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Happy Friday to you ALL.

David Luiz is out at Arsenal.

A good leader at times.

An inspiration to a generation of Arsenal kids who saw him as a mentor and a legend.

The absolute correct decision for Arsenal FC as we head into a big summer rebuild.

I don’t want to bag on the player, but the reality is for all his big game skill, he was mistake-prone, unfocused, and problematic if he wasn’t getting exactly what he wanted.

Moving him on is a big move for Edu and Arteta. It’s the first break on the grip that Kia has had on the two of them. It opens up a space for someone like Saliba. It allows us to start addressing the ‘unforced error’ table he’s had a massive had in over the past two years.

This move was also correct from an injury perspective. Arsenal lost Luiz at the most important part of the season, we got him back, then lost him right after. Big players need to be fit. Luiz is on the back 9 of his career, he’s not getting fitter or faster.

I am very, very happy. This sets the tone for the summer providing we don’t walk right back into another hellish deal for some other older player looking for a retirement deal.

There are lots of rumours bubbling around. I think we’ll move on Bertrand as cover for Tierney, we’ll sign a right-back, we’ll look at a good central midfielder or two, and I suspect we’ll find competition for ESR for that #10 spot.

We need to move on the players that have baggage with Arsenal.

We need to age down the squad.

We need to find players with big personalities that want to grow with one of the most exciting young crops of players in Europe.

This summer could be exciting, we just have to trust our novice leadership team actually learned the lessons of the last 18 months.

Big, big if… but this is a great start.

In other news, how awesome is the new Arsenal kit? Literally the best part of the season is the new shirt.

Right, a quick one today, see you in the comments.



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  1. andy1886

    Scored around 25 seconds after the fourth minute (four minutes additional given). Scouse version of Fergie time allowed by the Scouse supporting Mike Dean. You only add on time for PK btw, not for corners etc. Baggies disallowed goal was a joke.

  2. Frost

    That is quite simply unbelievable from Allison!


    First GK to do that for Liverpool too. Crazy!

  3. Elmo

    Thought it was fair for them to have the corner (ball went out before end of injury time), but definitely all the luck with Liverpool. Their first goal, as pointed out by Sky, was farcical: Mike Dein got in the way of play, but that should be a drop ball, probably contested; in no world is it a free kick to Liverpool where they just play it immediately up the field. West Brom disallowed goal due to keeper’s view being blocked was ridiculous: Allison can clearly see the action and reacts to it.

  4. Elmo

    Annoying. Amongst our abject failures, it was nice seeing the Chavs and Scousers stumbling to end the season, with repercussions flowing into next year with no CL.

    The table is now looking that there’s a Big Six to end the year, except we’re absolutely nothing to do with it.

  5. bacaryisgod

    Thought AMN was pretty shocking today. Giving the ball away, ambling over to close down the wide player etc.

    Like many current players, he’s not the standard we should be looking for. The scary thing is that his value has probably plummeted (part performance/part football finances).

  6. raptora

    AMN for 20m and Arteta said no. So he could start him 5 times in the League then loan him.

    One would think we have hundreds of millions of pounds laying around.

    The incompetence is mind-boggling.

    Same way Chambers could have been gone years ago for good money but Arsene said no.

  7. WengerEagle

    Real one nil up, Atleti need to score or it’s out of their hands.

    Zizou working his magic, they’re without a recognised senior full-back in the squad.

  8. London gunner

    Ffs atletico choke it had a feeling this was on the cards when atletico choked what was a 13 point lead on Real Madrid and Barcelona earlier on in the season

  9. Champagne Charlie

    It’s not a bottle job by Atletico, did anyone realistically expect them to win the league against Barca and Real before the season kicked off? No, so they can’t have bottled it despite leading the way for 37 matches.

    Least that’s what I learned yesterday.

    You’ve just waffled a load of bollocks that sounds plausible but isn’t, I’m shocked. Martinelli wasn’t robbed game time by Willian, he’s been robbed game time by a serious injury that’s seen him miss 9 months of football. For someone that was proclaiming they’re done with the current status quo you lasted less than 24 hours before using your tampon as a lasso.

  10. WengerEagle

    Have to admire Simeone and Atletico Madrid, their football isn’t for the purists but they constantly punch above their weight and manage to at least be competitive with Barca and Real. 2 League titles for Simeone in the Messi era would be incredible to go along with their European pedigree.

    This is a massive statement today, showed giant cojones like Lille did when 2-0 down away at Lyon.

  11. WengerEagle


    It’s been some season for knocking the elite guard off the perch.

    Looks like Inter Milan, Sporting Club, Lille and Atletico Madrid are all going to win in place of the incumbent dominant forces in Juventus, Benfica/Porto, PSG and Barcelona/Real Madrid.

    Juventus not even likely to qualify for the CL as well as likely one of Chelsea/Liverpool.

  12. CG

    Wenger Eagle

    “”Have to admire Simeone and Atletico Madrid, their football isn’t for the purists but they constantly punch above….”””


    An old school British type manager, who extracts every sinew of effort from each player every game.

    (Which off course, is what you are supposed to do)

    No process or project, just a brilliant man manager who knuckles down and gets on with the job in hand.

    Lost Thomas Partey , in the last moments of the transfer window….no problem, no saga and no excuses.

    La Liga Champions again. Worth every penny he gets paid.

    Superlative management.

  13. WengerEagle


    Real win the title on H2H record in that scenario.

    Real play Villarreal on the week of their Europa League Final vs United so they’ll probably be facing a second string side and win comfortably.

    Atletico pretty much have to go to Valladolid and win.

  14. Marc

    “Barca losing at home to Celta. Who even thought Koeman would be good for them?”

    Pray to the football God’s that Barca come in for Arteta in the summer and Arteta’s one condition is he gets to sign Xhaka.

  15. WengerEagle

    ‘WE you’re very quick to shoot your load aren’t you? Very Bamfordesque. You get fuck all right. Well done champ.’

    Funny that coming from you cause we’ve all lost count of the amount of shit you call wrong as you get yourself banned and slither back on a new moniker every other week.

    Quantam Leap, Aubergine, Uruguayan Pitbull. Each name gayer than the last.

  16. Peckobill

    Barca funnily enough is a bit of a basket case of a club to try arteta ( no other top side would touch him with a barge pole ) . If they went for koeman they could well be thick enough to go for arteta . Let’s all hope

  17. Marc


    Arteta’s football would last about 13 minutes with the Barca fans at that point they storm the pitch and lynch him.

    Again taking the positives at least that would mean Pedro wouldn’t be able to go on about re hiring him once he was fired.

  18. Habesha Gooner

    Koeman is still a very good manager in my eyes. He gets blamed for everything Barca are this season but everything good they have done is because of him. Lamasia look like they are producing talent again and he is harnessing it. Pedri, Mingueza, Ajrauo and Puig have contributed this season. Signings like Trincao also had proper chances. I would have him in a heart beat over Arteta.

  19. CG


    “”””Pray to the football God’s that Barca come in for Arteta in the summer and Arteta’””””””

    Celta aint coming in for him let alone Barca.

    Arteta,( like Terry Neill , Don Howe, GG and even the imperious Wenger) will exit the moment the fans dont turn up , when fans are allowed in.

    Empty seats will dictate Artetas future. Like they have dictated every Arsenal’ s managers future since I ve been supporting them.

  20. Radio Raheem


    Calm down.

    Atleti were actually tipped to win the league this season with the squad they have.

    Barca in transition, Real on their last legs/transition.

    I’m sure you can see there is a difference between Atletico’s position/ status in la Liga as opposed to Leicester’s in the premier League.

    You made a mistake get over it. We all make mistakes.

  21. Radio Raheem

    Real still getting helped by refs. Their goal shouldn’t have stood, clearly came off Benzema who was offside.

  22. Tom

    “It’s not a bottle job by Atletico, did anyone realistically expect them to win the league against Barca and Real before the season kicked off? No, so they can’t have bottled it despite leading the way for 37 matches. Least that’s what I learned yesterday.“

    I feel so embarrassed now for making that point yesterday.
    Also , if I can just add that I agree that Leicester ( $523m transfermarkt value) losing to Chelsea and Tottenham
    ($850m and $750m) in last two rounds would be exactly like Atletico ($820m) losing to Osasuna and Valladolid
    ($90m and $70m), to lose the title to Real Madrid ( $820m transfermarkt value)

  23. Habesha Gooner

    And Koeman isn’t responsible for the crappy recruitment over the years. Expecting him to win in his first season was over the top. Competing for the title to the end should be commended. Unless oldies like Pique,Umtiti and Bousquets move on they will hold them back. Alba is still good enough. And Messi is still dropping 30+ goals a season. Griezmann was the wrong player to sign for them. They blew their Neymar money on coutinho and Dembele. Who are good players but nowhere near the expectations at Barcelona. Pedri and Fati from La Masia have done better than them. All in all Barca was a mess before koeman took over. And he didn’t let them down this season. Some of the players did.