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The Arsenal transfer news machine is cranking into action and it’s polarising as usual.

The name people are struggling with is Ryan Bertrand, a 31-year-old left-back, heralded as cover for Kieran Tierney.

It’s not a future-facing signing, it feels a little like Cedric and Willian, and it’s not exciting.

I can see the argument, but I can also see the logic with this one.

He’s being signed as a proper back-up. Here for 20 odd starts next season. A truly viable option to slip in to cover for a nearly world-class left-back we have in Tierney.

There are three ways into this role.

  1. Cheap experience
  2. Buy an up and coming talent
  3. Bring in from the youth team

We don’t have a kid that’s ready, hence the mess we’ve been through at the backend of this season.

We don’t have the money to buy-in what would be a luxury sub. I’m also not sure there’s a need to bring in a 21-year-old. Kieran Tierney is the left-back, will be for years, he doesn’t need competition to be motivated, so asking a young player to come in and stunt their own growth might be wasteful.

Kieran Tierney dropped 2700 minutes this season, he would have done more if we’d been able to effectively rotate him. I’d love it if we could give this role to a kid, there was talk it might be Cottrell, but if he’s never played a Premier League game, you are risking that Tierney gets injured and you sink a kid. Maybe the hope of Bertrand is that we can loan the younger kids, then when the more senior player leaves, we have someone with 40 games under their belt at 20 years old. Similar process I’m sure to what we’re going to see with Flo Balogun.

Additionally, I think it’s worth noting this.

Arsenal has the joint 3rd best defence in the league with likely the most unforced errors.

We have the 10th best attack in the league.

The job this summer is fairly straightforward, we need to find a way to lower the amount of mistakes in the system, find midfielders that can transition to attack, and find a couple of players that can add ‘now’ efficiency in the final 3rd. Basically, if we get Auba scoring 30 next season, we’ll qualify for the top 4.

A backup left-back isn’t moving us forward on any of those objectives.

We need to rebuild the right side of our defence totally. We probably need to find a centre back that can replace the positives of David Luiz, whilst eradicating his painful errors. We don’t have ball-playing centre backs (consistent at least) and that needs to be addressed if we’re going to move our game forward.

Those two signings alone are going to be very expensive… and even with a cash injection, we’re not rich, so every penny counts. In your fantasy league team, sometimes you have to take a hit in a low-risk area, I think Bertrand is that hit for the greater good which will see money spent elsewhere.

The second player that is moistening loins is Camavinga of Rennes. The 18-year-old centre midfielder is quite obviously going to be a generational talent, that’s no exaggeration. To hold your own and thrive in that position against PSG means you are a different gravy. If there was a statement signing that spoke to the future Arsenal are building, it’d be someone like him. He has it all, great passing, supreme acceleration, verticality in his passing, press resistance, he looks like he’ll have goals to his game at some point.

He’s very, very young… and not many teenagers make it in that position in the Premier League, but he’s absolutely the type of player Madrid or Bayern snap up and build into a force that stays there for 10 years.

Could just be agent hype, of course, but one can dream that Arsenal are looking into France, hoping to take advantage of French clubs desperation to get cash into their ailing businesses. If we’ve learnt anything over the last decade, it’s that France fosters the best kids that bring the most value to clubs long-term. It’ll be a real miss if we’re spending all our pennies on the expensive leagues this summer.

If Arsenal were to operate like a ruthless business this summer, they’d be hoovering up players from distressed clubs.

There are some other transfer stories doing the rounds. It seems like we’re quite into Sander Berge of Sheffield United. He’s 23 years old, absolutely towering, and 20m Euros is good money and a distress price.

Then there are the exit stories.


Can you imagine? Inter Miami. I think he’d bang there. Ok food, big Brazilian culture, nice weather every day. Fabrizio Romano is getting that story from somewhere and I couldn’t be happier. One would assume Willian landed his green card or whatever if he’s now pushing to exit the club. Whatever the reason, it’d be absolutely amazing if he just wanted to go and play football somewhere that wasn’t Arsenal next season.

We’ll see though. Moving on average senior players hasn’t been an attribute of the Arsenal hierarchy, but let’s see what they have this summer.

Right, on that note, I am bouncing. See you tomorrow!


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  1. Left Testicle

    That £120 short term loan always had to be paid back in May. Hence the name ‘short term’ loan. It was Covid related. As for us competing for Harry Kane. FAKE NEWS day on Le-Grove.

  2. Nelson

    Arteta said: “I want to reflect in the next week or so when we finish, but I’m sure that I’ve done a lot of things wrong, 100 per cent I can tell you now before going through it.”

    Didn’t we hear all those excuses from his supporters that there is nothing wrong????

  3. raptora

    Not sure why we have to reach to the inevitable sacking during the season when everything could be done in a civilized way in June. Let Arteta know that Arsenal need a more experienced manager, and that Arteta needs to get experience in a club with a bit lower expectations and less pressure. Get ten Hag or Allegri and we’ll be back in the mix for UCL places in the upcoming season.

    But what’s going to happen is that Arteta will spend the money horribly again, he will ostracize even more players, the long awaited Artetastyle will never show for other than what it truly is – boring, tedious, dire, purposely robotic, uninspiring, the complete opposite of the Arsenal way.

    As fans come back to the stadiums the pressure following the inevitable bad results will rise and this is where I hope Kroenke’s head will fall. Because keeping Arteta in the job, is a ticking bomb for the owner’s head. If they don’t react on time, the fans bomb will explode and they will be forced to sell.

    None of this necessarily happens if they move Arteta on and sign up a proper manager.

    Whatever the Kronkes decide it’s a win win for us.

    And as it’s looking like Arteta will start next season, I predict that he’ll be sacked by January and if the fans don’t get who they want, we’ll have a new owner by next Summer.

  4. Ishola70

    Arteta said: “I want to reflect in the next week or so when we finish, but I’m sure that I’ve done a lot of things wrong, 100 per cent I can tell you now before going through it.”

    A manager admitting that he hasn’t been good enough but hopes to get better.

    Arsenal of 2021.

  5. AFC Forever


    “That’s the concern I have, City running away with the title season after season. Barca + Real have won 16 out of 17 before this season, Bayern have won every title since 2011. Hopefully the gap between City and the rest can be bridged next season”

    If they sign Kane I think they will walk it.

    They have won 3 of the last 4 PL trophies and this season they have done it without relying on a striker getting double figures, Torres 7 & Jesus 8. In fact, they often start without a striker on the pitch. This season they have spread their goals around the midfield; Gundogan with 12, Sterling 10, Mahrez 9, Foden 7, KDB 5 and then others chipping in. However, their numbers this season are down. Aguero has hardly contributed through injury.

    If you add Kanes goals, it might change the team dynamic but they’re guaranteeing 25-30 PL goals from a striker. That is pretty frightening when you consider the fact goalscoring is not a problem for them:-

    2018-19._____GS:95_____GA:23___GD: 72
    2019-20_____GS:102____GA:35____GD: 67
    2020-21_____GS: 76*____GA:29___GD: 47

    *Two to play

    Chelsea bought Havertz & Werner and have just 5 goals more than us, 55, which shows you that if anyone needs a striker it is them. I expect there will be a bit of an auction for Kane, unless he’s already made his mind up, not just because teams need goals but because they don’t want a rival to steam further ahead.

    If Kane goes to Man City I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chelsea sniffing around Aubamayang or Haaland but I’m not sure teh latter would go to Man Utd after what his Dad suffered at the hands of Keane and their hierarchy.

  6. China1

    Give it a few years and fakes will be even more convincing considering deep fake software

    It will eventually by close to impossible to tell what’s real and what’s fake akin to any good photoshop job now.

  7. Valentin


    If you take you Arsenal tinted glass and look at the situation from a player’s perspective and you may end up with a different opinion.

    Imagine a player who is not an Arsenal fan, not just a mercenary who will wherever he can get the most money.

    Arsenal: club on the decline that may not qualify for the Europa League with a manager who keep benching two of your former colleagues (Pepe, Gabriel). A club where behind the scene is a shamble.

    Leicester: a club on the up that just won their first FA Cup. A club that just failed to qualify for the Champion’s League under a manager who is clearly loved by both players and management. A club where behind the scene is clear, well defined and a plan to up.

    To me Soumaré would be a fool to join Arsenal over Leicester if the choice is between Playing with Youri Tielamens as Ndidi replacement or playing with Xhaka/Elneny/Partey.

  8. Valentin


    Athletico Madrid was/is a really defensive team, well structured, compact team. Despite having the same size pitch (105 m × 68 m) than Arsenal, the area Partey was tasked to patrol there was a lot smaller than the one at Emirates.

    The extreme was against Villarreal second leg where he was tasked to control the entire width of the pitch on his own.
    The amount of sprints and their intensity are a lot higher. So the hamstring injuries may not disappear, simply because of Arteta style of football (possession based) and formation.

  9. AFC Forever


    Yes, agree. Terrorist propaganda is an important tool, we saw how successful it was for Daesh. Goebbels was the master of propaganda, it’s not a new phenomenon. However, as you say, with software and social media it’s a pretty easy way to garner support from people who are already ideologically sympathetic to a terrorist cause.

  10. Gonsterous

    Edu might be the meekest DOF in world football. Which other club has manager and DOF wielding the same amount of power?

    If we are not going to sack arteta, maybe first sack edu, bring in a DoF who will over the next 5 years have a certain goal and vision. Then get him to pick players to buy and scouts to oversee the process. Yes he should talk and discuss and take on board ideas from the manager but he should have the final say.

    When the manager fails, have the DoF shortlist and choose the next manager most suitable for the role. At the end of each season, analyse how well we have been doing under the guidance of the DoF. Not just looking at on field objectives but also off field objectives.

    Edu, just like arteta just seems to be winging it. What is his role and what are his duties?

  11. AFC Forever


    “a club on the up that just won their first FA Cup. A club that just failed to qualify for the Champion’s League”

    This is not correct. Leicester are third, two points ahead of Chelsea who they play tonight and three more than Liverpool. If Leicester win tonight they are in the CL.

  12. Marc

    I keep hearing people on here including Pedro say the Kroenke’s are going to throw money at the club this summer. Now it may be true as they now own the club outright but I would point out that ST renewals will be going out next week and it has as much chance of being bullshit to get people to fork out.

    There are those who make good arguments as to way they should but that doesn’t mean that they will. The truth is no one really knows what the Kroenke’s are thinking or what they’ll do.

  13. TR7


    Israel is well within its right to defend itself against Hamas which is a terrorist organisation. It was Hamas which started off with launching rockets to target Israel and now that Israel has counter attacked with its full might you are complaining about the difference in their respective military capabilities and how it is unfair on Hamas. It’s hypocritical. I am sure you don’t get teary eyed when an Israeli kid becomes a victim of attack from Hamas.

  14. Vintage Gun

    Thatc’s my overriding thoughts in regards to the Kronkes and spending this summer.


    As some posters have pointed out God help those devils next season if they don’t invest after our worst season in a quarter century. With fans back as well?
    Especially as it looks as if those that finished comfortably above us are ready to restock with quality players.

  15. Captain Tierney


    You should get your facts right. It was Israel police force which attacked the Al-Aqsa mosque which made the tension explode.

    + even UN has stated the settlers colonialism Israel is doing is wrong and may even be considered a war crime.

    Israel is well within its rights to fire their own rockets towards Hamas. But killing over 200 civilians is not an act if self defense.

  16. Vintage Gun

    As for Sander Berg. Anything under £30m and we’ve done well. Easilly in my top 3 choices of realistic CM targets. Young, Powerful, tall, dominant, vertical runner, Strong, great team ethic.
    A great Xhaka replacement. Get him AND Bissouma in and have Party, Berg, Bissouma and Elneny as our core 4 CM options next season. Players like Azzez can be cover.

  17. Na me ooo

    If Kroenke knows whats best for them, they would go all out this summer. This is probably the most desperate Arsenal have been in a long time. If there ever was a time when a sugar daddy is needed.

    Otherwise I can see Arsenal fans going full monster starting next season.

  18. TR7


    I know my facts. Hamas initiated the attack, not Israel. It’s immaterial what led to escalation of tensions. Once started it was bound to escalate anyway.

  19. Captain Tierney


    So it was Hamas who assaulted the mosque ?

    Take your RW tinted glass off and try to understand the situation from a neutral POV.

    One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist.

  20. AFC Forever

    Guys, take my advice. Arguing over politics is futile it is the easiest way to fall out with people. Defending anyone who kills innocent people and children is really unedifying. Stick to football, you still get the closed-minded idiots but at least we’re only arguing over a hobby and not who deserves to be killed the most.

  21. Batistuta


    Reading Deschmaps is recalling Benzema for the Euros, any truth to that over there.

    That’d be cheating really at this point because they’re already well stacked upfront, makes France clear favorites too I’d imagine

  22. AFC Forever

    Back to football:

    Arteta has confirmed that William Saliba will return to Arsenal at the end of the season.

    Arteta: “Our loan manager, Ben Knapper, is always in contact with him. We, as a coaching staff, are following his progression, watching his games and in contact with him. It’s not an ideal world (due to Covid-19) to still feel you belong here and have a face to face relationship but we try to do it in the best possible way.

    I would have liked for (the loan move) to have happened at the start of the season. We had 8 central defenders, which is unheard of, but we didn’t find the right moment, the right club, the right agreement to do that – in my opinion, we could have used those 5 months in a better way. We tried to maximize it when we decided to keep him here until December and now he’s had a run of games that he needed after the difficult year (injury & 12 games) he had in the previous season.

    When we finish the season we will sit down and discuss the roles of every member of the squad and how they fulfill that role and he is our player so he will be back here for sure. After that, we will make a decision based on the agreement of the role that each player is going to have in the squad”

  23. Kroenkephobe

    If you’re looking at conflicts in the middle east and seeing good guys vs bad guys (which Western governments tend to do), I think you need to read more and think more deeply. Both sides are evidently using terrorist tactics against each other. If you think Israel is doing it legitimately because they are a state (and Palestine isn’t), then your argument must also extend to supporting Iran, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Russia, China, Myanmar etc. etc. in their own ‘brave’ fights against ‘terrorists’. Or maybe you don’t see it that because of your jaundiced right wing agenda. Don’t worry mate – all those other state sponsors of terrorism I’ve mentioned above as are right wing as Netanyahu and his buddies.

    With that ill fitting moniker of yours, (rosicky always seemed to me the perfect gentleman and a sporting player) I sometimes wonder if you think you’re on a website talking about old triumph sports cars instead of Arsenal. I made my original point in relation to that attack against the club and Elneny by some bullshit coffee company – what’s your excuse?

  24. Nelson

    I can imagine what is going to happen when Marc is back in the stadium and finds out Xhaka playing left back. He’ll curse Arteta with all his spiritual power.

  25. Guns of Brixton

    The Israel situation isnt complicated.

    If it was a bunch of Arabs bombing and shelling the crap out of a bunch if Jews in the open air prison that is Gaza then no one will have any issues calling it terrorism and the holocaust 2.0

    All the academics and politicians etc would suspend their “”neutrality” and immediately push for military intervention like they did in Afghanistan etc.

    Hamas only exists because Israel exists. Prior to their Occupation of Palestine they did not exist, and would not of existed at all

    Are they a Terrorist group? Yes. But your being selective in choosing how to frame this.

    Israel have killed and oppressed Palestinian Arabs for nearly 100 years now.

  26. Maker

    All you hear from Arteta is ‘I want to do this and I want to change that’ its always about him but yet he does fockall!!

    Damn how far we have fallen as a club.

  27. Guns of Brixton

    The only reason TR7 supports Israel is pure tribalism.

    This idea that because they look like you, and act like you and share the same values that you must support them no matter what regardless of the facts that are presented.

    That is a morally abhorrent stance to hold.

    Justice is standing with what’s right. Not what’s convenient.

  28. Batesy68

    Why Bertrand when we still have Kola for a year. He is fine as a back up for one season. We do need centre mids I do like sander berg but forget it if it will cost 30million. Unless we get 20 million for willock the young French lad looks like the type we should be signing but not for any major dough

  29. youdamn

    Pedro’s theory on Luiz getting shafted not quite true unfortunately. He left us. Arteta gutted.
    We are not that ruthless.

  30. Vintage Gun

    Just saw the Arteta Prezzer.

    He’s basically saying that he has the full backing to make wholesale changes and has ZERO doubts over the board backing him to do so. It’ does seem like we’re in for a big summer as Arteta is clearly buzzing as he’s saying these things.

    Secondly, Willian is definitely leaving. Arteta just said “we’ll sit down in the summer and discuss what went wrong and what to do next” when asked if Willian will stay.

    Thirdly it seems Saliba will be back for Pre Season but it’s obvious him and Arteta have some patching up to do.

  31. Captain Tierney


    I dont mean to argue but just state a simple fact. For some reason extremists done have an answer to that but will shout from the top of their lungs that killing of 200+ civilians including children is self defense.

    Extremists like this on both sides have resulted in the horror situation we see now in that area of the world.
    Extremist Israelis even assassinated their own president when he was trying to make peace with the Palestinians.

  32. Dissenter

    I wasn’t taking a stand either way on the Isreal-Palestine conflict.
    I was merely commenting that you’ve been caught up in a web of lies about a video that was used as propaganda.

    Imagine if a breakaway faction of the IRA was lobbing rockets at a UK border town where you reside, wouldn’t you want the UK government to move heaven and earth to protect you?
    It’s an eternal struggle to which there will be no end but I can’t fault a democratically elected government from protecting their citizens.

  33. Thank you and good night

    Democratly elected. 🤣🤣🤣🤣they stole the fucking country from the Arabs and since 1948 ethnically cleansed over a million Arabs. How would you let feel if France came along and gave England back to the original inhabitants ( welsh/Celts etc).

  34. TR7

    ‘Extremist Israelis even assassinated their own president when he was trying to make peace with the Palestinians._

    Search assassination of Anwar Sadat on Google.

  35. Marc

    It’s bonkers to discuss what going on in the middle east on here – firstly you will not change anyone’s minds, secondly it won’t make a toss of difference to what’s happening and thirdly all that will happen is Pedro stepping in and wiping out 4 or 6 hours worth of comments.

  36. TR7

    ‘With that ill fitting moniker of yours, (rosicky always seemed to me the perfect gentleman and a sporting player) I sometimes wonder if you think you’re on a website talking about old triumph sports cars instead of Arsenal.’

    I don’t need a certificate of being a gentleman from someone who uses a fake video to spread propaganda.

  37. Tom

    “Guys, take my advice. Arguing over politics is futile it is the easiest way to fall out with people…”

    Totally agree AFC, let’s move the subject to make believe, also known as religion then.
    That should be safe of any controversy.

  38. China1

    Lol at arteta outright lying as if we don’t know

    He’s saying we didn’t find the right club at the right time for the loan or whatever. No, it was all done and dusted and the paperwork got fucked up. Nice try arteta.

    The. saying he tried to maximize salibas experience here for those months before January. Oh those months where you binned him off HARD. Those months… that maximized experience

  39. Tom

    My sources tell me Stan got real excited when Josh told him about this young Frenchman, Camavinga.

    Off course Josh being American mispronounced the kid’s name and what Stan heard was comeandwingit.

  40. Thank you and goodnight

    Fake video …….. funny enough the same thing that Israel have been doing and have been pulled up in it as well. So in that sense their as bad as each other. But the fact is, Israel was formed by the theft of Palestine. And as I said earlier, I’m prettt sure if the french gave England back to the Welsh, then crammed all the English into Wales, you’d all have something to say about it. Israel seems to act with impunity and no one pulls them up on it. Swanning into other peoples countries, assassinating anyone they deem a threat , real or otherwise

  41. Valentin


    I was talking about last season, looking from Soumaré’s perspective right now.
    Like you said this season it is all to play for.
    I think that Leicester will qualify for a second time to the Champion’s League.

  42. Marc


    The only question on Arteta is what the exact circumstances of his sacking will be. Will it be the fans turning on him and the Kroenke’s pulling the trigger or will it be a full on Arteta meltdown?

    My moneys moving towards a Phil Brown full scale public meltdown followed by Pedro having the same!

  43. Thank you and goodnight


    We all know he needs to go. Problem is do you trust the people who run us to get the next appointment right? I can see Eddie Howe in the dugout if it was left to them. Or even worse Roberto Martinez

  44. Marc


    Don’t say the RM words – it’s tempting fate. Maybe VV will take my control on it and do what he’s supposedly doing with the scouts.

  45. AFC Forever


    Very big game tonight between Chelsea and Leicester. If Leicester win then it could let Liverpool grab that unlikely 4th Champions League place and see Chelsea miss out. Who would have thought Liverpool would be anywhere near it 3 months back.

  46. China1

    I can take you now saliba got almost as much out of his early season experience at arsenal as AMN

    It’s was very useful for their development no doubt

  47. Thank you and goodnight

    Look I do understand why they went for Arteta. They were hoping he was going to be the next Pep but unfortunately he’s more coco the clown. If it worked, great. But unfortunately it hasn’t and it’s time to cut our losses. As the stats glaringly make obvious, Emery had a better record in his first full season

  48. China1

    AFC I would fucking love it if Chelsea go from cup final, top 4 and CL final to just a CL final in the space of a few days

    Fuck Chelsea. Let’s go Leicester and I hope city win the CL final

  49. Captain Tierney

    ‘Search assassination of Anwar Sadat on Google.’

    What does this prove or answer. I already said extremism from both sides is what has caused the current horror situation there.
    +Everyone seems to call it a conflict where 95% casualties are suffered by Palestinian civilians who are then branded as terrorists while the state causing the casualties are deemed as defending themselves. And theres no justifying Hamas’s previous actions. I would just like to know what one is supposed to do when someone else just comes in, remove you from your house, kill your family and then claim it was their’s to begin with and cites self defense.

    Sadly you seem like one of those extremists with a blindfold on.
    Your footballing takes are not bad but when it comes to politics, its like talking with another person.

  50. Rich

    AFC Forever

    I think Abramovich will pay whatever it takes to get either Kane or Haaland, not sure if Chelsea would be either players first choice though

    I was thinking the same as you, if Chelsea fail for their top targets, would they pay £30 million for Aubameyang as a stop gap? Tuchel clearly loves him

    I’d certainly be inclined to accept, not that I think Aubameyang has become a bad player over night

    I just find it difficult to accept a senior professional who should be setting the right example to younger players, consistently turning up late, and revving his car outside, instead of warming down with the other subs, particularly after the club rightly gave him time off to deal with a personal issue mid season

    If Aubameyang can’t get out of bed on time for a reported £300,000 p/w, as our captain and leader, then Arteta is right to drop him, and I hope we sell him

    If we want to create an elite performances culture, then we need elite behaviour, Aubameyang’s tardiness is apparently an ongoing theme, if we accept that behaviour from him, we have no right to demand better behaviour from others, and that’s the way discipline breaks down altogether

  51. Dissenter

    Marc is the sage statesman of le-grove
    No more politics

    It seems we are set to sell Guendouzi to Marseille before the season is over. A fee of about 8 million is being thrown around.

  52. Dissenter

    When you watch that Arteta press conference, you have to wonder who is the tail vs dog in his relationship with Edu.

    He should talk so much in public about the processes. It makes Edu look pathetically weak.

  53. CG


    ””””’Lol at arteta outright lying as if we don’t know”””””””

    He is magnificent blagger, world class ,undoubtedly one of the best in the business.( probably why PedRo is such a huge fan of his).

    Does anyone actually believe in his constant mumbling mumbo jumbo by now ?

    The press need to up their game too and start asking the pertinent questions.

  54. Rich

    £8mill for Guendouzi is a bargain

    At that price, I’m surprised there aren’t clubs lining up around the block, even in this market I thought we’d get £15 million

    But could be a sign of things to come in a decimated market

  55. Tom

    If Liverpool don’t make the CL they should probably get a closer look at their Salah/ Mane partnership.
    Someone mentioned a shocking statistic during their game a week ago, apparently those two had scored 37 PL goals with only one assist to each other.

  56. Marc


    £8 million for Guendozi is embarrassing – if that goes through I’m not sure who I’d sack first Edu or Arteta.

    He was being mentioned in the £60 million bracket under Emery – now that was ridiculous but he could certainly have brought in £30 odd million.

  57. Tom

    I remember Guen and Torreira being heralded as the future of Arsenal’s mid with the only question asked how much it would take for a bigger club to pry them away.
    Look at them now.

  58. China1

    Look it’s a depressed market and Guen is trouble but if we sell him for 8m then it would be disgraceful

    Anything less than 15m is not worth taking. He’d be worth more to us on the pitch next season than 8m

    Comical figure

  59. Captain Tierney

    For 8 mil Id rather keep Guendouzi and give him a chance as a 4th choice.
    Nothing below 15mil should be entertained.
    Relegated Sheffield want 30mil for Berge. Similar type of player to Guendouzi.

  60. TR7


    Let’s not discuss politics anymore. You can’t change my views and I don’t intend to change yours. Back to football.

  61. China1

    Agreed Tierney

    Hopefully this is just a silly season runour

    I can tell you 100% players of a comparable level will be sold for 15+m.

    Arsenal will probably sell him for 8m and replace with a similar player for 25m. Such as the shitshow that is my club

  62. Tom

    Guendouzi sold for £8m would still make Arsenal a tiny profit and would prompt Pedro to write a glowing Arteta puff piece how he managed to sell a bad apple and not lose money.

  63. Gonsterous

    So when Arteta Said we have to be ruthless. He basically meant get rid of squad players for peanuts. I get it now. I guess this will fund the laca extension. No imagination whatsoever at arsenal.

    Clowns running the club. All these resources and we go for an over priced 18 year old who will require 2 seasons to acclimatize to the league and a 31 year old LB who we need to replace in a season or two.

  64. CG


    ”””””CG Actually Arteta is a terrible liar – the very worst kind because he believes his own lies.”””””””

    I don’t think he goes out to lie.
    He does not say any thing of any note to be caught out lying.

    Its just mumbo jumbo. The reason he is such a good blagger – you just can’t pin him down to any thing.

    The only thing I know about his strategy after 18 months of him – is he likes his players to turn up on time and play at full throttle in training.

    Is he a possession based coach in the Wenger mould?
    is he a counter attacker in the Klopp mould ?
    We hear , he likes this ‘pressing game’ and yet he keeps selecting plodders in midfield and at the back.

    The lack of soccer expertise at Arsenal FC is a farce.

  65. WengerEagle

    That Alisson winner was massive. Looks like it will be the difference between a CL spot and EL for Liverpool.

    They’re basically nailed on for it now no matter what happens tonight as long as they win their two very winnable games and put a couple of goals past Burnley and Palace and bump the GD up to a point where Leicester would have to hammer Spurs by 4 or 5.

    Unless Leicester beat Chelsea, it’s going to likely come down to GD which Chelsea and Liverpool would edge with wins on the final day.

    If Leicester lose to Chelsea by just 1 goal and Liverpool beat Burnley by just 1 goal:

    Chelsea 67 GD +23
    Liverpool 66 GD +22
    Leicester 66 GD +20

    Would mean if Chelsea beat Villa and Liverpool beat Palace, Leicester would have to beat Spurs by 2-3 more goals than Pool beat Palace (goals scored could even come into it).

    Leicester draw with Chavs tonight and Liverpool beat Burnley by 1 goal:

    Leicester 67 GD +21
    Liverpool 66 GD +22
    Chelsea 65 GD +22

    Puts Leicester’s destiny back in their own hands at least although, say they draw vs Spurs on the final day and Liverpool and Chelsea both win by 1 goal:

    Liverpool 69 GD +23
    Chelsea 68 GD +23
    Leicester 68 GD +21

    So, safe to assume that unless Leicester win tonight, they will have to beat Spurs to secure top 4.

    Lot of pressure for Brendan, they’ll fancy their chances at home more than Stamford Bridge in what is really a must not lose rathet than a must win so expect them to play for the draw.

  66. Marc

    Rumours that Levy is saying he will not sell Kane even though there’s apparently a Gentleman’s agreement between the two.

    This could get ugly!

  67. AFC Forever


    “AFC I would fucking love it if Chelsea go from cup final, top 4 and CL final to just a CL final in the space of a few daysFuck Chelsea. Let’s go Leicester and I hope city win the CL final”

    Yes, I have to agree. Tuchel inherited a pretty decent squad there, I expected them to be nailed on for the CL place.

  68. TR7

    Burnley and Palace won’t be easy games for Pool WE. Villa won’t be an easy fixture either for Chelsea. But yes if not for that header from Allison, Leicester would have sealed their CL qualification.

  69. Words on a blog


    It wouldn’t surprise me if the “breaking of the gentleman’s agreement” is a choreographed move to maximise the value of the sale of Kane

  70. Marc


    Yeah but having you best player and Captain at war with the Chairman whilst trying to hire a new manager is not a great position to be in.

    My guess is we’ll see just why Levy is a poor CEO.

  71. Valentin

    There maybe more twist in the top 4 saga as I am not convinced that Chelsea will beat Villa nor that Liverpool will beat Burnley.

    With Grealish back from injury, they may be more potent than they have been lately.

    Sean Dyche has a chip in his shoulder and may want to prove that Burnley is not already in holiday as some have suggested after their heavy defeat against Leeds. Also their system of playing with two strikers upfront may help Liverpool take control of the midfield, it also exploit Liverpool vulnerability against long ball over the top into the channel. Specifically Sean Dyche will try to exploit TTA defensive fragility.

  72. WengerEagle

    Wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest for Levy to hold Kane prisoner to his contract.

    If they sell him, they’re getting a ridiculous sum of money. One thing you cannot deny about that Adam Silver and Jeff Bezos love-child, he always gets top money from buyer clubs.

    I can see United or Chelsea forking out 100m, you’re getting a guaranteed 25+ PL goals a season CF. Can be the difference between a title or not.

  73. WengerEagle


    Pool will be fine. They smashed United at OT and that Alisson goal was a huge mental boost for them. Burnley away their last tricky ish hurdle but if they get the Burnley that turn up 75% of the time, they will win by 2 or 3.

    Agree about Villa for Chelsea though, far from an easy game. Grealish will likely start and want to remind Southgate why he should be in the XI for the Euros.

  74. Kroenkephobe


    A web of lies? FFS mate. Do you seriously think Arab communities in the Levant have not been targeted by Israel since the late 60s? Hyperbolic bollocks.

    Most people on here can see the blame on both sides, myself included. That includes media manipulation which is a facet of conflict.

    That analogy with Ireland is not only facetious, it’s offensive. You can’t make such lazy comparisons. You’re the least dissenting dissenter I’ve ever argued with. What do you actually stand for?

  75. Rich

    We’re in a weak negotiating position

    We’ve got an oversupply of players, and an undersupply of squad places

    Leno, Runarsson
    Bellerin, Soares, Niles, Chambers
    Tierney, Kolasinac
    Saliba, Holding, Chambers
    Gabriel, Mari, Marvropanos
    Xhaka, Elneny, Torreira
    Partey, Guendouzi
    Smith-Rowe, Willock
    Pepe, Saka, Willian, Nelson
    Aubameyang, Martinelli
    Lacazette, Nketiah, Balogun

    By my count that’s

    17 non home grown players
    8 homegrown players
    5 under 21 players

    Which is our 25 limit, 8 homegrown, 17 non homegrown

    Every time we buy a player without moving one on, we leave ourselves in an even weaker negotiating position, clubs will be able to count we have a surplus, then wait until the end of the window and get loans or cheap deals, which is what happened in October with Torreira + Guendouzi

    With no European football, we essentially need to purge 10 players, just to bring in two, when you look at the balance of our squad, it’s really hard to work out why we signed Soares + Willian, because numerically we were fine in those positions, and they provided no uplift in quality

    Paying Ozil, Sokratis, Mustafi to leave set a really dangerous precedent, now Willian, Soares, Kolasinac, won’t be in any hurry to leave, certainly not without golden handshakes

    And the longer they linger, the longer we’re likely to be gridlocked in terms of incoming players k because every time we bring one in, without letting we go, we’re basically screwing ourselves

    Because the option we’ll be left with in the last week of August will be, have a surplus of unhappy and disenfranchised players that’s unmanageable? Or take whatever’s on offer

  76. AFC Forever


    “I think Abramovich will pay whatever it takes to get either Kane or Haaland, not sure if Chelsea would be either players first choice though, I was thinking the same as you, if Chelsea fail for their top targets, would they pay £30 million for Aubameyang as a stop gap? Tuchel clearly loves him”

    Yep. You look at what Chelsea spent on forwards/attacking mids in the last transfer window and you just have to scratch your head at the fact they have scored just 5 more goals than us. Havertz (4 goals in 26 starts) and Werner (6 goals in 33 games) cost a massive £120 million – that is not a good return. They spent another £35m on Ziyech (2 goals in 22 games) – so Kane at £150 million would be a bargain.

    Oil doped City are bomb-proof financially and I can’t see Kane turning them down. Chillingly, it hands City another title IMO and the EPL is going to turn into the Bundesliga if we aren’t careful. In the last four seasons, Man City have averaged 95 Premier League goals, in two of those seasons they scored over 100 goals. Those are scary numbers albeit this season they have less than 80.

    So Chelsea’s need is greater hence why they might see Aubamayang as an option. If they are desperate, they’ll probably pay anything we ask, which might not be a bad thing. Aubamayangs reaction at being subbed against Chelsea wasn’t exactly what you expect from your Captain, especially in view of the season he has had and the recent illness. There has been something off with and if that form and effort are repeated into the next season, he isn’t worth keeping.

  77. Rich


    But numerically did we need a passable squaddie?

    We already had Bellerin, Niles, and Chambers on our books

    We turned down offers for Bellerin + Niles last summer, why if we were signing Soares?

    It’s like the links with Bertrand, why pay Kolasinac to leave, and then swap him with a 32yr old subpar left back, who we’ll likely have to pay to leave, and who’s wages will likely be high, because he’d be arriving on a Bosman

    It’s basket case behaviour, we don’t seem to learn from our mistakes, and our fetish for over the hill Chelsea + Southampton rejects, is a really weird one

  78. WengerEagle


    I agree, think that Kane to United is more likely than City.

    If City get him the league next season is basically a write-off. Levy will use to to his advantage in negotitations and I expect United to very willing to overpay, 120+m.

    They aren’t just paying for a world class PL ST, they would be denying City adding what would be a final piece for PL domination for the foreseeable. That is the only relative weakness of City’s that you can even point to and after Kane, there is just Haaland really.

  79. Dissenter

    I ought to have left you believing that fake video that got you all riled up.
    That’s my mistake, for that I apologize.
    Like many have said, lets move past this Arab-Isreali conflict, of which there are no good sides. You aren’t going to change any minds here.
    Lets talk football and Arsenal.

  80. Thank you and goodnight

    If Phil Jones was still playing, him and Kane would be the ugliest scariest double act in the premier league. Won’t need to tackle a player, they just need to look at you and you’d be revulted and give them the ball.

  81. Dissenter

    “Why do people keep writing off ManU in the Kane discussions.Look what they did with the salary for Sanchez.”

    Wrong time for this move. The football economy is depressed because it has operated without gate takings fore the past 1.5 seasons.
    I think United will prioritize Sancho, they just signed Cavani to an extension.

  82. Rich

    I think Abramovich will just put the money on the table for Kane, whether Kane would choose Chelsea is another issue

    if Chelsea don’t get one of Kane, Haaland or Mbappe, it won’t be through a lack of desire on Chelsea’s part, it’ll be down to a lack of desire to join Chelsea from the player

    AFC Forever

    I think Havertz, Warner and Ziyechi would be better in their second seasons, it’s not uncommon for players to take a while to adapt to a new league and country

    You don’t always get an instant return on investment, sometimes you have to wait for the investment to mature

    Liverpool signed Firmino in 2015, Mane in 2016, and Salah in 2017, and that took a bit of time for it to find some cohesion

  83. AFC Forever


    Levy’s comments are what you expect from someone like him. This is to force the price up, he’s essentially saying “make me sell”. Can’t blame him, he knows the financially doped have created artificial transfer values and he wants a piece of it. This could be a huge fee.

    PS: I see the Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour is covering the costs of the official fans’ trip to the Champions League final in Porto. Not bad in a season where normal clubs are struggling financially due to the pandemic. Football is sliding down a slippery pole, mark my words.

  84. Dissenter

    I heard the Leicester city owner used to buy a pint for all game attending fans on his birthday.
    People love tokenism, it’s worked wonders for generations
    That’s why Ek is trying it with goooners.

  85. Rich

    Marc + Ishola70

    Got some news that should cheer you lads right up 😂

    Xhaka about a possible return to Gladbach:

    “There are always rumours at the end of the season, that’s for sure. But I still have a two year contract in London, and I’m very happy with my family here. First of all, I’m looking at a successful Euro with the NT.”

  86. AFC Forever


    “I heard the Leicester city owner used to buy a pint for all game-attending fans on his birthday.
    People love tokenism, it’s worked wonders for generations. That’s why Ek is trying it with goooners”

    Yes, they certainly do!

  87. WengerEagle


    See no reason why they won’t try to sign both.

    They dropped 120m two summers ago on a RB and a CB.

    Kane and Sancho would probably cost around 250m. Chelsea spent that last summer and United have spent close to what City have in recent years.

    Lingard sale will net them 25-30m, I can see De Gea being sold for a decent chunk, possibly Van de Beek too.

  88. AFC Forever


    Interesting. You have to remember Kane wants to win things, he claims that is his motivation for leaving is trophies. If that is true and it’s not just money, then when offered the choice of Chelsea, Man Utd or Man City you would guess he would choose City. He will thrive on the chances they create and there is no doubt he will win things. In many ways, he is leaving one desert for another.

    Man Utd is a financial behemoth and when you sign for them you are going to a football institution. However, unlike City they are self-sustaining. That means they will have budgetary restraints so they are likely to have a limit of what they believe Kane is worth in relation to total expenditure. To be fair they have scored just 6 goals fewer than City, which I find surprising, so they may factor that into any perceived value.

    Chelsea are probably the only other club in the PL who could afford him, the fact they are in London may be a pull but I can’t see it.

    He won’t be going abroad because if he can’t even speak English properly how on earth will he learn a foreign language without his mouth disappearing up one of his nostrils.