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There’s some odd news doing the rounds that suggests Barcelona are interested in taking Arteta to the Camp Nou as part of Joan Laporta’s promise to ‘bring joy’ back the fans of the Catalan giant. Henk Ten Cate said the interest is real.

Barcelona is without doubt one of the worst run clubs in the world. They are the archetypal rich kid in the playground. Arteta is certainly the best coach on their list. Other names being pushed around include Xavi and Jordi Cruyff who is managing in China.

Arteta is a La Masia kid, I’ve no doubt that the option would be deeply appealing, but my word would it be a gamble for anyone to take that role. Coaches like Pep, Enrique and Valverde always had a peak Messi to cover up any lapses they had in their game. The next coach in there is going to have to bring through whatever the next generation is… and so far, it doesn’t look like they’re bubbling on that front.

I’m also not sure you want to leave your first job because you’re mates with Laporta and Pep G. Not that many Arsenal fans would shed a tear at the minute.  The current Barcelona job has a 95% chance of eating most managers alive, the best move would be to give yourself record of achievement before you take a crazy leap like that.

There were a few rumblings Edu and Arteta might be under threat this summer. This one is certainly way off the mark when it comes to Arteta, and unless the ESPN Brazil story moved KSE, I highly doubt they are willing wreck the summer plans he’s co-sponsored. If you’re going to move on either of them, you do it with enough time to bring in someone new so they can assess the squad and the market. The only way we’re firing anyone is if something Don Raul-ish popped up over the weekend.

Dani Ceballos bid fair well to Arsenal. Not sure where he’s off to next, rumours are that it might be Sevilla for a season. Always looked like he could be a good player, but far too one-paced, and extremely inconsistent. We certainly have to improve on him next season. We aren’t one new midfielder away from being comfortable next season, we’re a few.

Martin Odegaard is going to be the priority for Arsenal this summer from an Arsenal perspective. He’s well-liked at the club, he’s bought into the Arteta vision, and I think the ‘he’s the future’ is just bluster from a Madrid that want us to pay a lot for him. Hopefully, we can make a deal with them, preferably permanent. He’s a star in the making, I really rate him.

Mat Ryan also said goodbye. I don’t know if we’ll make a deal for him. He certainly didn’t do himself any hard when he joined the club. As free transfers go, he’d be a sound deal in my opinion. I’m also quite interested to see how Arthur Okonkwo develops, he’s been training with the first team. He certainly has the height, boasting an Emi Martinez frame.

Short one today, check out the latest podcast I did with Johnny. We talk about my propaganda, the Hale-Enders, and hopes for next season. A good one to jump on. Enjoy, rate it 5*, and tell me you like the colour of my eyes even though you can’t see them.

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  1. Ishola70

    Well they should get some fair dollars for Lautaro.

    Shame that Arsenal will be off his radar.

    He’s got the profile and scope in his game to play No.10 which Arsenal could do with and he would be a goalscoring 10.

  2. raptora

    Conte wants his word to matter on incoming and outgoing transfers.

    This fits so well the hands-off approach from the Kroenkes.

    Give him the keys to the vault, let him do his thing. If it doesn’t work heck at least we tried and he’ll go on his own with 10-20 million pounds in his pocket.

    On the flip side, if things work out, this is one of the very few managers that can lead us all the way. All the way. He’s got the brain, the passion, the know-how, the skills, the ambition. He’s done it everywhere he’s been.

    This is a manager that is a worthy win/lose risk betting on.

    Give him everything right now like the owners gave Arteta. He will thrive. He knows what he wants and how to achieve it.

  3. Pedro

    Diss, if ONLY Arteta had got us to the final and lost 4-1 to Chelsea. The team we beat in the FA Cup final the season after

  4. Sleepinggiant

    That short list proves that Barcelona have the worst recruitment of any club on earth. My God theyd be dangerous if they were properly run.

  5. Positive pete

    Wel Marc.I expect you’ve got the champers on ice.Roma on negotiations with Arsenal for the one & only hacker.Dreams do come true! Apparently Maureen wants him.circa £20 plus million.Other good news on the horizon.Real Betis. .interested in Bell end & supposedly on talks.Guendozi wanted by Marseille.Willian jumping ship a dead cert according to Fabrizio Romano.So all n all.Things looking very positive wouldn’t you say?😜