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It’s quite a weird week to be an Arsenal fan. Personally, I’m in this football purgatory where I’m not totally detached from the season, but at the same time, not overly invested in the outcome of it.

It feels like the sort of season where it could easily go to shit… or, be a massive blowout for Arsenal as we find our footing against a bang average Villareal side.

The big talking point yesterday mainly focused on the Daniel Ek news. He’s going to fax over a £1.8b bid for Arsenal.

The Daily Mail reported that people in finance circles have had Arsenal up for sale for 2 years. I find the story deeply suspicious because if that were true, I suspect the Saudi Royal consortium that tried to buy Newcastle would have been knocking on Stan’s door. There’s simply no way Daniel Ek is the first to sniff out an opportunity for Arsenal.

You’re not a seller until you sell, anything is possible, but it just seems a bit unlikely that 1) We’d sell to Ek 2) The price would be £1.8b.

I also run into lots of questions when someone can’t afford something outright.

If he’s borrowing, the money has to be paid back. How is that happening?

If he’s buying outright, where is the infusion of cash we need for players coming from?

Outside ‘love’ and process. What is the big change that’s coming?

I mean, elite tech process at Arsenal would be a huge game-changer… but here’s something to consider. Ownership that interferes with the club is usually not a good thing. The Kroenke family do most things right. They let Arsenal spend what they earn, they don’t get involved, they empower their leaders… the problem? They are very bad talent judges.

From what I hear about Ek, he’s the empowering type… and his record proves that he’s a very good judge of what great looks like with regards to said talent.

So we’ll see, it’s an exciting rumour… I’m of the mind that what we have right now hasn’t worked for a very long time and the situation looks more and more onerous for a family that has its focus firmly in America. At some point, it might be easier just to move on from Arsenal and refocus on LA.

Right, short one today, where do you stand on Daniel Ek?


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  1. Kroenkephobe


    What we’re the other three? Luton in the little woods thingy? , Birmingham in the same and the Manure 50 game fiasco come to mind. Or the 8-2. Or that 3-2 home defeat to the spuds about 10 years ago. Or Chihuahua Heid’s 1000th game. Or back to Europe, Galatasaray or Zaragoza. Hang on, can we make it our worst 50 games?

  2. Chris

    The 5-1 home defeat to Bayern was a pretty big low. I recall thinking how that may be our last CL game for a while, and at the time that’s exactly what we deserved to happen to us.

  3. Chris

    The disgusting attitude of the PSG players last night reminded me of how Juventus players acted in the CL quarter final in 2006 at Highbury. We were 2-0 up and in the last part of the game they had 2 players sent off for intentionally reckless challenges, Nedved and can’t remember the other guy.

    Clearly they expected to show up and win.

  4. TheBayingMob


    VintageWhat we’re the other three? Luton in the little woods thingy? , Birmingham in the same and the Manure 50 game fiasco come to mind.”

    I think he was specifically calling out European games, but ye all those rank up there, especially the ’87 League Cup final – after beating Liverpool the year before everyone thought this would be a walk over. Man if Winterburn scores that penalty it’s 3-1 and all over … that penalty miss at 2-1 was on 81 mins and we went on to lose 2-3 …

    The one that truly still hurts the most, even after all that’s been said above was losing to Spurs in the 91 FAC SF … we were a great team that year, walked the league only losing one match (I stood in the Shed at Chelsea and watched us lose that!), I remember the commentator (Brian Moore?) for that 91 semi final saying (paraphrasing) “it won’t be the end of the world for whoever loses today, but it certainly feel like it!” … Gascoigne the cunt … the only silver lining to that was watching the far northern prick do his knee in the first few minutes of the final as he lost his mind and tried to chop everyone in half …

  5. TheBayingMob


    The disgusting attitude of the PSG players last night reminded me of how Juventus players acted in the CL quarter final in 2006 at Highbury”

    I noted in the comments at the time PSG were reminding me of how English teams would lose their shit when playing better European teams back in the day – they lost their heads, I thought at least another one or two players would get sent off. Big job for Poch there, looks like a log of egos to manage and massage …

  6. Kroenkephobe


    That pain of that sf loss to the spuds was mitigated by two things. First the title win. It must have driven them nuts to win a trophy only to know we’d won something far more important.

    Second, the fact that we got revenge in the sf the following year. ‘Donkey won the Derby’ and all that. I will always have a soft spot for TA. What a great Arsenal man.

  7. Pierre

    The Michael Owen Cup final in 2001 leaves a particularly bad taste in my mouth .

    It was almost the perfect day , myself and my 9 year old son George ( born 1991 , named after GG, sad but true), drove down to Cardiff on a beautiful sunny day , we had an open top bus ride around Cardiff , then sat (stood) behind the goal and watched Arsenal pulverise Liverpool for 85 minutes.

    Freddie Ljungberg scored right in front of us and the atmosphere was electric as we created ( and missed ) chance after chance and of course was stitched up by the officials , VAR would have given us at least 2 pens and a red for Henchoz https://youtu.be/SNiq1Y1ecZk.

    The last 5 minutes were a blur , like a nightmare as Owen scored the 2 late goals.
    We walked out of the ground numb and my son had tears in his eyes.

    Fortunately, we won the double the following year and although I have attended 6 or 7 defeats in finals, that one still gets to me whenever it is shown..