, i really do but the criticism this season if more than justified and would have been worse if we were in the ground.

    Lets call a spade a spade and stop shovelling shit.

  87. MD-Gunner

    The present state of AFC is dismal and no quick fix is possible bear with me as I try to illustrate this.

    When a house is infested with termites you don’t give it a coat of paint, it needs to be torn down to the ground and rebuild. No good to do the proverbial and put lipstick on a pig.

    No new signings or formation even just the replacement of Arteta will bring back the fond memories of Arsenal in its glory days. AFC is infected with gangrene and the infected parts have to be cut off. That hurts but if AFC is to stay alive KSE, the 3 stooges and Arteta need to be cut off the club, ONLY then can a healthy new club destiny be created.

    This operation hurts big time so what to do in the meantime? Life is too short to waste it on watching mediocre football performances that Arsenal dishes out at the moment. So I switched to a different sport as I can’t support anyone else in the EPL. Watching Rugby with fantastic upcoming competitions, The BIL vs South Africa, the Trans Tasman competition, the Pro14 Rainbow cup and the Gallagher Premiership. Being a neutral for awhile until Arsenal can get their shit back together is the solution.

    One good thing is coming out of this though, the fucker Pierce Morgan is having a mental meltdown when he sees this Arsenal shit show.

  88. Davi

    Cazorla – yeah if you search that, it’s just asserted somewhere and repeated on multiple sites, but the game in question isn’t mentioned. Looks like a myth