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We’re going to play a game today.



Story in the Guardian said that Arsenal have activated a crack team of sporting headhunters to find themselves some on-the-ground scouts for Germany, UK, France and Spain. So, like… hiring scouts for scouts?

This might seem odd to you. Last year, Edu was championing the future of a centralized scouting system. Now he’s hiring new people. I found that weird, but I suppose you need to see people in the flesh and have connected people to find out important things like:

Is the player a total whopper?

Are they fast in the flesh?

How loud can they shout?

We sacked the last batch of scouts because they failed. Never forget that. There might be some sort of HR law that states you can’t rehire in the same position for a set amount of time, hence the wait. Who knows.

Two things that intrigue me here:

  1. We used headhunters. That’s a professional way to find talent. No more ‘how about my mate Bruno Mazziotti’ or ‘Kia knows a guy’ recruitment. This is a move in the right direction.
  2. WHY NOW. We’re about the enter the most pivotal summer of all time and we’re only now engaging the people that find players. Feels like we missed the boat there.



Sometimes, to truly know what Stan vibes about, you need to look to America where is Rams team are landing lovely write-ups in the WSJ about having all their talent traded or hired.

“We’ve had a lot of turnover for all the right reasons,” coach Sean McVay says. “Those are positive problems if you’re having guys leave for better opportunities.”

The Rams were a moribund franchise for years until they made the bold decision to tap Sean McVay and make him the youngest coach in modern NFL history. Four years later, he’s still the youngest coach in the league. The difference now is that his résumé includes a Super Bowl appearance and a 43-21 record.

One of the NFL’s worst teams quickly became one of the NFL’s best teams under McVay and general manager Les Snead. The idea of hiring a young and unproven coach—particularly one with a connection to McVay—became the hottest thing in football since the wildcat.

“In an era where people are looking for turnarounds, we are a turnaround,” team president Kevin Demoff says.

Rams hire a young guy. Arsenal hire a young guy.

KSE back the Rams. MAYBE they back Arsenal.

Now, before the Deputy Douche Bags of the NFL rush to tell me I’m wrong, hear me out… Arteta is supposed to be the ideas guy, he’s supposed to be part of a transformational moment, The Rams project is pretty decent.

Seems pretty clear KSE like something about this approach.

We are long way from the top, but if we have a good summer of ‘trades’, we won’t be far off next season.



Do I create the necessary environment for a top elite team to perform at the highest level & get everybody in condition to give their best. And do I get the best of the players that I have? The maximum, whatever the level is. This is how I judge myself.’

Well Mikel, clearly not, we just shit our pants against Villareal over the two legs and we’re midtable. Something is wrong, you have to own that, and you have to fix it. Ruthless isn’t changing a squad that mostly isn’t yours… it’s making the necessary changes to the staff you hired and fucked up a year ago. The environment isn’t perfect, the keeper department has been a disaster, things need to change.

“Now it is how we evolve, there are a lot of things that had to be done and they have been done, a lot of changes to make and a lot of them have been made. Now it is time to evolve. To evolve you to have to take things so that when they are a little more settled and established, take them to the next level.”

Big changes are coming this summer. WAR CHEST STORIES ARE THERE. We have talent that we can actually sell. Arteta needs to move hard at the squad. Shift on players that are old or useless. Sign in a blend of ready-made and youth. This is his last window where he can get away with pointing at the last 10 years. The moves have to be elite.

Question is, does a man that won’t admit Xhaka at left back was a mistake have it in him to admit his backroom team might also need a bit of the non-negotibales treatment? Does a man addicted to pumping players that let him down have the guts to tell David Luiz and Kia the party is over?

We’ll see.


That’s all I have for you. Don’t complain, I’m not out here asking you for $5.00 a month. This is free. Only thing I ask? Get the podcast in your damn ears and stop resisting my voice.


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Sean M

Arteta going on about how the club need to be ruthless this summer. If we were ruthless he would be the first man out of the door.


Just hearing Arteta has to do this and Arteta has do that is soul destroying.

He shouldn’t be around the place next season.

It’s getting desperate this hope against hope that he is going to have a big season next term.


My first 1st after Legrove 2.0 first post



Dan Ahern

Declaring it’s good to hand out a fat headhunting contract for scouts when it’s already mid-May so scouts are now useless?



Looks like Rod-gers has all but sealed CL football for Leicester.

You see this is what seasoned managers can do rather than novice upstarts.

“Beautiful” achievement from Rod-gers. A wonderful human being as well as a being a good propa football manager.


All this Arteta lark has been far too much about image.

Rod-gers old school in that respect.


Massive summer coming up, really hope Edu and Arteta are up to it. I would really love to see them smash it out of the park and see them succeed after a frankly poor start to their tenure.
Here’s hoping, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a damp squib

La croqueta

Chelsea will want to secure UCL football. Either by winning the cup or top4. So if some pathetic little version of Arsenal are standing in their way. Best believe they will be looking to get us the f**k out the way with no remorse. They’re going for all 3 points tomorrow. We need to hope its only 2 or 3. It could 5 or 6 like many times before. Embarrassing what these ‘outsiders’ have done to us. Arteta isn’t Arsenal. He was an old Everton player who needed a club to retire at. Imagine willian took the Armband and stayed… Read more »

Habesha Gooner

“Arteta going on about how the club need to be ruthless this summer. If we were ruthless he would be the first man out of the door.”

Couldn’t have said it any better. He would be looking for a championship job if he were at Chelsea and had the same results even with out spending.


“WAR CHEST STORIES ARE THERE” As are season ticket renewals, the club is in a bad position – it’s about to complete the worst season in decades with no European football for the first time in 20 whatever years. To compound that ST holders have just had an enforced break from going, there will be many who can’t wait to be at a match in the flesh but they’ll also be those who have got used to not going, those who have been hurt financially by the lock down and people on the waiting list who will change their minds.… Read more »


Arsenal rarely get smashed under Arteta.

We’ve lost 17 times so far this season. 17. That’s embarrassing


Is it just me or does Artetas answers to any given question make no sense whatsoever. He just seems to ramble on dropping in some buzz words he must have seen in peps notebook and hopes everyone just thinks he’s a genius ?!

Dela Mere


You should be blazoning #Arteta Out not defending a lamentable season.


It worked on Pedro for 18 months Jim


“Chelsea have got a cup final on Saturday they won’t be full strength tomorrow anyway.”

So some Chelsea fringe players will have something to play for = a possible place in the Cup Final whilst our players will be checking where’s safe to go on holiday.

There’s a flip side to every coin.

Venga, Dani

It’s good that arsenal sacked all of our scouting network in favor of contacts based recruitment and then 6 months later are doing a 180 and looking for scouts again?? Also, @Pedro how can you say the scouts failed? Wenger routinely failed to get the best out of his players and who knows what Wenger did with the information they gave him. You’re telling me it was wise to sack Francis Caggigao – come on, you’re having a laugh. As for the 180 – all that reveals is we have a team of desperate novices at the helm who are… Read more »


I understand it perfectly aubergine it’s more the attempt to reimagine 17 defeats as anything but embarrassing. Great we didn’t lose by 4 or 5 a lot this season just the 17 defeats it’s not that bad

Dela Mere


Whatever Chelsea team turn up should be enough to see off Arsenal.


Pedro You’re going to get short shrift on here for posting anything positive about arsenal at the moment. However, I do get where you’re coming from. Arteta has disappointed but there are mitigating circumstances. Also, he’s not getting fired so in a way, a bit of hopeful optimism is kind of necessary on this blog otherwise it would become gloomily unreadable. So, no you’re not deluded. Arteta may yet deliver the goods and I think even the kroenkes realise they’ve got to do something significant this summer. Having said that, drawing parallels between the Rams and us is a little… Read more »



For only the second time in ages we’re going to finish the league season having dropped points in more matches than we’ve won.

Turning occasional spankings by 4, 5, 6 or more goals into dropping points in more matches than we win and finishing between 9th and 12th is not a positive step forward unless you have major issues.


Marc 17 defeats and 49 goals in 35 games… that’s embarrassing across the board don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise



How anyone can try and defend Arteta after this season is beyond me.

What’s really scary is that he’s met the expectations of what I thought an inexperienced coach would do and then got even worse.



What would you prefer losing 7 nil tomorrow night but finishing 4th in the PL or drawing 1 all and finishing 9th?


Marc I never thought he’d be that bad but I’m not surprised

Dela Mere

Losing 3-0 at home to Liverpool was probably the most one sided affair i’ve ever seen in a game.


Not getting smashed but regularly getting beat is the refuge of the incompetent.

How far we have fallen. 17 defeats in 34 games. We are in the verge of brilliance, We must be.



What really worries me is he’ll get sacked at some point next season, be terrible in another job at some mid table Spanish team and then 3 or 4 years down the line Pedro will start the Arteta’s learnt his lesson posts, he’s doing revolutionary stuff yada yada only problem is it’ll be with the under 12 Murcia girls team!

Dela Mere

Arsenal have been smashed twice at home this season both by Liverpool and Aston Villa.

Venga, Dani

we get 0 points for losing 0-1 and we get 0 points for losing 0-10.

Champagne Charlie

“You’re telling me it was wise to sack Francis Caggigao – come on, you’re having a laugh.“

This guy is lauded beyond belief.

Why exactly should we not have sacked him?


The positives are the last of the average Joe players will leave . A younger core will be left unless Arteta has a Cavani moment.
If he screws up again I reckon he’s gone by Xmas however he could well go on a run of reasonable results
It’s been a bad season let’s see what commences next



No I didn’t like that but this is worse so the idea that we should just sit back and put up with it is crazy.

Look what Tuchels done at Chelsea in a few months? There is no reasonable counter argument to Arteta is just not good enough – he also has major personality problems.


By the way everyone something you really need to get ready for.

I’m talking Australian foreplay so brace yourselves Shelia’s.

Xhaka will be given a new contract this summer on circa £200k per week.



“Xhaka will be given a new contract this summer on circa £200k per week.”

Well all indications are that Arteta still sees him as absolutely integral to the side.

And this is a midfielder that is not capable to engage the centre of midfield for any length of time.

We all know how it ends.


There are many very intelligent posters here who feel that a lifetime of watching football qualifies them to recognise a failing manager. To suggest that puts them in the ‘negative’ camp while those who support Arteta are in the ‘positive’ camp implies that the former are creating or revelling in the misery while the latter are bravely defending something worthwhile. This is unfair and inaccurate. Those who want Arteta out believe that this is what’s best for Arsenal as I’m sure do those who wish him retained. Likewise it doesn’t follow that those who aren’t optimistic that Arteta can turn… Read more »



As bad and expensive as it will be for the club it should be the final nail in the coffin as far as fans go.

I’d love to see someone try to justify a 3 year contract costing £31.2 million for Xhaka but you just know some idiot will try and do it.


@ Marc, please don’t say things like that, I was enjoying my evening. M A might be reading this and think that’s a good idea


TR7 was on here the other day complaining that Emery didn’t kill off Xhaka while here.

Well he did tried to kill him off at the end of his tenure.

Then we saw what was reported as a mutiny against the manager.

There were more than likely other events that saw them revolt but the Xhaka issue at the time was probably part of it as well.



Sorry but better forewarned than shocked.


“Chelsea have scored 6 more than us in our worst ever season. They conceded 5 against West Brom a few weeks ago. Arsenal rarely get smashed under Arteta.“

Chelsea also changed managers mid season so according to your last year’s logic Tuchel only should’ve arrested the terminal decline the team was in and rehabilitate the ruined players.
And not until he had the proper pre-season, and got some of his “own” players in could he have really showed his sauce.

Good to see old Pedro back , I suppose.

Yes, I’m aware Chelsea are more talented.

NJ Gooner

Pedro, Two points: First, I get the impression that Edu’s position is a lot more fragile than Arteta’s. If anyone will go, it’ll likely be him (or even Vinai) who will be replaced. With the focus on Arteta, nobody seems to be commenting on that possibility. Second, I do wonder what a takeover would do to the prospects of all three of them. I know that talk of Ek and co has quietened down. But from everything I have read about him (and you have said), I don’t get the impression that Edu and Vinai (for sure) would survive. I… Read more »


Marc nothing shocks me anymore when it comes to Arsenal’s incompetence levels



I don’t think anyone would complain if Rangnick was brought in but I’m positive he’d demand that he was senior to Arteta and I don’t think Arteta would accept that.


NJ Gooner

“First, I get the impression that Edu’s position is a lot more fragile than Arteta’s. If anyone will go, it’ll likely be him (or even Vinai) who will be replaced. With the focus on Arteta, nobody seems to be commenting on that possibility”

He is not good Edu but it shouldn’t be a case of Edu being fired before Arteta.

We have seen all season what danage the manager has caused and it has been pretty extensive.

The ideal scenario of course is that they are both shown the door but not realistic.

Words on a blog

Epitaph for Arsenal under Arteta:

“Rarely get smashed. Frequently get beaten.”

#trust the process.



What about “I need to be smashed to watch Arsenal play under Arteta”



You are defending the inexcusable. Tuchel took over a squad that wasn’t performing to the level it should and has improved them in a couple of months. He could have them ending the season in the top 4, winning the FA Cup and the Champions League. No one at the start of the season thought Chelsea would be close to doing that.

Arteta is regressing, every day in every way he gets worse and worse.

Words on a blog

The sad thing is that Arteta is a perfect representation of where Arsenal is at the moment: a club which represents a kind of middle class overpaid genteel mediocrity, in an ever so slow but inexorable process of decline.

To paraphrase Pink Floyd: living lives of quiet desperation is the Arsenal way.

Words on a blog

Marc (welcome back by the way – good to have a voice of reason back amongst our sad bunch of lost and deluded Grovers) ,

Recently I’ve taken to having a few beers before watching Arsenal on the telly.

Sadly it doesn’t seem to dull the pain.


“Tuchel coming into an already talented team that spent £250m on new players.“

Yes, $190m spent on Werner, Havertz and Ziyech, who between the three of them have exactly twice as many PL as our Pepe at $85m ( money well spent then?)

Is that honest enough comment to your liking?

Who gives a rats ass how much they’ve spent?

The point was the improvement from a lackey coach to one who knows his shit, not the quality of players.

Arteta hasn’t moved the needle no matter the amount of your mental gymnastics.


As many PL goals



They also had a previous summer with a transfer ban so had a built up surplus.



Thanks good to be back.

“Recently I’ve taken to having a few beers before watching Arsenal on the telly.Sadly it doesn’t seem to dull the pain.”

Be careful – I used to be like that but since Arteta I’ve moved onto Smack and it still doesn’t help!

Venga, Dani

Champagne CharlieMay 11, 2021 21:29:27
“You’re telling me it was wise to sack Francis Caggigao – come on, you’re having a laugh.“This guy is lauded beyond belief.Why exactly should we not have sacked him?
He is a hugely respected scout who knows arsenal’s history and a track record of finding absolute gems in the market.

Words on a blog


Chelsea: an all time legend ex-player with (some) management experience is appointed as manager. He underperforms, and is duly sacked.

Arsenal: a not so legendary ex-player with no management experience is appointed as manager. He underperforms, and nothing happens.

#trust the process

Venga, Dani

And it’s not just that Charlie. I’m fine with sacking Cagigao if there is a plan in place to get better scouts in or scout smarter. There wasn’t. He was sacked because we were moving into contact-based recruitment and the novices in charge have realized they made a mistake and are doing an abrupt 180 degree turn around. The whole thing reeks of knee-jerk decision making, lack of leadership/planning, and no accountability for those in charge.

Champagne Charlie


Yea? Can you rattle off his CV for me?

Because I think it’s disingenuous as fuck to both criticise our recruitment and also claim we’ve amazing scouts. The terrible purchases were identified by these same people btw.


Pedro, You last “Saving Private Arteta” is twisting facts to spin a positive narrative when the reality is it is mostly negative. Scouting is all about networking and contact. Ability to judge players is important but if the scout is never told about a prospect, he is never going to attend that improbable 4Th division game in the middle of nowhere because of a kid that is said to be marvellous. So the fact that Arsenal needs to hire somebody to point them toward good scouts is just proof of a massive failing of the club. Also having never recruited… Read more »

Words on a blog


Careful with the smack – it’s a gateway drug.

Before you know it you’ll be like (the Le Grove version, not the player) Cazorla, and you’ll move onto the crystal meth, viciously attacking anyone expressing doubts about the ability and vision of St Mikel.

Venga, Dani

Lauren, Cesc Fabregas, Jose Antonio Reyes, Santi Cazorla, Nacho Monreal, Mikel Arteta, Emiliano Martinez, Granit Xhaka, Alexis, Carlos Vela, Hector Bellerin, Robin van Persie and others alongside Steve Rowley, ex Chief Scout. More recently, he was involved in signing Gabriel Martinelli and William Saliba.


@Pedro It is your blog and as such you can post whatever opinion you have and we accept that. But as Tony has pointed out over the past few days you have a hard time to break up with Arteta like breaking up with your high school sweetheart. After a dismal performance on Thursday your blog was damning and then a few days later you come crawling back to the Arteta solution. Sort of schizophrenic if you ask me. As someone already said here you should be heavily promoting Arteta Out instead of flogging a dead horse. Now regarding the… Read more »

Venga, Dani

Also where did I criticize recruitment, and who was in charge of that recruitment at the time? I’m literally only talking about Cagigao who is often written about as being a highly respected and experienced scout. Didnt realize this was somehow disingenuous??


Oh. A comment I made has not come through.


Bam! Bam! is here.

Words on a blog


Is that really you?

Or is it your evil American twin?


Is that the real benny or benny son of Bamford?


So it seems we’re stuck with Arteta so we may as well see what happens this summer and hope we clear out the right players. We go again next season and hope Arteta gets it together.

Good solid posts and great podcasts Pedro.

The real bd.

into the red

Arteta seems to have mastered the art of appearing to say something significant, while saying nothing at all. The prose is tortuous and incoherent, studded with phrases I can only imagine he thinks sounds like he has a plan and is executing it. It’s PR fluff, and not very convincing fluff either. He has certainly perfected the ‘project’ bollocks, as if everything is proceeding according to a well thought plan, which he ‘always knew’ would require some years. Apparently he has already done ‘lots’, although he was unable to say what that actually was. Same as he knows ‘what to… Read more »


tbf to Pedro he is posting atm thinking Arteta is staying as indicated by the club.

He can’t throw it all in.

He has a blog to produce and a podcast that wants to engage listeners. Just repeating Arteta out is not engaging.

I can personally scream Arteta out every five minutes but there does need to be some kind of counter balance as well.

Pedro has stated serious misgivings about Arteta in the last week or so.

That’s enough for me.

Champagne Charlie

Venga Where are you getting this list from, what’s the source attributing each player to the scout etc? Feel free to provide the list of rubbish he’s been involved with. “I’m literally only talking about Cagigao who is often written about as being a highly respected and experienced scout“ Wenger is often written about as being a highly respected and experienced manager. Doesn’t mean their work today is of value to Arsenal. When you have to name-drop the likes of Cesc, Lauren, Reyes, and Vela etc to bolster your portfolio it’s a clear sign you’re not providing value modern day.… Read more »


I haven’t been excited about transfers for years now. Mostly because you know in the wider context it meant little. The trajectory was already set in motion….

..I’m even less enthused this time around. Who cares who we sign? They can’t be coached, motivated or have equal quality of talent around them….it’s the same shit each season

Champagne Charlie

Tuchel pre-match talking about Auba….

“When we wanted him (Aubameyang) to be on time, we told him the meeting was 10.45am when the meeting was 11am so there was a good chance he would be there with everyone else.”

“It’s hard to be really mad with the guy because he comes with a big smile, he has a big heart and gives an excuse to everybody, and you could accept to have one or two guys like this in the team.”

My captain….


Lol guys, yes it’s really actually me from Bristol. 😅😅 I can’t believe someone was actually doing that, well Bamford so it’s completely plausible but so weird. I’m not sure how I feel tbh, kind of violated somehow but it’s also really funny. I haven’t actively posted on here for a good few months on a daily basis so any lengthy debates with CC or Pedro or anyone for that matter were not me.

Seriously though what a fucking freak!


I love an eternal optimist but it is really clutching at straws to draw any comfort from this record breaking season. Just ask yourself this question – have you actualy enjoyed watching Arsenal play this season? I think the answer from most honest folk will be a resounding NO! Words like frustrating, boring, negative, poor team selection, terrible in game management, back pedalling etc would come to mind. Not the Arsenal I started supporting some 55 years ago. Sure we went through some bad times during that period but nothing like this. With all the hype of new owners, new… Read more »

Left Testicle


Left Testicle

Oh, I’m back!


‘Marko do really need explaining what rarely get
smashed means?I’ll give you a clue it’s not losing by the odd goal.”

So save the village bell ringer

Getting smashed isn’t just determined by the score line
The manner of the loss matters. Emery’s Villareal SMASHED us 2-1 over two legs.


Exactly right.
Some mistake my criticism of Arteta for bias when nothing could be further from the truth.
I started out as a strong Arteta supporter fighting his corner against the likes of Sid or CG , who got on his case from day one.

I’m judging his tenure on merit alone, fully accepting his job hasn’t been easy and the whole organization around him is a mess.

For me, he has failed to get enough from what he had to work with to justify his continuing at the job.
That’s all.


Where south African gunner/Charlie George?

The dude was spot on about Arteta

Words on a blog


There’s a strong argument that can be made that football clubs’ boards/owners are frequently too hasty in getting rid of under-performing managers.

That is an accusation that definitely does NOT apply to Arsenal.

Words on a blog


I’ve been asking myself: Why is it that Le Grove’s bunch of erstwhile and resident nutters: (CG, Bamford, Sid) were amongst the first to call out Arteta as a fraud?

The only reason I can come up with is that it takes a fraud to spot a fraud.

I’m telling you this for free.


Charlie George also got Emery and Raul right from the beginning.

Words on a blog


….might have have had something to do with his hatred for all things Spanish…


“What a cowardly comment.”

Exactly. Chelsea killed our entrance to CL last year. It is time for a payback and destroy their top4 chance!

Just hope that Arteta is as brave as me.


Charlie George on here was against anyone not called Arsene Wenger though.


Why do you post offensive remarks to other people’s comments on here?
I don’t know what age you are, but if you said that stuff to anyone on the street you’d get a fucking good kicking, rightfully so.
By all means put your point across, but remember-people have different views,that’s the whole point of this blog. Stop being such a stupid prick.

Dela Mere


Another loser who cheers on a hollow victory. ‘The Arsenal stopped Chelsea top 4 trophy’

Words on a blog

What’s particularly depressing about Chelsea is that what often triggers change or progress in them is a bald defeat to Arsenal.

When Conte was around he lost 3-0 I think it was to us under Wenger. That triggered a permanent change he to a 3-4-3 formation and to them winning the league.

This time under Arteta we beat them and they sacked Lampard and bought in Tuchel and have got to the Champions League final.


Top 4 since Xmas! 😂

1 pt off Chelsea (tbf, Tuchel wasn’t appointed until late Jan)


So our most important summer is one where we have to cut wage costs, is in the middle of a pandemic, Brexit has limited our freedom to sign players from certain countries, have just finished mid table and have no European football to offer next season.

Fuxking brilliant. I bet the Iranian Messi, next Zidane and Real academy players are falling over to be part of Arsenal’s exciting future.


This is an opinion piece from the Eurosport Website that is spot on: On the football pitch, however, it is rather the case that blue stands head and shoulders above red, with Chelsea on course for a potentially glorious season while cross-town rivals Arsenal are enduring a campaign of unprecedented failure. Where the two clubs find themselves now is endemic in how they are run. Roman Abramovich is notoriously ruthless when it comes to making changes and sacking managers as soon as things start to go sour, regardless of prior success, reputation, or in the case of Lampard, emotional attachment.… Read more »


I’m a big fan of Iranian Messi

We should sign him!

Time up

Now we’ve new excuse to keep Arteta “at least we lost 17 times out of 34 times without getting smashed lol”

Arteta’s football is so boring mostly defending, and hoping for a lucky goal. No philosophy or style of football to look forward too, all he has a failed vision that conned few fans.

Words on a blog

So, Arteta and Edu to take charge of another summer transfer window, with (some) Grovers salivating over the prospect of Sexy Mandem from FC Brilliant and Allaction Midfelder from AC Mulhouse to come in and transform our fortunes, whilst others salivate over the prospect of us shifting out half the squad, who are all of course, utter dross, whilst Stan the Man “splashes the cash”. Arteta has of course gained experience and humility and next season he will dazzle everybody with his man management and tactical genius. Brings to mind the most dangerous sentence in the English language: “this time… Read more »


“Brings to mind the most dangerous sentence in the English language: “this time it’s different.”

Or the definition of insanity “Trying the same methods over and over again and expecting different results.”


Tuchel on Aubameyang: That’s not his strength, to be absolutely on time,” Tuchel said. “He was pretty much the only one so when we wanted him to be on time, we just told him the meeting was 10.45 a.m. [when] the meeting was 11:00 a.m.. Then we had a good chance he is there with everybody else! “And you could hear him, you could hear the car from far. In the last kilometre, you could always hear [the car’s engine], we could prepare everything and start the video because he will soon arrive! “I don’t know and I still don’t… Read more »

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