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We’re going with a short post today, I’ve had time to think on what we’re seeing at Arsenal, and clearly, it’s not good enough.

If I’m going to be consistent, then I have to hold Arteta to the same standards I’ve held the previous two managers. My view is you need to see progress. Whatever the vision, at some point, you need to see it consistently. At 18 months, I want to see an identity, even if it fails. I want some 5-0 wins even if its at the expense of some bad losses.

Football is about performances.

Winning ugly only matters if you’ve shown the world you are capable of winning with beauty.

Arteta hasn’t found the formula. It’s mostly rigid and ugly. Good managers work with the tools they have, our guy is not doing that.

We rarely win with glory.

We often lose with pain.

At some point, bum mistakes need to be levelled at the person in charge.

Villareal, regardless of what the Spanish tell you, are not a good side. We had the players to do something interesting and we fucked it up.

Our squad didn’t show up. Good players, well rested, with only one thing on their agenda. There’s no excuse.

The tactics were poor. The team selection was average. The performance was absolutely awful.

We came away with hope because one of our stars won an extremely dubious penalty.

Arsenal are now at the stage where we might win the game in the second leg inspite of Arteta, not because of him.

The energy was low, the performance was bland, the team selection was bad galaxy brain in the worst of ways.

Arteta chose to play Xhaka at left back, despite giving Cedric a 4 year deal. He chose to play Chambers over Bellerin despite having zero pace in his back 4. He thought the best option was to leave Martinelli on the bench.

Those were awful decisions.

We’re at the point where his approach doesn’t even have a nuanced excuse. It’s just pure terribleness an amateur could fix.

Thomas Partey was awful, he’s been here 10 months, you can’t hide behind ‘adaptation’ away in Spain. He’s been there for 8 years, this was his moment.

Every Arsenal fan KNEW Ceballos was going to be sent off because he’s shite and lacks maturity. Earlier in the season, he was mean to the kids in training, which caused a fight between him and David Luiz, because the exChelsea man wouldn’t tolerate it. Arteta knew he was a dick, but he was given the game.

Chambers played right back again when Hector was fit. The Spaniard might be off, but he’s a pro and he can at least run. Chambers is a centre back. Why did he start, he was awful?

Xhaka has done a good job, but he’s not a left back. Cedric is a good full back, certainly capable of playing against Villareal. Why didn’t he start? We gave him a 4 year deal. We need Xhaka as a centre mid in big games, even his detractors can see that.

There’s no identity.

There’s limited effort.

We are shocking, even with good players starting.

It’s time to questions the process.

We’re now at the point where it’s fair to ask if this project is worth the juice, because rookie mistakes aren’t one offs now, they’re now part of the deal.

Does a Europa win change the mess? It wouldn’t have for Emery. Now I’m worried it won’t for Arteta.

Arsenal are woeful. There’s no peak. The best we can hope for is bumming our way to the final… then what?

Arteta picked the slowest defence in Europe. He chose to bench Martinelli. He tried a front 4 we had now clue about. Emery beat him tactically.

It was miserable.

There’s still 90 minutes to rectify this, my concern now is what happens if he does sort it? What does next season bring? Are we extending the inevitable?

I’m pissed. Arteta didn’t make a minor error, he dropped a major. Where do we go from here?

What do you think? Let us now in the comments.

P.S. It’s just me an Johnny on the podcast. Take a listen. x

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Should you would be seriously questioning the club if they pull the trigger on Arteta?

In fact plain opposing it. I look forward to seeing that.

As it is they are likely to stand by him going into next season come what may and whatever happens this season. We do have Vinai as CEO you know. The nobody.

They will be wasting their standing by him.

As they mention on the podcast what has Vinai done since he took the seat of CEO for us to have any confidence at all in his decisions? The answer is fuck all.


It famously took six games too long to fire Emery and another 6 games of eternity to replace him with a permanent manager ‘It’s going to take the morons at Arsenal another 6 months to come to the realization that we all know; Arteta is not good enough. He’s a slow learner who’s; ruining players. When Gabriel came to us from Lille, he was a bright light, Arteta has dimmed his potential with all his nonsense. Same as Martinelli, Arteta has messed him up. I’m reluctant to have Arteta decide who,goes and who stays in the summer, because he is… Read more »


What is abundantly clear is that our squad/team is woefully inadequate.

The problem is not just about the manager, although he is responsible for team selections and tactics.

Whether Arteta keeps his job or not the real issue is how are Arsenal going to improve and rebuild team. Frankly I don’t think that even the most successful managers will build a
competitive team with the squad we have got.

The team needs urgently competent recruiters and scouts and the owner to provide the funds to invest properly in new players. There is no short term solution to problem.


Yeah The Cochrane also says on the podcast that he doesn’t want Arteta shaping the upcoming summer transfer window because he has no faith in Arteta going forward on from that.

I would tend to think many agree with him.


We should try to hire Bielsa.


Dont take any risk
Get a Graham Potter or Eddie Howe is you want a manager that can bring an identity. Make that manager a head coach.

Fire Edu and bring in an established director of football with a mandate to develop a team with exciting young players with high potential.

I would leave Vinai just for continuity. Someone has to stay to manage the entire mess.


EDU is going to have a busy summer moving on all the players Arteta has apparently discarded or just seems not to trust.

Willian (at last)
Saliba ?
Mav ?

But will no doubt keep Laca, Luiz and Xhaka.

It also looks like we are losing Dani and I doubt Oordegard will stay if we are out of Europe


That was a nice post but this bit was wrong
‘ -Aston villa beat arsenal at home after 92 years’

Wasn’t Villa the first side to beat us at the Emirates?


According to the podcast Pedro is confident Arteta will be a good manager… he’s sure of it, it’s our structure that’s the problem. Arteta is not doing well because our structure doesn’t suit him. Pedro stop making excuses for Arteta. I know it might have to involve wiping eggs off your face but it’s time to face the truth. Arteta is not very good. He is the problem. End of. We have a squad of very good exciting young players… and the longer we stick with Arteta, we risk losing them. Saka is an exceptional player, and an intelligent one… Read more »


The primary reason i left my last job was because of the micro management everywhere. You like it initially because you have a set of instructions to follow, but it grows on you.

The best anyone can IMO is show the goalpost, brief thw strategy and let 11 men on the pitch improvise.

Wonder if that’s what causing Auba, Pepe, Leno, Partey underperform?! They are not shit.



My guess is that the Board may well accelerate Arteta’s departure if we fail to qualify for Europe.

However, the sad fact is that the club has a poor and unbalanced squad and that is not just
down to Arteta. That is and has been a long term problem.

You can blame him for the performance of Gabriel, Partey and Willian, because these players
were recruited when he was appointed Head Coach/Manager. Most of the others were recruited before he arrived.


I forgot to put Guen on the out list and Arteta will do doubt want to keep Elneny as he is an international player!


Xhaka may not be world class but he’s good enough in the midfield against Villareal

How in the world would anyone put him up against Chukwueze on the left.
When it’s all said and done, Xhaka had a reasonable game on the left.


The managers lived upto their aliases Diet Pep vs Good Ebening


Xhakalson vs Capoue is football porn

When I said a couple of days ago I hope kroenke didn’t give Arteta money to invest I was laughed at by Pedro and a few others. But can you see now why I don’t want him anywhere near our transfer dealings. The guy is a fraud, a Mickey Mouse manager who has no clue.
Emirates Roller saying squad is unbalanced etc etc. Arteta has had 3 transfer windows and hasn’t addressed anything. Why give him more of our money to waste?


At least Mikel had his fancy little bracelet on to look good in his native land.


Pedro is not ArtetaOut, he said as much on the podcast. He wants to blame the structure (whatever that means) before he blames Arteta because to Pedro he’s still and I quote, “a world class coach”. I’m puzzled. What’s world class about making the same mistakes over and over again? I, and others said, earlier in the season that Arteta basically bumbled into including ESR and Saka into the squad out of pure desperation… no plan, no vision, and we were told to trust in the process… Where’s that process got us? Arteta is done at Arsenal. He was given… Read more »


on a positive note I was impressed by Pepe’s contribution last night always on the move and even came back and helped at LB at times. I think with matches he could be a better LW than RW he just needs to get used to his first move being to get to the goal line with pace rather than cutting back inside.


Emirates Arteta’s input precedes his formal appointment as head coach He had a role in the signing of Cedric who he doesn’t trust over a converted slow central defender. He convinced Bellerin not to leave and blocked his exit last summer, only not to trust him at all now. He declined the exit of players who could have increased out transfer purse. He exiled useful players that are better than the ones he kept. Whatever long term mess existed, Arteta has made worse. I just want him out. He may very well become a useful manager in 2028 somewhere but… Read more »



As the podcast goes on Pedro basically implies he has no real faith in the “process” now.

But a win against an average Villerreal side and we can of course see the flip-flop.



I think that it was WestHam who first beat us at the Emirates. I don’t think that AW lost a league home game to Aston Villa.


There’s no manager who review videos and uses processed data for games who will allow Partey to continue taking shots
Wenger would never allow Partey to shoot because the likely of him scoring is close to a probably of zero.

That Arteta has had Partey all this while and still lets him keep shooting, tells me that he’s a rubbish manger.


April 30, 2021 10:32:01
Fair point but that Willian cameo cost Arsenal at least 10-20 grand. For practically nothing Eddie could’ve come on!
Anyway it ain’t my money or Arteta’s for that matter!


‘ I think that it was WestHam who first beat us at the Emirates. I don’t think that AW lost a league home game to Aston Villa.’

Thanks for the correction
To think I was correcting someone else.



Yes we can all see Pedro back into the “Trust the process, my sources at the club tell me that Arteta is a generational genius ” if he fluke his team way to the final.
The only reason the tie is not over is because Saka dived (maybe his session with Pires paid off in the end, ,😁), Leno made a save and Emery got scared and removed a striker instead of going for the jugular.

Bonaparte sais that he would take a lucky general over a good general, but Arteta is pushing his luck to the limit.


Arteta has bought into his own hype.

Arteta is nowhere as good as he thinks he is.

He thinks he knows it all. Once you delude yourself into thinking you’ve arrived and you don’t have to improve, you’re done.

Get rid.


Chukwueze made mince meat of Ceballos on his side.
Partey had an awful first half


Good post Pedro it must have been hard to write it. Arteta is hard to stomach now, he’s getting noticeably panic stuck and he never puts the same team out twice, he’s shot for ideas. We have had some good games but it doesn’t last long as he fiddles with line ups and I think the players are totally confused. He has to go , but who is going to appoint the next manager as last night we saw our last two managers in action and both teams were abysmal. I don’t think we have anyone at out club capable… Read more »


*Arteta’s input precedes his formal appointment as manager


With first the ‘modern structure’ failing (Sanllehi/Mislintat/coach) due to Gazidis blending the wrong personnel, then the Arteta ‘Pep moonshot’ falling flat after being exposed as the long odds gamble that it was, is it time to give the keys to the club to Ralf Rangnick and tell him he has a full mandate to progressively rebuild the club: he appoints the head coach, he appoints the head scout, he decides the style of play for all age groups? As it stands we’re not going to miraculously find a Klopp to turn us into contenders in 3 years, and we’re genuine… Read more »


I wonder with Ljundberg leaving in the summer, Arteta then lacked any constructive advice being given and has just become more isolated with yes men staff around him not to pull out the finger against poor decision making, tactics and game management. Last night was woeful for sure. Maybe it’s time soon for the likes of Bielsa, or alternatively someone who can just get the basics right to start with….. 💁🏽‍♂️


Its not been more than a month since a few posters pointed out Parteys weaknesses and how the manager was misusing him,
Diet Pep fanboys took it upon themselves to dismiss the concerns


“Chukwueze made mince meat of Ceballos on his side.”

Completely forseseeable, if Arteta is such a world class coach why didn’t do anything to counter it?

What’s world class about heading straight into a car crash with reckless abandon?



Diet Pep just like his fanboys, take constructive advice as an attack.


the dinosaur grew of moyes and ancelotti would have us in forth or fifth with the exact same squad sorry but the squad we have is not 10th place material the team selection and the way they were instructed to play last night proves that

The Bard

Its a moot point whether the board will stick with Arteta and give him some money to spend. Given the pressure they are under they could deflect the fan angst by sacking him if they could find anyone stupid enough to take it on. I see Spurs cant even get Ten Hag from Ajax to leave. Desperate times.


Dear all How can we critisize our players since every game every single player who is used has a diffentnr role to play on the pitch than his previous game? Every worker and every employee is used in a factory or a company in a possition where he performs better in order to achive the highest standards. Players are not robots. I beleive we have a very good mixture of player and with a n experient coach we can achive more things than the 10th place in the league and avoid defeates like last evening. Arteta in 18 months has… Read more »


Should we be depressed about a woeful first half or do we get exhilarated by a ten-man comeback? Neither. We stay calm and collected and wait to see what happens at the Emirates.

Management has been a learning process for Arteta. But he is bold enough to experiment. Had Tierney and Laca been available, there would have been no need. And evidently, for whatever reason, he thought neither Nketiah and/or Martinelli was the answer.

Okay, his experiment failed. But fall marks to him for trying.


Bard that is the obvious move for the owners especially after the fool came out and backed the owners Arteta is just not very smart . New manager in give him some funds spotlight moves however slightly away from the owners . get a proven expensive manger and the spot light moves away even more as a proven manager will get 50 % more out of the current squad and with a few additions Arsenal will look a million miles away from the shite we are seeing now . the intermilan RB the norwich number 10 and the brighton DM… Read more »



Completely agree, nobody at the club seems to know how to sort this out

I’m assuming it was Vinai Venkatesham who promoted Arteta to manager, in some crazy type of responsibility sharing position with Edu

Absolute train wreck organisation

Champagne Charlie

“Dani Ceballos is expected to leave Arsenal at the end of the season, the decision has been made weeks ago. The midfielder will come back to Real Madrid after spending the season on loan to Arsenal, then he’ll decide his future“ – Fabrizio Romano


into the red

I feel your pain, Pedro. You invested faith in Arteta which has soured as he keeps repeating the same mistakes time after time. He has had this season to implant his vision of the game, get the players to believe in it, and evolve a settled team which knows what he wants and what they are doing. He has failed to do any of that and last night was the perfect illustration. From the beginning of the season he has chopped and changed the team, along with players positions and his tactics. Hardly a week has gone by without a… Read more »


The away goal doesn’t change a lot because knowing the way we defend, specially at home, I bet we give up that away goal within the first 30 minutes at the Emirates.


It sort of feels like Arteta has lost a big part of the dressing room. No one turns up for games. Players seems lost in terms of what they are supposed to do on the pitch. Or they don’t believe in it. Arteta may have good ideas and coaching abilities but totally lacks the pedigree needed to get everyone onboard I think. He can’t show any track record of success etc. I think it is difficult for a new coach to take a role at a big club with big names regardless of ability and vision.


this seems to sum up Artetas delusion

Asked whether he got his personnel selection wrong, Arteta replied: “Obviously when you lose you always get it wrong.” But he defended the selection of Granit Xhaka at left-back, where he was exposed for Villarreal’s first goal. “When we won 4-0 away from home at Slavia Prague, who hadn’t been beaten in a home game for three years, Granit played incredibly well.

basically in that match he had nothing to do because our quickfire 3 goals totally deflated Slavia who then hardly attacked and they are don’t forget not premiership level


The tie isn’t over, I can see us progressing, but as a collective most of us can see that what’s happening at this club is just not right. Focusing on the pitch performances, would a manager like Bielsa get more out of this lot and make the right in-game decisions, yes I think so. Arteta may prove to be a great coach or manager, whatever you want to call it, but I’m very unsure it will be during his time with us. Dani Ceballos playing a single minute after that Benfica game is criminal. As Keown and Freddie alluded to… Read more »


Wow , Trust the process is finally dead . Ironic it got killed by Unai Emery of all people. So much for sauce right . It couldve been so simple and easy , Start Saka at LB , play Xhaka and Partey . Pepe on the right , ESR left Ødegaard at#10 and Martinelli CF . Why would you overcomplicate it . What a. bum .


The day Arteta was promoted to Manager from Head Coach is when the decline started happening.


Embarassing to witness the flip-flops by Pedro, how about you act as a grow up and raise your hands up for being a complete mug selling the absolute embarrassment called Arteta to fans of the club?

This guy called Arteta is surviving purely on the basis of sheer luck. It’s incredible


If there was ever an exhibit of an Arteta-knows-best fan placed in an Arsenal museum someday, It would be you
The man can do no wrong in thine eyes.


” Wow , Trust the process is finally dead . Ironic it got killed by Unai Emery of all people. So much for sauce right . It couldve been so simple and easy , Start Saka at LB , play Xhaka and Partey . Pepe on the right , ESR left Ødegaard at#10 and Martinelli CF . Why would you overcomplicate it . What a. bum .” Agree with most of this bar starting Saka at LB. I’d play him at LW to supplement Cedric on the left. Anyway, long story short, Arteta is a fraud who is way out… Read more »


Bielsa in


I’m not in favor of putting our fate in the hands of so many loanees who are on their way out.


You’ll all know Pedro would be back to singing Arteta’s praises after we beat Newcastle on Sunday.


His treatment of Martinelli is staggering. He hates him because the fans love him, it’s that simple.

He’s an egomaniac


Let’s all simply agree that Arteta is a decent assistant coach to a top manager, at the best of times.
Beyond that, perhaps he should try being a manager of a Championship team where he can scream, tinker, philisophize, be a control freak and experiment at leisure.


The whiners and wailers live in a weird world of their own making. Everything good is bad and everything bad is good. If yesterday’s game had been won they would be cowering in dark corners. A defeat enthuses them. a jtstification of their dismal view. And because they crowd the space on here, agreeing with each other, they conclude that most Arsenal fans agree.

We don’t.


Bielsa is not the answer..what’s actually wrong with some of you ffs, don’t you lot get fed up of being mocked by other clubs, na wa oo


You’ll all know Pedro would be back to singing Arteta’s praises after we beat Newcastle on Sunday.”

Beyond embarassing now, absolutely no self respect from the guy

Fucking shut up England’s best. Cause of fucking sycophant fans like you we are we’re we are. Nothing that Arteta has done has proven him to be the right man for the job. He’ll even most fucking pundits are coming around to the way the majority of us have felt about Arteta for a good 6 months now. When he eventually gets the sack you can follow him to his next big adventure


englandbest spoken like the braindead imbecile he is, a trait expected from an Arteta fan.. Hopefully you go with him when he gets booted out from the club


Allardyce in?

And England’s best, even if we win europa I still want Arteta gone. The list of negatives for keeping Arteta far outweigh the positives. It’s fans like you that the kroenke ‘s love .Bent over and fucked yet still happy not to rock the boat


As shit as allardyce is I’d still take him over Arteta


Englandbest is a troll, don’t feed him.


Mourinho is free. He wins trophies everywhere he goes, y’know.


Football is best played when its simplified . Arteta genuinely tries or is just a buffoon who constantly tinkers with something or the other . The Slavia Prague game we won should’ve been the template . Instead we get a faux 3 backline with a faux LB at xhaka . With zero pace against the most trickiest of players . No protection from midfield because there is none. #Arteta&KroenkeOut


False 9 thing was weird. Surely if we were going that route then it should have been Pepe?

He’s good in the air, fast, the best finisher on the pitch and has actually played competitive football as a striker.

Hate to bring up Ole again, but sometimes just doing the simple things and motivating your players is enough to win games.

Can’t believe we’ve wasted 2 years for a utterly daft rookie coach.

Club is cursed.

Like why bother playing Cabellos in the first place as we all know how average he is. Yet the guy turned around and said he wants to go back. So why play him at all? Give a youth player a chance, Jesus there has to be a 14 year old Arsenal academy player who’d bring more to this club than that clown


I mean ESR as striker in our biggest game of the season.

Still hasn’t sunk in how dumb that was.


especially as our initial tactics appeared to be to go wide and cross the ball!



Can believe he allowed Ceballos come out for second half, knowing fully well the player is dogshite who will get sent off

My god Arteta is just unbelievably stupid, its shocking


Times like this makes you wish fans are allowed in the stadiums

He could have gotten his dumb ass booed by the fans for being a daft wanker by now

Danish Gooner

I am 100 hundred procent On board with Pedro .18 months is a long time without progress but The Kroenkes wont pay top dollar for a pep,klopp or anyone Half that prestige.I pointes out that we dropped the Ball On pep and i am afraid he is exactly what we needed.With him we would be ninety ninety minutes from another cl final.furthermore the wastage in hiring two duds have been collossal.The amount of Money we have lost is staggering but the Chips are Down On gettin us to the final and winning because otherwise Arsenal Will be dead as a… Read more »


Yes. Arteta is a world class physicopath (all the traits are present) and is an nepotist as well. He is just in the work because he is seducing Arsenal leaders with beautiful words and baseless speeches. His results are bad, but OK they are in process, right?

Lol fcking Charlatan


Watching Arsenal these days is for the full on masochist and last night was dross of the worst kind. Ceballos should have been subbed at half time if not before. I am beginning to wonder what the point of Partey is? Even if we do luck out and progress to the final I can’t see this squad and Arteta getting the best of ManUre in a one off final on current form.


Dissenter Soares and Mari came in on loan in January 2020. Both were then given contracts. I don’t have a problem with either being included in the squad, but neither is a starting X1 player and as I have observed today we have got on our books only two players who would probably be regarded as a staring X1 player at a top 4 club. That does not mean that there are not others who are good enough to be included in top teams squads. Rome was not built in a day, but the club needs to start recruiting in… Read more »


Better to go out against Bummery than getting our collective ass pilloried by those ManUre wankers

Anyway you slice it I think the worse is yet to come for Arsenal fans this season.Jesus



How about we get a capable manger first before spending Any more money


Is that you Don?


Yesterday was the last straw for me. Even if we win the EL, which is highly unlikely, he has to go. Absolutely embarresed himself against Bummery . Biggest game of the season and he tries to be clever and try something completely new upfront instead of just playing Martinelli. Felt so bad for ESR who obviously had no idea what he was asked to do. If that wasn`t bad enough he kept the same set up for the second half despite it obviously not working. And the worst part, not understanding what every arm chair fan could see, that Ceballos… Read more »


Ceballos is level headed than Wilshere.

Captain Tierney

Anyone who thinks Pedro has given up hope on Arteta really doesn’t know him well. It take one good performance to go from ‘What is Arteta doing’ to ‘Arteta is generational.

He still rates the bald fraud Gazidis.


Arteta is someone who dances very well in his head when sitting down but immediately he stands up to put what is in his head on the dancing flood he hits everyone and suddenly realized he cants dance and goes back to sit and dance in his head There a lot of tactics and formations in his head,he even sees it on the paper how scintillating it is but doesn’t have the know-how to show it on pitch on match days Arteta might end up been a good coach but it will always be to the detriment of Arsenal,he should… Read more »


GoonGoonerGone April 30, 2021 13:38:30 :-

Beyond that, perhaps he should try being a manager of a Championship team where he can scream, tinker, philisophize, be a control freak and experiment at leisure”

What would make you think fans of any Championship club would be happy to let Pep’s cone man fuck their club around? All because they are not in the PL it doesn’t mean they want any less for their team or they want anything different from us in terms of how their club is managed.


Diet Pep will end up like Neville


Honestly if the people in charge had any braincells between them then they’d sack this chancer and appoint a caretaker while we still have a minimal chance of progressing


I’ll personally give Big Per the rest of the season to guage his knowledge in management and then evaluate other options by summer


I noticed that Emery has successfully developed the high pressing game. In the 1st half, they pressed with 4 players. It totally stopped our play out from the back. The other thing I noticed is that Leno’s long kicks to Pepe or Martinelli were quite successful. They both challenged for the header and the other picked up the lose ball. They are both very fast. We better practice this before we meet them again. I have a feeling that TP plays better with Xhaka on his side. Without overlapping FB’s, our attack relies on the midfield supplying the ball fast… Read more »


I heard someone told Arteta ESR was called the Croydon de Bruyne and after he watched the man city game he had a brain thart and thought ohhhh that’s a good idea .Man the dude is straight up stupid and embarrassing I think he has out done GOODEBNING in every negative way possible


A midfield of Ceb & partey with Ode ahead who have played in la liga is what Diet Pep was bank on, what a charlatan.


No doubt Emery is a better coach than Arteta, his mistake was sitting on 2.0 lead,thinking that would be enough! If he had continued with the attacking play of the first half he would have end up absolutely giving Arteta the raping he deserved,

At a point in the second half they had 5 attempts on target while arsenal had none


I was thinking yesterday that Arteta is basically asking to get fired. Why? I’ve no idea. But there is no other explanation for making such braindead decisions that a 10 yo kid playing FIFA would know not to make. No way Mr. Sauce is that hopeless.

Playing Xhaka vs Chukwueze which was horrendous decision both defensively and offensively.
Keeping Ceballos on when anyone could see what’s about to follow.
False 9 experiment? Really?

It reeked off of self sabotage.
Either that or he’s actually retarded.


I think Arteta is caught up with trying to prove he is a tactical mastermind and it hasn’t worked so far. He should have kept it simple stupid last night and put round pegs in round holes; he didn’t ,and we got caught with our pants down.

I’m not with Pedro yet in terms of Arteta but he has to make the final and win it for me. Anything short of that and it would be very difficult to argue we have seen anything that even remotely resembles progress or a reason he should see us into next season.


Pedro won back my respect for this post. After ages I’m reading a post here thatis absolutely spot on.

There’s something wrong with Arteta. A classic narcissist. You really don’t have to be a psychology major to see that.

That trait is only good if you can back it up with results like prime Jose.

Haven’t seen a worse Arsenal starting line up than yesterday. And becauase this was voluntary, there should be no reason to not sack the man who produced that.

The Bard

Divinesherlock Are you serious ? The decline started when Arteta took over. Where have you been this last decade or more ? We’ve had 10 plus years of decline.


I don’t believe we have a team of players who are mid table quality. Auba has always been considered a world class finisher. Laca was not paid peanuts for nothing. Gabriel looked like a beast when he first arrived. Willian had a decent track record when playing for chelsea. Pepe was considered a great talent and he still has great potential. Saka is a world class player, who has carried the team on his back on multiple occasion. He is the best young player we have had since cesc and I believe he is cesc level (though I’m sure cesc… Read more »


I haven’t watched the game but if we have ESR in the team and he isn’t playing CAM then I don’t know how we can trust the manager to play anyone in their best position.

Arteta needs to look back at when the team started getting a few wins around Christmas and see who was playing in which position and revert back to that line up.

In a way the signing of odegaard caused arteta to change too much and like Wenger he tries to shoehorn all his favourites into the team.

Vintage Gun

“I think that it was WestHam who first beat us at the Emirates. I don’t think that AW lost a league home game to Aston Villa.”

It was Aston Villa. I’m sure that was the SPEND SOME FACKING MONEY!!! match