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We’re going with a short post today, I’ve had time to think on what we’re seeing at Arsenal, and clearly, it’s not good enough.

If I’m going to be consistent, then I have to hold Arteta to the same standards I’ve held the previous two managers. My view is you need to see progress. Whatever the vision, at some point, you need to see it consistently. At 18 months, I want to see an identity, even if it fails. I want some 5-0 wins even if its at the expense of some bad losses.

Football is about performances.

Winning ugly only matters if you’ve shown the world you are capable of winning with beauty.

Arteta hasn’t found the formula. It’s mostly rigid and ugly. Good managers work with the tools they have, our guy is not doing that.

We rarely win with glory.

We often lose with pain.

At some point, bum mistakes need to be levelled at the person in charge.

Villareal, regardless of what the Spanish tell you, are not a good side. We had the players to do something interesting and we fucked it up.

Our squad didn’t show up. Good players, well rested, with only one thing on their agenda. There’s no excuse.

The tactics were poor. The team selection was average. The performance was absolutely awful.

We came away with hope because one of our stars won an extremely dubious penalty.

Arsenal are now at the stage where we might win the game in the second leg inspite of Arteta, not because of him.

The energy was low, the performance was bland, the team selection was bad galaxy brain in the worst of ways.

Arteta chose to play Xhaka at left back, despite giving Cedric a 4 year deal. He chose to play Chambers over Bellerin despite having zero pace in his back 4. He thought the best option was to leave Martinelli on the bench.

Those were awful decisions.

We’re at the point where his approach doesn’t even have a nuanced excuse. It’s just pure terribleness an amateur could fix.

Thomas Partey was awful, he’s been here 10 months, you can’t hide behind ‘adaptation’ away in Spain. He’s been there for 8 years, this was his moment.

Every Arsenal fan KNEW Ceballos was going to be sent off because he’s shite and lacks maturity. Earlier in the season, he was mean to the kids in training, which caused a fight between him and David Luiz, because the exChelsea man wouldn’t tolerate it. Arteta knew he was a dick, but he was given the game.

Chambers played right back again when Hector was fit. The Spaniard might be off, but he’s a pro and he can at least run. Chambers is a centre back. Why did he start, he was awful?

Xhaka has done a good job, but he’s not a left back. Cedric is a good full back, certainly capable of playing against Villareal. Why didn’t he start? We gave him a 4 year deal. We need Xhaka as a centre mid in big games, even his detractors can see that.

There’s no identity.

There’s limited effort.

We are shocking, even with good players starting.

It’s time to questions the process.

We’re now at the point where it’s fair to ask if this project is worth the juice, because rookie mistakes aren’t one offs now, they’re now part of the deal.

Does a Europa win change the mess? It wouldn’t have for Emery. Now I’m worried it won’t for Arteta.

Arsenal are woeful. There’s no peak. The best we can hope for is bumming our way to the final… then what?

Arteta picked the slowest defence in Europe. He chose to bench Martinelli. He tried a front 4 we had now clue about. Emery beat him tactically.

It was miserable.

There’s still 90 minutes to rectify this, my concern now is what happens if he does sort it? What does next season bring? Are we extending the inevitable?

I’m pissed. Arteta didn’t make a minor error, he dropped a major. Where do we go from here?

What do you think? Let us now in the comments.

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  1. DivineSherlock

    Wow , Trust the process is finally dead . Ironic it got killed by Unai Emery of all people. So much for sauce right . It couldve been so simple and easy , Start Saka at LB , play Xhaka and Partey . Pepe on the right , ESR left Ødegaard at#10 and Martinelli CF . Why would you overcomplicate it . What a. bum .

  2. Avi

    Embarassing to witness the flip-flops by Pedro, how about you act as a grow up and raise your hands up for being a complete mug selling the absolute embarrassment called Arteta to fans of the club?

    This guy called Arteta is surviving purely on the basis of sheer luck. It’s incredible

  3. Cazorla

    Foxy GX played well and wasn’t out in trouble once by chuckweeze. On the first goal he held him up waited for cover (ceballos) who then proceeded to offer up a powder puff challenge where the ball broke to the scorer.

  4. Dissenter

    If there was ever an exhibit of an Arteta-knows-best fan placed in an Arsenal museum someday, It would be you
    The man can do no wrong in thine eyes.

  5. shad

    ” Wow , Trust the process is finally dead . Ironic it got killed by Unai Emery of all people. So much for sauce right . It couldve been so simple and easy , Start Saka at LB , play Xhaka and Partey . Pepe on the right , ESR left Ødegaard at#10 and Martinelli CF . Why would you overcomplicate it . What a. bum .”

    Agree with most of this bar starting Saka at LB. I’d play him at LW to supplement Cedric on the left.

    Anyway, long story short, Arteta is a fraud who is way out of his depth at this level. He needed a proving ground first – maybe a Championship team or a lower level team in Spain, Scotland or Italy to try out his ideas. Solksjaer, Lampard and Gerrard have done this. What’s so special about him minus hanging on the coattail of Guardiola? He let the aura of being his “prodigy” inflate his ego that he is making continuous rookie mistakes.

    Even if we miraculously win the Europa (we won’t), he is stale milk on the shelf. Time to cut our losses and get an experienced hand in there, and hopefully get Kroenke’s to sell.

  6. Cazorla

    The main issue was the false 9 last night. After the event you can bemoan ceballos selection (because he was woeful) but before that people wanted him selected (over GX by the way) and see how it’s worked out.

  7. GoonGoonerGone

    Let’s all simply agree that Arteta is a decent assistant coach to a top manager, at the best of times.
    Beyond that, perhaps he should try being a manager of a Championship team where he can scream, tinker, philisophize, be a control freak and experiment at leisure.

  8. englandsbest

    The whiners and wailers live in a weird world of their own making. Everything good is bad and everything bad is good. If yesterday’s game had been won they would be cowering in dark corners. A defeat enthuses them. a jtstification of their dismal view. And because they crowd the space on here, agreeing with each other, they conclude that most Arsenal fans agree.

    We don’t.

  9. Avi

    Bielsa is not the answer..what’s actually wrong with some of you ffs, don’t you lot get fed up of being mocked by other clubs, na wa oo

  10. Avi

    You’ll all know Pedro would be back to singing Arteta’s praises after we beat Newcastle on Sunday.”

    Beyond embarassing now, absolutely no self respect from the guy

  11. Thank you and goodnight

    Fucking shut up England’s best. Cause of fucking sycophant fans like you we are we’re we are. Nothing that Arteta has done has proven him to be the right man for the job. He’ll even most fucking pundits are coming around to the way the majority of us have felt about Arteta for a good 6 months now. When he eventually gets the sack you can follow him to his next big adventure

  12. Avi

    englandbest spoken like the braindead imbecile he is, a trait expected from an Arteta fan.. Hopefully you go with him when he gets booted out from the club

  13. Thank you and goodnight

    And England’s best, even if we win europa I still want Arteta gone. The list of negatives for keeping Arteta far outweigh the positives. It’s fans like you that the kroenke ‘s love .Bent over and fucked yet still happy not to rock the boat

  14. DivineSherlock

    Football is best played when its simplified . Arteta genuinely tries or is just a buffoon who constantly tinkers with something or the other . The Slavia Prague game we won should’ve been the template . Instead we get a faux 3 backline with a faux LB at xhaka . With zero pace against the most trickiest of players . No protection from midfield because there is none. #Arteta&KroenkeOut

  15. Avi

    False 9 thing was weird. Surely if we were going that route then it should have been Pepe?

    He’s good in the air, fast, the best finisher on the pitch and has actually played competitive football as a striker.

    Hate to bring up Ole again, but sometimes just doing the simple things and motivating your players is enough to win games.

    Can’t believe we’ve wasted 2 years for a utterly daft rookie coach.

    Club is cursed.

  16. Thank you and goodnight

    Like why bother playing Cabellos in the first place as we all know how average he is. Yet the guy turned around and said he wants to go back. So why play him at all? Give a youth player a chance, Jesus there has to be a 14 year old Arsenal academy player who’d bring more to this club than that clown

  17. Avi


    Can believe he allowed Ceballos come out for second half, knowing fully well the player is dogshite who will get sent off

    My god Arteta is just unbelievably stupid, its shocking

  18. Avi

    Times like this makes you wish fans are allowed in the stadiums

    He could have gotten his dumb ass booed by the fans for being a daft wanker by now

  19. Danish Gooner

    I am 100 hundred procent On board with Pedro .18 months is a long time without progress but The Kroenkes wont pay top dollar for a pep,klopp or anyone Half that prestige.I pointes out that we dropped the Ball On pep and i am afraid he is exactly what we needed.With him we would be ninety ninety minutes from another cl final.furthermore the wastage in hiring two duds have been collossal.The amount of Money we have lost is staggering but the Chips are Down On gettin us to the final and winning because otherwise Arsenal Will be dead as a top club and i am 100 procent sure off that i Will be Spurs land for years.

  20. Avi

    Yes. Arteta is a world class physicopath (all the traits are present) and is an nepotist as well. He is just in the work because he is seducing Arsenal leaders with beautiful words and baseless speeches. His results are bad, but OK they are in process, right?

    Lol fcking Charlatan

  21. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Watching Arsenal these days is for the full on masochist and last night was dross of the worst kind. Ceballos should have been subbed at half time if not before. I am beginning to wonder what the point of Partey is? Even if we do luck out and progress to the final I can’t see this squad and Arteta getting the best of ManUre in a one off final on current form.

  22. Emiratesstroller


    Soares and Mari came in on loan in January 2020. Both were then given contracts.

    I don’t have a problem with either being included in the squad, but neither is a starting X1 player and as I have observed today we have got on our books only two players who would
    probably be regarded as a staring X1 player at a top 4 club.

    That does not mean that there are not others who are good enough to be included in top teams squads.

    Rome was not built in a day, but the club needs to start recruiting in each financial accounting period at least a couple of top quality players. If we are going to spend serious
    money on players then it needs to be on proven players and not speculations.

  23. Avi

    Better to go out against Bummery than getting our collective ass pilloried by those ManUre wankers

    Anyway you slice it I think the worse is yet to come for Arsenal fans this season.Jesus

  24. Avi

    Yesterday was the last straw for me. Even if we win the EL, which is highly unlikely, he has to go. Absolutely embarresed himself against Bummery .

    Biggest game of the season and he tries to be clever and try something completely new upfront instead of just playing Martinelli. Felt so bad for ESR who obviously had no idea what he was asked to do. If that wasn`t bad enough he kept the same set up for the second half despite it obviously not working.

    And the worst part, not understanding what every arm chair fan could see, that Ceballos would get sent off after escaping a red just after the break. The stupidity is staggering. Shocking stuff

  25. Captain Tierney

    Anyone who thinks Pedro has given up hope on Arteta really doesn’t know him well. It take one good performance to go from ‘What is Arteta doing’ to ‘Arteta is generational.

    He still rates the bald fraud Gazidis.

  26. Ustyno

    Arteta is someone who dances very well in his head when sitting down but immediately he stands up to put what is in his head on the dancing flood he hits everyone and suddenly realized he cants dance and goes back to sit and dance in his head

    There a lot of tactics and formations in his head,he even sees it on the paper how scintillating it is but doesn’t have the know-how to show it on pitch on match days

    Arteta might end up been a good coach but it will always be to the detriment of Arsenal,he should have been doing this gymnastics tactics and formations elsewhere and perfect it before we brought him in

  27. TheBayingMob

    GoonGoonerGone April 30, 2021 13:38:30 :-

    Beyond that, perhaps he should try being a manager of a Championship team where he can scream, tinker, philisophize, be a control freak and experiment at leisure”

    What would make you think fans of any Championship club would be happy to let Pep’s cone man fuck their club around? All because they are not in the PL it doesn’t mean they want any less for their team or they want anything different from us in terms of how their club is managed.

  28. Avi

    Honestly if the people in charge had any braincells between them then they’d sack this chancer and appoint a caretaker while we still have a minimal chance of progressing

  29. Avi

    I’ll personally give Big Per the rest of the season to guage his knowledge in management and then evaluate other options by summer

  30. Nelson

    I noticed that Emery has successfully developed the high pressing game. In the 1st half, they pressed with 4 players. It totally stopped our play out from the back.

    The other thing I noticed is that Leno’s long kicks to Pepe or Martinelli were quite successful. They both challenged for the header and the other picked up the lose ball. They are both very fast. We better practice this before we meet them again.

    I have a feeling that TP plays better with Xhaka on his side. Without overlapping FB’s, our attack relies on the midfield supplying the ball fast to our ACM. We couldn’t do it last game. It is much more difficult to break down a fully organized defense.

  31. shaun

    I heard someone told Arteta ESR was called the Croydon de Bruyne and after he watched the man city game he had a brain thart and thought ohhhh that’s a good idea .Man the dude is straight up stupid and embarrassing I think he has out done GOODEBNING in every negative way possible

  32. Avi

    No doubt Emery is a better coach than Arteta, his mistake was sitting on 2.0 lead,thinking that would be enough! If he had continued with the attacking play of the first half he would have end up absolutely giving Arteta the raping he deserved,

    At a point in the second half they had 5 attempts on target while arsenal had none

  33. raptora

    I was thinking yesterday that Arteta is basically asking to get fired. Why? I’ve no idea. But there is no other explanation for making such braindead decisions that a 10 yo kid playing FIFA would know not to make. No way Mr. Sauce is that hopeless.

    Playing Xhaka vs Chukwueze which was horrendous decision both defensively and offensively.
    Keeping Ceballos on when anyone could see what’s about to follow.
    False 9 experiment? Really?

    It reeked off of self sabotage.
    Either that or he’s actually retarded.

  34. Cheney10

    I think Arteta is caught up with trying to prove he is a tactical mastermind and it hasn’t worked so far. He should have kept it simple stupid last night and put round pegs in round holes; he didn’t ,and we got caught with our pants down.

    I’m not with Pedro yet in terms of Arteta but he has to make the final and win it for me. Anything short of that and it would be very difficult to argue we have seen anything that even remotely resembles progress or a reason he should see us into next season.

  35. Buzzy

    Pedro won back my respect for this post. After ages I’m reading a post here thatis absolutely spot on.

    There’s something wrong with Arteta. A classic narcissist. You really don’t have to be a psychology major to see that.

    That trait is only good if you can back it up with results like prime Jose.

    Haven’t seen a worse Arsenal starting line up than yesterday. And becauase this was voluntary, there should be no reason to not sack the man who produced that.

  36. The Bard

    Divinesherlock Are you serious ? The decline started when Arteta took over. Where have you been this last decade or more ? We’ve had 10 plus years of decline.

  37. Gonsterous

    I don’t believe we have a team of players who are mid table quality.
    Auba has always been considered a world class finisher.
    Laca was not paid peanuts for nothing.
    Gabriel looked like a beast when he first arrived.
    Willian had a decent track record when playing for chelsea.
    Pepe was considered a great talent and he still has great potential.
    Saka is a world class player, who has carried the team on his back on multiple occasion.
    He is the best young player we have had since cesc and I believe he is cesc level (though I’m sure cesc would have struggled to play under arteta)
    ESR, another great player with great potential. We have seen him dominate games.
    Leno was considered one of the best keepers just a season ago that when he got injured, half the people on this site stated our season was over.
    Tierney is a world class LB.
    Partey was a solid b2b cm for athleti.
    Luiz, mari, holding, and chambers are decent players to have as squad players.

    Balogun, martinelli are considered great youngsters with high ceilings.

    We clearly have a squad that is short of maybe one or two decent players who can operate in the middle of the park and help connect the defense with the attack.

    No manager gets all the players he wants so stating the above players isn’t artetas is a meek argument.
    Who at spurs was mourinhos signing?
    Who at chelsea is tuchels signing?

  38. Gonsterous

    I haven’t watched the game but if we have ESR in the team and he isn’t playing CAM then I don’t know how we can trust the manager to play anyone in their best position.

    Arteta needs to look back at when the team started getting a few wins around Christmas and see who was playing in which position and revert back to that line up.

    In a way the signing of odegaard caused arteta to change too much and like Wenger he tries to shoehorn all his favourites into the team.

  39. Vintage Gun

    “I think that it was WestHam who first beat us at the Emirates. I don’t think that AW lost a league home game to Aston Villa.”

    It was Aston Villa. I’m sure that was the SPEND SOME FACKING MONEY!!! match

  40. Mb

    First step towards progress would be to stop lowering the ambition.

    Top 4 is not enough. PL trophy is.
    Europa/FA cup is not enough. CL trophy is.

    Those who don’t fight for it, be it Xhaka or Ceballos or Partey or Willian, they don’t fucking deserve to wear that shirt. I see Arteta don’t wear one anyways…

  41. Gonsterous


    Aston villa was the first game we played at the Emirates. We drew that game 1-1

    Late in the season we tasted our first defeat in our new home against west ham where they beat us 1-0.

  42. TheBayingMob

    “I noticed that Emery has successfully developed the high pressing game. In the 1st half, they pressed with 4 players. It totally stopped our play out from the back.”

    My missuss had to suffer my rage at this … why is it that in all the time at Arsenal we couldn’t muster a press for more than 10mins of a game whereas Villerreal were pressing high and aggressively for long periods.

    Was this a one off for them? Does it come down to the group of players we have are just too lazy / mollycoddled to do that?

  43. Guns of SF

    The real question is who will hold Mike accountable? Is it Josh? Edu?
    Vinai? All of them weak and incompetent.
    Edu and Mike are on the same level… for fucks sake!

    Last night was no different from what have seen all year.
    Inept line up
    Poor management ( Dani)

    WE need to get rid of this fella end of season…
    He is not Pep
    We do not have the team like CIty or the $

    What the hell is he doing??

  44. James Arshavin

    Its a shame that most of the fanbase are already switching their attention to Arteta. This is a shielding and distraction tactic from the main problem which is Kroenke. Wenger, Emery and now Arteta all working under diabolical leadership and structure. Nothing will change until Kroenkes gone we all need to focus our attentions on this sole purpose and objective, anything else is groundhog day as far as I’m concerned.

  45. Thank you and goodnight

    The kroenkes are the same as Arteta , all talk and bullshit. If they were serious about restoring Arsenal back to the top they would of sacked Arteta this morning. They are as clueless as Arteta, I’m just amazed how the kroenkes ever made money

  46. Vintage Gun


    I stand corrected.

    Pedro, honest post mate. I half expected you to abandon ship and go into witness protection so fair play for fronting up for your lashings.

    It’s sad the way things are turning out under Arteta as i was excited by the “new era” of his appointment. But in the end it’s more of the same minus the 22 game unbeaten run.
    I thought he would be a development coach which given our financial situation and high volume of youth prospects would have been exactly what we needed but 18months in hardly anyone’s really improved.

    More frightening is that some of our golden children are turning to bronze and brass.under his guidance. And thats something we can’t afford

  47. Useroz

    Manure has Cavani and we have Auba lol

    Where I am based major news don’t even bother with the Arsenal result ! That hammers home how low Arsenal has fallen.. Unlike the Hollywood movie the angel has fallen, this is sorry scene with the club…

    Arteta simply isn’t up to scratch and we usually “counsel out” such non performing staff before needing to let them go…

    What’s Vinai fucking about ? Vinai is very lucky to still be around still ….the trio should leave asap anyway.

  48. Mike Perry

    Arteta is as bad as all the one eyed blogs Pedro has sent out for the past year.. Because he nailed his colors to the Arteta mast Pedro has blindly defended Arteta when most reasonable fans have been raising questions all season. I thought Pedro would come up with another slant last night but to his credit he hasn’t. Even he can’t defend the indefensible !

  49. China1

    Yeah Pedro agreed on most points

    I can forgive mistakes. I struggle to forgive the fact that 70+% of our games are littered with baffling mistakes from the manager.

    It’s not like he’s doing something clever and it just needs time or the right players. He’s not doing much of anything clever at all. And it shows both in frequently poor performances and even more frequently poor results

  50. Words on a blog

    Arteta shifts into Emeryzone?

    Nah, he’s been in the Emeryzone for a while.

    Feels more like The Twilight Zone, a place where ESR plays as a false nine whilst Martinelli and Nketiah twiddle their thumbs on the subs bench, a place where the 97th minute injury time cavalry is composed of Willian and ElNeney.

  51. China1

    There are good performances and results scattered in there but isn’t the same true of every mid table team? It’s absolutely par the course. Just look at Everton, villa, west Ham, Leeds etc

    Totally normally to sometimes play well. Doesn’t make you a champions league team

  52. China1

    What I can say with absolute certainty is this, if arteta grew his hair, rubbed in a whole vat of hair gel and started aggressively grimacing whilst playing with his throat there would be no major difference between him and bummery

  53. Vintage Gun

    What still bugs me from last night is the lack of intensity and drive from us in a cup semi final. Our whole season rests on these games and we muster a measly one shot on target in open play.
    And it’s not the fact we lost( 1-2 away is cool) as we have a good chance of progressing, its the manner of these performances.

    We lack fight, control and a cutting edge in most games this season and it’s boring.

  54. China1

    Nah it was west ham who were the first team to win in the league at the emirates

    Frustrating game west ham deserved to win

  55. Nelson

    For Arsenal’s sake, I still hope that we could somehow win the Cup and play some CL football next season. I wish the club would hire an experience DOF this Summer to guide the club along. The current process is only good for a midtable team.

  56. China1

    Even if we win the EL (unlikely) is like to see the club to replace him in the summer anyway. A thanks for the two cups and all the best in the future from me

  57. Sid

    If bummery had a 1000 yard stare, wore a turtle neck, and kept shouting at the sidelines in a collection of European languages he’d be Diet Pep.

  58. TheBayingMob

    “What I can say with absolute certainty is this, if arteta grew his hair, rubbed in a whole vat of hair gel and started aggressively grimacing whilst playing with his throat there would be no major difference between him and bummery”


  59. Dave Cee

    I’m tired of your flip flopping pedro. Either you’re patient or you are not. Haven’t read a single comment above, sort your agenda so I can get behind it or not. Sorry, love the blog but find a direction.

  60. Valentin


    Are you sure, because the initial game at the Emirates was against Aston Villa. I remember the defeat against WestHam which we absolutely batter but got caught once on a sucker punch counter attack.

    The Spend some fucking money was a few years later. I might be wrong, but I don’t think that it was against Villa either anyway.

  61. Almuniasaynomore

    Have to say I’d be hugely surprised if Arteta doesn’t make it to the start of next season. As some perceptive posters have pointed out,the Kroenkes could have deflected attention by sacking him and gaining (minor) credit with the fans. If you accept that they are too stubborn to sell,then they will also see this to the (bitter) end. I would like to see him go now,but I cant see it happening. I would be much slower to criticize/ judge Odegaard btw. Creative/technical players of his ilk are the most vulnerable to criticism when a team’s not performing well. The lad is quality,we’ve seen enough to know that. Also he’s still very young, most playmakers need experience to have the confidence to grab games by the scruff and start calling the shots. I would be interested to know what age Bale was at spurs when he became a match winner or Salah or KDB. These types of players mature slowly,though I acknowledge there are exceptions.

  62. Globalgunner

    You can trust Emery to bring out the Rottweiler in Pedro. Funny part is that he`s sunk his fangs into Arteta`s behind.

    Im loving this. Maybe the Geordies will put the final nail in this Joker`s coffin

  63. Avi

    Arsenal is not gonna make it folks, the approach is ****ing garbage.

    At least we know that Arteta won’t be here next season now, no way he continues his internship while the club continues to plummet in shambles

    Surely Stan and his son cant be that daft

  64. Valentin


    I don’t think that an experience DoF would be able to help Arteta. You can’t help people who refuse to help themselves and Arteta does not strike me as somebody who would gladly listen.
    My take is that an experienced DoF will initially give suggestions, once his suggestions are discarded he will start issuing orders. Again I can’t see Arteta accepting to take orders without trying to bypass the chain of command and worm his way directly to Vinay.

    He tried that once already to get parity with Edu. However Once that happen with an experienced DoF then it can become confrontational very quickly. I can only see that being resolved by either the DoF, the manager or both being sacked.

  65. Almuniasaynomore

    Meant to wish you all the best in sorting out your move, happy days ahead for you both I hope. Don’t let arsenal get you down,happier days are always closer than we think!

  66. Avi

    Guess we’ll find out pretty soon one way or the other, if he doesn’t make the final or get whooped in the final against fckin Man U and still stays in the job next season then the club is truly fcked

  67. Guns of SF

    an offensive minded coach would never go with this shit line up
    Arteta has showed his hand from last season… he is a rigid defensive coach.

    Imagine a Bielsa or Rodgers picking a line up like this?
    Pep or Klopp even?? Even Pep would say, ummm no, we are shit, no need for a false 9

    He showed how tactically inept he was yesterday. We are so lucky to not have them score a third. That would be curtains.

  68. Biggles


    “Management has been a learning process for Arteta. But he is bold enough to experiment. Had Tierney and Laca been available, there would have been no need. And evidently, for whatever reason, he thought neither Nketiah and/or Martinelli was the answer.

    Okay, his experiment failed. But fall marks to him for trying.”

    No, not full marks for trying. Fail marks for trying more like. The place to experiment is the 4th round of the League Cup against Charlton, not the semi-final of the Europa League when your entire season and indeed, the next as well for budgetary reasons, hinges on winning the trophy.

    The sane setup going into a critical game with first team players injured is to play your best players in their best positions and fill in the gaps with your squad players. With no Tierney, Cedric should have been at left back. If he was unavailable, you play Joel Lopez as he’s a left back (and on the under 21 list, making him eligible). Either of these choices allow Xhaka to play in the middle (and I say this as someone who really doesn’t rate Xhaka) and have our most effective midfield playing. With no Lacazette, and Auba not quite fit/match sharp, the sensible thing to do would have been to play Martinelli, Nketiah or even Balogun up front.

    It’s really quite simple – square pegs go in square holes, round pegs in round holes. We weakened our attack by playing ESR as a false 9, we weakened our midfield by playing Ceballos instead of Xhaka, we weakened our defence by playing Xhaka as left back.

    I’m not against experiments, they can work but they need to be based on a proper sensible idea and not negatively impact the rest of the squad.

  69. Guns of SF

    His anxiety of not knowing how to naturally build an attacking side, was on display. He wanted to fit all his dribblers and creators at once on the pitch.
    SMH !!!!!

    He is playing Emery ball- fucking around with lineups, not knowing what he is doing, the players also had no cohesion… bar Saka who had to pull a solo act to win the pen

    Get out Mike… take a vacation permanently

  70. Avi

    Can still see us reach the final but i rather go out now. I prefer to be humiliated by Emery than losing a european final against ****ing United and their hobbit coach.that would be so much painful!

  71. Avi

    Can’t watch the likes of Penandez and slab head taking the piss on the club. If we make the final I don’t care whether if it means Arteta stays pls just win the fcking thing.

  72. Cork City Gooner

    Last night proved how deluded Arteta has become,,no starting full backs ( 2 on the bench),Odegaard clearly wasnt fit,and to top it all off ESR as a false 9 in a European semi final ,,total shambles start to finish,,Arteta Out

  73. Cazorla

    Guns of sf
    that wasn’t a defensive formation just because we didn’t have a cf. What are you talking about fella? It was done to have two number 10s in the line up and have a level of control in their final 3rd. It wasnt a defensive line up or formation we just didn’t play well.

  74. Nelson

    Yesterday’s game has also exposed the limitation of both Holding and Mari to support the attack. After our attack through the midfield has been stopped, Holding and Mari started to send long ball up field. But the quality of their long balls were very bad. They were either inaccurate or too hard. Maybe they should learn a few things from Luiz in the training ground.

  75. Guns of SF


    that wasn’t a defensive formation just because we didn’t have a cf.

    playing without a striker was certainly not an normal, or even offensive line up was it?

  76. Mics_

    Seems like Pedro is coming around. But, there have been posts like this before. A 1-0 against Newcastle and I suspect the generational talk will start up again.

    Yesterday’s loss was on Arteta. Not a squad quality problem. Our squad isn’t the best but it’s plenty good enough to thrash Villareal. It wouldn’t matter if we had young Cesc and prime van Persie out there—Arteta would find a way to ensure that they were misused. Hell, he’d probably have isolated and alienated them just to prove a point. We made a mistake hiring Arteta. That’s fine, sometimes shit doesn’t work out—but we’ve got to cut our losses at this point. On the pod Pedro frequently likes to recite lists of talented managers who would never come to arsenal or wouldn’t work here for … reasons. But have we tried to do better than Arteta? How do we know that we can’t do better if we don’t try?

  77. The BFB

    Once again, Saka’s bravery and positivity saves Arteta’s blushes. Furthermore, he is targeted so much he can’t be far behind Grealish as the Premier Leagues most-fouled player. Also, am I the only Le Grover underwhelmed by both Partey and Odegaard. Thomas hasn’t got the engine we were led to believe he possessed, misplaces too many passes and his shooting is woeful. As for the expensive loanee, too many simple ten yard passes and a reluctance to shoot will not take us to the next level. On a positive note, however, Pedro has at last seen the light.

  78. Pierre

    Despite what many think on here, Partey is fine , I like the way he plays the game.

    It’s like a player is never allowed to make a stray pass.
    The thing is , Partey is a forward thinking player and forward thinking players will naturally concede possession of the football occasionally as they take more risks.

    What should also be taken into consideration is that his midfield partner (ceballos)is a bit of a loose cannon plus it seemed to me as if Ceballos was asked to cover xhaka., leaving the central midfield area for partey .to cover..

    Give him a midfield partner like Bissouma or Jorginho and Partey would thrive..

  79. Guns of SF

    Why you keep saying Mert? did you not read the interview when he said he was terrified to play and get picked? This is not what we need as a coach. no way jose

  80. Guns of SF

    No thank you to any millenial coach.
    We need an experienced – successful one… none of the same – Mert reminds me of a cowardly arteta yes man as well.

    Im telling you for free.

    Tony Adams would shut down the pubs before stepping on the pitch!

  81. Chris

    Ten Hag signs new Ajax deal. Brendan Rodgers he already knocked back Spurs. No Nagelsmann. Doesn’t look promising for them. Is there a lack of decent coaching options around at the moment?

    Rightly or wrongly I don’t believe KSE will pull the trigger on Arteta even if we don’t go through on Thursday. I think he will be given the summer to reshape the squad. Emery was shown a degree of patience and the same will likely be afforded to Arteta.

  82. alexanderhenry


    ‘I want to see an identity, even if it fails. I want some 5-0 wins even if its at the expense of some bad losses.’

    Sounds like you want wenger back.

    Anyway, we were crap last night but I still think we’ll sneak through though.

  83. Chris

    I’m also pretty sure we will get through on Thursday by hook or crook, but the potential final I really worries me. Perhaps defeatist but I fear Man Utd would really put us to the sword.

  84. Tom

    Villareal always score away, which means Arsenal would need two goals or more.
    Considering we failed to score two goals in two out of three against Benfica, Olympiacos, and Slavia, not sure then where that confidence is coming from.

  85. englandsbest


    According to you – and all the other knowledgeable tacticians on here – winning a football game is a simple matter of picking the best players and putting them in their best positions. But it’s like saying winning the national lottery is a simple matter of picking the right numbers on the right day. A statement that’s really not very helpful.

    I’m reasonably sure that every manager plays his best players in their best positions whenever he can. So how come they all don’t win most of the time?

    I’ll leave you to answer that one.

  86. Sid

    32 year old capoue and forsyth formerly Watford players and Arsenal has to resort to long balls to overcome their midfield

    Let that sink in

  87. Chris


    I think we will see at least two of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Tierney, we won’t see an experimental line up again surely, and if the players can’t raise themselves for this then it wouldn’t just be potentially the coach who needs to be changed. Quite frankly I would be very happy to see the back of at least 5 players in our squad who start their fair share of matches.

  88. Guns of SF

    Its not Arteta, its the players who find the means and ways to get it done.
    They know whats at stake…
    Would not be surprised if they dont follow his instructions to win the game… I think secretly some of them think Mike is full of shit

  89. Tom


    Picking winning lottery numbers odds are about one in 300 million.
    Picking players best suited to given positions — and I’m not a statistician so I’m taking a wild guess here — are probably a bit better.

    Not to mention the 5 subs to correct any misjudgments.

    How hard was it predicting Xhaka at LB would be having a hard time against Chuckwueze?
    Half the posters on here said it before the game.
    Arteta didn’t think so because……….Xhaka did well at LB against Slavia.
    Well, Slavia don’t have a tricky , fast winger.

    It’s hard to throw a snarky knowledgeable tactician burb in people’s faces when they could see something coming a mile off, while the actual tactician on £5m per year didn’t.

  90. Sotongunner

    The kroenkes don’t give a flying fuck about Arsenal. If they did they would have never gone for the cheap bloke rookie option to replace emery in the first place. They probably figured some people would be gullible enough to buy it, as a (negligibly) ex arsenal player, guardiola disciple and as a guy who talks a good game.
    Like the kroenkes if what arteta could produce was anything like the bluster and hyperbole they come out with we might indeed “be excited”. Its not looking like it will ever happen.

  91. Ben D

    Watching our U-18s being given a walloping by Liverpool U-18s. You would think it’s the senior teams playing. Same outcomes. The rot at the club is deep!!!

    This is so depressing

  92. andy1886

    Not so sure James, dangerous and out of control, could have broken Vardy’s ankle. As a club we’ve suffered a fair few nasty injuries like that so on balance I’d rather see a red card for a dangerous tackle than one for breathing on someone in the penalty area.

  93. Vegas gooner

    Many will scorn me for this, but even on his bad days, winger was never this bad – except the day he started sanogo against bayern Munich.

    Arteta has strikers on the bench and chooses Pepe as center forward. I knew as soon as I saw that we were going to struggle to score even one goal.

    Xhaka was played out of position, why wasn’t bellerin playing, and we don’t have a single creative player in the squad. And we need a new goalkeeper.

    I watched the game at a bar in Vegas, and the fellow next to me actually asked if the home team picked the referee. The ref did seem to favor Villarreal with his calls.

    I think this is artetas last season, even if we do win Europa – very doubtful considering it’s Roma or Man U we’ll face – I can’t see next season being any better than this one. And I doubt we’ll even progress from our group in champions league.

    Our team is crap, we don’t deserve to be regarded in the same breath as the other 5 in the so called big six.

    Here’s hoping the Spotify guy buys the team and finds a manager who can rebuild this team with better players, and will be wiser in his tactics and team selection.

    Stan out. Mikel out.

  94. Ray+in+LA

    Shad: agree with you on Cedric and Sara to cover the left-side and to provide a real threat [Tierney seems to take a couple of games to get back up to speed and we don’t have those warm up games]

    Xhaka did quite well, especially without support before Martinelli came on — despite the focus on his attacking contributions, Martinelli is very useful defensively

    The criticism of Chambers is a little harsh as crossing into the box is almost pointless unless you have a target in the box and we didn’t have any targets

    Also what happened to our press? There were several moments when the Villarreal goalkeeper ambled out of the box with the ball and just stood there with a foot on the ball apparently bored out of his mind wondering what to do with the ball — where was the pressure?

    Arteta is not out of his depth but stubborn and proud and and his own worst enemy at present

    Nothing novel here, just needed the catharsis of saying it…Thanks 🙂

  95. Tom

    I tend to agree with you there.
    First reaction … seems harsh, but upon reflection I thought it was the right call.

    The only problem of course, the explanation given by VAR was that it was for denying the goal scoring opportunity and not for a dangerous tackle.

    So back to square one.
    I don’t think Vardy gets to the ball if not tackled but they thought he would’ve.

  96. Tom


    Going to the final always better.
    Roma gifted United three goals yesterday and even though The Mancs are more talented I hardly think it would be a blow out.

  97. andy1886

    Tom/James, Yeah, right decision for the wrong reason. I’d still like to see ex-players in the booth with VAR, referees seem clueless in interpreting anything more subjective than offside.

  98. bacaryisgod

    Imagine you are the average European fan. You follow the Premier League but not that closely. You know all the big names and a few of the players from the more successful teams. Let’s say you are a Napoli or Valencia fan.

    You then look at the Arsenal line-up for yesterday’s semi-final against Villareal. The might Arsenal. Here’s what you see.

    Leno: I think I’ve heard of him. German right?
    Chambers: Who?
    Holding: Who?
    Mari: Who?
    Xhaka: Isn’t he a midfielder?
    Ceballos: Who?
    Partey: The midfielder from Atletico. I know him. Thought he was good, though.
    Odegaard: That young kid from Denmark or Norway? Wasn’t he supposed to be the next Messi? So that’s what happened to him
    Smith-Rowe: Who?
    Saka: Might have heard of him-not sure though.
    Pepe: Name sounds familiar but maybe I’m thinking of the other Pepe.

    I think this might be the primary problem. We know all these players-we research them endlessly, pore over all their highlight reels and then assess how they play for us in the academy, friendlies and/or the first team. To nearly all the casual fans in the world and actually quite a lot of avid fans this squad is mostly made up of a bunch of nobodies. No Champions League exposure, no major victories.

    The road is much, much longer than the removal of Arteta and Edu although that would be a good first step.

  99. bacaryisgod

    I’m going to keep fighting this ‘Saka at left-back’ battle until people stop suggesting it.

    You have a fantastic academy graduate who has always made it clear he doesn’t want to play left-back. He’s our best attacking player. Play him in his best position. Period. Do you want him to want to stay at Arsenal? C’mon people!!!

  100. China1

    Lol England’s best it took arteta a whole year since joining to start regularly playing Saka in his best position despite everyone knowing he was best on the wing before he even joined

    The guy is a fraud. At least with wenger he had a history of great successes. Really no idea why you think arteta can do no wrong in the face of all evidence to the contrary

  101. China1

    Lol Pedro you spent 3 years running the arteta propaganda and you’ve gone and fully indoctrinated cazorla and England’s best

    Now they’re going to go to war for him forever unless you can guide them towards the light!!

  102. Goonerboy

    Don’t need another novice cutting his teeth on management to replace Arteta who may one day become a decent coach but isn’t remotely good enough now.
    Piss weak performance that sadly was not out of character.
    Farcical team selection.
    Hard to see us turning it around in the second leg.