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Hard to go too deep on nothing games at this stage of the season, but downing Sam Allardyce to his first-ever relegation was certainly a little bit of sweetness after 9 months of mostly sour. Watching him take a back seat in the dugout chewing gum like he was Simon Cowell judging a string quartet of feral cats was quite amusing.

Additionally, it was a game of world-class goals. We largely controlled the game, key players stepped up like Smith Rowe and Saka, and there were some surprise star performances… namely from Willian, who created 4 chances and fizzed a stunning freekick in for our third.

There were frustrations with Arteta getting his line-up mostly correct. The biggest one being that Bukayo Saka unsurprisingly delivered a masterclass at left-back. He was a destroyer all game. His defending was sound, but his runs from deep were perfect, and his final balls deserved more than the return he managed. Arteta was pretty pissed after the game when he was asked if he regretted building a galaxy brain plan around Granit Xhaka these past few weeks, his answer was, NO. I’d be shocked if that were the truth behind closed doors, if it is, we have big, big problems.

There was also another sad reality. The midfield of Dani Ceballos and Mo Elneny, for a second week running, was far better than anything we put out against Villareal. You can laugh at that, but the lesson here is that we should have played a normal starting 11 without any LOOK AT ME ideas. Newcastle were totally nullified last week, sure, they’re not great, but they scored 4 past Leicester at the weekend and beat them. Against West Brom, it wasn’t exactly elite, but the basic structure allowed our forwards to be more involved in the game and create genuine chances.

Gabriel Martinelli started as a #9, he wasn’t that great, but you know what, I’ll take that from a player who hasn’t been given a run. We know he’s explosive on his day and I’d prefer to bet on potential than see Lacazette in a game like that.

There are still some oddities out there. Dani Ceballos, whilst not offensive today, is exiting the club at the end of the season. Did we need to see him playing again? I don’t understand why we didn’t use the dead nature of the season to have a go with someone else. Same with the bench. Flo Balogun was signed to be part of the first team next season, what does the guy have to do to get a place on the bench?

It’s also really interesting that Cedric has been moved so far down the pecking order. I have no problem with Cal Chambers, but it’s odd that he takes the place over a real right-back considering how sure Arteta was when we signed him.

Arteta’s press conference was revealing. I have watched every single piece of media of him over the last year, so I know the patterns. Firstly, his abrupt answer on the Xhaka/LB question set the tone for a conference that rapidly declined in mood. His dark eyes indicated a sleepless week. Then he was asked how good it was that ESR ‘scored the first of many Premier League goals,’ his answer was very familiar. He was agitate, he used the question to make a point about our season. He ran with the story about how he needed to be landing 15 goals and 15 assist to hit the top, and that his one goal is an indicator how messed up our squad is. It was an odd answer, made even worse by his praise of Willian who already ‘done it’ at the highest level.

People jumped to his defence because they read the quotes and didn’t hear the tone. It was a typical response where he uses the stick on young players. Arsene would have said ‘I’m happy, this is hopefully the start of many more.’ Arteta has a habit of not demanding the same standards of his senior players in press conferences. It’s a real weakness in his otherwise very honed PR skills. The issue is he doesn’t just talk like that, he manages that way. Gabriel has a bad half of football and he’s dropped for 3 months, other players are allowed to constantly stink out the starting 11.

That leads me to my next point. Mikel Arteta is here to stay, that is how it’s going to happen bar something very curveball. He said in the week he needs to be ruthless this summer. There is going to be a test of that very soon.

David Luiz.

This is the big one. The player is a mistake machine. He has been since he joined. On his day, he’s one of the best, but let’s be real, since he arrived, we have cratered as a football club. He has lost his pace, he is now picking up injuries, he wasn’t good enough for Chelsea, he makes mistakes, gives away penalties and has a collection of red cards that make him a hall of famer.

… what will Arteta do?

We know Edu is probably already lining up a new deal because he’s clueless. But in a ruthless high-performance environment, how can there be space for him? William Saliba is the future, he can move at speed, he’s great with the ball at his feet, do we honestly think he’d make more mistakes than a 34-year-old David Luiz who is racking them up for fun?

Ruthless is moving on the past even if there’s a short term bit of pain.

Ruthless is seeing beyond reputation.

Ruthless is doing things the hard way.

Now, of course, the bigger question is whether Vinai is going to go down the route of letting Edu decide the summer again. These decisions about the future of Arsenal should be made by someone who is going to be here for 5 years, I have my doubts Edu is that guy. Arteta shouldn’t have choice on Luiz, Edu should be the one making the big calls, but he was demoted.

That means Vinai needs to step up to the plate. We know he’s not been able to muster the courage to stop a lot of bad things happening to Arsenal over the past year. He made 50+ people redundant before signing Willian to a 3 year deal on £250k a week (double the amount he could get anywhere else). An exec that has lived through the Ozil debacle jumped right into another one without asking a single question. He then moved on the Gunnersaurus… breaching the biggest rule on redundancies, do them in one sweep so as not to appear cruel.

He needs to find some courage this summer and get his reputation back on track.

The biggest question that needs to be answered is this: What is the truth of the failings?

He cannot get to that by asking Edu and Arteta. He needs to do the hard work. Those two are in the gutter with regards to their efforts this season. The next 6 months are crucial, what is totally clear from a CEO perspective is that we need an intervention because the current track has tanked.

Some areas to ponder.

Is the management style of Arteta improving team spirit or cratering it?

The squad looked petrified against a bang average side last Thursday. Last year, we beat City and Chelsea to win the FA Cup. What happened to the fighting spirit? Things tend to get better as ideas settle, they have declined here. There must be a cause. What is it? Are we sharing that information with Arteta? I know not everything can be compared to corporate America, but generally, new leaders come with bad ideas of what leadership should be, why? Because no one is a natural. Everyone needs to work on it. People don’t know they are doing things wrong unless they are told. Football coaching is no different.

What value is the coaching staff delivering to the squad?

That question should be answered by speaking to the players, the analysts, the manager and the technical director. Because there is not a world where they are all hitting the mark, otherwise we’d be in better shape. Bernd Leno has been terrible, why? If he wants out, what can we do to change that? Who is challenging terrible ideas? Or worse, fully endorsing them. It’s important information because the only way rookie appointments work is if the teams around them counter the weaknesses. RB Leipzig know how to do that, we do not.

What could Arsenal be doing better?

We have seen some pretty horrendous ideas implemented at Arsenal that you and I could have stopped with just 5 years of watching Arsenal as our qualification. There is usually a reason bad ideas go to market. Vinai needs to find out why this keeps happening. He should be speaking to everyone at the club to find out what could be done better and see if there are consistent patterns. There ALWAYS are. Identify them, communicate them, implement better ways of working so the organisation improves.

What does the self-assessment reveal?

I would ask Arteta and Edu where it went wrong and what they think they need to be better at their jobs. Maybe it has happened, but I wouldn’t bet on it though, I’ve watched Arsenal leadership let failing staff decline in performance with zero intervention for years. It’s part of the KSE leadership training course, rule number one: Question nothing, never intervene, let talent see out their ideas until the death. It’s quite staggering how little action happens when things are going badly off the rails.

The reason we are failing, 100%, is not just a money issue. Better players always improve outcomes, but we have seen some really iffy stuff this season. Vinai should find out how aware the two most important football staff are of their failings and then decide if a bigger intervention is needed… because Arsenal simply cannot sanction a big summer without assurances on what went wrong and what needs to change to avoid a 3 months like the one Emery oversaw in year 2.

A football operation is a machine. There are things that make the machine tick. But like all machines, things break down and it impacts output. Arsenal is notorious at letting the machine fail. Vinai needs to be a more active CEO, a mechanic if you will, he needs to be nosier about what is going on, he needs to crack the spanner.

  • Find your 99 problems.
  • Distil them down to the 3-5 big themes. The truth of this season if you will.
  • Design ways out of the problems.
  • Implement them.
  • Check the ways are working
  • Repeat.

The idea that we’re going to roll into the summer and treat the devastation of the last 9 months as a blip is not wild assumption from me, it’s how we’ve operated for a decade. It needs to change. If heads aren’t going to roll, then truth needs to be found, rough edges need sanding, and a new way of working needs to happen right away.  If it doesn’t, we’ll be well on our way to replicating the last managerial exit and we’ll be welcoming Roberto Martinez and his ‘experience’ to the carpet.

Let’s hope change is coming, it’s needed.

P.S. Listen to my damn podcast with Johnny.



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  1. Gonsterous


    Yup, and points don’t matter either, right?
    Stats at the end of the day is what makes defines a great player. Would ronaldo and messi be considered great if they scored 5 goals a season?

  2. Marc


    Aouar wasn’t happening for whatever reason – if Arteta was aware we desperately needed a ACM or CAM he should have made sure we got one.

    The buck stops in one place and that is at Arteta’s feet.

  3. Gonsterous

    It’s well and easy for arteta to say, get me this player or that player but why does he not take into account, what system he is trying to implement and if said player fits his system.

    When he came, he tried 3 at the back, this was at the start of the season. Failed miserable, tried it again in the second leg of the semis. Poor choice again.

    Arteta sadly like his teacher, is a cheque book manager. Needs 50m players in each position and even then it’s not a guarantee.

  4. China1

    Cazorla you are making an absolute fool of yourself if you think just because edu negotiates to get deals over the line that arteta didn’t have a major input on who stayed, went and was signed in the summer

    The edu you are imagining in your head is a powerful figure. Not a guy who just got demoted whilst arteta got promoted to have more power in such matters

  5. China1

    Also cazorla you’re defeating your own point to highlight that Arteta wanted Aouar and that he also isn’t really an AM

    So arteta WASNT trying to get a AM then, right? So even if arteta ‘got his way’ he’d have still not had a good ACM until ESR came through?

    That sounds an awful lot like arteta would’ve still been to blame for us lacking creativity.

    So what exactly is your point?

  6. China1

    Arteta could’ve had his first choice CM and ‘edus guy’ partey for a combined 95m. Probably over 100m with add ons. And arteta would’ve still needed ESR to emerge before Christmas for us to have an AM


  7. Marc


    A huge mistake but when Arteta pushed to be promoted he left himself open he can’t hide behind Edu on these things now.

    The list of piss poor decisions and worrying personality traits from Arteta is just too long to ignore.

  8. China1

    Speaking of Pepe earlier. The thing that annoys me more than anything is when he collects the ball on the halfway line or deeper

    95% of his best work comes in the final third. Coming from deep he is usually (not quite always) hopeless. If you’re going to pick him you have to play to his strengths because he’s not like Saka and he simply isn’t capable of doing anything from deep regularly imo. Even just the sight of a bellerin 6 yard pass to Pepe on the halfway line makes me shake my head lol

  9. Marc


    People have got to stop thinking of Pepe as a winger he’s got to be used as a wide forward pushing up the field.

  10. China1

    Would we have played that cazorla? Cool that you know artetas lineup when the guy himself can’t even work out a starting 11 over a whole season

  11. China1

    Not bad man

    Been working too hard recently and reached that point where I’m trying to ease off it before I make myself ill. Life’s too short

  12. Dissenter

    Welcome back you plonker
    Lest us alone to fight the good fight the good fight against Pedro, now people are calling you, Marko and Receding the Gaulists who came back to save the day.

  13. Ishola70


    “Aouar Partey

    I like how you have Xhaka deeper there away from the heat.

    It should look like this if it is a functioning competitive midfield for 2001.

    Aour Xhaka Partey.

    All capable to engage the middle of the pitch.

    A deeper midfielder who operates almost exclusively deep is so yesterday.

  14. Thank you and good night

    Another rumour. Apparently we’re after 31 year old Ryan Bertrand. This sounds about right for Arteta. A shit Southampton defender over age , just ripe for a massive wage increase and a 3 year contract. 🤣🤣 like fuck all is going to change under Arteta. Banter club

  15. Gonsterous


    As good as aurour might have been. I doubt it would have any effect on our league standing, arteta has no clue how to manage a side or who his best 11 is. Everyone can see ESR perform well from the cam role, what happens, he gets shifted to LW. Then we have the undroppable willian and the xhaka at lb fiasco, which according to arteta we would have won against villareal but tierney at LB spoilt his plans. A lb playing at lb spoilt the plan by playing in his natural position.

  16. Ishola70

    Pedro is playing up already after calling the process dead after the Villarreal defeat.

    He’s ready to jump back on that wagon at the first opportunity.

    Being slayed by Bummery isn’t enough to see him keep off the sauce indefinitely.

  17. Ishola70


    My one criticism of Mahrez wasn’t exclusively about 1 v 1’s.

    It was about where Mahrez should attempt his 1 on 1’s and where he shouldn’t.

    But it was skewed and exaggerated on here by a couple of posters.

    Xhaka fan eh Cazorla?

  18. Olumide

    We have a manager who just failed to get to the Europa league final even though he had the easiest route possible.
    We have a manager who will oversee our worst finish in the league in 25 years.
    Is this our worst squad in 25 years?

    We played some of the worst football I’ve ever seen Arsenal play. But some fans will blame everything else apart from this manager.

    Then, tomorrow, they’ll say Kroenke has no ambition. Some of the fans we have a simply baffling.

  19. Marko

    But again, facts of a matter are secondary on Le Grove to hysterical bullshit.

    Says the guy who is complaining about a lack of creativity at Arsenal to blame for Arteta abject performance of a manager despite having the likes of Saka and bringing in Willian and talking up his ability as a 10. Hardly like the totally inept fuck wit of a manager couldn’t have I dunno sold AMN and brought in another creative player.

  20. Ishola70


    “Apparently we’re after 31 year old Ryan Bertrand.”

    This sounds exactly like Arsenal of 2021.

    Book it as done.

  21. Almuniasaynomore

    Thanks for that. Lovely tribute to the man. Big jack and his assistant maurice setters died within a couple of weeks of each other last year. It’s sad to watch them all go. We’ll never see the likes of that team here in my time again I don’t think. I sometimes get the sense that the national team in England comes second to supporters of the bigger clubs ,yet means more to the fans of the smaller clubs, perhaps the only time they get a shot at supporting quality players? Is this how you see it? Can Arsenal fans get behind Chelsea/ Spuds/Utd players when they’re wearing the 3 lions?

  22. Ishola70


    “who was integral to our possession, control and build up to attacks,”

    Why can’t he do this a bit further up the field though.

    Things would be so much better if he could.

  23. Gonsterous


    Oh my, integral? We better sign him up for another 5 years. We definitely can’t win any football game, once chaka in injured.

    Goes to show how limited arteta is and how he can’t adapt to situations. Did you read what he said when asked why saka didn’t play LB instead, he said he did not want to confuse saka in his development as an attacker.

    Next game, he puts saka at lb against WBA, contradicting his own words. Generational indeed.

  24. Foxy

    Arteta of all people must know that you cannot compete in the premiership once your legs have gone. So no to a laca extension no to Bertrand, get rid of Willian.

  25. Champagne Charlie


    My biggest criticism of Arteta was how we started the season with no creative talent, and that we dragged the mess with Ozil into the season. I literally spent all summer talking up the need for Coutinho who never landed, so to make out like I’m oblivious to these failings is hilarious.

    You don’t read what people post, you’re busy arguing against your own manifestations because that’s your coping mechanism for being slow on the uptake, and generally speaking just a dim person.

  26. Gonsterous


    Honestly ask yourself, which players from the first team have let us down and needs to be replaced. Now watch how none of the players from the first team feel this so called ruthless ness from arteta and watch the squad players get sold for more over paid dross.

    And we know from the ozil debacle that if arteta doesn’t want a player, he won’t play them, so give them games.

    Arteta only has two decisions for next season. Isolate the seniors and lose the dressing room, or indulge the seniors, lose games and lose the dressing room. The choice is his. Either way, stan doesn’t care.

  27. Marc


    I’m not sure. I was taking the piss out of Pedro for binning people – all banter along the lines of “Le Grove where you have an opinion etc” and he binned me.

    I’m guessing he got fed up of constantly being bitch slapped!

  28. Marc

    Once again Xhaka has been a mainstay of the team, the only difference now is that instead of missing out on CL football we’re going to miss out of Europe altogether.

    When will the penny finally drop for some people.

  29. Marko

    My biggest criticism of Arteta was how we started the season with no creative talent

    That’s your biggest criticism? Makes sense.

    to make out like I’m oblivious to these failings is hilarious

    No you’re oblivious to how bad the football is and where the blame lies. And you’re being oblivious to the fact that whatever he went into the season with HE went into the season with. He could of brought someone else in he could have done many other things other than what he did. You complaining about the options in the squad and absolving the witless manager of blame. But again besides all that with the squad he’s got at his disposal he’s failed miserably on the season.

    Charles at this point I’ve got to wonder about you do you realize how bad of a season we’re having? It seems like you haven’t got a clue honestly

  30. Champagne Charlie


    I’ve absolved Arteta of nothing, and yet again even in that post you’ve managed to ignore what I just said in my previous comment about Arteta.

    It’s not enough for you to approach a different opinion with a level of respect, that’s beyond you. But you’re compelled to set the terms of what the other person says so you can argue that, and not what they’ve actually written.

    It’s painful having to hold your hand through a conversation, you’re a fucking adult and still you behave like a teenager online. Get over yourself you fucking spastic.

  31. Guns of SF

    Good point Gonsterous

    Arteta only has two decisions for next season. Isolate the seniors and lose the dressing room, or indulge the seniors, lose games and lose the dressing room. The choice is his. Either way, stan doesn’t care.

  32. Guns of SF

    Doing good man!

    This cunt Cazorla is highly triggered by me for some reason. Its funny. He searches LG for my posts incessantly, calls me gums?, and says I should play frisbee. Its really kinda funny.

    Ive tried being nice but he has some issues he needs to work on. His fascination with body excrement, tampons, frisbees, etc.weird shit man

    He is a little man, who has inhaled Artetas farts long and deep. He cannot stand his idol being critisized. lol Poor fella should get some sun, maybe go to the gym. Might lift his mood instead of trolling around here

  33. Pierre

    Marc disappears after we win 4 on the bounce at the turn of the year and returns the week we are knocked out of Europe.. …. .coincidence?

  34. andy1886

    Aouar was keen on Madrid first of all, secondly I recall that we had a problem with the huge agent fees that were being demanded. His agent is his brother by the way (greedy c*nt), sounds like trouble so probably best avoided TBH.

  35. Guns of SF


    I dont know… maybe something bad happened to him in SF? Maybe my city is a little too inclusive for his tastes. Maybe he doesn’t prefer Budweiser?

    We do have good soy lattes… I will be happy to buy him one to cheer him up. Lots of nice parks to play frisbee. hehehe

    Guns of SF

    Do you think he has a man crush on you?

  36. Marc


    Chances of Arteta turning it around are about the same as Pierre managing to not bring Ozil up.

    Unfortunately I don’t think he’ll be sacked over the summer but he’ll be gone around Christmas. The Kroenke’s seem to have a thing about giving a second season until it’s clear CL (at least it used to be) is unattainable.

    With fans in the stadium he won’t get away with the shit we’ve seen this season.

  37. Marc

    “Guantanapedro bay 🤣, like that lol”

    That’s because you haven’t spent 3 months locked up in the fucking thing!

  38. Kroenkephobe


    Big Jack in his baseball cap in searing temperatures trying to calm down John Aldridge.

    I realised supporting England was a bad move in the late 70s. The jingoism, racism and terrible behaviour wasn’t for me. It also dawned on me that it was impossible to hate spuds/man utd/liverpool one week and then cheer on Hoddle, Coppell and Clemence the next. It seemed to me as though the England support was infected with neo Nazi bastards so I steered well clear. That night in Dublin being one of the worst episodes.

    I spent some my formative years in a hole in the ground alternatively known as Corby (about 100 miles due north of London). It had lots of idiosyncrasies (ie an irredeemable shitness) but was improved by the fact that the town was 60% ethnically Scottish. My mates were mostly from North of the soon to return border so I tended to want them to win in the WCs of the 70s. Mighty Ingerland never qualified for a 70s WC tournament of course. Place was fucking mad in some ways. Celtic and Rangers supporters clubs and an imported and not too diluted daft sectarianism. I remember when Scotland beat England at wemberlee in the 70s and some family friends brought home some of the turf they dug up.

    So yeah, me and Ingerland are not easy bedfellows although I do like the current cricket team. Some real stars and genuinely good people in the men’s and women’s teams. Ever played cricket Almunia? Lovely sport. There’s a cricket club near Ballsbridge in Dublin right?

  39. Pierre

    Lots of discussion about our lack of creativity and rightly so..

    At this point I haven’t read anything from anyone that gives an explanation as to why the fans had no issues with our creativity before the first lockdown and 9 months later we were so devoid of any creativity that our strikers were feeding off scraps.

    And here we are now, still talking about our lack of creativity without anyone putting their finger on the reason as to why we went from having no creativity issues to having major creativity issues..

  40. Bob N16

    If I was running a blog and someone was (in their own words) constantly ‘bitch slapping’ me, I would have no hesitation in banning them after giving them fair warning.

  41. Kroenkephobe

    Oooh hang on. Ingerland qualified in 1970 for Mexico City of course. Reminds me of another story where I unearthed all these documents in Bogota about Bobby Moore being accused of jewelry theft just before travelling to Mexico for the tournament. Hilarious.

    Anyone else got a collection of aluminium esso coins from that wc?

  42. Guns of SF


    Ahhh I understand.

    We do have nice parks, warm sun, and good soy lattes tho…..
    Great town for frisbee…

    Let me know when you are in town… lol

  43. Kroenkephobe


    Mate, it’s a fucking wonderful place. You’d love the counterculture, the freedom to practice same sex relationships and the woke vibe. What’s to miss? Why don’t you and I go together for the next pride. It might really loosen you up… 🇺🇲🏳️‍🌈

  44. Tom

    “This cunt Cazorla is highly triggered by me for some reason. Its funny. He searches LG for my posts incessantly, calls me gums?, and says I should play frisbee. Its really kinda funny.“

    The reason he’s doing it is precisely because he knows he has triggered you , Guns.
    All internet bullies have that talent ,where they can sense weakness they go for it.
    That’s his fix and you’re letting him get it at your expense.

    You can start by returning the favor and start calling him “ casserole “ instead or some shit.
    Sure it childish as fuck but who in the right mind would address a vile prick sporting an on line tough guy act by the name of one of the classiest players to ever wear Arsenal shirt anyway.

    Or just ignore his posts.

  45. Guns of SF

    Marc and Rich
    in a 7 mile radius, we have the most bars and restaurants in the world. Some of the finest in the world. we got bars/pubs all over. We have all that Rich. We have sun! We have weed! We got soy lattes! We have Arsenal fans! ( plastic variety), we have it all fellas!

  46. Guns of SF


    Nah mate. I like messing with the fella. The fact my moniker alone knocks him off his game is enough entertainment.

    Casserole, I like that!

  47. Tom

    Hey Cazorla, would you enlighten the rest of us ,the dimwits , how you can tell professional footballers downing tools an a manager who hasn’t much thrown them under a bus yet,
    since you apparently still believe Arsenal players are fighting for Arteta.

    Just wanna know what signs to look for in the future and you are the expert, obviously.

  48. Rich

    Guns of SF

    Can you just roll one up in the park, and have an afternoon getting baked with a picnic?

    Or is it only on private property you can smoke?

  49. Guns of SF

    This town is full of weed. No one cares man.
    Its legal in California. Has to be legally consumed privately, but shit, everyone is out smoking. Cops blaze all the time

  50. Pierre

    Not at all – Pedro binned me otherwise I would have been here bestowing my wisdom upon you.”

    As you are here , can use your wisdom to give an explanation as to why our creativity descended to an all time low..

    We had the same strikers , the same full backs , the same midfield (plus Partey )as before the first lockdown…

    There was only one creative player taken out of the equation , in your wisdom could that have anything to do with our chronic lack of creativity.

  51. Bob N16

    Marc, never heard of ‘banter’, is it the collective noun for a succession of annoying posts that result in a blog ban?

    Love San Francisco – spent many happy trips visiting my wife’s brother and family there. Also used it as a base for trips all around California -travelling down to San Diego, Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe and up to Sonoma where one of my cousins live.

  52. Marko

    It’s painful having to hold your hand through a conversation, you’re a fucking adult and still you behave like a teenager online. Get over yourself you fucking spastic.

    Right back at you. It’s hard to converse (I don’t say debate cause you’re incapable of it) with you considering you go from zero to cunt in a split second. That and it’s really hard for you to understand really basic things about football. An example of this is Arsenal having it’s worse season since what 1995 and being out of Europe for the first time in 25 years and you see enough in the manager to give him another season.

    … it’s…it’s…so intelligent… I’m in awe really

  53. Marc


    It’s mostly down to having the worst manager in living memory. The player you’re referring to contribution has been on the slide for a while now – he can’t even cut it in Turkey now.

    It’s a shame because he was a supremely talented footballer – just didn’t have application to keep performing.

  54. Vintage Gun

    I’d take Bertrand on a 2 year free transfer deal. Decent going for a HG backup full back.

    However i’d back this up by buying that young Derby left back Buchanan and loan him back to Derby for a year.

    If we offload the likes of Nelson, Nketiah and AMN (maybe Willock and Chambers too) then our HG quota will take a beating.

  55. Pierre

    Ah Marko
    You seem an intelligent fellow ..

    Maybe you can explain why we went from a team with no creativity problems to a team with major creativity problems .

    I know you blame the manager for our lack of creativity, but I can’t remember you being so harsh in your criticism before the first lockdown.

    Do you think it could possibly be the omittance of a certain player or is it because players like Tierney, saka , Partey, Ceballos , Aubamayang ,.Pepe and Lacazette forgot how to make a defence splitting pass.

  56. Batistuta

    Also if the only issue anyone has with Arteta is the fact we went into the season without a CAM and not the fact that he doesn’t still know his best formation or best starting 11 after over a year in the job or he doesn’t have any thing resembling tactics we can fall back on then maybe the rest of us have been bound to the total horror of a season we’ve just had

  57. Pierre

    “It’s mostly down to having the worst manager in living memory”

    Can you expand on that please as before the first lockdown, the worst manager in living memory had the team playing well enough to be the only unbeaten team in Europe domestically in 2020 ..

    What changed?

  58. Almuniasaynomore

    I’m not sure about the cricket club,have never been,though I watched the game for a while. That ashes series around 05,06 when england won with Freddie Flintoff firing on all cylinders hooked me for a while but aside from the odd 20 -20 or one day win the national team never caught the imagination after their initial breakthrough. Their attempts at test level are foundering also. Just isn’t a nationwide interest, small country addicted to too many other sports. Eoin Morgan is a strange one too, irish man who captained England to a world cup, wasn’t exactly feted for that achievement I can tell you! Way I look at it we owe you for big Jack (and a few others, how the hell did we get Mark Lawrenson?). Still Grealish and Rice are bitter pills when we are so weak right now, but you have to respect individual choice I guess.
    That whole Celtic-Rangers rivalry is massive over here too, though one side is preeminent for obvious reasons. Sad to see Scottish football suffering. I’m not a great man for research, partly cos I’m lazy,mostly cos I like to rely on my memory, so I could be wrong, but wasn’t there a time in the 80’s when the Scots were really competitive in Europe? Aberdeen obviously, but also Dundee utd and Hearts. Both old firm clubs contested finals this century I think,but it’s very hard to see them there again. The dreams that football once made possible are no more. That saddens me more than any Arteta interview to be honest with you.

  59. Marc


    I have my opinions on Arteta – basically he’s a wrong’un.

    As for your boy he managed 1 goal and 1 assist in that period – hardly setting the world on fire.

  60. Marko

    Maybe you can explain why we went from a team with no creativity problems to a team with major creativity problems .

    Easy. Poor underperforming players and having a shit manager. Been lacking a legitimate number 10 for years honestly. And no Ozil wasn’t that. Pretty sure he’s yet to register a single goal or assist since going to that piss shit league

  61. Ishola70


    Please tell us one really significant result Arsenal had over this period you keep talking about and a breathtaking performance overall with your man Ozil involved and at the heart of it.

  62. Rich

    Transfer window runs from 9th June to 31st of August this year, 12 weeks of everyone whipping themselves up into a frenzy

    Season kicks off the weekend of Aug 14th

    I’m taking a 10 week Arsenal break from May 24th until Aug 9th, we sign who we sign, and we sell who we sell, I’ll reserve my dissatisfaction and angst until I check our squad list

  63. Pierre

    How sad is it that it took an academy player to come in and show players like pepe, Aubamayang, Lacazette, ceballos and Partey how to play the game.

    Smith Rowe’s link up play with saka was/is a joy to see..
    I have said all along that I don’t believe our academy players and Martinelli have an on field relationship with the experienced players.

    Saka has done his best but his game went up a level as soon as Smith Rowe arrived on the scene.

    For me , it has to be one or the other when we talk about keeping or selling players.
    I say trust the young players coming through and do NOT sell any of them.

    Keep Guendouzi, keep willock , keep Nelson, keep Nketiah and look to dispose of the players who were to blame for our worst run of results and performances in living memory up until Smith Rowe arrived.

  64. Ishola70


    Tell us the really significant results we had and played really well in this period you keep rabbiting on about.

  65. Marc


    And why don’t the academy players have an on field relationship with the senior players?

    Could it have anything to do with the manager?

  66. Habesha Gooner

    I am hugely frustrated by the Arteta debate. And how much some fans defend him. Wenger for all his faults would get a better tune out of this team. Didn’t we get rid of Wenger to get better? Didn’t we want to get a manager who is a step up?

    We always knew replacing a legendary manager no matter how bad it got was going to be a tough task. And it would take a lot of trials to get a step up. And sadly we have hired two managers who ended up being worse than him. Now we need to move on to the next one. 9th with no European football and a season of crappy performances deserves a sacking. There is no alterior reality. Arteta has been crap for us apart from the FA cup. There have been no long stretch of matches where he has convinced he is good during his time here. So we need to move on.

    Recruitment or not, People might think patience is the way to go but a look at Chelsea says otherwise. They have hired countless managers and the success they have had is proof enough. And Our net spend is higher than them these past few years. So we need to find a better manager.

  67. Samesong

    Pierre used that players name so.much he’s actually censored it 😆 Why don’t you give us a future creative player that can fit into our squad now rather than being stuck in the past? And not ESR

  68. Champagne Charlie

    Being told I can’t debate anything properly from a guy that’s fresh back from his 8/9th ban for being argumentative and intolerant of others.

    Wonders never cease. Oh sorry, you were banned for ‘nothing’ again I’m sure. Proper little victim.

  69. Ishola70

    I’m waiting for Pierre to tell us at least one or two matches where we not only won but played really well to go with it against a really significant opponent when it mattered in this period that was so good before covid struck and this over spilling creativity the team had but then missed later on.

  70. Ishola70

    lol Pierre thinks we were golden before covid struck.

    And we were golden due to high creativity just dripping from the team.

  71. Pierre

    “Please tell us one really significant result Arsenal had over this period you keep talking about and a breathtaking performance overall with your man Ozil involved and at the heart of it.”

    United 2-0 springs to mind…a team that included AMN, Kolasinac, Sokratis, Torreira , Ozil , Guendouzi and Nelson…

    I’m not sure if we have performed better in the 15 months since that fantastic night.
    7 of the players who contributed to that superb performance are nowhere to be seen now.

  72. Ishola70


    Man United were shit then and at one of their lowest ebbs although of course its always great to beat them.

    That all you got?

    Is this your golden period under Arteta that was dripping with creativity from the side before covid struck?

    Not very convincing is it.

  73. Marc


    You seem to put forward arguments that lead to Arteta’s terrible but I haven’t seen you call for him to be replaced.

  74. Almuniasaynomore

    Some goal by soyuncu, proper defender’s header in the box.
    Liverpool must be cracking up, utd playing the reserves tonight and will play first team against them on Thursday.

  75. Ishola70

    Of course our most significant results under Arteta to date beating Chelsea and Man City in the FA Cup had no Ozil involved and of course no significant standout creativity from Arsenal in those games either.

  76. TR7

    Fabrizio : Arsenal are still planning together with Arteta: Hector Bellerin has huge chances to leave the club in the summer, confirmed. Arsenal will sign a new right back. ⚪️🔴 #AFC

    Lucas Torreira is expected to leave Arsenal too [no official proposals from Boca as of today]. 🇺🇾

  77. Tom

    People surprised Arteta isn’t going anywhere is the only surprise.
    Kroenke might not know much about the EPL football but the loyalty to the cause, the cause in this instance being his bottom line, is something he’s an expert at assessing.
    And nothing says to him Arteta is his guy like his advocating for players’ pay cut as well as taking one himself.

    This Arteta move puts buying Gazidis a watch in its proper perspective.
    He sure is a quick study how to advance up the ladder.

  78. Marc


    Small problem with your argument. Arteta might have saved the club a few million with the pay cut but his job was to get us back into the CL earning the club £80 million a year instead he’s dropped us out of the EL reducing our revenue by a further £30 odd million plus something like a 15% reduction in season ticket revenue etc.

  79. Pierre

    I’m not very impressed with Arteta at all .

    Besides the obvious, he has made too many crap decisions(too many to name) and yes I do blame him for the lack of creativity.
    I think his decision to play Odegaard in the no.10 role ahead of Smith Rowe is poor and affected saka as well as Smith Rowe.
    I think his system/tactics for the 2 semi finals were head scratchers.
    Will he learn from his mistakes ..doubtful

    The club will move him on if the season starts poorly so no point in calling for him to be sacked
    At the end of the day I want Arsenal to win football matches and play football that isn’t sleep inducing, I do think he will be sacked as the fans won’t pay good money to watch what is on offer.

  80. Habesha Gooner

    I hope that new Right back is Max Aarons. He is English, young and good. We could do with him instead of Bellerin. I hope chambers is also being played to be in the shop window too. We need to balance the squad.

  81. Marc


    I’ve got to agree on Arteta but it’s not just his tactics / teams selections etc. 2 of our players have a fight on the training ground – not good but they happen, Arteta’s response is to start an enquiry into who leaked it to the press and tells the press he’s doing it.

    Compare that to Tuchel – 2 Chelsea players have a burst up and he draws a line under what happened with a joke.

    It really isn’t a fun time at the moment.

  82. Almuniasaynomore

    Robbie Savage said Pep was the best manager in the premier lge ever, Ferdinand challenged him obviously, then Savage said he was taking into account his achievements at Barca! It hurts my brain to listen to him speak.

  83. Ishola70

    So Rod-gers has basically sealed his CL place for Leicester tonight.

    Congratulations to him and Leicester. Don’t know why he gets slagged on here by some really. May be to do with a bit of jealousy.

    Leicester have been in the CL places virtually all season and they played eight matches in this seasons Europa League and their best EPL form was when they were still in the Europa League participation so this notion that european football kills an EPL season specifically Europa League is shown to be the crock of shit that it always was. It’s about the managers getting it right.

    They could be stretched next season though being in the CL as they will not have as much scope to play weakened sides in the CL as they did in the Europa League but they won’t care about this at the moment. They will just be proud of their efforts this season.

  84. Champagne Charlie

    United lose to Leicester which puts a major dent in Liverpool’s CL hopes?

    I’m shocked.

  85. Tom

    True, but only if you believe it was Arteta’s fault and we don’t know that that’s what Stan believes.
    The loyalty part, however , is beyond reproach.