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I was like, totally off the train… ready to move on. Now I’m ALL ABOARD and ready to go again. I can’t do a summer of misery. I am back on the project and searching out the light. One last time for the vision.

If we win our next two games, the most we can finish off 3rd place is 9 points.

Think of the ways we’ve punched ourselves in the face this season. Think of the clubs we’ve failed to take points off. Think of some of the rough luck.

Since we added creative midfielders, our 22 game run has us in 3rd place.

That’s over half a season’s worth of data. It is now significant.

So, what happened in that run?

We added ESR. Then we added Martin Odegaard. Those two gave us faster movement in the final third of the pitch. They opened the game up for us.

We also added Thomas Party. Before January 14th, he’d only managed 360 minutes of football. He was our biggest signing of the summer. His form has been a bit messy, but reality is, he should have flushed that out of his system by October.

Then think about what we had brewing in the dressing room. We moved on Mustafi, Kola, Ozil, and Sokratis. 4 senior players, all big personalities, all very disruptive behind the scenes.

Mustafi and Kola went to Schalke, staged a coup, ousted Gross, then relegated the team anyway. Do you think that sort of mindset was easy to deal with?

Mesut Ozil went to Fenerbache and has registered 1 assist in 10 games. Remember when he was commentating on games just to be a pain?

During that December period, we also dropped Luiz and Willian. The expensive free transfer last summer never made it back after stinking up the starting 11 for the first half of the season.

Then think about how we’ve lost games this season. Look at the stupid red cards we struggled to recover from. Look at the unforced errors.

Then the big one… Auba went from a 30 goal a season striker to someone that could barely register 10. Family issues, malaria, a lack of form. We signed Auba to a big deal because goals are hard to come by, then we literally got the nightmare outcome, a different variant of striker that couldn’t score goals.

We lost twice to Everton, Wolves, and Villa. We only picked up 1 point against Burnley.

I don’t think we’ll lose 7 times at home with fans in the ground.

Yet, all the above… and we could still finish 9 points from 3rd.

The mission for next season is clear.

Improve defence. We have the 3rd best defence in the league currently, but 38 goals is hardly peak anything. A chunk of those goals were unforced errors, we can improve there drastically next season with better players.

Score more goals. We’re 10th in the league for that and it’s unacceptable.

Fix the midfield with press-resistant athletes that can move the ball at speed.

Find a ball playing centre back that can pick up the slack of Luiz, but without the errors. He made our attack better and we missed him because players like Holding and Mari can’t pass like him.

Find a right-back that can offer that side of the pitch what Tierney offers the left. We’re very addicted to the left side of the pitch, which makes us easier to plan against.

Find some extra ammunition in attack so we can add now numbers and goals. JACK GREALISH would be nice. Maybe even a cut-price Aouar after he tanked his form and lost out on the French squad. Whoever it is, they need to bring goals and creativity.

Unleash Auba. He should be scoring 25 goals when he’s 35. We need to create chances around him and work to his attributes, which is outrageous edge inside 8 yards.

Limit the unforced errors.

We’ve already gone a large part of the way by moving on David Luiz. His lack of focus and dying pace cost us big last season. Dani Ceballos won’t come back. There are also a number of other players I expect will be moved on. Better players make less errors.

We also need to address the backroom deficiencies. There were some awful decisions last season that a rookie coach shouldn’t have been making. Who is going to help Arteta be better with talent? Who is going to challenge him when he wants to try a false 9 in the semi-finals of an important game? Who is going to make sure average coaching is rectified with people that can create a better working environment?

City had a similar issue when Arteta first went there and took a beating from Wenger in the semi-final of the FA Cup against us. They finished 4th. They weren’t clinical enough in the final third and they made too many errors in defence. Everything else was good. They signed Bernado, Mendy, Laporte (Jan), Walker, Ederson.

Those signings gave them defensive stability, but also control from the base of defence where they build attacks from. They went from conceding 41 to 27. They went from scoring 80 to 101.

I think we’re the poverty version of what City were going through. Too many errors in defence. Not enough edge in the final third. But the bit in-between is generally pretty solid. There aren’t many games we haven’t controlled since the turn of the year. That’s a positive to build from, we’re solid and we hold onto the ball well.

Do a budget version of City’s summer and things could bang.

What we need to do has never been clearer. We’re not a million miles away from being a really good side. But… the summer needs to be perfect. Do I trust Arteta and Edu? Not really, but there doesn’t seem to be another option.

So let’s see.

Also, when I write posts like this, we tend to lose. So I’m bracing for impact on that one. Anyway, hope you enjoyed, see you in the comments x


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  1. AFC Forever


    “Building a competitive team takes time, and involves a lot of astute decision making, and it’s the lack of astute decision makers where we come up short”


    I get fed up repeating it but for years the recruitment has been poor & so too has the running of the club. None of that is on Arteta.. He’s a novice manager who has come into a mess & inherited a lot of player issues, like the Ozil & Mustafi ones. Unfortunately, some people are too keen to criticise & somewhat hypocritical where this is concerned.

  2. Kaz

    How many times did Wenger go on an unbeaten run at the end of the season? But ultimately it was deemed not good enough.

    You can’t disregard pre-Christmas just because you don’t like it. That’s what infants do.

    Arteta isn’t good enough.

  3. Rich

    We should renew Willock’s contract, and send him out on loan again

    He’s still raw in aspects of his game, and he needs to play competitive football consistently in order to develop

    Goal scoring midfielders will always hold value, particularly English ones

    There’s no point in him being a big part player at Arsenal, he’ll never develop that way, next season we’ll still have Saka 20, Martinelli 20, Smith-Rowe 21, Saliba 20, and quite possibly a few others as well, throwing too many young players in at once, won’t work in the immediate

    I really like Willock and was a lone voice earlier in the season saying to give him a run of games

    I wasn’t making that suggestion because I thought he was currently at the level we needed him to be at, more because Smith-Rowe + Partey were injured, and Willock has qualities that Xhaka, Ceballos, Elneny don’t have, and was the only fit attacking midfielder on our books

    I wouldn’t be against keeping Willock and developing him ourselves, the problem is that’ll take a bit of time, and if we go through inevitable teething problems with a lot of young players, the Emirates will become toxic very quickly, and a toxic environment isn’t an ideal place to develop youngsters

    We’re a club in transition, if fans were a bit more reasonable and realised we were going to take 12-18 months to develop a young team, then just got behind the club, it would be much easier to keep Willock next season, and also throw in Martinelli on a more consistent basis

  4. Valentin


    We have never seen Willock play in central midfield under Arteta in the EPL.

    The game where he was anonymous were game when he was playing No10. I would gladly concede that he is not a No10. But then his performance is on the manager who uses a round peg in a square hole.
    The same manager who uses ESR on the wing or as a false No9. If you Put ESR as No10 and he will shine. Put Willock as a CM and he will shine. Put him as No10 or as striker (like he did at the end of games) and he will look lost.

    His performance under Emery as CM were good. In fact the best performances we had in the premiership under Emery were when we played a 4-3-3 with Guendouzi, Willock and Ceballos forming the midfield triangle.

  5. Foxy

    Did you see how stressed Arteta was in the first half with Steve Round putting his arm around him to try and calm him. This job is just to big for him and he knows it.

  6. Ishola70


    Please don’t imply to me that Willock is a good central midfielder at this time.

    We would not be even talking about him if he hadn’t bagged some goals on loan.

    You need more to your game in central midfield than just having a knack on occasions of arriving late in the opposition penalty area with an eye for goal.

    He needs to develop and improve his overall game for central midfield.

  7. AFC Forever


    “You can’t disregard pre-Christmas just because you don’t like it. That’s what infants do”

    The fact you all talk about lack of ‘progress’ contradicts that don’t you think? What is telling is that whenever Arsenal get a good win so many take it personally. You moan about wanting results then cry when they arrive. Very weird.

    I agree pre Christmas we were poor – we was sitting in 15th place in the league when he & the players were rightly criticised.

    However since then, the next 22 games in fact, only 2 teams have bettered our results, which is relevant. Had it been the other way around, totally different. It’s called progress.

    What I find ‘infantile’ is so called fans being deliberately obfuscating & disingenuous because their pride has been hurt. Forget agendas and cheer on the team when they play seems far more adult and reasonable than crying because victories weaken your argument.

  8. Ishola70

    AFC Forever

    As said before some just don’t like this manager.

    That is something that you have to deal and live with.

    You yourself are not going to dissuade them.

    Only Arteta can do that by over-achieving with the tteam.

  9. Sid

    Valentine beat me to it, but Boubawillock would do well in a high energy 433,
    i wouldnt be surprised if Klopp bid for him

  10. Valentin


    There are more to Willock’s game than goal. He is tenacious, athletic. He presses well. His tackling is on point. He can take the ball on the half turn and drive forward. He keeps things simple but His technique is also better than he shows.

    The only deficiency he has in his game is his passing. The question is whether his passing is mediocre because he does not have the vision or because he does not attempt risky passes.

    In a 4-3-3 combine Willock and Partey and ESR ahead and we would have a solid foundation.
    ___Partey Willock ___
    Pepe __________ Saka

  11. CG


    ‘””” We’re a club in transition”””

    ‘Its a process’
    ‘Its a project’
    ‘Its time to be ruthless’
    ‘its non negoatiable’
    ‘Its time to be creative’
    ‘ But, but we are 2nd since Father Christmas come down the bloody chimney’

    All total cobblers, all excuses.

    No, its time he got the sack and Arsenal started acting like Arsenal again not an average side , happy we are just above mid table and clunking out wins against the likes of Palace.

    Arteta tried Arteta failed.

    His job was too get 4, like the imperious Wenger did for 2 decades.

    Tough ask, but thats the name of the game when you are THE ARSENAL MANAGER!

    (Harsh but fair. But he knew that , when he arrived.)

  12. Ishola70


    Your future plan for Willock at Arsenal is basically fucked.

    As said before Xhakalson is here.

  13. The Bard

    Optimistic post Pedro. I dont see a tweak here and there turning us into a team that can challenge. As well as lack of quality players the mentality isn’t there. I could see us challenging in 5 years or so when the youngsters are battle hardened and we have had a chance to bring in some quality.

  14. Valentin


    Xhaka will be gone this summer (his wife wants out and every married man knows unhappy wife is unhappy life).

    If he is not, Arteta will be gone before Christmas.

  15. Rich

    Charles Watts, who’s usually well informed, saying that Madrid are likely to bring Odegaard back if Zidane leaves

    And that Buendia is at the top of our list

    Personally I’d rather keep Odegaard, signing another right sided midfielder seems nuts

    We spent £72 million on Pepe, then big wages on Willian 12 months later, who we’ll probably have to pay to leave this summer, only for Saka to become our first choice right winger

    Saka becoming our first choice right winger, definitely looks like it was more through accident than design

    And now we’re looking at Buendia, who’s played 117 of his 118 games for Norwich, from the right

    I like Buendia, knows the league, knows the language, has a good level of experience, and looks like a player who’s on the way up, and who can hit the ground running

    But we’re gambling that Buendia can adapt and play centrally or from the left, or we’ll be moving Saka again…..

  16. AFC Forever


    No it’s more than that. Discrediting results and being sad about good results is actually something else entirely.

    It’s funny but I was so disappointed when Arteta was appointed. I knew the club was in a mess, I had watched the players have no heart for years, softer than a baby’s sponge. We needed more than a manager, we needed changes in many key positions of the backroom team.

    Based on my expectation he’s done a bloody good job. He won an FA Cup against the odds, tightened us up defensively, got rid of the trouble makers & in the last 5 months only 2 teams have more PL consistency. He came into a mess & getting a third best in the league performance out of these players over more than half the season, behind City & Utd is not too shoddy. So I support him despite my early reservations. He’s staying anyway, so those throwing toys from prams are wasting their time & just making themselves look a bit pathetic, like members of an obsessional cult. Meanwhile Spurs get booed off & diver Kane is waving goodbye.

    Let’s see what happens in the transfer window & at the start the season. It’s pointless all this childish “I want, I want” behaviour until then.

  17. Ishola70


    The most likely scenario by far is that Xhaka stays and yes Arteta’s position can be in jeopardy next season.

    Xhaka is like the Duracell bunny. But instead of the bunny with new fully charged batteries banging those drums rapidly Xhaka is the bunny with the batteries declining and needing replaced. Unfortunately the batteries never fully run out and the bunny bangs those drums very slowly. Vey slowly.

  18. Thank you and goodnight

    So Emery’s 22 game unbeaten run is bollocks, yet Arteta being 3rd since Xmas is reason to get excited. Poor bastards. They are in for a shock next season when Arteta will be bent over and fucked by most teams in the premier league. Seriously how embarrassing for Arteta to be bent over and spanked by the manager he replaced. That is funny

  19. Ishola70

    AFC Forever

    Nah it’s no more than that.

    If fans don’t believe in the manager or dislike him then it is no surprise that they are less enthused about results.

    As said before Arteta is going to have to over-achieve to get everybody on board.

    And he has not done “a bloody good job” overall.

    If he had he would have less detractors.

  20. Thank you and goodnight

    None of us are sad we won you fucking idiot. We’re sad about the shit style of football we’re playing and the fact that kroenke’s and Arteta have turned this club into a fucking laughing stock. A club that is no longer relevant on the European stage, But you window lickers go ahead and accept mediocrity. Just don’t expect all of us to be happy about it.

  21. englandsbest

    Funny. Anything Arteta does good is accidental, anything bad is incompetence. Marginally better than the reverse, I suppose.

  22. AFC Forever


    Yes Odegaard showed his quality yesterday. That cross for Martinellis goal is the creativity you need when teams defend deep. He sees things and passed quickly.

    I’m not surprised about talk of attacking midfielders, as I said the other day it’s how City play. This season they don’t have a striker in double figures, the goals came across the midfield 5 or 6. They don’t have a rigid structure, they have a fluidity of interchange & play with tempo. To do that you not only need technical players but energy & finishing ability. We used to have that type of player & I expect to see additions along those lines over the coming years.It might be interesting to see what happens with Aubamayang.

  23. Sid

    If KDB can adapt to CM, so can Buendia,
    He had better stats than KDB when his team was in the EPL. He is like Santi

    Im telling you for free!

  24. Ishola70

    The only way Arteta has done a “bloody good job” is if you swallow the line that the team and squad are poverty.

    Arteta himself has been implying this.

    It’s bullshit.

  25. Emiratesstroller

    Willock’s current contract ends in June 2023. Somehow I don’t see the player extending his
    contract with us if he is loaned out again.

    He has reached the point in his career when he will want certainty in his career. It would not surprise me that there will be a number offers on the table this summer.

    The question which needs to be asked is where would you play Willock in our starting lineup? The obvious position is attacking midfield.

    Smith-Rowe is also playing in that position and is both younger and in my view a better option. If Arsenal do succeed in buying Odegaard as well he is also going to be ahead of Willock in the pecking order.

    The only other position where Willock might play is in Central Midfield. Is he defensively
    good enough to play that role? Also is he a 90 minute player?

    There are players like Patino [17] and Azeez [18] coming through the Academy system who are highly rated and likely to be competing for a place in first team in a couple of years time.

    As I have said my view is 50-50 on whether to keep or sell him.

  26. Sid

    englandsbestMay 20, 2021 11:05:23
    Funny. Anything Arteta does good is accidental, anything bad is incompetence. Marginally better than the reverse, I suppose.

    Nothing funny here, its the reality, the guy is a charlatan. If Bernie Madoff could get away with its a walk in the park to do it in football.

  27. Rich


    We’re a club in transition, and transitions do take a bit of time, success comes and goes in cycles, this is football

    Developing young players takes time and patience, this season we had Smith-Rowe 20, Willock 21, as our only attacking midfielders, backed up by Xhaka, Ceballos, Elneny, Partey

    Smith-Rowe + Partey both injured for most of the first half of the season, is it any wonder we struggled for goals, creativity and flair?

    It’s Saka’s first full season, he’s 19, he’s done well, but he’s a teenager, and we should never be this reliant on him

    Smith-Rowe has gone from Huddersfield to Arsenal, he’s scored 2 PL goals, and is a young player learning his trade, what were Fernandes, De Bruyne, Grealish, Maddison, Mount, all doing at 20?

    David Luiz is probably our best centre half, but he’s erratic and way past his sell by date, which should tell you a lot about the quality of our other centre halfs

    Gabriel has potential, but he’s come into a chaotic back line, wasn’t particularly experienced, and I expect him to improve next season

    We invested big money into Aubameyang (wrongly in my opinion), but then failed to surround an elite goal scorer, with elite chance creators

    Martinelli is a brilliant young player, but we have to remember he’s 19, it’s the exception rather than the rule that teenagers perform consistently and pump out the type numbers we really need

    Since we’ve brought Smith-Rowe through, and loaned Odegaard, we’ve been better, which shouldn’t be surprising, because we now have creators in the final third

    Not having genuine competition for Tierney hurt us, getting a genuine competition for Tierney, and a better first choice right back can improve us down that side

    With good recruitment we can definitely find better midfielders than Xhaka, Ceballos + Elneny

    We’re not going to sack Arteta, so we just have to hope they get it right this summer, while I’m not confident they will, I am confident that if they do, we can be better next season

  28. Ishola70

    Some fans disliked Emery even in his first season before it went completely tits up the following season.

    So fans disliking Arteta is not a great surprise tbh.

  29. CG


    Please do not make excuses for these imbecilles that currently are at the club.

    From Josh Kronk, to Steve Round, to Mikel Arteta to Edu to Vinny , I personally think they are all clueless, useless and weak as piss.

    I am used to the Hill woods, Friars, Deins, Wengers, Fizmans running the show.

    I can only say what I believe.

    Ill leave the fairy tales and stories of ‘ sunny uplands ‘to others.

    Did you know Arsenal are 80-1 to win the league title next season.

    I have never seen that price as high.

  30. Samesong

    Fans took to Twitter to react to Xhaka’s cameo, suggesting that his presence in the side is still vital even now.

    Some believe that Xhaka’s introduction is what sparked Arsenal’s win, with fans now hoping that he stays over the summer rather than move on.

    LOL Xhaka isn’t going anywhere.

  31. Davey

    Willock is scoring goals at the mo, please I have watched him over the years he will never be good enough to hold down a starting place at Arsenal- sell now while his hot.

  32. Emiratesstroller


    Fair comment

    Offensively I think that Arsenal have the makings of a good squad.

    The only acquisition that I would want to make in that department is to make a serious attempt to buy Odegaard. The only other change in this department would be to offload

    Defensively despite the stats Arsenal have a long way to go to find a settled group. We need
    a partner for Partey who is “athletic, intelligent and a 90 minute player”.

    The backline is most definitely not the finished article. I would classify most of the players
    “squad” material rather than starting X1 lineup. Bellerin is likely to leave and needs to be
    replaced by an upgrade on Chambers and Soares.

    Holding and Mari are basic CBs and a long way short of quality we need. Gabriel started well
    but his form has been recently indifferent. He needs if he plays an experienced partner to play alongside him. Saliba and Mavropanos need to be properly assessed if they return, but
    like Gabriel would need an experienced partner to play alongside them.

    I am sick and tired of reading all this repetitive guff posted on Le Grove about Arteta. He was
    recruited for his potential as a young and talented coach. The expectation is that he will
    improve and that is why Kroenke and senior management are being patient.

  33. Captain Tierney


    If you watched Esr closely yesterday, you would’ve seen him constantly drifting out to the right hand side during buildup allowing Pepe to come inside. And in general our #10 drift into wide spaces during the build up.

    I think this tactic with better practice can be implemented to suit Buendia as well as Pepe. Pepe is ineffective when out wide but whenever he gets the ball in and around the 18 yard box he makes things happen. Meanwhile Buendia has shown great intelligence when playing the RW spot. He exploits the half spaces very well and his end product is well documented. If Pepe or Saka are going through rough patches we can always put Buendia at RW.

    + One important thing to note is that Arteta loves versatile players and always keeps trying new things and tactics and roles with them ala Pep. Just look at how many different positions Saka and ESR have operated in since Arteta took over. Buendia is also cut from the same cloth. Intelligent, fast, effective. He also adds that much needed South American nastiness to our attack.

  34. Rich


    No arguments from me that Venkatesham and KSE are incompetent

    Where or when have I ever made excuses for the people who run the club? There’s clearly a leadership vacuum

    We’re probably stuck with our lot at the minute though, so instead of pushing ourselves into a spiral of negativity, I’m choosing to hope for the best, but unfortunately fearing the worst

    If either through luck or judgment we improve the makeup of our squad, and the quality of our first team

    There’s no reason we can’t be much better next time around

  35. AFC Forever


    As you say much depends on recruitment in the summer. There was no pre-season last year due to Covid and we still had a number of ‘poisonous’ characters in the squad which have now been offloaded. So a decent pre-season without those issues will prove useful.

    For years now we have all known the problems we have had in the squad, for example, the lack of a proper DM and the Centre Back issues. Under Emery & to some extent Wenger, it was far too easy for teams to get at us and we were soft. In some ways, it didn’t hurt us as much as it should because Aubamayang was scoring regularly something he has struggled with due to personal problems and other issues. But the fact remains we have been short on quality in key areas. The younger players have done us proud but, as you say, young players lack what experienced players have so you can’t expect too much from them. It is no coincidence that our form turned around with the addition of more creativity and additions are needed who can increase our ability to play quickly through the lines – that means more technical players. As well as adding better players or those more able to play a faster tempo, it’s important that the team has character & that has been improving along with results. Yesterday was a hostile environment and I believe in previous seasons we would have rolled over and lost that game.

  36. Gonsterous

    Now that luiz is gone, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Xhaka play CB next season. Arteta loves his long balls.

    Get the midfield sorted and we should we have a squad capable of top 4.
    Last summer, when we recruited willian, gabriel, and partey and beat fulham in the first game, the AKBs were certain that we would finish in the top 4. By mid season we were languishing in 10th and the excuses were out in full throttle. I expect the same next season.

  37. Captain Tierney

    We may not have world beaters in defense but our defense is not the unit which needs major surgery. Why?
    Because defending is 70% about the system, discipline, work rate and tactics. 30% about the quality of the players in it
    Arteta has done an exceptional job in instilling a very very good defensive system. That is why we have conceded so few goals this season with the likes of Holding, Luiz, Gabriel, Mari, Bellerin and Chambers being our first choice players. All average imo apart from Gabriel who has potential to be top quality but has been meh-meh in his 1st season. We also have Saliba and Mavro returning, one potentially world class and another potentially Gabriel quality center backs. RB needs an upgrade.

    Attack and midfield is where most of our money should go to.
    Because attack is more about the quality than the system.
    For example – Prior to Bruno’s arrival, ManU were a good defensive side but below average in attack. Bruno’s quality has turned their fortunes around with little to no changes in their attacking system.
    Kane and Son at Tottenham. Horrible defensive side under Mourinho still scoring a good amount of goals.

    Right now our attack is horrible. Arteta’s system is very good in terms of ball progression and control against the bottom 14 sides at least. But we are clueless in the final 1/3. Whatever good we do flows through either Saka, Esr, Pepe or Tierney. Sometimes Laca when he in form. But Saka, Esr are still very young, Pepe inconsistent ( but his 2021 has been very good, massive improvement ), Laca also inconsistent and Tierney is a defender.
    We need someone who can have an impact on our attack like Bruno did at ManU. For me that player is Grealish. Dont know if we can get him, my 2nd choice would definitely be Buendia.

  38. Gonsterous


    I would take that, auba is at the end of his career, and he will bang goals in for chelski but his discipline is sure to cause problems.

    Tammy on the other hand has yet to reach his peak and has a lot of experience playing for a top team in the PL.
    Lower wages and definitely more motivated to prove everyone wrong. And the best thing is, he still has re sale value if he doesn’t work out.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    Captain Tierney

    Arsenal’s attack is not horrible, but it is not playing to its full potential.

    Aubameyang has had by his standards a poor season, but I think that is understandable considering his family issues and malaria. He does not look currently in the best of health
    and that reflects in his performance. I am still confident that he will recover.

    Lacazette is a solid centre forward good enough to score 15-20 goals in a season. Nketiah
    is not going to make the grade at Arsenal and will be replaced next season by Balogun.

    We have got on the books 3 wide players in Pepe, Saka and Martinelli all of whom have got
    considerable goalscoring potential.

    Our goalscoring away from home since Christmas is more than adequate. We have averaged
    more than two goals per game.

    Where we need to improve is in our home games where the opposition are packing their defence and counterattacking. We have scored just 16 goals in eleven games and that is not
    good enough.

  40. Gonsterous

    Don’t know much about either buendia or bissouma, but do they play the same position and style? Im guessing we either get one or the other, right?

    Get a decent RB, and keep cedric and chambers as back up RB and LB.
    Gabriel, Mari, Saliba and Holding are more than good enough for a side with no European aspirations.

    Wingers are sorted, so the main positions are CM, AM (compete with ESR) and a RB. If we let a lot of our current midfielders leave, we may have to buy one more CM. Other than that, it should be an easy window, provided Edu and Arteta know who they want and who their priorities are.

  41. Rich


    I agree with that, Abraham is an experienced PL striker coming into a good age, and with his best days in front of him

    I was keen for us to move Aubameyang on last summer, he’s not become a bad player overnight, but looks like the type of character who’s great to be around when he’s happy, and a nightmare to be around when he’s not

    Hopefully either Chelsea or PSG come knocking

  42. Champagne Charlie

    In a heartbeat, I like Tammy a lot and think he’s excellent value in a top 4 squad. I see him as a more accomplished/polished Welbeck.

    Our attack is terrible. We have incredibly poor fitting senior players for the type of football we aspire to play. Auba, Laca, Pepe, Willian is one of the poorest returns in ability you could get for 180 mil. Auba and Laca don’t even function well enough in the same XI.

    All our promise comes in players like ESR, Saka, Martinelli, Balogun. But it’s more promise than expectation. The big earners don’t nearly deliver enough.

  43. DigitalBob

    Gonsterous – Bissouma is a central midfielder and Buendia plays as an attacking forward mostly on the right but can play centrally and from the left. Both would be great additions.

    If we are looking at Buendia then maybe Nelson is off on a loan next season or sold permanently.

  44. The BFB

    What did we learn from last night ? (i) We perform better without a huge lump of granite clogging up the midfield. (2) Partey and Elneny appear to be the most effective defensive midfield partnership, Why has it taken so long for Captain Blackbeard to realise this? (3) Odegaard finally decides to make an incisive forward pass and it results in a goal. Why doesn’t he do this more often instead of looking for the easy, simple option? (4) With his continuing improvement and on last night’s display Pepe looks to be a better acquisition than Zaha would have been. (5) Martinelli’s energy and pace makes him a potent attacking threat. The fact he has been neglected in favour of plodders like Willian is criminal. Finally Pedro, pleading player poverty one minute and then boasting about being the third best team since Christmas doesn’t make sense. Our lowly league position is entirely due to Arteta’s shortcomings and there is little doubt a competent manager would have us challenging for top 4 and we’d be looking forward to the Eurotrash final.

  45. Frost

    What is it with this nonsense obsession of giving every tom dick & harry a go at our first team?

    Yu’all never learn do you. Player goes to a relegation club bangs in a few goals & you want him to be a starter for fucking ARSENAL? Amazing really.

    Willock won’t start for any of our competitors yet somehow he’s good enough for arsenal football club? Same with Nketiah (Xhaka, Elneny & AMN too mind you)

    They will produce goals for a Newcastle team because that’s their level. You sell them now that they have abit of value to those teams & invest in world class talents who have PROVEN themselves over a period of time.

    We are not a creche where kids & managers come learn… And No you don’t keep them as subs, why? They have abit of value & we definitely need the funds to overhaul that first team.

  46. Gonsterous


    What words are on the banned list? Swear this becomes a real puzzle at times.

    It’s a conundrum answering this question because if we type in the banned words, the comment won’t appear on the feed. So there’s no way to answer this question.

  47. Frost

    “Hypothetically, if Chelsea offered us a straight swap Abraham for Aubameyang Would anyone take it?”

    You’ve not had enough of Chelsea rejects?

    He can’t buy a start in a world class team who are desperately in need of goals but yup let’s consider bringing him to arsenal because we HOPE he’ll magically replicate the goals he scored in the championship 3yrs ago.

  48. Captain Tierney


    Our attack maybe not horrible since ESR’s introduction but is definitely not good enough for a top 4 challenging side.
    We have potential in Saka, ESR, Pepe, Martinelli becoming 20+ goal contributors in the league but thats all we have ‘potential’.
    We need someone who can offer that solution now (next season I mean).
    If Auba goes back to having the best goals to shot ratio.
    If Lacazette plays consistently for a whole season and does not get injured.
    If Martinelli, Saka, ESR find that next level in their games.
    That is a lot of ifs. We need at least two top quality ‘now’ players. One of them can be Auba, but the other has to be a purchase. Grealish or Buendia or Pereira or someone. Someone who had been there and done that.

  49. Frost

    “Good result last night, but it looks like it’s the Europa Conference or bust.”

    Choosing bust tbh. Don’t see the use of that conference league tbh. Europa at least had a backdoor to the CL.

    Someone said yesterday its an opportunity to play our fringe/young players, we’ve got Cup competitions for that.

    Plus any backup who isn’t seriously good enough to challenge for & play in the PL probably shouldn’t be a backup for us in the first place.

  50. DivineSherlock

    What is this obsession over table since Christmas ? jeez . What about the worst Ever Arsenal start to the league ? What happened to most defeats in the league( 13) record ? What about not being able to score at home in a season for 10 games ! What about the Europa League semifinal ?

  51. Kroenkephobe

    Given the remaining fixtures, we look certs for the euro conference. Fast forward to Sunday evening and some people will be hailing it as a masterful renaissance of our season after the manifold disappointments.

    I have a feeling it may prove to be a one off so, like the mercantile trophy in the 80s, win it and Arsenal will be another trivia answer in pub quizzes of the future.

    The away days and fixtures might even be fun as we lock horns with old foes who have beaten us in the past. FC Magdeburg anyone or Sturm Graz? We might also get an away day in the Faroe Islands or distinctly un-European places like Israel or Kazakhstan. Or compete against other top UK sides such as Total Network Solutions or Gap Connahs Quay in the Welsh League or Inverness Caley Thistle or Inverurie Locos . Thrilling.

    Sad to say but I’ll be watching and screaming at the TV as 4th place Bulgarian powerhouse Trachia Plovdiv score a last minute winner against us in the second leg of the semi final. If it happens….trust Mikel’s process.

  52. Jaroda

    Kaz “How many times did Wenger go on an unbeaten run at the end of the season? But ultimately it was deemed not good enough.”

    Could have done with Emery finishing the 18/19 season with a run when we had a Champions League place in our hands.
    Eve (A) Lost 1-0
    Wat (A) Won 1-0
    Palace (H) Lost 3-2
    Wolves (A) Lost 3-1
    Leicester (A) Lost 3-0
    Brigton (H) Drew 1-1
    Burnley (A) Won 3-1
    7 points out of 21. Choke!

  53. Foxy

    We still need to improve a lot defensively in particular defending our flanks.

    Often we do not get out and close down opposition wide players and thus allow them to get the ball into our Penalty area. Xhaka at LB back pedals and bellerin at RB goes AWOL.

    Organised teams like Palace last night quickly get 2 players onto say Pepe when on the touchline blocking him off from crossing or running in behind. This nullified Pepe for most of the game not helped by Chambers not having the legs to get ahead of him and overload.

  54. Almuniasaynomore

    ‘Should he stay or should he go?’ (the clash)
    I’m really enjoying reading the debates as to whether or not Arteta is worthy of more time. I have particular admiration for those defending him as they have drawn the short straw imo ( bit like being on the team in the school debate that had to argue for the motion ‘Santa Claus, is he real?’).
    I’m not unbiased,to be clear,he should be gone,a long time ago, but the defence put forward by some is very clever. Think it was Churchill who said there are lies,damned lies and statistics, this table since Xmas is proof of that, yet in that hands of certain posters it has become a valid weapon, fair play to you.
    There is one argument being made,Pedro himself has made it a couple of times and others have also repeated it that I would particularly like to challenge. The problem of course is the expert conflating of issues by both sides when faced with a superior argument. So I’m wondering if anyone who has made this argument could defend it please. The argument is that Arteta is going to get the summer and the opportunity to begin next season, we can’t change that and so we need to accept it and get behind him and the team rather than oppose it and create misery/negativity/sense of doom or whatever buzz words are being used today. At the risk of sounding like Dr Spock, this is most illogical. Any rational society should encourage individuals to oppose wrongdoing particularly when it is affecting something they care about. To take a stance based only on the likelihood of affecting change would mean that no one should attempt to alter the status quo unless they are sure they will succeed. Should the suffragettes, the Raf during the battle of Britain, Gandhi or any multitude of historical movements or figures have adopted the argument ‘ sure what can I do?’ the world would be a very different place. You may think I’m exaggerating here but the philosophic principle is the same. You must stand up for what you believe in,regardless of the might of the opposition. To argue otherwise is at best pragmatic,at worst cowardly. Please explain to me why Arsenal fans who don’t believe in the direction the club is taking are wrong to demand change. You can argue that you think the club is headed in the right direction but that is conflating the issue. So I’ll repeat, explain to me why an Arsenal fan worried that the club is on the slide,should not take a stand for the club he loves even in the face of overwhelming odds against his stance being effective?

  55. Kaz

    AFC Forever.

    Stop talking out your ass. I celebrate each victory, go cycle through blog post comments and you see that.

    However wanting what’s best for my team and connecting it with Arteta is simply disingenuous to reality. We tanked out of every cup competition, we started this season pathetically, and a lot of our wins have been down to luck over consistency of form.

    But go ahead and bang your nonsense drum that we aren’t real fans just because we haven’t been taken in by a fraud that had us crash pathetically out against Villarreal and Southampton.

  56. Mb

    Selling Willock who scored 6 in a row in 20-25m will be worse than Emi Martinez sell.

    In sid’s words – you heard it here first.

  57. Gonsterous

    Is this European conference thing something new? I’ve never heard about it till this season. All I ever knew what the CL and the EL. Which teams are going to be in the European conference from across Europe? I’m sure we will be quaking in our boots when we have to fly to Russia to play some team, no one has ever heard about.

  58. CG

    Divine Shirlock

    “”””What is this obsession over table since Christmas ? jeez . What about the worst Ever Arsenal start to the league ? What happened to most defeats in the league( 13) record ? What about not being able to score at home in a season for 10 games ! What about the Europa League semifinal ?”””‘

    Well said.

    this is the world we now live in.

    Total delusion.
    Total bullshite.
    Real results ignored.

    nothing more futile, than being phoney positive for the sake of it.

    artetas failed
    Kse failed
    Edus failed

    Lets hope Ek succeeds

  59. Muppetman

    Anyone else think Zaha is a cheating bastard? Diving all over the place, constantly arguing with the ref.

  60. englandsbest

    Please, not Grealish, he shines because he is English. Not at all the dominating midfielder needed. At best, moderate. That’s why currently all the dominant midfielders in PL are importees.

  61. DigitalBob

    Not sure how I feel about entering this Europa conference league but we should aim to finish as high as possible in the league and if that’s the reward for a 7th place finish so be it.

    I guess the benefit of being in it is that we can use it to provide the youth players and fringe members of next years squad some much needed game time.

  62. Thank you and goodnight

    So let’s get this straight, he’s been here 18 months , got rid of the players he didn’t want and added players he did. So this is pretty much his team no matter what the idiots tell you. He’s that great a coach he turned Partey from a midfielder to be feared into Carlton Palmer. 18 months on he still doesn’t know his preferred formation, starting 11, still doesn’t know a style of play,or his the best defence/midfield or upfront. Yet I’m supposed to believe that in the 2 months of pre season hes going to sort it all out and we’re going to smash it next season. Righto Bob

  63. Rich


    I don’t think fans are wrong to demand change

    Both sides seems to have become entrenched in their positions, which is really just a reflection of society in general, both sides want what’s for the best, they just disagree on how that’s best achieved

    I’m doing a bit of a Starmer imitation, and sitting on the fence

    Our biggest issues have been poor recruitment, non existent squad planning, and poor contract management

    Managers come and go, I’m more interested in Arsenal fixing the leadership structure behind the head coach, because if we fix the structural issues, we’ll give our head coach a much better chance of success, whoever that is…

    Arteta has made mistakes, and he couldn’t complain if he was handed his P45

    But since we’re quoting Churchill:
    “Success is never final, and failure is never fatal, it’s the courage to continue that counts”

    If we clear out the deadwood and make some astute moves, I think we can make some progress next season, the emergence of Smith-Rowe, and the loan of Odegaard, has certainly improved things

    Put on the spot, I’d be inclined to keep Arteta, then sack Edu, and go and get an experienced Director Of Football

    But wouldn’t be bothered in the least if we sacked Arteta, I’m just not convinced that without some time to develop our younger players, and without fixing the structural issues, that it’ll change that much, other than the name of our manager

    People hate being told they’re wrong, but the reality is that the future isn’t set, the future is what we make of it, and if Arsenal make good decisions, we’ll do better, and if they make bad decisions, we’ll do worse, if we do just enough to tread water, then we’ll tread more water

    It’s all to play for

  64. CG


    ”””CG Lets hope the fans going for the final games are the ones who fiercely protested against Kroenke . We need Kroenke Out Banners .;;;;;;

    I know what’s much more powerful than any “Kronk Out’ banner or ‘Arteta Out’ banner

    Simply don’t turn up.

    We didn’t move from Highbury to become ‘Christmas’ Champions’ with some non descript upstart as manager talking about’ his processes’ and bringing his Brazilian rejects.

    We did it, to win league titles and European Cups

    Supporters should never forget that.

    Anyway, Dennis Bergkamp gets it. ( see his interview)

  65. Billyham

    Just because I don’t get all positive about the future when we win doesn’t mean I’m not happy that we won. If you say I’m not a proper fan because I’m not accentuating the positives all the time, then I think your head is up your culo. I am distressed about the rotten incompetence and corruption (eg Edu:Kia, £72m Pepe) of the hierarchy of the club I’ve been supporting since 1982 when I was 6. I’m sad that guys like Saka quite honestly would be better off leaving, and probably will once they’ve had a proper bellyful of it.

    The people in charge are clearly satisfied with themselves, and my belief is that this is because they earn a fortune and have no accountability. If you’re happy to accept that, fair play, but I’m not. On the evidence I have seen so far, e.g. bungling the Europa semis and relentlessly fielding the wrong players in the wrong effing positions, I say that Arteta should have no future as manager. But he will remain, and the club will keep frittering away our money, because all these second rate individuals are looking after each other.

  66. S Asoa

    “ Xhaka will be gone this summer (his wife wants out and every married man knows unhappy wife is unhappy life).If he is not, Arteta will be gone before Christmas. “

    Valentin is usually right

    On another recurring argument earlier , Willock has scored 6 goals in as many games, including against top teams in the League. AM, or whatever the argument, proves the lad is worthwhile if put in his appropriate round hole. Why blame if Arsehole insists in playing most of the young players out of position. Saka has been put out of joint by this stupid rotation. When Emery found Saka the boy progressed in his familiar position, particularly with ESR playing as No 10. Yesterday Saka was quite poor, as was implying.

  67. Kroenkephobe

    Agree entirely on the right to protest. And I suspect Le Grove would be rather sterile without any discord.

    Had a feeling you’d be tuned in to Joe, Mick, Paul and Topper. I’m thinking of a superlative that accurately describes the Clash but I’ll simply say they were a very, very good band. Combat Rock not my favourite album but later in that song there’s the line, ‘if I go there will be trouble, if I stay it be doubled’.

    A paean to Arteta

    Your indecision’s bugging me
    We don’t want you at AFC
    What’s your system meant to be?
    Your armani shit won’t even fit me!

  68. DivineSherlock


    Dennis Bergkamp knows best . The fact that this project has the backing of 3 of our legendary players is what makes me feel hopeful. That was a very well spoken interview indeed.

  69. China1

    After just 3 months schalke have decided to let mustafi walk away as a free agent without even bothering to offer a new contract to a player they just got for free in Jan. This is a player we paid 35m for 5 odd years ago. At the time he must’ve been one of the top 10 most expensive CBs in the world

    For 5 years most of us said he’s pants and he’s managed to float in and around our first 11. Last year because Mikel had him manage all of 3 consecutive games without costing us a goal the nickname given was schkodran baresi. Arteta even offered him a new contract just last summer.

    It’s just embarrassing that arsenal is so consistently eager to condone average and worse actively pretend it’s good.

    Let’s see next if granit ‘statistically one of the best CMs in Europe this season’ can garner a transfer fee over 18m and go to anything other than a middling German team, where he’ll prove the doubting arsenal fans wrong with his quality no doubt…

  70. China1

    Mesut ozil was another who had cultlike adoration from so many but isn’t even good enough to look good in the Turkish league these days

  71. Tom

    Same posters who called the Chelsea win a masterclass lecturing others about Arsenal unlucky fine margin loses is top entertainment.

    What did we learn after the CP win someone asked………….not sure, but maybe that beating a side with 12 players out of contract and the manager being let go in four days time wasn’t the hardest test ever.

  72. Kroenkephobe

    Agree wholeheartedly about Zaha. If its not actually conscious, I imagine most refs assigned to Selhurst Park will go with at least unconscious bias against Zaha based on the copious instances of his diving and conning refs. He’s an extreme example along with Kane, Fernandes, and Mane. I think there was a decent case in the second half for him to have received 1 or 2 yellows for his amateurish simulation. An awful unlikeable opponent and teammate I would imagine. You’d think the advent of VAR would make players like that think twice, but they all seem to be on a charge to do it more. Although he’s an ex Spud, I like Townshend and suspect he and some of the other players must think WZ it a tosser.

    And that’s how he’ll be remembered by all but the most blinkered of Palace fans. He coulda been a contender…

  73. Tom

    “ Xhaka will be gone this summer (his wife wants out and every married man knows unhappy wife is unhappy life)”

    Then again Xhaka makes a £100kpw and that can buy a lot of happiness.
    What’s his wife’s Instagram modeling career pay I wonder.
    I hear she’s quite big in Albania.

  74. Kroenkephobe

    Cheers mate 😏. Its either tragedy or comedy with this lot isn’t it. I just know if I was acquainted with someone who had characteristics like Arteta’s, it would be impossible to resist taking the piss out of him Such a serious, self absorbed little man.

  75. Sid

    Which Abraham? Abramovich or the black guy whose first name sounds girly since the English cant be bothered to pronounce Tamaraebi?

  76. Rich

    Xhaka doesn’t seem like the type to accept playing second fiddle

    If there’s an offer from Germany at around £20-£25million, then I expect he’ll be on his way

    This summer could be a good opportunity to shuffle the pack in the middle of the park, hopefully we can get Torreira, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Elneny, Niles, all out the door

    Hopefully we then get our recruitment right, we need to be careful of the African Cup in January though, I’d love Bissouma, but that could leave us open to potentially losing Bissouma, Partey, Elneny, just off the back of a busy Xmas period, when you add in Aubameyang + Pepe, that could seriously derail our season

    It wouldn’t surprise me if we did something that negligent

  77. Tom

    Zaha is just unhappy about his contract situation at CP ( £140kpw) and the fact he’s stuck career wise.
    If he were allowed to come to Arsenal he’d be all smiles making £200kpw , getting all the calls from refs he’s not getting now ( as all Arsenal players do) , and in three years time he’d be lifting the CL trophy along with Willian.
    Or was it two years now?

  78. Sid

    Elneny & partey were a better combination than Xhakalson & partey
    Diet pep didnt give the former partnership a chance because he didnt want to rock the boat.

  79. DivineSherlock


    Exactly what Arsenal matches are you watching , yesterday Benteke used his arm on Elneny and VAR didnt give him anything . Meanwhile David Luiz gets sent off for touching the oppponent against Wolves. What sort of calls do you think we get ?

  80. englandsbest

    Four quotes that seem oddly applicable:-

    On Arteta’s process: ‘The secret of getting ahead is to get started’

    On his forthright honesty: ‘If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything’

    On the OTT criticism he has received: ‘Lies, damn lies, and statistics’

    On forecasts that his stay will be short: ‘The story of my death has been somewhat exaggerated.’

  81. Tom

    I think match commentators should call players by their full names carefully selected by their thoughtful parents.

    Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham has a nice ring to it doesn’t it.

  82. WengerEagle

    It’s convenient and disingenuous in equal measure to fail to mention that in all these presentations of this ‘since Christmas/Chelsea’ tables that in by far our two most important games of the season- Villareal home and away, we played some of our worst football, created little to nothing and tepidly bowed out to an inferior side managed by the much mocked Unai Emery.

    That was basically season on the line importance and we looked clueless. No serious injury concerns either so no real excuse to put in two such terrible performances.

    Again, you can champion this post Christmas table till the cows come home, we are about to finish 7-9th and that is the only stat that really matters when evaluating the season considering Arteta wasn’t parachuted in at Xmas.

  83. Tom

    Oh common, everyone knows Arsenal get all the calls all the time.
    Just rewatch the 2004 Riley bottle job at OT where he failed to send Campbell off for his career threatening two footed challenge on Rooney( pen) , as well as Reyes( rip) for his shameless play acting.

  84. Foxy

    To quote Troy, for next season we need players with Cajones and will take a game by the scruff of the neck and get us wins, which rules out the likes of Elneny

  85. Almuniasaynomore

    Fair points. Problem when passions run high is nobody seems to be allowed to sit on the fence,no matter how sensible the wait and see option may be.

    The clash were introduced to me by an older sister, they are class. Here’s the best I could do in reply to your excellent take
    Your indecision’s bugging me
    You let our players go for free
    You tried to extend Mustafi
    Xhaka’s flaws you cannot see
    Come on and let me know
    How you have faith in Bernd Leno

  86. Rich


    If we started off by being second, but regressed into ninth, then that’d be a sign of regression

    If we’re lingering just above the relegation zone, but then become one of the leagues form teams over 20+ games, then that’s a sign of progress

    Teams are assembled through the youth team and transfer market, but then they’re built on the training ground, and when you don’t have City style finances, that can take some time, not just to get players in, but also clear the decks

    I take your point that we choked when it mattered, and that could have cost Arteta his job, and he couldn’t have had any complaints

    But if you say there hasn’t been progress in the league since Xmas, then that’s being disingenuous, because there clearly has

    That doesn’t undo what came before it, and it doesn’t undo the poor performance in the semi final, but it does give us a platform to build from

    Hopefully we can make some shrewd and astute adjustments to our squad, and then use the platform we’ve created, in order to create some forward momentum

  87. WengerEagle

    On a more postitive note, Kane is a goner. That look on his mug said it all, also tactfully releasing the I’m out interview with the Ratty Manc twerp that works on Sky.

    So Spurs may be headed back to midtable mediocrity where they belong!

    100-150m is all well and good but good luck replacing Kane. Son’s going to suffer big time too, half of his goals were created by Kane.

  88. raptora

    Almuniasaynomore May 20, 2021 12:58:40

    Take a bow, lad. Exremely well written and on point.

    Middle finger to all the Pedros and Charlies telling people to shut up, trust the process and that we are improving.

    Pedro especially – he’s the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Acting smug, he’s bringing up some make-believe stats like 2nd since Chrismas. Says how the big problem is fans are angry over a win like they are supporting Spurs.

    Wenger was giving us UCL football year after year but Pedro wasn’t happy and demanded a change. Now he says that the future is bright after a win that puts us in 9th place.

    What happened to becoming champions in the next 3 years after Wenger? When you wanted Wenger’s removal you were shooting for the title. Now we should be happy after a win that puts us in 9th place.

    The double standards are unreal. Same way he was defending Gazidis.

    The day will come when Arteta will be shown up for the useless sack of potatoes he is and I’m hoping that Pedro will realize how wrong he was to break his principles for a manager who doesn’t deserve it.

    How he was supposed to be the beacon of light that demanded more, who was not okay with mediocrity, who wanted to push for a change that will make us compete for the EPL and UCL again.

    Then he turned out to be a person who’s celebrating a 9th place breaking 30 negative records season. Someone who’s gloating when our club is in it’s worst state in the last almost 3 decades. Someone who thrives in mediocrity.

    Ban me again if you so desire. You’ve pushed away/banned 80% of the good posters anyway. I appreciate the time and effort you put in your articles, I just hope you get to open your eyes and see the big picture here. You have the responsibility to be a voice in the Arsenal fan society. With your actions, you are not helping the club to move forward. You are a YES man to a regime that has failed and is bound to fail again and again. You are enabling lower expectation and averageness. The very thing you were supposed to create this blog for.

    Then again, even losing to Emery’s Villareal wasn’t enough to show you that this is not the right way. It’s got to the point where all hope is lost as was the case with your blind support for Gazidis.

  89. Tom

    So true. There hasn’t been a better one-two punch in the pl than Son/Kane in a while.
    I was shocked to learn how very few assists the Liverpool’s Salah and Mane have for each other for the amount of goals they’ve scored this season in the Prem.
    Quit he opposite to the Tottenham duo.

  90. The Bard

    WengerEagle I subscribe to the same view. The table is the table. Any other way of looking at it is an excuse. We could have or we should have are reserved for the bottlers. My main beef is that we don’t and haven’t had mental strength for a decade or more. No amount of talent makes up for mental weakness. I’m on the fence over whether Arteta is able to instil that or not. If he doesn’t hit the ground running next season I cant see him lasting long.

  91. WengerEagle


    I’m hoping for that.

    Contrary to what the self-proclaimed superfans on here claim about anybody criticising the club or the manager in any way shape or form being a Spud/idiot/doom monger/’I want’ brat, etc and lecturing us on how to support our own club, I only want what I believe is best for the club and will get us back eventually to where we belong, competing. (3rd most titles in England, most FA Cups, ever-present in Europe)

    I am very excited about Saka, ESR, Tierney, Martinelli, I still have high hopes for Partey, Gabriel, Saliba when he returns from loan.

    I rate Mari, Lacazette and have been encouraged by what I have seen of Pepe of late.

    There is the bones of a good team there, we need to add some quality in 2-3 starting positions that most can agree on (RB, CM, LW) as well as bringing in another goalscorer up top.

    There is plenty to be positive about, I just don’t susbscribe to the notion that we have made steps forward under Arteta. The post Xmas form has been great but it has only salvaged a midtable season for us rather than a relegation scrap which we were on pace for up until Xmas.

    And as you say, he still found a way in amongst this run to absolutely bottle our two most important games of the season to an inferior opponent managed by guess who. Two games that really mattered and was a viable window to CL Football.

    People were ruthless on Emery being pipped to 4th by a result and losing the EL Final, rightfully so too because that shouldn’t cut it at a club as big as ours.

    I’m now seeing ‘only 9 points off of 4th’ being bandied about proudly on here, could barely make it up.

  92. Kegunner

    Bad tidings. Arsenal needed to win Europa league to sneak into champions league. Now they need to win Conference league to sneak into Europa league. Even getting into the Conference league is not guaranteed.

    Club better off sorting internal issues next season.

  93. WengerEagle


    Can you believe that in all the time that Henry and Zidane played together for the France NT that they only assisted one another for one sole goal- the QF Winner vs Brazil in the 2006 World Cup.

    Just reminded me of that as you mentioned Salah and Mane. I think that is why Klopp still persists with Firmino up top despite losing his scoring touch, he still brings the best out of Salah.

    Mane has really gone off the boil this season. Still a great player, will be interesting to see what Klopp opts for next season though. Would be foolhardy to go into next season with the same front 3 once again after this season and Salah is the only untouchable player in the XI.

  94. Rich


    I thought Emery slightly overachieved in his first season overall, I’m not saying he was the right choice, but the season wasn’t the disaster many made it out to be , and I think he was fired 5 points off 4th, which is hardly an insurmountable gap to close

    There’s no easy fixes to get us back to the top, the league is really competitive

    I don’t subscribe to the idea that managers should lose their jobs during a rebuild, not unless they’ve completely lost the players, and it doesn’t look like Arteta has

    Change is often painful, and can take a bit of time, this season has been disappointing, but if our young players can develop, and we can make some clever adjustments, there’s no reason we can’t look to improve our points tally and league position next time

    CL is far from guaranteed though, United, Chelsea, City, Leicester, Liverpool, will likely improve, not just externally, but also internally

    We need to be much closer and firmly in the mix next season, what’s saved Arteta this season has been a lack of fans in the stadium, I suspect he’d have been gone otherwise

    Hopefully we get the key decision right this summer 🤞

  95. Uwot?

    How the hell is Willock being bandied about by the Times & Metro at a sale value of £20 million.?Someone is taking the f** ng piss.If we flog him you’d be looking at The British premium of at least £25/30 million.why are we always involved in what looks like a carboot sale.If he goes for the price the meejah are quoting heads should roll.

  96. TR7


    China did create Corona virus in its lab. People need to read finance articles and science journals more and learn from there than frame their views from reading Twits, Insta posts and Guardian/NYC/Washington post. Many noted scientists including Nobel Prize winners have suggested that Wuhan is a virus manufactured in a lab but hey what do they know and what is their credibility in the era of social media influencers and Ted talkers.

  97. Sly

    WE, raptora great comments
    On another brief nostalgic note the much maligned wenger would have won a 4th maybe even a 5th title if cazorla wasn’t injured in my humble opinion
    His failure to do so was his undoing
    A coach who rebuilt midfields with panache
    Yes his time was up but we’re left with an inept leadership that can’t get even the most basic decisions correct
    How times have changed
    Now we aspire to a top 4 finish and celebrate mediocrity digging out ‘stats’ and ignoring facts staring us in the face while we ‘trust the process’ and ignore the results

  98. Kegunner

    Daniel Ek should not go it alone. Set up a fund me page where funds gets fans shares at the club. Sure that the club can be bought back in a month.

  99. Foxy

    yes if We win the Europa conference league next year we not only get to be the first winner of this magnificent new club trophy but we also qualify for the EUL !

    I fail to understand why clubs from the top 5 leagues are in the ECL as it is supposed to be a competition for clubs from minor leagues to try and win.

  100. Moray

    I’m not sure about 9 points off fourth. We’re finishing below two clubs who sacked their manager this year because of underperformance.

  101. Sid

    Boubawillock is equal or better than boubakary soumare.

    Meanwhile, Supreme leader has become like Wenger,
    out of touch with reality, the irony!

  102. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Look I like many was disappointed in BB…
    However I’m prepared to give him another season .. feel he may be going in right direction . Just needs to clear the decks of a bit rubbish. Also play youth.

  103. Moe

    Agree with Raptora in that mediocrity cannot be condoned at Arsenal regardless of who it involves. It’s embarrassing to read about this post Christmas table, very cringeworthy in fact. Arteta has failed miserably, more so that Emery and Freddie. Nothing other than the sack is acceptable.

  104. Tom

    “China did create Corona virus in its lab.”

    I thought it was Pedro’s emotional support pangolin he adopted after Emery pipped Arteta to the Arsenal job that started the pandemic.

  105. andy1886

    Feck me, EB’s moved on from ‘anyone can play FB’ to ‘Grealish isn’t very good’. Does the man/woman/non-binary entity even watch football? Talk about a lack of credibility.

  106. Vintage Gun

    I fully understand why Pedro is saying that he’s not going to wallow in pity all summer over our season and how it’s time to look forwards. However to try and shape this season as anything other than a depressing, disgusting , stinking shithouse of a season is nothing more than a failed face saving exercise. Nothing more.

    Lets all hope for a positive summer rebuild and a strong start to next season and i’m fully behind that. But to suggest this season is a sign of progression is twilight zone chat.

    It’s our worst, most boring season in over 25 years. Roll on Sunday and lets be done with this FAILED season.

    Onwards and upwards

  107. Moe

    And yes COVID 19 was man-made in a lab in China… would think that would be pretty obvious by now. There are even more deadlier pathogens in labs in China, UK, USA, Israel and Russia.

  108. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The UK were making public info films in the 70s… Fact

    They may have redistributed it in 2018/19
    For what reason we will never know.
    But it was brought back to do something ..

  109. Kroenkephobe

    Pure poetry. I’m in awe. We should keep tapping into these musical memories. They help to distract from the awfulness of the club we love despite the bullshit.

    And your sister has excellent musical taste.

  110. Pedro

    Man, scratch beneath the veneer of elite football chat on here and I’ve got a bunch of nutters.

    Tom, I can’t deny you, that was exceptional banter and I’ll take it on the chin.

  111. Sly

    Covid 19 was created in a wuhan lab= hogwash
    Right up there with Covid 19 doesn’t exist
    Conspiracy theorists have all the time in the world to ‘theorize’ until they have to deal with reality like folks putting their lives on the line fighting this pandemic

  112. Pedro

    Almunia, a very elegant way of saying that you don’t believe a sample of 24 straight games… in which clear variables changed, to be relevant.

    Not sure that holds up… because you are saying 13 games prior is the truth of our season, which you don’t need to be a statistician to see is a load of nonsense.

  113. Kegunner

    If soccer were about statistics Arsenal would be over the moon. Unfortunately soccer is about red hot passion. What matters are hero’s who scored last night overcame their arch nemesis.

    Soccer is about who won last night period. Bragging rights included 😎😎😎

  114. WengerEagle

    Pedro, were you not calling for his head yourself after Villarreal?

    Almunia’s post was spot on.

    You don’t get to cherry pick a part of the season and label it a success as a whole ignoring the crucial parts that actually matter that we fucked up with Arteta shown to be out of his depth.

  115. Pedro

    WE, he’s totally wrong. Data is used to get to the truth.

    I can cherry-pick a continuous set of data that equates to 62% of the season for signs of life in a project.

    He should have gone after Villareal, he didn’t, and this is a good indicator of why it might be ok.

    Basing your entire truth off of 38% of games at the start of the season is weak sauce and it’s the sort of comment that only holds water on the internet.

  116. Pedro

    TR7, absolutely not interested in pumping corona virus in lab theories on here, take it to Reddit. It’s right-wing nutter stuff.

  117. Baz

    I find to my astonishment, I’ve been a Gooner for more than 60 years (went to my first home game when I was 10).
    My hero was Danny Clapton (named my first son after him). Danny had great natural skill and almost scored a ton of goals. His talent was recognised with an England cap. Why “almost”? Because he never had the confidence to believe he was a top player. Danny faded out of top rank football and unfortunately died in his early 50s.
    Danny’s sole international was in 1958 against Wales, who had another Arsenal hero in goal; the superb Jack Kelsey. Amazingly, Danny and Jack turned out for Arsenal later in THE SAME DAY in a friendly against Juventus.
    The point I’m making (if I’m making a point at all) is human beings need affirmation of their value. In a football context, this not only applies to players, but also the Manager. Yes, of course Arteta has made big mistakes and players have underperformed, but launching a campaign to get Arteta out after a couple of seasons and booing our players off the pitch is not the Arsenal I want to be part of.
    We have some great kids and a Manager that will develop into a top top coach. Maybe we should start supporting the team and show positive passion. You never know, you might start enjoying games more and the Danny Claptons might turn into world beaters.