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Ain’t nothing I love to see more in the game than Arsenal stealing a win in the final minutes of a game.


It shows our players are still fighting when the season is dead.

It shows that in fact, we are capable of scoring goals and creating chances.

It feels good, after a season of having those sorts of moments going the other way.

Roy Hodgson’s last game in charge was a tough one to analyse. We controlled the game playing some nice football early on, the passing was slick, Palace couldn’t get out of the own area.

Then we scored. Saka and Tierney combined beautifully, the Englishman back heeling for KT to cross to the back stick where Nico was prowling with a perfect volleyed strike with his weaker foot. Pure Arsenal, the type of goal Arteta wakes up to after a deep bout of REM sleep.

Arsenal then fell back into a familiar pattern. We took our foot off the gas. We let Palace have a crack. This wasn’t helped by the general violent conduct of the Palace players. Benteke swiped at Mo, somehow managing to avoid a red card. A little late, Nico bodged a touch, Partey fouled, the freekick was whipped into the box and Benteke fouled two players on his way to a diving header that drew the game level.

Did it not feel like the officials were angling for a nice last game for Roy?

The tougher the ask, the harder Arsenal players fall back on the patterns of player we aren’t really that good at right now. We created very little. Everyone looked like they were remembering the instructions a little late. Palace were eating up the predictability of it all.

Arteta did make changes though, he brought on Odegaard and Martinelli. It helped. Mike McDonald wrote that there needed to be a rebellion in the system and it happened. Odegaard slipped a beautiful inswinger to the backpost where Martinelli gambled and bundled the ball home.  Then Nico Pepe took command with a mazy power run that ended with a beautifully curled low shot. A £72m goal if ever there was one.

Some performances of note:

Nico Pepe. He’s a weird player. His G/A this season sits at 17. He’s scored some great goals. But at the same time, you can see why he causes frustration. His poor touch led to the freekick they scored from. He rarely takes the ball on a run. His first instinct is always to stop play, have a think, pass it backwards. I’d love him to be more consistently explosive.

Auba had a poor afternoon. Hard to go at him, he had malaria, which is a rough, rough thing to deal with. But overall he looked well off the pace again, he’s not taking chances on balls, he’s not making good runs and his holdup play is nowhere near what we get with Lacazette. His game is one of an assassin, hiding in the box and poaching, not sure why Arteta tries to make him come deep, it’s not his game and never will be. Bigger question: Does he want to be here? It’s one we tend to ask after every game. If he does, there’s a lot of work to do next season to make him work in the system, Arteta can’t keep asking things of players that don’t have it in them.

A lot of people were moaning about Thomas Partey. I don’t hate his game. I think he’d be a lot better if he wasn’t the singular driving force for creating openings. But, I still prefer him into the starting 11 than out of it. His form will improve, he’s very press resistant, he just needs to reduce some of that high-risk behaviour. He’s a bit Hollywood with his passing, but in a system fairly accused of being too rigid, he’s a breath of fresh air for his speed of thought and mostly on-point delivery.

Martin Odegaard has been up and down, but his talent for unpicking defences and opening up space with his movement has been a miss since his injury. He’s a different level on the ball, we don’t have a player that can break down a team the way he can, I think it’d be a huge add if we could land him next season. Let’s be honest, he’s not changing the fortunes on Real Madrid, but he certainly could ours given a proper run at the first team.

I had a lot of heart for some of that cover game from Gabriel. Another player who dealt with a horrendous virus, only to come back flustered. He has great pace, he’s powerful, he just needs to iron out some of the reckless in his game that has made him look a bit all over the place this year.

Final shoutout goes to Bernd Leno. Fast distro, good saves, totally dominant in his box against monster opposition. I’d prefer if we didn’t lose him this summer. He’s had a rough year, but if the club sorts the keeping personnel issues in the background, perhaps he can hang on. Though it’s worth noting… he has 2 years left on his deal, has shown no intention to sign, so technically, he should be getting sold this summer. Let’s see where this goes.

Actually, final shoutout goes to the fans. Kieran Tierney has probably never felt better about being booed. Football is better with fans, yesterday, it was a pleasure to hear the singing and the overall joy from the fans. Life is returning to normal. I couldn’t be happier.

Back to the bigger picture.

Game won. That’s 4 wins on the bounce. This is the table since we added creative players to the squad.

It has been a very rough season for a number of reasons. The Europa League collapse, based on what happened earlier in the season would have seen most coaches fired, but it has been clear for a while that Stan K is trying to replicate the good vibes he’s getting with a young innovative coach in America at LA Rams.

Arteta is here to stay, so people have to stop crying about it and look for positive signs of life.

That table above is a positive sign. It’s 62% if the season. If you are choosing to prioritise the first 38% to get to the truth of whether this project is viable, you are being disingenuous.

Over that period, we have the second-best defence over that time period, the third most goals, second-most points.

That’s Champions League form. If we’d been half the mess we were at the start of the season, which was still bad, we’d be in the top four right now.

Are there problems to solve? Absolutely. Arteta is a rookie coach, people complaining that he’s getting things wrong don’t seem to grasp that concept, or that it’s part of the deal. They also seem to forget the plethora of other coaches that are far more experienced than he is, managing equally bland seasons. Carlo A was hired a few days before Arteta at an expensively assembled Everton side that were 4 points behind where Freddie/Emery left us. He’s 1 point ahead of us. Mourinho, the most winningest manager in the world has left Spurs 2 points ahead of us, after a run at the title. Klopp, one of the best in the world, 8 points ahead on 66 after 99 points last season.

If we beat Brighton, at worst, we’ll be 9 points off 3rd come the end of the season. 9 points of a Chelsea side that was top last season, then added £250m worth of talent to their ranks. Again, I don’t keep on saying this because it’s an amazing feat, I say it because the context for this season for almost everyone is that playing football with no fans in a pandemic year has been a fucking nightmare across the board.

Then factor in our unusually nightmarish squad challenges… well, it’s not quite suicide watch like some would have you believe.

This summer, which needs to go very well, will add more players into the system that can do the things positional football demands. The defence will need to find more quality on the ball with a centre back and a right back. We’re going to need more than one Odegaard this summer, because we’re absolutely nowhere through the middle in big games. We’ll also need a top-quality midfielder, and if Arteta’s, ‘Who else plays as many teenagers as us? We can’t just put them all in’, is to be believed, then chances are we’ll not be looking at Camavinga this summer. I mean, I am totally guessing there.

The ideal scenario next season is one where we’re not constructing complex mechanisms to protect our weaknesses as a squad. That’s the dream. It’ll take a lot to get there, but it’s possible.

The hope for next season is simple… the benchmark level is what we’ve seen since Christmas, then after December, we find a new gear that looks more like the modern Arsenal we hope can exist under this manager.

So, the last game of the season has something on it. The chance to finish above Spurs and gain entrance into a European trophy no fan wants. At least it’ll be interesting.

Also, Harry Kane asks out at Spurs and all the media are begging Levy to let him go. Magic.

See you in the comments, podcasts return next week because I am not at home for the week.

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Matt B

Raptor: Don’t mistake pragmatism for a lack of ambition . We all want to be where we belong, but it might take a bit longer than a season or two.

Don’t get me wrong, Arteta might fail and be fired by November.

I’m surprised that Man Utd left OGS in charge, but he’s actually done okay.

Whether we like it or not, there really is a project with Arteta and it might just be worth seeing where it leads, at least up until the late autumn

Left Testicle

Fair point about the #10.
We have been punching above our weight with a #10. The xG, heat maps and turgid football are evidence of that. If we have an identity it is of sideways and backward passing in the centre of the pitch.

Are you saying you can’t think we’re crap unless you’ve supported Arsenal for at least ‘x’ amount of years or stood in the Clock End during the mid 70s?

The early 2020s are the new mid 1970s.


Brilliant seeing Bergkamp inducted into the Premier League HOF. Absolute genius of a player, they really do not make them like him anymore. Admittedly only caught him in the latter stages of his time here as I was too young for the first double in 98′ but even at that I got to witness his magic on a fairly regular basis. My two favourite Bergkamp games that I saw were his performance in the 7-0 home win vs Everton where he was heavily involved in literally all 7 goals and his goal vs West Brom on Bergkamp day, quintessential Bergkamp… Read more »


“The early 2020s are the new mid 1970s.”

Well that would explain Pedro going for the flares and perm look.

Matt B

CG: Makes for uncomfortable reading. But we know this has been a shite season, the worst in living memory etc. etc.

But there is some cause for optimism, namely since Christmas we have progressed.

If we tank at the start of the season, into say November then yes, we’ll need to sack Arteta. But KSE knew it was a gamble and that there’d be bumps along the road…

Mr Serge

You guys never watched Terry Neil’s teams now that’s a shit manager
I would prefer we went and got in a proper experienced manager but I don’t trust the board to get that right
Would allegri come ? Ten Haag ? I don’t want some average journey man manager

Matt B

Left: Of course not, just trying to understand why some supporters think we should be as consistently successful as we were in the first 10 years of AW

Left Testicle

But KSE knew it was a gamble and that there’d be bumps along the road…

KSE knew it was a cheap appointment and a rookie manager wouldn’t be demanding funds for transfers like an Allegri et al.

Na me ooo

Yo! Its funny, lots of African fans on this blog especially West Africans , Nigerians, Ghanaians etc, and no one has yet to come out and properly clear up this ‘Malaria Fever brahaha’. Malaria fever is not some sickness you have for weeks and months and years, if you are receiving proper treatments and care. Often times it takes a couple of days to recover from Malaria. So all these lies I keep hearing about Aubameyang’s form been affected by Malaria are all that-Bullshit. I had Malaria before, people I know had Malaria before, they recovered and were playing football… Read more »


‘Arteta is here to stay, so people have to stop crying about it and look for positive signs of life’.

I can understand this point Pedro but I didn’t hear too much of this sentiment between 2011-2016 under Wenger. We all knew he was bulletproof but I don’t recall you being so generous to him.

Left Testicle

Left: Of course not, just trying to understand why some supporters think we should be as consistently successful as we were in the first 10 years of AW.


Richest Football Clubs (2021):

Real Madrid – $896 million

Barcelona – $815 million

Manchester United – $795 million

Bayern Munich – $751 million

Manchester City – $678 million

PSG – $646 million

Liverpool – $613 million

Chelsea – $597 million

Arsenal – $520 million

Tottenham – $511 million

Matt B

Left: Hah, very cynical, you might be right, but who knows — all I know is, we’re stuck with Arteta, so I’ll support up until it all starts going tots up again

He really is on his last life…..



“””””But there is some cause for optimism, namely since Christmas we have progressed”””””

Don’t you start with the Christmas Table nonsense.

Stan dont give out free tickets to Arsenal games before December 25 you know.

There is only table. The League Table

38 games.

Crikey , you sound like your English managers when they exit the World Cup…

“”But we played well in extra time and we played well in the qualifiers, we will be better next time.””””


Matt B

Mate: I never supported Arsenal because it had a good balance sheet

Matt B

CG: A positive outlook yes, but if things go South quite soon come the new season, I’ll be with you

Left Testicle

Champions League Final/Semi Final >> Champions League Knock Out Stages >> Champions League Group Stages >> Europa League >> Europa Conference / Out of Europe

There’s a pattern emerging. No European competition for the ninth richest club in Europe.


If Arteta had done something amazing or revolutionary, had found some magic new way of doing things after Christmas then yes we could look at where we are and say he’s turned a corner and should be given time next season but the fact is Arteta trips over occasional good results and they happen despite him not because of him. Performances are shockingly bad and if it keeps up we’ll have a half empty stadium – assuming we’re back to full numbers – by mid September. Man up face the truth now because you’re going to have to face it… Read more »

Champagne Charlie

Left I don’t necessarily disagree, but from my own POV I spent the summer rimming Coutinho because it was so close to be a done deal and the alternative to it transpired as nothing. Major fail on our part, making the opening two months of the season quite the spectacle. As far as turgid football goes, I’ve long bemoaned what I consider a culling of all technical ability in the final third. It’s been rigid and rehearsed attacking football under Arteta, but I won’t be convinced by anyone that a group of Auba, Laca, Willian, and Pepe are good enough… Read more »


‘Of course not, just trying to understand why some supporters think we should be as consistently successful as we were in the first 10 years of AW’ They don’t, this is normally the way in which people misconstrue impatience with the current regime too. I don’t think anybody on here is unreasonable enough to believe that a season has been a failure unless we win the Premier League or go far in the Champions League as we regularly did in the early Wenger years. Only one team win the league each season and it is not like it was fifteen… Read more »


“‘Arteta is here to stay, so people have to stop crying about it and look for positive signs of life’.”

I’d love to see the same people using that argument apply it to themselves if they were seriously ill – oh well I’m going to die but we all die anyway and going to the doctor’s a pain and the treatment might not be pleasant yada yada yada.

When did so many Arsenal fans become such weak sheep?


“I don’t necessarily disagree, but from my own POV I spent the summer rimming Coutinho because it was so close to be a done deal and the alternative to it transpired as nothing. Major fail on our part, making the opening two months of the season quite the spectacle.”

Bullshit – it’s not a major fail on “our” part it’s a major failure on Arteta’s part. He pushed for a promotion, he got the power and fucked it up just like he fucks up 99% of anything he touches at Arsenal.

He’s the problem and it’s easy to deal with.

Left Testicle

The ninth richest club in Europe and we don’t have a deputy for left back.

The ninth richest club in Europe and we have a midfield that consists of either a Xhaka or an Elneny (bless him).

The ninth richest club in Europe and we put Will.I.won’t on a 3 year deal.

The ninth richest club in Europe and we have to loan in Real Madrid’s outcasts.

The ninth richest club in Europe and we don’t have a goalscorer banging in 25 goals a season.


It’s fair enough for Pedro to take an optimistic outlook and look for positive underlying trends. However, it’s off to try to discredit those who judge a manager in May over a season’s body of work as being fixated on the irrelevant first 38% of the year. 9th is never good enough for Arsenal and that should be admitted and acknowledged (Pedro is more balanced in today’s piece than the last couple of days). Last season Tets managed his first game after Christmas (same metric for optimism now), and achieved the 5th most points in the second half of the… Read more »


‘When did so many Arsenal fans become such weak sheep?’

He’s a novice Marc which entitles him to an extra freebie season. Takes 2.5 seasons to fully unleash prime Artetaball.

Chelsea fans no doubt are still raging that Fat Frank was so abruptly sacked only 1.5 seasons into his ‘project’, that pesky premature Tuchel replacement.

Left Testicle

Marc hit the nail on the head the other day. Too many put the manager ahead of the club.

Left Testicle

And for some reason MA gets more support, time and patience than UE did.



Apparently thousands of Chelsea fans are going to support City in the CL final in protest at Fatty’s sacking.

Left Testicle

Chelsea >> proactive
Arsenal >> reactive



I would jokingly suggest that the club changes it’s name to Arteta FC but far too many on here would actually think it’d be a good idea.

And that’s without Pedro getting involved!

Words on a blog

A musical description of Arteta’s “project” and Arsenal’s “journey”.

Time Up

Even if Arteta improving the team, which I don’t think so, his boring style of football, fear of attacking big teams making us look like Burnley and his man management of young players makes him a failure.

The job is too big for him, he’s trying to Con his way into a job he can’t handle. I seriously can’t take another year of this poor boring Burnley style of football.



I reckon this is probably a closer description


Time Up

Do you go to matches?

Words on a blog


As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions

Words on a blog

….and the billboard along the side of the road are full of advertising billboards sporting Pedro’s advertising slogans.


I’vce been calling out the BS malaria excuse that’s been served up for Aubameyang for 5 months now.

He had simple uncomplicated malaria and ought to have made an unremarkable recovery . It’s not like it was cerebral malaria that required intensive care unit stabilization.

It’s typical of Arsenal to clasp unto excuses same way the fans love to embrace mediocrity and label it as “tradition”.


“If Pedro drops this type of thinking in his work and he gets caught for how weak his argument is, he’ll be a laughing stock for a while.” He was a laughable objects of derision on twitter after Arteta was publicly disrobed and spanked on the bum by Emery to Thursdays ago. Arteta had TWO opportunities to tactically outmaneuver Emery and he failed. First time ha passed on having a meaningful attack and he ceded his midfield to Villareal at the Emirates. There’s no amount of creepy marketing that will convince a big chunk of the fan base that he’s… Read more »



It’s why I have a policy of never having any good intentions.



You’re 100% correct the malaria is an AKB excuse to cover over the fact that Arteta has turned a guy who scored 10 PL goals (half a season 13 appearances), 22 PL goals and 22 PL goals in the 2 and a 1/2 seasons prior to this one into a guy who couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo.



I would point out that we did the double against Chelsea and beat Man Utd away from home and drew at home. Also we beat Leicester away from home.

So we have had some decent results this season against three of the top five teams in EPL.

I know that it is fashionable to criticise Arsenal and the manager, but most realistic supporters realise that Arsenal are in transition.


Aubamayang is playing in self preservation mode due to the fact he will moving to Chelsea in a few weeks…

Should have been Eddie up front for the closing games ……a wasted opportunity I’m afraid.


Eddie shouldn’t be in a club like arsenal

Time Up


I do go to matches, not a season ticket holder though. Mostly contacts or exchange .

Time Up

To be honest with the boring style of playin Arteta implementing, most strikers would struggle.

Put Auba in Brighton team and I can guarantee you 30+ goals a season.

Champagne Charlie

“Chelsea fans no doubt are still raging that Fat Frank was so abruptly sacked only 1.5 seasons into his ‘project’, that pesky premature Tuchel replacement.“

Pretty dim comment for you. Same Chelsea that finished top 4 last season and spent 250 mil on players in the summer? Same Chelsea that has an owner that’s written off hundreds of millions in pursuit of trophies?

We aren’t behaving like them? I’m shocked.


The reason why this second half of the season propaganda shouldn’t be taken seriously is it actually underlines the problem very clear

If you can be the second best team in England over that many PL games since Xmas and still be in 10th, how *bad* was the first half of the season? We have not forgotten


ES, My point was that the post-Christmas table doesn’t include(some of) the hardest games of the season – Pool, City, Manure, Spuds, Leeds, Everton. We got a grand total of 4 points from these 6 games. Most probably the points in the post-Christmas table are as many as they are because our fixtures were times easier compared to the ones pre-Christmas. If you don’t see that, I’m sorry. But as you brought up the double vs Chelsea I got reminded that several teams did the double versus us – Liverpool, City, Everton, Villa, Wolves. The “transition” explanation only works when… Read more »


Berg10Kamp – nobody has a name mate. One fella read that rangnick was good and threw his name in like he knows what he’s talkin about. Meanwhile he hasn’t coached in years. Look at who ever been linked with- before arteta Mourinho Ancelotti Nagelsmann. Hassenhuttl Nuno Howe Nagelsmann went to Bayern of course. Easy life. All of the others have been fired or will be fired by Xmas. There is a dearth of good managers out there. There is a new generation coming though. Teams are taking chances. Only tuchel and Allegri make sense. Ones an asshole that would bore… Read more »


Pool, City, Manure, Spuds, Leeds, Everton * away.


And it’s not like the problems we saw in the first half of the season really vanished, just some of the league results were better We made hard work of the EL knockout stages against exceptionally average teams then got fisted by bummery of all people. First half of season arteta didn’t get replaced with a brand new guy in the second half of the season, he just got lucky that some of his poorest games were in EL rather than the league which distorts the picture. Unless you look at the whole picture of all the competitions in which… Read more »


It’s just like Bergkamp (the real one said) the other day. The arsenal dna used to involve hating to lose and being desperate to compete. That’s broken now (his words, not mine). I couldn’t agree more. People will bend over backwards to explain away mid table mediocrity as if they have some kind of vested interest in defending it rather than aggressively pining for genuine success like the club used to. It’s weird


Raptora well said

People are choosing manager over the club for reasons beyond me. It’s just loyalty. At least wenger had that immense early career with us to build up the following. All arteta needed was an FA Cup and LEGO hair and people can’t have it that what is objectively our worst season in many decades is a steaming pile of shit and people are instead excusing and celebrating what we’ve been served.


China1, So true. It’s weird how mid-table mediocrity, post-Christmas table and 8 points away from top 4 is shown as a proof of progressing. Pedro has said many times how we’re going to win the title 3 years after Wenger. He’s had the manager of his dreams at the helm for year and a half, who has had absolute power at the club and he’s lead us to 8th and 9th (?) in the league and 2 pathetic losses in Europa. The titanic support given by some people to an average player and a completely rookie manager is massively weird.… Read more »


Great points China and raptora


If you don’t come to heel and trust the process you’re not a real fan tho
Akb’s have evolved


Wenger at his worst was better than this. He got sacked. Emery was better than this. He got sacked. Arteta? Trust the process because…. well don’t worry about reasons just trust the process!!!


Can you imagine the absolute fury from the same posters if emery had never been sacked and had served up the exact same results over this time period, winning the FA cup, then tanking this season

Pedro and chums would be FUMING about how bad this is lol


China, The evidence is there. Emery was on a 22 games unbeaten run and Pedro was bringing all the xG and dark forces stats preaching how it’s all a fluke. We finished the season 5th and played a Europa league final. At that point they were calling for his head for months already calling him every bad name in the dictionary – bum, clown, clueless, they were laughing at his English, treated him like a fool. Now this season with Arteta, we did worse in every way, but the message is – shut up and support the team, trust the… Read more »


Raptora that under emery xG was all we heard about for 18 months, then it mysteriously stopped getting mentioned at all until the second half of this season when our xG improved and it suddenly got dragged back out as a relevant metric – this tells you all you need to know lol

apparently xG didn’t exist in the first half of the season.


When emery had us defensively compact and grinding out tight wins in that unbeaten run it was ‘luck’. If arteta does it it’s ‘outsmarting’


China, Yes. Arteta shithousing to wins is “squad limitation”. Garbage, slow, boring, robotic football now makes sense because “most realistic supporters realise that Arsenal are in transition”. None of that mattered before but now it’s there for everyone to see. Shocking hypocrisy. The hilarious part is that Emery was not given any say in transfers and he has a very valid excuse for failing in his 2nd season. Arteta, on the contrary, was given absolute power and he failed tremendously. His marque offensive signing was Willian, he asked the owner to pay Partey’s release clause, he sold Martinez and didn’t… Read more »


The funny part is I’ll take those shithousing wins. Happy enough with the Chelsea win lately for example

But I’m fair and consistent so I also took such shithousery when emery was the one delivering it as well.

Just like I criticized emery when he tanked and have therefor done so with arteta. It’s not that hard to be fair

Ernest Reed

I remain unappreciative that there are some who think that somehow this season qualifies as a success in some way? I fail to see how this team has actually progressed at all, Its been anything but progress. Using half season stats to somehow justify a weak argument is beyond weak, its insulting. I don’t own Arsenal ,so i don’t have a say in how the club is run and by whom. As a supporter all that i know is that i am unhappy ,with how this team has performed. Its hard to find many if any positives and that is… Read more »

Ernest Reed

Somehow it would be fitting that Arsenal pip that prized 7th spot and play in the Dame Edna Conference against pup teams next season It would be just so wind up in a league befitting their current stature.

Ernest Reed

I will ask, what is the point of posting stats that show Arsenal has been Xth best since a point in time and yet with one to go they are out of running for Champions League and Europa League, out of the Carabao Cup, and out of the FA Cup? To be blunt, who gives a flying fadoo about being Xth in the last X games when you crashed out miserably in all the competitions that mattered? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, cause none of this even makes any sense whatsoever. Thats me and done, have a terrific… Read more »


Ernest I think some people are pretending they’d rather finish below spurs and outside the conference because it somehow feels less embarrassing to see that we have been so bad this season that the EL Conference is our level

Better not to qualify for it and everyone will hopefully forget unlike if we qualify and we get reminded every Thursday when watching Mikel beast half of his best players for no apparent reason against European heavyweights like FC Köln, Angers, Poznan or god knows what awful team we’d qualify alongside

Ernest Reed

I’d rather accept that Arsenal had a mediocre season than to see some come out with charts that try to show that they were Xth best after X matches, China. The season is 38 matches, thats the only standings that matter and that i am interested in. The fact that they were out of all competitions that mattered, thats an undeniable set of facts that aptly describe how mediocre this team actually is.

That performance against Villareal was no anomaly.

Habesha Gooner

All this positive posts about Arteta isn’t distracting anyone who has had enough from the real truth. Arteta has been crap all season. And it is not like he makes any decision based on logic. Weird in game management, giving certain players preferential treatment, Complicating key moments when simplicity saved his job earlier means he is bound to fail next season. We have been performing poorly ever since the season started. The only run we had where we looked a decent attacking side was that 5 game winning run after December. After that performances have gone back to shit. I… Read more »

Guns of SF

Arteta is a cunning little cunt. This man is deluded with self gandeur. Nothing of humbleness in this arrogant cunt.

As the season went on, he seems to have gotten more confused.

I cringe to think of what he is planning behind the scenes with transfers.
Edu simply trying to get busted up old vets and overpaying anyone who vaguley shows interest in joining us

Shit show man

Guns of SF

Vinai needs to can both of these – take the issue to the board and just do it.
Edu and Arteta out.
Get in Ragnick, and a experienced coach. KSE drop some $$$ this summer and its a good chance we get top 4
If we stick with what we have, its aint gonna work. Nothing screams confidence with this bunch in charge


Before the season started, the task was to get back into the Champions League. We had two routes to achieve that and we have failed. both of them. Next season, we can only get back to the CL by the League only. I want to hear what Josh has to say. Even Willian has found out that Arteta won’t win the CL in three years.

Mr Serge

If Brendan Rodgers fails to qualify for the CL on Sunday we should move for him he can spot a player and improve the players he has, he also plays good football


Raptora “Arteta, on the contrary, was given absolute power and he failed tremendously. His marque offensive signing was Willian, he asked the owner to pay Partey’s release clause, he sold Martinez and didn’t sell AMN with a great offer on the table. Loaned Torreira and Guen, horribly half a year of Saliba’s career and so on and so on” It’s hilarious reading le groaners moaning endlessly about our lack of creativity, lack of goals , lack of intelligence, lack of composure, lack of vision , and blaming Arteta for poor decision making on the above players . And yet, like… Read more »

Just Another Customer

Pierre with another autistic geritatric rant.

le groaners check
Özil check
Wenger check

stick to wanking to Willock and Nketiah old man at least that’s your new contrarian points



Ozil was rightly ostracised.

He pissed off Emery, Ljungberg and Arteta.

The criminal act was not that Ozil was ostracised but that there was no ready replacement for him at the start of the season when they all knew Ozil was a problem.

As for old Wengz the old boy was on his last legs by the end bless him.


No-one is suggesting that this season is a “success”. Indeed the season overall is a disappointment. However, despite all the negativity of some of those who post on here there has been progress post Christmas as the stats published by Pedro and myself reveal. There comes a point in time when you either follow the club as a “supporter” through thick and thin or you follow some other club, which meets your personal expectations. I choose to support Arsenal because it is my local team and my family have done so since the mid 1940s. I don’t support the team,… Read more »


Lets hope Pepe in starting to relish playing in the Epl. The toughest in the world of football ..


Remember when Pierre wrote this:

“Its.all a game …i don’t even like Ozil, its just a wind up and they fall for it everytime.”

What an embarrassing cunt. Completely obsessed with Ozil.

Captain Tierney

Ozil is my favourite my player but nobody can blame Arteta for ostracising Ozil. Because it wasn’t just 1 manager’s opinion. Emery did the same, Freddie in his small time frame also did the same. And if Arteta started giving special treatment to certain players it would’ve gone completely against his non-negotiable talk. Ozil definitely had a huge hand in our uptick in form when Arteta came in but if you are not pulling your weight when everyone is doing the same and still not getting punished, the leadership is not gonna last. Wenger was different. He had a legendary… Read more »


Arteta has most of the answers to his problems right under his nose.. We have already seen with Willock the enormous potential he has in his game. Saka and Smith Rowe are now established in the first team. On the periphery are Martinelli, Balogun, Eddie , willock, Nelson and Azeez. I’m afraid that in the past few weeks Arteta bottled the chance of giving these kids regular game time as he was in self preservation mode and put his own job before the progress of players like Balogun, Martinelli, Eddie , Nelson and Azeez. Losing to Villarael should have been… Read more »


The problem with keeping Arteta is that it makes us lose out on better people who are currently looking for a job. Next season we’ll be biting our finger nails trying to get into the once derided Europa league through the Conference. The slide continues


“Ozil definitely had a huge hand in our uptick in form when Arteta came in but if you are not pulling your weight when everyone is doing the same and still not getting punished, the leadership is not gonna last.”

Doesn’t make sense …..lockdown came and that was the end of him…..nothing to do with pulling his weight , all down to the pay cut and as everyone know but refuses to acknowledge, the team suffered…

Luteo Guenreira

The only explanation can be that Pierre has dementia and every day he forgets how often he’s completely embarrassed himself on this forum over his obsession with Ozil.


Tierney Emery ostracising Ozil(and Ramsey) towards the end of the 22 game unbeaten run ruined Arsenal’s season. One just needs to look at what happened on the pitch for a few months before they were reinstated is confirmation enough that it was a decision that affected the performance of the Arsenal team. Why anyone would defend a manager for making poor decisions is beyond me. For me , it is all about team performance and if poor decision making by the manager , whoever he is, affects the team , then questions need to be asked. Arteta made the mistake… Read more »


Pierre, you’d probably garner more support for your other views if you dropped the whole Ozil trolling thing. A lot of us agree with you regards some of the younger players. Despite Arsene’s successes my favorite Arsenal teams were the ones of the first half of George’s tenure because of the connection with young players from our academy.

If you could just drop the Ozil obssession I’m sure you’d be better respected. Or maybe you enjoy play the role of the Ozil troll? I guess we will see.

Captain Tierney

Paycut was ONE of many reasons Ozil got ostracized as reported by Ornstein and many others.

There was no Covid paycut when Emery and Freddie were in charge, was there?

Matt B

Even in the good times, the likes of Jamie, some new twat who calls himself Just Another Customer will be moaning and bitching about some player or another and slagging off other Arsenal fans.

Couldn’t stand to be next to any of these whingy old twats at the Emirates — we all know their sort…

Captain Tierney

I am not defending just Arteta. Its not like managers (Emery, Freddie, Arteta) have a personal vendetta against Ozil. Its clear to see who is the common denominator here. + Ozil did have effect on our attacking play, its not like Ozil was putting in 8/10s week in week out like Auba in that period. He had like 2 assists in the league in what 12 months before he got kicked from the first team. And his key passes per 90 had gone down from hovering around 4 per game to hovering around 2 per game. Couple this with all… Read more »


Getting abuse for talking sense is normal on Le Grove …water off a ducks back for me.. This is how it works Le grove celebrate the decision on Ozil being omitted from the squad . The team suffer from a chronic lack of creativity , the worst in living memory. Arteta gets slaughtered for the dire football he is producing without any creative spark. I remind Le grove that the lack of creativity coincides with Ozil being omitted from the squad . Le Grove throws all level of abuse at me for stating the obvious. And that is how it… Read more »


“Pierre, you’d probably garner more support for your other views if you dropped the whole Ozil trolling thing.”

Its nothing to do with liking or not liking Ozil , it’s more to do with the continuous whinging about our lack of creativity before Christmas without recognising that the only creative player not included by Arteta was Ozil..

It’s like no one can admit that yes , omitting ozil from the squad contributed to our lack of creativity.

Only a fool would deny that.

Beard of Zeus

The ozil debate is pointless now He’s gone. So is cazorla and sanchez and so is wilshere. We really need to look at recreating that level of creative talent. Goals and chances out of nowhere with that sort of talent. We’ve got players capable of making things happen against any team in the world but what this team lacks is a creative/technical leader akin to Cesc or cazorla. Someone who makes the team tick and alters/adjusts his role to suit the opposition mid-game A real thinking footballer. Sadly there aren’t many out there at all any more I really think… Read more »


Pierre. Ah yes ozil. Man who can’t even manage more than one assist in the Turkish league currently. Deluded if you think that was an answer for arsenal. He’d done nothing of note for a good couple of years until his exit as well. I’ll tell you something else for free if there has been an uptick in form at Arsenal, getting rid of him and his toxic bundesliga cohort frkm the dressing room won’t have done any harm to it in my opinion.


You all will forever fall for the bait and be reeled in..

Champagne Charlie

I’ve read it all now, Emery had us “defensively compact” 😂😂

We conceded 56 goals which is the joint worst defence since the mid 80’s, Watford had 30 shots on goal and it was no real shock to anyone.

Literally anything is getting said to downplay positives of Arteta.

Just Another Customer

lol Leftside, Pierre the master baiter is hard to resist even when that topic has been talked to death at this point

Bob N16

I feel that one of the keys to unlocking our creativity next season will be to strengthen the right hand side. A right-footed KT supported by a CM that has two dynamic footballers ( Partey +1) would allow Pepe to regularly move inside where he looks most dangerous. With ESR dove-tailing, the opposition defence will have it’s work cut out, particularly if KT stays fit and can continue to combine with Saka on the left. In my ideal world TW, we would dispense with PEA/ Laca/ Willian and reinvest in a CF who is mobile, can play with his back… Read more »


Only a charlatan decides Willian is an improvement on Ozil,

AFC Forever

“I’ve read it all now, Emery had us “defensively compact” 😂😂” Who the hell said that…..!!!??? They must be on a wind up because that is one thing no knowledgeable football fan can ever say; it was what cost him his job. Off the ball, especially against transition, it was like the Alamo. We regressed defensively. How many times were balls played in behind full-backs & how often was Xhaka isolated in one on ones? The reason Xhaka has been so much better is because Arteta sorted us out, it was literally the first thing he did. During the latter… Read more »


‘I honestly think desperation is kicking in’

Yep, next thing you know, people will be producing league tables for arbitrary time periods to try and support their opinion.


“””””Only a charlatan decides Willian is an improvement on Ozil”””””

The same charlatan , that has seen West Ham finish above his Arsenal side for the first time simce the premier league era perhaps Sidney?

This charlatan should be back at management night school for season 21/22 and not in the AFC dugout causing more turmoil.

To think Moyes, Sullivans, Bradys have outwitted and outperformed Arteta, Kronks and Edu\Vinnys this season!